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  1. starbright55

    California - Proposed Reg Fee Change

    I haven't seen this posted elsewhere yet Currently $20 every two years - Newsome wants it to go to $70 "Governor Gavin Newsom’s proposed 2021-22 budget, released Jan. 8, includes a proposal to raise the vessel renewal fee from $20 every two years to $70 every two years to help stabilize a $52...
  2. starbright55

    2001 Ford F-350 XLT Crew Cab, Gas V-10 - North San Diego - $5000

    Going to shoot to put this up on craigslist by the end of the week. It needs a wash and I was going to go get it smogged. I've used this to tow my boat around the last two years. No issues with 9,000 lbs behind it. Towing ~8 mpg, ~16-17 mpg on the freeway empty (that's light on the pedal...
  3. starbright55

    Telefelx - CC23010 and SSC6211 (11' rotary streering cable

    CC23010 - 10' control cable SSC6211 - 11' rotary steering cable Both are used and in decent shape. Free Pick up in Encinitas (I-5 / Santa Fe Drive)
  4. starbright55

    Offshore Don't launch at Sunset Aquatics/Huntington Harbor tomorrow, 08/29 - Navy exercises 9-11A

    Definitely not a report.... Heard this on the radio this afternoon and found an article: You won't be able to get out (or in) from 9-11A I apologize...
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    In search of a small machine shop - San Diego

    I need to cut some stainless and I need it cut squarely (that takes me and a cutoff wheel/grinder out of the discussion). I want to sandwich two hawse pipes together - one outside, one inside. Reason - cleaner look and chafe protection (my cleats are inside the gunnel and down). Wood grain has...
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    Kiwigrip - Grey

    One gallon, with roller. Never been opened but ~3+ years old. No reason to think it's bad as it's never been exposed to air. Located in Encinitas. If someone wants me to ,I can open it up before they drive to pick it up.
  7. starbright55

    MMSI from FCC?

    How many of you have actually done it? For the Washington and the southern California guys, it seems like a good idea since there is a high probably that you will will be communicating with a foreign port/vessel in foreign waters? I started to look at the paperwork (online forms) and they...
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    Parker 25XX Cover - SOLD

    I really thought that this cover would work for my pilothouse (25' x 8' and a 30" bracket). It's actually 1 ft. longer than what they recommend and it's their wider version (for a 120" beam versus 108" boat). On my boat, it comes just to the rub rail and with the included tie downs, it stayed...
  9. starbright55

    16.5", 6 lugs galvanized wheels, Goodyear Workhorse Tire (Set of 4)

    $80 Set of four (4) Galvanized wheels 6 on 5 1/2" 16.5" Goodyear Workhorse tires 8.75-16.5LT Load Range E Good tread, no visible dryrot, still nubs showing Got these on a used trailer I purchased. They are of UNKNOWN AGE. I don't like unknowns so I bought new tires for my trailer. I also...
  10. starbright55

    SOLD - NMEA Terminating Resistor Kit / NMEA Power Kit

    I have a few items left over from a project. They ended up as duplicates due to buying kits that might have had extra parts but were cheaper overall. All items are new. Lowrance 119-75 (N2K-PWR-RD) - Same as Simrad/B&G/Navico, came with my Simrad Autopilot kit. This will power your NMEA...
  11. starbright55

    Solas 13.25" x 17", 3-blade, aluminum, RH - USED

    Used once on my Yamaha 90 two-stroke. Bought new and used it on first sea trial of boat. 1. Pitch is too high (for me). I replaced it with a 13.25" x 17" Yamaha k-series OEM. The Yamaha prop runs about 400 rpm higher at WOT with the same load. So, be warned, this prop probably runs like an...
  12. starbright55

    Three Recovered Rods - LA Jolla Shores

    This dive report was posted on a diving forum this morning, Saturday, July 4th. If you really lost three poles somewhere with swimming range of the Marine Room in about 55' of water (someone on a kayak?), contact him. (not me - I'm just reposting this guys dive report from the divebums email...
  13. starbright55

    SOLD Painted Small Boat Tailer - $275

    SOLD *Painted Trailer - Not Galvanized *Currently approx 14'6"-15' between winch post and rear of bunks *Receiver for 2" ball *Bearings were done in the last year. No more than 300 miles have been put on the trailer since then. *Not "Bearing Buddies" but comparable product made by UFP. These...
  14. starbright55

    Racor Diesel 500MA - Free GONE

    If anyone wants it. It probably needs a sand and paint but it works just fine. Just replaced it with a double Fleetguard setup. My tanks are dirty and I was tired of changing this so often (I was running 10 micron filters in there). Located in Solana Beach.
  15. starbright55

    Dan Rather: NOAA Enforcement

    Didn't see this posted anywhere (I searched) but I can't find a date on it: EDIT: Just saw somehow my phone posted to Rod Building. Mods, please move.
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    Need bait?

