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  1. FishinMcNuggets

    Inshore Redondo Canyon, 5-28 to 5-298

    Owed one of my kids a birthday trip. He was so fired up to go, it was like one one of those overhead pitches that Little League hitters swing at. Launched before midnight. Shared my test run and gave a Mexican bystander a little 300 yard run in the harbor. Offloaded the bystander and we took...
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    Ridesharing to Catalina, 5-15 or 5-16

    Hey BD! I have a 10 y/o son who loves fishing and snorkeling. His birthday is the 13th of the month. He's been talking he wants us to go on our Avon outta King Harbor to do a catch, dispatch, and cook mission on bass at the RB Artificial reef. But I was thinking, I could really knock one...
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    Will Rodgers, 3-21-21

    Fished AM, looking for perch or big kitties. No action on either. Chummed, cracked, squid, and nothing! A couple bites, no connections. More people than fish. Musta been that those two wand wavers out there scared the bsp away? : D
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    Anyone steal your "Afternoon Delight"?

    Tweakers by work have a trailered daysailer with a small dark o/b. Anyone missing their boat? Stern end says it all: "Afternoon Delight".
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    Headless mariner, Huntington area?

    In our maritime misadventures in the Huntington area, we came across a little navigation hazard. Wanting to do our part, we picked up an odd piece of sea junk. It then promptly pushed our trolling lines into the prop with it's tubing. Day turned crappy after picking it up. I'll give it a...
  6. FishinMcNuggets

    8-29, Big Bones? Off Hermosa.

    Guys, Anyone going to Cat from mdr may want to pass thru the spot between HB and MB Piers. I like to glass the water in the morning, and there are decent sized breezers. Look at 1/2 mile offshore around 19th Street. If I can see them from a mile away, I'm sure you should be able to. Let us...
  7. FishinMcNuggets

    Anyone on the Native Sun today?

    If so, I hope you got one. Give up a report if you'd be so kind?
  8. FishinMcNuggets

    *Freestyle Disc* aka frisbee, anyone on BD do it?

    Lotsa beach folks here. Part of the waterman lifestyle to a minor degree. Anyone play Freestyle frisbee? La Jolla or Santa Barbara style, especially. Not big on the NYC stuff. PM if you do or know someone that does/likes to/wants to. -Mike
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    7-18, A Nautical SMB is better than the best day scratching your...

    ...Bass! I swore to myself that I need to get out more this summer fishing. My kids have been ready accomplices and excuses, too. I wasn't about to let another weekend go by saying... "what if?" Especially in light of recent ghosty rumors in my neighborhood. We hatched an idealistic plan as...
  10. FishinMcNuggets

    Shoe buoys, 6-27, Pencil us in the 'Cuda log, Scooter!

    Got a text from my highly intrepid nephew Danny last night. Wanted to go fishing. I wanted to cook up a fun but adventurous trip for him. The Shoe for cudas on an Avon 2.85 it was. Picked up bait at J. Deluca around 4:45. Got to Cabrillo around 5. Dropped the Johnson in the water, but got...
  11. FishinMcNuggets

    MAGNESIUM, for example--> Old VW blocks or trans cases, etc.

    Hey BD: I have a need for some magnesium. Willing to pay better than scrap price, I'm looking for stuff at least 1x1x1" that can be machined. No certs or clean finish required. Just no 3/4 or 1/2 plate. Your old scrap can have a new life. Old cracked VW blocks, out of spec stuff from a...
  12. FishinMcNuggets

    Snot stick Navy?

    Anyone going to the snot stick party tomorrow? I might drag the "C ¢" to Cabrillo tomorrow.
  13. FishinMcNuggets

    Redondo Canyon, 6-13-20

    I'll give you the short version tonite, and augment the report tomorrow with pics & shiz. AM shift: North side Canyon wall and RBAR yielded 2 porky sandbass for me and the kids. Started easy, midday turned up wind and swell. Couldn't see outta some troughs today. Saw guys with nice bunches...
  14. FishinMcNuggets


    Any news here? Plus, any bait @ KH this wknd?
  15. FishinMcNuggets

    Granite pieces, pizza stones, step stones?

    Hey BD. I have a job on Saturday that will have a bunch of granite slab chunks that need to be rehomed or dumped. I can easily see them as pizza stones in your BGE, or as stepstones in your flossy back yard. They used to be a granite countertop. Really pretty stuff, colored orange and black...
  16. FishinMcNuggets

    Metal detecting Hobbyists?

