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  1. stephen campbell

    Excel okuma trip surprise

    Any of you other long haul/fly in folks see Jason's Email? A bit late notice unless you knew something we didn't know.
  2. stephen campbell

    Okuma Excel trip shock

    Any of you other out of town folks that didn't know until just now we won't be allowed night before boarding? stack our stuff against the wall? wait for a cart? WOW-
  3. stephen campbell

    Hot Tuna 1978

  4. stephen campbell

    "Quick stop" for mackerel

    Where is the usual "quick stop" for mackerel on the way S for LR trips? Besides the receiver AH hahaha
  5. stephen campbell

    Current bait

    Have been watching the Everingham reports "4 to 7" plus some anchovy's. Now I fished a lot of chovies in the 50s and 60s no problem but didn't know any better hahahahaha
  6. stephen campbell

    Softening the sting.

    As I eluded too before, turns out at least the first week of our Monday departing trip will be full-on Victory at Sea conditions. For me it softens the sting of the cancellation.
  7. stephen campbell

    Stomach contents

    On these recent pick bite big fish trips has there been any stomach content checked on the ones caught?
  8. stephen campbell

    2 generations of Mustad 7691 20/0

    The original is a needle eye but body is the same as an original welded eye. The current is new purchased. Forging is a bit different but roughly, comparing thickness and width appears the wire was very similar in size as before forging as Mustad claims. Grinding produces sparks that are as...
  9. stephen campbell

    Makaira 20II SEa suprise while servicing.

    Barbara won a new mc20 on a big fish trip on the Excel. We pulled it open just to see inside (we are Penn fans). All fine lube in appropriate places. Fished it hard for 8 days, rinsing several times a day with spray bottle, full sink rinse at end of trip. When we got home I pulled it open, all...
  10. stephen campbell


    Friend, Jan Goldie, caught this bull in 1986 off San Blas Nar. MX
  11. stephen campbell

    Old School Penn

    C Check out this current photo from the big X , note the old school Penn! Good job, I use a Jigmaster for making bait.
  12. stephen campbell

    Down to wahoo

    This is really starting to be a disaster ! ahahaha We are down to eating Wahoo, all the Yellow Tail is gone. ! T
  13. stephen campbell

    The Big X stands up!

    If ya roll your $ over from cancelled Okuma trip to next year they will a 10% bonus to your standing account "because of all this mess" a mess that they had no control over. That is standing up!
  14. stephen campbell

    2014 tuna study in our S fishing area

    This may have been posted here before- For me, lots of insight on the YF habits in our S fishing areas. Fairly recent with hi tec monitoring ect. Horizontal movement, vertical movement and much much more hahahaha I will bring a paper and electronic copy on the upcoming Excel Dec 28 trip.
  15. stephen campbell

    Measuring hollow spectra "diameter"

    A fool's errand, right? In my short 5 years of LR fishing, by my own doing, I have ended up with too many unidentified partial spools of JB hollow. Some new, some have been fished, a lot or a little. First problem the new spools get the labels destroyed on my line winder and I haven't done the...
  16. stephen campbell

    If the Lower Banks go off-

    and you aren't there. Excel Thanksgiving 16 day trip in trouble, will run very lite but not this lite. If reports come in good soon I hope it can get enough folks to run. No Guadalupe permits this year so will be a shot to Lower and or Hurricane Banks and we will get 'em. Don't pass a chance...
  17. stephen campbell

    Could it be? 2005 Lower Banks fishing again!

    The Excel Pelagic 16 day leaving Thanksgiving may be running lite, lots of spots left. We ran with 21 last year. Nearly lonely on the big X hahaha Jason reports PV is on and the Intrepid has had some luck on the lower banks. Some of the boats out of Cabo, that will burn the fuel, have caught...
  18. stephen campbell

    Slightly loose reel seat

    on a heavy rod with Hypalon grip and butt. Best way, strip and re do the whole rod but, anything to try first. Drill a small hole for thinned epoxy by syringe? Just hopping for a "give it a try" idea.
  19. stephen campbell

    And now I try to be Him-

  20. stephen campbell

    Lower banks history.

    Has a cause and effect pattern been observed that relates to when the LB "turns on". Not just "when the bait shows up" ahaha A few years ago Nov plugged the boats with big ones, this year--- well Ya see. Thanks
  21. stephen campbell

    Big Bait

    I don't know how to post a vid but Ya can get the idea from these screen shots.
  22. stephen campbell

    Hurricane bank 9/4/2018

    9/4/2019 Spose this is why some call it Hurricane Bank
  23. stephen campbell

    Excel made big bait at home.