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    SOLD - Yamaha 704 controls and key switch panel

    Yamaha 704 - $110, Key panel - $60, together - $150. Located in San Diego. I got these with a recently purchased 1987 Yam 90 two-stroke. -The throttle and binnacle have some sun fading (to be expected) -The key switch panel is almost perfect (the picture makes the black look faded while it's...
  18. starbright55

    Project boat

    Someone needs to buy it, fix it up, and let me take it for a spin:
  19. starbright55

    Lost - Outside Pt. Loma Kelp, anchor light pole w/ flag

    I don't even know if it floats but maybe someone will happen upon it. Approx 5 ft long, black carbon/fiberglass/plastic, small American flag zip tied on, white all around LED in light housing. I was outside the Pt. Loma kelp running back towards Mission Bay just before sundown last night...
  20. starbright55

    Small two- stroke service, San Diego to LA

    Need some recommendations. Late 90's 30 hp two stroke Merc, pull start, manual trim/tilt - Prop shaft is slightly bent on the lower unit, low compression in one of the cylinders. It took me long time to find this engine two years ago. Ran great until recently (shaft wasn't an issue). 25-30 hp...
  21. starbright55

    Suzuki - 14 x 20 RH, stainless, 3 blade - $250

    Has not been used since I got it back from Wilmington Propeller, balanced, polished, etc. (have invoice from them for $200). Never went back on the boat (sold it). Came off a Suzuki 115. Located in Solana Beach.
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    Anyone in coastal SD thinking about "winterizing" for tomorrow's sub freezing forecast?
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    Cummins Parts in Stock - San Diego

    Looking for a serpentine belt for my 6BT210. Tried Quivera and West Marine today. Coleman is closed (and they've been useless/rude the couple of times I've tried them on the phone). I'm going to try Napa & Auto Zone tonight. Any other suggestions on people to call? I'm trying to get on the...
  24. starbright55

    Custom Cover

    I got a quote for a custom cover for a center console (no t-top/arch/etc.) out of Sunbrella. Researched on here and it seems reasonable. I just wanted to confirm: Length 24 ft. + 2 ft swimstep Beam 9 ft $1,000 Seems to be in the ballpark. I tried pricing the fabric needed at retail...
  25. starbright55

    Free Icom M120 VHF

    From what read, this was a pretty high end radio at the time (see attached installation/instruction manual). I just removed it from my boat yesterday. It worked great last weekend while I was at Cat. Issue: (a) One of the tabs on the flushmount bracket is broken, it stays in reasonable well...
  26. starbright55

    Early Departure

    I've been googling this but haven't found any answers: I heard that you can't leave Oceanside Harbor before sunrise. Is this true? Are there any restrictions on King Harbor? (I'll be borrowing a buddy's slip the night before but need to get out of there ~4:30A next weekend). Thanks!!!
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    "Deeoer" Interesting concept. Not cheaper than a budget fishfinder from the big guys but bigger screen if you use an iPod (assuming you already have one)
  28. starbright55

    Bottom Paint Ok... For now.
  29. starbright55

    Pre fabbed T- tops

    Looking to put some shade on my 24 footer. The problem: the whole console needs to flip up to access the engine. So stand-offs or any sort of obstruction won't work. I really like the lines on the Stryker SG 300 (retail $999). I called them and they weren't very helpful with any work...
  30. starbright55

    Mounting LSS-1 Transducer

    I'm really interested in getting Structure scan but don't want to invest if it's not going to work well. I've done some poking around but can't seem to find proper mounting suggestion (yes, read all the Lowrance documentation). Anyone have pics of an i/o mount on a deep-v? 24 Degree deep-v hull...
  31. starbright55

    Any Way to Identify Transducer? (if you can't find markings)

    I've been looking at electronics packages and just realized that there's a transducer installed already in the hull (Former US Navy RIB). If this thing worked, it would save me some time/effort/$$$. Since all of you seem to know your depth finders/sonars, maybe you can help. Any way to tell...
  32. starbright55

    Debating Small Electronic Packages

    I'm new to the forums and prepared to get flamed. I've read a LOT of the threads here and it seems like there are a lot of opinions....and I'll ask for a few more with some different parameters, namely a smaller budget: 1. 24ft Center console with not a lot of room in dash (though I could mount...