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  1. streetnfish

    Offshore Islander 1.5 May 24-26

    Congrats and thanks for the write up ! Lots of lessons to be learned from your experience 👍
  2. streetnfish

    Islands Pursuit 5/25

    Hey, Short report again. Gus driving. Neo and Jordan on deck. Ryan in the kitchen. Nice 4-5" dines. Headed over to the island and had the most beautiful weather you could ask for ! Too beautiful for the fish to bite I guess. Lot more skiffs out today. Gus worked hard but no matter where...
  3. streetnfish

    Islands Pursuit 5/24

    Hey guys, Short report. Went out to Catalina on the Pursuit. John driving, Gary on deck, and Ryan in the galley. Fished yellows and bass with the rest of the fleet. Good number of firecracker yellows and bass biting the dines on 20lb. Kinda funky wind vs current so was difficult to get...
  4. streetnfish

    Flatfall flouro leaders and hooks

    If you have rinsed your jigs off thoroughly and stored them in a cool dry area they should be fine. You have to check them though. Are the swivels or hooks showing rust. Is the cord still tightly weaved and supple. Is the flouro still clear with no kicks on the line. If so they are probably...
  5. streetnfish

    Offshore Intrepid 1.5 day 5/16-5/18

    Yea but I'm in an apartment right now so no room for cutting a big fish. Whether the smaller ones are better for sashimi I can't say. Just fits on my kitchen counter.
  6. streetnfish

    Offshore Intrepid 1.5 day 5/16-5/18

    Aw man Bummer ! I'll tell you though, If the weather was any worse than it was out there on Mon night, then you don't want to be out there. We were rocking an rolling and there were almost several bad spills (a couple almost overboard) amongst some of the passengers. I've fished worse weather...
  7. streetnfish

    Offshore Intrepid 1.5 day 5/16-5/18

    Hey guys, I signed up for a 1.5 day a couple months ago for me and my gal. Figuered it would be nice to get away in style after the past year. Initially thought we might be doing Collnet or some coastal yellowtail. But as the date grew closer I realized that we would be doing the Bluefin...
  8. streetnfish

    What would you buy if you could only take ONE rod and reel set up for an 8 day trip?

    Mostly Avet pro ex 30s and Seeker 2x4 and 3x5 for the heavy gear. Lighter seekers and Avets for the other stuff. Just got off the boat.
  9. streetnfish

    What would you buy if you could only take ONE rod and reel set up for an 8 day trip?

    If you are going to get him 2 outfits that are go to rigs, I would suggest . . . 1) 7.5-8 foot rod rated around 20-40 lb and a 3/0 sized reel. This will allow you to fish 30lb mono. This will allow for bait fishing for schoolie sized dorado, tuna, yellowtai, wahoo. 2) 7- 7.5 foot rod rated...
  10. streetnfish

    What would you buy if you could only take ONE rod and reel set up for an 8 day trip?

    What kind of fisherman is your husband? Does he fish saltwater often? Can he cast a conventional reel? Does he like throwing lures or does he mostly fish bait? Does he have any saltwater gear currently? Is this going to be an annual type of trip or is he just going to do this once? Does he...
  11. streetnfish

    Islands 5/11/21 Mirage Channel Islands

    You're all set with what you described. Don't overthink it too much. Make a best guess based on your experience and the current depth. Then adjust accordingly. The only technique I have adapted to our fishery is to underhand toss the jig downwind to increase my time for vertical...
  12. streetnfish

    Islands 5/11/21 Mirage Channel Islands

    Yea man ! Normally when making squid, we are just trying to get enough to fish with and for the boat. But when that stuff floated the way it did and they were filling up trashcans for the hold, I just took my squid jig over to the other side of the boat and jigged myself a few. First time...
  13. streetnfish

    Islands 5/11/21 Mirage Channel Islands

    Hey guys, Jumped on the Mirage Mon night in hopes of getting lucky with a straggler out of the Seabass bite that started last week. Took 3 setups. Newell 533N/Calstar 700H for 40lb dropper. Accurate BV500N/Temple Reef Innovate 80MH for slow pitch. Penn fathom 25N/Calstar 800L for 25lb...
  14. streetnfish

    CA Sheephead mounts

    Looks nice. Dimensions? Price?
  15. streetnfish

    Advantage of Fish Processing?

    To answer your exact questions: 1) You don't have to have to try and Lug a fish over 40lbs or multiple fish home and clean it yourself. You don't have to dispose of the carcasses of mess. You don't have to spend hours vaccuum sealing yourself and will probably get better quality sealed bags...
  16. streetnfish

    Wind-on Leader Supplies

    Good quality. Recieved within 48hrs. 👍
  17. streetnfish

    Rate my Jig setup

    Can you explain the purpose of rigging like this? For example, the purpose of the bridled jig using the circle hook is so that you get a hook set in the corner of the mouth thus leaving your line outside with less chance of a chew off. What are the advantages you are looking for with this...
  18. streetnfish

    Another (small) Sample: Intrepid

    Ther are also spots on the deck where you can tie up your box.
  19. streetnfish

    Another (small) Sample: Intrepid

    Tackle ststion will fit SKBs and holders.. (make sure you can tie them down good. (Saw 1 tip over once in very rough/hurricane weather) There is room up top for rods as well as PLENTY of room up front for longer rods placed diagonally. I take several (5-6) 8-9 foot rods on my trips along...
  20. streetnfish

    Indications of Intruders

    Was there an issue getting the others JRI/Prototype models to swim/track right ? Or was there an issue with the swivels/hooks (quality)?
  21. streetnfish

    "Reaper Bomber 160" jig. Up close !

    Hey guys, Got my Reaper jigs yesterday. Ordered 4 days ago so reasonably prompt shipping. I'm not affiliated in any way with this company. Just showing the product as it is, so interested folks can make an educated decision. Jigs came via priority mail, I believe, and were...
  22. streetnfish

    Inshore Aloha Spirit 4/12

    Green Spotted or Green Blotched Rockfish
  23. streetnfish

    Inshore Aloha Spirit 4/12

    No. PT (Physical Therapy)
  24. streetnfish

    Inshore Aloha Spirit 4/12

    Ha ha ! Hey Blaine. That's by design. I work Wed-Sun so I can play on the weekdays and never have to make a reservation beforehand if I wanna spend the night. 😉
  25. streetnfish

    Inshore Aloha Spirit 4/12

    😆😅🤣😂 Oh Shit Guys ! Sorry ,Meant "Buoy" ! Man glad it wasn't a BODY. That would have been a story.
  26. streetnfish

    Inshore Aloha Spirit 4/12

    No exotics seen today.
  27. streetnfish

    Inshore Aloha Spirit 4/12

    Hey guys, Jumped on the Aloha Spirit this morning. Pat was at the helm. Kelly and Cheyenne were on deck and Anna was in the galley. 18 peeps on this trip and Pat said we would be heading up the coast as the islands had been slow the last few days. We would be taking a 2 hr ride up the...
  28. streetnfish

    Reaper Slow Pitch Jigs

    Cool ! I grabbed a few. Will let you know how they work out. Need a shirt and stickers with that fun logo on them. 😄
  29. streetnfish

    What boat for full day, San Diego fleet

    Are you driving down for the day or getting some lodging the night before/day after? Some of the boats (Grande and Liberty for example) have bunks for you to lie down on the trip out and back. Makes a huge difference when you have to make a long drive for the day. The San Diego and Mission...
  30. streetnfish

    Islands San Diego 4/6

    Awsome man ! Way to start out the YT season !
  31. Slow Pitch Jigging Quiver  CHEAP !

    Slow Pitch Jigging Quiver CHEAP !

    Hey Jiggers, Here is a quiver of 11 quality jigs for sale ranging from 130g-290g. Most from Japan. -Falcon D.B. Metal (4)-150g-New -JYG Deep (2)-200g-New -JYG Wave -150g-New -Seafloor Control Messiah-180g-New -Seafloor Control Arc-290g -Blue Blue Sea Ride-130g -Shimano Ocea Long Slide-200g...
  32. Trolling Plugs Cheap !

    Trolling Plugs Cheap !

    Two unused trolling plugs. Rapala Countdown Magnum in Blue Mackeral. Yozuri S in Purple Mackeral. Never used. Just sitting at home on the shelf. Mailed to your door via USPS Priority Mail. $25.00 Pay Pal Friends and Family or $28.00 Regular Pay Pal. Shipping only. PM for response
  33. streetnfish

    Shimano Ocea4000 as a yoyo set up

    If you have one already, it would be a great yo yo reel. If not follow comments above.
  34. 2 Issues of "The Bight" Vol 3 Issue 1& 2

    2 Issues of "The Bight" Vol 3 Issue 1& 2

    Have two new copies of "The Bight" Magazine. Volume 3 issues 1 and 2. Both are brand new! I already had these issues when I re-subscribed so I don't need them. Both are Free. You just pay shipping. $8 each. Mailed to your door via USPS Priority Mail. Pay Pal Friends and Family only. PM...
  35. streetnfish

    Islands 3/29. The San Diego

    Thanks, Yea, I ordered it from matt86m. Got one of his spikes with a round handle and this one as a blank. He already has them made with the threads so I had this metal shifter tapped for it. Matt makes great spikes. I've had this one about three years. No rust and still sharp enough...
  36. streetnfish

    Islands 3/29. The San Diego

    Thank YOU ! That brass make a big difference by getting down faster.
  37. streetnfish

    Islands 3/29. The San Diego

    Hey guys, As you know the fishing blew up after last mondays trip with counts up to 100 fish. Then the last two days, they dropped by about half each day. But the weather looked good and my gal wanted to go fishing so we hopped aboard the San Diego this morning with high hopes and a mouth...
  38. streetnfish

    roof tent for camping?

    Good: -It’s what all the instgramers and "overlanders" (whatever that is) use so you can be one of the cool kids. -You can camp in "off the grid spots" (whatever that means) -Up off the ground so less chance of crawling critters. (Just keep your door zipped?) -Nice 2nd story view when you...
  39. streetnfish

    3/22. The San Diego

    Hey guys, Heading up the point back home from some pretty good yellowtai fishing at the islands. Ryan was driving. Fisher, Andrew, and Marco were on deck. We headed out with a full boat of anglers and headed south. Suggested setups from the crew...
  40. streetnfish

    Islands 3/22. The San Diego

    Good fishing with you. Congrats on the birthday fish 😉
  41. streetnfish

    Islands 3/22. The San Diego

    40 and 50lb. Short or long flouro or mono top shots were all working. I would not go straight braid to iron. It would be havoc to yourself and the other anglers. Remember you are fishing with 30 + other people with various degrees of experience.
  42. streetnfish

    Islands 3/22. The San Diego

    Hey guys, Heading up the point back home from some pretty good yellowtai fishing at the islands. Ryan was driving. Fisher, Andrew, and Marco were on deck. We headed out with a full boat of anglers and headed south. Suggested setups from the crew were yo yo iron (full size) and dropper loop...
  43. streetnfish

    PennFathom40NLD doe anybody have any good or bad things to say about this reel. Looking to get one for YoYo rig and 60#-80# rig. Since I'm on a budget

    Great reel. Have used one since they first came out. Have 80lb braid on it and have fished 40-60lb w/o issue. Flyline, dropper loop, yo yo, flat fall. Never even needed to put it into low gear until getting into 70lb plus blue/yellowfin with my girl using it.
  44. streetnfish

    SPJ for Yellows and Tuna...

    I hear ya. It takes awhile to get confidence using slow pitch gear. Your mind keeps telling you that you need more back bone, longer rod etc. If that is what you are looking for then the Innovate will give you that. However, you still won't be horsing any yellows around with it. As for the...
  45. streetnfish

    Please school me on SD full day sportboat scene

    Its all sportboat fishing. Everybody has their favorite boat, boats they will never ride again, and LA vs Ventura vs OC vs SD. You will do the same thing until you get enough experience on the different boats. All the operations can be good, great , or the worst ever depending on your...
  46. streetnfish

    SPJ for Yellows and Tuna...

    I think your Gravitate/Ocea combo is just fine for yellows and schoolie tuna "IF" SPJ is the technique that you want to use. The Innovate will be longer and a bit stiffer in the butt section but it still won't be a fast action rod. If you WANT to by a new rod than by all means the Innovate...
  47. streetnfish

    Heavy jigs for rockfish?

    Since you already had your limit and were catching for others, that would have been a perfect time to try your heavier jigs out.
  48. streetnfish

    Heavy jigs for rockfish?

    Those will work fine. Just remember the jig is the arrow. You are the Archer so adjust accordingly 🤔
  49. streetnfish

    3/1 Island Spirit

    Most fish were caught just above the bottom. Used mostly long fall presentation right above the bottom with my longer jigs. Also used small 1/4 turns on my teardrop shaped jigs when Slowly working jigs up. Only exception was when we got into the Bank Perch which were well above the bottom.
  50. streetnfish

    3/1 Island Spirit

    The rod is great ! Not because I caught fish, but for how you can work a jig with it. plenty of backbone but the tip action is what separates it from my other rods. I've had it since late 2019. (Thanks Benny) I'm not even going to try and play local expert but when you watch slow pitch...
  51. streetnfish

    3/1 Island Spirit

    Ha Ha. I wish I could keep one long enough to look like that. I usually donate them the bottom well before that. :p
  52. streetnfish

    3/1 Island Spirit

    All the Jigs used above caught multiple fish. The longer/narrow jigs got down faster. It felt like the red, gold, and pink jigs worked best but I was fishing them more.
  53. streetnfish

    3/1 Island Spirit

    Oh I do my fair share of that too. This was simply the poison I picked for the day. 🤔
  54. streetnfish

    3/1 Island Spirit

    Bro ! The left bicep was definitely fatiguing by the end of the day. But no more that a long day of yo yo fishing or Wahoo bomb grinding. Either way the search for that next "mystery bite" keeps you going. It ain't for everybody and was just a choice I made for the day. Same as when you say...
  55. streetnfish

    3/1 Island Spirit

    Hey guys, Took my gal up to Ventura Sportfishing and jumped on the Island Spirit for the opener. Full load of 30 mixed passengers. Capt Cody was driving and sorry but I forgot the names of the 3 deckands and cook ( "Fin" was one name I remembered) Anyway capt said wind was blowing the...
  56. streetnfish

    Looking for a power handle for Jigmaster Jr.

