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    "Sport Boat" New mens cologne

    Your Soaking in it !
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    Newport 5/2 Fly Fishing

    I'm always looking for new honey holes
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    Newport 5/2 Fly Fishing

    Careful, the pic with the spottie and the Castaway's in the background is no take zone/MLPA from a boat. I wish you would have seen some thresher crashing out there, we're do for some excitement around here.
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    Local Tuna Clubs

    Did you try asking for your standard 10% Nice Guy Discount? I kind you not.. it works!
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    All are sold.. thank you!
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    I'll miss you, La Niña

    Cycles bud... and very simple, pull up your pants and start fishing pelagics- $$$.
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    Marlin VS Mako

    It did better than this girl!
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    Another Great White near Ocean Shores

    Count me in... I've got a portable shower and monkey cage ready to go.. it's Jaw's week.
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    Wait a second.. you can catch fish on bait? Dave, please go on!
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    Fish Dope ?

    Go fishing... the show starts next Wednesday thru Sunday.. I'm sure Jason or Ali will take care of you at the show, their good guys and appreciate the support !
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    Anyone use the jigging world reels?

    You take drugs, Danny? Sorry Noonan.. I just luv that scene!
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    Psycho Clown.

    I fished the rail with him one time on the Freelance in 2007. Super nice guy and funny! Norris Tapp would get on the horn and make fun of his pink reel... hilarious ! Great guy and will be missed- RIP.
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    nice work... but pictures are worth a 1000 words.
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    Box Canyon 1/14

    Nice work T.... what time were you out there and what time did they start biting?
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    What does having a reel blue printed mean??

    You take drugs, Danny?
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    Trade in time

    IMO... buy a used Corado 200 E7 made in "Japan" not Malaysia. You'll get it for around $100. It will hold up well.. I've caught small yellows on it, but it's primarily my bay/inshore bass reel. It's nice little reel.
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    Has anyone made a list of fishing gear you should have on your boat?

    yep.. finally someone said it- "2 bait nets". One good net and a cheap back up!!! I can't tell you how many of my buddies have lost their bait nets because they leave it on the transom or their rookie friend leave's it on and they drive off! And I always say- so, you used your back up right...
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    soft steel+hard steel =dead fish

    Nice!!! was that in OC?
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    set of awesome marbled 8ft shark rods!

    great pix bud! rods are hard to shoot.
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    Big Baja Spotfin Croaker

    I've had a lot of luck in the bay over the years in newport using ghost shrimp during march & april at lido island. it wasn't wide open, but consistent with an incoming tide. It's a good way to kill an hour. sorry about the crapy photos- cell phone.
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    seeker pinhead??

    I've seen a lot of them for sale this fall here on BD (???)
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    Penn Fathom 25N (narrow) Black & Gold

    PM answered, text please, thanks
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    Military Drone Looks like Some Kind of Fish

    wonder what that cost the tax payers...
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    Penn Fathom 25N (narrow) Black & Gold

    Thanks guys.. I'm rarely on here. I just noticed your post. Pix will be put up after lunch. Thanks again,
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    FS...39" dog tooth snapper mount

    I PM'ed ya. I had a couple questions
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    Best Offshore SoCal Fishing Guide

    on your boat or the guides boat? Try Decker, if you don't have a boat. I think he's a caught a fisher two in local waters. Fishing with Decker
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    Penn Fathom 25N (narrow) Black & Gold

    I'm in Newport on the peninsula.. call me, the number at the top of this post in bold lettering right next to where it says- PLEASE TEXT or CALL ME ONLY.
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    TUNA IN DECEMBER... or are you just pulling my lariat.
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    Offshore December to remember

    Way to put the hammer on'em !
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    Takin Care of Business

    Takin Care of Business
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    5-6 day trip advice

    Try a different route.. Fly into Cedros and do a 4 to 6 day trip. It's very reasonable and more fishing time. I was hooked up so much my arms fell off. Check out Cedros Outdoors Adventures. Loved it! Here's a nice little read on Cedros- Enjoy...
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    Phenix Ultra MBX Classic & Calstar Rods

    Sold.. mods please delete post, thanks.
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    Talica 16 (2 speed), Avet LX Raptor, Trinidad 16 (Gold), Torsa 30

    Sold. mods please delete post, thanks.
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    Penn Fathom 25N (narrow) Black & Gold

    PLEASE CALL OR TEXT ME ONLY 949.351.444four Penn Fathom 25N (narrow) Gold & Black Star drag, Gear ratio- 6.1: 1 Spooled with 300 yards of 65lb spectra Light scratches -- used but not abused 10/10 mechanically, 08/10 condition- light boat rash on side plate With factory clamp Pick up only $150
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    Daiwa Saltist Black and Gold 35H

    Sold.. Thanks Tony!
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    NPH 5/24 - Fattie

    lido.. nice work
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    How deep in front of Newport? Thanks
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    Lobster Hoopers Beware

    don't forget to mail or in your lobster card or you will get fined again.. I stopped hooping the tree huggers/commercial guys one... too many regs.
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    4th Annual Tin Boat Regatta Gonzaga Bay

    I've been following this thread for a while.. Keep us posted on the antics. Might do next years #6.
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    Penn International 16S 2 Speed

    Reel is sold. Mods please remove, thanks
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    Penn International 16S 2 Speed

