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  1. Blakeb

    Shimano Reels! TRINIDAD 16DC🦄 Curado 300e x3

    got for sale four reels! First reel being the Trinidad 16DC Reel is spotless like new Price is $900 Next is three curados 300E reels One has Trinidad handle on it for upgrade Price is $160 each or $420 for all of the Curados. Willing to ship reels as long as buyer pays shipping. Text me or...
  2. Blakeb

    LOTS of Inshore bass rods! phenix, seeker, Calcutta

    Rods for sale: Prices listed first come first serve Text or call me 9092949519 if you have any wuestions Phenix rods -Black diamond inshore PSW866L rated 8-25lb custom acid wrapped by performance tackle great condition ready to be fished! $140 -Black Diamond PSW868MH rated 15-40lb custom acid...
  3. Blakeb

    LB Seeker SS CJBF70M wrapped PRICE DROPPED

    Got for sale: Two Long Beach super seeker CJBF70M rods for sale. Both are full length, wrapped, and ready to be fished. price is $200 each or $350 for both!! text or call me with questions. 9092949519 Thanks, Blake
  4. Blakeb

    🦄Shimano Trinidad 16DC🦄 $800

    How’s it going everyone. Looking to sell a super clean like new Shimano Trinidad 16DC $800 Firm text or call me if you have any questions 9092949519 Thanks, Blake
  5. Blakeb

    Super clean reels Trinidad 16NA, Talica 10ii, and tranx 500HG

    Got for sale three reels: Shimano Trinidad 16NA $400 Reel is super clean smooth as butter and ready to go! spooled with 65lb braid Shimano Talica 10ii $400 Reel has been used maybe once super super clean like new spooled with 50lb braid. Shimano Tranx 500HG $425 Like new spooled with 65lb...
  6. Blakeb

    Super Clean Accuplates jig master and 4/0 PRICE DROP

    Got for sale a accuplates jig master in silver and a accuplates 4/0 for sale. Prices are 120$ for jig master silver Super clean ready to be fished 180$ For the 4/0 blue Also super clean and ready to be fished. or $250 for both. Will ship as long as buyer pays shipping. text or call me...
  7. Blakeb

    GOLD TRINIDADS 12, 14, and a Perfect 16N Special

    Got for sale gold Trinidad 12 $275 Super clean ready to be fished Gold Trinidad 14 $275 Super clean ready to be fished Gold Trinidad 16N special $400 Reel is literally like brand new spotless spooled with 65lb braid comes with box and paper work Or all all three reels for $850 All Reels...
  8. Blakeb

    Gone with the wind

    How’s it going BD got for sale a seeker LB GSW1008 black max graphite Full factory Prices at $250 Text or call me 9092949519 thanks, Blake
  9. Blakeb

    7ft 3 piece Kencor PAC73 finger Rod trout rod

    How’s it going BD got for sale a Kencor PAC73 trout rod. Got bills to pay so this is going. 3 piece nice mini jig stick 7ft long. ready to fished. Price is $300 or best offer Text me or call me for more pics Bd not allowing me to upload some. 9092949519 Thanks, Blake
  10. Blakeb

    Gone to the next

    How’s it going y’all got for sale a Tady 1096 jig stick. Rod pulls very nice and is wrapped ready to be fished. Has a clean wrap on it with Fuji guides. length is 10ft Price is $350 or best offer need it gone got bills knocking at the door. I have more photos but they won’t upload for some...
  11. Blakeb

    Calstar BT100 10ft all GLASS $180

    How’s it going BDERS! got for sale Calstar BT100 10ft solid glass! Beautiful jig stick ready to be fished. Price is $180 Text me or call me 9092949519 First come first serve have a good one, Blake
  12. Blakeb

    Fred hall 2020 contest winner question

    How’s it goin y’all so my brother just got a call they picked his name for a drawing and needs to come to the event tomorrow at 8pm in Ontario CA. told him guaranteed prize of either 100k, a Car, or a vacation. question is whatcha think of this is it a scam? called the from a 818 number
  13. Blakeb

    SS SEEKER LB Green glass painted white 6470XH

    How’s it going BD got for sale a OG Long Beach super seeker green glass painted white 6470XH Length 7’3 Rod could fish 60-80 no problem. Fully wrapped ready to be fished. Price $500 OBO Text me or call me 9092949519 First person who $$$ gets it sorry guys don’t like to hold as I have to...
  14. Blakeb

    Looking to buy Surface irons/jigs/bone jigs

    How’s it going y’all! Looking to buy surface irons all brands! Salas, Tady, II sharp, killer, odd ball named jigs open to all. Any condition doesn’t matter. Let me know what you have shoot me a text or call me (909)294-9519 thanks guys, Blake
  15. Blakeb

    Fenwick Yellow Glass JB969

    Looking to sell a fenwick JB969 yellow glass custom wrapped by Sav on Tackle Asking price is $300 Or best offer Rod is 8’1 and is a nice 30-40lb stick Text me or call me 9092949519 Pick up in Claremont CA first come first serve Will not be holding the rod for people sorry
  16. Blakeb

    PRICE DROP. Sabre 9ft jig stick,New Custom Phenix Hybrid 7'6 40-50lb rod, Seeker CJB80H Blank

    Hows it goin BDERS got for sale a few rods A Sabre honey 9ft jig stick rod has a 3 inch extension in the but putting it at 9'3 (think 690J), Price $200 A custom Hybrid 7'6 40-50lb rod fished once, Price $275 A new Seeker CJB80H Blank Price $175 Feel free to text me or call me (909)294-9519...
  17. Blakeb

    Tranx 500HG and Trinidad 16A

    Got for sale Trinidad 16a used twice 65 pro with 30lb mono on top. tranx 500HG with 65 pound braid to the top with tiB clamp Trinidad 16A $400 OBO Tranx 500HG $425 OBO text or call me 9092949519 thanks, Blake
  18. Blakeb

    Lamiglas 1096 or 528 Any Color

    How’s it going BDERS looking for a old Lamiglas 1096 Or 528 any color let me know what you got. Have cash or stuff to trade! Pm me or text/call me 9092949519 Thanks! Blake
  19. Blakeb

    Super Seeker 6470H LB

    How’s it going BDERS got a super solid and clean 6470H looking to sell. Price is $350 rod is a solid 50/60lb rod custom wrapped Has OG Long Beach label in the butt text or call me 9092949519 also interested in trade depending on what you have.
  20. Blakeb

    Nice Newell 322-5

    how’s it going BDERS here is the rest of my Newell’s for sale all have individual prices willing to sell Feel free to pm me text or call me 9092949519 Sorry I cant hold items first come first serve. If need more pics contact me 322-5 $175
  21. Blakeb

    Long Beach Seekers, Sabre 540s, Calstar, phenix. For reels!

