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  1. stephen campbell

    Okuma Excel trip shock

    Heads up on the galley, the 2 new lads put out meals that shame anything we have had in the last 5 years! Some meat and potatoes and some one can not pronounce but all super fisher folk stuff! Biggest improvement along with the attempted repair on the galley door and the fix on the starboard...
  2. stephen campbell

    Okuma Excel trip shock

    Well MsB out fished me again, 3rd trip! The check in went smooth as could be hoped. No one had the plague. Loading the carts in order up top led to the inevitable shinagians when tackle spots were claimed, the math told the story ahahahah. The yellowfin were a bit thin, B's was towards the...
  3. stephen campbell

    Fishing with a bad back

    Some of you may know "MsB" this is her back, her neck is about the same.
  4. stephen campbell

    knots v. crimps in 100/130

    I only use chafe gear for heavy line.
  5. stephen campbell

    Inside Tuna Stomach

    Other tuna caught with them inside on that trip. Some very small 1 1/2" or so. That is my hand note the index finger hahahah
  6. stephen campbell

    Okuma Excel trip shock

    All good, nuthin' "ruined", roomin' across the street, only difference is no Russian hookers in a cardboard room, AH ahahah. Just another story, survived the plague, anchovies, new guy boarding numbers, chain locker room in the forepeak, all the rites of passage. Looking foreword to seeing you...
  7. stephen campbell

    Okuma Excel trip shock

    Thanks for all the chit chat lads, my post was directed to others on this trip of the late info from the office. Although typical off topic meanderings are always appreciated on BD. AH hahahaah
  8. stephen campbell

    Excel okuma trip surprise

    yes, just now
  9. stephen campbell

    Okuma Excel trip shock

    notice the title of thread Excel
  10. stephen campbell

    Okuma Excel trip shock

    yes,yes, just the fact we were just informed hours ago and trip is wed
  11. stephen campbell

    Excel okuma trip surprise

    Any of you other long haul/fly in folks see Jason's Email? A bit late notice unless you knew something we didn't know.
  12. stephen campbell

    Okuma Excel trip shock

    Any of you other out of town folks that didn't know until just now we won't be allowed night before boarding? stack our stuff against the wall? wait for a cart? WOW-
  13. stephen campbell

    Soldering solid rings; who where what when ?

    Like crimps, I chose to just order the rings I figured I would need.
  14. stephen campbell

    Hot Tuna 1978

  15. stephen campbell

    Cali Flyer Kit [email protected] LIKE WOW!

    I know '57 Cheves used to be cheep, but I posed here a few times not so long ago the bare fliers were available from China for about $3.50 ea shipped if Ya ordered 10 To me rigging them is part of the fun! here is mine.
  16. stephen campbell

    "Quick stop" for mackerel

    Royal Polaris mentioned a quick stop yesterday for macs on their way S How about the Coronados?
  17. stephen campbell

    "Quick stop" for mackerel

    Yup, but seems with the small bait lately some are stopping closer to home.
  18. stephen campbell

    "Quick stop" for mackerel

    Where is the usual "quick stop" for mackerel on the way S for LR trips? Besides the receiver AH hahaha
  19. stephen campbell

    Crimp for 200# Flouro

    Suggestions, charts, package data, what worked for your brother in law, all may work just fine, especially for 200# as one has a lot of leeway in such heavy line. For me ,too many, sometimes changing variables to go by any combination of published numbers.. Once ya find the combination...
  20. stephen campbell

    What did you waste the most money on...tackle wise?

    picked my line for heavy leaders then took a bit of $ to get the fits I wanted, that guy disappeared and took a couple more guesses to get it right again. If one thinks they can go by # on the line and crimps, didn't work for me.
  21. stephen campbell

    Crimp for 200# Flouro

    crimp, record, test, crimp, record, test, when ya have a combination that works for you record ALL the details! Many of us only use a few crimp applications and for me it is a comfort to know a hastily made leader in the dark will work! If ya don't test and use your brother in laws...
  22. stephen campbell

    Grouper hook size

    I don't really think the grouper will care if ya use a hi$$ designer hook or a $1 mustad like the one above!
  23. stephen campbell

    Anybody else notice

  24. stephen campbell

    Crimp Kit Suggestions

    We are only 5 long range trips into this game but first one must decide on how strong is strong enough, up to you. We have learned what we consider the most important part of any new rigging technique, test. Especially with crimps. For me there is no way to look at a crimp and tell good from...
  25. stephen campbell

    Tackle boxes with rod holders No good!!?

    Msz B and I have fished the same boar for a long time so we end up with a good top spot on the tackle rack. Our box has 2 rod holders in front for crimpers and scale.
  26. stephen campbell

    Current bait

    oh boy! saw a recent report with mackerel in the mix!
  27. stephen campbell

    Current bait

    Have been watching the Everingham reports "4 to 7" plus some anchovy's. Now I fished a lot of chovies in the 50s and 60s no problem but didn't know any better hahahahaha
  28. stephen campbell

    California flyer company

    Jeff---I like it!!
  29. stephen campbell

    How often do you remake your braid loop on your reel?

    I still have trouble with a hard fished line for direct splice. Tried all the hints, these old eyes and 11 fingers just cant make it happen.
  30. stephen campbell

    Anyone have photos of live or freshly dead flyers?

    Msz B and I are on the excel, You?
  31. stephen campbell

    Torpedo Sinker Attachment

    One will be the pride of the boat if they use rubber core sinkers-
  32. stephen campbell

    Booking a summer trip?

    Msz B and I enjoy hearing the give and take over "which boat and why" Gives an insight into folks we haven't met. We are 75/74, old folks, we have only ridded one boat, 6 trips and probably only have 6 more left in us. We ride the Excel and have no reason to try another. Yup we book from one...
  33. stephen campbell

    Price of Admission

    Ya aren't dealing with the MX government in the Islas Revillagigedos, they are controlled by higher power now, UNESCO-
  34. stephen campbell

    Changing over to fluorocarbon leaders

    SF if ya are in dorado country the teaser will call them from way off.
  35. stephen campbell

    Changing over to fluorocarbon leaders

    We sailed the Sea of Cortez, mainland MX and offshore for 12 years in a Nor'Sea 27. Best lure we found was a 1/2" wooden macramé bead with a 4"/6" rubber hoochie. (salmon squid) Use a light wire good sized hook. This will catch everything, every size! Be fore we started to use a light wire we...
  36. stephen campbell

    Tackle shops in Arizona?

    whyworry are Ya tryin' to get that tuna in that gunny sack? hahahaha
  37. stephen campbell

    Softening the sting.

    Since I'm the OP and Msz B and I are small boat sailors, sometimes the definition of Victory at Sea conditions depends on the size of one's boat.
  38. stephen campbell

    Five Star Fish Processing temporary closure

    AK don't squeal 'till you are stepped on-
  39. stephen campbell

    Five Star Fish Processing temporary closure

    An example of how much they care about their customers and product. Another reason we use them.
  40. stephen campbell

    Softening the sting.

    As this thread slides into the usual BD ending "my wanker is bigger than your wanker" , I will offer this as the basis of my "OH that ain't right Soup" post. "victory at sea", a colloquial term for an un quantified, non NOAA recognized sea state. Origin, possibly the opening title shot of an...
  41. stephen campbell

    Softening the sting.

    MY don't be a butt it is just a picture of the boar! geeze We do know a bit about big weather. This is Msz B surfing our 27' sailboat day after Super Bowl one year. If Ya want an explanation of the sea state ask her
  42. stephen campbell

    Softening the sting.

    All Ya weather experts, I was basing my comment on the "windy Windy" site not that photo. Hard to have a photo of weather that hasn't happened yet-
  43. stephen campbell

    Softening the sting.

    Word came from the office.
  44. stephen campbell

    Softening the sting.

    As I eluded too before, turns out at least the first week of our Monday departing trip will be full-on Victory at Sea conditions. For me it softens the sting of the cancellation.
  45. stephen campbell

    LR boat Cruising speed

    Any of you lads that are leaving with us on the Excel on Monday, check out the wind/wave forecast! If Justin can get the old gal up to speed we may be able to surf the first 2 days!
  46. stephen campbell

    April Okuma Trip on the Excel

    Msz B and I were on the last trip that ran. This spring was cancelled. Our trip was a bit atypical. Every thing down south had recently been reported as very bare, so for backup we had Guadalupe permits. Justin gave us a shot and ran to the Hurricane and as reported it was dead. The lupe...
  47. stephen campbell

    LR boat Cruising speed

    classic B and I sailed open ocean too many miles in a sailboat with a 25' waterline hahahaha now that is slow!
  48. stephen campbell

    Stomach contents

    Did any of the boats make squid down there?
  49. stephen campbell

    LR boat Cruising speed

    GPS makes anything related to Time/Speed /Distance instant and up dated many times a second.
  50. stephen campbell

    LR boat Cruising speed

    Ya gotta ask the engineer. My guess is sweet spot for fuel consumption, sea conditions permitting, is the deciding factor. We are talking speed thru the water here, speed made good is a mixed bag of many factors.
  51. stephen campbell

    LR boat Cruising speed

    As has been discussed before, a displacement hull's approximate theoretical speed in knots is 1.34 X the square root of waterline length in feet. A displacement hull is stuck behind the bow wave. The 1.3 is a wave tank figure only, it takes a very large amount of power to gain the last bit over...
  52. stephen campbell

    Stomach contents

    I know what they CAN have thanks, was wondering about the last few weeks of very pick bites.
  53. stephen campbell

    Stomach contents

    On these recent pick bite big fish trips has there been any stomach content checked on the ones caught?
  54. stephen campbell

    Looking for a book that explains Tide, Curent, Moon Phase....

    Bowditch, American Practical Navigator
  55. stephen campbell

    372 on XL

    I have had the study Bill refers to on my desk for 4 years now. If one wants some intense but eye opening incite to our fish take a look. The one thing I found the most interesting is that most of this whole bunch of tuna we fish are a stay at home population. We just have to be in the right...
  56. stephen campbell

    372 on XL

    I have pored over that report many times, gives a lot of info on the where not so much as to the why, good stuff though
  57. stephen campbell

    372 on XL

    Ya know Bill, I have asked about that here and in person many times. "What are any observed cause and effect of when the bigs are on the LB and when do they leave. I have never got more than a 'well it may be". Food, temp, or? no one has seemed to keep track of the coming and going factors.
  58. stephen campbell

    Question on hollow spectra insertion.

