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  1. Rabid Fish

    Best month for bluefin

    I would say June and October
  2. Rabid Fish

    Inshore PB Yellowtail?

    Not a guess, it's a black cod aka sablefish
  3. Rabid Fish

    Inshore PB Yellowtail?

    juvenile black cod
  4. Rabid Fish

    Inshore Horseshoe 5/17

    It's hard to tell by the angle of the shot but I think it's a frigate mackerel
  5. Rabid Fish

    Best Baja Fishing "Bottom Critter" Table Fare? (Not a Report...Yet)

    More similar, certainly, but they're actually much better than local rockfish. And I'm certainly not hating on rockfish. All the fish you listed, basically any grouper or snapper, is gonna blow your mind.
  6. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Shogun 3 day. Rice Bowl.

    Fair enough, I hope they never do you as dirty as they did me (3 times.) To be fair, I haven't used them in years, maybe they've turned things around and I sure hope they have, but they lost me forever so I'll never know. And I'm not a bad review kind of person, I don't say this to be an...
  7. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Shogun 3 day. Rice Bowl.

    Gonna be another great year! I do recommend against using Fisherman's Processing, though. For value, quality, yield and customer service (and every other category I can think of,) they are the WORST processor in San Diego
  8. Rabid Fish

    BFT effects on the long term fishery...

    Reading this thread shows how little the average fisherman knows about fisheries management. You guys would do well to actually read the stock assessment evaluations if you are really interested in what's going on, if for no other reason than to understand how bad the science is. Not only...
  9. Rabid Fish

    Inshore LJ 4/18- KooK of the day KLAMATH CC

    Ahhh boating does now require a license so might want to look into that It's an incredibly stupid scheme that exempts boat renters, another prime example of CA legislators w/ thumbs up their you know whats but hey -- you got your wish sorta
  10. Rabid Fish

    Gonzaga Bay - April 6th and 7th

    Any pics of the pompano?
  11. Rabid Fish

    Offshore sunfish can you eat them like Albacore classic
  12. Rabid Fish

    Offshore sunfish can you eat them like Albacore

    No see this is actually proof they are coming back this year. For the last few years it's been wahoo, yft, bft, mahi... Once people start april foolsing albacore like this was allcoast and we were still trying to figure out how to set up our hotmail accounts.... that means they're coming back...
  13. Rabid Fish

    Inshore Ling lings!

    Not mushy, but their texture is decidedly softer than reds. It's texture is more like true cod whereas reds' is more like snapper. And I just mean that I wouldn't make lingcod my first choice to sautee, broil, bake or grill, not that it'd be bad if you did. They are perfect for fish sticks.
  14. Rabid Fish

    Inshore Ling lings!

    IMO lings are too soft to do anything other than fry. Sauteed, baked or grilled they just don't hold up to rockfish, but frying them is perfect because you get the crunchy outside with the soft inside texture contrast like a french fry.
  15. Rabid Fish

    Bay / Harbor Random catch while getting bait ...

    Given those circumstances, even though it doesn't look exactly like most yt that size, it most likely is a yt.
  16. Rabid Fish

    Bay / Harbor Random catch while getting bait ...

    No that's either a baby almaco jack or fortune jack. Where was this?
  17. Rabid Fish

    Bay / Harbor Random catch while getting bait ...

    Weirdest sabiki catches I can recall in CA, bonefish, short ling, short cuda, legal calico
  18. Rabid Fish

    New Member - Retired and fishing the world

    If billfishing is your thing, Cabo for striped marlin or guatemala for sailfish and blues would be pretty safe bets. Other known hotspots are Cairns, Australia for big blacks and Frazier Island Australia where you can catch juvenile black marlin in 5 feet of water on sand flats. Pretty insane...
  19. Rabid Fish

    I just tried to log on and saw the news. This is really too bad. Not only was it a great forum, but now alllll thosseeeeee reports, tips, insights, pictures, all lost. That's the biggest tragedy. Even if nobody's reading a forum, all the old threads can provide a newbie with massive guidance...
  20. Rabid Fish

    Royal Star Albacore

    I was a deckie on a 1 to 2 day in 2008 it was a typical SD year w albacore kicking it off and fading to a BFT/YFT mix then mostly straight YFT towards fall. But there were still occasional albacore mixing in til the end. We got a lot of random albacore in YFT bites that year. It was also the...
  21. Rabid Fish

    Royal Star Albacore

    peanuts often have way shorter pecs than you'd expect for an albacore, as in the picture discussed here
  22. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Bluefin trip going this friday and weather is good

    What was the water color where you saw the fish?
  23. Rabid Fish

    Royal Star Albacore

    Yeah BET look like tiny YFT when they're peanuts, then go through a brief phase of looking albacore-adjacent in the 20-40 lb range And baby albacore can have pretty short wings like the one the royal star caught. But still, no need to overthink it. It's wild to me how many YFT, BFT and now...
  24. Rabid Fish

    Royal Star Albacore

    It's just.... it's just an albacore. Like, what? It's an albacore! I feel like I'm in bizarro land
  25. Rabid Fish

    Getting rocked?

    To me it does not sound like you found fish unfortunately, it sounds like you were hooking the bottom. No fish, big or small, puts a big bend in the rod but doesn't shake around at all and doesn't run at all. The fact that you say right here "sounds like it was a fish" means you aren't sure...
  26. Rabid Fish

    Nados 1/31

    My dad got a thresher on a rockcod rig at the coronados a few years ago. I think that or a black is probably a good guess
  27. Rabid Fish

    2021 Abalone

    I heard the estimate was more on the order of 15 years. For now I'd say don't spend too much time thinking about it. I wouldn't be so pessimistic about it though. We've seen a lot of estimates for fishery recoveries that are way out of bounds. Cowcod was supposed to be rebuilt in 2090 or...
  28. Rabid Fish

    New Recreational Groundfish Regulations For 2021

    Since I pretty much only cod fish in MX it's no issue to me, but I didn't consider that for US fishermen, so thank you
  29. Rabid Fish

    BOLA trip report end of DEC

    This information was told to me by a seriously questionable source. He lives down there but... he's just not... not... I don't know how to say what I mean nicely so I just won't say it. It could be bad intel.
  30. Rabid Fish

    New Recreational Groundfish Regulations For 2021

    what I like to do is use a piece of steel wire to attach a couple big 10/0 ish hooks with the barbs crimped down to my weight. I use a rectangular shaped weight and put the hooks upside down so the point of the hook points to the seafloor. That way I can descend the fish I don't want and...
  31. Rabid Fish

    BOLA trip report end of DEC

    0-4 ft The rooms are 85/night IIRC and have 3 full or queen size beds each. They are located immediately as you enter town, the left turn just south of restaurant Alejandrina's. You follow that road down and it bends to the right behind a chain link fence and you enter his compound. And it...
  32. Rabid Fish

    BOLA trip report end of DEC

    One more thing, during the night dive I had a playful roosterfish hanging out with me for a little bit, he was only about 16" but pretty crazy to see him in low 60s water in December. Lots of spotties, some very nice ones, and some impressive schools of mexican barracuda. Too bad the warm up...
  33. Rabid Fish

    BOLA trip report end of DEC

    Appreciate it and you're welcome. BTW forgot to mention, per locals no trace of Covid there YET (kind of a matter of when, not if IMO) but there is a testing facility in town free for use by locals, so hopefully they can stay a little safer than some other areas. Typical small Mexican town...
  34. Rabid Fish

    BOLA trip report end of DEC

    Not much of a report here, but figured it'd be helpful to some Fishing wise, don't have much to say. I shot a couple halibut at night and gave them to the taqueria. Next day (tues) we went on the panga, a rare south wind blew all day. Water cold, 62-65. We only target grouper and leave the...
  35. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Deep drop surprise

    dogtooth is basically a bonito and its meat is the color of our bonito. Albacore is maybe a shade whiter
  36. Rabid Fish

    Huntington Harbor Report 11.18 & 11.20

    OK not trying to be an internet game warden here! Just FYI because some wardens are the type who would ticket you about this, as sad and petty as that is You can't keep invertebrates caught on a hook and line in CA.
  37. Rabid Fish

    Covid IS serious.

    C'mon maaaaaan The election's probably been hard on him. He definitely needs 4-6 weeks in the basement after all that stress
  38. Rabid Fish

    Offshore First ever Tuna trip EPIC!! 2.5 Pacific Dawn Oct. 23-26

    Well I am sorry you had to learn on a giant bluefin a lesson the rest of us learned on a 15 pound albacore but hey another milestone on a lifetime trip, learning that lesson. We all did too
  39. Rabid Fish

    Offshore First ever Tuna trip EPIC!! 2.5 Pacific Dawn Oct. 23-26

    Are you saying you didn't retie after the first one that swallowed the jig and was chewing on the line? Because if so it wasn't the knot that broke off the second one. Insane trip dude
  40. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 100 miles out

    70" curved fork length is the approximate 200# mark
  41. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Late Report 10/22 Tanner

    You can do that but if your boat is on the smaller side a lot of people just leave the kite in the air during the whole fight because otherwise you gotta figure out what to do with the giant balloon and kite while fighting the fish, somehow trying to keep the balloon away from anything sharp and...
  42. Rabid Fish

    lets settle this once and for all

    a (as in apple) vit
  43. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 2.5 Day on the Cortez

    Since most people catch them fishing for rockfish, they're usually not taken on light gear, so generally you just drag them up. I'm sure they'd give a little tussle on light line but they're generally considered a bag filler freezer filler kind of fish. They taste good but (I've heard, never...
  44. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 2.5 Day on the Cortez

    This is a whitefish. Typically found on sand bottom near reefy structure. From Pt. Conception to southern Baja and the northern sea of Cortez. Same family as the "tilefish" they catch off the east coast
  45. Rabid Fish

    AB 3030; "F"ed?

    Actually I believe Schwarzenegger was governor during the process of fundraising and implementing the MPAs, although by the time the law took effect in 2012 Jerry Brown was in office. Sadly, pat-myself-on-the-shoulder legislation isn't only a democrat problem. As much as that party has...
  46. Rabid Fish

    Offshore When you get a cow and then a super cows comes onboard

    Whoever caught it gets to name it but like most supers I bet this fish belongs to no single person
  47. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Where to find good kelp patties?

    Well James if you're going next week I would not necessarily rely on this advice because for the next week tons of boats are gonna hammer this zone and that usually makes the kelps dry up. Look at the SST charts for this area, pick an area with similar water temp/chloro and shoot a course...
  48. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Cat, Clemente, Snail, Osborn 2nd 3rd 4th

    I mean, where are your sets? If you're in a boat doing sets on random rockpiles half a mile offshore with no other boats or sets around, and a boat with divers comes right over and starts diving those same piles after you already set hoops, OK I'm on your side. But if you're talking about...
  49. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Cat, Clemente, Snail, Osborn 2nd 3rd 4th

    I too have been yelled at harassed threatened and generally falsely accused while diving. I've never been temped to take a bug out of a hoopnet or commercial trap, except a couple times where I freed the bugs from ghost traps in the offseason and I've saved a couple calicos from being stuck as...
  50. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 10-6 bft hunt

    That is actually a beastly YFT
  51. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 10/3: 302 and North Coronado

    Dorados are notoriously stupid, but on the flipside they can also lockjaw as bad as any fish you'll ever find. I've seen them show no interest in chunks. Actually, I've never seen them go for chunks when they won't eat a bait. Doesn't mean it can't happen but I've never seen that from dorado...
  52. Rabid Fish

    Offshore STUCK TO THE PLAN 10/2

    A few years back I punched the #s for the 43 and headed straight there, there was a patty right on the #s, pulled my biggest BFT off it. Those patties are lucky!
  53. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Tha girls

    It's a default setting in the forum when the first pic doesn't have enough ass in it LOL
  54. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Paid subscription weather forecasts

    All the raw data comes from the NOAA buoys but the modeling is done by a variety of different algorithms designed by a variety of gov/non-gov agencies. I like, it's reliable, free and you can switch between reputable modeling services. ECMWF is the default, it's higher accuracy at...
  55. Rabid Fish

    Bola 1-8th

    Curious about the price breakdown for that processing?
  56. Rabid Fish

    Epic Estuary Fishing

    Nice push John LOL Sick fishing have you tried diving it???
  57. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Any local wahoo sightings?

    I hear the sailfish bite is on fire if you can get through all the black marlin everywhere
  58. Rabid Fish

    Offshore I am no expert but

    South wind sucks Out to sea current sucks Anything else is worth a fish red sky rhyme seems to hold pretty true but with the weather forecasting and data we have access to today it's hardly relevant anyway
  59. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 2020 Year of the Wahoo?

    Exactly. I would even say more than 1000. There weren't very many caught in 2014 but 2015 was a legit bite from north baja to LA, and pretty much anyone who put in about 2 days (on approximate average) of trolling got one. We've had a lot of hot water years without wahoo, and this isn't...
  60. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Is this where our big "resident" bluefin went?

    There's big fish being caught of central cal right now I think we'll be fishing for cows/supers again sometime in sept or oct (just like last year). To the guy who said our fish aren't mature, that's incorrect. Pacific BFT reach sexual maturity somewhere around 120-150lbs. The cows have...
  61. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Personal Best Bluefin

    I totally understand the club thing, it's like a fraternity, it's part of the brotherhood to follow the same rules and I guess (unfortunately, IMO) IGFA rules are the flag-bearing standard in the fishing world, so it makes sense clubs would use them. I am sure as heck not in that brotherhood...
  62. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 7/26/20 7.5 NW of the 43

    How exactly are they getting away
  63. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Videos from around the 43 the last few days.

    Not a question for me but there are guys with extensive knowledge on the board or you can ask on thehulltruth, hope I'm not breaking some rule by suggesting that Artificials and dead flyers have been the name of the game the last few years making bait much less necessary than normal. But long...
  64. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Videos from around the 43 the last few days.

    I know there's been some lousy bait recently but your bait tank looked... bad. It may just be that you got a tough batch of bait that day, but if that's a consistent problem you might need to check the flow, for a smaller bait tank it should fill in 7ish minutes. Too much flow can kill your...
  65. Rabid Fish

    How to identify halibut

    Those giant kelpfish, believe it or not, are very tasty. Very little head and guts too, they're meatier than they look. If anyone remembers this, take my advice if you catch one big enough to eat give it a try. You won't be disappointed.
  66. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 7/17/20 Go Now

    Ummm...... ok just make sure he doesn't say anything about it to his daughter I guess LOL
  67. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Birthday bluefin 7/14

    Sounds like a helluva day, you crushed it... but you and your buddy did not limit on BFT... that's two YFT and two BFT LOL you coulda kept tuna fishing! Sounds like it might have been a fortuitous mistake though. Nice work. With the limit change on BFT it does pay sometimes to know the...
  68. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 7/12 fish everywhere

    I've found over the last few years there's a stage they go in, particularly in July, where there's foamers everywhere but they move fast, don't stay up long and are super boat shy. Not much you can do other than pick the right school. Usually one that's really big and really up foaming you...
  69. Rabid Fish

    Offshore The Pegasus returned this AM with 7 bluefin 1 at (((340lbs)))6 at 120-140 lbs.on their 1.5 day trip.

    Maybe that's the difference. I've always delivered them a fresh fish and had it back within an hour and on ice again. I would be aware if they have some major flaws in how they pick up fish from the dock or how cold their freezer is or whatever caused your mushiness (assuming it wasn't just...
  70. Rabid Fish

    Offshore The Pegasus returned this AM with 7 bluefin 1 at (((340lbs)))6 at 120-140 lbs.on their 1.5 day trip.

    Have you tried any other processor? Their finished product is fine... all 23% of it. My yields using fishermen's: 1 long range trip, can't calculate or even estimate yield, smoked fish not edible on its own, tuna jerky not edible period. Couldn't give that stuff away. 1 limit of local YFT...
  71. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 1 for 2 on the Bluefin

    It's not tail scraps, its the aft end of the belly cut which has a thick grain and slides apart easily. The hardest part of the fish to properly slice for sushi. He decided instead of cutting it into strips, to just separate the grains and eat a slice of a single grain. Looks ugly, tastes...
  72. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Joining the hundo club, quick report Pacifica 1.75 day 11/18-11/20

    The report's from November so I don't know that they would have it on even if it was
  73. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Say what?!?

    I would love to see someone with a photo of a local albacore. At least they don't get mis-ID'd like bigeye LOL you know if you catch an albacore. I keep hearing so many rumors, and a guy with your positive track record on this forum I'd assume credible, but I just want to know where this rumor...
  74. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Say what?!?

