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    Offshore Kite fish question

    You offer to hook and hand any of the 4?
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    why so many silly/stupid/dumb posts on peoples's why... ^ Here's the tree.
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    What are the coordinates for rockfishing the lower 9?

    Doesn't fishing the lower 9 without docs involve getting chased by Mexican gunboats? I'd rather fish at Costco!
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    Inshore 6/5 shoe

    Hoarkin' big Sandovals! Great job, Pops! Yeah. 405 has been coarse the last few days.
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    Is this a thing? (photo)

    OP... Just a little FYI: Yes, it is a thing. I have seen guys fishing with tags and saran wrap on their rods. I think they are hoping to test the rod and then if they don't like it, pass it off as "BNIB" condition if they resell it. Despite it having been fished. Buyers, be aware of curled...
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    Hauling a 12 fiberglass boat in the back of a Mid Size SUV?

    We've done the cartop thing: Not happening again. Think about a utility trailer.
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    NWTF JAKES sign up 6/1.....get your kids signed up!

    I texted, do I need to do anything additional?
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    Preventing theft on party boat

    * Don't take your best stuff on local trips * If you take nice stuff, keep your eyes on it, and have your CDL taped inside sideplates and tucked in behind buttcaps *If it's an open party trip on a sketchy boat, also tape CDL both sides of under reel foot/on seat. Tape over with clear packing...
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    Offshore Beautiful Day for a Ride. 6/1 Coronado Canyon to the 302.

    Try onion powder in the brine, too! We bake them in a similar marinade w/o the salt.
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    Considering Kayak Purchase

    Bow first. Bow seaward on return too, paddling backwards. This way you can abort and paddle back out if you see a huge set.
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    Inshore Redondo Canyon, 5-28 to 5-298

    I know most people hate to see their pride and joy hanging from a pair of nylon slings, but they have decent rates, and eons of history doing it.
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    Inshore Redondo Canyon, 5-28 to 5-298

    Owed one of my kids a birthday trip. He was so fired up to go, it was like one one of those overhead pitches that Little League hitters swing at. Launched before midnight. Shared my test run and gave a Mexican bystander a little 300 yard run in the harbor. Offloaded the bystander and we took...
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    18' Cat for SB to Channel Islands

    It should be really economical for solo fishing? Or you and a kid or dog. Don't expect dancing horses if you bring a big adult and a full load.
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    Monday fishing 5/31?

    Earlier you go, less morons you'll encounter.
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    Outboard motor floods after trailering

    We do this at the end of every trip, regardless. You don't want gas hanging out in your carb between trips. Ethanol eats stuff! Plus the varnishes, gum, oxidation, etc. All that stuff can mess with your jets. We run it with the hose disconnected. Then we put on the choke after it runs out...
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    WTF is level 37?

    hit Level 42 and you get a Mark King bass solo!
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    Best Budget Hobie to Fish La Jolla

    Why not a cobra, or scupper pro?
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    Goleta Pier Info?
  19. FishinMcNuggets

    Options When Outboard Won't Start

    In a pinch I have started gas engines on propane, mostly using a propane torch setup. Using extreme caution, a feed line connected to a tank or canister could be used to direct a low flow of gas into your intake to diagnose a fuel supply issue, or help with a hard start situation.
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    Old Cheap i/o boat for fishing SoCal

    Do you have a tow vehicle already?
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    Fin Nor Fin Nor reels maintenance shop?

    Call Pete at Just Fishing in Redondo Beach.
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    Considering Kayak Purchase

    There's a scupper pro TW on CL at $850
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    Ridesharing to Catalina, 5-15 or 5-16

    Seriously, just crickets? We'll even go for someone's shakedown cruise, just give us an hour at the cove?
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    Diesel tank cleaning

    Like he spoke of, but first cycle of gas, second of e85 to scare any leftover varnish out.
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    Diesel tank cleaning

    Bob, what about one cycle of gas, one of E-85?
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    Newbie out of Huntington

    OP last year. Just Sayin'...
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    Need to get this off my chest DAIWA

    How did the frame get bent?
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    Trolling planers for bluefin?

    May wanna look into "torpedo divers" used DEEP for salmon on the great Lakes.
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    Ridesharing to Catalina, 5-15 or 5-16

    Thanks! Already looked at the Groupon route, sold out.
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    Planning a trip to Catalina

    Best advice: Call ahead. Before you go top off your Tanks, and do a 20 mile run at 10 knots, round trip. Top off tanks. Divide 20 or total mileage by gallons burned. Get gpm or mpg. Calculate using 2/3 of your tank (180 gallons) for range. If you...
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    Boat Ho's Need Apply - Lets Fish! Waiting for your pm!
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    Offshore Big Lings on the Sherminator

    How far out on the Tiger Tuna?
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    Ridesharing to Catalina, 5-15 or 5-16

    Yeah, his birthday actual is on Thursday. School day. No dice there. I appreciate the thought, though. Thanks NorSo!
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    Enjoy the time you changes in a second...

    As my mom said, "those passing on just want the best possible for those still here." He'll be in our prayers.
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    Ridesharing to Catalina, 5-15 or 5-16

    Regardless of whether you take us, we'd make a day to visit and help you, Bob.
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    Ridesharing to Catalina, 5-15 or 5-16

    Hey BD! I have a 10 y/o son who loves fishing and snorkeling. His birthday is the 13th of the month. He's been talking he wants us to go on our Avon outta King Harbor to do a catch, dispatch, and cook mission on bass at the RB Artificial reef. But I was thinking, I could really knock one...
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    Vintage 9ft Sabre jig sticks

    Ircc, 550's are all 9', and rated such. Came in all standard sabre colors. Caramel, black, and possibly white or chocolate too. Not sure on the tip and butt specs. Maybe Mike Garrahan will chime in here?
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    Vintage 9ft Sabre jig sticks

    Sounds like ratings for a 550.
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    Cinnamon sabre Help info needed

    Pm sent. Honestly, think the cinnamons are "pre chocolate". I have a f/w or two that said "California Tackle" on them. Old barn find stuff.
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    STOLEN TOOLS! Ramona, CA 5/01/2021

    That vehicle is pretty distinct. May wanna make an early AM run thru Home Depot or Lowes and ask around. May be these guys worked with him on a recent job, and knew his truck was loaded? Swap meets, too.
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    Emergency number for Coast Guard?

    USCG has an app that you can use to message them for emergency assistance. YMMV, not sure if it is just a mainland thing or not.
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    Updated Bait Reports HERE

    5/1/21 King Harbor: Large cured sardines. $10 per "kayak scoop". Opens at 6am, Mike is receptive of any fresh quality eats you may proffer. Fresh coffee and a donut, maybe?
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    Inshore Another Great trip on the Black Pearl

    I've seen yellows on BD smaller than that whitefish.
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    Custom Aluminum diesel lobster boat

    Feelin' flossy. I got a $20!
  45. FishinMcNuggets

    Custom Aluminum diesel lobster boat

    May wanna fix that price!
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    Inshore Sea Landing Rock Cod trips

    Day to day it varies. I should have said "white body red or orange head shrimp flies with flashy stuff tied in". I usually get mine at Best tackle in hawthorne. I'd do 30 lb flouro. Just Fishing has a f*-load of used lead. Get all his 8-16 oz torpedoes and you should be set, plus save a...
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    Inshore Sea Landing Rock Cod trips

    Call the day before they go. If they go up the coast due to wind, 10 to 16oz is advisable. Fishing will be about 250', fast drift. Chovies worked good for us off the coast. If they go to the gap between islands, 6-12oz should be ok. Squid works good here most times. 75 to 250'. If they...
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    Cap guns, shooting bottle rockets from your hands, tennis ball cannons, chemistry kits and wood burning kits.
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    Here comes the shit show... (sail boat regatta)

    Coverage like that, too bad we can't get them to report back as fish spotters.
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    Jinxed Fishing

    Promising fish to people. Even worse, asking how many and how they want them cleaned. Doesn't work against rockfishing outta Sta Barbara, though.
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    Missing fish in Coral Sea

    I understand. Despite everything, the quality of the fish out of SB is really tough to rival. Just make sure that quality gets to your sack and fillet bag. We'll still fish the Stardust. Just know the drill. Maybe bring your own zip ties. You're fishing for personal limits. Boat limits...
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    Missing fish in Coral Sea

    My FIL had the same thing a trip or two back on the Stardust. My best advice is to not take your eyes off your sack (surrrrsly, no puns this time). Be preadvised. Self bagging is not allowed. Make sure your eyes follow commodity fish into your bag. Hang near your bag during moves. Know...
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    Carb Rebuilder in SoCal and/or treatment?

    FI carbs can be had for less than 5 c notes.
  54. FishinMcNuggets

    Boat thief

    Maybe post your area, I'll look around my work area for that truck regardless.
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    Free canoe and kayak

    Pm on the canoe!
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    Offshore Pacifica 1.5 4/14 1.5

    Easier for them to give you "the fin" from that level, too!
  57. FishinMcNuggets

    Casting practice w/out license

    Worst case scenario, you're still getting ticketed. I wouldn't risk it. To minimize the risk: *don't cast at a body of water with fish. Find a private reservoir, cesspool, swimming pool, drainage canal, or even a dry sump or field. *don't cast around wildlife or people. Anything could be...
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    2 splines?

    Build based on the most obvious spline. I held up 4 piñatas this month with a bamboo pole with a set to it. You NEVER wanna go against the spline.
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    Bay / Harbor Random catch while getting bait ...

    Not to jack, but caught a near PB spotty waiting for the Enterprise to load and push off. Was going for CPR, and one of the deck hands ordered me to throw it back. I never would have kept an Alamitos bay bass, but localism is alive and well in the LBC.
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    Will Rodgers, 3-21-21

    Fished AM, looking for perch or big kitties. No action on either. Chummed, cracked, squid, and nothing! A couple bites, no connections. More people than fish. Musta been that those two wand wavers out there scared the bsp away? : D
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    Trying to be constructive about this, I'd like to hazard: "4 Great places near AZ that LOU will find more welcoming than BD!" Hobo Joe: imagine, Burgers AND Bingo! Gallup, speaks for...
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    Mouth hooked sea lion.

    I like the bolt cutters concept. Lacking bolt cutters, I have to think maybe getting a gaff or dock hook in the gap of the hook, you could potentially back it out?
  63. FishinMcNuggets

    Flying Fish. Holy Cow!

    They have a YouTube vid of people bowhunting them from a moving boat. IIRC, rednecks and possibly beer are involved.
  64. FishinMcNuggets

    Hooks with solid ring vs. Loop knot

    Dan Hernandez fishes loop knots. I always take a pack of right sized ringed hooks on any overnight or better trip. Call ahead to find bait conditions.
  65. FishinMcNuggets

    Looking for help with skipjack

    What part of town s the boat in?
  66. FishinMcNuggets

    Looking for any tips on how to get a deck hand job

    There was a very good thread on this before. Falls in line with boat ho threads too. Read them all, then decide. First thing I did was go buy my own brush at a janitorial supply. Put your name on it. Be at the docks when they leave and get back. Ask smart polite questions ending in "sir?"...
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    Tender/Dingy recommendation

    A roll up floor Avon or zodiac. There are probably off brands, but a used Avon is a better buy. A 90's Johnson 8hp 2-smoke with a 3 gallon Moeller would do it. Our Avon is a 2.85, roll up floor, soft bottom, and has served us well as a nearshore fishing craft. Load depending, that 3 gallon...
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    3 Calico's and a Halibut

    Great to see you posting here. I used to admire your spottie bass posts at SCSF. PV or 'Bu fish?
  69. FishinMcNuggets

    Anyone steal your "Afternoon Delight"?

    Tweakers by work have a trailered daysailer with a small dark o/b. Anyone missing their boat? Stern end says it all: "Afternoon Delight".
  70. FishinMcNuggets

    Bad day turned good!

    Eye, aye, I, Captain! O, c-u late... uh, maybe with the other eye?
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    Young Boat Owner in need of Help

    Fish: read reports to get a sense of what's biting/in season. Spots: download navionics to plan your trips before you even leave the dock.
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    Do I have a cylinder/compression issue on my 1980 Johnson 9.9?

    Honestly JoLy, the Johnson 9.9 is super reliable. Once you get it running, it should provide you with years of service. Our 8hp powered a 15' with 3 of us around the bay. Does good on our little boat too.
  73. FishinMcNuggets

    Do I have a cylinder/compression issue on my 1980 Johnson 9.9?

    If you can start it and keep it running (30 seconds or less) by pointing an unlit propane torch at the carb, it's a fuel issue. Poke fishing line in all the fuel passages to make sure they are not obstructed. Get a screen based fuel filter at O'Reilly AP or a mower shop.
  74. FishinMcNuggets

    Small Gas Tank That Doesn’t Balloon

    Moeller makes the best. Stay away from Attwood.
  75. FishinMcNuggets

    Snorkel Spots near LA/OC Marinas

    We do. Pm whenever you wanna go, weekends. We've been out a few times.
  76. FishinMcNuggets

    Snorkel Spots near LA/OC Marinas

    I'm guessing it's trailered, not cartop? I'd be willing to buddy boat ( North PV) with you guys the first time if you like.
  77. FishinMcNuggets

    Snorkel Spots near LA/OC Marinas

    I hate to rain on any parade, but I'd give that "help pull the other" into the boat thing a test run dockside. I'm usually dog-ass tired after a good snorkel session, and have a hard enough time getting back on a rocky shore. I can't conceive getting back on my inflatable without a foothold...
  78. FishinMcNuggets

    Snorkel Spots near LA/OC Marinas

    I'm going to heartily disagree. I know nearshore So. Cal. isnt the lee of Cat. or a tropical reef, but there are great spots. Have you guys tried getting back onto the boat in open water? Curious if you guys have a ladder, as I've never snorkeled from my inflatable. My recommendation...
  79. FishinMcNuggets

    What happened to SC Surf Fishing?

    Sure you guys wouldn't wanna bring SC under the "BDOUTDOORS" umbrella? They have a pretty fishy user base. Could be an easy way to up your membership numbers on the cheap. Plus the archives would be cool to look back on.
  80. FishinMcNuggets

    Gotta be a good story here

    Waiting out of the weather for Nacho to be in a good mood? Bone-fishing? Protecting his ghost shrimp pumping territories? Pursuit of the elusive lug-worm? Wait! Trapped in the stabbin cabin trying to open a very stubborn bayside bearded clam!
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    Updated Bait Reports HERE

    Any dope on King Harbor live bait?
  82. FishinMcNuggets

    Dana Slow....again

    Happy looking squids there. Good job taking future sportsmen out for a good time.
  83. FishinMcNuggets

    Fishing in Newport Harbor/Balboa

    Peninsula side of ferry area is good on a high tide. On super lows, hoof it on exposed sand in balboa Island area. Try to imagine where an eddy might form where two channels intersect. Dropper style sand worms or a squid strip with a sliding sinker make great fish finder rigs.
  84. FishinMcNuggets

    Squid from markets for fishing?