    One bug in the butter is when one is hurrying to pull a new loupe in well fished line on deck.. Thought I would use direct splice in stead of L to L this year but found it a hard job for these 9 fingered hands and the one eye of this 74 year old Just an observation not solicitation more...
  59. stephen campbell

    Question on hollow spectra insertion.

    use your long folded wire puller to open it up as per Jigger
  60. stephen campbell

    Interesting FG test results

    Me thinks that is only for food-
  61. stephen campbell

    DYI line washer / dryer ideas

    Just spray it down good let it set a bit and once more. Dries very well spread out a bit on the reel.
  62. stephen campbell

    DYI line washer / dryer ideas

    Just me, after washing and drying on the above reel, I mount a bulk spool in the lathe, run line from hose reel to bulk spool then bulk spool goes into home made line winder. Then I set the drag on the winder and crank it back on the reel. Bonus is the line is end for ended and every inch has...
  63. stephen campbell

    DYI line washer / dryer ideas

    Fix up an old garden hose reel, accurately measure line per crank and off ya go.
  64. stephen campbell

    FG Knot Performance

    Wow I never thought of that! ahahahahahahahahahaah
  65. stephen campbell

    FG Knot Performance

    As usual we are plowing the same ground over and over. How strong is strong enough? You choose. Test your method to failure or just take a chance. FG and method is established and proven, pressure serve is established and proven, as well as various other knots, crimps glue, and "the way my...
  66. stephen campbell

    FG Knot Performance

    Sorry more of an engineer than a photographer or draftsman hahahah
  67. stephen campbell

    FG Knot Performance

    I know I have shown these before humor me. I also tie a Basil taught pressure served double loupe wind on. The odd looking Jorgensen clamp in the ammo can holds the mono/flouro without chance of damage while providing, in the case of my kite/big bait wind ons 70# of tension. Even before the...
  68. stephen campbell

    FG Knot Performance

    WOW! that aughta do it.
  69. stephen campbell

    Double Wall Wind-0n leader, Advantage?

    I tie double wall wind ons for my heavy rigs, kite, big bait, and FG for others. I wrap them with 70# tension and have tested them to failure SCARRY and have full confidence. I round the end to nearly a hemisphere, finish with 1200 grit, no trouble inserting. or poke thru. For me it is...
  70. stephen campbell

    Hot rodding a 30sw

    A few more thoughts--At a point in the Penn's development one reaches the reels that were designed for mono and with advent of spectra they have all the cap one would want. As far as opening the frame or removing a top bar I would rather not go that far in the garage, send it to Cal for that. On...
  71. stephen campbell

    Hot rodding a 30sw

    My 70VS went to Cal's for gears and drag work, it has bullied a few on the kite so far hahah I have had a lathe since I was in Jr Hi, built many things. If one or one's pard is inclined, opening the spool and upgrading bearings on any of the older carbon drag Peens is a snap. Some (reels and...
  72. stephen campbell

    Flouro or mono for flat fall leader

    test should be done based on dia not mfgs # rating
  73. stephen campbell

    Did I score on this virgin Penn 50VSW for $300

    V=5th VI=6th It's a Roman thing-
  74. stephen campbell

    Royal Polaris 10 day next October

    Nothin' wrong with planning ahead, long as Ya ask yer doctor, like I do, if he thinks you'll make it that long. hahahaha
  75. stephen campbell

    Salt / Ice Slush - TOO COLD?!

    Homemade ice cream-
  76. stephen campbell

    COVID testing after my Intrepid 10-day

    I would like to see the fleet arrange something on this line for the longer trips. On our dime or theirs, the organization and convenience would make it worth it.
  77. stephen campbell

    Portable Boot Dryers for Long Range Trips

    A fan hooked to the exercise bike would be the ticket! and no fear of an electric failure.
  78. stephen campbell

    planning ahead

    Excel "false news" just call, Jason will explain it
  79. stephen campbell

    planning ahead

    Always check with my Doc at the VA and see how far ahead he thinks I should put money on future trips. So far "as many as Ya have money for". hahahahaha
  80. stephen campbell

    Best 16 day charters?

    To the galley or give away for us until the RSW is ready. From AZ so no time for the cutter to thaw them, always way more fish than we need.
  81. stephen campbell

    Clarion Island and Hurricane Bank Info

    So no one is confused, as it says in the original post, and get their panties in a bunch----this is the way I was describing we fished the Clarion in the olden days. My sailboat, my skiff-
  82. stephen campbell

    Best 16 day charters?

    Ted, the trip you are on is the best one! Do a few and you will know what I mean. Good weather, good bait, and good friends, big tuna are just a bonus.
  83. stephen campbell

    Excel - When was the last upgrades

    'Spose they fixed the aft door to the galley--- hahahahahah inside joke if Ya have rode the big X, "close the damn door!"
  84. stephen campbell

    Line-Knot testing machine

    This is how I hold the leader material under hi tension, with no damage while wrapping my wind ons. This allows my required 70# tension for my heavy leaders. Top photo, line comes down on the right from over the pulley (bottom photo). Then clockwise 2 turns around the supercharger hose covered...
  85. stephen campbell

    Excel - When was the last upgrades

    Only boat we ride-
  86. stephen campbell

    Heavy Flouro, Big Bait - rigging

    Where do you hook the bait, any trouble the big hook fouling into the bait further back?
  87. stephen campbell

    How Long In Advance Do You Put Line On Reels?

    This year we have been puttin on and takin off and puttin on just for somthin to do hahaha
  88. stephen campbell

    Heavy Flouro, Big Bait - rigging

    abrasion resistance, Momi X is like hay wire and much cheaper than high# flouro
  89. stephen campbell


    Many times! see my avatar hahahah I fished the Revillagigedos as shown for many years. Honestly the avatar photo was usually the ending with any larger Tuna, too much time in the water and the sharks found them.
  90. stephen campbell

    Did captain lose my yellow?

    what does a curly end on a broken line mean? hahahahahahahhahaha
  91. stephen campbell

    Tackle Ho's, what have you picked up lately?

    Nomad 10" and new sox.
  92. stephen campbell

    Our Fishing Days are getting shorter....

    I just knew sumthin was doin it-
  93. stephen campbell


    A "boat length"? hahahaha
  94. stephen campbell

    Need help with trolling lures...

    Just ask, if your crew wont let you fish it and you have a bit of experiance you are on the wrong boat.
  95. stephen campbell

    2 generations of Mustad 7691 20/0

    The old on top has "made in Norway" stamped on one side and "O. Mustad & Son" on the other.
  96. stephen campbell

    Braid strength vs. drag rating

    Knots, crimps, windons, line ,leader, hooks, swivels, I at least pull them to failure. I do have a easy and safe home set up and a lot of time. But for me with a few 150# yellowfin best I am still working for a "big one" and my testing gives me confidence in my set up. I think anyone is fine...
  97. stephen campbell

    2 generations of Mustad 7691 20/0

    The original is a needle eye but body is the same as an original welded eye. The current is new purchased. Forging is a bit different but roughly, comparing thickness and width appears the wire was very similar in size as before forging as Mustad claims. Grinding produces sparks that are as...
  98. stephen campbell

    Proper tipping

    Oh-- the guys in the red shirts, now I get it hahahahahahaha
  99. stephen campbell

    Gaffed in the leg?

    Slydawg Our first sailing trip to Isla Clarion, planning to stay at least a month. No formal dive education but dove for years in the Sea of Cortez. First dive (free) ears would not let me go below 10' or so PAIN. Here we are one of the best dive spots in the world--crap. B got on the HAM...
  100. stephen campbell

    Proper tipping

    Not for the tip, just in lieu of sports drinks, sox ect I alternate between trips giving dykes, duckbill, headlamp, flashlight. On the sly no one but the lads know about it. Makes ya feel good when ya see a pair of plyers with your wrap on them hanging from a deckie's belt.
  101. stephen campbell

    Makaira 20II SEa suprise while servicing.

    A related tip, 600 grit or finer lapping compound on your choice of bit will help when things get down to the grunt. Just, on a party night, don't mix up putting it on the threads instead of the driver bit. Yup I know there are "special" screwdrivers made this way but this will work on any bit...
  102. stephen campbell


    Only 45 knows- not how long they have been in business but what the real "scoop" is.
  103. stephen campbell

    Guadalupe island and cow tuna setups..

    Well---Ya know, the Lupe, nobody getten bit by big ones, drop down, drop down. That did it for Her. MK 20 100# Rail Boss 80. She might be tempted to run a skinny top shot but she aint tellin. ahahah
  104. stephen campbell

    Guadalupe island and cow tuna setups..

    65# JB solid, big problem was wimpy rod
  105. stephen campbell

    Makaira 20II SEa suprise while servicing.

    Thanks all. I have been maintaining reels, guns, small engines, outboards, then on to Boeing CH47 helicopters starting in the early '60s so I do have a bit of experience with corrosion problems with dissimilar metals. Easy now Okuma Dudes, not questioning your years of experience with...
  106. stephen campbell

    Makaira 20II SEa suprise while servicing.

    Barbara won a new mc20 on a big fish trip on the Excel. We pulled it open just to see inside (we are Penn fans). All fine lube in appropriate places. Fished it hard for 8 days, rinsing several times a day with spray bottle, full sink rinse at end of trip. When we got home I pulled it open, all...
  107. stephen campbell

    New To Tuna Fishing

    Pick a trip and GO! Stuff and gear is no prob, Ya can rent the big stuff and on the trips we have been on the other lads will get Ya thru this first trip for the small stuff. Have Ya ever listened to small aircraft pilots talk, they want Ya to believe it's really complicated, ahahahaha
  108. stephen campbell

    Learning to weld rigging, The good, the Bad and the Ugly

    I use silver with one size thicker ring than indicated for a given app. Get it clean, good flux bingo. I have pull tested and they are by far not the weakest link in your chain. Best benefit is they can be done with a single gad turbo torch, even on board if ya come up with something new ya want...
  109. stephen campbell

    Guadalupe island and cow tuna setups..

    not recommended but here is my wife's Loupe 154# on too small tackle
  110. stephen campbell


    Friend, Jan Goldie, caught this bull in 1986 off San Blas Nar. MX
  111. stephen campbell

    Fathom vs old penn International

    S'pose it depends on the age of the fisherman. I have fished a 50II for 30 tears or so. Serviced by me regularly only change is spectra. It has caught fish on 5 16 day trips on the Big X , paid to go on 2 more coming up. Don't get me wrong I have VIsx's also hahaha. Fish a 60' vintage 500 for...
  112. stephen campbell

    Sportboat fishing when it’s windy

    "Ya cant catch no Pickerel if your minner aint in the water" anom
  113. stephen campbell

    Braid/Fishing Line Diameter

    OK turner, how much tension? Does this give a measurement that has any comparison to mfg specs? I find it doesn't, but it does give a # that provides a DUI reference if done with a controlled tension and a correctly identified sample.
  114. stephen campbell

    Braid/Fishing Line Diameter

    I have been thru this on here before. How are hollow braid diameters measured? Give it a try yourself at home. In a micrometer one is measuring the O squashed flat, so? I never found a way to measure that in any way correlated to mfg's specs. Or try my way, every time you get new line save a...
  115. stephen campbell

    Old School Penn

    C Check out this current photo from the big X , note the old school Penn! Good job, I use a Jigmaster for making bait.
  116. stephen campbell

    Knots- braid to floro

    Take a hint from nature-
  117. stephen campbell

    Any Long Range Fishing Trips Get Out ? What Terms or Changes ?

    Many of us "Older guys" have a fairly good handle on threat assessment and situational awareness, one should always keep that in mind when predicting what they will do.
  118. stephen campbell

    Which Long Range Boat and why?

    Pick a bait and step back from the tank!!!! hahahahahahaha Lots a good info here as usual. If Ya do end up with a favorite, go to boat, you will notice that "bit more of special treatment", only natural. This is from the crew and the regulars you have fished with. B and I started on one boat...
  119. stephen campbell

    First time overnight at Catalina...

