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  1. Lost Fish

    Freshwater Skagit Sockeye

    As of the 19th F&W is reporting 165 in the trap @ Baker. Also heard of a 13 lbs turned in at Sportsmans warehouse along with 8 other fish on Wednesday. Also saw 7 of them caught in just a few hours on the same day. 2 for the boy and I. So yes a few fish to be caught but it is slow.
  2. Lost Fish

    Lenght of tow rope, offshore

    Don't know a exact length but I would say 200+ and a good stretchy line.
  3. Lost Fish

    La Push & Halibut

    So having relocated from SoCal to Washington and reading in past years about La Push and the butts that are out there, was starting on doing a little planning for it. Understand that the fog can roll in fast and that water get bad pretty quick also. But seeing that the quality of fish out...
  4. Lost Fish

    Trying to Learn

    Philip, Hear you on the hard sell getting to move here from Hi. I just retired at the end of the summer and moved the family here from SoCal. So we are getting to deal with the weather adjustment too. Will agree with everyone else on the fishing. But it is good if you put in the time and do...
  5. Lost Fish

    Freshwater Silvers with Fishguide Brian Oldfield, 10/28-9

    nice pic's... looks like you enjoyed the trip....
  6. Lost Fish

    Elk Success

    nice beasties!!!! Looks like a good trip!
  7. Lost Fish

    Saltwater Tillamook Bay Adventure 10/8/11

    Great Report!!!! Like the discreption.... Better luck next time.
  8. Lost Fish

    Saltwater MA 6 STILL PIMPIN HO'S

    sweet! Like the duck Idea too... Just got to get the Ho's in the freezer before I can switch over... And head to Idaho to get the decoys picked up...
  9. Lost Fish

    Saltwater Tuna Attacking Westport - 10-8

    Great Trip! Would be good to see some more of the Pic's... Need to think about getting out there for next year!
  10. Lost Fish

    DP 10/1 - Black Seabass Video

    Way too Cool!!! Always a good time hooking into one of those things.
  11. Lost Fish

    Saltwater Determined

    WOW!!!!! I know that pic's like that are killing the guys in SD. I don't think that many fish have been caught all season!!! Great Job!
  12. Lost Fish


    BRING ON THE WOLF!!!! This way I can hunt them here in my home state instead of having to go to Idaho and pay the outragous cost of 31 bucks for the out of state tag.... Of course it has taken Idaho 20+ years of dealing with the problem till they finally are able to do something about it. Reb
  13. Lost Fish

    Freshwater Skagit River

    Have been fishing on the North fork of the river expecting the rains from last weekend to bring in the fish.... Well that is not working out so much. Water is still a little high and fishing is slow. :_diarrhea_: There are some silvers in the river but they are few and far between, at least...
  14. Lost Fish

    Freshwater Flyfishing on the Skagit

    Terry, Good to hear that you are back at it again... I like the "I twiched the line when it stopped moving part" Hope you make it back out again.
  15. Lost Fish

    Saltwater Deception Pass

    Took the family camping over at the state park this weekend. Fished the North Beach with the crowd. Slow is not even the word for it. For the 2 days of fishing saw 5 fish caught. The good news is that we didn't loss any gear!
  16. Lost Fish


    I would say that if you are just out for a normal day and your power is a little low I would look at how old the batteries are. I would check them at the end of the day before you go to fire the main. Batteries charge slower so if you are fishing fairly close to the ramp then you are probally...
  17. Lost Fish

    Saltwater Sekiu 8/31-9/2

    Hell send it to me and I will send it in for a new one.
  18. Lost Fish

    Saltwater MA10 - 8/28

    Yeap do the very same thing that you are talking about with them.
  19. Lost Fish

    Freshwater Big, Ugly Humpy

    Nothing wrong with that one! Plus any fish on a school night is GREAT!
  20. Lost Fish

    Brought a knife to a gun fight

    launching is never a problem.... it is the recover that is the intresting part!
  21. Lost Fish

    Freshwater Fishing the Skagit

    Well just got back from the 2 1/2 month fishing trip with the boys (will post that trip as soon as I get the camera downloaded). Just relocated from San Diego to La Conner, and noticed that I have water all around me. Was wanting to get the boys some fishing in the river. Still young and...
  22. Lost Fish


    MAN!!! Now I am pissed that I am headed east with the boat this summer to see family instead of staying here... Hopefully it will still be good in September when I get back!!
  23. Lost Fish

    The sand bass were biting 3-27-11

    Those are the stories I like! Great job on the bass!
  24. Lost Fish


    2. Will be living in La Conner starting July this year. Reb
  25. Lost Fish

    Killer Pussy Bait

    My dog when totally apeshit when it came on!!!!
  26. Lost Fish

    Party On Bro., Video USCG

    That was nasty... Glad it wasn't one of the chicks!
  27. Lost Fish

    Three Captains Quit Deadliest CatchThree Captains Quit Deadliest Catch

    I think that the show would be great to get ride of all of them and just show those monster sea's hitting the boats!
  28. Lost Fish

    Offshore Bait problems at the Hidden

    That is a good question... I always thought that if there was water in the take then they should be fine!
  29. Lost Fish

    1 leopard shark and two new rims and tires.

