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  1. Rabid Fish

    BOLA trip report end of DEC

    Not much of a report here, but figured it'd be helpful to some Fishing wise, don't have much to say. I shot a couple halibut at night and gave them to the taqueria. Next day (tues) we went on the panga, a rare south wind blew all day. Water cold, 62-65. We only target grouper and leave the...
  2. Rabid Fish


    I have submitted my own personal comment to the fish and game commission already, and I urge you all to submit your own comments as well. HOWEVER I propose we all additionally send out individual comments telling the Commission that we plan to civilly disobey any order that purports to...
  3. Rabid Fish

    CABO Report -- Renegade Mike -- WFO Marlin w/ YFT for dessert

    Fished Saturday 2/29 with Captain Mike on the Renegade. First thing he tells us when we met him the day before: "I will fish extra time if we need to, to make it happen. The fish moved a ways up the beach, I'm fine with burning fuel but if we need to make it a late day, that's what we're...
  4. Rabid Fish

    Knot Question -- What's this knot called, and what is its breaking strength (if known)

    So I learned this knot as a deckie on a local boat. It's a VERY quick dropper loop knot. It seems to hold up OK, even for WSB and YT. I've actually never seen it fail. But I have no idea what the knot is actually called, and I'm curious if the break strength has been tested. I'm hoping...
  5. Rabid Fish

    Driving to Bola in the Rain

    I've made the trip before, I have a solid truck, but I've never done it in the rain! I'm planning to drive down on Saturday (no wiggle room there if the trip is going to happen.) The bulk of the rain should stay on the west side of the peninsula but I'm a bit worried that the desert portion...
  6. Rabid Fish

    Gonzaga/Encantadas Report

    I posted a few days ago asking about pangas. I posted this report there but couldn't edit the title of that thread to reflect that there was a report now, so I'm posting it here. We really winged it on this trip -- we didn't have panga booked for Saturday... or a place to stay Friday night...
  7. Rabid Fish

    Panga for Gonzaga/Puertecitos? (ASAP)

    Hey gang, I'm heading to the G-bay/Puertecitos area tomorrow AM with two other guys for a spearfishing trip. We weren't able to secure a panga for Saturday (of course, the day the weather looks good) I'm hoping maybe someone has an idea for the best way to look for one down there, or if...
  8. Rabid Fish

    Skipjack vs Sheephead -- which do you think is better eating?

    Have no idea why but I got curious about this. It came to mind when I saw someone surprised about people fishing for and keeping skipjack (good eating fish overall IMO) and I realized that nobody ever questions why someone would keep a sheephead (complete crap eating fish overall IMO). So I...
  9. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Already got limits. TODAY 8/7

    36.5 up 44.5 out already got the boat trailered back in the harbor.. That's limits US on yft 20-25 grade by 830 am. You got honey dos better blow them off or find a new wife
  10. Rabid Fish

    WOW look at this redear sunfish, possible WR

    Thing is a freak!!!
  11. Rabid Fish

    Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo MONDAY!! Couple quick Q's...

    I got an invite pretty last min. to go to Ixtapa with my roommate, and was wondering about the fishing down there. We are planning to fish at least one day on a panga, and I really don't know how that's going to go down because I'm the only fisherman going on the trip, and I'm not...
  12. Rabid Fish

    Offshore YFT Sunday 9-16

    Gotta go back to school in a week, so I got one last hurrah at the tuna scene today with my step padre. The plan was to chase the albacore (as I have not caught an albacore in wayy way waaayyyyy too long) that were reported from the fly yesterday. A look at the (not always absolutely...
  13. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 7-29 YFT and YT

    Short report. Left MB at around 5.00am and got crappy sardines, half rolled and the rest were pretty weak. Put out the trollers at the 230 hoping for some love on the chickens but not to be today. We saw a nice spot of breaking albacore closer to the E-Fly but they wouldn't go. Found 3 kelps...
  14. Rabid Fish

