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    Dead Predator Picture Thread!!!

    couple of weeks ago... shotgun yote.... Imperial Valley
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    Doves 2nd season

    pigeons are not legal this year because of some incorrect literature in the regs. Doves are flying pretty good, and remember that pheasant also starts and duck is also open so bring some steel shot. Don't shoot pheasants till 8 a.m.
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    Chunking Questions

    do party boats chunk?
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    8/1 slow day 3/4 sea watch

    got a spot on that boat for this coming Saturday hope they can find us some fish then.
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    Avet reels... so many of them need some info

    pulled the trigger or should I say set the hook on the MXL 6/4... thanks guys for all the great info...
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    Sea sick patch and dramamine

    I start taking the Dramamine pill the night before the trip starts and hasn't failed me yet, shit I don't even know if I get seasick but I don't want to find out.
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    Avet reels... so many of them need some info

    thanks.. that info will do.
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    Avet reels... so many of them need some info

    Hello Fellow BD'ers... I want to purchase an Avet reel as my first saltwater "go to" reel. I'll mainly be doing overnighters and maybe 2 day trips. I am a desert rat from the Imperial Valley that has only fished canal banks most of my life until a few years ago I go into salt and not looking...
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    YFT from the Jetty!!

    I'm fishing Crystal Pier tomorrow, does this mean I have a chance at some kind of tuna??
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    If you have a bad heart do not watch this

    looks like San Diego these day... :-)
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    Offshore Bluefin 6-13

    holy crap I would of bird nested on every cast!! lol .. killer video
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    Went back to the Jumping Yellowfin at the Lower 9...

    what new reel did you use to slay them.
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    Chasing birds=catching yellows 150

    muy buen Jurel de Castilla compa, you guys killed them!
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    First report....trip of my life

    congrats on pescado de su vida..
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    drink a few and then drink a few more..congrats guys!!
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    Offshore Bluefin tuna at the 312 Area

    killer vid.. good action!!
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    BFT email from NOAA

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    Newport 4/10/15

    keep at it, we all do. congrats on skunk buster!
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    My first yellowtail

    congrats!!... did they make you eat the heart for it being your first yellow?
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    Kill Box.....your a class act....NOT

    Does this mean the "Fishing Season" has started?? :Pillow_FiOnce I started reading reports here on BD about complaints, fights on the water, and cattle boats this only means that fishing is getting better... just a thought.. carry on let me get my beer and chips with chili and lemon :hali_olutta:
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    Where to fish in or near San Felipe next week?

    send this guy a msg. I'm sure he can point you in the right direction..
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    San Felipe fishing

    awesome fishing, I need to go to san felo. One day I will make the trip and do some panga fishing. I heard something about the marea roja? was fishing stopped for a bit in san felipe amigo? what kind of fish is biting at the rock in SF?
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    Rpt.- 03-05-15 Two more days of chasing Tails!

    awesome stuff... I make sure I have a cold beer on hand when I read your reports sir. Good stuff as always
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    Who is "That Guy"

    that guy will cast out without looking back and almost hooking you. that guy will cut in on the rotation
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    Hot Waitresses and Great Food = Shooters

    the eye was cocked..
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    12 Days of Christmas Give Away -DAY 11- Accurate Fury

    back in 1984 when my pops was alive fishing the local Imperial Valley canals.
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    Offshore Dana Point 9.24.14 Roll with the Changes

    fishing on the condor sunday I hope the bite is back by then..
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    Offshore Fishing the Pacific Dawn

    awesome work!! good karma on passing the magic stick to the unlucky
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    Offshore The Bad, The Bad, and The Ugly....2day becomes 2.5day Sea Adventure II

    glad you guys had beer!! what did the dude going bendo bring up?
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    Offshore Fallin' for Dorado, hidden bank,9-20

    that is killer tom, great job!!
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    Offshore 277 tuesday dodos opah yft

    kool report, did you keep the opah or give it back to mako? that must of been a scary to have mako looking at you guys...
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    Surf fishing in San Felipe and midriff area

    did any of that hurricane come up and hit san felo?
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    F'n Odile....damn hurricanes....

