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    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Thanks Robert. I sent you a PM.
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    Need Boat Varnish Specialist

    Anyone know of a person/company that does varnishing..>? I'm in search of. Your input is appreciated.
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    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    ...thinking if SkipJack Boats offered repowers, they would do nicely with a revenue boost :)
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    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Happy post Xmas to all. I may be looking to do a repower in the future and wondering if anyone has thoughts on a fool proof way? Michigan Motorz sells pre-vortex long blocks which is the closest I can find to a solution that will fit under my 1986 24' engine cover. My understanding is vortex...
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    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Good Sunday all. I keep my boat in the slip and time to time I need a trailer for a short period. Am wondering if any of my Skipjack friends in the LA/OC area have their boat in the water and can loan their trailer. I have paid good $$ for renting and also have done tire, brake, spring, paint...
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    Garmin 740s, Lost Chart and Sonar

    Bump. Anyone local LA/OC that has one that I could borrow for a minute, would be $appreciated.
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    Garmin 740s, Lost Chart and Sonar

    I bought a new transducer and plugged it in and didn't change things at all.
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    Garmin 740s, Lost Chart and Sonar

    All - odd deal, sonar has dropped off the menu and also lost the charts at the same time. I can get why I might lose sonar due to transducer or something, but why would I lose charts as well? Charts is on the menu, but when accessed pretty much blank with only way points. Odd deal. I've...
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    Used Garmin GPSMAP 740S

    Hey, do you still have? I'm interested.
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    Looking to defeat reverse lock on Volvo Penta OD

    Great information! Much appreciated. !!!
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    Looking to defeat reverse lock on Volvo Penta OD

    What sucks is at the most opportune times, like pulling up to the slip, fuel dock, mooring, I hit reverse and the F'ing outdrive pops out of the water. Ive been down there and cleaned everything on the little catch, pulled, yanked, even replaced everything (springs, catch, etc.) a few years...
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    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Yeah... that was me that attempted to organize the float at the Isthmus. Had it set up pretty good, was even going to make shirts, etc.. Just hard to heard the cats at the time. I'm down and have cycles if anyone wants to attempt to spark it up again.
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    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    ... looks like a newer SX outdrive. Do you know if the transom was modified to fit the newer unit?
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    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Excellent work keeping the legacy alive...! Jack is up there somewhere smiling down on you..!
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    Good Xrap Colors/Depths?

    Good stuff... just pulled the trigger on purple and blue/silver mac's, and a bonito. gunna move the magnums to the bag in the garage. You know I do have a nice Halco, and will drop it next time out. Thanks all...! ... incidentally, all purchased from Amazon at a 20% discount from what I see...
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    Tips on anchoring/camping at Little Harbor Catalina

    I have anchored in LH several times. Bow AND stern anchors as previously mentioned is important so you don't swing into other boats in the night. LH is VERY protected and will be no problem anchoring there in your boat. Feel comfortable anchoring all the way in the corner in 10' of water at...
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    Catalina Friday tails

    Nice work...!
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    Good Xrap Colors/Depths?

    Planning to drop a couple coins on some Xraps... and thought I would ping the community on colors/depths. Purple is a for sure... mackeral? Other? Just wondering what others go to's are so I can $pend wisely. Thoughts are appreciated.
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    Cat and Channel 7/25

    Saw private boaters scratching yellows in front of the airport on jigs and at seal rock trolling xraps. Water was 72 so decided to roll by Avalon Bank on the way back... saw birds and foamers a few miles in front of the bank and a few miles after the bank. Threw poppers both times but they...
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    Trailer Without a Home

  21. MobilHomey

    EZ Loader Boat Trailer

    Price added. Had it on the CL ad...
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    EZ Loader Boat Trailer

    Super heavy duty EZ Loader trailer for sale - $3,600.00 35 foot, dual axle, 4 wheel drums with flush outs 12,000lb Load Capacity New Fulton jack and winch cable Side guides, both with boarding ladders Self adjusting bunks to the boats deadrise angle Taken great care of - rinsed after every...
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    May 20th San Clemente Island Report

    This forum should be monitored for non-constructive comments.
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    Catalina 5/13/19

    Good post.. thanks for the effort!
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    Whale breaches near skiff

    headed out to the 14mile bank out of Long Beach in fog and marine layer, my friend says he thought he saw a plane crash off in the distance, head over that we to check for survivors, eerie flat / fog / marine layer conditions miles from shore. At idle looking around... off the port goes the...
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    Trailer Without a Home

    Like! Will check in to it...
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    Trailer Without a Home

    Yep, yep... will do. Prolly get repairs done, drop it in the water, sea trial for a bit... and if all repairs good, I'll ping you.
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    Trailer Without a Home

    LOL... nice. However Fortuna is more than a couple clicks away...
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    Bait bag & Chair covers

    Cool man, appreciated. I put a watch on this thread.. but missed your reply last month...
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    Bait bag & Chair covers

    Yes... those. Sorry for the late reply. Still have?
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    Trailer Without a Home

    Update... Trailer now available for sale or shared use. The trailer is listed in BD boat parts classified for sale... but would love to keep the trailer somehow. Anyone have a spot to store (even under a boat), but with shared use? PM if interested... Shared use option would be best of...
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    22 Foot Boat Trailer

    You're in San Diego? Think it will hold a 24" skipjack?
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    Bait bag & Chair covers

    Would like, if you will dig for them...
  34. MobilHomey

    The Superbag

    Still have?
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    22 Foot Boat Trailer

    Interested. Do you know if there weight rating on the trailer. I have a 24' skipjack I need to move around for a bit
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    Bait bag & Chair covers

    Do you have the transom bag mounting blocks that go with the bags...?
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    1986 24' Skipjack Resto (repost)

    I had Jack Cole make them...
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    1986 24' Skipjack Resto (repost)

  39. MobilHomey

    Borrow, Rent, Buy Trailer for 24' Skipjack

    All - need to do a haul out and am in need of a trailer. If you are not using yours, I will compensate handsomely. Or if someone knows if someone wants to sell one somewhere. Much appreciated..
  40. MobilHomey

    24' Skipjack Rubrail

    taco marine rub rail v12-4144
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    Offshore Catalina Offshore - Limits of Dorado and some Yellowfin

    Nice work... almost didn't recognize you with your hat on forward.
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    Long Beach 8/28

    That did help... thanks for the great report!
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    Pursuit 7/24. Big Yellows !

    The perfect report... great work and glad you got the jackpot to boot. I watch the 22nd street reports daily.. and its been a bit dry. You got a good day...!
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    Skipjack 24 Open Upgrade

  45. MobilHomey

    Skipjack 24 Open Upgrade

  46. MobilHomey

    Skipjack 24 Open Upgrade

    Funny how kitchen tables are for wiring dash panels... :))
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    Paint AntiFoul on Outdrive...?

    Yeah.. thinking ugly is probably the only real drawback. Yes I do keep the boat in the water and wondering if I can keep the same cleaning schedule (4 weeks) with my diver with the outdrive. Of course the prop doesn't get painted... Thanks for the input thus far...
  48. MobilHomey

    Paint AntiFoul on Outdrive...?

    Taking my boat into Basin Marine next week to have the bottom painted, but they have also quoted me to paint the outdrive. I would appreciate a response from someone that has had it done and pros/cons. Thanks in advance...
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    Picture of Skipjack 20 emblem needed please

    Skipjack sells new ones. Same screw pattern but without the "20". I got em for my boat.
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    Mexico Commercial BFT fishing SHUT DOWN

    It's Mexico people... not to be negative nancy but... it's paper.. it won't be enforced...
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    Need to Borrow Trailer for 24' Skipjack

    Right on, I appreciate the offer and may be reaching out to you..
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    Thats cool. Yeah we'll just breathe life into it as we get closer.
  53. MobilHomey


    We can certainly tee it up. Didn't have enough interest last year.
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    Need to Borrow Trailer for 24' Skipjack

    All - planning to take my boat out for service and am looking to borrow (rent) a trailer from someone. Should need it for less than a month and will certainly make it $worth$ your while. Much appreciated.
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    1986 24' Skipjack Resto (repost)

    Thanks... Bag hanging off the back...
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    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    RIP Popeye Jack...! Very humble beautiful man...!
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    1986 24' Skipjack Resto (repost)

    Yep, yep... thanks for the compliments.
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    1986 24' Skipjack Resto (repost)

    Salt Water Specialties in Costa Mesa came right at about 2k if I remember.
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    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Jack Cole passes...
  60. MobilHomey

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    ... and for your viewing pleasure...
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    1986 24' Skipjack Resto (repost)

    Then a couple months later... Boom...! :)) The system works..!
  62. MobilHomey

    1986 24' Skipjack Resto (repost)

    Finish pictures including the new Skipjack decal graphics at the rear and chrome skipjack logo’s on the front and new deck hatches (from Skipjack).
  63. MobilHomey

    1986 24' Skipjack Resto (repost)

    The engine received all new hoses, belts, pointless ignition upgrade, removed the power steering pump and actuator, new power trim pump, new control and cables, plugs and wires. Then grind the rust off, prime and paint. Compression checked out to be 170 and 175 PSI.
  64. MobilHomey

    1986 24' Skipjack Resto (repost)

    New Dash. I found some good gauges, created a new layout for the gauges and switches, made a template to scale for the plastics guy to cut out and bullnose, assembled and installed.
  65. MobilHomey

    1986 24' Skipjack Resto (repost)

    And now the installation of the LED lights, HD radome, FM antenna, VHF antenna, transducer, Garmin 740s GPS Chartplotter, Lewmar windlass, new bow roller, delta anchor (w/350’ of chain and rode),1000 watt inverter with a duplex surface mount outlet, new VHF radio, a stereo system with auxiliary...
  66. MobilHomey

    1986 24' Skipjack Resto (repost)

    Patch and paint the holes on the sides from the VHF antenna, old radar antenna, holes in the dash from the old electronics and strengthen the lips for the deck hatches.
  67. MobilHomey

    1986 24' Skipjack Resto (repost)

    At saltwater specialties getting the arch.
  68. MobilHomey

    1986 24' Skipjack Resto (repost)

    New interior (interior bunks, lounge seats, ¼ seats, engine box pad and all cockpit material), new bimini top, bows, boot, windshield and side curtains and cockpit cover all by Popeye Jack. New stern rail by Rail Makers.
  69. MobilHomey

    1986 24' Skipjack Resto (repost)

    Removal of boot stripe decal and paint out of brown gel coat.
  70. MobilHomey

    1986 24' Skipjack Resto (repost)

    2012 repost since pictures got lost during the site conversion a few years back. Found this boat in 2012 with only 300 hours on it.
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    How to add pictures in posts

    Testicle 1 Testicle 2
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    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Pretty cool visual of the differences in sizes between the 20 and 24 footers... The 20 was my old one, the 24 is my new one (as of 2011).
  73. MobilHomey

    finally done skippy 30

    Great boat! I have the end slip on (I think) gangway 22. Maybe see you around...
  74. MobilHomey


    Rallying troops...! Bump...! 23 days before launch... :)
  75. MobilHomey


    Will do Johnney
  76. MobilHomey


    Let us know how it goes Karl. I have the same motor and the jets are hair thin. Hopefully you ran it clean before you put it to bed....
  77. MobilHomey


    Yes, and yes... See you there my friend...
  78. MobilHomey


    Cool John...!!!
  79. MobilHomey


    Dude... sorry. You were participant #1...! Who do I need to call to get you out of the gig... :)
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    Offshore 8/1 Tails

    YUM...! Nice work...!
  81. MobilHomey

    Offshore Yellowfin - 7/29

    Trademark hat and glasses. Nice work!
  82. MobilHomey


    Yep.. kind of a save the date thing right now and will ramp up as we get closer. Hey anyone know of another forum to post (outside BD) to get additional interest?
  83. MobilHomey


    We can do a jackpot for those that are planning to fish...
  84. MobilHomey


  85. MobilHomey

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    SKIPJACK ISLAND EVENT, ISTHMUS – 9/23, 9/24 First annual Skipjack island event scheduled for September 23rd and 24th at the Isthmus, Catalina Island. Come hang and share the passion with others. § Planning on having a bring your own BBQ up on the beach Saturday night and freelance dingy...
  86. MobilHomey

    Sean schools the Old Man at Catalina 6/5 to 6/8 - big yellows!

