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  1. mahyar

    Offshore Pac Queen Barn Burner 6-14-21

    Congrats. Glad you guys killed it. Just amazing.
  2. mahyar

    Want some custom rods in Socal

    I also highly recommend Jims custom rods.
  3. mahyar

    Offshore 226 Yellows and Bluefin 5-5

    Very nice. Congrats on the new PB. Hopefully gets bigger next time.
  4. mahyar

    Not a good week for me

    Sorry for the sad news.
  5. mahyar

    Happy Thanksgiving my brothers

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Thank you. We are going to have BBQ as well and is going to be beef ribs, my favorite.Be safe everyone.
  6. mahyar

    CALSTAR 800 M Rod for sale

    good looking rod. Any Info on the wrapper? GLWS
  7. mahyar

    Brazilian Seafood Stew

    My wife just made Moqueca Last night for dinner and we had some friends over. It was soooooo good. The Palm oil is the key ingredient.(Dende)
  8. mahyar

    Penn Fathom 40nld2 and Phenix Axis

    Good Buddy.Thanks. Interested in the reel only. Are you willing to separate them?Let me know and the Price too. Thank you. How are you doing?
  9. mahyar

    Penn Fathom 40nld2 and Phenix Axis

    Hey Andy.Nice set up. GLWS
  10. mahyar

    209 yesterday

    Thanks for the report. Lets hope those Dorado show up soon.
  11. mahyar

    Tackle lot, tons of hooks, flatfalls, irons - Laguna Niguel

    See. good things happen in 2020 too and this is one of them. what a deal.
  12. mahyar

    NO LONGER FOR SALE. 58 Impala

  13. mahyar

    Offshore 6/21 SCI Ridge

    Thanks for the report. Always a new/different experience. you'll get them next time.
  14. mahyar

    Dream Truck Stolen from Fisherman’s Lansing

    Fu#ng thieves. sorry to hear about that. I will be removing my fuel pump relay next time I am down there. Hope you find that beauty.
  15. mahyar

    Offshore Limits BFT 4/29 US Waters

    Wow. that is awesome. What works best? Is that a 7x hanging from the fish mouth?or? Thanks for the nice report.
  16. mahyar

    This has gotten beyond stupid...

    BUT we cant . we are in USA not china.
  17. mahyar

    Interviewing new crew for 2020

    fu....k it. My win and your lost. I take em both.
  18. mahyar

    Offshore Bluefin on the Pacific Queen - Quick Report

    congrats and thanks for the nice report.
  19. mahyar

    Prayer request 02-01-20

    we are praying.
  20. mahyar

    Offshore Aztec 3 Day SUPER COW!!

    Holy cows.:appl::urno1:
  21. mahyar

    Offshore Super Cow 11/1/9

    congrats. :appl:
  22. mahyar

    Offshore Dana pnt. 267,209,312

    Thanks for the report. going out on Wednesday. Hope we can find the biting fish.
  23. mahyar

    Hi. 949 702 2627. [email protected] thanks

    Hi. 949 702 2627. [email protected] thanks
  24. mahyar

    Ride Sharing / Boat Ho List

    Name:Mahyar Age:52 Location:RSM Availability: almost any day. give at least 3 day heads up. smoke/ Drink: I dont smoke. couple of beers wont hurt. Have own gear and know all the drill about expenses an all.Very good at finding Kelp and boiling fish. they call me the eagle eye.:-). Contact: PM...
  25. mahyar

    Seal had no chance

  26. mahyar

    Offshore Moo Cow

    Well done Gentlemen.:appl:
  27. mahyar

    Fishing shirt wrinkled, please help

    :rofl:Time for a new wife with better laundry skills.
  28. mahyar

    Offshore Bluefins R US...AZTEC 1.5 Day 6.12 to 6.14

    Congrats on your PB. enjoyed reading your report.
  29. mahyar

    Catalina 6/05/19 on SlayDay Boat

    slay day rocks. on my last trip last year Ryan also provided us with a kill bag full of ice.
  30. mahyar