    New Boat Name

    Got a new boat on the way and we need a name. Its an aluminum boat, in case you were wondering about option 1 Stepdad's vote is for "Tin Man" (same name as current aluminum boat) or "Tin Man II" My vote is for "Osama Sucks". Help us settle this. PS any other names Joke or Otherwise...
  15. Rabid Fish

    The Masters

    Good Lord. I almost can't bear to watch. I have enough respect for Tiger, and I think he's no question the greatest ever. But JEEEEZ... it hurts to watch golf nowadays. I was watching ESPN and the guys were talking about whether Jack is still the best ever or not. One guy was saying...
  16. Rabid Fish

    9/11 Shelter Island Yak Rpt

    Fished the south end of shelter with a krocodile for a ton of short cuda, and a small bass for good measure. This area is great for bass, halis, sculpin and apparently cuda too.
  17. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 43 area YFT 9/9

    We fished the 43 area today for 3 YFT for two from 15.5 lbs to 30.3 lbs. Fish were all caught in the area about 5 miles SSW of the 43. There was a huge school of porpoise and, more importantly, flocks of terns. Everyone was working the birds though it was a major crowding (weekend, doy)...
  18. Rabid Fish

    SD Bay Yak Rpt 9/06

    Finally caught some fish on my new kayak! Launched near the customs dock and paddled out for a while, finally stopping about 200 yards off the bait barge (my yak is suuuper slooooooooow) when I saw terns diving in the area. I started slinging a green and blue krocodile with no luck. A few...
  19. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 8/31 Report 182 area

    Ohhhhhh it's a late report, I meant to do this last night, sorry. Anyway, we started at the 182 spot looking for bushes. Heard a guy on the radio say he saw dodo's on a paddy at 46/47 so we headed to that area which was only a couple miles away. We found a gripload of paddies in that area...
  20. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 9 Mile to 182 Report 8-11

    It was pretty slow today. We got a late start and found a 45 minute+ wait at the bait barge (MB barge). Turns out early morning was the time to go. We decided to bail on the 182, sounded like the high spot was a fishless parking lot. We chose to head north about 7 miles short of the 182. We...
  21. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Inner Banks Report 7-28

    What an awesome day! The water was ultra ultra flat until mid afternoon when it turned into just regular old flat. Sea life was abundant today, from whales, porpoise and molas to Sea Turtles! a mako and a Swordfish (We baited it, no-go but still sweeeeet). Only managed one small tail on...
  22. Rabid Fish

    Flats area 7-3-06

    Plenty of sandbass in the Coronado flats. No main body of fish, just seemed like they were spread out over a huge area. Scattered barracuda and bonito also. It was pretty much wide open.
  23. Rabid Fish

    BD Golf Tourney

    I just thought of the idea, I dont know if there has been one before. Maybe if there is a lot of interest we could get something together, with prizes and raffles. Just a for fun kind of thing maybe. What do you all think?
  24. Rabid Fish

    The man whose biceps exploded

    I saw a documentary on this guy, did anyone else catch that? Absolutely crazy. Long story short, any steriod use IMO is abuse, but this guy takes abuse to a new level. He dealt and used more than anyone else, shooting up directly into his biceps. The bicep exploded when he was too...
  25. Rabid Fish


    A bunch of Vikings went to a distant land and raped and pillaged it, binging home treasure and tales of conquest. In celebration of their success, the vikings threw a huge party. They all got raging drunk, and a viking man and a viking woman went to a room and had sex well into the night...
  26. Rabid Fish


    What the hell was that? Am I the only one who couldn't even watch the Stones because they sucked too bad?
  27. Rabid Fish

    Q-105 came in

    It was awesome! I got to see them weighing my stepdad's first cow. Better yet I got to miss some school. Anyway it looks like most people got a nice fish or two or six, and Mark said a bunch of times how great the people on the boat were. There was a nine year old kid who got a 200+ fish...
  28. Rabid Fish