    Anchoring a small boat can sometimes be problematic, what are the chances? Happened to us once.
  120. stephen campbell

    Mustad 7691 hooks

    Spoils the fun Rock
  121. stephen campbell

    Home Built Line Winder

    With this pause in fishing we have had time to remove, wash and end for end miles of spectra by hand on my set up! ahaha
  122. stephen campbell

    Down to wahoo

    The cats, the neighbors, the firemen and friends went off the list soon as this whole deal started.
  123. stephen campbell

    Down to wahoo

    This is really starting to be a disaster ! ahahaha We are down to eating Wahoo, all the Yellow Tail is gone. ! T
  124. stephen campbell

    Conditioning on Rods?

    Wash and dry then- Boeshield squirt a bit on, rub around into all the guide crevices, hold horizontal and wack the handle a few times to shake off the excess. Store horizontal until vehicle dries off. Leaves a thin cloudy film that makes your new rods look less tempting.
  125. stephen campbell

    San Diego Boats opening

    Carnival Cruise Line announced plans to start sailing from Galveston and Miami again Aug 1. We'll see-
  126. stephen campbell

    Fishing Future on Sportfishing Boats

    "Grandfather, what were the butter packages like in the olden days?"
  127. stephen campbell

    Splicing help needed!!

    Knots, serves, glue, soak in Lysol, if it works for you do it. I feel it all boils down to what % strength are you comfortable with. and if one dosen't test, one dosen't know.
  128. stephen campbell

    Splicing help needed!!

    I was at your spot 6 LR trips ago. First, I splice in over 150#, under, tie a FG. So, this is how I do it, not how you should do it , or why you should do it, or how my brother in law does it hahaha I feel splicing is a cool craft to learn and surprisingly fast and easy once ya get the hang of...
  129. stephen campbell

    Lets see your favorite landscape photo from a trip

    Cabo Henslowe, Isla Socorro Sunset
  130. stephen campbell

    let’s see your personal best

    Turned him loose
  131. stephen campbell

    Guy tries to run a train into the hospital ship in Port of LA

    Didn't read what his job with the RR was but he missed the basics a train needs tracks to run well. hahaha
  132. stephen campbell

    The Big X stands up!

    If ya roll your $ over from cancelled Okuma trip to next year they will a 10% bonus to your standing account "because of all this mess" a mess that they had no control over. That is standing up!
  133. stephen campbell

    FG vs RP

    WOW! are we gettin' bored! ahahahah
  134. stephen campbell

    Post your last fishing Pic!

    Last May at some island, 150# or so
  135. stephen campbell

    How many of you cancelling LR trips?

    Sorry Lads, back on track for a moment and then leave you all to more important rhetoric. E from Jason to all of us just now, so I 'll pas it to any others interested. The Excel is still on the hard but ready to splash, then 2 weeks or so of topside work to pass USCG. The bug in the butter is...
  136. stephen campbell

    How many of you cancelling LR trips?

    We are on the Excel Okuma trip in less than a month, still no word. Not Jason's fault no action from on up. Not at all like the Excel we are used too-
  137. stephen campbell

    How many of you cancelling LR trips?

    Crap on a cracker, take it outside all you internet tough guys and experts! "How many of you are cancelling LR trips?"
  138. stephen campbell

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) effect on the San Diego Long Range Fleet

    Excel is still wait and see for the Okuma trip
  139. stephen campbell

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) effect on the San Diego Long Range Fleet

    In a prolonged shutdown the boats MAY survive but ponder the bait operations and fish cutter folks.
  140. stephen campbell

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) effect on the San Diego Long Range Fleet

    Jason has just sent a preliminary E mail from Excel with more to follow as things develop.
  141. stephen campbell

    Covid..... and your beloved pets...

    No problem here- think my old gal is prob immune.
  142. stephen campbell


    "permits" ?
  143. stephen campbell


    Msz B getten' it done at 74
  144. stephen campbell

    Independence Sportfishing 15 day trip report.. Nov. 29- Dec. 14

    Bummer, but at least ya know what went wrong. I had a tuna hooked on a 8# or so skipjack, ran, set the hook. took off, just into the game and gone. At the failure point There was a long scraped spot in 200# extra hard right about in the middle of a 35' leader. Some guesses, none that made me...
  145. stephen campbell

    2014 tuna study in our S fishing area

    If ya go to the FO site and search the date the whole study is available.
  146. stephen campbell

    2014 tuna study in our S fishing area

    This may have been posted here before- For me, lots of insight on the YF habits in our S fishing areas. Fairly recent with hi tec monitoring ect. Horizontal movement, vertical movement and much much more hahahaha I will bring a paper and electronic copy on the upcoming Excel Dec 28 trip.
  147. stephen campbell

    Independence Sportfishing 15 day trip report.. Nov. 29- Dec. 14

    Hunter 619, what went wrong? Other fngs need to know hahahah
  148. stephen campbell

    Excel 16 day leaves 12/28 limited load spot for sale

    See Ya there, we are still newbies but getting the hang of it. Msz B and Soup
  149. stephen campbell

    Measuring hollow spectra "diameter"

    Hence the ruler and glass my 75 year old one eye isn't that great. It's workin! Tim, our granddaughter is still where she was when we ended our last trip.
  150. stephen campbell

    Measuring hollow spectra "diameter"

    thanks I'll give that a try also
  151. stephen campbell

    Measuring hollow spectra "diameter"

    A fool's errand, right? In my short 5 years of LR fishing, by my own doing, I have ended up with too many unidentified partial spools of JB hollow. Some new, some have been fished, a lot or a little. First problem the new spools get the labels destroyed on my line winder and I haven't done the...
  152. stephen campbell

    Cyber Monday Deal- 100 lb. -200 lb. Pink Floro

    best deal I have ever seen on the net
  153. stephen campbell

    Ideal kite set up

    "Commin' in hot!" My choice is a 70VS full of 200# hollow, my home made windon, 210# X hard leader. I am a cow fishing dude not yet a cow catching dude. Last trip on the kite, 160# YF on a dead flying fish. Once around the boat and when I got him to the stern deckie said 'why don't ya let him...
  154. stephen campbell

    If the Lower Banks go off-

    The old folks are getin' antsy! For any of you that keep track of such things, if this plays out as a good year for the LBs how late in the year have they kept producing, historically.
  155. stephen campbell

    New To Crimping

    here we go---- hahah On my first LR trip, before we started spending the children's gold, I brought a tried and true penn 500 set up for my whatchaya using for a 40# set up. Several deckies used it and had a ball!
  156. stephen campbell

    EXCEL new waste management policy

    B and I have been using the same no spill ss mugs with a handle for coffee we started using sailing 20+years ago. Since this LR deal we have added others for cold drinks. Our mothers are no longer around so we wash and keep track of them ourselves. We are a bit older than most here so it comes...
  157. stephen campbell

    Clothing for January 16 day

    We have found the car drying towels from the Mart are exactly like the hi $ ones. Have used 4 between us for 5 lr trips and they are good as new.
  158. stephen campbell

    Failed at Tuna today on Liberty

    Don't worry we have all been there> hahah
  159. stephen campbell

    If the Lower Banks go off-

    Now-- what was I saying back in Oct? Betchya some of you wish ya had booked and made the thanksgiving trip on the X go hahahah No problem for B and I, we are heading out on the Dec 28, a much cooler charter I've been told. Winner winner tuna dinner!
  160. stephen campbell

    Long Range photos, lets see them

    Never pass up your troll rotation, if it is a bit too cool Mat might bring you oatmeal.
  161. stephen campbell

    Red Rooster

    Many times the shudder is air momentarily passing under the hull.
  162. stephen campbell

    San Blas Nayarit???

    We spent many fun times anchored up the river there. As mentioned above, if it wasn't for the je jenes (biting nats) it would be a paradise.
  163. stephen campbell

    Hollow, I know nothing about Hollow, Splicing???

    As a fng I went the buy it all tool route, found round the plastic and poke it in and folded wire the very best. If ya ever let the latch needle back up in relation to the line, open a bit and catch a few strands you will be a convert ahahah
  164. stephen campbell

    Fish processor miscommunication lesson

    Talkin' to the processor might get you the correct answer. spose?
  165. stephen campbell

    What’s the Best Super Heavy Duty Split Ring Pliers?

    Couple a seasons ago I purchased 50 10/0 7691 needle eye Norway made Mustads from "mrpeanut" on the bay for a buck a piece. These are easy ring. Check him out.
  166. stephen campbell

    105 FOOT BOATS

    As many of you know my wife B and I sailed a 4ton sailboat all around "those islands" ya know the "buffer zone" for 6 seasons or so. Small boat sailors learn that all weather is good it's just that some is better. hahah. Wen one is "in it" it is hard to except that the ocean will do what it...
  167. stephen campbell


    If one has never been fortunate enough to board a LR trip the night before you are in for a super perk! Every thing is slow and easy, get ta know some of the folks and the crew that babysits ya for the night. I have always felt the departure day included in 15 day 16 day ect trip was a bit of a...
  168. stephen campbell

    If the Lower Banks go off-

    Darn Soda, we missed Ya again, hope ta fish with you one day! Yup 28 dec
  169. stephen campbell

    If the Lower Banks go off-

    Jason---Our hero! We all have our favorite boats for all the right reasons. Years ago Fishie told me "look at em all, ride a few, pick a favorite and stick with it" TG trip is a no go. Jason got us on the 16 day Dec28 Ultra limited trip. We couldn't be happier!
  170. stephen campbell

    Is it possible to keep big baits alive on sport fishing boats?

    Buy being "ready" they mean a rig all set up, big hook, heavy leader ect. On trips I have been on big baits go VERY fast if the guy catching it doesn't want it. I have fished 4, 2 I caught myself. 1 sharked, I mauled?, but it always feels like you're up for a big 'en
  171. stephen campbell

    If the Lower Banks go off-

    We ran with 21 last year. I know of 4 non US lads and 6 gringos that already had other plans for this year. Last year we had 2 from Pelagic on board, I have tried to contact Pelagic, customer service and message on FB with no reply. Sure seems like a lot of bad ink if they can't find some...
  172. stephen campbell

    If the Lower Banks go off-

    For this trip, last year isn't a consideration. When down S wasn't working we had Guadeloupe permits so we had already checked in, fished there, and had to check out as well as US customs. A waste of a lot of go big or go home time, what we had hoped for, but Ya go where the skipper points the...
  173. stephen campbell

    If the Lower Banks go off-

    and you aren't there. Excel Thanksgiving 16 day trip in trouble, will run very lite but not this lite. If reports come in good soon I hope it can get enough folks to run. No Guadalupe permits this year so will be a shot to Lower and or Hurricane Banks and we will get 'em. Don't pass a chance...
  174. stephen campbell

    14 Day What Do I Need

    The Excel has spots for the 16 day Thanksgiving trip. Board the day before if you choose to avoid the morning chaos.
  175. stephen campbell

    Believe it or not! Post your impossible catch stories here.

    This a lure I made to catch needlefish, one of our favorite eatin' fish. It is a wire leader with a wooden bead covered with a small salmon hoochie. There is one hook just below the bead and another trailing 6" or so behind. The way it works the needle fish hits it and the long wire tangles...
  176. stephen campbell

    First time on the Intrepid, Dec. 10-20, 2019

    Excel thanksgiving trip also very thin booking. If the lower banks turn on I bet they both fill no problem.
  177. stephen campbell

    Could it be? 2005 Lower Banks fishing again!

