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  1. J

    Offshore No Luv 302/226 Sunday 5/30

    Saw 3 maybe 4 PB"s out hunting the whole trip. Wind and chop made it next to impossible to find any paddys. Cloudy steady wind and Water temps also dropped from previous reports as I was showing 60.2 Saw nada so headed back in hopes to run into a paddy. A skipper called out wide open south...
  2. J

    Not a report but FMM question

    Sorry admin please remove if I violated protocol. I have it posted on "planning" but not getting the attention warranted. Decided to spend the money and have discover baja process everything which they did. However FMM came back and was good for only 3 days and reading here many times was...
  3. J

    FMM only good for one trip WTF

    So I decided have discoverbaja take care of my permits for Coronado Island fishing. Everyone on the forums said it is good for 180 days. But my permit says good for 3 days. WTF! I emailed back and they said yes the FMM only good for 3 days and will need to apply each time again WTF! Did I...
  4. J

    Buddy boat Nados 5/16

    Not sure if private boaters work the islands together or just go drive around which I dont mind. But I will be out for the first time to Nados on my 21'CC this Sunday 5/16 and am if someone else is fishing there and would like can hook up on the radio to help find hot spots that would be cool...
  5. J

    Garmin Bluechart G3 Dumb question

    I have 73SV but with Lakeview. Can I and if I purchase the BC G3, will it show MPLA and also some fishing spots like 302, 9 Mile etc? Currently I just have them manually entered on my waypoints. I am still learning spots when you guys post up and would be nice to know where you guys are...
  6. J

    Finally decided on boat name...

    So my sons and I finally agreed on a boat name 3 years later....but with hundreds of boats on the water in Socal. How would I know if that name is taken? I see boats with Tight line I or II or III etc. Do I just roll with it and have a discussion with another boat if its the same name...
  7. J

    adding a second layer to deck

    My deck gets a little wet and has a semi self drain deck with two holes that drain to the splash well. My splash well is same level as main deck so When swells are up water will go into deck. I minimize that by plugging holes with scuppers and when deck gets a little wet i pull plugs while...
  8. J

    Bio bracelet near shelter island?

    So Im working at getting all my permits ready for Nados via discover baja. But Im really only going to get to fish that area a max of 4 to 6 times this season and rather not pony up for $75. I drive down from Chino at zero dark thirty and will launch from shelter island so was hoping you guys...
  9. J

    Garmin settings & Ducer setup

    So I upgraded my transom mount ducer and it works wonders over the original. But I am still trying to figure things out and learn. But 2 things came to mind during recent trip. 1. Left dock and my side scan worked fine switched around from Nav scanning and back to side scan and this happened...
  10. J

    Help w Fathom 2 speed

    Purchased a brand new Penn Fathom 30 2speed last year but never fished it and it is my first 2 speed. I was at the local tackle shop chatting up a fellow about 2 speeds and he showed me talica and okuma products. I quickly noticed how easy it was to engage the drag on the reels. My new Fathom...
  11. J

    Bow Rail Canvas

    Can anyone please tell me where I can order this? I noticed on my CC that the furthest rear portion of my rail gets a decent amount of splash over the bow/side when its windy. I dont want the full cover like this picture but only want to try covering the back.
  12. J

    I still dont get it.. Transducer Khz

    Watched videos and I just dont get it with the frequency etc. Honestly I get more confused and most of the videos are from bass fishing guys. I need help please for us inshore/offshore guys. For now I run a Garmin 73SV and just put in a GT41 (didnt want to pop for GT51) GT41 for traditional...
  13. J

    Enclose CC or wear proper clothing?

    Was wondering what you guys would do to deal with wind/spray during crossing to SCI. Im going to test my balls and hit SCI this season leaving from Huntington on my 22' Center Console. Been doing research of course on BD and I will try for buddy boat, will plan when weather is ideal etc...
  14. J

    Round trip miles around Catalina

    Was wondering how many miles it is to travel completely around Catalina from HB/LB. I know I've gone 36 one way to south and 42 to north side, but want to know what it is to go full circle? I know my boat can handle it with plenty of room to spare (70 gallons with est. 2.3mpg at 25-28mph...
  15. J

    Where are the sales in OC/LA?

