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  1. Noms

    7ft or 8ft Rod for half days?

    Don't over think it for a half day. Use what you have available or can afford.
  2. Noms

    Offshore “Over the Rail and into the Pail” as Dave Marciano would say!

    Nice shout out to angler's arsenal in the last picture. Thanks for the report on what worked for you. Way to put the bloody decks in bloodydecks with the two beginning pictures.
  3. Noms

    Spinners the new norm for tuna?

    Buddy got back on Monday for a trophy bluefin or bust 1.5 trip on Monday. Said that the captain was getting upset and yelling at a group of guys using spinners on +100lber fish. Taking up everyone's time getting the fish in. Maybe they were really under gunned or no technic. Regardless I won't...
  4. Noms

    Preventing theft on party boat

    Wow that guy sounds like an idiot. Not making any excuses for him but was he drinking all day? Regardless I would have mentioned the conversation about "using any gear on the boat" to other angler's and the crew on the trip. Pretty sure they would all be keeping an eye on him and had some choice...
  5. Noms

    Where can I buy this jig?

    Holy heck that is ridiculous.
  6. Noms

    Red wing boots on the party boats

    Fish ninja appeal
  7. Noms

    Red wing boots on the party boats

    Shoot I usually wear my old pair of adidas. Yeah sometimes I end up with wet socks. Just started working at a fish market distributor. Noticed that part of the uniform is some tuff boots. Might buy a pair since it's going to be a work expense.
  8. Noms

    Thanks Rick..... Fucker!

    Was just about to say this. Sounds like a good time out.
  9. Noms

    Tranx 500 over kill for a 3/4 day?

    The cattle boats up north must have some really rough crowds. I always make friendly with the deckhands (cigarettes, energy drinks, etc) and show them my gear. Just so they can possibly keep an eye out.
  10. Noms

    Offshore Fishing with the boat San Diego 5/18

    At least you got out on the water bud.
  11. Noms

    Only One YT Setup for under $600

    Never said anything about buying brand new super seeker or black steel 270h-8. Bought my regular old e glass 270h-8 used. This one just sold a while back for $125. Lots of other options for yellowtail rods. Hope you find something that works for you.
  12. Noms

    Only One YT Setup for under $600

    Damn 600$ on a setup is breaking the bank for most people. I started on a seeker 270h-8 and sealine 40. Rod 80$ + reel $65= $145. Put the rest towards more trips.
  13. Noms

    Dead BSB found by diver

    If it was a poached fish the fuckers didn't even take the cheeks.
  14. Noms

    CA Sheephead mounts

    I like sheepheads, what a goofy looking fish. Aways feel bad keeping the bigger models but don't think most would survive being released. They always seem to blowout from the rear. Even in 60-80feet of water. The smaller ones have firmer meat in my experience. Turn out great under the broiler...
  15. Noms

    Distance with super light load???

    Good luck. The 100lb+ bluefin are even within full day range.
  16. Noms

    20# live bait rod

    Have more 20lb setups than I care to say. But black steel 196 ánd a all glass 270h seeker is definitely in the mix. The 270h mostly is for 25-30lb live bait or 30lb light jigs. Also have a seeker American series 270 - 7fter which is a solid 20pound rod. The calstar 270 I have has a less whipy...
  17. Noms

    CA Sheephead mounts

    I have some sheepshead teeth that would make nice dentures. The mounts look good.
  18. Noms

    Cigar aficionados, help a brother out!

    Archetype - curses, cloaks, axis mundi or crystals. I been really enjoying the whole line up but those 3 are my current top favorites. Some very good blenders took part in the collection.
  19. Noms

    Info on Sabre B710m-B710h

    I just saw one of those series sabre at a local shop buried in the blank pile. Not sure how much is too much to pay for it.
  20. Noms

    How to de hook large sharks from piers

    That sounds about the best option. I've been using cheap circle hooks from amazon for larger fish off the pier and beach. Need to add a harbor fright bolt cutters to my kit.
  21. Noms

    Best bait for spotties

    They hang out at the piers and docks. Couple ways to catch them. Get a size 12 hook sabiki or smaller if available. Usually I cut mine in half to avoid tangling it up. Use one half and tip the hooks with the smallest bit of shrimp or squid you can. Add a sinker to the bottom of the rig. Drop all...
  22. Noms

