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  1. scorpio252c

    Offshore First time Fishing 🤙🏽

    HaHa just happy to not get skunked
  2. scorpio252c

    Offshore First time Fishing 🤙🏽

    Headed out with pops Sun 7:00 from MB for our first trip of this sucky ass COVID19 year. Brought my girl for her first fishing experience hoping to find something. Headed out towards the 302-371 SW of the 371 found a paddy with Dodos that wanted to play landed 4 and I farmed 4 shoulda let em run...
  3. scorpio252c

    Offshore 11/15 yft and yt still here go fishing

    Awesome way to get it done in November
  4. scorpio252c

    Offshore Limit of bluefin on the Tribute 1.5 days 11/11

    I was on that trip and it Awesome action all day long on Bluefin what else can we ask for. The Tribute and crew are a class act it’s our favorite boat for sure.
  5. scorpio252c

    Offshore FINALLY for Pops 11/3

    Thanks for all the kind words guys I haven’t stopped smiling all day since I found out he got one.
  6. scorpio252c

    Offshore FINALLY for Pops 11/3

    Dang I couldn’t sleep last night just thinking if my pops had been lucky enough to catch one of the jumbos on then awesome TRIBUTE which is the only party boat we fish on during the season when not on the Scorpio. He said it took 2 hours last night on the heavy gear I’m just sooo happy for him...
  7. scorpio252c

    Offshore FoundEm 10/20

    Hey guys went out MB yesterday 10/20 with plans to hit the Upper 500/Hidden Bank. Found a paddy near Upper Hidden holding small YT kept 4 Skunk Off, picked up 2 skippies same area on black/purple jet head 71 degree water. Continued South saw a boat hooked up started chumming and BAM game on for...
  8. scorpio252c

    Buggin on the Gail Force

    Man haven't posted since YFT fishin since October. Decided to save the work of pulling the Scorpio and cleaning so Pops,wife and me decided to jump on the Gail Force heading to Cat. Beautiful weather and flat calm seas all night. We ended up with 4 legals and alot of shorts. Was a decent night...
  9. scorpio252c

    Offshore 226/302 for nothing 10/14

    Yeah I think the fat lady is ready to sing for some of us. Yesterday found a bunch of big beautiful paddies with no one home. Salvaged to trip for my buddy and son with one lone paddy dodo.
  10. scorpio252c

    Offshore Close, but no stripe!

    Heck yeah even one is better than none in my book. All we got was 1 dodo and a bunch of empty paddies
  11. scorpio252c

    Offshore 10/14 425-101 Almost Skunked

    I'm just happy my buddy and son got to take a memory and some fish home.
  12. scorpio252c

    Offshore 10/14 425-101 Almost Skunked

    Just got back from the general 425-101 zone, founds tons a paddies with nobody home. In the AM we started at some numbers we planned to hit and damn lo and behold 4 damn sieners on our spot pulling pens which meant the entire schools were gone. Radio was slow, headed North stopping on empty...
  13. scorpio252c

    Aztec vs. Tribute

    +1 on the Tribute, have fished it x3 this season and have had a great experience each time with boat and crew plus got my limits each time which was a plus.
  14. scorpio252c

    Misc. Hoop nets FS

    hey jeff if you can call me at 909-225-9566 I be interested on some of your nets as I just lost four of them over the weekend
  15. scorpio252c


    Damn bro good job
  16. scorpio252c

    Offshore YFT 9/30

    Cool deal, we had same thing Fri. No other boats in sight and YFT all around after seeing some puddlers. Good Job finding them.
  17. scorpio252c

    Offshore Fri 9/29 425 BLOODYDECKS

    Yeah it was horrible LOL
  18. scorpio252c

    Offshore Fri 9/29 425 BLOODYDECKS

    Just off the water, bee lined straight to the 425. Beautiful weather with great visibility out there, at MB 0600 fog was thick up until about 7 miles out. Trolled a bit for nada then we some puddlers about 0900, had limits by 10. Not a single boat near us just South of the 425, toss chum+toss...
  19. scorpio252c