    Further S it is reported few of the Cabo boats will burn the fuel to go out and around to search yet. Mag bay, I can't find any info on the tuna deal outside.
  178. stephen campbell

    Could it be? 2005 Lower Banks fishing again!

    Was it the Humboldt giant squid that were there in 2005? From a few days ago a report of "acres of mackerel and marlin" off Mag bay, good sign eh?
  179. stephen campbell

    Could it be? 2005 Lower Banks fishing again!

    Intrepid report 10/9 lower banks report
  180. stephen campbell

    Could it be? 2005 Lower Banks fishing again!

    The Excel Pelagic 16 day leaving Thanksgiving may be running lite, lots of spots left. We ran with 21 last year. Nearly lonely on the big X hahaha Jason reports PV is on and the Intrepid has had some luck on the lower banks. Some of the boats out of Cabo, that will burn the fuel, have caught...
  181. stephen campbell

    Getting pumped...

    Check out the intel from the charter boat "No Boarders" on the Baja Reports here on BD. Me and Msz B are servicing reels today, just weeks to go!
  182. stephen campbell

    Getting pumped...

    If the Spirits really turn the banks on before your trip Ya better bring a big gun if you have one!
  183. stephen campbell

    Getting pumped...

    "Big fish on the Lower Banks" already??? I'm too old to hear that news this long before Msz B and I will leave on the Big X Thanksgiving.
  184. stephen campbell

    How not to pull your boat out

    better there than goin' up the Grapevine
  185. stephen campbell

    9 day Excel adventure 09-10 to 09-19-19!

    Now that is a "Long range fishing report" one of the best and on "our" boat.
  186. stephen campbell

    Long Range Give Aways

    Talk about SWAG! David caught, brought and served these to everyone on last years Okuma trip. The guy is a fisherman!
  187. stephen campbell

    Marking braid with a sharpie?

    ` Scopes? scopes? we don't need no stinkin' scopes!
  188. stephen campbell

    the blob

    I'll make my query again, what is the talk on the dock about big'ens at the lower banks early this year. Cause and effect? Whatcha think?
  189. stephen campbell

    The Blob is Going Away

    So, anyone have a guess on the big ones at the Lower Banks? Not much action early down there late years.
  190. stephen campbell

    Dharyl Shelbourne on how to make a wind-on leader.

    Miz B and Soup have fished with Tim, and proud to have done it. Basil has answered questions and freely given tips to me while I was developing my wind on building procedure.
  191. stephen campbell

    Dharyl Shelbourne on how to make a wind-on leader.

    100# into 130 braid was the problem as you found out, thread count not an issue-
  192. stephen campbell

    Rail Technique... Left or Right Arm?

    I'm 6' or so and in my limited experience I have settled on the "stick horse" method, straddling the rod. For me Agent Orange has removed any danger of damaging anything important. Above and not too far back from the reel allows me to push down and pull up on the reel handle, with the off hand...
  193. stephen campbell

    At what point?

    Here is Msz B with her hook and hand tuna on that slow trip last Nov. Just like one shouldn't plan for last years trip, every trip even at the same time will be very different
  194. stephen campbell

    Arizona Folks

  195. stephen campbell


    The 83 makes the run from Manzanillo to Isla Clarion stopping at Socorro twice a month. While doing Humpback whale research we were on board a few times. I believe she was built in 1941 as a lend lease ship that was never delivered. The bridge is even more spartan than the one you show. Not...
  196. stephen campbell

    Arizona Folks

    We live in Oro Valley (Tucson). We go on 2 16 day trips a year Nov and May.
  197. stephen campbell

    At what point?

    Seems anyone that has the bad manners to ask a fellow member how they make their money, on an open public forum, should be added to the "that Guy" list. Jealousy tends to be an evil master-
  198. stephen campbell

    Mono vs Fluoro - Stretch Test (20 yards/50#)

    You are on the right track Pard. Thanks
  199. stephen campbell

    Mono vs Fluoro - Stretch Test (20 yards/50#)

    Did you notice if the fluoro rebounded to the original length?
  200. stephen campbell

    Hook Organizer

    Boeing Shield, and on the rods also. Quick rinse in the motel shower after a 16 dayer and they are like new, ready for a quick shot of Boeing before next trip.
  201. stephen campbell

    What do you think it weighs???

    they didn't measure it?
  202. stephen campbell

    How to thread needle

    the folded wire can take over all the spectra specific chores also. The not to kinky smallest dia works great and coils easy for your tackle box.
  203. stephen campbell

    Mustad Acquires Tuf-Line from Western Filament

    There are still hooks made in Norway available, new old stock on the bay, mrpeanut, and new manufacture at Mustad Fishing Europe. The wire and machinery for hook production in the orient all comes from Norway.
  204. stephen campbell

    Long Range photos, lets see them

    The Guadeloupe Dec 2018 Msz B and Soup
  205. stephen campbell

    Penn visx 20 grindy sound in 2spd

    With all those Penns, it's time to crack it open and look around. Tutorials abound, give it a go.
  206. stephen campbell

    Slightly loose reel seat

    on a heavy rod with Hypalon grip and butt. Best way, strip and re do the whole rod but, anything to try first. Drill a small hole for thinned epoxy by syringe? Just hopping for a "give it a try" idea.
  207. stephen campbell

    Okuma Excel 16 Day April 2019

    A note for couples or "older Ladies" hahaha. This was our 3rd trip on the EX. We are near mid 70s and what started out as a trip where Msz B would "go along for the ride" quickly turned into the real deal for both of us. We could not be treated better, the Crew, The Skipper, The Galley, the...
  208. stephen campbell

    Wahoo on bait

    "Msz B" caught this one on 100# sunline flouro, the rest of us were flylinning for tuna! hahahaha Guess she didn't get the memo!
  209. stephen campbell

    Strong braid to mono/fluoro knot

    This is my favorite.
  210. stephen campbell

    Solve the dilemma

    Yes, my wife and I fish both, she won't fish the "black one" after her vsx 16. Be very careful if Ya work on the 40, if the drag cam pal is not in right there is only locked up and free spool. No problem once ya get the hang of it. Also the drag pre set knob can unscrew very easily and the...
  211. stephen campbell

    EXCEL new waste management policy

    As I read the EX post here as well as E mail the stated goal was to reduce waste. There was no discussion of re cycle, biodegradable, throw over your neighbors fence. Some of you lads ought to just go fishing and leave the laptop home.
  212. stephen campbell


    Is there an echo in here?
  213. stephen campbell


    We live about 6 hours away. We are in our 70s and are a bit wooped buy the time a long range trip is unloaded. We stay the night, wash all our gear in the shower and rest up. 4 times now we have had 5 Star process, freeze and have ready the next AM. The ,dry or wet, ice plant is a block w of 5...
  214. stephen campbell

    Best big tuna trips outside of SDLR?

    There was an interesting article on this place this morning on MSN
  215. stephen campbell

    Bag to carry clothes

    Many of us older guys just show more class than you Pups hahahah
  216. stephen campbell

    Two fish on one hook

    Here are 2 leather bass on one, 2 hook lure that I made to fishe Giant Needlefish on.
  217. stephen campbell

    Just Booked Excel Trip

    As I have said before, and was taken a bit out of context hahaha, friends of Bill W seem to be some of the best fishermen and women I meet.
  218. stephen campbell

    Favorite feature of individual boats you ride...

    I'm, new guy and was way looking foreword to fishing the kite with my Seeker broom handle and 70VS full of 200#. On the Big X last Nov my first ever rotation hooked up on the way out and as my Deck Hand Mentor watched with a grin my tow truck drug the huge 50#er in so quick when he call for a...
  219. stephen campbell

    Royal Polaris 16 day ... April 24-May 10 ... JOHN COLLINS SPECIAL

    Msz.B and I (Soup) will be on the Big Ex tryin' to beat you lads to the receiver. See Y'All on the water.
  220. stephen campbell

    Fish 3 times the line test

    15# Trilene on the long spinning rod seen in the skiff. 5" deep dive Rapala. Hooked him over a panicle and the current quickly carried us out into deep water. About an hour. carefully poked the rope clear of the gills. Photo then held him in the water until he wanted to go. Punta Marcial BCS...
  221. stephen campbell

    Penn visx 50.

    I have one, fished it on kite 2 trips. The bug in the butter is the beast holds app $200+ of JB hollow 130# (1100yds), or $175 of 200# (800yds) So now I have it what am I going to use it for? hahahaha It holds nearly as much line as a 70vsx! I put 200# mine, I know, I know, 200# may be too...
  222. stephen campbell

    Polarized sunglasses fishing

    what color for the Costco maui jims prescription glass?
  223. stephen campbell


    Bear in mind, I am retired, a complete figure it out do it yourself kind a guy. This started as $1.00 garden hose reel. If Ya get the idea it has a pipes acrost the high hose guides and risers and a pipes acrost 90 degrees to them. Carefully measure the distance around the square, mine is...
  224. stephen campbell

    Penn Fathom 40 lever drag; 2 Speed Reviews

    I have only been on 4 LR trips so--- on my 40 many Wahoo every trip, YF to about 40# most trips,, lots of mackerel for bait, many skipjack for man baits. I have a stable of shiny gold reels up to a 70 VS and the little 40 is as good at its job as any of the others, and $ per fish, it's the...
  225. stephen campbell

    And now I try to be Him-

  226. stephen campbell

    Lower banks history.

    Has a cause and effect pattern been observed that relates to when the LB "turns on". Not just "when the bait shows up" ahaha A few years ago Nov plugged the boats with big ones, this year--- well Ya see. Thanks
  227. stephen campbell

    Line-Knot testing machine

    gotchya walt thanks
  228. stephen campbell

    Line-Knot testing machine

    so? ya push "hold" and at release of weight it "holds" even if that release happens after you press hold? sorry, just wanted to know if it acted like the slider on a spring scale.
  229. stephen campbell

    To Much Stuff! How do you cut it down?

    ZZ hence the old saying, posh, "Port out, Starboard home"
  230. stephen campbell

    Line-Knot testing machine

    do any of these low $ digital scales record the weight at failure?
  231. stephen campbell

    Hello from Msz. B~ owner of "Soup" -

    B has been quickly adopted by all the crew of the Big X and she may even adopt one of them!
  232. stephen campbell

    Intrepid cancel December trips?

    Our next trip will arrive at the Hurricane a full 14 days since the last discouraging intel from the Intrepid. Never been, but talk around the dock is it is a very changey place, we aren't worried. Oh yea, we are both 73 and have 2 more 16 day trips scheduled, one this spring and our current...
  233. stephen campbell

    Penn 12 VISX

    Could you explain the failure in more mechanical terms.
  234. stephen campbell

    Intrepid cancel December trips?

    Cow Man Now that UNESCO is in the mix in the "island" closure situation I fear "making a deal" will be very hard.
  235. stephen campbell

    Weird Lobster Question

    In warmer waters further South we have often observed the symbiotic relationship between moray eel and lobster. In a hole that is a regular lobster hang out there will often be a moray living in with them or near by. The moray may take a little nip now and then but his main job is to eat the...
  236. stephen campbell

    They special ordered 2 Seeker rods for me that I couldn't find in stock any where.
  237. stephen campbell

    Pulling hooks apart for a school project

    Since you travel in this circle you may have seen this work.
  238. stephen campbell

    Pulling hooks apart for a school project

    If Ya go that far I have some 10/0 Norway produced 7691 Mustads to compare with the current Mustad oriental produced hooks. Since they are considered by many the mainstay of tuna fishing any method of test would be of interest. Post or PM me where to send
  239. stephen campbell

    Big Bait

    I don't know how to post a vid but Ya can get the idea from these screen shots.
  240. stephen campbell

    Fastest boat in the fleet?

