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  1. Clutchcargo

    Offshore KEEP AN EYE OUT: Stolen & recovered boat, stolen fishing gear / Dana @ Mission Bay/SUSPECT PHOTOS

    I walk my dog down there and by other marinas all of the time. I will keep an eye out. I know the homeless set up in the City park just around the corner towards the bridge. Anyway, that sucks. I see your boat all the time as I walk around Dana.
  2. Clutchcargo

    Success Sportfishing??

    I put the first fish on that boat during its maiden voyage. Good boat, crew etc..BTW it's a fast boat compared to most.
  3. Clutchcargo

    Lack of lobster reports

    Maybe people are finally learning not to post about lobster catches. If you're going to do it, don't share the important details. This website and others like it caused a lot of people to get into hooping and in turn wiped out different areas.
  4. Clutchcargo

    Offshore Liberty 3/4 Day (10SEP16) Offshore + Sunday Old Glory Report

    I went out on the OG Sunday night for Monday and Junior got us on some fish. I ended up with 7 in the box.
  5. Clutchcargo

    I no longer have a ride since my friend sold his 23' last fall and I got rid of my Bertram 31 a...

    I no longer have a ride since my friend sold his 23' last fall and I got rid of my Bertram 31 a couple of years back. I'm getting to old to take the skiff (in Avatar) out anymore. Anyway, don't smoke, drink only with food on the water. Have all the gear necessary
  6. Clutchcargo

    Just saw your post from a while back. If you're still needing a couple of guys to fish with let...

    Just saw your post from a while back. If you're still needing a couple of guys to fish with let me know. I have a pretty good knowledge of offshore fishing from San Diego.
  7. Clutchcargo

    I'm so pissed I can't sleep 1:15 am

    If you've been hooping before the internet fucked it all up you would know that the Hornblower boats never go in the channel. 2nd lights don't do a bit of good except help the incompetent find their own floats. Lastly, what the fuck are you doing posting about catching lobster. Its bad enough...
  8. Clutchcargo

    Offshore Dodo fest on "End of the Line"

    I sure miss that boat. It looks fantastic with the new paint and canvas. BTW I still have the door and some minor aluminum trim parts.
  9. Clutchcargo

    Lost hoops SD Bay Fri Oct 21

    X5 It's the kelp.
  10. Clutchcargo

    Offshore YFT 425 area 9-9

    Dennis Good to see a report from you. Trying to get a hold of Bernie. Maybe we can talk Frank into a run. That is of course if some of you can make it the boat.:) Oh, and I doubt it if Frank[s boat smells like fish. John
  11. Clutchcargo

    Stone Crab questions

    Then when done throw crab in trash and eat newspaper.
  12. Clutchcargo

    Offshore Tuna fishing with the girls 8/12

    Sometomes you just gotta do what you got to do. Have you ever done this in your Parker. (check avatar, yes its touching the deck) Also caught a 67# albie bled and weighed at The Marlin Club. Both solo in the tin can. Did you notice that Kurt's daughter is going to MIT. (congrats for your...
  13. Clutchcargo

    Offshore BET

    Nice job on the BET. In tight would be nice, notice the avatar.;) Don't be a hater on the Alicia, my first trip on a sporty was that p.o.s. Although we did score a boat limit of bft. John
  14. Clutchcargo

    Offshore sherrita

    You should probably use a condom next time. Those blisters usually hurt for a couple of weeks.
  15. Clutchcargo

    hooped the bay 12/07!!

    Why would you post a report like that? TMI John
  16. Clutchcargo


    I think the quantity and quality are improving since demand is down after Labor Day. Last weekend the bait was perfect hot dines for us. The previous two were tiny and then beat horses. I made all the mini macs off a paddy one week and it made the difference on the dodos. John
  17. Clutchcargo

    Offshore 9mile/182/181 Report

    He's down by the trouble makers.
  18. Clutchcargo

    Offshore Another 182 report. Plugged the boat on 7-10

    Nice job Kurt. I say take the trash out. :) John
  19. Clutchcargo

    Offshore Calling Clutch Cargo

    I'll call you later. John
  20. Clutchcargo

    Offshore My balls are shrinking or my brain is growing

    Phil I've broached that boat of yours more than a few times when Harvey had it. Scary shit,nothing like being able to reach out and touch the water. That was the only drawback to that boat. On another note, damn glad I cancelled when I seen Clemente gust over 30kn. John
  21. Clutchcargo