    Penn Part # 24-56. Keeps classic look and works great. Adjustable also.
  57. streetnfish

    March Full Day out of Ventura?

    Overnight is BEST but full day is plenty good. Either one will get you limits of rockfish bar any unusual circumstances (bad weather/major temp change) Overnight usually goes further out to less pressured spots. I wanted to go on an overnight but they were full so I'll be on a full day boat...
  58. streetnfish

    PCH 801XH ROD?

    Don't take this as a knock because it definitely isn't. You should probably work on your casting technique. If you can't cast a heavy wahoo bomb effectively with a 7 foot rod, than an 8 foot rod is not going to make much difference. I use 700XH and it works just fine. You don't really need...
  59. streetnfish

    Any word on Okuma renewing drop offs for reel service in Ontario?

    Just checking if anybody has any NEW info? I already know what the website and and phone message says. I also know that with the rapid changes taking place, sometimes things open up before webistes and phone messages get updated. So, just wanted to know if anyone has first hand info on any...
  60. streetnfish

    Nomad Buffalo “Bridled” Flatfall

    Any pics of fish caught with this rig ?
  61. streetnfish

    Selling 2 okuma Pch rods 801XH & 741xxxh

    Thanks for the stick brother ! Tight lines !
  62. streetnfish

    Okuma Cedros Jigging Rod for flat fall jigs

    Yes ! Works great for rockfish, yellowtail,schoolie yellowfin, and such. Not for big bluefin flat falling ! Note that it is not a "slow pitch" rod in its action. Pics are from 2017. Used Cedros 601-MH (rod in background)
  63. streetnfish

    Bolt Cutters to keep onboard

    Knipex Wiped them with corrosion x , put some paper towel and tape to keep from puncturing the plastic , and used food saver to vac seal. Been in my tackle bag for about 3 years now. Hope I never have to break the seal for myself or anyone else !
  64. streetnfish

    Lookin for Avet Pro EX30/2

    Ended up going a different direction but I got a reel ! Thanks for the offers guys 🤙
  65. streetnfish

    Okuma Makaira 20ii SEa Gunmetal Color

    Thanks for the Mak bro ! Nice to meet you !
  66. streetnfish

    Lookin for Avet Pro EX30/2

    Here Avet Avet Avet ! 🤓
  67. streetnfish

    "Winter Is Coming"--Skis/Boots/Poles--CHEAP ! ! !

    ❄❄❄ Snowing all this week ! Get some pow turns in ! ❄❄❄
  68. streetnfish

    Lookin for Avet Pro EX30/2

    Lookin for an EX 30. Doesn't have to be fancy. Gonna be hung off the back of the boat and used for grouper loops.. Let me know what you got! PM to keep from clogging the thread. Thanks 😊
  69. streetnfish

    Wahoo line choice...

    New off Ebay for me a couple of years ago but they are old enough now that someone on here may have one laying around that they may sell.
  70. streetnfish

    Wahoo line choice...

    If you go with the Tranx, see if you can find a Trini 16/20A handle to put on it. Make a significant difference in ability to turn the handle. You are going several grand in the hole so what's 60-70 bucks more. 🤑
  71. streetnfish

    New Quicksilver Cypher 5/4/3 wetsuit.

    S O L D 🤑
  72. streetnfish

    SPJ and other Japanese style jigging techniques in SoCal

    Pelagics will definitely bite directly below a sportboat. Been catching them like that on vertical jig since about 2015. I may sometimes do an underhand lob downwind on a fast drift but I'm vertical while I'm working the jig. I stopped casting years ago after I had my reel go into gear...
  73. streetnfish

    How do you carry your slow pitch jigs?

    Here are a couple of bags and what they will fit: Here are some Jig sizes for reference. (5"-8") Here is a Mustad Folder. I recieved this from Anglers Choice Tackle (San Diego) in August. It folds in half and has compartments on inside/outside of each half (4 sections total). 3 of the...
  74. streetnfish

    BG Calico box

    Come on ! I need a Christmas present 🎁
  75. streetnfish

    Want to fish Channel Islands. Boat/Landing suggestions?

    What length trip do you want to go on?
  76. streetnfish

    How do you carry your slow pitch jigs?

    I'm mostly party boat guy and on short trips I usually have a bunch of jigs that I have rigged at home. I mostly keep them stored in the plastic sleeve that they come in (cut down to size). This keeps the hooks under control and also keeps them from banging around against each other in the...
  77. streetnfish

    Best versatile/overall jigstick

    Where will you be fishing it mostly? If you are doin 1/2 to 3/4 day trips and the occasional overnight you might be throwing smaller/lighter jigs as well as standard sizes.. Might even wanna check out Calstar 690J.
  78. streetnfish

    New Quicksilver Cypher 5/4/3 wetsuit.

    Happy Black Friday !
  79. streetnfish

    New Quicksilver Cypher 5/4/3 wetsuit.

    Bump 🥶🥶
  80. streetnfish

    B G Calico Box

    The Search Continues ! 🥸
  81. streetnfish

    New Quicksilver Cypher 5/4/3 wetsuit.

    Waters getting colder 🥶
  82. streetnfish

    B G Calico Box

    No Reply. Still lookin for one out there !
  83. streetnfish

    INNOVATE SPJ - Designed for Head Boats

    Hey guys, I have the 80MH and its a great rod for anything within reason, that we fish for on the west coast. It definitely has a different action then my other SPJ rods. I'm not an authority so I won't speak to what a " true slow pitch action" is but when you watch the videos from Japan...
  84. streetnfish

    B G Calico Box

    Gotta be one somewhere. Who's got one for me? 🤔
  85. streetnfish

    feedback requested on Ocea Jiggers

    Here is the Ocea Jigger 1500HG next to Trinidad 16NA (same size as OJ 2000nrhg).
  86. streetnfish

    "Winter Is Coming"--Skis/Boots/Poles--CHEAP ! ! !

    Mammoth opens in a couple of weeks
  87. streetnfish

    B G Calico Box

    Still lookin 🦃
  88. streetnfish

    BG Calico box

    Here Boxi boxi ! 👀
  89. streetnfish

    New Quicksilver Cypher 5/4/3 wetsuit.

    Hey guys, Have a brand new Quicksilver Cypher 5/4/3 hooded wetsuit. Size Medium. Thought I was gonna be doing some surfing further north in colder water but it just never came to be. New/Never used. $200.00 shipped to your door via priority mail. Pay pal FF or $206.00 to cover fees. PM for...
  90. streetnfish

    Offshore 10/2 full day on the "Grande"

    Hey guys, My girl and I jumped on the "Grande" out of H&M yesterday morning. We shoved off with a touch over 30 passengers and loaded up some nice 5-6" dines. We cleared the point and headed west. No surprises in the game plan. We would be searching for kelps and jig stops for...
  91. streetnfish

    Shimano Coltsniper Stick/Waxwing/Madscad "CHEAP !"

    Hey guys, Got some top water and Subsurface lures for sale. 2 New Shimano Coltsniper Stickbaits (120s & 140s) Both with upgraded Owner Hyperwire split rings and 4x hooks. 1 Used Shimano Waxwing. (5.5" body) 1 Used once (2 casts/Nomad Madscad 150 Sinking. $45.00 shipped to your door via...
  92. streetnfish

    Penn Pliers "CHEAP !" + More !

    Hey guys, Got a pair of Brand New Penn Pliers with included Sheath. Still in plastic. These are Titanium Nickle Coated for corrosion resistance and have removable cutters. Online these are running about $35.00. Also a New 3 pack of 9" Sluggo Lures with included weed less hooks. These Run...
  93. streetnfish

    2 Izorline padded rod belts

    Cleaning house and passing along some deals to fellow anglers ! 2 Izorline padded rod belts. I have too many as I had a couple of trips where I left them at home and had to buy one at the landing (my girl likes them). Since "using the rail" came into fashion , I havent used mine for a few...
  94. streetnfish

    Calling all BASSHEADS ! Huge swimbait lot-CHEAP !

    Back up for sale. Boxed up and ready to ship !
  95. streetnfish

    Surface Iron Lot "CHEAP" !

    Surface Iron lot for sale. 3 new(never seen saltwater)/3 used. L-R : New Salas 7x Birdshit Green, New Salas 7x Blue/Grey Mackeral, New Candybar 112 Blue/White, Used Candy bar 112 Mint/Shadow, Used Salas 7x Birdshit Yellow, Well Used Salas 7x Mint/White (Teeth marks speak for themselves 👀)...
  96. streetnfish

    Japanese Vertical Jigs "CHEAP" !

    Hey Guys, Got a Jig lot here. These are NEW JIGS ! (never used). Several were purchased from Japan and are not available here. Everything from micro jigging to big bluefin size (60g-325g). I Simply have too many jigs and these are the overlapping ones so passing on to fellow anglers for...
  97. streetnfish

    BG Calico box

    Still lookin out there ! 🤓
  98. streetnfish

    B G Calico Box

    Still Looky Looin !
  99. streetnfish

    B G Calico Box

    Gott be one out there somewhere ! 👀
  100. streetnfish

    B G Calico Box

    Got cash. Ready to buy ! 🤑
  101. streetnfish

    B G Calico Box

    Ready when you are 🤠
  102. streetnfish

    Cow tuna jigs

    Search 'Flat Fall Rigging" on here and pick from all the options !
  103. streetnfish

    B G Calico Box

    Still lookin ! 🤓
  104. streetnfish

    B G Calico Box

    Still Lookin 🧐
  105. streetnfish

    10/6 Yellas on the "PURSUIT " !

    No. Not much of a bass trip. I threw one out for a couple of cast but I couldn't stick with plastic with the yellows biting. I'll give them a good try next time I'm bass fishing and I'll let you know how they work out
  106. streetnfish

    10/6 Yellas on the "PURSUIT " !

    Hey guys, My gal and I jumped on the Pursuit today to get some fresh air over at Catalina. Covid limit of 30 peeps today. Capt John was driving the boat. Alex and Noah were on deck and Ryan was cooking up the goods is the galley. The boat arrived at the dock pre loaded with nice 5" dines...
  107. streetnfish

    "Winter Is Coming"--Skis/Boots/Poles--CHEAP ! ! !

    So in 2004 I decided to get into the twin tip ski thing. Bought this new set up and did it for a year. After that went back to snowboarding full time and never looked back. So this is an almost new set of skis/boots/and poles. -2004 K2 Public Enemy 169cm skis. -Rossignol Axitec 2...
  108. streetnfish

    B G Calico Box

    Lookin for a Butch Green Calico box. Not a collector. I want one to use for minimalist day trips. Let me know what you got. PM info please as it will be easier to keep track Thanks !
  109. streetnfish

    BG Calico box

    Lookin for a Butch Green Calico box. Not a collector. I want one to use for minimalist day trips. Let me know what you got. PM info please as it will be easier to keep track Thanks !
  110. streetnfish

    Sheers or Snips?

    They are simply another cutting tool that can replace your dykes. I've been using the same pair of Wiss shears for a year and a half now and have not missed my channel lock dykes at all. I went to the shears because I bleed all my fish and long blade makes it easy for both large and small...
  111. streetnfish

    Intrepid Anglers Choice 8 day

    Great times again bro ! That Pargo was SO GOOD ! Whole fried one and threw another one on the grill whole. Had a definite "crab" taste to it. Real crab though not like sheephead. Can't wait till next year ! ! !
  112. streetnfish

    What surface irons do you guys use for tuna

    JRI DW1. Hungry little buggers probably would have bit anything thrown out there.
  113. streetnfish

    To tie or crimp titanium leader wire

    For Knot2Kinky Titanium wire and AFW single barrel sleeves the following will work: 25# wire= #1 crimp sleeve 35# wire= #1 crimp 45# wire= #2 crimp 55# wire= #2 crimp 65# wire= #2 crimp 75# wire=#3 crimp These #'s work for the "three pass" method although some are very tight. (I think thats...
  114. streetnfish

    Spiral wrapped slow pitch rod
  115. streetnfish

  116. streetnfish

    wave baits

    Good on ya Griff ! I grabbed a few packs. I'll let ya know how they work out. Keep workin hard !
  117. streetnfish

    De-gilling BFT

  118. streetnfish

    Wahoo starter box

    Just make sure you sharpen your hooks and check your wire leaders for corrosion or otherwise compromised crimps. If in doubt, re rig them or have the guys do it on the boat for you.
  119. streetnfish

    Skin splitting on my finger after saltwater fishing

    Yes use finger tape !
  120. streetnfish

    Intrepid Anglers Choice 8 day

    Wow Doug ! That is a pretty tall order ! I think this is a pretty good video from Benny Ortiz. He helped me get the set up that I used on this trip. (Temple Reef Innovate 80MH and Accurate 500N). Basically you use the rod's flex/recoil properties to manipulate a metal jig to imitate a...
  121. streetnfish

    Intrepid Anglers Choice 8 day

    Yea great variety. Other species caught that I forgot to mention were, bonito,skipjack, sheep head, whitefish, baracuda, striped marlin, and a rare (star studded) grouper.
  122. streetnfish

    Intrepid Anglers Choice 8 day

    Yea Bro ! I finally got them to "Smash It ! "
  123. streetnfish

    Intrepid Anglers Choice 8 day

    Just returned from my annual 8 day (8/29-9/6) on the Intrepid and had a blast 😀. Got to Point Loma at 8:30, checked in and packed the dock cart. My girl and I settled in with the rest of the guys on the trip and talked about the crazy year and how glad we were to get away and fish. Once we...
  124. streetnfish

    Tranx 500 / 400 bearing or handle mods?

    Large spool bearing - 6 x 12 x 4 mm Small spool bearing - 4 x 11 x 4 mm
  125. streetnfish

    Poppers for Dorado?