    The Tribute from Seaforth

    The Tribute from Seaforth
  20. scorpio252c

    Offshore Wed 9/20 Killed It

    Well had an awesome party boat trip before the weather supposedly turns. Beautiful day, found a paddy near 226 with YFT that wanted to be sashimi they bit everything. Kept trolling south then they got a call on WFO YFT near 302, it was a bloodbath. Limits for the boat and i got a fat Bull Dodo.
  21. scorpio252c

    Offshore Sat 9/9 277 area

    Was not bad in that area but as we got closer to the rigs it wad pretty bumpy.
  22. scorpio252c

    Offshore Sat 9/9 277 area

    Just got home, short story many boats at the 277 in the AM nice clean blue water about 71-73 degrees. Found many paddies with no one home, radio was slow as well. Around 1:30 got a blind jig strike on a single YFT on lime green feather. Boxed the area but nothing else for the day. Happy we...
  23. scorpio252c

    Offshore El Skunko 9/7 limits of wind and whitecaps

    Behind San Clemete island with the rest of the party boat fleet
  24. scorpio252c

    Offshore El Skunko 9/7 limits of wind and whitecaps

    Just got off a party boat and weather was tough. Big rollers, wind and white caps everywhere. 1 BFT caught on flatfall and 2 dodos all at greylight. Was gonna take out boat out Sat but I had second thoughts and will wait till next week.
  25. scorpio252c

    Offshore Sat 8/12 425/Hidden Bank

    Haha that's right, a couple guys i talked to at the dock said the same thing about no paddies.
  26. scorpio252c

    Offshore Sat 8/12 425/Hidden Bank

    Just off the water ended the day with 6 dodos 2 caught on natural cedar plug the others on a paddy. Hidden area was dead and we could not find a paddy until we got to the 425. Only paddy found made it happen for us.
  27. scorpio252c

    Hey Paul i am interested, is it still available? I will text you later as it is 0330 now. Alex...

    Hey Paul i am interested, is it still available? I will text you later as it is 0330 now. Alex (909)374-2763
  28. scorpio252c

    Offshore Sat 8/5 425/U hidden

    Short story left 0500 MB long line for bait, got to 425 find paddy catch 9 small YT 3 Dodos. Headed South 2 more paddies found with small dodos we left to grow bigger. Mission accomplished all happy smiles, "let's go again" says my wife.
  29. scorpio252c

    Offshore Dorado 7/23

    Nice good job on a nice Dodo
  30. scorpio252c

    Offshore 43 SCI 182 Empty(Fri. 07/21)

    It has been tough seeing anything for some boats. I guess it's Luck and Location. I'd like to get lucky soon.
  31. scorpio252c

    Offshore Sauerfish 7-20-17

    Thanks for the report, we had same story yesterday. Well at least we learned more flying the kite as well. We'll get'em next time.
  32. scorpio252c

    Offshore Sat 7/23 182,43,10 miles W of43

    Yup we are thankfull for that
  33. scorpio252c

    Offshore Sat 7/23 182,43,10 miles W of43

    Had 7:00 AM start out of MB and headed out to stay late for the PM bite. First paddy we find out near the corner had a lonely YT that played. Green dirty warm water pretty void of life when we passed by. Trolled and flew kite and saw nothing all morning. In the afternoon about 10 miles W of the...
  34. scorpio252c

    Offshore Marlin

    Hell Yeah bro nice catch. You'll have some good meat for fish tacos.
  35. scorpio252c

    Offshore 6/23 OFFSHORE FOR NADA!

    Thanks for the report,
  36. scorpio252c

    Offshore Late Report for 6/9 425-371-302 Loop

    Thanks for the report, just paying due early in the season.
  37. scorpio252c

    Offshore Sun. 6/4/2017 The Corner-43-182

    I guess we are just paying dues and will be rewarded later in the season. Nice screen shots.
  38. scorpio252c

    Offshore Vagabond. 6/2.