    Need Rod ID

    Butt pictures, measurements of the tip and butt might help. Sorry I can't help id it.
  23. Noms

    Best bait for spotties

    That 21inch spottie is near record breaking size. Must had a big head and belly. Biggest I've ever seen in person was just over 18 inches.
  24. Noms

    Inshore The San Diego got 100 Yellows and 2 Bluefin

    Damn I'd just be doing c&r on the smaller ones. Even after paying the $200 boat ticket. Not gonna lie tho. I would keep one of slightly bigger ones for sashimi dinner. Guess I'll be taking my spottie rod for my next day trip.
  25. Noms

    Newport Beach 1/2 boat get into huge yellowtail.

    Damn yellowtail that size are usually a pipe dream for most of 1/2 day riders.
  26. Noms

    Best bait for spotties

    Don't over think it. Dropshot fresh squid, sardines or anchovy chunks. Stick to size 4-6 hooks. Salted anchovies or sardine will work if fresh bait is inconvenient to get. If you want to use plastics get any colored gulp mullet or sandworms. Spotties will eat anything it seems. I've seen people...
  27. Noms

    Mahi Mahi themed fishing rod

    Looks good. The handle and reel seat install are done really cleanly.
  28. Noms

    Rod clamps included with the new low profile series ?

    Duran fits better than the tiburon. In my opinion. Would be cool to see stock clamps on future large baitcasters. But maybe it would make them even bigger and more clunky.
  29. Noms

    Phenix Abyss 809 for 40#

    If a penn 975 can do it the mxj g2 should be just fine. The mxj can be set to 13—14lbs drag at strike and have no binding. Penn 975 top out right around 12pounds and hold less line.
  30. Noms

    Hot Tuna 1978

    Trippy ride.
  31. Noms

    United Composites GP85XF or GP90XF reviews

    Switch it up between lexa 300,luna 300, saltist 20 lw, sl20sh. Sxj feels too small on it.
  32. Noms

    Sea stalker restoration is it really a seeker?

    Yup I have one that is a seeker LB799 blank. Found that model number in a seeker catalog.
  33. Noms

    31 Jersey

    Wtf the guy running the yard let it get stolen or got his buddy to sell it.
  34. Noms

    United Composites GP85XF or GP90XF reviews

    X wrap with fuji reel seat and some simple marbling. The reel seat and grip was on the rod when I bought it from a member on here. Otherwise I would have had it deckhand style. M&M finished up the rest. My "highlighter".
  35. Noms

    Searched for a thread on mono brands preferred

    I've only used pline from 12-20 pound fluroclear copolymer for fishing San Diego Bay. Never gave #2-4 pound a shot but I will now. Rest of my line use is izorline for mono. Started with big game.
  36. Noms

    Seadoo FishProers

    Never seen a trolling motor on a ski.
  37. Noms

    Any one have an Avet JX 6.0?

    Sounds like you are ready to go. Also I never take the manufacturer's stated line capacity for 100% fact. Even on my small baitcasters.
  38. Noms

    United Composites GP85XF or GP90XF reviews

    Love my gp 85xf. Don't see much information/review on them. Really like mine for calico and sand bass fishing. Which is all I've gotten the chance to do with it. Can't wait to fling coltsnipers and stickbaits to school tuna and bonitos. I've messed around with throwing 30lb line and light jigs...
  39. Noms

    Performance improvement plan

    My 400 mostly stays clamped on a custom varmac 8.5 glc4 or 9ft shimano teramar. Sometimes it ends up on a Rainshadow 7fter for lazy rockfishing or yoyo. Started off using it on a proteus boat rod. If you are looking for a clamp I recommend the DFP over the tiburón. Boiling tuna trigger is a...
  40. Noms

    Any one have an Avet JX 6.0?

    Always liked the idea of the "Alaska Special" single speed Hxj. Wish they would produce a few g2 versions.
  41. Noms

    Seeker classic Calcutta 700s

    The 700 is great for the 3b and shallow rock fishing. You shouldn't have any problems with it till a 20lb+ yellowtail takes you into the kelp. Crack it up to clean out the old grease. Ditch the canvas drag washers if they are still there. Don't forget to clean the anti reverse. If you can swing...
  42. Noms

    Any one have an Avet JX 6.0?

