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  1. NoLDR

    MDR report 7/26-7/28

    Ok so I really like mako fishing but have some interesting observations to report for inshore fishing in the SMB. I fished Friday for mako sharks released 3 all within 4 miles of MDR, fished Saturday had 3 up to 125 or so within 1 mile of the entrance to MDR. Fished halibut today and still...
  2. NoLDR

    Broken rods Flying with American Airlines.

    Fished the Cabo tournament last week and when I arrived in Cabo all 5 rods in an Owner travel hard case were broken. Case had a slight mark on the side of the tube but nothing I would consider worthy of breaking 5 rods. Needless to say I was and still am a pissed. However upon speaking with...
  3. NoLDR

    PETA and lobster memorial

    Yep PETA wants permission to build a memorial to remember lobsters killed in a car crash this month. LMAO These people are insane. NoLDR over and out.
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    Offshore Fished the 43

    Fished the 43 from Wednesday afternoon thru Friday mid morning.. A lot of boat pressure with every SD boat on the 43 including 80 percent of the long range boats. It was a lot of show with no go. Tried everything flatfall, colt, sardine, mack, yummy you name it we tried it. Water was 71 deg...
  5. NoLDR

    RP on the way home

    Seems like a pretty tough trip but they still managed 17 over 200 up to 277. Jack the owner of Accurate got 3 over 200 obviously he had a great trip. They had 84 tuna all over 100 lbs so all an all quality over quantity. The RP page has all the details. Brad
  6. NoLDR

    Shurflo excellent customer service

    A little shout out to the customer service for SHURflo bait pumps. I have tried several different bait pumps over the years but I always come back to SHURflo pumps and this week was another reason why. My latest pump a SHURflo 1100 after 4 years took a crap so I purchased a new pump and also...
  7. NoLDR

    BLOB of warm water

    This is a pretty interesting article about the warm water off the California coast. Brad
  8. NoLDR

    NY uses 2,500 old subway cars for artificail reef Imagine what kind of artificial reef this must have created. Why don't we do more of this kind of stuff? Imagine what could be created with the "mothball fleet" up in San Francisco. Trying to find the underwater pictures as...
  9. NoLDR

    RP going to Hurricane Bank

    Post on the RP says they will arrive at Hurricane Bank midday tomorrow looking forward to reading as to what happens. I'm guessing the lower banks don't have the showing of fish so the fleet is spreading out to find them I have a lot of friends on this trip but with the WIFI don't won't be...
  10. NoLDR

    Heading out in the am 7/30

    Not sure if anyone is going but I'm taking my boys ages 9 ans 12 for a shot offshore out of MDR. Get bait at 5 and head out towards the warm stuff off the west end as I need to be back tomorrow night. If anyone is out looking I'm a 28' Baha boat name is NoLDR (Brad) usually monitor 68 and...
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    Offshore Heading out in the am 7/30

    Not sure if anyone is going but I'm taking my boys ages 9 ans 12 for a shot offshore out of MDR. Get bait at 5 and head out towards the warm stuff off the west end as I need to be back tomorrow night. If anyone is out looking I'm a 28' Baha boat name is NoLDR (Brad) usually monitor 68 and...
  12. NoLDR

    Offshore conditions seem to be changing

    Not sure where to post this so please move it if needed. For those that have been watching the water conditions and or Terrafin reports over the last 48 hours what do you think about the rapid change in conditions? Seems like the cold water is coming up the beach from SD around Long Beach and...
  13. NoLDR

    Pro Gear Wahoo Special

    Anyone have one they want to sell? Brad
  14. NoLDR

    Great White Picture

    Friend of mine sent me this picture of a Great White. The story goes that this monster came up just before the group was about to enter the water for a dive. I believe this happened just the other day. I believe this picture was taken by the owner of Anderson Boats at Santa Barbara Island. I...
  15. NoLDR

    Great White

    So this isn't a report but I didn't know where to post it. So move it if you want. These guys captured a great white, well not really in my opinion. I'm sure DFG will have fun with...
  16. NoLDR

    Royal Polaris 13 day Nov 23rd

    So is anyone here on the RP 13 day departing this Friday the 23rd? I'm headed down to SD tomorrow so if you are and want to get together for a beer at the landing let me know. Shoot me a pm and I will shoot yo back my cell. Now I have to check my gear for the tenth time. Never know what i...
  17. NoLDR