    In the works at Bath, should move right along.
  241. stephen campbell

    What angle are you working on?

    Jonathan is referring to the 200# after the 130# on the main line. So the 200# would have a lope for attaching wind on leader , or mono flouro tied ,FG ect onto the end of the 200# " Tackle Guru Dharyl Shelbourne and Captain Jonathan Yamate on rigging up for 16-22 day trips." youtube
  242. stephen campbell

    What angle are you working on?

    I have read and seen on the RP video, many put a shot of next heaver spectra on before their leader, ie 100' of 200# on the end of 130# Helps with last up and down part of the battle where a line cross or running gear contact.could be curtains Yes, others say spectra whether 100# 130# 200#...
  243. stephen campbell

    Recipe for Bonito or Skipjack

    We seen Ya fish Dan, hard to imagine you needing to keep a skipjack! hahaha
  244. stephen campbell

    Recipe for Bonito or Skipjack

    10/O 7691 in the back and turn them loose to grow-
  245. stephen campbell

    Lupe or the Ridge

    I know--"here we go" hahaha couldn't resist. If we are talkin' LR fishin'. We spent many weeks, over many trips anchored just inside of the sailboat shown here. SHARKY
  246. stephen campbell

    Split Rings On Flat Falls

    The "gap" most refer to, as I was, is the part between the 2 ends of the wire. I was taught soldering referred to a lead (today tin +++) based alloy filler, and brazing a copper based filler. At "soldering" temps there is no worry about affecting the base material and I doubt there is any...
  247. stephen campbell

    Split Rings On Flat Falls

    Walt, for the braze/welding impaired, I have sweat a bit of hard solder on splits, it fills the gap and seem to test way strong. I re hooked an old Marauder with 1/2 ones that held 100# bounced on my testing rig. Aside from the "gap" , for me it is another case of how strong are you willing to...
  248. stephen campbell

    Soldering Rings - The Movie!

    How many rings Ya spose that will do? And you are how old? hahahahah
  249. stephen campbell

    14-16 Day Gear Recommendations

    I have only been on 3 LR trips but have learned that the clothing tips may not be correct for all. 1 shirt, 1 shorts, 1 long pants per day? Most don't realize this is max for only days fishing. Even for those days we take 2 or 3 max total of modern fabric and rinse and dry each day, for sox...
  250. stephen campbell

    Tropical Storm Rosa

    We are just hopin' for rain here in Tucson
  251. stephen campbell

    Which trip(s) are you going on in 2019?

    Gotcha B and I will be there!
  252. stephen campbell

    Which trip(s) are you going on in 2019?

    16 day Excel 4/21/19 16 day Excel 11/29/19
  253. stephen campbell

    Flying Fish?

    Phil I know the deference, I know how each is used, I know what catches what, you lads are just too quick to assume that anyone but yourselves know anything. How often is a post like "whatcha think of the hotpot 11 lure?" and answers are like "well I have never heard of 'em but my...
  254. stephen campbell

    Flying Fish?

    Yea Wam, I can read also-
  255. stephen campbell

    Tackle ho's check in

    As some of you know I took my wife "Ms B" on a 12 day last winter. I had money on a 16 day this fall and by the second day of fishing she asked If I thought there were any spots left on my next trip. So---- we are now booked on 3 16 day trips about 6 month apart on down the line. She now has...
  256. stephen campbell

    Flying Fish?

    The " gummies/yummies" are about $4 shipped on the Bay. I cannot see any difference from the hi $ over the counter ones.
  257. stephen campbell

    Hurricane bank 9/4/2018

    Yup, Fish Rock It is a great site to get a feel of how the weather works down there. The ITCZ is the key, that is where storms are born. As one watches thru the seasons the patterns can be seen. Also shows surface temp, waves, clouds and more.
  258. stephen campbell

    Hurricane bank 9/4/2018

    9/4/2019 Spose this is why some call it Hurricane Bank
  259. stephen campbell

    Wahoo basic questions

    easy home project for the handy. Chain saw files run from 1/8" dia on up to way too big. They are one of the few really quality files that are readily available to the average guy. 2 files, wire and soft solder the blunt ends together and after fitting a handle to the pointy ends epoxy. Even...
  260. stephen campbell

    If you had one reel

    Well Lads there are several solutions for you young pups. Mine was to take her on a 12 day and when Justin met us at the dock she signed us up for 2 more 16 day trips and now she just added a 16 day for Nov 2019. We are 72 so won't book much farther down the line just now hahahaha.
  261. stephen campbell

    Excel made big bait at home.

    I know at any level it is "fishing" not catching but what's the deal with all this small uncured bait in San Diego? Catch boats down, weather, or just "fishing" I understand a very large part of the $ on any given LR trip is for bait, so---
  262. stephen campbell

    Best Fish Eats

    Fillet cook and eat pronto, they don't keep. Top half of fillet above the lateral line comes off perfect, no bones end to end. Blue green flesh like a Cabazon, cooks up white. These were from the anchorage a t Clarion. I have caught them 1/2 again this size, watch out they will bitechya!
  263. stephen campbell

    Excel made big bait at home.

    Saw Excel didn't like the bait available so they made mackerel in the harbor. Anyone done this on a LR boat before?
  264. stephen campbell

    If you had one reel

    I feel one needs at least 2, one for each end of the scale hahaha
  265. stephen campbell

    Sharpening Big Game Hooks

    I purchased 50 Mustad 10/0 7690 (needle eye 7691) for 50 cents ea. The Holy Grail of early Norway production. As some may know some of the eyes have a bit of flash where the eye was forged. I hit the eyes with a tiny diamond burr and sharpened the points about like the dude showed. Then hit...
  266. stephen campbell

    Sharpening Big Game Hooks

    why, Bill
  267. stephen campbell

    Marking depth on your line

    I built this from an old hose reel. Pipe work makes a square frame about as big as will fit. Diameter is random, all one has to do is make a chart to relate # of cranks to feet, yards, fathoms, furlongs whatever. I use it to inspect, wash, measure whatever.
  268. stephen campbell

    Swivels and swivel snaps

    I am a fan of the McMahon style snaps. Many for sale are of questionable strength. Poor construction, sharp bends with deep tool marks, and who knows what material. I too have a pull to failure set up, 300# max. Granted like many things we discuss here on BD how strong is strong enough, for...
  269. stephen campbell

    What bird is this

    Stowie had a bit of a stand off with this one at San Ben
  270. stephen campbell

    Long Range Boats heads and Showers

    Before this mess gets shut down--- My wife and I spent many seasons in the area of the big YF in a small boat. As many of you may have found "going uphill" a large shower is not the best, in big seas even at anchor. Just big enough with a stout handrail is the ticket.
  271. stephen campbell

    Rigging Flat Fall lures for Big Tuna

    One wants to be very careful of a headshaking fish coming over the rail with one of the gang banger rigged FFs
  272. stephen campbell

    Visx as a Kite reel

    Jim don't let em talk ya out of a big gun. I am 72, good shape and fish a 70 with tow truck low and 800 yds 200# JB. Granted I haven't caught a big one but I have never been questioned by a crew member or other fisherman that has. Also used it on a big bait with confidence and success.Booked on...
  273. stephen campbell

    After catch care of current Bluefin

    With the amazing Bluefin catch lately how are the smaller local boats dealing with treating these biguns right? Some of the pics posted lately show some fish in what appears to be not so good shape.
  274. stephen campbell

    SharkWeek has an Episode on Guadalupe Island

    Just saw an article saying "Big Blue" filmed there may be the largest GW ever filmed.
  275. stephen campbell

    Breaking things

    Matt, that is how it happened, forcing the crimp between the "flanges" of the gromet.
  276. stephen campbell

    Breaking things

    While testing to failure with 220# x hard I have had a crimp split the gromet, not a BHP but one from the 2 fer or 4fer packs of swivels with gromet. The marks from the crimp plainly showed on the gromet pieces, the slip continued to a crotch failure on the ring. Clearly not the loading point...
  277. stephen campbell

    Rock anchors

    Oh, I thought this is what you meant. hahahah This was in Grayson cove at Socorro, what are the chances ?!
  278. stephen campbell

    Double trouble rigging

    Would be hard to make 'em (double trouble) for the BPH price!
  279. stephen campbell

    Kite set ups

    I feel my $ in a big end kite rig is spread between serving as a kite, a big bait rig, and dropper loupe rig. All ready with just a quick crimp. I keep mine rigged for big bait and change when my kite # is getting close. I have learned so much from one very poor big tuna trip ahahahaha. But I...
  280. stephen campbell

    Weak wrist position . . . and other common mistakes?

    Wahoodad, didja ever notice friends of Bill W are sometimes the better fishermen? See ya Thanksgiving Soup & B
  281. stephen campbell

    FG tested to failure

    Just showing the set up Dave. What ever one is pulling can be set up to a ring, a hook, Loupe/crimp, any thing ya want. No, I found overhand knot lopes in old 80# aren't very strong hahaha
  282. stephen campbell

    FG tested to failure

    This is my pulling fixture. The green box at the bottom is 150#, more can be added. The test subject is the green mono with the flag on it. As the block and tackle is released under control the test subject is loaded. If failure is the goal, when it occurs the full block weight just transfers...
  283. stephen campbell

    Boarding Policies

    On my 1st trip on the PS my bag spot, (turquoise on the bottom) not my belt. Look close Ya can see the pipe tobacco all around, refreshed several times a day. hahahaha New guy on a long time charter, moved my stuff up top after all the flack of me sitting on the step out side the galley door...
  284. stephen campbell

    Hollow loop splice ?

    pyricanthia guys! Do it however ya want, just keep in mind Basil has prob overseen the making of more top shots than the entire fleet combined. I'll do it his way.
  285. stephen campbell


    My windons hold, my FGs hold I like 'em both. To me "the art of the wind on" is a skill that was worth learning for the challenge and the discipline in addition to actual using. Learning to tie a good FG is in the same discipline, s'pose it is the engineer in me. Consider--The Naval Academy...
  286. stephen campbell

    Best meals for 8-10 days

    my 1st wahoo, unless it is a small one, always goes to the galley. I also ask the cook what he wants and when and try to provide. For us, we catch plenty of fish even on a bummer trip.
  287. stephen campbell

    Socorro Air Strip

    "Again, I am glad the situation worked out well for Donna. The truth is that I am amazed there are not more medical issues that occur on the long range boats. This is an older group, many of which have medical issues prior to getting on the boat. When you inject the physical demands of life on a...
  288. stephen campbell

    Socorro Air Strip

    As most things on BD this all is very subjective, naturally seen and responded to from one's own situation. Just for consideration this is mine. I am nearly 73, I survived 2 tours at the door of a helicopter in combat support Vietnam. I survived Agent Orange cancer, have been sober nearly 20...
  289. stephen campbell

    Socorro Air Strip

    In 2002 ? we, on our own boat, transported a diver who had been bent from San Benedicto to Socorro. We had notified the base and they made the call to the contact phone number the divers had for their Dive Insurance/ Emergency evac policy. We were welcomed ashore, and taken to the base...
  290. stephen campbell

    Mak vs VISX trial

    no reference to weight that's obvious, think of the initial force given to each spool, the flick of the finger applied so to speak-
  291. stephen campbell

    Mak vs VISX trial

    I would guess the initiation of the spin would be way had to get consistent there for making results likewise inconsistent.
  292. stephen campbell

    Best jig or lure for the slide??