    I bet he pushed that 1st gen on you because they are clearing them out. Sold all my 1st generation avet reels and only picked up a sxj g2 for 15-30lb work. The second gens are a straight upgrade.
  43. Noms

    Maverick surface iron

    Thanks. I actually did see them at site earlier today. They seem to be priced around the same as some new jri jigs.
  44. Noms

    Maverick surface iron

    Also have two of these little guys with no markings I took off the old rusty hooks and split rings on most of the jigs.
  45. Noms

    Maverick surface iron

    Picked this one up along with some other older irons from a storage flipper. Can't find any information about it. Any one care to school me?
  46. $75 St. Croix Mojo bass rod 7'1 medium spinning San Diego

    $75 St. Croix Mojo bass rod 7'1 medium spinning San Diego

    Forgot how brilliant the purple color looks in the sun. The bottom hood on the reel seat has some paint chips. Couple scratches at the hook keeper and around it. Guides are all rust free and inserts not broken. The cork is dirty. Normal wear and tear. See pictures. Located in San Diego $75
  47. Noms

    Squid from markets for fishing?

    If you are in San Diego most fish markets almost always have fresh dead squid.
  48. Noms

    Offshore Swing and a miss deep drop.... and some weird shit happened need explanation

    Some of my graphite rods have a shock warning sticker on them.
  49. Noms

    New low profile fathom / Squall 400

    Have it mounted on a jigstick. BTW I love my daiwa proteus inshore 76MHFB too. Have a lexa 300 hd on it too. Use it for everything local inshore.
  50. Noms

    Islands 31 March SD Yellowtail

    The Legend out of h&m got only 5 yellowtail. Was thinking about going on tomorrow. I know the San Diego & pacific voyager always has at least some very fishy people on it.
  51. Noms

    Any feedback on J Braid?

    I like it.
  52. Noms

    Inshore Full day San Diego 3/21/21

    Nice. Might hop on a full day next week. Wondering why most landings are still hesitant to run full days.
  53. Noms

    Inshore Shame on the Enterprise and LB report 3/20

    The premier out of h&m, the daily double out of point loma, and a couple others.
  54. Noms

    What can/should I do

    Calcutta d series or older silver one? Before hitting it with the wire brush get some corrosion x and a toothbrush, then move on to a copper/bronze if it doesn't scrub off with the plastic toothbrush. Always wanna start with the lest abrasive brush. Might as well crack open the reel and check...
  55. Noms

    What’s your favorite rockfish lures

    Squid on a hook, double tail plastics, jri knock out jigs, and recently ti slow pitch jigs.
  56. Noms

    Best place for reasonably priced lead sinkers ?

    Is he the guy with buckets of penn reel parts? Last time I went was last year. Was able to find a nice big handle for my squidder jr. Like how he has his jigheads /sinkers organized in bins with labeling.
  57. Noms

    pictures from bay bass to yellowtails

    What single inlines do you run? Have owners on mine.
  58. Noms

    pictures from bay bass to yellowtails

    Damn seal beach has some good shore spots.
  59. Noms

    Secret spot redue

    Damn that looks good. Funny you mention the baby horn shark. The other night I saw a pup just cruising the top of the water.
  60. Noms

    Roddy 760h

    Looks good George. What epoxy did you use?
  61. Noms

    Any chance for Sheepshead deep drop rockfishing?

    Depends on where the half day boat goes. I was on the premier pm trip yesterday. We fished the ib pipeline, unlike the rest of the fleet. 80-90feet of water. I pulled a mix bag of sandbass, calico, sculpin. Caught two undersized sheep on sardine chunks, sliding sinker. Saw someone pull out a...
  62. Noms

    Kencor jigstick question...

    Gpos series have terrible grips and cheap reel seat. I want to have someone strip the old foam and reel seat on mine.
  63. Noms

    So who's boat was that on the 905 in San Diego?

    Glad his recovering. Think the impact of the coyote would have been better? I know that I don't brake for cats that dart in front of my motorcycle anymore.
  64. Noms

    Bait sticks cheap

    Tempted on that lamiglas
  65. Noms

    So who's boat was that on the 905 in San Diego?