    How’s it going BDERS! looking to trade for some reels got way to many rods. I’m looking for Trinidad A’s 12 14 16 20, Talicas 8 10 12, Penn Torques 25N 40N, And Maks 8,10,12,16! looking to trade ASAP looking for trades fair for both parties open to cash on either side to make things good. Feel...
  22. Blakeb

    Want to buy Tranx 500HG

    How’s it going BDERS looking forward a tranx 500HG in good working condition prefer to come with clamp. pm Me or text/call 9092949519 thanks, Blake
  23. Blakeb

    A TON OF Newell’s priced individually!

    How’s it going BDERS just got back in town here are all the Newell’s for sale. They are all priced individually but also willing to sell as a lot. Willing to ship as long as you cover shipping. Pick up around Upland CA. Text me for individual pics 9092949519 First come first serve not holding...
  24. Blakeb

    A LOT of Newell’s!

    How’s it going BDer’s Selling a lot of Newell’s wanting to sell all together There is a total of 16 reels. Looking to get $2000 or best offer for all of them! Most reels in good workin condition some need to be greased. First come first serve not trying to hold just for people to flake. Cash is...
  25. Blakeb

    Super clean Custom Wrapped Phenix Hybrid 760H PRICE DROP!

    How’s it going BDERS selling a super clean freshly wrapped phenix hybrid 760H wrapped ready to be fished! price is $300 or best offer PICK UP IN SD Open to trades not sure what though like glass rods. text or call me 9092949519
  26. Blakeb

    Avet JX & LX Single Speed $130 each

    Got two single speed avets one JX and one LX both great condition ready to be fished $130 each text or call me 9092949519
  27. Blakeb

    Newell G344-F $165

    Got a Newell G344-F for sale price is $165 will ship ship if you pay! Pm me text or call me 9092949519
  28. Blakeb

    OG LB Seeker SS CJBF 70H wrapped by Scruitt !PRICE DROP!

    How’s it going BDERS Hate to get rid of this rod but the time has come. Super Seeker OG Long Beach CJBF70H Monster of a rod with a badass wrap. Price is DROPPED $400 or best offer or trade for a Truline rod Pm me text or call me 9092949519
  29. Blakeb

    Question on rules

    So I know the rules are changing what’s aloud what’s not. so the question is what are the rules for classifieds? Honestly I enjoyed having some of the spice around. It was good for the people I feel like. Now everything seems to be silenced immediately. everyone loves trolls weather they want...
  30. Blakeb

    OG LB Seekers CEX/Green

    How’s it goin BDERS got 5 blanks for sale Models: CEX 704 CEX 60H CEX 65 Green 706 Dark blue Proto type Blank All blanks are new never wrapped. $800 for all or $200 a piece or best offer let me know thanks Call or text me (909)294-9519 Sorry at work bad pics I took really fast Text me and I can...
  31. Blakeb

    Tranx 500PG $340 PICS ADDED

    How’s it going BD selling a Tranx 500PG has a little rash 8/10 reel is full of spectra. price is $340 text or call me 9092949519 thanks, Blake
  32. Blakeb

    Green Shikari 807H Blank

    How’s it going BDERS got a green Shikari 807H Blank for sale rod is 8ft 30lb rod. price is $225 Text me for pics (909)294-9519
  33. Blakeb

    Red Glass Trulines!

    How’s it goin BD! Looking for red glass trulines open to all feel free to text/call or pm me (909)294-9519 Got cash or rods/a couple reels to trade! Let me know thanks guys!
  34. Blakeb

    Truline Chocolate D8 Blank 8’3 & Factory 5X Deluxe label 8ft

    How’s it going BDERS! Got for sale a badass chocolate D8 blank solid 40lb rod 8’3 in length! Price is $700 Also got a Factory Deluxe label Full Factory 5X length is 8ft and a half inch! Price is $700 Open to trades for seekers/ other old glass rods. Cash is always preferred Feel free to text...
  35. Blakeb


    How’s it going BD selling some old candybars Feel free to text or call me (909)294-9519 open to offers on multiple lots just let me know what you are looking for. Lots 1-3 of 112s 90$ each Lot 4 112s $55 Lot 5 chrome no R 112 and white no R 112 $75 And the lot of 200s which is 8 jigs...
  36. Blakeb

    RODS Calstar Grafighters and honey Jig stick

    How’s it going BDERS Got a grafighter 700M and 800M $200 for the 700M $240 for the 800M Also got a Calstar jig stick 9ft pretty sure 530 $old Text or call me 9092949519
  37. Blakeb

    Truline Cobra Glass VBG7 heavy

    How’s it going Bder’s got a Truline VBG7 factory for sale cobra glass 40-50lb rod! Price is $300 Text or call me 9092949519
  38. Blakeb

    Seeker CEX ULUA full 10ft!

    How’s it going BDERS hate to do it but I have to sell this rod. Rod is in very very good condition ready to be fished. $1100 is cash price not looking for trade Text or call me or pm me 9092949519
  39. Blakeb

    Trulines and Green Sabres!!

