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    Look for a 60-80# reel in lefty for big bluefin

    What Valiant size would be best for all around use? Is the 800N enough or should you just get the 1000 which has a higher range to fish at
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    Since I can get this reel in left..... does any one know how it compares to the Fathom 40N? if Okuma made the narrow version in left I could make it a yo-yo reel too. I was wondering this could be made to be 60-80 setup like the 40N.
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    Penn Fathom Low Profile 400 6.2 ratio is the same as the Abu Revo Toro Beast T3 60 6.2

    They look the same and when you compare the ratings and capacity, you realize it is the same. So what's the difference. Well the ABU RTB T3 has two speeds. A low at 4.9 and a high at 6.2. The 6.2 is the Fathom 400's regular speed and the specs for the high speed ABU RTB T3 60 and the Fathom...
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    Okuma Komodo SS 273 Lefty with power handle

    I look at this reel as size 200+ or 300 light. It's about 7.9oz so it's small but has SS gears and high drag for its size (18-20# max drag, which is more than a jigmaster). This is great up to 15# YT with 30# braid to 20-25# leader for flyline. Will slay any calico. Great with sheepshead in the...
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    Making the Fathoms in the US

    These reels have great value because of the lower cost in China...but what would it take for Penn to make them in the US? How much cheaper is China? I think Penn could charge up to $50-$75 for a US made reel. Are the economics that much better in China or overseas?
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    NIB 2019 Version Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast 61 (350 size) left - REVO T3 BST61

    Actually bought this on a whim after seeing a good deal for it and after an SDFish recommendation. I have too many baitcasters so this one never got spooled. It's the low gear model for power and with the power handle too. It even has a service port. Reel has never been spooled. This is the...
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    Penn Fathom II Levelwind 20 Left with line counter - FTHII20LWLCLH

    This reel has been used once to test the line counter. It was supposed to be a rockfish reel and a loaner to friends who go on half days with me who don't fish often. I usually give them baitrunner spinner so this actually doesn't get used. Since I really don't use this, it's up for sale. It's...
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    Daiwa Proteus 7'6 Heavy (20-50#) - PRTB76HF

    Selling a Daiwa Proteus PRTB76HF rod. It's been used a handful of times for YT using a yo-yo jig. Handles them with a Penn Fathom LD2 25N really well. Selling for $150 obo I'm in San Diego
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    PCH 801 H vs XH

    What’s the real world consensus line rating for these rods? I heard the H was more of a 30# ,pinch 40# rod The Daiwa Proteus H is more 40# than 30# meaning the Proetus Heavy is stiffer than the PCH Heavy. While the PCH XH is a 40# pinch 50# rod. The PCH XH is equivalent to Daiwa Proteus...
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    2020 Penn Squall II reels When is the release date? Thanks for the lefty version. The 15SDC looks like a good surface iron reel and good for fly lining light baits too.
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    When do the new Penn Low Profile Baitcasters come out?

    The PENN® Squall Low Profile reels offer all the durability you would expect from PENN®. The machined and anodized aluminum frame, 5+1 stainless steel bearing system, and machined brass gears give the Squall durability at its core. Available in 200, 300 and 400 sizes with both standard and high...
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    Daiwa Proteus Inshore 8ft spinning rod 40-70 braid NEW w/ tags

    Brand New with tags and never used Daiwa Proteus Inshore Spinning rod. It's a light weight 8ft spinning rod that I bought to pair with my Shimano Thunnus 8000 Bait runner as a bait stick. It's a great rod but I'd prefer a wimpier tip since this will mainly be a bait rod. I am looking for a soft...
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    Penn Fathom LD2 60

    I see the Torque 60 LD2 has no cross bar.....should Penn do the same with the Fathom 60 LD2? And make a 40N in left?
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    Daiwa Proteus Inshore PRIN80HFB 8ft Heavy

    I have two of these rods and since the Okuma SCTi 8'6XH was on sale, I pulled the trigger and got that. I have two of these rods because I liked the first one so much that I wanted a backup. With a new jig stick and the 8'6 SCTi, this rod would not likely get as much use so it's a costly...
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    Duran Fishing Products - Reel Clamp for Lexa 400 and others

    On the Charkbait website, it says that this works with the Lexa 400, Komodo, Tranx 400, etc I am wondering if anyone has used this on a jigstick and how it compares to the Tiburon Clamp and Cork Puppy? I have a lefty reel so this is pretty attractive if it works well.
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    PCH-CX901XH-FG (30-60) or PCH-C-901H-FG (20-50) for Surface Iron