    No seatbelt, door swung open after hitting a couple trees sliding down the embankment. He fell out. Lucky as heck.
  66. Noms

    So who's boat was that on the 905 in San Diego?

    Ouch, road rash. Lucky he didn't get crushed or anything else. Is that motor toast with the bottom end broken like that?
  67. Noms

    Braid and Topshot for Daiwa Lexa 400 (Yellowtail-Bonito-Calico)

    50lb izor white, leader mono / fluro as conditions dictate. My leader length is usually 4-6ft. Braid was spooled up at fishermans landing. Havnt had problems with the braid digging in on the spool. My 300hd has 30lb braid and occasionally has that problem if I don't wind back up with some...
  68. Noms

    So who's boat was that on the 905 in San Diego?

    Saw the aftermath of the accident on the 905. Heard the driver wasn't wearing a seat belt. Hope his okay. Boat looked in slightly better shape than the truck.
  69. Noms

    Shimano Cardiff 300A Spectra Carbontex

    You got any lefty lunas?
  70. Noms

    Homemade roof rack Rod Pod

    Looks good. Mind if I copy your build?
  71. Noms

    What CnC irons do you use

    Yeah store closures and OfferUp. Both which are few and far between.
  72. Noms

    What CnC irons do you use

    Only used some otc irons. They swim well. Bought them when charkbait closed in San Diego. Wouldn't hesitate to buy any cnc made lures, if I find them on sale.
  73. Noms

    Which Rod for Diawa Lexa Pro 400 for surface fishing

    Yup..."boat" rod vs inshore.
  74. Noms

    Stolen rod in San Diego

    Damn that sucks. I feel for his family. Was just explaining to my coworker the other day how complicated it is to even shoot an intruder in your own freaking house.
  75. Noms

    Stolen rod in San Diego

    Maybe if I had taken her with me, she wouldn't have left. Here's a little more detail about the rod. Pretty sure it was local kid or homeless that grabbed it. 8 1/2 ft rod is hard to stuff In a car quickly or walk away with. Graphite blank no writing on it. Yellowfin tuna sticker with black...
  76. Noms

    Stolen rod in San Diego

    Thanks Mike. Happens when you get complacent in the hood. You would think that a 8 ½ ft rod would be hard to walk away with but thieves are good... I should have listened to my friend. Someone backed up into my truck in a parking lot earlier in the day before going ray fishing. He took it as a...
  77. Noms

    Stolen rod in San Diego

    I haven't even had this rod for over a week. Just got it wrapped up.Went out fishing tonight 2/14/21 and afterwards stopped by a outdoor bar in spring valley for a 30min drink. Rod was taken from the back of my truck. It's a very distinct rod with yellow bands with a yellowfin tuna sticker on it...
  78. Noms

    Which Rod for Diawa Lexa Pro 400 for surface fishing

    Samething with me fishing 8-9lb drag with 30lb on the following rods. UC GP 85xf,dawia proteus boat rod, seeker black steel 196-8, and 270-7. Something all these rods have in common is a reel seat (no trigger) and fat grips. Most my inshore jigsticks fit the low profile reels fine with clamps...
  79. Noms

    which reel would be good?

    The fathoms are definitely a step above the squalls. I've handle and tossed it a few times. Have you had any problems with the easy access screws backing out? Chan for 150$ I'd look for a used saltist or torium. I found a saltist 20hc for $100. Cast decent enough for a levelwind conventional...
  80. Noms

    which reel would be good?

    I'm in the opposite boat right now. I prefer my lexa 400hd over my squall 400. The lexa just feels more heavy duty and was actually the same price as the squall. Bought at turners during the holiday season couple years back. Agree with ChanSuk about the price of the fathoms being kinda steep...
  81. Noms

    which reel would be good?

    An other vote for the 12 or 15 fathoms. The 300 sized fathom baitcaster be sweet too.
  82. Noms

    Reel for Seeker Black Steel 270-8?

    So many choices. Any 20-30 size reel or 300-400 sized baitcaster. My 270h-8 was just a regular all glass seeker. My lexa or saltist 30 were usually on it. Sometimes my jigmaster just for shits and giggles.
  83. Noms

    "Loteria Reaper"

    Super cool and beautifully done. I'm sure his mother would approve.
  84. Noms

    Catching shrimp for human consumption in SoCal?