    Hows it going BDer's got for sale a some trulines and some green sabres that i just dont need. Local pick up preffered will hold if cash is sent through paypal/venmo otherwise first come first serve. There are alot more rods that i have just dont have time to go threw all yet. CASH IS KING...
  40. Blakeb

    Long Beach Seeker S Glass 36 PRICE DROP

    Hows it going BDer's got for sale a wrapped S glass Black 36. Long beach Seeker. $225 feel free to text or call me with any questions or pm me.
  41. Blakeb

    7 all black glass Calstars!

    How’s it going Bders Got 7 og Calstars all black glass I’m parting with! Looking to sell all at once shortest one is 7 longest like 8’2 $550 for all 7
  42. Blakeb

    OG Long Beach honey graphite cjbf70

    asking price is sold Solid 50lb stick Ready to be fished. Text or call me 9092949519 or pm me
  43. Blakeb

    Looking for Seeker EX Blue 6480H

    hows it going BD As title says looking for a Exteme Blue seeker 6480H If you have one you may part with please let me know I have cash or tons of stuff to offer for trade. Feel free to pm me or text or call me 9092949519 Thanks, Blake
  44. Blakeb

    Truline Red Glass BO36 PRICE DROP

    Hows it goin BDER's got for sale a BO36 awesome rod great bend ready to be fished just needs a new handle. 30-40lb rod 8ft $325 or Best Offer
  45. Blakeb

    LB Baby Ulua Blank PRICE DROP!

    Hows it going BDER's! Got for sale a baby ulua LB blank Project X Inside of the butt is green $300 or trade for old glass rods or other seekers! text or call me (909)294-9519 Blake
  46. Blakeb

    Truline Rods Lots Of Them MIXED FLAVORS

    Hows it going BDer's Got for sale some trulines rod. Really have not had time to take pics of all sorry. Super busy so time to step away from trulines for the most part. If you want pics of certain rods just shoot me a txt or call me and i will get them for you or you can pm me. my cell is...
  47. Blakeb


    How’s it going BD got for trade a all blue ex Ulua 93H cut to 9’3 Rod is ready to fish as is has been used couple little scratches on it. What am I loooking for? Old rods a D8 Truline, a 528 lami, super heavy Roddy jig sticks not BRs, Trinidad DC, other trulines 8ft or a nice TNT or XR7 Or...
  48. Blakeb

    Reels for sale: Trinidad 14a, 16a, JX raptor, newell g299f PRICE DROP NEED AGAIN!

    Hows it going BDer's got for sale some more reels: Trinidad 14a $335: very clean condition spooled with 50lb PP Trinidad 16a $350: clean condition spooled with brand new 65lb pp + tib clamp Text or call me (909)294-9519 Willing to ship as long as you cover shipping
  49. Blakeb


  50. Blakeb

    Lots of Trulines! Black, Green, Chocolate NEW PICS ADDED OF ALL RODS!

    Hows it going BD got for sale a decent amount of truline Rods! Text me for individual pics My number is (909)294-9519 I have more just have not made my way threw everything yet Black Glass: factory wrapped collins 4x $old Yos Wrapped OCTY 1x $old 2 piece 7'6 $100 black 6ft+ factory $150 2...
  51. Blakeb

    Gorgeous loaded long range box PICS ADDED

    How’s it going Bd Got a gorgeous long range box loaded with everything necessary for long range fishing. Price is $850 or best offer! PICS ADDED 9092949519
  52. Blakeb

    Beautiful Kennedy fisher set of rods! PICS ADDED

    How’s it going Bder’s got for sale some KF rods! Got two 8fters and two 7fters beautiful rods ready to fish It’s a awesome set all wrapped ready to fish! Feel free to text or call me $650 for all 4 9092949519 Blake
  53. Blakeb

    Trinidad 12,16, and 20 Gold!!

    How’s it going BDERS!! Got for sale some Trinidad’s all used and have rash other then that ready to fish. Trinidad 12- $225 pending Trinidad 16, and 20- $250 20 pending “14 in photos not available” Open to some trades mainly LB seeker rods and old glass rods! Feel free to text or call me...
  54. Blakeb

    Set of gold Trinidad’s 12,14,16,20 PRICE dRop

    How’s it going Bder’s looking to get rid of my set of gold Trinidad’s! Here are some pics reels are used and have rash. TN 12, and TN 14 225 each TN 16 and TN 20 265 each Or all 4 for $900 Text or call me (909)294-9519
  55. Blakeb


  56. Blakeb

    FOR SALE PRISTINE Blue Newell 229!!

    How’s it going BDers!! Got for trade/sale a prestine condition blue newell 229 Reel is solid 10/10 CASH $450 Looking to trade for Trulines Rods 8ft or heavy 7ft. Also looking for newer reels Trinidad DC, Trinidad gold Narrows 16N or 40N, heavy lamiglas, heavy Roddy, old school seeker rods...
  57. Blakeb

    Super Mint Trinidad 12A!

    How’s it going Bder’s got for sale a Trinidad 12a mint condition 10/10 mechanical 9.5/10 cosmetically little mark on white knob $370 obo Text me or call me 9092949519
  58. Blakeb

    WTT perfect condition Trinidad 12a for 16a or talica 8ii

    How’s it going BDErs got a perfect condition Trinidad 12a looking to trade for a 16a- or a talica 8 two speed Text or call me 9092949519
  59. Blakeb

    WTT super clean Trinidad 16N gold for mak-10 or tac 8ii

    How’s it going Bd, Got a super clean Trinidad 16N gold with box and paper work. Looking to trade for a talica 8 2 speed or a mak 10 SEA Text or call me 9092949519
  60. Blakeb


    Hows it going BDers!! Selling off my collection of jigs Going to be selling in lots prices very in between lots TEXT OR CALL ME (909)294-9519 Easiest way to get a hold of me or if you prefer pm OR BY ALL LOTS 35 jigs price droppedddd Lot 1: 3 Kicker 25's 1 Baby 5x Salas 1 J pot $35 Lot...
  61. Blakeb

    Roddy BR-90 price drop!! $175

    hows it going BDers got for sale a BR-90 factory. Full length 9ft 30-40lb rod Price is $175 or best offer Text or call me (909)294-9519
  62. Blakeb

    Silaxflex PT-90 Magnum price dropped!

