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  1. dizzyspots

    1985 Evinrude 130 wont idle in gear without key prime?

    Johnson/Evinrude gurus? 1975 Airslot, powered by an '85 120hp 4 cyl (VRO delete), 1995 130 hp carbs. Fresh gas, oil and stabil, fresh fuel filter and water seperator. Carbs and intake have been professional cleaned and adjusted. A little cold blooded, but after warm up, idles smooth in gear till...
  2. dizzyspots

    Puerto Lobos May 17-21?

    Looks like we may finally make it Lobos..truck camper and little Zodiac to do a short "recon" trip. Any last minute advice? Any one else headed that way? Cheers, Mike
  3. dizzyspots

    Puerto Lobos camping

    Looking for info on camping at Puerto Lobos...CC dually with ful size truck camper...and either a Zodiac or !8ft Wellcraft. heard reports of a launch ramp?? Probably a spring trip...
  4. dizzyspots

    Gonzaga Bay Rancho Grande leases TRIPLED!!

    So, as of Jan 1, 2019, all the folks with the "permanent" lease palapas...about a dozen with have their annual lease payments TRIPLED from $2000 per year to $6000 per year. Most definitely a ploy to get rid of the "residents" and make way for the next Rafael "project". Some folks got no...
  5. dizzyspots

    Johnson 130 2 stroke wont idle in gear

    1990 Johnson 130: Will not idle in gear with constantly using key primer. Above 2000 rpm all the way to 5400 rpm she runs great! As soon as I pull power down to below 2000, she wants to die, unless I start using the key primer... New plugs New filters (inline, fuel pump and seperator) New fuel...
  6. dizzyspots

    Parker Boat stolen from Alfonsinas GB mooring

    from the alfonsinas yahoo group page...sorry this is a repost , I have no other info... from the Alfonsinas yahoo group...We were notified that last night, Sat. March 31st, Chuck Fister’s big Parker boat was stolen off of its anchor in the bay at Alfonsinas. I thought I would post here so...
  7. dizzyspots

    Truck camper restrictions?

    A flurry of recent posts/threads are floating concerning the "banning" of truck camper headed into Mexico. Additionally an alleged requirement for RV's to purchase a vehicle TIP (temporary import permit) for entry in to Mexico. The truck camper blockade was for truck mounted campers...
  8. dizzyspots

    Using a marine surveyor or not?

    I've read a lot of threads on a lot of sites about using a marine this limited to larger complicated boats???? What about a simple 21 ft single modern outboard center console? Still need to spend the $400-500?? Would appreciate experienced thoughts...thanks
  9. dizzyspots

    San Diego area marine surveyor

    Looking for recommendations from actual customers of a marine surveyor in the San Diego area. Looking at a 21ft CC with a Yamaha 150 4 stroke...any help would be appreciated! Mike
  10. dizzyspots

    Puerto Penasco to Baja

    Anybody made the crossing in small craft ...21ft....???
  11. dizzyspots

    LTB used 19-21ft CC.... $10-15k

    Looking for advice on brand...2 stroke vs 4 stroke...etc...would like to avoid wood stringers ...transom etc...ideas???
  12. dizzyspots

    Low speed issues

    Evinrude 130...starts right up...good full throttle...won't slow down for 6 mph troll....richening mixture with key primer.keeps it it tries to die...a couple more squirting fixes it....wot rpm is 5300...40 mph...ideas on a fix???
  13. dizzyspots

    Boats surveys for small boats

    Thinking about a 1999 Century 1901 Bay boat...located 500 miles away. Has anyone used a surveyor for checking out small boats or is normally reserved for larger more complex craft? The boat is in Las Vegas. Priced cheap...compared to NADA (50%) . Seller states Johnson 130 has bad "power...
  14. dizzyspots