    Charkbait Toro Tamer 120mm
  126. streetnfish

    Offshore Amigo overnight 8/1/20 Moons Charter

  127. streetnfish

    Offshore Topwater Bluefin in US Waters Sunday 6/28

    Hey Erik, Since you've been fishing the Subwalker for awhile, have you ever tried the inline single hooks on it ? Do they mess up the action? Thanks !
  128. streetnfish

    7/3 Coronados on the "Liberty"

    My girl released all hers ! (Her choice) and I kept 3 that were 15". Everything else was up to others. Saw a 7 pounder go back into the drink so there's that.
  129. streetnfish

    7/3 Coronados on the "Liberty"

    Hey guys, Short report on the Liberty out of Fishermans Landing. Took my girl and headed out. Got to the landing and all covidnprocedures were in place (masks, sanitizer, spacing ) Taro was driving and again emphasized Covid precautions for everyone as the Health Dept is keeping an eye on...
  130. streetnfish

    Coronado Islands - San Diego full day 6/27/2020

    See any Yo Yo/ coltsniper fish caught?
  131. streetnfish

    Pleasant Valley Reservoir 6/6-6/7

    Hey Patrick ! Glad you and Dave got up there. Thanks for the report. Looks beautiful! See you on the water. Oh yea Brown Trout all the way. Tight lines, Ray
  132. streetnfish

    need help & trick for removing handle: Fathom 25NLD2
  133. streetnfish

    Eastern Sierras open!

    PM sent
  134. streetnfish

    Eastern Sierras open!

    Anyone have first hand info on Crowley? Can you drive in and shore fish/float tube? Is there any access to the North Arm? Looking for first hand info. I have already seen several of the posted notifications from Sierra Drifters and Troutfitter. Looking for info from someone who has been to...
  135. streetnfish

    Single hook surface iron?

    Tady C single fixed hook
  136. streetnfish

    Penn Torque Anti Reverse Key Position ?

    If anyone else was wondering. Alan got back to me quickly. He said it doesn't matter but the first picture is up.
  137. streetnfish

    Penn Torque Anti Reverse Key Position ?

    Figured as much. Thanks Tunanorth !
  138. streetnfish

    Penn Torque Anti Reverse Key Position ?

    Hey guys, With all the downtime, I'm doing some reel servicing. On my Fathoms and torques I've noticed there are two different sides to the anti reverse key. When put back can't tell any difference in function in either position but wondering what the proper position is? Schematics aren't...
  139. streetnfish

    Tackle Box Design Questions

    Nice box ! What are the dims ?
  140. streetnfish

    Fishing Related Book Collection

    Both great references California lakes and streams
  141. streetnfish

    Torium Grinding with low spool tension
  142. streetnfish

    Looking for an underhand casting video

    Here's a good one !
  143. streetnfish

    State room or bunk room on Pacific Queen?

    Take some ear plugs. The rear staterooms can have engine/prop noise
  144. streetnfish

    Shimano Trinidad 40N.

    Yo Yo iron and Wahoo Bombs for me. Love it.
  145. streetnfish

    Slow pitch rig

    Great reel
  146. streetnfish

    Phenix axis 909h (help please!!)

    PM sent
  147. streetnfish

    SOLD---Penn Torque 12 BRAND NEW IN BOX

    Thanks Hal ! Recieved in 2 days. BNIB as advertised. Thanks for the fast and easy transaction. 😊
  148. streetnfish

    Tomahawk Light Load Colonet Trip

    Plan on any Sun-Tues trips soon?
  149. streetnfish

    How Important is Spiking or ikejime your fish?

    All things being equal, I've found that the Ike Jime method give you an improvement in the texture of the fish. The aging process gives you improvements in flavor. I'm talking about straight sashimi. If you are a fish eater you will definitely be able to tell the difference. If you are...
  150. streetnfish

    How Important is Spiking or ikejime your fish?
  151. streetnfish

    How Important is Spiking or ikejime your fish?

    Video doesn't show complete Ike jime as they don't use the wire/heavy mono to destroy the spinal cord and kill all the impulses to the tissue. That said, bleeding and spiking make a big difference in the quality of the filets. I've done the wire thing and it does make a difference in the...
  152. streetnfish

    Colonet - Gear Downsizing

    PM sent
  153. streetnfish

    Colonet - Gear Downsizing

    Are you going on a 1.5 day out of San Diego or a local panga down there? When are you planning on going?
  154. streetnfish

    Trinidad 20a vs Tranx 500 HG on Jig Stick

    Tranx has a shorter handle arm so there goes your power. You will have to change the handle out. With the question you asked I'd go with the 20A. However if power is really what you are looking for, I'd look for with a lower gear ratio (4.8:1 or so). Several options out there. That's all I...
  155. streetnfish

    Longer handle for BV2 500N ?

    Just for clarification: B-8516 is the "Long" size handle arm for the Valient 300 size reels. For the 400,500,and 600 size reels the Part # is B-10694. The description is BV-400,500,600 Handle Arm 3.5 Length. The 300 size only has 1 keeper screw and the other sizes have 2 screws. I found out...
  156. streetnfish

    Reel advice

    PM sent
  157. streetnfish

    Shimano reels question

    PM sent
  158. streetnfish

    Shimano reels question

    How do you plan on using the reels? Bait only? Combo bait/artificial. Surface iron?
  159. streetnfish

    Tranx 500 for wahoo bombs?

    Got the 500HG and put a Trini 16/20A handle on it. Doesn't seem like much but it makes a significant difference in power/ability to turn the handle. So easy a girl can do it :D
  160. streetnfish

    Jigs (Slowpitch/Casting)-C H E A P ! ! !

    Hey guys, Got some Slow Pitch and Casting jigs sitting around so passing the savings on to fellow anglers. New Jigs. Have never seen water. (I did mark the l the wt on some of the jigs with a marker) Top-Bottom: Jigging World 125g, Shimano Flat Sided 112g, Megabait, Jigging World Albie...
  161. streetnfish

    INNOVATE SPJ - Designed for Head Boats

    Hey guys, Just got my rod ! I contacted Benny last Thurs and he made the transaction very easy and kept me appraised of my order status the whole time. Got the rod yesterday so basically 3 business days out to the west coast. Rod was packed securely in a big tube with plenty of bubble wrap...
  162. streetnfish

    Swimbaits for sale !

  163. streetnfish

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    You can take me off the list. I'm moving on. GLWS. PM sent
  164. streetnfish

    Calling all BASSHEADS ! Huge swimbait lot-CHEAP !

    Hey Bassheads, Got a huge lot of (92 total) swimbaits to clear out. All new (never seen water). Big Hammer, MC Swimbaits, Corey Sanden Inshore Weedless, Kalins Mogambo, Wham/Blam, Bass Assasin. All the good stuff from 4"-9". Big Hammer 9" Christmas Tree MC Viejos 7" Christmas Tree Big...
  165. streetnfish

    Surface and Heavy Iron Lots-Cheap !

    Hey guys, Have a couple of lots of irons. Most new. Couple used. 1) S O L D ! ! ! Tady A1-mint/white, Kicker 25-mint, Kicker 25-rust, Z Bar-polished, Salas 7X-scrambled egg,Iron Man-blue/white (killed many fish evident by missing paint) 2) SOLD ! Tady 9-white/glow, Tady 9-mint, Salas...
  166. streetnfish

    Shimano Baitrunner 6500-CHEAP !

    Hey guys, Got a Shimano Baitrunner 6500. Good shape. Not used since last serviced. This year. Has braid backing and fresh 30lb mono topshot . Original owner. Great reel for beginners or folks who need a little help flylining bait. Will throw in a bottle of Penn rod and reel...
  167. streetnfish

    Shimano Torium 16HG-CHEAP !

    Hey guys, Got a Shimano Torium 16HG for sale. Lightly used and in great shape. Not used since last service this year. Clamp and screws included. Instruction/schematic booklets, and reel tool included. No braid on reel ! Pic to show spool condition. Will throw in a bottle of X-1R...
  168. streetnfish

    Abu Garcia Revo Toro and Quantum Professional PR600 CHEAP ! ! !

    Hey guys, Got a couple of baitcasters for sale as a package deal. Reels are in great shape. I am original owner of both. Kept these as backup reels and kid reels but now they have become backups to the backups and just sit around. Passing along the savings to fellow anglers. Abu Garcia...
  169. streetnfish

    Abel Fly Reels !

    S O L D ! ! ! Thanks Ed :rockin:
  170. streetnfish

    New Toro Tamer Poppers- Cheap + Free Pliers !

    There are only 2 lures. PM for response
  171. streetnfish

    Abel Fly Reels !

    Hey guys, Got a pair of Abel fly reels that I bought from a fellow BDer a few weeks ago. Decided to start downsizing stuff and I don't really need these even though they are very nice. Abel TR Light and AC1. They would both cover all your trout needs. The AC1 is new/never used and the TR...
  172. streetnfish

    New Toro Tamer Poppers- Cheap + Free Pliers !

    Hey guys, Got a couple of New (never used) 160mm Toro Tamer poppers. Trebles and rings replaced with 6/0 VMC 4x strong hooks and Owner split rings. Through wired and durable. Great poppers I just have too many so passing these along. $30 shipped to your door via USPS Priority Mail. In...
  173. streetnfish

    Fishing Hat Lot CHEAP !

    Hey guys, Here's 5 hats for sale as a lot. All in great shape. Worn mabye once or twice max. (Not while fishing). No dirt or stains. I always wear my "Lucky" hat fishing so these just sit on the hat rack. $40 shipped to your door via USPS Priority mail. Pay pal only. Shipping only (...
  174. streetnfish

    Shimano Evair Boots (size 9)Cheap !

    Hey guys, Got a pair of Shimano Evair boots in Green/Brown. A guy on one of my trips had bought them new and couldn't fit them. He gave them to my girlfriend who wore them one day and decided that they were too big. The are in good condition. No smell. Minor scuffs. One small crack noted...
  175. streetnfish

    Penn Fathom 2 Star drag reel

    Gen 1 or 2?
  176. streetnfish

    First SoCal bluefin tuners...and on iron too

    What type of rod and reel specs were you using?
  177. streetnfish

    Alternate handle tranx 500 hg?

    Trinidad 16/20a handle. Straight swap. Makes a big difference.
  178. streetnfish

    Tranx 500 handle upgrade

    I switched my 500HG with a 16/20 handle. Direct swap. Have used it throwing jigs, poppers, and wahoo bombs multiple times. Much improved cranking power. I personally have not had one instance of the reel going into gear during a cast and I have not paid any attention to the handle position...
  179. streetnfish

    Offshore Beautiful is FREEDOM (1.5 Day 11/7)

    Sherman! You SMASHED IT ! ! ! HA HA ! Good job bud !
  180. streetnfish

    Tuna Virgin. Going out Fri. Need help!

    Sounds like you are set then. Just make sure that if you are going to fish short flouro topshots, that you know how to keep in touch with your bait and follow your lines. Other wise you will lose a bunch of your expensive braid to tangles. If in doubt use 100 yd topshots of mono. For the 2...
  181. streetnfish

    Tuna Virgin. Going out Fri. Need help!

    1) Can you cast at least 20'? 2) Have you flylined sardines or other fin bait before ? 3) Have you fished braid before and with what techniques? These questions are not meant to be a put down. The answers to these questions may help with what type of setup will work best for you.
  182. streetnfish

    Offshore Props to the Native Sun

    Hot Damn ! Nice trip bro.
  183. streetnfish

    Offshore Condor 11/4 Bluefin being bluefin but Mission Accomplished!

    Hey guys, I have a coworker Dan who's been wanting to go fishing all summer but has limited time off as he is finishing his surgical training. He finally got a couple of days off and also had his dad Paul fly out from Ohio and they wanted to fish tuna. This past week it looked like the...
  184. streetnfish

    Newell 533-4.6

    Got one ! Stoked ! Thanks guys ! :jig:
  185. streetnfish

    Newell 533-4.6

    Still looking !
  186. streetnfish

    Long Range photos, lets see them

    Intrepid Anglers Choice 2019 :goldfish:
  187. streetnfish

    Newell 533-4.6

    Hey guys, Looking for a 533-4.6 Let me know what you have. Needs good internals. PM please to keep down the clutter. Thanks. Ray
  188. streetnfish

    Heavy Jigs, Lead heads,Lucanus type lures CHEAP ! ! !

    Hey guys , Have a heavy gear lot. For sale CHEAP ! 4oz and 6oz lead heads. New (2 each) 14oz Ahi glow jig (new), 3 used 10oz Ahi jigs, Kicker 15 heavy (new), Salas chrome 6xJr (new), Bait wraps 7x (used * needs ring brazed to nose) Black dog 250g (new), 200g (new), Green 6oz (new)...
  189. streetnfish

    Crowley Lake 10/14-10/15

    Hey guys, Decided to get out out the smokey air down south and head up to the Sierras. There looked like a good weather window to do some tubing at Crowley so I packed some gear and headed up Thurs nite. Shoot my buddy, who lives in Ridgecrest , a text that I was going up and he said that he...
  190. streetnfish

    Offshore 9/29 NEW LO-AN 1.5 day

    Great fishing report ! Can't be wide open all the time.
  191. streetnfish

    Yellowtail Mondays on the "Pursuit"

    Flouro topshots. 10-12 ft long to start so I have room for cutting them down to retie after fish or knicks up the line. (I'll cut it down as low as 2ft before tying a new topshot depending on application). FG knot for braid to flouro connection for strength and casting through guides. (use...
  192. streetnfish

    Yellowtail Mondays on the "Pursuit"

    The guys take really good care of the fish now with the RSW. Cut and rinse them nice and clean. And place cut fish back on ice for the trip home. Just as good or better than the premier 3/4 boats in SD.
  193. streetnfish

    Yellowtail Mondays on the "Pursuit"

    Hey guys, Saw the Pursuit had a light load again today so I drove down to 22 St and jumped on the boat with about 15 other guys. John was the Capt. Gus and Alex were on deck and Ryan was in the galley. We had a great load of 5" dines already on board and we headed out to the island. We...
  194. streetnfish

    Island Tak 9/22

    140' to "Throw it in the foam"
  195. streetnfish

    Fall Yellows on the "Pursuit" !

    Those were the numbers John yelled out as we were dropping the hook. I'm assuming we had some scope out and some kind of structure nearby.
  196. streetnfish

    Fall Yellows on the "Pursuit" !

    Wind wasn't bad. 5-10kts during the fishing. 15+ during the drive home. Water was 65 degrees near the island. Moderate swell. And blue blue water.
  197. streetnfish

    Fall Yellows on the "Pursuit" !

