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  1. Hotroddin

    Shout out to someone at Mudhole

    When I placed my last order, I left a note: "Draw a dinosaur on the box." This showed up today. Took me a second to realize WTF and then I laughed out loud. Good way to end a long week, thanks to the artist whoever they are.
  2. Hotroddin

    Rainshadow "Cat"fish Rods

    I'm a good 1,000 miles from the nearest tuna spot, so I have to settle for the biggest channel cats and wiper I can find. The old Zebcos were getting pretty creaky after 7 years of hard use, so I had Utmost and Voodoo send me some stuff so I could put together a proper set. Made sure to make a...
  3. Hotroddin

    Matching Rod Sets

    For those of you who have experience with building sets of matching rods, can you shed any light on your process? Do you build a rod from start to finish, then build the rest to match? Or do you complete a step on each rod before you move on to the next? Any other tips for keeping them all...
  4. Hotroddin

    Shoutout to Utmost

    Thumbs up to Utmost Enterprises for being a great Batson vendor to deal with. Literally every time I've ever ordered from them, I hang up the phone thinking, "Damn, that was easy." Good prices, fast shipping, great personal customer service, etc. I just solved a 2-week issue with a 45 second...
  5. Hotroddin

    Help: weird finish issue

    I'm about to fire this rod out a 4th story window :D I'm using D2 as always, same bottles as last build. On this rod, though, the dang finish on the guide wraps won't cooperate. Bunches up in spots, won't level, sags to the middle of the guides, pulls away from the ends leaving them bare, etc...
  6. Hotroddin

    Twin Batson RX-7s

    After seeing the stellar work some of you do with multiples, I thought "Hey, I can do that!" LOL I had no idea what I was in for, with multiple steps taking a lot longer as I made sure everything matched up. The guide wraps especially, took some re-dos. And that's while keeping it simple and...
  7. Hotroddin

    Does this bother anyone else?

    Spinning rod in the wrapping rack, no reel, guides straight down at the 6 o'clock position. Add the reel, and the whole rod rotates a few degrees clockwise due to the balance of the reel. Guides and spline are no longer at 6 o'clock, but a few degrees past. Does this bother anyone else besides...
  8. Hotroddin

    Kabuto spinning rod

    I waited anxiously all summer and received the Kabuto blank in September. Softer action than I'd prefer, but an interesting stick to work on. Not being a fan of fly fishing, I ended up with one of the super rare Kabuto spinning rods (hopefully Yasuyuki will still sell to me after this <label...
  9. Hotroddin

    Batson RX-8 5wt

    Nothing teaches rod-building humility like some macro photography (I'll touch a few things up before delivery tomorrow). Batson RX-8 blank, EVA grip and Bullard thread and finish. Seems to be a popular combo, as this is the third request I've had for this style.
  10. Hotroddin

    CLAG 4's

    I somehow ended up with a set of CLAG 4's...damn these things are tiny (one already went AWOL on me just pulling them out of the bag). Anyone used them and if so, what kind of build? They aren't going to work for the current project but I'd like to make use of them somewhere.
  11. Hotroddin

    Abalone/decals swap?

    I've got 2/3 sheet of White Angel Wing Paua from Anglers Envy, measures about 5.25"x6" (full sheet is 5.25"x9" and runs $35). Only needed a small amount and don't need the rest. I need some simple but rod-quality decals printed out (clear). Just text. Can't imagine it'd be more than 10 minutes...