    I want to say there have been dorado catches in June in each of the past 6 years, which were all great years too. With the amount of tuna, including YFT, and the insane amount of YT around right now, I'd say the only thing wrong with this post is the use of "going to be"
  75. Rabid Fish

    Offshore MLPA 2.0 - AB3030 Leads to Large Scale Closures Round 2

    They did a preliminary scout and said the fishery was rebuilt. Now they gotta do the final assessment and send it to the feds. Who knows how long that'll take. 75 years ahead of schedule, BTW, just like the guy you quoted was talking about. Yes, SEVEN-FIVE. Brilliant prediction, as always...
  76. Rabid Fish

    Offshore What’s going on? Any news/info/conditions/what’s biting. New Lo Ann 6/14

    Lol thanks but I'm no lifesaver, that's just what's goin on out there. As for the rest just do whatever the crew tells you at the time. Lots of different situations you can run into with the fish behaving the way they are so I can't predict exactly what you'll run into. Have a variety of hook...
  77. Rabid Fish

    Offshore What’s going on? Any news/info/conditions/what’s biting. New Lo Ann 6/14

    Fish are biting bait and trolling lures better than they have in years. Still early season and primary fish volume is BFT, but with their sonar and bait capacity they're likely to get them up and biting. Volume of YFT is lower but they're chewing pretty good. On a BFT bait stop I'd fish no...
  78. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Cow on 40lb (heartbreaker)

    Yeah we heard you on the radio too. Man, getting a fish like that to gaff on that gear is a hell of an achievement, even though it just makes the ultimate result that much more painful. You're a good fisherman and you'll get him next time. When you do, I hope its on the kite rod, he chokes...
  79. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Searching for tuna in a washing machine 5/31

    Please don't do that. It only exacerbates the problem when they are encouraged to associate boats with a free meal. edit my bad I understand what you mean. I've done that too in a desperate situation. Still maybe not the best play, ideally we shouldn't give em shit and should just try our...
  80. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Upper Hidden 5/26 & Fish ID?

    Yeah and just to add, the liver check is to distinguish BET from YFT -- which is a much more common confusion. The YFT has a smooth (un-striated) liver. The BET has striations.... but so does the BFT. While the shape of BET and BFT livers differ, the striations = BET trick doesn't work if...
  81. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Upper Hidden 5/26 & Fish ID?

    It's a completely regular looking BFT. I don't see what's "fukushima"-ed about it?
  82. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Sunday 5/24 Report

    The fish pictured are YFT unless the BFT wasn't in the pics you posted
  83. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Albacore please show up

    The only thing certain about whatever the current pattern is, is that it WILL change. That's part of the fun of fishing. You never know what the next season will bring, and you see the most amazing stuff out there on the water. The worst offshore years I can remember in my relatively young...
  84. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Shelter Island Launch ramp closed SAt 1 pm

    When was the last time you gave a parking lot report to a guy from within 6 feet of him? I've never, not even once.
  85. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Offshore report and FD vent

    We certainly haven't seen this water pattern in many years. I agree but it may be this year or next.
  86. Rabid Fish

    Offshore a little birdie told me......

    I have caught many albacore on kelps. As in, spot a kelp, pull up, flyline a dine, catch an albacore. I've had patties produce one albacore and nothing else. I've had patties produce a full on bite on albacore. I've had patties start with yt and even dodos and converge into an albacore bite...
  87. Rabid Fish

    Tomorrows DFG Meeting - All fishing IS NOT going to be closed.

    The state shut down our ramps and harbors and used the people at the beach as scapegoats for what they would've done anyway. Quit drinking their cool aid. Blame the people responsible -- the bureaucrat dicks with the pens
  88. Rabid Fish


    I have submitted my own personal comment to the fish and game commission already, and I urge you all to submit your own comments as well. HOWEVER I propose we all additionally send out individual comments telling the Commission that we plan to civilly disobey any order that purports to...
  89. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Best of BD Offshore / Inshore videos.....

    @woodfish330 OK so this video isn't mine (I WISH!) And it isn't local But I love watching fishing videos on youtube -- I pretty much watch that stuff instead of TV, so I've seen a LOT of fishing videos. I know this is a little long, which might be good if you're trying to kill time, but...
  90. Rabid Fish

    Two Mantis Shrimp in a Week

    You can't keep a shrimp you caught on a hook and line. Just FYI.
  91. Rabid Fish

    CABO Report -- Renegade Mike -- WFO Marlin w/ YFT for dessert

    Fished Saturday 2/29 with Captain Mike on the Renegade. First thing he tells us when we met him the day before: "I will fish extra time if we need to, to make it happen. The fish moved a ways up the beach, I'm fine with burning fuel but if we need to make it a late day, that's what we're...
  92. Rabid Fish

    Knot Question -- What's this knot called, and what is its breaking strength (if known)

    That led me to it! It's a multiple turn surgeon's loop knot. Thank you! Here's a video of it. Based on his tests, the spider hitch is actually a bit stronger. But this knot is very fast and easy. I love it for bottom fishing, and it's plenty strong for that.
  93. Rabid Fish

    Knot Question -- What's this knot called, and what is its breaking strength (if known)

    That looks very very similar, but I'm too stupid to tell if the knot comes out the same. It's basically a loop of line, that is then tied in a multiple-wrap half-hitch. It looks to me like the spider version goes around both sides of the sub-loop and forms a single half hitch at the end by...
  94. Rabid Fish

    Knot Question -- What's this knot called, and what is its breaking strength (if known)

    So I learned this knot as a deckie on a local boat. It's a VERY quick dropper loop knot. It seems to hold up OK, even for WSB and YT. I've actually never seen it fail. But I have no idea what the knot is actually called, and I'm curious if the break strength has been tested. I'm hoping...
  95. Rabid Fish

    Albacore reminiscence

    TUNAKING! A BD classic! or wait, was that Tunaking or HUMMERDUDE? Either way, classic
  96. Rabid Fish

    Fish processing

    Here's why people slam Fisherman's: THEY F'ING SUCK. Their yield is so piss poor it's disgraceful. I gave them a lot of chances. Did a long range trip, had a lot of fresh but also ordered a lot of jerky and smoked. The jerky was plain inedible. Couldn't even make fish salad or dip with...
  97. Rabid Fish

    Lobster...u tell me..

    That does happen and it's 100% wrong. The gauge measures 3.25 inches. That is the minimum carapace length for a lobster to be legal. So a gauge will fit over the carapace of a bug at the minimum length. The rule is if the gauge fits but has no "play", meaning you can't wiggle the gauge back...
  98. Rabid Fish

    Offshore THE BIGHT, 9/15/19

    Nice fish Joe always a pleasure reading your reports!
  99. Rabid Fish

    Offshore My Season So Far.... MULTIPLE Super Cows and much much more!!!!

    They breed off Japan. These fish have mature gonads but there's no indication they're breeding here. These fish mature at 2-4 years of age. They spend most of their lives as spawning stock. You could just as easily make an argument not to kill the juveniles we've historically caught, but a...
  100. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Breaching Great White near the 43, Sat 8-17.

    I've seen small molas breach completely from the water. One time at the coronados a pack of 4 or 5 juvenile molas were breaching over and over again, coming 2-4 feet clear out of the water. They came out face first and landed fin first. It was very cute, actually. I've never seen a large one...
  101. Rabid Fish


    43 fathoms is 258 feet. You are allowed to bottomfish in all months except Jan/Feb, in waters less than 360' deep, unless you're in a "cowcod conservation zone" where it's 120ft or less. The 43 is near cowcod zone #2, I don't know if it's in that boundary or not. If it is, you can't fish it...
  102. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Epic solo half day 7/8

    That's one of the coolest, actually probably THE coolest photo I've ever seen on this forum, and I've been here for 15 years.
  103. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Yellowfin in June...

    Albacore have always been mysterious like that. I've read the studies (what few there are, and pretty old at that) and nobody can really figure out a pattern or model to why the migration shifts north and south in decade++ long cycles. But that just seems to be how they roll. As far as...
  104. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Hit or miss 6-8

    I've been saying this for four years and I'm starting to give up on the idea :p:
  105. Rabid Fish

    local LB bugging & Fish ID

    Star studded has a square tail, baqueta's is round. Just broomtails and gulfs. This fish isn't in the same genus as those anyway. (I imagine that's what you meant by "true groupers")
  106. Rabid Fish

    So Sculpin are Open now?

    Sculps have always been year-round, the problem is they have some sort of yearly quota that seems to randomly be met with no warning, so some years they randomly close for the last couple months of the year. You should see Florida. They have seasons that last hours to days o_O I don't think...
  107. Rabid Fish

    Sheephead recipes

    Sheephead is a pretty poor eating fish. I actually posted a recipe in this thread, and while that recipe does produce a great tasting meal, it is clearly designed to mask the flavor and texture of sheephead. Sheephead does best with dishes that mask it, not feature it. Ceviche, fish cakes...
  108. Rabid Fish

    Rumors of Roosterfish in SoCal?

    That was insane (second snapper he's shot in US waters too I believe, previous fish was a yellow snapper in the 90s as I recall.) Pays to dive 200 days a year! But still, Todd's fish was a colorado snapper, not a cubera and there are several recorded catches of those in US waters. And they're...
  109. Rabid Fish

    Rumors of Roosterfish in SoCal?

    The furthest north a rooster has ever been caught was Zuma beach, but if it were to happen again I would have believed it in the summer of 2015, not the winter of 2018/19 Strange catches do happen though
  110. Rabid Fish

    day 2 san quintin

    The dude who posted this isn't even in the photo of the shark I like that people have strong ethical stances on fishing; I think that's a good thing. I don't think we should attack each other when there are so many people trying to stop us from fishing at all. We should advocate for sensible...
  111. Rabid Fish

    Oceanside 1-4-19 BFT

    Don't you tell me what I can and can't do! Wait.... crap.
  112. Rabid Fish

    12/16 Dana Point Report

    If you scale the blacksmith, put a few shallow slashes in the skin, season them liberally with course salt and fry them whole with rice and beans on the side it's not a bad meal at all. Waaaaaay better than nasty sheephead!
  113. Rabid Fish

    Gonzaga Bay: what hard baits are effective for cabrilla?

    You'll catch 5x as many cabrilla with a sloowww retrieve when fishing the iron than with a yellowtail style "burn it up" retrieve. They definitely like it slow. I'm sure there are occasional days where for whatever reason they're more keyed into the fast retrieve, as there are always...
  114. Rabid Fish

    Bola is going right now!

    Thank you!!
  115. Rabid Fish

    Bola is going right now!

    I'm heading down this week, what area were you fishing? Do you have any intel on how the reef fishing was, cabrilla and the like? I'm going to be spearfishing, did you notice what the water clarity was like? And how was the road/border line coming home? Sorry for all the questions, just...
  116. Rabid Fish

    Horseshoe bonito on the troll 10/22

    I'm just curious then, which fish are you referring to?
  117. Rabid Fish

    Horseshoe bonito on the troll 10/22

    LMAO what ocean have you been fishing??
  118. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Hustler & Longboard85

    And I sincerely apologize to the OP for almost certainly derailing your thread
  119. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Hustler & Longboard85

    This is the second time I've posted a rant about how you're clearly lying and the second time I'm thinking better of myself and deleting it But I'm putting it out there, so nobody wastes gas looking where you said to go or wastes time doing what you said you did. All I'll say to everyone...
  120. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Hustler & Longboard85

    Cool post a picture of your bigeye please
  121. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Mini chum lords 1st bluefin

    Love that stone shot with the gaff "he's bled!"
  122. Rabid Fish

    Offshore La Jolla, 09/30 YT limit, Fish ID needed

    Dude that is a very nice sawtail
  123. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Fish processing reccommendations

    I hope everyone reads this: AVOID FISHERMAN'S. I have taken fish there three times First time was following a successful 11 day to Clarion. We had probably a literal ton-and-a-half of fish between the two of us. I have no idea what yield we got, but we decided not to get any more smoked...
  124. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Dana Point Bonita and 14 Mile 9-24

    I'm not trying to be Mr. Knowitall Bloodydecks guy but since you obviously care about taking care of your fish, I do have a couple tips that have really made a difference for me. The first parts of the fish that spoil are the slime on the skin and the bloodline. So I suggest cutting all the...
  125. Rabid Fish

    Wahoo mag bay lodge Thetis bank

    I'm curious, was this a only one day of fishing trip, or is there more to come? Or did you go out other days too? Hell of a day, either way
  126. Rabid Fish

    Bisquit without the Gravy !!

    As a casual reader, I didn't interpret your post as being negative at all, but some of the posts in this thread are just downright nasty, sadly. Maybe that's what turned up the heat? Sorry you had to catch the flack, since there are many others in this thread who actually deserved it
  127. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    I'll give my perspective as someone who fishes and spearfishes Most people on the water are good people trying to have a good time. That small minority of people, whatever word you use to describe them, who ruin that good time, exist in both the fishing and diving communities. But I think for...
  128. Rabid Fish

    Thunderbird on CBS

    I thought the same thing, since I was used to albacore and smaller YFT/BFT (like everyone else in CA) and I know that the smaller fish really need the best care, like you described. Turns out the big fish just keep better. They're fine if you keep em cool with water on the deck, at least for a...
  129. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Late report cow.

    Sorry about that, wasn't referring to you, I shouldn't have started any internet crap. I deleted my post (can't change yours :D but if you want to, please)
  130. Rabid Fish

    Bodega Tuna...we found em!!!!!!

    Definitely not just you. It's my favorite too. We trolled a 7 lure spread, two black and blue or b/p fish traps short in the flatline clips, two mex flag feathers behind, two mini cedar plugs (one b/p, one yellow) long, and a large natural cedar down the middle in the back. Sea conditions were...
  131. Rabid Fish

    Bodega Tuna...we found em!!!!!!

    Made the trip from Bako to Mendo myself this week, payed off with 65 fish over 2 days for 2 guys, 4 fish over 20 biggest at 27 but majority 8-12 with a handful of peanuts to give away at Albion campground. WORTH IT
  132. Rabid Fish

    200/200 Club?

    206 YFT (Clarion Island; Intrepid; Sardine) 237 BFT (43 Fathom Spot; My boat; Speargun)
  133. Rabid Fish

    Anyone know what this is???

    I don't really agree with this. Obviously, if you don't know your regs very well and/or your fish ID skills aren't strong, you might want to throw back mystery fish. But if you know your regs and fish ID well enough, you would know your mystery fish is one the fish that falls under the 10 fish...
  134. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Pacific Queen - 1.5 Day - YFT, Skipjack + 1 Bigeye

    Stoked for you man! I know I'd be over the moon to catch one at any size, just to knock it off the bucket list. That DNA test will confirm it for sure, don't worry for a second
  135. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Pacific Queen - 1.5 Day - YFT, Skipjack + 1 Bigeye

    That is without a doubt a bigeye, and it’s the first one I’ve seen in probably over a decade. Very cool.
  136. Rabid Fish

    What bird is this

    Some kind of booby So I've never seen one before LOL
  137. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Big YFT

    Show a pic! Otherwise, it sounds like it could be a Hawaiian who's never seen a bft shooting a bft in a year when hundreds of them were shot, that just seems like the most likely scenario to me.
  138. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Big YFT

    For the record, I haven't seen a single BET caught locally in well over 10 years. 2005 maybe was the last time. There are the usual few false alarms every year, and because of rampant misidentifications, I won't believe someone caught a BET unless I see a picture. And considering how special...
  139. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Billy K Popped My Cherry 07.26.18

    Nope, just trying to help :D
  140. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 201# Cow at SCI 7/26

    I know, right? What kind of forum do you think you're on, buddy? Nobody wants to see pics of your giant tuna fish, we want to see pics of your son's girlfriend! :frehya2: Seriously, great report and congrats on the lifetime fish.
  141. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Billy K Popped My Cherry 07.26.18

    I can tell you the answer right now. He was picking better baits than you. You'll learn over time how to pick the best bait. Like, if a farmer handed me a box of baby chicks and told me to pick the best one, I'd probably say they all looked the same. He'd probably instantly pick one up and...
  142. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Struck oil today on the sea adventure 80

    Escolar taste absolutely f'ing incredible, just limit yourself to less than 6oz and you should be fine.... should be... wear sweatpants and don't sit on the nice sofa! haha
  143. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 7/18 NW of the 43

    Plenty of boat for an offshore trip, just use good judgment with the weather and bring a few jerry cans of extra fuel if you need more range. if you go to you can use the little fish to see how far all the highspots are.
  144. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Opah SW of 302

    That is an awesome fish, but I would strongly recommend against Fisherman's processing. They do a very poor job getting the best yield out of fish. I actually think they do a terrible job all around. I will never take a fish there again. One day we had around 20 YFT and were time pressed...
  145. Rabid Fish

    Offshore YFT close

    It's a yellowfin
  146. Rabid Fish

    RR3 cited for overlimits in 2017

    They were enforcing Mexican limits. So when they took every over limit dorado, they counted every 2 dorado as 5 fish (as Mexican law directs,) which then decreased the allowable limit for each angler's total YFT and YT. If the catch didn't have any mahi in it, the YFT and YT counts would be...
  147. Rabid Fish

    RR3 cited for overlimits in 2017

    Based on those numbers, they basically took 46 dorado too many. Take away those extra dorado, and the numbers are legal. Assuming there were about 30 guys on the boat, they took less than two dorado per person over limits. Over limits is over limits, and even though the mahi limit is...
  148. Rabid Fish

    Arguably the best week of far

    What kind of pompano?
  149. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Heads Up San Diego Theives

    You can have your opinion, I won't try and change that. I am a criminal defense lawyer though, so even though you speak from experience of being ripped off, I must say I speak from considerably more experience. But again, you're entitled to your point of view; I'm not trying to change your mind.
  150. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Heads Up San Diego Theives

    Not sure why you think they won't The bay area might be a different story, but at least half the felonies filed are stolen car cases, second degree burglaries, possession of stolen property, grand theft and ID theft. Probably 75% actually. Crimes like this make up a huge number of the...
  151. Rabid Fish

    Any recent BOLA report?