    Sorry guys. Accidentally pushed post instead of upload for my first pics. Fat finger syndrome. Full post up now
  198. streetnfish

    Fall Yellows on the "Pursuit" !

    Hey guys, Saw that the Pursuit down at 22 st Landing only had 6 reservations so I drove down anticipating a light load. We ended up with a tad over 20 folks I believe. About half familiar faces so that was nice. Capt John was driving the boat. Gus and Alex were on deck and Ryan was taking...
  199. streetnfish

    New PENN Fathom II star drags

    PM sent
  200. streetnfish

    Island Tak 9/22

    Hey guys, Fellow BDer Danny "Joker" was kind enough to invite me to fill in a charter spot on the Island Tak out of Channel Island Sportfishing. I've been wanting to fish this boat for over 10 years so I was more than happy to oblige. We would be fishing only 8 guys so plenty of room. I...
  201. streetnfish

    8 day report

    Amazing what a difference a couple of weeks makes. Thanks for the report.
  202. streetnfish

    Intrepid "Anglers Choice" 8 day Part 3

    Likewise Patrick ! See u next year !
  203. streetnfish

    Intrepid "Anglers Choice" 8 day Part 3

    Day 5: I woke up around 4am and went up top to take a look around. Nobody was up except for the watch crew. Looked over the side and there was half a dozen dorado swimming in the lights! I grabbed my 30lb bait outfit and was able to spot fish one of the bulls. Got him in and bounced him onto...
  204. streetnfish

    Intrepid "Anglers Choice 8 day" Part 2

    Day 4 continued: While continuing to hit the wahoo, we would run across random dorado here and there. Once while on the anchor Bill spotted a paddy that another boat was drifting by and catching dorado off. We shared a drift and got into some pretty wide open do do fishing. Later we...
  205. streetnfish

    Intrepid "Anglers Choice 8day" 8/30-9/7

    Hey guys, Jumped on the Intrepid with my gal and her dad, along with 20 other great guys for our annual 8day trip. Fair amount of regulars on this trip so it was good to see good friends again. We did lose a few guys and although we'll miss them, there were some great new people on this...
  206. streetnfish

    Custom t-shirt advice

    PM sent
  207. streetnfish

    8/26 Triton at Catalina

    Hey guys, Jumped on the Triton again with Capt Shane hoping to catch the island on the rebound. Jeff on deck and Nick in the galley. Light load of 18 or so anglers. Everyone knows that the island fishing has slowed down a bit but we were all hopeful as we picked up some decent 5" dines...
  208. streetnfish

    8/19. Triton at Cat

    Hey guys, Jumped on the Triton out of LA Harbor this morning. Shane at the helm, Jeff on deck, and Nick in the galley. We got some 5" dines at the reciever and headed to the rock. Fishing has been on and off at the island with some boats scoring and some not so the hunt began. We...
  209. streetnfish

    8/13 on the Pursuit

    Hey guys, Ended up on the Pursuit this morning with a light load of about 30 I believe. Gus drove the boat, Alex and Albert were on deck, and Ryan was cooking grub. We got a nice load of 5' dines and headed to Cat. On the way out Gus let us know that fishing had been slow but we were...
  210. streetnfish

    8/5 Cat on the "Triton"

    Hey guys, Just finished up a "Fishing Syndicate" sponsored open charter on the Triton out of LA harbor. Shane was driving, Nick in the galley, and Jeff running the deck. We took off at 5am with a nice group of 25 guys and gals. About 1/2 the group was rental rods. We had a group of...
  211. streetnfish

    "Triton" at Cat 7/22

    Breeder actually went back you'll be glad to know. Same guy caught jackpot yellow with his "Karma Token" :D
  212. streetnfish

    "Triton" at Cat 7/22

    Hey guys, Jumped on the Triton out of LA Harbor this morning with about 23 other passengers. Shane was driving. Jeff was on deck and Mike was in the galley. Stopped at the bait barge for some very good 5" dines We got to the island and set up on some of the usual frontside bass spots...
  213. streetnfish

    Trinidad A handle/crankarm (16/20/30)

    Looking for a Trini A handle if anyone has an extra laying around. Larger Trini only (16/20/30) PM please. Thanks
  214. streetnfish

    shears to cut braid?

    My bad. Home Depot. Got mixed up o_O
  215. streetnfish

    shears to cut braid?

    $7 at Home Depot. Work great especially for clipping gills on fish. These replaced my side cutters since I got them.
  216. streetnfish

    7/15. Cat on the Pursuit

    Hey guys, Short report. 30 reservations turned into 50+ on the boat. Bait was 4" sardines. When we got to the island conditions were glassy and cloudy Fished front and back. Decent bass fishing but was very hard to keep a bait out for the yellows as it was semi combat fishing due to...
  217. streetnfish

    Cold storage

    Processors are in San Diego. If you decide to fish further south your in luck.
  218. streetnfish

    Japanese Style Jig Lot-CHEAP-

    Thanks Man ! Tight lines !
  219. streetnfish

    Reels -CHEAP ! - Shimano, Avet, Quantum

    Hey guys, Have some reels sitting here that have become back ups to back ups and thus not used. I am the original owner of all the reels and have manuals for all. All have not been used since service and are in good shape. All have braid (1/2 spool to full). All have screws and clamps...
  220. streetnfish

    Japanese Style Jig Lot-CHEAP-

    Hey guys, Time to pass on savings. Have a jig lot here. Some new and some used. (L-R) Black Dog 150g, Shimano Slider 160g, Shimano Flat Fall 130g, " " 160g, " " 130g, Jigging World 220g, Savage Squish 160g. Some have some paint missing because the damn fish keep bitting them. Good variety...
  221. streetnfish

    Gail Force 7/8 fishin Cat.

    Hey guys, Jumped on the Gail Force out of LA Harbor this morning with 20 nice gentleman for a day fishing the local island. Capt Jarrod was driving. Calvin was on deck and Siv was in the galley. (Sorry if I've spelled names wrong). The plan was to fish Catalina for the bass and yellowtail...
  222. streetnfish

    Pacific Islander 7/1-Mixed Bag

    Hey guys, jumped on the Pacific Islander last night with Captain Steve and headed out to the islands with a full boat of 30 nice folks. We had live squid and anchovies for bait and there had been seabass caught almost every day. I took 3 rings with me. 1) Fathom 25N/Calstar 800M(dropper...
  223. streetnfish

    Penn fathom question

    Sorry. Didn't read the 2 speed part
  224. streetnfish

    Penn fathom question

    Cast control knob on right side.
  225. streetnfish

    Abyss or Black Diamond

    PM sent
  226. streetnfish

    Tuna Spikes - Ike Jime

    Works great and the fish Love Um !
  227. streetnfish

    Favorite crew photos

    Chad is the BEST ! Hey Doug ! Hope all is well. We'll miss you this year.
  228. streetnfish

    Abyss or Black Diamond

    Also check the classified ads here. Phenix rods come up pretty often for good prices.
  229. streetnfish

    6/24 Yellas at Cat on the Pursuit !

    Police on scene. No other info other than a couple of Latin guys as vic did not get on the boat.
  230. streetnfish

    Abyss or Black Diamond

    They are both good rods. Just different actions as people have mentioned. They both have good backbone when they shut off but the Black Diamond shuts off faster. They can both be used for live baits or lures depending on the length you get. (The Abyss will toss smaller/lighter baits better...
  231. streetnfish

    Sea Bass Carnage in the 805

    Hell Yea Danny ! Way to go ! I'm gonna get me one of those ghosts again sooner or later Ha ha.
  232. streetnfish

    6/24 Yellas at Cat on the Pursuit !

    Hey guys, Jumped on the Pursuit this morning with 45 of my fellow fishing buddies. Capt John was driving. Gus and his little Bro were on deck. Ryan cooking up the grub. We had a full tank of live squid and another one of 5" sardines. Hit the rack and soon enough we were at the rock...
  233. streetnfish

    Marina Del Rey 1/2 day 5/28

    Hey guys, Got home at 1am today due to a terrible drive home from the weekend in Vegas. (The good times were worth it . . . Almost) Anyway decided to jump on the local 1/2 day just to get on water and mabye get a couple of rockfish for dinner. The New Del Mar showed up but had a problem...
  234. streetnfish

    Thoughts on these flies

    Hey Todd, Those flies look great and would work in so cal for many species in certain circumstances. There are flies out there that are very similar to the ones your friend has tied. They run about 6-8 bucks a piece. I tie flies myself and I'd still buy a few from him. I had a lot of fun...
  235. streetnfish

    Quality Penn Senators Cheap !

    3/0 SOLD ! Thanks Randy
  236. streetnfish

    Quality Penn Senators Cheap !

    Hey guys, Time to pass on some more savings to fellow anglers. These are backup reels that have not been used very often and so are in great condition. SOLD ! ! ! First is a Penn 3/0 Senator with Tiburon Frame and New Penn power handle. SOLD ! ! ! Next is a Penn 6/0 Senator HL. I am...
  237. streetnfish

    Extra Fishing Gear Lot

    Sold to igotpron ! Thanks
  238. streetnfish

    Extra Fishing Gear Lot

    Have some extra gear to pass on to fellow anglers. Every piece has never been used. I'm giving these away for Free. All you have to pay is shipping.( Priority mail -$14.35) Don't have time to meet up. The Castaic Trout is probably worth the cost to ship the whole lot. Pay Pal only. PM for...
  239. streetnfish

    Eastern Sierra Bridgport Reservoir - 4/29

    Yup. Small jig head and half a crawler.
  240. streetnfish

    Eastern Sierra Bridgport Reservoir - 4/29

    Kens Sporting Goods
  241. streetnfish

    Grinding Heavy Iron - Reel Choice

    1) Are you truly looking for a dedicated yo yo iron/ heavy setup or are you looking for an multi use reel? 2) Do you plan on fishing sport boats, private boats, panga?
  242. streetnfish

    Eastern Sierra Bridgport Reservoir - 4/29

    Hey guys, Left the yellows behind and headed up to the Sierras Sun afternoon in hopes of opening up the trout season with the old lady. Had a great drive up. The valleys are nice and green and there is tons of snow on the mountains. Even brought my snowboard. Just in case ! Anyway...
  243. streetnfish

    San Diego full day boats...

    Bunks or no bunks. NONE of those boats are fun to fish with a full load of people. Pick your days. I'm into having a bunk too but that doesn't supersede an excellent crew and captain. I can nap sitting up in the galley with some ear plugs in. I'm from up in LA so what I usually do is grab a...
  244. streetnfish

    San Diego full day boats...

    All the boats have RSW (fish hold) including the Mission Bell. Sacks are used during hot bite so people are not stepping on/tripping over fish. Fish are bled/spiked and placed in to RSW. On the way home, fish are taken out for pics and cleaning. Nice and cold at 32 degrees.
  245. streetnfish

    4/22 Mission Belle ! Aw Yea ! ! !

    Thanks! Yea Samsung 9S+.
  246. streetnfish

    4/22 Mission Belle ! Aw Yea ! ! !

    Hey guys, Decided to come down to SD and give the yellows another shot cause I'll be in the Sierras fishing trout next week. Counts were down on Sun after good fishing the days before. Of late, I've been coming out on the down days so I was hopeful for a turn around. Got on the boat with...
  247. streetnfish

    4/15 Mission Belle.

    No bunks. Galley seating and storage deck.
  248. streetnfish

    Another Mission Belle 4/15 postAgain just a couple of yellows here

    Hey Blaine, Thanks for the detailed report. I was trying to get mine on the board on the way back but reception was spotty so kept it short. Good fishing with you again. Was stoked for your kid on that yellow. I was the guy who gave you the ginger chew for your boy. Looks like they got...
  249. streetnfish

    Wristband for Mexico waters

    All the permits are included in ticket price. No surprise fees. Ticket price is $155. I paid $146 because I have a Mex Lic.
  250. streetnfish

    Wristband for Mexico waters

    We got wristbands on the Mission Belle yesterday included in price. I just brought my passport and Mexican licence I purchased online
  251. streetnfish

    Need a boat recommendation

    PM sent
  252. streetnfish

    How long of a top shot?

    If you can tie an FG or PR knot, you can make your top shot as long as you want. No problem going through guides
  253. streetnfish

    4/15 Mission Belle.

    Almost home. Looks like all the boats had a tough go. Guess we did pretty good with our "Light Load" Ha Ha
  254. streetnfish

    4/15 Mission Belle.

    Hey guys, No long story today. Headed down to the "Slayfest" at the islands today. Only one problem. . . Someone forgot to tell the fish ! Don't know what the other boats did but on the Mission Belle we got 40+ fish for 38 guys. I got lucky enough to get 2 (surface/yo yo iron). Hot sticks...
  255. streetnfish

    Catalina on 4/7. Nice day

    Nice. GO BRUINS ! ! !
  256. streetnfish

    Vintage Penn 117 14/0

    Try Some one on there will probably buy it pretty quickly
  257. streetnfish

    San Nicolas On The Toronado

    Hey Mario, Great to see you guys out on the water. Glad you had a good trip. Ever need to fill a spot let me know Ha ha. Always good to see you guys.
  258. streetnfish

    3/25 on The San Diego

    Hey guys, Driving back to the dock with about 2 hrs to go from the islands. Ryan and the boys popped 50 yesterday and had a light Mon load so I made the drive down and hopped on the boat. We had about 25-30 guys. Ryan was driving. Doug in the Galley and Matt, David,and Fisher on deck...
  259. streetnfish

    Guide to Catching Trout. Would Love Your Feedback

    Hi, Not really sure what your goals are with this article but here is my feed back. Take it for what you will. 1)The article on the webpage/blog looks nice and has good pictures. 2) If this is truly for beginners then it doesn't have nearly enough details to enable a beginner to get...
  260. streetnfish

    Advice on a boat please

    Based on your request, Private charter/six pack is gonna be your only option if you go through a company. Mabye try Another option that may be better is to put out a request on here for a private boater to take you out and you chip in for gas/bait/food/beer as well...
  261. streetnfish

    3/18 on The "San Diego"

    Damn ! Looking all the SD 3/4 day boats today, I feel fortunate that we got into them :notworthy
  262. streetnfish

    Surprise Find

    Put feedback on this product in "Chit Chat" if anyone is thinking of getting one.
  263. streetnfish

    Rapala "Charge 'n Glow" Product Feedback

    Hey guys, Saw this product on another thread. It's a case with LEDs inside that you can use to charge glow in the dark lures. It was cheap and I figured that I might have some applications for it. My main thought was that I could put a jig in the case, go rig up a rod, get a burrito or...
  264. streetnfish

    3/18 on The "San Diego"

    Ha Ha ! I WISH ! Big Salmon Grouper. Some very nice Reds came over the rail as well. A few guys switched over to double droppers and filled up their sacks quickly. Few nicer whitefish and sheephead came over also.
  265. streetnfish

    Boat San Diego at Seaforth

    Nice sized boat, with plenty of deck space all around (bow included). Very experienced captain and crew who all have great people skills. Everyone knows that Ryan is a great captain but I have had great trips with Matt and Cameron also with no drop off in customer service (that says...
  266. streetnfish

    3/18 on The "San Diego"

    Hey guys, Headed down to SD to see if the yellows wanted to play in the nice weather we have been having for a change. Jumped on the boat with a light load of guys. Capt Ryan was driving. Fisher,Matt, and David were on deck. Doug was holding down the galley. We stopped at the bait dock...
  267. streetnfish

    Circles on broomstick rods??

