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  1. kilat

    Release Compilation Video

    Here's a short video of just some of the fish we released this last year. How many species can you ID? Should be no problem for you pros. :) Enjoy!
  2. kilat

    Share Your Favorite Halibut Recipes Please!

    Just posted a video and recipe for Jalapeño Fish. Halibut will work prefect for this recipe.
  3. kilat

    Jalapeõ Fish Recipe

    Here's a video I did of this recipe. You can substitute calamari, pork short ribs or chicken wings with this recipe. Full detail here:
  4. kilat

    Cebaco Bay Sportfishing Club May 10-14, 2016

    Tony, thanks for the fantastic report! We were there just before you and left the day you arrived. We had a great time as well. Except we did not have any lobster on the menu. LOL! I wish we had the chance to meet you as Mel told us a lot about you and I have been following your reports...
  5. kilat

    Does shimano's waxwing actually work?

    Yes they work!! Expensive but they do indeed.
  6. kilat

    Rancho Leonero 4/18-4/20/2015

    We're going in June and thinking of doing the same thing. Roaming the beach with quads. Any tips to share about that? We'll be bringing some surf gear. What is the cost for a week's rental of the quad?