    Nice to hear of fish caught, we had El Skunko on sat as did a lot of others.
  39. scorpio252c

    Offshore Sat 6/3 @43/182 Ghost Town

    Damn it sucks to hear that.
  40. scorpio252c

    Offshore 209 on 6-3-17

    Good day on the water
  41. scorpio252c

    Offshore Sat 6/3 @43/182 Ghost Town

    Got both but nothing to throw popper at and was part of the yummy flier crew as well.
  42. scorpio252c

    Offshore Sat 6/3 @43/182 Ghost Town

    Hey guys just got back from the 43/182/Corner Zone and saw no signs of Tuna or Paddy fish. Water was 65ish and a crap load of boats and crap talkers on radio as usually is if fish are not biting. Every boat was flying a kite but the fish were not there. Only good news we heard was from the 371...
  43. scorpio252c

    First trip of the year

    Me and pops finally found a nice weather window up at CI. Nice smooth ride out to visit Anacapa,Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa. Nice day out with pops.
  44. scorpio252c

    Esky Cooler / Foodsaver G800 / Tackle Bag

    what is the lowest you can go on the cooler call me at 909 225 9566 tony
  45. scorpio252c

    Found a hoop net Catalina

    Lost a couple with a phone # and SCORPIO written on bouy.
  46. scorpio252c

    FS/FT: Gold Trinidad 20, $320

    juan how much is the lowest you will go on your reel call me at tony 909 225 9566
  47. scorpio252c

    3 rod/reel combos for sale-all sold

    All SPF will update if deal falls through. Tnx
  48. scorpio252c

    3 rod/reel combos for sale-all sold

    combo #1 SOLD, Good luck with it hope you catch a big one Russ.
  49. scorpio252c

    2 bumpers and rod holder

    Selling 2 bumpers $10 Smith Gold Rod holder $20 Or 25 for both located in Fullerton or Diamond Bar shoot me a PM.
  50. scorpio252c

    3 rod/reel combos for sale-all sold

    I have 3 rod/reel combos that we have not used in years and need to clear up some space. #1 Seeker Black Steel G6480-8 CT. * ft rod 20(30)40 with Shimano Tekota levelwind. SOLD #2 Seeker Classic BSC 870 7ft. 15(20)25 with Shimano Tekota levelwind.sold #3 Shimano Saragosa with Shimano TLD...
  51. scorpio252c

    Price reduced! Accurate reel phenix rod

    what is the lowest you can go on the rod call me at 9092259566 my name is tony
  52. scorpio252c

    WTS: Accurate 665H II / Seeker Black Steel CJBF65XH (50-60lb combo)

    kevin what is the lower you can go on the rod and how old is the rod
  53. scorpio252c

    Offshore LA county tuna 10/15

    Nice going, glad you found them.
  54. scorpio252c

    Offshore 10/13 BLOODYDECKS finally this year

    I changed phones but still same #Cory. Saw you got some as well, great fall fishing
  55. scorpio252c

    Offshore 10/13 BLOODYDECKS finally this year

    Hit Cat island last night for 7 legals and 40ish shorts. About 10:45 all hell broke loose on 277 they were hitting any size bait,hook and line. Just keep dumping chum and they stay under boat. I would throw 4-5 pieces then my bait and BAM instant hook up. Landed 10 between me and pops lost...
  56. scorpio252c

    Offshore 7/30 209 9th time is the charm

    Congrats we know the feeling, those drives home on the freeway is much easier with something in the ice chest.
  57. scorpio252c

    Offshore Just off the water

    I should have put the date in title 7/30
  58. scorpio252c

    Offshore Just off the water

    Left Mission Bay at 0300 with a scoop of huge 8" dines, beautiful night and smooth ride south. Headed down towards the 302 and by greylight were in the zone 74-75 degree water something should be out there. Between 302 and 371 got a blind jig strike 1 BFT on mean joe green feathers, boxed the...
  59. scorpio252c

    Offshore Oside skunk 9/5

    Was out there yesterday the 4th with same result, lots of empty paddys. It's all good our time will come and those good days are what keep us coming back.
  60. scorpio252c

    Offshore I hate SKUNK 9/4

    Left Dana Point last night and got a decent 1 1/2 scoop of smallish dines. Weather was beautiful with no wind and a very very long swell which made for a smooth ride. Headed South towards an area outside of Oceanside and shut her down until daylight. Started moving at gray light and was rewarded...
  61. scorpio252c

    Offshore Rpt.-09-03-15 The Ducky Roars Again!

