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  1. IronMikeAC

    Offshore Rooster Open Spots June 17 3day

    Me and 2 buddies are heading out on the rooster3 , 3 day. They just posted that they have 3 open spots June 17-20. 3 days chasing cow BFT, priceless.
  2. IronMikeAC

    Buckets on the Rooster?

    Got my pre-trip info for my upcoming Redrooster3 trip. Info says. No buckets? I have alot of my iron and lead in a bucket. Anyone have any recent experience with this? Stow on the top deck?
  3. IronMikeAC

    Redrooster3 June 17 to 20

    Heading out on the Rooster with 2 buddies June 17-20. Anyone else? I have so many jigs, Im going to distribute the weight so the boat doesn't list.
  4. IronMikeAC

    Fish processors maxed out

    My buddy just got back on an Islander 2.5 day. They came back with an epic load of BFTs, as did Vagabond, Angler and others. They were last in order at the processors. His fish took 12 hours till they cut it for same day. Never heard them that busy before. Not criticizing the processors but...
  5. IronMikeAC

    Enough already, leave a few

    Ok guys, enough with the constant reports on BFT limits up to 200lbs. Its killing me. I have a RR3 trip father day weekend and am concerned there might not be any left. So enough already, leave a few please.
  6. IronMikeAC

    Wonder where all the bluefin are?

  7. IronMikeAC

    Stinger hooks for Flatfalls.

    Past few years I had been using Owner Jobu hooks for the tail of my flatfalls. These hooks are now $4-5 a hook. I ordered some MagBay 7/0 and 8/0 from ebay. $1.5 a hook, $8 for pack of 5.Though the eye is bent but not welded, I really like their quality. Put it one some new 320g mustad jigs...
  8. IronMikeAC

    Islander 5/21 2.5 day.

    I see that the Islander put some last minute 2.5 day trips online next 2 weekends. Look very interesting given the bite seems to be improving.
  9. IronMikeAC

    Polaris Supreme 4/23 - Nothing to report.

    Fishing had been quite good on BFTs a day or 2 before our trip which is probably the kiss of death for bluefin. Capt Aliyar's galley talk was to sleep on the way down, and be ready to fish all nite. There was one BFT caught about 2 am on a flat fall out of 3 bites. Only bft for the trip. Boat...
  10. IronMikeAC

    Boarding the Polaris Supreme at Seaforth

    Wondering the boarding procedure and if it's anything like Fishermans. Big carts? Line up by order paid? First come, first in line? Help loading all my ton of shit? Crazy mad unorganized running-of-the-bulls rush to get the best tackle spots? Fish processors when you get back?
  11. IronMikeAC

    7 feet a 12 sec - Fishable ?

    I have a trip coming up on the Polaris Supreme. Windy says 7-8 foot swells at 10 sec. I usually check wind and not sea state, but this seems challenging conditions. Your knowledgeable opinion?
  12. IronMikeAC

    Polaris Supreme - April 23 to 26

    Just signed up for this trip with my buddy Adrian. Anyone else riding on this trip?
  13. IronMikeAC

    Casting Cannon?

    I was watching a guys on YouTube taking about long casting. He said he uses a casting cannon. Basically a release clip. First I ever heard of it. He also said he used a birthday candle to coat his guides. Sonething new to try..
  14. IronMikeAC

    Surface Iron - all spectra

    Every year I consider going to all spectra on my surface iron reels. I have never made the switch but I hate the feel of the spectra/mono knot spinning thru my thumb. How does all spectra work for those who do it.
  15. IronMikeAC

    Is 90J + 12" = 100J?

    So I had some extra blank, and it fit into the butt of the 90J and adds 12". added chord wrap to match the diameter. I actually didnt epoxy it to I can extend it any tine I want. Question is: is it now a 100J?
  16. IronMikeAC


    Are you ready for big bluefin? GREAT condition inside and out Penn50sw includes TBar handle (worth$50) reel block (worth $30) spool shaft freespool sleeve (worth $40) and about 300 yds of 135 white spectra worth $50. Asking $429.
  17. IronMikeAC

    Built new rod, not sure its use?

