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  1. blowncar

    Bluefin hoes or a Captain?

    I have a sportfisher in Ensenada and see that the SD fleet is out due west 40-45 miles from the harbor. I have never fished for bluefin but thinking its time to start. I have a kite, rigged yummies, shit load of flat falls and quality rods/reels. I'm lacking Helium, upgraded hooks/rigging on...
  2. blowncar

    Saltwater Electric reel for wife

    Need an electric reel for the wife. She loves to fish but is not a fan of fishing 300ft deep with 8-10 oz weights or jigs. Also what battery packs do you suggest? I'd prefer one she can carry on an over the shoulder pouch. 300-350ft is as deep as we would need to go. thanks
  3. blowncar

    Honda 50hp needs carb work

    My Honda 50hp outboard runs great except it idles roughly. Gas was left in it for an extended period of time at one point. Looking for a shop in SD area or someone on the board who can service the carbs and set correctly with sync. thanks james 559-901-2482
  4. blowncar

    30 amp and 50 amp power cords

    I have 2 power cords I'd like to sell: 25ft 50amp 125/250 Hubbell in nice condition $70 50ft 30 amp Marinco brand new in a bag $75
  5. blowncar

    Avet HXW 2 sp and a HXW Raptor

    Looking for the 2 reels above, must be in great condition, color not a real concern. I'll pay a fair price. pm please, Thanks
  6. blowncar

    Coming to Ensenada?

    If anyone is coming down to Ensenada and has room to throw on a set of outriggers, let's talk. I'm willing to cover e$penses for you.
  7. blowncar

    Avet SXJ Raptor for bigger Avet

    No longer available
  8. blowncar

    Full limit of weather in Ensenada

    Holy Fk we are getting blasted down here. Hard rain, hail and wind gust pushing 50, good to be in port!
  9. blowncar

    Just about everything, need to outfit a boat from scratch

    Buddy bought a sportfisher and has zero fishing equipment. Needs 10-12 used rod/reel set-ups; a few bait sticks, 50lb trolling, 80 lb trolling. Need marlin lures (headed south) feathers, jigs, gaffs etc. If someone is interested in selling large lots at fair prices please pm me. I read the "for...
  10. blowncar

    Sentri processing time

    Long time baja traveler but just now submitted for my sentri pass. How long should i expect to wait for the interview? I know covid has it slowed down, just curious what the current wait time is. thanks
  11. blowncar

    no longer available off to ebay

    I have 2 Penn 30's for sale. Both have fresh 80lb mono on top of 100lb braid. The 2 speed is $270 The single hasn't been used since serviced and has a new grip as well $225
  12. blowncar

    Okuma cedros jigging rods feedback wanted

    Recently picked up a second hand 7'0 spinning rod heavy action. Thought it would be nice to have on the boat for someone new, make it easier for them to bottomfish. I liked the way it felt so i bought another rod; casting 6'6 mh. After getting it and again being impressed with the apparent...
  13. blowncar

    G-loomis rod, what did i buy??

    Probably not vintage but figured someone here will know about this rod. It's 8 ft and dark brown. Only markings i can see are in pics below. Got it at a yard sale for $75. it's in nice shape and feels solid very for such a thin blank. Since it's rated up to 45lb i was thinking about mating it up...
  14. blowncar

    Penn's and Daiwa's

    I have 5 reels that i no longer use, they have just been boat riding for the past few years. They are functional and would make inexpensive backups. 2 Daiwa LD50H's, these have cast control. 1 doesn't have a rod clamp 2 Penn gls 25's 1 Daiwa sealine 50H star drag $120 for the lot
  15. blowncar

    Ensenada 10/14

    Limits of smaller grade yellowtails and a couple dorado today (80% trolling) within 5 miles of Banda Bank, 238 area didn't have much going on. Every day is boat limits but just not any bigger yt.
  16. blowncar

    Need a few Avets

    Looking for the following; EX 4/02 prefer blue EXW 4/02 prefer silver EX 5/02 sds prefer blue Pair of HXW 4.2 prefer gold/silver HXW 5/2 perfer purple Thanks, I have cash and/or trade stuff, your choice. james
  17. blowncar

    lil Raptor SXJ needs loving home

    Poor little guy has just been riding in the boat and getting no playtime. He needs a home where he can chase yellowtails, yellowfins, dorados and bluefins. Comes with full spool of 50lb braid. He has a few small marks from use 8-8.5 /10 in appearance. Sorry no box $270
  18. blowncar