    Yup, me too but not since about 1962 hahahahah
  293. stephen campbell

    Hurricane forming

    Looks like the surfi'n will be picking up in Cabo end of the week from another storm.
  294. stephen campbell

    Big boy reel

    Any "Big Boy" reel one uses should be properly serviced before use.
  295. stephen campbell

    What Kind of Glue?

    If Ya can wait long enough for 5200 to cure it is an amazing adhesive. Example, on our size boat , 40', if one ever wants to remove a deck fitting DONT USE 5200. I have seen the top layer of fiberglass come off with the fitting many times. And like spray foam don't get it on anything you don't...
  296. stephen campbell

    Hollow Core Rigging Station

    Well mine isn't exactly portable ahahah But as recommended by those in the know and proved by my testing I can apply anticipated strike drag + to the entire connection while serving. Jig is a 7' beast with provision to anchor loupe on a padded post at one end allowing the full insertion to be...
  297. stephen campbell

    Big Bear July 7-11th fishing

    I started fishing Big Bear about '52. Family had a cabin at Moon Ridge. Us kids would walk down the road to a pond formed above a big culvert. There were catchable trout as well as fingerlings. Steel rods, direct drive reels, like a fly reel, green braided line. One time while fishing with a...
  298. stephen campbell

    FG reigns over loop to loop?

    Nailed it-
  299. stephen campbell

    Excel Okuma Trip Lessons

    Didja fish the Shimada?
  300. stephen campbell

    What trips are you on this year?

    Barbara and I (Soup) will be on the Excel for the Pelagic 16 day Thanksgiving and also on the Excel for the Okuma 16 day May/June.
  301. stephen campbell

    Fly Home

    On the way S to the Zone on our 1st LR trip on the Excel some were looking at my wife B and thinking? Ya know how the "guys" are. After talking to her a bit they found out she had seen a bit O' weather, in a 27' boat. We were going down hill here.
  302. stephen campbell

    Any words to the rookie?

    Hummm- take a CG boating class.
  303. stephen campbell

    Yeti cup tipping over on trip ? what to do.

    send it to Cal, he'll fix Ya up
  304. stephen campbell

    200 lb spectra and kite - weigh too much in light winds?

    When I had that problem on the Big X Cpt Chowder just put a helium balloon on with the kite, off it went and bingo fish on! I fish a 70 full of 200# JB and leaders of 220# X hard mono.
  305. stephen campbell

    Wahoo trollers

    Does anyone troll the original 10.5" Braid Marauder for Wahoo? I have a couple a new ones in my treasure chest but have always left them at home and used the middle, 8.5" size. I have a few of the small ones but could never get them to swim at the LR trolling speed.
  306. stephen campbell

    Small hook big fish

    Seems some are willing to bet on a hook set like shown above to get bit? I am new but have searched every hooked up tuna photo I could find and read all the posts with this discussion seeking to decide just how stealthy I am willing to go with big tuna. Until I catch a few of the bigs I...
  307. stephen campbell

    Small hook big fish

    First credit for photo from Seeker FB page. I haven't caught any "big " tuna and always wonder how 4/0 5/0 hooks, recommended for small bait, could work. I don't have any info for scale of this photo but it is definitely small hook big tuna. This one just looks like luck, or is this typical of...
  308. stephen campbell

    TIPS HOW TO TIGHTEN-UP TEST HEAVY Braid Mono Fishing Knots

    I just find a convenient place near my box to hang my lope of fuel hose and rig it like this, with any handy sinker temporarily on the spectra. The rod can be in the rack or leaned up nearby. The line goes thru the hanging hose with a knot puller thru the loupe as a toggle. When the knot is...
  309. stephen campbell

    From Facebook

    One of those "extreme cases" that can cause failure even in the best.
  310. stephen campbell

    why penn

  311. stephen campbell

    Chunking Mono Length?

  312. stephen campbell

    Albacore this year?

    I caught this one in 1963 hahaha
  313. stephen campbell

    Your "Go to" Cow Tuna Hooks and why?

    A very reasonably priced source for various made in Norway big Mustads (no affiliation to this guy) is "mrpeanut" on the bay. Many discontinued models as well as the more current. Cross reference to figure if they are up to the task. Many needle eye super cheap! Yea, Yea, "will cut mono", yup...
  314. stephen campbell

    Ten Great Things Bass Fishing Has Done For America

    And they even finally let women pee in the boat--what a great bunch a guys!
  315. stephen campbell

    Polaris Supreme Bunk Layout?

    Fishy?! On My fall 8 day last year we nearly limited out (every one on board) on Wahoo! Rocks were ify on weather so we jogged over to the ridge and hit 'em on every bump, and all the Yellowtail Ya wanted at night.
  316. stephen campbell

    Which hollow spectra?

    Ah hahahaha
  317. stephen campbell


  318. stephen campbell

    '69 at the Salton Sea

    Awhile back there was a discussion of our "Dead Sea" Here is a stringer from 1969.
  319. stephen campbell

    How many yards of 200# spectra on a Penn Int. 80ST

    I proudly got to fly my brand new Penn 70 full of 200# on a recent trip on the Excel. When it didn't look like enough wind Chowda quickly filled and attached a helium balloon and popped it on the kite. Out it went and bingo--hookup!
  320. stephen campbell

    Advice on Taking Your New Chick Fishing...

    I have found new fisherpersons be they child or adult like ACTION! Short trip, fine as one wishes but let's have a shot at Bonito, Skipjack, firecracker yellows. New folk can practice cranking up a red brick on the garage roof.
  321. stephen campbell

    Advice on Taking Your New Chick Fishing...

    Listen to RR above, we are booked on 2 16 days this fall
  322. stephen campbell

    Advice on Taking Your New Chick Fishing...

    My wife enjoyed every aspect of her first 14 day long range trip. Although she has a fishing background and many days at sea in a small boat she started the trip taking photos of the folks and their fish. When by her choice, she hadn't wet a line after the first few days the crew took her buy...
  323. stephen campbell

    Best Knot for Braid to Floro or Mono?

    I have taken my connection advice from Fishybuzz and Basil. As has been mentioned "I pulled really hard with a glove and have fished it for years, never had a failure" is not good enough for many of us. I have pulled my FGs to failure in up to 120#. Also have pulled my 200# served wind ons to...
  324. stephen campbell

    Hollow core splice kit recommendation.

    Study all the many posts and decide on what you want to try first. Ya can start with a piece of fine single strand wire to make proper lopes, make a smooth round point on the leader to direct insert and do half hitches, no "kit". After reading all I could find, deciding how strong I would...
  325. stephen campbell

    Lower Banks Magic

    Just clean livin' eh Fishybuzz? ahahaha
  326. stephen campbell

    Deep Diving Plugs for Wahoo

    I've used them a lot from the zodiac for tuna and Wahoo. For me I could troll them fairly slow and they worked just fine, crazy to try and fish a zodiac on plane hahahaha
  327. stephen campbell

    Lower Banks Magic

    We both had a ball, learned more than I had from all the vids posts, books ect.We are hot to go again! And 15 yellowtail in 2hrs gave us some fish! ahahaha
  328. stephen campbell

    Lower Banks Magic

    I have only fished the LBs for a couple a days, seems it was long after this years magic was over. How is it fished when the magic is on? Run and gun, at anchor fly line, big bait, deep drop, kite? Much the same as the hurricane? Coming up we are booked on 16 days thanksgiving and will book...
  329. stephen campbell

    Fathom 25NLD2 Retainer shift button

    Mine to, along with another guy on the same trip, used just a touch of blue Loctite. When it comes time to service I might wish I had used silicone hahahahah
  330. stephen campbell

    Braid to Mono/Fluoro: Winners and Losers

    I just find a convenient place near my box to hang my lope of fuel hose and rig it like this, with any handy sinker temporarily on the spectra.
  331. stephen campbell

    All Swivels ARE NOT Created Equal... or are they?

    Has anyone has experience with the Spro "aussie" style heavy duty swivels? Relatively small for # test with large holes to spread line load.
  332. stephen campbell

    The big X is in them at Hurricane

    What was working at night?
  333. stephen campbell

    Loop to loop

    Hope I can clearly explain my on board system. Line from rod with a bit of tension on it. I found with the extremely heavy pull I put on the finished knot the line tends to dig into the spool. so- Hanging above is a folded piece of fuel hose with a lope of cord thru it . Hang any handy...
  334. stephen campbell

    424 & 319 off Loreto

    Right in the corner of the mouth- hahahaha
  335. stephen campbell


    Seems there will always be fans of the gold reels made in Philadelphia and fans of the gold reels made elsewhere to look like them- ah hahahaha
  336. stephen campbell

    Need Casting Advice: Spool Tension and Thumb Control

    If you have iron or bait over the side while picking out a over spool, DO NOT PUT A FINGER OR THUMB THRU A LOOPE! I believe there was a real life post about just this here a while back.
  337. stephen campbell

    Scale to calibrate you reels

    With just your end it would much easier to investigate Basil's theory. He is one of those guys I was referring to-
  338. stephen campbell

    Scale to calibrate you reels

    The only cow on our last trip was free gaffed with a hook and part of a passenger's line in it's mouth
  339. stephen campbell

    Scale to calibrate you reels

    Failure analysis is always interesting, from the Challenger to this incident. Be it hook, line, knot or ? it would be helpful if folks would save "both ends" so those with expertise in the given field could take a look. Things that might be overlooked by the lay person might be readily apparent...
  340. stephen campbell

    The Bank is Paying Out

    4 days for Wife and I also
  341. stephen campbell

    Changes: New Long Range Destinations and Radio Silence...

    awwh and the conspiracy theories were just getting good
  342. stephen campbell

    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

    But was it on the troll? ahahahaha
  343. stephen campbell

    Best 1.5 - 3 Day "Starter" Trip?

    Easy now! Fishy and I are in our "70s" ahahaha
  344. stephen campbell

    Broke off a hook

    Here we go-
  345. stephen campbell

    16 day Excel trip leaving the day after Thanksgiving!

    Don't catch em all, my wife and will be waiting at the dock for you to offload so we can have at em!
  346. stephen campbell

    Anyone tried a double trouble below a bobber balloon?

    Have never seen any of this done but will in 4 weeks on the EX. My question is isn't the DT on the kite fished with the baits near the surface? On a bobber they would obviously be a leader length down or more, so only advantage would be 2 baits. Am I following correct?
  347. stephen campbell

    **ck trip canceled, anyone fish the Melton 12 day on the Excel?

    Jigstrike Yes and 14/0 7691 on a CB antenna-and yes
  348. stephen campbell

    **ck trip canceled, anyone fish the Melton 12 day on the Excel?

    Seems some of you pups didn't make full disclosure before tying the knot. hahahaha Here is my wife 20 some years ago at Isla Clarion, on the reef just off your bow if you have ever checked in there and up at the bunker with the Comindante . Still some spots on the EX, bring your wife and they...
  349. stephen campbell

    **ck trip canceled, anyone fish the Melton 12 day on the Excel?

    Wife and I are on the EX Melton trip. Any guess why it is taking so long to fill?
  350. stephen campbell

    What other set up or two should I get?

    and now for hooks? hahahahah
  351. stephen campbell

    EX on 'em about here

    Hope I didn't give away any secrets by posting a cut and paste position off a public web site that hadn't been updated in 72hrs. hahahahahah Do you spose Justin or Mike will boot me from my upcoming trips.
  352. stephen campbell

    EX on 'em about here

  353. stephen campbell

    the trump has pissed off MX over WTO labeling.