    WOW where were you parked at??? I need the same set up!!!! Good luck to your new friend... Good things are in store for you!!!
  30. Lost Fish

    Offshore San Diego Report Sat 8/28

    Makes me feel pretty good about staying a extra week up here in washington lovin on the wife!
  31. Lost Fish

    Aholes posting Shit in the wrong forum

    Now that is some funny shit right there!!!
  32. Lost Fish

    4 Dads and 6 Kids

    Good trip! Looks like the kids had some fun!
  33. Lost Fish

    Bird School Bigeyes on the 14!!!

    Great story!!! I am just bumbed cause I thought someone was actually catching fish!
  34. Lost Fish

    Fishing from HELENA - Dana Wharf

    Saw the boat down at the Barn kelp... The whole day sucked (Sat)! At least the weather was nice... Only had one good bite for the day and it ended up being a small BSB.
  35. Lost Fish

    At the end of August

    Cool thanks! Any color proving to be better yet?
  36. Lost Fish

    What is for Dinner!!!???

    late post but the boy destroyed the corn bread... was a good evening!
  37. Lost Fish

    At the end of August

    Not sure where to post... But I am going to be up in Washington the last week of the month to Suprize the wife... Want to take the boys fishing one day. Don't really care where we go... got a 9 and 4 year old... and will be out of Oak Harbor area. Anything would be great! Thanks in advance
  38. Lost Fish

    Saltwater Friggin Amazing!! You have NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE

    Oh to be the new guy!!!!! That was good to go!!!
  39. Lost Fish

    when you're having a bad day, catch tuna!

    That is some funny shit right there... Yes I am up late... Yes I am drunk!!!:hali_olutta: Great Catch...
  40. Lost Fish

    What is for Dinner!!!???

    I will have my staving kid again... And he is wanting to know what the feast is going to be... See you all there.
  41. Lost Fish

    No bad days

    I think that you were on Mead with that flat water!!! WOW what a day.
  42. Lost Fish

    Cat/SBI 7/31-8/2 Calicos and Flatties

    WOW great pic's! Glad that it finally came together for you Rick!
  43. Lost Fish

    oceanside hali

    NHIO Go to SD with everyone else.
  44. Lost Fish

    o-side squid?

    Just the big ones when they are around! NBSIO
  45. Lost Fish

    Launching from MCRD

    Stan, the gates are open from 0600-2000 everyday. I would recommend calling a few min before you get there. PMO is not that quick to get that gate open all the time. Reb
  46. Lost Fish

    Squid Boat in Mission Beach??

    "Three Boys" from Catalina, tonight around dark. $60 a scoop. Give them a call on CH 72. Reb
  47. Lost Fish

    WHite Seabass Stones

    If you send the head in and "Ask" for your stones back they will send them... Also helps out with the Research and all of that. Reb
  48. Lost Fish


    Nice fish... Gool Luck on the Set up. Reb
  49. Lost Fish

    Salt Creek The Barn to the 279 6.25.10

    Great story Joe! Enjoy hearing some of the other things that go on out on the wate... Know what you mean about solo. Hasn't stopped me from going but does make me get that gut feeling what out alone. Reb
  50. Lost Fish

    Operation dry water

    Better make sure that you have your paperwork with you.
  51. Lost Fish

    fathers day wsb

    Nice Catch! Would have been good to hang around to catch the shark eating on the dolphin! Reb
  52. Lost Fish

    Saltwater Neah Bay with a different Tommy, Todd, and Jeff

    Wow! Can't wait to get up there for some of that! Just got to make it through Tuna this year! Reb
  53. Lost Fish

    You don't have to run & gun for tails, just go butt fishin 6.9.10

    I just read in a Rag that this was then "NEW" hot trick to hooking them up! Reb
  54. Lost Fish

    Oside Flattie Report 5/15

    Good job on the butt... Figures you would get a T to mix it in too. Good Job. Reb
  55. Lost Fish

    crab guy goes to jail

    Kieth is really racking up the old point on guys to "Not Hire"! Ha Reb
  56. Lost Fish

    Propane or Electric

    I am on my second Propane smoker. This one that I just got is a "Master Forge". Have only been cooking on it about 3 months (once or twice a week) and so far I am liking it. Loved my old one too... It just finally gave up the ghost on me after 15 years. They take a little skill in makeing sure...
  57. Lost Fish

    Black Sea Bass Rescue...