    And damn, the days you're fishing look nice! Should be lake BOLA out there
  152. Rabid Fish

    Any recent BOLA report?

    From my experience with it (including probably 7 trips to Gonzaga and BOLA) it is the most accurate weather prediction available (compared to other reputable sites, NOAA (last place), magicseaweed, and (next best) sailflow/windalert) I recall a time where it literally predicted a small pocket...
  153. Rabid Fish

    Any recent BOLA report?

    The grouper taste amazing and there is no wrong way to prepare it. It has the firmness and flakiness of rockfish, but it has a far superior flavor compared to rockfish which are pretty bland. It's one of the best eating fish out there. I think it's best baked/braised, pan sauteed, or deep...
  154. Rabid Fish

    4/8 - Limits of assorted Rockfish at da Pile

    I've had seals grab reds many times at the islands and it was exactly like you describe. One particular sealion tried to grab half the reds we hooked, and was doing it at 300+ feet! Most of them made it to the boat with only cosmetic marks.
  155. Rabid Fish

    Baja Days Alas

    WOW that cabrilla is a monster!
  156. Rabid Fish

    Does anyone what kind of fish this is.

    Correct. To my knowledge, only trout in the ocean, which says specifically the fish must take the bait or lure in it's mouth, and arguably striped bass, which specifies that no snagging is allowed (though my analysis is that foul hooking is not snagging -- I don't think the state would win on...
  157. Rabid Fish

    Does anyone what kind of fish this is.

    OK find that rule and post it. I don't mind admitting I'm a Bieber if I'm wrong.
  158. Rabid Fish

    Does anyone what kind of fish this is.

    That is incorrect. Please don't spread misinformation like that; it's a disservice to your fellow fishermen.
  159. Rabid Fish

    Yellowtails are bitting at the Islands

    What exactly gave you the idea that 5-12 pound yt are juveniles? There haven't been many maturity studies of Seriola lalandi dorsalis done, but from what I could find it seems they reach sexual maturity at around 2 years of age and approximately 20 inches...
  160. Rabid Fish

    Rock fishing Ensenada

    Halibut in the bay, YT at San Martin, and WSB should be juuuust starting to stack up on the kelp beds. Then there's always rockfish if the glamour fish aren't showing. Are you planning to hire a panguero or trailer your boat?
  161. Rabid Fish

    Point Loma and Cornados - PB Calico 02/02/18

    One tip I'd say is to put the onion, garlic and fresh ginger into a blender or food processor and process into a paste. Saute that, and add the spices before the liquid so they can toast a little in the pan and get more aromatic. I find the flavors permeate better this way and the puree gives...
  162. Rabid Fish

    Pacific Star Sportfishing License Suspended

    My understanding (which admittedly, I was sauced) was that the licence action was originally taken when those criminal cases were resolved and were dropped and later reopened for no discernible reason. As for people saying I shouldn't compare it to a life sentence: there's no way in heck these...
  163. Rabid Fish

    Pacific Star Sportfishing License Suspended

    America is the land of due process. Here, they took a four-year old, once dismissed case, and re-filed it, Then hired a neutral arbitrator to hear the evidence and render a verdict/fair sentence Then they appealed that decision, asking for a full 2 year suspension Then after a FIFTEEN...
  164. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Trolling the Outer Banks Looking for Tuna on Super Bowl Sunday (Video)

    I really appreciate this. Hearing about the volume of bait has me pumped!
  165. Rabid Fish

    Deep Dropping in PV

    That's a good depth for targeting baqueta, star-studded and olive groupers. Big, good eating fish
  166. Rabid Fish

    Rock fishing Ensenada

    I would go to SQ and target WSB, YT and halibut with the possibility of offshore BFT and have their great bottom fishing as a reliable fallback plan. But I have heard Erendira is killer for cod fishing.
  167. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Rpt.-01-12-18 1.5 day on New LoAnn 300 mile boat ride.

    Fat lady singing? This is the season just starting! Wait, I forgot... what's a season?? Tough going on the skunk. We've all had our share of those the past few years. Looks like it's going to be another good one, so good luck everyone
  168. Rabid Fish

    246 YT on the am 1/2 Day

    El Nino/La Nina describes an event where the waters between 5 degrees N and 5 degrees south on either side of the equator, from about 120 W (-120 on this map) to about 170 E (170 on this map) are more than .5 degrees Celsius above (=El Nino) or below (=La Nina) normal for 3 consecutive 3 month...
  169. Rabid Fish

    What kind of eels are these? Good eating?

    I have heard from a few spearfishermen who got bored or hungry enough to shoot one and the general consensus is that taking one is a terrible idea. First, they're incredibly mean. Even after being shot they will go after you with their teeth. If you get anywhere near their mouth, they will...
  170. Rabid Fish

    Caught this in the SD Bay yesterday...

    They're not breeding; the young juveniles and larvae make their way here in the extreme warm water years. That fish probably came as a larva in 2014 or 15 when the water started getting hot. While we are within the northern boundary of their range, we are outside their breeding range.
  171. Rabid Fish

    LA Nina coming up

    This has been amazing and I agree to make the most of a good thing while you got it, but I can definitely see why guys would prefer stupidly wide open albacore to skipping a gummy bait for 3 days for nothing.
  172. Rabid Fish

    LA Nina coming up

    Well maybe I should have added 1999-2000, super la nina -- best albie fishing ever, pretty much WFO from May - November
  173. Rabid Fish

    LA Nina coming up

    For albacore, yeah, roughly. They migrate counter clockwise across the pacific and typically make landfall either in the PNW or off socal/baja. I don't believe it has ever been observed that they hit socal one year, go PNW the next, then back to socal again (or any similar rapid shift.) The...
  174. Rabid Fish

    LA Nina coming up

    El Nino/La Nina definitely has an effect on our fishing, but it's not even close to as straightforward as you make it out to be. And the fish have their own patters that aren't dependent on the ENSO cycle. Albacore seem to have a roughly 25 year on, 15 year off cycle. I would expect that...
  175. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 9/28 YFT quick limit

    Why was setting up upwind/upswell wrong? I'm not trying to challenge you, or anything, I'm simply asking because I don't see how that would shut the bite down. Seems like the same way I would have done it, so I'm willing to learn from his mistakes!
  176. Rabid Fish

    Bluefin or yellowfin cows?

    I'm not saying the tail isn't a factor at all, but it's definitely not a major factor. Look at the dogtooth tuna. Pound for pound, pretty much everyone who has caught both agree the dogtooth is way harder fighting than the YFT, but it has a smaller tail pound for pound than both BFT and YFT...
  177. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Fun weekend 23rd/24th-2017, LJ and 302/371

    If it's blowing 10kts at 2:30am with mild chop I would expect a very wet afternoon, generally. I typically use and to get an idea of the wind forecast, and in terms of the swell, the period is more important than the size offshore, with shorter periods being worse. A...
  178. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 9/19 Yellowfin report

    Technically, that's only legal in US waters... the "boat limit" rule has to be one of the dumbest, most arbitrary rules on books though.
  179. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Pride Sportfishing 9/17

    Nice. Yeah we did the same but we used the trash cans to bleed them. Glad to hear they haven't downgraded to sacks :D Like I said, I haven't worked on that boat in almost 10 years and it's changed hands at least once or twice since then so I have no skin in the game here but I think that boat...
  180. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Pride Sportfishing 9/17

    Wow getting to fish that boat with only 12 is quite a treat. I used to work on that one.... I'm super confused by the gunny sacks... we were always a RSW only operation. I guess that was almost 10 years ago now :eyepoppin
  181. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Yellow Fin at the 371 9/12/17

    Well, here's an important tip for you: when it's bumpy, and you're in a small boat, you need to sloooooww downnnn so the bait doesn't get the shit kicked out of it. 25mph (roughly 22kts) is pretty fast to run in a 20 foot boat with live bait in short period chop. I'm not surprised your bait...
  182. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Pic Heavy Bluefin!!

    Answer = 100 :) good one
  183. Rabid Fish

    Monster Black Sea Bass at BoLA

    The short answer is that an individual fish's spawning capacity depends on the species, location, water conditions and even the individual fish itself. A bigger fish does not necessarily mean it's an older fish, and being of a certain age does not mean the fish is able to breed. For example...
  184. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Ali would be proud

    i kind of don't get it Albacore shit-kick yellowtail. In every possible category. It's sweet, beautiful, tasty chaos.
  185. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Fish Report 08-10-2017 & 08-11- 2017

    Alright, another Bako guy! I personally think skippies are great fish to catch and to eat
  186. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 8/5 and 8/6 from Newport

    Can't go wrong with keeping the tip up and the line tight Pumping the rod is for when fish are circling. If the fish isn't doing that, you should probably just grind. I'll fish circles or Js for dorado or anything else really, but there's no doubt dodos are known to bite through line. As for...
  187. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Bluefin Tuna Research - Carcasses needed

    I have expressed skepticism in the past but I am willing to believe. You have convinced me. I did share that guy's worry -- if they're found to spawn here, while that should be a positive factor for allowing more take, it could be used as ammo to "protect spawning grounds." If they're found...
  188. Rabid Fish


    I've been holding my tongue for years, but I'm over it. Pgnracr's reports SCREAM bullshit. I know Ron vouches for him... who else? All his reports are the big one getting away, and then he catches something else but it's never quiiiite good enough to make people actually say BS without pics...
  189. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 6/24 Finally on the meat 302 area

    The 198 after sitting overnight definitely deserves entry into the socal cow club. Quite the feel-good story there to get one after trying for two years, WTFG!
  190. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Tuna Time

    Well, no, this year's water is about 7 degrees colder by those charts assuming the temp scale is the same (can't see in the top one) looks like lots of big fish coming our way once again though
  191. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Fun day of fishing on the Malihini yesterday

    waat bonito that grade are better than yt excellent raw, canned, smoked...
  192. Rabid Fish

    Offshore tip the crew asshole!!!!!

    I'd have tipped them 40 and kept the rest, and I was a deckhand for years When I was a deckhand, getting a 40 dollar tip was considered rad. Actually, very rad. 20 bucks was rad. And this wasn't 40 years ago... it was more like 10. Getting the whole JP happened like 2 or 3 times that I...
  193. Rabid Fish

    3/10/17 Ensenada

    Haha I thought the same thing! His avatar even kind of looks like a piece of bonito lol Best sushi fish regularly caught off our coast.
  194. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Toronado and crew does not disappoint! Fish report

    Lol this 'mysterious woman' persona you rock is great
  195. Rabid Fish

    Biggest Bluefin of Last Year (for us)

    The 200+ pounders, which that definitely is, came in four rough grades. The barely 200s, the 220s, the 230-245s, with a few schools holding fish around 250, and the 270-279s. That one looks to me like a bigger 230-240, might be one of the 250 models. I don't think it looks quite as chunky as...
  196. Rabid Fish

    Dana Point 2-26-17 fish ID?

    Onespot fringehead I retract, ronquil looks right.
  197. Rabid Fish

    Apollo PV February 2017 report

    There aren't many guys who could add anything to what those pictures and that smile already say... but picasso can! Nice fish, Joe!
  198. Rabid Fish

    Driving to Bola in the Rain

    Well, guys, really appreciate the help. Thought I'd give the report -- I am sick as a dog this weekend and had to scrap the trip. Laying in bed looking like a walking dead character. Bummed!
  199. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Ready for some Bluefin? My 2016 highlight video

    The best part was how Billy came on here in like, May, and goes "hey guys, I just got in really good shape and I want to get back into fishing. Look out for my reports! Stoked to be part of the group!" And everyone was like "OK cool, welcome aboard" -- nobody thought anything of it. Then it...
  200. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Ready for some Bluefin? My 2016 highlight video

    I actually am not sure if I am ready for this video...
  201. Rabid Fish

    Driving to Bola in the Rain

    Thanks, Derek! If we leave Sunday, it'll surely be well before 8am but I will keep that in mind. I think we'll be taking the older smaller panga because we're cheapskates Looks like it'll be flat calm. We're divers, so fishing room is a non-issue, only need the bigger boat in big boat weather
  202. Rabid Fish

    Driving to Bola in the Rain

    Thanks guys. I'm considering going down Sunday instead, which would probably knock it down to a short fishing trip. My concern with going Sunday (besides losing fishing time) is if the vados are going to be still full or possibly more messed up the next day? I've been lucky enough to never...
  203. Rabid Fish

    Driving to Bola in the Rain

    Wind looks awesome, and I'll definitely post up a report for you guys. 1 Ola Mas, we'll be staying at Cangrejos, green ford truck. Where are you staying? Feel free to come meet up for a beer or dinner!
  204. Rabid Fish

    Driving to Bola in the Rain

    I've made the trip before, I have a solid truck, but I've never done it in the rain! I'm planning to drive down on Saturday (no wiggle room there if the trip is going to happen.) The bulk of the rain should stay on the west side of the peninsula but I'm a bit worried that the desert portion...
  205. Rabid Fish

    El Huerfanito

    Monterey Spanish Mackerel! Very interesting fish: Historically the Monterrey Spanish mackerel was probably present in the eastern Pacific and Gulf of California as one continuous population. More recently there have been two widely separated populations, one in the Gulf of California and the...
  206. Rabid Fish

    Would you bring a bass rod?

    I've only been on one long range trip. An 11 day to Clarion. We spent the last few hours fishing plastics in about 80ft of water catching a variety of tropical oddities. I was so stoked I had my bass rod with the curato on it. Firing a bright orange, twin-tail scampy old-school style into a...
  207. Rabid Fish

    Am I really getting MY fish back from processor?

    In my case at least, I don't really have room to process big fish. They're hard to move around, too. I wish I cleaned the sub-100lbers for the fun of it, but usually I got back late and it sure was nice to just drop them off at the dock at Sportsmans. Especially the day we were two guys with...
  208. Rabid Fish

    Am I really getting MY fish back from processor?

    Well since the thread is up, I used Fisherman's processing a few times (at least twice too many, honestly) and they gave a consistent 28% yield. Got 5.2lbs back on a 23lb YT and 28lbs back on an 88lb bluefin. Yes, 28. AND they "forgot" to save the collars of the BFT. Now, I speared this BFT...
  209. Rabid Fish

    San Carlos Mexico MLK weekend

    Those photos are absolutely incredible. The quality, the editing, truly well done. What was used to produce these pics? (besides skill)
  210. Rabid Fish

    legal or short?

    No, clicking just means the gauge goes over the lip of the carapace. If there's "shimmying" back and forth, that's what I mean by "play," and that would mean it's short. But if the gauge clicks over the lip with no play, it is legal. And you're right about it not being worth the risk with...
  211. Rabid Fish

    legal or short?

    He fucked up. Unless another measurement technique is indicated (e.g. "fork length,") the length of a fish is the longest straight line from tip of snout (with jaw closed) to tip of tail. As for the lobster, if the gauge fits over but there is NO PLAY, it's LEGAL. If the gauge fits over...
  212. Rabid Fish

    1/1/17 Marina del Rey. Short trip with a few Triggers, and lost big fish

    For any fish not specifically listed in the regs, the limit is 10 per day of any size with no closed seasons. Triggerfish fall into that category. And they're freakin DELICIOUS too!
  213. Rabid Fish

    Finger Bankin - Epic Goldfishing

    Mexican rockfish, Sebastes macdonaldi Dude, they don't even get vermillions in AK.
  214. Rabid Fish

    Offshore It's good to be king

    Ha! Class move. Especially since it'll be on the first page for the next 6 months til people go offshore again :D
  215. Rabid Fish

    Offshore It's good to be king

    My face when this thread gets bumped :confused: LOL
  216. Rabid Fish

    Tougher fight 90 lb bft at tanner bank or 90 lb yft at Guadalupe ?

    YFT are more unpredictable. Sometimes they straight commit suicide and come right in. BFT tend to give you a more straightforward fight. If you get a YFT that doesn't know how to fight, BFT will fight waaaay harder. If you get a demon YFT, again, it's no contest. On the average the YFT will...
  217. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Bluefin on the Aztec 12-1-16 NOT!