    "Angel's Gate" is a good brand too. Or buy at wholesale market at the end of 22nd street in San Pedro, Sat AM , 4-8am. $2.49 per lb last I saw.
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    SD bay 2/6

    Flapjacks are fun! YAY Kids!
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    Need your $.02 on BD Forums

    Monthly derby prize for biggest measured target fish. Example January: Sand Bass. Feb:Calico. March:Red. Etc. Decide based on what's biting/in season. Throw swag and a winners shirt for longest measured fish in a posted pic. People could CPR that way. See SC surf fishing as an example.
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    Slow day at the Horseshoe 2/5

    No to spice and garlic. Yes to anise or clam sauce. Definitely something with protein. Why not just "Calico Cocktail"???
  88. FishinMcNuggets

    1978 28 Skipjack

    Will show up and remount tires ( you supply) and lend help with refurb in return for trips on said boat!
  89. FishinMcNuggets

    Attention commercial fishermen, satisfied with you job?

    Why not do something more fun? Dental dam survey? Female versus male condom survey? Not that AP students need that stuff...
  90. FishinMcNuggets

    Trying to help give my son something I can't afford.

    Take him to the local track to talk to some racers. I'm sure someone there would have takeoff stock parts or used castoffs for your cause.
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    china. heard china was not buying local spiny lobster this year?

    Most everything I see about their military smacks of blatant propaganda. Given a huge number of their planes are copies of other people's tech, and China's notorious build quality issues, it's mostly information put forth hoping to intimidate.
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    Cal Star BT 220 and BTG 220 $120 each

    Great price for nice sticks. Not waiting for albies to use them?
  93. FishinMcNuggets

    Harassing sellers won't be tolerated

    Does badmouthing potential buyers get the same? Just sayin'.
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    What's on the soundtrack tonight

    I march to the beat of a really hard working drummer with only one splash cymbal: Battles Plus also in rotation: PVT, !!!, Covet, Tobacco, and some occasional funk.
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    Meat grinder(shark chum grinder)

    How soon can I pick it up? You have a pm.
  96. FishinMcNuggets

    Best versatile/overall jigstick

    I like the 6490 with a deckie grip. But I have not dumped money into getting one yet. I'm gonna throw out a cheaper option: Graftech 90m. Deckie grip. Cheap, and allows you to move reel up and down to move your point of leverage. Versatile. Light. Tons of backbone, easy to load. Then try...
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    Old yellow glass blank ?

    Probably wrapped by Mike Kolb or "Freddy" from DJ's bait and tackle in Hermosa Beach. Late 80's/early 90's.
  98. FishinMcNuggets

    LJ 12-2

    Look at it this way. You stocked up on karma, cod, and helped keep a little snack fresh for the taxman.
  99. FishinMcNuggets

    Want to fish Channel Islands. Boat/Landing suggestions?

    Santa Barbara landing: They ask you to dump your fish on deck, or wait for a decky. They sack your fish so you don't go "over boat limits". My FIL watched last time, and some largies got diverted to crew sacks at the edge of the tank with no numbers. Quality is there. Just mind your fish.
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    Not sure if this means I've arrived? TRUMP COOKING THREAD.

    Honestly, I can't see being without Pyrex. We love baking fish. Pyrex: Pani popo, cake, flan, lasagna, enchiladas. Shake and bake fish! Yummm!
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    2020 scout inflatable 430 & Honda 5hp

    May wanna throw this on "spearboard". Looks like their kinda ride.
  102. FishinMcNuggets

    Want to fish Channel Islands. Boat/Landing suggestions?

    Honestly, Santa Barbara landing is a great value. Just watch that your fish get to your sack.
  103. FishinMcNuggets

    Saturday 11/21/2020 Redondo and Rocky Point area

    Redondo Art. Reef could be good for bass or whitefish. Try just inside of the point for a mixed bag of fun fish. Trolling a plug can be fun. Some fresh dead squid could bring unexpected luck.
  104. FishinMcNuggets

    2009 inflatable RIB Sold

    Awesome price for an economical platform.
  105. FishinMcNuggets

    * SOLD * Tiburon N533NK $90

    Those kits hold up well, and add rigidity to any setup.
  106. FishinMcNuggets

    Newell 641-3 *clean*

    Interesting white base.
  107. FishinMcNuggets

    Newell 641-3 *clean*

    Nice reel bump, Big C!
  108. FishinMcNuggets

    Where can I get mackerel?

    Why don't you offer an exchange? Macks for guiding? Someone would commute up with macks in exchange for your insight and expertise.
  109. FishinMcNuggets

    Creative ways to hide fishing related purchases

    My techniques are mostly the "rod corner", and messy garage hiding. Reels are usually "oh, a friend gave it to me". Don't let her find receipts or baggies of fresh tackle! Plus, take her and relatives fishing. Makes it "ours", not mine. New tackle can be "for the kids". Buy used. Is she...
  110. FishinMcNuggets

    Rocky point 10/20

    Thanks for a local report. Those girthy bones are a hoot! Hopefully the yellows stick around the bay for a bit.
  111. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore 412 pound BFT!! Wow!

    Anyone feel free to correct me on the details, but some 5 and 600lb fish were netted off of the yellow banks in the 80's. Bigger fish still waiting out there.
  112. FishinMcNuggets

    Old Favorites

    They still make those rebels. Cast-a-bubble water bobbers. The ones that bounce and don't crack. Knock off diamond jigs that didn't break the bank, and came in mackerel sizes. And Scroungers. Especially with the silver tail. Those things took care of business.
  113. FishinMcNuggets


    20 ft is doable with snorkel gear. Good excuse to return. Just clear those ears!
  114. FishinMcNuggets

    West Marine Fold Up Dinghy

    For "Burials at Sea" and you're making two trips? No, I know! 3 close friends and that 25kg square grouper they're hoping to harvest. Would hate to break any CG load regs there.
  115. FishinMcNuggets

    How do you mackerel fish at night?

    15 is heavy. 6lb is way better.
  116. FishinMcNuggets

    How do you mackerel fish at night?

    Derrick, Most people use the light so they can see when the macks pickup your bait. Another option is to flyline a chunk bait near a light, so you can see the pickup. Macks are notorious for picking up and dropping again. Red should be ok. Use it like a water bobber, with a 2 foot leader...
  117. FishinMcNuggets

    How to catch lots of mackerel on piers

    *Lobster season *shark bait *spicy teriyaki mackerel jerky (yummm)
  118. FishinMcNuggets

    What’s wrong with PV?

    It's been really quiet this year. Lotsa bait in the water, not in the receivers.
  119. FishinMcNuggets

    Dead lobos in South-Central Baja

    Bait for the lobster co-ops.
  120. FishinMcNuggets

    bra adds

    I get good stuff. Swimsuits for girls with big racks, big booty spandex ads. Thanks BD!
  121. FishinMcNuggets

    wave baits

    5... Wait, guess my 10 y/o needs to put his buckets on BD too, if advertising is free for anyone 14 and under.
  122. FishinMcNuggets

    Headless mariner, Huntington area?

    In our maritime misadventures in the Huntington area, we came across a little navigation hazard. Wanting to do our part, we picked up an odd piece of sea junk. It then promptly pushed our trolling lines into the prop with it's tubing. Day turned crappy after picking it up. I'll give it a...
  123. FishinMcNuggets

    Izor's Reef and Long Beach Breakwall 9/5 - 9/6 Yellowtail inside longbeach harbor?

    There's speculation that improving water quality in the harbor is allowing the more kelp growth. With healthy kelp, why not more possible yellows? Let's hope it's part of a trend towards better local opportunities.
  124. FishinMcNuggets

    ID this perch please

    Zebra perch!
  125. FishinMcNuggets

    8-29, Big Bones? Off Hermosa.

    Guys, Anyone going to Cat from mdr may want to pass thru the spot between HB and MB Piers. I like to glass the water in the morning, and there are decent sized breezers. Look at 1/2 mile offshore around 19th Street. If I can see them from a mile away, I'm sure you should be able to. Let us...
  126. FishinMcNuggets

    Early AM San Pedro fish market

    YES. Saturday morning. No more singers or veggie stalls. Eastern end of 22nd street, bring cash.
  127. FishinMcNuggets

    Dumb but honest question.

    What they said. An hour or so before slack and after.
  128. FishinMcNuggets

    Anyone on the Native Sun today?

    If so, I hope you got one. Give up a report if you'd be so kind?
  129. FishinMcNuggets

    advice for a newbie

    There's probably better or cheaper or more fishing oriented, but I always went to: They have a little launch beach right there. Fish spotted bay bass!
  130. FishinMcNuggets

    advice for a newbie

    Rent a couple, then look at the used market.
  131. FishinMcNuggets

    San Gorgonio help

    I'd vote that if you really want to blow his mind, put a rod out for Carp (BBL). Hook and Hand, baby! Nothing like ginormous fighting carp-monster to initiate him into fishing.
  132. FishinMcNuggets

    Some light reading for my 2.5 day cat trip.

    "Baby SHARK! Doot Doot-duh-doot-di-Doot!!!" ×20!
  133. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore Tuna? Yellowtail?

    Curious if anyone going back to MDR or going west end from MDR saw anything due north of the previous clusterF*. You could PM me. I was thinking of going to the 307 or even the 270 for a look. I bet they aren't far from the Kidney bank, though.
  134. FishinMcNuggets

    Sand crabs, where did they go?

    Try looking under a pier. Especially wooden ones.
  135. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore Missed our chance

    Hoping they make a right, and settle in at the Boot or northern 270.
  136. FishinMcNuggets

    Any Tips trolling Rapala X-Rap Mags

    Honestly, I've had plastic lip yo-zuris get the eye bent, and knocked outta tune. Best advice is if it needs a swivel or pops up close in, somethings off. On trolling, I'd say run a big plug deep, and small one shallow. Or a big deep, and a cedar or hoochy chain shallow. Could do a small jet...
  137. FishinMcNuggets


    Ebay or Christmas gift for someone that knows, and keep one for fishing. Love them at night for fatty Bay bass.
  138. FishinMcNuggets

    2020 Fishing Skiff 16’ with Suzuki outboard 6 hp New!

    The guys at spearboard love this kinda thing. !!!!!!
  139. FishinMcNuggets

    Primer for beginner?

    There are a couple good books out. Search Amazon or call Squidco in San Diego for a book recommendation. Likewise, talk to your local tackle shop.
  140. FishinMcNuggets

    what can you do with "old gas?"

    Give it to the homeless! It'll keep them from siphoning local cars for a minute. Look for an area where people are living permanently in RV's, most of them would probably love the prospect of free gas. You'd probably have to deliver and pump out?
  141. FishinMcNuggets

    Surf session storage question

  142. FishinMcNuggets

    Surf session storage question

    Wow guys. I guess as a bait fisherman I have it easy. A pack of hooks, and a few sinkers and mayyybe some gulp. Fits in two pockets. Plus nail clippers.
  143. FishinMcNuggets


    Seen rings at Fisherman's supplies in Lawndale CA. May wanna call and see if they have the other components.
  144. FishinMcNuggets

    Barracuda at green bouy in Long Beach 8/2

    Pull a gill and get them on ice before they stop flopping. My friend does Ecuadorian style: Corn starch breading, fried fillets. Chop onions , garlic, and a couple chilis into slim rings, and marinate in lemon and salt. Serve fish and onion slaw beside steamed white rice.
  145. FishinMcNuggets

    *HELP* Hawkins or Hobie Power Skiff Search

    Try a little harbor crawling. Best way to spot that neglected lil skiff you might be looking for.
  146. FishinMcNuggets

    10' Achilles inflatable & 6hp Suzuki Outboard

    I have a similar setup with a 8hp. It's totally dependent on your load. Putting a big person on board can cut your speed/mpg in half. That said, you'd still be hard pressed to empty that 6 gallon tank in a full day of driving around. You alone might get up to 15 mph. You and a bud and...
  147. FishinMcNuggets

    7-30-20 SP/LBC

    So, how's it goin? Winds a blowin?
  148. FishinMcNuggets

    7-30-20 SP/LBC

    OTW style?
  149. FishinMcNuggets

    Marking kelp

    Tiny child rig. Senko or skinny swimmy.
  150. FishinMcNuggets

    Catching Mack’s from MDR to Redondo

    Looks like water in smb just turned over. May be a minute until fishing recovers.
  151. FishinMcNuggets

    Coronado Island Sea Lions (what to do?)

    Frozen paintballs. Orca recordings. Habanero laden mackerel.
  152. FishinMcNuggets

    *Freestyle Disc* aka frisbee, anyone on BD do it?

    In my book, all Disc sports matter. My son and I just find "Freestyle Disc" to be the most convenient and accessible form. Ultimate, too fast. Golf, too much driving. Freestyle looks cool, and works with that afternoon onshore wind, better even at the beach. Just looking to find like-minded...
  153. FishinMcNuggets

    *Freestyle Disc* aka frisbee, anyone on BD do it?

    Badass game of fetch going on there!
  154. FishinMcNuggets

    *Freestyle Disc* aka frisbee, anyone on BD do it?

    Trust me, you don't wanna google NYC frisbee. There could be legwarmers involved.
  155. FishinMcNuggets

    *Freestyle Disc* aka frisbee, anyone on BD do it?

    Lotsa beach folks here. Part of the waterman lifestyle to a minor degree. Anyone play Freestyle frisbee? La Jolla or Santa Barbara style, especially. Not big on the NYC stuff. PM if you do or know someone that does/likes to/wants to. -Mike
  156. FishinMcNuggets

    Catching Mack’s from MDR to Redondo

    Seems like there are always macks around the canyon. May have to meter and look for birds working. Early AM glass is easiest way to spot them feeding.
  157. FishinMcNuggets

    7/18-7/19 Point Loma

    They make "tinga de cazon" with those and similar critters in Mexicali.
  158. FishinMcNuggets

    7-18, A Nautical SMB is better than the best day scratching your...

    I gotta agree. I had a tough co-worker cry uncle once we got to Rocky Point, and the conditions were windless and far-set. On top of that, one of them set the alarm, and woke ME up. Not vice versa. Suegro won't even go in the little boat no-mo!
  159. FishinMcNuggets

    7/18 Izor's reef wide open calico

    I sometimes get sargo as ninja bycatch. A thin strip of squid on 8 lb, #4 mosquito hook, an egg sinker. You could c-rig with the egg if you wanna be stealthy. I think they like mussels and snails even better than squid.
  160. FishinMcNuggets

    7-18, A Nautical SMB is better than the best day scratching your...

    ...Bass! I swore to myself that I need to get out more this summer fishing. My kids have been ready accomplices and excuses, too. I wasn't about to let another weekend go by saying... "what if?" Especially in light of recent ghosty rumors in my neighborhood. We hatched an idealistic plan as...
  161. FishinMcNuggets

    MLPA - Huge Success

    Not to argue, but to support what I feel are assertions against "band-aid" science: I don't think most license-holding sportsfisherman are the problem. MLPA's are a flawed experiment in making a tiny un-predated area. But it doesn't take the big picture into account. Three things are key to...
  162. FishinMcNuggets

    Calstar. 90j. West cost. Glass Vs calstar 6480-h. Glass

    6480H is probably a little more versatile. 90J is a jigstick. Might feel too much like a broomstick to you under other circumstances. Go pull on both, and imagine what you want to catch, and how long the fight may be, and whether you want to rest it on the rail or not. If you have to ask, a...
  163. FishinMcNuggets

    Lemon on fish

    Yes, hugely delicious blasphemy! Try adding raisins to every 3rd meatball in your albondigas, and chopped camote in the soup!
  164. FishinMcNuggets

    Lemon on fish

    Ceviche: cook with lemon first, then after removing excess and adding pico de Gallo veggies, add pineapple juice, chopped mint, and pear cubes to taste.
  165. FishinMcNuggets

    Calstar. 90j. West cost. Glass Vs calstar 6480-h. Glass

    What you gonna do with it? Jigs? Or multiple uses?
  166. FishinMcNuggets

    I hate to fish alone!