    Nice going Cory. Heading out in a few hours.
  62. scorpio252c

    Offshore Rpt-Thur.-08-27-15 Another slow day for Tuna!

    It's gonna bust open one of these days as the fish are there just not biting. Gotta be lucky to be out there on that day. You'll get'em next time Cory.
  63. scorpio252c

    Offshore DP 267 8/23-8/24

    Damn sorry to hear that, we've gone through that this year as well up until the last couple trips that were successful. It's funny but sometimes it's just not our day all we can do is keep trying. Keep hitting it and your day will come. Good Luck
  64. scorpio252c

    Offshore 8/22 Finally shook the skunk out of DP for us

    Yeah Cory I've been out of the game for a while but have been out 3 times this year. There seem to be a lot more jack asses on this website, radio and on the water these days. Hopefully we can get out on the fish one of these days, I'm sure I still have your number if not i'll send you a pm.
  65. scorpio252c

    Offshore 8/22 Finally shook the skunk out of DP for us

    After much contemplating decided to leave out of Dana Point even though DP had not been kind to us the last few trip 1/5 out of DP, no skunks when we depart from MB so far. Looked at temp break and decided to head on an area between the 267 and 209 and drift as we left at 0030 with a good 1 1/2...
  66. scorpio252c

    Offshore Visit from NCal Sat-Mon, incredible!

    They'll always be somebody to rain on someones parade. Nice catch man, I would only say anything if you boated a Black Sea Bass or something. Mahi is my favorite eating fish. Good Job.
  67. scorpio252c

    Offshore O'side 8/15 - 8/17

    It seems this year is hit and miss for some. We just got our first YFT for the season yesterday. I guess we gotta keep chuggin and roll with the punches. Might go out again Sunday.
  68. scorpio252c

    Offshore Sunday oside tuna and rant

    It seems as if there has a change in recent years on this site and on the water. A lot of new boaters and fisherman with this weather thing going on. We have only had a private boat for the last 10 years but it seems like boaters and fisherman were more helpful to each other a few years back...
  69. scorpio252c

    Offshore Wide open yfin 8-18 and a boat off the trailer

    damn that sucks on the boat. Good job on the fish, I wanna get the wife out there to catch some tuna as well.
  70. scorpio252c

    Offshore 8/17 Never give up, Finally YFT for us

    Thanks guys. It's funny but everytime we've been skunked has been fishing out of DP, when we go south from MB we have always gotten fish. I guess we'll have to keep hitting out of MB.
  71. scorpio252c

    Offshore 8/17 Never give up, Finally YFT for us

    As everyone else it seems has been having a great past 2 years we have been skunked 7/10 times. After a while you start to question why you keep going out again, last week 1 single dodo saved our day but today was finally our day. Left MB with 1/2 scoop of good bait as thats all they sold us due...
  72. scorpio252c

    When Is It Going To Start? It started today 7-9

    Hey man i feel you. me and my pops have gone 0-6 counting the skunks last season. I realized the other day that in our 10 years with a private boat this has been the longest dry streak for us considering how many awesome reports we read you'd think we'd a caught something. So we gotta keep our...
  73. scorpio252c

    Offshore A day to remember! Hat trick.

