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  1. adiballz24

    Calstar GF 775 xxxh 80-unli

    Selling me Calstar grafighter 775xxxh 7.5 ft rated 80-unlimited. Used on one trip and caught a few bft but the rod is in near perfect condition. Getting custom rods made so I need to sell some. MSRP is $579.99 plus tax. Asking $450 located in Carlsbad. Txt me at 7606890326
  2. adiballz24

    Brand new Mak 50

    Selling my brand new OG gun metal Makaira 50 sea. Brand new in box. This is the original gunmetal. MSRP is $649.99 plus tax. I’m asking $600 now $560. Located in Carlsbad. Will ship at buyers cost. Txt me for offers, questions, information. Thanks for looking!
  3. adiballz24

    Various Shimano reels for sale

    Thinning out the reel collection as well. All reels are 10/10 mechanically normal small boat rash. Located in Carlsbad will ship at buyers expense. Call or txt 7606890326 Thanks! Shimano chronarch 200E6 sold Shimano Calcutta D400 w/jigging world power handle and the original paddle handle $200...
  4. adiballz24

    Saltwater rods for sale

    Selling 4 rods. Need to thin out the collection. All the rods are in good condition. Seeker PH 93h Ulua $OLD Seeker OSP 3X 7’3 $400 Phenix Megalodon 800h Popping rod $OLD Unknown Custom calstar with heavy duty guides. 5.5 ft I’m guessing it’s rated to fish 60-100lb $125 text or call 7606890326...
  5. adiballz24

    Talica 10 II great reel

    selling a Talica 10 2 speed. Great condition both mechanically and cosmetically beside one scratch on left side plate from boat rash. Asking $400 located in Carlsbad prefer pick will ship at buyers cost text me 7606890326
  6. adiballz24

    Shimano Reels SW10000 Trynos 30II TLDII20A

    Selling a Shimano Saragosa SW10000 loaded up with 65lb power pro max Quattro braid. Extremely good condition mechanically and cosmetically. There is one small nick on reel base but is just cosmetic. Very versatile reel! MSRP on this reel is $309 plus tax and line. Asking $OLD Shimano Trynos...
  7. adiballz24

    Black Avet JX 6/3,

  8. adiballz24

    Atd SOLD

    Hello I’m selling my ATD 50 Topless full of 130lb white hollow braid for $850 now $700. A little bit of boat rash but 10/10 mechanically. MSRP on this reel new is $1320 plus a couple hundred dollars in braid. I’m located in Carlsbad and willing to ship at buyers cost. Just selling to thin out...
  9. adiballz24

    Back to back trips

    Hey guys I’m going on back to back trips starting at the end on November. A 10 day on the Angler Oct 21-31 then right back out on a 9 day on the Rooster Nov 3-12. I’ve always wanted to do something like this so I’m very excited! I was wondering if anyone, that has done something similar, has...
  10. adiballz24

    Calcutta 400D. Pro Gear V40. TLD II 20a

    Selling a Shimano Calcutta 400D with power handle. Excellent mechanical condition. White 50lb power pro to the top and jigging world power handle. (I think I have the paddle handle somewhere) asking $240. Also a Pro Gear V40 in excellent mechanical condition. Filled half way with white 65lb...
  11. adiballz24

    Rods sold. !

    Selling a UC tilefish SOLD and UC viper 76. Both in very good condition. Need to downsize my collection. Both are factory rods. $300 for the tilefish $420 for the viper. These rods are perfect for bluefin and any big fish! Would consider a trade for a Trinidad 20a or Ulua. Send me a text if you...
  12. adiballz24


    I have a few reels I’m getting rid of. Txt me or dm. 7606890326 Thanks for looking! Will ship at your cost. Located in Carlsbad Shimano Torium 20 (upgraded drag) 7/10 cosmetically 8/10 mechanically $100 (2) Diawa Sealine X30 7/10 cosmetically 8/10 mechanically One has no clamp $60 each or...
  13. adiballz24