    Like many here super bummed with no FHS this year where I load up. But any tackle shops doing any sales anytime soon as I need to get a couple inshore rods and baitcasters. Also load up on tackle. Great that Bob Sands Tackle started a sale but just too far for me.
  16. J

    Splash well woes

    My 01 Cape Craft CC splash well leaks and I need some suggestions. First off my deck is treated and painted wood and so is the splash well. I knew that the hatch always leaked since ive owned it and decided this winter to replace the current 8" round pry off hatch. After research on here I...
  17. J

    Bow Nav Light Options

    As you can see my anchor blocks my nav lights. Could use your suggestions on where to mount new nav lights. Read some material online and it just says I need them mounted where they are visible to oncoming boats. Was thinking of mounting them up high on my T-Top where I have highlighted...
  18. J

    Any latest on what's needed to fish Nados on private boat?

    New year and I dont see any updates or news on what is needed this year? Stuff on the laws are old and want to be updated as I never made it last year but will be going for sure moving forward. Bracelet, Mx license etc.. I've heard there is a place in SD with a one stop shop that will get it...
  19. J

    7'6 Inshore bait caster to match lexa300

    Dont need brand new unless its a very good deal on flip side dont want a beat up rod. LA/OC/IE locations please. Thanks gents and just PM me please.
  20. J

    *****SOLD***** Power Tech SS Prop 4 Blade 15P $100

    Purchased from a fellow BD'r but will not work for my set up. OFX-4 For Yamaha f225 or other with 15 splines . $100 Firm picked up or ready to ship on your dime.
  21. J

    Need to take Dad fishing LB/LA

    Greetings all. 83 year old Dad has been cooped up for months now, took him shore fishing at local lake for nada and he got bored quick and wanted to leave. I fixed some things on my boat and wanted to take her out soon for testing, and want to take Dad. Launch out of HB or Davies and was...
  22. J

    Which fuel sending unit to buy?

    Doing my winter maintenance and this is one of the many. But its a 70gal plastic tank and looking to replace the sending unit. What is on there now has terminal posts that I screw the 2 wires into and is the swing arm type. Can you guys recommend a solid brand that I should purchase, Thank you.
  23. J

    Garmin EchoMap Sideview/ClearVu in deep H20

    Was wondering if you gents utilize the Sideview or Clear Vu screens on your Garmin....or other FF with these features when fishing SoCal waters. Reason I ask is cause I am thinking my CV52HW that came stock with my 73SV is crap and I need to get a better one. Or I just still need to learn how...
  24. J

    Bait tank discharge aft or side

    Making the drilling the final hole for my drain for the bait tank with the drain hose now running below deck. I would appreciate your recommendations for the location. After carefully looking at the transom and the port side, I can go either way and both are above the water line. Original...
  25. J

    ping pong or flapper scupper?

    Winter projects starting and adding deck drains as well as plumbing drain for bait tank. Scupper will be just above water line where in calm seas will be fine. But when boat moves up and down from ocean conditions, the drain obviously will be above and below water. while under way the drain...
  26. J

    50lb Braided line suggestions

    thought I'd start a fresh post as the old posts here are over 5 years old and manufactures have had to update their lines. Respooling my 5000 and 6000 spinning reels and now that I have my own boat I sometimes fish SD waters to 14 mile and 302 next year Coronado. I primarily fish Catalina with...
  27. J

    bait net scoops

    Looking to get new scooper as old one as seen its days. I know its best to try and use hands but they qet squirly. Question is does it matter what net material nylon or rubber?
  28. J

    SOLD>>>>Helm Cooler Bench/Seat

    Sorry gents not sure that is the name for the seat but its for sale. No rips or tears just a little dirty. Back rest can move forward or backwards and overall very soft and comfy to sit on. 33" L x18" W x 30" T Located in Chino. $200
  29. J

    Trailer boats. leave inspection hatches open?