    Ensenada 9-28

    Took my boat out today with a few friends. We were headed out to the banda bank and came across 2 smaller paddies that were holding some yellowtails (smaller grade but bigger than peanuts) we had made a few macs on our way out. As soon as we tossed a mac out it was game on. Macs and jigs were...
  19. blowncar

    Gamefisher crushing it in Ensenada

    A few of us that have boats here in cruiseport marina Ensenada got together and jumped on Gamefisher this morning. Left around 0430 got home 1830. We cruised out about 30-34 miles and started off slow. Mike and his crew kept making adjustments with the gear and we started picking up a dorado...
  20. blowncar

    15' fiberglass outriggers

    I believe they are Precision but they are not marked. They are complete with mounts and rigging. The poles are 2 piece and are just back from the shop after a light sanding and fresh coat of paint. I moved up to to a set of 34' so these need a new home. $700 now $550 now $500 Open for trades...
  21. blowncar

    Anyone up for removing rupp outriggers???

    Looking for someone who can remove and disassemble some 28 ft outriggers in HB. thanks
  22. blowncar

    Info needed on electric reels

    Fishing in 200-400' for bottom fish and wife is not happy cranking all that line back in. Looking to get her a decent little electric reel but have no experience with them. What do you recommend? Also I might as switch out the kite rod to electric while i'm at it, tanacom 750 looks about right...
  23. blowncar

    EpIrb your boat

    This Epirb came with the purchase of my boat. The battery is long past expired and needs replacing before use. I'm offering it to someone who needs one on a budget. Battery replacement if you send it in is about 60% the cost of a new one. I know some people change out the battery themselves and...
  24. blowncar

    shipping help?

    Need help getting a set of props (100 lbs each) from central ca. to Olympia in the next 2 weeks. Who do you recommend for pallet delivery? Of course if someone is making the trip already and wants to pick up a few $$'s that could work too.
  25. blowncar

    Epirb battery replacement time

    Anyone know of a rea$onable place/person to swap out the battery on my ACR global fix? The few on-line places I see are around $270. At that cost it's pretty much time to just trash can it since a 10 year vs 5 Epirb can be had for just a couple hundred more. Thanks
  26. blowncar

    La Salina update

    A new sailboat pulled into cruiseport marina yesterday. We chatted and he said he and his buddy had just gotten out of La Salina. Apparently they personally funded the dredging of the channel in order to get out, wasn't cheap. It will be interesting to see how long it remains passable.
  27. blowncar

    triple spreaders

    Need to upgrade from my fiberglass outriggers. Prefer triples might take doubles. Have cash, must be nice condition or better. thanks
  28. blowncar

    Full coverage insurance for mexico, year round stay?'s

    Looking to get full coverage/year round insurance for my 52' sf that i want to be keep in PV/Cabo for next 2-3 years. My current coverage only covers me to a few miles below Ensenada. The company I use doesn't even offer insurance past that point. Lot's of nice boats stay down there year...
  29. blowncar

    Match me a reel for new rod

    Picked up an okuma cedros 6' jigging rod 90-200 gram lure. I have a new daiwa bg4500 i could put on it with 50lb braid. Is this a good match or are there better choices (sorry no stellas or $800 spinners) .
  30. blowncar

    Furuno DFAX

    Just removed my Furuno fax-207 and looking to move it along. Works just needs paper, comes with mounting bracket. Pretty clean unit. I see them on ebay asking around $300. How about $150 to a good home? NOW $50 to bad home
  31. blowncar

    Sad morning in Ensenada

    We are on our 5-6 day of red tide inside Crusieport Marina and just starting a mass die off. Within the past 2 hours ton's of fish have began dyng off, sand bass, macks, perch and even halibut. F'n seagulls are in all their glory, getting so fat they can't fly. Only wish it had same effect on...
  32. blowncar

    Cameras and monitors for the boat??'s

    I would like to add cameras on the boat, couple in engine room, cockpit and flybridge. Would also like a split screen monitor in the helm and salon. Would like the ability to record as well, more for fun and monitoring underway than security. Ideas? Recommendations? Cost? thanks
  33. blowncar