    Offshore 9/18 late report Pride 2 Day

    Left for Mexico City right after this trip but here’s the late report from our 2 day charter last week on the Pride. Just 10 of us on this trip so there was plenty of room. Mostly newbies on this trip and it was a great first trip for them! Left the dock at 10 pm. Plan was to go fish...
  14. adiballz24

    9/16-9/18 Pride 2 day

    Hey everyone! I have a charter on the Pride out of Seaforth landing leaving this upcoming Monday night returning Weds night. It’s limited to 14 people and have 3 open spots. Cost is $500 and that includes food. We have a really fun group with really good fisherman and novices as well. Just want...
  15. adiballz24

    Phenix and seeker

    hello I’m selling a couple rods because I have too many. Located in Carlsbad text me if interested 7606890326 Thanks for looking! Phenix Black Diamond 700h 20-60lb good condition $150 Seeker Hercules 70h 40-80lb Good condition $220
  16. adiballz24

    Oside Halibut 1/7

    Got a late start. On the water by 9:30am. Went offshore to look around for that local bluefin. Found lots of bird and dolphin going crazy all over the place. No signs off bluefin with them but tried bait coltsnipers and flat falls anyways for nothing. Around 11:30 went to go drift for halibut...
  17. adiballz24

    Peen VISX 30 2speed

    Hello Selling my Penn VISX 30 reel. Pretty much new. Went on one boat ride. Loaded up with 700 yards of 100lb white hollow and topped with 180 yards of 130lb white hollow. Spooked up at Kens Custom Reels so you know it’s done right. Comes with clamp box and everything it normally comes with...
  18. adiballz24

    VISX 30 capabilities

    How well would a VISX 30 fish a 130lb leader say for fishing a larger bait or even a pl68 on long range trips? What would be the best way to spool up this reel to make it the most versatile it could be? 50 yards of 130lb hollow stacked on 100lb hollow?
  19. adiballz24

    Mak 8 II sea

    Hello! I have a okuma makaira 8 II SEa for sale! BNIB still has tags. Brand new! Asking for $380 obo. Send me a text or pm me 7606890326 located in Carlsbad no trades
  20. adiballz24

    Calcutta 400d and Abu Garcia Revo Toro 60hs

    Hello! I have a couple baitcasting reels for sale. Shimano Calcutta D 400. Cosmetically 8/10 Mechanically 10/10. Full of 50lb power pro Asking $180 Abu Garcia Revo Toro 60hs. Cosmetically 8/10 Mechanically 10/10. Also full of 50lb power pro Asking $100 I'm pretty sure I have the box for...
  21. adiballz24

    Phenix PSW 700h!

    hey everyone! Want to sell my Lightly used Phenix Black Diamond PSW 700h. 7ft 20-60 lbs. looking for $170 thanks! Open to trades for penn fathom 2 speeds or Talica and trinidads.Prefer local pick up pm me or send a text 7606890326 if you are interested or have any questions.
  22. adiballz24

    Recommended fishing in Kona

    hey guys I'll be in Kona at the end of October. I was wondering if anyone knows of a good fishing charter to go fish with. Open to anything biting but I would love to catch some GTs. What should I expect that time of year? Are they goo spots to fish for anything from shore as well? Thank you!
  23. adiballz24

    Phenix Megalodon Popping rod and Calstar GF700xh

    Looking for 2 rods... 1) Phenix Megalodon Popping rod. Don't really care which one. 2) Calstar GF 700xh. Or any grafighter that's rated 30-80 and 7ft or over. Send me a text 7606890326 or pm if u guys have either and are looking to sell! Thanks!! Located in Carlsbad
  24. adiballz24

    Okuma MAK 30 sea

  25. adiballz24

    Accurate Avet Penn reels

    Hey guys I'm selling a few reels. Txt/call 760 6890326 Or PM Avet JX 6/3 black Awesome reel. Just serviced by kens custom reels. Tiny bit of boat rash. Loaded with 65lb white PowerPro. Comes with box if you want. 10/10 mechanically 8/10 cosmetically. Retails $369.99 SOLD Accurate Boss...
  26. adiballz24

