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    Anyone in SoCal make custom shades?

    These guys are on the cheaper end (made in China) but mine still looks good after 3 seasons). Mostly used at anchor - it would be hard to fish around. The alternatives were 4-5x the price
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    Re-decking...fiberglass help?

    If you're new, use epoxy for the longer working time - 30-45 minutes with standard hardener. You can get slow hardener and extend that even more. I do use poly sometimes but with a 5-10 minute working time, you have to have everything ready and choreographed so you can move quick.
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    Boat registration at AAA?

    AAA Del Mar Heights did my VIN verification for me on my out of state trailer
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    Which compass and where to mount it?

    I find it odd that this wasn't planned for in advance by the builder. Has anyone tried steering a compass course based on a compass that's not lined up on the centerline wheel? It's a pain in the rear! I'd vote #3 if that's the best option.
  5. starbright55

    Orange County Boat Assessment - Yearly Property Tax

    I've always heard it was $5,000 I've never paid more than that for a boat so I've never paid it. My cousin bought a bass boat years ago for $15,000 and he still pays it.
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    time to expand?

    I'm one that thinks 10' or just under is the best thing you can do in a trailerable boat. I'd rather tow 28'x 10' than 35' x 8' (hypothetically, the same square feet, 28 x 10 = 280 = 35 x 8).
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    Information on services around sunset boat ramp

    I just looked at gas buddy - Costco is still the cheapest. I've gotten ice at Smart & Final on Edinger - big, easy parking lot with the boat
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    Pilothouse mounted navigation lights??

    To be compliant (not that everyone is or the authorities will ever give you a hard time for it) you need your all around white light 1 meter above your red & green. Tom and Laurence are pretty close to spot on when you add in the height of radar pedestal and the pole for the light. If you're...
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    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    Pictures from today are severely lacking on this thread
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    Fill up at Costco when you get off the freeway.

    Fill up at Costco when you get off the freeway.
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    Transporting dinghy on a smaller boat

    Pink flamingos work too:
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    Transporting dinghy on a smaller boat

    At 23 ft., you'll be on the first row - we just use inflatable paddleboard as they are much easier to stow!
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    Get your cigars out! New boat needing marketing team

    ...and you thought the brand was dead
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    Stainless Steal Fabrication in Ventura

    Just don't let Van touch the boat itself - he scratched the crap out of my brand new gel coat job. EDIT: The stainless part of the job was good and to spec. He's a good fabricator.
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    Researching new boat build

    Everyone was mentioning mapping earlier in this thread: Furuno updated the software in the TZT3 so that you anything outside of a TZT3 MFDand the DFF3D setup.
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    Get your cigars out! New boat needing marketing team

    They have a catamaran too - I'm ordering one
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    Triple Axle Trailer Advice

    Probably cost more than my first boat
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    24' BW Guardian with pilothouse cuddy and tower

    I've crawled around on it a few years ago. Decent price, needs a few things done for sure. Remember, 8' beam and with that tower it makes it a little tender.
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    Weird looking aluminum cat

    I think it has to do with the raised pilothouse. Same designer (Jutson), different boat (this would be the 3rd to be discussed here), this one built on the east coast. No raise pilothouse definitely looks sleeker.
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    California - Proposed Reg Fee Change

    I haven't seen this posted elsewhere yet Currently $20 every two years - Newsome wants it to go to $70 "Governor Gavin Newsom’s proposed 2021-22 budget, released Jan. 8, includes a proposal to raise the vessel renewal fee from $20 every two years to $70 every two years to help stabilize a $52...
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    Weird looking aluminum cat

    I would take one! The above boat has a dry weight of 24,800 lbs....add 8,000 lbs for full load. Should go 15 knots cruise with decent fuel ecomony. Scott Jutson design ( This is a sistership by the same designer for comparison: "Dual John Deere 4.5...
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    Here some new boat porn for you guys

    I still want to know size and power!!!
  23. starbright55

    Here some new boat porn for you guys

    The boat is now on a trailer and the Yamaha 425's are mounted - where are pictures????? EDIT: Never mind, I just looked at the timing of your build and yours wouldn't be ready yet. But, it looks like they're launching another big one today (38' x 14', pic attached)
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    Bow Nav Light Options

    Technically, your all around white light needs to be 1 meter above your red and green. If you put the red/green on the t-top, then your white will need to be on a 1m pole. Never heard anyone getting ticketed for it, but that's the rule.
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    Davis Bahia 1/2 Pilothouse W/ Suzuki 350

    Same. I have a pile of business cards and slips of paper in my truck - "let me know when you're ready to sell". It's a good problem to have!
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    Repower and Used Outboards

    Probably motors than anyone - with or without seeing them
  27. starbright55

    Repower and Used Outboards

    That "someone" knows his shit and would have canceled the transaction if he thought there was anything fishy when he got there.
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    Rudder Indicator on an Outboard Engine

    Might work with cable steering but it always slightly moves with hydraulic....the tape might be in the right spot for a trip or two.
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    2520 Upgrades and Build

    Putting a dark colored cover on the boat prior to backing in at night is TOUGH. He should add some motion lights to that area.
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    Trying to help give my son something I can't afford.

    I think I built it in 88-89' time frame. I saved up for SO long - I want to say it was ~$90 with a stock motor and bushings. Bearing and the faster motor was another $40 that I didn't have as a kid.
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    Rewiring problems

    I think I bought a roll of 16 awg duplex for anything LED, 14 awg for anything important under the dash (mfd, radios, etc.), and 12 for the bilge pumps and stuff that can draw a lot or longer runs. Wire anything you can off the boat and then mount it - switch panels, etc.
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    Trying to help give my son something I can't afford.

    Mine is too....but I have no idea why it's still taking up space in my garage
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    Insurance on older boat?

    You just need a good survey
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    What Power Option for New Farallon 3200 Explorer?

    I want to say that Mark is getting almost 2.9 mpg with the single volvo diesel and the outdrive - insane for a 29' Radon. That might have played into it. To compare, my triple chine (narrow 8' beam) only gets 2.2-2.3 mpg with twin Suzuki I-4's. Gurantanteed the 29' Mark sold would be getting...
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    Buying an LLC owned boat and not paying sales tax

    Buy it offshore and move it to the Coral for a year?
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    Large Walk around vessels....

    Call this guy as see why he went from a 43' Delta to a new custom Newton ( His website isn't update with the new boat but he had it shipped from New Orleans to Alaska:
  37. starbright55

    Large Walk around vessels....

    Radon make a 40' or 42' now. Still, probably not what you are looking for.
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    Contender & Regulator

    Was this the reason you're not staying with a catamaran?
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    Who has better cell phone coverage off shore and around Catalina?

    My wifes AT&T seems to work better (faster) that my T-Mobile (phone) and Verizon (hotspot) when at the Isthmus.
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    Pilothouse Layout for 25ft Whaler

    Larger hatch up front in the cuddy means you can handle the anchor without walking all the way around and forward. I can stay a week on my 25' with the wife and 1 kid. I rarely lower the dinette unless it's a guys trip and we want some space.
  41. starbright55

    Pilothouse Layout for 25ft Whaler

    If you have extra beam to spare, by all means make the gunnels wider. But, unless you have room for 20"-24" inches to spare on each side, you're going to be holding on to the roof rails up top in order to access the bow. I only have an 8' beam and went with 8" gunnels. I've never had a...
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    Alaskan catamarans

    According to the website, Alaskan Aluminum Power Catamarans are a Noah Thompson design. Lee Shore has done a few of Noah's designs too (non-foil assist though).
  43. starbright55

    New boat electronics install

    Those things suck to drill through - I may have to try the freezing idea.
  44. starbright55

    Boat cover cleaning

    I'm ready to try to shop vac mine with a stiff brush and then hose it off. I haven't tried anything yet but that's my current plan.
  45. starbright55

    F200 bolt pattern

    Everything has been the same for a long time. There are jigs out there (the Mercury/Quiksilver is the easiest to find) but your holes will match. Top pair of holes are spaced 12-7/8" o.c. The bottom pair of holes are spaced 9-7/8-inch o.c. The spacing between the top and bottom pair of holes...
  46. starbright55

    Strongly considering a Suzuki over Yamaha repower . . .

    Mauer missed so many things in my quote from them it would have been a huge $$$ shock if I had gone with them and then they added all the little stuff at the end that they missed on the quote.
  47. starbright55

    Reviews of JP Motorsports in Chula Vista?

    Not an issue for you since you are Tohatsu, but it was Cal Kona in Oceanside. I said I am super flexible and with 24 hrs can bring it in and they said no, you have to leave it. JP said we can do it in the next two weeks but don't know when - I told them to give me 24 hrs notice and I'd have it...
  48. starbright55

    Reviews of JP Motorsports in Chula Vista?

    They seemed competent enough - I had my 20 hr services done there. They sounded like they only have one outboard tech on staff and no secure space to keep a boat overnight. They were pretty easy to schedule with too - in and out one day and two days notice as to when to bring it in. This was...
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    40" Guide Posts for 21' boat too small?

    Stainless or monel staples.
  50. starbright55

    Radon 32 rebuild

    A "triple chine" is specifically one model of 26' (that is long out of production). Other lengths (older 24' or 31', or anything still in production) don't have 3 chines.
  51. starbright55

    Anyone who owns a parker boat

    My wife just embraced the bucket last trip - I'm stoked!
  52. starbright55

    trail rite trailers

    ..And you need to measure the length correctly. Info on the web on how to do that,
  53. starbright55

    Offshore Where to stay?

    Dana Inn has slips too - it's been a few years but it was only $25 a night I believe.
  54. starbright55

    WTB Zodiac 750, 733 Hurricane, or Willard 730

    They ride so darn well! (Sorry, no leads)
  55. starbright55

    Starting a 2320 Build

    Maybe a few hundred bucks on a new radio will make it look better than patching and placing something there? I hate to be the guy that throws out the "money is no object" solution but if you're happier with a clean(er) dash, sell the Garmin and buy an Icom or Standard Horizon - they are taller...
  56. starbright55

    Catalina 6/13

    Check the wind forecast for Saturday - It might not be the best 1st time
  57. starbright55

    25' Anderson Custom w/ Yamaha Outboard (SOLD)

    Yep, he's not getting close to what he put into this thing! (not that any boat owner expects to) If this boat is set up for you, it's a deal.
  58. starbright55

    Carbon Monoxide safety reminder

    Cause? Generator? Neighboring boat?
  59. starbright55

    Boat Trailer Repair San Diego

    I may try FE next time. I've just driven the hour to West Coast and have always had solid work done there.
  60. starbright55

    How to ball park a rebuild budget?

    That list is $107k and that doesn't include buying a old hull. If you go this route, you need to get the hull for CHEAP. A cheap hull would be <$10k (in my opinion). Don't buy some running boat (that might be tired) that is halfway decent for $40k or $50k and go full rebuild. Either go super...
  61. starbright55

    How much anchor rode?

    25' boat I think I'm a 16 lb bruce, 45' of 3/8" chain, 300' of line Heavier chain can help you go a little bit shorter on chain.
  62. starbright55

    Standard Horizon Eclipse Mounting bracket and knobs

    I have two sets: came with a 2200 and a 2000 Let me know if that's what you need. Pickup in Solana Beach. It's going take me a few days to find them but I know they're out in the garage in a box.
  63. starbright55

    First trip checklist

    That I would just go for a bay cruise. There's enough interesting stuff in SD Bay and you can just focus on running the boat. Forget fishing or just bring a rod to two for some light entertainment. I hadn't been out in 6 mos. and decided last week was a good time for a shake down cruise with...
  64. starbright55

    How to ball park a rebuild budget?