    Sorry NLFS

    Cleaning out a few reels that I only have singles in. Tiburon conversion TLD 30 2 speed, very nice condition. Has 50lb mono, Has been used 2-3 times in past year. $240 Accurate 665H single speed 6/1 ratio very nice as well. Used 1 trip last year. $220 Great reels just outfitting the boat...
  34. blowncar

    sd micro chip compatible with lowrance

    Need a chip for my dingy's Lowrance elite 5 dsi that covers from so cal down to cabo. thanks
  35. blowncar

    Ensenada YT today

    Caught on jigs around the island
  36. blowncar

    Ensenada curfew

    Went downtown tonight and it's a ghost town. About 5% of the restaurants are open, all bars are closed even Hussongs :hali_parkutuli: Understand it's currently a "soft curfew" no penalty 9pm-6am. Sad but probably a good call. Either way; as soon as we get some good weather it's blue fin time...
  37. blowncar

    Kodiak bait tube hardware needed

    I bought a set of used tubes and the beveled spacers that the tubes hang on are shot out. Anyone know where I could buy some new ones? Kodiak's website and number don't work. thanks
  38. blowncar

    pv overnite ?s

    Are the boats fishing the tres maria's anchoring at night or a using sea anchor to control drift? Advantages of doing either?
  39. blowncar

    Looking for a few good Ensenada ho's

    Looking to build up a list of good fishing ho's for 2020. We are staying on our 52' sf in cruiseport marina (Ensenada) this coming year. We (wife and I) fish 1-2 times a week, usually with hired help so we can fish and kick back. At 52' we have a lot of extra room. Would prefer taking 2 that...
  40. blowncar

    plotter/fish finder for dingy

    no longer needed thanks
  41. blowncar

    Starman candy bar jigs?

    As in earlier post; I bought a bunch of older stock and I've been going through it. I found 3 Starman 112 jigs. These jigs are very light and are also stamped "candybar" on the back. Fish them or?
  42. blowncar

    Scabbler jig?

    Came upon this jig in a collection of old salas's. Never heard of it before. Anything special or just another one to tie on and send down? thanks
  43. blowncar

    Rod detectives weigh in

    Just picked up a pair of older trolling rods. They are 2 piece with Varmac stainless steel butts, round ball cut for rod holder. What are they? Worth anything? I was going to rewrap if worth it. Thanks
  44. blowncar

    2 Penn International 30's (inexpensive)

    Picked up 2 Penn older 30 internationals with some rods I wanted. I have no use for the reels so I'd like to move them along. They are functional just not beauty queens. Line is old mono so no value there. $100 each. Oxnard Ca.
  45. blowncar

    Little help with inventory

    Hopefully this is an okay spot to place this. A real estate lady I know helped clean out an older gentlemans estate and ended up with a bunch of gear. She does not know what she has but the written list from the owner looks like penn international 12, maybe 2 30's on roller trolling rods plus a...
  46. blowncar

    Onan MDJF parts

    Onan MDJF 20kw parts Rebuilt starter with new relay Raw water pump Coolant pump Sold boat so they are just gathering dust now. Always looking for rods and reels.
  47. blowncar

    Avon 310 dingy 9.9 hp Honda

    No longer Available
  48. blowncar

    15' para-tech sea anchor

    15' para-tech sea anchor, has never been used. Complete with bag, trip line and float. The 15' is rated for 30'-40' boats @25k pounds. Great safety item to have on board if caught in bad weather or disabled. Also slow your drift to a crawl if you like. $350 (which is less than 1/2 of new) Will...
  49. blowncar

    Labor Day = Penn Level Wind Weekend

    Making space, sell by Tuesday or I will have to leave them in storage for the winter. Penn Squall SQL30lw LH (left hand) comes with box and clamp, spooled with 50-60lb braid. Solid 9/10 $75 ***** into storage :( no longer available 3 Penn 330GTI reels. 2 are in pretty nice condition **(SOLD) 1...
  50. blowncar

    Sold boat have extra stuff

    Approximately 60' 50 amp 125 v 3 wire cord $75 2 used Marinco 50 amp male plugs (1) 50a 125/250 (1) 50a 125 $40 1 new Marinco 50 amp 125 female plug 6360 crn $60 2 new never removed from package (box's are worn) Stewart Warner oil pressure gauges $30 each or both $50 2 new SW water temp gauges...
  51. blowncar

    Safety gear; sea anchor & immersion suits

    Sold my boat before I had the chance to put these on board; 15 ft para-tech sea anchor (never used) with trip line floats and manual. Rated for up to 40' 25 ton boat. Only weighs about 22lbs complete, doesn't take much room. If you are going offshore this really should be part of your...
  52. blowncar

    Looking for Fishing Captain

    Looking for a Captain who has a lot of experience fishing the tres marias. Leave Mazatlan on my sportfisher and stay 2 days on the islands then return home.
  53. blowncar

    Hooks for medium sized lures?