    Just like the California spiny lobster and sea urchins.
  85. Noms

    Fashionista or Fisherman

    So the consensus is the older the shaft the smoother and better the feel?
  86. Noms

    would a 15-20 ish rated rod be fine?

    For local inshore you don't need much more. Tie on 25 fluro and go to town. My go to local jig last year was a 40g Daiwa zakana. Sheepshead, rockfish, wsb, bsb, calico&sandies, bonito and cudas. No yellowtail tho.
  87. Noms

    would a 15-20 ish rated rod be fine?

    Why not just stick to small metal/epoxy jigs under 2oz. They all throw pretty good. That rod isn't really rated for much more weight. Even 2oz might be pushing it.
  88. Noms

    Scientific lobster question

    I'm trying to figure out if I've been doing it wrong these past couple of years. Usually my lobster never makes it to the freezer.
  89. Noms

    Scientific lobster question

    Throwing in tail in freezer after cooking it right?
  90. Noms

    UC Swimbait finatic A-rigs

    They haven't bothered to fix it for quite a while. One would think misinformation to potential customers should be a top priority. Anyways, a friend with the bay bass tosses out a homemade 3 baited a rig on my boat. Works out for him. Seen him catch and handle in two fat spotties no problem with...
  91. Noms

    Size limit

    2 of any size or 1 over slot size and the rest have slot limit. Bass and sheephead should have a slot limit too.
  92. Noms

    Rod Materials

    I honestly believe that days of hybrid blends ruling is coming. If not here already. All glass will aways have a place tho.
  93. Noms

    Wrapped united composites CE 800 Mag

    Looking for a wrapped factory or custom CE 800 Mag. I'd be open to any other uc rods that fish 25-30lb. Looking for something to replace a classic series seeker 270h-8 I sold. Willing to pick up in and around San Diego County.
  94. Noms

    Teramar or jig stick

    Still looking?
  95. Noms


    One small payment of $169. 99 is what he has them listed on OfferUp for.
  96. Noms

    Phenix M1 & Irod Inshore Casting Rods San Diego

    Thx for the irod. Your items are always in great condition and no haggle pricing.
  97. Noms

    Reduced Custom Seeker Black Steel G270-8H

    Soo tempted to drive out this weekend for it.
  98. Noms

    what bft lure is this? colt sniper?

    What size do you guys think that bluefin is? 40-60lber?
  99. Noms

    what bft lure is this? colt sniper?

    That line looks kinda thin in the pictures. But it's hard to judge from pictures sometimes. That lure looks battle tested. On a 80gram lure I'd use #30mono or 40lb fluro min.
  100. Noms

    Rod Cleanout

    Pm sent on the spinning rod
  101. Noms

    Daiwa Proteus Inshore PRIN76MHFB - lifetime warranty (trades ok)

    Avet sxj or sl20sh with 20-20lb leader for live bait. lexa 300hd with 30lb for throwing colt snipers, stick baits and plastics. Also fished rock fish with it in shallow water. It does surprisingly well with 3oz. One of my favorite rods in my lineup. Very lightweight and can't beat the warranty...
  102. Noms

    Proteus 76mhf enough rod?

    I just dead lifted a 5lb weight on my lexa 400 and it only does slightly touch the top of the foam handle when bouncing up and down. Never noticed while actually fishing. My lexa 400 doesn't really see tuna work tho . Mostly the 3bs, halibut, and small yellows.
  103. Noms

    Recondition or polish my Xtratufs

    But do they come in a men's 11 size.
  104. Noms

    Savage Gear 3D Octopus Questions...

    How long do they last before getting tore up?
  105. Noms

    Resell - Okuma makaria 801xh 8ft 30-50 $60

    Moving on down the line. Pm sent to the 4th person in line.
  106. Noms

    Proteus 76mhf enough rod?