    If the boat is >22', you'll be easily north of $100k on a rebuild. With some help, you can nail a budget pretty close. I had a low number that I knew I wouldn't make due to conscious decisions to upgrade certain items (example - full Furuno versus a reman Garmin). I also had a high number...
  65. starbright55

    How to ball park a rebuild budget?

    What know keely said Answer - It depends. If you can do it yourself, you could save 50% off new. If you start subbing stuff out and manage it closely, you could maybe save 10-20%. Otherwise, save yourself the headache and just have one place do all the work (Radon, Anderson, Hull, etc.)...
  66. starbright55

    Head to head marine electronics competition 2020

    Furuno TZT2 here....but Simrad NAC-2 for the auto pilot!
  67. starbright55

    Wilson 30ft hull

    Yeah, this was late last summer (2019) that I saw it available. The guy had a Davis and was going to redo the Wilson as a step up. I believe it was in the $20k range. Could be sold by now.
  68. starbright55

    Wilson 30ft hull

    I thought there was one for sale in Ventura a while back - sitting in Jeff Hulls yard (but not owed by him. 30' x 10' I think
  69. starbright55

    Any place that will accept ammo delivery now?
  70. starbright55

    DFF3D Screen Shots MacGyvering

    I have one that I want to pocket mount once I can get into the glass shop. I'll be interested to see if anyone can decipher those for you.
  71. starbright55

    2001 Ford F-350 XLT Crew Cab, Gas V-10 - North San Diego - $5000

    2001 Ford F-350 XLT, Crew Cab, Long Bed / 8 ft. 6.8L V-10 Gas Engine 146,XXX miles Clean and clear title – pink slip in hand Interior: Clean. Never been smoked in. Never used as a work truck. My wife happily rides in it. Headliner isn’t hanging down. Upholstery is good. Drivers seat fabric is...
  72. starbright55

    2001 Ford F-350 XLT Crew Cab, Gas V-10 - North San Diego - $5000

    Going to shoot to put this up on craigslist by the end of the week. It needs a wash and I was going to go get it smogged. I've used this to tow my boat around the last two years. No issues with 9,000 lbs behind it. Towing ~8 mpg, ~16-17 mpg on the freeway empty (that's light on the pedal...
  73. starbright55

    Telefelx - CC23010 and SSC6211 (11' rotary streering cable

    CC23010 - 10' control cable SSC6211 - 11' rotary steering cable Both are used and in decent shape. Free Pick up in Encinitas (I-5 / Santa Fe Drive)
  74. starbright55

    Hose clamps

    McMaster has them too
  75. starbright55

    I Need a Small Piece of Teak Trim

    I don't think so but I'll look. It's a bunch of off cuts from another project. Highly probable I have something 1/4" thick, but unlikely I have something 3/4" and that long.
  76. starbright55

    I Need a Small Piece of Teak Trim

    I've got a pile of teak at home - I'll look at the sizes. Do you have a way to get it to your dimensions? I may not have exactly 1/4" x 1"
  77. starbright55

    Anyone have a video of a Radon going downswell?

    It's true - it's been glassy heading over and going into it I can only go 23-24 knots, coming home with it (and standard wind chop on top) and I'm going 30 knots. No video...I'm usually driving.
  78. starbright55

    Davis Boat Owners

    And another one with Evinrudes
  79. starbright55

    Offshore Jumbos still at San Clemente island?

    Hardly....the Navy was on the radio yesterday giving coordinates and saying you need to stay 42 nm nautical miles from them. They were yelling at people right and left - "This is the Navy Patrol aircraft off of your port bow calling vessel 5 miles south of Santa Cruz island, you are in a...
  80. starbright55

    26' Radon project

    Look at the bow - triple
  81. starbright55

    26' Radon project

    Will it cost than new 26' from Don? No But will this be a full gut and restore? Yes - but you'll still be in for "only" 2/3 to 3/4 or what a new DR custom 26' is depending on your level of sweat equity and how you choose to finish it.
  82. starbright55

    Best CA trailer builder?

    I got a beautiful welded aluminum trailer from Pacific a few years ago (since then, changed ownership I hear)....they had my boat for 3 1/2 months to make it happen though. Post sale, there were some issues. Wayne is a stand-up guy and will probably be doing by service on my current trail-rite...
  83. starbright55

    Finally gonna upgrade .. which boat?

    Get other quotes on engines - those scratch and dent prices are ok but all Yamaha dealers will knock a large chunk off MSRP just to start. My quote last year for a Yamaha 200XCA (C = Fly by wire) was list $19,900, discount $3,050, net $16,850. Take $1-$2k off for a mechanical engine and you...
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    Offshore Don't launch at Sunset Aquatics/Huntington Harbor tomorrow, 08/29 - Navy exercises 9-11A

    Definitely not a report.... Heard this on the radio this afternoon and found an article: You won't be able to get out (or in) from 9-11A I apologize...
  85. starbright55

    Wheel Bearing Blues

    Hmmmm...West Coast quoted me $799/axle (5200 lbs capacity, axle, brakes, hubs - no labor). This is in a leaf application and I'm keeping my leaf springs.
  86. starbright55

    In search of a small machine shop - San Diego

    They are from Gemlux. I think I paid $23/ea for them. ( I have Port Supply but I wouldn't want to change manufacturers since the holes are already cut. But yes, messing one of these up will still be cheaper than going to a machine shop. I'm just at the point in...
  87. starbright55

    In search of a small machine shop - San Diego

    No, but as I said somewhere above, I think putting the seam in the middle would hide any [email protected]¢£-ups better.
  88. starbright55

    In search of a small machine shop - San Diego

    Pretty even - close enough. Got calipers out and measured in 8 spots. +/- 0.04" variance on the Harbor Freight calipers The material to be cut is 1/8"
  89. starbright55

    In search of a small machine shop - San Diego

    Website isn't responding but he's listed elsewhere...I'll call the number listed tomorrow. One suggestion I received was to get a piece of wood that is the thickness that I need, mount the hawse pipe in a hole in that piece of wood, and attack the backside with a grinder until it is flush...
  90. starbright55

    In search of a small machine shop - San Diego

    I need to cut some stainless and I need it cut squarely (that takes me and a cutoff wheel/grinder out of the discussion). I want to sandwich two hawse pipes together - one outside, one inside. Reason - cleaner look and chafe protection (my cleats are inside the gunnel and down). Wood grain has...
  91. starbright55

    Best information I could ever pass on

    I read this just as I was about to go online and re-up with Boats US. Pete, I left you a voicemail!
  92. starbright55


    I'm thinking of avoiding it again this weekend. I would love more feedback to hear how it's been. It's not that I have a super long tow set-up, it's that the long bed crew cab truck has no turning radius!
  93. starbright55

    Need help wiring ACR to Suzuki 250AP

    Same - I just have the Suzuki aux. charging cable. ( I know this doesn't help you since you already bought an ACR) Also, when searching for the "hot" wire to work my trim tab auto retract, I didn't really bother - I just connected my trim tabs to a switch because of the mass of stuff...
  94. starbright55

    Transducers again

    Rumor has it you can run a B175HW (CHIRP) without hooking up the IDwire. That way you don't have to buy another transducer in 2021. I think street price on them is ~$1000
  95. starbright55

    Kiwigrip - Grey

    Yeah, sold the project, no need anymore. I don't know when I'll use it and I just found it when cleaning the garage!
  96. starbright55

    Kiwigrip - Grey

    Tuna Sniffer will pick it up.
  97. starbright55

    Kiwigrip - Grey

    One gallon, with roller. Never been opened but ~3+ years old. No reason to think it's bad as it's never been exposed to air. Located in Encinitas. If someone wants me to ,I can open it up before they drive to pick it up.
  98. starbright55

    Finally going to make the crossing

    Different boat, different engine but my two stroke Yamaha burns a lot when trolling/idling...My mpgs might actually be better on plane at a slow cruise. So check your fuel your fuel later in the day before heading back. Don't figure "we were just idling around, we couldn't have burned that much"
  99. starbright55

    B175HW and... what head unit?

    As said, no. He's talking about the 7" and 9" varieties of these units: Yes, when you move up to the TZT or the TZT2, you then need a DFF1-UHD to fully utilize a CHIRP transducer.
  100. starbright55

    2-Meter Radios - Who has one?

    Note that I said replace - as in, one or the other. If I had to choose one of the two, I would take the EPIRB: -5 yr batteries that you don't have to charge (there are times where I have forgotten to charge my back up handheld VHF batteries - but I'm redundant there and have extras if one...
  101. starbright55

    2-Meter Radios - Who has one?

    No way way would I replace my EPIRB with a Garmin Inreach
  102. starbright55

    MMSI from FCC?

    Good to know - I had read mixed comments on that on older threads.
  103. starbright55

    MMSI from FCC?

    I've gotten MMSI's from BoatsUS in the past. That's super easy and straight forward. My new boat has the range to enter Mexican waters. I am asking whether it's worth being compliant and getting a FCC issued MMSI / ships station licence. The FCC process looks a little more daunting and I was...
  104. starbright55

    MMSI from FCC?

    How many of you have actually done it? For the Washington and the southern California guys, it seems like a good idea since there is a high probably that you will will be communicating with a foreign port/vessel in foreign waters? I started to look at the paperwork (online forms) and they...
  105. starbright55

    Garmin radar issues

    Glad you figured it out. New breaker panel? Fed by what gauge wire and how far of a run from your battery? I didn't know they could draw so much power.
  106. starbright55

    R2R escort boat wanted

    Contact Shad Burke on this forum. Be prepared to pay. Some people might do it for beer and some gas money but they are also the people that cancel on you last minute with "my wife won't let me go" or "the boat is broken". I've done it for friends at cost - "at cost" is $400-$500 for me not...
  107. starbright55

    How do I put a trailer in a spot tongue first?

    Buy a forklift with a long fork. I'll split it with you since getting into my driveway can be a pain and I live down the street. (kidding...I'm getting better at getting my boat in the sideyard on the first try but might need to do some tree trimming soon)
  108. starbright55

    Just acquired a boat/trailer, how do I register them?

    I'm dealing with a trailer right now - try AAA first. I took my paperwork in first w/o the trailer to see if it worked. Turned out OR title wasn't signed over correctly and I have sent it to the seller for another signature. Any out of state trailer will need to be brought in for VIN...
  109. starbright55

    WTB small chunk of 12 or 10 gauge wire

    genuinedealz Free shipping - I've gotten wire in 2-3 days to CA EDIT: They used to do by the foot but for 10/12 AWG it's now 12ft. ($7-8 for 12 ft. with free shipping and no sales tax)
  110. starbright55

    livingston 12t or livingston 14?