    Anyone have experience with either of these rods? Which one or neither would be good with a Komodo 450 or Lexa 400 for surface iron and colt sniper stickbaits? A friend of mine got the XH but I've heard that might be too heavy. Would the H be better or even MH?
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    Daiwa Ardito 11ft MH 5 piece Travel Surf Rod **NEW**

    Brand new and never been used. Daiwa gave me a brand new one after I had a reel seat issue. I don't surf fish anymore using long rods. This version goes for $103 at so I will sell at $80 or OBO I am in San Diego
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    St. Croix Avid 11ft MH 15-40#, 3-8 oz Surf Rod

    This rod was only used once and it's a great rod but I realized that I don't need an 11ft rod here for the limited surf fishing I do. An excellent rod for all of you shark anglers out there who want to chuck some big baits. This rod retails for $360 at Dicks's Sport Goods or $370 at FishUSA...
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    What PCH rod for 60#

    Need a rod for 60# for a penn fathom LD2 40N ... which rod would be best? Will use for bait and flat falls?
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    Spinfisher Longcast Live Liner

    Will Penn consider making one? This would be great for the surf and the bigger sizes can also be used offshore too
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    Okuma Komodo Braking System

    I just wanted to confirm that the "out" position is the brake on position, while the the off position is on the "inside" closer to the support bearings
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    Shimano Do the new Lucanus Flat Fall Jigs work on the West Coast

    Dan - Have these been tested on YT, YFT, BFT, Rockfish (Lings), etc
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    Shimano Super Slick 8 v2

    saw this on Tackler Direct new products for pre order. What’s the difference between this and the old super slick 8
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    New Komodo SS 200 size

    saw the pre order at Tackle Direct. Will this be in left? What’s the weight and will it still have a bait clicker?
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    New Quantum Cabo 120

    I have a new never been used Quantum Cabo 120. It's basically a super spinner with 65 lbs of max drag. Alan Hawk has used up to 31lbs I was going to use it for poppers for big tuna but decided against that since I would also need to get another rod. Here is the Alan Hawk review of the reel...
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    Fathom 60LD2 for general 80lb

    Was thinking of using this as a heavy 60lb, general 80lb and stretch 100lb reel. This is mostly for bait or flat falls with a heavier leader. Any limitations vs the 40LD2 as an 80lb reel? Does the top bar limit casting significantly?
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    Shimano Medium Baitrunner CI4+ XTR A Longcast, Baitrunner Reel (used once)

    Have you ever thought of combining a Shimano Thunnus CI4+Baitrunner and the Ultegra CI4+ Surf Long Cast Reel? This would be the reel! Alan Hawk calls it the "Stella" of the Baitrunners. "Or "bait-runner" reels as they are often called. The "Stella" of...
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    Shimano Flat Fall stock up question

    Since T-Mobile Tuesday is having 30% off Google Express for your first order up to $100. I want to stock up on some Flatt Falls. I mostly fish San Diego half day and 3/4 day boats with an occasional 1.5 day. What size and color flat falls should I get for mostly yellowtail, schoolie...
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    Coronado CDX Baitfeeder experience

    I haven't found a lot of reviews online regarding this reel. Looks like a good value especially with Carbon Fiber drag and a new designed baitfeeder that is more similar to Shimano. Does anyone have any experience with these reels?
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    Shimano Does Shimano USA service/warranty reels made for the EU Market?

    I was looking into getting the Shimano CI4+ XTR A Longcast reel (MBTRCI4XTRALC) for surf fishing since it's a longcast/bait runner reel. Since it's a European model, what are the warranty and service implications? If I need support, can I contact Shimano USA in Irvine...
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    FS: Shimano Tallus 6'6 Heavy NEW 50-150 braid

    I got this rod on sale about 1.5 months ago and since it's a little too heavy for a Penn Fathom 25NLD2, I wanted to see if anyone wants the rod for the same price I got it for before returning it before the 60 day return window is up. The rod retails for $169.99 and is consider a 50# rod...
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    Rod to pair with Penn Fathom 25NLD2

    I got a good deal on a Tallus 6'6 Heavy rated for 50-150 braid. I am hoping to fill the Fathom 25NLD2 with 300 yards of 80lb braid and varying the leader with 20-60 fluoro mostly for SoCal fishing up to 1.5 days. Mostly, I am doing 1/2 to 3/4 day boats (SoCal) but wanted to be able to get YT and...