    Interested in contacting a Seattle area hobbyist for advice or a possible one time gig. PM for details.
  17. FishinMcNuggets

    Bay Bass Techniques, post yours too!

    As previously stated, I like spotties. I will go over the evolution of my techniques, unorthodox as they may be sometimes. After all, we've heard enough of the Coronavirus, right? Ninja bass fishing is one of the best ways to try to NOT see any people. So, it started when I was a wee...
  18. FishinMcNuggets

    Yeah, I have to say with gentrification working the way it does, the true outdoorsmen and watermen of my part of town have mostly long gone, leaving sorely misinformed pinniped-huggers in their wake. They even have a charity event for their pinnipedanthropy. "Save the ocean puppies". Witness...
  19. FishinMcNuggets

    A confession, report, and proper use of the F-word.

    Yeah, I went fishing on a work night. Kept my kid out too late so he could hook some beefy harbor grumpies, too. But, I have to really admit, confess even: I love spotted bay bass. I have fished them since Millie Sands told me about them lurking in harbors in the area. Love at first...
  20. FishinMcNuggets

    Late, King Harbor Area Bonito, 10-5-19

    Short: Bonito biting off the rocks and just outside the harbor for the past month, I got the kids on them yesterday, and Saturday on the little boat. They want 8lb test and Acme Kastmasters. Long: Took one of my boys to the rocks on opening day for Lobster after hearing a "Bonito in the...
  21. FishinMcNuggets

    Cushman collectors out there?

    Hey Guys, My work picked up a cushman truckster with a robin subaru 8.5 eh25 with low usage on it. Anyone that likes gas powered resto projects might like this one. Looks to be 60's vintage, but with a fresher running engine. Started it today, maybe 3 pulls after i found the choke. Carb...
  22. FishinMcNuggets

    Your old moped, scooter or thumper

    49 to 300cc, preferably on non op, streetable, no pit bikes or off hwy only. Ideal would be a little old enduro. Would like one for economical commuting. Ugly but mostly complete would definitely be ok. Less than $3-400 please. Looking for personal long term use, not trying to flip...
  23. FishinMcNuggets

    I need some fresh squid...

    PM me if you want to stay discreet about it. Interested in live or super fresh stuff anywhere from Ventura to DP. I know, people are going to say "Asian Market." I'm looking for the freshest possible, not dragged around and hanging in the freezer case for 1/2 a day. I'm okay with running my...
  24. FishinMcNuggets

    MB ML320 4wd $1500

    Metallic forest green. Neighbor across the street is selling it for a pretty sweet price. Will need to have a couple details squared away, but passes smog and has a strong engine. Great deal for someone with a little mechanical aptitude who is looking for a deal. Cost him 5500 a couple years...
  25. FishinMcNuggets

    Used 20lb propane tanks

    Hey BD, Used propane tanks, good for exchange!!! One may have a partial fill. $10 each, South Bay/Los Angeles area. BBQ season coming up. $ 30-40 at the big store! PM -Mike
  26. FishinMcNuggets

    Wanted: free old trailer tires, 15"

    I was wondering if anyone here has a couple old trailer tires they'd like to give away. Homeless folks like to settle in to the area in front of where I work. One family has moving issues, and two 7.00 x 15lt tires would help them greatly. Willing to pickup or can deliver to Gardena, CA ...
  27. FishinMcNuggets

    Sunday 12/30, Rocky Point zones

    Short: Cold AM warming midday med period swells varying water temps clear and lake like conditions for most of the day UPHILL current Big Rock/Malaga for nothing on birds early. Rocky Point, lotsa trash fish and a possible breakoff mid morning. Nothing mid-day trolling kelp edge. Strong PM...
  28. FishinMcNuggets

    Redondo Bonito Bonanza, 11-17

    Short: Sat Bonito, high at 6am, Santa Ana offshore and wavelets at launch tapering to noon glass Bones 3-6 lbs, 4 for us both, on 30 flouro and braid. Fleet 17 boats strong with 3/4 day Pedro & MDR boats in the mix Bait schools, fur-bags and ponies present Long: Decided I'd been off the...
  29. FishinMcNuggets

    WANTED: Redondo Sportfishing Shirt, OLD style.

    The one with kelp and a yellow in the logo. I would like to buy a shirt, or even borrow a shirt. PM if you have one in ANY state of decay for details. Some hoochie made off with my hoodie when I was 18 or so, and I'd like to recuperate an icon of my misspent youth. PM please.
  30. FishinMcNuggets

    Most legendary local SW fisherman of modern times.