    Hey, your birthday is the day before mine! Masis Bakery is calling.
  167. FishinMcNuggets

    Channel your inner female.....

    Bring her to Monty's in Woodland Hills. Get a honeymoon suite here in town. Stock up on Fireball. Get some paintbrushes and a bottle of Hershey's syrup, and whipped cream, and cherries. Have fun. Extra extra bone-us points if you can get her in for Tea at Huntington Gardens.
  168. FishinMcNuggets

    Alright, who did this?

    What do you call 5 headless sea lions in the San Pedro Canyon? "mako wish foundation"
  169. FishinMcNuggets

    So glad to be back on my Skippy

    Glad to see you back, John! Great to see you getting water time. Maybe I'll see you out there one calm day.
  170. FishinMcNuggets


    Free skyflakes with any purchase? J/K. Location?
  171. FishinMcNuggets

    First timer at catalina

    Stick to the Lee side. Troll rapalas or slow troll live bait. Look for current, structure and clean water. Maybe see if the Carnage at Avalon will sell you a "kayak scoop". Put squid in a 10 gallon cooler. Keep oxygenated with a bailing scoop made from a cutoff bleach bottle. Put harbor...
  172. FishinMcNuggets

    MLPA - Huge Success

    MLPA is special interests pushing their political agenda with flawed science. Commissions and conservancies lobbying for fish hugging. Two outright flaws: A: MLPA's modify wildlife behaviors. Lover's cove bass act more like aquarium fish than real ones. Lobsters in another zone have taken to...
  173. FishinMcNuggets

    O side Carlsbad. Green water dead bite

    For you NFIO guys, someone should post a harbor entrance video.
  174. FishinMcNuggets

    O side Carlsbad. Green water dead bite

    For you NFIO guys, someone should post a harbor entrance video.
  175. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore Great Trip on New LoAnn

    Great fish, great report!
  176. FishinMcNuggets


    And we thought this was going to be your "forever boat"? Making a change?
  177. FishinMcNuggets

    Rock Addition (South OC) 06.28.20

    I vote for: Dana Ponyo Or... Psuh!
  178. FishinMcNuggets

    Bay Bass Techniques, post yours too!

    Scroungers! I love scrounger heads. PB cuda (10#) at 13 years old on a scrounger.
  179. FishinMcNuggets

    Shoe buoys, 6-27, Pencil us in the 'Cuda log, Scooter!

    Referring to when Cattle boat warriors start hucking iron with jig rods at encroaching private boats, and vice versa. Not you personally. : D Tady A1= SM Bay cuda iron standard.
  180. FishinMcNuggets

    Shoe buoys, 6-27, Pencil us in the 'Cuda log, Scooter!

    Got a text from my highly intrepid nephew Danny last night. Wanted to go fishing. I wanted to cook up a fun but adventurous trip for him. The Shoe for cudas on an Avon 2.85 it was. Picked up bait at J. Deluca around 4:45. Got to Cabrillo around 5. Dropped the Johnson in the water, but got...
  181. FishinMcNuggets

    Stolen Boat in Huntington

    Short Version: I like boats. Pretty boats stick out like a sore thumb in the area where the boat was found. I've been driving past this thing since Monday. I like BD too. I pulled up a post during lunch that looked like "said boat", and confirmed. Bingo! I posted and pm'd. I honestly...
  182. FishinMcNuggets

    baja fish gear 3x5 or blank

    Looks like BFG changed hands again? Bump!
  183. FishinMcNuggets

    Stolen Boat in Huntington

    Cops on the way.
  184. FishinMcNuggets

    Stolen Boat in Huntington

    Been there three days, not going anywhere. Full story later
  185. FishinMcNuggets

    Stolen Boat in Huntington

    I'll let these guys pick their style of justice. It's parked and still hooked to that pickup. Someone pass the message to these guys via Facebook? I'm at work and don't have time to do so.
  186. FishinMcNuggets

    Stolen Boat in Huntington

    Have a visual. Call me asap. 310 719 5959
  187. FishinMcNuggets

    MAGNESIUM, for example--> Old VW blocks or trans cases, etc.

    Hey BD: I have a need for some magnesium. Willing to pay better than scrap price, I'm looking for stuff at least 1x1x1" that can be machined. No certs or clean finish required. Just no 3/4 or 1/2 plate. Your old scrap can have a new life. Old cracked VW blocks, out of spec stuff from a...
  188. FishinMcNuggets

    Snot stick Navy?

    Anyone going to the snot stick party tomorrow? I might drag the "C ¢" to Cabrillo tomorrow.
  189. FishinMcNuggets


    My condolences, Alby. I hate when chance steals opportunity. Here's hoping doors open where one closes.
  190. FishinMcNuggets

    Atmospheric pressure.

    I think rising pressure coinciding with a tide peak is what you want. And if it all coincides with a sunrise or set, then even better.
  191. FishinMcNuggets

    Afternoon PL 6/15

    scooter = snot stick = barracuda
  192. FishinMcNuggets

    Recipe suggestions, too much bluefin, need help...

    Ceviche. Cut with pineapple after the lemon. Likewise, minced with sriracha. After marinating, on crackers.
  193. FishinMcNuggets

    Bass Pro Shops visit

    Amazon/Bezos has this exact same playbook. I've seen it play out here at work. Now more than ever-> SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS SUPPORT LOCAL RETAILERS Tomorrow you don't wanna cry about them being gone.
  194. FishinMcNuggets

    Redondo Canyon, 6-13-20

    Lol. I had kids on the boat, and a nephew from the wife's side. There was a large & in charge red bikini checking him out!
  195. FishinMcNuggets

    Redondo Canyon, 6-13-20

    I'll give you the short version tonite, and augment the report tomorrow with pics & shiz. AM shift: North side Canyon wall and RBAR yielded 2 porky sandbass for me and the kids. Started easy, midday turned up wind and swell. Couldn't see outta some troughs today. Saw guys with nice bunches...
  196. FishinMcNuggets


    Any news here? Plus, any bait @ KH this wknd?
  197. FishinMcNuggets

    Yak access at King Harbor

    Maybe taking my squids on the Avon Sat early AM. Wanna be a Cod-fodder. May hit Rocky first thing.
  198. FishinMcNuggets

    Yak access at King Harbor

    If not, try inside end of breakwater or moonstone/"carpet beach".
  199. FishinMcNuggets

    Search issues

    Yeah, I agree. Messes with the forums when people dig up these old messages, too.
  200. FishinMcNuggets

    6/4 @ 371 no love

    Great Effort! We can hope they move in closer by then.
  201. FishinMcNuggets

    Newport Beach Pipe

    Hey Shaun, You do have a PM. But, aside from that, in case it helps you or others: Weather: (adjust for newport or wherever)...
  202. FishinMcNuggets

    Can we fish during the curfew?

    No surf fishing Redondo. Tried that, no good.
  203. FishinMcNuggets

    SoCal Return, What to Expect

    Wow, Steve. I don't how the "reglazing" thread went, but don't do it to a $7,400 tub. Suffer the color or work around it or resell it. I had a crappy reglazing job done and it went nasty. Free granite would be great outdoors as a BBQ side counter or something. Would need some cutting work.
  204. FishinMcNuggets

    SoCal Return, What to Expect

    As you can see Steve, it's a very mixed bag of covid opinions back here in pinkoland. Same thing at the stores... some are anal about making you wait in line, spraying your basket handle, issuing you a squirt of hand sanitizer, making sure you have a mask/face covering, and will "go off" on you...
  205. FishinMcNuggets

    fresh dead squid (LA/N.OC)

    Wholesale fish sellers, end of 22nd street in SP, only SAT, early AM Edit: Just wanted to add, these are whole and unbleached looking. The look like they just rolled outta the back of a light boat. I cleaned one and sauteed it up in teriyaki for my #2 son, and he dug it! They are fit for...
  206. FishinMcNuggets

    PV Cuda

    Just curious, any legals in the mix? Sounds like fun times, whatever the case.
  207. FishinMcNuggets

    Rod calstar done delete

    Awesome Albacore stick there! Good even for small baits at the 'Nados.
  208. FishinMcNuggets

    Need Some Advice for Fishing Out of Ventura, CA

    You need: Smartphone with Navionics App, set to "sonarchart" Try the web app before you buy.
  209. FishinMcNuggets

    5-21 PV and Shoe=Major Suckage

    Wholesale San Pedro fish warehouses, end of 22nd street on Sat AM, $2.49 a lb. Squid, & deanos too!
  210. FishinMcNuggets

    Black Widow Avets and Weapons of Pelagic Destruction

    Liking those single foot guides. Always quality stuff.
  211. FishinMcNuggets

    Sea Otter and Cudas

    Stovepipes, or pencils? ... I have a friend that really hankers for a stack of logs.
  212. FishinMcNuggets

    Just bored, what calstars do you own?

    Just a 210. And maybe an unwrapped 196-8L
  213. FishinMcNuggets

    Less fortunate could use a hand...

    Family and I dropped off a little care pkg for him. There's a gate blocking the metered parking west of Pierpoint. Veering on the grass to the right, then down the curb can get you in. Med. Clearance+ required. Walk down dock entrance immediately in front of Pierpoint, it is the last hut to...
  214. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore Need A Deckhand For Your Boat?

    I was doing similar stuff at your age. Keep at it. Totally ignore the naysayers. If you've already decked on a yacht, maybe think about networking with your leads. The Hatteras guy knows people. Maybe he's a BYC member. Always look at an open door as possibly leading to a hallway (works...
  215. FishinMcNuggets

    best way to mount a Lexa 400 HD to deckhand rod

    go old school... a stainless hose clamp
  216. FishinMcNuggets

    Livingston Transom Strength

    Why don't you slip a piece of wood in at the top of the transom as a spacer? Get a friend, maybe a 2 x 2. You could get fancy and route a slot in it. Plus look around or put an add on CL to see if anyone wants to trade lower ends with you?
  217. FishinMcNuggets

    Granite pieces, pizza stones, step stones?

    Hey BD. I have a job on Saturday that will have a bunch of granite slab chunks that need to be rehomed or dumped. I can easily see them as pizza stones in your BGE, or as stepstones in your flossy back yard. They used to be a granite countertop. Really pretty stuff, colored orange and black...
  218. FishinMcNuggets

    Calibogie or hobie power skiff

    One in King Harbor, across from Carpet beach. Looks like it needs a new owner. You could ask around there?
  219. FishinMcNuggets

    Gamefiser 7.5 OB Says it's a 1980 model. Tecumseh powerhead, Eska otherwise. Here are links on more than you want to know about Eskas...
  220. FishinMcNuggets

    Gamefiser 7.5 OB

    Probably an Eska. I'll look for info at home. Rodrage?
  221. FishinMcNuggets

    Unicorn fish???????

    Still time left. They say "shoot off your fireworks, then go put fins in the bins."
  222. FishinMcNuggets

    Metal detecting Hobbyists?

    Hey, "service providers" aren't paid to stay, they're paid to leave after doing a good job, right? ; ]
  223. FishinMcNuggets

    I’m a newbie

    Yes, invite a couple of previous boat owners fishing. Give priority to whomever owned and fished tuna from a boat most similar to yours. Plus get some CG courses.
  224. FishinMcNuggets

    Metal detecting Hobbyists?

    Honestly the details are messier than that. Preferably said hobbyist is a serious BD brother with a Garrett, and good programming. The search may involve material discrimination. There could be a nice bonus for a find. Once it's found, I may be good for a story. I stand to gain nothing...
  225. FishinMcNuggets

    Metal detecting Hobbyists?

    Interested in contacting a Seattle area hobbyist for advice or a possible one time gig. PM for details.
  226. FishinMcNuggets

    This has gotten beyond stupid...

    I concur with you, the numbers aren't huge. That being said, I offer prayers for all financially and personally afflicted in this pandemic. But I hate to remind everyone that California is the state most likely to get it's politician's panties in a wad over loss of life. Police shootings...
  227. FishinMcNuggets

    FREE COVID Cleanout stuff

    You're f'n awesome!
  228. FishinMcNuggets

    Redondo Beach Closures

    Shore launch RAT beach, or maybe carpet beach by moonstone?
  229. FishinMcNuggets

    COVID-19 Facts & Real Experience

    Troller W, Glad to hear you were able to get tested. Sounds like quite the ordeal. Were there any other symptoms? The reported "fever, dry cough, difficulty breathing?" Spare no details, any symptom aside from "feeling fine" is something that may help someone else. EDIT* Glad to hear it...
  230. FishinMcNuggets

    Looking for weird old surface irons

    I always seem to find something when I walk into old tackle shops and look through the used jigs. Might wanna try that.
  231. FishinMcNuggets

    Chocolate Sabre hw801

    That was a nice rod for $70.
  232. FishinMcNuggets

    Calstar equivalent to a Truline 36?

    A nice chocolate Sabre 801 is pretty close, if you can find one.
  233. FishinMcNuggets

    Bay Bass Techniques, post yours too!

    Gulp: I used to use the swimming mullets to some success. Dark colors. I saw some kids fishing by the harbor patrol office recently in KH that swore by the gulp squids. Awesome variety of bycatch options there... good times, I'm sure.
  234. FishinMcNuggets

    Bay Bass Techniques, post yours too!

    I have to agree. Seems to me that they love stuff with curly tails. I honestly wouldn't prefer something with a paddle. You guys fishing exclusively at night, or day...
  235. FishinMcNuggets

    Bay Bass Techniques, post yours too!

    I agree. I used to marvel at spots taking whole worms intended for green bass. Now that you're not in MDR, have you been doing King Harbor, or some part of Long Beach? You feel that they fish differently?
  236. FishinMcNuggets

    Bay Bass Techniques, post yours too!

    'Nuff of the virus stuff. Go fish. Today's non bass pic...
  237. FishinMcNuggets

    Bay Bass Techniques, post yours too!

    As previously stated, I like spotties. I will go over the evolution of my techniques, unorthodox as they may be sometimes. After all, we've heard enough of the Coronavirus, right? Ninja bass fishing is one of the best ways to try to NOT see any people. So, it started when I was a wee...
  238. FishinMcNuggets

    Rpt.-Thur.-03-05-20 PV and RP.

    Thanks for the local report! Glad to hear recovery is going so well. Were the bass puking up anything interesting from those depths?
  239. FishinMcNuggets

    March 1st weather

    It looked nasty from the coast here at 7:00 AM. I'd be surprised to see anyone get off the dock for rockfish in this stuff. A couple fat white horses out there. 12:21 now and it still looks bad. A boat load of most people would not have handled it well.
  240. FishinMcNuggets

    I see this as wrong guide placement...