    You guys killed it...! Great work. Thanks for the report!
  87. MobilHomey

    Loreto Arturo's Sportfishing...?

    So this is a late post cuz I'm leaving tomorrow morning. Trying to figure out what gear to take. Have pinged them several times on email and all I get is each panga has 3 rods. Pretty much counting on bottom fishing for the yellows, so thinking bringing the big two speeds and use the rods...
  88. MobilHomey

    Offshore Tuna Time

    Fresh one. Need a hurricane to push it up our arse...
  89. MobilHomey

    Wsb and lots of them

    Nice work Eric... that is one tanker WSB...! By the by... I recognize the fuel dock... LOL
  90. MobilHomey

    Saturday Morning Yellows at Cat 2/25

    Great fish, pics and post. I'm heading over tomorrow for a few days.. I hope to duplicate :) Hey am I seeing something here or what? Are your rod guides going from top to bottom at the end?
  91. MobilHomey

    EPIRB ?

    X2 and you can take it camping, hiking, skiing, whatever. It's registered to you "Personal" locator beacon, so it follows "you" as opposed to a boat.
  92. MobilHomey

    AQ290 Out Drive Vibration

    Guys, I get a vibration sound that reverberates through the hull from my AQ290 single prop out drive when I turn left or right. I think this is a common problem and have experienced it with other boats that I have owned. Anyone know the proper fix to resolve this issue? I've heard u-joints...
  93. MobilHomey

    Skipjack AQ260 Ignition Issue

    Loose wires on the solenoid... Jesus this little deal caused me 2 months of banging my head against the wall trying to figure it out. Certainly know my entire ignition system like the back of my hand now... Thanks for all your input.
  94. MobilHomey

    Skipjack AQ260 Ignition Issue

    I'm heading in the replace the ignition switch direction, especially since the trim (heavy load) won't work either. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks again...
  95. MobilHomey

    Skipjack AQ260 Ignition Issue

    There is a circuit breaker. I've confirmed its not in open condition and power is good in and out of it..
  96. MobilHomey

    Skipjack AQ260 Ignition Issue

    Thanks for the suggestions. Yeah the grounds look fine... they are connected to the manifolds which were replaced a couple years back, All painted and look fine, no visible corrosion. I'll pull apart and clean and reassemble. I've checked continuity on the ignition switch but could be failing...
  97. MobilHomey

    Skipjack AQ260 Ignition Issue

    Guys, I have a 1986 Skipjack with a Volvo Penta AQ260 that when I put the ignition into start or run the trim I get nothing, and the dash gauges lose power. I turn the key off then back on and the gauges get power, then I go to start and hit the trim (neither will work), and the gauges lose...
  98. MobilHomey

    Offshore 182 9/8

    Old school bloody decks...! Nice work...!
  99. MobilHomey

    Offshore Today 9/7 early AM bft

    Many thumbs up man and good eats...!
  100. MobilHomey

    Offshore YFT EVERYWHERE!!!!

    Great pics...! Was out yesterday and heard a lot of chatter of activity around the 277. Is that where you were...?
  101. MobilHomey

    How to add pictures in posts

    Lets just see how easy this is..
  102. MobilHomey

    Yellowtail, calicos and a lady

    Good story, great read... awesome job man...
  103. MobilHomey

    Catalina July 24th fish report

    Good report...! Nice work on the yellows.. Good stuff!
  104. MobilHomey

    Catalina Report 6/4 - WSB and Mixed Bag

    Great work...! Pretty cool slinging bait in the surf break and pulling the WSB out of there...
  105. MobilHomey

    Offshore 2 for 4 BFT 80#-90#; Some Nifty Angling

    Thanks for the post. Great video and narration.
  106. MobilHomey

    Skipjack noob

    They previous post is prolly correct, but I prefer opens for stand up helm, easy access to the cockpit, faster, lighter, and no tippy... Good luck in your searches...!
  107. MobilHomey

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Wow... very nice late model 24'...!
  108. MobilHomey

    LB/OC Local - 5/29

    Thanks for the post...!
  109. MobilHomey

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Very nice. It looks like it needs a little TLC. Gunna have to take a swing by and check it out. 1 of 1
  110. MobilHomey

    Rpt-Wed. 05-18-16 Catalina Tails and Hali's!

    Very nice, great day! No go get some Zzzzzzzzzz's
  111. MobilHomey

    5/14 Catalina

    Thanks for the report...! All good in the end...
  112. MobilHomey

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Welcome to the club :) Very nice boat, looks to be a '88 model. Had one that looked just like that and sold it about 3 years ago.
  113. MobilHomey

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    WOW...!!!! Very nice..!!!
  114. MobilHomey

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    If you don't mind me asking... how much was the new bullet?
  115. MobilHomey

    Cleaning a spark arrester

    Carb and choke cleaner, gas, mineral spirits, other? I'm thinking carb and choke cleaner after doing some interwebbing. Thoughts are appreciated.
  116. MobilHomey

    Mechanic Reccomandation needed for Volvo Penta

    Harry's marine in Orange. Just took my boat there after posting a similar thread. Good work but $$.
  117. MobilHomey

    SoCal Bottom Painter Recommendations

    Just called Tom. They gave me a good price but don't have a slot open until June. I guess mine will go in when yours comes out. :)
  118. MobilHomey

    SoCal Bottom Painter Recommendations

    Very cool. I'll call them tomorrow. Thanks!
  119. MobilHomey

    SoCal Bottom Painter Recommendations

    Called Long Beach Boat Yard $$$$$, calling Cabrillo manana. Any other recommendations for quality work? I have no paint and understand the importance of prep, epoxy, primer and coats. Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!
  120. MobilHomey

    Fuel Gauge Not Accurate

    Cool, cool... Thanks!
  121. MobilHomey

    Fuel Gauge Not Accurate

    Right on man... good info, thanks!
  122. MobilHomey

    Fuel Gauge Not Accurate

    Cool, thanks. Looks like I need to pull mine to match the depth of the tank. Thanks again.
  123. MobilHomey

    Fuel Gauge Not Accurate

    I should mention that I have new gauges as well.
  124. MobilHomey

    Fuel Gauge Not Accurate

    Guys - I have a 24' skip open that that the fuel gauge is not accurate. It used to be off by about 25% and now its off by 50% or more. Do I just replace the sending unit or sumtin? If so, where does one get one from? This tank was replaced by the previous owner and was made by the company...
  125. MobilHomey

    Need help moving boat this weekend !

    Rent a truck and tow it..
  126. MobilHomey

    Volvo Outdrive Service

    X2 on the bay marine... Thanks for the suggestions. Harry's in Orange it is. Crazy that there isn't a good repair place closer...
  127. MobilHomey

    Volvo Outdrive Service

    X2 on the bay marine...
  128. MobilHomey

    Volvo Outdrive Service

    Guys - I'm in Long Beach with a 24' Skipjack open with a AQ290 outdrive that needs service. For the past 20yrs I used to go to Rainbow/Tilly's but it seems they don't have interest in working on older boats anymore. Very unfortunate because the head mechanic there (John) is a great guy and...
  129. MobilHomey

    Lovely day for a cruise, 150 & Catalina

    Was out there today too for nada... nada on the water like today is better than a day at the barn...!
  130. MobilHomey


    Very nice...! Love the fighting chair...!
  131. MobilHomey


    Now that's good shit right there...!
  132. MobilHomey

    San Pedro Tuna - 7/11

    God is on your side Jonathan...! :-) Good work man...!
  133. MobilHomey

    Saturday Catalina Island Fishing

    Thanks for the report...!!!
  134. MobilHomey

    Offshore 7/10/15 tuna...

    Thanks for the report. Sashimi for you...!
  135. MobilHomey

    Catalina Avalon to Long Point

    Congrats.. I'm not sure what's better; you submitting this report or admitting to going to the Chi Chi club. Good stuff...!
  136. MobilHomey

    Volvo 290 Outdrive Service - Outdrive Exchange?

