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  1. caballo del mar

    First trip to Alaska-Yakutat

    Silvia and I went on a trip to Yakutat, Alaska. We fished the Ankau Bridge the first day and saw Silver Salmon swimming under the bridge but no one caught any that day. Other people said up to 18 Silvers have been caught there within the last week. The next day we fished the Situk River which...
  2. caballo del mar

    Mexican Liability Insurance

    Do you carry Mexican Liability Insurance on your boat when you use it in Mexico or is my American Boat Insuarance good enough that covers me like 90 miles into Mexico?
  3. caballo del mar

    Bluefin Trip Canceled.

    Just got a call from H and M Landing canceling my bluefin trip this Friday. I was told they can’t have more than 10 people on the boat including crew. Definitely a bummer since the bluefin were biting. I guess there’s more important things than a limit of bluefin. Not many. I’m sure it will...
  4. caballo del mar

    Arhnklin River

    Has anyone fished this river near Yakutat? I have a reservation with Bob Fraker in early September. He has a jet boat. The Silvers are suppose to be running.
  5. caballo del mar

    Offshore Yellowfin?

    Royal Star claims a boat caught 50 yft locally a couple of days ago. Anyone heard about this?
  6. caballo del mar

    Penn Fathom 15LD2

    I used this reel with 30 lb. at Guadalupe last week and killed the tuna with it. My tuna averaged 38 lbs.with fish to 50 lb. Did get smoked by a couple of bigger ones but it casted those small sardines well.
  7. caballo del mar

    Sinker Fish

    I caught this tuna while straightening out my line with this sinker attached at Guadalupe Island recently. There was no bait on the hook. This is a first for me.
  8. caballo del mar

    Contact info for Captain Lora

    Does anyone know how to contact Captain Lora of Fortuna Sportfishing? I contacted him on instant messaging about 3 months ago but don’t know how to reach him to confirm a reservation. I don’t think the phone number on his website.
  9. caballo del mar

    Surf Fishing in front of Linda Mar-PV

    Has anyone done any surf fishing In front of Lindo Mar Resort in Puerto Vallarta? I will be going there in October and it looks kinda fishy.
  10. caballo del mar

    American Angler Tuna

    The American Angler website said they caught 21 tuna between 70 and 130 lbs. We’re these caught at the Lupe or down below? I’m leaving Saturday on 7 day.
  11. caballo del mar

    Searcher Gets a Cow at the Lupe

    The Searcher got a 205 lb. YFT at Guadalupe. Some boats are recommending 30 and 50 size reels at the Lupe.
  12. caballo del mar

    TIP at the Coronado Islands

    Is the Mexican Navy really checking for TIP at the Coronado Islands? I've been ther 3 times with the FMM and have not been checked yet so I have no experience on what they ask for. How much does TIP cost and do need new one every time you go?
  13. caballo del mar

    Going Fishing in Cabo

    Does anyone have any recommendations for Charter in Cabo? I'm going the first week of October and looking for a reasonably priced Charter for a day. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  14. caballo del mar

    Wahoo bait leaders

    What pound test wire leaders are you using for live bait on the Ridge and Alijos Ricks? Thinking of using Knot2kinky.
  15. caballo del mar

    Wahoo bait leader length?

    How long do you typically make your wahoo bait leaders? I'm thinking 18" to 24". I know the wahoo eat it deep on occasion.
  16. caballo del mar

    Cowbell trolling lure

    I'm thinking of purchasing a Ballyhood Banchee Cowbell trolling lure. Which is the better model to get the full size one or the Jr. I think the Jr weighs 32 oz. What is the preferred color. Any experience?
  17. caballo del mar

    80 or 100 spectra for 80lb. flouro

    Is it better to use 80 or 100 lb. spectra for 80 flouro? Hope to fish the Lupe.
  18. caballo del mar

    Calstar 770 xh for 80

    Is the Calstar 770 xh a good 80 lb. rod?
  19. caballo del mar

    Fishing south of the Islands. FMM?