    My experience with 8ft mh proteus boat rod. It will toss small compact 1-2.5oz jigs like coltsnipers, krocks, megabaits no problem. Smaller irons like tady c, j pot and killer jigs work okay too. I use mine for 25lb - 30lb live bait and the mentioned jigs with #30. I'd consider it as a lite #30...
  107. Noms

    San Felipe incident 12/31/2020: sea shepherd

    Sadly those whales are past the point of recovering.
  108. Noms

    Resell - Okuma makaria 801xh 8ft 30-50 $60

    Just passing on the deal, that way I can try more jigsticks. Bought from a bder yesterday and it sadly didn't work out in my setups.
  109. Noms

    Resell - Okuma makaria 801xh 8ft 30-50 $60

    92139. First buyer backed out. Contacted the next person in line. Giving everyone a 12 hour window to reply.
  110. Noms

    Resell - Okuma makaria 801xh 8ft 30-50 $60

    Bought from a member on here for 60$, looking for $60 or trade for an inshore spinning rod rated up to 3-4oz. Did over an hour of casting with it at the pier. Like how my other jigsticks feel and throw jigs better. Looks like tip has been replaced but it's still factory length. X rap in good shape.
  111. Noms

    Post photos of your catches with the new PENN "Slow-Pitch Jigging" rods and reels

    Do you know if any shops in San Diego are carrying these penn slow pitch rods?
  112. Noms

    Abu's Blue Yonder Can Cast +100yd Thumbless From Shore!

    I've always been interested in that reel but the price never drops.
  113. Noms

    Fathom 15 clamp for 270h-8

    Dfp clamp is better than the tiburon. That is my opinion.
  114. Noms

    Rest In Peace my jigs

    RiP. What leader #?
  115. Noms

    Medium heavy spinning rod

    Any San Diego trips planned?
  116. Noms

    Composite Phenix 9'3 root beer blank

    Fast action or Xtra fast?
  117. Noms

    MB bait barge 1968

    Wow so much empty water space.
  118. Noms

    MUDHOLE hand wrapper kit sale today for 100$

    Looks like it sold out already.
  119. Noms

    New low profile fathom / Squall 400

    Mine needed some lube too. Opened it up after reading that post.
  120. Noms

    Rockfishing in socal.

    The coral sea is a on my list of boats to ride. They definitely get on the rockfish.
  121. Noms

    Get busted by fishing police on 14 miles bank Socal

    Just busting your balls. I had to renew my driver's license this year. Learned a couple things I wouldn't have otherwise.
  122. Noms

    Get busted by fishing police on 14 miles bank Socal

    So at almost every tackle shop or sports stores they have these free fishing regulations books. I'd suggest picking one up and reading it. Maybe you don't know this too but soon (depending on your age) you will also need a Boaters certificate. Might wanna get on that too.
  123. Noms

    Penn Fathom-Squall Baitcasters

    Too early to make any solid comparison. My squall has been out 3 times. Only caught calicos and rock fish with it.
  124. Noms

    Whistler Area 11/17

    The bigger local Whitefish sure are fun to catch on 17lb line with a lighter jigging rod. Broiled Whitefish with cheese makes a great taco.
  125. Noms

    New low profile fathom / Squall 400

    Wonder how strong the reel foot on the squall will prove to be. 400 Fits on a slim graphite varmac inshore rod. Very lightweight setup. Used the smallest length screws supplied in the super clamp kit.
  126. Noms

    New low profile fathom / Squall 400

    Squall 400 next to a 300 lexa hd gen ii I'm starting to like the double handle the more I use it. The squall also palms better than the lexa 400. Waiting to buy a mini super clamp so I can slap it on something besides my proteus rod.
  127. Noms

    New low profile fathom / Squall 400

    If I had to do it over, I would get the fathom over the squall. I picked up a 400. I didn't quite like the finish on the edges of some of the plastic bits. A couple swipes with a file will fix that. Here's a picture of the squall 400 compared with other similar sized baitcasters and a couple...
  128. Noms

    Seeker MGC Blanks

    These rods are so under rated. They feel good. I have a pair of a 6050 and 7025. Might just give them away to friends or family who are starting to get into fishing saltwater. Maybe lots of people think that they are rubbish just because they were marketed as entry level.
  129. Noms

    Two seeker stealth mgc series 6050 $180 both - San Diego

    Bump. Willing to take offers. No space in the garage.
  130. Noms

    Two seeker stealth mgc series 6050 $180 both - San Diego

    Not sure why the pictures are not showing up for you. Here are the line ratings- 40(50)60 Rod length - 6 ft
  131. Noms

