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  1. Effjay

    Fish NW garage sale

    Pro motion anchor nest $20
  2. Effjay

    Bunch of flashers $75 obo

    Are these sold? If not lets talk!
  3. Effjay

    Stuff to get rid of!

    Mike...shoot me the specs on the bow mount..interested
  4. Effjay

    Trip to Leavenworth for October fest.

    They have all that but hundreds of people are packed in like sardines.
  5. Effjay

    Freshwater Opening Day Chehalis River

    Nice catch !! May I ask what kind of spinner and how far behind your fish flash?
  6. Effjay

    Saltwater First Plugging

    Thanks Big Scotch !! Don't take the a** probing fukstix to serious. :D
  7. Effjay

    Tuna are here!!

    Mark has 10 in the box so far this morning...
  8. Effjay

    Westport reports

    We coho off willapa as well Saturday...all clipped fish
  9. Effjay

    2018 Chevrolet Silverado 3500hd Duramax - LT and LTZ's - 12k miles

  10. Effjay

    Saltwater Westport 7-15

    On the hill behind Grayland
  11. Effjay

    Yamaha 9.9 high thrust SOLD

    Hey Big Scotch how did you get your name? :D
  12. Effjay

    looking for La Push runing partner for may1st,2nd&4th

    You should have 100 boats all running out to the same spot.
  13. Effjay

    Bunch of fishing gear

    I sent a pm hours after the post with no reply back...
  14. Effjay

    Bunch of fishing gear

    I sent a pm hours after the post with no reply back...
  15. Effjay

    WTB Plastic Barrels

    Guy off 112th just east of Waller Rd. has barrels...Summit
  16. Effjay

    Sporty but Fishable

    We fish that all the time !!
  17. Effjay

    Another d-BAG thief :-((

    Stop supporting these damn thieves by leaving your good stuff outside !
  18. Effjay

    Coho help for a so cal BD’er

    Get some 4 1/2" hootchies and shove a 3/4 ounce lead head jig up into one, tie it on your main line, cast it as far as you can and twitch...pause...reel...twitch pause reel it back to you. Swim the jig and vary how many reel cranks until you get on a fishy pattern. Sometimes a half crank on the...
  19. Effjay

    Lami 10' 6" Mooching rod w/Daiwa Knucklebuster

    Did this sell? If not I will take it
  20. Effjay

    Freshwater Back at Togiak River Lodge

    twitch twitch boom
  21. Effjay

    New Cutwater 302

    Why can't we be friends ?:cheers: Great looking boat !!
  22. Effjay

    Saltwater AK salmon fishing

    Here are some other techniques for chasing coho. Don't overlook twitching jigs.
  23. Effjay

    Freshwater Big C springers

    You can never go wrong with anything made by Short bus. Nice fish !!
  24. Effjay

    Freshwater Lower Columbia Springer Report 3/13

    Nice fish !! Can't wait to get down there!
  25. Effjay

    Left Hand Compound New

    Looks like a nice bow.
  26. Effjay

    WTS: 6 - Avet SX/SXJ 5.3 Blue/Silver Reels

    I find that 55-65 # braid reduces tip wrap:cool:
  27. Effjay

    Emissions Delete 2016 duramax.

    Didn't the former owner/founder of NR commit bank fraud and murder? He may no longer be at NR much like many Chevy execs so what's the difference? Pot meet kettle...
  28. Effjay

    Freshwater How many fish the Cowlitz?

    Know every nook and cranny from barrier to castlerock, steelhead, springers, kings and coho oh my... You got my number...
  29. Effjay

    Braid under mono?

    I will run a starter bed of mono, then braid with a mono top shot. ;-)
  30. Effjay

    Mushroom Thread

    Nice and clean:-)
  31. Effjay

    WP Tuna Roll-Call 7/29

    I'll be there with Capt. TunaPup
  32. Effjay

    Westport roll call this weekend

    Wouldn't miss it !!
  33. Effjay

    2007 Wooldridge 23ft Super Sport Offshore

    Good luck with the sale Mike !!
  34. Effjay

    Etec 300 lower unit

    Tom's outboard in Olympia helped a friend out with his Etec when it was just a few hours past factory warranty. Tom went to bat for him with the factory. Worth a try maybe?
  35. Effjay

    German and European mugs

    I'll take them Mike !!
  36. Effjay

    Boat seats

    Did the first guy in line buy them? If not I am interested still.
  37. Effjay

    Boat seats

    Just talked to you on phone...let me know
  38. Effjay

    Shimano Mootcher 4000gt and Okuma SST 10'6"

    Can't find the rod on the Okuma website with the M designation...I assume it has the long foregrip and short aft grip?
  39. Effjay

    Tell me about Waterfall Resort, Ketchikan, in June

    Ketchikan Herring Cove Mid June Eggs 4' under a bobber is $$$$$$
  40. Effjay

    A11 closing early

    Were you a member of the Tiderunner hatch last night ? ;-)
  41. Effjay


    Can't wait to get out on the 25th July !!!
  42. Effjay

    Saltwater MA11 report 6/12-6/14

    We netted a 15#er at around 10:30 saturday...only fish we saw caught . We got lucky!
  43. Effjay

    First Blood for the Wife: Westport

    Cheers to yellowjackets!
  44. Effjay

    Albacore - WP - July 30

    I hope KodiakMike doesn't mind but here are the pictures from the trip he speaks of. Thanks again Mike for taking me out with you. It was a trip I'll always remember. Tuna Virgin no more! Nice looking site! I hope to contribute!