    I live in the Long Beach area and need service on my Volvo 290 outdrive. Anybody have any recommendations? My days going to Tilly's (Rainbow) are over. Anybody have any experience with Outdrive Exchange? I have an appt to drop my boat off next week but would rather not run all the way down...
  137. MobilHomey

    Got one 6-26

    Good stuff. Thanks for the post...! Oh matching grins by the way..
  138. MobilHomey


    Great report...!!! I must reel up just when I thought I had two of everything...
  139. MobilHomey

    First report....trip of my life

    Unfricken believable...!!!! How long until our first Wahoo post...?
  140. MobilHomey

    New to BD... introducing myself and my Skipjack

    Great boat! I think that's a one-off open style. By chance did you buy it from a mid 20/yo boat captain? I met a guy at Avalon that had the same boat.
  141. MobilHomey

    1984 28ft SKIPJACK resto

    Hey John... is that the Volvo dove grey..? If so where did you get it? I need to get a can of it.
  142. MobilHomey

    The 31 Bertram Build

    Added to my spank bank...!
  143. MobilHomey

    jack cole's #

    Jack Cole Company - 949-650-2885 (got a ring no answer on Sat morning). Had him do a bunch of vinyl work on my boat in 2011. He and his son were teaming on the project and mid way through his son had heart problems and had some kind of issue as a result and was unable to walk afterwards. So...
  144. MobilHomey

    jack cole's #

    Jack Cole Company - 949-650-2885 (got a ring no answer on Sat morning). Had him do a bunch of vinyl work on my boat in 2011. He and his son were teaming on the project and mid way through his son had heart problems and had some kind of issue as a result and was unable to walk afterwards. So...
  145. MobilHomey

    Offshore Slow day 209, 277

    That pretty much duplicates my day, minus the yellowfin and plus a few more yt... Yeah had a friend that was in that area on Friday and said it was WFO.. went Saturday and it was WFC...!
  146. MobilHomey

    First boat, 1967 21' Skipjack

    Do you realize that that boat is nearly 50 fricken years old and someone bought it and ready to dump love on it. Unbelievable. That has to be one of the first that Jack built.
  147. MobilHomey

    Super Moon Blue Fin Tuna on Top water 8/10

    Camera type..? :)
  148. MobilHomey

    Catalina 8.13 Son's first Yellowtail

    As good as it gets man. Hey you're on my gangway (#22). Always looking for people to share the fuel bill. I have the 24 open halfway down from you...
  149. MobilHomey

    Wtb Seagate 20

    Great reel.. I have two..
  150. MobilHomey

    Skipjack 24 Open

    Unbelievable build... Worth every penny...!
  151. MobilHomey

    Weekend Catalina report 8/2 and 8/3

    Great family memories...!
  152. MobilHomey

    Offshore Weekend Report - Offshore and Islands

    Saturday made our way to the 209 and stopped 10 miles short again on a paddy for 7 yellows. Drove to the beach looking for warmer water and found one more paddy for another yellow. Pushed back to the area we were at in the morning cuz it seemed to have a lot of life. Started trolling the area...
  153. MobilHomey

    Catalina YT

    Nice toad..? Whites landing?
  154. MobilHomey

    Opah, opah, opah

    Wow... what next...?
  155. MobilHomey

    Offshore US water Tunas 7/29

    Nice use of the sonar. Did you chum them up?
  156. MobilHomey

    Size of cedar plug for trolling tuna...?

    So planning to line up some purple/black plugs for trolling this weekend and am thinking 6" but other say those are too small, then another "expert" said I really want the 4"ers. Thoughts anyone that has real world recent tuna catching knowledge? Appreciated...
  157. MobilHomey

    07/30/14- Out of Long Beach, paddy hopping and Catalina

    Got the yt skunk off the boat... nice job.
  158. MobilHomey

    Check out my butt

    Monster...! Very nice!
  159. MobilHomey

    Offshore Vessel Assist / 14ft RIB / BFT!!

    Good shit... this el nino is sure keeping it interesting...
  160. MobilHomey

    24' skippy open dry weight

    4,000 LBs...
  161. MobilHomey

    Diver/Bottom Cleaner Wanted in Alamitos Bay

    Looking for a diver to clean the bottom of my boat located in Alamitos bay. Need it cleaned by Friday night. I prefer the independent guys if possible. Appreciated....!
  162. MobilHomey

    Offshore 7/26pm-7/27 report king harbor to the 209 and back

    Hey... and I suppose I could speculate... but what is a daisy chain..?
  163. MobilHomey

    Offshore 7/26pm-7/27 report king harbor to the 209 and back

    Great report.. very informative! And I guess if you have to run in the snot... it might as well be in a 24 skip :)
  164. MobilHomey

    Offshore Bluefin and Yellowfin 7 -28 at the 209 (video)

    Tuna on a bobber... now that would have been some good video. Watched every second. Good stuff man...!
  165. MobilHomey

    Offshore 120 mile weekend

    All that in an open bow... who woulda thought... Nice work guys...
  166. MobilHomey

    Offshore Saturday's Trip to the 209

    Great report, and nice bull...! Hey by chance how long did your uncured dines last? I got some for that barge (nacho) last week and they didn't last more than 5 or 6 hours.
  167. MobilHomey


    Nice haul...!
  168. MobilHomey


    Happened to me on Wednesday and I keep my stuff I top shape. I seems the rule pumps are kind of disposable.
  169. MobilHomey

    7-23 out of newport

    Boxed out the 9 mile rigs last night after reading the helicopter report. Water temps 65 to 67, surprisingly cool. Lots of life but no hits. Also trolling purple rapala,mexican feather, and natural plug.
  170. MobilHomey

    North LA fishing trip 7/12/14

    Great variety...! Gotta love SoCal fishing!
  171. MobilHomey

    Tuna off of Long Beach 7/22/14

    Say it ain't so...! Great helicopter report...! Gunna have to spark the boat up and make a run after work mañana...
  172. MobilHomey

    Sunday Yellows Short of the 209 (Binocular Recommendations)

    Could be the difference I imagine between a good day and a bad day after spending $300 at the fuel dock...
  173. MobilHomey

    Sunday Yellows Short of the 209 (Binocular Recommendations)

    Thanks for the input guys... Those are all good choices. Gunna have to figure something out cuz not sure if I want to part with $400 for a pair at this point. Not a whole lot used product out there either I noticed. Anyway - thanks again!
  174. MobilHomey

    Sunday Yellows Short of the 209 (Binocular Recommendations)

    Nacho at 4:30, headed to the 209 and about 10 miles short found a paddy holding. Ran to the 267 and trolled the slide into the east end for nada. Sure was fun listening to the chatter on the radio... good stuff. Hey so thinking of doing an upgrade on the optics for spotting paddy's. Thinking...
  175. MobilHomey

    Late Tuna Report + Tuna Cam Version 1.0

    Very cool... you're a pioneer...! What next?
  176. MobilHomey

    Yellows and angry ragged tooth

    Nice. thanks for the report. Heading to the 209 in the AM... maybe I'll take the slide back the santa catalina...
  177. MobilHomey

    Big Butt Bite to Boat (ok, Kayak) video

    Great BD contribution...!!!
  178. MobilHomey

    My new baby!

    "F" yes man... Very nice!
  179. MobilHomey

    Lazy Afternoon at Catalina - 5/3

    Nice makin somethin out of nothin... Love the trademark cap and glasses... see you out there...
  180. MobilHomey


    Fucking Opah at the 14 mile according to Mark...! Sharpen your spears...!
  181. MobilHomey

    Boat fire, Avalon

    Can't believe how long and how much water it took to put the fire out. Also it didn't look windy at all there. I was thinking of making a run but didn't want to get blown out...
  182. MobilHomey

    The 31 Bertram Build

    Unbelievable vision man...! Very nice...
  183. MobilHomey

    New Panga from Ensenada, Mexico

    Expect to get stopped by the USCG a lot lookin for bails... :)
  184. MobilHomey

    one more skipjack.

    It's gotta be a kick runnin up there at speed..! How much fun is that...
  185. MobilHomey

    1984 28ft SKIPJACK resto

    Off white with captain navy trim... Looking good John..!
  186. MobilHomey

    one more skipjack.

    Very nice. Hey what type of paint did you use for the outdrive? Different than the bottom paint correct?
  187. MobilHomey

    Radar mount/tower

    Tom Rogers - Saltwater Specialty, 1730 Pomona Ave., Unit 10, Costa Mesa. [email protected]
  188. MobilHomey

    Importance of OEM risers and manifolds?

    Planning on replacing my risers and manifolds this year and am wondering if I should pony up the extra $$ for Volvo product for my AQ260. I think I heard some time ago that in this area you only want to use OEM product. Thoughts...?
  189. MobilHomey

    Can't Catch Em From The Couch 3-1-2014

    And here I was home all cozy on the couch...! Nice work John! Radar yet?
  190. MobilHomey

    Importance of OEM risers and manifolds?

    Planning on replacing my risers and manifolds on my Volvo Penta AQ260 this year and am wondering how important it is to use OEM parts for these items. I think I have heard years ago that it makes good sense to go OEM in this area. Your thoughts...?
  191. MobilHomey

    Bottom/AnitFoul Paint Necessary?

    Short answer - Get it painted then have it cleaned by a diving service once a month. Painting is not a do it yourself project and will run you right around 2k to get it done.
  192. MobilHomey

    1983 Skipjack25 cabin cruiser $8500

    Year? Hours? Outdrive model? Post in classified section?
  193. MobilHomey

    Carbon Fiber for Dash Replacement

    Fuck it.. I think I'll redo in teak...!
  194. MobilHomey

    Teak Suppliers?

    Good stuff. I'll sheck it out... thanks guys...
  195. MobilHomey

    Bottom paint-keep or remove

    No you don't need to remove the paint... if you keep it on the trailer you need to do nothing...
  196. MobilHomey

    I need a 50' slip in long beach the first week in March.

    If everything else fails I'm sure you can call the harbor office and get a guest end tie...
  197. MobilHomey

    Carbon Fiber for Dash Replacement

    I'm looking to redo my dashboard with carbon fiber. Doing some research I'm seeing vinyl, wrap and carbon fiber stock products. My current dash is made of ABF plastic with a dimple type of texture so not sure how well a wrap would work. Your thoughts or experiences with this product is...
  198. MobilHomey

    New to Me skippy 24

    Adjusting the tilt on the transom mount TD will correct the issue. My experience they like to be more horizontal than tilted..
  199. MobilHomey

    Selfie X-Mas Present

    Mad mutha shutchemouth...!
  200. MobilHomey

    Teak Suppliers?

    Looking to replace my laminate doors to my cuddy with teak. Was going to make a run to H&L Marine Woodwork in Rancho Dominguez but unfortunately I think they are closed. Anyone know of a place to buy some teak stock in the LA/OC area?
  201. MobilHomey

    New to Me skippy 24

    Tom did mine too...
  202. MobilHomey

    GW Shark Locator App

    I wish they would do this for seabass and yellowtail....!
  203. MobilHomey

    New Windshield/Bow Rail-Where?

    ... also I'm sure the peeps at Railmakers can steer you in the direction for your windshield as well. Fortunately for you, you live in the hub of boat suppliers and manufacturers...!
  204. MobilHomey

    New Windshield/Bow Rail-Where?

    For your bow rail, Railmakers in Costa Mesa will take real good care of you. I think they have been around since the 70s and do all the rails for the boat manufacturers in the area. Address: 864 W 18th St, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 Phone:(949) 642-6506
  205. MobilHomey

    Catalina Reds - 12/15

    Good stuff all around. How precious are days like that - weather, boat and fam..! This time of the year IS the best for boating. Also man are you trademarking that black hat/sunglasses look or what... seems ever pic is the same garb... :) Good stuff and see you on the grounds.. Dan
  206. MobilHomey

    Great White Caught Off Beach in San Clemente

    You guys see this?
  207. MobilHomey

    radar arch

  208. MobilHomey

    Pimp my Panga

    Spend years getting it all done and just they way you want it... then sell it...?
  209. MobilHomey

    NPH report/video

    Good stuff man... nice production...! Thanks for that...
  210. MobilHomey


    Wow... right on... someone sunk some serious coin into that boat...! Just wondering how it got there... trailer...? That's a LONG haul. Also that marina is called Los Suenos. It's a must do place to visit if ever in that area. Unbelievable iron in that marina..!!
  211. MobilHomey


    '86 24' Open.. Yours looks to be an '88 ish.... Very, very nice by the way...!
  212. MobilHomey

    West Coast hull advice 20 to 25 feet

    Oh and if you start targeting Skipjacks... I would target at 24 Open '86 or newer. Or at least something north of '82 or so...
  213. MobilHomey

    West Coast hull advice 20 to 25 feet

    X2 This may be the way to go.
  214. MobilHomey


    I have Allstate. Premium is approximately $300/yr for a value that I set at 35k. Good luck. Brokers are hoe's... Any one of them will insure you...
  215. MobilHomey

    one more skipjack.