    Now that the season is over for the most part, I was wondering if you guys leave all your hatches open? For those that are fortunate enough to park boat in a secure location (home, secured yard etc) I have inspection hatch for fuel tank and just in front of outboard and was thinking it would...
  30. J

    Drain Ideas needed

    Looking to move my bait tank forward and give me some space to walk around and fight fish on my CC. Previous set up was bait tank was taking up all the space in the rear but worked great for the plumbing intake/exhaust. Now that I am moving it forward, I have to figure out the best solution...
  31. J

    Fishermans Landing Tackle Day Worth Drive?

    Thinking of rescheduling an appointment that I have down there to coincide with Tackle day. It would be a 2 hour drive down and was wondering if the sales are worth the drive. Are they the typical 10-15% certain items or are they like Fred Hall deals? Looking to score a kill bag and maybe a...
  32. J

    Transducer depth question

    Looking to replace TD for a better one to give me better images and views on my Garmin as the one that came with it is great for waters under 100'. But my options are a 1000' for $600 or a 500' for $300. I mostly fish Catalina and have gone to Nine Mile and 302 once so far. Next year I plan...
  33. J

    Which Transducer for Garmin echomap plus 73SV

    I was online searching for a better transom mount transducer then the crap OEM that came in the box. Garmin Outlet customer service recommend GT52HW-TM or 52M-TM as a couple options. I emailed Garmin direct to get a better result but thought I would as a real captain what you are using to fish...
  34. J

    Bait tank die off

    I have a 35 gallon oval tank with fill from pump at the bottom pushing water flow straight in and Drain is off the top on the long side. I always run pump full open and off the top of my head it is a rule 500gph and fills in roughly 7 minutes like many mentioned.. But at the end of the day...
  35. J

    Fighting Big wish on Walkaround

    How challenging is it to land big BFT 100lb + on a Walkaround? Many used trailer WA’s are 9.6” beam and the walk around is narrow and looks like you have to do a tight rope walk to get up front and fight the fish. I have a Center Console now but entertaining thoughts of having a cabin to do...
  36. J

    Twin 200/250 4S

    Asking for a friend who is considering ditching his old twins OX66 for 4 stroke. Please let me know if you or know someone with a repower coming. Would like to keep it around 1000 hours or less.
  37. J

    Cost to moore 30' in Socal

    Trying to help a friend decide on a trailer boat vs mooring in DanaPoint or HB/NP/LBC. Boat he is looking at is 10.5 feet beam. I told him just get a 26'w a 9.5' beem so he can trailer. Ideal he wants to moore in DP since its closer to SCI and San Diego. Slips look like they run from $450 to...
  38. J

    Proper way to charging dual batteries?

    Wondering if I am charging my batteries the right way. I hook up the charger on one battery and put the selector switch to "ALL" and thought it would charge both till meter shows full and in float mode. Went out to Cat and had switch to ALL during the trip there and was showing 13.5 - 13.8v...
  39. J

    manufacture plate is badly faded.

    Got a 2001 Cape Craft 22' CC currently running a 98 200hp Merc. Ready to go with 4 stroke and the motor dealers want to know the the plate says, but the manufacture plate is sun damaged and you can not read anything. Can not reach anyone from Cape Craft as they only have info for dealer...
  40. J

    SCI trip planning info please

    Furthest I've gone with my 22 Center Console with a gas hog 2 stroke is Catalina from LBC or 302 from SD. I dont have fancy gauges to tell me how much fuel Im burning just a fuel gauge. 70 gallon gas tank and i was getting 1.1 to 1.3 mpg fully loaded (self calculated) but that was before going...
  41. J

    Rubber Boots, Stupid Question

    I've yet to have extreme bloody decks on my boat and have gone barefoot or water shoes. I see alot of guys wearing rubber boots so guess they are to keep feet dry and blood free right? But 2 things come to mind, those boots dont breath so feet can get sweaty? Second is why cant you just bleed...
  42. J

    Would i regret 200hp to 150hp

    Looking into a great deal on a 2013 Merc 150HP 4 Stroke run in fresh water all its life. It would replace a 1997 Merc 200HP Black Max EFI. I realize 2 stroke punch which I like and dont mind smoke and sound. But hate the fuel consumption of the motor. Obviously the 4 will have better gas...
  43. J

    How often replace Fuel/water filters?