    14' is the limit at the dingy docks in Catalina.
  111. starbright55

    Dana Point Launch Ramp Mess - Potential Solution

    Sounds like a $hit show. I used to tow up to Dana to cut off some time if I was heading to Catalina. I don't really want to two up to Huntington Harbor or Cabrillo but going out of Oceanside seems like a long haul (I never consider Newport due to ramp distance from the jetties and 5mph zone)
  112. starbright55

    Stereo system for a Davis Cortez

    Yep, I'm not cutting holes in my boat for speakers that will only last a few years.
  113. starbright55


    No, the Baywatch boats are Seaways (LA County Lifeguards) The State of California State Parks lifeguards (and I believe Huntington City and Newport) have Crystaliners.
  114. starbright55

    SOLD - NMEA Terminating Resistor Kit / NMEA Power Kit

    I'm no expert... First step would be to find out if you need something special (wiring harness) to get info from your Honda onto an NMEA network. Probably depends what year the Honda is. Newer Suzukis use NMEA gauges so I already had a network set up and my engine info was on the network and...
  115. starbright55

    SOLD - NMEA Terminating Resistor Kit / NMEA Power Kit

    Added one picture back - I can't seem to fine the others on my phone. Probably broke the links with the website upgrade recently. Prices are negotiable...somewhat. Someone PM'd me here and wanted resistors and power for $20. I said that would have to be the pick up price - not dealing with...
  116. starbright55

    Parker 25XX Cover - SOLD

    Two people in line. Evilkhemist is 1st and will know on Sunday whether it works for him.
  117. starbright55

    Parker 25XX Cover - SOLD

    I really thought that this cover would work for my pilothouse (25' x 8' and a 30" bracket). It's actually 1 ft. longer than what they recommend and it's their wider version (for a 120" beam versus 108" boat). On my boat, it comes just to the rub rail and with the included tie downs, it stayed...
  118. starbright55

    Shorten Cables ---Who can?

    For NMEA 2000 and ethernet??? I talked to Furuno and my radar came with a 15m cable - they said chop it and put a new [shielded] RJ-45 connector on. I would think the same would go for NMEA.
  119. starbright55

    How to register an inflatable w/o hull numbers?

    Need a bill of sale...the DMV will issue an HIN. You just have to talk to the right person - once it took 20 minutes, another time, 3 hours.
  120. starbright55

    Refinishing deck need help with priming/paint

    Yes, it costs more per ounce but for convenience, I always keep a tube around: It doesn't sag - meaning you don't have to worry about it coming out the back side of the hole...
  121. starbright55

    electronics repair in so cal?

    What he said... You'll spend that much having someone troubleshoot it. And if the transducer is still good, you'll never have to pull it. I would think that the Lowrance...
  122. starbright55

    New Yamaha Service Center Dealership in Pacific Beach?

    Remember, there's the new San Diego West Coast Marine outpost now on the other side of the freeway too...
  123. starbright55

    16.5", 6 lugs galvanized wheels, Goodyear Workhorse Tire (Set of 4)

    Shoot....somehow notifications for this thread were turned off. I totally blew it (I really like to go in order on who responds on the thread). I only saw pm's. A BD'er from OC drove down and grabbed them today.
  124. starbright55

    New Local Knowledge SeaVee 340z

    Yeah Ali, you'd better talk to Barrett and find out what LED cupholders are the latest and greatest FL craze right now.
  125. starbright55

    Any "real" launch ramp near Cambria?

    One of these for the back end and push it down?
  126. starbright55

    16.5", 6 lugs galvanized wheels, Goodyear Workhorse Tire (Set of 4)

    $80 Set of four (4) Galvanized wheels 6 on 5 1/2" 16.5" Goodyear Workhorse tires 8.75-16.5LT Load Range E Good tread, no visible dryrot, still nubs showing Got these on a used trailer I purchased. They are of UNKNOWN AGE. I don't like unknowns so I bought new tires for my trailer. I also...
  127. starbright55

    Help! Radar install Parker 2520

    Battlewagon has the hole to run the cable inside the post. I put mine far enough back so all 4 bolts ended up inside the pilothouse.
  128. starbright55

    Lobster Opener. Limits for three by 9:20pm

    Yeah...and it's REALLY good.
  129. starbright55

    Boat: How Close to Beach or Piers

    Down here, the lobster guys will have their boats inside of where the surfers are sitting. Definitely not legal but no one says anything.
  130. starbright55

    WTB 22ish/24 radon/Anderson least 9 months ago
  131. starbright55

    Best price on anchor chain?

    Correct - I found Acco chain which is what they carry and price matched that. The big thing that was killing me with anchor chain was shipping - I knew I was going to have to buy it in store. I talked to one of the employees and they are seeing more generics and second labels. I wanted a...
  132. starbright55

    SOLD - NMEA Terminating Resistor Kit / NMEA Power Kit

    I have a few items left over from a project. They ended up as duplicates due to buying kits that might have had extra parts but were cheaper overall. All items are new. Lowrance 119-75 (N2K-PWR-RD) - Same as Simrad/B&G/Navico, came with my Simrad Autopilot kit. This will power your NMEA...
  133. starbright55

    Best price on anchor chain?

    West Marine will price match - buying online and shipping will be more than sales tax.
  134. starbright55

    Rising Insurance Rates

    Your motivation took him about 5 minute! Thanks!
  135. starbright55

    Rising Insurance Rates

    Pete always did me right....Dave...well he's just plain hard to get a hold of. Three weeks with my survey in his hands and nothing back yet.
  136. starbright55

    "Bed liner" or roll on coating for boat interior?

    I have a gallon of light grey Kiwi Grip that's never been opened - it's a few year old. Brand new roller too. If anyone is interested, make me an offer. And we can open it up and it's gone bad, call off the deal. Location: Encinitas On a separate note - what the most durable for and anchor...
  137. starbright55

    Need some bait tank expertise..

    Check how high the hole is up the transom. A few places make high speed water pick ups that mount vertically in the transom. That way, you wouldn't need to drill a new hole in your hull.
  138. starbright55

    Repowering with Yamaha F425 XTO

    I'm a little disappointed to hear that one isn't going on a 22' Guardian.
  139. starbright55

    Anchoring in cat harbor

    Super shallow inside the dingy dock at low tide.
  140. starbright55

    2320 vs 2520

    6'2 headroom on a 23', 6'4 on a 25'....made for short people!
  141. starbright55

    That's my' boat...

    For when you forget to empty the ballast tanks?
  142. starbright55

    The Yamaha Big Motor Coming May 22.......

    Whatever it is, you need one on your 22' Guardian.
  143. starbright55

    Was that you Howard?

    Thanks - I may have questions at some point but probably won't start making holes in the dash until next week. I did get my brand new IF-NMEA2K2 in the mail the other day - $120!!! Sorry about the weather over the weekend but this morning was beautiful - hopefully it stays nice for you.
  144. starbright55

    Was that you Howard?

    Do you think the hotel will mind if will pull the boat up in front and you help me rig all my new Furuno gear?
  145. starbright55

    24 radon

    Two years ago, base models, with power, no trailer: G21 $80 Anderson 22' ~$89 ...and things go up quickly as we all know once you customize and add trailer/electronics.
  146. starbright55

    EBay coupon back tomorrow 3/20

    Max saving is $50 Picked up a new Furuno NMEA converter for $125
  147. starbright55

    Chart card for TZT2 that has MLPA boundaries

    Dump site It's labeled correctly on the NOAA charts that are also on the unit already.
  148. starbright55

    What is the best windlass to buy?

    If you want it self tending, you need to make sure the anchor locker is deep enough. There are some diagrams online that show the min. drop needed.
  149. starbright55

    Creating deck storage hatches?

    "wet".....where does all of that water come from? I like my bilges dry.
  150. starbright55

    Furuno DFF3D - Has Anybody Pulled The Trigger?

    Best price ever: Even last fall with the rebates, these were $100 more.
  151. starbright55

    Trailer Hit and Run - Insurance Advice

    I've seen it done...
  152. starbright55

    Wet Foam, But Bad Stringer?

    Because they are the cheapest thing out there?
  153. starbright55

    WTB 9'or 10' steer cable and helm

    Didn't see a PM. It's not going anywhere (I don't have it for sale) - if you're in the area, just let me know and you can have it.
  154. starbright55

    WTB 9'or 10' steer cable and helm

    I have a 9' cable in my Garage. Free, Encinitas
  155. starbright55

    fuel filter problem.....

    Because that's soooo easy to get in California...
  156. starbright55

    WTB 20 foot Radon....

    Bill gave me a price of ~$90k two years ago for a bare bones 22' with a 200 Yamaha (included everything to get on the water - battery, seats, fuel tank, etc.). Even after adding sales tax, a trailer, and some electronics and stainless, I'd bet you'd be in for about $115k. For $150k, I'd bet...
  157. starbright55

    Which 250 HP to buy

    Cross you fingers it's in the dealers hands by the 21st for your 6 years of warrant!
  158. starbright55

    Custom catamaran

    Pretty sure he started with a Livingston, modified it, and then made a new mold. He's selling them on Craigslist. I think they're called Mexicats
  159. starbright55

    Gel coat paste

    I have a console redone by a "professional" - he did everything super quick and there was shrinkage in the repair areas. His gel coat work was great but I could see every hole that was repaired. This happened over a few weeks. If I were doing it myself, I'd let things cure for a few weeks...
  160. starbright55

    Where to buy electronics

    Seems like no manufacturer is immune:
  161. starbright55

    Aluminum Trailer Engineering Help Please

    Sounds familiar...I bought new there in 2011, they had my boat in their yard for 3 months. I was very green at the time and accepted the trailer. I had to take it back for a new winch post (completely misaligned) and for them to weld eyes at the back for transom straps (they had forgotten)...
  162. starbright55

    iPad as Extended Screen?

    Furuno TZ and TZ2 is the only one that will do it. And, it will only let you do certain things. It's called the Furuno "Viewer App" It's not a mirror or a controller like with the other brands (both of which will show exactly what is on the main MFD screen). Separate data that can be shown...
  163. starbright55

    20' Radon needs new motor

    5.7L Mercruiser versus 4.2L Yamaha.... "there's no replacement for displacement"
  164. starbright55

    08-16-2017 Catalina

    Saw you northbound 405 at about 3:30P on Wed....End Game is a BEAST!!!
  165. starbright55

    Boat Bean Bags

    I'll take them.
  166. starbright55

    Drone shot from today's project

    You're hard to miss!
  167. starbright55

    Insurance Rates

    I skipped Boat US because they wouldn't offer an agreed value policy. Just because the boat is older doesn't mean it's worthless!
  168. starbright55

    Quick question regarding buying a boat.

    But dealers here in California might not have the same prices as a dealer in Florida since they probably do less volume. Taxes are a wash. The DMV will charge to whatever you didn't pay on that out of state purchase. Factor in shipping - if the savings is more than shipping, it might make...
  169. starbright55

    53' Elliott $150,000

    And a write off as a "business expense" Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  170. starbright55

    2-stroke regulations

    Only issues would be in certain lakes. Tahoe and Diamond Valley come to mind. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  171. starbright55

    15 Foot Zodiac to Catalina

    I ran home Two Harbors to Dana in a small craft advisory with a 7 mo pregnant wife in a 17 ft. Avon. Down swell and down wind made it no problem. It all depends... zodiac hull types are all different, wind and swell direction could be different. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  172. starbright55


    Shad Burke did. They ship into Ensenada though to avoid Jones act issues. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  173. starbright55

    Pacific Boats V2325 Hardtop Center Console

    My personal opinion....Probably not an issue. Outboards shut down when they overheat. It's usually kelp covering the water intake. Clear the kelp, they fire right back up. If you find an outboard with zero overheats, I'd consider it a unicorn. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  174. starbright55

    Swing Tongue- How Heavy a Load?

    There's a chart on Fulton's website. This is a screenshot from my phone so not a high resolution pic. Bottom line, over 10k lbs and you'll need a custom solution. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  175. starbright55

    Fun with my son!