    Very, very, very nice...!!! Hey did you clean the gutters while you were up there? :) Make sure you but a couple good coats of wax on that tower.
  216. MobilHomey

    28 custom pilothouse skipjack

    A tank...!
  217. MobilHomey

    10-5 Catalina Lobsters

    Right on... how much fun is that..! Good report John...
  218. MobilHomey

    Our New Boat: 31 Tiara Open

    Very nice... Pretty much the perfect boat for speed, comfort, cockpit space, economy, etc. Good stuff. Congrats!
  219. MobilHomey

    Its Hoopnetting time and I'M BACK!!!

    Bones are great bait for lobster...
  220. MobilHomey

    Buying Panga in Mexico

    If I recall buying a boat in Mexico and trying to register it in Cali can be a problem since they are not USCG approved. I looked into buying a super cruiser years ago and ran up against an issue like that. I like the idea... good luck!
  221. MobilHomey

    Swordfish on a 1/2 Day?!

    He could always use to throw at an Opah...!
  222. MobilHomey

    Offshore Close to Home Bluefin and a Surprise - 9/21

    Great report. Thanks for the post!
  223. MobilHomey

    Skipjack On My Mind! 1971 Open 20

    You will want to repower with a Volvo Penta 5.0 re-manufactured engine. This is the engine that Jack ended up putting in all the 20 footers in the 80s and 90s. Not...
  224. MobilHomey

    24' skipjack open project

    Right on.. Very nice!
  225. MobilHomey

    Wireless Boat Kill Switch/Lanyard

    First of all thoughts and prayers to Ruben and his family..! Very sad story.. I boat solo often and when I do I take precautions such as inflatable vest, PLB, ditch bag at the ready etc. This is the first I have heard of a wireless kill switch. I looked into it and the one listed on the...
  226. MobilHomey

    24' skipjack open project

    Wow... nice work! Love the interior pieces too. Hey is the dash carbon fiber...? I'd love to redo mine with that stock.
  227. MobilHomey

    boat "lucky dog" missing off Oceanside

    Apparently that is a Lucky Dog. Thoughts and prayers to the missing...!
  228. MobilHomey

    Fall fishing in Islamorada

    Nice grade fish... good report thanks...!
  229. MobilHomey

    Nice day on the water

    Right on... good report and excellent results... That is a few miles to put on but... still good results.!
  230. MobilHomey

    What's Wrong With This Picture?

    Nothing - They are fishing south of the equator?
  231. MobilHomey

    DIY Bait tank

    Work of art and top shelf engineering. Very good planning of the functionality of the water flow and draining aspects. Hey for everyone out there... what is normally produced out of your shop. Could be a good time for a shameless plug...
  232. MobilHomey

    1984 28ft SKIPJACK resto

    Ahhhhh.... Buffalo Milk!!! Boat looks great John. How did everything run? All the fuel pump issues sorted out? Wish you posted a pic of it on the mooring.
  233. MobilHomey

    8/17 Hali and GoPro film depth

    Smooth operator. Looked like just another day at the office. Crazy that you bled that thing and 20 minutes later it's still fighting to get off your lap...!
  234. MobilHomey


    Nope... they were belugas. Much bigger and had the big knuckle on their heads...
  235. MobilHomey

    Offshore late post. It was perfect weather and good fishing but we had ou share of issues! lol

    The hound looked like it was keeping a keen eye for paddy's...
  236. MobilHomey

    New enclosure....

    I'm thinking you are going to want to buy a can of Plexus plastic cleaner protectant and polish to keep that think looking new... Look it up. It is the schnizzle for keeping it like new.
  237. MobilHomey

    not mine just passing the info along

    Cool thanks. I pinged him for watts, pins, etc...
  238. MobilHomey


    Pretty cool... I saw a pod of belugas a month ago or so around the 14 mile bank... now that was weird. Kind of like seeing an Oprah... This is a no shit story by the way.
  239. MobilHomey

    Offshore late post. It was perfect weather and good fishing but we had ou share of issues! lol

    Got chills. Great report... then to see the dog in the first pic... I don't know. I'm voting for a front page BD spot for this post. Good shit my brother...
  240. MobilHomey

    Laguna Shark Diving, 1/14

    We don't want this to be you... I'm thinking this guy crapped his suit...!
  241. MobilHomey

    Great Day On The Water! First YT

    Good job man... nice forkies...!
  242. MobilHomey

    Custom Bertram 37 Sportfish 1993.

    The boat and I both have wood...!
  243. MobilHomey

    Offshore Kids putting the hurt on the big Bluefin. Condor 1.5 8/6

    Report of the year...! Thanks for the post... Like I was there :)
  244. MobilHomey

    Calstar 8' Deckhand Special - $110.00

    Near Belmont Shore. Call me - 310 612-8357
  245. MobilHomey

    Uploaded some video showing great team work landing fishing at the boat

    Best spot for him... at the bait tank and out of the way. The rest of the guys were a machine... Like its their day job. Very nice work!
  246. MobilHomey

    Crab Pot Video

    Man them crabs are busy...!
  247. MobilHomey

    Calstar 8' Deckhand Special - $110.00

    Sold it, Sold it, Sold it...!!!!
  248. MobilHomey

    Skipjack 20' Open

    Put it on Boattrader...
  249. MobilHomey

    Active Squid Beds at Catalina?

    I heard earlier there were active squid beds on the back side near the V's or back side on the west end. Can anybody confirm any of this info. Lookin to head over Thursday for a few days and would love to be able to make some. Your input is appreciated.
  250. MobilHomey


    Opahnado... I think it has legs..! Check out the reviews for these $14,000.00 speaker cables on Amazon... Good stuff! Customer Reviews: AudioQuest K2 Terminated Speaker Cable - UST 2.44 m Plugs 8' Pair
  251. MobilHomey

    Halibut IP 8-3

    Report and recipe...! Outstanding... Nice flatty!
  252. MobilHomey

    hello everyone new here

    Nice rig... fat with electronics...!
  253. MobilHomey

    Squid availability to purchase in LB or at Catalina

    Planning a trip to Catalina, leaving Sunday, coming back? Don't know if I'll have time to make squid and have heard the sceiners (sp?) are collecting for commercial sale only. I was at the island today on another boat and didn't see the Marie Claire. How would someone go about getting squid...
  254. MobilHomey

    Bait Bags Question-- Aquaworld or Paramount?

    I have an Aquaworld. Never heard of Paramount. You'll want a top for the thing to keep the bait in and the birds out. Having one made now.
  255. MobilHomey

    Offshore Aug 1ST 2013 THE PENS

    Too fricken funny! Or even taken it for a ride...! Oh, very nice haul..! Thanks for the post.
  256. MobilHomey

    SCI Saturday Aug 3 Light Boats???

    If you get there before sun up you can make your own. The squid bed is right in the cove.
  257. MobilHomey

    Found the schooling OPAHS

    Somehow I think this is good comedy...!
  258. MobilHomey

    Offshore Mola riding - it is for real!

    Unfrickenbelievable...! Cryin over here..
  259. MobilHomey


    X2. The later the season gets the better the conditions are. Have fun and post pics of your trip!
  260. MobilHomey

    Catalina Island

    Hasta Manana'...
  261. MobilHomey

    SCI 7-28-13 yellows

    Just around the east end...
  262. MobilHomey

    Bertram 31 clean boat

    Wow...! Very nice... Cruising speed? GPH/M?
  263. MobilHomey

    SCI 7-28-13 yellows

    Right on.. Nice yob...! It looks like the quality is getting better. I was there a couple of weeks ago only for school size...
  264. MobilHomey

    Prowler Overnight Trip 7/29 - Excellent fishing

    BD like a mutha... Nice fricken pics....!
  265. MobilHomey

    Offshore Fish of a lifetime 600# Mako at the 267

    X2...! Nice way to break it in...!
  266. MobilHomey


  267. MobilHomey


    Opah (also commonly known as moonfish, sunfish, kingfish, redfin ocean pan, and Jerusalem haddock) are large, colorful, deep-bodied pelagic Lampriform fish comprising the small family Lampridae (also spelled Lamprididae). There are only two living species in a single genus: Lampris (from the...
  268. MobilHomey


    And I was gunna rent a movie tonight....!
  269. MobilHomey

    Took a left (video)

    Thanks for putting the time into rigging, setting, recording, editing and posting...!
  270. MobilHomey

    Re power ? What would you do?

    That's the best call based on all the input you have had. Can I ask what a long block is going for...? Oh and we should put new risers and manifolds on... this goes without saying.
  271. MobilHomey

    SCI Trifecta 7-21-13

    Good job... thanks for the report..!
  272. MobilHomey

    Re power ? What would you do?

    Other thoughts would be to buy new heads rather than rebuild your existing ones and also I am not a fan of crate motors! If you want to avoid problems stick with original Volvo equipment. I've seen crate motors fail too many times.
  273. MobilHomey


    I have a slot on the rail for the overnight tonight. I'll be sharing with 46 other mongers...
  274. MobilHomey

    Cool skipjack for sale

    Jack missed out on the production of that one... Very nice...!
  275. MobilHomey

    Saw this on Craigslist

    The blackman open is tits..!
  276. MobilHomey

    My New Mini Yacht!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How awesome is that ride man...! Love the tower and seat. Everything you need right there!
  277. MobilHomey

    Boat Maintenance

    I have a 24' with no trailer and posted on here to borrow a trailer and had several offers. Rented a U-Haul PU for $19.00 and took it to Tilly's Marine in HB for service. Service should be done every season or around 100 hours. Annual service may put you out $500 or so as long as you don't...
  278. MobilHomey

    Seasons Sportfishing Kills another White Seabass

    The one that almost got away... Good stuff, thanks for the post.
  279. MobilHomey

    Early bird ..........You know .