    I'm going to agree for personal rods. I personally think a rod is a fish catching tool. Anything that contributes to function is good. Line rub and unneccesary guides, BAD. But some misinformed folks think that more are better, or that gradually reduced spacing is required. Or that it looks...
  241. FishinMcNuggets

    Weather Links for any Region

    Dunno if these have been mentioned, but I like for live rain: And this one for further out satellite based live rain: Tides:
  242. FishinMcNuggets

    How do you feel about changing the swordfish bag limt?

    Leave swordy rules the way they are. Institute a tag program for Black Seabass.
  243. FishinMcNuggets

    Please identify this crab

    NOT THESE... But these!!! If you guys ever run into a mess of those spideys, pm me. I'd pick up, or go fish them myself just to hook my friend up.
  244. FishinMcNuggets

    Please identify this crab

    I have a friend that loves spideys. Says the flavor is superior to rock crab.
  245. FishinMcNuggets

    Yeah, I have to say with gentrification working the way it does, the true outdoorsmen and watermen of my part of town have mostly long gone, leaving sorely misinformed pinniped-huggers in their wake. They even have a charity event for their pinnipedanthropy. "Save the ocean puppies". Witness...
  246. FishinMcNuggets

    Bass club

    Bass club bump for the cause:
  247. FishinMcNuggets

    A confession, report, and proper use of the F-word.

    Yeah, I went fishing on a work night. Kept my kid out too late so he could hook some beefy harbor grumpies, too. But, I have to really admit, confess even: I love spotted bay bass. I have fished them since Millie Sands told me about them lurking in harbors in the area. Love at first...
  248. FishinMcNuggets

    Punta Colonet on the Queen.

    better bait if you ride the big boat!
  249. FishinMcNuggets

    Surface Iron Rod Question: 690j vs Teramar 90h vs Seeker Classic vs Proteus

    Get a deckhand grip style rod. Not something with a reel seat.
  250. FishinMcNuggets

    7.5 HP Mercury $150

    location and Year might help
  251. FishinMcNuggets

    Are there any fishing tackle stores in Tijuana?

    I remember a place a ways back on maybe 5th or 6th street, a block or two east of Revo. What? Don't wanna pay a "tour guide"??? Google reveals : EL Anzuelo Bld Diaz Ordaz 1665 m 6 Loc 66, Anahuac, 22105 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico Looks like that's it for serious stuff. Try the hardware...
  252. FishinMcNuggets

    Sea World at it again

    note to Sea World: I'd actually consider visiting their farce of an aquatic park if I could see them drop seals in the orca tank!
  253. FishinMcNuggets

    Tiny lever drags
  254. FishinMcNuggets

    Tiny lever drags

    Penn International 975LD.
  255. FishinMcNuggets

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    I liked the page links on mobile for post nav. Top and bottom of the page. now Wtf is a "push notification "? k, ?? answered.
  256. FishinMcNuggets

    Brown Bait

    I always loved seeing brown bait because it was such a cool mix of stuff. I'd see tiny macks in the wells, of course whitefish and queenfish, but sometimes there were mini fish. WSB fry, tiny calicos, all sortsa fun stuff. Porky checkerboards around PV loved a queenfish on the edge of the...
  257. FishinMcNuggets

    Winter, Night, Low Tide, Shore based tips?

    If you want to have fun, try just a sliding or worm sinker in front of a mosquito hook with a strip of squid. Pin it thru the thick end only once or twice. Use 6 or 8 lb until a breakoff justifies larger. Make sure the hook doesn't stick in the sinker, and cast and drag it slowwww on the...
  258. FishinMcNuggets

    Ocean Odyssey vs. Producer

    The only thing I don't like about the OO is how high it is off the water. I always marvelled when it was in Redondo at how crazy long the gaffs had to be.
  259. FishinMcNuggets

    BD Freezes

    "a web page is slowing down your browser, what would you like to do ?" in Firefox, windows vista business. Keep up the gym shark ads, though!
  260. FishinMcNuggets

    Southwest Tactical Collapsible Shooting Bench Rest

    I knew the guy that owns Southwest tactical. Handled his account at last place I worked. He's a pretty stand up guy that stands behind his products, and he also sells accessories to go with them. He's located outta the Phoenix area, but may have his stuff warehoused locally. Looks like it...
  261. FishinMcNuggets

    Shimano bass rods

    Look at CL too, they have stellar deals on classic kevlar and boron stuff.
  262. FishinMcNuggets

    13’ Avon Inflatable Boat w. 25hp Mercury 2stroke

    Awesome deal for those who'll fish from hypalon. Try spearboard if it doesn't fly in two days.
  263. FishinMcNuggets

    Caught a bandit ! What to do ?

    Invite him to go fish makos with you?
  264. FishinMcNuggets

    What do you think snapped my line?

    Last guy that happened to went back the next day with cable and caught a soupfin.
  265. FishinMcNuggets

    Cousins f530 anf f690j differences...

    I remember the 530 having a little lighter tip, med fast bend. Whereas the 690 was a more parabolic stick with a little thicker tip.
  266. FishinMcNuggets

    Hermosa Tackle Box Jerry Morris 670-8

    Pete Wilkowski at Pete's "Just Fishing " could give you all the info you want. Run a search on old shops to find out more. My first paycheck was from Jerry Morris.
  267. FishinMcNuggets

    Looking to start surf fishing - Gear Recommendations

    Cool thing is they will cover the dshock against reasonable breakage for about a year at the warehouse.
  268. FishinMcNuggets

    Looking to start surf fishing - Gear Recommendations

    Start cheap. Daiwa D-shock, get the 7 footer. Or D-wave if you want heavier.
  269. FishinMcNuggets

    OTW Bug Report from the Beach

    X2. Todd is great people. Happy turkeys and lobsters to all!
  270. FishinMcNuggets

    looking for an old G C lure

    Charkbait had a knockoff/re-release of those with no skirt. May want to call them.
  271. FishinMcNuggets

    18' Wellcraft Center Console

    But why, Jim? The Bonita are gonna get mighty complacent without you taking kids out to harass them. Just a change of interests?
  272. FishinMcNuggets

    REBUILD: Hawkins Performance Surf Craft

    Looking pretty nice. Can we get a look at the inside of the stern?
  273. FishinMcNuggets

    Enchilada Negra *SOLD*

    Just for the record, how much did you get for it?
  274. FishinMcNuggets

    Question on rules

    @Jason SC Surf Fishing just posts a pic with your name being farted out the backside of a little dog.
  275. FishinMcNuggets

    Shore Based Fishing spots in Los Angeles and Orange County?

    Just going to throw some out there. You'll figure out the specifics once you get there. My kids love these spots too. Charthouse Joe's crab shack Moonstone park Topaz jetty Malaga cove RAT beach Hammers, aka El Porto jetty Whites point
  276. FishinMcNuggets

    Redondo jetty halibut and bonito

    "Cracker Cruncher Rig": Just like a hamburguesa rig, except MUCH smaller. 1/4oz kastmaster with a 2 1/4 inch live smelt hooked through the lips. Cast out, retrieve with slow twitch.
  277. FishinMcNuggets

    Redondo jetty halibut and bonito

    We've found they will bite on mini smelt flylined on light line. Got two bites, one fish last weekend. One on a "Cracker crunchers" rig. May try water bobber and mini smelt this weekend.
  278. FishinMcNuggets

    Good older reels cheap

    Those look to be "500s" Jigmasters. Best of the various iterations of Jigmaster.
  279. FishinMcNuggets

    20-30# bait stick...

    No love for Calstar 210s or 220s? Or maybe a seeker PH36?
  280. FishinMcNuggets

    1991 Bayliner 2052 Cuddy- Needs motor rebuild

    "...Do sucha thing, man go try sum deep sea fee-ching..."
  281. FishinMcNuggets

    Late report-LB 10/4 lobster

    Great Job on the bugs, John! Good to see you guys back in action.
  282. FishinMcNuggets

    new unpriced and unspecified rods and pickup in Feruary

    Aww, COME on! I haven't even had a chance offer MORE than list in a T.P.M., and then show late for a pickup so I can kick you in the shins with a lowball hard cash (from my quarter jar) price! Text me on my lost and broken cell phone so I can put cold hard cash in yo hands maybe kinda if I get...
  283. FishinMcNuggets

    Old school rods harnell

    Rating on the two piece?
  284. FishinMcNuggets

    Late, King Harbor Area Bonito, 10-5-19

    Short: Bonito biting off the rocks and just outside the harbor for the past month, I got the kids on them yesterday, and Saturday on the little boat. They want 8lb test and Acme Kastmasters. Long: Took one of my boys to the rocks on opening day for Lobster after hearing a "Bonito in the...
  285. FishinMcNuggets

    Leopard Shark tips for a beginner

    Use a longer leader to avoid chafing by the fins and tail. Fresh bloody mackerel are preferred, or a Barred surf perch. Try the downcurrent side of outflows.
  286. FishinMcNuggets

    any other Deuce owners here?

    There's a guy, could be a part of Westwood bldg mtrls, that a has yard with some of those by Inglewood and Manhattan Beach Blvd.
  287. FishinMcNuggets

    The endless surface iron debate; z-bar vs everything else

    Different bait puts out different pulses as they swim. Match the hatch.
  288. FishinMcNuggets

    The endless surface iron debate; z-bar vs everything else

    Different bait puts out different pulses as they swim. Match the hatch.
  289. FishinMcNuggets

    Car guys need advise

    Ask him if the chip and intake are CARB compliant. Then ask him how he gets it to pass smog if they are not. Looks fun, but hard to smog. Audi repairs are pricey. I had a friend that had one. Service records, look for last clutch and timing belt? replacement. Edit: check and see this...
  290. FishinMcNuggets

    How where to donate saltwater fishing gear rods reel in San Diego

    Honestly, go to the nearest pier and find the scruffiest looking kid you can find fishing by himself. Give him a stick, and you'll have made his year.
  291. FishinMcNuggets

    Is this considered Hypothetical

    Duct tape, and trim it so the bow's up.
  292. FishinMcNuggets

    Where are the bonito?? (Just read)

    They're out there, just using an alias.
  293. FishinMcNuggets

    Shogun trip for sale

    Wow, CLASSY. Just happened to be there when you barfed up consecutive ads in "new posts". It's BD, don't be surprised when someone has the intestinal fortitude enough to call you for exploiting an otherwise decent forum. Tuesday bump for this classy gentleman and his trip.
  294. FishinMcNuggets

    Shogun trip for sale

    Neither. I WAS jokingly stating that your 3 or more messages pandering your trip are clearly spam, as you slathered them in 3 or 4 different forums, some not pertinent to your trip. GLWS of that boat ride.
  295. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore taking a poll

    Was the person in question presented by the Captain as "our deckhand ________"? Someone that self identifies as deckhand isn't always exactly that. Likewise, where is the harm in just hooking and handing until the first non pro tires out? If it's a semi-pros setup, there should be less chance...
  296. FishinMcNuggets

    Shogun trip for sale

    Spammich, anyone?
  297. FishinMcNuggets

    Metal Fabricator Needed

    C K Optical in Redondo. He's right by Pete's. Speak to Nigel. 310 372-7966
  298. FishinMcNuggets

    Cushman collectors out there?

    Hey Guys, My work picked up a cushman truckster with a robin subaru 8.5 eh25 with low usage on it. Anyone that likes gas powered resto projects might like this one. Looks to be 60's vintage, but with a fresher running engine. Started it today, maybe 3 pulls after i found the choke. Carb...
  299. FishinMcNuggets

    I’m concerned

    I'm a little too dehydrated for the pissing match, BUT, decreased baitfish means less recruitment of juvenile gamefish. In simpler words, no deans means halibut eat baby beans. Baby yellows, mini cudas, etc. are all forage, if true bait fish are absent.
  300. FishinMcNuggets

    Just Fishing By Pete (Redondo Beach)

    I'll leave a note for you if you want to pm me your number.
  301. FishinMcNuggets

    Just Fishing By Pete (Redondo Beach)

    Odds are that if you really want to get a hold of him, tape a note with your phone # to the back door.
  302. FishinMcNuggets

    Good Luck Rituals

    I always start my day by washing my hands really well. Then I go to the bait tank, and squish up a fresh bait, and rub it into my hands as if it was soap. Rinse, and then go rig up your gear.
  303. FishinMcNuggets

    I’m concerned

    I respect your right to disagree. Lets look at some numbers. Overnight boat SD, highly optimistic BFT numbers of one 75lb BFT per fisherman, JUST the ticket price = $3.33 per lb for BFT. Something almost everyone would willingly cough up. even if it was YFT, most would go. 27 one day trips...
  304. FishinMcNuggets

    Oceanside Tuna?

    87 or so, coming back in from a half day run on the Redondo Special. They liked to open the chutes on the way back in. Mark (?, deckie that drove a raised 2wd Red Toyota p/u) was emptying out the last of the chovies while the boat was parked in front of Nick the Greeks. A football BFT pops up...
  305. FishinMcNuggets

    I’m concerned

    Point is that we are the most economically viable harvesters.
  306. FishinMcNuggets

    Sea Eagle FishSkiff 16 Inflatable Fishing Boat

    Weighs 110 lbs with transom, but only takes a 6 hp? Total height?
  307. FishinMcNuggets

    Fishing shirt wrinkled, please help

    You must be doing something wrong. My lucky fishing clothes have bloodstains.
  308. FishinMcNuggets

    Sea Eagle FishSkiff 16 Inflatable Fishing Boat

    Diameter of upper sponsons?. Not for me, but because people wanna know. May wanna post on spearboard with fuel burn numbers.
  309. FishinMcNuggets

    Road trip from Oregon.

    Carrillo beach launch ramp. Marina del Rey launch Ramp. Sunset marina launch ramp. King harbor hoist. Yellowfin in the close area.
  310. FishinMcNuggets

    Does anyone remember the Bubble Hole in Redondo Beach Ca.??

    I didn't start going until 84 or so, but still plenty of bonies. Honestly, last winter had a run of 4-9 lb bones in the canyon. And a couple years back I got smoked chucking a crappie jig at a little foamer off the crab shack. Bonies still there on occasion. Got picked up by the harbor...
  311. FishinMcNuggets

    Have Never Caught A Fish

    Go to the tackle shop nearest the lake, and ask for advice. Someone catching fish at the lake can help you fine tune that advice. Trout are sometimes a finesse fish. Put all possibilities in your favor. Smallest sinker and swivel you can get away with. Make sure your hooks are supa sharp...
  312. FishinMcNuggets

    Ski to RIB

    If you are still "looking" at one, I might caution you to get a used one. Let someone else take the depreciation hit. More left over for fishfinders, upgrades, and gas money.
  313. FishinMcNuggets

    Ski to RIB

    I think you'll be very happy with it. I've been in a 12 on a sporty afternoon. I personally run a 2.85M with an 8hp. Goes 20 mph solo on bathwater conditions. I've seen a rib at Santa Cruz, seems there's a guy that goes often. I'm up for going if you want $ contributions and moral support.
  314. FishinMcNuggets

    Strange catch

    How did it taste?
  315. FishinMcNuggets

    Sea lion out of control

    "Furbags" We need to just use the catch-all term furbags so as to not set off fishstomp's sensitive nomenclature alarm. Seals, sea lions, sea otters.... = "#@[<[<ing furbags"
  316. FishinMcNuggets

    Albacore season

    Bodega, HMB, and Avila. Watch the counts.
  317. FishinMcNuggets

    Santa Cruz Island Sunday June 9

    Great job! Nice herd of chivos.
  318. FishinMcNuggets

    Santa Cruz Island Sunday June 9

    Likewise, Tony, I was curious how your weekend went?
  319. FishinMcNuggets

    Catalina tomorrow 6/9 Or... try the inshore WSB thing?
  320. FishinMcNuggets

    Anyone familiar with the Zodiac FC 470?