    Never heard that one but I've fished rods with that exact rating with circle hooks and done just fine. There may be some merit to the soft tip that I don't know about. When I fish circle hooks, I point the rod at the fish and let the line come tight. The tip has nothing to do with it with...
  268. streetnfish

    Best trip to start kids

    PM sent
  269. streetnfish

    Tern or Tesoro

    PM sent
  270. streetnfish

    3/1/19. San Nic on the "Pursuit"

    Wrap a gob in a small mesh bag with a hook . . . Guaranteed ! ! ! :D
  271. streetnfish

    3/1/19. San Nic on the "Pursuit"

    Hey guys, Just passing Catalina on the way home from San Nic! Jumped on the "Pursuit" last night with about 25 cool peeps that fish the boat from time to time so good to see familiar faces. John was driving. Thomas in the galley. Gus and Gary were on deck. The boat is looking real nice...
  272. streetnfish

    4.9 or 6.1 ratio for jig reel...

    4.8 for surface iron for me. Jig swims good with that. Its after I'm bit that the lower gear comes into play. I didn't know how much of of a difference it made until I switched out the main gear on my fathom. I used to think the old long rod guys were full of s#%t with all the jig master...
  273. streetnfish

    Can you legally sell all that fish?

    I know that you can through Fisherman's Procrssing in San Diego. As I have done it a couple of times when returning from Long Range trips. They count/weigh the donated fish and give you an itemized sheet for your tax write off.
  274. streetnfish

    FG knot vs RP knot

    Knot pullers also work well if you don't want to do the gloves thing
  275. streetnfish

    Penn 25 GLS (Cheap)

    SOLD ! ! ! Thanks Jim :cheers:
  276. streetnfish

    Penn 25 GLS (Cheap)

    Have a Penn GLS (lever drag). I am the original owner and reel is about 20 years old. Used for a couple of years before I switched over to Newells. Reel is in good shape for it's age and has been stored inside all these years. Kept it as a backup reel but just sat around. I opened it up so...
  277. streetnfish

    Local YT

    Yea Man ! ! ! :jig:
  278. streetnfish

    Offshore Video Edit Phenix Rods/HKSlays-Hosted Trip on the Pacific Voyager 6.18

    Great Video ! Cool how you hooked up the newbies with pregame instruction. Makes for a nice Charter. Always had a good time with Mark on the Pac Voyager. One of the best there is !
  279. streetnfish

    Penn 555 and 535 CHEAP!

    SOLD ! Thanks Rick !
  280. streetnfish

    Penn 555 and 535 CHEAP!

    Cutting down the arsenal and passing on the savings. Penn 555 and 535. I am the original owner of these reels and purchased them over 20 years ago. They were lightly used because I started using the narrow Newells. I kept the Penns for backup reels or loaners but they still never really got...
  281. streetnfish

    Surface Iron Cheap !

    Last batch all gone ! Thanks Peter ! Thanks everybody ! Jigs will be mailed today. :jig::jig:
  282. streetnfish

    Surface Iron Cheap !

    10,12,13,16. SOLD ! Thanks Bill :jig:
  283. streetnfish

    Surface Iron Cheap !

    3,4,6,11 SOLD ! Thanks David
  284. streetnfish

    Orca, Rapala,Savage stickbait

    Orca and Savage stickbait are slow sinking. Dorado rapala has never been used. $5 ea plus $7 for shipping to your door via priority mail. Pay pal only. Reply via PM. Thanks !
  285. streetnfish

    Surface Iron Cheap !

    Cutting down on the iron stash and passing on savings to fellow anglers. Many are brand new and never used. (Check pics). $7 ea (#1-6) $5 ea (#7-11) $3 ea (#12-16) Jigs will be shipped to your door via priority mail for $7 (small box) or $12 (medium box) Payment via PayPal. Reply via...
  286. streetnfish

    Heavy Iron Lot Cheap !

    Trimming down gear. 2 yo yo irons plus 2 rock cod jigs. Squid is 7oz and Diamond Jig is 6oz. Whole lot sells for $32.00. That's $5 a piece plus $7 shipped to your door priority mail. Pay pal only. Respond via PM Thanks !
  287. streetnfish

    Bitterfly/Slow/Fast Pitch Jigs CHEAP !

    SOLD SOLD SOLD ! Thanks Glen :jig:
  288. streetnfish

    Bitterfly/Slow/Fast Pitch Jigs CHEAP !

    Hey guys, Got too many jigs so passing on the savings to some fellow fisherman. Most jigs have never been used. (Check pics). Range from 100-200g. Price is $3 per jig except #10 & 11 which are $5 ea. Whole lot is $56.00 shipped priority mail. Other wise add $7.00 for shipping. Reply via PM...
  289. streetnfish

    Ghost Hunter

    X 2
  290. streetnfish

    Aloha Spirit 12/31. Last Day of the Year.

    Hey guys, I was fortunate enough to get an invite to fish with the Dark Kings Fishing Club again on the Aloha Spirit today. (Thanks Joker). Boarded with 23 fun guys and gals around 5am. Shawn was driving and gave us the rundown. Weather was gonna be an issue for us as it was blowing hard on...
  291. streetnfish

    best saltwater fishing pliers?

    "Needlecrook" Not sure if he is making them anymore. Skipjack Rob was nice enough to sell me these
  292. streetnfish

    fathom 12 vs 25n

    If anyone has a suggestion besides the 25n I would love to hear what other reels may be a good fit in he lineup. thanks again Now you've opened up the can of worms ! Ha Ha.
  293. streetnfish

    fathom 12 vs 25n

    I have both 25N star and 12 star. Also have 25NLD. All are filled with spectra (40lb-65lb) and fish short topshots of flouro. I use the 12 for 15lb-30lb bait and occ plastics (if I don't have a baitcaster for some reason). The 25N star I use with 20lb-50lb for bait, surface Iron, yo yo...
  294. streetnfish

    16 ft RadonCraft Bahia for sale -$14,000 reduced to $12,000

    Do you know if this boat has any wood in its construction ? (Transom/stringers)
  295. streetnfish

    If you can only pick 4 calstar rods to choose from for 1-3 days...

    800XL (15-20lb bait/plastics) + Penn Fathom 12 star 800M (25-30lb bait) + Penn Fathom 25N star 700H (40-50lb bait/yo yo) + Penn Fathom 40NLD 90J (40-50 lbs surface iron) + Penn Fathom 25N star. Budget friendly setups that will kill everything in 1-3 day range. If you go for the big bluefin...
  296. streetnfish

    Offshore Old Glory Does It Again Big Grade YFT

    Nice Video. Good to see the ladies gettin after it too !
  297. streetnfish

    Grande 11/24

    Glad to hear they are still biting. Good job!
  298. streetnfish

    The San Diego 11/20-"Hell Yella !"

    Awesome man ! Glad you got um :jig:
  299. streetnfish

    The San Diego 11/20-"Hell Yella !"

    Not that we had to wear. Not sure if they were on board or not.
  300. streetnfish

    The San Diego 11/20-"Hell Yella !"

    Hey guys, Yellows picked up again the last few days so I ran down to SD to jump on a boat. Spent the night in Point Loma so I could sleep in a little. Woke up and looked at the reservations to decide which boat to go on. Mission Belle had lightest load with 14 reservations. Grande and San...
  301. streetnfish

    What boat would you guys recommend?

    Yea passport needed for the Coronados islands
  302. streetnfish

    What boat would you guys recommend?

    Sounds good. Good luck. Maybe see u down there.
  303. streetnfish

    What boat would you guys recommend?

    They have been catching bonito and yellowtail on yo yo iron and dropper loops. 40lb setup would take care of that. a 25lb live bait setup would cover any flylining application. Keep an eye on the fish counts to see what's happening right before you go.
  304. streetnfish

    What boat would you guys recommend?

    No guarantees but on a Tues you have a good chance of not having 50 guys. You can always check the website and see how many reservations they have the night before. I always figure in about 10 walk on anglers on top of the reservations to see if it's a number that I can stomach. Been pretty...
  305. streetnfish

    What boat would you guys recommend?

    Seaforth Landing full day on the "San Diego":jig:
  306. streetnfish

    El Dorado-San Nic-11/13

    Bag them up in heavy plastic bags then place in sack with zip tie closing the top. Deckhand crawls in and sacks handed down.
  307. streetnfish

    El Dorado-San Nic-11/13

    Price was $170 (online). They have RSW. Pelagics put in immediately. Bottom fish kept in sacks and wet frequently. After fish cleaning, fish are all placed in RSW until back at port.
  308. streetnfish

    El Dorado-San Nic-11/13

    Yea. There are no double wide bunks in the passenger section as far as I could see. They are about 6'2" long so if you are really tall, you might have to sleep in a yoga position or something :p:
  309. streetnfish

    El Dorado-San Nic-11/13

    Yea we started heading back a little after 12 noon (started fishing at around 4:30). I've never been on a boat that stayed any later than 1pm as it's about a 7 hour ride. However, that's plenty of time to load up on fish.
  310. streetnfish

    El Dorado-San Nic-11/13

    Hey guys, Signed up for the El Doarado Overnighter to San Nic Mon night. Showed up around 7 to find out that the boat would be a little late due to a fuel stop. Only a couple of guys there so was looking like a light load. Ended up with about 15 guys on the boat so plenty of room at the...
  311. streetnfish

    The San Diego 11/5 Nados

    Hey guys, Drove down to SD to try and catch some Nov yellowtail today. Got a nice light load of 17 on the "San Diego" out of Seaforth. Running the boat today was Matt. Andy and David were on deck and Fisher was doing double duty in the galley and on deck when needed. Matt gave us the run...
  312. streetnfish

    Saltwater baitcasters

    I have the Komodo 463 and the Lexa HD 400 and fish bait on them all the time. (anchovies,sardines, and mini/medium macks). I use them with flouro leaders from 15-40lb and have caught many bass,yellowtail,bonita,and tuna up to 40lbs on them. I use a FG knot so the knot going through the...
  313. streetnfish

    Cedros 10-8/10-11

    Love that place. Great report and pics Danny !
  314. streetnfish

    Aloha Spirit 10/13 - BASS !

    Thanks Bro ! :cheers:
  315. streetnfish

    Aloha Spirit 10/13 - BASS !

    Hey guys, Awhile back fellow BDer "Joker" invited me to fill in on a charter trip with the "Dark Kings" fishing club. We would be fishing on the Aloha Spirit so I was happy to have an opportunity to fish with Capt Shawn Steward. Woke up this morning to full on RAIN ! I packed my rain suit...
  316. streetnfish

    Offshore 9/12 - Raging Rapids

    That's a clip on neck tie there ! Ha ha
  317. streetnfish

    Offshore Great tuna trip and a half on The San Diego 9/24 and 9/25...

    Cool Report ! Great to see the Stoke in you guys !
  318. streetnfish

    Pursuit-Catalina 9/25

    Yea, at first I was like "Aw man its gonna be a mess" Then I remembered that it was gonna mostly be a Bonito trip with possibly a shot at the yellows. As soon as I started talking with the kids, and found that they were in a fishing club, I just thought that was the coolest thing ever! As soon...
  319. streetnfish

    Pursuit-Catalina 9/25

    Hey guys, Jumped on the Pursuit this morning. Started off with a light load of 10 guys. Right before we left, a group of about 10 kids and 2-3 adults boarded. I asked them if they were ditching school and learned that they were from the Mary Star High School "Fishing Club". They get to go...
  320. streetnfish

    ***$ 5 Jigs ! ***

    Thanks Rob ! Enjoy ! :jig:
  321. streetnfish

    ***$ 5 Jigs ! ***

    Most heavy iron gone. Still a few Tadys !
  322. streetnfish

    Rockfishing rod and reel under $300
  323. streetnfish

    Surface/Heavy Iron Lots

    Still some left. Check new post for what's left.
  324. streetnfish

    Surface/Heavy Iron Lots

    Jigs boxed up Mark will send out tomorrow. Thanks again :jig:
  325. streetnfish

    ***$ 5 Jigs ! ***

    Surface irons and YO YO jigs. 5 bucks a piece. Pay pay only. (Friends and family or add 3%) Some new some used. Surface Iron Tady 14A, Tady 45, Tady C YO YO jigs. Kicker 15 PM for info. Thanks. :jig:
  326. streetnfish

    Penn Reels For Sale !

    ****PRICE DROP****
  327. streetnfish

    Surface/Heavy Iron Lots

    Bump $5 a piece or $20 if you buy 4 ;)
  328. streetnfish

    Best Skip Jigs + best technique

    Might sound funny but large Waxwings are great skip jigs.
  329. streetnfish

    Aloha Spirit yellows

    We only got 4 on the boat today. Spent some time lookin for other stuff. Nice Reds though and nice weather in tight.
  330. streetnfish

    Komodo SS Power Knob - Upgrade-able ?
  331. streetnfish

    Aloha Spirit yellows

    Nice Danny ! I'm out there tomorrow so hopefully there's one left that wants to come over for dinner. :drool:
  332. streetnfish

    Please school me on Newell reels.
  333. streetnfish

    Surface/Heavy Iron Lots

    New Prices ! Jigs $5.00 a piece and can be ordered separately now. Come get um !:jig:
  334. streetnfish

    Surface/Heavy Iron Lots

    Your Welcome ! Now Kill Some Stuff ! :jig:
  335. streetnfish

    Penn Reels For Sale !

