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  1. kichigai1

    need a 150lb setup any suggestions without breaking the bank

    light drag they we re using #25 -40lb topshot to get bit . I was high stick on the boat 2 @ 51,31 lbs. 9 fish on the boat out of 18 anglers. The 51 I got on a saltist 20-15lb. fluro to 20lb mainline ( Izor xxx ) with a graftec 15-40 rod that took 45 mins. 2nd @31. 15 mins on a lexa 300( paddle...
  2. kichigai1

    need a 150lb setup any suggestions without breaking the bank

    you could do it with a 40 but it s nice to have those pop up tabs on the 60. That being said i watched a few 40's getting spooled last year locally at the triangle ( catalina , santa barbara ,san clemente islands ) those were 150+lb. fish
  3. kichigai1

    need a 150lb setup any suggestions without breaking the bank

    I just came off my 2nd BFT trip ever and the 1st time I didn t hook anything. This Trip I went 1 for 5. 2 hookups with 1biteoff and 3 missed bites and a handoff from another angler. I fought a 120+ lber on a fathom 40 2speed with 80lb test for about 15 mins with no problem except the rod...
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    Fish report

    they had bluefin there a week and a half back
  5. kichigai1

    hi there how much do you want for the penn fathom 8 ? thanks

    hi there how much do you want for the penn fathom 8 ? thanks
  6. kichigai1

    Swimbait Rods Shimano Crucial & G Loomis

    conventional or spinning? the Crucial?
  7. kichigai1

    Inshore 6/5 Catching with a few surprises.

    There's a resident population in Redondo harbor and I hooked 2 of them at the jetties in Marina del rey while surffishing in Aug. 2016 as well as a striper
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    Fish processors maxed out

    I think your right
  9. kichigai1

    Fish processors maxed out

    Just came back from a trip on the R P I made a reservation with Fishermans the day before the trip for the 1st time. In port by 6, paperwork and weighing by 6;30, premium fillets wrapped in 5mil by 8:30. Very happy and on the road by 9ish at home by 12 30
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    Sig P220R

    German Made or US?
  11. kichigai1

    Islands Santa Barbara Island late report 4/2

    Mr. Stidman gods speed in your healing and may god bless you for what you did for that young man. We need more people like you.
  12. kichigai1

    Islands YT San Diego 26 March

    why do we need a passport to fish that island ? Uhhhhhhh it's not like I m going to jump overboard and swim to the island
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    Bay / Harbor Random catch while getting bait ...

    body shape is a little too full i say a baby amberjack.......... I can dream can t I ????
  14. kichigai1

    Islands South 9 Mile Bank Mar 27th

    Dyaaaaaaam that 's a lunker rockfish great job!
  15. kichigai1

    Help identify this fish?

    Grass Rockfish....used to get em out of the surf in LA all the time
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    Offshore Endeavor 3/3-3/4 limits

    how deep were you guys fishing? Thanks
  17. kichigai1

    Seeker, Avet, Accurate 805-231-0815

    interested in the 6480 rod if it falls through Thanks left a message
  18. kichigai1

    Delton 16" upper

    what s the barrel twist? 1-7,1-8? thanks
  19. kichigai1

    3 Calico's and a Halibut

    Thanks for the reply ..... just found out a few weeks ago that SCSF is no more . Temescal Cyn. jetties
  20. kichigai1

    Calstar SCS. 870 15-40

    Just for my general knowledge Thanks
  21. kichigai1

    bait at nachos

    yup rockfish opener
  22. kichigai1

    Calstar SCS. 870 15-40

    Hi there what's the length of it
  23. kichigai1

    3 Calico's and a Halibut

    Hi everyone .... I hope your having a great new year Went and checked out the surf a few days ago in the afternoon. First trip of the year. Conditions weren't ideal - Falling tide and afternoon winds but some of the spots looked nice . Tried it for an hour + ended up with 3 Calico's ( up to...
  24. kichigai1

    Crawling Shorts 1-7-21

    Y'allll wouldn't want to be eaten anything crawling out of Marina Del Rey just sayin :starwarskid5:
  25. kichigai1

    San Nic trip a no go

    We had I think 4 or 5 lings 7-15lbs .I want to go on 1 of those trips to Cape St. Martin. My personal best ling was on a shallow water trip out of Avila bay/Port San Luis on the Patriot. Curado 300 ,20lb test 2oz. swimbait with a 5" tail in 80 feet = a 19lb lingcod
  26. kichigai1