    So I was in Island Tackle and saw a cool rainshadow blank. 8'10" blue blank, 40 to 60 lb. I really like the way it turned out and took it out last year. I now realize I don't know when I can use it. Its too stiff for surface iron ( I tried), and too long for big tuna. Maybe island yellowtail...
  18. IronMikeAC

    Tiburon or Baker 30sw frame?

    Does anyone know if Tiburon or Baker made topless frames for a 30sw? I've searched but cannot find .
  19. IronMikeAC

    Anyone missing a Talica 25 and Mak30?

    Guy in Lahabra is advertising a Tac25 for 250 and Mak30 for 250. Plus matching rods for 100 each. Looks pretty sketchy to me.
  20. IronMikeAC

    WTB Used Makaira 30

    Looking for a Makaira 30 if anyone has one "laying around" they want to sell. Please send some pictures of the reel (not just the box). Used with a few scratches is fine with me. Thanks.
  21. IronMikeAC

    Good starter boat

    I've spent a few hundred days on SD sportfishing boats and thinking of getting my own. What would be a good starter boat that can fish and sleep 3 -4 and be able to fish Catalina, Clemente and maybe Tanner, Cortez, and point south in Mex. waters for tuna. It would need to be less than $100k...
  22. IronMikeAC

    30SW top bar removal?

    I have an old 30SW I don't use much anymore. I was thinking of making it topless by cutting/removing the top frame bar. Has anyone tried that before? Curious.
  23. IronMikeAC

    Makaira 20 - loose spool?

    I picked aused Mak 20 from a private boater. The reel has a loose spool with noticeable side to side play. Is this typical for these reels?
  24. IronMikeAC

    30 fixed/not fixed.

    I got a big 250 lb bft on my 30/2 but not great drag at full during the fight. Checked it on land and got max 22/27lb full with freespool. Contacted Avet they said send it in. I did. They sent right back a few days later. Same drag. It is supposed to get 40lb at full, still 27. Disappointed.
  25. IronMikeAC

    Dogtooth Tuna

    Not sure where this belongs... Has anyone caught or targeted Dogtooth Tuna. Where should I go? Any info appreciated.
  26. IronMikeAC

    Gauging Interest - 3.5 day, Tomahawk, Oct 2021

    Thinking for running a 3.5 day charter on the Tomahawk next October, 2021, probably 14 (Noon) -17 (am). (Full moon is on the 20th). Cost would be $1000 limited to 20, plus one added spot if sponsored. It is not finalized yet. Checking who would be interested in the trip which would require...
  27. IronMikeAC

    Blueprint a 30?

    I have a 30/2 but it totally loses freespool above 30lb drag. Has anyone had theirs blueprinted?
  28. IronMikeAC

    Recent Flatfall info - Pacifica and others

    Pacific yesterday reports great fishing on 100-200lb bft on flatfalls. He mentioned 250g. Does anyone know color, other sizes, etc from the Pacifica or other recent trips? I'm heading out on a 3.5 day TG80 trip tonite. Stoked to say the least. Weather looks to be great. Sorry, but these reports...
  29. IronMikeAC

    Recent Islander Trip

    The Islander put up some 1.5 and 2.5 day trips last minute after they canceled their Guadalupe trips. I jumped on one of the 2.5 days. I hadn't been on the boat in a LONG time. It was in great condition. Nice big staterooms with sinks. Huge aluminum bait tank where they fill almost all of the...
  30. IronMikeAC

    364 on the Thunderbird

    Radio report from Jeff said handful over 100, 3 over 200, one about 364. Well done guys. Looking forward to the pictures. They ended with 12 over 100, 5 over 200, and the 364lb er. Sounds like a long range count?
  31. IronMikeAC

    New Islander trips

    I see the Islander put up a bunch of 1.5 and 2.5 dayers. Not sure they published it cause no one is booking them. Weird.
  32. IronMikeAC