    Does the Camo Wet suit help with the fishing? Reb
  58. Lost Fish

    Meeting tonight

    So there I was... Got off work a little early to make sure that I could take the boy in for the taco's I heard so much about at the last meeting. Even stopped by Ken's on Saterday so Ian could ask Wes if he could help out with the drawings and everything. Go to pick up the boy and the after...
  59. Lost Fish

    Saltwater Found this on craigs list

    Josh, Give me a holler any time after Aug next year. I will be retireing up to Oak Harbor and will be back in the hunt for crew in the new location. Reb
  60. Lost Fish

    Oceanside Halibut Tournament

    I knew I should have picked your boat to follow around this time!!! Reb
  61. Lost Fish

    SD Bay Bonefish

    Good Job!!! Reb
  62. Lost Fish

    17 April OAC Halibut Tournament

    Hey fellow BD'rs, This a repost from the OAC board. Reb Oceanside Anglers Club is holding this years annual Halibut Fishing Tournament on April 17th. Like years past this is 100% payback. We do this so non-members will fish our tournament and get to know our club better. Of course we would...
  63. Lost Fish

    Saltist 30 2 speed

    Only have a 20 and i love the damn thing... Have to pay attention when you are casting cause it is so smooth. But it is GREAT!!!
  64. Lost Fish

    Tuna feathers mono or wire?

    Yeap go with the Mono
  65. Lost Fish


    Thanks for the info gents... She got a place on the east side in Oak Harbor. It is right on the water (I know not hard to do on a Island) Hunskor Hill is the name of the place... Hopefully will work out nice... On Google it seems like it is out of town pretty good and the land lords seem...
  66. Lost Fish

    Oceanside Bass 3/13

    Sweet! Now quit letting people know there are fish out of O'Side! Damn it! Reb
  67. Lost Fish


    Hey all. Kind of late getting this message posted but the wife has finally landed my retirement job. :gaygroup: She is going to be moving up to Oak Harbor at the beginning of April to live with my youngest son for the next 14 months, while the oldest and I fish all summer, till I retire and...
  68. Lost Fish


    Does this mean I can follow you around and poach your chum line???
  69. Lost Fish


    Does this mean you are going to start running your boat again? Reb
  70. Lost Fish


    I like running 3 rods, 20-40-80 to.... But that is all subject to where you are seeing bait at... Target the bait and go from there. SLOW is the game... 1.5-3Kn
  71. Lost Fish

    O-side 2/15/2010

    Good to hear you are going to start getting paid... Sucks the fish didn't go for you... But still better then working!
  72. Lost Fish

    Oceanside monster 2/14

    DANM!!! We were on the lauch ramp and everything... Got the broken wife on the boat and the truck parked... Went to pump the bulb and it just never got hard! Fired the engine and had a bad ticking noise out of it... Thank god you all had to work on monday so I was able to drop the boat off...
  73. Lost Fish

    Tuna Education

    Got a name or something...
  74. Lost Fish

    Oceanside Bass

    Quit spreading rumors!!! There are NO FISH IN OCEANSIDE!!! That picks looks like it is off of Dana!!! Reb Lost Fish
  75. Lost Fish

    Squid charter O'side 2-4-10

    Sweet! Was hoping to make it out but crew is busy being sick this weekend. Glad someone is getting some of them. Reb
  76. Lost Fish

    Huge Yellow On Yak Yesterday...

    Man, I hate the plastic navy!!! They catch all the FISH!!! That thing is great!
  77. Lost Fish

    Missing Activists

    That is some funny shit right there! Reb
  78. Lost Fish

    Fillet Bait Rigging for Sharks

    great vid!!! I love the network!!! It makes me smart! Reb
  79. Lost Fish

    O'Side Whales???

    Would like to stay local just cause of time... Only want to be out for about 4-5 hours. Need to come home we got friends coming over in the afternoon.
  80. Lost Fish

    O'Side Whales???

    Going to be taking the wife out for a little bottom action and was wonder if anyone knew where the Whales were at out of O'Side??? Want to get her in the mood for a little game of Hump or Jump and the whales always do the trick! She is headed in to get a foot worked on and won't be able to...
  81. Lost Fish

    Friggin' Fred 01/10/twenty10

    Beats seating infront of the TV!!! Reb NFFS
  82. Lost Fish

    Anybody use downriggers?

    Agree with Bryan, Use them a lot for threshers... Have also been playing with them bounch balling in some of my sand piles... So so on the results this year but I havn't been fishing a lot this winter. Also used them as poor man outriggers with planner boards. Have been playing with them...
  83. Lost Fish

    *Established Charter Business, Boat, Trailer, slip, permit lease, turnkey operation

    Love the boat and the offer! Just wish that My current job was over with this winter and not next! Good luck with the sale! Reb
  84. Lost Fish

    MB Yak attack 1/9/10 (w/pix)

    That was good! Makes you look forward to getting back on the water again! Reb
  85. Lost Fish

    Jan El Nino Report Now "Strong"

    LOVE IT!!!! Got to go and clean the reals!!! Getting ready now! Reb
  86. Lost Fish

    Kickers on big boats do they work?

    Here is a better Idea.... Switch boats... I will give you my 20' and I will take your Luhrs! Tuna fishing is better down here anyways! Reb
  87. Lost Fish

    not a yellow but just as much fun

    Thats funny shit right there!!!! Good catch! Reb
  88. Lost Fish

    SMB Shark,Whales & Rockfish......