    2 stroke to 4 stroke

    Ok plate on a 99 center console says max is 150hp. Does that take into account a 150 4 stroke's additional weight? If not and you were going to upgrade to a 4 stroke would you have to look at a 115 for the weight? Is there a reason to upgrade to a 4 stroke if the 2 stroke...
  15. dizzyspots

    Johnson 120 low speed issue

    SO....Johnson cruises fine....but tough time trolling at 6 or 7 mph....sometimes tough even to go from neutral and into gear without stalling Found soon as I put the motor in gear, I add a few shots of "primer" via the key and voila! in starts trolling at low speed fine...and an...
  16. dizzyspots

    Gonzaga Bay gillnetters

    Just an FYI...was down at GB l this past weekend...Sat afternoon, no less that 5 or 6 gill net boats stretched south from the Rancho Grande point almost to Campo Beluga..working it hard...most had San Felipe names/numbers...
  17. dizzyspots

    FROZEN....update Mikey has a new Johnson!! the old 140 Rude was toast, found a local mech with a freshly rebuilt 1990 Johnson 130...worked out a deal and its on the boat Ran it in his tank....everything seems OK...he advises extra oil in the tanks..DONE...keep the RPM's at 3000 or below for about an hour of cruising DONE...
  18. dizzyspots

    Boat upgrade ??

    Well my old 74 Wellcraft Airslot 1845 as a new(er) it'll live thru another Baja season. Looking to upgrade to something in the 20ft category....looking at center consoles...4 stroke power...10-12 yrs old...under $15K East coast friend has a Triumph 210 and loves it! Our fishing is...
  19. dizzyspots

    Gonzaga Bay night? fishing

    So, id thought that I'd throw out the question...all these years of going down to Gonzaga...never tried not heard of anyone night fishing....except an occasional night of throwing a line from the shore. Yes ...No...why or why not? Just curious...waters are usually flatter at night... anybody?
  20. dizzyspots

    Invest 93E 2016

    Well...looks like another tropical storm is taking direct aim right up the Baja peninsula around Wed ....
  21. dizzyspots

    Puertecitos to Gonzaga Bay

    SO....has any body done this trip...on the Sea? What would be the minimum boat size , preparation and equipment list for this idea...
  22. dizzyspots

    1987 Evinrude 140 looper low hrs PARTING OUT

    Was a great running motor(280 hrs)...till i blew the powerhead, following parts on BD before CL: Great lower unit..fresh impeller, good seals no leaks good skeg $375 carbs and intake set including reed plates $100 Heads clean (both) including thermostats $100 Silencer box $50 Top and lower...
  23. dizzyspots

    San Luis vs Mexicali East for crossing

    So...over the years we have always used the San Luis crossing and the toll roads. (ok..we used Algodones twice because some other folks wanted to take the "scenic" route). With a crew cab and full size truck camper and towing a 19 ft boat..the San Luis crossing and inevitable "secondary"...BOTH...
  24. dizzyspots

    FROZEN!.....not the movie" Evinrude `140

    So...last October, while at Gonzaga Bay...almost sunk the boat..came back from the islands and after lunch, awoke to the boat with water at the gunwales...with the help of friends..we got it bailed out and pulled it to shore(it was on a friends mooring. Found a 12in gash on the port...
  25. dizzyspots

    2001 Triumph 210 CC

    over on Rb auctions...timed auction ends tomorrow...currently at $6250
  26. dizzyspots

    Bert's new easy launch Gonzaga Bay boat
  27. dizzyspots

    88 Evinrude 140

    So...were cruising across Gonzaga Bay...6500 rpm at 40 mph (yeah...i need more prop)...we decide to troll...stop the boat, set the gear and ease on up to 6-7 mph at around 12-1500 rpm...I get several "KA-BAMS"...spaced maybe 15-30 seconds apart...raised the rpms a bit didnt come back...until...
  28. dizzyspots

    Immigration sweeps Pete's Camp and South Campos???