    ***PRICE DROP*** Have some extra reels sitting around that someone could use. Good condition with all of them 1/2 to 3/4 full of 65 lb braid. Shipping available. Penn 535-$45 Penn 555-$45 Penn 25GLS (lever drag)-$45 Great budget option to get on the water or use as backup set. All...
  336. streetnfish

    Surface/Heavy Iron Lots

    Plenty of Tady 45's and Heavy iron left !
  337. streetnfish

    Surface/Heavy Iron Lots

    BUMP ! 4 lots sold. Plenty Left ! :jig:
  338. streetnfish

    Intrepid Anglers Choice 8 day 8/27-9-4

    No. Only for poppers and stickbaits. Several folks would have benefitted from a spinner for casting baits.
  339. streetnfish

    Surface/Heavy Iron Lots

  340. streetnfish

    What to expect..

    Bait is small (3"). Size 2 hooks unless you guys make macks at the barge. Fish are not line shy but you and your crew will need to be able to fly line baits to get to the yft so lighter line will work better. Mabye get them spinning reels if they can't cast. Colt snipers or flat falls...
  341. streetnfish

    What rod length you using to yoyo with?

    calstar 700h with either Trinidad 40N, Newell 533N, Penn Baja Special, or Penn Fathom 40NLD.
  342. streetnfish

    Angler Choice 8 Day Intrepid 8-27 - 9/4

    Good fishing with you Patrick. See you next year ! :jig:
  343. streetnfish

    Intrepid Anglers Choice 8 day 8/27-9-4

    Just got back yesterday. Had a great time with great crew and anglers. Hit the Rocks, Ridge, High spots up the beach, and Offshore paddys. We had Capt Bill Cavanaugh driving. On deck Mike Loust, Jack, Kurt, Brad, and the legendary Chad Smith. Bait was mostly small (3" dines) so we made...
  344. streetnfish

    how would you set up ?? please help!!

    Hey Albert, If I had your equipment here's what I would take. 1) GSH80H/Torium for jigs/poppers/coltsnipers. 2) Pro Sabre/Ave SX for 25lb bait 3) GIS 80M/Penn 975 for 20lb bait Possibly use your Lexa 400 but I don't know how you want to set that up. With some 50lb/or thin...
  345. streetnfish

    Great Tackle Shop

    Good guys there. The folks at Johnny's will always take good care of you ! :jig:
  346. streetnfish

    Heads Up -- Deals on Reels NOW

    Are reels on sale now or TBD?
  347. streetnfish

    UC CE900XF

    Mabye 900xl for 20lb. Works great. Also have a super seeker 90f which is even more parabolic. My favorite for chovies. Haven't used the UC's yet.
  348. streetnfish

    Blue FIn Reel? What can I get away with?

    When is your trip? If its right now you will probably be offshore for small yf,dorado, and such. Later on they may target big BF if that is happening.
  349. streetnfish

    Pheinx 809h spinner rod

    I've used the 909h and it worked fine. Not sure what Popper Purist would say about it but it made the popper splash, the fish bit , and it helped to get them to the boat so works for me.
  350. streetnfish

    What are your thoughts

    Contact Ryan and ask him. He is more than reasonable and willing to work with you if able.
  351. streetnfish

    8/15 Longfin from SCI

    Chicken Of The Sea Baby !
  352. streetnfish

    Offshore Mustang 8/14. Hard put in hard work !

    What's up guys, Decided to try and see if I could get a dodo since they looked like they wanted to die the last two weeks. So, with most of the boats full I decided to jump on the "Mustang" out of H&M. Previous counts looked like good numbers of yellowfin, a few dodos, and all you can eat...
  353. streetnfish

    Komodo 463 spool bearing size?

  354. streetnfish

    What bird is this

    Juvenile Gannet possibly ?
  355. streetnfish

    Eastern Sierras Aug 5th through 10th

    Good to hear man. Thanks for the conditions report.
  356. streetnfish

    Triton 7/8-Big Yellows-5/ Anglers-0. We were not worthy !

    Definitely was good times. I've never had a bad day on the Triton or the Gailforce. Some days had more more/less fish but always good times :D
  357. streetnfish

    Eastern Sierras Aug 5th through 10th

    Thanks for the report. I'm headed up to Virginia Sat
  358. streetnfish

    1997 17' Aquasport CC - Excellent Condition - 2nd Owner

    What year is the engine and how many miles ?
  359. streetnfish

    Triton 7/8-Big Yellows-5/ Anglers-0. We were not worthy !

    Hey guys, Another scorcher out there today so hopped on the Triton out of LA Harbor. Captain Shane was driving. Mike on deck and Nick in the galley. We left the dock with pretty close at full load of 25 guys I think. Short trip to the bait barge and we filled up with a nice load of 4"-8"...
  360. streetnfish

    Fishing backpack...for sporties?

    Depends on your budget. You can pay $100 plus for a cool big name brand or you can just buy a back pack that fits your needs. This cost $25 on sale at Big 5 "Outdoor Products" Big main pocket that will fit as many boxes as I need for up to 3 days. I usually take 2 for 3/4 day to overnight...
  361. streetnfish

    Offshore Pacific Queen- Redemption- I got 2 Cows and a jumbo!

    Way to go brother ! It was TOTALLY the shorts ! :lux:
  362. streetnfish

    Shimano reel and Phenix rods

    Does the tranx come with the power handle also?
  363. streetnfish

    Gail Force, Smoked by the Big Yellows

    All you can hope for is to be put on some fish ! I'm just stoked at the quality and numbers of the fish this year. Keep it up boys !
  364. streetnfish

    Offshore Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    Hope you at least had a good time on the water. Sounds like you need to go long range or Better yet charter a boat (mabye even the same boat if you aren't to chapped about it)
  365. streetnfish

    Shimano Ocea Jigger?

    Hey Alex, Just a word of caution! If you are not planning on getting the auto engage disabled, be very careful casting with that reel. It WILL engage on a cast with the handle in certain positions. I've done it several times with my 1500. Put a 5/0 in my palm up to the bend one time. (I no...
  366. streetnfish

    Komodo 450 vs Tranx 500

    Looked at both reels together today and the Tranx crank arm is longer that the Komodo so I'll attribute that, along with the larger handle, to my perception that the Tranx feel like it has more cranking power. All three are great reels and have a place in the lineup.
  367. streetnfish

    Phenix swimbait rod for NEWELL-G or P series

    Thanks for the Fathom Rob ! It's in great shape and I got it quick. :D Tight Lines, Ray
  368. streetnfish

    Nice Yellowtails at the Nados 7/27

    I like it ! Thanks boys !
  369. streetnfish

    Okuma Komodo 400 size...
  370. streetnfish

    Komodo 450 vs Tranx 500

    I have the Komodo 463p, Lexa 400 HD-HSP, and now the Tranx 500hg. I have thrown surface iron and caught fish with all of them. For my traditional surface iron sticks (90J/100J/690J) The Tranx works well. Im used to fishing 4.8-5.1 ratios for for this so I have to remind myself to slow down...
  371. streetnfish

    Who carries these on their boat?

    Thanks for the reminders everyone. Been there :hali_parkutuli:
  372. streetnfish

    Gail Force 7/30 Catalina. Not easy!

    We made a fun day out of it. Thanks again guys and props to the Native Son for awsome sportsmanship ! Watch that young gal in the back. She's a killer ! That's not even her first yellow o_O
  373. streetnfish

    San Clemente Island Calicos and Appropriate Sized Tuna Report - Sunday 7/29

    Nice Erik, Thanks for the tips as always. Hey...I think I see a smile in that pic. Don't start getting soft on us LOL
  374. streetnfish

    7/30 Gail Force-Goin The Extra Mile Pays Off !

    Hey folks, Today I took my co-workers son fishing. He's 14 and I I've been taking him on a fishing trip evey summer for the last 5 years. Today I chose the Gail Force so we could have a good day with 18 peeps instead of battling it out with 50. The last 3 weeks have been really fun...
  375. streetnfish

    7/26 LB Wall to Catalina

    Nice one bro. Thanks for the report.
  376. streetnfish

    Trini A handle (16,20,30 size)

    Looking for a used Trnidad A handle. 16,20, or 30 size. Let me know what you got. Thanks
  377. streetnfish

    Pursuit 7/24. Big Yellows !

    Hey guys, Wanted to get out of the heat so jumped on the Pursuit with a light load of about 30 peeps. Had chovy for chum and nice 6-7" dines for bait. Headed over in the cool morning with minimal swell I guess due to the long period. Hit the bunks and soon arrived at the islands. Capt...
  378. streetnfish

    In Need of Some Guidance

    Hey Dave, Welcome to the club. As you can see there are many answers to your questions and I'll give you mine. As far as a basic set up I agree with one if the post that said 25lb set up. That means a rod rated somewhere around 15-40lb. 7-8 ft is a good overall length. For a reel I would...
  379. streetnfish

    Help me with FG knot please

    Like a lot of guys have said, Flouro/mono usually breaks much higher than the advertised lb strenght compared to braid. Also you CAN put much higher tension on your connectio with the knot pullers than you can with your bare hands. (Thats why they are so great for chinching down your knots...
  380. streetnfish

    Help me with FG knot please

    I'll add my 2 cents. I use the same video you posted. For my knots I use 12 wraps on each side for the plait then tie 2 alternating half hitches. Tighten the knot, look for color change then snip flouro tag and do my alternating half hitches (6 each side). Continue testing after that for...
  381. streetnfish

    Penn Battle 5000 reel-REMOVE

    I'll take it if still available. PM sent
  382. streetnfish

    Okuma Komodo... 463 or 471

    It's the one for Shimano/Diawa. I got the 35mm for myself. You can buy a bigger size for your hand. As far as the Gomexus goes, its very very light and has a good bearing with it. I it is plug and play on the existing handle and I don't have to worry about throwing the reel into gear on a...
  383. streetnfish

    Okuma Komodo... 463 or 471

    Oh and definitely " power handle"
  384. streetnfish

    Okuma Komodo... 463 or 471

    463 has plenty of speed for snipers. I like the extra power for fish small enough to straight grind on. As a bigger guy you may want to look into an aftermarket handle (I went gomexus for $19). Otherwise you will have problems with scraping your nuckles due to the shape of the current handle.
  385. streetnfish

    1985 18' Stringari SOLD

    Thanks, Great skiff !
  386. streetnfish

    1985 18' Stringari SOLD

    Hey Dave, Do you know how much the boat and trailer weigh? Thanks
  387. streetnfish

    Pursuit 7/10 " A Bass For Every Cast "

    Hey guys, Jumped on the Pursuit this morning with a bunch of fellow fishermen and a fishergal. Captain John lead our Catalina adventure. Gary and Jeremy would hold down the deck and Ryan would keep everyone well fed. Boat took off with a nice load of sardines and some blocks of frozen squid...
  388. streetnfish

    Offshore Pac Voy 7/7-7/8 BFT, YFT, YT...Video and Pics

    Great fishing ! So fun fishing with Mark. He gets more excited than the anglers !
  389. streetnfish

    Vendetta 4th July 4 Guy's Needed

    Looks like a great trip ! That kid is stoked !
  390. streetnfish

    Gail Force 7/3 Big Bass-Big Yellas !

    Hey Steve. Likewise. Hope to see you guys at the rail again sometime.
  391. streetnfish

    Gail Force 7/3 Big Bass-Big Yellas !

    Thanks man ! I know they can get a bit long and boring but I enjoy reading reports and seeing pics on here when I'm at home and work. They help me make decisions abour my own trips and give me new ideas. Figure I might as well contribute a little :jig:
  392. streetnfish

    Gail Force 7/3 Limited Load Open Party Fun!

    Good times for sure. Thanks for running a great operation !
  393. streetnfish

    Gail Force 7/3 Big Bass-Big Yellas !

    Hey guys, Jumped on the Gail Force trip to fish Catalina. Been fishing the Triton but don't think I've been on the Gail Force since the yellows invaded the 150 spot. Anyway got to the landing for the 5am shove off and was joined by 17 fishermen and 1 fisherwoman. As we boarded the boat...
  394. streetnfish

    Tuna Spikes - Ike Jime

    Good Stuff ! Thanks Matt !
  395. streetnfish

    Gail Force 7/2/18 Catalina With The Boys!

    That does NOT SUCK ! :rockin:
  396. streetnfish

    Pacific Eagle 7/2

    Hi guys, Wanted to try the Channel Islands for some yellows with the possibility of mabye a seabass. Most of the boats were full so I looked into the Pacific Eagle out of Ventura Sportfishing. I have ridden that boat a couple of times before and had a good time so booked a spot as they...
  397. streetnfish

    Komodo SS Power Knob - Upgrade-able ?

    Asked the same question 3 months ago on this thread. Knew it would be a long wait so I got the Gomexus for $19. Plug and play, great bearing, and no knuckle rub for me.
  398. streetnfish

    6/29 - Organized Coronados Chaos

    Yea ! Mackerel Man wrangling monsters !
  399. streetnfish

    Pursuit-Catalina 6/25

    One of these days my man...One of these days ;) Now I gotta get me one of those ghosts like you !
  400. streetnfish

    Pursuit-Catalina 6/25

    No, If there is an empty spot. Cast away. Like I said when you are fishing sardines. Numbers go out the window.
  401. streetnfish

    Pursuit-Catalina 6/25

    Yea was too busy fishing to get pics of them all. No hook and handoffs that day
  402. streetnfish

    Pursuit-Catalina 6/25

    You do get numbers as you sign up. However, when you are fishing sardines the understanding is that you will follow your bait. This is constantly reinforced by the crew. Again , you always have that guy with the corner spot that doesn't want to move or leaves his pole at the rail to save his...
  403. streetnfish

    Hooks??? What do you do?