    Biography time for my 2nd grader. "The List" has Jim Henson, Walt Disney, Charles Schultz. I'm thinking more along the lines of Mark Wisch or Erik Landesfeind. Any other notable nominees?
  31. FishinMcNuggets

    007 "Dr. No" movie blooper

    Dr. No has an aquarium in his secret base on a Caribbean Island... ... with a school of SARGO and a Calico Bass??? WTF?
  32. FishinMcNuggets

    FREE California Boater Card Course!

    Here is the link for a .PDF of the free study guide & test form: Link comes from this page of the Ca Dept of Boating & Waterways website: Enjoy! & Good Luck! -Mike
  33. FishinMcNuggets

    Hot Rail!

    We're a couple of freeloading deadheads. Due to a scheduling change, the Skip launched late at "Gentlemans" hours, and let us go on the boat. We wanted him to get live bait, take us to Rocky, buy us donuts and hot chocolate, but the cheep bastid wasn't having it. So we didn't even help him...
  34. FishinMcNuggets

    July 29, King Harbor, 1 seat available.

    I know this is a long shot, but... Intrepid soul wanted to cover costs fishing out of King Harbor, Sat. Costs: 3 gallons gas, parking & a drink ($4), and a kayak scoop of bait (optional). Fishing an Avon 2.85, 8 hp. Wet ride, fun times. Tails bass halis and cods possible. PM.
  35. FishinMcNuggets

    Grunion, LA South Bay

    Going to drag my kids outta bed in 20 mins to peek at a reliable Grunion spot. Anyone want to go? I'll post a report later. -Mike
  36. FishinMcNuggets

    3M "310" Tape, anyone have?

    Anyone have or have a line on how to get 3M 310 "Safety Walk" non-mineral Tape? Ideally I'd like a 12" strip of the black 1" wide stuff. They have the grey at $15 for 2" by 180" at true value. I have a "minimalist" rod in the works. Likewise, the Shurtape "MOPP" series poly pro tape? I'd buy...
  37. FishinMcNuggets

    So. Santa Monica Bay Report, Sun 4/23

    Doin' my part to put in a report, hope you enjoy! Woke at 4 AM Sunday after having kidnapped the Father-in-Law the night before. Threw my crap together and we managed to get on the water around daybreak. Ever the optimist, I though we could buy live bait, or make mini macks outta nothing, and...
  38. FishinMcNuggets

    FREE roll away tool box

    Hey BD, I have an old roll away style tool box with classic stickers on it to give away. It is old, red, and not pretty, and may need some oil on the slide bearings. Contingency is I want someone to pick it up tonight! Has a few drawers and a well underneath for big stuff. Please bring a...
  39. FishinMcNuggets

    FREE boat bumpers

    White boat bumpers, free "Taylor Made " brand, look to be 7x7x18", decent condition, you p/u.
  40. FishinMcNuggets

    My Cup Runneth Over!

    Thanks BD and Lane Bryant! Fishin Chick, anyone?
  41. FishinMcNuggets

    R.H.I.B.S and INFLATABLE BOATS; Post 'em up!

    I thought it might be time to create a space for folks to post up shots of their current, old, or lusted-after R.H.I.B. and/or inflatable boats. Manufacturers have been creating some really unbelievably affordable boats over the decades all over the globe, and this is a chance for guys to show...
  42. FishinMcNuggets

    Great "Pro Staff" advice from...

    ... the hallowed halls of youtube. Link:
  43. FishinMcNuggets

    Kelpcutters for tiny motors?

    This might be more of a spearboard question, but I am here, not there, so... Any of you guys know anything about outfitting a 8hp Johnson with kelpcutting accessories? I'm over getting wrapped while lobstering. -Mike
  44. FishinMcNuggets

    25" color TV

    Hey guys, Good TV for the mancave or patio, 25" color TV in a wood console. Takes rca or coax input, is a CRT screen that will outlast the upcoming la Niña. FREE, don't be shy, make it fly! Have any bad kids that asked Santa for a flatscreen for their PS15 for Christmas? Get them this! -Mike
  45. FishinMcNuggets

    Rocky Point shows FIL a good time

    Short: Rocky Point gives up great calico fishing on a Plug with custom paint. 10-15-16, med swell, mixed breeze, 64 ish water, mid day flip in current, high tide bite near kelp. Bonitas also present. Largest Calico was 19". Caught on miscellaneous heavy duty second hand spinning gear, 25lb...
  46. FishinMcNuggets

    South LA group buy of AA plastics, anyone?