    Seeker stealth mgc series model 7025 - $110 San Diego

    Just got back from squidco. They replaced a couple cracked guides, including the tip. Specs and condition shown in the pictures. Couple nicks in the clear coat, scratches on reel hood and gash on the bottom part of handle foam. $110obo
  132. Noms

    Two seeker stealth mgc series 6050 $180 both - San Diego

    Up for sale are a pair of two seeker stealth mgc series model 6050. Line rating and specs are in the pictures. Just replaced the cracked guides on both rods and they are ready to fish. Some wear on the foam handle, scratches on the reel hood, and clear coat but nothing grave. $180 for both or...
  133. Noms

    Trolling rod Seeker A 660XH-6 RS/RT $50 San Diego

    Needs work to be back fishing. 3 guides missing and a chip in the clear coat. What you see is what you get. $50 obo located in San Diego
  134. Noms

    New to Avets Need some info on small bait reels

    My avet sxj g2 did great this year. Started fishing the season on half days with #20 mono topshot and eventually full days with fresh #50braid backing and a short leader of my choice of line that day. Have the drag at strike set to 6.5 pounds, no issues with turning the handle. Sits on a phenix...
  135. Noms

    Akios reel question

    Thanks for the quick reply you guys. I've always wanted to try out a Akios Dynamo in orange.
  136. Noms

    Akios reel question

    How big is too big? I was think for calico bass and the occasional yellowtail.
  137. Noms

    Cousins gc65xl

    That is indeed what it is. Thank you very much. I know other manufacturers also label a blank different from a production wrapped rod. Good to know.
  138. Noms

    What was wrong with the Kencor swimbait /inshore? Couldn't tell from the sellers pictures...

    What was wrong with the Kencor swimbait /inshore? Couldn't tell from the sellers pictures. Guides were all beat up and uv damaged coat? I know you sold it, but how did it the action on it feel?
  139. Noms

    Phenix bd isa 760l $150

    Good price. Love mine for 15-17lb line.
  140. Noms

    Cousins gc65xl

    Picked up this blank for cheap but can't find any information about it online. The store had it label as a live bait rod. Looked in some cousins catalogs but didn't find this model. Found the closest model was a gc75. Any help is appreciated for the line ratings. Tip feels fairly light and the...
  141. Noms

    Busted penn warfare 20n. Anyone else?

    I'm actually looking for a 25n 1st or 2nd Gen to replace the warfare. The only way I've been able to secure my rods in my truck is to stick them in the cab and have half sticking out the window. I roll the window up as much as possible. This is a huge pain in the the ass to do. I have a 1995...
  142. Noms

    Busted penn warfare 20n. Anyone else?

    I already contacted them via email a few days ago. Just waiting for the response. I messaged daiwa about a reel problem last Friday and they already got back to me this morning And to everyone telling me to get a fathom. I do actually have higher end gear. But liked this cheap reel to not have...
  143. Noms

    Busted penn warfare 20n. Anyone else?

    Owned and used for the past two years. Only ever caught two yellowtail on it but caught plenty of the 3b on it. Was out on a half day last week and noticed the reel seat plate separated from the frame. Was hoping it would last a little longer than two years. Reel drag was good and smooth after...
  144. Noms

    Seeker lb 799 / seastalker ss 270h-8

    No problems. I should have explained that I peeled away the cork in my original post.The plastic layer is really bonded with the blank. Figured I'd just let it be and wrap new cork tape followed by cord and finish with heat shrink.
  145. Noms

    Seeker lb 799 / seastalker ss 270h-8

    What else would you like to see? A butt picture and the chrome boat line guide placement? Seems like the original cork tape handle was wrapped : plastic, corktape, plastic, corktape. I peeled it off because it was was super dirty and crumbling away in my hand.Saw the writing underneath.
  146. Noms

    Seeker lb 799 / seastalker ss 270h-8

    Anyone ever fish one of these with light jigs? Looks like it will make a good #25 pound live bait rod. Never heard of one till I bought one today.
  147. Noms

    Thrashers or Calstars

    Which blank did you end up getting for the slow pitch? Think I'm going to snag one up too.
  148. Noms

    Lexa 400 rod match

    I had my 400 with a clamp on a seeker 270h-8 and loved it. Now it mostly sits on a proteus 8ft mh.
  149. Noms