    San Nic trip a no go

    I was on the last trip of the year. We started shallow but didn't get too many whitefish so the Capt went deep for the rest of the trip. Best red fishing in a long time. 7 mixed reds and a few misc. Everything 4lbs. minimum size or better , saw a7ish lb chuckleheadbut it was a windy and very...
  27. kichigai1

    Lings, Lings, and more Lings - 2nd Try

    Nice sized fish - from a place I thought had been fished out for quite a while. Thank you for the tips and techniques.
  28. kichigai1

    Bluefin restrictions

    Back in the Early 90's we used to go on halibut drifts on the Happy Man before it became the Native Sun out of Marina Del Rey Sportfishing. They'd average roughly 1 fish for every 5 -10 people more or less. Both shorts and legals. Not anymore Also remember that this was before GPS was...
  29. kichigai1

    Bluefin restrictions

    I want you ALL to keep this in mind: Remember those twilight trips back in the 90's for Sand bass? Unless it was an off night - there was No way you couldn't catch a limit or close to it. 25+ years later and they still haven't come back. Maybe they never will. and yes I know the growth...
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    None. found.

    i misunderstood ... sorry
  31. kichigai1

    Spitfire MDR 10/6 B ees , B eees and Beee s

    Also that was the sound of a phone as it went overboard in 70 feet of water behs behs behs
  32. kichigai1

    Spitfire MDR 10/6 B ees , B eees and Beee s

    ohh sorry about that ..there we re no bees honey or otherwise i guess i should have put B's ,b's ,b's sorry about that, I was trying to be original = fail
  33. kichigai1

    Best chance at a keeper size YFT?

    Watch the conditions carefully 2 or 3 times a day . The ocean is the ocean. Like I said there have been times in the past where the 1/2 day boats have come back with limits or close to... just 10 miles out.
  34. kichigai1

    Best chance at a keeper size YFT?

    Another option is to go on a day boat if you can get on. San Diego,Grande ,Liberty,Mission Belle,Sea Watch,point Loma etc.etc. They generally do 5:30 -5pm trips and stay somewhat local. You could also hire a guide to take your boat out and explain it or show you how to do it. Or maybe ask on...
  35. kichigai1

    Spitfire MDR 10/6 B ees , B eees and Beee s

    Hi everyone Hopefully all is well for you and yours Hopped on the 3/4 day boat Spitfire out of MDR with 4 hours of sleep. Now it's been about oh 10 or so years since I ve been on a 3/4 day boat out of this landing . Lets just say I was pleasantly surprised. We left MDR with bait already on...
  36. kichigai1

    Best chance at a keeper size YFT?

    Am I to understand you want to get 1 on your boat ...or just 1 in general? I'll address both. I think your best chance is to go on a Day and a half and observe and then ask general questions. You'll get an idea of what to look for as far as conditions, how far away from port you'll be what to...
  37. kichigai1

    Pinniped Free Opener?

    Watched a harbor seal get hooked today...i felt bad for it ......Sealions
  38. kichigai1

    Penn squall 30ld combo

    2nd if It doesn't work out thanks
  39. kichigai1

    10/2 Newport and around

    There were a few kelp paddies offshore wednesday with bait on them but that's all.
  40. kichigai1

    12+ New and Used Lexas. HD, Winn, OG, 400, 300, 100

    what do you have left in the 400's asking for a friend Thanks
  41. kichigai1

    Thinking of doing Overnight trip for first time

    You can always do the Thunderbird, Can you always go on the Tribute? as far as equipment your fine. Just sorta got my personal best YFT on 20 lb. with a little help.
  42. kichigai1

    Toronado overnight 9/30

    Hi guys and Thank you for all the kind words. Both off the corner and a long soak.. a lot of us tried the flatfalls and colt snipers with no results. I am getting old ( just north of a half century ) - Left forearm still has a lit bit of lingering soreness. Start stretching...... something...
  43. kichigai1

    Toronado overnight 9/30

    From last to 1st yes Ray was driving Yes I was sore didn't rip anything though luckily Graftech GIS80M #15- #25 lb. rating and a 1st generation silver saltist 20 that i bought off the classifieds list here. Note : the rod has a stiff action with an extra fast tip( it's my surf Calico stick...
  44. kichigai1

    Toronado overnight 9/30

    Hi everyone I hope all is well with you and yours. Short version : I was highstick on the boat , 1 yellowfin @50lbs. and another @ 31lbs both were weighed on the scale. we went 8 for 18 anglers. 15 lb. fluro -20 main line for the 50lber , 20 fluro to 25 mainline for the 31 lber. Pick your...
  45. kichigai1

    Old Glory 2 day trip, 9/28-9/30

    sent you a pm thanks
  46. kichigai1

    Bluefin in the Bay???

