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  1. Big_Tuna_

    temporary tower/bench setup on 2310

    2005 Parker 2310. While I wait to get my bench tower installed by pacific yacht towers later this Fall, I'd like some sort of temporary bench up there. I'd like to avoid drilling holes since it would be temporary. Does anyone have any ideas?
  2. Big_Tuna_

    Barely used Raymarine autopilot pump type 1 M81120

    Big_Tuna_ submitted a new listing: Barely used Raymarine autopilot pump type 1 M81120 - Barely used Raymarine autopilot pump type 1 M81120 Learn more about this listing...
  3. Big_Tuna_

    WTB bait receiver

    Big_Tuna_ submitted a new listing: WTB bait receiver - WTB bait receiver Learn more about this listing...
  4. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 5/16, 302 / 371

    Pretty rough and windy, white caps right out the gate at 500am. Nice bait from mission bay. Pounded our way to the 302 in the rain. fished maybe 20 kelp patties between there and the 371, couldn't get a bite. nothing. Didn't help we were drifting fast. Saw maybe 2 other private boats the...
  5. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore BFT northwest of 43

    BFT are northwest / west of the 43. Breezers and boiling, couldn't buy a bite. Tried poppers and colt snipers. Poppers kinda sucked we couldn't cast them far enough. Most of the time school would push down before we got close enough. Seemed to be common theme but some did well. We gave up...
  6. Big_Tuna_

    Is it time to start flying the kite?

    We are going to fish for three days starting Friday , I see bft counts but I don't hear of folks flying the kite. Why not? Are the smaller BFT not as boat shy as the larger models? Thanks
  7. Big_Tuna_

    Want to use my slipped boat more

    My parker 2310 is slipped in mission bay. I'm new to San Diego fishing. We use it only once on the weekends this spring, but once summer hits I'd like to use it more. Problem is I work a 9-5. Is there any use in fishing la Jolla in the evenings? Let's say Im off work at 5pm shoot down the...
  8. Big_Tuna_

    Old raymarine electronics

    what is this stuff worth? I posted in the classified for 1k. I have no idea. I see the c80 on ebay for $500. "Just pulled these off my boat. Radar was working fine, I have pictures. The DSM300 module I am not sure. Either the transducer or the module is not working and I have no way to...
  9. Big_Tuna_

    Raymarine c80, radar, DSM300

    Big_Tuna_ submitted a new listing: Raymarine c80, radar, DSM300 - Raymarine c80, radar, DSM300 Learn more about this listing...
  10. Big_Tuna_

    Need auto body shop for classic car

    Someone hit my cherry 1965 karmann ghia while it was sitting in front of my house. Thankfully they have accepted fault and their insurance company will pay out. Does someone have a recommendation for an excellent body shop in San Diego who primarily deals with classics? I'm in Claremont/Bay-ho...
  11. Big_Tuna_

    Bubble Purge Pro SC by OutboardST - moved post

    I used this once and no longer need it. It works great for bleeding sea star systems. Includes everything you need: Bubble Purge Pro SC is designed for all single cylinder systems with any configuration of helm(s) autopilot, power assist etc. The Pro SC is a 5 piece kit which includes the Fill...
  12. Big_Tuna_

    Raymarine Acu-100 Actuator Control Unit

    Worked fine before pulling from boat. $150. See my other ad for type 0.5 pump
  13. Big_Tuna_

    Bubble Purge Pro SC by OutboardST

  14. Big_Tuna_

    Seastar Helm Pump HH5271

    ..not really bad Shop had just replaced O-ring in front (have receipts). Pump works fine, could use a good flush. $200
  15. Big_Tuna_

    Raymarine Type 0.5 Autopilot Pump E12139 $100

    Raymarine Type 0.5 autopilot pump E12139, worked when I pulled it. $100
  16. Big_Tuna_

    minimum hollowbraid for 30lb mono wind-ons

    Working on making my own windons...I'd like to try making a windon with 30lb mono (or fluoro) leaders. Is it okay to use seaguar threadlock 50lb hollowbraid? I think PowerPro Hollowace makes a 40lb.... Thanks in advance
  17. Big_Tuna_

    what bft lure is this? colt sniper?