    The reel is mostly likely sold. The check should clear by tomorrow. Thank you Larry and to everyone who to a look and asked questions.
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    Great deal Tommy... I wish I were down there to load up, thank you!
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    Penn International 16S 2 Speed

    For sale - Penn International 16S 2-Speed - $250 I just had it serviced in June at Ken's Custom Reel in Oceanside. I primarily us it as my back up troller for the boat. Very light use and in good condition! Thanks for looking, Newport Beach – (949) 351.4444
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    Xtra Tuffs gone to crap

    I hope XT can figure it out..
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    looking for a fishing buddy my boat or yours

    Sounds like the Chum Guzzler's open for business.. way to throw it out there!
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    polarized sunglasses

    Scheyden JET-A FH30 are very nice !
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    Phenomal Super Moon Tanker Seabass!

    Spike your awesome and great job. Only you could pull that off.
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    OUR FIRST Cedros Island Fishing Report (June 16-19) 2ND PART

    I heard great things about your new place and the guys crushed it. Reebs got his personal best yellowtail ever, over 50lbs!!!! That place is BAJA MAGIC - I'm booking my trip~ !
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    cbass and a yellow, big models

    Holy sheet! Nice day on the water and Ryan with the hot hand!
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    Greg Trompas helps recover my stolen boat

    In less than a month he recovers a stolen boat, and gets the cover shot in Pacific Coast Sportfishing magazine. Nice work bud!
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  52. All Business


    Nice grade of fish Jamie!
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    Pacific Coast Sportfishing Festival

    I have been going for the past 3 years. Its grown each year and all the big companies are there like the shimanos and such. I think its well worth it if you want to check out some seminars and learn from the pros. Not as big as a fred halll show but its all saltwater fishing stuff without all...
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    Offshore Fishing hints in and around Newport Harbor

    I live in Newport on the Peninsula and fish the bay regularly and #2 for bass, seabass. Lots of great spots for spotties in the bay. I'll show you my spots and will buy bait if you take care of fuel. PM me - thanks.
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    A Cedros Swimmer & my Boys 1st bait

    Look out Reebs... There's a new Dog comin' to Cedros. Have fun!
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    West Coast Anglers Doing there Thing at PSFL

    "Cough it up chompers!" Did you see the chompers on that needle fish? -West Coast rules!
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    revo inshore?

    Got mine!
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    NO stretch MONO

    NO brainer- spectra/braid.
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    Fishing at Cedros

    There are two outfits at Cedros.. Which one?
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    WTB wanted salas dx

    Love the DX... I've done very well with it when yellowtail are keyed in on small bait. Great little jig.
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    San Diego Super Yellows! 3/25/13

    Everyone has those days.. great jog !
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    Where to pump ghost shrimp?

    Jimmy's Fishing Supply on 17th St in Costa Mesa. Saw their ad in PCS magazine about selling live ghost shrimp or Lido Island.
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    The San Diego St Patty's Day Yellowtail "whale of the banshee!"

    Nice work Spike hooking and handing.. good karma too. That guy will never forget about the two that got away.
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    Free Parking at Daveys Locker

    Welcome to Zooport. You'll find free parking.
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    Heading to bolsachica

    Details Steve..
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    San Diego Yellows

    Ryan's the man.
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    Happy birthday Da'Goose

    Goose I hope your doing great !!!! More halibut/ball bouncing post this spring! Happy birthday Rick.
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    Need a live bait tank installed. Any recommendations? 25ft parker

    He makes one of the best: BlueWater Bait Systems 1654 Bimini Place Costa Mesa, Ca. 92626 714-435-1299 office 714-438-0071 Fax [email protected]
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    My SIXTH

    That's some good Mind Karate.. !
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    Need a Smile or Tear?

    Good stuff right there.. Notorious BIG said it best: "Either you're slingin' crack-rock, or you've got a wicked jump-shot." I guess he'll just have to keep workin' on that jump-shot a little.
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    My FOURTH post...some of you guys really need mental help...

    Quack like a duck I think says it all... TOSH.O
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    My FOURTH post...some of you guys really need mental help...

    Your Nielsen ratings are dropping. I guess it's time to jump the shark or bring in cousin Oliver.
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    Yo-yo for yellowtail

    Less is more. 3 feet of top shot.
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    Dana Halibut 2.13.13

    I have been looking at how flat the ocean has been, glad someone got on that.
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    Another good fisherman is gone out to sea.

    Sounds like a great guy.
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    Fred Hall, over blown, or ??? Poll

    $10 parking + $15 ticket + $10 beers = $35 to get in
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    personal best

    Loving reading PB. Great job!
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    Video: Buffalo tosses crocodile in air

    It threw that croc around like it was 50lbs. it had to be 500lb.
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    The Legend siezed?

    Sad... Hopefully someone will reinvest in her. I've caught a lot of fish on that boat with Shawn screaming in the wheelhouse at the top of his lungs- we're marking... throw bait.. throw bait!!!
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    La Jolla MLPA DFG watching you

    Thanks for the report... Good to know.
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    G-loomis 8'6" STR1024C

    I'm throwing an offer on the table- $100. I live in Newport on the peninsula. PM if any interest. Thanks
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    Sebile Lures @ 3 mph?