    Right on...! Seems to be shaping up to be a good year...!
  280. MobilHomey

    1984 28ft SKIPJACK resto

    Great family and fishing platform John!
  281. MobilHomey

    Dirty Habit, little sister, to Dirty Girl

    Nice boat, nice lines, nice bow rail and pulpit. Who is the builder? By the way your terrier is killer and I think he's already planning the long block install...
  282. MobilHomey

    yellows at the shoe 7-4

    Very nice take..! Were you using rapalas on the troll?
  283. MobilHomey

    Speed comfort level running with radar...

    Good stuff guys... I'm thinking I'm gunna be slowing it down a little.
  284. MobilHomey

    Speed comfort level running with radar...

    Just wondering what is a common cruising speed with zero visibility (night time) using radar? What are you comfortable with..?
  285. MobilHomey

    1984 28ft SKIPJACK resto

    Very nice... getting the finishing touches...!
  286. MobilHomey

    Nice Yellow,San Clemente island.

    :appl: That's a biggin! Jackpot?
  287. MobilHomey

    My Boats First Island Grand Slam

    Watching for Ty Charter services to pop up on BD...
  288. MobilHomey

    My Boats First Island Grand Slam

  289. MobilHomey

    Cat 24-25 June 2013. Good trip

    Great report... good friend. Next time take a light and make your own bait. There's a nice squid bed at eagle reef...
  290. MobilHomey

    San Clemente 6/21-22 Underwater video

    Nice job on the set up on the camera. Amazing nobody was hungry... I saw a video on here last year and the halibut were taking bites out of the camera!
  291. MobilHomey

    Transducer for Garmin 740S

    The Garmin uses a 6-pin transducer. You can get a 500 watt that works just fine and hang it off the transom for less than $70 bucks. I have this set up on my boat.
  292. MobilHomey

    more EPIC MAKO FISHING super moon sunday

    Them some biggins....! Very nice. I also noticed if I scroll through your pictures fast enough it's like watching the video... :)
  293. MobilHomey

    Prayers needed

    Be strong man. Love and prayers sent to you and your family.
  294. MobilHomey

    Super moon = Super Seabass

    :appl: Great work...!!!!!
  295. MobilHomey

    gooood fishing on Z-Life

    Unbelievable. You gotta love socal for the variety...!
  296. MobilHomey

    Catalina Barracuda/Yellowtail chasing JackMackral & Mako chewing on camera (7/1-7/18)

    Good stuff. Was your camera attached to a down rigger? Again great video and thanks for the post.
  297. MobilHomey

    Recommend Railing Fabricator 4 Whaler?

    X2 for Railmakers.
  298. MobilHomey

    Skipjack 20' Open

    Unbelievable this boat is still for sale...!
  299. MobilHomey

    Catalina Yellows with Capt. Dave Hansen

    Professional Fishing and Boating Guide - Captain Dave Hansen
  300. MobilHomey

    Another coastal yellow report 6-20

    Right on Behdad... Nice job! And man you guys were tested even before hitting the water. Good job sticking it out and dropping a couple fatty's...! Looking forward to the video.. Oh and I should plug, my 24' is sitting at the ready in Alamitos Bay... just give me a shout :)
  301. MobilHomey

    parking or driving in Cabo

    It's peculiar out all the questions that could be posed... it's parking... WTH...?
  302. MobilHomey

    Quick LB Halibut Report

    Lookin tasty...! Nice little honey hole...
  303. MobilHomey

    Need help installing a Windlass

    I have a somewhat shallow locker as well and all I do is once all the anchor line is in, I go to the locker and push the pile forward then retrieve the chain. Works nicely for me anyway...
  304. MobilHomey

    20' skipjack

    Joshua may be able to help you with that...
  305. MobilHomey

    1984 28ft SKIPJACK resto

    Are you going to put up an FM antenna as well?
  306. MobilHomey

    Shimano Wax Wing

    x2. I have actually slow trolled them for bonito and YT....
  307. MobilHomey

    SkipJack 20' open restoration

    Again unbelievable work Joshua. Great hull color choice as well. Just an observation looking at some of the pics at speed... you may want to consider some trim tabs to trim the bow down a little to achieve a better plane.
  308. MobilHomey

    1984 28ft SKIPJACK resto

    Unbelievable work John!
  309. MobilHomey

    Rpt-Sat-06-15-13 Catalina-a few more Ghosts!

    Very nice job...! ... and thanks for the report...
  310. MobilHomey

    Skipjack 20 Open Thru hull transducer location

    This from " The deadrise (the hull angles at the stern) is 18 degrees on all models of Skipjack boats built from 1971 on. When ordering an Airmar Tilted Element, flush mount transducer, we recommend...
  311. MobilHomey

    Need Help, stainless fabricator

    John, contact Railmakers in Costa Mesa. They did all the stainless work for Skipjack.. Chances are they did yours. Railmakers - Stainless Steel Railings for any Industry. Click the link then click Skipjack
  312. MobilHomey

    SkipJack 20' open restoration

    The man has a vision... I wasn't seeing earlier... but seeing it now...! Unbelievable amount of work you are getting done..
  313. MobilHomey

    06/05/2013 White Seabass on Island Sprit

    Nice fatty....! Hey is that the power plant in the background... LOL
  314. MobilHomey

    tin boat cabin build

  315. MobilHomey

    1996 Skipjack 24 Open for trade Looking for ~26 foot Skipjack Blackman Striper Parker

    Damn.. this is killing me. Looked for years and just backed up the truck on a '86. A little backwards on that one at the moment. Could be swayed to upgrade if the $$ is right...
  316. MobilHomey

    SkipJack 20' open restoration

    Jack Cole Co at 1725 Monrovia Ave Ste C3, Costa Mesa, CA. Call him at (949) 650-2885. He doesn't do computer at all... so you will need to print and take to him. Good guy and fun to meet. A little reserved at first until he gets to know you a bit.
  317. MobilHomey

    SkipJack 20' open restoration

    Crazy...! Jack's gotta see this...
  318. MobilHomey

    Want to rent 24' Skipjack Trailer

    Yes... thanks!
  319. Tammy2


  320. P9050024


  321. MobilHomey

    A Milestone in the Evolution of Mankind!!!

    They were trying to sell us calendars...
  322. MobilHomey

    Offshore 2 guys 2 days 20 yellows !

    I'm moving to SD...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  323. MobilHomey

    A Milestone in the Evolution of Mankind!!!

    <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <w:WordDocument> <w:View>Normal</w:View> <w:Zoom>0</w:Zoom> <w:TrackMoves/> <w:TrackFormatting/> <w:PunctuationKerning/> <w:ValidateAgainstSchemas/> <w:SaveIfXMLInvalid>false</w:SaveIfXMLInvalid> <w:IgnoreMixedContent>false</w:IgnoreMixedContent>...
  324. MobilHomey

    Fish SJD or Cabo?

    There is no question where to stay in SJD. Stay at the Tropicana. This place is off the charts and has GREAT shows... : Hotel Tropicana Inn , San José del Cabo, Mexico - 7 Guest reviews . Book your hotel now! Stay in SJD and fish from SJD.
  325. MobilHomey

    Garmin Radar Reviews??

    I have the 740s with the 18HD. It can pick up birds floating on water on a calm day!! I actually was using it during the day time while running from Avalon to the Isthmus and rescued a guy on an overturned skiff. He had been out there (4 miles off) for 3 hours and it was close to dusk. The...
  326. MobilHomey

    Seal Beach Fat Spot

    Nice job Nate... and as you say... if you don't go.. you can't catch...!
  327. MobilHomey

    Shark fishing Catalina?

    Has anybody heard of or have used the dry chum that you just add water to? I read something about it some time ago and it sounded like a good thing to have stored on the boat.
  328. MobilHomey

    Clean 25ft Skipjack Sport Cruiser $17,500.00 OBO

    I like the red and black valve covers...!
  329. MobilHomey

    Skipjack 20' Open

    Nice late model 20' Skip. Probably no more than a dozen made after yours. I also like the way the new engine pops in the picture. Great boat - good luck in the sale.!
  330. MobilHomey

    1984 28ft SKIPJACK resto

    Good stuff John. Everyday is like Christmas around your house right now...!
  331. MobilHomey

    First Project Boat.

    ... and a half of a beer...!
  332. MobilHomey

    my new boat

    Nice lines...!
  333. DSCN1273


  334. DSCN1277


  335. MobilHomey

    Bait tank = leaning post.

    Unbelievable work Jay...! This man's a thinker folks....!
  336. MobilHomey

    Trying to hook up DSC on Icom to HDS 5 - help

    Good luck on this... I've tried several configs on my set up to no avail. I think it's a ground issue on my side anyway... and not to mention the 42awg razor thin fricken wires you gotta work with...!
  337. MobilHomey

    one more skipjack.

    The perfect boat...!
  338. MobilHomey

    Complete Restoration of a 1986 24

    Thanks for the compliment Joshua...! Wade as noted before I just scrubbed the deck with Ajax and yes the hatches came in the original color of the boat...
  339. MobilHomey

    dumb questions # 2-5

    Here's a DQ.... what happened to DQ#1...?
  340. MobilHomey

    The New Battle Wagon (Custom Skippy)

    Green boot stripes gone...?
  341. MobilHomey

    one more skipjack.

    Yeah figuring I'll be going down that road soon, I'm exploring options $$. Nice work on the outdrive! Lookin good and a good feeling I'm sure.
  342. MobilHomey

    one more skipjack.

    How much were the manifolds and risers if you don't mind me asking...
  343. MobilHomey

    The 31 Bertram Build

    Unbelievable. I'm thinking this is not your first time around a rebuild like this. It's awesome breathing life into an old classic like this.
  344. MobilHomey

    Big Fish, Small Boat

    In Panama there are a lot of Marlin hiding in the bushes along the shore...
  345. MobilHomey

    Catalina April 13&14, recommendations??

    ... and bring a gun for the dogs...
  346. MobilHomey

    My friend could use some help.

    May the strength of BD be with you, him and his family...! Good vibes still being sent...
  347. MobilHomey

    23' Formula price reduced

    Me likee... hey what are those flaps at the bottom of the outdrives?
  348. MobilHomey

    Dusting off the winter dust

    Great report, great video... Must get a GoPro...!
  349. MobilHomey

    SkipJack 20' open restoration

    Moving along nicely. It looks like it will be a nice fishing platform when done!
  350. MobilHomey

    Complete Restoration of a 1986 24

    No I didn't paint the deck. Scrub brush and Ajax...!
  351. MobilHomey

    26' Radon repower & new electronics

    GREAT VIDEO...!!! Thanks for taking the time to edit and post. I've never a Coreopsis before. Are they indigent to San Miguel..? Again great video...! I must try to make a run there... :)
  352. MobilHomey

    The New Battle Wagon (Custom Skippy)

    Fricken dance floor back there...!
  353. MobilHomey

    Radar & Autopilot Install on Tunaholic

    I like it..! However what wrong with mounting the radome on the pilot house..?
  354. MobilHomey

    1989 36

    Yep... I'll miss seeing you out there fishing Jonathan. I guess more fish for us right? :) Good luck with the sale...!
  355. MobilHomey

    Went Fishing, Caught 4 Deers

    I love the little nuggets that you find like this on Bloody Decks...!
  356. MobilHomey

    Love the Garmin 740S with Radar 18HD

    Wow... good fishin...! Hey I have the 740s as well all hooked up and having fun with it. I actually saved an over turned skiff off of Catalina using the radar.. but that's another story. The reason I am writing now is have you connected your VHF to the 740 for the DSC function yet? I have...
  357. MobilHomey

    Corrosion Issue

    Interesting... I would have never thought the lack of a seal would cause that problem. The hoses are only one season old so I'll check the fit at the connector. Good stuff guys, thanks!
  358. MobilHomey

    Latest GoPro video...