    ;) PS. i think I ve seen them boiling twice this year ...not positive but reasonably sure, once off Gladstones and another time off Topanga...... Hint: you might want to take a look at the star of scotland wreck
  47. kichigai1

    Bluefin in the Bay???

    1 day about 5 years ago, a lady went to her patio to have coffee and enjoy the view along the beautiful Malibu coast. While enjoying the view and ambience some jerk had the gall to ruin it. Tak.tak.tak.tak.tak.tak.tak.....where in the hell is that noise coming from? Tat tat.tat tat ta tat tat...
  48. kichigai1

    Offshore Most dangerous offshore experience

    Mid 2000's working as deckhand on a local dive boat. Capt says come here and check out the radar. Same type of clouds as the 2nd story above. Weather was gusting from 5 up to 45Mph+ but really,really localized and fast moving,basically pop up thunderstorms but not really any lightning close (...
  49. kichigai1

    anyone interested in a saltist 40p ?

    Hi everyone I have a Diawa Saltist 40p In great condition only used twice that I'm thinking of parting with. If your interested let me know . I could possibly pair it with a Proteus 810FHJ. Have a great day and thanks for looking.
  50. kichigai1

    Offshore Most dangerous offshore experience

    give me a day and I'll tell you the story of how a cigarette saved my life...Remember the 47* degree water.
  51. kichigai1

    Offshore Any local wahoo sightings?

    X 2 saw a huge 1 the size of a dining table in Marina del rey last year.
  52. kichigai1

    Offshore Most dangerous offshore experience

    That was it ...we didn't catch anything except for an Irish Lord..think of it as a cross between a Cabazon and a Sculpin more of a skinny,sleek Cabazon. lot's of marks but no sucess and we made it back OK .with no issues BUT it could have been a very disastrous submerged object collision.
  53. kichigai1

    Offshore Most dangerous offshore experience

    It's the mid 90's I went to Alaska, for work. Myself and a few guys are bored and have some down time, so we decided to rent a boat to go fishing. It was a 19' foot Baja Bayrunner ,comes with 2 radios, PFD's etc. What could go wrong ? We had charts, that we studied, radios flares etc.. It is the...
  54. kichigai1

    Offshore Most dangerous offshore experience

    OK here 's a few that didn't happen to me. the 1st one happened to my friend and the next 1 i heard second hand . I have a few that I will tell later. So a friend of mine went out on overnighter from the Oxnard/Ventura area. They we're going out after WSB . He gets on the boat and it's the...
  55. kichigai1

    Offshore Most dangerous offshore experience

    could you please tell at least 1 might help someone in the future.
  56. kichigai1

    ID this perch please

    they can be pretty aggresive at times . I ve caught them on 110 luckycrafts and 4 inch swimbaits . I don t know what they we re thinking it's not like they could eat or swallow the lures.
  57. kichigai1

    ?Catapult for lures?

    generator,+ air compressor,+ PVC. It only works with frozen bait and a big spinning reel. Basically its a frozen mackerel air cannon.....sorta like the t shirt guns but less portable.
  58. kichigai1

    Offshore Is this where our big "resident" bluefin went?

    Now if I were a 50 lb.+ Bluefin or Yellowfin, would I go after A) 2 eyeballs and a wiggle or B) some plentiful and substantially bigger Sauries aka Pike Mackerel in deeper water ?
  59. kichigai1

    Shogun Surf Trips

    X 2 how much
  60. kichigai1

    6 rods (no brand, just anglers center)

    hi there whats the specs. on the heavy troller .? thank you
  61. kichigai1

    Offshore Is this where our big "resident" bluefin went?

    I aint 1 to gossip but....... 50 miles seaward off the northern channel islands
  62. kichigai1

    Offshore Is this where our big "resident" bluefin went?