    Sounds to me like the captain had a great gameplan and counted on the fish behaving as they have been. That last storm turned the water over a bit. I wasn't sure the fish would still be there. To hear that they're there but have changed patterns a bit isn't the worst news. Sorry you had to be...
  218. Rabid Fish

    I caught this off LJ. Fish ID help

    Unknown flatfish are pretty easy. The only flatfish with a size limit is halibut, 22" of course. Sanddab, petrale and starry flounder are no limit period. Pacific halibut the limit's one. Good luck with those in so cal :D ALL other flatfish are the default 10 fish no size limit. So if...
  219. Rabid Fish

    Offshore TANNER 11-16

    Boy that's some tough luck you've had the last couple years since you joined, lots of great fish of a lifetime type catches getting to color and not getting in the box. Seems like it's always some kind of fluke loss too, huh?
  220. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 11/3 Yellowfinned Tuna

    pretty sure it's a small one of these the teeth, eye, tail, and overall body shape is right. Lives in the right habitat too.
  221. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 11/3 Yellowfinned Tuna

    Looks like a snake mackerel Like a little oilfish or something That's my guess. Young oilfish
  222. Rabid Fish

    Offshore SCI and fish on the 50 line and brutal weather scary

    how much you guys want to bet his name is actually spelled "Eric"? :p I thought it was a fun read
  223. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Choppy out but the fish are biting!

    What kind of pliers did you use to land that fat bonie? :)
  224. Rabid Fish

    friday 10/27

    I hope this guy whacked the fucking dick and balls off 'em, pardon my french :beerbang::Death_To_Above:
  225. Rabid Fish

    friday 10/27

    Sometimes the weather forecast is great, and the fishing ends up being poor. Sometimes the weather forecast is terrible, but the fishing ends up being great. You never know til you go. If you're able to go at the drop of a hat, you can cherry pick the best days If not, I say go when you can...
  226. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Why do we keep going fishing?

    I don't know if you realized it or not, but you perfectly described the guy you're replying to, so why he'd go antagonizing someone over a picture is beyond me.
  227. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Bluefin!

    Those 60-75 pound BFT may as well be a different species from the 90 pound BFT. They just are not in the same league fight-wise.
  228. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 8/27 Not a Bluefin...

    Brother -- it's a fish of a lifetime. You WILL catch a BFT. The rest of us simply cannot say the same about an opah. Congrats. Aaaaaand I just realized it's a joke. I've thought about pulling the same stunt a couple times. Nice one
  229. Rabid Fish

    Another 26 Grumpy?

    Isn't that the fish they just cut the limit in half for, raised the minimum by 2 inches and closed off all our favorite spots to fishing for?? The limit was 10/day at 12" for decades and last I checked, they were still everywhere. Now the limits are far more restrictive and they have miles of...
  230. Rabid Fish

    Gonzaga Bay night? fishing

    The YT and cabrilla are diurnal. At night the Cabrilla go to bed in their holes. They can be speared at night, but generally not caught. You might catch some oddballs like catalufas and sharks but probably nothing you're after will bite. If you got into the right zone, you might find biting...
  231. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Overnight on Pacific Queen

    I would never, ever do this personally, but I absolutely would encourage everyone else to. If you know what I'm saying
  232. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Big eye tuna?

    Sorry brother, that's a YFT, and it's not my pic
  233. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Big eye tuna?

    One more thing: The guys saying "Check the liver" -- that won't help in determining bigeye vs bluefin unless you're really an expert... they BOTH have striated livers. That ID tool is only good for YFT vs BET, which is a more common question than BFT vs BET (because BFT and BET really don't...
  234. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Big eye tuna?

    You're literally ALL wrong. It's a YELLOWFIN. Jeez guys. For comparison, here's a pic of a 101lb YFT: You should notice 2 things: first, they're clearly the same species of fish (both YFT) and second, that fish is very, very nice but not 100lbs. You're making yourself look a bit...
  235. Rabid Fish

    Offshore WE KICKED BLUE FINN ASS 7-14-16

    I count 7 bft and 1 yft from those pics, but I don't give a single shit, I'm not DFG or NOAA. I'm stoked for ya!
  236. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Fri 7/15 BFT off MB

    Hell, if it was a bonita it'd be super impressive! I'm assuming all your fish were on the popper -- have you swapped out your hooks for larger ones? If not, you should really consider it, I think you'd solve your hook pulling issue. Sounds like a sick day either way. At least you got them...
  237. Rabid Fish

    La Jolla YT 13JUL16

    It's not on the sportboats. It's more like the guy who comes on the boat who spends 6 days a week working a tough, blue collar job, who's barely getting by, who saves up for a month to go on a half day. When he catches a legal, good eating fish, who is anyone on that boat to tell him not to...
  238. Rabid Fish

    Big Bass Day in Dana Harbor

    This myth about it being bad to keep big calicos needs to die already. It is complete BS. Nice catch!
  239. Rabid Fish


    Sounds like he wanted to go home to the girlfriend! Good break for you though!
  240. Rabid Fish

    15 - 20 lb Smelt

    they will bite the bay lettuce wadded up on a small treble but good luck have fun with that. not easy.
  241. Rabid Fish

    Offshore BLUE FIN: Formula for calculating weight.

    Bingo. Higher fat content in BFT theoretically means lower weight per cubic inch, since muscle weighs more than fat. BFT also have bigger heads than YFT. It seems very possible if not likely the k=800 number needs to be adjusted slightly for BFT.
  242. Rabid Fish

    Late report: 6/4 jumbo yellows with onemancharters

    Funny, I'd trade 10 YT like that for 1 WSB
  243. Rabid Fish

    Offshore RPT: YFT, 8-10 miles west of Coronados

    No, YFT are actually coming in pretty steady. I've seen lots of local pics of YFT recently on instagram. Some bigger grade too. Saw a pic somewhere of a legit 70+er caught this week.
  244. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Trophies only 6/8

    Definitely not an AJ. Just a weird looking YT It does look exactly like the east coast's greater amberjack. But we can rule that out because... well... pretty sure we're in the Pacific Ocean. It is possible to catch an amberjack in our waters -- a few were caught last year in SD, OC and...
  245. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Call for bluefin tuna carcasses AND late report from the 371

    NOAA is not a friend of fisherman in any way, shape, or form. They have consistently shown they are NOT on our side -- that they are against us. And they may be gathering data for science, but they have consistently restricted fishing far beyond what is necessary with no scientific basis. If...
  246. Rabid Fish

    Huge Calicos and More 6-3-16

    Yeah lots of delicious sea critters eat poo, so I put no stock into that I however have personally eaten blue perch and can tell you -- learn from my mistakes. AVOID.
  247. Rabid Fish

    Offshore bring your heavy gear, BFT at 302

    Shooting a sword is a hardcore and badass, albeit gruesome, way to surely die
  248. Rabid Fish

    Swordfish/Marlin? 2 miles off Newport Beach

    Cool video! Swordie for sure
  249. Rabid Fish

    Is anyone fishing?

    Haha I like the background in your av! Say hi to Pedro for me! speaking of WSB, if I were you, I'd target those ;)
  250. Rabid Fish

    White Seabass at the Islands!

    OK I'm definitely not advising anyone to make any actions based on this analysis. This analysis represents my own opinion only, I have done no other research, and this analysis is not intended for anyone's use or reliance for any purposes. Here's the relevant pieces of law I've found on the...
  251. Rabid Fish

    otter off La Jolla

    Dude... BAD. They're ridiculously voracious. They eat 20% of their body weight each day in shellfish! In the areas with lots of otters, you pretty much don't see any abalone. Sealions don't eat much shellfish at all really so they're a non-issue. As far as hoopers go, well they aren't catching...
  252. Rabid Fish

    otter off La Jolla

    Those things are voracious shellfish eaters. Having a colony of otters there would decimate the local green abalone and lobster populations. They're cute, but the central coast can keep 'em! Most likely just a one-off though. Hopefully...
  253. Rabid Fish

    Dana Point sheephead 3/20

    Nice sheeps. First of all, as a diver I can tell you firsthand they are one of the most plentiful fish on the reefs and very large mature fish are common. They mature at around 10" also, which is why the minimum size is only 12" and, like I said, they're super plentiful which is why the limit...
  254. Rabid Fish

    Offshore SALTYDAWG, Season ending injury

    Old BD was the best haha
  255. Rabid Fish

    Danny Gomez maintains his perfect record

    No pics, and no clues about what it was.. ouch
  256. Rabid Fish

    Gonzaga/Encantadas Report

    I posted a few days ago asking about pangas. I posted this report there but couldn't edit the title of that thread to reflect that there was a report now, so I'm posting it here. We really winged it on this trip -- we didn't have panga booked for Saturday... or a place to stay Friday night...
  257. Rabid Fish

    Panga for Gonzaga/Puertecitos? (ASAP)

    Thanks guys. Trip report in a new thread here
  258. Rabid Fish

    Panga for Gonzaga/Puertecitos? (ASAP)

    Hey gang, I'm heading to the G-bay/Puertecitos area tomorrow AM with two other guys for a spearfishing trip. We weren't able to secure a panga for Saturday (of course, the day the weather looks good) I'm hoping maybe someone has an idea for the best way to look for one down there, or if...
  259. Rabid Fish

    Catalina Report - Yellows, Bonito, and More - 1/16

    Gotta love when they close rockfish and you start catching big reds on the flyline
  260. Rabid Fish

    Baja Summer of 2016

    There are almost an infinite number of epic baja trips out there. If what you really want is dorado, and you want to fish in July, I don't think you're going to see much better fishing in the exotic places than you'll see close to home (SD, SQ, Ensenada). If this was going to be some cold...
  261. Rabid Fish

    Yellowtail Tunas and big lings at Nados

    Will this tuna season never end??? Tunas biting into January, has anyone heard of this before????? I have heard that some like to make poki out of tuna. I will have to try this in the coming months if these tuna keep biting
  262. Rabid Fish

    2016 El Nino prediction LOOKS GOOD FOR NEXT YEAR!

    Both are completely true. The extra warm water does indeed damage local reefs, and especially after 2005 when the invasive sargassum was introduced, the hotter water which kills off the giant kelp and helps the invasive weed is not welcome on the reefs. That said, I'm optimistic the reefs will...
  263. Rabid Fish

    2016 El Nino prediction LOOKS GOOD FOR NEXT YEAR!

    gotcha. I'll try and make a little more sense of these forecasts for you. This El Nino has been a slow and steady developer, really getting started in 2014 and building from there. It's also been very stubborn about causing the usual atmospheric events, which have only started sorta-kinda...
  264. Rabid Fish

    2016 El Nino prediction LOOKS GOOD FOR NEXT YEAR!

    It was ENSO neutral in 2013 and the first quarter of 2014 2014 was barely positive, not really an El Nino or at least at the far, far low end of the El Nino scale This year is "oh shit" and is in the top 3 all time. What part of that do you think is/was wrong?
  265. Rabid Fish

    2016 El Nino prediction LOOKS GOOD FOR NEXT YEAR!

    :rofl: yeah what a bunch of morons these scientists are, looking at all sorts of data when talking about a trans-hemispheric oceanic and atmospheric event instead of just asking "how's the fishing in San Diego?"
  266. Rabid Fish

    Aggressive cattle boat capts.

    That's pretty much what I said Now, I like Booger, never really knew him well just worked at the same landing Want me to tell the story? Here ya go bout 3 weekends ago everyone and their mother was working a porpoise pod about 3 miles across some 15-20 mi W of SD We were getting a double...
  267. Rabid Fish

    Aggressive cattle boat capts.

    You have no clue what you're talking about. I worked on sporties for years. We were charged, bumped off a spot, yelled at, given the finger by, etc etc. by exactly 0 private boats. On my private boat, doing nothing wrong and operating responsibly, I have been charged, flipped off, etc etc...
  268. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Is it over?

    You might have jumped the gun a bit TS haha But NOW I'm pretty sure it's over. I don't even know when the water will be fishable again.
  269. Rabid Fish

    Skipjack vs Sheephead -- which do you think is better eating?

    I can assure you they are still thick at both those places and every other island off our coast, as well as in many places nearshore. They just don't seem like they're very easy to target hook and line.
  270. Rabid Fish

    Skipjack vs Sheephead -- which do you think is better eating?

    Kind of a weird reply.... I don't target fish I don't want to eat and I think most fishermen feel the same way. As to more fun to catch, I'd give the nod to skippies, but I imagine a big old goat on a light bass rod would be epic. As to rarer, it all depends where and how you fish. Skippies...
  271. Rabid Fish

    Skipjack vs Sheephead -- which do you think is better eating?

    I'm genuinely surprised. Out of all the fishermen I've known, the spearfishermen tend to be the least picky in general. Among spearfishermen (where sheephead is a much, much more frequent catch) sheephead is generally disliked. Most people consider it only good for ceviche or even for mashing...
  272. Rabid Fish

    Skipjack vs Sheephead -- which do you think is better eating?

    Have no idea why but I got curious about this. It came to mind when I saw someone surprised about people fishing for and keeping skipjack (good eating fish overall IMO) and I realized that nobody ever questions why someone would keep a sheephead (complete crap eating fish overall IMO). So I...
  273. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 371 tuna 12/3

    I think the guy has a right to be pissed off about the radio. When you can't monitor the main fishing channel because one particular asshole makes it unbearable, that's complete BS. I say let your kids hear the assholes on the radio. Just tell junior to observe how lame it is to sound like...
  274. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Wahoo heartbreak 15 November

    If the drag is peeling off the reel, driving the boat faster won't put any more pressure on the fish. If you want more pressure for stronger hook sets, you need to fish a tighter drag. With wahoo, you should fish the drags very tight.
  275. Rabid Fish

    So who all is in the SoCal WAHOO club?

    Damn, this club is a total sausage fest.
  276. Rabid Fish


    Bet you guys didn't know there was a 13+ foot long opah that existed about 26 million years ago!
  277. Rabid Fish

    Mexican Navy puts fisherman in jail!

    Yeah Mexico is a sovereign country with its own laws but I think it sucks the guy being thrown in jail over such a little thing. I mean locking someone in jail, that's a harsh punishment, it's pretty shocking for something like forgetting a passport.. I feel bad for the guy. He probably wanted...
  278. Rabid Fish

    Offshore What every Maruader needs...

    I think this fish had more to do with the 286 miles covered than the precise trolling speed, but what do I know LOL Congrats on probably one of the last wahoo of the season (and... maybe... ever again in our lifetime... but I think they'll be back next year for those of you who didn't connect...
  279. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 2 Days, Beautiful Weather, Flat Seas, But.....only 10 small Doritos

    Yep, that's a butterfish. Technically, it's not a pompano. In a very unusually warm water year like this, it would be possible to get true pompanos as we are on the extreme northern end of their range; I think that's why people were curious. It's fun to see El Nino oddballs. Butterfish...
  280. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Losers Lounge

    Seems pretty clear to me that the fish went under the boat and broke the line when it rubbed the hull. If I was trolling for a special, possibly once in a lifetime fish, I'd have someone on the rod who knew what he or she was doing. I feel for you on the heartbreaker. Unlike what another guy...
  281. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Sunday 10/25

    Never fun when the bait sucks. Just remember that if the fishing can suck for you, it can suck for the bait fishermen too. Party boats have contracts with bait companies; I'm sure it's in their contract that they get priority. Nobody is out to screw you. The bait companies want to give...
  282. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Boo hoo!

    Right on, I see your reports and you've definitely got the sheephead down. I didn't mean they were rare for you, you seem to be one of those guys who tends to catch the fish he sets out for. I just always thought it odd how fishermen so rarely seem to catch these big goats that are just...
  283. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Boo hoo!

    I have to admit, as haunted and mystified as I am about your assertions about wahoo vs sheephead, I am downright jealous. If I liked sheephead as much as wahoo, I'd be killing so many of those things. Maybe you should try spearfishing? The islands are just stupid with giant sheephead that are...
  284. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Why Wahoo Are Hard to Catch

    Heavy line, super tight drag, keep the boat at 2-4 kts and just steady crank. Your angler did all he could to lose that fish, with the pumping and not keeping full pressure on. I think a good way to go is have the reel in high gear early, then go low gear when he's planing near the boat and...
  285. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Wahoo upper NINE 10/19

    So what shirt did you wear after that picture? LOL Nice report. Pretty much the same story as mine, except yours is bigger. Nice fish!!
  286. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Osborn Tuna and Catalina Wahoo

    That appears to be 2 different wahoo if I'm not mistaken I only see a gaff hole in the back of one...
  287. Rabid Fish

    Offshore My Son's First Tuna - Dana Point 9/27

    So when is Bloodydecks getting it's youngest member, gettinuglysgrandson? Is it weird that I want a dino city T-shirt now??? I thought I was pretty hardcore going offshore at 10, but 4!? Freakin awesome!!
  288. Rabid Fish


    So you'll ruin the patty for everyone else who might come later today, tomorrow, several days from now? Funny how a thread that starts with a picture of a guy allegedly being a jerk makes other people prove definitively they are jerks without any need for photo evidence. What??? No... just...
  289. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 3 Day on the Am Angler

    The larger grade tuna at Cortez, bluefin or yellowfin?
  290. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Please identify my fish

    You should consider yourself very lucky! That's a very rare catch in these waters (indeed in pretty much all waters besides Hawai'i as far as I know)
  291. Rabid Fish

    Offshore people destroying kelps?