    Sweet Trip and the Pics are always great to see!!! Thanks for the report! Reb
  89. Lost Fish

    fishing with orcas

    That sucks!!! But way to cool!!! Lots better then watching the damn Dog's grabbing them! Reb
  90. Lost Fish

    Should I get a harness?

    Yes... They are a bitch to pull on and every little thing to help get them in quicker helps. Reb
  91. Lost Fish

    Just off deployment...everything has changed and I need help!

    PTP again already!!! Shit don't even give you a chance to catch your breath! Let me know and I can do what I can to give you a hand. Reb
  92. Lost Fish

    Offshore Perfect albacore weather

    I believe him! heard him talking about it on the radio while I was listening to FD. Just an amazing story! Reb
  93. Lost Fish

    Capt. Dave Hansen - Serminar Dec. 10th

    Sounds like a good time but just to far away. Reb
  94. Lost Fish

    Just off deployment...everything has changed and I need help!

    Trey, Welcome back, again... Agree with what was posted above. Will tell you that the ling's are closed now (30 Nov). Have not been out in a few weeks but I usally turn north this time of year and work the Golf Ball's, Red Beach, Barn kelp all the way up to the nuc plant. Can get a good...
  95. Lost Fish


    Is it just me or was I not paying attention at the last meeting? LOL Got the link to the website and it looks pretty good. When are we going to get the CY10 schedule out? Trying to plan my fishing trips for this summer. Reb Lost Fish
  96. Lost Fish

    Royal Polaris-Davis Boats Open Nov 12th-25th 2009

    WOW!!!! That sounds like one hell of a trip!!! Great pic's! Reb
  97. Lost Fish

    Big Pig Late Coho Caught

    The fish is great but the BOAT. Still flat in the water!!! Reb
  98. Lost Fish

    Lake Mead

    Head to Lake Mead for the turkey weekend with the family. Was wanting to know if anyone had been out there or know of any tips/tricks for the lake. Thanks Reb
  99. Lost Fish

    Oside Flattie Report 11/7

    NICE! I think that the Sandwich came from Carls Jr. HA HA Reb
  100. Lost Fish

    Suggestions for a boat heater

    Just catch more fish and you don't have to worry about getting cold!!! Course winter fishing down here means I put on jeans instead of shorts and take 1 extra cup of coffee with me!!! Reb
  101. Lost Fish


    Stanley, Wasn't that your pet??? Nice fish! Reb
  102. Lost Fish

    Looking for a couple more Lobster Traps

    This was on one of the other sales boards. Reb
  103. Lost Fish

    Catalina 1/2 Day Report

    Great pics and Jen looks good to! Good job of not giving up! Reb
  104. Lost Fish

    Bonies, Blue whales & Bald eagles-The 3 B's!!

    Always nice having a good trip and this one sounded like a great one! Reb
  105. Lost Fish

    Offshore waves were big

    The really fun thing is that he WENT fishing and we are all just reading about it. Good job on the fish! Reb
  106. Lost Fish

    Offshore Limits YFT...

    Sweet! Going out on Friday with the old lady! Reb
  107. Lost Fish

    Offshore First Marlin on the Boat!!

    Sweet, How was the wind at the end of the day? Going to head out sunday. Reb
  108. Lost Fish

    Live Bait Well vs Bait Tank

    Bo and everyone else, GREAT POST!!! Could not agree with you more. Upgraded from a trash can this spring and it was like I went from fishing chunks to GREAT Bait. A good tank will truely change how you fish! Thanks again! Reb
  109. Lost Fish

    Saltwater Grays Harbor Mayhem (PICS)

    Great fish!!! Can't wait to get back up there to catch big dumb trout! Reb
  110. Lost Fish

    Offshore 43 spot report...tuna

    Good job Eric!!! I hope this wind is not going to blow them out before I make it out to them again this weekend! Reb
  111. Lost Fish

    Thresher local trip 9-29 first one !!

    Nice!!! Want one more for the year! Reb
  112. Lost Fish

    55lbs on 10#test

    That is awsome!!!! Reb
  113. Lost Fish

    Offshore Anybody seen this?

    Saw a Mola jump about 40' infront of the boat when I was cruzing home from the 182 a few weeks ago!!! Scared the crap out of me cause we had seen some whales in the area!!!! Reb
  114. Lost Fish


    Now that is a good one!!! It would have brought in the whole ocean on Saterday!!! Nothing out there. Reb
  115. Lost Fish

    Offshore 9-10-09 Cpt Kley saves the day (w/pics)

    DAMN!!! sounds like a good day! On a side note, you know the seals are getting bad when they eat a shark down to the head before you can get it in!!! Looks like my YT I keep getting this year!!! Reb
  116. Lost Fish

    Offshore Inside 182 to 9 Mile Bank: 9/12

    I have got to get a 4 Stroke.... I get excited when I get 2 mpg! Good job out there! Reb
  117. Lost Fish

    O'side 9/11/2009

    Thanks for the report! Going to head a little sound and down the 117 line Reb
  118. Lost Fish

    Offshore oside to 181 9-7-09

    That is better then any of the ones that I have made up!!!! Reb
  119. Lost Fish

    Offshore fished 181 on sat! great bite !