    over on FB: Baja South Campos Amigos....folks report Mexican Immigration doing a "sweep" to check on FM2, FM3...other documents. SOunds like inspection and education but no busts... Curious about heading down next week..San Luis is a 24/7 crossing, but is Immigration open 24/7???
  29. dizzyspots

    Storm reports San Felipe and south

    Any reports on how Norbert has affected that neck of the woods...looks like its gonna head straight for the San Felipe Gonzaga Bay stretch???
  30. dizzyspots

    Any Pemex open overnight in San Felipe

    Headed to Gonzaga next month...from Tucson crossing at San Luis between 2200 and midnight...headed down the toll road to the 5 and into San Felipe...any open overnight? if not what time do they open? Last spring we had to wait at the traffic circle Pemex for them to open, just didnt know if...
  31. dizzyspots

    San Felipe Great White nursery?

    Discovery Channel's Shark Week episode last night tracked a HUGE female great white..for 18 mos ...trying find previously unknown "pupping" grounds...some thought Santa Monica Bay (already a confirmed "ppupping ground"...lo and behold...she swims into the death trap that is the unregulated...
  32. dizzyspots

    How often to change impeller?

    Sooo ...1988 Evinrude 140 ....whats the current expert opinion on how often to change out the impeller? Changed it out 2 yrs ago...about 50 hrs salt water use per year.( a week in Gonzaga Bay at a time) flushed out on the muffs on each return to the US...still has good tattletale stream.... Ive...
  33. dizzyspots

    TBR #5 Early october 2014

    Yeah...I know really early but the %th Annual Tin Boat Regatta is coming quick we go: looks like OCT 9 THRU 16..North end of Gonzaga Bay...near Bert's and Jeff's. This time the plan is to camp/feed together...not scattered like last time TBR 5 shirt, boat flags and decals will be...
  34. dizzyspots

    TBR #5.....1st week of October 2014

    Ok GB fans Early warning...5th Annual Tin Boat Regatta early October this year...exact dates to be will be at the north end of Rancho Grande PRIVATE palapas...near Bert and Jeff's place. We really want to be all together this time and NOT scattered like the last couple..TBR...
  35. dizzyspots

    Annual Spring Gonzaga Bay Guy Trip Apr 17-21

    Simple trip: Gonzaga Bay Rancho Grande cervezas repeat looks like me, Jeff, Rich and Dan so far.....???
  36. dizzyspots

    HELP...forgot boat keys at home in Yuma going to Baja...

    So...dumbshit moment starts to Yuma and noticed that I left the boat keys on the hook in my garage.. Internet shows its a Evinrude 77 series key, made by Pollack (1982 Evinrude 140) Any others that will fit... Was planning an early crossing at San Luis, then head south thru San...
  37. dizzyspots

    HELP...forgot evinrude key 300 miles from home

    Dumbshit moment...headed to Baja for a week of I get to Yuma to spend the night.....DOH!! I left the boat key (Evinrude 140) hanging on the hook in the garage. Internet search shows that its a 77 series key (1987 140)...are there any other keys (Ace Hardware) that cross over?..Any...
  38. dizzyspots

    Grady WHite Tarpon 19 Vs Weel craft Airslot 185

    So...just finished re-rigging the 1974 Airslot...seats, switches, gauges, fuel lines, wiring, bimini...low time Rude 140...came out nice...couple trips to Gonzaga Bay (Baja) 39 mph cruise out to the islands, loaded and then: cruising CL and come across a 1982 GW Tarpon 19...all there, except...
  39. dizzyspots

    4th Annual Tin Boat Regatta Oct 30 thru Nov 6

    OK ...only 22 days till departure!! Oct 30..Overnight in Yuma Oct 31 bright and early border crossing at San stop Gonzaga Bay/Rancho Grande Nov 6 return not many "tin" boats left in the group...but lots of fun! Family friendly beach camping, fishing Confirmed Mike, Sharon' Jeff...
  40. dizzyspots