    If your putting all this effort in catching (pelagics) on your kayak such as: blackfin, yelowfin tuna, mackerel species like cero, king mac, and wahoo.. then why are you worried about spending a few dollars on some lures? Stay with what works. DEEP diving lures always work best (imo). Good luck...
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    Bounce ball rigs

    Art, buy one of his.. I have several. They are a true work of art, as in sold! It would be a great guide for you to see what direction you could go or improvements. Good luck, they are well desighned.
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    Ensenada 2-7-13-Wide Open Yellowtail Gets Even Better

    It sounds like it's heating up down there.
  85. All Business

    Bounce ball rigs

    You should contact the Da Goose. He makes a sold bounce ball set up and a great guy.
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    3 Top Places to Catch Wahoo

    And on a good day LA harbor!
  87. All Business

    My own fishing show!!!!

    Jealous! Need a stunt double?
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    Sebile Lures @ 3 mph?

    How do you get the magic swimmers & stick shad down to the bottom? I've stayed with the yo zuri deep diving crystal minnows because they get down to the bottom. But the best trolling lure for the bay I ever used is a fresh water deep diving jerk shade made by River2Sea - HC16-Aurora American...
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    Offshore Newport Report !

    Welcome & thanks for the report.
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    Ride Streetbikes? Check this...

    YIKES !
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    Sand Crabs

    Try buying or making some ghost shrimp or using mussels. Good times
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    Coolest guy at the boat launch.

    Just order mine.
  93. All Business

    Cebaco Bay Sportfishing

    Back in October I talked with Mike Young the manager of CB and he said they were taking off a year to transport fuel, maybe things have changed.
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    SBS-Great Day

    Congrats guys !~ REEBS.. I know that dude! He just won the Saltwater Bass Series and now he & Mick are wingin' it on over to London to jam with the Stones! What a life!
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    TIP OF THE WEEK - Sportboat Etiquette

    Thanks David
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    The battle continues

    Hot chicks in fur.. Luv it !
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    Tropic Star Lodge and Islas Secas are nice lodges..
  98. All Business

    Abu Garcia New Volitile 8' Rod MH

    Isn't that Decker's rod that he helped design.. Free bump!
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    White Shark Endangered?

    Blame it on those guys from Utah.... what's that show called again they wrangle great whites - Shark Whisperer?
  100. All Business

    Can you spot a 20 pound fish?

    They told me this one was shy over 50#.. I'll tell you where. Someplace warm. A place where the beer flows like wine. Where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. I'm talking about a little place called Legacy Lodge. I'll bet you twenty bucks I can get you gambling...
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    Great all around setup!!

    Great rod.. free bump
  102. All Business

    Talica 20

    Hey Renegade, looking forward to another epic feature story in PCS mag again. Loved your last one. Good info...Thank you
  103. All Business

    Tuna and Dorado at Cedros Island ?!?

    Jose you rock !!!! Dorado at Cedros.. Awesome! Looking forward to your write up in PCS magazine!
  104. All Business

    San Clemente Island Calicos **Video**

    Nicely done gentlemen.. AC/DC locked me in !
  105. All Business

    2nd place smoked salmon

    Very cool.. Thanks for taking the time to put the recipe up.. I'll try it.
  106. All Business

    Knot to Kinky

    I use it too..great stuff.. it's worth the extra money.
  107. All Business

    Mr. T Shark

    When did you catch it? Thanks for sharing...
  108. All Business

    Catalina Yellowtails

    You got my attention when you put WFO.. And then I see your only holding one fish each? One is better then none - Good job!
  109. All Business


    You should go do it! The guys here on BD did several great write ups about it and PCS mag just did one too last month-
  110. All Business

    East coast to West coast fishing!! Flounder to Halibut.

    Check out Rods posts on BD for halibut. He's got a niche.
  111. All Business


    Very nice !!! I remember buying gas in an alley from a guy out of his garage. He used a a red jerrycan and siphoning the gas back into our tank.
  112. All Business

    Winthrop Roller Trolling Rod

    Very nice rod Brice! The Winthrop guides are the Rolls Royce of roller guides. I read about the guides a few years ago in PCS magazine and had a rod wrapped with them. Free bump!
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    Offshore November Dorado! 11-05-12

    Way to end the season!!!
  114. All Business

    ID This Fish???

    Harry.. is that you holding the fish? You sure do have purty mouth.
  115. All Business

    Surf fishing for Robalo (snook) video

    Nice money shot.. Panama Florida :rofl:
  116. All Business


    That is so cool!!! I fished that same spot back in 2006 and crushed the halibut next to the rocks, but we didn't get any jacks. I never got the pleasure to meet Stan, wish I had.
  117. All Business


    and ghosts..
  118. All Business

    100# Mono to 12/0 hook for live bait

    Crimps would be easiest. I use a snell knot, but what a pain.
  119. All Business

    pole size on volairs

    I took a 7' rod tube with no problem and a 1.75 ml bottle of Sky on my carry-on. The guy looked through my bag, saw the Sky & smiled. When I went through the x-ray machine no one said anything. What a great Country! Oh, Volairs was great too. BTW.. TJ's airport is nicer than LAX.
  120. All Business

    Ghost Shrimp Pump $20

    Your the man... PM when you can.
  121. All Business

    172 Swordfish in 15 straight trips on the Booby Trap

    Loved the write up in Pacific Coast Sportfishing magazine last month. Great read !
  122. All Business

    Offshore YFT and Dorado Video!