    Offshore Liberty Bluefin Tuna 5/29

    Very nice. Congrats. what kind of hook is that? Thanks.
  31. mahyar

    Massive amount of stolen gear please help thieves. karma is on the way.
  32. mahyar

    Makaira 20II SEa

    Hi. I will take it if still available. I am local and can pick up any time today. Thanks.
  33. mahyar

    Trinidad 40n gold

    good deal right here. some one is going to score.GLWS
  34. mahyar

    Prayers For Tunaslam Cory

    Praying for Cory.
  35. mahyar

    Offshore BFT on Madrugador

    Nicely done.:rockin:
  36. mahyar

    New Freeman Boatworks Build - FOR SALE

    Just go get it. the title said free man.:rockin:
  37. mahyar

    Makaira 20ii SEA (Gunmetal) NEW

    What line is on the reel?
  38. mahyar

    She’s little and cute but she’s mine! Here goes nothing!

    That is very nice. Good luck.:cheers:
  39. mahyar

    Airbrushing jigs

    nice work.I have lots of old jigs that needs to be repainted. I might look in to do that.what kind of paint are you using?
  40. mahyar

    Latest build - kind of worth sharing.

    that looks very nice.
  41. mahyar

    GUSA & Calstar

    Thank you.
  42. mahyar

    GUSA & Calstar

    Hello. interested in the GUSA if its still available. Would you take 140 for it. Thanks.can pick up on Saturday.
  43. mahyar

    1994 Hydra Sports 2000cc

    well done.congrats on the boat and I wish you the best of luck.:hali_olutta:.
  44. mahyar

    Now that is a huge. Yellowtail

  45. mahyar

    Nissan Inflatable Boat

    SOLD. Thank BD.
  46. mahyar


  47. mahyar


    Thanks. Happy Holidays and Merry Merry Christmas to you Tooooooohoooohohoho
  48. mahyar

    Biggest Sea Bass (European) Caught in 2018

    Muito legal. Obrigado.
  49. mahyar

    Offshore La Jolla, 09/30 YT limit, Fish ID needed

    read the rules before your next fishing adventure.
  50. mahyar

    SOA 4 Day Report - Short Version 8/21 - 8/25

    WOW. Congrats . Thanks for the nice report.:hali_olutta:
  51. mahyar

    : Tiagra 20 w/100# spectra: $285/Pending SOLD

    eu espero que BRASIL vai goleada mexico. VAI BRASSSIILLLLL.:hali_olutta:
  52. mahyar

    : Tiagra 20 w/100# spectra: $285/Pending SOLD

    Good deal on a very nice reel.GLWS. Vamos Brasilllll.
  53. mahyar

    Had a good trip yesterday

    Well Done Boys.:appl:
  54. mahyar

    RIP Molly

    Sorry for your loss.That is Hearth breaking.RIP MOLLY.
  55. mahyar

    Bull Redfish 1/2 day boat

    great catch.congrats.
  56. mahyar

    Nissan Inflatable Boat

    price drop to 1500 OBO
  57. mahyar

    Nissan Inflatable Boat

    Thanks Mike for the suggestion.
  58. mahyar

    Nissan Inflatable Boat

    Thanks for the suggestion Jay.Will do as soon as i find some time.But I have to say that is in very good condition and there is no leak.Happy 4th to All and be safe.
  59. mahyar

    Excel Bluefin

    wow that is awesome congrats to Derek.
  60. mahyar

    Damnit....we lost a good one :(

    sad news. RIP Brent.
  61. mahyar

    Best pop/jig tackle shop in SoCal?