    I'd like to stock up on some AA plastics. Odds are they will have to be shipped. Anyone in the South Bay area interested in buying in? I need 4-5 packs and no one close by has my color. -Mike
  47. FishinMcNuggets

    Rocky Point finally blessed the Avon

    IMG_20161009_110217431 by FishinMcNuggets posted Oct 10, 2016 at 1:43 PM Short: Rocky Point gives up a decent tail on a Tady 45 holographic mack pattern. 10-9-16, no swell, little breeze, 65 ish water, little current, early AM bite. Lotsa "Pencil Pike" and calicos present. Yellow was 21lbs on...
  48. FishinMcNuggets

    Free Sash weights

    Yeah, good for a shallow deep drop? Downrigger? Sablefish & Comm rock cod? 3.5 lbs each, 5 pieces. Free for you, in Hermosa Beach.
  49. FishinMcNuggets

    "Pyrex in the Sky"

    Went to the beach sorely in need To catch something more than seaweed Soft shell crabs, 10 lb test I thought the croaker would give me no rest I caught no fish, but REALLY rankles Is a 2 lb Corbina swam between my ankles Shoulda snatched you up and helped you die And sent you to the Pyrex in...
  50. FishinMcNuggets

    Questionnaire from DFG...

    So, I got a call from their contractor and they e-mailed me a questionnaire supposedly. It's regarding fishermen's economic impact in California. BUT: I am have a pretty low income and am notoriously tight-fisted as a result. SHOULD: I pad my dollar estimates of trip cost for a recent 3/4...
  51. FishinMcNuggets

    Off the hook Snot-sticks at Santa Cruz 6-18

    SHORT: Cuda rampage 6-18 at Santa Cruz Lee side, mix of stick sizes (to 10 lbs) and possible yellows in area, Pacific Eagle fishes hard, goes the extra mile, has bunks, and truthful fish count numbers! MED: Skipper fished hard and put us on a snot-stick free-for-all at Santa Cruz in the lee...
  52. FishinMcNuggets

    Low priced Radon, sure would be nice for Jigs I'm not affiliated... just sayin! :D
  53. FishinMcNuggets

    Broke my cabin fever at Rocky Point 4-16

    Hey BD! All I can say is a serious case of cabin fever was hounding me. As I got the city inspector's preliminary approval for my garage roof this week, I decided to celebrate. In the interest of preseason testing I brought along a co-worker who's been wanting to go. I figured I could get a...
  54. FishinMcNuggets

    black PE irrgation tubing

    Not sure what size yet, 3/4"? partial roll of black poly tubing for free! Take it away!
  55. FishinMcNuggets

    90's Ford Pickup truck stuff

    I have pretty complete rubber flooring, weatherstripping, some indoor/outdoor carpeting, and a drivers side chrome mirror for F-whatevers from the early nineties. Trade me a used rod or reel for it? Let me know if you're the least bit interested. -Mike :jig:
  56. FishinMcNuggets

    Anyone wanna sell your 8' seeker D8?

    Interested in a seeker D8, 8 footer. Pinhead, blank, whatever. The uglier the better, basket case project rods OK. Glass preferred! Possibly also interested in a Varmac with a similar action. South LA area preferred.
  57. FishinMcNuggets

    Free toddler girls play shoes size 6-10½

    I have 9 pairs of un-used toddler girls shoes. They would most likely be good as play shoes as there might be a little dirt on them from being in garage for a while. If anyone is in need of a couple pairs let me know. I have 9 pairs available. They are white, tennis style, with "Lyon King"...
  58. FishinMcNuggets

    Bow-fishermen threatened

    The slow-mo video portion is priceless
  59. FishinMcNuggets

    Float Tubes

    Hey Guys, I'm posting this for a neighbor who is trying to unload some float-tubes. He's indicated he wants $20 each for the nylon outer covers, and that any inner tubes possibly included will most likely need to be repaired or replaced. I think they are mostly "Caddis" Brand. He also has a...
  60. FishinMcNuggets

    Free microwave for Plastisol work

    Anyone need a free microwave suitable only for plastisol work? Thought of melting your old scampis to make new & cool creature baits? Lemme know, offer lasts until Craigslist or curb guys get it! Also available - window glass & a rubber garage mat.
  61. FishinMcNuggets