    How’s it goin BDers got for sale a Silaflex PT-90 Magnum rod is 9ft 9inches 30-40lb rod $180 price drop & again Text or call me (909)294-9519
  63. Blakeb

    Gold Trinidad 20!! Price drop

    How’s it going Bder’s Got for sale a gold Trinidad 20 clean condition $280 Text or call me (909)294-9519 Only interested trades would be blue CEX or EX rods
  64. Blakeb


    How’s it going BD, Got for sale a lot of calstar rods Would like 80 each or 500 for all. Text call me 9092949519 1-8’6 2-8 3-7 1 Graphiter 7ft Models that I know of 870 670 196-8 700L Not sure the model on one of the 8fters, the 8’6 and one of the 7fters
  65. Blakeb

    Harnell 723

    What’s up guys Found this rod this weekend. First harnell I’ve found. Seems to be full factory 10ft on the money Very nice taper doesn’t bend all the way to the handle which I enjoy
  66. Blakeb

    lots of jigs BRING TO FRED HALL

    All these jigs will be with me tomorrow at fred hall. Looking to trade for a couple rods Trulines, Harnell, Roddy, Lamiglas or something cool Vintage proffered but also interested in cool odd ball stuff Seeker rods reels whatever. Not really sure what i am looking for as far as cash but always...
  67. Blakeb

    Seeker Rods, Truline, Harnell, Trinidad 40N, and other stuff

    Hows it going BD, Will be at fred hall tomorrow everything that i am listing will be with me! So i have three seeker blanks. One Super Seeker Greenie Composite CJBF85 $200 One Blue Dark blue extreme Proto type 6'8 30-40lb rod Unsanded $125 One Green extreme BS706 7ft $100 Harnell 9ft 30lb rod...
  68. Blakeb

    Lot of Candybar jigs

    Got for sale a mixed lot of candybar jigs 150s 200s and 112s Price 300$ Text/call me 9092949519
  69. Blakeb

    Truline GGD8

    How’s it going BD got for sale a GGD8 Rod just needs new cork tape or cord and tip other then that wrapped would be ready to fish! Price $450 Text/call me 9092949519 Thanks!
  70. Blakeb

    Trulines Green CXM and Hershey D8H

    How’s it going Bder’s got for sale a green CXM and also a Hershey D8H Please text or call me if interested thanks! Blake (909)2949519 The CXM is around 8’1-8’2 25lb stick very green green glass. $350 The Hershey HD8 is 8’1 I think 50lb rod all day the perfect rod to fish.$475 (will...
  71. Blakeb

    Silver JX Raptor

    How’s it going BD got a Jx raptor for sale $350 Text / call me 9092949519
  72. Blakeb

    SOldd Price drop-DC Trini 16

    Reel is 9/10 condition ready to fished 16DC price drop $875 Text/call me 9092949519
  73. Blakeb

    Factory Truline Green HD8-1

    The time has come and I Got for sale my factory green HD8-1 price is $900 This rod is a 50lb rod Text or call me 9092949519
  74. Blakeb


    Selling a badass trinidad 16DC 9.5/10 condition 10/10 mechanically Trinidad 16DC-$1000 Temp photos for both items till I’m home! Text/call me 9092949519
  75. Blakeb


    How’s it goin BD! Selling some reels I don’t need. Willing to ship as long as you pay for shipping. Any questions text/call me 9092949519 or pm me Got for sale a Talica 12 two speed ready to fished spooled with 65lb PP Reel is used price is $300
  76. Blakeb


    How’s it going Bder’s letting go some of my jigs got two lots one has 30 jigs other has 32 jigs Text/call me or pm me 9092949519 Also will be posting other jigs I have candybar starmans and others. PRICES DROPPED All jigs- $375 30 jigs- $190 top left jigs heavy all rest lite 32 jigs-...
  77. Blakeb

    Seeker, calstar, Truline, misc rods PRICE DROPS AGAIN!!

    hows it going BD went threw the garage going to be parting with a good amount of gear bills have rolled in. If you want something shoot me a text or call me 9092949519 or pm me. Also selling a bunch of jigs and tackle. Going up in another thread later. Rods: Seeker Old long beach Half...
  78. Blakeb

    WTB BLUE EX/CEX Seeker Rods!!

    How’s it going Bder’s Looking to buy 7ft-10ft blue EX/CEX (Blue Extreme or Composite Extreme) seeker Rods got cash in hand shoot me a message or text/call 9092949519 Thanks, Blake
  79. Blakeb


    Got for sale 3 Shimano jig bags Two small ones $50 each One large one $100 Text/call 9092949519
  80. Blakeb


    How’s it going Bder’s!! Looking to buy some trulines shoot me a text, phone call or pm with what you got. 9092949519 looking for heavy 7fter or any 8ft trulines. Let me know whatcha got open to anything Thanks, BlakeB
  81. Blakeb

    Operation Ghost Kill 6/2-3/18

    It's been a while since I have posted a report here. I've had a lot of ups and downs this year working on opening a business, moving, new job, and my brother passing away. Fishing has been something that I needed to do for a while. It had probably been about 8-9 months since I had been on the...
  82. Blakeb

    Fs saltiga 50 star drag price drop again!!