    Offshore MDR offshore adventure

    Departed MDR Thur morning at o dark thirty. Headed towards the west end of Cat. Found a paddy about 10 miles out of MDR that had one jumping dodo but no takers. We continued on our course over the 270 then to the 1000 fathom curve off Catalina for a bunch of paddies but all bone dry...
  18. NoLDR

    Offshore MDR local banks

    Departed out of MDR headed towards the west end of Cat. Looked around for paddy's and only found a few. One was holding a few yellows one of which I hooked and then pulled to hard to keep him out of the Kelp and pulled the hook. this paddy also had several nice DORADO on it but they had...
  19. NoLDR

    Sad news (Sushi Grade RIP)

  20. NoLDR

    1989 31' Innovator (must sell) see Pez Loco

  21. NoLDR

    Grady White Sailfish 25 1991

    BOAT IS SOLD!!! NoLDR over and out!
  22. NoLDR

    Offshore Boat missing with 3 kids

    WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY DOING OUT LAST NIGHT? IT'S ONE THING TO PUT YOURSELF AT RISK BUT TO TAKE KIDS OUT SHOULD BE A CRIME IMO!!! Coast Guard Resumes Search For Boat Carrying 3 Kids December 30, 2010 8:49 AM Print Share 0 (Credit: CBS) (Credit: CBS) From cbsjenn SAN DIEGO (AP)...
  23. NoLDR

    Suzuki certified mechanic so cal

    Does anyone know of a Suzuki certified mechanic in Marina Del Rey besides Anderson Marine? Thanks in advance Brad
  24. NoLDR

    31' 1972 Bertram Sportfisher

    I'm posting this for a good friend of mine that is challenged when it comes to computers. Guess he's just part of the old school. Anyway here is the information and contact number for him. Boat is a 1972 Bertram Sportfisher 31' Has the following: Powered by twin Diesel (will get size...
  25. NoLDR

    Calif.'s Costly Trout Recovery Effort Criticized

    Calif.'s Costly Trout Recovery Effort Criticized MALIBU, Calif. (AP) ― In hopes of luring the endangered steelhead trout into the Santa Monica Mountains, California's transportation agency is planning to spend $935,000 to pave over part of a popular beach with cement and boulders to...
  26. NoLDR

    Dana Point Thresher Tournament

    I was just wondering if anyone had the results of the tournament that was on Saturday? Thanks in advance. NoLDR out!
  27. NoLDR

    Local mako

    My boy 6 years old got this fish on Friday. Yes he had a little help but he stayed with it for the 50 minute fight. Fish taped 79 inches which is about 195 or so. We also had 6 other fish but they were all VERY small just pupped I'd be bettin. Later Brad
  28. NoLDR

    Royal Polaris WFO!!!!! 1/15/08

    FYI!!! Royal Polaris Full! Wide Open Bite This Morning! Captain Roy Rose Live 619-226-8030 Royal Polaris skipper Roy Rose is excited early this morning. It's not even 8 AM and the Royal Polaris has over 50 big tuna on the deck with fish crashing all around the RP. The Royal Polaris...
  29. NoLDR

    Gel coat repair

    I am in need of someone who can fix a nickel size ding in my gelcoat. My boat is in Marina Del Rey any numbers are appreciated. Boat is only a year old and would really like to get it fixed sooner than later. Thanks in advance Brad
  30. NoLDR

    MDR fuel price is pure BS$$$

    Something must be done about the MDR fuel prices.:finger: Regular unleaded is $4.50 for under 50 gallons(think this is correct) $4.44 FOR OVER 100 gallons (this is correct):cussing: $4.36 for over 150 gallons(think this is...
  31. NoLDR

    MDR fuel prices SUCK!!!!!!