    Offshore New YFT schools

    I know the Dodos down south are mostly neckties, are the YFT mostly footballs that the 1-day boats have been catching.?
  33. IronMikeAC

    Out on the Vagabond Tomorrow Aug 20, 3 day

    Heading out on the Vagabond tomorrow on my annual friends and family trip. Fishing looks to be good, bad, good, bad..... Then there's the hurricane.
  34. IronMikeAC

    Saltist 20 2 speed

    Been thinking of buying the Saltist 2 speed. If you have one, how do you like it? Interested in selling?
  35. IronMikeAC

    Searcher 3 day July 23, Foaming spot, Stupid Tunas

    Quick report. Tuna put on an AMAZING show. But mostly no go. Few quality bites for the boat on small flatfalls. In Marciano New England Accent, "Stupid Tunas". One good paddy stop for quality YT. Kids bought me a GoPro for my birthday. Here's some good video of casting surface iron to foaming...
  36. IronMikeAC

    Learning to weld rigging, The good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Now that I have rod-building semi mastered, I'm trying to learn how to weld rings to jigs, etc. I was experimenting with my high temp brass brazing technique which I can do with Bernzomatic 8000 tip and butane (way cheaper the (MAPPro) and flux/brass combo welding rods. Problem is I melted my...
  37. IronMikeAC

    Learning to weld rings The Good, the Bad, The Ugly

    Now that I have rod-building semi mastered, I'm trying to learn how to weld rings to jigs, etc. I was experimenting with my high temp brass brazing technique which I can do with Bernzomatic 8000 tip and butane (way cheaper the (MAPPro) and flux/brass combo welding rods. Problem is I melted my...
  38. IronMikeAC

    Searcher July 23

    Sorry. Wrong forum
  39. IronMikeAC

    Electric cooler for fillets?

    After every trip when I bring back fillets, I tried to keep them as fresh as possible on ice for eating and to give away as sushi before I freeze them, As you guys know, this means changing ice every day , draining water etc. One real hot days, the ice might not last that long in my garage...
  40. IronMikeAC

    4th of July BFT

    Quick report from my 4th of July trip on the Old Glory. Booked last minute with my daughter and her husband after seeing recent BFT reports. Somewhat chaotic loading with 3 boats carts lined up at the top of the landing.Old Glory Is a pretty standard one day boat, but big and with some bunks...
  41. IronMikeAC

    Ulua Super Seeker 9'6"

    Its a custom Super Seeker I bought from a deckhand , $275. I'm in Torrance. Can Meet near here or in SD on Friday 6/19.
  42. IronMikeAC

    Recent Outrider Info?

    Curious if anyone has recent info on the Outrider. Current Capt, crew? In general how are the bunks?
  43. IronMikeAC

    St. Nic?

    Im helping a rent rod charter group on the Freedom. Sounds like there're doing rock fish at St. NIC. Anyone been there recently? Any YT?
  44. IronMikeAC

    Full Day Tuna trip?

    I see these full day boats like the Liberty going off shore for tuna. How does that schedule work? Leave 5am, fish 9 to 1, back at 5pm?
  45. IronMikeAC

    Offshore Pac Queen Cows

    I saw a FB post that they got a handful of cows. Anyone have any trip info?
  46. IronMikeAC

    Offshore Old Glory 7/20

    Short report. First time on the boat. Nice platform and good tackle storage. Huge overhang is annoying for rods longer than 6.5 feet. Junior was Captain. Have known him since he was 7. Did a great job. Day was windy but we found some big schools that wouldn't bite. Had to use small 2/0 hooks. I...
  47. IronMikeAC

    Evergreen CO ?