    How’s it going BDERS got for sale a saltiga 50 stardrag ready to fish! Perfect for Bluefin Asking price is price drop to $215 Text call me 9092949519
  83. Blakeb


    WHATS UP BDERS!!!! Got for sale some extra rods that arent going to get used. all rods are priced local pick up around Upland CA text/call me (909)294-9519 Thanks, BlakeB Seeker Old long beach Half honey/black D8 rod 30-40lb 8ft $—$175 Seeker Old long beach BLUE prototype BLANK 6ft 8inchs...
  84. Blakeb

    Price drop again+ more reels added,tranx 400hg TAC 12 II, BAJA Special, P322F x2, AVET JX 2Speed MC

    Hows it goin BDer's!!!! Selling some of my extra reels all in good working condition PRICES DROPPED *****Talica twelve 2 speed Cosmetically used internals good to go ready to fish filled with 65 $370 ****Tranx 400HG awesome condition filled with 50 sold ****Baja Special 9/10 used but in...
  85. Blakeb


    Hows it goin BDERS!! To all yall jig fisherman and collectors out there got things for all of you!! The time has come now that i need to off load some of my jig collection. The offered surface iron jigs range from tady, salas, two sharp, hacker, schanbel, and many others The offered bone jigs...
  86. Blakeb

    WTS TRULINE Cobra Red D8 and Green MH

    How’s it going BD Looking to trade a couple rods. First rod is Cobra Red D8 8ft 40lb stick. Rod has all factory wraps except for handle someone cut of Nf reel seat so I added cord as I liked the wood grain hyp look on the wall. Second rod is a Green MH 8ft+ another very nice 40lb rod. Rod is...
  87. Blakeb

    WTS blue 80 8ft seeker blank

    How’s it goin BD got for a brand new never wrapped limited edition blue 80 8ft seeker blank rod is solid 40lb. Asking price 200$ local pick up Text/call me 90929495919
  88. Blakeb

    WTS BNIB MAKAIRA 20 SEA! Pics added

    Got for sale a BNIB make 20 sea gunmetal filled with 100 pound bought it never used it Price is 575 If you want a pic text/call me 9092949519 I will be in SD today and tomorow down in mission bay! Will Be at longfin also tomorrow Other wise I'm in upland Willing to ship if buyer pays
  89. Blakeb

    WTS Trulines Cobra Red D8 and Green MH! PRICE DROP

    How's it going BD! Got for sale a very clean Cobra Glass red D8 8ft 40lb stick. Price is 550 Also have a Green MH 8ft clean blank still has factory MH label on it. Price is 550 Or 1000 for the pair! Give me a call or text me 9092949519
  90. Blakeb

    WTB S glass GREEN Extreme series seeker rods!!!

    How's it going BDers I'm looking to buy the old S glass extreme series seeker rods or blanks in Green! If anyone has any and are looking to sell or trade them please let me know thanks!! Blake Pm me or text/call 9092949519
  91. Blakeb

    WTT Trulines D8,MH, and others!! Pics added

    Hows it going BD!!! I have for trade a few of my Truline Rods! I am looking for other Trulines specifically factory rods or heavy 7-8fters such as XR7's, Other D8's, a super clean green 5X, and a 6X. or also looking for UC Viper 7'6 and also either a talica 25 or a mak 20 Willing to add cash...
  92. Blakeb

    WTB 7'6 rail rod

    hows it going BD looking for a 7'6 rail rod that I can fish 100-130 on let me know whatcha got thanks!!
  93. Blakeb

    WTB Factory Wrapped Trulines

    How's it going BDers! Looking to buy factory wrapped Truline rods! Please pm me or text/ call me if you have some for sale. My phone number is 9092949519 Cash in hand ready to go!!
  94. Blakeb

    Party on the 43

    Commercial guys having a field day out there today on the 43.
  95. Blakeb

    WTB tranx 400HG and Phenix M1 90H

    How's it going BD, Got cash in hand looking for a Tranx 400HG and a Phenix m1 90h Looking for both in excellent condition Please contact me through PM Or text/call me 9092949519
  96. Blakeb

    WTS 2 Newells

    Got for sale 2 newells 1 P338F with tib Frame priced at $170 1 338-5 priced at $130 Or 275 for the pair Local pick up or will ship if buyer pays Text me for pics 9092949519
  97. Blakeb


    How's it going BD, Got for sale today my Shimano trinidad 20DC. Reason for selling is I have another 16 and 20 and only need one of each. This reel is mechanically 9/10 ready to fish everything people say about this reel is true definitely a awesome jig reel popper reel. The DC part of this reel...
  98. Blakeb

    WTB Shimano Saragossa

    How's it going BD lookin for a couple Saragossa's going to Hawaii next week with the whole fam and were doing some fishing PM me with what you got and a price thanks! BlakeB
  99. Blakeb

    What is needed to fish offshore Mexico?

    Hows it going BD, I know this is a on going topic but i just wanted to check in with everyone and try to get some clarification. I understand for fishing within that 12 mile area of the islands it is needed to have Passport Visa and Mexi fishing license Not sure if im missing anything else on...
  100. Blakeb

    Suggestions anything? Ulua fishing or Gt Maui 6/21 and Kauai 6/26

    hows it going y'all, Heading to Maui on 6/21 getting married and will be staying near Lahiana from Tuesday-Monday wedding on sat but looking to fish otherwise while there. Big Goal of mine is Ulua fishing. Any help suggestions tips would be greatly appreciated. Im more then willing to pay for...
  101. Blakeb

    Visiting Maui and Kauai from 6/21-7/3 Help appreciated!

    hows it going y'all, Heading to Maui on 6/21 getting married and will be staying near Lahiana from Tuesday-Monday wedding on sat but looking to fish otherwise while there. Big Goal of mine is Ulua fishing. Any help suggestions tips would be greatly appreciated. Im more then willing to pay for...
  102. Blakeb

    Shimano Any upgrades for Trinidad 16 or 20DC?

    hows it going BD, Question does anyone know if there are any upgrades that can go on the trinidad 16DC or 20DC I picked up a pair of them this last weekend. Any ideas or thoughts appreciated thanks!!
  103. Blakeb

    WTS Newell G332F & Trevala 60H & 800M Calstar priced to sell

    Hows it going BD Got for sale a Newell G332F for sale $170 reel is in 9/10 condition ready to go and Trevala TVC-60H rod is pretty much brand new asking price is $100 also a custom wrapped Calstar 800M rated 20-40 9/10 condition ready to be fished $150 Local Pick UP West LA text/call...
  104. Blakeb