  18. Big_Tuna_

    Rackit Ladder Rack for Silverado 5.75 ft bed

    Rackit Ladder Rack, steel, rusted a bit, but works fine! I don't need it anymore as I sold my kayaks. Right now it sits on my 2006 Silverado CC 5-3/4 (5.75) ft bed.
  19. Big_Tuna_

    Looking for advice on 2nd big tuna rod/reel combo

    I need a 2nd big tuna rod/reel. For my first setup I picked up the new okuma PCH-TRB-6101H to pair with a big fat Penn VISX. I just got my boat this last Sept and only had 1 chance to fly the kite and we did not catch anything so I can't say how well the rod performed. I do like the bent...
  20. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Action on the ridge

    Late start around 8am, We head straight out of Mission bay 6 miles and catch a nice big vermillion on squid strips. A center console pulls up nearby and starts fishing, 10 mins later they are yelling and I can see their boat listing to one side. We reel up and motor over only to see their boat...
  21. Big_Tuna_

    Rust on trim tabs

    Pulled my 2310 after 3 months in a slip for 100 hr service. The bottom paint held up well, but trim tabs did not. I am thinking I need anodes on the trim tabs? Would that prevent this rust? The rust is by the screws in the back and hinges. The other stuff is growth, also annoying, can I paint...
  22. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Dodos, yft, and skipjack at 371

    371 today , Saturday, good bait at MB, minor wind chop all day, got to 371, lots of boats, we ventured off and trolled cedar plugs south of 371 for double hookup dodos, 6lbs. later came up on boats catching yft and skipjack, all we got was skipjack. 2 dodo and 2 skipjack. Called it a day around 2
  23. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 9/28: 302-371-425-Coronado

    Made a nice big loop yesterday (Sunday). Got good bait in MB. Later that day I heard from 2 others that the bait from SD sucked. Got to 302, water temp 71ish. nothing going on, no birds, nothing. Trolled for a bit for nothing. 371: Didn't see much there either. Found 2 boats working a small...
  24. Big_Tuna_

    Looking for boat captain services to help with docking/slipping single outboard

    Hi, I'm looking to take some lessons in docking/slipping a single outboard to give me more confidence. Let me know if y'all know someone... Thanks
  25. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore trolled 9 mile north for nothing

    Trolled cedar plugs and some xraps for nothing for 2 hours late morning today, water temp was 71.5, didn't see much life or kelp
  26. Big_Tuna_

    Fishing the 302/371 and avoiding 12mile radius of Coronado Island

    quick question for anyone...I understand the requirement to have FMM and conservation passport while within 12 miles of Coronado island. Annoying but whatever. Basically means even if we want to fish the south 9, we need to have those documents. So in order to get to the 371 from SD and steer...
  27. Big_Tuna_

    2013 Hobie Kayak Tandem Island $4K. Full fishing package.

    2013 Hobie Tandem Island $4K. Full fishing package. Nice TI rigged for fishing and ready to go. I bought this new off the shelf from Kayak Connection in Moss Landing, CA in 2016. It sat for 3 years unused still in shrink wrap! I've since fished this kayak everywhere along the coast from Sekiu...
  28. Big_Tuna_

    Class 3 hitch receiver for sale, fits most 1/2 ton GM trucks $50

    Just pulled this off my 2006 Silverado 1500. Comes with all the mounting hardware
  29. Big_Tuna_

    San Diego inland boat/trailer storage

    Does anyone have any leads on cheap dry storage for San Diego further inland? Would like a safe location to store trailer and potentially boat for off season. Can be 1-2 hours inland, whatever. Thanks
  30. Big_Tuna_

    anyone have a 2310 walkaround in SD

    I'm considering either of those two Parker 2310 WAs for sale up near SLO. But I've never been on a 2310 WA so I'd like to take a look at one up close before driving up there. Does anyone have one in SD they would be willing to let me look over? Thanks, David
  31. Big_Tuna_

    Truline Hxc 7'

    Got grab bag of free truline rods from a friend. I like this one the most, is it worth fixing up?
  32. Big_Tuna_

    Grady White 282 Sailfish, BW 285 Conquest, Pursuit 2870 WA

    I'm looking for a 28' foot boat w/ outboards and a walkaround. Or an express/pilothouse with a nice side deck with room to get around. Needs to be under ~33' LOA with motors tilted up. Well known brands with good resale only... I'm not opposed to 28-30' foot w/ diesels, just there a very few of...
  33. Big_Tuna_

    Buying an LLC owned boat and not paying sales tax

    "The boat is LLC owned. Buyer will buy the LLC and NOT pay Sales Tax. The boat is located in Mission Bay in San Diego, CA." Can someone explain to me how this is possible? Was it a California boat originally? Over the boat's lifetime has anyone paid sales tax on it? Considering its only maybe...
  34. Big_Tuna_

    Anybody have "Sold Boat Comparables" listings?