    Something must be done about the MDR fuel prices. Regular unleaded is $4.50 for under 50 gallons(think this is correct):cussing: $4.44 FOR OVER 100 gallons (this is correct):cussing: $4.36 for over 150 gallons(think this is...
  32. NoLDR

    Marine fuel refund $$$$

    I did some research and found out that you can get a refund of .18c for each gallon of fuel purchased for marine use. Since it is not being used on the roads the tax must be refunded. I believe it has to be purchaed in the marina to qualify though. All you have to do is fill out the forms, send...
  33. NoLDR

    NEW Coast Guard regulation

    Just a heads up on a new regulation as of Feb 2006. We was at MDR launch ramp on Tuesday and we were checked out by the Coast Guard. All was fine except for some expired flares but he informed us of a new sticker regarding carbon monoxide poisoning that needs to be on EVERY BOAT. The sticker...
  34. NoLDR

    Big Mako For The Noldr 5/13/04

    What a way to start the sharking season. Lou and I departed out of MDR at 12:30 for a little afternoon sharking adventure. Upon studying the SST we made our way south for what we hope would be the right water. The temp slowly edged towards 65 and then jumped almost a full degree in short...
  35. NoLDR

    mako and bug report 10/17

    I went out with Lou and Alan for an afternoon mako trip and then a bug hunt after dark. The mako trip was slow with only one small mako in three hours of fishing. We also had a few small blues but all and all very slow. However, the water has definately turned around with deep blue water off...
  36. NoLDR

    SMB mako report 8/9

    I know I was not going to fish this weekend but with my brother in law in town we got the green light at 6pm on Saturday. We left MDR around 7 pm and set up the slick around 8 or so just before sundown. The conditions were OK but the fish did not cooperate. After a full night of fishing we only...
  37. NoLDR

    SMB mako report 8/7

    Well with the mako tournament this weekend I decided to get out before all the fish were disrupted. I departed MDR at 2;30 and headed to a spot that looked good from the Terrafin. Around 3:30 I set up, put on a new cd and waited. At 4:15 the rod started clicking and I set the hook but it did...
  38. NoLDR

    SMB mako report 7/31-8/1

    I departed MDR around 2 pm on Thursday for a short mako trip as I only had a few hours. I ran across a 4 degree temp break so that is where I set up shop. Right about an hour into the slick I managed a mako around 80 or so. Not a very good fighter but still a nice fish. About 10 minutes...
  39. NoLDR

    SMB Mako report 7/25

    I fished with Lou Friday afternoon from 3:00 pm until 8:00 for a shot at another nice mako so close to home. Well we managed a few fish but we lost the one we were looking for. The three we had were 20 lbs, 70lbs and one around 90 lbs. All but the larger fish were released. We did manage...
  40. NoLDR

    Sharkin' 7/13-7/15

    Well I arrived in Los Angeles at 4 pm on Sunday after leaving the wife and kids in Chicago for the next week and I decide a late afternoon shark trip was in order. Sunday Night trip Departed MDR at 7 pm and headed for the grounds about 12 or so miles out. The conditions were still way off...
  41. NoLDR

    Long version, pictures of Mako

    Here are the pictures of the mako. Well now that the pictures have been posted let me give you a little more detailed accounting of the day. Lou, Pete and I departed MDR around 12 p.m. for an afternoon of shark fishing. The conditions were...
  42. NoLDR


    We departed today for a nice afternoon on the Pez Loco with Captain Lou, friend Pete and myself for a little mako fishing on Lou's 31' Innovator. The water was all off, the captain was skeptical and the water was 67.5 according to the guage. I said let's start the drift and the captain (once...
  43. NoLDR

    Redondo canyon 6/7

    Sorry for the delay but things have been a little busy. I fished redondo canyon from 8 pm Sat until around 12 for two small makos and one blue. The makos were around 50 lbs and the blue was about 150. I also had very nice take on a deep bait but after a nice run the fish spit the hook. I...
  44. NoLDR

    SMB halibut report for 6/6

    Fished the bay again for halibut with my friend Lou on his boat the Pez Loco. We departed aroun 12 in the afternoon and started fishing shortly thereafter. It was a good thing we were on his boat as the swell was 3-5 at a very short interval. We started our drift and the first drift...
  45. NoLDR

    SMB report 6/3/03

    I cut out of the office a little early for some afternoon halibut fishing after the results of last weekend. Departed MDR at 2:45 pm with my friend Kevin and headed to the North around the same area as last Saturday. The drift was nice and not too fast so we had high hopes. Sure enough the...
  46. NoLDR

    SMB report for 5/31

    Fished the bay with my friend Chris for a little of everything. We started around 8am up north for a nice pick on some sandbass and one nice halibut around 12 lbs. We then had to move from our productive area because os a sailboat race that was just too close for comfort. The new location...