    Nice Bull!!!! Sounds like a good day! Reb
  120. Lost Fish

    Photos from the San Diego Sept 5th MLPA event

    Great pics and I hope it not the end for us all!!!!
  121. Lost Fish

    Offshore Decent day on the water

    Nice!!! Sounds like the fish are moving towards the 182 area. Reb
  122. Lost Fish

    Offshore Saturday - Nice Day for A Novice - First YFT

    Sweet Fish!!! Now you have a reason to work... The gear/gas/and hours spent at the local shop telling your story, all cost money!!! Reb
  123. Lost Fish

    Offshore 8/28 267 Shark test pics

    Nice fish!!!! Got to love the toothy ones... Like the pics. I would say that you got it right! Reb
  124. Lost Fish

    Imperial Beach WSB - In the surf

    Shit!!!! And we spent all that money to go to Cat!!! GREAT Catch! Reb
  125. Lost Fish

    1st WSB 29 Aug

    We were on the bottom fishing with live squid. Here is a better pic of mine... Yea I am happy with it... And still pumped about it!!!!:gaygroup:
  126. Lost Fish

    8-30 Catalina --- Report

    Sounds like a great day on the water! Reb
  127. Lost Fish

    Pig Calico in La Jolla South

    Great fish!!! Like the beer! Reb
  128. Lost Fish

    1st WSB 29 Aug

    Late report from 29 Aug. Was supposed to buddy boat out of DP to Catalina for WSB. My crew messed up the alarm clock :shithappens: (was meeting at 0130) and they didn’t make it. Had the boy with me so I figured we would head out and meet the other boat. As we were fueling up, Black Ice (Stacy)...
  129. Lost Fish

    NFIO 8/29

    NFIO living up to the Hype! Reb
  130. Lost Fish

    Offshore 8/27 Yellowfin Tuna Close in

    Sweet fishing and I am supposed to go to Catalina!!!! Figures!!! Reb
  131. Lost Fish

    Offshore with Dave Hansen

    Shindig... Good post... It is always exciting to be able to post catches on the board. Some just get bitchy cause they can't... Enjoy the fish and pass what you want on this one... Good job and enjoy the day! Reb (with many beers in me)
  132. Lost Fish

    Need Cat Dope

    I will be over there on saterday morning. Leaving DP around 0300 to hit the gray light bite... Lost Fish Chnl 72 Reb
  133. Lost Fish

    Offshore 1.5 day Blood bath on the Top Gun 80. 8/23

    Great post and details and pic are never a wrong way to go! Reb
  134. Lost Fish

    Break that "grow button" Kennedy's first fish 8-22

    Great story and the pics to go along with it make it even more fun to read!!! thanks and good job!!! Reb
  135. Lost Fish

    Offshore 8/22/09: 425, 302. Bad judgment. No fish.

    "By the way, my son tells me he had more fun on this trip than the times he's actually caught fish! Go figure, clearly we have the same genetic defect." Hear this one all the time from the kid... He loves riding on the side letting the spray hit him the whole way!!! Great report... Glad...
  136. Lost Fish

    Proving NFIO for those wanting to launch here!

    Big day here in the house! My little guy turns 3 years old this week so he now gets to go out on the boat fishing with Papa and his brother!!!:gaygroup: <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:rofl:<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> Went and picked up some bait and made a few passes...
  137. Lost Fish

    Open Letter to Those Responsible

    Great report! Sounds like a fun time... Glad I got scaried of the Thunder Storm Reports! Reb
  138. Lost Fish

    Fishing Dana Point (Oops...broken bait pump)

    Wow Looks like a fun day! Never seen everyone wearing the tags on a PB! Reb
  139. Lost Fish

    8-21 Finished at the Islands-saved us

    Good job saving the day! Reb
  140. Lost Fish

    Last week with Video

    Cool but I am wondering where you fish at that everything has to set a such a crazy angle!? Cool vid. Thanks for posting! Reb
  141. Lost Fish

    Offshore YFT...Everywhere!