    Triggerfish skull

    So...silly question: i saved a good size trigger skull from our last GB trip. Want to "skeletonize" it, so I can mount it. Last attempt involved boiling it and all I had left was a pot o' bones. living in southern AZ, I am sure that the sun will be my friend. But looking for someone that has...
  41. dizzyspots

    Gonzaga Bay...Rancho grande ?guarded gates

    Read a thread over on that Alfonsinas and Rancho Grande has set up guarded gates as you exit the highway? Any body have details?
  42. dizzyspots

    4th Annual Tin Boat Regatta Gonzaga Bay Baja Oct 31 to Nov 6

    I thought it was time to revive the old thread....only 100 days left 4th Annual Tin Boat Regatta Rancho Grande, Gonzaga Bay, Baja Family oriented, great friends, fish, relax, swin , snorkel repeat Anchored near Bert's Palapa Confirmed dizzyspots medic9_11 denoth cortezpirasea Invited...
  43. dizzyspots

    Puerto Lobos

    Headed down to Puerto Lobos Apr 26 thru 29... get to do some fishing with Vinnie and Tom
  44. dizzyspots

    4th Annual Tin Boat Regatta Gonzaga Bay

    DATE CHANGE!! OCT 31 THRU NOV 6 Stay wife's new job won't allow an Oct 3rd departure. I won't do another "guy" only trip, so trip must be delayed until after Oct soon as I can set another date...I will post it. I apologize for the inconvenience, hopefully there will be...
  45. dizzyspots

    New palapas at Rancho Grande

    So...the Rancho Grande facebook page shows refurbished palapas...enclosed on the shore side, looks like fresh concrete floors and iron bbqs.....query: did that to anything to improve the outhouses???
  46. dizzyspots

    Tidal swings near Enchanted Islands we plan our trip south...Baja Catch cautions against fishing the area near the Enchanted Islands during big tidal swings. Says it will knock the bite off??? Wouldnt ya know it...the weekend we are going down...full moon and huge tidal shifts So...any thoughts thumbs...
  47. dizzyspots

    Mex 1000 and fishing

    BACK ON! Apr 25 thru 29 Rancho Cinco Islas Gonzaga Bay (if Bert's home) Cross over at Yuma early Thur Fish Thu/Fri/Sat....a little Mex 1000 on some more Zoom home Mon early AM Tight lines my friends!!
  48. dizzyspots

    Any spring Puerto Lobos plans?

    Any plans for a spring/early summer Puerto Lobos trip?
  49. dizzyspots

    Cinco Islas Baja

    Looking for info on reported concrete boat ramp at Cinco Islas...km114 south of Puertecitos?? Any body been there lately??
  50. dizzyspots

    Mex 1000 at Gonzaga

    Hey Bert,,, Still working on some logistics, but wondering if you'll be in the neighborhood? So far, just Dan and I...looking at Friday thru Sunday... Doug is thinking about it....probably lean and boat...just rods and cervezas Mike
  51. dizzyspots

    Mexican 1000 at Gonzaga Bay?

    April 25-28: Any interest in heading down to GB for that weekend..thinking Thur or Fri, fish, relax, 1000 on Sunday return Monday? We'll be coming out of AZ...crossing at San Luis... Boat or no boat?
  52. dizzyspots

    Mexican 1000

    Hey Bert...Mexican 1000 Apr 27 thru May 1st Any idea if it'll run near Gonzaga?
  53. dizzyspots

    Kicker motor mount

  54. dizzyspots

    Gill netters back at Gonzaga Bay

    Just read a disturbing post over on that the gill netters are back in Gonzaga Bay running all night long...pretty much cleaning the area out...left a snagged whale shark in the shallows to die..residents and guests from Alfonsina's cut it loose and it headed out to open water....
  55. dizzyspots

    Kicker motor mount

    Bremer TW-20 Kicker motor mount Fresh water use only ZERO corrosion Solid cast aluminum construction Make offer you pay shipping from 85641 and I take PayPal Mike
  56. dizzyspots