    Heading to Evergreen for 4th weekend. And Fly reports or recommendations?
  48. IronMikeAC

    Vagabond June 13-16 quick report

    Quick report - very slow. Total for trip was about 20 fish. 7 big 60-80 lb bfts, 2 or 3, 35 lb bfts, 2? YFTs, and 5 or 6 YTs, a few buckets of bonnies. First day windy off Ensenada. (The upper zone) A few stops for YT and YFTs. 25lb fluoro worked. 2 bigger BFTs hooked on 160g flatfall, purple...
  49. IronMikeAC

    Upcoming Vagabond June 13-16

    Have our annual Vagabond June 13-16, Fathers day trip upcoming with 2 buddies. Can't wait to get out on the water again chasing BFT with Captn Mike. Anyone else on this trip? IM
  50. IronMikeAC

    Good BFT on the Condor

    Quick report from 1.5 day trip that came back yesterday. Lotsa small yt on one paddie. Easy limits A few bft stops throughout the day. Stops for 1 or 2. All 50 to 80. One 30lb. Spotter plane found some huge schools if 60 to 80s that wanted to bite in the afternoon. We drifted on one for 5...
  51. IronMikeAC

    Here we go again... El Nino prediction

    Maybe it doesn't matter much anymore. We've been in a warm water cycle for 10 years. Lots of BFT and YFT YT. No albies. So what.
  52. IronMikeAC

    Worst thread ever

    I'm rebuilding some rods before and upcoming trip. Red metallic under, gold etallic over. Rand our of my gold spool and bought a new one. It's a bit darker gold, but the thing is, it unwinds itself just sitting on the spool holder. It's a nitemare to wrap with this shit. Anyone had this happen...
  53. IronMikeAC

    Lupe or the Ridge

    Shogun just got back from Lupe. (Sounds like). 40 fish for a 7 day. 30-60 lb. The ridge sounds good with wahoo and YFT and YT close by. At this point I'm fine with the ridge on our Nov 7 day. You?
  54. IronMikeAC

    Is Lupe "Off" ?

    I have a 6 day coming up that is supposed to be a Lupe trip. Looks like fishing hasn't been that good there and everyone is heading to the ridge. Vessel tracking doesn't show anyone there either. Any updated info or is it just not on the itinerary for upcoming trips?
  55. IronMikeAC

    Toronado - weird operation?

    Anyone have info on this boat. I cant find any or their schedule?
  56. IronMikeAC

    Toronado - weird operation

    I live in LA and would like to try the Toronado out of Long Beach to target BFT on a 2 day to Clemente. The weird thing is they don't publish a schedule, don't have pics of the boat, and don't have any reviews I can find. Occasionally the announce a 2-day at the last minute, but that usually...
  57. IronMikeAC

    Vagabond CRUSHES the BFT

    I wasnt on this trip but followed it. They crushed with BFT cow record with 29! It was a memorial trip for beloved deckhand Kyle. Congrats Mike Lackey and everyone on the trip.
  58. IronMikeAC

    Clemente "guarantee" ?

    Would love to jump on a 2 or 3 day in Sept but have no interest in chasing footballs and skipies. Wish the boats would post Clemente or Bust. Probabably asking too much.
  59. IronMikeAC

    200/200 Club?

    I was lucky 2 weeks ago to catch a 200lb BFT (jig not kite). I previously had 3 cow YFT also. I have been wondering how many are in the 200BFT/200YFT club? Dont think there's a jacket for that yet!
  60. IronMikeAC

    Topgun80 - Historic 17 Cow BFTs 3.5 day report

    I posted a short report yesterday from the water. Heres some more details. Before the trip I got my group of 10 together and made sure they all had 50 class reels with 130 mono. They all thought I was crazy but they later found out that luck favors the prepared. Several key things: I had to...
  61. IronMikeAC

    Bg80 big BFT

    Heading in from Clemente now. Awesome trip on the TopGun 80. Everyone of 24 got big bft 80lbs to 270 lbs. These are mostly 500g flatfall fish first morning 430am to sun up. Most of the rest on kite over next 2 days. Details to follow.
  62. IronMikeAC

    5 Day JRI Vagabond Nov 5 to Lupe

    Sounds like a bunch of us are on that trip to Lupe. Curious who else.
  63. IronMikeAC

    500 gram FlatFall

    Stopped by a tackle store today. They said hot door from a recent 2.5 day run by Stan Vandenberg. Guy said hot ticket was 500 gram flatfall.? First I heard of one of those. Anyone have any backup info?
  64. IronMikeAC

    Yellowtail on Lupe Sharkweek?

