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  1. Noms

    Maverick surface iron

    Picked this one up along with some other older irons from a storage flipper. Can't find any information about it. Any one care to school me?
  2. Noms

    So who's boat was that on the 905 in San Diego?

    Saw the aftermath of the accident on the 905. Heard the driver wasn't wearing a seat belt. Hope his okay. Boat looked in slightly better shape than the truck.
  3. Noms

    Stolen rod in San Diego

    I haven't even had this rod for over a week. Just got it wrapped up.Went out fishing tonight 2/14/21 and afterwards stopped by a outdoor bar in spring valley for a 30min drink. Rod was taken from the back of my truck. It's a very distinct rod with yellow bands with a yellowfin tuna sticker on it...
  4. Noms

    Wrapped united composites CE 800 Mag

    Looking for a wrapped factory or custom CE 800 Mag. I'd be open to any other uc rods that fish 25-30lb. Looking for something to replace a classic series seeker 270h-8 I sold. Willing to pick up in and around San Diego County.
  5. Noms

    Resell - Okuma makaria 801xh 8ft 30-50 $60

    Bought from a member on here for 60$, looking for $60 or trade for an inshore spinning rod rated up to 3-4oz. Did over an hour of casting with it at the pier. Like how my other jigsticks feel and throw jigs better. Looks like tip has been replaced but it's still factory length. X rap in good shape.
  6. Noms

    Seeker stealth mgc series model 7025 - $110 San Diego

    Just got back from squidco. They replaced a couple cracked guides, including the tip. Specs and condition shown in the pictures. Couple nicks in the clear coat, scratches on reel hood and gash on the bottom part of handle foam. $110obo
  7. Noms

    Two seeker stealth mgc series 6050 $180 both - San Diego

    Up for sale are a pair of two seeker stealth mgc series model 6050. Line rating and specs are in the pictures. Just replaced the cracked guides on both rods and they are ready to fish. Some wear on the foam handle, scratches on the reel hood, and clear coat but nothing grave. $180 for both or...
  8. Noms

    Trolling rod Seeker A 660XH-6 RS/RT $50 San Diego

    Needs work to be back fishing. 3 guides missing and a chip in the clear coat. What you see is what you get. $50 obo located in San Diego
  9. Noms

    Cousins gc65xl

    Picked up this blank for cheap but can't find any information about it online. The store had it label as a live bait rod. Looked in some cousins catalogs but didn't find this model. Found the closest model was a gc75. Any help is appreciated for the line ratings. Tip feels fairly light and the...
  10. Noms

    Busted penn warfare 20n. Anyone else?

    Owned and used for the past two years. Only ever caught two yellowtail on it but caught plenty of the 3b on it. Was out on a half day last week and noticed the reel seat plate separated from the frame. Was hoping it would last a little longer than two years. Reel drag was good and smooth after...
  11. Noms

    Seeker lb 799 / seastalker ss 270h-8

    Anyone ever fish one of these with light jigs? Looks like it will make a good #25 pound live bait rod. Never heard of one till I bought one today.
  12. Noms

    Sale withdrawn

    Decided to keep. Sorry guys.
  13. Noms

    Wtb 8-9ft jig stick San Diego

    Looking for a jig stick in okay shape. Don't need anything fancy over $300.
  14. Noms

    RCLB80L San Diego

    Looking for a RCLB80L deckhand style. Located in San Diego but willing to drive an hour for a deal.
  15. Noms

    Jack plate in San Diego

    Anyone have a jack plate they don't need anymore? Looking to buy one locally in San Diego.
  16. Noms

    Delete - found motor

    Foubd motor. Please delete.