    I would recommend the longfin in orange.
  62. mahyar

    Nissan Inflatable Boat

    the engine is super clean
  63. mahyar

    Nissan Inflatable Boat

    never seen salt water.
  64. mahyar

    Nissan Inflatable Boat

    bump. price drop. come get it :hali_olutta:
  65. mahyar

    Nissan Inflatable Boat

    price droped to 1750
  66. mahyar

    Nissan Inflatable Boat

    text me for more pic and or info. thanks. 949 702 2627
  67. mahyar

    Nissan Inflatable Boat

    yes. Pic #3. thanks
  68. mahyar

    Nissan Inflatable Boat

    never seen salt water.
  69. mahyar

    Nissan Inflatable Boat

    bump. now $1900 obo.
  70. mahyar

    Nissan Inflatable Boat

    Hi BD. selling a Nissan 11'8 with a 2 stroke 18hp Nissan hardly used. comes with the pump,oars gas tank, Bimini top,
  71. mahyar

    BD forum computer issue

    same issue here
  72. mahyar

    Hogan's Tackle

    Hogans is one of my favorite tackle shop. very friendly and helpful.I go there almost every week on my days off.Love the shop and the people there as a mater of fact I was there last week and I met 2 new kids that I never saw in there before and they were very polite and helpful. Thanks...
  73. mahyar

    Happy Thanks Giving

    Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family too.:hali_olutta:.
  74. mahyar

    overnight trip with Capt Danny Osuna in PV on Dec 9 - 13 available

    I hope you guys have a wonderful time down there and wish you the best of luck.
  75. mahyar

    Offshore Tuesday 8-11 Big boy off the domes

    very nice. thanks for sharing :appl::hali_olutta:
  76. mahyar

    Wtb lil dinghy w/outboard.

    I have a nissan with a 18hp outboard 2 stork nissan. its a 1992 11'.8. got the boat from a buddy about 7 years ago and used it one time at irvine lake.very good condition and no leak.comes with the pump and everything.text me for pics and more info if still looking. 949 7022627.
  77. mahyar

    John Collins Knot question.

    just caught a 52# bluefin this morning with colins knot. 65# solid to 40# floro short topshot.
  78. mahyar

    Guess The Weight-Win a Okuma Metaloid

  79. mahyar

    Offshore Caught A Few Blue Fin Tuna

    good job and thanks. nice grade fish congrats.
  80. mahyar

    Yesterday's Catch @ PSFL

    congrats. that is one fat tuna.
  81. mahyar

    Offshore So, this happened yesterday.

    that is a very nice grade fish. congrats and well done.
  82. mahyar

    Tip of the month

    all of them plus WAHOOOOO
  83. mahyar

    Bahia Asuncion Yellow

    holly mac.... I mean yellow.What a toad.well done,:appl::hali_olutta:
  84. mahyar

    Anyone ever fish in Spain?

    Not sure about salt water fishing in Spain but I know they have very good catfishing . now to the saltwater fishing the neighbor country Portugal has an island called Azores wich is the capital of Big eye tuna fishing and other exotic fish.
  85. mahyar

    Bahia Solano, Colombia

    that was amazing. thanks for sharing.
  86. mahyar

    Mint condition trinidad 16n-for sale...285.00

    thanks the clean can pass as new.
  87. mahyar

    RIP Mom.

    sorry for your loss brother.I am going through this with my mom also right now.they just told us the cancer spread to her brain and her bones.
  88. mahyar

    Ivory Super Seeker

    very nice
  89. mahyar

    Yt and WSB at the 150

    very nice.congrats.
  90. mahyar

    For Sale: Shimano TN 20 and Cedros LD 8s

    next in line for tn20.let me know please.
  91. mahyar

    charkbait great deals

    good deal. enjoy it and happy birthday man. thanks for the info.
  92. mahyar

    Nasty Seattle house fire

  93. mahyar

    Success w/ 6x6 Bull in Meeker, CO

    well done sir.congrats
  94. mahyar

    water wolf camera Dorado and Wahoo strikes

    thanks for sharing .very cool.
  95. mahyar

    Two Women in Heaven

  96. mahyar


  97. mahyar

    Yellows are back chewing on rock fish

    just like he need for numbers.just go find the other 50+ boats fishing the area pass the power plants.
  98. mahyar