    Thinking it depends on the integrity of the sponsons. Slow leaks seriously detract from "roll floor" ride quality. Should resell well at that price even if a little work is needed.
  321. FishinMcNuggets

    Crankbaits for spotties

    I don't know what you usually use, but what works for me is AA's "single tail shrimp". When I'm working a fresh area I will also fall back to a squid strip on a texas rig. Interesting to see what else is out there along with the bass sometimes. Both items could be used on a dropshot or single...
  322. FishinMcNuggets

    Your old moped, scooter or thumper

    Putt-putt! Friday bump.
  323. FishinMcNuggets

    Your old moped, scooter or thumper

    49 to 300cc, preferably on non op, streetable, no pit bikes or off hwy only. Ideal would be a little old enduro. Would like one for economical commuting. Ugly but mostly complete would definitely be ok. Less than $3-400 please. Looking for personal long term use, not trying to flip...
  324. FishinMcNuggets

    Handheld vhf needs repair

    Pm me, I'll take it! -Mike
  325. FishinMcNuggets

    When do (barred) surfperch spawn?

    March and April BSP are dropping babies. Spawning, aka making their *O* faces happens in Nov-Jan.
  326. FishinMcNuggets

    I need some fresh squid...

    Trade you some ricotta pound for pound for some freshy-fresh squirts, Tony. I just want to try up-converting them into a wsb.
  327. FishinMcNuggets

    I need some fresh squid...

    Bump... looking for ghosts possibly tonight.
  328. FishinMcNuggets

    I need some fresh squid...

    PM me if you want to stay discreet about it. Interested in live or super fresh stuff anywhere from Ventura to DP. I know, people are going to say "Asian Market." I'm looking for the freshest possible, not dragged around and hanging in the freezer case for 1/2 a day. I'm okay with running my...
  329. FishinMcNuggets

    What keeps you awake, other than coffee?

    Girlfriend or wife giving me a hummer has always worked for me.
  330. FishinMcNuggets

    Weird AA Light?

    Now if only we had some snotty logs around to chuck those at!
  331. FishinMcNuggets

    how do you handle sculpin??

    Yeah, lip them carefully but with a "kung-fu" grip. Helps calm them down. Storage in a hard cooler or fish box is great advice.
  332. FishinMcNuggets

    MB ML320 4wd $1500

    Metallic forest green. Neighbor across the street is selling it for a pretty sweet price. Will need to have a couple details squared away, but passes smog and has a strong engine. Great deal for someone with a little mechanical aptitude who is looking for a deal. Cost him 5500 a couple years...
  333. FishinMcNuggets

    Spotties and Sandbass Cross breeding?

    Hey Russ, Totally possible. I've seen sandico mixes in Santa Monica Bay, and even caught a spotandico 3 way mix in King Harbor. I found the pic, and here it is for your viewing pleasure! The spotty spots/bars were on the tail section as well, just lighter in color.
  334. FishinMcNuggets

    what do you use to spool your reels at home?

    A relative and a pencil.
  335. FishinMcNuggets

    Beginner surface iron rod

    I vote for a 6480 and a high speed sealine 50. Make sure freespool is smooth if you get a used sealine. They have a few bearings that can go bad. Doubles as a seabass stick or for bigger baits if you lose interest in jigs. Won't kick your ass as bad either.
  336. FishinMcNuggets

    Today is a good day... Biologists: Killing hungry sea lions

    Yeah, we need to keep our standards up or they'll start selling tags. Maybe the govt. would find greater efficiency if they sourced a more lucrative outlet for this resource. *orca feed *lobster bait *Canadian cuisine *cured cut bait (rockfish, perch, sharks) *prison food *organic fertilizer...
  337. FishinMcNuggets

    What happened to "Fattony"?

    Someone untied the knots, and everything is calm and back to normal.
  338. FishinMcNuggets

    What do you guys do with coyotes?

    Gotta wonder what lobster would think of them?
  339. FishinMcNuggets

    Used 20lb propane tanks

    Hey BD, Used propane tanks, good for exchange!!! One may have a partial fill. $10 each, South Bay/Los Angeles area. BBQ season coming up. $ 30-40 at the big store! PM -Mike
  340. FishinMcNuggets

    Now that Lobster Season is Done

    Keep in mind that spider crabs are also on the menu. I have a friend that favors those over rock crab.
  341. FishinMcNuggets

    The Old (RIP) Topless Ducky

    Just curious how much the re-sponsoning will be? Guys going with same material and color? Color Ducky graphics?
  342. FishinMcNuggets

    Anyone up for a skiff trip?

    Wow. Never thought I would see a yacht that could crap a little boat out of it's ass.
  343. FishinMcNuggets

    Please explain the logic behind this one

    Answer I got from NOAA guy in charge: Hi Mike, I heard from a CDFW rep who provided some background on the commercial closure period reasoning. The commercial closure period was put in place to help in the recovery of Bocaccio (their spawning period is more March/April). Bocaccio had been...
  344. FishinMcNuggets

    Lobster/crab nets

    Thank you kindly Jeff! Jeff is an upstanding member for honoring the "first reply". Saw his boat too, awesome setup on that Gregor! Good people all around.
  345. FishinMcNuggets

    Wanted: free old trailer tires, 15"

    I was wondering if anyone here has a couple old trailer tires they'd like to give away. Homeless folks like to settle in to the area in front of where I work. One family has moving issues, and two 7.00 x 15lt tires would help them greatly. Willing to pickup or can deliver to Gardena, CA ...
  346. FishinMcNuggets

    Pre-fish bycatch

    Thinking OP is a tourney angler. Pre-fish being like driving a "Prerunner" for SCORE courses. Testing out the waters most likely for a bass event. That is, just in case un-sarcastic folks come to your conclusion!
  347. FishinMcNuggets


    PLUS they provide competition to keep the other WC manufacturers on their toes and fairly priced!
  348. FishinMcNuggets


    By the same token, you can call their bigger vendors and see if you can pin down your blank. Fishermans Landing Bob Sands Island Tackle Sav-on Melton Charkbait Or just ask Cust Svc where they shipped the last of them, and call there.
  349. FishinMcNuggets


    Lou, I don't work there, and am not affiliated. But, remember that Calstar is a family business. Sometimes families have challenges or difficulties. So, instead of giving 110% of the great support they give to the fishing industry (35 years, no less!), it might be the time they need just a...
  350. FishinMcNuggets

    A Way to Fish Cheap

    Seriously, if you're ever really in a fix with nothing to fish from, you're welcomed to borrow my boat, Dan. Won't make it out to the tuna, but might reach some PV or 'Shoe yellows.
  351. FishinMcNuggets

    Best place for bat rays?

    Just going out on a limb, but I heard rays can be migratory. Late spring or summer might be better. Right now you want to fish down current from outflow sources with 1/2 a fresh perch.
  352. FishinMcNuggets

    A Way to Fish Cheap

    a. Offer to scrub the boat b. Deadhead c. Get in tight with the owner/crew, and both a & b d. Pay full price plus jackpot, and give the full j-pot to the crew, and then c & b e. learn to cook/crew/ or skipper and fill in on trips with a "fish, not pay" contingency f. if "a" gets no interest...
  353. FishinMcNuggets

    Silverwood Lake one 2-1-19

    Just curious if anyone ever leadcores at Silverwood with any degree of success?
  354. FishinMcNuggets

    Anyone Using Mole Crabs as bait?

    X2 what the guys above said. Moles get 5-6 times as big as a sand crabs. Typically deeper water bycatch for me, but I was once bitten by a tiny one in Newport. They have a hornier scarab beetle look. Sand crabs are great shore bait. Opt for softer ones, or ones carrying orange egg sacks.
  355. FishinMcNuggets

    Anyone Using Mole Crabs as bait?

    There's a difference btw mole and sand crabs. Those look to be sand crabs.
  356. FishinMcNuggets

    2013 Zodiac 750 Pro $55,000

    Top speed? Just curious.
  357. FishinMcNuggets

    Need family camping ideas for Spring Break

    Wasn't going to mention Idyllwild, but good camping is to be had on Black Mountain, close to Lake Fulmor. Same token, Santa Rosa mountains have a nice spring, with a crashed 'copter not far away. Not trailer friendly spots, though.
  358. FishinMcNuggets

    Pismo surf fishing

    I'd avoid chovies in favor of any cured bait. Cured mackerel strips would be ideal. Or bloodworms, sandworms, sidewinders, or sandcrabs.
  359. FishinMcNuggets

    Pismo surf fishing

    I'd agree with this totally as light perch tackle. BUT given Pismo has a high possibility of stripers and can have much burlier surf, I'd up the ante. Plus, given central coast conditions & Newbies, I'd say long rod style would be a better application than Bill Varney style. I would fish...
  360. FishinMcNuggets

    Need help identifying a vintage George Hine Production Co Rod

    Slap a new tip on it and call it excalibur! I vote for a Penn Surfmaster (100) with 30lb spiderwire. Looks like there is no eye missing. They did things differently back then. A good rod repair guy will verify that for you. Stripers and snausages beware!
  361. FishinMcNuggets

    Horseshoe Bass report 1/4

    Congrats on a fine day of bassin!
  362. FishinMcNuggets

    Sunday 12/30, Rocky Point zones

    I know it's a big rockfish pitstop for the major players, but I usually don't fish rockfish. I go because it's a no-brainer navionics friendly spot. I have been trying to work out a modular install of a fish finder for the inflatable, after which I can put in the time needed to find some...
  363. FishinMcNuggets

    Sunday 12/30, Rocky Point zones

    Some people just weren't cut out for fishing. And "That Guy" went fishing with you? Sounds like a rough lot of Guests.
  364. FishinMcNuggets

    Sunday 12/30, Rocky Point zones

    Short: Cold AM warming midday med period swells varying water temps clear and lake like conditions for most of the day UPHILL current Big Rock/Malaga for nothing on birds early. Rocky Point, lotsa trash fish and a possible breakoff mid morning. Nothing mid-day trolling kelp edge. Strong PM...
  365. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore Are there still YFT in US Waters?

    WHOA....there's MATH involved. You've got the bar set too high for some of us.
  366. FishinMcNuggets

    Project boats or Trash???

    Get a core sample off the transoms if you really have an itch for a boat. If so, try the boat with the greatest LOA or freeboard first.
  367. FishinMcNuggets

    Coronado pier and surf fishing

    Try going to and signing up. they have plenty of good info on Sandy Eggo.
  368. FishinMcNuggets

    Kencor Orange Surf Rods

    KXKH... you have a PM.
  369. FishinMcNuggets

    Catalina tomorrow??

    We're rooting for you! Let us know how it goes.
  370. FishinMcNuggets

    Few rods for sale and blanks

    A deadhead that used to ride on the Redondo Special used to mark rods he did with that two footed sig.
  371. FishinMcNuggets

    Lobster hoop netting during the day.

    I think it depends on conditions. Heavy overcast in the afternoon with heavy runoff conditions would likely bring them out.
  372. FishinMcNuggets

    10ft Sabre GF540

    Yes, they did! I remember drooling over them lined up in the rack at Jerry's when I was a kid.
  373. FishinMcNuggets

    Worst boat names " Sus padres lo encontraron chimando a la novia en el baño.His parents found him fucking his girlfriend in the bathroom." Conjugated as spanish slang of the verb chimar, "Chimo" means "I Fuck". Makes sense with a C-dory stabbin' cabin. Have a nice...
  374. FishinMcNuggets

    Went rokfishing off L J Need a fish ID

    BSB! "Black Speckled Bean" Toilet Trout! Bake in foil with lemon, butter, and garlic powder. ; D (j/k, but whenever in doubt, CPR!)
  375. FishinMcNuggets

    Small Boat my friends wife says $450.00 come get it

    So flat today you coulda run that to Cat. In grundens, with a cut open bleach bottle for baling running shotgun, of course.
  376. FishinMcNuggets

    12-7-18 hooping Long Beach harbor.

    keep up the good work * Edit Good on you to give us a play by play live on the water. Nice lookin eats you got there. Giving us sick people at home motivation to get well!
  377. FishinMcNuggets

    12-7-18 hooping Long Beach harbor.

    Yayyy Chef! Go gettem! I see melted butter in your future...? Update! Bycatch! Update!
  378. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore Are there still YFT in US Waters?

    "Newport" is a red herring. The key clue here is:
  379. FishinMcNuggets

    Duck-Bill vs Needle-nose vs Blunt-nose Pliers -- What's Your Choice and Why?

    When I was a kid I always sided with Needle nose. BUT it was because I always wanted my hook back. I still do, if its a fish I intend on harvesting. The ideal for deckies however is side-cutters, aka "Dikes". The reasons are that: * you shouldn't be practicing vivisection on a bass just to...
  380. FishinMcNuggets

    bait tubes and binoculars - SOLD

    I'm good for the binocs and cages. 2nd in line if the first guy doesn't. See PM for text info.
  381. FishinMcNuggets

    Lizard reels

    Sure you want that? It's been hangin out with bananas!
  382. FishinMcNuggets

    Fishing Kayak (Hobie,Jackson,stealth)

    Pm me... I have a low-cost offer for you.
  383. FishinMcNuggets

    Grande 11/24 The Force is strong in these young mossbacks, grasshoopa!
  384. FishinMcNuggets

    Saturday Santa Monica bay

    Interested in details of where you bugged in Malibu. I have a spot or two I always thought would produce, but haven't been up to try yet. PM or elaborate on the lobstering?
  385. FishinMcNuggets

    Don’t fish the Thunderbird out of Daveys Locker read below.