    Fishing in area with sailfish and medium stripe marlin, rare but possible 300lb marlin and of course dorado. Need to rig up 25-30 new lures, large feathers and medium sized marlin. I have a enough Mustad 34007 8/0's on hand to do the job. Will these do they trick or do i need the mustads 7791s...
  54. blowncar

    survival suits cheap

    Just bought a sea anchor from a guy on 'the hull truth" website (private seller thread). He is also selling off several new survival suits for $50 each. Seems like a great deal , just passing the info on since many around here should have ss' on board.
  55. blowncar

    ryobi table saw

    Bought this saw for a project and no longer need it. $80 with the stand included. thanks
  56. blowncar

    10 foot stand up paddle board

    10' Kuko Hoe stand up board in nice condition. Comes with leash and paddle. We are going with inflatables to save space on the boat. $300 Would take nice Avet reel or heavy tuna stick in trade, up or down
  57. blowncar

    wtt ammo or firearms for rod building

    Would like to find someone local to build up my offshore rod arsenal. pm please
  58. blowncar

    Avet reel pairs

    Looking for a matched set of each; hxw's 30/2's 40/2's must be pretty clean, thanks
  59. blowncar

    New Tanacom 1000 cheap THIS IS A SCAM

    Delete please, thanks
  60. blowncar

    Quicksilver new fuel strainer kit

    Left over from outboard days, brand new. If you have a merc you should always carry a spare, don't find out the hard way like i did :(. $25 free shipping thanks james
  61. blowncar

    2 new mercury quicksilver flo-torque II pro hubs

    I have 2 new prop hubs left over from my outboard days. $30 for the pair, ocean shores James
  62. blowncar

    Sea Anchor overnight?'s

    Looking for a little insight on those who have used a sea anchor/drogue to maintain their sportfisher's position overnight. My boat is 42' and I want to do several overnight trips. Wondering how much drift to expect, less roll, etc?
  63. blowncar

    People, jeez

    Forecast called for "sporty" ocean conditions at Ocean Shores today. Went down to the breakwater to take a peek. Blowing 30+ and big 14-20 waves at time. Of course some dumbass parents are allowing/participating with their kids; climbing on the breakwater. Several got a good soaking, luckily...
  64. blowncar

    Maz today

    Well we were headed out for bottom fish and to try our new mexico style anchor for the rocks. First off weather forecast was a lie lol. Was supposed to be 2ft @12 second and 6-9 knots till noon. Add 10 knots to that estimate and double the swell at half the time, sloppy. We managed a few nice...
  65. blowncar

    maz yesterday

    Took the boat out, flat seas and beautiful weather. Fishing has been 24-35 miles off shore so we had a bit of a cruise. Picked up a 20lb dorado early and a double dodo hook up 14/10 a bit later. Too bad we didn't have some live bait as a few bigger dodos came to the boat as we reeled the pair...
  66. blowncar

    Maz; fishing turns into catching

    With a favorable weather/sea report and recent catches of yellowfins by a few locals we decided to head out yesterday morning. Reports had tuna 25-35 miles out. The weather was great low 70s with slight breeze. Ocean was water ski flat 5 miles offshore. We worked our way out to about 35 miles...
  67. blowncar

    50a 125v shore power cord

    Looking for a 25ft or longer 50 amp, 125 volt power cord. pm please thanks
  68. blowncar

    fishing areas around mazatlan

    Crossing from Cabo to Mazatlan this weekend, should be offshore mazatlan about 20 miles at day break. I can't find any info on banks or good fishing areas, any suggestions? Might as well fish half day before pulling in.
  69. blowncar