    Man I've been on this board a long time, longer than you even, and I've always tried to be respectful but I'm having a very, very hard time doing that right now. It doesn't matter who jumps in on "your" patty. It's not cool of them to jump in when you're fishing it; I agree. But the damn...
  292. Rabid Fish

    Offshore They want the CHUNK!

    You can do the same thing with star drags. Just fish the reel in gear with the drag backed mostly off but not all the way (just the same amount of drag you'd use on the lever -- just enough so that it won't backlash) When you get bit, just pick up the rod and slowly up the drag til it's where...
  293. Rabid Fish

    Please Don't Drive Through the Kelp!!!

    You really can't dive in kelp with a flag. If you have a boat, for sure put a flag on your boat. But if you're shore diving in the kelp, it's not an option. Divers should look out for boaters but boaters should always be vigilant as well. I don't fault the boaters here just from what I saw...
  294. Rabid Fish

    8-19-15 solo. 105 and shoe

    He means your trottle. Go as slow as you can so the boat is just in gear, nothing more. That usually works out to a speed of 1-2.5 kts, which is what you want for the slow troll. As for the reel, I usually find that out of gear with just the clicker is too light, so I put the reel in gear and...
  295. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Tuna Fishing with Shimano Flatfall Jig- video+pics

    Nice job! One tiiiiny little tip, take literally one second to run your fingers on the line the last couple feet to the jig to make sure there's no chafes or nicks in the line after each fish you catch. It might save you a jig or two over time, or more importantly, it could save you if you...
  296. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Oside daycare program Tuesday

    I don't have kids, but if I did, I'd be happy as a clam if my kids got to hear that crap on the radio. What better way to teach your kids manners than to be able to say "kids, you hear how stupid these guys sound spouting off curse words like that? Remember how lame it sounds next time you...
  297. Rabid Fish

    Offshore No Blue Fin but....

    It's a striped marlin. Not only can I tell that by the pics pretty easily, but come on guys... you're on the fence about whether it's a striper and you're in a place where maybe only a couple blues have EVER been taken? What's the more likely answer here?
  298. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Sat 8/15 from fishing to catching

    Lol way to smack em silly bud
  299. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Guess who's back!!

    Hahah that guy in the first pic background... I can't tell if he's jealous or checking you out
  300. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 12 Miles Off of Encinitas, Paddy: YFT and Dorado

    It's not advised because it's really not very tasty. That's why you don't see it in sushi bars. If sushi bars were worried about parasites, they wouldn't serve halibut, right? Parasites are easily avoidable by inspection, or for the very wary, will be killed when frozen first. Note that sushi...
  301. Rabid Fish

    Godzilla El Nino

    It'll probably take a year for the atmospheric effects of the El Nino to wear off. I would expect more warm water fish next summer and, assuming a strong La Nina follows this (as it usually does) 2017 could be a good year for albacore. Of course, predictions this early are just guesswork.
  302. Rabid Fish

    Offshore How to deal with divers

    Hahaha yeaahhhh Ooookay, I'll just quit diving then. Cool. Back to reality -- I'd never dive on a patty someone else was already fishing. Never ever. That's part of the ethics I think both groups owe each other. The fishermen also need to know when they see a boat on a patty with a dive...
  303. Rabid Fish

    Offshore How to deal with divers

    You don't deal with them. You're the one getting so mad you want to hurt other people -- YOU are the one who you need to deal with. Some divers are assholes, so are some fishermen. As to the diver shutting down the bite debate, in my experience usually once the diver shoots a fish things...
  304. Rabid Fish

    Fish Hard!!! La Niña predicted for 2016

    Yeah it's pretty hard to have an El Nino like this and not have La Nina behind it. But I don't understand the pessimism -- La Nina years are some of the best fishing. There's this tuna with big long pectoral fins that likes the cooler water... Sometimes it seems like everyone forgot those...
  305. Rabid Fish

    20lb or 30lb test?

    Most people bring multiple rods so they're ready for more possibilities; you never know what you'll run into out there. If you only have one setup, then it really depends on what your rod is rated at -- assuming it's rated for 30lb line, the ideal way to go would be to spool your reel with 50...
  306. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Big tuna at little west of North 9

    Sheesh what's up with all the bad fish IDs on BD today? Seriously, tuna aren't hard to tell apart That's a yellowfin. You got it right. Nice going!
  307. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 7/20 bigeye tuna

    I really feel bad being a bubble burster but since other people already did it, at least I'm not the only one 100% beyond a speck of doubt a yellowfin The thing about bigeyes is... they're ridiculously rare. Most of us never catch one, and I'll go out on a limb and say judging by the very...
  308. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Tuna Bloody Tuna 7-17 ( video )

    My best tip for tangles is for both guys to lift their tips UP and bring the rods TOGETHER. That way you can see how they're wrapped, and sort it out quicker. For the most part you did a good job, I just would've told the guys to lift the rods up and bring them close together, I think you'd...
  309. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 7/18 fish off of carlsbad.

    Wow great day! A stingray? Seriously? How random!
  310. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Oceanside 7/8

    Shoot a monster, Dave!
  311. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Tuna ID help

    I wish I could like this 1000 times
  312. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Big blue

    No, sorry, I see how you got that impression from what I said, but what I meant was literally that he had exactly the right gear for the job. He used the ideal gear for shooting and landing big tuna.
  313. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Big blue

    He had exactly the right gear for the job
  314. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Oseanside 7/3

    I figured he was a big kid :D it is a bluefin though
  315. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 209 277 area 6-19-15

    Tempbreak has been all messed up too. I'm kind of theorizing here, I don't work for tempbreak or really know much about their technology but I think what you have going on now is this heavy marine layer, especially at night, it's got so much water content that the sats are registering it as...
  316. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 6/12 BFT on 9 Mile Bank

    The "baby bocaccio" is actually a shortbelly rockfish Here's a pic and a little info Shortbelly rockfish are the rockfish species with the greatest biomass in our waters.
  317. Rabid Fish

    11JUN15 half day at the 150 on Sancha

    Lol someone made swiss cheese out of that one yellow
  318. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Epic day on the 9!! And something odd!

    So cool seeing dead tuna on the deck of a bayrunner. I grew up fishing our old 21'er. That sight brings back a lot of happy, bloody memories.
  319. Rabid Fish

    Chasing birds=catching yellows 150

    The Iceman colored flame shorts are kind of surprising lol Sweet haul H3B
  320. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Here is what the tuna were feeding on.

    I would be stunned if an artificial bait mimicking red crab worked at all. "match the hatch" is a great theory, but there are two problems here: First, there's just SO MUCH CRAB out there. Whether you use a live crab or an artificial facsimile, I don't think it's likely your crab will get...
  321. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Sunday 5-24-15 YFT BFT Offshore Report

    It's a YFT clearly. Don't look at pec fin in pics because the angle often makes it impossible to judge based on that. Just look at the anal fin. All silver? BFT. Yellow? YFT. Easy peasy
  322. Rabid Fish

    Great fishing at BoLA

    BTW I've never been more confused by a poll lol
  323. Rabid Fish

    Great fishing at BoLA

    I assume you mean Candelarias? Congrats on some epic YT fishing. That grade of fish is great for anywhere. That's NZ grade. Hey, I've got a great tip for everyone that was a bit of a game changer for me in working the jig in this area. If you do a typical yo-yo, obviously that works great...
  324. Rabid Fish

    good on the exiotics today

    In La Paz? No garibaldi in La Paz...
  325. Rabid Fish

    Dana Point 4.9.15

    Ha! I'm an idiot. Thanks. What an odd technique, gotta try it if I ever fish for seabass (I prefer spearing them)
  326. Rabid Fish

    Cold Water has come

    I'm sure the bite will suck for the next couple days, as it usually does after the water turns over. Fish aren't going anywhere though. They'll bite again when the water returns to how it was.
  327. Rabid Fish

    Dana Point 4.9.15

    Gotcha. Thanks. I'm assuming a few winds off the bottom?
  328. Rabid Fish

    Dana Point 4.9.15

    Then what? Do you work it at all or just put it in the rod holder? I heard about this technique a long time ago, it was all the rage with pangueros in SQ, but I never really understood how to actually work it.
  329. Rabid Fish

    More rock fishing 16MAR15 and sea lion drama

    I think it's a Mexican Rockfish, Sebastes macdonaldi
  330. Rabid Fish

    Sunday 3/15 Malahini

    The difference is that in your dog's case, the bacteria was introduced directly into the bloodstream. If you ate the fish that was bit, even if the fish got some bacteria in its bloodstream and you ate it, the bacteria would be introduced to your stomach, where it will almost certainly be...
  331. Rabid Fish

    cangrejos in BOLA

    He has the super panga back up and running along with the big whaler, the rooms are nice 2 single beds w/ bathroom, shower and a/c. He's the guy I go with for my spearfishing trips. You can actually find him on facebook and contact him that way his name is jose pedro torres felix (he goes by...
  332. Rabid Fish

    Sum Fun 12/20 YT

    Really? Is nobody going to touch this one?
  333. Rabid Fish

    Black sea bass

    Close, very close to being accurate. But the devil's in the details. Turns out, it's way more tricky than that. From Fish and Game Code (for commercial fishermen only) 8380. (a) max of one [black sea bass] per vessel may be possessed or sold if taken incidentally in commercial fishing...
  334. Rabid Fish

    Offshore CONDOR 12/10 Cortez fun time ripper last dance

    No, not a kawakawa, bullet tuna is a different fish, scientific name auxis thazard This is the first time I've ever heard anyone call them anything but nasty, let alone "tasty" so maybe it was a kawakawa that was mistakenly called a bullet tuna. I doubt it though, as bullet tuna are much more...
  335. Rabid Fish

    Bluefin Tuna limited to 2 fish discussion (merged threads)

    I don't know if you've heard but they're about to set a trap limit per permit and these guys setting 1200 traps are going to have to pay like 150k to get the permits to keep setting all those. Oh and a lot of permits are going to permanently expire too. Big changes coming to the lobster...
  336. Rabid Fish

    Bluefin Tuna limited to 2 fish discussion (merged threads)

    That is absolute nonsense. Most of us only get out tuna fishing 1-3 times a year. I loaded up on all my trips and I'm already running pretty low on tuna. And yet, somehow, there's enough YFT for me to go to any of the 20 supermarkets near me and buy 10lbs of tuna at every store? And somehow...
  337. Rabid Fish

    Rockpile Sat. 11/15

    Thanks, I used to catch them on gagnons with squid strips as sort of bycatch when I was rockfishing as a kid but for some reason I haven't caught them in a while. I've shot a few with the speargun, and they seem to like gravel/crushed shell bottoms. I just thought it was odd that he was...
  338. Rabid Fish

    Rockpile Sat. 11/15

    how deep/what bait did you use for those whitefish?
  339. Rabid Fish

    First SUP Yellowtail of County Line

    OMG that was scary for me I can't even imagine for you...
  340. Rabid Fish

    11-15 Sat Ducky does the 150

    I don't know how big a bone you're talking about but it could have been a seabird bone. I've heard of people finding feathers and bird parts in big calicos. Never heard of it from a 4 pound fish but big calicos definitely eat birds.
  341. Rabid Fish

    Rpt.-Wed.-10-29-14 SCI Limits of Reds and Critters!

    Only old timers call them SMs and boscoes. But you think that's confusing? Try learning to distinguish greenspotted from greenblotched from pink rockfish (sebastes eos). LOL that's why the limit is 10 RCG any combination. Nobody on Earth except Milton Love can tell them all apart. Oh and...
  342. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Tanner Bank 10/24 - BFT/YT/RF

    you'd better cool it or we may be disposed to beat the crap out of you
  343. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Season is over? 10/25

    It's been done. In the early 2000s, several guys got new year's day albacore. I think the chances are remote this year, but it's definitely possible.
  344. Rabid Fish

    Offshore success... again 27OCT14

    I was thinking it'd been a while since I'd seen a BFT
  345. Rabid Fish

    Offshore If Tomorrow Is Like Today This Party's Over

    The North Pacific swell machine is officially 'on' The South Pacific has switched to a calm regime Fairly typical this time of year except that the tropical storms developing around Hawai'i are moving north and re-curving east as they hit the Gulf of Alaska. This is probably a product of the...
  346. Rabid Fish

    Offshore DFG - WAHOO Filing

    OK guys basically the way it works is you can ONLY get a state record for fish that are pre-listed on the DFG/W website. Wahoo weren't listed, so they're ineligible for a record. Kind of stupid, right? The reasoning seems to be if a fish is so rare that you're the only one who caught one...
  347. Rabid Fish

    Bahia de Los Angeles

    I too considered cancelling my BOLA trip, and was talked out of it by the guys on this board. They were right! I was there from the 10th - 13th. This was a spearfishing trip. The whole bay was alive with jumping bonito and sierra, but they wouldn't bite lures. I managed to get one sierra on...
  348. Rabid Fish

    El Nino Latest Forcast

    watch a few of them and you get the hang of it. it's the real deal stuff, it's not dumbed down at all
  349. Rabid Fish

    El Nino Latest Forcast

    Go to Youtube Look up "STORMSURF" Guy does WEEKLY 30 minute very in-depth videos detailing the relevant storm activity (N. Pacific in winter, S. Pacific in summer, both during 'tweener periods like right now) PLUS a very, very detailed breakdown on the El Nino with all the latest charts where...
  350. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Team Encounter 9/29/14....10 SoCal Marlin day!

    Because catching them is so much like catching carp you just sit there with your bobber and grape bubble gum. No but seriously I always thought it was an ironic thing because they're like opposite fishes.
  351. Rabid Fish

    Anybody interested in making a trip to BoLA?

    Thanks for the update, guys
  352. Rabid Fish

    Anybody interested in making a trip to BoLA?

    Do you have any word on the state of the roads down there?
  353. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Another Hoo

    I don't know but I heard someone from a SD angling club got one Sunday. I'm sure there have been a few caught and not publicized. All I know is: more than the last 20+ years combined
  354. Rabid Fish

    Bahia de Los Angeles - Odile update

    I had a trip planned for BOLA, we were going to leave Oct 10. What do you guys think? Should I cancel?
  355. Rabid Fish

    What are the limits for Cali tuna?

    yt under 24" you only get 5, + up to 5 more over 24"
  356. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Limits Yellowfin,Dorado,Yellowtail and Skipjack Solo ( Video )

    I wish I had a personalized ice chest. How much did that baby run you? :D
  357. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 181 Glory!!!!!!

    WTG! Any pics of the big tuna? I need my fix, man!
  358. Rabid Fish

    US Waters and Quality Models (YFT)

    The fish in the fourth photo is a bluefin. Quite a nice variety you scored, congrats!
  359. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Anybody in o'side or dana w/ a boat and a Flying Gaff desperate

    LOL remember 2005 when people couldn't post pics to BD on the water with their phones, and we had to wait until 1am to get grainy pics?
  360. Rabid Fish

    BIg Eye in the count

    I think I'm going to start calling them big lies instead of big eyes
  361. Rabid Fish

    ended up at catalina

    This is the first time I've ever thought a "bad spelling" rating is appropriate lol
  362. Rabid Fish

    Blue Marlin in the Blue Horizon??

    After all these people who can't tell a YFT from a BFT, I'm not buying any blue marlin tales until there's photos and or a body at the docks. The CA record striped marlin is over 300lbs. I know blues have been caught and this seems like the year to catch them but I'm just not trusting anyone's...
  363. Rabid Fish

    Daveys Locker 8-18 cattle boat lesson

    Groupons will do that! I'd expect an abnormally busy day on any boat if I was riding with a groupon. I just feel bad for the unwitting people w/o groupons, who paid sticker to get in on that mess. I'm sure they were all experienced anglers, though :rolleyes:
  364. Rabid Fish

    Freedom- Cat Island 8/16

    Damn either you or your friend looks like Chris Weidman Actually I'm gonna go ahead and say that is Chris Weidman What were people losing fish to? Seals? Tangles?
  365. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 8.16 - Rough Day but We Scratched it Out

    ...and hold his own pole instead :D
  366. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Hammerheads and Yellowfin

    Yeah we had monster HHs next to us twice while on tuna. They didn't mess with our fish though. Didn't even seem interested in the hooked fish. Got lucky I guess. Man those things are cool. Saw a lot of them offshore in 08 too.
  367. Rabid Fish

    The water is warm,Take only what you need from it, (video)

    If you do those things, might not be a good idea to do them in that order... ha
  368. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 8/10 371 to 425

    They really are. Fascinating life cycle on these. From wiki: "Like many Hydrozoa, Velella velella has a bipartite life cycle, with a sort of alternation of generations. The deep blue by-the-wind sailors that are recognized by many beach-goers are the polyp phase of the life cycle. Each...
  369. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Why Tuna hate birds.....limits of YFT by 9am Saturday 8/9/14 (Finally!)