    4 18 packs of tecate light!!!! cabron
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    catalina whale shark!

    works fine
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    Offshore Best day ever.....

    doesn't get any better!! congrats on being a kick ass dad!!
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    A 10-Year-Old Goldfish Had Surgery

    good catfish bait for the river... just saying
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    Offshore Point Loma Kelp

    sweet, the first is always kool. congrats
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    Offshore 9/4 catch of a life time

    great pescado... congrats
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    Caption Contest! Winner gets $50 and free gear! hello? I'm over here.
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    Hello Mr. Dan, Do you have any spots open to fish with you on any boats

    Hello Mr. Dan, Do you have any spots open to fish with you on any boats
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    Full choke or Mod for dove

    come to the imperial valley and blast away, tons of euros you can test all them chokes you have.. good luck.. birds are flying but T-storms are moving them around like a blender
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    A deer

    nice kill dude, especially with a bow n arrow..
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    Daveys Locker 8-18 cattle boat lesson

    couple of weeks ago I jumped on a 1/2 day cattle boat out of seaforth with 83 heads. macks and bass kinda day for me also... true on that who cast' farthest caught a few tails. but very scary walking to get bait while irons are being tossed as you pass by...:jig: oh well all good
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    looking to go out 8/26 will pay all expenses

    looking forward to the report.. good luck guys!!
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    Offshore Condor 8/7-8/9

    I have my first overnight trip coming in September on The Condor and I cant wait. I'm counting the days. How many rigs should I take? I have a penn squall 15 with 20lb on it and a trini gold 30 with 30lb mono.. sorry for the thread jack but I figure you just off of the boat and would you know...
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    Loreto 7/23 - 7/27 - CHUBASCO VIDEO

    killer vid, what was that last fish you hooked up at end of vid
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    Condor, bunks or staterooms?

    thanks bud, we already have it charted for sept. .. what are the good numbers
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    Condor, bunks or staterooms?

    how does one get to pick a bunk or staterooms? I have a trip coming up on the condor and was wondering that.. first come first serve kind of thing?
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    Dove Limits

    and euros year round?
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    Hello sir, Rick here from that other forum "hookup sportfishing" anyways sir I hope all is...

    Hello sir, Rick here from that other forum "hookup sportfishing" anyways sir I hope all is well. I wanted to send an invite to fish the condor on the 27-28 of September, some of the guys from a hunting forum chartered it for 30 people and still have a few spots open. I thought of you and walt...
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    Offshore 182 Area (8-2) Found the right YFT - All Alone

    killer.... bad ass pics ... screensaver material. congrats
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    JP this is rick, chapos friend.. any idea what boat ziggy jumped on.. just wondering... thanks

    JP this is rick, chapos friend.. any idea what boat ziggy jumped on.. just wondering... thanks
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    awesome fish!! hope the full story comes out soon
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    TONS of anchovy near Scripps Pier

    I saw a red snapper around the 2 min mark...
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    Ghosts on video

    NICE VID, looks like that boat was coming straight for ya!
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    being a rookie at fishing the big pond, them dudes at Squidco always help me out with any questions I have!! great place, only tackle shop I visit when in SD..
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    Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming

    way kool.... congrats!! sometimes you gotta do shit on your own, great payoff
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    Surf fishing in San Felipe and midriff area

    Gracias. I will be heading that way pretty soon and will hit you up we can have a coco loco and maybe do some fishing
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    Surf fishing in San Felipe and midriff area

    awesome pics, I need to go back to san felo!! Amigo can trigger fish be caught near san felipe or do you need to go all the way to the isla?
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    Cheap Yote call?

    FoxPro , just spend the extra bucks.. anyways after you kill them you will be thirsty for more blood .. good luck, a good yote is a dead yote!!
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    Caption Contest- Win a pair of Costa Sunglasses!

    If it wasn't for my Costa shades I wouldn't of believed my own eyes..
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    Caption Contest - Win a pair of Accurate Pliers - New Color!!!

    Sharks says... If I could only reach that bikini strap... come on get me closer
  64. ivfishing

    Caption Contest - Win a pair of Accurate Pliers - New Color!!!

    note the chive cap... hammer head says.... keep calm and put me the fuck back in the water ms. fun bags!!
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    Caption Contest - Win a pair of Accurate Pliers - New Color!!!