    Gonzaga Bay mystery fish

    any idea what this is?
  57. dizzyspots

    12ft Valco w/ 20hp Johnson/ Baja Wheels

    Nice. clean 12 ft Valco...tight and no leaks 87 Johnson 20hp (30hp carb/intake) runs great..makes this little tinnie fly (30+ on GPS)...includes 6 gal tanks and new prop Baja style launch wheels : midship flotation tires NOT those skinny transom wheels!! Pair of seats with...
  58. dizzyspots

    Grouper live vs jig dropper vs carolina

    So...headed down to Gonzaga Bay on Oct....have bottom fished (trigger and bay bass)...trolled (sierra, YT and a Pargo) Wanna try for grouper : preferences? Live bait: dropper or carolina rigged? Jig: Krocs or feathers? Thanks in advance for your input Mike
  59. dizzyspots

    inboard vs outboard

    all other things being equal... Mercruiser 140 or equivalent outboard? thinking maintenance, no mix fuel, fuel consumption etc
  60. dizzyspots

    upgrade from 12ft Valco

    tossing around the idea of upgrading..on a limited budget... Now: 12 ft Valco U12 Johnson 20hp (30) "baja" midship launch wheels nice Baja inshore fishing rig and for smaller AZ lakes locally available: Wellcraft Airslot 165 w/ 140 Merc I/O runs..needs minor cosmetics (AZ sun)...
  61. dizzyspots

    Hector at Baja Tourism

    Looking for some on line fishing license the past, I had a computer glitch on the mexican fishing license site... a friendly bloody decker was able to link me to a gentleman named Hector with baja "tourism" that was able to fix the "glitch" and I had a license the next also...
  62. dizzyspots

    Gonzaga Bay "3rd Annual Tin Boat Regatta"

    Early notice: Oct 5 thru 10 headed back down to GB for some tin boat fishing, cold cervezas and to harass Bert crossing at San Luis early AM Fri (Oct 5) staying at "Berts" in Rancho grande returning Oct 10 same route any other tin pilots wanna join in??
  63. dizzyspots

    VHF marine channels in Baja Norte

    Any "list" or guidelines for VHF marine channel use in Baja Norte...typically San Felipe to BOLA? Thanks
  64. dizzyspots

    Gonzaga Bay in August

    So, my son(30) wants to do a guy for my budget...Id like to go back to I crazy to think about doing it in mid the fishing worth it? Checked last yrs temp for Papa Fernandez...showed 90 on Aug 17.....any thoughts?
  65. dizzyspots

    Oct1-5 Gonzaga Bay..2nd Annual Tin Boat Regatta

    headed down to Gonzaga Bay Oct 1 thru 5 for some tin boat fishing, snorkeling cold cerveza:hali_olutta:..fresh fish tacos on the beach just a short trip to play and relax crossing at San Luis (Yuma) Sat early AM...returning Wed Oct 5
  66. dizzyspots

    Kudos to Mexican Sec of Tourism

    Planning my tin boat fishing trip to Gonzaga Bay. Thought I would buy my Mexican fishing license on line...last trip I stopped in San felipe at bought it in person. I logged onto the on line site...followed the directions, even figured out the Spanish language credit card questions. I got a...
  67. dizzyspots

    Online Mex fishing permit

    So...I used the on line site for Mexican fishing permit...paid on line..CC shows the $42 taken out... Question: Is the on line "permit" simply a balck/white copy of the "transaction" or is it an "official" looking govt document? cheers Mike
  68. dizzyspots

    Gonzaga Bay Tin Boat fishing Oct 18-22

    so far 2 boats, 2 trucks , 7 people any one else?? full moon, fresh fish tacos and cold cerveza on the beach BONUS: perhaps meet the FAMOUS CJ5orion IN PERSON!:hali_olutta:
  69. dizzyspots