    Hey gents, I replaced both my external and internal filters last June when I bought the boat. 1998 Merc 200hp 2 stroke that had about 500 hours when I got it and only put about 75 hours on motor since. Was wondering how often you guys are replacing yours. I always run fuel additives each fill...
  44. J

    Download service manual wanted for Merc

    Which site do you gents recommend to get a download for a full service manual for my 1997 Merc 200HP EFI. Google gets so many different results and none are what I need. Thanks for the recommendations.
  45. J

    Outboard 200 / 225 HP $3-4k

    Its a stretch but looking for an outboard newer then 2003 either 2 stroke but 4 would be a dream. Im ok with hours up to 1200 depending on use and maintenance of course. No big rush but if you got something please let me know. Tons of motors in FL or East Coast but trying to stay local in...
  46. J

    Waterproof or Water Repellent Shorts

    So wife and kids asked me what I wanted for Fathers Day and Birthday, of course fishing stuff right?! Always wore swim trunks with pockets for fast drying, but wouldnt it be better to get water repellent instead? Not like we go jump in the water and scare the fish away unless its freaking hot...
  47. J

    Offshore Any 302 and 226 reports

    Heading out to fish the area this Saturday and monitoring the bite. Lots of action from the cattle boats around the islands with limits of YT which I am targeting. But I dont have all the paper work yet to fish the Nados so praying the fish are also at 302 zone. Weather looks stable all week...
  48. J

    Any Tips trolling Rapala X-Rap Mags

    Socal waters I often hear gents landing YF/YT and Bonita trolling these lures. I'd like to get into the mix so would appreciate any pointers. My boat is not a troller but has port and starboard rod holders. Should I be trolling say a Mag 10 and a 40 to cover depths or 15 and 30 etc? How much...
  49. J

    Outboard Fuel Inj service center in S. Calif

    I called a few marine service centers and all send their injector work out for cleaning. Can any of you recommend a place that can handle marine injector service prefer to stay in-state but if need be I will send out once I pull them? Thanks
  50. J

    Where are the larger Mackeral?

    My Dad got me started 45+ years ago fishing off the rocks at Cabrillo and we would catch good amounts of nice size macs. Well here we are today and Dad still loves eating his Mac and wants to go out fishing for mac. He's now 82 and I will take him out this Sat for local fishing around LBC...
  51. J

    Who still uses a hydrofoil

    Purchased my boat last summer and it has a hydrofoil on it. I have noticed now at the launch that nobody else really uses them. Boats of all shapes and sizes so is this thing obsolete and should I take it off?? I have been reading the pros and cons and people should get trim tabs (I have non...
  52. J

    OC/IE/LA Older Mercury repair experts out there?

    I've been searching for a shop that knows how to service older Mercs.. 1995 Merc Black Max. I dont trust any shop just cause they are an authorized dealer as they mostly work on newer stuff. Tired of getting shit mileage and wanted to make sure there is nothing wrong with my fuel system. Only...
  53. J

    17 pitch for 200 Merc 2stroke (SoCal Only)

    Looking to try a change in pitch. Currently running a 15 Stainless. Engine rated at 5000 - 5800 RPM at WOT.
  54. J

    Older Merc Regulators Known problems?

    My 1998 Merc 200hp EFI is giving me more problems again with the regulators. First was charging so I replaced them with cheap regulators. Now the tach is not working properly now so I researched online and learned that the old merc regulators are troublesome. A parts search reveals many...
  55. J

    Safe to tilt outboard for tach gauge test?

    Running a 1995 Merc 200 efi pushing a 2001 22' Cape Craft with appears to have original merc tach. I either have the wrong prop Solas 14.5/15 SS or have a bad tach. I am starting to pay more attention to how the motor is sounding when at cruising speed and full throttle. Recent trip to Cat...
  56. J

    5/15 Catalina

    Tracked the weather on willyweather and several days before the trip and even the final evening before. Both calling for strong winds and swells but dying off at 3am. Not the case! swells were a good 4-6' every 8 seconds or so heading out with good wind but no white caps. I was...
  57. J

    Free FMM 7 days or less?