    Damn Tito estas Cabron, first you slay dudes in the octagon now your slayin the fish. Good job bro
  74. scorpio252c

    REALLY away from the crowds St Nicolas 6/20/15

    Yeah man he's definitely a good dude. I had my best trip ever with him a couple years ago. We hit the 1010 trench and nailed Dodo's/YFT/YT and even baited a marlin. I caught my PB dorado on that trip.
  75. scorpio252c

    REALLY away from the crowds St Nicolas 6/20/15

    My pops and Jeff on the RTA decided to give the island WSB a shot since everyone is staying local (150). They left Friday afternoon and made their way out to Cat to stop and pick up some squid. My pops got lucky and ended up nailing a YT at Cat, they had another hook up but it came unbuttoned...
  76. scorpio252c

    Offshore O'side 51 181 209 nada secound time:( 6-20

    Thanks for the report. We caught a skunk last time chasing those dammed BF, they tease you but won't take the bait. Hopefully something goes off in July.
  77. scorpio252c

    Offshore BFT bite super cold!!!

    Thanks for the report. We went out Tuesday and had the same experience, fish all over the place jumping but no biters for anyone. I guess the spear fisherman are the ones that'll have a chance.
  78. scorpio252c

    Offshore El Skunko today 6/16/15

    one of these days they'll go off and I for sure will be landlocked when they do:cussing:
  79. scorpio252c

    Offshore El Skunko today 6/16/15

    Me and pops decided that today would be a good time to try and locate these BF we've been reading about. Plan was to head out of Dana and hit the 267/209/277. Flat calm conditions on way out at 0500. We slow trolled and made our way to the 267 where we saw some pods of porpoise but little else...
  80. scorpio252c

    3 legals and lost gear

    It has a foam bouy with reflective tape and Scorpio is written on it. We were about a couple hundred yards west of parsons landing on the West side of the island. Caught 3 legals in the nets we pulled. Thanks
  81. scorpio252c

    3 legals and lost gear

    Went out to Cat Sunday afternoon to try and pick up some lobsters. Got there around 3 pm and noticed what looked like a fog bank behind the island and it seemed to be moving in. Well as the afternoon turned into evening it kept rolling in, we dropped our gear around 5:45 and by the time we were...
  82. scorpio252c

    Hog in LB

    Oh man but how they taste so good, so it's worth the cold and rain LOL. Hey Cory yeah it's been a while, i'll give you a holler one of these days so we can go slay'em.
  83. scorpio252c

    Hog in LB

    Went hooping Saturday with a very late start. Left Diamond Bar around 9:30 pm and has the Scorpio on the water at 10:15pm. It seemed like it would be calm weather day but there were some ominous looking clouds we could seen with the moonlight. Went to our usual area and dropped them in around...
  84. scorpio252c

    Offshore There really aren't any fish in O'side......

    Thanks for the report. We had plans of heading south Sunday but based on NWS reports we didn't want to out in wind and slop just to find empty paddies. Hopefully we get another chance for the year if not we'll be pulling out the hoop nets.
  85. scorpio252c

    Offshore 9/1/14 Dana pt BLEW

    Sucks to hear, that has been our luck this season. We go out and don't see any puddlers, diving birds, and all we find are dry paddies. It's cool though we will get our killer day soon.
  86. scorpio252c

    Offshore Helmut today "Corner", 43, 182

    Thanks for the post. I agree too much boat pressure will shut it down.
  87. scorpio252c

    Unfreakingbelievable for the Scorpio. In a bad way

    Thanks for all the tips guys. We've has the Scorpio since 2006 and it's just frustrating because this has been our worst season yet. Prior to the skunks this year we hadn't been skunked for about 6 years. But yeah I hear you in saying that there are some BS reports out there especially on the...
  88. scorpio252c

    Unfreakingbelievable for the Scorpio. In a bad way

    Thanks for that. Yeah I think our dues have paid. Looking forward to the next trip.
  89. scorpio252c

    Unfreakingbelievable for the Scorpio. In a bad way

    Well we've been reading everyone great reports this entire season "epic, limits, WFO, best year ever". Well we want to say congrats to everyone but we have an empty freezer so far ourselves. Our first trip in June netted us 15 YT but since then we are 0 for 3, every day we go out it seems we...
  90. scorpio252c