    Gonzaga Bay fishing tips

    so, this is probably a rookie, silly question but: going to Gonzaga Bay in October, just checked the tide tables high tide is at Noon to 1400 thru the week (or Midnight to 0200) which is more important? early AM fishing OR fishing the rising tide at Noon? thanks Mike
  70. dizzyspots

    Tin Boats to Baja

    looking for other tin boat captains to go play Gonzaga Bay and Bahia de Los Angeles (BOLA) around Oct 18 thru 25 or so crossing over around Yuma camping or motel boat or not fishing, snorkeling, cervezas, fish tacos anybody in?? Mike
  71. dizzyspots

    Gonzaga Bay and BOLA Oct 20 thru 25

    Headed to Gonzaga Bay and BOLA for some tin boat fishing, beach camping , cervezas, beachfront fish tacos, etc Crossing over at Yuma (?Algodones) head south to Gonzaga Bay...split time between Gonzaga and BOLA any other BD'ers interested.?? probably stay at either Alfonsinas, Beluga or...
  72. dizzyspots

    Merc 9.8 2 stroke cooling question

    1972 Merc 9.8 that the previous owner claims "has been flushed regularly" thru the cavitation plate ...but has NEVER been flushed thru the "cooling passage" port on the starboard upper part of the lower the plug out and found this passage plugged SOLID with to clean out...
  73. dizzyspots

    tin boat shippings resources

    need ideas/resources on shipping 12-14ft tin boat. perhaps with a trailer perhaps boat alone. Any body have experience with this...thanks Mike
  74. dizzyspots

    looking for clean 12ft valco

    looking for clean 12ft valco
  75. dizzyspots

    Native Ultimate 16 for sale

    check BD classifieds motorized Ultimate 15 for sale Mike
  76. dizzyspots

    Ultimate 16 tandem fishing kayak

    Native Watercraft Ultimate 16 tandem fishing kayak absolutely the most comfortable seats of ANY kayak BassYaks inspired Minn Kota conversion STILL dual purpose...paddle or power converts in seconds..steer with pedals...hands free to fish Tan in color weighs 80lbs empty includes two(2)...
  77. dizzyspots

    boat suggestions

    looking for suggestions on boat choice: 12-14ft aluminum car toppable (FJ Cruiser with ARB /Yakima rack) beach launchable for trips to Sea of Cortez side of Baja...mostly Gonzaga Bay, etc Valco...Gregor...etc Mike
  78. dizzyspots

    Kayak Fishing Gonzga Bay Apr 24-28

    planning a short trip down to Gonzaga Bay late April any takers Plan: cross at Yuma Sun AM April 24 Return thru Yuma Wed PM Apr 28 Mike & Sharon Vail, AZ
  79. dizzyspots

    Kino Bay kayak fishing this weekend

    Going down to Kino Bay...Thur thru Mon... any one else interested in going?? any tips on kayak fishing this area??? Have fished Gonzaga Bay on the Baja side, but 1st time over here??? cheers Mike
  80. dizzyspots

    Gonzaga Bay kayak fishing and camping Oct 30-Nov 2

    Next weekend heading down to Gonzaga Bay for some relaxin', kayak fishin' under a full moon...any one care to join us??...crossing at Yuma (probably Algodones) EARLY Fri AM...returning EARLY Mon AM...either thru Algodones or San friendly trip Mike & Sharon Vail, AZ dizzyspots...
  81. dizzyspots

    Gonzaga Bay kayak fishing..Oct 29-Nov 2

    Last call for our bi-annual lil adventure to Gonzaga Bay...any takers?? Any other BD-ers gonna be down that way???
  82. dizzyspots

    Gonzaga Bay kayak fishing Oct 30-Nov 2

    Planning a long Halloween weekend at Gonzaga Bay...departing Yuma, AZ thru the Algodones crossing EARLY AM (0700) FRI Oct 30 travel south thru San Felipe/ Puertecitos then on down to Gonazga Bay...camping or Alfonsina's...have a bunch interested, about 4 couples confirmed...any BD'ers...