    Most of them have buzz cuts and bulges... How do you get a proper hold or grip? By the ears?
  386. FishinMcNuggets

    Redondo Bonito Fri 11/16 still there - videos

    I live about 5 minutes from the launch, and can see the ocean. Today looks doable in a 14ft westcoaster. Surge has been up a little in the the harbor, but large period swells shouldn't be bad if you don't get green easy. Wind is 5-10 offshore. Mid morning it should calm, and flip to onshore...
  387. FishinMcNuggets

    Rocky point 11-20

    Good effort.... Musta been some tough mossbacks.
  388. FishinMcNuggets

    Redondo Bonito Bonanza, 11-17

    Thank you guys. Yeah, it's a blessing to have semi-indentured fishing partners in the household. Plus it's fun to hear kids retell fishing stories, the fish get bigger every retelling. Seriously the inflatable was the BEST way to scratch the boating itch on a budget. I'd recommend it to...
  389. FishinMcNuggets

    Redondo Bonito Bonanza, 11-17

    Short: Sat Bonito, high at 6am, Santa Ana offshore and wavelets at launch tapering to noon glass Bones 3-6 lbs, 4 for us both, on 30 flouro and braid. Fleet 17 boats strong with 3/4 day Pedro & MDR boats in the mix Bait schools, fur-bags and ponies present Long: Decided I'd been off the...
  390. FishinMcNuggets

    Asylum Seekers In Tijuana

    The guy with the rock needs to go to "El Pozolero".
  391. FishinMcNuggets

    Punta Cabras

    Camped there once. Lots of mussels in the area. Looks similar to the rest of Baja beaches, reefy points with Sandy coves in between. I'd dig for your own bait, but bring deep frozen squid and Berkley gulp. Expect croakers and bass, possible perch. Prepare for rocks.
  392. FishinMcNuggets

    Free Processed Fish (kinda) BF-Dorado-YT

    Likewise, pm'd. I can pick up and meet that scrotum midway. Down for 2/3rds share depending on weight. QUOTE="mkfriedrich, post: 4727552, member: 168759"]Hi guys. I have a lot of fish left at Fisherman’s. Bluefin , yellowtail, and dorado. The bill is around $300. If you guys would like to...
  393. FishinMcNuggets

    Johnny Morris/lews combo and Lucky craft rod

    Try posting in the bass club, too.
  394. FishinMcNuggets

    Boat name for my new Mako

    "Mako Duppy Yet?"
  395. FishinMcNuggets

    Inner Harbor Bugs - 11/9

    Yayy Henry! Great job. Pm me in the future if you bug over here local to me!
  396. FishinMcNuggets

    Island Fun – bugs and bones 11-6 to 11-8

    Thanks for the detailed report... sounds like good livin' there!
  397. FishinMcNuggets

    Where to Buy Market Squid

    Google "99 Ranch Market " Likewise, "seafood city " or "Fresia Market".
  398. FishinMcNuggets

    fishing tackle shop history.....

    Jerry Morris at one time owned "Jerry's Tackle Box" in Redondo Beach. By the time I was a wee sprout of 13, Jerry's had already been there a while. He also owned "Hermosa Bait and Tackle" on Pier Avenue in Hermosa. A tackle and snack shop existed on the Hermosa Pier as well in the same era...
  399. FishinMcNuggets

    Why one full net and the other is empty?

    I went snorkeling once along a breakwater at dusk. Along a 100 yard stretch of rock wall I saw ONE crack in the rock with 7 lobsters huddled together in it. I saw no other lobsters in the other 99 yards of wall. Go figure. They like food, currents that bring it to them, and a good place to...
  400. FishinMcNuggets


    1 stand in rain 2 look straight up 3 open mouth 4 hope no seagulls fly by
  401. FishinMcNuggets


    Feeling generous... I'll give you $600 cash for the whole mess if the motor runs.
  402. FishinMcNuggets

    Radio issues

    Just what I need... where can I pick one up from?
  403. FishinMcNuggets

    Panga Marine Marquesas

    What little I know: West coast Baja mfg. are the most applicable: Rodriguez, Amato, Diaz.... and Mexi-cat. East coast sporty styles cost too much. Imemsa and Asian imports lack build quality and have import costs.
  404. FishinMcNuggets

    LB Bay hooping 10/19 Lost/Stolen hoop

    2 cents... Not all fishermen are stalwart and upstanding citizens like us here on BD. Regular hoops can be dropped around town without too much worry. But leaving Promars alone is like parking a convertible sports car under where crows roost. Don't tempt fate, always keep your good stuff...
  405. FishinMcNuggets

    mahis and a white Marlin

    Self promote much?
  406. FishinMcNuggets

    Infectious disease killing local sea lions!

    Saw an ailing sea lion on a recent walk in a local cove. It looked ready to give up it's ghost. Sure 'nuff on the walk back it was just nerves. Saw a couple "mammal rescue" trucks at the parking which declared it DOA. There ARE people rescuing and treating these things. Not that it's...
  407. FishinMcNuggets

    10/16 Horse shit!

    ... and this is part of the problem. It's a known fact that Calicos and Spotties like Santana! Not sure about Sandies, but I think they like leftover short-rib bones, sewage outfall, and waterlogged half-full Budweisers that drift down to them. A for effort and detailed reporting! Fish...
  408. FishinMcNuggets

    10/12 San Pedro to PV and Personal Best Homeguard Yellows

    Beautiful fish for the area! Great job on some homeguards! Leave just one for me? ; ]
  409. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore 9 on a 12' rib

    Try fresh sardines, chunked? I know kelp patty spotting and live bait are hard to do in a rib. But fresh chunks are doable, and sometimes tuna friendly.
  410. FishinMcNuggets

    Seeker Pinhead D8-8 CT *SOLD*

    Look Guys, the market is hot for PH D8's. We need some LA people that want to give them up. Bring em' out, let's see if anyone else wants to sell some!
  411. FishinMcNuggets

    Why am i addicted to fishing

    Its instinct. Just something about conning tasty wild life into hands reach. You get to see it alive and twitching, and admire the beauty of God's creation. Harvesting is just the happy ending to the adventure of the hunt and capture.
  412. FishinMcNuggets

    Prices reduced! Rods-truline,sabre,seeker !found a ring!

    A nice setting with a Cubic Zirconium until you can get a nice rock.
  413. FishinMcNuggets

    Lobster, 9/29 and 9/30, pretty good fishin'.

    Rockin the rock lobsters, John! Great job.
  414. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore 46 shorts, 4 legals...bug opener

    Congrats on some very hard-won bugs. What a night!
  415. FishinMcNuggets

    Dana Point Bonito - Questions

    How was it? Sounds like others struggled to bone up on things.
  416. FishinMcNuggets

    Let’s name RTB’s new boat for him

    Emergent Sea Bassectomy
  417. FishinMcNuggets

    Can we get a fighting forum?

    I vote for a popcorn forum!
  418. FishinMcNuggets

    Ocean odyssey 9/30-10/3 Weather issues

    The boat is high off of the water. The deck should see less slop than most others. Oh, and no jumping on the bow. Skippers hate to see eye to eye with 13 year olds as they're looking forward of the wheelhouse.
  419. FishinMcNuggets


    Wait Russ! No room for the requisite "la chigada"... S-O-C-K(la chingada)-S? Works ok, right? :D
  420. FishinMcNuggets


    Bonito = Bənitə Bonito ≠ Boney-toe! At least around here, that is.
  421. FishinMcNuggets

    9/23 Dana Point local

    Love the obligatory bonito under ice pic. Covering all your BD bases!
  422. FishinMcNuggets

    La Jolla 9/23 AM 1/2 day

    I for one think John has a point. Anyone who pays attention around here understands who and what he is talking about, and that Otto deserves and probably doesn't even care about the valid criticism pointing his way. And I'd hate to be the pot "name-calling" the kettle black twice in some OP's...
  423. FishinMcNuggets

    Fishing Deckhand Needed (no pay just fishing)

    Awesome offer for the right local.
  424. FishinMcNuggets

    Catalina Next Week

    Pursuit is most consistent for full day tails.
  425. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore Great White on paddy at 14 Mile Bank 8/23

    We only mess with sharks we can keep under control.
  426. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore Great White on paddy at 14 Mile Bank 8/23

    A one way ticket will suffice, right? Update your life insurance, and file the Geo tag info with your float plan. I'm guessing next of kin and insurance investigators wanna follow the shark and his fresh stomach contents. : D
  427. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore 9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    :D I heard Colin Kaepernick tried to kneel on the patty with a harpoon, until the guy from the south asked if he could spear juvenile makos to stick in gunny sacks with NO ICE for the afternoon? Aside from the Hookup baits and rainbow colored spectra, guys, look at the big picture here... ;)
  428. FishinMcNuggets

    More Brownfin Tuna, no paddies, 9/8.

    If he fished more! Like Hardcore!
  429. FishinMcNuggets

    More Brownfin Tuna, no paddies, 9/8.

    <--- wants to be just like Flomar or Eric Landesfeind if he ever grows up. Great work on flat stuff!
  430. FishinMcNuggets

    More Brownfin Tuna, no paddies, 9/8.

    <--- wants to be just like Flomar or Eric Landesfeind if he ever grows up. Great work on flat stuff!
  431. FishinMcNuggets

    Novurania RIB tender

    Price is too rich for my blood. Replacement tubes are nice, but the quality of workmanship in gluing is always the kicker. BUT, the flossy blow-boats are getting shipped south for the winter. They might pay $$$ for a tender. Put it on a blow boat site, preferably in front of Cabo-bound...
  432. FishinMcNuggets

    Novurania RIB tender

    Price is too rich for my blood. Replacement tubes are nice, but the quality of workmanship in gluing is always the kicker. BUT, the flossy blow-boats are getting shipped south for the winter. They might pay $$$ for a tender. Put it on a blow boat site, preferably in front of Cabo-bound...
  433. FishinMcNuggets

    Salmon Eggs & Trout Dough for California Surf

    Powerbait - I have my doubts. Salmon eggs should do wonders off the rocks for opaleye and such. I have a friend that slays the perch off the rocks on veg-all. They may like the eggs even better than veg-all. Veg-all is a lot cheaper, though!
  434. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore Great White on paddy at 14 Mile Bank 8/23

    Where's that "Shark surfing" guy when you need him most?
  435. FishinMcNuggets

    My new Gregor "Super Baja"

    Folding Euro console, counterbalance yourself with gear in weighing out the boat.
  436. FishinMcNuggets

    Rocky Point/PV

    We were at Rocky once and he (jet ski guy) roars up. We complimented him on the ski. Turns out he'd hit Hermosa reef and Redondo Art. reefs and maybe even the Palawan before even showing at Rocky, at 10 am. He gets around! And I think some people do plastic navy INSTEAD of church!
  437. FishinMcNuggets

    Rocky Point/PV

    We went down to glass this zone before church. Lotsa pony (and bird) action early near the Palawan and between the red bell at the point and the Palawan. The midway ponies were hauling ass at one point. Saw the two yaks together, one separate, spotted the ski guy. He gets around pretty well...
  438. FishinMcNuggets

    Brownfin Tuna off a paddy.

    Patty hopping? Or Flatty popping? Good work, John!
  439. FishinMcNuggets

    Jig stick for 5' 9" teenager?

    Bottom line, make sure it is a deckhand version. That way he can move the reel around as he adjusts and grows to be able to load the rod more upon casting, and can get more arc outta the swing with improvement.
  440. FishinMcNuggets

    Jig stick for 5' 9" teenager?

    PH-D8 seeker, or maybe a 530 calstar if he's REALLY into it. For something more versatile, maybe an 800M or H. Take him San Diego 3/4 day fishing first, and have him ask respectfully to try out a couple other people's stuff. He can pick out a professional overlay, right? :D
  441. FishinMcNuggets

    Boat is just siting

    Cuanto faltarias de contribucion para que ganamos hasta los Coronados buscando jureles? : D
  442. FishinMcNuggets

    Help with making a yoyo iron mold, tady, salas etc...

    Get a jig that doesn't swim. Grind on it til it does. Cut off rings. Press round side down into a bed of sand or diatomaceous earth. Heat a ladle full of lead however convenient to you. Pull jig, pour lead in impression until full. Cool, paint, ring, and fish. Repeat until fish is caught.
  443. FishinMcNuggets

    pearl sizes balls under the skin of tuna???

    Fatty deposites? Biopsy it and let us know!
  444. FishinMcNuggets

    Oceanside boats? Which landing?

    Make the trip to SD. You'll be closer to the fish.
  445. FishinMcNuggets

    Tips for Newport Harbor?

    Sounds odd, but you might try a couple casts near any boats with seals camped on them. Mooring blocks of said vessels, too.
  446. FishinMcNuggets

    South bay beaches

    I've seen a fish or two this year, but not in the ankle wash. Fish I've seen have been 3 ft. or deeper. Just FYI, corbs don't like gulp. Softshells, clams or bloodworms are much better.
  447. FishinMcNuggets

    Yellowtail Mango Ceviche

    Great stuff! A little mod we do at our house is to cook the fish in the lemon juice, but after it is cooked we add some pineapple juice to balance out the flavor.
  448. FishinMcNuggets

    So I got this old rod... crap or keep?

    Will work fine. Feel free to lend out as a loaner to friends instead of your high dollar stuff.
  449. FishinMcNuggets

    Sugar Cured Mackerel Bait

    Fred Oakley fished BSP back in the day with cured mackerel. Bet it stays on the hook kinda like dried Berkley sandworms.
  450. FishinMcNuggets

    7/15 on the Ole Pacific - Tuna Time

    Ice??? j/k! Stellar job on a massive local tuna!
  451. FishinMcNuggets

    WANTED: Redondo Sportfishing Shirt, OLD style.

    The one with kelp and a yellow in the logo. I would like to buy a shirt, or even borrow a shirt. PM if you have one in ANY state of decay for details. Some hoochie made off with my hoodie when I was 18 or so, and I'd like to recuperate an icon of my misspent youth. PM please.
  452. FishinMcNuggets

    Any tips

    Pick where you feel safe fishing, and use the search icon on the top of the page to search for posts on those spots.
  453. FishinMcNuggets

    Run & Gun seabass on the tak

    Nice stones offa that biscuit.
  454. FishinMcNuggets

    Kids and Cuda

    Great Job Unkle! Little does she realize how truly blessed she is to have someone care enough to make her the "star fisher-person" for the day and put her on quality snot-logs.
  455. FishinMcNuggets

    What about trolling for Bluefin

    Whatever you drag, make it wayyy back, and if you spot fish on the surface you'd be better off hooking around to angle over the spot instead of just driving straight over the school.
  456. FishinMcNuggets

    I'm going on Seeker 8day trip on the Indy. Would someone like to ride with me. Seeker trip is 1809 o

    Trip number 1809 on the Indy site. Hope you guys slay them. Good Luck!
  457. FishinMcNuggets

    Yo-yo's for the surface?

    Bring some friends. Find 3 guys named Mike that have cash and jig buckets. This way when you say... "Mike, lend me a jig. Mike, gimme some money for gas. Mike, scrub the boat." ...There's no need to repeat yourself, and no excuses why everyone shouldn't jump to it at once!
  458. FishinMcNuggets

    Slot Limit on Sporties - Calicos

    Actually, as early as the late 80's on the Redondo Special the deckies encouraged people to throw the chunkies back and keep 13- 18 inchers. They even frowned at me with my rapalas with 3 trebles, surgically altering the occasional bass. I did however learn the ease ("environmentally...
  459. FishinMcNuggets

    2006 PACIFIC 20' (Aluminum)

    One tough looking boat. Why are you selling something so near perfect?
  460. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore Fathers day on the Freedom

    From your part of town, wouldn't he be more of a condor? You've quit sportboats... but hey, you're welcomed on my boat, if you wanna try. Just don't bring that 540. Or bananas.
  461. FishinMcNuggets

    Average size jigsticks.

    2 cents: Rods today are faster in action than those of yesteryear. Today's 8ft HMG stick might offer the same leverage but a little less load than the 9-10 foot classic glass stick. As a kid I used all glass. I learned to load the rod a little at the beginning of the arc, and get distance...
  462. FishinMcNuggets

    Yo-yo's for the surface?