    Shark says = If it wasn't for her tits I would of thrown her back :drool:..
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    WTB 1984 CJ7 transmission...

    what up guys, my jeeps tranny to a dive... its a 84 CJ7 4.2L 258 straight 6... looking for a T5 or T4... something that will bolt right on.. If you have anything let me know..
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    What is this stuff worth? Picture heavy.

    back to the top of the list for a great collection.. sorry for your loss..
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    Fawn killer down

    awesome, a good yote is a dead yote.. i'm pretty sure you saved more than a fawn, congrats.
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    Please Pray

    I hope all goes well , good luck
  70. ivfishing

    9/16/13 3/4 Mission Belle Yellowrat Slaying

    Glad you could fish before you leave on your mission.. good luck
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    Ensenada-8-16-13 to 9-9-13 2013 Ensenada Report

    Hey! I know these guys... JP & Ziggy... nice to see you guys out fishing.... JP, if you see chapo give him a Happy B-Day High five for me... RICK
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    9/15 Monster Idaho Buck

    nice.. monster buck for sure.. :hali_olutta:
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    Accurate Caption Contest - Win the New Dauntless - Ends Sept 16th, 2013

    If I hold it will it get me on BloodyDecks Fishing Chicks Section??
  74. ivfishing

    Accurate Caption Contest - Win the New Dauntless - Ends Sept 16th, 2013

    Ummmm... what end goes in first?
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    DVL Info

    SPAM again
  76. ivfishing

    Killing Fields

    @Jason, I live down the street from that Imperial spot near the grain lot , that now paved road used to be a dirt road about a year or so ago.. it was a good honey hole, euro madness ..but since it got paved I stayed away but that didn't stop some others from shooting next to it... as I passed...
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    Deer Hunting

    i'm going to put a deer crossing out in D12 and wait for a buck to cross my sights... :2gunsfiring_v1:
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    Dove opener

    Right on Tom, I'm glad you found some promising spots... Sorry I couldn't chat long I was signing my life away, just purchased a house ... I can't wait to put a dent on them euros, payback for crap'n all over my truck...
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    ECDO's ... Eurasian Collared Dove's UPDATE

    Stucktip, they look like this, and yes they are reproducing very fast...
  80. ivfishing

    Bob Marley Weave

    :Smoke_Emoticon:.. Looks killer..
  81. ivfishing

    ECDO's ... Eurasian Collared Dove's UPDATE

    Should start sept 1
  82. ivfishing

    ECDO's ... Eurasian Collared Dove's UPDATE

    it's a Go for the Imperial County and might be State wide next year ...:Death_To_Above:
  83. ivfishing

    ECDO's ... Eurasian Collared Dove's UPDATE

    Well this morning I sent an email to the CDFW and I got this reply.. Hi Rick You found the right person. I coordinate the State's dove programs. On August 7th the Fish and Game Commission had a meeting and on the agenda was a proposal to allow year around hunting of Eurasian collared doves...
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    Ammo is starting to come down

    Down in yuma,az. The .223 is back by the cases and .22 is sold 2 packs per person per day but there is plenty , .06 per rnd
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    Win a pair of Minox Binoculars - A $699 Value - Caption Contest Ending July 10, 2013

    I can clearly see we have a problem here... - - - Updated - - - Pancho!! get the gaff!!
  86. ivfishing

    Dove opener

    We should hear something by Aug. 7th... I hope its a go, dam euro's are all over the cities crapping all over the cars.. suckers are smart won't leave the city limits..
  87. ivfishing

    Congrats Charger Fans!

    112 and burning up down here in the Imperial Valley!!
  88. ivfishing

    CA deer draw

    D12 , it's a YES!!!
  89. ivfishing

    Question on hunting license and hunting coyotes....

    X2 this idea works, it's legit..
  90. ivfishing

    New Seaforth 06/04 13 Yellow

    Congrats!! killer video... nice blood flow
  91. ivfishing

    Tracking Great Whites.... OCEARCH

    pretty cool to see these sharks move around... I watched the show last year and ran into this site that tracks there movements... OCEARCH Global Tracking Central
  92. ivfishing

    5/30- Seeing Ghosts & the Yellowtail curse

    great write up taz, i'm sure you will run into the great white ghost soon ... hard work pays off... and like they say a bad day fishing still beats a good day at work!! not even a bad day you caught some tail..
  93. ivfishing

    Wolves or sled dogs?

    owners came forward already... Owner of Carmichael ?Wolves? Comes Forward | KTXL FOX40
  94. ivfishing

    Californian moved to Washington....... :shithappens::shithappens:
  95. ivfishing

    Be careful cleaning your weapon

    the band Stone Temple Pilots come to mind... "half the man i used to be"
  96. ivfishing

    San Felipe

    San Felipe would be a better choice IMHO because your taking the family, and dont take a boat this time around since it's your first.. i would just get a panga to take you guys fishing, maybe even head out to the "rock" it's about an 1hr ride in panga, sierra, triggers should be hitting by now...
  97. ivfishing

    5/13 - the San Diego @ Coronados

    Is that a stroller up in the mix?
  98. ivfishing

    Yellowtail 5/10/13 who cares-reload /top guns report

    Killed it... Good times... Good fishing... Great report... :hali_olutta:
  99. ivfishing

    Varmint got my dog

    Sorry for your loss... There's lots of coyote hunters around that would love to help you take care of your problem. I hunt yotes down here in the IV for that same reason, a yote took my sisters dog once, that yote took a dirt nap and never woke up. Check out some varmint hunting forums here in...
  100. ivfishing

    A Sight To See!