    WTS Shimano calcutta D 400 & Diawa Lexa 400

    hello! I'm trying to sell a couple larger size baitcasting reels! Both reels are 100% mechanically! Just in time for swimbait season in freshwater and killer light saltwater reels! Text me at 760 6890326 . Located in Carlsbad - Shimano Calcutta 400D Lightly used and has some 50lb brown power...
  27. adiballz24

    WTS Accurate Boss 2 500n

    hello I'm want to sell my Accurate Boss Extreme 2 500n. Good condition cosmetically (a little boat rash) and perfect condition mechanically! Just serviced and ready to fish. Full of 65lb white braid. This reel is a beast and a perfect choice for yoyo, jigging, and live bait! Asking for $340 text...
  28. adiballz24

    WTS Avet Pro EXW 30/2

    looking to sell my Avet Pro EXW 30/2. It has been used once and is in great condition both cosmetically and mechanically. I take very good care of all my gear. I have the box as well. The reel has 400+ yards of 130lb power pro hollow ace and a 90 yard top shot of 100lb izor xxx. A great reel...
  29. adiballz24

    WTS Accurate Boss Xtreme 600n and 500n

    Hello I want to sell a couple accurate reels. I have 2 Boss Xtreme 2 Speed reels both in great condition and recently serviced by Kens Custom Reel. Both have MINOR boat rash but are 100% mechanically! I take extremely good care of all my gear. Asking $400 each! The 600n has 400 yards of 65lb...
  30. adiballz24

    Constitution 4.5 day SCI Report

    Constitution 4.5 Day Report 10/1/17- 10/6/17 20 anglers Approaching a full moon on Thursday 10/5 I booked this trip because I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to land that triple digit bluefin that has been evading me for the past 3-4 years. So I geared up and got my tackle ready...
  31. adiballz24

    1.5 day O95 plus 1/2 day PM New Seaforth Report

    Hey guys! Here's a little local sport boat report. Saw the yellowfin started biting and decided to jump on a 1.5 day on the O95 in Oceanside on Tuesday night. I'm in Carlsbad so it was super convient for me. Boarded the boat with 30 others. Capt Rick gives his speech and say that we're gonna...
  32. adiballz24

    WTB Trinidad 16 or Talica 8ii,10ii, or 12ii

    Looking for a Shimano Trinidad 16 either the a or gold. Also looking for a Talica 8.10,or12 2 speed! Shoot me a text! Located in Carlsbad willing to pick up! Thanks 7606890326
  33. adiballz24

    Pilot 111 Thailand

    hey everyone! I fished the pilot 111 fishing park in the outskirts of Bangkok dec 28-30. This is my first time fishing at one of these fishing parks. They seem to be extremely popular in Thailand. This lure only park is made up of about 8 ponds and contain several species including barramundi...
  34. adiballz24

    WTB Shimano Trevala Rod

    looking for a Shimano Trevala rod m or ml action. I'm located in Carlsbad but I'm open to driving a little for it. Pm me if you have one you're not using. thanks guys!!
  35. adiballz24

    BNIB Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast 50 HS

    Brand new Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast 50 HS for sale! Never been used I have another 50 and 60 that I use for everything from big swim baits for bass to offshore tuna fishing. Fun reel that packs 25lbs of drag! This reel retails for $399.99 plus tax. I'm selling this one for $320 obo! Let me know...
  36. adiballz24


    selling a few rods! - G. Loomis mossy back 7'1 12-16lb ex-fast action $200 excellent condition - Phenix Abyss PSX 909 9'0 20-50 lb $180 excellent condition - Sabre Pacifica 8'0 15-30 lb $30 good condition -Sabre SD8708 8'0 20-40 lb $30 good condition Message me if u have any questions...
  37. adiballz24

    For Sale Deps Slide Swimmer 250 butch brown natural trout

    Hey guys I have a brand new Deps Slide Swimmer 250 Butch Brown Natural Trout Slow Sink. Asking $270 I'm located in the North Bay area near Santa Rosa for school but I come home to San Diego often. Please no low balls and thank you! PM if interested
  38. adiballz24