    I want to fish south of the Coronado Islands. Probably the Hidden Bank. Do I need to stay 12 miles from the Islands to be clear of the FMM area while traveling?
  20. caballo del mar

    Coronado island Reds

    I went to Coronado Islands for the second time in two weeks. Both trips we caught limits of reds and this time we caught 12 small yellowtail around South Island. Last time we caught 13 yellows. Mostly on deans.
  21. caballo del mar

    Reds and Tails at the Nados

    Went to the Coronado Islands for a limit of Reds and 13 small Yellowtail. Had a great time and some of the best Rockfishing I've seen in long time. Left them biting. Then went yellowtail fishing. Good day. Home at 5:00.
  22. caballo del mar

    reentry form

    Does anyone know where I can download a declaration reentry form for fish?
  23. caballo del mar


    Josie Lynn Overnight 1 Yellowtail, 5 Bluefin I wonder where these were caught? Tanner?
  24. caballo del mar

    FMM question

    i am having a little trouble filling out my FMM for the first time. Where does the Setram number come from in the first column. Is it generated from Setram?
  25. caballo del mar

    La Jolla Rockfish

    Took the boat out with a few friends to test the local Rockfish area. Ended up with a pretty good day of assorted Rockfish and a couple of Sculpin. Weather was good, there was a little wind later in the day. I know,I wasn't out there and I didn't catch these fish.:-)
  26. caballo del mar

    Offshore Offshore requirements

    Can someone tell me what is required to fish offshore in Mexico? I have not been out in a while. Do I still need a visa to fish within 20 miles of coast?
  27. caballo del mar

    Makaira 15 Upgrade

    Where can I take or send my Makaira 15 for the upgrade? I live in San Diego.
  28. caballo del mar

    Accurate BX2 30

    Accurate BX2 30. Used on one trip. Excellent condition. 100lb. hollow spectra. $460
  29. caballo del mar

    Accurate BX239

    Accurate BX2 30- used on one trip, like new, 100 pound hollow spectra $500
  30. caballo del mar

    Accurate BX2 30 and Tiagra 50w lrs

    1) Accurate BX2 30-used on one trip and caught 3 fish. 100 hollow spectra. excellent condition. $500 2) Tiagra 50 w lrs-200 lb. spectra excellent condition. $375
  31. caballo del mar

    Tiagra 50w lrs

    Tiagra 50w lrs excellent condition 200lb. spectra $400
  32. caballo del mar

    Accurate BX2 30

    Accurate BX2 30. Excellent condition. Been on one trip. 130 hollow spectra. $525
  33. caballo del mar

    BX2 30 and 50 Cow reels?

    Are the BX2 30 and 50 reels good for catching cow tuna?
  34. caballo del mar

    Avet 30w for Cow Tuna

    I am going down on a 9 day fly back on the Searcher on Dec. 1st. Do you think a 30W is big enough for the cows down below? I want to put 135 lb. spectra and 100 lb. topshot on it. I like the idea of a smaller reel. It produces 35#'s of drag at strike. I know they are catching 300 lbers. I...
  35. caballo del mar

    Q 105 8 day

    Just returned from a 8 day on the Q-105. We started fishing the first day on the 213 bank for nothing. The next day found us 180 miles from Point Loma and we caught a few yellowtail under paddies as well as 1 small yellowfin. We went to Cedros where yellowtail fishing had been good and found...
  36. caballo del mar

    Calstar 700MH

    Does anyone know the rating on a Calstar 700MH? I'm thinking of building one.
  37. caballo del mar

    Searcher 5 day

    Just returned from the Searcher 5 day. We had good albacore fishing the first and second day. My father, my 2 buddys and I got limits of albacore. We went from spot to spot chasing bird schools and breaking fish. Some would bite and others would not. Most people scored a good amount of albacore...
  38. caballo del mar

    Guadalupe Permits

    The Long Range boats have gotten there permits to fish Guadalupe. The Royal Polaris is headed there right now. I hope they have good luck as I am leaving on 5 day on the Searcher leaving Sunday.
  39. caballo del mar

    Cows on Southern Banks

    Looks like the cows are starting to bite on the southern banks. The Vagabond got one at #245 last week and the American Angler has hooked and landed some up to #267. Yesterday they hooked 10 and landed 5. The day before they landed 3. Fish are between #180 and #267 so far. The trips coming up...
  40. caballo del mar

    Good Results with WFSF

    Just returned from a 7 day and have been reading about the results from WFSF company. I e-mailed Mike prior to leaving on my trip. When I returned from my trip, Mike was waiting for me. Me and my father had about 700 lbs. of fish processed. The cost was .10 cents a lb. I was very happy to pay...
  41. caballo del mar

    truck left at ramp

    I sold my old boat to a friend who was so excited about going fishing he left his truck and trailer parked at the Shelter Island launch ramp. When he returned it had been towed (thank god, high tide?) :)