    Rad Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  176. starbright55

    Watch Red Bull Air Racing in San Diego from your private boat?

    Yes, done it before an a big boat. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  177. starbright55

    Overnight (mooring/anchoring) at SBI?

    Yes, the red circle. I don't know why I said south. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  178. starbright55

    Overnight (mooring/anchoring) at SBI?

    South side. Not super sheltered. It's been a few years and it wasn't my boat - I seem to remember we needed a lot of rode for proper scope. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  179. starbright55

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    It's happened to the best of us. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  180. starbright55

    WTB: 2600 Century WA 2006-2010 with Marine Head

    Even I told my wife, spot for head/porta potty separate from the berth. I don't want her taking a dump in the morning while I'm sleeping 6 inches away! Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  181. starbright55

    2010 Radon Signature 22 or DR22

    300 HP gas Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  182. starbright55

    24FT Flybridge Skipjack project

    Wait until your first colonoscopy - what's 6 ft. long and black? Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  183. starbright55

    SeaSport Makeover

    And the more you're trimmed up, the easier it will be to turn. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  184. starbright55

    Another project 20 ft Wilson

    Are you going to flip it or start a build thread???
  185. starbright55

    XtraTuf Ad -

    I bought my wife those leggings already for Xmas Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  186. starbright55

    Re-engining Sea Sport Pilot

    Tony, I would not pay more for a few mph of top end - I found two examples of a 2 mph top end difference on Yamaha's website. Here's one example: 4.2L F250 4.2L F300 Also, the 300...
  187. starbright55

    Re-engining Sea Sport Pilot

    The 4.2 L blocks are the much of that extra 50 HP can you really use? Just more $$$ unless you like running at WOT. I'd bet difference in torque is negligible. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  188. starbright55

    What would you buy ??

    Yanmars are higher revving, that outdrive can handle the lower torque of that engine. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  189. starbright55


    Gale? What gale? (Saturday AM picture) Saw Wayne out there enjoying his new ride. He's pretty stoked. Sounds like it's been an adventure every weekend since he got it -increasing the hours on that new engine quickly!
  190. starbright55


    Go have a look at it, it's worth the drive if you're close. As I said in my previous post, "not a horrible price" (which means fair/ballpark). Just do your due diligence, get it checked, crawl around on it, etc. (as you would do with any boat you are thinking about purchasing). Yes, I am one...
  191. starbright55


    Do your research. Not that it's a horrible price, just do your due diligence. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  192. starbright55

    What to get - Simrad or Garmin ?

    Simrad has a commercial line. I think they are separate from Navico. Completely different products. Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
  193. starbright55

    Best VHF radio?

    +1 Just as important Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  194. starbright55

    Xtaero Boats - Build Thread (Long Cabin Alaska Boat)

    I'm confused on the math in the last picture - adding every thing up, I get $150k, not $189k. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  195. starbright55

    2120 overall length in trailer?

    On newer 21's the won't put a bracket on . It's a balance thing. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  196. starbright55

    New to me Crystaliner - Beyond Stoked!

    Crystaliners are awesome. Had so much fun on them years ago when I was guarding. Congratulations Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  197. starbright55

    Registration for New Boat - Coast Guard vs DMV

    Is the DMV $20 in CA? (I always opt out on the invasive mussel sticker) Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  198. starbright55

    Need Prop work

    +1 They send a truck to San Diego a couple of times a week to drop off / pick up from certain yards / marinas. The only place to go. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  199. starbright55

    Gotta love owning a heavy trailerable boat.

    Same f'ing thing happened to me. Brand new Pacific and they put this crap on? I bought solid ones and replaced them all.
  200. starbright55

    Tie Down Engineering Vortex Hub assembly

    I thought vault/vortex were UFP products. I'm on my phone so can't check. Mine came on my Pacific aluminum trailer. Seems like a good system. Had the trailer 4.5 years - never got to the first service. Checked the seals, made sure nothing was leaking, and was good to go. I'd buy them again for...
  201. starbright55

    Avalon mooring #28

    Are there any monthly/yearly maintenance fees? Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
  202. starbright55

    Shipping Boats without Trailer?

    In CA, over 10k bumper pull or 15k 5th wheel needs a class A though there's an agricultural exemption. Here's the summary: Could you get away with it? Sure. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  203. starbright55

    Suzuki 300 Outboard Input

    3 year warranty plus 3 years of "insurance". Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  204. starbright55

    Moving to Bay Area, have some fishing questions.

    Maybe include Moss Landing in the search? Fished salmon about a month ago up there and had to run uphill to get back to Santa Cruz from the canyon. Moss would have been closer and easier. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  205. starbright55

    Complete steering cable (except steering wheel) off Yamaha outboard

    If anyone needs a 9' or 13' cable for a nominal charge, let me know. 13' is new, 9' is used but in good shape. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  206. starbright55

    Quest 257 by Four Winns

    Nah, the dash looks greatly. Keep up the good work. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  207. starbright55

    Tahiti Offshore SurfSkiff 177

    Supposedly a narrower beam. Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
  208. starbright55

    Flotation bracket question

    Obviously. The volume would need to be under water, otherwise it wouldn't be providing "floatation". Looks like plenty of room to weld on extra flotation under that bracket. But, I'd first check with 140 lbs of extra weight aft to see the change in waterline and if you're ok with it. Sent...
  209. starbright55

    Flotation bracket question

    Just saw a thread somewhere where someone welded an addition to the bottom of theirs (probably THT). If you're happy with the way it floats now, you would need to add 2.2 cubic feet to your bracket - not much at all. You might be ok without. Calc: 1 cubic foot of saltwater weighs about 64...
  210. starbright55

    26' Radon for sale, won't find another one better!

    Previous price $65,000 OBO - SOLD Back for sale, now at $73,000 (new owner)
  211. starbright55

    Catalina Classic escort boat/skipper wanted

    Are you renting someone's boat, paying expenses, or hiring a captain? Three different things. Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
  212. starbright55

    Catalina Classic escort boat/skipper wanted

    Officially, "boat must be longer than the board" and "no pwc's". This is to preclude people from using an 8' dingy with a 2.5 hp engine. While some guys got away with it, they actually had to slow down while their "captain" refilled the integral fuel tank on the engine from a jerry can...
  213. starbright55

    Cheap (as in $2.38) fenders at WM

    Yep, just got the email saying that my order was canceled. Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
  214. starbright55

    Farallon 25 rebuild

    Wynn, Diamond Seaglaze Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
  215. starbright55

    BD forum computer issue

  216. starbright55

    28 Foot Force Project

    Of course it stays tacky, you're using laminating resin, right?
  217. starbright55

    Building A Custom 28' Aluminum Boat

    I really need to step up my game and build something in my garage...
  218. starbright55

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    One of the 20 ft Wilson's that was recently redone was a lifeguard boat. Looks killer now with a bracket and an outboard.
  219. starbright55

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    The lifeguards up there have had Radons and Wilson's too.
  220. starbright55

    Skipjack diesel conversion... Anybody done this themselves?

    The navy CHOSE to put the bravo X in behind the 6BT (and money is no object to them). Previously, they had done 6BT to 72C's to Konrads. If the boat is propped right, there shouldn't be a problem.
  221. starbright55

    Best tow from East Coast

    Shad Burke has had two or three aluminum trailers built in FL in last couple of years. He'll have an idea of price and who to talk to.
  222. starbright55

    Offshore Swimming?

  223. starbright55

    Not Your Father's Oldsmobile - New North River Build

    Loved my Konrad but the exhaust from my Cummins made the water at the transom look like a jacuzzi. It would bubble right up through the swim step.
  224. starbright55

    Mobile Stainless Welding Orange Country?

    Fishing Boats Unlimited?
  225. starbright55

    Just for Livingston lovers

    Only $33,000 for a 14 ft boat?
  226. starbright55

    WTB - Crystaliner Deck Hatch/Cover

    Willard Marine in Anaheim might still have the mold. They now have mold for the hull.
  227. starbright55


    Ah, you can pick it up cheap now at $200k!
  228. starbright55


    It's been on Craigslist Hawaii for a while - $250 - $300k, I think.
  229. starbright55

    WTB Aluminum boat trailer.

    I guess mine could be a possibility:
  230. starbright55

    Not Your Father's Oldsmobile - New North River Build

    I'd bet you're very close. My 6BT/Konrad 520 was 4mpg (statute miles) but that boat was only 6500 lbs loaded up.
  231. starbright55

    Does anyone in utah remember this boat?
  232. starbright55

    Does anyone in utah remember this boat?

    Agreed, it's in the boat thread somewhere. Just towed to southern California in the last month or so. Single Yamaha two stroke on the back.
  233. starbright55

    1980 24 Skipjack Opened

    Crap that thing is big!
  234. starbright55

    1980 24 Skipjack Opened

  235. starbright55

    Red/blue cabin deck LED lighting.

    Any colors other than red/white, you probably need to add an engine and move to Florida.
  236. starbright55


    Good luck at getting 8-10 mph. That's above hull speed.
  237. starbright55

    re-power my 24ft Radon

    Someone can correct me, but I believe that blanket statement is only good on diesel. For gas, it needs to be XX miles offshore to file the refund. Wouldn't work living in Tahoe.
  238. starbright55

    Radon 24 V drive project

    I love that no one thought to check the name. Ed has posted forever but no one guessed Mr. Anderson had been basically a lurker (member but non-poster) since 2011!
  239. starbright55

    Radon 24 V drive project

    They don't need to turn as big of a prop.
  240. starbright55

    12" setback bracket

    Brand? Picture?
  241. starbright55

    WSDOT oversized permit questions

    Hobie Alters cat is still available for sale? Maybe I can negotiate the price down, sell the house, and tell the wife we're becoming liveaboards.
  242. starbright55

    Solas 13.25" x 17", 3-blade, aluminum, RH - USED

    Used once on my Yamaha 90 two-stroke. Bought new and used it on first sea trial of boat. 1. Pitch is too high (for me). I replaced it with a 13.25" x 17" Yamaha k-series OEM. The Yamaha prop runs about 400 rpm higher at WOT with the same load. So, be warned, this prop probably runs like an...
  243. starbright55

    Zodiak Patch / Repair Kit??