    Strip screw on trinidad

    soak it with WD40 and get yourself a needle nose locking pliers.
  99. mahyar

    Going Wahoo fishing

    go get them man. good luck
  100. mahyar

    Offshore 10/10 Wahoo at the 302

    nice going and congrats
  101. mahyar

    Shogun 5-day New Years trip, SOLD OUT! What's open?

    good luck guys and have a very merry ones on the water.
  102. mahyar

    Offshore 277 Shared a Paddy

    hi casey.I was on the pacific fly that day.Im the one wished you luck when we left the pady that day.I was a very nice fishing untill those not very familiar with paddy fishing showed up and ruined for both of us. that paddy was holding bunch of nice dodo but they sank cause those guys just were...
  103. mahyar

    A 700ML for me (yaaaaay)

    now that,s a beauty
  104. mahyar

    FS: Halco Max 130 lures

    I would Like to buy some If any left.Let me know Please.Thanks.
  105. mahyar

    Trinidad 40N

    That is one clean reel. good luck
  106. mahyar

    Trinidad 40N

    The best wahoo killer reel of all time
  107. mahyar

    United Composites-USA Custom Rods US85MAG, US85MAGA $ US80HP

    very nice. GUSA are one of the best rods. I only have one and I love it.
  108. mahyar

    Dana Point or Mission Bay?

    fished from dana this past monday.they only have big mack and huge unhealthy sardines at the baitbarg.there was a lot of fish everywhere but seemed like did not wanted our bait.they are feeding on chovies.go to san diego and have fun. good luck.
  109. mahyar

    Sam lands a Tuna all by himself

    that is very nice thanks for sharing and congrats for your catch Sam.Awsome.
  110. mahyar


  111. mahyar

    trolling lure(s) for local waters

    was out on saturday from dana point and people were catching tuna on yellow and pink lures. feather and or skirt.go get them there out there.
  112. mahyar

    Offshore 7/5 BFT and yellers on the Wild West

    that is sweet.thanks for the nice the way can you provide some more info about the lure please.A picture and or size and name. thanks
  113. mahyar

    Did you see this? 64lb Yellowtail!

    god daaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  114. mahyar

    OC tackle stores?

    the longfin in orange
  115. mahyar

    56.6 lb. Yellowtail

    I think its on excel and they fishing at the rocks.
  116. mahyar

    Shimano Service and upgrade torium20

    I would send it to shimano for service and than upgrade the drags to at the carbontex. shimano rocks and customer service even more.just my opinion.
  117. mahyar


    make sure the fans are operating as well.and also possible faulty thermostad.if you live in OC area I can help.
  118. mahyar

    My new baby!

    what a nice looking new baby.congrats.
  119. mahyar

    Catalina Island Marlin Spots

    saw some last year at 43.also 14mile bank. good luck.
  120. mahyar


    come on guys,he aint asking for any thing. save your trades. he is posting it in free junk come and get it
  121. mahyar

    Win a pair of Minox Binoculars - A $699 Value - Caption Contest Ending May 16th, 2014

    I dont care how high or fast you fly.I know Ill find them before you do because I am using my minox suckerrrrrrr.
  122. mahyar

    Caption Contest- Win a pair of Costa Sunglasses!

    put some bug around it and youll find it
  123. mahyar

    Hi Mr hansen.Hope your doing good.I was at the show on saturday. enjoyed your show. thanks for...