    Saw Excel didn't like the bait available so they made mackerel in the harbor. Anyone done this on a LR boat before?
  24. stephen campbell

    After catch care of current Bluefin

    With the amazing Bluefin catch lately how are the smaller local boats dealing with treating these biguns right? Some of the pics posted lately show some fish in what appears to be not so good shape.
  25. stephen campbell

    Small hook big fish

    First credit for photo from Seeker FB page. I haven't caught any "big " tuna and always wonder how 4/0 5/0 hooks, recommended for small bait, could work. I don't have any info for scale of this photo but it is definitely small hook big tuna. This one just looks like luck, or is this typical of...
  26. stephen campbell

    From Facebook

    One of those "extreme cases" that can cause failure even in the best.
  27. stephen campbell

    '69 at the Salton Sea

    Awhile back there was a discussion of our "Dead Sea" Here is a stringer from 1969.
  28. stephen campbell

    Lower Banks Magic

    I have only fished the LBs for a couple a days, seems it was long after this years magic was over. How is it fished when the magic is on? Run and gun, at anchor fly line, big bait, deep drop, kite? Much the same as the hurricane? Coming up we are booked on 16 days thanksgiving and will book...
  29. stephen campbell

    EX on 'em about here

  30. stephen campbell

    This year's storms

  31. stephen campbell

    Tensioning before serving

    Yes David (fissybuzz) I have learned your knot too! hahaha Too much time until my trip so the engineer in me led me to try and make old fashion wind-ons. This is 200# JB hollow, double line loop, 200# Momoi mono, scuffed with 1200 grit paper. Served with 50# Power Pro solid using knot...
  32. stephen campbell


    Anyone shipping the new Penns? Trophy Tackles lists them with no "pre order" statement.
  33. stephen campbell

    1st time for soup on the Excel

    That's right, "Soup" aka me will be on the Sogioka/Stires 8 day commin' up. Managed some Wahoo on my first LR trip last fall. Learned a lot and purposely used all my gear, 30,50,100 and 120 to get the feel of it for future trips. Heard this bunch is a place to learn much more, can't wait. My...
  34. stephen campbell

    Mustad 39950-BL vs 39950NP- BN

    Side by side, good micrometer, seems to me the BL, black lacquer and the BN, Black Nickle are the same. My research shows the BL are out of production. If Ya search the BLs are around way!!! cheap. What is the talk on the dock? For the purest the BL are made in Norway
  35. stephen campbell

    Heads Up Comic con in SD July

    July 20 - 23 if Ya are fishin' and need rooms may be a problem.
  36. stephen campbell

    Braid ratcheting crimper

    Has been mentioned that this tool is all stainless except the ratcheting mechanism, causing the expected rusting problem. I have seen color photos on "images" that show the ratchet made of stainless. Also a color photo in an Aussi catalog also shows it as stainless, all other on line dealers...
  37. stephen campbell

    New Cow reels?

    Rumors-- is a new line of "cow" reels in the works?
  38. stephen campbell

    New Rail Boss with Rail Dawg grip

    My new Rail Boss RR100 just arrived ----surprise! it has a Rail Dawg foregrip.
  39. stephen campbell

    Supreme 8 day 9/17 video

    I was on this trip and a Lad took a ton of video and was to post a link to the finished product. Any one have any info on this?
  40. stephen campbell

    Waiting for the carts-

  41. stephen campbell

    UV activated adheasives?

    3M LC1215 claims "low viscosity, very flexible bond" Anyone explore this or other like products for wind ons?
  42. stephen campbell

    First timer LR, Polaris 8 day

    All on board a bit disappointed the Hurricane prevented us continuing on to the Alijos when Tom announced we would be altering towards the S ridge. Rats! only 70+ wahoo first day on the ridge then the for the next 3 days fishing picked up hahahahah. For a 70 year old FNG it was a dream...
  43. stephen campbell

    Polaris Supreme 9-17 early start!!!! 0:700

    Preachin' to the choir? sorry, but I just got the call, and love spreading good news! Spose most of us will be there in the dark hahaha see Ya
  44. stephen campbell

    From Dad's tackle box

    This was the go to rig in my Dad's day for albacore in the late 50s and early 60s. Note the twist connection in the 7 strand wire. Anyone do this now? No doubt this was a machine tie but think I'll give it a try.
  45. stephen campbell

    How full with spectra?

    With spectra spooled tight how close to the top of the spool? Penn 50SW, 30VSX,Fathom 40NLD2
  46. stephen campbell

    Penn 850SS in action

    We spent many seasons sailing the Sea of Cortez Often dinner was caught on the troll with a 850SS, 15# line dragging a 5" freshwater broken back luer. I think this catch happened when this big guy chased something that was chasing my little lure. We were drifting over a pinicle in a strong tide...
  47. stephen campbell

    Mustads made in ????

  48. stephen campbell

    Poor mans splicing needles

    These are 12", 3 to a pack for $2.79 at Ace. I have seen other brands other places that may offer different sizes. The small one here fits 80# just tight enough. The larger is too loose for 100# but a tap in the middle with a hammer on a hard surface should be the adjustable alternative. Put a...
  49. stephen campbell

    Face to face near Tucson

    Going on my 1st long range on a big boat hahahaha ,Supreme 8 day next month. Any long rangers in Tucson area want ta talk fishing? In the Revillagigadoes many time assisting with whale research in our sailboat and fished a lot!
  50. stephen campbell

    New to the forum but not to Tuna and Wahoo

    I fished for many years from a 8' inflatable at Socorro, Clarion and San Ben. We were assisting in whale research from our sailboat. We knew most of the long range boats back then and I would always wave to the new bunch of anglers from my skiff.