    I keep my hooks in the original pack and secure them with a ring often used to bind paper I organize the hooks on the ring by size and type. (These are my squid hooks). It's easy to flip through for the hook I want an keeps them together. By organizing by hook type I can take whatever hooks...
  404. streetnfish

    Pursuit-Catalina 6/25

    Hey guys, Jumped on the Pursuit hoping to get "some tail". Saw that they had 24 reservations and figured we would get out with about 35. Got to the landing and found out that there were a couple of large groups there so we ended up with about 45. Not my ideal situation but oh well off we...
  405. streetnfish

    YT Shootout 2018 / Nados

    Man that looks good. Thanks for the report
  406. streetnfish

    Looking for PSW 909H w/reel seat

    Got one Thanks, Ray
  407. streetnfish

    Mamiya Marfix J System (rare Japanese Jigger)

    Cool man, Thanks. I was hoping it was smaller but guess the lugs should have keyed me in. Good luck on the sale. Looks like a cool reel.
  408. streetnfish

    Mamiya Marfix J System (rare Japanese Jigger)

    Hey Josh, What size could you compare this reel to? I can see it in your hands but you may have Trump sized hands so that reel may be huge :-)
  409. streetnfish

    Freedom at Clemente 6/11/18

    Bait. But, that was Mon
  410. streetnfish

    best saltwater fishing pliers? Here is a good one to start. I am not any kind of authority on the subject as I've just wrapped 2 pairs of pliers. Google is your friend as there are many different wraps and techniques to attain them...
  411. streetnfish

    Fortune Fishing 6/11/18

    I've never had a problem in the last 20 years or so. I don't leave anything valuable sitting out in plain view though. Then again, that goes for anywhere I park.
  412. streetnfish

    best saltwater fishing pliers?

    Yes 718 and 337 on the cutters. I have a pair of E337 (higher leverage) which are nice too.
  413. streetnfish

    Freedom at Clemente 6/11/18

    Wow ! Here today and gone tomorrow. Looks like they swam north to Channel Islands or south to the Coronados. Definitelty feel fortunate about the day I picked. :rockin:
  414. streetnfish

    Fortune Fishing 6/11/18

    Thanks for the report. Didn't even know about the brewery there. Gotta get out of that "tunnel vision" when I'm going fishing and check that place out. :hali_olutta:
  415. streetnfish

    best saltwater fishing pliers?

    Channel lock pliers, Matt 86m for spike, Boomerang for braid.
  416. streetnfish

    Freedom at Clemente 6/11/18

    Thanks. I don't know about that though. I just try and stay at the rail all day and take advantage if I get a chance. Every now and then the fish make me look like I know what I'm doing LOL. As for that 16 Narrow, by the time I'm finished with it, you probably wont want it.;)
  417. streetnfish

    Freedom at Clemente 6/11/18

    Like Erik "Get Some" posted awhile back. That 90ft contour line.
  418. streetnfish

    Freedom at Clemente 6/11/18

    Hey guys, Decided to jump on on the Freedom Sun night to hit the big island. I was a little worried about conditions and there were reports of wind and increased swell this week. However, I talked to my buddy who just got back from over there on the Truline and he said that aside from a...
  419. streetnfish


  420. streetnfish


    How many hours on the motor?
  421. streetnfish

    Pursuit Yellowtail 5/14

    If your catching fish and having a good time then your doin it right no matter what kind of equipment you have. Had a guy outfish me with a handline once :notworthy. Whatever gets your bait or lure to the fish.
  422. streetnfish

    Crowley 5/18/18

    Love that Glass !
  423. streetnfish

    Pursuit Yellowtail 5/14

    All fish caught on Phenix Abyss 909H with Lexa HD 400. 50lb braid with 12' of 25lb Seguar Permier flourocarbon. FG knot used for braid/flouro connection. 1/8 oz sliding sinker. 2/0 Mustad 9174-BR hook secured with Palomar knot
  424. streetnfish

    Native Sun 5/15

    Thanks for the report. Bummer the water turned over on you guys. Good thing is the fish are there. Just gotta get some condition.
  425. streetnfish

    Beginner surface iron rod

    Hey E, I would also add... Go to a shop near you and pull on all the rods that you are thinking of buying. Stick the rod under your arm and stick it straight out in front of you. Have somebody pull the tip down towards the floor. Then put the rod in your gut and do the same thing. This...
  426. streetnfish

    Beginner surface iron rod

    Since you are just getting in to it, I would say go used and don't t drop a lot of coin until you know that you like it. Old calstar 690j/90j eqivalent. Penn fathom 25n,Gold Trinidad 20 or eqivalent. Surface Iron ain't for everybody. Guys see the videos of the "Salty Crew" on their skiff...
  427. streetnfish

    Pursuit Yellowtail 5/14

    Weather was fine. Mostly cloudy with a few spots of sun early. Later on it was mostly sunny off the island. Swell wasn't bad at all on the back side. Light winds about 5-10
  428. streetnfish

    Pursuit Yellowtail 5/14

    Hey guys, Jumped on the Pursuit today after seeing that they caught some yellowtail yesterday. At 6am this morning they had 20 reservations. I figuered we would get out with about 35. More than I like but doable. I got in line with about 20 guys. The boat was out getting bait. When they...
  429. streetnfish

    Cedros "A" new jigging rod for BFT and YFT

    What's the difference between this and the original Cedros Speed Jigging rod ?
  430. streetnfish

    Eastern Sierra Part II (Part 2)

    Ok so back to Grant Lake. I've seen it much much worse but it's definitely not full. Here is the Marina. I remember when the boats were docked right in front of the main building This is the point midway along the lake Left the loop with a parting shot of the Sierra craters. On the way...
  431. streetnfish

    Eastern Sierra Part II 5/8/18

    Well, I get up early on day two and decide to grab a boat on June Lake for 1/2 day. For some reason I've never fished June that much so decided to have a new adventure. Hit the road early and arrived at the lake around 6am with the sun just coming up. Nice chilly morning around 38-40 degrees...
  432. streetnfish

    Eastern Sierra 5/7/18

    I did overhear one of the boats at distance saying that he did very well that morning trolling the edges in shallow water :jig:
  433. streetnfish

    Eastern Sierra 5/7/18

    Hey guys, Decided to head on up to catch some of those hard pulling trout in Crowley Lake. Got up early and drove down from Mammoth. Got there at 6am, got a boat for 1/2 day and headed out to McGee Bay. Weather was beautiful. Glassy with just a slight breeze every now and then. Drove up by...
  434. streetnfish

    WTS- Japanese Fishing Spike with Wire- $20

    Hey Victor, Good to meet you bro. Thanks again for the Ike Jime set up. Sashimi bout to go up a notch ! :goldfish:
  435. streetnfish

    2001 Trophy 17' - 4 stroke - 6999

    what year is the motor? Hrs?
  436. streetnfish

    Looking for Penn 525GS reel

    Interested in 535 or 555?
  437. streetnfish

    Not Sure How to Title This

    I have bled every fish I've caught on that boat and never had a problem getting anyone on that boat to pop a couple of gills for me. Good on those guys for getting some decent YT counts goin.
  438. streetnfish

    03' Seahunt Center Console

    Right on Mario ! That dude scored !
  439. streetnfish

    San Diego Landing Opinion

    No it does not have bunks. Gotta decide what's more important. The boat that more often that not does significantly better than everyone else or catching some zzzz's. Hey, when the time comes you can again check the counts. If everybody's catching fish, get the boat with bunks.
  440. streetnfish

    San Diego Landing Opinion

    The "San Diego" out of Seaforth Landing. Check the counts every week if you need more reason.
  441. streetnfish

    Question regarding 5yr old on 1/2 day

    You will be charged for both tickets unless you get on one of the boats mentioned for a discount. Just make sure you have your license on you cause if you are asisting him (touching the pole, line, fish) you are fishing. At least that's what the DFG guy I talked to said. Have fun.
  442. streetnfish

    What Is This Creature???

    Awsome ! Even better for BD it's called a "Thetys Vagina" Ha Ha ! Its a solitary salp.
  443. streetnfish

    03' Seahunt Center Console

    Mario !!!, Beautiful boat man. I would love to take it off your hands but Im limited to the 17-18 foot range. But Man that looks good. Great seller guys and he takes very, very, very good care of his stuff. Someone is gonna be very pleasantly surprised ! Good luck on the sale and let me...
  444. streetnfish

    Reel for Jig Stick

    This :hali_ruahahaha:. 1) Low price. There is a website some guys on here know about where you can get one for a great price. 2) Freespools great. I thought that whole " live spindle" thing was bs but after owning one for a couple of years I'd say it's a legit concept...
  445. streetnfish

    The Mid......First time at Pyramid Lake, NV [Pic Heavy]

    Cool. Thanks for the reply. Yea got blown to the far side of Crowley many years ago when I started tubing. Luckily my buddy was there to come pick me up in his truck. Funny thing is he warned me about it, but you just don't undersrtand until you actually have to try and kick against wind...
  446. streetnfish

    The Mid......First time at Pyramid Lake, NV [Pic Heavy]

    Hey Eric, Great pics ! Looks like a blast. I enjoy looking at your flies as much as the fish. Gonna have to get back on the vice as your midges have me mesmerized and going " Why didn't I think of that". Anyway, Pyramid is on my list of things to do one of these days and I was wondering...
  447. streetnfish

    Kicker quick clips

    Anyone who has used them take note of how they affect the swimming of the jig? Does the jig swim the same as straight tie? Better?
  448. streetnfish

    4/2. The San Diego

    Yea, I love this thing. Did the DC dog and spring conversion about 8 years ago (after I had a Torium go knuckle buster on me at Cedros) and it's been bulletproof ever since. Looking to pick up an NA model also but this thing will prob be sitting next to me in my casket. :skullbone
  449. streetnfish

    4/2. The San Diego

    It's basically a rubber ring. It came with the rod but you could use any rubber ring I'd guess. It does help keep the jig from swinging around. My hooks are on top and secured in a hook keeper on the rod.
  450. streetnfish

    4/2. The San Diego

    **NOTE*** I was finishing typing this in the parking lot at Seaforth when my phone went dead so its two hrs late as I had to drive home to finish it Hey guys, Just getting back to Seaforth from a nice 3/4 day on the San Diego. Nothing great but a good day on the water with a shot at the...
  451. streetnfish

    3/30 Amigo overnight fish report

    Cool thanks for the info. Looked like a fun day jigging
  452. streetnfish

    3/30 Amigo overnight fish report

    Right on ! What setups were you using. I know Poseidon and Phenix but what model numbers? Grams on the jigs? Always looking for more jigging knowlege :D
  453. streetnfish

    TIPS HOW TO TIGHTEN-UP TEST HEAVY Braid Mono Fishing Knots

    Quickest Way to Tie the FG Knot (The Strongest Br…: This is the method I use. I can tie it with the rod in the holders on the side of the boat pretty quickly and the knot pullers cinch it up nicely
  454. streetnfish

    TIPS HOW TO TIGHTEN-UP TEST HEAVY Braid Mono Fishing Knots

    Those knot pullers are great. I got a pair and haven't looked back. Highly recommended. Broom handles are fine also if that's what you wanna do.
  455. streetnfish

    Direct fit power handle for Komodo 463P (Gomexus)

    Hey guys, Didn't want to hijack/clog up the thread about power handles so I started this one about the handle I used. I went online and bought the "Gomexus" 35mm power knob. It's a direct fit and you only need a couple of small screw drivers. First you unscrew the outer screw on the Old...
  456. streetnfish

    Basic maintenance (lube/grease) for reels

    :hali_ruahahaha:QUOTE="anthony capito, post: 4542670, member: 198721"]Cal’s Drag Grease Yamaha Yamalube Marine Grease TSI 321 Oil What he said
  457. streetnfish

    pimped out jigmaster vs. torium 20

    If you are thinking Penn or Newell also check out Alan Tani's website. Lots of guys doing custom gears, drags, dogs to make some pretty impressive reels that will stand up against any of the new stuff. Now by the time you trick it out, it will cost you the same or more than one of the modern...
  458. streetnfish

    Komodo level wind damaging spectra?

    You sure its not just the coating from the line? I haven't used PP for awhile but it used to turn all my level winds and my finger tape green from the coating. Never had a problem with my Komodo on braid. Thats all its seen the last two years
  459. streetnfish

    3/24 Fisherman lll After the Rain

    Bout a month ago my cousin invited me on a charter set up by a friend of a friend. My cousin doesn't fish much so he didn't have much in the way of details. Just . . 3/4 day out of San Diego and need passport. Figured it would be Coronados and since the yellows had been biting I agreed to...
  460. streetnfish

    Komodo SS Power Knob - Upgrade-able ?

    KW, X2 which model fits the Komodo? You can PM if need be. Thanks
  461. streetnfish

    Komodo SS Power Knob - Upgrade-able ?

    Do you have any kind of time line for us ? In your experience can something like this be done rather quickly (this summer) or are we looking at 2019 for purchase ? I know you can't say exactly as it's in R&D but just a general idea/guess Thanks
  462. streetnfish

    Slow pitch charter interest?

    interested. Let me know if it comes together
  463. streetnfish

    I got yo-yo problems...

    I'd say use the Fathom. Also pay attention to the guys getting bit. What speed are they winding? What type and size of jig are they using? Very rarely there may be a preferred color but not often. Use a variety of jigs and note which ones get bit. Even among my yo yo jigs some seem to swim...
  464. streetnfish

    Parker 18'

    Got pics of your bait tank set up?
  465. streetnfish

    I got yo-yo problems...

    What reel are you using? All my yo yo reels are narrow with taller spools (Trinidad 40N, Narrowed Newell 533, Penn Baja Special, Penn Fathom 40NLD). I don't reel as fast as I can but at a steady pace. Might be that I'm picking up more line. The fish tell me what the right speed is and it...
  466. streetnfish

    Tuna Spikes - Ike Jime

    Got mine today. Quick service and easy peasy transaction. Great product. Stainless ball is perfect size to fit in your hand Spike fits in sheath perfect with nothing sticking out to scratch or get caught on. Thanks Matt !:rockin:
  467. streetnfish

    BAJA BAYRUNNER CUDDY CABIN 22ft $16000/obo

    Hey Blake, Do you know the total weight including trailer?
  468. streetnfish

    Popping Rod for an Okuma Komodo

    I throw poppers on my Komodo with a Phenix PSW 809 XHJ. Worked great with 120-150 sized poppers. Caught tuna and yellows up to 30lbs with no problem and had a blast.
  469. streetnfish

    More Yellas on The San Diego !