    Hi Mr hansen.Hope your doing good.I was at the show on saturday. enjoyed your show. thanks for all the tips. got one of your DVD. got home but looks like there has been a mistake somewhere.the dvd i have is about some school girl singing a song.looking froward to exchange it .thanks. MAHYAR...
  124. mahyar

    Caption Contest - Win a $200 Gift Card to Dana Landing - Fred Hall booth 1005

    should we hammer now or should we hammer later.oh yeahhh baby.
  125. mahyar

    First Post - New Boat , first trip. life is good in the keys

    welcome to BD man. awsome first post and thanks for sharing.
  126. mahyar

    Home Security tactics and simple solutions !!

    take picture of your shotgun and or mag44 and write under it , the pit bull never mine beware of the owner. hang it in front door.
  127. mahyar

    DMV renewal

    I have a 12' inflatable/dingy and I had to pay that fee.
  128. mahyar

    El Nino Coming in 2014

    just shut up and fish.:jig:LOL:hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
  129. mahyar

    Island YT

    nice tail.congrats
  130. mahyar

    Offshore CONDOR 10/22 Non-stop ripper for Yellowfin to 35,Limits of YT to 24, 9 Dorado

    thanks for the report.I will be on the next trip.Im sure its going to be fun.:hali_olutta:
  131. mahyar

    Epic Tuna Bite on the Maximus

    thata just awsome.congrats on the EPIC fishing:2gunsfiring_v1:
  132. mahyar

    Bob Marley Weave

    excelent work of art.:appl:
  133. mahyar

    Looking for a private boat to go out on.

    I might be intrested too.but if you dont minde me asking where the boat is located and where is the destination.more info will be helpfule.thanks.if there is room for one more.LOL
  134. mahyar

    Shimano ROCKS!!!

    Shimano rocks.thats what I call great customer service.always take my reels there for service and never had any problems.upgrades are free,reel clamps are free, and you get your old rusty unusable reel replaced for $10 bucks????thanks for sharin johnny.and no I dont work for them but I...
  135. mahyar

    Newport Dorado

    hell time.hellena out of dana point had 3 dodo and a yellow for 3 anglers yesterday.awsome.
  136. mahyar

    My latest lure

    LOL:rofl::rofl:very cool
  137. mahyar

    Daiwa Saltist Total Rebuild & Repaint

    awsome job man.they look very nice.
  138. mahyar

    First Trip - 7-1-13

    you know that boat is a fishy one.congrats on the fish and the boat.
  139. mahyar

    Do not buy a Infinity car.

    Honda would have that coverd undar warranty no question asked.did you talked to the service mananger or even the general mananger?if not I think you should.make some phone calls and follow up.
  140. mahyar

    Super moon and seabass

    good luck go get them
  141. mahyar

    Another coastal yellow report 6-20

    very nice and thanks for sharing,always looking forward for your reports cause theres always something to learn.LOL
  142. mahyar


    I heard a lot of good things about squidco.check them spectra spooling when you buy reels.
  143. mahyar

    6/15 - Baja Coast / Offshore / Islands

    thanks for the nice report and thank god the kid is doing good.happy birthday man.
  144. mahyar

    Win a Pair of Costa Del Mar's - Guess the winning weight for the YTSO

    77.7 - - - Updated - - - 77.7lbs
  145. mahyar

    AJ jigging & live bait in Brazil, watch in HD!!!

    that is awsome.bahia is awsome.people of bahia are bahia and highly recommended.whene I go there for vacation I dont want to come back.people are very friendly and I love the food.thanks for sharing.
  146. mahyar

    Fishing video, must see! Jigging & live bait

    that was amazing.I love bahia and cant wait to go back and do some fishing in pria do forte.those olho de boi pulling very hard.thanks for sharing that was awsome.
  147. mahyar

    Dana Point jello

    very nice and congrats.
  148. mahyar

    PB calico

    nice fish.
  149. mahyar


    way to go.well done gentelmans.
  150. mahyar

    San Mateo South on the Calicos

    I was fishing that area too yesterday and it was wfo on the calicos.we had 1/2 scoop of chovies for soon as the bait hits the water baaammmm fish on.we had some sand bas and cudas as well.It was very nice out there.
  151. mahyar

    Blue and Gold Calstar

    very nice.I like the color.nice job man.
  152. mahyar

    Brand New Shimano Trinidad 30

    :hali_olutta:ill take it.i will pick it up tomorrow call or text at 949 7022627
  153. mahyar