    Cheapest materials are from the rafting companies like nrs or boatpeople. Buy the right stuff - it's either hypalon or pvc. Different fabric and different glues. They aren't compatible.
  244. starbright55

    DumbAss kayakers

    This. Sounds like people are running too fast in the fog. With radar, you can safely move a little faster but no one should be going 30 mph in the fog.
  245. starbright55

    Full resto-mod on old school Radon 19

    Skiff, you're slacking! Where is our official update???
  246. starbright55

    Buying east coast

    Are you running charters that actually earn you income? You can't just take a loss and use that to offset other, non fishing income. You need to make money 3 out of every 5 years.
  247. starbright55

    SOLD - Yamaha 704 controls and key switch panel

    The 704 or the 703? This is the 703 - it's well labeled on the front. I'm sure there's something on the 704 that's the same (but don't know since I never used those controls).
  248. starbright55

    Local Source for Seastar Straight ORB Fittings

    As a wildcard (in case anyone else is looking for stuff), Google/find a Parker Hydraulics store. They have a lot of this sort of stuff too.
  249. starbright55

    Local Source for Seastar Straight ORB Fittings

    The older guy here knew his $hit: I paid msrp for some stuff (expensive) but he also dug around and gave me some used fittings for free. I was mixing Hynautics and Seastar and reconfiguring some things - he walked me through the whole thing.
  250. starbright55

    Good Trailer Shop in Orange County

    I had to leave my boat at Pacific Trailers for 2 1/2 months to get a new trailer made that was supposed to take 3 weeks (and the frame was already built). I had good luck with Walstrong off the 110 at 91.
  251. starbright55

    Pulling the trigger on NR 25 OS Build

    Yamaha I4 200 and F150 have SUPER similar fuel curves. If you really want to "run the engines easier" , you need the larger displacement F200s.
  252. starbright55

    Three Recovered Rods - LA Jolla Shores

    Glad to hear it. If I ever see something like this again, I'll make sure to post. (again, I was only the OP, not the diver that recovered them)
  253. starbright55

    Three Recovered Rods - LA Jolla Shores

    Correct, the email address is all you get.
  254. starbright55

    Three Recovered Rods - LA Jolla Shores

    "Divebums" isn't so much a message board as it is an email list for dive conditions / reports and stuff regarding. So, the best and only way to get ahold of him is that email address. Hope it works out for someone. FYI, the Marine Room is the restaurant just south of the LJ Beach and Tennis...
  255. starbright55

    Three Recovered Rods - LA Jolla Shores

    This dive report was posted on a diving forum this morning, Saturday, July 4th. If you really lost three poles somewhere with swimming range of the Marine Room in about 55' of water (someone on a kayak?), contact him. (not me - I'm just reposting this guys dive report from the divebums email...
  256. starbright55

    Parker 2520 XLD OAL w/Trailer

    Largest fold away coupler Fulton makes is for 9,000 lbs. And, the closer you are to 9k, the shorter the swing away portion of the tongue can be.
  257. starbright55

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    Got it - Yes, just looked like a closed transom.
  258. starbright55

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    Skiff, top two pictures - inboard or bracketed outboard?
  259. starbright55

    SOLD Painted Small Boat Tailer - $275

    Sorry, sold Tuesday via Craigslist. I'll go update the thread title now.
  260. starbright55

    SOLD Painted Small Boat Tailer - $275

    I'd tow it empty all day long but I'd throw new tires on it before you put a boat on it..
  261. starbright55

    24 radon

    Shipping cross country is probably the same as shipping back to the mainland to work on it!
  262. starbright55

    SOLD Painted Small Boat Tailer - $275

    SOLD *Painted Trailer - Not Galvanized *Currently approx 14'6"-15' between winch post and rear of bunks *Receiver for 2" ball *Bearings were done in the last year. No more than 300 miles have been put on the trailer since then. *Not "Bearing Buddies" but comparable product made by UFP. These...
  263. starbright55

    24 radon

    That's funny - I'm not the only one that noticed it. I had emailed sbsurfer about it a while back.
  264. starbright55

    Interesting "panga"

    I love the old school TV antenna on the roof like you used to see on limos back in the day!
  265. starbright55

    26' Crystaliner Pilothouse

    The boat is looking great! Did you ever ascertain what the rate rpm is at WOT? 2800 or 3000? If you're not propped so that you can hit over the max rated rpm by 100 (when loaded), you're still WAY over propped. Spend the $25/yr on It's a great resource. (I have a 6BT210...
  266. starbright55

    2 escort boats needed for Catalina Classic

    Talk to "shadburke" here on this forum - I know that he's done it before.
  267. starbright55

    Staying Overnight In Mission Bay Area

    I think that we only paid $99 in the winter. My wife picked up the tab for my birthday weekend. Big bay cruised Saturday with some friends bar hopping, spent the night, surfed and then fished the kelp beds the next morning. I just looked online and mid-week they're showing $139 right now. I'm...
  268. starbright55

    Staying Overnight In Mission Bay Area

    We did the Dana Inn or whatever it's called now. Room wasn't too bad, huge pool and hot tub and the slip for the night was only $20-$30.
  269. starbright55

    Uniflite FrankenPup

    Dang Eric, looks great.
  270. starbright55

    Fiberglass Repair Help?

    Watch "Will Gelcoat Stick To Epoxy?" on YouTube Gel coat will stick if properly prepared. Pretty sure even in the Gougeon brothers epoxy book from 1979 said will work. All resins shrink but epoxy shrinks the least.
  271. starbright55

    Game Wardens talking photos

    Buoy 800 yards off Moonlight/Encinitas Blvd has always been there (pre-MLPA). It's maintained by the lifeguards.
  272. starbright55

    Game Wardens talking photos

    Right on the border, Seaside Reef & Table Tops. Yep, edge of MLPA.
  273. starbright55

    C-Hawk 235 W/ Custom Aluminum Pilot House

    Take down that link and put up the one meant for the public! Anyone can change things. That link is for you only.
  274. starbright55

    Uniflite FrankenPup

    To get the super glossy, you're supposed to go over it with their clear. I had a nightmare of a time with stuff but I'm a COMPLETE neophyte (in other words, Eric knows what he's doing and I'm sure it will come out perfect). I tried roll and tip 3x (complete sanding job in between) and no...
  275. starbright55

    Question re:trans gear ratio

    You'll just have to repitch or get a new prop. Same horsepower to move the boat. Whatever gear ratio you have, you'll have to prop it to reach the same WOT loaded up. The only way to increase efficiency would be less slip - bigger prop or 4 blade?
  276. starbright55

    Lean post

    Thanks - I need max of about 30"-31" on width. Good luck with the sale.
  277. starbright55

    Going commercial

    "hobby loss rule " - The IRS likes to see income for 2 of the last 5 years.
  278. starbright55

    Lean post

    Measurements to outside edge of feet? (fore/aft, side to side)
  279. starbright55

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    Just more side coverage from the elements for those snotty days or did the dash move aft too?
  280. starbright55

    Another project 20 ft Wilson

    Plexus - it's a methacrylate adhesive. It's what boat builders would use to glue the cap to the hull or even a stringer grid in. But in your case, just thickened epoxy will suffice. And no need to pay the premium for West Systems in a tube unless you think that it's easier. I would just use...
  281. starbright55

    Towing a boat with a 10' beam around SoCal...your thoughts?

    Under 10', no need for a pilot car. Over by a 1/4" and technically you'd need one during rush hour(s). And, obviously, anything over 8'6 needs a $90/yr permit.
  282. starbright55

    Farallon 25 Whaleback with Yamaha 350

    And Yamaha will pay to keep replacing your flywheel - not a big deal.
  283. starbright55


    Per Facebook, they'll have a 28' and 32' at the Long Beach boat show March 4-8.
  284. starbright55

    16' hobie power skiff

    Or you could spend $30k taking it in to the professionals...
  285. starbright55


    No reason Don couldn't use the big mold with the 11' beam and shorten one up in the mold for you down to 29' - that's what custom builders do! Or, there's a 29' x 10' (I believe Port Townsend ad always says it was a 32' x 10' shortened in the mold) Radon hull that's been on Craigslist. Get it...
  286. starbright55

    More work on the old Skipjack

    System Three is out of Washington - you shouldn't have a problem.
  287. starbright55

    More work on the old Skipjack

    Just put a coat of System Three on project (first time doing anything like this) and it went on great over faired epoxy.
  288. starbright55

    Anybody know Rainier Boats? Torrid Hot Water heaters?

    Their "cabin boats" are SafeBoat's - interesting.
  289. starbright55

    anyone got some extra Cash Burning a hole in their Pocket??

    It comes with a trailer - you can save on slip fees.
  290. starbright55

    22' Anderson - repower and retrofit

    Ed Anderson always talks about using iso.
  291. starbright55

    F'ing dumbasses in our govt...

    Just passed down to me from my grandfather (via my uncle) - they're keepers! (and, as messed up as California is, they haven't messed with our flare guns yet)
  292. starbright55

    Geek help, what tablet do I want?

    Microsoft Surface - you don't need the latest one. Should be under $500. I got the oldest version, the RT (just purchased a couple of months ago). Mostly bought for use as a tablet but when traveling I can work and have all access to my files (via OneDrive).
  293. starbright55

    Ok here we go again Im a idiot 20ft Wilson

    Good to know there are people out here that do good work - looks like a true hull extension. Unfortunately, all you hear about are the east coast manufacturers - Armstrong, Stainless Marine, Hermco, etc.
  294. starbright55

    Ok here we go again Im a idiot 20ft Wilson

    Who made the bracket? CA made?
  295. starbright55

    Trailer repair recommendation needed for so cal

    I've had good experiences at Walstrongs in Gardena (110 @ 91)
  296. starbright55

    Keeping a boat at MDR?

    Not up north - permanently closed. South end, yes - subject to Navy training.
  297. starbright55

    Introducing Mag Bay Yachts

    They do it all the time. Beef up the bow eye and backing plate, get the right bridle, and your good to go. Intrepid seems like the favorite "tender" of the big boys but nothing to say you can't be different!
  298. starbright55

    Looking for any feedback on the Mikelson 43

    "No matter how hot she is, there's some guy, somewhere, that's sick of putting up with her shit"
  299. starbright55

    The 31 Bertram Build

    Can you show some more pics of your non-skid mold and how you did that. Cool idea. The boat looks great!
  300. starbright55

    Racor Diesel 500MA - Free GONE

    Spoken for. Supposed to be picked up tomorrow.
  301. starbright55

    Racor Diesel 500MA - Free GONE

    If anyone wants it. It probably needs a sand and paint but it works just fine. Just replaced it with a double Fleetguard setup. My tanks are dirty and I was tired of changing this so often (I was running 10 micron filters in there). Located in Solana Beach.
  302. starbright55

    Anybody trailering a 14-15K pound boat?

    Get the trailer made as a 5th wheel/gooseneck and you won't need to upgrade your driver's license (assuming you stay 15k lbs or under) Edit: I was giving you California info - I couldn't see where you were from on my phone. In California, bumper pull <10,000 lbs and 5th wheel/gooseneck <15,000...
  303. starbright55

    Diesel Flow meter

    For a B series Cummins, everything I priced out was $850 (Flowscan) - $1200 (Maertron)
  304. starbright55

    Dan Rather: NOAA Enforcement

    Didn't see this posted anywhere (I searched) but I can't find a date on it: EDIT: Just saw somehow my phone posted to Rod Building. Mods, please move.
  305. starbright55

    SOLD - Yamaha 704 controls and key switch panel

    18ft teleflex cables (x2). Came off a 17ft Montauk. I hadn't considered including the wiring harness but have an extra one. (not included at current price but pictures attached)
  306. starbright55

    Team Redondo Trip Report

    I was on an overnight boat about a month ago with a bunch on Encinitas guys (I don't live there) - One guy was the attorney that sued the city for 4th of July fireworks over La Jolla cove because they were polluting the water and he help fight for the beach closure at the Children's Pool. At...
  307. starbright55

    SOLD - Yamaha 704 controls and key switch panel

    Still available, 10/06/14, new lower price. Heck, make me an offer.
  308. starbright55

    Any offshore reports from today out of Dana Point?

  309. starbright55

    22' Anderson - repower and retrofit

    Serious overkill for that application but if you have the program at work and know how to use it, why not! Looks great. I was using Google sketchup for house/yard stuff and dabbled a little bit with it for boats (all basically for fun)
  310. starbright55

    22' Anderson - repower and retrofit

    I like it. What program are you using to sketch up your plans?
  311. starbright55

    2013 22 Wilson CC No Affiliation

    Been for sale forever... Looks well done.
  312. starbright55

    Blue caven MPA busted

    That's a cool trick.
  313. starbright55

    New motor now I need to find a hull.