    Hey all, So in one of the recent surveys I paid for, the surveyor had access to pull data which contained the listing price and the actual selling price of specific boat models for the last x number of years. The "Sold Boat Comparables". He used that to value the boat in question. Without...
  35. Big_Tuna_

    FWD: 2006 2870 Pursuit CC

    Not mine, but looks like a decent deal for someone who wants a CC and drive across the country to get it.
  36. Big_Tuna_

    Coronavirus testing in SD

    Anyone have luck getting tested in SD? I have flu like symptoms but already had the flu this year. Sounds like my doctor won't test me, basically was told to stay home and self-quarantine.
  37. Big_Tuna_

    Penn 50VISX spool wobble

    I don't want to bash the online seller (not direct from Penn), because I want to give them a chance to sort this out. Upon receiving the reel I noticed the spool wobbles. If spinning fast enough it results in a vibration that can be felt throughout the reel. I've never used one of these reels...
  38. Big_Tuna_

    50VISX or 50VISW for kite fishing

    Can I get away with using the 50VISX with 130lb or is the 50VISW with 130lb a minimum? VISX is less bulky. Was going to use hollow braid. Fishing from a private boat. Thanks
  39. Big_Tuna_

    Penn Setups for Offshore

    Hi all, Been fishing off a kayak for 5 years up in the Monterey Bay area. Just moved to SD and will be buying an offshore boat. I need to upgrade my quiver. I've been using Penn and so if I buy new I would like to stick with them only because I'm the most familiar. I have a 3-4 star drag reels...
  40. Big_Tuna_

    Range needed for San Clemente Tuna?

    Looking at diesel boat with 250 gallon tank and 1.1mpg at cruise. Is that enough to get me from San Diego to San Clemente for a weekend, fish 2 days for the big ones, and get me back? Going by 2/3 rule that leaves 166 gallons and its already going to take ~120 gallons just to get there and back.
  41. Big_Tuna_

    WTB Reel/Rod Setups for Offshore

    Just getting started in the offshore scene here in San Diego and I need rods, reels, and tackle. I have mostly lighter reels from the kayak fishing up in the Monterey Bay. Looking for rods/reels for larger tuna. Will be buying a boat soon and so I'm looking for a package deal with multiple...
  42. Big_Tuna_

    Considering outboards for slipped boat

    Hi all, With regards to slipping a boat with outboards and the yearly maintenance (engine oil, lower unit oil, impeller, etc), I'm assuming it is required to pull the boat out of the water? Or can the yearly maintenance somehow be performed with the boat still in the water? Just trying to...
  43. Big_Tuna_

    WTB - 28-32' Twin Inboard Diesel Express or Sportfisher

    ...Expanding search up to 32', but I really want something 28-30' feet. Trying to fit into the 30 ft slips at Marina Village which is ~33' feet max LOA. Even considering going up to 35. Twin inboard diesel between 28 and 35. At least 10' beam. Well maintained clean boats only. Modified V or...
  44. Big_Tuna_

    Adding tower

    Who builds towers in San Diego area? Thx
  45. Big_Tuna_

    28-30' Twin Inboard Diesel Express or Sportfisher

    Expanding search up to 32' Looking for a twin inboard diesel between 28 and 32ft. At least 9' or 10' beam. Well maintained clean boats only. Tower would be nice, but can add later. No outdrives. Skipjack 30, Topaz, Tiara, Henriques, Blackfin, Pursuit Don't want 28 Carolina Classic, 28...
  46. Big_Tuna_

    Thoughts on Skipjack FB 25s?

    What do y'all think of skipjack FB 25s? Nearly same layout as a 262, but half the price of a diesel 262. There are three for sale on clist right now. Seems like a decent deal for a diesel flybridge.
  47. Big_Tuna_

    Airmar TM150 $150 OBO

    Airmar transom mount TM150 w/ blue Navico (Simrad, Lowrance) connector for sale, I've only used it on 4 or 5 outings. Comes with all the bracket hardware. $150 OBO. For anyone looking to upgrade to an actual CHIRP transducer. This will hands down outperform the Lowrance 83/200, 50/200, or...