    Looks promissing for this weekend! Thanks for the report! Reb
  142. Lost Fish

    Offshore Limit yft fishin on the "Ocean Pearl" 8.19.09

    Nice fish!!! Need some of that on my boat!!!! Good look on Saterday. Reb
  143. Lost Fish

    Offshore 6/18 First big mako at 209

    sweet Fish!!!! You all are set for the year and friend will be coming out of the woodwork!!! Reb
  144. Lost Fish

    yellows and big sea bass

    Sweet Fish and really like the night Pic... Just one thing... Swing by the house and I will give you a little money to buy a belt/suspenders to help with your britches!!! Reb
  145. Lost Fish


    That thing is a PIG!!!! Great Catch! Reb
  146. Lost Fish

    Offshore 7/27/09 1 Yellow/1 DoDo O'side

    NDYTIO You must be mistaken... No one catches anything when they launch from O'Side!!!! Nice job leaveing out of DP!!! Reb
  147. Lost Fish

    Question on the Marlin Flag

    I thought that was going to be the story... But MAN THAT THING WAS SO COOL!!!!! I can't wait to get another one!!! Getting to see it come up on the feather and then seeing it take it was just something else!!! Won't make the meeting next week. Will be on my way with the boys to North Dakota...
  148. Lost Fish

    Question on the Marlin Flag

    Stopped by Kens on sunday but forgot they were on the trip. Anyways I caught a Marlin (see the story below) on saterday. Have two questions, 1 has anyone else in the club caught one yet this year for the flag? and 2 I had a non club angler on the pole, am I screwed? (I think that I am on this...
  149. Lost Fish

    Offshore 1st C&R Marlin of the season

    Sounds like a fun trip! Reb
  150. Lost Fish

    Offshore limits of albies for aaronj

    Nice fish!!! Would have loved to add them to the bag list!!!
  151. Lost Fish

    Offshore 1st Marlin for the Lost Fish (181) 25 July

    Took 2 guys from work (Joe and Matt) and Matt's girlfriend (Jade) out for a day on the water. Was interested in how it was going to play out with 2 of the 3 never being on a boat before (Joe and Jade) and the big swell that was expected:Pelvic_Thrust:. Left Oceanside at 0500 this morning...
  152. Lost Fish

    Offshore size matters

    Great!!! That is the best when the kids get to tear it up! Reb
  153. Lost Fish

    Offshore 7/22 182 DODO/YELLER

    Nice fish... Now everyone is going to be out there with me on Saterday!!! Reb
  154. Lost Fish

    Great White fly fishing off LaJolla.....

    Anything to help with the seals!!!! And yet another reason to not swim in LJ. Reb
  155. Lost Fish

    Offshore Dana to the 209 and 181 Monday!

    Great report... Plan on doing the same trip on Saterday! Reb
  156. Lost Fish

    O-side Seabass

    Sounds like a great puke session... To bad the fish messed it up!!!
  157. Lost Fish

    Newport OTC Results

    Must have found a mess of them out there. Reb
  158. Lost Fish

    Peyton manning and seabass

    Sounds like a good trip to be able to set at the bar and laugh about. Reb
  159. Lost Fish

    Capt. Dave Comes thru again 7-17!!!

    Good job McGyver! Way to bring the boys home with a good time... Reb
  160. Lost Fish

    Offshore Albacore within striking distance

    Wonderful!!! I AM LOVING IT!!!! Reb
  161. Lost Fish

    Offshore O'side Hamachi 7-17-2009

    Nice job on the fish! Killing me that I am not going to make it out there this weekend. Making me really look forward to making it out next weekend. Reb
  162. Lost Fish

    Offshore Albies at 371

    Sweet.... Makes me want to get my Mexican papers. Reb
  163. Lost Fish

    Offshore No love at the 43 / 181

    Sorry to hear no love on the fish... Looking to make the run next weekend out to the 279, 181, 43, 182 and back to O'side. Thanks for the report. Reb
  164. Lost Fish

    Offshore 7/12/09 Oside to 209 and Back

    That was in the plans for us also this last saterday for us also. But got a really late start (out drinking the night before) to the day so just stayed inside. Good job on giving it a go... Will be out on the 25th to see what we can do. Reb
  165. Lost Fish

    O'Side-Barn Kelp

    I think that it is Mil only... I haven't ever heard of anyone else trying to use them. Down side is there are no docks so you have got to go over the bow. Reb
  166. Lost Fish

    Attention All Captains!!!!!!

    I love this place!!!! Reb
  167. Lost Fish

    O'Side-Barn Kelp

    Had a great day on the water with Ernie and his son and my boy. Had a late start at 0730. Went over and picked up a nice fresh set of horse dine's from the bait barge. They just got done unloading them. :shithappens: Was all excited anyways cause I just got done putting in a new (to me) 22 gal...
  168. Lost Fish

    Oside Flattie Report July 11 09

    Nice fish! I think I am going to have to figure out that bounce balling thing! Reb
  169. Lost Fish

    Oceanside WS Bite

    That is a great fish!!! Everyone needs to quit posting about the catches up here... Next thing we know it is going to start looking like the Coranodos. Reb
  170. Lost Fish

    mission beach madness

    Great story and as a note I think "One that Got Away" stories get great comments with everyone guessing at it. Reb
  171. Lost Fish

    Need Grunion Run Info

    The next 3 nights are the ones to be out. Want to find Black beaches is also what I have read. Reb
  172. Lost Fish