    Be patient...
  314. starbright55

    Blue caven MPA busted

    Bummer. Swordfish was lurking around there all weekend (moored in Fishermans Friday night) . I saw them writing up 4 guys on a Parker down by the quarry on Saturday just before sundown.
  315. starbright55

    I need to rent or borrow

    I've got a Bravo II ~18 x19 aluminum if you want to go that low. I'm running a 17 1/4 x 23 Stainless Powertech now and keep it as my back up.
  316. starbright55

    What VHF radio to buy?

    For $400, get one with a built-in AIS receiver such as the Standard Horizon GX2150.
  317. starbright55

    SOLD - Yamaha 704 controls and key switch panel

    These controls work for the late 80' Yamaha 90 two-stroke that they came with. they are "push" controls. When increasing throttle, the cable extends longer. As far as I know, they will also work with newer four-strokes.
  318. starbright55

    Slayed'em yesterday out of Bragg

    I think I see two royal blue stripes on the kids upper chest and a plastic clip on his belly - now, if you want to debate whether he's old enough for an inflatable pfd, that's a different topic. EDIT: blowing up the picture, pdf looks foam. He's good!
  319. starbright55

    junk boat question

    Craigslist "free" section?
  320. starbright55

    20' Wilson Hull with Trailer, etc. $6000

    For the right buyer with the knowledge to rebuild, it's a good deal. It's comparable to the other 20' Wilson for sale on here that has a cabin but no engine or trailer. Engine versus cabin, trailer versus no trailer, they're right in the same ballpark.
  321. starbright55

    20 Ft Wilson

    Excellent! Good to know it might work for us tall guys. But, since I live in San Diego and I just drove home from LA, I have a feeling it will be gone before I get back up that way. Good luck to whomever gets it. I want to see a build thread!
  322. starbright55

    20 Ft Wilson

    Any idea what the headroom is in the cabin? I see that it drops down. I'm 6'4. Thanks
  323. starbright55

    Storing boat on home driveway in San Diego....why not in front of house?

    What about that house on Rosecrans (I always notice when heading to the SI ramp) with concrete front yard that's painted green? (I do admit it looks like $hit)
  324. starbright55

    Need bait?

  325. starbright55

    cliff jump at the quarry???

    Nothing illegal... Just Rockstar
  326. starbright55

    SOLD - Yamaha 704 controls and key switch panel

    Thanks - I'll look again. I must have missed them.
  327. starbright55

    Greenpeace just left my house...

    -get naked -hide behind the front door when you open it -invite them in -lock the door behind them It actually works better on Jehovas Witnesses, they freak out a bit more. Some of Green Peace people grew up on communes and are used to nakedness. W
  328. starbright55

    SOLD - Yamaha 704 controls and key switch panel

    Yamaha 704 - $110, Key panel - $60, together - $150. Located in San Diego. I got these with a recently purchased 1987 Yam 90 two-stroke. -The throttle and binnacle have some sun fading (to be expected) -The key switch panel is almost perfect (the picture makes the black look faded while it's...
  329. starbright55

    Pilot house people need window help! Where u get yours?

    You're good then. Ed Anderson says that's a mistake people often make.
  330. starbright55

    Pilot house people need window help! Where u get yours?

    I hope the radius of each corner is >4" - any less and the weather stripping bunches and won't lay flat.
  331. starbright55


    Top guys will be sub-4 hours...
  332. starbright55

    Driving to los angeles

    Not quite the same but I drive Solana to West LA (UCLA-ish). I either leave at 8:30 to get there at 10:30 or 5:15 to get the there at 7. Since you're going downtown, train! I wish I could but the train to red line metro to red line bus makes it a 3+ hour trip.
  333. starbright55

    Towing from Cali to Wa.

    You don't need an actual "wide load" sign until you are 10'0 and larger in width - just the $90/yr permit for being 8'7-9'11. A buddy finally went and got his class A after getting pulled over on El Camino Real in Encinitas a mile from his house pulling his toy hauler. He said it was pain to...
  334. starbright55

    EZ Loader Aluminum trailers or ???

    ABT ships all the time. Since they ship multiple trailers together, it might save on costs?
  335. starbright55


    Kevin V - 714 number with high hours Cummins? I was told by someone knowledge "maybe". Get them checked out.
  336. starbright55

    downscan vs structure scan

    A lot of the new lower end units are saying that they are CHIRP - it's marketing and not true CHIRP. For example, Dragonfly is calling itself CHIRP but it's basically downscan. It's very useful, but not the same chirp as getting a Garmin GSD 26 or a Simrad BSM-2
  337. starbright55

    1995 Seaswirl Striper 2000wa restoration

    Impressive - thanks for the motivation; I have multiple stalled projects waiting for me.
  338. starbright55

    The new ride

    Lots of space, warm ride - if you're never going to sleep on it, it'd the perfect boat!
  339. starbright55

    if you had 250K to spend on a wet-slipped fishing vessel in San Diego..

    I doubt it. I read it as 4 gallons per mile (gpm). Or, more conventionally, 0.25 miles per gallon (mpg).
  340. starbright55

    If you have a QDII Jeep Read!

    Hmm.... They told me not to worry about that message. It always seems to reset itself.
  341. starbright55


    Ya, I bid on that package and "bought" it on eBay. Turned out to be scam (I knew that there was a possibility due to the smokin' price but it was covered by buyers protection). Got my money back but it took a couple of weeks.
  342. starbright55

    WTB: Hobie Power Skiff or Calibogie Skiff

    I was bidding against you. Nice little skiff! (I think I remember it was in Cardiff but came from Montana)
  343. starbright55

    22' Anderson - repower and retrofit

    Adding a heading sensor (needed for radar overlay) is cheaper than another 12"MFD and you may have already spec'd it if you are getting autopilot.
  344. starbright55

    22' Anderson - repower and retrofit

    Two words - radar overlay. Saves you a window!
  345. starbright55

    Isn't it what we all really want?

    That's exactly the pad I'm looking for!
  346. starbright55

    Project boat

    Someone needs to buy it, fix it up, and let me take it for a spin:
  347. starbright55

    That Stinky Old 2-Stroke!

    Trackerputnam - Boating magazine, ~6 months ago (the article you're looking for). From what I recall, and I was surprised, 3 year cost of ownership want that much different .
  348. starbright55

    Oceanside Ironman - Is the launch ramp open?

    No way the tramp is open tomorrow. They've got to take all that stuff down - probably Sunday
  349. starbright55


    Agreed. That $hit hurts and the ache can last for months. Get the vaccine. (I've gotten Shingles 2x) And for all you folks that take Valtrex for your genital herpes, your safe since that's the antiviral of choice to treat Shingles.
  350. starbright55


    White Line-X might yellow unless they have that new formulation that the Florida guys use. Look up Sarasota Line-X. Supposedly not too many people shoot the new formula. If you shoot the older formula, they can clear coat it with a UV protector.
  351. starbright55

    New, one of a kind flats boat, finally here

    I didn't realize that was you Capt. Clay - fished with you on your cat in ~2008 -can't remember now...It's been a while. Again, love the new ride.
  352. starbright55

    New, one of a kind flats boat, finally here

    How was the channel crossing getting her home?
  353. starbright55

    22' Anderson - Honda 250hp+20hp vs Twin 135hp...?

    If you can't plane on one engine (without changing the prop), all you've got is a 135 hp kicker. That seems like overkill. If you really think you can change the prop in open water and then get on a plane to get home, by all means get the twins.
  354. starbright55

    Attacked by a Seal or Should I say Sea LION!

    Yep, my friend Ryan. I've seen the pics!
  355. starbright55

    How to: Fuel Tank Replacement Boston Whaler 18' Guardian

    What are the pluses and minuses of Zinc Chromate versus coal tar epoxy versus Line-X? (Line-X is ridiculously expensive, so really compare the other two)
  356. starbright55

    galv. anchor chain

    Minny's in Newport? The barrel that mine came out of said Port Supply - same stuff they sell - 40% off.
  357. starbright55

    Corrossion on Chrome Wheels

    I've seen that done - with a salt away solution! I haven't done it but have thought that it might be a good idea.
  358. starbright55

    Inflatable dinghy suggestions

    He's not cheap but he's been around for a while and he knows what he's doing. He's worked everything from high end tenders to military boats. He will also informally "warranty" his work. Also, if you need a major repair and you go to brick and mortar places, they will sometimes subcontract out...
  359. starbright55

    How to: Fuel Tank Replacement Boston Whaler 18' Guardian

    Note how that was done singlehandedly!
  360. starbright55

    Inflatable dinghy suggestions

    Paul Wright - look up "Wight Repair" on Facebook (I think that he may have taken down his website)
  361. starbright55

    New Panga from Ensenada, Mexico
  362. starbright55

    t-top (pyt) furno 1622 and lowrance LmS 350a

    Thanks, I'm looking for >37" wide.
  363. starbright55

    Looking for 3/4" starboard in north OC

    Plastic Depot, at 91 & 110?
  364. starbright55

    2007 Twin vee 26’ express power catamaran no motors

    He's got it on eBay - no engines
  365. starbright55

    Cell Phone In Baja

    The newest Verizon iPhone has a SIM card slot. I don't know if the Verizon iPhone 4 has a slot. You'll have to google to see if it's locked or unlocked. If locked, Verizon can unlock it for you it you're a "good customer".
  366. starbright55

    Gelcoat work

    Wouldn't hurt to try covering it now. If that doesn't work, you'll have to remove it anyways. Not true. If it's hardening and you didn't cover it, it has to have had wax added to it. Just like when you are laying up a surfboard - there's laminating resin and there's sanding resin. The latter...
  367. starbright55

    WTB: 16 to 24 foot project hull

    There was a Radon project thread on here where the guy just quit. 26', selling for $7k or so? Might be too big for you.
  368. starbright55

    Radoncraft 16' Bahia

    Congrats on the sale But, "wire transfer "? Careful... How long do you wait to make sure it's good?
  369. starbright55

    Scary Black Friday In The Emergency Room...

    Glad he's ok... Wow. A friend gets these and carries imitrex EVERYWHERE. Even surfing. He puts them in a screw top contact lens case since it's compact and waterproof. Just an idea...
  370. starbright55

    Is it worth the Hassel?

    Google "hobby loss rule irs"
  371. starbright55

    going to be building a pilot house on my 18ft glasspar could use some help

    I'm not good at either but it sounds like you've got some skills you could trade for! Post a build thread. Good luck!
  372. starbright55

    Lost - Outside Pt. Loma Kelp, anchor light pole w/ flag

    I don't even know if it floats but maybe someone will happen upon it. Approx 5 ft long, black carbon/fiberglass/plastic, small American flag zip tied on, white all around LED in light housing. I was outside the Pt. Loma kelp running back towards Mission Bay just before sundown last night...
  373. starbright55

    Oldschool Sold. Looking at diesel boats.

    That Whaler has been on and off Craigslist for at least the last year. If anyone wants it, they won't have to pay $35k for it.
  374. starbright55

    Hey Underwater Lobster Killers!

    Open to it, of course!
  375. starbright55

    Looks like the last trip of the year this weekend!