    Word has it you can order 6x jrs in a light. I have personally seen cudas go wacky for a similar jig. Pete's Just Fishing in Redondo said he can get them. Likewise, I've done well on the surface with a pretty heavy starman candy bar, nice sardine-like swim. YMMV.
  463. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore Saturday 6/17 226 302 371 got one

    Honestly, I think anyone running & gunning on BFT with divers is an idiot. They're throwing away the one trump card they have to begin with. Instead of sliding in, they should dump the suits upcurrent and pick up downcurrent, but only after checking that they aren't party crashing to begin...
  464. FishinMcNuggets

    6/16/18 Redondo Special yellow

    Nice video, good fishing in my home waters!
  465. FishinMcNuggets

    Operation Ghost Kill 6/2-3/18

    In addition to the balloon thing, some people can see their rig on the meter. It marks at 30', it must be at 30'. Likewise, some people mark their spectra, or have the multi-colored spectra that gives them a depth indication. And the guys with line counters on their reels.
  466. FishinMcNuggets

    Operation Ghost Kill 6/2-3/18

    Would mean the mack was 30' below the boat.
  467. FishinMcNuggets

    Operation Ghost Kill 6/2-3/18

    Beautiful Fish! Were you guys in the kelp, or just near it? Near any structure? Not trying to get the spot, just curious what kinda structure they were keyed to. They have tails, after all. : D
  468. FishinMcNuggets

    shore fishing Big Bear Lake

    Search button, looks like a magnifying glass, upper rt. of screen will help you!
  469. FishinMcNuggets

    2 speed lever drag reels-proto type

    How were the rods? I've heard the rods are in production, as well as available as blanks. Interested in your feedback and opinion.
  470. FishinMcNuggets

    Fishing Memorial day

    Wow, an invite on the Ducky! That's an offer you shouldn't refuse!
  471. FishinMcNuggets

    Badass Bass

    Talk about having a chip on your shoulder!
  472. FishinMcNuggets

    New cat build

    My 8 year old just said he wants one just like it!
  473. FishinMcNuggets

    Picking A Bait

    I think this really sums it up. Look at pets. You can almost always get young cats to chase a string. But a fat old dog will rarely play fetch with you. You have to play to the instincts of the fish. The key is understanding what causes the situation, and fishing in accordance. Hot...
  474. FishinMcNuggets

    Check out my new cat

    "One night Livingston met Panga in a dive bar. He liked her big bow, and she looked really solid in the stern. 'Eh, Chula, let me buy you a drink?'..."
  475. FishinMcNuggets

    The StingHearse

    DIY Corv-amino! Must have seen a shooting brake in R & T and said... "3 weekends, three 30packs of Natty Light, I kin dooit!"
  476. FishinMcNuggets

    Motor for 9’ Livingston

    Get something with restricted HP, so you can mod it later if you want to give them a little more power. Example, Rated at 6hp, but same as 8hp once you remove the restrictor plate.
  477. FishinMcNuggets


    Ask your nearest restaurant to save you the end pieces, or call Trader Joe's and find out where their donations go.
  478. FishinMcNuggets

    Budget Reels

    Prices help get stuff sold.
  479. FishinMcNuggets

    Boston Whaler Pilothouse 22' For Sale

    I just saw this craft cruise by in King Harbor this weekend. I was thinking "what a bitchin take on a whaler..." Very capable looking craft in the right hands.
  480. FishinMcNuggets

    Physical Training Ideas

    Like most of my posts this is going to sound odd. Get some identical 60 lb rigs, a swivel, a like minded friend, and a stuffed animal. Tether the stuffy to the swivel. Bet some money on who's gonna win. Both tie off to the swivel. Freespool and take 20 paces each and plant your feet. Reel...
  481. FishinMcNuggets

    Opinions on Thresher boats

    Hey Brandon! I've got nothing against foreign mfg'd hulls; Hell, I run an inflatable, I don't have a leg to stand on here. BUT, I would go for a ride in a Thresher! I'd fish the *^#$ outta one if I had one. I think what you're doing is actually sensible and marketable. Just saying, these...
  482. FishinMcNuggets

    Catalina Island Hard Bait Calico Report Saturday 5/5

    Details on the crankbaits if you please, sir?
  483. FishinMcNuggets

    NOAA word of the day

    When you're pissing two streams at once? :D
  484. FishinMcNuggets

    Marijuana on LR boats

    When I spoke to him last he attributed it to pesticides in Medical Marijuana. He was suffering initially from back problems, a sprain causing him chronic pain. Problem is, lots of inventory on shelves is contaminated. That includes real mmj kicked up with synthetics like K2. ALL POT right...
  485. FishinMcNuggets

    Marijuana on LR boats

    Just a little FYI. A guy I know and just saw two weeks ago died from Medical Marijuana complications. His mom called me at work to let me know, so I wouldn't ask about him if I see her. The stuff they are legally selling right now is largely untested inventory. 90+ percent of it is...
  486. FishinMcNuggets

    Trolling Catalina Island

    Island, troll based off action of plugs. This varies with plug brand & type, boat size, and how far back. I run most of my local plugs (not rapalas) at 2-4 MPH. I have a tiny boat. YMMV. Do not run stuff too far back near the Island (boat traffic). Offshore, Halcos will do 5-8 knots...
  487. FishinMcNuggets

    Trolling Catalina Island

    Pick stuff that will work at compatible speeds. At Cat I'd run an xrap, a yo-zuri, and a feather. To and from the island put a cedar plug and maybe a halco instead of the plugs.
  488. FishinMcNuggets

    Not Sure How to Title This

    99 cents store. $1.30 for three bags and 7lbs of ice. Bring on board, fill holey bag with ice and s/w from tank, hang on hook over fish. Put extra ice in gunny with fish until overhead refill is needed. Instant s/w drip.
  489. FishinMcNuggets

    Pursuit 4-30-18?

    Edit, moved to other thread.
  490. FishinMcNuggets

    Kayak Fishing the Baja

    go to: the search criteria is "Mako-ville"
  491. FishinMcNuggets

    Yeti and its anti 2A position

    FYI. Saw some yeti SS bottles at the 99 cents only store the other day. You should know you're doing something wrong when your product falls to the bottom of the barrel.
  492. FishinMcNuggets

    New to Kayak Fishing , So. Cal

    Eric: Don't worry about sharks. Most inshore sharks are not interested in something as big as a Hobie.
  493. FishinMcNuggets

    Most legendary local SW fisherman of modern times.

    He insists on eating his fish. Not much left on 1.5 lb bonies if you trim out that bloodline. And we tell him to eat around it!
  494. FishinMcNuggets

    Most legendary local SW fisherman of modern times.

    I got a good laugh at this one. Funny thing is, this 2nd grader: Already bought his own cell phone Diagnosed a misfire on a family car Earns money helping his dad fix other people's cars, Eats blood lines outta freshly baked Bonita, And wants to cook and clean his own fish! We'll give him a...
  495. FishinMcNuggets

    Most legendary local SW fisherman of modern times.

    Biography time for my 2nd grader. "The List" has Jim Henson, Walt Disney, Charles Schultz. I'm thinking more along the lines of Mark Wisch or Erik Landesfeind. Any other notable nominees?
  496. FishinMcNuggets

    Need help with fishing

    What exactly would your research project be about?
  497. FishinMcNuggets

    Point Magu Naval Base

    X2 on the LC 110's. Or a surf rat fly on your fly rod.
  498. FishinMcNuggets

    Bad Ads Thread

    From forums, mobile via Android phone.
  499. FishinMcNuggets

    Bad Ads Thread
  500. FishinMcNuggets

    need alittle help with giant fish location!!

    Bring Binoculars, put in-laws in charge of Whale-spotting. You've gotta focus on driving. If they don't "spot" any, you're off the hook! Maybe troll a sabiki with chrome on the end, get them on some mackeral for entertainment. Imagine your Mother-in-law bringing up 5 macks at once? Chunks...
  501. FishinMcNuggets

    Wtb vintage ul

    California tackle pre-chocolate sabre. Will need a rewrap. Probably good for 1-4lb. Offer via pm if interested.
  502. FishinMcNuggets

    O'side pier?

    Fished it once on a mission to pick up something. Did good on 4 or 6 lb test with a crappie jig, Marabou tail type. Caught a bonito and some mini calicos in an hour's time. Calicos- squid tipped jig.
  503. FishinMcNuggets

    2015 amato panga

    Beautiful skiff! Just curious why you're selliing it? Looking to trade for a better ride, Pilot house, better range?
  504. FishinMcNuggets

    Wham lures

    Spotties love the fisheez!
  505. FishinMcNuggets

    I got yo-yo problems...

    My best advice is to be conscious of what your gear ratio & reel size are capable of in relations to speed of retrieve. And to keep trying different applicable jigs. I had a 3/4 day trip to the Coronados once where I could NOT get bit for the first half of the trip. I ended up falling to...
  506. FishinMcNuggets

    What happened to our squid!?

    San Pedro Wholesale fish market, Saturday mornings 3-8am. East End of 22nd street, find parking. Good prices on fish, too! Otherwise: Squidco, 99 Ranch, or Tomish Bros fish co in Wilmington.
  507. FishinMcNuggets

    Caught some little barred surf perch

    Night time is OK. I find bait or gulp sandworms work then.
  508. FishinMcNuggets

    Caught some little barred surf perch

    Larger model perch can be caught on swimbaits, and Lc110 or similar plugs. Kast Masters may work too. But you will get quality and not quantity.
  509. FishinMcNuggets

    Any suggestions for iPhone app?

    Try the navionics "web app" just once, and you'll be sold on having the phone app. They are the same if you go in for the $10 yearly fee. Best $10 purchase I made all year.
  510. FishinMcNuggets

    Sunday on the SD Bay

    Good on you though for taking a newb fishing. They got off to a good start!
  511. FishinMcNuggets

    how do you get taught new tecniques

    Good advice, all. I'd add a thing or two. Watch the people catching fish. Pick the brains of old guys, deckies, tackle shop owners, and anyone catching, and not just fishing. AND, spend more time on a pier. Look for reports of where Mackerel and Bonita are being caught. Bring f/w gear and...
  512. FishinMcNuggets

    Whats up with all the effing Smelt!

    Hey Gary! The perch have been out to lunch for the past 3 seasons. I blame water temps. If you watch reports from Cen-Cal, they are getting quality perch all over. There have been a smattering of perch reported in the north OC, a scant couple here and there in El Porto, and some in Santa...
  513. FishinMcNuggets

    Saltwater Anybody need anything from So Cal. Heading to Seattle this week

    Feel like bringing one of those $100 Craigslist Livingstons back to LA?
  514. FishinMcNuggets

    Catalina Vacation

    Take her to Lover's cove with a loaf of bread. Make breadballs and chum up 3-5lb calicos within viewing distance from shore. Ahhh, romance!
  515. FishinMcNuggets

    Rat Problem...22 or BB...???

    Had a similar situation, and tried a similar solution. No results. But, if you even get one under an oven or fridge, light duty bottle rockets pointed under there will bring them right out, and sometimes even injure or daze them in the process.
  516. FishinMcNuggets

    Proposed Redondo Beach Boat Ramp

    Jim, have they made any moves to reduce launch parking fees? The petition have any effect on them?
  517. FishinMcNuggets

    Anderson Cooper

    Its okay, there is help for you too! Subject & verb tense agreement: homework help at your public library can *assist* you. Or maybe refer back to elementary school English. And BD keeps you informed of the erosion of your rights by special interest groups...
  518. FishinMcNuggets

    Favorite Surf Perch Recipes

    To properly requote "Finding Nemo" Fish are food, not "friends".
  519. FishinMcNuggets

    sportboat name changes

    Tell me it doesn't look kinda like the "Isle of Redondo"?
  520. FishinMcNuggets

    Favorite Surf Perch Recipes Sign up. Find a recipe. Join me in pissing off the elitists by eating BSP instead hugging them or getting selfies with them. Scale, gill, gut, de-fin. Deep fry or bake in a marinade.
  521. FishinMcNuggets

    Orcas on the chew Sea Lions & dolphins... They're whats for lunch!
  522. FishinMcNuggets

    La Jolla Beach

    If you're looking for a good morning trip, try a kayak guide. Jim Sammons, or a guy on "Big Waters Edge" by the name of "dark horse" would put you way ahead of the learning curve, and possibly on to yellowtail.
  523. FishinMcNuggets

    San ? Couch ?

    I might be able to negotiate a spot for you in TJ with my in-laws (not outlaws!). PM if interested.
  524. FishinMcNuggets

    Old Newell - What Have I Got?

    Newell 300c plates & possibly spool, puts bearings where a Jigmaster only had bushings. Respected mod to any 500 or 501. If you paid anywhere less than $60, you made out like a bandito. Certain BD collectors love 'em. Edit: now that I see what you paid...."HEY...STOP that THIEF, someone...
  525. FishinMcNuggets

    Anderson Cooper

    Walk into a bar for people of "alternate preferences", and I'm sure they'll let you know what their agenda is, like it or not. Ever vote for something that is morally right, but does not benefit your own agenda? Unless you and said relatives have done so, you have no credibility...
  526. FishinMcNuggets

    Is light tackle really ethical when there is kelp involved?

    I think bass can handle being busted off in kelp, and later shake the hook & line. They may even have a better chance of recovery if some line is still attached to said hook. BUT, that said, if you REALLY love bass, and want to be sporting with your 20# thru 50# line, why not use a barbless...
  527. FishinMcNuggets

    Sabre Basstroker

    Absolutely! My first dedicated baybass rod was a sabre with a Fuji trigger handle. A Basstroker is a find! Post up some pics.
  528. FishinMcNuggets

    Looking for mossback trips in mid january

    There's a kayak guide on Big Waters Edge (forums) by the name of "darkhorse". He guides in La Jolla, and can almost guarantee you a fish.
  529. FishinMcNuggets

    Charkbait talking smack............. also bad mouths amazon

    Honestly, I'd rather purchase from a brick and mortar place any day. Bad news is that B&M Mom & Pop tackle stores are going by the wayside unless they up their game, or play the online/mail order game. Look at places like Tackle warehouse, or Scotts, or even Charkbait. I think the new normal...
  530. FishinMcNuggets

    Help me name this girl

    Bootsy Collins!
  531. FishinMcNuggets

    One for the SD Bay tomorrow?

    Good luck Russell! Awesome skiff there!
  532. FishinMcNuggets

    1984 28' Skipjack Pilothouse "Koa Honu"

    My condolences, John. Lost my mom the same way. With you by her side, I'm sure she had a good life. God Bless!
  533. FishinMcNuggets

    Lakeside Bait and Tackle Liquidation......