    Im doing my research to get licensed to fish Nados and followed the BD link the "how to"...But I am confused and can use clarification please. The link for obtaining the FMM says how to apply but also says FMM for 7 days is free. So how do you get the free one online or do you guys just pay...
  58. J

    Education on Chartplotters/Maps (S. California)

    New guy fishing and I fish mostly Catalina Island and working towards getting the permits to fish Nados. I have a Garmin echomap 7" FF/GPS and trying to learn more about charts. When I fished Cat one day, I was warned by the Lifeguard boat that I was fishing real close to the MPLS zone and...
  59. J

    SoCal Prop shops

    Looking to try a 4 blade prop on my 200hp EFI 2 Stroke Merc. Currently running a 3 blade stainless 14.5 15pitch from Solas but reading and learning more from forums is that I can eek out a little better fuel savings AND get out of the hole better. I dont mind losing top speed which is 36 WOT...
  60. J

    Red Tide Longevity

    Is the algae still dying off or has is stopped and how long will it take to clear out? Its in the bays where I like to Kayak fish but also around Catalina and I believe some spots of Coronado.
  61. J

    Conventional Casting Help Please.

    I have always fished spinning reels but purchased a Penn Fathom 30 conventional on a 8.5' Terramar MHF. I have watched tons of videos on youtube and I have made the proper adjustments with the fall. I went to the park and tried casting and only using a 1 oz led weight and can not cast it...
  62. J

    Do it all Baitcaster size?

    I run mostly spinning gear and primarily Target Bass to Yellowtail and Bonita and whatever else turns up in local Southern Calif waters. Also have a 2 speed 50# set up should I ever get that lucky on my boat and come across the big boys. But my son who gets out with me sometimes now wants...
  63. J

    Vessel Assist or Seatow Open?

    According to VA website the towing services have not been effected and would let members know if it effects members otherwise. It is too vague of a response and was wondering if you guys have heard otherwise. Thinking of heading out this weekend to stock up the freezer with food.
  64. J

    Hull speed?

    Please school me on what the hell is hull speed. I read a post about dialing back to "hull speed" to increase fuel consumption. So it got me thinking how much money it will save. One internet search said ideal fuel consumption is between 3400 and 3800 rpm. I get that each boat is different...
  65. J

    Lockdown effect boat launches?

    Prayers to all from this nasty situation we are in. That said I am going crazy like others having to stay home. But might as well go fishing right?! I called all the local lakes and they are closed. I picked up the boat from the shop on Wednesday and well, want to go fishing and was wondering...
  66. J

    Shooting Sealions? NOT COOL! We all hate it when they eat our bait and fish, but come on shooting them with a pellet gun? That is seriously not cool.
  67. J

    Older boat transom max weight

    Not sure if the title is correct but Im trying to do some preliminary research on a possible repower (new or late model) for my 2001 Cape Craft CC which currently is pushed by a 1995 200hp Merc Blackmax. My search has gotten me a max HP of 200 for the boat with weighs 2700 dry. but I've...
  68. J

    11/1 Catalina Cherry Popped

    SoCal Native never been to Catalina and finally made the journey with a buddy Friday. Clean water with water temp at 64. I looked for any fishing boats but didnt see any coming in so turned left and headed over to back side (South East?) Again only boat out there some some boilers and hung out...
  69. J

    Where do take your Merc 2 stroke?

    May have to take my 1995 Mercury 200 2 stoke to a shop for a gremlin I cant find. There is a Merc repair shop in Corona but I dont trust just any shop. Id rather have shop recommendations to a place that is honest in the IE or OC, thanks.
  70. J

    200hp Merc Outboard only getting 1.2 mpg??

    Whats going on with my fuel consumption gents. Had the boat since June this year so I finally got to learn that my fuel consumption is total crap at 1.2 mpg. I dont know exactly what motor is on there cause the mount plate SN pulls up a non fuel injected motor as it shows its a 2005 according to...
  71. J

    Drain Plug How much water?