    Let's see pics and a report. I did a double take when I saw "Massachusetts Forum"!
  376. starbright55

    Lobster Hoopers Beware

    I'm sure that they'll love to hear that. Full academy just like any other peace officer in the state plus all the specialty classes. "simple series of law classes"....right.
  377. starbright55

    Last Minute Check

    But Whalers are unsinkable?!?! Bummer, sorry to hear that you had to cancel the trip.
  378. starbright55

    Small two- stroke service, San Diego to LA

    Need some recommendations. Late 90's 30 hp two stroke Merc, pull start, manual trim/tilt - Prop shaft is slightly bent on the lower unit, low compression in one of the cylinders. It took me long time to find this engine two years ago. Ran great until recently (shaft wasn't an issue). 25-30 hp...
  379. starbright55

    SEA WAY BOAT ?????

    Re: Post #24 from June of 2012 That's ex-San Diego City Lifeguards. They currently have two Seaways as their fireboats, a 32' and 35/36'. They really like those two. That red one, above, was a one-off they got made to possibly replace the 22' Whalers that they run as their "surf boats" - Yes...
  380. starbright55

    SoCal Shipyard help

    I'd think that the prices would be better in San Pedro or Long Beach - but I can't speak as to which yards are the best.
  381. starbright55

    Kevin Justice

    That's messed up.
  382. starbright55

    Leaning post on eBay ends today

    Congratulations to whoever got it. I tried to log into my phone in time and couldn't do it!
  383. starbright55

    Seaway Boats...How many?

    San Diego City Lifeguards
  384. starbright55

    Seaway Boats...How many?

    Oops. Didn't click into the lifeguard boat section. I was only looking at the home page!
  385. starbright55

    Seaway Boats...How many?

    You're talking about the pilothouse LA County Lifeguard boat, correct? Because I'm pretty sure the older ones (no pilothouse) are Seaways. San Diego City Lifeguards have at least one, if not two, Seaways too. Fire boats - one just got a makeover with twin Volvo diesels (and it's carrying a 3rd...
  386. starbright55


    Pura Vida, let me know where I'm incorrect. I don't want to be passing along bad info. The "general rule", as I quoted from the vehicle code is 102". Of course, there are exceptions to the rule (click on the link, it lists some - i.e. agricultural, etc.) and by getting a permit, you are also an...
  387. starbright55


    When I said no pilot car <10', that's no pilot car, ever. 10-12' is no pilot car in off hours. So, 10-12' is "might need a pilot car"...but, like aluminator, he just doesn't drive during rush hour.
  388. starbright55


    It's anything over 8'6 needs a permit in CA. Under 10'0 and you will never need banners and a pilot car to escort you. I'm 23'11 and 9'0 and I doubt that I will ever get hassled for my center console due the fact that it just doesn't look that big. But, I purchased the $90 permit - just in...
  389. starbright55

    Lobstering at San Diego Bay and Mission Bay... is terrible. Opening Week too.

    Got one super soft guy last night who probably just molted in the last couple of weeks with this warm water (1/4" over) and one monster (at least by my standards - took two hands to grab him!). Opening night, 2 of my 3 were heavily barnacled. Pics from last night.
  390. starbright55

    Tower/Hardtop fabrication referral

    Sorry, Crystaliner, late response.... I just saw that you had addressed me directly! My boat hasn't been there in a while. It was there last spring and most of last summer (2012). Mine is gray. He was also working on one with a orange hull/console at the same time. I'm not the guy in Gardena...
  391. starbright55

    Killer Whales Surfing Boat Wakes

    There's also a video on YouTube of orcas surfing the wake of the L.A.County Lifeguard boat up in Malibu. Same thing.
  392. starbright55

    Toyota looking at Cummins for the Tundra

    Nissan already said they're going to use a Cummins V8 in the next couple of years in the Titan. I hadn't heard about Toyota yet... Edit: I now see I'm not telling anyone anything new since they mention Nissan in the article.
  393. starbright55

    Where can I buy Empty plastic thread spools

    Join an online sewing and crafts forum and ask them for their discards? Maybe you can meet some hot older ladies.
  394. starbright55

    trailer repair/restoration

    I got a great trailer from them (ok, great welded aluminum frame - everything else has crapped out and I've been slowly replacing stuff). Their customer service...horrible. If I never have to go back there, I won't.
  395. starbright55

    Help with failing Mercrusier Alpha drives!

    It's not hp that usually kills drives, it's torque. The top rated Konrad can handle 1200 Nm / 885 ft-lbs of torque.
  396. starbright55

    Tower/Hardtop fabrication referral

    Careful with Riley. Great work/craftsmanship, just make sure you get a written quote and a clear understanding of what/how to be done.
  397. starbright55

    What's the story on the boat sunk at the mouth of SD Bay?

    I didn't hear it happen but the Coast Guard was issuing warnings about it yesterday on 16.
  398. starbright55

    California permits for towing over weight & over width on a regular basis???

    Anything under 10'0 and you will never need an escort. Over 10'0, you may need an escort and may be restricted to non-rush hour. I'm only 9'0 wide and I just paid the $95 for the year just to be safe. I've only been pulled over 1x (northbound 73 through the Fastrak!) and chp didn't say a thing.
  399. starbright55

    Question on fuse panel & backlights

    They always do that.
  400. starbright55

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    Thanks for clarifying, Ed. I was only going off what I've read....Seaboard's repowers of the Sunstar, Raptor, and Orion. Looking forward to some more pics!
  401. starbright55

    Saw this on Craigslist

    I still trying to figure how it goes from 18 knots to 39 knots going from 3200 rpm to 4000 rpm. Can someone do the math on the prop pitch required? (But it does look well taken care of for the age!)
  402. starbright55

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    Skiff/Mark...on the 31, it looks like it's got to be a v-drive based on the orientation of the Cummins. But, usually on the v-drives, the engine is pushed back against the transom. Because the engine is so far forward, why not just a straight shaft? Something to with balancing the weight of...
  403. starbright55

    Catalina Boat In Camping

    I seem to remember $18/head/day. Seems expensive. I've pulled in and used campsites for lunch before and never been hassled. What about if two people sleep on the boat? (2 people x $18/person x 3 days would save over $100!) Edit, never mind, $16 on weekends, $14 midweek and kids are less.
  404. starbright55

    Suzuki - 14 x 20 RH, stainless, 3 blade - $250

    Bump, $200 Nope, but if you want me to pull it out of the cupboard and count the splines, I can.
  405. starbright55

    Anyone have these LED lights on their boat trailer?

    Yep, same. Chicken shit poor connections on a brand new trailer from Pacific.
  406. starbright55

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    I think someone said 39' somewhere.
  407. starbright55

    Durabak non skid

    Some of the THT guys have said it's not so easy to clean. Not your experience? Will the smooth decrease the grip? I've looked at everything and can't decide what to do. I want grippy but I also want to be able to kneel down on it with shorts on. Thoughts?
  408. starbright55

    Battery replacement time and a few questions

    What sbsurfer is talking about: SI-ACR Automatic Charging Relay - 12/24V DC 120A - Blue Sea Systems ~$70 Combines the batteries to charge both when the engine is on, automatically disconnects the two batteries when engine is off so that your house loads don't ever draw on your starting...
  409. starbright55

    26 Radon Rebuild

    And....for sale: Radon 26 HULL The next owner needs to keep this thread up!
  410. starbright55

    15 Whaler Re Restoration

    Looks great. Ok, so your didn't like the Ultra Tuff, what will you be doing for non skid? (I've been thinking about redoing mine for months but can't decide on what to use)
  411. starbright55

    Pilot house build!

    Lookin good. You'll be warm and dry!
  412. starbright55

    What sealant / adhesive do you use for sealing deck hatches and etc?

    Heat, a special remover stuff that they sell at WM and elsewhere, and some elbow grease and it will come off. Or, there's 4200...Not quite as permanent.
  413. starbright55

    Is the Garmin 741xs worth waiting for?

    GSD26 is much more powerful than the xs so it's not really comparing apples to apples. Everyone seems to be looking forward to the xs though. It will be interesting to see how Airmar prices the new "baby" chirp transducers (they're not out yet and right now you'd have to buy a big transducer...
  414. starbright55

    Suzuki - 14 x 20 RH, stainless, 3 blade - $250

    Has not been used since I got it back from Wilmington Propeller, balanced, polished, etc. (have invoice from them for $200). Never went back on the boat (sold it). Came off a Suzuki 115. Located in Solana Beach.
  415. starbright55

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    That's it. Great lines. I'm amazed at the size of it for a 21'.
  416. starbright55

    Custom Greenough 17; New Build

    Pretty sure I saw a 21 tonight southbound 5 at ~Oceanside tonight. Black/Blue hull, white pilothouse, twin ob's. The lines are even more beautiful in per person.
  417. starbright55

    Special anchor chain for windless?

    +1 Got mine at Minnie's
  418. starbright55

    San Elijo Lagoon Deer

    Yup, saw them a couple of weeks ago while running back in there.
  419. starbright55

    17' Montauk

    If you come up with the name of additional brand, please let me know.
  420. starbright55

    17' Montauk

    This stuff: ? I'm looking for something like that but it's so dang expensive.
  421. starbright55

    Flo-Scan for Diesel

    Might try the hull truth. More big boat guys.
  422. starbright55

    Welcome to CA..leave your guns at the border

    $hit... I'm never going to find ammo.
  423. starbright55


    Move to Alaska. There is skiing and fishing. And, the state pays you to live (Fed tax only, no state tax, and they give you a check year - Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend).
  424. starbright55

    Flo-Scan for Diesel

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but this setup would be for a very large diesel engine, correct? My 6BT only burns 12gph WOT; otherwise, I'd be all over it!
  425. starbright55

    Voit v duck fins

    I've never had to "season" a pair of duck feet before but they from what I remember, depending on what color they were, they were different densities of rubber based on color. I made sure to buy the softest ones. Hopefully, you can break then in nicely. I wore them for years while lifeguarding.
  426. starbright55

    17' Montauk

    Looking REALLY good! (I prefer the Whaler over the Safe Boat)
  427. starbright55


    I didn't end up doing anything (Cummins 6BT, Konrad outdrive, boat on trailer, No. County Coastal). When I left the house this morning at 6AM, car thermometer said 38 so I hope I'm ok tonight too. Most of my plumbing lines are decent sized so I'm thinking more water = harder to freeze (there's...
  428. starbright55


    Anyone in coastal SD thinking about "winterizing" for tomorrow's sub freezing forecast?
  429. starbright55

    Any Suzuki mechanic recommendations in LA/OC?