    Like a lot of you, I watch all of these episodes. Lots of underwater shots, and last one they had a cage to 100'deep then submersible to 1000 feet deep. In all of these episodes there's tons of mackerel everywhere but never seen YT or YFT on camera. Kinda disappointing.
  65. IronMikeAC

    BEST BfT trip ever.

    VAGABOND just got back from what may be the best BFT catch ever. CONGRATS to Mike Lackey and everyone on the Vagabond.
  66. IronMikeAC

    WFO Backpack?

    Thinking of downsizing from my LR bag to a WFO backpack tackle bag. Anyone have and old one laying around ? PM me.
  67. IronMikeAC

    The Good Ole Days

    Remember the good ole days when there were Bluefin schools as far as the eye could see, and 200 lbers within 40 mile of Point Loma? And lotsa 150lb yellowfin at Guadalupe? Naw, probably never happened. Just oldtimer talk.
  68. IronMikeAC

    Shogun June 29 to July 2

    Quick report from recent 3 day. It's a broken record but mile after mile of bluefin. Breaking, breezing, foaming, boiling, jumping. Spotter plane said 6000 Tons between Clemente and the border. Nothing really bites. Like everyone said they're on small choices and microbaits we saw at nite. Most...
  69. IronMikeAC

    Last minute 1.5 day Eldorado sat 9/2

    I booked for Tonite 1.5 day on the ElDorado going after big BFT. I had to cancel so it should show one open spot. Great opportunity to get offshore today and back on a holiday.
  70. IronMikeAC

    Cortez hurricane remnant 9/3?

    I'm booked to fish BFT probably at the Cortez this Sunday. Wind models show the remnants of a hurricane Lida sitting there with 30 knot winds this Sunday. Called Point Loma who said they haven't heard anything. Anyone have any info from the boats or other landing?
  71. IronMikeAC

    American Angler Sept 30-Oct 8

    I'm on his 8 day trip with 2 buddies. Planning and prepping for the Rocks, ridge, wahoo and hopefully Lupe?. Anyone else here joining us? IM
  72. IronMikeAC

    Vagabond 10-13 Quick report

    This is my annual friends and family trip though my daughter was not able to join this year which sucked. Captain Lackey was running the trip which is awesome as usual. Ran all night to an area south chasing YFT so all the big BFT gear we had all been buying stayed in the rack. Oh well. Both...
  73. IronMikeAC

    Truck Stolen SD overflow

    My buddy Kevin from Island tackle had his F350 stolen while he was the sponsor on a Shogun 5 day. Im so sick of that f*#kin lot. When is the Port gonna have proper security.
  74. IronMikeAC

    Medium Smitty plate and kidney harness

    Selling used medium red plate and Izorline kidney harness. Good for BIG BFT!!!!! $48 plus $10 shipping. PayPal please.
  75. IronMikeAC

    Quick Tribute Report YT and BFT

    Got on the tribute last minute the left Sat Nite April 1 (no foollin). Seaforth is so much more mellow and quiet than the Big3. 32 on the boat including some capt/crew from the Producer. We left at 10, already had bait, Motored as slow as the boat could go and got about 40 miles off SSW...
  76. IronMikeAC

    Angler Sept 30 -Oct 8

    Finally got around to booking a trip. AA has Lupe permit but no guarantees. All other good boats sold. Anyone else sailing this trip?
  77. IronMikeAC

    Vagabond Aug 25-28.