    Unfricken believable...!!!! Scaring the shit out of me and I'm just sittin in my office...
  359. MobilHomey

    Corrosion Issue

    Does anybody know why I'm getting so much corrosion appearing at the hose fittings. The hoses are new a 100 hrs ago and connect to the exhaust manifolds. The engine is not fresh water cooled. Your thoughts...
  360. photo


  361. MobilHomey

    Boat graphics

    Kogler x3
  362. MobilHomey

    Killed the yellows at the Nados 3-17-13

    Hamachi for everybody...>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  363. MobilHomey

    1984 28ft SKIPJACK resto

    My god you can't go anywhere anymore without running into a sea lion. I was a the island a couple of weeks ago and there had to be a 1000 of them just around Avalon...! Great video... must get a GoPro...!
  364. MobilHomey

    one more skipjack.

    Wow...!!! Very nice... and loaded for bear I see...!
  365. MobilHomey

    any canvas/bimini contacts???

    Sorry man... but I don't know anybody in that area. I had Jack Cole company do mine... but he is in Costa Mesa. I am really writing to compliment you on the fricken huge forky in your picture. It looks like a winter time home guard by taking clues from your picture... Nice one...!
  366. MobilHomey

    1984 28ft SKIPJACK resto

    Damn... aren't you having fun. Did you use the trophy shop in Los Alamitos? I gotta make some engraved labels for the switches on my new dash...
  367. MobilHomey

    26' Radon repower & new electronics

    Unbelievable... someone's a thinker over there... :) Good stuff.
  368. MobilHomey

    Los Barriles

    Stay at Rancho Leonero. The absolute best accomodations...! Been to all the rest in the area in the Rancho is the best. Rancho has there own boats that you pick up right off the beach in front of the resort. Have fun and good luck...!
  369. MobilHomey

    26' Radon repower & new electronics

    Great post, great video, great boat, great day on the water... smiles all around. Good job!!!
  370. MobilHomey

    skipjack Seat Value?

    Hey you may want to consider keeping it on the boat. It works great for the overnight sleeper for a fishing partner that is male...!
  371. MobilHomey

    Looking to rent a 24' Skipjack Trailer

    If yours is collecting dust or rust... rent it to me for a month and make some $$. I need a trailer to take my boat out for seasonal service. Please PM if you can help. Thanks, Dan
  372. MobilHomey

    Want to rent 24' Skipjack Trailer

    If yours is sitting collecting dust, let me borrow it for a month and get a nice return. I need it to take mine out for seasonal service. Please PM if you have something I can use. Thanks, Dan
  373. MobilHomey

    Want to rent 24' Skipjack Trailer

    Looking to take my 24' out for annual service and would like to rent a trailer from someone. Probably will need it for a month. Will pay well $$ Let me know what you have. Appreciated. Dan
  374. MobilHomey

    Install a bow roller

    You can use .25 or .5" starboard for the backing. You can find small pieces at west marine that will suit the job.
  375. MobilHomey

    Guest slip in Long Beach

    See Pam at the harbor office off of Marina Drive.
  376. MobilHomey

    Monster Bugs 12/2/12!!!!

    Nice job...! :appl:
  377. MobilHomey

    Report:White seabass xmas

    Good karma = Great fish... Nice job!!!!!!!
  378. MobilHomey

    12V squid light question

    X2 above. I have the two foot hydro glow that I got for a buck sixty-nine. Great stick... attracts everything. Had squid on it within a minute of dropping it in the water at Catalina. Part number - <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tbody><tr><td align="center">...
  379. MobilHomey

    1984 28ft SKIPJACK resto

    Wow... I'm thinking the previous owner couldn't spell Z I N K... ! Great project... Keep the pics coming...
  380. MobilHomey

    Anyone know of good bottom rock fish spots outside of newport?

    "...If catching fish was easy, there would be no thrill when you do. If women didn't nag and bitch at you, you really wouldn't appreciate the time you spend with your buddies. So spend some time with your buddies and go fishing"... A Classic.. Ding, ding, ding!!! That quote might find...
  381. MobilHomey

    1984 28ft SKIPJACK resto

    Good stuff man... I miss having a project...
  382. MobilHomey

    one more skipjack.

    Damn you're moving fast...!
  383. MobilHomey

    Hoop Netting Video!

    Like the jugs especially if the dogs don't bother them. I imagine the bait lasts a bit longer...!
  384. MobilHomey

    one more skipjack.

    Paint came out great... but they sure polished the shit out of that hull...!
  385. MobilHomey

    Removing old Vinyl Striping from Boot line

    All, I found a graphics guy that can reproduce the SKIPJACK graphic in any size or color. Skipjack only sells them in black... so I had this guy reproduce in navy to match my boot stripe. I can forward his contact info if interested.
  386. MobilHomey

    Guess Where I Took This Picture...!

    Tony and Chuck pretty much figured it out. I guess the word got out how green Baja is. Last year this thread may have gone 20 pages or more ... :) I've traveled Baja for years and have never seen it as green as it is now... Crazy sight to see as you get off your panga at Ranch Leonero...!
  387. DSCN0723


  388. DSCN0724


  389. MobilHomey

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Side by side... Quite a difference in overall size!
  390. MobilHomey

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    The new 24' ....
  391. MobilHomey

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    My 1988 Skipjack 20' Open... Sold a couple of months ago...
  392. CF9950JV.1WWW


  393. DSCN0326


  394. MobilHomey

    Guess Where I Took This Picture...!

    Nope... a bit further away than LA...!
  395. MobilHomey

    Guess Where I Took This Picture...!

    So I live in SoCal and went on a fishing trip last weekend. The place I went fishing was less than a thousand miles away and I snapped this photo after I got off the boat... Take a stab and try to guess where I was. The answer may surprise you..!
  396. DSCN0714


  397. DSCN0721


  398. DSCN0713


  399. MobilHomey

    Removing old Vinyl Striping from Boot line

    I took mine off with the heat gun and plastic scraper. It does take a bit to do but as you get the hang of it does go faster...
  400. MobilHomey

    one more skipjack.

    How much fun is that...!
  401. MobilHomey

    Garmin Sonar Intermittent Issue

    A thru hull may be on the horizon. When this one works... it works fine though. When it is not working it receives no signal.. no depth reading and screen is not showing accurate info. Trim hasn't changed. You know I did run the wire for the xducer in the harness with all the other cables...
  402. MobilHomey

    Garmin Sonar Intermittent Issue

    Guys, I have a Garmin 740s connected to a transom mount transducer. I can run sometimes at full speed and the sonar works fine... the next day I take the boat out and it won't work unless I'm at an idle or stopped. Lately it's been not working a lot more than working... Fricken frustrating...
  403. MobilHomey

    Rancho Leonero by John Ireland 10/21/2012

    Right on... I'll be there on Thursday... Keep some fish for me...!
  404. MobilHomey

    skipjack 24 anchor roller

    Took a couple of pics of my set up. Works perfect...!
  405. MobilHomey

    skipjack 24 anchor roller

    This is the one I have on my 24' open. I also am using a Lewmar windlass and a 15lb delta. This roller fits the delta perfectly. I have 300' feet of rope and 30' of chain with an unmodified chain locker with NO problems. Good luck...!
  406. MobilHomey

    1983 26 Blackman

    Instant wood..!
  407. MobilHomey

    East Cape: October 12-16: Ouch

    Gulp...! I'm heading down to Leonero next Thursday for 3 days of fishing. I CAN NOT believe there is NO tuna in that area. I've been watching the reports for a while and nada...! Most definitely the sieners are sucking up all the tuna. What a shame..!
  408. MobilHomey

    SJDC 10-17

    Good thing you had an accurate...! :)
  409. MobilHomey

    Catalina Island 10-10-12

    The island has been slow all year. Good job working it though. Thanks for the report and surprised to hear the water is still that warm.
  410. MobilHomey

    New to me 1996 Skipjack 24

    Right on... on your purchase! I would be that is probably the second from last 24' built. Nice job and maybe see you out there some time...
  411. MobilHomey

    Albemarle 268 Express Fisherman

    That is the best express model boat you will find in that size!
  412. MobilHomey

    1984 28ft SKIPJACK resto

    Incredible amount of self satisfaction going through a boat and fixing and improving all that stuff!!! And you get the benefit of knowing the boat inside and out. Great job!!!!
  413. MobilHomey

    Boston Whaler 22' Outrage Refurbish

    Nice job and great craftsmanship! It's amazing that you can work the starboard like it's a piece of wood...
  414. MobilHomey

    Lots of Paddies but No Dodo's or YT at 14, 277, or Avalon Banks

    FYI Guys...! Terrafin SST from yesterday at 3:35 PM <table id="chartInfoPanel"><tbody><tr><td class="PointIndexCellStyle">1.</td><td class="LatLonCellStyle">33° 31.38´ N / 117° 52.52´ W</td><td class="TempCellStyle">Temp: 76.8°F</td><td class="DistanceCellStyle"> </td><td...
  415. MobilHomey

    Banks Heat Back Up Again...!

    Terrafin SST has never been this far off... could it be? This report taken yesterday at 3:35 PM. Water warming back up after the storm remnants from last weekend..? <table id="chartInfoPanel"><tbody><tr><td class="PointIndexCellStyle">1.</td><td class="LatLonCellStyle">33° 31.38´ N / 117°...
  416. MobilHomey

    I Need Couple of Ho's for Wednesday 10/3

    Can someone help me with SI? I'm not getting it...
  417. MobilHomey

    huatulco report

    Nice pic... and thanks for the report. Hey is this in the Puerto Escondido area?
  418. MobilHomey

    Lots of Paddies but No Dodo's or YT at 14, 277, or Avalon Banks

    Thinking the water sounded a bit cooler than I would expect... but sure enough the SST at 14 mile is showing 70.9 at the warmest. I logged 74.0 last week! Hmmm, bummer...
  419. MobilHomey

    1962 16' Glasspar Tacoma Restoration...

    Great job! How much fun was that project..
  420. MobilHomey

    Offshore Short of the 1010...boat problems!