    The last time the Bluefin were here ( 93? / 98? ) someone tried to wrap some true giants. They broke through the nets, but they got 1 @ 900lbs. and estimated the others up to 1200 lbs. That was off the backside of the Channel Islands.
  63. kichigai1

    Outta here, no mas

    hi there ? what is the rod rated
  64. kichigai1

    Orange county boat rental

    another for slayday......but their booked til oct
  65. kichigai1

    Calico's and Halibut From The Surf.

    Unlike a lot of other smokers ...all my butts go back home with me or to the nearest trash can. Went to the Owens river by Bishop earlier this year. Didn't have much time so I hit the bridge areas. Every single 1 of them had Cig buts at the parking areas. The ONLY river in a very dry...
  66. kichigai1

    Economical fishing?

    Make no mistake it's definitely an addiction or a very expensive hobby. When I 1st started to get serious after a few years, my local tackle shop guy said to me." If you buy cheap you'll probably buy twice or three times. Buy quality, buy once " he was right . The problem though is that there's...
  67. kichigai1

    Economical fishing?

    Personally I think the smartest thing you did was marry that woman. Congrats on 49 years.
  68. kichigai1


    Pics of the fathom 15? and the Andros please Thanks
  69. kichigai1

    Classic Browning Silaflex E-glass 7ft rod rated 15-40lb

    Man i wish they still made those rods.....1st decent rod I fished back in the day when i 1st started . GLWTS
  70. kichigai1

    Not a report ...Bluefin in the channel

    Nice ,,they where 5 miles off of Arrow point last year. The 2 summers before the 83' El Nino the Indiana from the Santa Monica Pier would get them by the Star of Scotland wreck about 3 or 4 miles off the Samo Pier using Mackerel and #25lb.
  71. kichigai1

    Not a report ...Bluefin in the channel

    Does anyone have A rowboat I can borrow ? Ive been telling my friends for weeks that there's bluefin in the San Pedro channel.. Who' laughing now Freelance ,Enterprise,Victory all got em today. Just a heads up.
  72. kichigai1

    Gold 40N $375.00 SHIPPED

    thanks for the Saltist prompt shipment ,good communication, excellent reel
  73. kichigai1

    Old glory August 24th overnight

    Hi is this a charter? and how much is it ? thanks in advance
  74. kichigai1

    Offshore Illegal to interfere with fishing and hunting: what's the recourse

    a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is sometimes worth a conviction both in and out of court.
  75. kichigai1

    Seawatch - seaforth fishcounts are way off

    Maybe he gets last dibs on the good bait , he could be a slower boat , some boats are very fishy , some aren't. Some captains are more observant on the little differences that make a bite happen there 's been times where i m fishing same rig ,same line ,same hook and the guy next too me is...
  76. kichigai1

    Offshore Illegal to interfere with fishing and hunting: what's the recourse

    (a) A person shall not willfully interfere with the participation of any individual in the lawful activity of shooting, hunting, fishing, falconry, hunting dog field trials, hunting dog training, or trapping at the location where that activity is taking place. (b) A violation of this section is...
  77. kichigai1

    Offshore Illegal to interfere with fishing and hunting: what's the recourse

    Fish and Game Code Section 2009. (a) A person shall not willfully interfere with the participation of any individual in the lawful activity of shooting, hunting, fishing, falconry, or trapping at the location where that activity is taking place.Aug 21, 2008
  78. kichigai1

    Offshore Illegal to interfere with fishing and hunting: what's the recourse

    bieber there's a law on the books against being harassed while fishing or hunting... it is a crime. however maybe she thought you we re the papaarazzi : /
  79. kichigai1

    Gold 40N $375.00 SHIPPED

    Good morning I sent you a text Thanks
  80. kichigai1

    Sea Alien ID!

    Dumbo Octopus or Vampire Squid
  81. kichigai1

    Calico's and Halibut From The Surf.

    We have tried but that place is dangerous, and I 'm part billy goat. They have some there and Sheephead but there's no place to go if a sneaker wave comes except in the drink. There's been a few fatalities there and the next rock a 1/2 mile down as recently as last month or so. My advice is...
  82. kichigai1

    Need a reel recommendation for a 12' Ugly Stik

    Are you fishing here ( Southern Calif. ) or where you live ? You can spend anywhere from $35-40 through $300. I myself used to use "breathable stocking foot waders" but then you have to buy wading boots or use KROCS or an old pair of sneakers etc. If your just starting out ...just buy a pair of...
  83. kichigai1

    Daiwa Probably Dumb Question Lexa 400

    that s what happened to mine ...frozen bearing on the Pinion gear
  84. kichigai1