    In the gill (under the plate), out the pectoral fin is how I do it. With a bigger chove, and a #2 hook, you can nose hook them like a dine if you want. And stoked for you Mikey! Keep bashin' 'em
  370. Rabid Fish

    Missing Boat/ Safety First

    LOL what a moron
  371. Rabid Fish

    Not so good news on El Nino

    Things are still totally up in the air El Nino-wise. From most likely to least likely I would say: small-moderate El Nino, no El Nino, Multi-year moderate event, large event. But warm water and great fishing doesn't mean it's an El Nino. I think I'll listen to these "overpaid scientists"...
  372. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Still biting at the 226

    Damn it, I was just firing up the popcorn
  373. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Already got limits. TODAY 8/7

    Oh sorry about the spelling there, pastdue. Next time I'll proofread my on the water reports :rofl:.
  374. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Already got limits. TODAY 8/7

    Bait only. We found a spot of porpoises, soaked bait on them, and got a double. Got those two and soaked again and got nothing, so we started to move. We got maybe 30 feet before we metered them again, stopped and another double! We tried to move three or four times, same thing! Finally they...
  375. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Already got limits. TODAY 8/7

    36.5 up 44.5 out already got the boat trailered back in the harbor.. That's limits US on yft 20-25 grade by 830 am. You got honey dos better blow them off or find a new wife
  376. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Dana point 15 mile out. YFT 8-4

    Lol "business owner" among other things
  377. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Reality Check Fish Report 267 - 209 7-30-14

    No need to boycott anything. You can look at the bait before you buy it. If you don't like what you see, you can choose whether it's worth the money. Personally I'd rather pay the 25 bucks and have it, even if it's only good for chum, but that's your call. It's OK to look at the bait and say...
  378. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Great day out there 7-30-14.

    Nice, looks like a mix of BFT and YFT, did you get a count on how many of each?
  379. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Thunderbird 2-day on 7/28 & 7/29

    I'm curious where you guys are getting some of your regulations info, as I would love to read where anyone read the rule on when the US enforces Mexican limits. It seems to me that if they continued fishing in US waters (Cortez Bank), then they became subject to our laws and limits. Some of...
  380. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Bluefin Fishery... Get em now!!

    Banning recreational fishing is stupid. If you have to do something, establish a reasonable quota for recreational fisherman and either ban commercial fishing or give them a separate quota. The recreational hook and line take is sustainable. It's a disgrace to ban it.
  381. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 40 lb yellow fin

    He apparently doesn't. 100% a BFT
  382. Rabid Fish

    Offshore BFT - 7-25-14

    That's a nice tuna bud, over 25 for sure
  383. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 7/26 near the 425 YFT

    Nice! We were nearby for similar results. All our tuna on breaking fish with birds. One tip I'll contribute is to make macs by the jetty at MB entrance (if you launch from MB.) We managed to get a couple 20lb yt out from among the rats using the macs. All the paddies held big schools of small...
  384. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Alot of gas ,few fish for some,that's fishing

    Tough break but at least you got a tuna! Very helpful report, thanks!
  385. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Wide open YT at 43-182

    Did you try dropping a megabait or anything like that?
  386. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Bigeye tuna!

    Not buying this for a second. Who goes to the trouble of taking out a liver, but doesn't take a single picture of the fish? You catch a legit bigeye tuna, you're the first boat to legit get one in years as far as I know. Why would any boat not want that attention? Everyone's going to want to...
  387. Rabid Fish

    Paddy issues solved

    There's a difference between dangers that come with the territory (sharks, drowning, etc.) and dangers that come from other people (i.e. boats driving around near you when you're in the water.) I only put myself in danger of the former; the latter comes from other people being unsafe. I'm a...
  388. Rabid Fish

    Offshore big patty

    Look at the water color... clearly offshore He's definitely legit, a well-respected guy in the spearo community
  389. Rabid Fish

    Paddy issues solved

    I agree, like I said, we divers have to find our own. For the safety reasons and because diving a paddy tends to shut it down much more quickly than fishing it. If a diver's coming in on your paddy, that's wrong too. That's sort of the whole problem here. If you do the wrong thing, it sucks...
  390. Rabid Fish

    Paddy issues solved

    Maybe I shouldn't have derailed this thread with my diver talk (then again, the issue's been done to death anyway). I just think if we're talking about rules and etiquette on paddies, we have to acknowledge that different rules apply when there's a man in the water on a kelp vs. when there's...
  391. Rabid Fish

    Paddy issues solved

    And let me just clarify a point I made above about divers. I say you gotta leave our paddy not because YOU will run me over (although that's a legit concern.) I say it because when there's one boat on a kelp with a flag up, if you stay and fish, suddenly guys see two boats stopped and go "ooo...
  392. Rabid Fish

    Paddy issues solved

    This is so stupid. Take my last trip for example. I was diving, so we weren't coming in on anyone else's paddy. If you're diving, you gotta find your own, bottom line. We had a couple uninvited guests on a couple paddies, and when I'm in the water that's a safety issue. DIVERS HAVE TO FIND...
  393. Rabid Fish

    El Niño is here temps off the coast proves it.

    El Nino means a whole lot more than warm water off San Diego. What happens is the winds over the equator stop, sending a deep ocean current of warm water in from the West Pacific. That happened in March. It sent a big influx of warm water east, which slowly gurgled up and pushed north, giving...
  394. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Intrepid 4th of July 3 day trip

    tough luck Joe, probably the first time since our NYE 2012 trip I've been glad I wasn't on the ol' Intrep hopefully I'll ride her again someday, hope you're there!
  395. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Solo Quad BFT

    Funny how many people can't tell YFT from BFT Edi: should've mentioned the best way to tell the difference is when they're alive, BFT have a pure silver anal fin, YFT's assfin is yellow. That's a YFT Locally, YFT are better eating anyway, especially for sushi. People always think BFT are...
  396. Rabid Fish

    Catalina Island Report 7/5/14

    Says who? They've been fished the same for decades and yet, clearly, there are still plenty of big bass out there. I support the new limits because I think in a decade there'll be a lot more big fish like that, but it's not like you go out there and there's no bass to be caught anymore...
  397. Rabid Fish

    Catalina Island Report 7/5/14

    I find it laughable that you'd never see these comments in threads like the one the guy just posted about the mirage catching 150 halibut and like 50 wsb Guy goes home with 120lbs of hali and wsb fillets and it's nothing but applause. lol to me that has 50x more impact on the fishery than...
  398. Rabid Fish

    Best trip so far (mirage)

    OMG You should buy a food saver too. Makes a big difference. Where did you guys fish?
  399. Rabid Fish

    What is this? Dana point kelp line this morning

    Yeah Rainbow/Bluestriped Chub, it's like a tropical opaleye/blue perch! Very cool and very rare catch!
  400. Rabid Fish

    Pac Dawn 6.3.14 WSB Limits

    So wait, how does this work where you catch 2 WSB? If I was on that boat and hadn't caught one and some guys had 2, 3 fish and the boat had limits I'd be pissed. Do you give your other fish to someone else, or?? Sucks to quit fishing early b/c limits when obviously not everyone got a chance...
  401. Rabid Fish

    Bluefin----What about Albacore?

    "Why do you want albacore?" Says the guys who weren't fishing in 1999-2003 The big albacore runs beat the shit out anything we've had in the last 10-15 years. Not even a close call. Albacore >>> For everything. Better meat. Bigger schools. Dumber fish. St8 WFO for weeks, months, damn...
  402. Rabid Fish

    2014 Seiner Quota?

    It hasn't really been a thing for about 100 years now but on and off there are big tuna caught in socal. About 5 years ago a seiner rounded up a handful of 6-800lb fish (some say over a 1000lb, but most say around 600) Then you get stories every few years about guys seeing huge fish or getting...
  403. Rabid Fish

    Big Calico

    WTF? I used to work the decks of these local boats and I saw day after day a boatload of guys take 10 calicos and release many more with hooks down their throats. I was with you guys on letting calicos go back then. Nowadays, we have a shitload of MPAs, plus they cut the limit to 5 and gave...
  404. Rabid Fish

    Viva El Nino?

    The predictions now are about 75% chance for El Nino and signs of a big one. El Nino this year means weird weather this coming winter and summer and if it's a big el nino, probably epic bites next summer. Not this summer.
  405. Rabid Fish

    Rockfish and short fish in Mexico answers

    I think having those pictures can't hurt, but just so you and everyone else knows, DFG isn't bound by the same 4th Amendment restrictions as regular cops are. A regular cop can't come into your house without permission or a warrant, or search you without permission or a warrant (assuming you're...
  406. Rabid Fish

    How do mlpas affect spearfishing

    Basically you're looking for a spot where there's good rock reef structure and hopefully kelp that isn't in an MPA. There's only so many spots where you can swim from shore to good reef structure, and you can basically use google maps to find those. The lame thing about MPAs is they all seem...
  407. Rabid Fish

    Grunion run

    Anyone know any beaches in OC where they come to shore?
  408. Rabid Fish

    real world correlation with tides4fishing activity levels and caught fish

    Don't worry about tides! I'm not saying tides aren't important but if you have perfect tides but lousy current, big swell, water all turned over and cold and green, then that's probably not going to be a great fishing day. You can't just look at a moon calendar and say "hey, these days we're...
  409. Rabid Fish

    What is the best trailerable offshore boat?

    26' Pacific, no question
  410. Rabid Fish

    Colorado River Restoration

    I wouldn't worry about the probably nonexistent gulf salmon but the extra flow of water might help provide the breeding ground needed for other nothern gulf species, especially totoaba.
  411. Rabid Fish

    El Nino in 2014???? Maybe!!

    OK before everyone goes all loco, there's something VERY important you guys need to understand about el ninos. El ninos happen all the way across the pacific from us. So this el nino that might happen (50%, lmao), that won't result in an el nino summer this summer, but NEXT summer. So the...
  412. Rabid Fish


    Throwback for the old schoolers:
  413. Rabid Fish

    WOW look at this redear sunfish, possible WR

    Thing is a freak!!!
  414. Rabid Fish

    Dorado fishing

    If you booked a 2 day trip for late August, you'd have a great chance at dorado and YFT as far as how close they come, I got on a WFO bite literally in the LJ kelp... We were bass fishing, then we were suddenly mahi fishing. That was crazy and probably once in a lifetime though
  415. Rabid Fish

    Salmon (update- steelhead) in Mountain View! - Stevens Creek

    Since this wasn't removed from water, you'd have a good case to fight that fine
  416. Rabid Fish

    El Nino Coming in 2014

    ENSO neutral this year and we're due for another BIG one... the thing you guys need to understand is that ENSO is a trans-pacific phenomenon, and its results locally aren't always the same. Examples: This year is ENSO neutral and yet the waters across the state are 1.5-4 degrees warmer than...
  417. Rabid Fish

    Steady As She Goes

    They're all breeders. Legal sized lobsters are all sexually mature, and have been for years by the time they reach legal size.
  418. Rabid Fish

    Sheephead recipes

    I don't really like sheephead and I'm far from picky when it comes to fish. That said, I'm making sheephead fish cakes right at this very second and they're very, very good. I did: 2lbs of sheep fillets chopped up a million times with a knife or cleaver until it's a fish mush you can...
  419. Rabid Fish

    Epic Canyon Fishing Season - Recap Video

    That's true but only if you like trolling. I like the live bait fishing so much better, but I'd still kill to get a piece of this fishery. Sick vid.
  420. Rabid Fish

    Rockfish and short fish in Mexico answers

    Yeah I have a law background too, and the original post is 100% wrong.
  421. Rabid Fish

    Looking For A Yellow Tail Setup

    There are tons of reels that are awesome for throwing jigs. Avet, Shimano, Penn, Accurate, Daiwa, countless brands have models that will work for this purpose. In choosing which is right for you, start with the ROD. I like a 7.5 ft rod or something in that range and make sure that it's...
  422. Rabid Fish

    Ft Bragg albacore great day!!!

    Please tell me this isn't make-believe
  423. Rabid Fish

    Getting sick from eating Wahoo? (also posted in recipe forum)

    99% of the time when you order "ono" at sushi bars, it's escolar. Somehow "ono" has become the popular pseudonym for escolar in sushi bars, especially the Korean-owned ones (which is a lot more than you'd think.) So when that guy was telling you about "poison." I suspect he was talking about...
  424. Rabid Fish

    Day I dreaded might come is here.

    I don't know if that's such a hot idea.... I don't know about family law but in other areas of the law, like bankruptcy, where you can pull shit like this, the court usually finds it's not in good faith and invalidates the transaction, often to the detriment of both seller and buyer. I...
  425. Rabid Fish

    spear fishing

    Also make sure you're not within 100 yards of the mouth of any stream
  426. Rabid Fish

    Bonies and Barries in the Basin

    Close but not quite. When you fillet a bonito, it automatically counts as one the 5 under 24". So if they see SIX or more cages, you're busted. Also, a fillet is defined as "the flesh from one side of a fish extending from the head to the tail which has been removed from the body (head...
  427. Rabid Fish

    Rock Crabs out of Dana Point

    I cooked a whole one night of catch and it was really good, and a lot easier and more meaty than I expected. I'm a fan.
  428. Rabid Fish

    Goats are grazin..........SCI late report

    He is 100% right, see my post above
  429. Rabid Fish

    Goats are grazin..........SCI late report

    Here is the relevant code. 27.65. FILLETING OF FISH ON VESSELS. (a) Definition of Fillet: For the purpose of this section a fillet is the flesh from one side of a fish extending from the head to the tail which has been removed from the body (head, tail and backbone) in a single continuous...
  430. Rabid Fish

    Coiba Island Panama October 19th - 25th COIBA ADVENTURE SPORTFISING

    I love posts like this, I'm a real species nut. Your "little red fish" is a creolefish aka creole bass by the way.
  431. Rabid Fish

    Rpt-10-28-13-Once upon a 10 day Long Range Trip aboard the Royal Polaris!

    Crew was wrong. Gulf grouper are the best tasting fish I've ever had.
  432. Rabid Fish

    White Marlin Jan/Feb best Hotspot in World

    Ocean City, Maryland calls itself the "white marlin capital of the world" and hosts a big tournament there every year. They're a fairly abundant billfish species, you should have no trouble finding them
  433. Rabid Fish

    Rpt-10-28-13-Once upon a 10 day Long Range Trip aboard the Royal Polaris!

    Very very cool report. And BTW that's not a leopard grouper. It's a gulf grouper, which is a much cooler catch and better eating too
  434. Rabid Fish

    Offshore PRIDE- Late Season Pickings(*Pic Heavy*)

    What that boat calls "burning fuel", most boats call "leaving the harbor." Fantastic boat, I'll never forget my days working her decks. Enjoy the job while you got it bro, nice work taking pics. I didn't do that enough.
  435. Rabid Fish

    10/5 to 10/13/2013 - spirit of adventure

    The gaffing at ~15 mins in that video is hilarious
  436. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 302/371, perfect weather giant paddy, last trip for me , what an ending, 10/16.....

    Honestly, I'd have just tied the boat up to that thing and spent the rest of my life going where the patty goes.
  437. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Fortune 2 day 8/7-9

    Haha, I do that all the time. OCT-ober. I'm jealous of that trip, BTW
  438. Rabid Fish

    Pride tossed up some new trips starting 13 oct

    I loved working on this boat and we were the best back then, looks like things don't change on this boat (besides the name) If I ever do a cattle boat again, this boat is my #1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 pick.
  439. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 9/14 8 SE of 425 - we were hoping for an Opah, but instead...

    Hey moron why don't you post this in the spearfishing forum where it belongs? Kidding of course, very sweet fish! First one I've heard of here. I caught one in Hawai'i and it was cool because it's rare and it tasted good, so it has that rare treat kind of feel like an opah does. I'd have kept...
  440. Rabid Fish

    U.S. Limits (southern california)

    Someone should update this or unstick it. I've been seeing a lot of posts misquoting the regulations recently, and that is a bad sign because people are more likely to break the rules if they don't know them. When we break the rules, it hurts our sport's future. Here's the same post with...
  441. Rabid Fish


    Just so we're all clear, I know this is a troll thread, but the only place you CAN'T fish is Laguna. Newport to Laguna is still open for fishing, spearfishing and diving for uni/bugs, and Dana Point to Laguna is still open for the same stuff "below the lower mean low tide line" WHATEVER THE F...
  442. Rabid Fish

    Tuna First

    Very badass and I agree, tuna fishing is the most fun!!! Especially albacore. With other tunas there a lot of dice rolling, you have to find the right patty or dolphin school or find the birds or breaking fish. Otherwise it's usually just the occasional troll fish. With albacore, it's like a...
  443. Rabid Fish

    Tuna First

    Do what the other guy said and run two in the back and two on either side. Skip the outriggers; they'll just make it more time consuming to get your spread out there. Here are more important tips: DO NOT stop the boat once you get hit. If you're not fishing bait, you might not want to stop...
  444. Rabid Fish

    Loreto: "Hey,what did they do with that fish, barbeque?"

    It's called "pescado zarandeado"
  445. Rabid Fish

    Bluefin Counts Getting Smaller

    You might be fishing kelps for yellows on Monday depending on how things shake out. I worked on that boat, and fishing 100-110 mi was about as far as we did on an overnight. If the tuna really moved out to the 130-150 zone, you'll probably be working the inner banks for yellows and the tuna...
  446. Rabid Fish

    La Jolla 8-3&4 you can add your posts here...