    Offshore 6/24 Victory ay Sea

    Kid looks happy with the fish. I seen the Clememte bouy kick up to 31 kn last night and said f-that. On a different note, did you make that padding around your cockpit or have it made. Thinking about one for our boat 31'. John
  22. Clutchcargo

    Offshore no love at the dumper sat. 20th

    Dennis Seen your truck Friday night while walking the dog. Started jonesing big time thinking this might be the weekend. However, it looks like it'll be next when we head out.:) SST are really interesting looking. Anybody near the bottom of the shroom? John
  23. Clutchcargo

    cummins Repower

    I saw someone mention Seaboard Marine. I don't know if you checked, but is a website run by Tony. I highly reconmend checking this out. The best money spent if you own a diesel boat. Tony really knows his stuff about diesels, especially Cummins. There...
  24. Clutchcargo

    Offshore SW swell coming in this weekend

    Not the point. Nobody is getting anchors cut. The point is that many people like that spot and that was the means they would go to keep people from bringing out too many people. Point Loma used to be a lot different. I was out there 3-4 years ago on a good swell and a fucking sportfisher like...
  25. Clutchcargo

    Offshore SW swell coming in this weekend

    Hey guys, don't mean to be a dick, seeing you guys mention the two D's makes me want to puke. The internet is no spot for this. I know surfing there is cool and everybody knows, I just personally don't like seeing it. I remember the days of cutting anchor ropes for bringing too many guys. That...
  26. Clutchcargo

    Marlin on Sunday

    You fucker:) Actually, did you see Woodards reports for yesterday. BET for dad and marling for jr. John
  27. Clutchcargo

    Offshore 8/6 - got bait? got eight and a tail

    Nice job Pat. Wondering how you did since I didn't see your boat Saturday. john tankwagon
  28. Clutchcargo

    Offshore YFT 100++miles south 8/7

    Nice effort Dennis. At least the weather was nice. I heard you on the radio, but I was at the 182 looking for a long nose carp. I think we're heading that way this weekend. Were you in U.S. water? Are seiners allowed in U.S. water? John
  29. Clutchcargo

    Offshore Upper 9, save your fuel

    Thanks for the report. What were you trolling for? How was the water color? John
  30. Clutchcargo

    Offshore Plugged the boat at 100 miles 7/02

    Dennis, thanks for the pics you posted. As always you're welcome on our boat anytime. John
  31. Clutchcargo

    Offshore San Quintin Report - Yellowfin

    I can already see the seiners lining up like last year. Mf'rs John
  32. Clutchcargo

    Offshore Albacore no report!

    Hey Pat Its nice fueling up when you come in till the Customs guys show up. :) John
  33. Clutchcargo

    Offshore Albacore in 1.5 day range!

    Just read it again and noticed their last stop was at 143 miles. Also, another boat at 230 had a stop for yft. Hopefully, its alright with Bob I posted this. A good tease for his sight in my opinion. John
  34. Clutchcargo

    Offshore Albacore in 1.5 day range!

    Vanian's site says 160 miles. Exact numbers are there too. However, I don't think Bob would appreciate me posting them. It did say that they had one stop for 50 fish. John
  35. Clutchcargo

    San Diego Bay Buggin

    The area you're working was productive at the end of the season last year. Work the bay and find your own areas. It feels good to know you've donw this on your own. After all is said and done,don't post! Couple of tips; Best bait is fresh chopped sardines. Talk to the bait guys, they tend to...
  36. Clutchcargo

    Offshore December Albacore

    Dennis, Sounds real familiar. We were getting the rats until the right kind hit. Then the big boys were rolling in the corner. We thought for sure it was going to go wfo. Three toads on deck and its not even 7a.m. Unfortunately, that would be it except for another jig stop 2 hours later. I...
  37. Clutchcargo

    Offshore Albie Report

    He said that he was 10+ miles north of the 1010. Fish hit daisy chain.Didn't ask about bait fish, but it sounded pretty rough. John
  38. Clutchcargo

    Offshore Albie Report

    Just got off the phone with Bernie/Divedemo. After we cancelled going last night, he woke up and decided at 7 a.m. he would still head out. At 45 miles on a 200 heading he said he got into the small albies. Said he could of loaded up. Then he got a slug that he says is an easy 45#. Weather was...