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  1. tranandya

    Garmin GCV 10 Scanning Sonar Module

    tranandya submitted a new listing: Garmin GCV 10 Scanning Sonar Module - Garmin GCV 10 Scanning Sonar Module Learn more about this listing...
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    17-20ft trailer

    tranandya submitted a new listing: 17-20ft trailer - 17-20ft trailer Learn more about this listing...
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    Gelcoat color matching

    Anyone know a local spot in OC that does color matching for gelcoat? Revchem does it but at there Bloomington and not at Costa Mesa.
  4. tranandya

    Custom King-starboard bait net, knife, piler holder thingy

    I been getting a lot of PM about remaking these. 2 different style now. Double plate and Single piece 60 bucks Shipped. 50 picked up. Located in Anaheim/Irvine. Double plate (currently sold out) Top and bottom plate are made of 1/2in KingStarboard. Screwed to a 3/16in KingStarboard using...
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    Trailers guide on

  6. tranandya

    traxstech rod holders

  7. tranandya

    Maritime skiff thread

    I just got a Maritime skiff 20p. There are very far and few maritime on the west coast. Post up what you got and how you rigged. i guess ill start
  8. tranandya

    Aluminium trailer for 20ft boat

    Looking for a single axle 3500lb aluminum trailer with brake (prefer disk brakes). its to fit my 20ft maritime skiff. Lmk what you got.
  9. tranandya

    Edgewater 175cc Doghouse Edition

    Ill let the specs and pictures do most of the talking. This boat is fully rigged and perfect for inshore and island fishing. Shes ready to go turn key. PRICE $SOLD 2000 Edgewater 175cc (17'6" center console) (Bob Dougherty Design, Bob left Boston Whaler and made Edgewater) 45 gal Fuel Tank...
  10. tranandya

    Phenix Black Diamond PSW-809XHJ

    Factory wrap with reel seat. Sold
  11. tranandya

    Shimano Teramar TMC86HB

    Found one
  12. tranandya

    Bow Mount Minn Kota Ripetide

    Looking for a 24v 70-80lb thrust 56-60 inch shaft. Must have spot lock feature. Lmk what you guys have.
  13. tranandya

    Shimano Talica 10ii .

    Looking for a Talica 10ii show me what you got
  14. tranandya

    WTB Terez Rail Rod

  15. tranandya

    T-Top to Doghouse(mini pilot house)

    Long story short i always wanted a pilot house, but love the way my boat is laid out. Decided to remove my T-Top and make my own pilot house. I figured i built my bait tank myself why not a pilot house! EDIT: MY bait tank thread -
  16. tranandya

    WTB: Shimano Teramar rod TMC80MHB

    Looking for the newer tearmar rod. lmk if you got one in OC area. PM please thanks
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  18. tranandya

    Built in Tackle Storage & 13" Trailer spare

    built in tackle storage that holds 4 plano trays that i bought but never installed. cutout size is H 11.5 x W 12.5 x D 9 $SOLD Brand new trailer tire ST175/80/R13 (mounted 2/6/16) and Galvanized wheel 5 on 4-1/2. $50 Call/Text 714 381 6013 -Andy
  19. tranandya

    FS Calcutta 400D

  20. tranandya

    WTB Trinidad 20a

    Looking for a TN 20a in decent shape doesnt have to be mint, but not too beat up. show me what you got and asking price.
  21. tranandya

    FS Tady jigs

    Left to right Iron man 2(dorado), ,Iron man 3(Blue/white), Tady AA (red/White), Tady 9(dorado/Glow back), Tady C(blk/white single hook), Tady C(Silver), Tady C(black/white), Tady C(Red/white), Tady C(dorado), Tady C(mint),Tady C (blue/white), Tady 45(blue/white). Please note that some of the...
  22. tranandya

    Magma Bait/Filet Table

  23. tranandya

    WTB Shimano Terez 80H

    Looking for a Shimano Terez TZC80H in black or white. lmk what you got!
  24. tranandya

    WTB Garmin 741xs

    Looking into getting a 741xs show me what you have, thanks
  25. tranandya

    Stainless steel thru hull, steering cable boot

    316 stainless 3/4in (.75in) barb thru hull. 15 bucks 316 stainless 1 1/2in(1.5in) barb scupper thru hull 30 bucks 4 inch steering cable boot. 5 bucks
  26. tranandya

    Newell S332-5 & Newell upgrade parts

    S332-5, Just serviced. Fresh xxx Izor 25lb mono. Upgraded Freespool lever. SOLD Newell P-series reel clamp for 229 235 332 338 344 440 447. SOLD Custom solid billet Reel clamp for 220 322 Narrow base newells. Price 15 bucks. Custom Solid billet handle only (no knob). Price 15 bucks. Order a...
  27. tranandya

    WTT Talica 12II for Talica 10II

    no looking anymore
  28. tranandya

    115 HP Yamaha Outbard

  29. tranandya

    WTB Shimano Talica 12II and Terez 70H

    Looking for a Terez TZC70H in white or black LMK *Already found a Talica 12*
  30. tranandya

    Testing thru hull transducer..