    This is not that big of deal.. My point is time, that's it. I always enjoy your input Mike, thanks.
  123. All Business

    Offshore YFT and Dorado Video!

    Towing hardware.. ??? Sure.. all bait swims naturally with a hook in it and dragging 30 yards of line. I don't think adding a .003 oz. split ring will make much of difference on the performance of the bait, but it makes a big difference when your changing out your line during a hot bite. Saving...
  124. All Business

    Offshore YFT and Dorado Video!

    Great video with lots of action.. For your spectra to fluoro connection why not use a split ring or swivel and save an extra 5 minutes trying to tie that knot each time you change your leader, especially during a hot a bit.
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    Maximus Cow Slay Oct 4-7 Pic Heavy

    The RAIL is your friend.. Nice work !
  126. All Business

    Avet Reels and Salmon rods

    Check out what G Loomis offers...
  127. All Business

    Are the fish really ever just not biting?

    Great stuff Erik... My game plan is that I'd rather be lucky than good !
  128. All Business

    Offshore Tuna slay ride on the Perro Grande.

    Nice to hear the boat is finally working! You guys fishing the Classic this weekend?
  129. All Business

    427-pound Yellowfin Tuna in Baja

    MUSTAD - Hook a Million ends - Promotion runs from October 1, 2011 through September 30, 2012 The first new IGFA-Certified All-Tackle World Record will win $1,000,000* Now that's cuttin' close...
  130. All Business

    Offshore SD SPORTFISH "SWEET TERESA" Paddy fish before the blow

    Good stuff Rodney, love the pix and great logo shot. Nice branding... !
  131. All Business

    Ghost Shrimp Pump $20

    Still available for pick up.
  132. All Business


    51... he meant 15. It happens all the time. Next catch anyway.
  133. All Business

    Whopper stopper in action

    Ed from Whopper Stopper makes a great mini stick. Compact and hardy. I've pulled on a 150# thresher on his 15-30# (light set up) with no problems. ***On another might want serve coffee in the morning to your crew to give them a little spring in their step. Geezzz
  134. All Business


    they work.. crushed the yellows at cedros with the medium bone color.
  135. All Business


    thanks for the report.
  136. All Business

    Newport Harbor

    Here's what you do. You probably don't have a bait tank. Get a bucket. Go to the NB bait receiver get a small pass of chovies. Zack, Cameron or Bill at the receiver will take good care of ya... Drift the bottom 2 feet away from the receiver. You'll catch some bass & halibut and have a good...
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    Offshore Tuna

    Nice work!
  138. All Business

    Ghost Shrimp Pump $20

    Sold.. Thanks
  139. All Business


    baby killer! nice work on the tails..
  140. All Business

    Offshore CONDOR Limits of YT & Nice BF 6/16

    great post ron.. love the Niemiec quote.
  141. All Business

    Is Offshore Products in Costa Mesa still in business?

    Call Randy - He was at the fred hall show & PCS festival this year. BlueWater Bait Systems 1654 Bimini Place Costa Mesa, Ca. 92626. 714-435-1299 office [email protected]
  142. All Business

    Ghost Shrimp Pump $20

    Good price. That hardware alone is almost that price.
  143. All Business

    Saluki and I are leaving BD......

    How about a good old fashion Swedish Meatball for ol' time sake.
  144. All Business

    P.B 43.7 coastal tanker yellowtail

    Un-Reel! Save some for us.. Nice work
  145. All Business

    West cove to Cat harbor

    thanks for checking it out and letting us know. maybe it will turn on in a week or so.
  146. All Business

    Awesome Day with San Diego Sportfish

    nice work.. another hat trick from capt. rod.. the man is a machine.
  147. All Business

    PCS Show Today and Tomorrow Deals

    thank you guys. i loaded up at your booth today with a nice avet reel and some jigs. going back tomorrow and catching some more seminars. some great deals going on at the show.
  148. All Business

    Tip of the week

    Seminars Dave..! Great way to interact and learn from the masters. See you tomorrow Dave. Thanks
  149. All Business

    Sportfishing Show Orange County Fairgrounds

    My buddy just walked the show after setting up his booth. He said it's an amazing venue this year, and a real who's who of the saltwater industry. Looking forward to going tomorrow. Which seminars are you looking at attending?
  150. All Business

    OC sportfishing show

    looking forward to another show.
  151. All Business

    Sportfishing Show Orange County Fairgrounds

    Looking forward to this year's show. I was impressed with last year’s seminar speakers Dave Hanson & Jimmy Decker... I even went back the next day to listen to them again, and to hear Bongo Joe’s halibut spots at Catalina. The guys even gave out numbers, great stuff. Wasn’t...
  152. All Business

    Saltwater Crank Bait Set-Up

    Ultra MBX 7' 4-10# paired up with 200E7 Curado with 30# braid and top shot of your taste. Fun little set up. The rod is stiffer than it sounds. Great for the bay, surf or kelp. a lot of fun.. I'd like to know what you end up with.
  153. All Business

    La Concha Hotel

    I was there several years ago in August, brutal.
  154. All Business

    OK Everbody...