    Need a reel recommendation for a 12' Ugly Stik

    If you do a google or whatever search ....type in Southern California surffishing. You ll find a few sites and if you check youtube , you will find plenty of videos. Keep in mind that like anything else there are subtle and not so subtle things you'll have to learn. It definitely has a learning...
  85. kichigai1

    Need a reel recommendation for a 12' Ugly Stik

    I recommend you sell the rod. Seriously unless you want to lob 4,5,6,oz. weights for Sharks or Rays or whatever. Stay in 1 spot and go big or go home. If that 's the case then get a Daiwa 6000 reel. Myself and my friends have been using 200 sized Largemouth bass baitcasting reels and heavy...
  86. kichigai1

    Daiwa Lexa 300HD NIB

    paddle or power handle?
  87. kichigai1

    goin up the coast from oc to monterey

    There are a bunch of spots from Ventura north all the way to Gaviota. Where the 101 turns inland it 's about 40 or so miles before you see the coast again at San Luis Obispo. That stretch in between Ventura - Gaviota can be productive. Go hit up up the Big Hammer website and you'll find...
  88. kichigai1

    Charter on pride leaving 8/4

    what s the focus of the trip? is it go big or go home? or whatevers biting ? thank you in advance
  89. kichigai1

    Offshore BFT Foamers ???

    yes. I was on a day and a half and we cut open the stomachs ...literally both had 1.5 - 2" anchovies and 3 pieces of our 4"-5" sardines. That was at the butterfly a week ago.
  90. kichigai1

    Any tips or tricks for a 1st timer Bluefin fishing this week?

    No I Didn't. 4 fish for 16 guys. 2 bruiser 150lbs+ Bluefin,1 thirty lb. Yellowfin,one 8lb yellowtail and about 8 hookups and losses ,chewed off ,broken off etc. We saw about 7 or 8 huge boils of 100+lb fish. Threw everything at em but they wouldn 't bite . We cut the stomach up on 1 of them and...
  91. kichigai1

    Offshore Look but can't touch

    they re on the 2 eyeballs and a wiggle at least at the butterfly
  92. kichigai1

    Any tips or tricks for a 1st timer Bluefin fishing this week?

    Hi guys Thanks for the advice. Went out on the Tomahawk. 4 fish for 16 people . 1eight lb. yellowtail a 30lb yellowfin and 2 bruiser 150+ lb bluefins.
  93. kichigai1

    6-22 150 report

    Last year in that area I was on the Victory for the rockfish opener or close to it + or - a couple of days. We rollup into that area and there were birds everywhere on the surface ., dolphins, whales a lots of foam etc etc. . It was like we just missed the biggest foamer of tuna. You know...
  94. kichigai1

    Any tips or tricks for a 1st timer Bluefin fishing this week?

    Thank You every1 I really appreciate it. I have hooked into Yellowfin, Yellowtail,Albacore, andSkipjack. My 1st Tuna was a local Bigeye ( 27lbs. ) a couple of decades ago that totally made me it's bitch for 45 mins. Probably because I was using a whippy ass 2 piece 11' surf rod and 500...
  95. kichigai1

    Any tips or tricks for a 1st timer Bluefin fishing this week?

    Hi everyone So I m going to go out on a Partyboat: extended day and a half . what type of outfits should I bring ? hooks ? Etc. Any and all advice would be Appreciated. Thank you in advance and i hope you had a great weekend and Fathers day.
  96. kichigai1

    payday via Slayday Catalina 6/18/20

    Thank you Everyone for the likes and kind's appreciated
  97. kichigai1


    Do you have the box for it ?
  98. kichigai1


    is the torium 20 ready to fish ?
  99. kichigai1

    payday via Slayday Catalina 6/18/20

    Hi everyone So me and a few fishing friends decided to book a boat through Slayday charters. Myself and my fishing buddies used to fish a lot together. We would go pick a place and go fish side by side. Usually we would do good, lots of Halibut,Bass bonito and whatever out of the surf...
  100. kichigai1

    Fished dana point (doheny state beach) yesterday 6/16

    I used to love going to San Onofre. There is lot of mixed structure and many different species of fish there. I have caught a lot of Sandbass , some Calico's,Halibuts ,Yellowfin croaker ,Corbina,White Seabass ,Spotfin Croakers ,Bonito and Mackeral at that spot. However that place loves to eat...
  101. kichigai1