    Are the Lakeland Lure molds and equipment being sold too?
  534. FishinMcNuggets


    Awesome price there!
  535. FishinMcNuggets

    LA Harbor 12.15.17

    No grief from the Harbor Patrol? I tried Cabrillo once, and even the janitors think they work security there!
  536. FishinMcNuggets

    007 "Dr. No" movie blooper

    It is inferred that they are actually looking through an undersea window more than 200 ft. below sea level. In the Caribbean? At cold water Pacific Ocean fish? At a cost of a million (1962) dollars? To see sargo and a calico? Dr. No's psychological profile is of an exacting man with intolerance...
  537. FishinMcNuggets

    WTB - 30' Skipjack 300 or 35' Albin Tournament Express. Possible trade for 25' Davis Great seller & cause.
  538. FishinMcNuggets

    007 "Dr. No" movie blooper

    Dr. No has an aquarium in his secret base on a Caribbean Island... ... with a school of SARGO and a Calico Bass??? WTF?
  539. FishinMcNuggets

    SPINNING Spinner FIT Spin Workout Bike

    Just perfect for taking on your next long range trip!
  540. FishinMcNuggets

    Looking at a project Mark Twin runabout

    Have a lot. Buy an aluminum skiff with an outboard until you really decide on what your budget and affinity for boats is.
  541. FishinMcNuggets

    Looking at a project Mark Twin runabout

    If you have no experience with fiberglass, move on and find something that will require less "TLC" and $$$ to fix. NO, there is no such thing as "affordable" that applies to most boats. If that's what you're looking for, do more homework before inviting your neighbors yard art over to your...
  542. FishinMcNuggets

    corroded bolts

    Naval jelly on the exposed threads. Then after it soaks for 1/2 day, clean off, then polish threads with spit and a brass wire brush. Then do what the other guys are saying to get the bolt off.
  543. FishinMcNuggets

    Garcia/Mitchell Spinning reel parts...

    In case you don't get the right part from Kareem, Pete at Just fishing in Redondo Beach has a ton of Mitchell parts, and possibly reels for sale too. Call him at (310) 376-7035. Edit: just there last night, he has one or two for sale in a tackle box of used goodies in the front of his shop!
  544. FishinMcNuggets

    Selling tackle

    I also have a hard time parting with my stuff. I think most people sell when they are evolving, revolving, or devolving in their fishing. People "get into" surf fishing, or "get out of" rod collecting, or "wanna try for ____," and when they catch one, then dump the gear on the next person...
  545. FishinMcNuggets

    I hate paying launch fees...need annual pass or free access. LB area

    I agree with the op. In King Harbor, small boat launch used to be $4 all day. Then it was $2 per hour, regular rates. But with validation at RBSF, $2 all day. Well, RBSF stopped validating for non party boat customers. $2 per hour = more than I pay for gas in a day.
  546. FishinMcNuggets

    Oh, Missing the good old days!

    How much was the fare for the boat trip? How much was the surcharge for squid? Squid surcharges have been around since the 80's & 90's. Not all do it, but it should be expected. Local means a LB or SP landing, right? Long trip to the BFT grounds from there. Comes with the territory...
  547. FishinMcNuggets

    Boat for Hawaii

    I think the rationale for not having aluminum in the tropics is that it heats up in the sun and gets too hot to touch. Same factors could influence bait or fish storage if hold are uninsulated.
  548. FishinMcNuggets

    Manhattan Beach Hali

    Very fine catch on perch gear, there! Congrats!!!
  549. FishinMcNuggets

    TJ Dentist

    Dra. Myrna Navarro. She's the sister of a friend and is in TJ. Currently working on qualifying to work in the US, She already has an established practice in Mexico.
  550. FishinMcNuggets

    TJ Dentist

    Dra. Myrna Navarro. She's the sister of a friend and is in TJ. Currently working on qualifying to work in the US, She already has an established practice in Mexico.
  551. FishinMcNuggets

    Pickup Bed Rod Transport Ideas

    Thought of doing stakebed side panels for your truck? Incorporate a locking PVC tube into one of them, or simply do a PVC tube attached to stubby stakes (securable) that can ride on the side rim of the bed. Extra length can be accommodated by running the tube o/b of the stakes, hanging off the...
  552. FishinMcNuggets

    Reels that don’t but SHOULD exist

    A fresh stock of newly minted Newells at all local tackle shops.
  553. FishinMcNuggets

    FREE California Boater Card Course!

    Here is the link for a .PDF of the free study guide & test form: Link comes from this page of the Ca Dept of Boating & Waterways website: Enjoy! & Good Luck! -Mike
  554. FishinMcNuggets

    13' Zodiac Dinghy

    If anyone in LA or OC picks this up as a primary mode of inshore fishing transport, I'll offer to buddy boat with you out of the port of your choice for your first trip!
  555. FishinMcNuggets

    Reels that don’t but SHOULD exist

    My kids need one of these... but guaranteed tangle & line twist free. OH, and with an "OH S#!+" Superman Button (like an automatic flyreel button) to instantaneously retrieve all your slack, undo your tangle, and make the fish just jump in the boat, or all of the above as needed! Under $40...
  556. FishinMcNuggets

    Any body know where Baja Fish Gear went?

    Has the inventory changed at all? No disrespect, but last time I was in there (a year ago) the lure inventory seemed to be mostly import/knock-off stuff.
  557. FishinMcNuggets

    Gas cans

    thx Brandon!
  558. FishinMcNuggets

    Gas cans

    PM Coming UP!
  559. FishinMcNuggets

    Turkey day trip ideas

    Rent kayaks and do La Jolla?
  560. FishinMcNuggets

    hunting urban coyotes

    What happens in the back yard - stays in the back yard. Wonder if they work as fertilizer?
  561. FishinMcNuggets

    1984 28' Skipjack Pilothouse "Koa Honu"

    monday bump! Some youngsters need to pool their Ducats and hop on this!!!
  562. FishinMcNuggets


    I applaud Bud for not dignifying this outburst in an **otherwise nostalgic and informational** thread with an answer. Hard to have a pissing match when only one guy stands in the puddle. Please keep it up with the fine information, Bud. We could use more of that. Good to see you back!
  563. FishinMcNuggets

    DP Bones

    Baked, soy, onion powder, brown sugar!
  564. FishinMcNuggets

    Better jigstick....for beginner

    Get the one with the deckhand style grip. This way you can move the reel up and down to change leverage as you improve your cast. Start high, moving gradually lower. One with a twine handle is the best option, shrink tubing second, cork third. D8 if its a deckie grip. Buy some electrical tape!
  565. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore Tuna on a dinghy

    Me! Let's go! PM me!
  566. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore Tuna on a dinghy

    Must be a RHIB? All I can say is that if its a roll up floor or flat bottom, you'd be able to play hacky sack with your own testes by the time you get back!
  567. FishinMcNuggets

    Hot Rail!

    Glad you enjoyed the report guys! Yeah, I felt a little levity at the expense of my "freeloading deadheads" was in order. Tangler shaming! WARNING: Cheeseburgers were harmed in the making of the original post! For your safety, please keep all cheeseburgers in deadhead-proof containers at...
  568. FishinMcNuggets

    14’ Westerner Skiff (Need Gone)

    I love the damn things, but it's gonna be on the bucket list for a while.
  569. FishinMcNuggets

    Small boat/skiff options

    MIL-SPEC poly vinyl fabric, with a record of NO separation issues. It's a newer product, distributor is just being cautious til they get established.
  570. FishinMcNuggets

    14’ Westerner Skiff (Need Gone)

    Betcha $5 he has to Google "tw200" to see what you want to trade!
  571. FishinMcNuggets

    Free YFT and YT Processed by FP

    YFT ceviche, with pears & mint!
  572. FishinMcNuggets

    Free YFT and YT Processed by FP

    Tunnies... The "other" white meat!
  573. FishinMcNuggets

    Small boat/skiff options (714) 323-3778 I tested one of the above FRIBS. Awesome ride & portability. Call them up and talk to Will. He can get you a demo of one of them, and the price and "K.I.S.S." factor of these is tough to beat. I personally wouldn't hesitate taking one of these...
  574. FishinMcNuggets

    Free YFT and YT Processed by FP

    Mmmmm, & Dodos... They're what's for dinner!
  575. FishinMcNuggets

    I am an idiot PV 10/23

    Eric, post up the approximate depth it is in, so freedivers can chime in if possible.
  576. FishinMcNuggets

    Small boat/skiff options

    Panga from San Felipe, Livingston from PNW, A Hawkins from Santa Barbara, Foldable Rhib from Santa Ana, Or a used inflatable from BD or CL!
  577. FishinMcNuggets

    Hot Rail!

    We're a couple of freeloading deadheads. Due to a scheduling change, the Skip launched late at "Gentlemans" hours, and let us go on the boat. We wanted him to get live bait, take us to Rocky, buy us donuts and hot chocolate, but the cheep bastid wasn't having it. So we didn't even help him...
  578. FishinMcNuggets

    Need Help...Favorite Baja Places

    Stop off at Ruby's on Bl. Fundadores on your way thru TJ for the best Mulita possible: Flour tortilla with Al Pastor right off the roasting spit.
  579. FishinMcNuggets

    After all that great info....

    Navionics is your friend here.
  580. FishinMcNuggets


    thats a pretty good deal!
  581. FishinMcNuggets

    Your opinion on a good budget sea worthy boat!

    There's a 28 foot Skippy here for less than 20K. Think staying with something you can afford to fuel, or consider what monthly fuel budget you can handle. Thats why I own my boat.
  582. FishinMcNuggets

    What rides better then a parker 2520? And you'll save $30-50k you can use for Electronics, tackle, bait, scantily clad models, gas, and tipping the guys on the bait barge!
  583. FishinMcNuggets

    Gail Force - Triton Lobster Report

    "I lose jackpot by a couple ounces to Guy with smirk over my left shoulder... and YOU wanna take my picture???"
  584. FishinMcNuggets

    PV saturday 10/7

    Shoulda rounded the corner. I saw a guy with a 25 & 30lb Jello at the Point. Needless to say my son and I were jealous as #@(K! Navionics: Buy the $10 version and set your maps to "Sonarcharts" while your phone GPS & data are running before launch.
  585. FishinMcNuggets

    1984 28' Skipjack Pilothouse "Koa Honu"

    Friday BUMP! John is an honest seller. I'd pony up for his boat in a heartbeat if I had that kinda money. Buyer is in for a deal on a one of a kind rig.
  586. FishinMcNuggets

    1984 28' Skipjack Pilothouse "Koa Honu"

    My heart goes out to you. Lost my mom to cancer. I own a boat thanks to you, best wishes to both of you, John.
  587. FishinMcNuggets

    Poached hard by divers.

    We went for lobster last night too. Only guy with easy limits was a diver. He mentioned " I saw quite a few nets with nothing." Wondered if the occasional opportunist sees hoops as "lobster aggregation devices"???
  588. FishinMcNuggets

    Lobster/fishing ho

    You're welcomed to take my boat out. See my posts & then PM ("conversation" from drop downs under your screen name to the upper right) or "quote" this post if you're interested. *Terms & conditions may apply* : D
  589. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore Fished the Thunderbird

    Just outta curiosity, what time did they leave SBI for home, and what time did they get back in? Musta been a long return trip?
  590. FishinMcNuggets

    Factory wrapped Calstar rods

    Turner's. Maybe Island tackle, Carson Ca.
  591. FishinMcNuggets

    Get out of Jury Duty...?

    At our local courthouse, they have a week in which they "appreciate" Jurors. They give away a TV, have donuts, etc. When you get the notice, find out when "Juror appreciation week" is (May 8-12, in 2017), and postpone or try to schedule for that week. YMMV.
  592. FishinMcNuggets

    Where are all the agitators???

    Craigslist. Search until you find someone unloading the same model as your workhorse, and pick it up for parts. I fix the in-laws dryer all the time. OEM Parts prices are insane. I was quoted $25 (retail parts) for something I got online for $8-9. CL, you might even find your workhorse...
  593. FishinMcNuggets

    Newport harbor tips

    Try in the lee of the bait receiver on an incoming tide. AA single tails or wham fisheez. Streamers are deadly too.
  594. FishinMcNuggets


    May want to post this in PNW classifieds. Seems they go "missing" in WA sometimes. ; D
  595. FishinMcNuggets

    South Bay / Santa Monica Fishing ?

    Both. Call Redondo sportfishing in advance to see if they will have bait. MDR sportfishing if outta MDR. West End of Cat seems to have fish. Rumors of fish around Rocky Point. Always seem to be Bonito in the bay. Bass at the kelp. Troll x-raps and see what happens?
  596. FishinMcNuggets

    Parker az

    I heard swim baits work for the stripers. Maybe that "HavasuSun" guy knows. PM him?
  597. FishinMcNuggets

    Concrete Pad DIY...?

    My Father-In-Law is a concrete & masonry finishing pro. Based outta Long Beach, I know he'd do at least 4" thick, most likely with rebar reinforcement. You never know what the pad turns into later, parking, storage shed base pad, dance floor for two tons of relatives, car repair spot with...
  598. FishinMcNuggets

    Need a hand, San Diego to Mag Bay

    Passport required, I suppose?
  599. FishinMcNuggets

    New GPS Finder but wheres the best place to find the numbers?

    Lobster pots, once the season opens, for good inshore spots.
  600. FishinMcNuggets

    Deal fell through because seller would not allow a sea trial

    There could be better places than Craigslist to buy a boat.
  601. FishinMcNuggets

    Nail Polish?

    Nail polish works. Just let it dry out well, pref. outdoors in the sun for a full day. You want all the VOC's to cook out before you fish them.
  602. FishinMcNuggets

    weird rod
  603. FishinMcNuggets

    R.H.I.B.S and INFLATABLE BOATS; Post 'em up!
  604. FishinMcNuggets

    Wrench jigs

    I have some made from silverware, purchased in TJ.
  605. FishinMcNuggets

    Looking for help!

    If you're up to it, you are welcomed to borrow the Avon 2.85 for local inshore fishing. Pm or text 310-7195959
  606. FishinMcNuggets

    First time using my Kayak

    King Harbor, Redondo Beach. Calm, plenty of hot chicks on SUP's, wind blows you back to the launch. Hobies can be tippy, stay safe for your first outing, meaning don't leave the harbor yet. Cabrillo & Long Beach have mean afternoon gusts of wind that come up. Newport is a good second...
  607. FishinMcNuggets

    R.H.I.B.S and INFLATABLE BOATS; Post 'em up!

    So, after some e-mail and phone tag, they got me a live one. A newly appointed guy to the "Four Seas" FRIB team, Will, has graciously given in to dragging a FRIB out for some hopefully "bloody decks". We'll be meeting up tomorrow afternoon at KIng Harbor small boat launch ramp to see the...
  608. FishinMcNuggets

    R.H.I.B.S and INFLATABLE BOATS; Post 'em up!

    Are you guys going over in September for the Skippy meet at Cat? Sounds like a great time, even I wanna go! FRIB people may be at the Skippy meet, a guy named "Will" specifically. Nice guy...we'll be fishing on a FRIB tomorrow. Details to follow!
  609. FishinMcNuggets

    Fort Bragg Albacore

    Nice Stack of long-fins you got there! Musta been fun!
  610. FishinMcNuggets

    Dodo recipes???

    Place by my house makes awesome fish tacos. I checked the cases outside to see what I was eating... Mahi! Look for a baja fish taco recipe on the interweb.
  611. FishinMcNuggets

    Smoke YT Need Help

    Spread, dip, or salad topping: crumble and mix with low or nonfat cottage cheese. Add some chipotles or Sriracha if you want a little more kick. Would be good over iceberg lettuce, unsalted crackers, or on a tortilla chip.