    Diamond Dave !
  155. All Business


    went out on the t-bird last year on c sea trip, great operation.I'll be on another trip here soon with'em.
  156. All Business

    Squid gear

    Call Pacific Edge in HB. I remember hearing Marc has mono or nylon crowder nets for $100. ??? Might be wrong. Worth a try.
  157. All Business


    Lido Island NB
  158. All Business

    Oside Sand Bass report 2/ flat ones

    Thanks Goose.. luv your reports.
  159. All Business

    Reliable Kill Bags

    they all leak. get a Reliable.
  160. All Business

    The Rusty Hook is not closing!

    Well put Alex!
  161. All Business

    Your Favorite Set-up

    with the last two seasons being so epic here in so cal i've had to scale down on the size of my gear. I was reintroduced with my old (wa made) calcutta 8' 15-25# rod paired up with my trini 12tn (gold) wrapped with 30# braid. so much fun fishing this light set up, it's so versatile. great post...
  162. All Business

    new obsession

    fish squid for big mud marlin/rays in the bay. fun for a few laughs until the pelagics get here.
  163. All Business

    surf fishing reel recomendation

    x2 have fun !
  164. All Business

    Extending a rod handle

    great question. whats the general cost on that? thx
  165. All Business


    I hope things get better for him. I've made purchases at his store, and fished with him on the Inde once. Super great guy !
  166. All Business

    Bass Rods

    FOR A FASTER RESPONSE PLEASE CALL/TEXT OR PM Shimano Calcutta Inshore Series Casting Rod CLCX70ML 7'0" Medium Light - Extra Fast 8-14lb $199 (New) - $130 OBO G Loomis Bass Rod - sold Both rods are in great condition, barley used, not abused and no corrosion on guides...
  167. All Business

    70 QT. White Marine Igloo Cooler $20

    SOLD - Thanks
  168. All Business

    White Kirkland Freezer $60

    SOLD - MODS please delete Thanks Bob
  169. All Business

    2012 fishing license

    License.. ?
  170. All Business

    BD - A Front For The Russian Mafia?

    Ty Webb: You take drugs, Danny? Danny Noonan: Every day. Ty Webb: Good. Then what's your problem? Danny Noonan: I don't know.
  171. All Business

    lobster card

    maybe an incentive program for returned cards (discount/$5 off the following year).. might help (???)
  172. All Business

    Spear Fishing

    check out Steve Alexander guns.
  173. All Business

    Bass rod on a marlin boat

    That boat has a lot of history. Great bunch of guys. Shawn will love it!
  174. All Business

    California Yellowtail

    BTW Capt. G, I read your PCS blogs.. Thank you
  175. All Business


    Forget it.. Your out of your element..
  176. All Business

    Braid Fishing Products Caption Contest - Ending November 7th, 2011

    no more than five fish of a species, except billfish only 1 counts as 5 towards the overall limit of 10 fish. Dorado- only 2 allowed and count as 5 towards the overall limit of 10 fish.. "This is all French to me.. Can someone tell me if we're good?"
  177. All Business

    Custom Calcutta Bamboo Bait nets

    bought the sabiki bait shaker at the fred hall show on a whim. the best i've ever used. so when i needed a gaff, i bought the 8'. his stuff is really made well.
  178. All Business

    San Felipe Fish Report... 10-20-2011

    great looking place.. looks like a lot of fun !!!
  179. All Business

    white sea bass off the beach

  180. All Business

    white sea bass off the beach

    mount it ! shouldn't cost much since they charge by the inch..
  181. All Business

    BUTT Bouncing

    The Goose.. Rick's the man !
  182. All Business

    Butastic Finish!!!!

    i think i heard you guys call out on the radio. nice work.
  183. All Business

    Inexpensive hotel in Panama City??

    Sheraton - $100
  184. All Business

    ***SOLD***(Gold) Shimano Trinidad 30

    Sold - Thank you Mod please remove.
  185. All Business

    (Gold) Shimano Trinidad 30

    MOD.. please remove. Thanks
  186. All Business

    Long Beach 09/15/11

    100% juvenile seabass.
  187. All Business

    PC Sportfishing October Issue: The importance of color

    Informative.. I also liked the long range feature too!
  188. All Business

    $50 Electric Mutiny Gloss Black/Grey Lens

    SOLD.. Mods please delete Thanks Bob
  189. All Business

    Newport Harbor Techniques

    Well , at least you replied to my lame ass thread . I suppose harbor fishing is not that cool . But , hey , neither am I . I like to fish for stocked trout as well . Going to get heavy into carp fishing next . Since your getting into carp do you want to buy a brand new custom marlin caster...
  190. All Business

    Shimano Lucanus Jigs

    gold/mustard 200 grams has worked very well for me for several years.
  191. All Business

    (4) SHIMANO TORSA 30 W/ 4 CAMS

    Sold - Thank you
  192. All Business

    Catalina Classic 2011

    Those are beautiful. What's the cost for one rod in the bottom pic? Thanks
  193. All Business

    Going to the SWBA Finale!