    Both. Fish were moving fast. I caught fish two cranks off the bottom (scrambled egg 6x and 140g slow pitch), casting out to boils surface iron style (mint 6x), and half way up after dropping jig from side of the boat (mint 6x). Like I said, the fish made you work for it.
  470. streetnfish

    Tuna Spikes - Ike Jime

    I'll take a couple. PM sent.
  471. streetnfish

    More Yellas on The San Diego !

    Hey guys, Just getting into port at Seaforth. Saw there were some yellowtail caught yesterday and light load on the San Diego so decided to give Ryan and to crew a shot. Loaded up the boat at went to pick up a nice load of smaller dines at the bait dock (4-5 in) Set off for the day an Ryan...
  472. streetnfish

    Cedros Outdoor Adventures opinions

    Jose is a great guy and will take care of you like family. I have a report from a few years back if you know how to search them. Cedros is pretty much so cal fishing on steroids. Same species just much more plentyful. You can use all the same bait/ lure tactics that you use up here. However...
  473. streetnfish

    WTB: leather plier pouch

    Got it today Rob ! Looks great. Thanks again. Now to get some new hardware to put in it :)
  474. streetnfish

    WTB: leather plier pouch

    Payment sent. Sorry for late reply was busy at work.
  475. streetnfish

    WTB: leather plier pouch

    Any contact info for Anthony Cepeda? I don't have intagram. Does he have a website?
  476. streetnfish

    Spectra for surface iron

    Flex Wrap. Good to go
  477. streetnfish

    Bluefin Vs. Yellowfin

    Put two equal wt fish together and see which has the bigger TAIL
  478. streetnfish

    Spectra for surface iron

    I use 65 lb spectra to 4-10 foot section of 50-60lb flouro. When I was using the RP/Modified Albright Knot, I used a flouro section short enough so that my knot was always outside the tip guide because the knot hitting the guides would occasionally mess up my cast. Now that I have become...
  479. streetnfish

    Offshore Pt Colonet 2/9-2/11 on the Pacific Queen

    Just the bottom. Like I said, I forgot that they are double deckers on the Pac Queen so actually only half the racks were full :-)
  480. streetnfish

    Offshore Pt Colonet 2/9-2/11 on the Pacific Queen

    Decided to jump on the Pac Queen fri night for a possible shot at some yellows and most likely a good snap on the reds. Got to the landing around 6:45 thanks to some horrendous Friday traffic between LA and SD>:( Boarded the boat and looked to be about 30 guys/gals on there. Typical mixed...
  481. streetnfish


    Put me in please. Eagles 24 Pats 14
  482. streetnfish

    Trigger fish

    Try Santa Monica Bay. Boats catch them very often up there
  483. streetnfish

    what's in season??

    Sculpin is open. Someone made a mistake on the website. Spent the last two days catching sculpin on the New Del Mar. Boats are fishing sculpin all down the coast. Yummy too !
  484. streetnfish

    what's in season??

    Sculpin, Bass, Halibut,Bonito,Yellowtail
  485. streetnfish

    Float tubing

    Watch the wind and current so you dont get blown/swept opposite of where you want to be. Wear your PFD or make sure you have a second bladder in the backrest in case of puncture. Along those lines, make sure you can handle spiny fish and not stick your tube. Watch boats/wakes as you will be...
  486. streetnfish

    Anyone Slow Pitch Jigging? Do tell your experience.

    1) Black Hole Cape Cod Slow Pitch 662hmf/Ocea Jigger 1500 2) Okuma Cedros 601mh/ Shimano Trinidad 16 Narrow Special with dog/spring conversion. The Okuma setup is mostly used for speed jigging but it works well for slow pitch with jigs over 300grams. As far as jigs I have a bunch from all...
  487. streetnfish

    Anyone Slow Pitch Jigging? Do tell your experience.

    Hi, I do a fair bit of slow pitch jigging though I wouldnt consider myself an expert or anything. All my experience is on the West coast and baja. Have caught just about everything on them. Rockfish, sheep head, yellotail, blue fin, yellowfin,bass, barracuda, bonito. (No Dorado or seabass...
  488. streetnfish

    Dave "Tiny" Pierson

    Not sure if this is posted anywhere else on BD yet but Dave had a serious stroke and is in the ICU. Lots of you have known Dave in the galley and at the rail. Always a good dude. He and the family need some prayers. Help out if you can.
  489. streetnfish

    Smoke out at Channel Islands ?

    Wow ! Thanks. Think I'll stay down south.
  490. streetnfish

    Smoke out at Channel Islands ?

    Hey, Has anybody fished the channel islands the last couple of days? (Anacapa, Santa Cruz) Are there any issues with smoke there? Thinking about heading up there mon or tues. I'm sensitive to air quality so looking for a heads up. Thanks.
  491. streetnfish

    Which reel to put on custom 9" Rod being built for throwing jigs?

    What kind of rod? All glass or composit? How old is your son and what size is he? Is he gonna be doing a lot of jig fishing or mostly bait and jigs occasionally when it's wide open surface fishing? Hard to do combo with your jig stick as it take time at the rail and patience to get good at...
  492. streetnfish

    Amigo or Aloha Spirit

    For rockfishing both boats are fine. Question is do you want a bunk (Amigo) so you can sleep on the way out/back? If you were looking for yellowtail or seabass, Aloha Spirit hands down.
  493. streetnfish

    The San Diego 3/4 - 11-21-17

    And now you know ;)
  494. streetnfish

    The "San Diego" 11/20

    Hey guys, Saw good weather this week and still yellows being caught so decided to drive down from LA and try my luck with Capt Ryan again. Left the house at 2:30 am (yawn) and and had an uneventful drive down. Checked in the passport, Mex license, and headed down to the boat. As I arrived...
  495. streetnfish

    Tuna, Cuda, Bass and Bombs - San Clemente Island 11/18

    Cool pics Erik, Would love to hear about your camera set up. (Unless its top secret stuff) You using a pole for the under water shots or leaning over really far?
  496. streetnfish

    The "San Diego" 11/6. YELLAS !

    25lb flouro for bait. 40lb yo yo rig or dropper loop. Surface iron if you want. Hook size 1-2/0
  497. streetnfish

    The "San Diego" 11/6. YELLAS !

    Hey guys, Saw that there were still some yellowtail and bluefin being caught in San Diego last week. Looked like Monday would be a nice weather window with light winds. Checked out all the boats and the San Diego looked like a good call. I've only fished this boat a handful of time because...
  498. streetnfish

    Shimano Torium went south on me

    Old model or newer?
  499. streetnfish

    Who like's the Aztec ?

    After reading your post "The fish are out there want one more shot before it's done", I would ask one more shot at what? Catching fish or possibly catching a personal best at the risk of catching nothing? With that answer I would check the count history of both boats (and any others you are...
  500. streetnfish

    Seafloor control

    They are good jigs. Expensive though. With these slow pitch jigs, I've found that I've had to experiment with a few different kinds to find which ones have actions that I like. (More importantly, actions the fish like). This doesn't always correlate to which jigs are most expensive either...
  501. streetnfish

    Ocea jigger 1500hg, 2000nrhg, or trini 12a

    Kinda deep for the1500. Its a small reel.
  502. streetnfish

    Eastern Sierras 10/6-10/8 (Pic Heavy)

    Had a rare weekend off so decided to grab my gal and run back up to Mammoth for a weekend of tubing and chucking streamers. Left LA around 4am and arrived around 9:30. Decided to check out Convict Lake and was greeted with beautiful conditions! Sunny, about 60 degrees, and barely a breeze...
  503. streetnfish

    Poppers on a Jigstick

    Used a phenix black diamond 809xhj and Okuma Komodo SS 463P. Threw Halcos and Cavios with no problem. I'm not a "professional popper fisherman" so I couldn't tell you if it was the best way or not. All I can say was that with that set up I was able to cast the thing, make it splash, and...
  504. streetnfish

    Tommy Lee

    Ok well good for him ! Bummer for myself cause I had some great trips witn him driving. Can't be mad at a guy who doesn't have to grind it out everyday anymore. Best of luck to him and I'll gladly jump on a boat with him filling in. Thanks
  505. streetnfish

    Tommy Lee

    Didn't want to hijack the El Dorado thread. Where is Tommy Lee now? Is he driving for anybody? Thanks
  506. streetnfish

    Pro Gear Old guy fishing again query ? Have fun !
  507. streetnfish

    Eastern Sierras 9/25-9/27 (Pic Heavy)

    With the weather reports calling for mild temps and light winds, I decided to pack up the tube and fly rods, and head up to the Sierras. Drove up Sun afternoon after work and enjoyed light traffic. As I drove through the valley, I was struck by how much green there was still. No tumble weeds...
  508. streetnfish

    What Not to do when you loose a fish

    Thanks for the reminder that it's JUST FISHING ! Supposed to be fun and not taken too seriously. I'm sure we have all wanted to slam our gear, someone elses gear, or SOMEONE on the deck at some point during our fishing. :Rambo_Throwing_Kniv
  509. streetnfish

    Komodo Casting

    [QUTE="tjohnson619, post: 4422667, member: 169391"]i have been thinking about a baitcaster for throwing jigs, swimbaits and even 20lb bait... what rods would you recommend? If you truly want to do all that with one rod, I would recommed Phenix Abyss 909. (or equivalent rod of your choice...
  510. streetnfish

    Pursuit went LONG ! ! !

    SDecided to jump on the "Pursuit" out of 22nd Street Landing today in hopes of heading to Catalina and catching some bass and poss a yellow. Counts had been low so no high expectations. Just goin fishing. Plus they only had 10 reservations the night before so figured we would get out with...
  511. streetnfish

    LJ 9/16 Son's Personal Best YT

    That pic of your kid with the fish is the BEST ! ! ! Frame that thing for life !
  512. streetnfish

    1.5 day O95 plus 1/2 day PM New Seaforth Report

    Good to hear ! Thanks for the info
  513. streetnfish

    1.5 day O95 plus 1/2 day PM New Seaforth Report

    Question on the O95 day and 1/2. How to they handle the fish on a trip of that duration without use of RSW. Do they stay in sacks the whole time or do they have several large coolers with ice for the fish? If fish are left in sacks, what do they do with the filets ovenight? I'm interested...
  514. streetnfish

    Educate me on Newells.....

    322 or 332 would be great iron reels. Easy to work on and can be upgraded although stock is fine with carbon drags. Penn 25N is nice too. Also easy to work on. I put the 4.8:1 gears in mine and like it alot. Need to open it up and clean out and re oil the spool bearings as they come with...
  515. streetnfish

    Cedros jig stick

    Used an 800m down there several times and it worked fine. After a few times standing on the bow of the panga with a big one straight up and down you'll have some stories to tell. :jig:
  516. streetnfish

    Fish Jerky Storage

    Just got some from Fishermans Processing and was told that it would keep for about 2 months in the refrigerator. Was advised to freeze anything that wouldn't be eaten in that time.
  517. streetnfish

    Tying Mono to Braid?

    Thanks ☺
  518. streetnfish

    Shimano Replacing Coltsniper hook?

    Are you attaching the hooks to the tail of the lure or the front ( butterfly jig style)
  519. streetnfish

    Tying Mono to Braid?

    Bad word choice. I mean the knot has a higher percentage breaking strength vs some other knots. Say a knot that breaks at 50% of line test
  520. streetnfish

    Lingcod, yellowtail, reds, blues, and white fish at Anacapa island

    Palomar is a good knot and shouldnt be breaking on the fish you were catching. Since it was your first time using the palomar you may have had your lines crossing when snugged up. Its a simple knot to tie but lots of folks tie it and dont take care to make sure the double line isnt crossed...
  521. streetnfish

    Best Budget Yoyo Reel?

    I would still recommend the same reels for " so cal " yo yo fishing. Don't really think you need straight 60lb mono for so cal yo yo fishing. Now I do use a 50 or 60lb Leader 4-7 ft attached to my spectra. But thats more for abrasion resistance. Anyway, lots of good info here. Combine it...
  522. streetnfish

    Best Budget Yoyo Reel?

    In your listed price range, used Baja Special would be one of best 40-50lb yo yo reels you could buy. Or mabye Newell 533 (narrowed would be great).
  523. streetnfish

    Mooooooo 8-11-17

    What lb test split rings did u use and is one of the hooks on a swivel? (Hard to tell from pic) Thanks
  524. streetnfish

    WTB- Looking for an 80lb rod

    Got one guys. Thanks for all the offers and thanks for the 2x4 Scott.
  525. streetnfish

    Cedros Terminal Tackle for Calicos etc.

    Ding Ding ! Winner winner chicken dinner !
  526. streetnfish

    Cedros Terminal Tackle for Calicos etc.

    Only really need 3 outfits. Bass stick, yo yo rod, jig stick. I have not thrown a bait there yet because I go there for the awsome jig/plastic fishing. You can jig mackeral in the morning and do very well I'm sure. Jose is great and will take good care of you. Don't over think it too much...
  527. streetnfish

    Cedros Terminal Tackle for Calicos etc.

    1 oz lead heads. Weedless ones like Warbaits work really well in the kelp. Also weedles rigged swimbaits like Optimums. Heavy flouro leaders like 40lb. Fish will chew anything and are not line shy. 5-9 in swimbaits. Also bring surface and yo yo irons. You will catch fish on them all...
  528. streetnfish

    WTB- Looking for an 80lb rod

    -Hey guys, Looking for an 80lb stick. Ringed guides. 6 1/2 to 71/2 feet. Not looking to break the bank. Gonna put a Tiburon SST-20/80 on it. Let me know what you got. PM is fine also Thanks
  529. streetnfish

    Tying Mono to Braid?

    Used these for tuna up to 80lbs on 40# flouro with no problem. Gotta leave knot outside guides to cast though. Recently have been using the "FG" knot and have been really impressed acually breaks at higher test and can cast through guides. Pretty eash to tie from u tube videos. I find the one...
  530. streetnfish

    Bleeding Yellowtail

    Pop/cut a couple gills. Easy Peasy ! Make a big difference in flavor.