    Welcome back...! Sounds like a touch trip... but productive!
  421. MobilHomey

    Offshore 60 t0 70 yellow fin tuna disappear

    Is it legal for the boat to keep the balance...? I'm thinking that's what Pat is saying...
  422. MobilHomey

    Caution bringing rods and reels into San Jose del Cabo airport, & Los Barriles report

    Dude, sorry about the rain... and thanks for the report on the rod tax. We're headed down towards the end of October so information like this is valuable! Hey did you drag your skip down there at some point? Great boat for the East Cape!
  423. MobilHomey

    LB Bait Recievers have Squid?

    Does anyone know if Nacho or the other guy in the LB harbor has squid? Or if there is a number that I can call to find out?
  424. MobilHomey

    Cabo 216 ready for duty!!

    Very nice... Kind of reminds me of a swiss army knife. I take it you are really not in SB if you used Salt Water Specialties. Go hit a paddy this weekend and post the pics of the dorado you caught :)
  425. MobilHomey

    Need some console work and gelcoat in OC

    X2 On Steve Keene. He did repair on my 1986 boat last summer and matched the gel coat exactly. Can't tell he was even there :)
  426. MobilHomey

    Haul out's and Maintenance?

    Put it in a slip, pay the $30.00 a month for bottom cleaning, having zinks will protect everything else (make sure you put them on your trim tabs too), put bottom paint on it, no sweat... go enjoy and have tons of fun. Also as mentioned above... it's not always about going out and...
  427. MobilHomey

    What the lenght of your boat

    You already got plenty of feed back, but to me the 24' Skip Open is a great all-around boat for SoCal waters, and it fits the criteria that you presented. It will take any conditions that you throw at it (7 layers of hand layed glass hull), fast (28 mph cruise), good range (200 mile), good...
  428. MobilHomey


    Right on..! Good job
  429. MobilHomey

    26 Skipjack FB Pilothouse?

    Did it look like this...?
  430. MobilHomey

    Our New Toy!!!

    Very nice...! Hey I think I was at the launch ramp when you made you maiden voyage. I was the guy talking to you guys from the parking lot regarding your stiff steering issue. Anway good stuff. Congrats...!
  431. MobilHomey

    Headed out on 2.5 on the Eclipse

    Right on... you're gunna have a great trip. Just in case you don't know.. you're gunna be rolling with the best boat, capn and crew in the fleet! Enjoy and provide a report on your return.
  432. MobilHomey

    OC Skipjack Owners

    Give me a shout if you get stuck on something. Did you get the sportsfisherman, sportscruiser or flybridge?
  433. MobilHomey

    Diver gets punked on film

    Jesus man... what the hell...!!!
  434. MobilHomey

    OC Skipjack Owners

    Tilly's Marine on PCH in Huntington Beach just south of the bridge. They have worked on my boats for 17 or so years. This is assuming you can trailer it to them. Regarding the bait system and electronics it really does pay to make an attempt to do it yourself... maybe with some direction...
  435. MobilHomey

    Offshore "Baja Concept" 1010 Trench Tuna Trip 9/22 w-pics

    Success...! Skunk is off the boat for sure...! :) Thanks for the report...
  436. MobilHomey

    90 more kids go fishing for the first time, fishing was good too.

    Incredible...! How lucky are those kids to have someone like you to put all that together for a beautiful day on the water and a memory they will never forget...!!!!
  437. MobilHomey


    Correct on your pitch definition above. You won't loose any torque and this new prop will help considerably. Report back and let me know how it does...
  438. MobilHomey

    Unattended Rod - In gear or not?

    For clarity... the unattended rod would come in to affect when solo fishing... a couple rods soaking bait with me pitching a lure with another...
  439. MobilHomey

    Catalina Island Report

    Good report Dan... at least someone has caught yellowtail at Catalina...!
  440. MobilHomey

    Dana dodos...4 kept 13 released....7 others 9.18.12

    Man... how busy were you fishing, shooting pics, videos, catching, pinning, casting... fricken multitasker extrordinaire! Great post.. Thanks! Solo?
  441. MobilHomey

    Unattended Rod - In gear or not?

    Yeah I'm thinking I like the automatic bendo in gear philosophy vs. hearing the clicker and dropping all the crap you have in your hand tripping over everything in the boat diving to put the rod in gear option...
  442. MobilHomey

    Unattended Rod - In gear or not?

    So far one depends, one free spool and one in gear. I guess there is no real clear direction on this one...
  443. MobilHomey

    Unattended Rod - In gear or not?

    When putting a rod in the rod holder and fishing another... do I put it in gear or free spool with the clicker on? Do I reduce the drag if in gear? For me this comes up when fishing sea bass and for now... dodo's on the paddy... This is the sh&t that keeps me awake at night :)
  444. MobilHomey

    ULTIMATE BOAT- Elliott 65 For Sale

    OMG... park that bad mutha f'r down in the sea of cortez with a couple of pangas hanging off it... Efmetotears...>!
  445. MobilHomey

    Offshore Medevac from Eclipse

    Good job by all... all professionals. Did the Dan Hernandez trip with you Mark. Spent some time in the pilot house with you looking at the side scan :) Great capt and crew!
  446. MobilHomey

    Squid Bed Update

    Dinner and a movie coming... but first how did you know the bats were down there. Did you pick them up on the sonar? Great background music too... perfect for that video! Good stuff and that was one HUGE squid bed...!
  447. MobilHomey

    24 skip flybridge

    Agreed, Go diesel if you can afford it... if not drop in a Volvo package.. even look for a used one if you can find one.
  448. MobilHomey


    I'm thinking not.. but you are definitely short on pitch.
  449. MobilHomey

    need skip jack floor hatches

    I have investigated starboard (not strong enough, mainly used to make cabinets and stuff) and making some myself with marine plywood, fiberglass, etc... by the time you add it all up you it will cost more than the one Skipjack makes. It is a tough pill to swallow especially when you need...
  450. MobilHomey

    need skip jack floor hatches

    Check out pics of my resto with the hatches
  451. MobilHomey

    need skip jack floor hatches

    I bought 3 from them earlier this year. Great product!
  452. MobilHomey


    15x19. Your WOT should be 4300 to 4500 rpm with this prop. The props you have been using don't have enough pitch.
  453. MobilHomey

    Offshore Out of bait just as we found Blue Fin school

    All the right kind... my God...! Right on...!
  454. MobilHomey

    Offshore The Magic Paddy

    OVER THE TOP...!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome... and flat seas...! Great Day!
  455. MobilHomey

    Restored 36' Hatteras diesel

    Great job, Beautiful boat. Good luck in the sale...!
  456. MobilHomey

    Get Rid of the Small Rust Stains

    Starbright rust remover... spray on and rinse off... Good stuff!
  457. MobilHomey

    My boat

    Great job... Beautiful boat! You gotta love a project of that magnitude...!
  458. MobilHomey

    No Bueno...
  459. MobilHomey

    Grady-White vs. Skipjack

    Skipjack hulls are unbelievably strong and water dynamic. I can run 25knots straight into 5 foot seas and barely feel a thing. Kind a feels like a rescue boat :)
  460. MobilHomey

    boat purchase

    Seams to be a reasonably nice boat for the $$. I don't think that hull is the best for running around in rough seas, the big block motor may suck a little more gas than you would like. Two helms is probably one more than you need on that small of a boat. And you sounds like there is no chart...
  461. MobilHomey

    Waxwing Jig

    I'm only familiar with the smaller wax wings... Great for calico and even trolled them for bonito and yt...
  462. MobilHomey

    2 Marlin 3 Dorado 9.10.12

    Hard to believe this report came from our backyard. Now all we need are tuna mixed in. Great report, thanks!
  463. MobilHomey

    How to add an avatar...?

  464. MobilHomey

    How to add an avatar...?

    Couldn't find anywhere else to post this so... sorry.. Anyway I'd like to put something for my avatar but can't find anything in the my dealy that says what to click or whatever. Anybody have experience with this..?
  465. MobilHomey

    ***1989 SkipJack 24 flybridge Sport Fisher FOR SALE $18,500.00***

    And it looks like it has a windlass... Great boat...! I'd buy it if I didn't already have one. Late model too...!
  466. MobilHomey

    skipjack question

    15" x 19" That is what I have on my 1986 24' skip. 39MPH at 4400 RPM.
  467. MobilHomey

    Complete Restoration of a 1986 24

    John, I haven't done anything to the door to the cuddy. The only pics of the fiber glass repairs are shown. I did the detailing. I bought a Dewalt polisher, and got some real good product down in Santa Ana somewhere. I don't remember the name off hand but it was the shit..! Hey by the way I...
  468. MobilHomey

    Complete Restoration of a 1986 24

    Good observation Anthony...! My thoughts exactly and to that extent I stored the old one on the boat... just in the event...
  469. MobilHomey

    Complete Restoration of a 1986 24

    Anybody recognize the old salt standing next to me...?
  470. MobilHomey

    Marlin Reports...?

    I used to hear all these reports of all the Marlin that is being caught on the slide and everywhere else. I'm not seeing or hearing much... Am I looking in the wrong place? Has anyone heard of the catch and release counts from the tourny's that have been going on..?
  471. MobilHomey

    Complete Restoration of a 1986 24

    I used to be a big fan of heat exchangers until a mechanic mentioned to me that he has never seen an engine rust from the inside out. Had a San Juan on my last boat of 15 years and had to keep filling it with coolant... Kind of a hassle factor.
  472. MobilHomey

    Complete Restoration of a 1986 24

    It took 9 to 10 months to complete... the first 7 months or so was just carting it around from interior replacement, to engine work, to stern rail, to radar arch install, shake down cruise, back out for minor tweaks... then back the water for 2 months for all the electronics install, windlass...
  473. MobilHomey

    Complete Restoration of a 1986 24

    Plastic Sales in Costa Mesa drilled and cut the dash for me as well as the custom PVC platform for the radome. I've used a bait bag for about 15 years and I can usually get fin bait to last the entire day and even a few into the next day. Squid will last as long as I keep the pump going...
  474. MobilHomey

    Complete Restoration of a 1986 24

    Found this late model skip with only 300 hours on the original Volvo AQ260 and 290 outdrive. The hull was like new and the engine ran good so I pulled the trigger. Planning to go from a boat with brown trim to a boat with blue trim… first up was to scrape the brown boot stripe decals...
  475. MobilHomey

    Nice Dorado School VIDEO

    Wow... you held your breath 2 minutes plus...
  476. MobilHomey

    Anyone fish the TOP GUN 80 before

    Just got off the Eclipse out of Seaforth. Did the Dan Hernandez trip. The boat and crew was the best...! Plus parking at Seaforth is nothing compared to H&M..
  477. MobilHomey

    Offshore Tuna fishing aboard the Eclipse

    I rode on this trip with Dan and the other anglers... The boat was awesome, the crew, food, weather, fishing was all outstanding. And as always it was great rubbing elbows with Dan at the rail... and should be a stellar episode.!
  478. MobilHomey

    Anyone fish the TOP GUN 80 before

    Staterooms are nice, boat is nice, there is one crew member that got picked on as a kid and will now take it out on you at the rail. Never been yelled at like that in my life..! Fricken guy has issues...! I won't go on that boat cuz of him..
  479. MobilHomey

    Favorite multi-day and long range boats out of San Diego

    I would suggest fishing out of Seaforth Landing. I just got off a 1.5 day and walked only 40 feet to my car. The parking at H&M sucks...!!! The boat I fished on was the Eclipse... Great boat and great crew. Check Seaforth's fish count and jump on a boat...!
  480. MobilHomey

    Bait barge at Dana...?