    The guys at Regency in MDR worked on one for me. My buddy takes his 3 boats there. I don't think they're a Suzuki shop but they'll work on them. Aren't Mauer the Suzuki go to guys in OC?
  430. starbright55

    Cummins Parts in Stock - San Diego

    Thanks. Nope, no markings on the old belt. I'll see if they have an in size next time I'm in there. I was planning on heading to Cat on Friday but then say this: NW WINDS 15 TO 20 KT WITH LOCAL GUSTS TO 25 KT WESTERN PORTION...OTHERWISE NW WINDS 5 TO 10 KT. WIND WAVES 2 TO 4 FT. W SWELL 7 TO...
  431. starbright55

    Cummins Parts in Stock - San Diego

    bluefin, without calling Napa with a list of Cummins numbers, is there a web resource that has the spec's for Cummins/Napa/Gates belts...i.e. length. Turns out the "correct" Cummins belt was too short, I bought another from Napa that was too long...just trying to see what sort on sizing...
  432. starbright55

    lowrance hds 8 gen 1 package

    I thought structure scan = side scan.
  433. starbright55

    West Marine Price match - fail

    x2 Most of the time, they are very helpful. Even when I do stump them (which happens a lot) , they take the time to research it and call me back. JC in Oceanside always follows through in this regard.
  434. starbright55

    West Marine Price match - fail

    They price matched $600 worth of stuff for me yesterday. Supposedly the new Pt. Loma manager is tougher now than they used to be (it's always supposed to have been "brick & mortar" stores only - Defender, BOE, and Jamestown Distributors have always worked). Between four items and printouts from...
  435. starbright55

    My search for the right surf full wetsuit. Online and down the Socal coast

    I have a 2011/2012 Cypher 4/3. Bought it because it was a deal. But, it's not as warm as my ~2002 O'Neil Psycho I which it is replacing. It's more flexible but doesn't keep water out as well. I knew that there were a couple of different levels of the Cypher (I think there are 3) and mine is...
  436. starbright55

    Cummins Parts in Stock - San Diego

    Thanks for the cross references. I'll keep those handy for next time.
  437. starbright55

    Looking to have a half tower/ hard top built

    Riley Marine does good work (craftsmanship) at good prices. But, make sure that you are very clear with what and how you want it done. He took some liberties with design that were not discussed and even though the finished product is functional, it's not exactly what I had asked for. Also, spell...
  438. starbright55

    Cummins Parts in Stock - San Diego

    Coleman is closed all week. I ended up ordering one from Seaboard Marine. $60 shipped UPS ground from Ventura. Ordered yesterday and it's supposed to arrive this afternoon ( It was CPN 3288689 which is the shorter of the two that...
  439. starbright55

    Speargun build

    Ask over at Lots of guys building guns.
  440. starbright55

    Cummins Parts in Stock - San Diego

    Thanks you guys. I'm going to make some calls first thing in the morning. Shad, I may take you up on that if I can't locate one down here. Grabbing it from you in San Clemente might turn out to be the easiest.
  441. starbright55

    Cummins Parts in Stock - San Diego

    Thanks, just struck out at Auto Zone. They tried to measure it for me and couldn't match it (my belt is in one piece but has a couple of nicks, and is a bit twisted/stretched from when it came off the alternator pulley)
  442. starbright55

    Cummins Parts in Stock - San Diego

    Looking for a serpentine belt for my 6BT210. Tried Quivera and West Marine today. Coleman is closed (and they've been useless/rude the couple of times I've tried them on the phone). I'm going to try Napa & Auto Zone tonight. Any other suggestions on people to call? I'm trying to get on the...
  443. starbright55

    Faber 85 Steel Scuba Tank

    Low pressure? Orig year? Location? Thx
  444. starbright55

    What sounder/plotter/ radar

    The new Garmin 741sx includes chirp now! (check the number I put but it's something like that)
  445. starbright55

    HDS sidescan question

    I've got an LSS-1, in box never used (w/ ducer), and an HDS-7 Gen 2 which has been mounted in dash for ~2 months...thinking about selling the package....a friend has a Garmin hookup so was thinking about that route. $1150 for both?
  446. starbright55

    How often do you change your I/O oil?

    My Konrad say 200 hours for regular oil, 400 hours for synthetic. If you have a small drive leg that doesn't take much oil, just do it. 7 quarts of Royal Purple (per Konrad specs) for my drive cost me $200 (I will order in bulk next time) so I'm thinking I'll change again at 200 - 300 hours. I...
  447. starbright55

    Custom Cover

    Thanks everyone! Still debating whether I go with a large tarp for the season (or 2) and spend the $1,000 elsewhere. I have some other projects that I could spend the money on but I'd also like to have a clean boat that doesn't need a rinse prior to taking it out!
  448. starbright55

    Custom Cover

    I got a quote for a custom cover for a center console (no t-top/arch/etc.) out of Sunbrella. Researched on here and it seems reasonable. I just wanted to confirm: Length 24 ft. + 2 ft swimstep Beam 9 ft $1,000 Seems to be in the ballpark. I tried pricing the fabric needed at retail...
  449. starbright55

    New Diesel from Gale Banks Check it out.

    Google "Konrad Marine". It's what I have in my boat. I think that the Konrad 520 can take well over 700 lbs of torque. Sitting next to any of Mercs, it's 2x the size. 7 quarts of gear oil!
  450. starbright55

    Radar Arch/Tower???

    I'd get the big one (Sr. Uni Arch) (1) deck mount the front legs and (2) try to us "side mounts" into the transom if I could get the angle right or just deck mount the rear legs. I need only 64 inches wide but I need at least head high (~72 inches) tall. This fits those dimensions.... Same...
  451. starbright55

    Radar Arch/Tower???

    I'm ok with that; I've done most everything on my boat so far. I'm more interested in your opinion of the build quality and sturdiness of it. I'm looking for a spot for lights, storage for a couple of rods, maybe run some canvas off it for shade, and maybe place a radar dome on it at some...
  452. starbright55

    Radar Arch/Tower???

    I'd be interested to hear how it goes. I'm in the market for an arch or a t-top. Probably comes out to ~40% of the cost of custom Aluminum or Stainless here in Southern California.
  453. starbright55

    MLPA areas for your chart plotter.

    Thanks Dean I loaded these into my Lowrance yesterday and it worked perfectly. I'm just going to leave the usr file on my map card and reload it if I ever need it.
  454. starbright55

    27' Radon Complete Restoration

    Not cheap but some people say that they're the best: FYI, I love my Cummins/Konrad package. 7 quarts of gear oil in the Konrad leg. That thing is a beast!
  455. starbright55

    Upgrade to SIMRAD NSS8

    I'm pretty sure that you'll need the Sonic Hub if you want music out of it. The Sonic Hub box contains the amp, an iPod dock, and two speakers. I think you can attach the satellite antenna to the NSS for weather but I don't think that there's audio out.
  456. starbright55

    Pacific Yacht Towers.

    Would you mind posting the height of the top? (I'm 6'4 and want to be able to see under the electronics box). And, what are the dimensions of the top itself? Length & width. And, are the rod holders welded on or clamped on? Thanks!
  457. starbright55

    bloody decks app

    I use TapTalk. I got it on sale for $0.99. When you search the app store, be careful, there are some apps with similar names. Works pretty well.
  458. starbright55

    Accessories for galaxy SIII

    My evo battery is worthless now... Still debating the SIII versus the Nexus. Liquipel (in Orange County) will waterproof a Nexus... advantage Nexus!
  459. starbright55

    Free Icom M120 VHF

    bump, no price reduction!!!
  460. starbright55

    Free Icom M120 VHF

    PM with an email or phone number and I can get it to you.
  461. starbright55

    Free Icom M120 VHF

    From what read, this was a pretty high end radio at the time (see attached installation/instruction manual). I just removed it from my boat yesterday. It worked great last weekend while I was at Cat. Issue: (a) One of the tabs on the flushmount bracket is broken, it stays in reasonable well...
  462. starbright55

    Early Departure

    I've been googling this but haven't found any answers: I heard that you can't leave Oceanside Harbor before sunrise. Is this true? Are there any restrictions on King Harbor? (I'll be borrowing a buddy's slip the night before but need to get out of there ~4:30A next weekend). Thanks!!!
  463. starbright55

    "Deeoer" Interesting concept. Not cheaper than a budget fishfinder from the big guys but bigger screen if you use an iPod (assuming you already have one)
  464. starbright55

    Bottom Paint Ok... For now.
  465. starbright55

    Pre fabbed T- tops

    He used Speed-Rail fittings an aluminum tubing for the structure: That structure is very solidly built and attached to the aluminum console & aluminum leaning post. But....he doesn't have to worry about tilting up the console to get into the...
  466. starbright55

    Pre fabbed T- tops

    Looking to put some shade on my 24 footer. The problem: the whole console needs to flip up to access the engine. So stand-offs or any sort of obstruction won't work. I really like the lines on the Stryker SG 300 (retail $999). I called them and they weren't very helpful with any work...
  467. starbright55

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild app It will even do sort a for diesel. I see a $4.13 there on the map! Barrett, keep the pics coming!!!!!
  468. starbright55

    Going on water with NO Cf numbers?

    I'm the wrong person to ask... I've had my boat since October... no CF numbers are on yet and haven't had a problem on SD Bay or Mission Bay. I always carry the paperwork but just haven't done it yet. I even pulled along side of a lifeguard boat in Mission Bay to get a band-aid... no questions...
  469. starbright55

    Best/Cheapest way to Buy Starboard

    Checked out Plastics Depot in Gardena on my way home from LA to SD. They don't carry the Starboard brand anymore. They carry a generic version that, in their words, is less dense and is "gummier" to work with when using standard woodworking tools. I passed on getting any today. They were super...
  470. starbright55

    Simrad Customer Service

    Glad to see a positive post on Navico. It seems as if people just constantly bash them on the online forums.
  471. starbright55

    Poll:Which Engine Pays off in the End?

    So true. Something a lot of people don't understand. And, there's even the naturally aspirated 5.9 block that makes 140hp. I just had my fuel injection pump rebuilt and my hp bumped from 180hp to 210hp. Looking at the Cummins performance curve sheets, I can back off the throttle, only use...
  472. starbright55

    Recommendations for a Tow Vehicle

    V8 Grand Cherokee 4x4. Max towing of 7200 lbs and I can still drive it daily, fit in parking structures, etc. I tow 6000 lbs routinely back and forth to LA (from SD).
  473. starbright55

    Looking to re-do the electronics package

    Find semperfishing on here or tht. For a quality sounder, he's going to say any Furuno or Garmin's GSD24 are really good right now if you don't go chirp. If your head unit has good maps, why change? I'm looking in the lower budget range right now and I'm now questioning any HDS because they...
  474. starbright55

    24 Radon "CarzyHorse"

    Nice. Keep us posted on the progress. I eyed that boat on craigslist wondering who would be scooping it up.
  475. starbright55

    Mounting LSS-1 Transducer

    Thanks for the info! So: 1. With a transom mount, I will have a shadow no matter what from the outdrive leg. 2. Yes, water intake is port side ~2 ft infrom of the transom...I'm wondering if I just go wider if I'd be far enough away from it. 3. I'm thinking that the starboard side would be...
  476. starbright55

    Yamaha generators

    I think ironman is two weeks; very last Sat of the month.
  477. starbright55

    Mounting LSS-1 Transducer

    I'm really interested in getting Structure scan but don't want to invest if it's not going to work well. I've done some poking around but can't seem to find proper mounting suggestion (yes, read all the Lowrance documentation). Anyone have pics of an i/o mount on a deep-v? 24 Degree deep-v hull...
  478. starbright55

    Any Way to Identify Transducer? (if you can't find markings)

    This web page was super helpful:
  479. starbright55

    Any Way to Identify Transducer? (if you can't find markings)

    A friend pointed me to Airmar's website and all of the pin-out diagrams. I went through most of them and found the attached diagram for Garmin. It looks like an 8 pin plug and the 3 leads that are used are in the 4/5/6 location. This leads me to believe that it's Garmin. I think that it's...
  480. starbright55

    Any Way to Identify Transducer? (if you can't find markings)

    I've been looking at electronics packages and just realized that there's a transducer installed already in the hull (Former US Navy RIB). If this thing worked, it would save me some time/effort/$$$. Since all of you seem to know your depth finders/sonars, maybe you can help. Any way to tell...
  481. starbright55

    Debating Small Electronic Packages

    I'm new to the forums and prepared to get flamed. I've read a LOT of the threads here and it seems like there are a lot of opinions....and I'll ask for a few more with some different parameters, namely a smaller budget: 1. 24ft Center console with not a lot of room in dash (though I could mount...