    Roots Reggae & Culture Program

    Weekly, free streaming program. All previous shows archived, always avaliable. Plays immediately, downloads in no time. Enjoy!
  29. Rabid Fish

    Any 10 day charters open 12/26

    My dad and I are looking to get on a ten dayer leaving the 26th and are having a hard time. Does anyone by some chance know of any charters that have two openings that leave that time period? Any help greatly appreciated.
  30. Rabid Fish


    On a bike going into USD. Who was it?
  31. Rabid Fish

    LSD is SOOOOO gnarly (must see)

    I don't know if any of you have seen this before, but its absolutely mind boggling. In this experiment, an artist is given a dose of LSD and is instructed to draw the guy who injected him. The progression of his drawings is astonishing, and really shows you the magnitude of LSD's effects...
  32. Rabid Fish

    Coronado Report 8-12

    Fishing the islands today was pretty freakin sweet. There's HUGE potential for a WFO yellowtail bite very soon, lots of fish, and to say the water looked good is an understatement. We got none today, but I have to think it will happen soon... anyway, what I do have to report is that we...
  33. Rabid Fish

    Local Patty Attempt

    Looked from 0-15 miles NNW of Mission Bay, hoping for yellows on pattys. One stringer with nothing, lots of baloons and no fish. Good signs were birds, decent colored water (great in some spots, terrible in others) lots of bait under the birds and huge schools of porpoise we metered fish on...
  34. Rabid Fish

    7/24 I.B Flats

    Got there at ten, had two fish by 12:30, then things woke up. Consistent, at times wfo action on the sandies until about 3:00 when we left. We got horse sardines which may have been a mistake as the bass were reluctant to eat them all the way. After fishtraps had bait beat 5-0 we went to...
  35. Rabid Fish

    Kona Hawai'i Report

    Just got back from an awesome week in Kona, fished off some rocks everyday for all kinds of assorted triggers and other small stuff and a litterally 10 pound pufferfish. Anyway, as for the real report, we fished the HAPA LAKA, which for the third time out of four has produced a great day on...
  36. Rabid Fish

    La Jolla June 20

    The water was pretty green and cold, 64.6 outside MB jetty but it warmed to 66.8 at LJ. The fishing was surprisingly good. We anchored and chummed up a good bass bite that lasted a few hours until a seal payed us a visit. Anchovies got bit better at first, but sardines got bigger bass and...
  37. Rabid Fish

    La Jolla Thursday, the 26th

    The water turned over, its dirty and colder, 65.8 from 66.6. No action anywhere, got picked up on a slow-trolled mac but it got dropped pretty quick. Heard a couple of guys talking about some shark action, but thats about it.
  38. Rabid Fish

    Boat on the rocks, 3/26

    Fished out of MB saturday. Went to LJ for hardly anything. Coming back in there was a boat literally on the jetty. Did anyone else see that? We had a hard time trying to figure out how they possibly could have done that. The boat was completely out of the water on the rocks.
  39. Rabid Fish

    Squid rig?

    Thinking about going out for squit tonight, and was wondering what sort of setup to take? any tips would great, thanks.
  40. Rabid Fish

    upper finger report 12-22

    Fishing at the upper finger was great for reds, but not much else so it was a short day. any spot in 320 to 400 feet of water will do. checking in a customs was a bitch. nobody else was there and it still took over an hour??!! that was nooo fun. conditions were great in the morning but...
  41. Rabid Fish

    La Jolla sunday 11-14

    Lots of bonito in the morning. Bite slowed around 11:00. Fish bit bait, crocs, castmasters, etc. Couple of calicos mixed in too.
  42. Rabid Fish

    Offshore SD Patty Hopping and La Jolla RPT 8-20

    My stepdad, our friend, and myself took our 21' aluminum boat out of mission bay, hoping for some yellowtail and maybe dorado. We were all ready to get on the water, its tough for us to get out there this season. Conditions were prime all day, even when the afternoon winds came up it was...