    Moderator please end this madness I have created. I take no further responsibility.
  354. stephen campbell

    Hurry up and Wait

    In my view the whole long range experience is a marathon not a sprint. I feel the experience of endless planning and then the drive to SD and then the final build up--- the "line". All this is part of what I paid for. One must consider I am 72 and know why the Creator made the earth round, "so...
  355. stephen campbell

    Dorado Fish and Chips?

    During our 16 years sailing the Sea of Cortez and the Revillagigedos we caught countless Dorado trolling a salmon hoochie with a wood bead in it. Friends visiting us in MX once offered, "we have had dorado and don't care for it". Sailing out of La Paz BCS for a few days with them aboard I...
  356. stephen campbell

    What are the odds?

    2 leather bass on a hoochie jig I made for catching giant needle fish. 2 treble hooks, hoochie over front and back trailing to wrap around the beak.
  357. stephen campbell

    This year's storms

    Born in the ITCZ
  358. stephen campbell

    This year's storms

  359. stephen campbell

    the trump has pissed off MX over WTO labeling.

    I apologize to the Moderator and those of you that are just fishermen. And for the rest of you don't shoot the messenger just wanted to pass on some info that might get missed otherwise.
  360. stephen campbell

    the trump has pissed off MX over WTO labeling.

    Not my point! I like Flipper as much as the next guy, wife and I spent 6 seasons in the Revillagigedos doing Cetacean research. Messing with MX concerning big tuna can't be good for us LRs
  361. stephen campbell

    Fitness for cow trips

    Goin' on 72, normal weight for height, non smoker non drinker, spose all that is a start. I have ran nearly every day for years, the last 12 years here in Tucson 3miles in the sand nearly every day. I have always had a puny upper body build so 3 years ago I started carrying a 5# hand weight in...
  362. stephen campbell

    How to Rig Yummy Flyers for the kite

    Don't worry, NO politics or ethics, just fishin" Putting together my yummy-gummy rigging kit for a dec 12 day on the EX. Spose not wanting to miss out on hot chocolate chip cookies I should plan to rig the EX way, big J with heavy stinger. My question is why aren't they fished with a big circle...
  363. stephen campbell

    Changing Salas 6X trebles or making it a Single hook

    Has anyone toyed with and tested sweating a bit of silver into a name brand "heavy" split ring?
  364. stephen campbell

    Video: PENN International VI series reels

    When Ya see the cool, well made, do-all tool that comes with them Ya might just buy the reel to get the tool! ahahahaha
  365. stephen campbell

    welding rings on hooks Small lots of rings, couldn't figure out how to get small numbers from RL
  366. stephen campbell


    When will I be able to order a 20?
  367. stephen campbell

    Getting real close to bug season

    On our Nor' Sea 27 we never had room for a big enough pot! ahaha
  368. stephen campbell

    Tensioning before serving

    Yes David (fissybuzz) I have learned your knot too! hahaha Too much time until my trip so the engineer in me led me to try and make old fashion wind-ons. This is 200# JB hollow, double line loop, 200# Momoi mono, scuffed with 1200 grit paper. Served with 50# Power Pro solid using knot...
  369. stephen campbell

    Some Crimp and New Hook Testing

    Granted the grommet is way cool, my concern is the alteration of the steel in the hook as manufactured, by a DUI installation of the grommet. I also am willing to accept the "how strong is strong enough" argument. also that this is presented as preliminary testing, just an observation on the hook.
  370. stephen campbell

    Some Crimp and New Hook Testing

    Was that hook heated to install an after market grommet?
  371. stephen campbell

    excel staterooms

    check their Facebook page, fixed and they even bought a spare, that's the Excel
  372. stephen campbell

    The Tax Man

    Even more fun in a rubber boat, fishing alone, remember Santiago?
  373. stephen campbell

    Which Reel would you get for a Cow Trip.

    As most know there have been some changes in "long range" designed reels since the OP. Watacha think of the VISX's? I have a 30 soon on the way.
  374. stephen campbell

    How often do you get this close?

    For those of you who fished in the day of Socorro and San Ben, this is the NW side of San Ben on a very rare calm day.
  375. stephen campbell


    Anyone shipping the new Penns? Trophy Tackles lists them with no "pre order" statement.
  376. stephen campbell


    Black sea bass? Catalina?
  377. stephen campbell

    How to Rig Yummy Flyers for the kite

    :-)And the winner is-
  378. stephen campbell

    How to Rig Yummy Flyers for the kite

    Has anyone tried the $4 free shipping from china?
  379. stephen campbell

    Crimping Not2Kinky

    Not to take food out of anyone's kids mouths but, the Nicopress 17-2 tools can usually be found used on the E cheap. Seems tons of phone company take homes are sitting in non fisherman's tool boxes.
  380. stephen campbell


    Example of Gulf Grouper, this one from in the Sea of Cortez. On a surface Rapala released un harmed
  381. stephen campbell

    August 10 Polaris Supreme

    I fished Her last fall for my first LR. Weather kept us from the rocks. At the "ridge" we managed nearly 250 wahoo and for the guys who were real hackers, most all the yellowtail one wanted fishing dropper at night.
  382. stephen campbell

    First Look: Penn International 50 VISX

    right side starts as a forging, eh?
  383. stephen campbell

    Wahoo trolling harness

    Well the Supreme Lads tried tweaking and couldn't get it to swim and suspected the Flemish eye. Had old faithful rig so snapped it on and never re rigged the blue one.
  384. stephen campbell

    Wahoo trolling harness

    Just something I learned, the top rigging wont swim, the bottom will and caught fish for me 4 days running any time of day any sky.
  385. stephen campbell

    1st time for soup on the Excel

    That's right, "Soup" aka me will be on the Sogioka/Stires 8 day commin' up. Managed some Wahoo on my first LR trip last fall. Learned a lot and purposely used all my gear, 30,50,100 and 120 to get the feel of it for future trips. Heard this bunch is a place to learn much more, can't wait. My...
  386. stephen campbell

    Excel 5-day.

    Oh, but what a spot! Partida Have sailed by it many times but in a 27' boat not nearly enough chain!
  387. stephen campbell

    EXCEL fathers day 5 day JUNE 16

    Check out the Liberty's recent post! Seems ta be fine fish within reach right now.
  388. stephen campbell

    Can this handle bigger grade tuna?

    Just learn the FG knot forget about wind ons. Looks complicated but like sheet rock once ya get the hang of it it's a snap. Use the tighten your drag, tie off braid to reel, tension braid, work the tip of the leader method. youtube
  389. stephen campbell

    6 days @ the Lupe....less than 24 hours more like it! The REEL truth!

    Isn't this fun! My wife and I sailed this boat 15,000 miles in the Sea of Cortez and among all of the islands of the Revillagigedos, always with the TV off at dinner. Top photo shows our double ended displacement hull at full "hull speed" forever trapped between the bow wave and stern wave...
  390. stephen campbell

    6 days @ the Lupe....less than 24 hours more like it! The REEL truth!

    1.5X the square root of the waterline length' = kts, in theory, closer to 1.2 in the real world is the max speed of a displacement hull. To go faster vessel must climb over the bow wave (plaining)
  391. stephen campbell

    Long range boat video walk throughs

    And all you video savey dudes don't be afraid to add too the existing boats shown as well as vid'in new ones.
  392. stephen campbell

    Paint and Colors on Troll Wahoo Lures What is your opinion?

    Tom, I am an agent orange cancer survivor. I have 2 more trips booked for this year and plan on a LONG range trip for next. I believe it is as much about the attitude as it is about the treatment. Right on! book trips! Good luck.
  393. stephen campbell

    Newbie on a 14 day AA - what to bring?

    No problem Alex, My son, also an Alex grew up speaking German, then French then added English as an adult. He has occasion to use all 3 in business. One time I asked him "What language do you think in?" Mostly French or a crazy mix. hahaha
  394. stephen campbell

    Newbie on a 14 day AA - what to bring?

    Alex just don't pay too much attention to the crap going on in the "That Guy" thread, as you probably know some guys just like to see their words in print hahahah Here are some Lads waiting for the shuttle to the docks!
  395. stephen campbell

    Newbie on a 14 day AA - what to bring?

    Then again, some of US Yanks are friends of Bill W and other drinks would be appropriate.
  396. stephen campbell

    Double duty: trolling and dropper?

    I used a 30VSX on my first 8 day LR this fall. Set up like Mark suggested above I purposely caught Wahoo on the troll, on bait and on home made bombs, right out of the box, 9 Wahoo. (I have been casting revolving spool reels since '60 or so hahaha.) I had other rigs but wanted to get the feel...
  397. stephen campbell

    Double duty: trolling and dropper?

    Jeff? For starters anything more than cleaning bearings and checking sleeve length needed, for us new guys?
  398. stephen campbell

    Mustad 39950-BL vs 39950NP- BN

    Nope, came from Ma name. I was a Flight Engineer/gunner on CH-47 Chinooks in Nam '68,'69
  399. stephen campbell

    Mustad 39950-BL vs 39950NP- BN

    Yup the BNs are about 2mm shorter than the BLs, and in 6/0 both .085" dia wire. and 13mm point to shank.
  400. stephen campbell

    Mustad 39950-BL vs 39950NP- BN

    Side by side, good micrometer, seems to me the BL, black lacquer and the BN, Black Nickle are the same. My research shows the BL are out of production. If Ya search the BLs are around way!!! cheap. What is the talk on the dock? For the purest the BL are made in Norway
  401. stephen campbell

    Braid ratcheting crimper

    Thanks Lads, would only want one with the ss ratcheting mechanism. Otherwise will prob go with Nicropress and keep it in a an oily sock hahaah
  402. stephen campbell

    Heads Up Comic con in SD July

    July 20 - 23 if Ya are fishin' and need rooms may be a problem.
  403. stephen campbell

    Braid ratcheting crimper

    ss version
  404. stephen campbell

    Braid ratcheting crimper

    Has been mentioned that this tool is all stainless except the ratcheting mechanism, causing the expected rusting problem. I have seen color photos on "images" that show the ratchet made of stainless. Also a color photo in an Aussi catalog also shows it as stainless, all other on line dealers...
  405. stephen campbell


    With only one LR trip behind me my goal is to develop a repeatable setting procedure. The exact #s will come with actual fishing experience. Seems for me the easiest, on land or sea is a scale direct off the reel. Same scale, same reading, same procedure, will give me a starting point for...
  406. stephen campbell

    Kite Reel. 50 or bigger?