    Sjdc headed out Monday have room

    Anybody around wanting to fish Monday?
  70. blowncar

    Allison M (L) 20 transmission

    Running take out off my boat, case had corrosion at the canister filter boss and needed a patch. It was running fine at the time and upon removal the transmission internals look great. $1800 can deliver to so cal. Will take fishing gear in trade as well. thanks 559-901 24 eight2
  71. blowncar

    pair of bent butt rods

    looking for a matched set if i can find or 2 singles 80lb up 130lb. Not interested in super hi end just a good solid set. thanks pm please yes i have cash
  72. blowncar

    quality stuff wts/wtt

    All gone......... thanks
  73. blowncar

    need part drop off spot in SD

    looking for a BD'r to lend a hand. sitting on my boat in Ensenada and making a parts list. Nothing big or shady just zincs , overhead rod rack etc. most of the stuff i need to order and have shipped. after everything comes in i could drive up and pick it up. favor is good for a free marlin...
  74. blowncar

    Curious, marina questions PV

    Okay I've been reading about saltwater crocs in PV. If they are in the harbor who in the heck is getting in to the water to clean the bottoms of the boats? Also can I get some feedback/ratings on the local marinas? If we were wanting to to stay 5-6 months on or boat what's the best choices? Thanks
  75. blowncar

    Are you fnn kidding me?

    Just saw a notice up at the Ocean Shores post office. Seems whoever is in control of fire restrictions has made it illegal to use charcoal in your BBQ at your own home. I thought it was just poorly written but upon checking with the local fire department and the Greys harbor fire captains...
  76. blowncar

    Kite on downrigger?

    I have an electric programmable downrigger. I am consider spooling it up with some braid and flying the kite off of it, anyone else doing it? Rather not have to spend $$$ for a dedicated electric reel.
  77. blowncar

    7 day to Mazatlan need 1 maybe 2

    Leaving Ensenada last week of November headed to Mazatlan with experienced Mexican delivery captain. So far its captain plus me and wife in well outfitted 42sf. Plan on running straight through but if fishing is good at magbay we might layover a day or so. Looking for experienced fisherman who...
  78. blowncar

    Auto inflate life jacket ?s

    Thinking about adding a few to the boat. I want whoever is going to the bow while underway to always have one on and anyone on deck when running at night. What brands and models do you suggest?
  79. blowncar

    Mini 14 for gear

    Have a nice mini, wood stock, tripod, scope , tactical case and about 8 magazines. Looking for a 4-6 person liferaft and a 4-9 Hp 4 stroke outboard for my dingy. Would consider trades for Avets and Accurates as well. Cash up or down, thanks
  80. blowncar

    para tech

    Looking for para tech or similar for 42 35k sportfisher. Thanks
  81. blowncar

    boat fenders and covers

    Looking for a few fenders for 42' boat. Would like covers too. Thanks James
  82. blowncar

    Grays harbor county , nice?

    Interested in possibly getting a summer home near the ocean. Prices seem pretty affordable. How would you rate Westport Ocean shores Aberdeen Hoguiam Any other nearby places to check out? Thanks
  83. blowncar

    WTB Onan mdjf parts

    Looking mainly for coolant pump and raw water pump. Thanks
  84. blowncar

    WTB reverse y power adapter

    I need an adapter, 2 30 amp dockside plugs to a single 125/ 250 plug. James 559 901 2482 or pm. Thanks
  85. blowncar

    Dock /boarding steps

    Have a set of steps I no longer have a use for. Nice condition made of heavy fiberglass. $70 or trade for fishing tackle. Located in SD.
  86. blowncar

    The TIP tap dance,

    Went to Ensenada yesterday (by taxi) to get my boats TIP. I wanted to get it done before taking the boat to Cabo a few weeks from now and to avoid any snags that would delay us. Glad I did. Boat had an existing TIP that previous owner provided to me during the sell. I had my coast guard docs...
  87. blowncar

    Dredge/ teasers

    Looking to add some dredges to the arsenal. What seems to work, squids, ballyhoo, the tuna flip flaps? Colors? Thanks
  88. blowncar

    New tuna tubes

    I got tired of trying to buy a used set of tuna tubes, not cheap but I couldn't stand to pay $700 plus for a new pair of kodiaks. They don't look that nice and certainly seem overpriced for what they are. Decided to make my own complete with mounting and plumbing for what a pair of plastic...
  89. blowncar

    Colt sniper questions

    I have read a lot if reports of people catching tuna on these jigs. However I am not familiar with them at all. I will be fishing in cabo/ mazatalan area for yellowfin /amberjacks and white bonito. Jigging is usually 75 -200ft down. What would be a good assortment to start off with?
  90. blowncar

    Striped Marlin for sale?? WTH?