    Heading out on a friends and family trip on the Vagabond this Thursday. Great to know there is some trophy fishing available. Everyone is stoked. No way to have known when we booked this trip 6 months but that's fishing. Anyone have an info on how they have been hooks these big fish? Dines...
  78. IronMikeAC

    Leaving on Shogun 8 day 6/11

    Heading out on the Penn sponsored 8 day this Saturday. I'm always stressed pre-trip getting all my business and family stuff taken care of, and getting my tackle ready. Lets see now...there's 50-200 BFT local, big YT and WSB down the coast, and YFT and grouper on the ridge and maybe an...
  79. IronMikeAC

    Lupe even better

    Was on an awesome trip to Lupe 3 weeks ago and it was awesome. Hard to imagime it could get better. Today's report is even better. 25 over 100 on 80lb. Sounds great.
  80. IronMikeAC

    Tackle Preaching..pre trip....

    Im headed out on the Shogun tomorrow. Great post today preaching/begging for the right tackle. I love it when the bite is so good they post tackle "suggestions" from the boat. "If you are in any of the upcoming trips make sure you bring the right gear. Two speed reels are a must! No short...
  81. IronMikeAC

    Looking for 1x3, last minute

    Anyone in the LA/OC/SD area have a Seeker Rod 1x3 they are looking to sell? In LA area on 11/5, SD on 11/6. Shogun 11/7. IM
  82. IronMikeAC

    Shogun updates?

    Haven't seen updates in a week. Island tackle 5 day left today for Lupe. Anyone have any updates from their last trip presumably also to Lupe?
  83. IronMikeAC

    Too Many set ups for Lupe.

    I'm starting to put together my line up for my upcoming Lupe Trip. I think its gotten out of hand. I'm up to 11 right now. Too many, right?: 30 lb - MXL/2 - 885 ml 40 bait - JX/2 - 6470H 40 Surface iron - JX/2 - 90J 50 Bombs - JX/2 raptor - 80XH 50 bait - HX/2 - 6465H 50 Iron - Trin 40 - 6470H...
  84. IronMikeAC

    Shogun offload.....sick

    Shogun offload posted on FB today. Totally sick. 12 days till our lupe 5 day. Those guys must been in heaven.
  85. IronMikeAC

    Lupe Info

    Just talked to a guy at Island Tackle who just got back from Lupe. 40 and 50 lb were bite and break. 60 lb was a 50/50 proposition. He got a 151 on 80 lb on horse sardine and 5/0 circle near sundown. IM
  86. IronMikeAC

    I guess its cow time.

    A friend of mine on an 8-day LR boat sent me a message that they are heading to the Thetis. Outside Mag Bay. Good luck to them and heres hoping for some good reports. IM
  87. IronMikeAC

    Fathers Day on the Vagabond

    Was lucky to get the last spot on the Vagabond for the Fathers Day weekend. Really looking forward to it. Maybe big BFT for Fathers Day? Anyone else on the trip...see you at the docks. IM
  88. IronMikeAC

    Shogun Upstairs Stateroom?

    I'm booked on a Shogun 5 day (July 19-24). My buddy wants to be in the galley level stateroom. I don't really care. Has anyone stayed in that room? Anything particularly good or bad about it? Loud, quiet, ect? Thanks. IM
  89. IronMikeAC

    Avet JX MC FRAME conversion - Silver and Blue

    I have for sale one each silver and blue Avet JX MC frames. They are simple to change out and require only 3 screws. Takes about 5 min. Retail for $150 each, I'm asking $135 each. Cash or Paypal. I live in Torrance but will ship at coast of about $7 each. BD email. Thanks. IM
  90. IronMikeAC

    Avet JX MC FRAME conversion - Silver and Blue

    I have for sale one each silver and blue Avet JX MC frames. They are simple to change out and require only 3 screws. Takes about 5 min. Retail for $150 each, I'm asking $135 each. Cash or Paypal. I live in Torrance but will ship at coast of about $7 each. BD email. Thanks. IM
  91. IronMikeAC

    BFT Jigging setup

    My biggest BFT was on a Salas 4/0 chrome And blue with a single siwash. On 60lb on an avet 4/0. If theres 100 lb BFT around I only like to fish 50 or 60 On iron. I also saw guys catching bft last year on those heavy PLine blue and chrome jigs.
  92. IronMikeAC

    Local January Bluefin

    Don't know if you guys saw, but the Tribute just came back with 66 bluefin on a 1.5 day trip January 10. Wonder if they will leave this winter.
  93. IronMikeAC