    Thinking of moving my boat down to Dana for a couple of weeks and am wondering where I get the dines... Is there a bait barge down there somewhere? Let me know what you know.
  481. MobilHomey

    Running Wires

    I would suggest drilling the holes anywhere but on top. I drilled mine on a slight downward angle. It is important to clean the burs off before you pull the wires as mentioned above. To seal I used clear marnie sealant. Nothing tricky here just drill the hole, clean the hole, pull the wire...
  482. P8260015


  483. P8260013


  484. P8170006


  485. P8300003


  486. P9300009


  487. P8300004


  488. PA020019


  489. PA020017


  490. PA020024


  491. PA120011


  492. PA060007


  493. PA120014


  494. PB170007


  495. PB170008


  496. PB110002r


  497. DSCN0592


  498. DSCN0589


  499. DSCN0582


  500. DSCN0585


  501. DSCN0591


  502. DSCN0580


  503. DSCN0581


  504. DSCN0572


  505. DSCN0564


  506. DSCN0567


  507. DSCN0563


  508. DSCN0559


  509. DSCN0555


  510. DSCN0554


  511. DSCN0544


  512. DSCN0545


  513. DSCN0531


  514. DSCN0515


  515. DSCN0525


  516. DSCN0523


  517. DSCN0406


  518. DSCN0425


  519. DSCN0417


  520. DSCN0321


  521. DSCN0404


  522. DSCN0319


  523. DSCN0281


  524. DSCN0282


  525. DSCN0294


  526. DSCN0280


  527. DSCN0279


  528. DSCN0027


  529. Skipjack Resto

    Skipjack Resto

  530. Skip Resto

    Skip Resto

  531. MobilHomey

    Bait pump losing prime...

    The pump is in the vertical position. The pump inlet is literally screwed to the nipple on the ball valve. The pump loses prime going forward and backward and yes... sometimes (once in a while) i can shut the pump off wait a sec or two then turn back on and it will re-prime and start pumping.
  532. MobilHomey

    Bait pump losing prime...

    The thru hull has the slots facing forward. I have visually checked it and it seems clear. The boat is in the water however so it's kind of hard to see... even with a mask on. I have stuck a sloted screw driver and wiggled it around to see if I could free something up but found nothing. Also...
  533. MobilHomey

    Bait pump losing prime...

    All, I have a through hull at bottom of the bilge in my 24' open skip, new brass ball valve, new 500 GPM Rule pump connected to about 4' of hose running out through my transom to the bait bag. Several times during a fishing trip the bait system fails. The pump never stops running, the pump is...
  534. MobilHomey

    1988 20' Skipjack Open

    Sold it! Sold it! Sold it...!
  535. MobilHomey

    1988 20' Skipjack Open

    Wow... that's the nicest Skipjack I have ever seen...!
  536. MobilHomey

    SCI Naval Hazard Areas...

    Thanks for the input... I had no idea they were so active over there...
  537. MobilHomey

    SCI Naval Hazard Areas...

    Specifically next week... take a look and 75% of the island is shut down... Even Pyramid Cove...!
  538. MobilHomey

    SCI Naval Hazard Areas...

    Guys, thinking of making a trip to SCI... I know it is a Naval area and thought I would do some research and ran across this. This lists their operating zones... and on most days coming up it seems like the whole island is shut...
  539. MobilHomey

    Trophy Hunting at San Clemente Island!

    Guys... how relative is this website ( with regards to fishing SCI? It would seem using this tool that most of the island is shut down for naval operations... most of the time.
  540. MobilHomey

    Finally On the Board/We Got Em!!/WSB!!!

    I was hoping that your numbers were errantly showing on your sonar... Kept looking but couldn't find anything :)
  541. MobilHomey

    Back to Basics

    Nice gaff shot...!
  542. MobilHomey

    1988 20' Skipjack Open

    <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <w:WordDocument> <w:View>Normal</w:View> <w:Zoom>0</w:Zoom> <w:TrackMoves/> <w:TrackFormatting/> <w:PunctuationKerning/> <w:ValidateAgainstSchemas/> <w:SaveIfXMLInvalid>false</w:SaveIfXMLInvalid> <w:IgnoreMixedContent>false</w:IgnoreMixedContent>...
  543. MobilHomey

    WANTED: 24-25' Skipjack or Grady White or...

    This is a perfect boat for you.... I just listed this on CL.
  544. MobilHomey

    Correct Prop for Skipjack?

    Thanks Dean. The problem is that my current prop is bent so I won't be able to get a WOT reading to work from. The guy that does the maintenance on the boat says 16x15. Unfortunately the fricken props are over $300 a piece and there are 15 variations for the 290 drive so I'd like to try to...
  545. MobilHomey

    RPM Tachometer Not working?Suggestions?

    Tachs are electric and fed by a sensor I think near the distributor and wired to your tach. New tachs are $30.00 and so are the sensors. Go to West Marine and buy both and return the one that isn't broke. The staff there can help you out too. Easy schmeezy...!
  546. MobilHomey

    More Yellows for the RTA Today

    Still at sea... and posting... someones got the hook up..!
  547. MobilHomey

    Correct Prop for Skipjack?

    I'm in need of a new prop for a 24' Skipjack Open with a Volvo 290 outdrive connected to the Volvo Penta 350 motor. Anyone know what is the correct pitch for this application?
  548. MobilHomey

    Fishing In August

    You are narrowing it down in the right direction. Regarding CR there are two specific climate zones... the north where Tamarindo is is very dry and arid... Not very pretty and very windy. I would stick with the central western coast. I saw Los Suenos mentioned in an earlier email and it does...
  549. MobilHomey

    24' Skipjack Trailer Share???

    I have a 24' Skipjack (no trailer) that I keep in the water and am looking for someone that keeps their 24' skip in the water and the trailer in storage and would like to share in the cost of the storage and let me use the trailer once a year for yearly service in return... Make sense...?
  550. MobilHomey

    What gear to bring for Panga Fishing?

    So me and few buds are heading down to Playa Del Coco, CR (near Tamarindo) for a week or so and plan to fish the pangas (assuming there are some) in that area. Probably will fish inshore for grouper, pargo, rooster etc. If you were me... what gear would you bring (lures, line weight, etc.)...
  551. MobilHomey

    Radar/Sonar/GPS for 24" Open?

    Any thoughts on a combo system (integrated Radar/Sonar/GPS) from Garmin/Furuno or others. I'm kinda leaning toward Garmin... but what do I know... Also thinking of non-touch screen. I guess I'm kinda old school and I can get a bigger screen for the $$...
  552. MobilHomey

    Wheel Chair Accessible Fishing In Panama?

    Thanks for the tip Tony. By the way this guy has fished with me for 12 years or more all over Mexico and Costa Rica... Not a novice at this and used to some hassle factor. The down side he has gotten a bit gordo over the years.. :(
  553. MobilHomey

    Wheel Chair Accessible Fishing In Panama?

    Guys, Four of us plan to be in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com Also we may be in the country until 3/14 so any other thoughts on sites to see would be appreciated.
  554. MobilHomey

    Loopin' 'em w/Friends on the Tradition

    MDR = Marina Del Rey...
  555. MobilHomey

    24 Skipjack Open Wanted

    Right on Larry.. That's cool. That'll keep me busy for a while.. Thanks again, Dan
  556. MobilHomey

    24 Skipjack Open Wanted

    Open, not a flybridge please....
  557. MobilHomey

    24 Skipjack Open Wanted

    Still lookin... Help a brother if you can...
  558. MobilHomey

    24 Skipjack Open Wanted

    All BD'ers, I'm aggressively looking for a Skip 24' open, 1986 or newer in any shape. If anyone has a line on one... please give me a shout.. Gracias...
  559. MobilHomey

    29' express with single drive?

    Thanks to all for your input...! What I surmise is that dual drives is good but having a single isn't a deal breaker and I'll be paying half the gas and half the service. Also there was some issue with the outdrive being in the water all the time, well I've had my 20 skip for 14 years, always...
  560. MobilHomey

    29' express with single drive?

    I'm considering putting an offer on a boat (see link below) however it only has one engine/drive setup. After doing some research I have noted that it seems that 90% of the boats in the 28 to 29' range have dual power/drive setups. I'm thinking I can go straight okay, I'm just wondering if...
  561. MobilHomey

    New Personal Best Yellowtail for me on the Spectra of course!

    I like that... you had to relax after coming back from vacation... Hey by the way was the Catalina island you went to?
  562. MobilHomey

    Wanted - 24' Skipjack Open

    Yup... original volvo 231 with 1750 hours... Great compression and runs great...
  563. MobilHomey

    Wanted - 24' Skipjack Open

    Tommy, that 25' pilot house is the fricken ticket... if I only had 49k burning a hole in my pocket... By the way I would be interested in a larger boat but check this... I have a 20 in a 20' slip in LB Alamitos Bay and the slip only cost me $186 a month. I can fit a 24" in there with no...
  564. MobilHomey

    Wanted - 24' Skipjack Open

    I'm still looking...! For clarification I'm targeting a '86 or newer. Let me know what you all know. I can't get one fast enough... Nuthin but flybridges out there.
  565. MobilHomey

    Wanted - 24' Skipjack Open

    Yes Jack... I will be selling the 20 footer. It's an '88 in new condition with everything you could figure that could come with it including a pacific trailer. Beautiful boat. I get compliments on it all the time. I'll probably put it up for around 16k. Dan
  566. MobilHomey

    Wanted - 24' Skipjack Open

    Just putting the shout out.. I'm looking agressively for a 24' Skipjack open. I would like to get one 1981 or later in reasonable shape. Could be a fixer... PM or reply to this post if anyone has a line on one... Thanks, Dan
  567. MobilHomey


    Hi Doug, Thanks for the post and great pics...! Can you tell me how long it took you to make the run down there..? I'm thinking it's a day and a half to two day ride. Thanks, Dan
  568. MobilHomey


    Did you have it re-painted...? I'm gunna be pulling the trigger on an '81 here shortly but like the lighter color of the later models. If so what was the damage.