    I need help with my Airmar b117 thru-hull transducer. i can not track/read bottom and was wondering does someone know of a way to fix it before i decided to rip it out and replace it... maybe its a lose connection or short? i tried a TM and hung it over the side and it worked to that's why i...
  31. tranandya

    WTB: Shimano TLD 25

    Looking for 2 TLD 25 single speed. lmk what you got
  32. tranandya

    Garmin 740s Sonar problem

    I have a 740s with an Airmar B117 thru-hull transducer and everything was working fine. And I noticed after I put a little dielectric grease on the power cable my sonar reading was weird. I can barely read bottom sometimes and when it does work I cant see bottom on 50 Hz… here’s some pictures...
  33. tranandya

    WTB Yamaha f115

    Looking for a used F115 Yamaha 20in shaft.
  34. tranandya

    WTB SS Prop 13x17 15 spline

    Looking for a stainless prop for my 115 2 stroke yamaha. 15 spline 13x17 LMK what you guys have. thanks Andy
  35. tranandya

    Zukers trolling feathers, Tadys-Salas-Iron man Jigs/irons.

    (5) like new Zukers trolling feather $20 (22) Misc surface/yoyo jigs Tady/Salas/Iron Man... 5 of the Tadys are repainted.$75shipped+Paypal fees or sent as a gift. $70 picked up
  36. tranandya

    Bait net/Pliers/Lure/hook holder

    SOLD New thread updated version
  37. tranandya

    Thanksgiving lobster run!

    I decided to stop working on the house and make a thanksgiving lobster run and boy did it pay off. all big bugs are males. hoop from sunset till 9. 17 total left em crawlin!
  38. tranandya

    Rod holders

  39. tranandya

    Hooping Question

    I was wondering if there are crabs(rock,spider,etc) around are there lobsters around too? or should i move somewhere else?
  40. tranandya

    Dialing in Garmin Fish finder

    So i have a Garmin 541s w/ AIRMAR B117 thru-hull transducer. i just installed everything and currently have everything in the "Auto mode" out of the box. i was wondering did you guys have to setup the fish finder? or did you just install everything and use it as is? any rule of thumb or guild...
  41. tranandya

    DIY Bait tank

    So i been on the market for a used fiberglass bait tank for a decent price. i either miss the deal,too big or to small for my boat, or over my price range... so i decided to make my own bait tank! the idea was to use it as a leaning post on my 175cc EdgeWater. heres the boat And here is my...
  42. tranandya

    13" 5lug x 4.5" galvanized trailer wheel/spare.

    Lookin for a spare for my trailer lmk what you got.
  43. tranandya

    Chiped lower unit

    So i went hooping last night and smacked my lower unit on some rocks. i was wondering should i get this repaired? if so how? should i just JB weld it to get the shape right? or weld a the material back? i didn't hit my prop no other cracks or leaking oil..
  44. tranandya

    Any rod builder in OC?

    I snapped my jig stick(GF850H) i broke 8in off. so it's time to get a new rod looking for a local rod builder in OC that can fix some of my old guide and build me a new rod for a good price any suggestions? looking to get a replacement blank from cal star. Cork wrap grip, standard guides...
  45. tranandya

    Any body have a C&M Fiberglass Lean Post w/ 40 Gallon Livewell?

    Anybody in body on the west coast have this combo? i was wondering how do they like it? seems cheap for a leaning post/ bait tank combo...
  46. tranandya

    New Boat, New to Bugs

    After coming back from a long ass deployment Afghanistan, i needed to get back into the water. i decided to buy a boat from Rick at OC Boatworks, (which was a complete night mare! and ill leave it as that.) So i sold that junk and got myself a real boat =) 2000 Edgewater 175c with a 2 stroke 115...
  47. tranandya

    NEED a yamaha marine mechanic in OC.

    I was wondering does anyone know a good mobile yamaha marine mechanic is OC? prefer Garden Grove? need help with my 2000 yahama 115 2 stoke..
  48. tranandya

    bait tank

  49. tranandya

    wtb 17-19 Center Console

    Looking for a new boat willing to spend up to 7k. looking for a whaler, parker, mako, anything in that nature with t tops. something i can take to to the islands and back. prefer 4 stoke, or newer 2 stoke. may consider a 20 open skippy too. my max towing cap is 5k.
  50. tranandya

    towing skipjack 20 open

    Can i tow a open 20' Skipjack with a v6 01-04 Toyota Tacoma or is that pushing it?