    Yeah it's was really fun to see the water in LJ that clear and blue.
  447. Rabid Fish


    Looks like you're better at trolling than harpooning!
  448. Rabid Fish


    Tube-snout - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ? edit: now that there's a picture I agree it's a pipefish
  449. Rabid Fish

    Angler survey for school project

    Great post. I 100% agree with your assessment of the last 10 years. Through the late nineties and early 2000s, BFT were a really special rare treat. Boats would get one or two mixed in with the limits of albacore. Starting around 2005 I want to say the BFT started to be a more routine catch...
  450. Rabid Fish

    Offshore IT'S ON BABY!!

    Rats mean it is on... Rats are summertime-only fish Means our summertime fish are are showing up, season's starting. Good sign when things start in May
  451. Rabid Fish

    Northern Cal Albies

    To the people saying BS, were you here in 2000-2002 when guys were picking off local albies on New Years day? ...I believe
  452. Rabid Fish

    Pedasi Windy Fishing 4/6

    Sarda Orientalis, aka Mexican Bonito Don't knock local bonito, they're awesome for sushi or grilled. Bleed and ice them, the meat is white like albacore. If you think it's dark meat not fit for cat food, you just haven't been treating them right.
  453. Rabid Fish

    Best way to remove a hook from your body

    I wonder if he has a trick for taking off that too-small ring he's wearing?
  454. Rabid Fish

    Fishing PV w/ Danny nothing short of AWESOME

    Posting pics is easy and takes less time than it sounds from these instructions. First you need to make an account on photobucket. Should take only a couple minutes. There, you can upload the pictures saved on your computer. After you upload them, there'll be a button you can click to...
  455. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Albacore Outlook for 2013

    You definitely missed a handful of shit years, but talk to anyone who's been in the game and they'll tell you these cycles have gone on forever. I started fishing in 98, I was 10 years old and it was an El Nino. We'd head out of MB, turn up to LJ, slow troll deans for a half day and get 5...
  456. Rabid Fish

    Offshore First of the season - HUGE Opah

    Those trolling skills are going to come in handy in a few months, TS
  457. Rabid Fish

    Not a fish report

    Check out this one
  458. Rabid Fish

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Sportboat Etiquette

    I worked as a deckhand during summer when I was going to UCLA... I'm in law school now. We're not all idiots. We work hard. We get paid shit. Many of us work to pay off student loans (which a guy your age doesn't even know about.) Most of the students in this country are in massive debt...
  459. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Wish we were back in summer

    Having been there, I can tell you it's tiring but you get used to it. And I've never looked a pile of fish and thought "that's a lot of work." All I ever thought was "$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$" When fishing's your job, catching fish is a good thing. Don't feel bad for deckies...
  460. Rabid Fish

    San Quintin Yellowtail...on the iron!

    Sarda Chilensis, Pacific Bonito
  461. Rabid Fish

    GET SUM! Red Rooster Accurate Trip Nov 8-21

    That's badass, Nick. Congrats!
  462. Rabid Fish

    Offshore WHAT A SEASON IT WAS!!!

    It was nice to finally have fish around again, after the last couple years. I'm optimistic next year will be even better.
  463. Rabid Fish

    Quality Reds on Split Decision

    Wolf eel are good to eat, they are commercially fished and sold
  464. Rabid Fish

    October Fishing in Islamorada

    wow, look at the eye of the 2nd sword. Almost looks like a diff species. Weird.
  465. Rabid Fish

    Sea Adventure 80 1.5 leaving Oct. 7

    See y'all there! Slay'em!!!!!!! 2 spots left
  466. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Yellowfin eat Grasshopper's

    They're not grasshoppers, they're what I call "kelp crickets" and they're the spawn of the fucking devil. We once had a nice fish get hopelessly stuck in a kelp, and we were going to bail on the kelp anyway so we pulled up, gaffed the fish, and pulled the fish and half the paddy onto the boat...
  467. Rabid Fish

    Changes to bass regulations proposed

    Closing sand bass is ridiculous. The rest, however, is something that I've been hoping for since I started fishing. IMO, 5 total bass of any kind max with a slot of 13-16" or 12 - 15" would be perfect Closing sand bass during the hot months is pretty lame. I understand wanting to...
  468. Rabid Fish


    Looking at the title I thought this was going to be another one of those "went out fishing but the weather was too rough, so we came in and went to Point Loma Seafoods and limited out on monkfish and wsb!" reports.
  469. Rabid Fish

    Alijos Rocks

    If you haven't already, post this question on the long range forum. That's the best place for this kind of question. But just to torture you a little more, here's the first report from Alijos: Independence is back at work, having arrived at her first destination, apparently Alijos Rocks on...
  470. Rabid Fish

    Karata T

    That's not an anchor, it's a soviet umbrella :shithappens:
  471. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Offshore predictions? Water is shaping up

    as far as tuna goes, it can't possibly get any worse. I'm sure there are guys who have fished offshore so cal a lot longer than I have, all I can say for sure is that last year and the year before was the worst tuna fishing for the one day fleet (<60 nmi) in 14 years
  472. Rabid Fish

    Quick Gonzaga Trip Apr 3rd & 4th

    Nice Gulf Sierra. I've always wanted to catch one of those.
  473. Rabid Fish

    New to California fishing

    just fyi the spines on that grumpy brown fish you caught will ruin your week, they're really nasty. Good eating fish but be careful with them. in case you didn't already know that
  474. Rabid Fish


    Yeah, you did. You forgot the beer ;) edit: I see I'm neither original nor quick
  475. Rabid Fish

    San Miguel Style

    My tip for onboard filleting: As you slide the knife along the fillet under the skin to remove the skin, just stop about an inch before you reach the end of the fillet. So you have the entire piece of skin attached to the fillet, but you can easily rip it off when you get home. I like...
  476. Rabid Fish

    Last 3 fish guys a good....

    You're right about the other 2. Cabrilla, wavyline, popeye
  477. Rabid Fish

    Another fish ID.....

    Yeah it's a green jack, and Mexicans call them cocinero also.
  478. Rabid Fish

    What ever happened to the bonitos?

    Pretty funny, I came in this thread to say that I heard the same thing when I was a kid. "Where's the Bonito??" Then in 2006-2007 we caught all we wanted, including the 10+lbers, and how soon we forget... Anyway, check the date of that article if you don't believe me. They'll be back. I...
  479. Rabid Fish

    Stone brew response

    San Diego's best brewing company.... ten years ago. Stone's product has taken a nosedive in recent years anyway. I'm not too sad to never buy their product again.
  480. Rabid Fish

    Braid Marauder vs Yo Zuri Bonita

    I would never ever in a million years troll my own gear on a party boat of any kind. Why? 2 reasons: 1) The big reason is that the lures the crew put out there are the ones that they think will get bit best. I don't care how many trips you've been on, they know better than you and were...
  481. Rabid Fish

    Local Rockfish trip!

    Starry, blue, brown, greenblotched, flag
  482. Rabid Fish

    Thank You Five Star

    Thank God you didn't have to wait 2 days to.... make something ghastly out of it. That plate looks ghastlier than a thousand ghouls. :waglleybooty:
  483. Rabid Fish

    Heavy mother fnnnnnnnnn****** Bluefin Tuna

    Awwww man how could you let that thing go?? I'd be eating sushi for ten years if it was me on that fish. Thing almost definitely died anyway...
  484. Rabid Fish


    Awesome time fishing with you Nick!! Thanks for writing up your report, it was cool to relive it through your eyes. I'm already jonesing to go on another trip hahah
  485. Rabid Fish

    Ono and Shibi -- Dec. 23

    I think they're pretty good but they're quite lean. There are better ways to eat them than as sushi but if you love sushi as much as I do, you'll probably eat them raw anyway.
  486. Rabid Fish

    Intrepid Dec 26 who is going.

    I'll be there, looking forward to meeting you all! And doing some fishing, I guess. Why not.
  487. Rabid Fish

    Fish ID

    You know, I think it's actually a snake mackerel of some kind. Fish was probably cleaned before the head was discarded. Something like an escolar/oilfish. Cataloupe sized head sounds about right, too. This fish is supposedly an escolar, but I think it's actually some kind of...
  488. Rabid Fish

    Long Range photos, lets see them

    Correct. It's a MASSIVE jawfish too. I've caught a few but they weren't even half as big. Great eating, believe it or not, although one of the most difficult to fillet. So slippery and delicate it's really hard to keep the knife from slipping right through the meat. I've heard them...
  489. Rabid Fish

    Going to Finger Bank

    There are several rigs I like. There's the simple gangion rig. Bring a good variety of weights because you don't know exactly how deep you'll be fishing (though it'll probably be from around 280-400 knowing the area) and the weather/current/exact line you're using all make a difference...
  490. Rabid Fish

    British T-bags.

    That's some seeeeerious dope you're giving out there I for one appreciate it, thanks!
  491. Rabid Fish

    Long Range photos, lets see them

    A few from my stint on the Orion... Going on my first LR trip 12-26 on the Intrep SO EXCITED!!! Hopefully I'll be able to come back with better pics, but this'll have to do for now. The last couple years have been a bummer. Glad I was working when the fishing was good.
  492. Rabid Fish

    Headin' over

    If you go to Hawaii and don't spend any time casting crocs off the rocks for snappers and roi you are a FOOL, sir, a fool. Some of the funnest fishing I've ever done, easily the best from shore
  493. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Cortez 2.5 day trip with limits of YT and BFT 50-70 pounds

    Thanks, that was basically what I envisioned from what he said, just wanted to make sure. I've never had abrasion problems with > 15lb test. YMMV? but if I'm fishing 30+, I'm not worried about teeth unless we're ono fishing
  494. Rabid Fish

    Owner or Gamakatsu???????

    Mustad for everything. I'll use an owner in a heartbeat. I've used a lot of ga'tsus and they'll catch you fish fine, but a buck a hook? Fuck that. Also I've heard people say those cutting edge hooks wear a bigger hole in the fish's mouth and that can lead to lost fish, but that's all...
  495. Rabid Fish

    Is the Torium 30 to much reel?

    The toriums are a great reel for the money. I really like them. I've mostly been using Trinis but when I was working on the Orion I got to try a lot of different reels in real life action and honestly I thought the Toriums were as smooth as the Trinis and damn nice reels. Generally, line...
  496. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Cortez 2.5 day trip with limits of YT and BFT 50-70 pounds

    What do you mean by this, Brad? Can you explain it in a little more detail?
  497. Rabid Fish

    Whales and Reds - 10/8/11

    Next time you have problems with those whales, just shoot one. They'll leave you alone.
  498. Rabid Fish

    I thought this was a fishing board? Mod can you setup a bug board?

    If they make a subcategory you can still see them. I'm sure you could say all the same stuff about kayak fishing, but it has its own forum. You can certainly learn a lot about fishing by spearfishing, and it has its own forum too. Bloodydecks separates different kinds of fishing when they are...
  499. Rabid Fish

    I thought this was a fishing board? Mod can you setup a bug board?

    TS is right. The board gets bogged down with bug reports and a subcategory would clean things up. The fin-fisherman can read an uncluttered board and those interested in lobster reports can still find them. It's a great idea. The only ones bitching are those of you being rude to the TS
  500. Rabid Fish

    Offshore what color feather for trolling

    I can't stress enough how true this is
  501. Rabid Fish

    Offshore New Lo-Ann 160 Bigeye?

    Probably not, probably bluefin or yellowtail since they have YFT in the same count. Also, I heard one of the other times this happened (I've seen it happen several times) that the way they enter these reports is by typing the number of fish and clicking a bubble to select the type of fish...
  502. Rabid Fish

    Offshore New Lo-Ann 160 Bigeye?

    This seems to happen all the time... Hope it's true but they've cried wolf on the bigeye too many times, and 160 is too big a number. I bet they meant yellowtail like all the other times this has happened.
  503. Rabid Fish

    Offshore line shy?

    Every day things change. They can be really picky for two months and then one day pop off and chew anything. My advice is to be prepared for anything. Have a 20# rig and bring some fluoro leaders in 15# and 20# so you're set if the bite is picky, but also bring 30 and 40# setups in case...
  504. Rabid Fish

    Great fishing Over the weekend

    He did say it was a charter. When you take people out, it's their call what to do with the fish and sometimes you don't have a choice. I didn't like killing 200+ bass in a day when I was deckhanding but I couldn't just throw them all back despite the passengers' wishes.
  505. Rabid Fish

    Limit of bass in under 20 minutes...

    Wow you are one TOUGH chick. I won't even lip bass barehanded like that. Even in my deckhand days. The bass thumb after is brutal.
  506. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Freezer is full

    sub par fish, maybe. sub par fries? blasphemy. PLS has better fries than tommy ;)
  507. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Spotted bay bass record...

    That's a huge SBB!! It's not a goldspotted bass, although that yellow pec fin is weird its a spotty I'm pretty sure. Jealous!!
  508. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Skipjack caught in the OC area??

    A BLACK skipjack?? Not a regular one? I'd like to see that pic. That's an extremely rare catch, even in severe el ninos
  509. Rabid Fish

    Pride & Prejudice; I hate Whites

    That boat looks familiar
  510. Rabid Fish

    Hit N run La Jolla 07/01/11

    Wow that's a blast from the past. I think I remember hearing that on the radio one day, must've been a few years ago...
  511. Rabid Fish

    80lb soup fin shark off of la jolla beach

    Woah, what's with all the drama queens? Did I accidently sign into allcoast? I thought this was BD. Half these replies are worthy of the ol' "gay porn in inbox" trick. Guy catches Tshark or Mako: all high fives guy catches soupfin: buckets full of tears. Also, who cares what it weighs? it...
  512. Rabid Fish

    Fish ID? Here is a better photo

    I've eaten the usual bait-sized spanish mackies and they were pretty strong flavored. Not great eating cooked or raw. Interesting that the big ones would taste better. With many fish it's the opposite; the smaller versions being better tasting and the large ones being too strong or oily.
  513. Rabid Fish

    Releasing Black Sea Bass

    One thing you might want to add or edit in is that one should never hold a seabass vertically, that is, head pointing to the sky and tail pointing downward. This position puts a ton of pressure on their internal organs, and can cause the fish to die later, even if it swims away fine.
  514. Rabid Fish

    Victor gives up some fish

    Where do you put the fish you catch?
  515. Rabid Fish

    Dana Pride 5/31/11

    What the Captain did wrong was hold the fish vertically. BIG NO NO. Never hold a BSB upright (head up, tail down) it causes serious trauma of the internal organs and even if the fish swims away fine, it can die soon after.
  516. Rabid Fish

    Species I.D.?

    No, piles have a bar on their side. that's a white surfperch I'm pretty sure. Big'n too
  517. Rabid Fish

    Any experience with Aztec from Seaforth?

    All the seaforth boats are fine operations IMO
  518. Rabid Fish

    Summer Tuna

    The only boat I have any real experience with is the Orion, which I used to work on as a deckhand. It's not a luxury boat, but it's a better value for your money than most boats, and the captian (Bryan Winn) is a true fisherman at heart. There's a lot of captains out there and I'm sure most if...
  519. Rabid Fish

    New Record Seabass!! What a Lucky Bastard

    Very cool about the record... how do you do that pretend dutch thing I keep seeing? It's like the Swedish chef from the muppets or something Edit: Yeeh it suoonds leeke-a zee svedeesh cheff fur soore-a... but how do I get it to change to english when I quote it?
  520. Rabid Fish

    Owner or Gamakatsu???????

    The type of hook you use is way more important than the brand. In my experience, the best hooks for tuna fishing are Sardines: size 1 for med/small ones to size 3/0 for big ones, with 2/0 a good go-to Chovies: I do size 1 or 2 depending on the size I don't use big thick hooks...
  521. Rabid Fish

    rockfish, sculpin, whitefish and a whale

    When I want to keep a sculpin, I lip grip them like a bass and use my dykes to cut all their hard dorsal, anal and ventral fins off. Even dead/mostly dead, those spines are dangerous (as you found out). Next time, disarm them right away and still treat them with care afterward. It's not worth...
  522. Rabid Fish

    I need your opinion

    I've had more Newells break on me than AVETs, but YMMV It's possible the clicker was on without him realizing, their clickers do make more of a grindy sound than a standard clicker. I know it sounds really dumb, but we've all stood around wondering why an electronic device wasn't working only...
  523. Rabid Fish

    San Felipe tips please?