    Too much of a good thing? Spooling braid nice and tight is the accepted goal. At what point spooling super tight to get the very most on, cause a problem when fishing and reeling back in not so tight? Rhetorical on my part but seems it could cause some surprises after the first "long soak" or...
  407. stephen campbell

    Calstar 7470 Rail Rod Series

    While we are on the "rail rod" subject, anyone with experience with the "Rail Boss" series from Seeker?
  408. stephen campbell

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 15 day Intrepid Report

    Fished Redondo and Malibu barges early '60s and all the piers.
  409. stephen campbell

    Which would be more rail room

    Anyone else want to address the chow issue on the EX? As far as stern rail room I spose it depends a lot on the fishermen. My 1st trip was on a reg load 90'X25' The lads were 90%+ long time riders and sharing or teaching a new guy was not high on their list. Caught more than I had hoped for...
  410. stephen campbell

    Apollo PV February 2017 report

    We have a ex-pat friend living in San Blas ,Nayarit that has been fishing around the Marias for over 40 years in pangas. In the late '90s we visited San Blas several times in our boat, anchoring up the estuary where the commercial fleet and Armada docks. They had been catching billfish, Dorado...
  411. stephen campbell

    Opening in PV on the Success

    Just don't get too close, just ask Fisshybuzz hahahaha
  412. stephen campbell

    Acension Island Trip on June 14 - 20 2017

    Google Images of Ascension has some YF phots that are mind blowing.
  413. stephen campbell

    Constitution: just got home from my trip, thanks for the advice

    Learning enough gringo to pescador Spanish is fairly easy and well worth it. You may find if you try your Spanglish the others will return in kind.
  414. stephen campbell

    Tony pena knot for 100lb fluro functional but not overkill

    Just finished testing the FG with same materials and testing gear as above. 5 pulls, including the first I ever tied held 100# which is as high as I can comfortably pull with my scale. David was my first contact with real LR guys. His results (photos) speak for themselves. He is Ma go to...
  415. stephen campbell

    6-7-8 days; when, where and what boat?

    I'm new here, have read most every word posted on BD hahahaha learned a lot but on a fall 8 day found out what I hadn't learned, and was taught a lot more. We caught literally all the species Ya hear about here. So, what happened? I am booked on a 8 day in July and my wife and I are booked on a...
  416. stephen campbell

    Tony pena knot for 100lb fluro functional but not overkill

    I have been testing TP ( double overhand) and the "Alberto" 130# hollow JB to 100# Ande. Wet, pull slow ect. They come out looking "right" Almost consistently I have failure of the spectra at the knot at about 70# Am I expecting too much or should I get another sample of JB?
  417. stephen campbell

    Spring cow trips

    How 'bout end of July?
  418. stephen campbell

    New Cow reels?

    Rumors-- is a new line of "cow" reels in the works?
  419. stephen campbell

    Long range trip questions 10 or 12 day Indy or Excel

    I am booked on the Big X for a June 8 day and a my wife and are booked on a Dec 12 day. (still room on both of these.)Next year a 14 or 16 as soon as the sced comes out.Have only fished the Supreme (alone on my 1st LR trip)on a mixed bag 8 day we caught lots of everything as far S as the ridge...
  420. stephen campbell

    Intrepid Jan. 29 soft steel 15 day ( sold out ) Roll Call

    I thought I had seen all the HD vids but the above "Going long" is one of the best. Only place I have seen hooking and chucking Skipjack big baits.
  421. stephen campbell

    First post! Hello Fishy, Soda Pop, Wahoodad and all you cool cats of West Coast fishing lore!

    Black Jack is called "fogonero" buy the Armada, the guy that works in down in the boiler room on a ship.
  422. stephen campbell

    info needed

    I was on the Supreme 8 day mid Sept this year. We headed right for the rocks but mid way a L was headed in that direction so we fell off and headed for the ridge. There We were on crazy wahoo for 3 days, it would get way shaky, we would move, right back on more wahoo! Some tuna, Dorado, and...
  423. stephen campbell

    Clarion Island and Hurricane Bank Info

    I believe it is one of the many Trigger Fish family. My wife and I have dove the SW quarter of Clarion many times, inshore and fished offshore a bit, all from the inflatable in my avatar. We were there assisting in Humpback whale research. When a whale breaches dead skin sloughs off and we...
  424. stephen campbell

    Clarion Island and Hurricane Bank Info

    Did anyone recognize the "goofy reef fish"? Ya may have discovered a new cow candy!
  425. stephen campbell

    Keep going back

    Listening--I am on the X 1st a June
  426. stephen campbell

    First post! Hello Fishy, Soda Pop, Wahoodad and all you cool cats of West Coast fishing lore!

    If Ya have the time, I consider Squidco as part of the LR experience. Don't know how old you are but they are what "bait shops" used to be like. Like they say on the docks "well, it sure aint Cabela's" hahah
  427. stephen campbell

    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

    You Lads need to get fishin' and quit fussing hahahah I'm a new guy like the OP, I have researched, experimented, practiced, tested and made windows that stand the 30% line test bouncing bucket of buckshot treatment in the garage. Just as I have done with the knots I like. It is all fun and...
  428. stephen campbell

    HEY SANTA! This is the new PENN reel I want under the tree!

    Came by early and dropped off a new 70 VS and a Seeker RR 100 to put it on.
  429. stephen campbell

    Post your best PENN-related photo here

    Was lucky to fish all the Islas Revillagigedos for 6 winter trips while doing Humpback whale research in support of a multi national team. Fished many of the areas Ya read about over on the LR board, would see them every year.
  430. stephen campbell

    Not reels, Wahoo rods...

    On the Supreme this fall down on the ridge I was a new guy. Besides success on the troll I started out fishing bait. As to where the hoo are on a hot bite several times when I changed bait the one I dropped over was taken 2' down and 3' from the boat. "Gold id where Ya find it" hahahah
  431. stephen campbell

    New Rail Boss with Rail Dawg grip

    My new Rail Boss RR100 just arrived ----surprise! it has a Rail Dawg foregrip.
  432. stephen campbell

    Supreme 8 day 9/17 video

    I was on this trip and a Lad took a ton of video and was to post a link to the finished product. Any one have any info on this?
  433. stephen campbell

    Wahoo bait leaders

    If Ya don't stop at Squidco you have missed a big part of the LR experience.
  434. stephen campbell

    When Long Range and Life Collide

    Agent Orange put me under the knife for the same thing, have fun!
  435. stephen campbell

    Waiting for the carts-

  436. stephen campbell


    HUCKLONGFIN Back from a P Supreme 8 day, my pile looked much like yours. My wife and I are booked on your trip next year. Could Ya give us your take on releasing unwanted catch on the Excel? Thanks Steve & B
  437. stephen campbell

    UV activated adheasives?

    3M LC1215 claims "low viscosity, very flexible bond" Anyone explore this or other like products for wind ons?
  438. stephen campbell

    What will swim? retorical hahaha

    Just back from my first LR. 8day on the Polaris Supreme, right at the beginning of this crazy wahoo bite. Of course learned a lot even after reading here back to 20013 before the trip hahaha Never saw this one covered but might of missed it. No Flemish loupe on a Marauder!! It won't swim...
  439. stephen campbell

    First timer LR, Polaris 8 day

    All on board a bit disappointed the Hurricane prevented us continuing on to the Alijos when Tom announced we would be altering towards the S ridge. Rats! only 70+ wahoo first day on the ridge then the for the next 3 days fishing picked up hahahahah. For a 70 year old FNG it was a dream...
  440. stephen campbell

    LR reel maintenance

    How about Boeshield T-9 on the outside of reels and on rods in preparation for the trip?
  441. stephen campbell

    Long range is not just fishing

    Sunset, Henslow anchorage, Isla Socorro
  442. stephen campbell

    From Dad's tackle box

    Spose some of you young fellas didn't recognize the "dinosaur" hook either. It was and still is the T Rex of economy hooks. Mustad 3174 made in Norway, now unfortunately made overseas. I fish many sizes some from Dad's boxes some from mine.
  443. stephen campbell

    From Dad's tackle box

    Surprising interest in near 60 year old state of the art terminal tackle, answers from young and older alike, thanks all. As I say "sevenstrand" wire from the Sevenstrand tackle company
  444. stephen campbell

    Another Angler Ruined At The Start

    Ya won't find this young man sittin' in the back of a black and white! Fine job Son!
  445. stephen campbell

    Polaris Supreme 9-17 early start!!!! 0:700

    Preachin' to the choir? sorry, but I just got the call, and love spreading good news! Spose most of us will be there in the dark hahaha see Ya
  446. stephen campbell

    From Dad's tackle box

    Knot really hahahaha if Ya look close the wrap goes up towards the reel then down towards the hook, and this is in 7 strand.
  447. stephen campbell

    From Dad's tackle box

    This was the go to rig in my Dad's day for albacore in the late 50s and early 60s. Note the twist connection in the 7 strand wire. Anyone do this now? No doubt this was a machine tie but think I'll give it a try.
  448. stephen campbell

    How full with spectra?

    With spectra spooled tight how close to the top of the spool? Penn 50SW, 30VSX,Fathom 40NLD2
  449. stephen campbell

    Trophy Grouper..... Intrepid with a nice grouper

    I released this one in the Sea of Cortez
  450. stephen campbell

    Boat mishaps

    was then-
  451. stephen campbell

    Boat mishaps

    During our many seasons down in the Revillagigedos we had occasion to assist in several "boating incidents" None on the LR boats but twice on the Hilton family Silverado, stiches both times. A more serious incident was a dive accident at San Ben. We were anchored there when a woman on another...
  452. stephen campbell

    Just booked my first LR trip, 7 day on the RP in August 2017

    You will be way glad Ya struck! I started thinking about a first trip 2 months ago, leaving on a 8day the 17th of next month. The wife and I are booked on the Excel for 10 days about that time next year. I fooled around and got too old to hunt Africa but I'm gunna make up for it!
  453. stephen campbell

    Penn 850SS in action

    We spent many seasons sailing the Sea of Cortez Often dinner was caught on the troll with a 850SS, 15# line dragging a 5" freshwater broken back luer. I think this catch happened when this big guy chased something that was chasing my little lure. We were drifting over a pinicle in a strong tide...
  454. stephen campbell

    Mustads made in ????

  455. stephen campbell

    Poor mans splicing needles

    These are 12", 3 to a pack for $2.79 at Ace. I have seen other brands other places that may offer different sizes. The small one here fits 80# just tight enough. The larger is too loose for 100# but a tap in the middle with a hammer on a hard surface should be the adjustable alternative. Put a...
  456. stephen campbell

    First tuna trip, need guidance

    9174 are all my dad ever used, I started in about 1962. He taught me how to sharpen them, all sizes and I have boxes of them from 9/0 on down. Taken' 'em on the Supreme 8day next month.
  457. stephen campbell

    Face to face near Tucson

    Going on my 1st long range on a big boat hahahaha ,Supreme 8 day next month. Any long rangers in Tucson area want ta talk fishing? In the Revillagigadoes many time assisting with whale research in our sailboat and fished a lot!
  458. stephen campbell

    New to the forum but not to Tuna and Wahoo

    Our main contribution to a broad range of research was to record the "singing" of the male Humpback whales. The other researchers were land based with the Navy at Socorro and Clarion and only worked in the day from large Zodiacs. Since most of the serious singing takes place at night and we...
  459. stephen campbell

    New to the forum but not to Tuna and Wahoo

    I fished for many years from a 8' inflatable at Socorro, Clarion and San Ben. We were assisting in whale research from our sailboat. We knew most of the long range boats back then and I would always wave to the new bunch of anglers from my skiff.