    This is my second boat and I realize there will almost always be water collected and once you remove the drain plug at the dock to drain. But how much is too much? The dock was too busy this weekend to sit there and time it but there was a solid stream coming out. I ask cause what if I have a...
  72. J

    Boat Buddy request for Catalina

    Anyone heading out to Catalina week of Aug 6-10 that I can buddy up with? I've never been and would feel more comfortable following a boat over. I cant seem to get an experienced crew for a weekday trip that have been out there on a PB. Thanks in advance.
  73. J

    Catalina Thu 8/8 2 Ho's needed

    Hi Guys, Weather permitting, I've never been to Catalina and Im hoping to get 2 guys that can show me around, teach me a thing or two and share the costs of bait/fuel/ice and of course have your own gear. plans are to launch from Davies Harbor launch at 5am, grab bait and head over and start...
  74. J

    Tips on anchoring/camping at Little Harbor Catalina

    I have a 22ft CC with a fluke anchor and am researching how to anchor and tent camp at Little Harbor. Plan is to head over in AM, fish all day then moor and camp at LH, then fish a little more following AM then head back. I see that LH is on the West side of the island so am I correct to say...
  75. J

    Do you guys make bait at Catalina or get a scoop?

    Hey gents, I was wondering what you guys do as far as bait for a trip to Catalina. Im hoping to get my boat ready for a trip soon (and probably open it up to anglers who know the island) But my experience with fishing is limited, so far mainly fishing swim baits or live bait. That said...
  76. J

    25W Radio minimum?

    2 part question, My Standard Horizon Eclipse may be going out. I turn it on but I get no radio chatter on any channel nor does the GPS register anymore. Radio check on Ch 27 gets me nothing. I learned this while I was on the water and also tried tinckering with it at home. Any tips on a...
  77. J

    Your experience with Fishdope

    New to fishing and so far inshore only (mostly OC&LA counties) but was out there last week on a Thursday and no boaters were out so I wasted gas driving out to horseshoe, flats, reefs and kelp along Corona Del Mar. Only caught 2 Calico the whole time with live bait. So I keep hearing their ads...
  78. J

    Help ID weird Merc 2 stroke issue.

    Im new to outboards and recently purchased a 22 cc Cape Craft with a 200hp EFI Merc which I was told is a 2005 with about 400 hours. 1st two trips out boat ran great. took it out and had a 2 mile no wake zone before I hit open ocean. Boat fires up ran great that time till I applied throttle and...
  79. J

    Help ID Mercury 2 Stroke

    Here's my dilemma, I tried to order a SS prop from my nearest Mercury service center (Corona) and gave them the serial number on mounting bracket. Well turns out that it does not match the actual motor as the SN says it is a carb model. I told shop it is not as it says EFI on cover and on...
  80. J

    New Fishing boat owner...thoughts hiring a Capt for a day?

    Sealed the deal on a 01 CapeCraft 21' CC and gained a wealth of knowledge talking to the capt at the boat dealer I got it from... and by the time most of you read this, I will be taking posession and seatrail (tomorrow morning). Im not new to boating as I had a 21 open bow family I/O I took to...
  81. J

    Do you use NADA when buying a used boat?

    In my quest to buy a used 21' CC, I've come across several if not all boats that are way overpriced according to NADA. This leads me to believe that I should only use NADA to suggest a starting point or go by what the boat owner knows about boat and how it looks and feels (seatrial) I realize...
  82. J

    21' Center Console $10k

    Maybe a long shot and will get some wise guys to post, but Im Tossing this out there as the season is upon us and you or someone you know just be on edge ready to trade in their boat for bigger and better. Im not interested in anything below 19' sorry. I would like a sea trial before buying...
  83. J

    Help Understanding wood stringers

    I've been looking at buying a CC in the 19-22 foot range with a budget of under $15K to fish inshore and the occasional trip to Catalina Island. So that puts me out of the high end newer boats that have no wood. Seems like many of the boats Im looking at have wooden stringers. No google...
  84. J

    Used Boat Manf to stay away from??

    Been reading for hours on the forums about used boats and learned much but still trying to learn more. I am doing research before I buy a used Center Console that can handle off shore and turn around trip to Catalina and other islands. Budget is under $20k and plan on putting $1k aside for...