    Magic 8-BALL

    *I PAWNED THE 8-BALL OFF ON SOMEONE FROM CRAIGSLIST* Gone! Gone! gone! ************** Picking a GOP candidate? Are you a GOP Candidate? Trying to pick which bank to fish at without having a Fishdope membership? YOU NEED THE MAGIC 8-BALL! Maybe you had one when you were a little squid? Maybe...
  62. FishinMcNuggets

    Snow Chains, Shur Grip

    Cables NOW PENDING pickup. "SHUR-GRIP" brand snow cables for your car tires, product size is sz-327. Seems to be for a lower profile Euro or modern Japanese mid size car. Look up the brand and size for specs. The fit is more tire-based than model based. ALSO, these are the CABLE MODEL...
  63. FishinMcNuggets

    What's on your phone?

    I just recently stepped outta the stone age when one of my dear children created a puddle of fruit juice around my 7 year old candybar phone. So I got an Android smartphone. So far I have: Navionics free version: cheap charting for local forays on the Avon Google Earth: for spotting...
  64. FishinMcNuggets

    Rocky Point Aquarium fishing

    I swore to myself I'd go fishing this Saturday, hell or high water. Soo, I took the Avon to Rocky Point. Short story: 5 small bonito, c&r Bass, and numerous other usual suspects seen or caught at Rocky Point on the Avon. Good fishing with live bait or Megabaits. Early bite right on the point...
  65. FishinMcNuggets

    DP 7-25-25 "We can tune a piano...

    ... but we can't tuna fish." Well, I took the plunge and took the inflatable outta DP. Despite best intentions we launched late. Buying frozen sardines at 4am. Buying line at 5am. Getting to DP, getting fed and in the water by 7am. Launching at the Baby's beach instead of the ramp...
  66. FishinMcNuggets

    Native Sun, 7-5-15, 'Tails never fails

    So I conned my father in law into getting on a boat, and by the time I try for reservations, the Native Sun is the only thing I can get. Turns out it was for the best. We had only about 30 anglers, so it seemed like a limited load at moo-moo prices. The deck spacing was well laid out, and...
  67. FishinMcNuggets

    Fram CA2719B air filters, Early Toyotas

    Fitment, see compatibility on this Oreilly's link Also fits BMW model 2002 73-74
  68. FishinMcNuggets

    C/L 20' Skippy FB for less than 2K

    Looks like owner likes quoting from Disney's Aladdin Looks like it needs tons of work. You wave a grand in front of them, I bet they'd jump!
  69. FishinMcNuggets

    WTB: USED h/h vhf, o/b stand, foot pump, earmuff

    Hey 'Deckers, We recently purchased a used Avon inflatable for putt-putting around in the harbor with the kids and such. I'm going to take it out solo on some of the calmer mornings and drift for 'buts. However, I'd better get properly geared-up before I use the rib too much. I am looking...
  70. FishinMcNuggets

    Interesting can o' worms...

    Newly repowered 25' in OC craigslist... $2200
  71. FishinMcNuggets


    Anyone own one? Any good recommendations on crossover uses? Plinking? Varmints? Home defense? Seen that pricing is good for them. -Mike
  72. FishinMcNuggets

    I need some good advice...

    Yeah, I know I'm on BD, so I may be sticking my foot in it. CHEAP outside boat storage in Gardena or Pedro? Likewise, I am considering picking up a used boat, but vessel has not been registered since 2011. Any ideas on back charges? I know you are not the DMV, but maybe some with a recent...
  73. FishinMcNuggets

    1969 FORD F-100 PICKUP TRUCK

    Hey fellow BD'rs, I have a 1969 F-100 with a rebuilt 302, 3 spd auto, and a decent bed-off restore done to it. Looking to get $6500 obo. Please feel free to see the CL ad for more info: It'd make a nice tow rig for a small or...
  74. FishinMcNuggets

    Offshore ... from our brethren to the north

    Check this out! Our brethren to the north are already on pb longfins, if the hearsay is to be believed. Festive, eh? :Smoke_Emoticon: or :shakin: ?
  75. FishinMcNuggets

    First Fish !

    Shakespeare trout special at Walmart: $ 19.97 Minijigs, same place: $ 2.27 Calico Cocktail sauce: $ 7.00 or so Watching my 3 y/o get pinned to the guardrail in King Harbor by a big Mack: Priceless Our first attempt at getting him his first fish at the place I got mine (Lake Hemet) was...