    I live outside Boise Idaho and went to my local Winco (like Food 4 Less) today. Passing by Seafood counter and I see that they are selling striped marlin for $12.98 lbs. Since when are they selling Marlin? At that price it makes a pretty good deal for whoever is catching them, only encouraging...
  91. blowncar

    Need ac's serviced

    Looking for someone who can come to the boat in SD and service the Ac units. I believe they just need to recharged but want to make sure there are no other issues. Thanks
  92. blowncar

    Need sd card for baja/cabo/mazatlan

    I have an Simrad EVO 2 and I am headed south this winter. It doesn't look what's loaded on it has detail much south of SD. What do i need? I see that navionics has a sd card Msd 644p that looks like it covers the right areas. Any other options? Thanks
  93. blowncar

    Need a Captain

    If wrong forum sorry about that. I need a Captain to help me move my sporty to Ensenada. Leave late night arrive in am and grab shuttle back to SD. Boat is rock solid with all safety gear on board and in great shape. Pm please. Thanks
  94. blowncar

    Offshore Saw a big fish today, he was hungry.

    About 35 northwest of SD harbor we saw something odd on the water. As we got closer it looked like a very big sea lion had given up the ghost and was floating. About that time we saw Mr. Ghost appear and claim a couple really big pieces of meat. As we got within 100 feet he began his patrol...
  95. blowncar

    Headed out at 10 tonight from sd

    Need 1 guy, 42ft sporty. Going 40 out or so. Be back to dock by 6pm Saturday . non smoker. Pm thanks
  96. blowncar

    Honda 7.5 4 stroke short shaft for parts.

    Picked this up for my kicker. Put new impeller in and went through carb . Unfortunately seller forgot to mention he had ran it with completely shot impeller and cracked block. My loss maybe somebody can gain. I am going to part it out if anyone needs pieces . pm what items you might need, thanks.
  97. blowncar

    Looking for a bunch of mexico going ho's

    Taking our 42 ft sportfisher down to Mazatlan this winter. Wouldn't mind adding a few ho's every now and then to help cover the cost. We have plenty of tackle on board so no need to bring anything provided you treat it properly. Fair share would be a lot less than a charter. Couple drinks =...
  98. blowncar

    Coming to Mazatlan need some boating info.

    Closed the deal on my new (to me) 42 sportfisher. We plan on coming down last week of November. I have a small arsenal of tackle but no kite or tuna tubes yet. I've been fishing San Jose Del cabo past few years in smaller boat but want to try something new. So I have a few questions. Marina...
  99. blowncar

    Anyone on board do AC installs?

    Been looking at 2 36ft sportfishers neither has AC. Both have big enough generators to run 1-2 AC's. Boat will be going to live in Cabo /Lapaz area and wife demands a cold cabin to sleep and cool one during the fishing day. I see the kits for sale and they don't seem too pricey. What would be...
  100. blowncar

    Delivery/ fishing captain to cabo recommendations?

    Still in the market for a new boat . Looking at 35 cabo express, 36 luhrs convertible or similar. Would like to find a few options on a delivery captain. Looking for someone to teach us as we go. Thanks
  101. blowncar

    Satellite tv on your boat?'s

    I know several of you have boats in Cabo, PV etc. I am wondering what type of satellite you are running and what service. I know there is a direct tv Latin and sky mexico? We are getting a larger boat with a salon and plan to stay 2-3 weeks at a time on it when we come down. I don't want to...
  102. blowncar

    Anyone want to fish jsdc tomorrow??