    Need more distance

    Look at what people in the UK and Europe do. UK anglers have beaches that require them to cast as far as possible. I was shocked how much effort they go through to surf fish. Makes appreciate being able to surf fish for perch, halibut and corbina locally with light gear.
  150. Noms

    Thrashers or Calstars

    I'm going to order at least 3. Trout blank, iron stick and last one I'll leave it up to them. Been looking at them for a couple of months. Let you guys know how they end up doing after fishing them.
  151. Noms

    Newer upgraded Daiwa Lexa 300hd

    I fished the first models of grey lexa 400 for over 2 years. My buddy has had it and fixed it for the last two years. If fished at max drag the bearing will get crushed. They fixed that on the new ones. Never had a problem with getting parts. Even a couple weeks ago my buddy was having issues...
  152. Noms

    Great deal on small flatfall-type lures!

    You just have to put up with the shipping wait time.
  153. Noms

    Sale withdrawn

    Decided to keep. Sorry guys.
  154. Noms

    New: PENN Low-Profile Baitcasting Reels

  155. Noms

    New: PENN Low-Profile Baitcasting Reels

    Thanks. Wouldn't mind it being a little bit smaller than the 400 lexa. Seems kinda early to say that. I'm mostly interested in the actual size comparison on a pole. And to see how well it fits with a aftermarket clamp.
  156. Noms

    New: PENN Low-Profile Baitcasting Reels

    Can you get a lexa 400 hd to compare to the penn 400?
  157. Noms


    Thanks for the tile jr
  158. Noms

    Custom seeker 540 w/dfp clamp

    What's the action on the rod like with 3 off the top and bottom? Is its sweet spot #40 line or 30?
  159. Noms

    Wtb 8-9ft jig stick San Diego

    Actually looking at a seeker version of this tomorrow. Thanks for the heads-up on this calstar version. I actually have a couple m&m wrapped rods. Good stuff.
  160. Noms

    Wtb 8-9ft jig stick San Diego

    Looking for a jig stick in okay shape. Don't need anything fancy over $300.
  161. Noms

    RCLB80L San Diego

    Bump. Still looking.
  162. Noms

    RCLB80L San Diego

    Looking for a RCLB80L deckhand style. Located in San Diego but willing to drive an hour for a deal.
  163. Noms

    NEW Custom Seeker 270H-8 $150

    You ever come down to San Diego?
  164. Noms

    Jack plate in San Diego

    Anyone have a jack plate they don't need anymore? Looking to buy one locally in San Diego.
  165. Noms

    Minn Kota Riptide Saltwater Series Trolling Motor

    You ever roll down to San Diego?
  166. Noms

    Delete - found motor

    Foubd motor. Please delete.
  167. Noms

    Rockfish candy ..News

    Got my order of flies in last week. Great seller, very prompt to ship and reply. Very very pleased with the flies. Look great and the hook is solid. Going to be ordering more in the future. Know for sure some of these are going to be given away.
  168. Noms

    Mixed gear

    You ever down near San Diego? Interested in the bay game or calcutta 200
  169. Noms

    Winter Spotties

    Gulp shrimp on a c rig. Fished slow. Strike king worm cut in half in pumpkin color on a drop shot. Or a small curly tail grub on a 3/8ths jighead or the lightest weight you can get away with. Had a night the other day where they bit nonstop from 8pm till 12. Had to move around and find them.
  170. Noms

    Everything! (TruLine, phenix, Seeker, lamiglas, Newells, daiwa, etc)

    Thanks for the phenix blank . Great seller and very friendly.
  171. Noms


    I have a shimano 4500 oc and would never take it on a public party boat. Are you looking at the new lt emcast models?
  172. Noms

    Bantam MGL in salt?

    13 fishing concept z is what I run in my kayak. Has survived two seasons and still is smooth. Fits my hands well and has more than enough line capacity with braid for bay fishing. It's also around $100 on amazon right now. Before that I used a daiwa aird Coastal for about 4 years. Only stopped...
  173. Noms

    Phenix Black Diamond 809H

    Wow great deal on the Tranx 200. What power handle did you add to it?
  174. Noms

    Line Recommendation for Lexa 400

    Mac Joe do you mean the coastal blue camo color?