    I'm Shameless

    GREAT FISH!!!! Can't wait to get back to the islands!!! Reb
  173. Lost Fish

    One HELLUVA 4th***

    Great Post!!! Love the hindends and the shrimp!!! Reb
  174. Lost Fish

    Fishing with Captain Dave

    Man that is so great to be catching when no one else is!!! Great job and hope you saved all of the marks and had a tape recorder going the whole time! Reb
  175. Lost Fish

    Kodiak pro Flow Bait Tank model p22

    You still got this thing?
  176. Lost Fish

    O-side to Carlsbad

    Sounds like a good day... At least the Maxim has nice padded seats for getting tossed into with the rough water this weekend. Good job on getting after it! Reb
  177. Lost Fish

    Fishin' w/Rubber Ducky and Tailman

    Great report. Always enjoy reading over them! Reb
  178. Lost Fish

    Offshore 209 and the Kelp

    Ron thanks for the report! Looking at going out on Friday to chase the bass. I agree with Clay for working the 181, 182, 209 area for fish. Sucks that the domes didn't work better for you though! Reb
  179. Lost Fish

    Offshore 180 Miles Roundtrip - 1 Jig Strike - 1 Albie

    Well at least you got one! Always makes for a good meal on the dock! Thanks for the report. Reb
  180. Lost Fish

    Tuna Pins

    Nice Butt! Reb
  181. Lost Fish

    WSB Adventure 6-26/7

    WOW!!! Love those pic's. Reb
  182. Lost Fish

    La Jolla 6/24/09 evening

    Sounds like a good day... Someone had to make sure the poor seals don't starve to death! Reb
  183. Lost Fish

    What happens to our migration sand bass this year

    I had heard that it was because Michael Jackson died. But that doesn't explain why it has been slow before this afternoon??? Reb
  184. Lost Fish

    Oregon Offshore Tuna Report

    It is always nice to get in a boat ride... Good job on hitting it again after the first set back. Reb
  185. Lost Fish

    San Diego's worst fisherman?

    You all have it wrong... You have to spit on your Hook/Bait... Never fails!
  186. Lost Fish

    Capt'n Dave The Real Deal

    I am thinking that this is the best deal I have heard of in awhile with Dave. Need to get on that one. Reb
  187. Lost Fish

    Early Bird gets the worm, Late Bird gets the Black and Biscuit

    Good job on getting them. The BSB are always fun and scary as hell when they come up... They are just HUGE! Good job Reb
  188. Lost Fish

    Fluke SMB WSB 6/20/09

    Sweet. Good to see more of those being caught over here instead of over there. Reb
  189. Lost Fish

    Roughin it in Renfrew

    Man that sounds like a great weekend! Missing having that water to fish in... A few more years then I will be back from the land of Fruits and Nuts. Reb
  190. Lost Fish


    CRAZY!!!! I LOVE IT!!!
  191. Lost Fish

    Offshore 6/19/9

    Great fish! but what was up with the fishing line all over the place in the second pic? Reb
  192. Lost Fish

    Offshore Tough Day for Only a Few Fish at the 238

    Good effort on the look around! Reb
  193. Lost Fish

    Oside Flattie Report 6/20

    Nice flats! Reb
  194. Lost Fish

    I Keep Killing the Bait

    I would say that the ride is killing them. The slamming back and forth inside of the tank is tough on the fish. Reb
  195. Lost Fish

    First Fish

    Great job with the family getting them out there and everything... Got to agree with Travis, LOVE that boat. Have the page bookmarked. Reb
  196. Lost Fish


    Good catch on a weekend! EVEN BETTER ON A WEEK DAY!!!! LOVE THE TIME OFF! Reb
  197. Lost Fish

    pointloma kelp

    If that is the plan then make sure you have the Hook rigged and ready... It is amazing how fast the current starts moving when you are having a problem. Good Luck Reb
  198. Lost Fish

    setting your sounder for meter marks

    Gain for me is a mystery. however there should be a zome of some sort that will allow you to focus in on certin patchs of water that you want to be looking at vis seeing the whole pitcure or just the bottom. Reb
  199. Lost Fish

    OAC 10 LB tournament 6/13/09

    Make me sick!!! Good job on the fish... Need to talk about getting out to get some lessons! Reb
  200. Lost Fish


    Looks like a good time was had by one and all. Reb
  201. Lost Fish

    Jeff Head King

    SWEET! Miss catching those things! Reb
  202. Lost Fish

    OAC 10 LB tournament 6/13/09

    So did you guys win it? Heard that you ran south aways to find the good water... Reb
  203. Lost Fish

    NFIO 6/13 Flew a Full Stripe

    So I am going to assume that the strip didn't win the 10# yesterday!!! But I won't bitch to much I got to spend the day with the kids instead of going out... Reb
  204. Lost Fish

    My 1st YT

  205. Lost Fish

    SCI Yellowtail 5/30 1st OAC Tail for the Flag

    Nice to see the Fish... Heard a few guys calling you on the radio but was busy trying not to fall over in the rough water next to the coast on saterday!!! Reb
  206. Lost Fish

    Another O'side to Del Mar

    Fished inshore today with a friend and my oldest son.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> Reading NOAA last night was all excited for flat warm water. At least we got the warm water part right.<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> Cruzed down...
  207. Lost Fish

    The highways open!!!