    BFT in November - what a year

    Just listened to the call in report from the Tribute. 1.5 day this past weekend. 58 BFTs and 52 YFTs. Made me chuckle. What a years 2014 was. IM
  94. IronMikeAC

    Independence Sept 20 Seeker 8 day

    Heading out on this trip. Anyone else? Maybe more hurricane avoidance. What happened to the wahoo?
  95. IronMikeAC

    MXJ for surface iron

    I have 2 MXJ/2s. I know they are great casting reels and and are my go to reels for 25 lb. My question is does anyone use them on a regular basis for casting surface iron with 40lb for wahoo and larger YT at Cedros (in other words not for rat YT). I don't want to cast a knot through the guides...
  96. IronMikeAC

    BFT location

    Shogun just got back from their Monterey Tag and Release trip. They reported large volumes of big and school size BFT. Excel and Vagabond have gotten some also. Is this all south of the border fish in area of the pens? Just curious. IM
  97. IronMikeAC

    Offshore Freedom 1 day - the long run

    Booked a last minute trip on the Freedom. 1 day trip to take 2 newbie freinds to fish YT at Cat. The trip before the caught 150 YFT on a 1.5 day so I called the landing and they said we were going offshore, not Island. Fine with me. Now a comment on the boat and operation. I am a Torrance guy...
  98. IronMikeAC

    I don't need an MC .....

    Ive been casting surface irons for years now and have being using the JX/2 recently. I keep telling myself I'm an expert long time caster and only newbies need the MC. I don't need the MC, right, right? Yet about 1 or 10 casts when I'm either not paying attention or in a hurry, I uncork a...
  99. IronMikeAC

    Still some BFT local

    Vagabond got a 96 lb bft yesterday close to home in American waters. So still lots of good reasons to go fishin for BFT close to home. Im off on the Vag Penn 5 day next week. Looking forward to it!!
  100. IronMikeAC

    Vagabond Penn 5 Day July 23

    Any other BDers on the trip? Lotsa fun and bluefin last year. Its Penn sponsored which means the dreaded Steve Carson will likely be there. This is my birthday-on-the-water trip with my daughter and best friend. Always seems like I booked it a long time ago then its just around the corner. IM
  101. IronMikeAC

    Looking for Avet JX

    Correction: Looking for a used Avet JX 2 speed in good condition. Later model with rubber knob. Good bearings and free spool since Im using it on my jig rod. Let me know what you have.
  102. IronMikeAC

    Amazing Shogun report - 200lb BFT

    Don't know if any of you heard the call in report from the Shogun on their current 5 day. They drove thru a finger of of warm water and started seeing jumpers and foamers of big BFT estimated at 100-200 lbs. Aaron says they saw over 50 spots of them throughout the day. They caught 2 ablies on...
  103. IronMikeAC

    Custom Sushi for your Catch

    OK, so this is both a plug for a business I know, but also an idea. I met this awesome sushi chef last year, Kenji, who I had come in a help with a big sushi party after one of my LR trips. He is absolutely one of the most inventive sushi chefs I know and absolutely hit it out-of-the-park with...
  104. IronMikeAC

    Early Cows on the Supreme - Trolling!

    From the PS website on a 20 man charter: Oct. 7 Hello out there in the internet world of the Polaris Supreme. It's been a while since I have been able to write to you all. This is because down there in the lower lower latitudes our satellite service isn't available therefor I am unable to send...
  105. IronMikeAC

    Xtra Tuffs gone to crap

    I went on Amazon to get a new pair of Xtra Tuffs and saw dozens of new reviews that the new boots are total shit. They moved the plant to china and the new stuff only lasts a few weeks. I found an article from and Alaska news paper about it and that its causing problems in the commercial...
  106. IronMikeAC

    Leaving Indie 9/14, 7 day

    Off on the Indie September 14th on a 7 day. Stoked about the big BFT and other good fishing including Wahoo. Anyone else on the trip? Mike