    WTS New old stock double stamp Salas 6X jigs

    How's it going BD, Got for sale 3 bags of new old stock salas 6X jigs double stamped. 2 bags have 6 jigs each 1 bag has 4 jigs 6 jigs for $35 4 jigs for $23 Will ship on buyers expense local pick up west LA
  105. Blakeb

    WTB tranx 500HG, tranx 400AHG, and 2 trinidad 16A

    How's it going BD, Looking to buy two trinidad 16a's like new or new, a tranx 500HG any condition, and a tranx 400AHG Let me know what you got thanks!
  106. Blakeb

    WTS/WTT Truline, Calstar, Roddy, Cousins, Black Hole, and Seeker rods and blanks! PRICE DROP AGAIN!!

    Hows It goin BD'ers!! Its time to thin out the herd and let go some of my rods. I got for sale a wide variety of rods/blanks. I am available most days if you would like to come see rods. You can pm me or text/call me 9092949519 if you are interested in the rods. Willing to trade rods for other...
  107. Blakeb

    WTB/WTT for TruLine 6X, green 36 and 5X

    Looking for a solid 6X, green 5X, and green 36 Trulines have other trulines I can trade with or cash! Pm me what you have or text me/call 9092949519! Thanks y'all
  108. Blakeb

    WTT for or WTB Tranx 500HG with Tib Clamp!!

    How's it going BD I got a P322F newell reel plus cash for Tranx 500HG or just straight cash. Please be in good mechanical condition. Text or call me 9092949519 Thanks, BlakeB
  109. Blakeb


    hows it going BD got for sale Per the the badge a P322-F. Reel has all G parts except for guts spool and handle. Reel is in good working condition! Price is $olddddd Text or call me local pick up west LA or ship as long as you pay shipping.
  110. Blakeb

    WTS/WTT Truline BXM-trinidad 16N-Phenix PSW 809XHJ-Seeker Blue Exteme 6470 PRICE DROP AGAIN!!!!

    How's it going BDER's, Parting with some more stuff Will be at Fred hall and have everything with me. Text me or call or pm me willing to trade for wide P and G series Newells, or other heavy trulines willing to add cash on my part for certain things My number 9092949519 Chocolate BXM 8ft...
  111. Blakeb

    WTB Truline MH

    hows it going BD looking to buy a Truline MH. Please message me if your selling one thanks!
  112. Blakeb

    For Sale Big lot of fishing tackle and boxes!!SWAP MEET SELLERS DREAM adjusted price

    Hey guys I'm selling a big lot of tackle and gear from jigs to hooks to trolling lures to boxes to boots to rods a lot of stuff. I'm looking to sell as a whole lot first come first serve asking price is $300 for all of it. willing to sell multiples at a time Open to serious offers Jigs range...
  113. Blakeb


  114. Blakeb

    WTB TruLine Rods! Cash $$ in hand

    Hows it going BDer's, Got some extra cash looking to pick up a couple TruLines. Looking for Green Glass,older black glass, Older Red Glass Models in looking for D8, 36, MH, 5X, 6X, TNT, XR7, BH89, and other 7ft-8ft plus models. Don't care weather it's custom wrapped or factory wrapped. Text me...
  115. Blakeb

    Offshore Final run of the year Tanner 12/7-9/16

    Hows it going BDer's What a badass year of fishing we have all had starting really early in the year and going all the way through to December. I have been fortunate enough to get on some trips this year with awesome friends and had some really good times. This is the recap of the my final trip...
  116. Blakeb

    Help please BD

    Hey guys, So I picked up this blue extreme Ulua at a garage sale. Was super stoked to find it its spiral/acid wrapped. Also has a giant reel seat on it. So my question would be is it possible to remove or cut this monster reel seat off? Any suggestions for removal would be greatly appreciated...
  117. Blakeb

    Trinidad 20A for sale! 360$ Price drop

    How's it going BDer's, Selling my trini 20A Price is $360.00 Will ship on your dime Reel is 9/10 mechanically and and 8.5/10 cosmetically. Loaded with 65 power pro and 40 XXX on top Text me or call me or pm me!! 9092949519 Thanks, BlakeB
  118. Blakeb

    Jigs!wooden tackle box, poppers, and USA xtuff boots! PRICE DROP

    Hey BDer's! thinning out the stock of gear I got. 15 jigs $85 Straggler, Tady, Salas, Glow jigs, Outlaw Jr Also got a wooden tackle box full of stuff. $55 Also have a pair of USA xtra tuff boots size 13 $45 Or $190 for everything Pm me or text/call 9092949519
  119. Blakeb

    Truline's LM7 Red glass Factory, 8X Black glass factory and unknown rod For Sale!!

    Hey BD'ers, Got for sale a factory LM7 red glass, Factory 8x black glass, and a unknown possible Truline rod length on rod is 7'9. Looking for SOLD for the set of rods. Price is firm Open to trades Pm me if interested or call/text me at 9092949519
  120. Blakeb

    WTB TruLine Rods!!!

    How's it going BDer's, Looking to buy a couple more TruLine's Models I'm primarily looking for: CXM, MH, M36, 36, 4X, 5X, 6X, D8, TNT RD8, and RD7 I'm primalry looking for quality green rods but open to older red. I have cash in hand ready to go. Feel free to text me or call me at 9092949519...
  121. Blakeb

    Offshore Ocean Odyssey fished 7/9/16 New PB

    Hey BDer's!!!! Quick report: Planned this trip that was on 7/8/16 as soon as they posted there schedule. Last year did this trip and punched out limits of everything first boat to fish south for the year. Pre OP: Got all the gear ready been waiting to get out there and fish. Had gone three to...
  122. Blakeb

    Four sets of 4 brand new Shimano Flat FALLS price drop!