    Being from the south we are getting pretty excited down here with all of the south swell we are getting here! Reb
  208. Lost Fish

    pT loMA...

    Nice slab!!! But I really like the slippers!!! THEY ROCK!!!
  209. Lost Fish

    Offshore BlueFin

    Lots, or just a handful? Would be nice to get into them again!
  210. Lost Fish

    Carlsbad Canyon and Box Canyon

    Well this is a late post. Short answer on the T's out of O'side.... NONE!!!! Fished on Monday in the canyon area till noon for nothing other then seeing a Mola jump about 1/2 way out of the water. Water was rough but laid down as the day went by. Temps were 61.3 to 62.5. Going with the old...
  211. Lost Fish

    GREAT FIRST trip of the year!!!

    WOW!!! That is a great day!
  212. Lost Fish

    kelp paddy yellow

    ok it is late and unless your boat broke down you should have the pic's up!!! good job on the paddy! Reb
  213. Lost Fish

    LaPush 5/14-5/16-09 Pic heavy

    WOW nice Ling! Looks like a good time was had by one and all!
  214. Lost Fish

    Monster Reds, YT and Lings

    Sounds like a good trip! Got any pic's?
  215. Lost Fish


    was here in O'Side....
  216. Lost Fish

    40.9 Halibut Domes 5/16

    Is that what they call a haliBUTT!!!! Great monster! Reb
  217. Lost Fish

    Dana Pt. Weekend

    Great weekend to be on the water!!!! Reb
  218. Lost Fish

    Yellowtail out of Oceanside

    That sucks cause I was out in the same area today on a Sail boat... Didn't take a pool to troll with cause it was a new boat and I didn't know if we were going to have any problems!!!!! Reb
  219. Lost Fish

    Razor clam

    Don't really know area's to catch them further north but as far as tools go, I would skip the pitchfork and get a 3' long piece of 4" PVC. Drill holes through it for a handle, Seal around it. Then put a cap on one end and drill a hole, about 1/2". When you are out on the beach walking around...
  220. Lost Fish

    There Here

    Hell I hope that I don't catch one that big on saterday!!! Wouldn't know what to do with it next to the boat!!!! Nice Damn Fish!!! Reb
  221. Lost Fish

    Thresher Report

    Good to see you found a few Mr. T's. Reb
  222. Lost Fish

    Hog Calico from the rocks

    Shit that is a GREAT FISH!
  223. Lost Fish

    OAC Meeting Tuesday April 7th

    Will be there tonight. How much is a membership? Do i have to learn a secret handshake?
  224. Lost Fish

    This looks fun

    The best part of the second video is they still had to marry up to the cargo ship and climb on!!! FUCKING CRAZY!
  225. Lost Fish

    Diving Oside 4/1 COOL VIDEO of the AR

    not to sound like a complete dumbass but what is AR out of O'side?
  226. Lost Fish

    down riggers

    I own a set of Big John Electrics. VERY happy with them. Would have to agree with everyone else if you are wanting to straight bottom fish then go with the rod and elec reel. However I have/do fish deep with mine. When I lived in Wa we trolled 200'+ in Lake Chelan for Lake Trout and Salmon...
  227. Lost Fish

    Bait tank on 20' Trophy

    Well I am getting tired of the trashcan bait tank that I have got. Not bitching about performance, cause she works great. just would like to having something that doesn't make such a mess. Anyways I have a 20' Trophy and would like a tank. What is the best/make since, sized tank? Reb
  228. Lost Fish

    Grunion beaches

    I almost hate to ask these questions but I have not been able to find the info in Google. Just 2 questions so it shouldn't be to painful. 1) what are the good beaches to go see the Grunion on? 2) If I have the boys pick them up what are they good for? Food, Bait, Chum??? Any info would be...
  229. Lost Fish

    Lake O'Neil

    Went fishing today on base with the boy and a friend of mine. Didn't think that we were going to do to good with the front that was moving in. Anyways it was a nice day on the water with lots of people working the bank. Crappie were the plan and we were able to get the boy on a few of them...
  230. Lost Fish

    Lake Powell

    Went 3 years ago and rent a house boat and towed our boat behind it... IT WAS GREAT... Fishing is a blast and the house boat is a investment but well worth it... It is very cool just cruz'ng up the lake and enjoying the sites. Then jump in your smaller boat to go up into the canyons to see the...
  231. Lost Fish

    OAC Meeting Tuesday March 3rd 7pm

    Shit I had it on the computer to be there and got wrapped up in dealing with the boys at the house... Will make it next month....
  232. Lost Fish

    Oceanside Lobster?

    Is there lobster to be caught in O'Side harbor? Buddy got a short (12') aluminum boat a few weeks ago and was wondering if he could save a trip to SD. Any info would be handy.