    Congrats to both you and Reebs. Look out Disco Punk !!!
  194. All Business

    Have you ever seen this? :)

    there is shampoo that get's "RID" of that.
  195. All Business

    Skipjack in Newport's Back Bay!

    ten years ago i remember a lost/sick bullet tuna swimming in circles for about a week in front of the Cannery restaurant in NBH. we threw everything at it with zero interest. i've also seen bontio circling newport island with the same result. thanks for sharing drew, love your marina. the...
  196. All Business

    subject change-FILLET KNIFE Victorinox/Foreschner great knives and they carry great sheaths - good prices.
  197. All Business

    restaurant in newport

    the reuben e lee was dismantled years ago. i'm sure the museum is relocated somewhere in town.
  198. All Business

    2 guys that can fish

    your in the bone-zone ! next time bring some ghost shrimp. smiles for miles.
  199. All Business

    Offshore 181 on (8/5/2011)

    I like the WaxWing in the pic.
  200. All Business

    fishing punta abre ojos

    For the best surf fishing that I have ever experienced for halibut was La Bocana. There is a dirt path that you can drive that follows the coast line for a mile or so passed the “North side” of town. You will pass a run down trailer with an old man who stands guard watching the lobster traps...
  201. All Business

    fishing punta abre ojos

    Sorry pix didn't show.. Have a great trip.
  202. All Business

    Passports required at the Nados?

    Last year while fishing the Zane and the Classic held in San Diego. Our team brought our passports and Mexican fishing licenses! We got chased by a Mexican Navy ship one day, and the next day by two military inflatables. They didn't catch us!!! BUT what if...
  203. All Business

    Cuda and Grumpys!!

    Hardcore.. 3:30am to 6:00pm. Love it!
  204. All Business

    RIP PsychoClown (ROCK)

    Fished with him on the Freelance. A very nice guy !
  205. All Business

    Huntington Cbass

    Ok.. now what are you going to do for your hat trick? Black seabass? Nice work !
  206. All Business

    Flawed by Michael Fowlkes

    Island Fuel dock in Newport carries a few copies.
  207. All Business

    Cedros Outdoor Adventures?

    Cedros Outdoor Adventures with Jose #1.
  208. All Business

    Pacific Coast Sportfishing Festival

    I had a really great time at the show. Thank you Hansen & Decker for the all the hard work doing the seminars. Someone mentioned at the show that it was Jimmy's birthday.. What a guy !
  209. All Business

    Seabass tournament rescheduled

    Looks like even a better excuse to hit the sportfishing show held at the OC fairgrounds this weekend that Ali posted. I heard ballast point brew co. will be there among a bunch of other seminars. Very cool.
  210. All Business

    Pacific Coast Sportfishing festival

    Looking forward to heading to the OC fairground's this weekend to check out the show again, and also loadin' up on my gear for the season.
  211. All Business

    PCS Festival this weekend

    Looking forward to seeing you and Decker.
  212. All Business

    Gray Ghost on a Gray Day!

    Did you ever work at Nordstrom's?
  213. All Business

    Could use a little friendly advice NPH.

    I didn't read everyone's responses. Try timing your fishing three hours after a low tide and even that can be slow in the winter and spring. One more thing, it really turns on after 3 days of heat wave. The third and forth day after a heat wave reminds me why I fish the harbor. -G'luck !
  214. All Business

    Old School Sabre Rod ? ? ?

    Thank you everyone for your input. I hate to say it, but I kind of kicked that rod to the corner years ago and now kind of resurrecting it, no pun intended.
  215. All Business

    Old School Sabre Rod ? ? ?

    Thanks in advance for the help. I have this old Sabre Lite SL 16 6-1/2FT one piece rod. The line class is 4-12#. Can anyone give me any history on it? It has two colors the bottom portion is yellow and the top portion is blue. I was told that it means the rod is built for IGFA line class. Any...
  216. All Business


    where? thanks for the report.
  217. All Business


    Good ol' Doug Titts a great guy and model American !
  218. All Business

    New Record Seabass!! What a Lucky Bastard

    It's not a record until his line is submitted and breaks less than 22.04 lbs. I hope it's old line and it breaks under and he'll get the record. It would be a nice kick off to our seabass season.
  219. All Business

    Offshore What happened to all the Bigeye Tuna???

    I was there at the Coral in 03 and saw guys going to the fillet station with 60 to 80 lb bet. They were catching them at 80 feet under kelp, while I was catching football size yft, what was I thinking. Good stuff though.. I can't complain at least we had a season.
  220. All Business

    Cat Harbor Tsunami vid

    Hey Buford, hold my beer & watch this.. Buford wut we got here is wut you call a "Suenamie.." ! -Jackass.. what we have here is what we call "hold my beer and run" !
  221. All Business

    My biggest butt ever!