    Fished dana point (doheny state beach) yesterday 6/16

    Get some gulp sandworms ..if there are fish there - they'll bite. we call it fish crack for a reason. Use 10lb -4 lb Lures work- trout lures and largemouth sized lures + swimbaits ,krocs etc. It's like anything else practice ...refinement..practice knowledge ..application practice...
  102. kichigai1

    Sevenstrand Lure 6-pack

    if they re still available i m willing to come by and pick them up
  103. kichigai1

    Offshore Pier Point - Toronado 06/07

    He owns it , told us he bought it in Jan. He s cooking ( the cook ) on the boat.
  104. kichigai1

    Toronado Fri. 6/5/20

    Thank you everyone for you kind replies I went to Pierpoint today. the regular parking lot opened up ….so it s easier to load and unload. Still have to use the overflow for the overnight though. There was a hell of a breeze at the harbor,but Ray still got 16 today. I forget to add we were on...
  105. kichigai1

    Toronado Fri. 6/5/20

    that s his name
  106. kichigai1

    Toronado Fri. 6/5/20

    Hi everyone So on Thurs. night I hopped on the Toronado. The day before they had 67 yellowtails for 27 anglers. I almost jumped on that trip due to a few cancellations. I decide not to because I would have had to race ,rush down there to get on the boat. Had I known they would have been leaving...
  107. kichigai1

    just a heads up?

    ok that's good to know ……….I just checked the 1st 10 pages and can t find the ad Sooooooooooo beware of this guy
  108. kichigai1

    just a heads up?

    " Of course, I'm not very tec savy LOL" I m not either ..just call me a dinosaur or a luddite ...your pick :rolleyes: I just checked and now the ad is back up ….whaaaaaat >:( I went back for 10 mins straight and 9 pages logged back in twice and couldn't find it.. and now it s back up
  109. kichigai1

    just a heads up?

    So I was just looking at an ad here 20 mins. ago. Sent the guy my Email address and now the ad is nowhere to be found. I asked him to email me pics and he did BUT why would the ad just disappear . just a heads up
  110. kichigai1

    5/10. Good fishing no bait!!!!!

    just called San pedro has plenty of medium + sardines Long beach bait Channel 11 or at (562) 455- 9928.
  111. kichigai1

    nice Swim-bait rod, what ya got?

    How much are you willing to spend? I have a Dobyns champion XP I might want to part with 20-60lb 4-16 oz. Pm me
  112. kichigai1

    How about some Daiwa Reels ?

    quick response, great looking reels but I m looking for the lower gear ratio. good luck with the sale.:jig: Thank you
  113. kichigai1

    How about some Daiwa Reels ?

    hi there I sent you a message thanks
  114. kichigai1

    Springfield Arms XD9

    ok..... thank you for your time
  115. kichigai1

    Tiburon'ed Newell 322 & Silver Saltist 30T

    is the 30 t still available Thanks
  116. kichigai1

    WTB Saltist ( silver ) 30t or 40

    Hi Everyone I m looking for an old Saltist 30 t or 40 with rod clamps and good freespool. Cosmetics are not that important as long as it works . Willing to pay $100 if you happen to have 1 lying around that you re not using hit me up. I live in the LA area and am willing to meet face to face...
  117. kichigai1

    Saltist 40 $125 Shipped

    hi I m interested can you pm me a phone # Thank you
  118. kichigai1

    Calstar 700L Used Once $165

    reply sent thank you
  119. kichigai1

    Calstar 700L Used Once $165

    good morning I m interested in picking up 1 of the reels if they re still available available Thank you
  120. kichigai1

    Targeting stripers in so cal..

    They re around and have been around for a while … of the local harbors had a over wintering population..that got decimated a few years ago by Sealions. There are 2 locations that supposedly have breeding populations ..that stay around yearly . here s your hint This year there were...
  121. kichigai1

    can you please post contact info and rates Thank you

    can you please post contact info and rates Thank you
  122. kichigai1

    Fishing out of Ventura/Santa Barbara

    Hi there There are open party boats that run from Oxnard ( Ventura adjacent ) Cisco's Landing and Hooks landing, Ventura - Ventura landing St. Barbara - SEA landing That will take you and 20+ anglers out on a 60`- 80 foot boat for a fee of $75 -$175 depending on duration of trips. Some...
  123. kichigai1