    Hey y'all, Here are the Shimano flat falls I have for sale each lot is 45$ Local pick up in Santa Monica or buyer pays shipping Lot number 1 Lot number 2 Lot number 3 Lot number 4
  123. Blakeb

    Poppers for sale

    Hey y'all poppers for sale, Whole lot for 100$ local pickup or buyer pays shipping
  124. Blakeb

    WTS Trinidad 40N need gone ASAP! Price drop

    Hey y'all, Parting with this due to a emergency pet surgery. Price is 425$ Pick up local to me Or ship on your dime
  125. Blakeb

    Question on refurbishing jigs

    Hey BDer's So I got a couple questions! I picked up some old jigs that I want to refurbish. First question is what do y'all use to remove the old paint and clean up the jig blank? Also any suggestions on quality paint? All replies are much appreciated!
  126. Blakeb

    JIG ID!! Assistance needed!!

    Hey y'all, Picked these jigs up today Hustler, the matador, charmer, cp 105, full size 6x double stamped, old 45, new 45, 4 old candybars, And one misc jig So I have been told that it could be a putter. So I know there is those guys here who would know! Some input would be appreciated!!
  127. Blakeb

    Offshore SHOGUN 1.5 Day Great Times!

    Hey BD'ers! Here is my report for Frankie and I for our 1.5 Shogun Run! Weather: Ride out-very smooth going down swell not much lump and very little wind slept good. Maybe 5 knots at most with 2ft swells Morning-very mild chop with a little wind 2-3 ft swells with 7-8knots of wind very nice...
  128. Blakeb

    WTB Tranx Hg

    Hey Bder's, Looking to buy a tranx HG I'm in Brentwood and work in encino if your local I will pick up if not shipping will be the way to go! Pm me with the price if you have one your looking to part with! Text or call 9092949519
  129. Blakeb

    WTB Horizontal Rod Rack

    hey y'all, Looking to be a horizontal Rod rack that can hold my 20 salt sticks. Please let me know if y'all have anything!
  130. Blakeb

    Looking for Horizontal Rod Rack Quality

    Hi BDer's, I'm looking to see if anyone knows any company's that Mack quality horizontal Rod racks. I'm looking for something that can hold around 20 rods which are all salt water rods. Please if anyone knows someone or some where to get one let me know!
  131. Blakeb

    Newell G332-F for sale

    Hey Bder's, Selling my G332-F in excellent condition ready to fish. Hot rides drags by reel man (Newell master) aka jerry Price $175.00 Pm me or call/txt 9092949519
  132. Blakeb

    AVET PRO EX 4/02 for sale PRICE DROP

    Hey Bder's, Looking to sell my AVET pro ex 4/02 Filled with Hallowcore reel is in great condition Selling for PRICE DROP 300 . Text or call 9092949519 Or pm me
  133. Blakeb

    WTT RED Newell 338-5

    How's it going BD'ers Looking trade my red Newell 338-5 Full factory reel Looking for Truline rods red or green D8's, TNT, RD8 Also looking for penn torque 40N two speed Trinidad 40N Mak SEaII Only for trade as I'm not sure what I'm willing to let it go for yet. Feel free to Pm me or...
  134. Blakeb


    Hey Bder's, Looking to buy a Trinidad 40 narrow any condition! Text or call me at 909 294 9519
  135. Blakeb

    WTB Green, Red, Black Trulines!

    How is it going BdER's I'm back on the market looking for another nice stick to add on to the set. Open to everything mainly looking for 8ft+ rods that are atleast 25 pound sticks. As far as 7ft to 7'6 looking for TNT's, xr7, and a heavy d7 I'm a little more picky on the 7ft but still open to...
  136. Blakeb

    Destination Costa Rica. Best places to stay there?

    Hows it going BDer's So I have picked Costa Rica as this years trip location. On this trip my Fiance and me will be going. Im looking for a location there where i can enjoy some badass fishing and at the same time have things for us to do. Anyone know any locations that fits that? Also how...
  137. Blakeb

    Cyber Monday Wheres the deals?

    Hows it going BDer's Anyone here of any good Cyber Monday deals on fishing gear or anything worth buying?
  138. Blakeb

    Our Personal Truline Collection Preview!

    Hey BDer's, After putting in some time and doing tons of searching high and low for the right rods this is what I have so far. I wanted to make a thread where we had a area where we can all share photos and knowledge of our own personal collection that we have put time in putting together. I...
  139. Blakeb

    WTB TruLine RD8

    How's it going yall im on the hunt for a older rd8 Got cash in hand ready to go! Text/call 9092949519
  140. Blakeb

    Planning a vacation for next year best places to fish?

    How's it going yall so next year around April/May I'm looking to go on a vacation for about 10 days. Willing to go any where in the world just looking for the best fishing. This trip is going to be around my b-day so what do yall got. Willing to go anywhere!!'
  141. Blakeb

    Truline 4x 8ft and 5x snapped that is a 7fter

    How's it going BD, Got a 8ft almost 8'1ft 4x ready to be fished. Usually these rods are 7'6. $open offer Also got a green 5x that had been snapped rod is about 7ft. $50 Also open to trades for other trulines I got cash to add on top. Here are photos call or text 9092949519
  142. Blakeb


    Hi BD, So now I'm currently looking for older circa red and green trulines. D8's, D8H's,Heavier 36's, 36M's, Heavy MH's and possibly Green glass 6x. All heavier rods will be looked into with possible interest still if they aren't what I posted up top. As far as how old any rods with Truline on...
  143. Blakeb

    WTS: BO6X Truline rod

    Hey guys I got this rod and I'm just not feeling it not my style I'm letting it go for SoLd First come first serve. Sold sold sold sold Text me or call me sold
  144. Blakeb


    Hey BD, So I'm parting with this green D8 Due to me having my eyes on another rod. If anyone is interested please pm me! As far as trades goes im looking for nice d8s and possible heavy 36. OBO is $415! Open to offers just please don't shoot me low.
  145. Blakeb

    My two new green Trulines D8 & D8H!!