    Wife is taking the day off to shop,,, so I have plenty of room.
  103. blowncar

    Two months in baja

    Started our trip Thursday morning from Chula vista. Hit the border at 430 am and was able to get immigration paper work done within 5 minutes. Easy drive to Ensenada but takes forever to clear the area. No real travel issues and we make it to Santa Rosalia before sunset. First time actually...
  104. blowncar

    Little help / info please

    Considering bringing up my 30 sportfisher from cabo. Looking at leaving it in a slip in Washington during summer and fall. I live in Idaho and would come over and fish 2-3 days a couple times a month. What area/marina would you suggest? Paying $ 650 for dry storage now and it looks like it is...
  105. blowncar

    San Jose Del Cabo fishing room Oct/Nov/Dec

    My wife and I plan on coming down mid October and staying 2 months. I have a 30ft sportfisher in pureto los cabos and we will be out,, alot. If a BD member would like to join in and help offset fuel some, we have room for you.
  106. blowncar

    Looking for Lapaz storage info

    I have my Pro-line 2950 in SJDC dry storage. They have raised the rates and it is over $525 a month with no service other than storage. Goes over $600 for 2 launchs per month. I have noticed places in the Lapaz charging about $125 or less for 30ft boat storage. I remember seeing an offer to...
  107. blowncar

    Fishing is hoooottttt in Cabo

    Yesterday we took 6 good yellowfins (25-30lbs) at inner Gordo banks and could have had many more but newbie got very sick and we went back in @9;45. Bar trip to Cabo today and we watched the fleet come in. Average was 2-5 marlin and 4-8 dorados. Some boats had 5 marlins plus dorados and one boat...
  108. blowncar

    SJDC fishing this week

    After the storm passed Tuesday we got out, Wed, Thurs and today. Went to Iman bank and payed the price, very windy and rough. 1st day Lobo took our first Wahoo, had to fight to get the head and Maurador back. Picked up a 40lb Wahoo a bit later, bite died @ 830. Wed was better 4 wahoo @...
  109. blowncar

    wanna fish SJDC? share expenses?

    I will be headed back down around the 2nd week of September and staying for 2-3 weeks. My wife and I will be fishing or 30ft sportfisher out of Pureto Los Cabos several times each week. I have a local Captain, tons of gear and the boat is safe, fast and dry. Looking for 1-2 persons max who...
  110. blowncar

    Rock Cod rigs

    I have 24 new in the package Rock Cod rigs. 80lb, (5) 6/0 hooks with swivel and snap swivel. I'll take $45 and ship for free. james 559-nine01-2482 thanks
  111. blowncar

    JSDC fishing May 2-13

    My wife and I will be fishing out of SJDC on my 30 ft sportfisher 7-8 times during the next 2 weeks. Anyone interested in fishing and sharing some fuel cost?
  112. blowncar

    Marlin on

    After several days of strong wind off San Jose Del Cabo it finally laid down some yesterday. Since the weather report looked good we headed out. Put lures and ballyhoo in 2 miles off Palmilla. After an hour or so we landed a Dorado (12lbs). A few hours later a Marlin hit our outside lure and...
  113. blowncar

    Great hotel in San Jose Del Cabo for fisherman on budget

    We just spent 10 days at the Maria Mar hotel and it was an outstanding bargin (even in high season). The hotel is in Terrace of Azul right across from Mykonnas. It is up on a hill with views from Punta Gorda to Los Cabos. 1.5 miles to the mega store and beginning of downtown area. This place is...
  114. blowncar

    great fishing action @ SJDC

    Fished out of JSDC today. Good crew and great weather. Nothing big but good tuna bite near San Luis bank and a several smaller Dorado hitting Rapalla's and Ballyhoo's on the way there and back. Struck out on Wahoo but others didn't. Doesn't get much better!
  115. blowncar

    wanted fuel bladder gas

    Looking for 100-200 gallon unit. james 559-901-2482
  116. blowncar

    insurance questions

    Bought a Proline WA 2950 (30 ft) and a trailer. Looking to take it to San Jose Del Cabo and leave year-round in dry storage facility. Which insurance company(s) would you suggest for full coverage? thanks
  117. blowncar

    san jose del cabo 11/16-11/25 want to fish

    Wife and I will be in SJDC for 10 days and we are looking to charter a small/med cruiser for 3 days. Would not mind spilting with 1-2 others on 2 of the 3 days. Who should we book with? thanks
  118. blowncar

    wtb aftco roller bearings

    Looking for new wheels, axles, sleeves and screws. Where is the best place to find them at?
  119. blowncar

    looking for Captain/fishing guide

    About to buy twin diesel boat in 32-36 ft range. Would like to take to Ensenada to have a few things done first. Afterwards I wish to take it to the East Cape. Looking for a Captain to take it down and train me to operate it while we go. Also want to learn how to properly rig and fish for...