    Weather, magikkelp or seaweed .com and hope this helps and good luck
  124. kichigai1

    Kayak fishing in Santa Barbara

    just south of Campus point is the Goleta pier. launch just south of the pier and fish for calico's,WSB and Lot's o hali's just north of and south of the pier just behind the surf line or go around the point and fish in front of the campus PS it's an easy surflaunch @ the pier and it's free...
  125. kichigai1

    "Ready to Assemble" Need Ho's for this Friday 10-23 to chase Albies

    got onto a few pig albies about 7 miles north of the cortez...just lettin you know
  126. kichigai1

    El Nino Report 10/8 Moderate to Strong!

    hate to rain on your parade:Singin_In but it may rain from tuesday on with anywhere from a 1/2" - 8" depending on a few factors. If the model holds up - a few low pressures forming in the gulf of Alaska might combine with the remnannts of a typhoon off of China - it could go north or south of...
  127. kichigai1

    A really good day 9/27/09

    Howdy people :D Well after yesterday's WSB run I didn't think that I could top that day. How wrong would I be and I have to thank the man up above for that. Lately I've been really trying for a legal Hali real bad. My better half has been asking for fresh hali for awhile and lately it just...
  128. kichigai1

    Offshore Rpt Wed. 9-15-09 1010 Trench.

    Good for you on getting him on his 1st tuna & Dodo way to break in the boat
  129. kichigai1

    Port San luis Albies 9/15/09

    they went out today and got 51 for 7 anglers on the Fiesta Mmmmmmmmmm Cold water Albacore
  130. kichigai1

    9/10/09 Beauty and the Beast

    Afternoon People :D Hope all is well Myself ,Dfish,Chris and Pat went back to the spot . Conditions had changed overnight ,A HUGE shorepound at times ,a lot more weeds and it was overcast, but as you know I have a saying about That " if it's overcast - get your A$$ -- down to the beach "...
  131. kichigai1

    9/11 a tribute and a report

    IN MEMORY OF THE VICTIMS AND THE FALLEN 8 YEARS AGO TODAY WE SHALL NEVER FORGET Pepperdine University has a tribute to the individuals who perished 8 years ago, they have 3000 flags up including flags from the...
  132. kichigai1

    Offshore 1.5 Day 160 miles out = the best trip of my life! 7/9-7/11 WFO!! Islander ROCKS!!!

    I was the guy that helped you @ J &T tackle looks like you got a few
  133. kichigai1

    Offshore Late Report: New Lo-An 7/4

    I'm sure the CAPT. had his reasons - but we were on a 2 day( 3years ago) and we hit 1 paddy that was really good on the 1st day after trolling for nothing. we ended up with (8-10 ) baitfish after that stop and we just kept hitting it again and again until the sun went down and we ended up...
  134. kichigai1

    Offshore 67 ALBIES for the Vagabond

    Might be a sourh swell coming up, if that's the case then it might get a little lumpy.
  135. kichigai1

    Offshore ALBACORE!!!!! On Team Hanna 6/13

    it's almost time:cheers: looking forward to the report
  136. kichigai1

    Offshore Albacore Blitz!

    212 for 27 anglers what a day foaming pods of fish everywhere and at 1 point a foamer of fish moving in a line heading north literally a 1/4 mile-1/2 amile wide. highlight of the day was watching a foamer slide under our bow throwing ina bait and almost getting the rod yanked out of my...
  137. kichigai1

    Offshore I See Them!

    in reply about the linr test i used fresh 25# and got 1 fish in 10 mins more or less then lost 7 in a row due to traffic -straight off pop or chew through then i bumped to straight 40# and got the next 8 no problem we ended up with 215+ on the boat ( the Toronado ) on sun- breaking foaming fish...
  138. kichigai1

    9/8 371 washing machine and the [email protected]#$CKIN DFG

    And a sportie was borded last week so think about that
  139. kichigai1

    Offshore 9/8 371 washing machine and the [email protected]#$CKIN DFG

    And a sportie was borded last week so think about that
  140. kichigai1

    Offshore 300 yards of foaming albies

    oh yeah well sunday it was a quarter mile long and and i only got 9 fish and lost 7 I suck- but i agree with you I've nevere seen so many boils and breaking fish in my life
  141. kichigai1

    Offshore Wide open xtra bloody decks on the 226...well kinda

    Considering there Laymen and not that far out they did O.K. but you're right about the veinous bleeding and the direct pressure + Elevation