    You've got a real nice "but."
  222. All Business

    Calcutta 400TE NEW

    Thank you very one! -MODS PLEASE DELETE
  223. All Business

    Calcutta 400TE NEW

    That was the replacement reel that Shimano gave me with me original spool. Please feel free to post comments and bump me back to the first page. I appreciate it..
  224. All Business

    Calcutta 400TE NEW

    Awwww.. come on guys ! Maybe you need a refresher course? It says right there in the third sentence- "The reel is new, but the original spool was given back because I had it full of spectra at the time".
  225. All Business

    Calcutta 400TE NEW

    SOLD - Mods please delete..
  226. All Business

    Ghost Shrimp Pump

    Call me.. in Newport Bch for the next few days. I'll sell you mine for $20 949-351-4444
  227. All Business

    400 TE - Excellent Condition

    no low ballers.. this is brand new with papers..
  228. All Business

    Oside Report 2/12 with Simon Bon Bowery

    Always good reading your reports DaGoose !
  229. All Business

    Angler profile: Erik Landesfeild

    Hey great job on the feature story that you wrote in the March issue of Pacific Coast Sportfishing magazine on the SWBA !
  230. All Business

    SWBA / Spotted Bay Bass article in PCS

    Great article and a great magazine ! Nice job !!!
  231. All Business

    Offshore East Coast to West transition

    My first suggestion would be to ditch the East Coast white deck boots. -Just sayin'..
  232. All Business

    Shimano Reels & Rods, Graftech rod Sale

    This guy is legit and very cool. He has good stuff at a fair price. Free bump !
  233. All Business

    Jerry Brown Line One Hollow Spectra

    SOLD <style></style>Jerry Brown Line One Hollow Spectra Thanks guys,
  234. All Business


    Nice job and thanks for the post. Love those BH's Pete's the best.
  235. All Business

    400 TE - Excellent Condition

    Mods please delete this post. thank you
  236. All Business

    NEWPORT REDEMPTION April.23rd.2011

    FYI - That might be the same weekend as the BAC's Lilly Call tournament in Newport bay.
  237. All Business

    green stick battle

    Awww, come on guys, it's so simple. Maybe you need a refresher course. Hey! It's all ball bearings nowadays. Now you prepare that Fetzer valve with some 3-in-1 oil and some gauze pads. And I'm gonna need 'bout ten quarts of anti-freeze, preferably Prestone. No, no make that Quaker State!
  238. All Business

    80# Grouper, Abreojos & Bocana

    Nice fish and great lease !!!!
  239. All Business

    Alaska Legacy Lodge

    Try Legacy Lodge in Vancouver ! Great lodge and great fishing fishing. 31, 38, 43 pound kings were caught on our trip and large halibut.
  240. All Business

    Ending the Year of 2010 Strong! - 30.4 pound Local Halibut

    To think how much better your day would have been if you were one of the guys in the "know". Good job on your flatty.
  241. All Business

    Tropic Star Lodge Presents - Beat this Caption - Ending Dec 16th, 2010

    Not only blues and blacks but you forgot HUGE 300# yellowfin, DONKEY roosters and 60# wahoo ~ !!! Why go on a 16 day long range trip when you can fly into Pinas Bay and have your own personal 31 Bertram with a captain and mate. Then sleep in a nice bed instead of state room. "Do the math".
  242. All Business

    Calstar - Custom Wrapped

    Sold <o:p></o:p>
  243. All Business

    Casa Vieja - Club Nautico

    Thanks Ron.. I know that Joan Vernon and everyone at Presidential Challenge puts a lot of work into those tourneys. Thank you for keeping us up dated !
  244. All Business

    NEW - Open Water Reel Bag $45.00

    PLEASE CALL OR PM - ONLY - THANK YOU 949-351-4444 Brand new reel bag that has never been used still with the price tag on it. The price tag say- $71.99. Letting it go for $45.00 The dimensions are 16.25" x 11" x 7.75" High grade 300-denier polyester Oversized corrosion-proof zippers...
  245. All Business

    Oside Flattie Report 10/16

    Always good to read one of your reports Rick.. I look forward to reading your blogs on Pacific Coast Sportfishing website too. Great job !
  246. All Business

    Water Proof Camera $100

    WATER PROOF DIGITAL CAMERA DOWN TO 10 FEET The Stylus 850 SW is designed for active people who want a tough camera that can keep up with their on-the-go lifestyles. Incredibly durable, sleek and rugged, the Stylus 850 SW is a must-have vacation and boating accessory. Accidents happen. A...
  247. All Business

    Limits of Fin Bait Seabass - Catalina Report 9/26

    Great job ! Love that Sony camera too..
  248. All Business

    Oside Flattie Report 9/25

    Great job Rick. I love reading your posts !
  249. All Business

    catilina bait

    Check Avalon harbor, channel 11 for the squid boat or call Marie Claire - 949-677-0607
  250. All Business

    Going to La Paz

    La Paz Fishing Charters runs a great operation and you get to live on the boat and fish the islands. Check it out we had an awesome time and it wasn't that expensive. La Paz Fishing Charters
  251. All Business

    Maybe some good news

    As Rainman would say- "d.. d.. defin.. definitely Chit Chat, definitely Chit Chat."
  252. All Business

    line rigging and knots for jig sticks

    Try using a 30# wind-on with your bimini. The small knot casts right through the guides. I accidentally put a surface iron on one of my reels that had the wind-on, and I noticed what I had done when I reeled it in. So I kept casting it and liked it. It's a different twist on things.
  253. All Business

    Woody Wax: The bomb for aluminum

    I read about it in Pacific Coast Sportfishing magazine and tried it. Good stuff. I'm buying the rest of their line this weekend and finishing the boat up with it.
  254. All Business

    Fresh dead squirts

    I shouldn't reveal my source, but Bill over at Ultra Fuel dock in Newport harbor sells fresh dead almost year around. No bleach or ink sacks removed. Fresh off of one of the light boats. I believe it's $15 bucks for 5 pound bag. Tim, you knew that, your friends with Brian B. Ultra Fuel Dock -...
  255. All Business

    thanks accurate!