    Brand New Shimano Trinidad 30

    i will take it.will pick it up tomorrow.949 7022627
  154. mahyar

    Youth Pig Harvest - lots of pics

    now that is awsome and congrats to big alden, and his proud dad.very cool.
  155. mahyar

    Green Abyss 808

    that is one sweet rod.good job oscar.
  156. mahyar


    its alll good you made it home buddy.dont forget worst day fishing is better than any day at fuckiingwork.
  157. mahyar

    Osprey tries to steal my swimbait(VIDEO)

    wooowww that is sooo cooooool
  158. mahyar

    4/26 The 60 Pound Club

    well done and congrats .
  159. mahyar

    The San Diego Tomorrow 5/2

    good luck.If the yellows are around Im sur he will find them.very nice boat and the deck hands are very nice.go get them.
  160. mahyar

    Heap Big WSB on Bass outfit

    very nice.I bet that was an awsome fight.
  161. mahyar

    San Diego 4/25 early update

    that is just awsome man congrats .
  162. mahyar

    San Diego 4/25 early update

    I hope you get them man.good luck
  163. mahyar

    Nice pre work corbina 4-22-13

    nice fish.I realy like to try that with my son.I,m sure hes gonna like the idea.thanks for sharing buddy
  164. mahyar

    First Time in Saltwater!

    very nice.
  165. mahyar


    nice ling
  166. mahyar

    No yellows, no complaints.

    hope you enjoy the tacos
  167. mahyar

    Renegademike gets a Swordfish

    that is nice. i guess 245.5
  168. mahyar

    upper oso resevoir

    are you guys talking about the lake just on melinda/los alisos and the toll road? I live just across street from the lake and I know that you can park just on the street on los alisos road. and I always see those ninjas at dawn runing down to the lake.I never fished it.but it looks like belongs...
  169. mahyar

    YT Nados Sat 3-16

    very nice.forget about sore arms and check out those big smiles .
  170. mahyar

    Fishin the "San Diego" at the Nados 3.13.13

    I was on the boat and to start I have to say what a nice crew they work so hard specialy when it came to get the yellows back from the dogs and the captain did his best to find the tails.very professional people runing the boat and I am planing on going back.San diego...
  171. mahyar

    12 nice yellows

  172. mahyar

    Shimano Welcome to the new Shimano forum!

    welcome and happy to join the BD:hali_olutta: shimano ruullleeesssssssss
  173. mahyar

    Royal Polaris 5 day 12/26-12/31

    very nice report.:hali_olutta:
  174. mahyar

    1973 20

    thats a nice boat.good luck.:hali_olutta:
  175. mahyar

    Avet JX 2 Speed Silver Mint

    daiwa bg 35h new in the box plus $
  176. mahyar

    Avet JX 2 Speed Silver Mint

    intrested in any trade?
  177. mahyar

    Avet Raptor MXJ

    that is an awsome reel.:hali_olutta:good luck
  178. mahyar

    Offshore 267, 209, etc.

    thanks for the report.:hali_olutta:I hope you get them next time:2gunsfiring_v1:
  179. mahyar

    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 14th, 2012

    next time I drive.just to make sure I put that f... to park not in RRRRR:rofl:
  180. mahyar


    vamos dos santos.
  181. mahyar

    Avet MXL 6/4 Gun Metal

    If you still have the reel I will take it. I will pick it up tomorrow.949 702 2627
  182. mahyar

    Random Stuff..Shimano Trinidad 12 A, Torsa, Calcutta rods, Crucials, 8ft Custom Spinn

    what about the calcutta 9' rod? Ill take it if still availble.
  183. mahyar

    avet sx 6/4 with acc knob

    Hi there.nice reel.where are you located?
  184. mahyar

    Offshore Produce w/ UFC's best Noguera wfo yft too

    that is you need to take some portuguess classes for next time .just in case you meet anderson silva or other brasilian thanks for the report and be safe