    I'm pretty sure that's a totuava. (protected fish, of course) If I'm wrong, and that is a giant orangemouth, I'd like to know how you knew the difference. Definitely looks like a totuava to me. They also have orange mouths... I know this is corb/vina all over again but I gotta ask...
  524. Rabid Fish

    Oct 7-9 Cat report... Big Black Sea Bass

    Depends on the fish. A reef fish is not a black sea bass. Have you ever filleted a triggerfish? These reef fish have super tough sandpaper like skin to protect them from the hostile reef environment. They also differ in the structural integrity of their organs. Black sea bass cannot be held...
  525. Rabid Fish

    08.18.10 Helen Solo on the Pursuit

    Nice report! Anyone expecting to get a particular bunk or "their" corner spot on a boat with 75 people is a madman.
  526. Rabid Fish

    HUGE T came into Oceanside yesterday

    Chill. All he meant by his comment was that the arguing is BS, the angler gets to decide and he personally wouldn't have taken it. I don't see anything wrong with that. Your buddies are trying to make a living on this website, maybe you should act more civilized. Edit: and I don't mean the...
  527. Rabid Fish

    12 year old catches limit of halibut

    OMG SIERRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  528. Rabid Fish

    La Jolla 4/19

    I don't get the "Tip the bait guy extra and he'll hook you up" logic. You're getting more bait.... for more money. Big deal? I guess I don't know what a big tip is. Do you consider 5 bucks a big tip? If so, yeah everyone should give them five bucks. It isn't worth five bucks not having...
  529. Rabid Fish

    SB limits and...pan sized T

    My problem with your position (although it is a fine example of practical wisdom, and how to best engage oneself in public discourse) is that you on the one hand are talking about responsibility and resource management, but on the other hand you seem mostly worried about PR, or how anglers are...
  530. Rabid Fish

    SB limits and...pan sized T

    Considering I'm a philosophy major at UCLA looking into going to law school, I'd say we agree on a lot.
  531. Rabid Fish

    SB limits and...pan sized T

    I see no difference between taking that shark and taking a 100 lb shark. If anything, the 100 pounder is closer to breeding, and therefore more important. A shark that small could be killed by any number of things that a larger shark doesn't have to worry about. It's all about how many...
  532. Rabid Fish

    Bugs and rocks 02-11-10

    If that little thing was worth 300,000 your lump would be worth about a mil, mil-five. Edit: Man, I hate to say it but looking at that thing again... it looks like ambergris.
  533. Rabid Fish


    guys, next time download sopcast (SopCast - Free P2P internet TV | live football, NBA, cricket) go to downloads and get the latest version. Every UFC, about a half hour before the event, google what sopcast channel that ufc will be on. It will never crash, it will be good quality.
  534. Rabid Fish

    Fish Identification

    AKA "bullhead" on cattleboats if I'm not mistaken
  535. Rabid Fish

    Back out after Back Being Out

    Usually guys who take "happy stick" pills don't go to sleep right after :boobies: :D
  536. Rabid Fish

    south of puertocitas fishing

    Braid slammers killed em down there. Little 4 or 5 inch sizes especially.
  537. Rabid Fish

    Where is the BEST place in Mexico to fish strictly for cabrilla ?

    ^^ that's not a cabrilla. If he really meant strictly cabrilla, I might suggest Puerto Penasco I've seen a lot of pics from there of big true cabrilla (not leopard grouper as in your pic.)
  538. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Fishing with the inlaws

    I mean if anything belongs on the front page guys... Mods get on that
  539. Rabid Fish

    Trolling setup on a 1.5 dayer

    Ask the Captain what to use, and if they give you something to use, use it. Even if it looks like an Indian warbonnet nailed to a doorknob.
  540. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Orion 4/24-4/25

    You don't offend at all. I think just about every captain in the fleet has his share of nay-sayers. That said we have to consider a few things. Imagine if you had to take people out on your boat every day. You have one bad day of fishing, all of a sudden there's a guy saying the same...
  541. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Orion 4/24-4/25

    I worked on that boat. Still would if I didn't have to do summer school. That trash can is for bleeding fish. It's just one of the reasons I recommend the Orion. All the PBers on here know that the difference between a bled fish and one that hasn't been bled is like night and day. I...
  542. Rabid Fish

    Vikings First round draft choice a "Pothead"

    Seriously, if you can't even clean up your act when you know you absolutely have to... Just sad. Makes me wonder how he had the willpower to put in all those hours in the gym and training.
  543. Rabid Fish

    SD Bay Fishing on a Beautiful Easter Day

    Interesting idea with the circle hooks on halibut. I've always stuck with good old fashioned J hooks, but conventional wisdom on the circles is that you hook fish by slowly tightening the drag as the fish runs. My question is how do you hook a nibbler like a halibut? does the circle hook do a...
  544. Rabid Fish

    Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo MONDAY!! Couple quick Q's...

    Yeah I'm aware of the "march current" but that doesn't change the fact that there is no fleet targeting tuna, so even in good months the guys are kind of going out and trying to get lucky. Their sailfishing is the only reason people fish there, and it just isn't my bag. Bottom line, the...
  545. Rabid Fish

    Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo MONDAY!! Couple quick Q's...

    Well we fished a half day inshore on a panga for one sierra. Shore fishing was ok off the pier at playa linda, number 6 or 8 hooks are a must to catch bait fish. All you need is a little bait (we borrowed half a green jack from the other guys fishing the pier) and you can easily make bait. We...
  546. Rabid Fish

    Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo MONDAY!! Couple quick Q's...

    I got an invite pretty last min. to go to Ixtapa with my roommate, and was wondering about the fishing down there. We are planning to fish at least one day on a panga, and I really don't know how that's going to go down because I'm the only fisherman going on the trip, and I'm not...
  547. Rabid Fish

    Red Kelp Crab SD Bay 10/7

    I love Sea 'n' Air. Very underrated course. 9 bucks for twilight ain't bad either... Grats on the 70.
  548. Rabid Fish

    Late fishing report/pics

    How do those tiny bigeye tuna taste?
  549. Rabid Fish

    Corvina Surprise

    don't listen to em. nice corv.
  550. Rabid Fish


    I think most people prefer our cook...
  551. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 8/23/08 - 2-hour bait stop - 10 YFT @ the 182

    NO YOU DIDN'T! Haha way to go pa! We caught all ours on puddling fish today too, with about 8 jig strikes for good measure. Its grease calm out there, if you can possibly go then GO. It's really good fishing right now.
  552. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Searcher 3 day report

    You cant ever say they went too far, after all if you had got into a ripper BFT bite or something like that you'd be over the moon. The fact of the matter is that fishing is fishing. It's fishing in close, and its fishing far away. Yeah the close in stuff is pretty good, but it isn't amazing...
  553. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Orion 7-29

    Hey Mike! Thanks for the post and the nice words. Haven't had a chance to sit at my computer in a while, sorry about bringing back the old post but I just wanted to say Mike is a great guy, and a really good fisherman! That charter was one of those trips where everything came together, the...
  554. Rabid Fish

    1 1/2 day openings?

    Join us on the ORION!!! Hahahaha I can't believe I was actually referred to as "great crew"... but we have tons of fun and Bryan ran a billion kid trips on the Sea Watch so he's good at/used to dealing with kids.
  555. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 2 Chickens @ 302 6/29/2008

    One of the fortunate few today, fishing was tough. We put some time in the same spot for nothing, came home early due to badddd weather.
  556. Rabid Fish

    Offshore size large Ablies 6/27/08

    Yeah I've heard that the tails being frayed is a good sign, but unfortunately none of your pics are fresh out of the water shots. If they were frayed like that when you gaffed them that is good, but the fish beating the deck and fish hold/icebox will do a number on the tails as well.
  557. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 182

    It was a pretty small pic, but yeah I think that's the ol' bluefin there. Better fish IMO, but there have been some YFT around too... Kind of an odd start to the year.
  558. Rabid Fish

    14 Apr south of the Coronados

    Without a doubt its a Goldspotted Bass. And yeah I got a little book that says there's only a record of ONE caught in socal. NOT A SPOTTED BAY BASS. You're a lucky man, that's the rarest catch I've seen on these boards in a long, long time. You're more likely to catch an Opah than that...
  559. Rabid Fish


    It was good. Good tourney :D
  560. Rabid Fish

    Oside Flattie Report 3/8

    barf barf barf barf You fail. That's clearly a guy.
  561. Rabid Fish

    canadians and spearfishing

    Cold water? More fish for you, I'd say :D
  562. Rabid Fish

    Gay guy climbs! Mt Everest

    OMFG hilarious. Top 10 vid for sure.
  563. Rabid Fish

    Cool pics of Record Pike from Canada

    That's like the coolest story I've ever heard. Tell it again! Tell it again!
  564. Rabid Fish

    Bruin Football

    my new favorite poster.
  565. Rabid Fish

    USC beats FUCLA!!!!!!!!!

  566. Rabid Fish

    Alaska Airlines Fishing Photo Contest

    I was gonna post that too I agree with SDfishkiller. Does anyone know what kind of rockfish the one on the left is?
  567. Rabid Fish

    Martyball strikes again....

    Yeah when I saw them call that PI I started remembering the Super Bowl that the Seahawks rightfully won, and all the angry memories came flooding back. I was glad Jacksonville won it, they deserved it more.
  568. Rabid Fish

    UFC...Is Chuck gonna get his ass kicked tonite?

    Wanderlei isn't with Chute Boxe. Neither is Shogun, or his bro or less recently Anderson Silva. They've all left, no really big names there right now. Wanderlei reminded me of Chuck in the Jardine fight. Couldn't get comfortable or confident. Really makes me want a sequel. I dunno...
  569. Rabid Fish

    Tom Brady - The Pats

    You asked if anyone gives a shit? Around here? The only people around here who give a shit only give a shit because they HATE the Pats. Me included. Edit: I'll bet on them to win every game because it's a win-win. I either win money, or they lose, and I'd pay to see that!
  570. Rabid Fish

    Current Intrepid Who Caught What Results

    I met Mr. Billy Casper at SDCC once with a friend of my dads. It was awesome!
  571. Rabid Fish

    Ultimate Fighter Finale !!

    He's going to be a broadcaster on The Fight Network (or something like that) out of Canada. Never worked for the UFC per se, but for the NSAC/CSAC/NJSAC. Still sucks. I like Mazzagati's stach, but to the guy above who mentioned good stoppages, I've seen the exact opposite from Steve. OK...
  572. Rabid Fish

    Was Merriman victim of dirty play by Titans?

    That's a DANCE??? I thought it was steroid induced epilepsy.
  573. Rabid Fish

    Ultimate Fighter Finale !!

    Chuck has back-to-back losses agains Rampage (forgivable, 'page is a much better fighter) and Jardine (ridiculous, striking is Chuck's game and Jardine outstruck him. While he is a good fighter, he has shown that his standup is very beatable (Houston Alexander)) and worst of all Chuck looked...
  574. Rabid Fish

    New Gulp Saltwater Chum

    HAHAHHAHA ^ good one. I don't even get what he was attempting to say in that quote.
  575. Rabid Fish

    nice day of fishing

    take your dykes and cut the dorsal, ventral and anal fin spines, in that order.
  576. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Rock cod limits

    Actually it was this one Sebastes ovalis, Speckled rockfish: compared to bank rockfish which looks like this View Pictures Seriously though they look about the same. As if there weren't enough rockfish species.
  577. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Rock cod limits

    See that sculpin on the left? 322ft of water. Weird, huh.
  578. Rabid Fish

    SC vs. UCLA

    Hey, you never know. We get counted out every year. We've had so many injuries and right now there is some nonexistent offence in the Oregon game, so yeah hopes aren't particularly high but you still never know until gameday. P.S. I'll remember the name pfish during this basketball season :p:
  579. Rabid Fish

    ASU VS USC Reminder

    Here are my balls --> 8 USC, you may suck when ready.
  580. Rabid Fish

    UCLA Hoops

    GOOOOOOOOOOO BRUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Didn't have the lead until the last 30 seconds. Didn't need to. Read a SI article ranking this year's BBall teams and they had UCLA at #2 behind UNC. F-that, we're #1 now and we're gonna stay that way. UCLA!!!!!!!!!!!
  581. Rabid Fish

    Breaking news

    Breaking news? I don't see anything here about finding more giant squid. Disappointed.
  582. Rabid Fish

    Offshore YFT Sunday 9-16

    LOL yeah I second that! PS to my post, the bait from MB was actually awesome today.
  583. Rabid Fish

    Offshore YFT Sunday 9-16

    Gotta go back to school in a week, so I got one last hurrah at the tuna scene today with my step padre. The plan was to chase the albacore (as I have not caught an albacore in wayy way waaayyyyy too long) that were reported from the fly yesterday. A look at the (not always absolutely...
  584. Rabid Fish

    9/2 Coronados Island on the Sea Watch with pics

    Glad you had fun, was a pleasure to serve you! Didn't know you were in anesthesia, I thought it was all waste management guys? My mom is an anesthesiologist. PS that "deckhand" with the yellow is a captain, believe it or not. :D
  585. Rabid Fish

    Lost a Friend on The Chubasco II yesterday

    I liked the part about photoshopping a pic of him and the anchor at disneyland.
  586. Rabid Fish

    1/2 Day PM DOlPHIN

    Yeah captain Jason really takes his job seriously, that's for sure. And I suck at angling too, so don't be too hard on yourself. I deadheaded ONE DAY and now I get so much crap for how bad i suck at fishing... I called it a day when the iron i was throwing hit the front windows of the...
  587. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 7-29 YFT and YT

    Yeah the meter was exploding under those dolphins and another set meter marks too but they didnt bite and yeah the bait nets are like the perfect mesh size to gill net the crap out of pinheads, but I would have totally taken that bait! I think all the fish out there are feeding on micro baits...
  588. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 7-29 YFT and YT

    Short report. Left MB at around 5.00am and got crappy sardines, half rolled and the rest were pretty weak. Put out the trollers at the 230 hoping for some love on the chickens but not to be today. We saw a nice spot of breaking albacore closer to the E-Fly but they wouldn't go. Found 3 kelps...
  589. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Albacore at sunset and spearfishing

    Agreed, never dive a patty you didn't find. PS shooting a fish takes WAY more work, ability and skill than catching one, by an order of magnitude. And that's an unbiased opinion, as I am certainly a fisherman first and diver second (or third or fourth).
  590. Rabid Fish

    Offshore 7/21/07 Albies at 302

    :eek::eek::eek::eek: giant!!!
  591. Rabid Fish

    3/4 day Islands today

    Similar deal on the Seawatch today. Hit the beach area for a nice pick on bass and 'cuda and then hit SKR in the pm and there was a decent showing of yellows, of course my own boat is in a state of disrepair, otherwise I'd be getting out there myself. I think we ended up with 4 yellows out of...
  592. Rabid Fish

    Offshore Long Fins and Fork Tails 6/30

    State PFD Requirements Legally, under 12 requires jacket, so its Tom's choice as the parent, although I personally STRONGLY recommend it for any kids, including strong swimmers. Very very nice catch... I'm lickin' my chops over here.
  593. Rabid Fish

    2 days on the CREDO

    I couldn't find "too much fish" in the BD Dictionary. Definition, please?
  594. Rabid Fish

    New Boat Name

    Got a new boat on the way and we need a name. Its an aluminum boat, in case you were wondering about option 1 Stepdad's vote is for "Tin Man" (same name as current aluminum boat) or "Tin Man II" My vote is for "Osama Sucks". Help us settle this. PS any other names Joke or Otherwise...
  595. Rabid Fish


    OMFG--- no talk about the fight with gray maynard and (i think) that emerson guy? GOOD LORD that was crazy personally I think that since gray was clearly kicking ass and the other guy tapped they should have given him the win but I guess if Gray is actually the better fighter he should win a...
  596. Rabid Fish

    2 Moo-moo Trips 06/19-20 w/pics

    :banned::banned::banned::banned::banned: ^ Don't even have to explain that one.
  597. Rabid Fish

    Fished NPH: Need Fish ID

    aka bullhead right?
  598. Rabid Fish


    Lol its Jay from jay and silent bob
  599. Rabid Fish

    BD Golf Tourney

    Where? Do we know?
  600. Rabid Fish

    BD Golf Tourney

    Doodle me in there somewhere. Anywhere is fine, I don't think I'll have any playing compadres.
  601. Rabid Fish

    So........How many golfers do we have here

    As author of that thread, I'd be a jackass if I wasn't down to play as well. I couldn't get it off the ground, in hindsight me hosting a tournament was probably "cloud talk" as they say. Anyway name the place and time, if we actually got a tourney I'd love to lose in it. My SCGA...
  602. Rabid Fish

    Putting Practice...

  603. Rabid Fish

    The Masters

    That was an AMAZing tourney, exciting no matter who you are. I said tiger's lackluster 71 would win, and actually I was about 7 inches from being on the money. If Johnsons ball found that bunker on 18, i dont believe he would get up and down, giving tiger that much more chance to get a...
  604. Rabid Fish

    The Masters

    Okay, that found water. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! unthinkable. Maybe someone on the hunting board can supply my crow... Maybe.
  605. Rabid Fish

    The Masters

    Still, somehow nobody seems to have the clutch factor that is so important. Like Jaydog said, who's gonna stand up to the test besides Tiger. Yeah, okay, he's not doing incredible things now, but I don't think he has to. Tigers lackluster but solid 71 is going to win this tourney. The field...
  606. Rabid Fish

    The Masters

    Good Lord. I almost can't bear to watch. I have enough respect for Tiger, and I think he