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  1. kichigai1

    3 Calico's and a Halibut

    Hi everyone .... I hope your having a great new year Went and checked out the surf a few days ago in the afternoon. First trip of the year. Conditions weren't ideal - Falling tide and afternoon winds but some of the spots looked nice . Tried it for an hour + ended up with 3 Calico's ( up to...
  2. kichigai1

    Spitfire MDR 10/6 B ees , B eees and Beee s

    Hi everyone Hopefully all is well for you and yours Hopped on the 3/4 day boat Spitfire out of MDR with 4 hours of sleep. Now it's been about oh 10 or so years since I ve been on a 3/4 day boat out of this landing . Lets just say I was pleasantly surprised. We left MDR with bait already on...
  3. kichigai1

    Toronado overnight 9/30

    Hi everyone I hope all is well with you and yours. Short version : I was highstick on the boat , 1 yellowfin @50lbs. and another @ 31lbs both were weighed on the scale. we went 8 for 18 anglers. 15 lb. fluro -20 main line for the 50lber , 20 fluro to 25 mainline for the 31 lber. Pick your...
  4. kichigai1

    anyone interested in a saltist 40p ?

    Hi everyone I have a Diawa Saltist 40p In great condition only used twice that I'm thinking of parting with. If your interested let me know . I could possibly pair it with a Proteus 810FHJ. Have a great day and thanks for looking.
  5. kichigai1

    Not a report ...Bluefin in the channel

    Does anyone have A rowboat I can borrow ? Ive been telling my friends for weeks that there's bluefin in the San Pedro channel.. Who' laughing now Freelance ,Enterprise,Victory all got em today. Just a heads up.
  6. kichigai1

    Any tips or tricks for a 1st timer Bluefin fishing this week?

    Hi everyone So I m going to go out on a Partyboat: extended day and a half . what type of outfits should I bring ? hooks ? Etc. Any and all advice would be Appreciated. Thank you in advance and i hope you had a great weekend and Fathers day.
  7. kichigai1

    payday via Slayday Catalina 6/18/20

    Hi everyone So me and a few fishing friends decided to book a boat through Slayday charters. Myself and my fishing buddies used to fish a lot together. We would go pick a place and go fish side by side. Usually we would do good, lots of Halibut,Bass bonito and whatever out of the surf...
  8. kichigai1

    Toronado Fri. 6/5/20

    Hi everyone So on Thurs. night I hopped on the Toronado. The day before they had 67 yellowtails for 27 anglers. I almost jumped on that trip due to a few cancellations. I decide not to because I would have had to race ,rush down there to get on the boat. Had I known they would have been leaving...
  9. kichigai1

    just a heads up?

    So I was just looking at an ad here 20 mins. ago. Sent the guy my Email address and now the ad is nowhere to be found. I asked him to email me pics and he did BUT why would the ad just disappear . just a heads up
  10. kichigai1

    WTB Saltist ( silver ) 30t or 40

    Hi Everyone I m looking for an old Saltist 30 t or 40 with rod clamps and good freespool. Cosmetics are not that important as long as it works . Willing to pay $100 if you happen to have 1 lying around that you re not using hit me up. I live in the LA area and am willing to meet face to face...
  11. kichigai1

    A really good day 9/27/09

    Howdy people :D Well after yesterday's WSB run I didn't think that I could top that day. How wrong would I be and I have to thank the man up above for that. Lately I've been really trying for a legal Hali real bad. My better half has been asking for fresh hali for awhile and lately it just...
  12. kichigai1

    Port San luis Albies 9/15/09

    they went out today and got 51 for 7 anglers on the Fiesta Mmmmmmmmmm Cold water Albacore
  13. kichigai1

    9/10/09 Beauty and the Beast

    Afternoon People :D Hope all is well Myself ,Dfish,Chris and Pat went back to the spot . Conditions had changed overnight ,A HUGE shorepound at times ,a lot more weeds and it was overcast, but as you know I have a saying about That " if it's overcast - get your A$$ -- down to the beach "...
  14. kichigai1

    9/11 a tribute and a report

    IN MEMORY OF THE VICTIMS AND THE FALLEN 8 YEARS AGO TODAY WE SHALL NEVER FORGET Pepperdine University has a tribute to the individuals who perished 8 years ago, they have 3000 flags up including flags from the...