    Hey BDERS!! Just wanted to share my two new babys with everyone. I came across two awesome deals for these rods. The one with green wrapping is the regular D8 and the one with blue wrapping is the D8H. I would like to thank those who have given me some great info and also a big thanks to buddy...
  146. Blakeb

    Offshore 8/11/15 KOLO LIMITS OF QUALITY BLUEFIN +1!!!

    WHATS UP BD!! Went Fishing this Week! PRE-OP: After fishing last week I was pumped up to go back out and get back on the fish. This year the grade of fish is very impressive and seems to be toads compared to last. My buddy Frankie texted me and really wanted to go out and get out there and get...
  147. Blakeb

    WTB heavy Truline rods! Who's got em?

    Hey yall I'm looking for nice condition heavy d8's,36's, MH's, and 7'6 and longer rods just pm me what you got for Truline!! Thank you have a great day!
  148. Blakeb

    Offshore 8/6/15 Gone KILLING/FARMING ON THE KOLO!!!!

    Whats up BD, Went out with Jeff and got our kill/FARM on!! PRE-OP: Been talking with Jeff for a couple weeks about going out and try to get some fish. Jeff texted me Wednesday and wanted to know if i wanted to go Thursday morning (HELL YEAH). So i texted my boss and let him know i would not be...
  149. Blakeb

    Offshore Ocean Odyssey 7/10-12/15 Limits STYLE!! PIC HEAVY+VIDEOS

    Whats up BD!!!! After a couple days of re cooping here is the report! PRE OP: A bunch of friends and some family had all been wanting to get on a trip together so we all came together and decided the double O would be a good boat to get on. I had never been on it but a bunch of them have and...
  150. Blakeb


    looking for a AWESOME CONDITION TRINIDAD 20A if you got one please pm me asking price and i will PM you back. Have a great day, Blake
  151. Blakeb


    Pre OP: Been feigning to get out on the water had been like a month since I had done any fishing at all. My buddy Jeff hit me up and wanted to know if I wanted to go on a local trip. We planned to go fish the 150 on Tuesday and take a swing at the yellows. Weather conditions: Wind ranging...
  152. Blakeb

    County line and anacapa

    Has anyone fished county line or anacapa/santa Cruz island lately heading out Saturday and was hoping to get a update
  153. Blakeb

    Sold sold sold

    Hey guys hows it going everything sold!
  154. Blakeb

    KOLO at the Coronados 3/28/15!!

    Pre-OP: Been itching to get out on the water and get a swing at this yellows but do to work I am not able to go any other day then weekends now. I had made other trips prior to this one and skunked out but that's fishing. I had called Jeff and was looking to go out on a Friday night to Saturday...
  155. Blakeb

    Avet jx raptor 2 speed mc or Talica 16ii

    I've been debating which one to get any suggestions? I have a avet jx 2 speed and a Talica 12ii Like avet size better and the way it fishes but at the same time know more about shimano anyone advice
  156. Blakeb

    Anyone getting got room on a early May charter

    Looking for a 2 day to 2.5 day there is four of us all experienced and cool down to earth people! Pm me or post the info will get back to you ASAP
  157. Blakeb

    Yellowtail long beach KOLO style!!! 10/20/14

    Hey guys how's it going got out on by buddy's boat the kolomona on Monday There was three of us Jeff(owner of boat great friend) , Frankie(really good friend also) and I First thing we did is spent around 45min at the bait barge catching MACS Key style was fly lined nose hooked 2/0 or 3/0 We...
  158. Blakeb

    2 very experienced guys looking to kill tuna sept 21-22 we got everything needed!!

    Hey guys how's it going Blake here a buddy and I are looking to fish leaving Sunday sept 21 and coming back the 22 we both are very seasoned anglers and we got all own gear, can filet, can gaff, spot patties, drive boat, spot boiling fish, and have money for gas Your boat your rules and we both...
  159. Blakeb

    Wtb all shimano flat fall jigs 100g or bigger

    Paying $20 a piece for all shimano flat fall jigs 100g or bigger please text me at 9092949519 if you have any thanks!! If needed to be shipped will pay for it
  160. Blakeb

    Offshore 8/27/14 THE KOLOMONA BANANA SLAY!!

    Hows it going BD, BlakeB here checkin in! Fished aboard the KOLOMONA yesterday! My buddy Jeff called me earlier in the week and said lets hit the water this week. At first i was hesitant to go due to my lady wanting me to be home but i ended up convincing her and going. Drove to his house my...
  161. Blakeb

    Looking to buy any 1.5day+ for the 29th,30th

    Hey guys I'm looking to buy one spot for any 1.5 day or bigger leaving august 29th or 30th please if any has a extra spot or ticket or can't make a trip let me know and I will take it!!!!
  162. Blakeb

    Is BFT open in Mexico waters or not?

    So I was wondering if it's re opened or not my buddy and I have been fishing yft all season and are waiting for them to re open but everything is so yes no. Does anyone know the real answer?
  163. Blakeb

    Looking for 1.5-2 day trip leaving from SD August 29-31

    Hey guys Blake here checkin in looking for a 1.5 - 2 day trip of anyone had any charters or has any spots willing to part with or can't make let me know! Cash is in hand ready If there are 2 spots will take both
  164. Blakeb

    county line deep whole? Anyone been lately

    Hey guys I was wondering if anyone has been out to county line recently if so are the ghost there yet?
  165. Blakeb

    Shimano Question which Trinidad should i buy?

    Hey guys hows it going, Im looking to buy a Trinidad A. What size should i pick guys, I do a lot of full days, overnighters, and 1 1/2 days. My main targets are WSB, BFT, YellowTail, YFT, Halibut, and Dorado. So what size do you guys think is best for me? Any Suggestions are very much...
  166. Blakeb


    If anyone has a trinidad 14a that you are willing to let go for a reasonable price! Please let me know text me at 9092949519 Thanks guys!