    Power rod wrapper

    Hey guys, I'm not sure if this is the appropriate section for this but I have a NIB American Tackle rod wrapper pbwd-110v for sale. I thought I would have more time to pick up rod wrapping but with school and work it was hard to find time. Never been used, new in box! Asking $250 please pm or...
  39. adiballz24


    Hey guys! Im going to the Philippines in January for a little vacation. I will be in all around the western Luzon region. I wanted to do a bunch of fishing for anything from salt to fresh. I was wondering if anybody has fished this region of the world and can offer any advice or tips. I do not...
  40. adiballz24

    Phenix black diamond 700h

    Looking for a phenix black diamond 700h! Pm me!
  41. adiballz24

    Calstar GFGR 800M 20-40

    Calstar GFGR 800M 20-40 for sale! took it on a half day boat once and did not even use it. 10/10 mint condition! Im going on my first 7 day trip next week on a college budget and I need sell some stuff to make sure I have enough money for trip and all that extra stuff. Im asking $235. PM me or...
  42. adiballz24

    Calstar 100 J and Avet MXL 5.8

    Calstar 100 J is factory wrapped and in great condition. Only used a few times. SOLD Avet MXL 5.8 with 300 yds of 65lb PowerPro. Reel is in great condition, and has only been used a few times also. Cosmetically 8.8/10 Mechanically 10/10. $150 I keep my gear in nice condition! Im located in...
  43. adiballz24

    Caltar GF 700ML

    Calstar GF 700ML for sale! $280 rod for $200Now $180!!! rod is in excellent condition and looks basically new Pick up in Carlsbad, CA. PM me if interested! thanks!
  44. adiballz24

    AVET MXL 5.8

    AVET MXL 5.8 for sale. great condition. $150. Has 300 yards of 65lb power pro on it and the reel is in great shape. Box included. Pick up in Carlsbad, Ca. PM me if interested thanks!
  45. adiballz24

    Avet MXL 5.8 and Calstar GF 700 ML

    What's up guys just trying to clear up some room and pay some bills... I have an Avet MXL 5.8 with 300yds of 65lb powerpro for $150 Reel has been used a couple times but it's in excellent shape 8.5/10 cosmetically and 10/10 mechanically. With box. And a Calstar GF 700ml 20-40lb for $240 Rod...
  46. adiballz24


    whats the actual drag max on the bx2 500 and 600?
  47. adiballz24

    New revotoro 60 cant decide what rod

    I just picked a revo toro 60 hs and filled it up with 50powerpro. I don't know what kind of rod to get for it. I wanted to throw small irons and waxwings. Also planning to use it for yellows and smaller grade tuna. I was looking at some Musky rods a little but still can't decide. Any suggestions??
  48. adiballz24

    CA Delta FLW Tourney

    Just joined the bass team at SonomaStateUniversity a couple months ago and we had our 1st touny today! My teammate Drew and I fished the FLW college CA delta tourny today. It was my 1st one so I was excited. We got all rigged up and met our pro. We made a 15 minute run and stared drop shoting. I...
  49. adiballz24

    Delta Help

    whats up guys. im fishing in my 1st tournament in a couple weeks in the CA delta out of Stockton. Just looking for any tips you might have. thanks
  50. adiballz24

    wrapping calstar 100j

    i wanted to try rod building so i think im gonna do a calstar 100j. i was wondering what guide sizes i should use and how many i should use. any help or advice would be appreciated. thanks!
  51. adiballz24

    Rods and Reels

  52. adiballz24

    Shimano and Diawa Reels

    I have 2 saltwater fishing reels : DIAWA SEALINE X 30 SHA and a SHIMANO TLD 15 LEVERDRAG Both reels are in great shape and work perfectly. Great quality reels both in great condition with very little sign of use. Used both a couple times but I got some new reels so I have to let these go...
  53. adiballz24

    Premier 1/2 day

    Really bored and had the day off work. So i decided to hop on the Premier half day trip out of hmlanding. Light load only 9 anglers and boat left at 9. Time to sleep in. We fished mexican water waters for rockfish, not too much action. Ended up with 6 smalls and a decent red. All of my fish...