    Nice... magazine quality stuff
  101. ivfishing


    I had that shit a month ago, hurts like hell...brain_g nailed it.. I thought I was dying... doc gave me a shot that took care of the pain.. he said only time will heal it.. it was gone the next day
  102. ivfishing

    Offshore First of the season - HUGE Opah

  103. ivfishing

    3/23/13 La Salina White Sea Bass

    Hell of a fish!!! Congrats
  104. ivfishing

    Got Lucky Today 03-13-2013

    Check this vid out...
  105. ivfishing

    Got Lucky Today 03-13-2013

    should be something like this...
  106. ivfishing

    BLOODY Imperial Valley COYOTE down

    Here are some pics of a yote that a bud of mine and I took out this morning... enjoy the blood bath... :2gunsfiring_v1:
  107. ivfishing

    Accurate introduces the FURY!! - Caption Contest ending December 14th, 2012

    just smoked some new sea weed, you guys should try it, it's grrreeeaaattt!!:smoking33:
  108. ivfishing

    Accurate introduces the FURY!! - Caption Contest ending December 14th, 2012

    get rid of them tux guys , i'm the BOSS now.
  109. ivfishing

    New Gun Success!

    nice work...
  110. ivfishing

    Got one

    Nice looking birds... congrats
  111. ivfishing

    Deer ID please

    REINDEER :2gunsfiring_v1:
  112. ivfishing

    Imperial Valley Coyote Down

    no photoshop , just a quick phone pic right after the kill... I was also amazed of how red that blood looked... fresh blood from the ticker nice and warm..
  113. ivfishing

    Imperial Valley Coyote Down

    whats up guys... my sisters ranch has had a few pets missing and the quail and wabbit population has gone down... and I believe its because of dem yotes.. so I decided to test out my rifle and make sure its sighted in good for D12 season opener next month and borrowed my buddies yote caller...
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    Gonzaga Bay "3rd Annual Tin Boat Regatta"

    My buddie just went to san felipe this past weekend and said the road work continues, said it was a bit nasty he saw a few cars with flat tires.. he said it added 35 min. to his trip .. I'll keep you guys posted on the road if he goes out there again
  115. ivfishing

    1995 14' Livingston 25hp

    free bump with question.. would this be a good boat for san felipe fishing style
  116. ivfishing

    I think I am good for the opener

    Looks like some good action there...
  117. ivfishing

    Best day ever!!

    Congrats brotha, I'm also having a boy in Sept. .. and yes all them thoughts of taking him fishing and hunting are driving me nuts.. congrats once again
  118. ivfishing

    Almost caught a thief this morning.

    I did the same shit in Ensenada once, yelled out first and they got a head start running away.. I hope not to have a next encounter but if i do...swing first and talk later.. I hate thiefs..
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    Win a Penn Squall 40 and a Blue Water Carnage Rod - Caption Contest

    The Penn is mightier than the Spear
  120. ivfishing

    Win a Penn Squall 40 and a Blue Water Carnage Rod - Caption Contest

    Fishing Ain't Easy, Unless You Have A Penn.
  121. ivfishing

    I don't want your spots

    I live here in the Imperial Valley, shot me a pm with you email and i'll send you some locations where you can start from..
  122. ivfishing

    Points system

    I think there is a (point only) option on the app for that..
  123. ivfishing

    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 14th, 2012

    Chevy.. like a rock..
  124. ivfishing

    Yellows at the Coronados

    awesome YT.. congrats
  125. ivfishing

    ca is up

    D12!!! right here baby!!! hell yeah
  126. ivfishing

    Punta Bufeo May 12-13 Yellows Sierras and Cabrillas

    great catch, i'm headed down to san felipe to fish the isla consag.. hope we have good weather and some luck to catch some fish..
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    San Felipe Fishing .. rookie to sea of cortez

    whats up guys, well i'm going down to san felipe for an all day fishing trip to the "isla" panga style.. I've only done fresh water fishing and until now i've decided to try saltwater and this is the first opportunity that came up.. and its a tournament of about 15 pangas.. so a buddy of mine...