    Offshore 425,371,302 Sat 7/19 1st trip of year

    They ranged from 6-10. We actually caught some smaller but they were lip hooked and released to get bigger. Mex flag, cedar plug were hot ticket for us.
  91. scorpio252c

    Offshore 425,371,302 Sat 7/19 1st trip of year

    Well it was the first offshore trip of the year aboard the Scorpio with pops, wife and a couple friends. We read all week about the awesome bite on YT,YFT, and BFT so waited until this weekend. In hindsight we should've head out last weekend as the reports were of wide open style fishing. As...
  92. scorpio252c

    Long Beach still kicking out monsters

    damn those nice bigguns ya got there. Good Job
  93. scorpio252c

    SIZE Matters

    Honestly we haven't been doing it long enough to see that trend. We only went once at the beginning of the season and caught them about the 2nd pull. This is our second time out this year and 2 weeks ago our first 2 pulls before 9pm netted us 3 legals and then 2 more after 10pm. Were fairly new...
  94. scorpio252c

    2-15-14 & 2-16-14 Lobsters

    Sweet, I would have liked to stay longer. It seemed to be a late bite as our first pulls didn't get us anything. Nice job it's always good when you don't have to measure.
  95. scorpio252c

    SIZE Matters

    Early around 10, i think we might have been able to scratch a couple more but I had to work today so had to head in early.
  96. scorpio252c

    SIZE Matters

    Sorry about the repeat pics, my first time posting in a while and i see there is new system.
  97. scorpio252c

    SIZE Matters

    Me and my pops went out Sunday 2/16/14 for some local bugging. We dropped our first nets down around 5:00 and waited to pull them till about 6:30. It was pretty quite until around 7:00 when other boats started showing up. We ended the night with 2 jumbos and 2 crab to take home. We didn't catch...
  98. scorpio252c

    Offshore Rpt-Sunday-08-11-13 Do Do's and limits of Tails!

    As always it was great having Cory aboard the Scorpio. We're waiting for more Dodo's and the YF to show up soon hopefully. I'm happy to be out with my pop's, wife and good friends nothing beats that whether we catch fish or not, of course catching makes it all the better.
  99. scorpio252c

    YT at Todos Santos

    Headed down south for the weekend and did some fishing on Saturday 6/22. There was no bait at the receiver so made some macs outside of harbor and headed towards the island. About 10 min my wife gets the first Hookup and it was game on for the next couple hours. It was a great time with my Dad...
  100. scorpio252c

    Lobster Hooping Season Over?

    Yeah as the season rolls towards the tailend it's better to fish a little deeper than early in the season. We went out this past sunday and caught 4 legals and some nice sized crab. We fished some artificial reefs a couple miles from the break wall.
  101. scorpio252c

    Offshore 1010/Hidden Bank

    Yeah it's awesome being out there with my pops and wife. This was her first offshore season and she's hooked on the pelagics. I was proud of her reeling a dodo and helping us drive the boat while we cleaned fish on the way home.
  102. scorpio252c

    Offshore 1010/Hidden Bank

    Well here is our report, we left MB despite everyone saying it was gonna be terrible out there and people canceling trips. We canceled for saturday but figured what the hell how bad can it be. Ride south was not too bad but the ride home was a little rough coming back doing 8-10 knots and water...
  103. scorpio252c

    1010 sunday 9/30

    We'll give it a go. Hopefully i'll be posting a limits for 3 post tomorrow night.
  104. scorpio252c

    1010 sunday 9/30

    Hey guys heading out tomorrow to the 1010 for some tuna hopefully. If anybody wants to keep radio contact out there this is alex on the "Scorpio"
  105. scorpio252c

    Offshore Overnite on The Pride

    Very nice can't wait to get out there.
  106. scorpio252c

    Offshore First Offshore trip

    Nice going pops. We had a great time can't wait to get out there again.
  107. scorpio252c

    Offshore 9/2 267 - 209 Dorado

    Nice going, good to see something close to home