    Nice ! The rail is your friend !!!
  256. All Business

    177 pound OPAH

    What time is dinner ?
  257. All Business

    Offshore sharks and yellows

    The 14 mile bank.. ? 365 feet??? Reds? I saw a guy at the docks not long ago catching yellow eye at the 14 calling them reds. Report your catch to this guy 1-888-DFG-CALTIP and pick up your reward !
  258. All Business

    Boats in Catalina

    A July Fourth weekend at Catalina? It's a mad house at the island. The 9 million boaters will shut down the bite, 99.99999% certain. But I'm sayin' you got a chance. I'd save your cash and the drama and go a few days after the weekend. Good luck..
  259. All Business

    Barefoot Bar / Paradise Point needs your help!

    I liked going there after fishing and feeding the fish what ever was left in the bait tank. Watching those fish crash on our bait was a lot of fun. I hope it gets going again.
  260. All Business

    Offshore Opah on Night Shark Fishing Trip

    Fish of a life time. Congrats
  261. All Business

    Coastal tanker part three. 46lb on 6-20

    Sooo.. Have you completely given up on halibut? Does Mark know your in the middle of writing the next all time best seller, and possibly a movie deal? Well done on the seabass.
  262. All Business

    Kill bag

    Check out the Reliable kill bags. I liked what I saw and bought one. I also liked the fact that it had heavier duty zippers than the others. The reason I bought it was because of the rounded bottom design. It allows the bag to hold more ice and fish, plus it sits better on the back of the swim...
  263. All Business

    Pacific Coast Sport Fishing Festival Review

    Quality vendors and an impressive line up off speakers. I picked up a Phenix bass stick that I didn&#8217;t know I needed.
  264. All Business


    Our group was already planning on taking off Friday and going to the show! Thanks Pawel, we definitely will check it out.
  265. All Business

    T-Sharkin on NoZilla with Captain Curt 5/31

    We were below you in the canyon working the T&#8217;s for nada, not even a knock down. We did bait a swordie for a heart wrenching 5 minutes. Loved Joey on the radio today. The black seabass story with a happy ending. &#8211; Great job Joe !
  266. All Business

    yt at nados 5/28

    The ol' Swedish Meat Ball trick..
  267. All Business

    Catalina White Sea Bass

    Great report Billy, and very true about setting up on anchor. Wish I could go. Good luck..
  268. All Business

    seahorse dana wharf 5/25 $50!!!

    Smokin' deal.. Wish I could go. Anyone check ?
  269. All Business

    From 0 to 60

    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"><meta name="ProgId" content="Word.Document"><meta name="Generator" content="Microsoft Word 11"><meta name="Originator" content="Microsoft Word 11"><link rel="File-List"...
  270. All Business

    16.35,16.50,28.0,41.60,halibut in SQ.

    That dodger looks like DaGoose's set-up from I have a couple and those things produce. Great job !
  271. All Business

    Shimano Tallus Rods

    Sale pending- but please let me know if you are interested and I will keep a waiting list. Thank you,
  272. All Business

    Shimano Tallus Rods

    Sold - Thank you Jason !
  273. All Business

    swim magic lures

    Magic Swimmers are $15 a pack.
  274. All Business

    spectra etiquettte

    Dave your avatar speaks volumes.
  275. All Business

    spectra etiquettte

    <o:p></o:p>I&#8217;m just sayin..<o:p></o:p>
  276. All Business

    spectra etiquettte

    Well put Spike.
  277. All Business

    spectra etiquettte

    Your there to fish not make friends. My suggestion, when you have a fish on and your pined at the corn with 6 lines wrapped around your line, put your reel in to free spool for 8 seconds. That's how you "make friends and influencing people."
  278. All Business

    ok all you west coasters....

    Capt. G, I'd like to apologize, I was the white Cadillac that cut you off that evening.
  279. All Business

    Decker Session

    That Decker.. a great fisherman and one hell of a model American !
  280. All Business

    Newport Bait Barge is in!

    That's what the Asian markets are for in Garden Grove. To supply the OC with fresh frozen..
  281. All Business

    (2) x Shimano Tallus Rods

    I have 2 Tallus rods in great shape. &#8226; Graphite inner and outer layers with a fiberglass core &#8226; Fuji reel seats &#8226; Gimbals &#8226; Factory wrapped, lifetime guarantee from Shimano. &#8226; Both 7 footers &#8226; 14-30lb Great tuna sticks, the rods are extras on the...
  282. All Business

    TLD 20 ll Speed $180

    SOLD Thank you
  283. All Business

    Tigerlily t shirt design

    Pretty, are you going to make them for guys too?
  284. All Business

    Free Surf Fishing Seminar

    The Baboose !!! Love that guy. Great fisherman, and one hell of a model American.
  285. All Business

    Graft Tech Rods

    what are the ratings?
  286. All Business

    400 Calcutta $150.00

    How old is the reel?
  287. All Business

    Calcutta 700 $200

    Free shipping? I want to get in on this deal. I’ve used my buddy’s 700 and I really liked it. If you still have it by pay day I’d like to get it. There are a few other deals I want on BD.