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    Offshore Double A Vaccine "First Shot"

    Great write up Thanks for posting
  2. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore 2021.05.07 offshore 226 and beyond, paddy YT

    That little bird pic is bad ass thanks for sharing
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    Inshore A visit from the Northwest

    Thanks for the update brother, I have at least 11 more years until I get to make that move. good on ya
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    Inshore A visit from the Northwest

    Forget the PM on that info. I think there are number of us here that are thinking the same thing.
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    Inshore A visit from the Northwest

    Beautiful pad and bronze back there.
  6. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore Offshore yellowtail

    That’s cool about the tails. I didn’t know that, thanks guys
  7. C-4 Fishing

    Inshore 4/28 lajolla 15 year anniversary

    “She wasn’t gonna do what I wanted anyways” hahaha my wife won’t do that either bud.
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    Inshore The San Diego got 100 Yellows and 2 Bluefin Buy a ticket and go find out. It’s that easy
  9. C-4 Fishing

    Islands The Mirage outta Oxnard

    My pleasure brother and I wish you good weather and fishing on your trip. As some of the other guys have said, get there early and find a good bunk. I was on the port side and hear the bow. Highly discourage where I chose. Next time I will try on the starboard side. Pretty sure the crew...
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    Islands The Mirage outta Oxnard

    Just got back home from fishing an overnight we on The Mirage. Was hoping for WSB and maybe a halibut but that was not to be. Caught some good whitefish and some really good reds and rockfish. Nothing amazing but some good 3 to 6 pounders. This was my first trip out with them after having...
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    Vaccinations on sport boats?

    Nope. If you are worried about it get a vaccine. If you are that worried about it, don’t go yourself. Tired of people telling me what to do.
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    Mirage outa Cisco's on 3/2 : fishing 3/3

    What up guys?!!!! Tom, thanks for the report and good on ya for hooking ur boy up. I am actually doing the same thing on The Mirage this weekend leaving Saturday and fishing Sunday, really hoping for the squid to float and the Cbass to come out and play. I saw that you guys fished up to 300...
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    Inshore Got me some spring fever after today!

    Good on ya buddy. I had the camper and the family set at Bolsa Chica yesterday. I have never seen sooo many damn cargo ships stacked up out there. If we get some warm weather and these ships remain it could get interesting fishing around the ships.
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    Flying to Cabo, Covid update

    I may be in Cabo the same time as you and looking to split a charter as well. PM me if interested. Dave
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    Inshore New gear for rockfish

    I agree with mike82, that fish looks pretty damn amazing. What kinda batter did you use on it?
  16. C-4 Fishing

    Inshore Horseshoe 3/19

    That double set up is pretty good, is that just a three way swivel?
  17. C-4 Fishing

    Lost my job... anyone hiring?

    Good luck brother, Hopefully a window will open soon.
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    Long Beach Hoopnet 2/18 - 2/19

    Nice haul brudda and way to put in the effort. What time did you guys get off the water?
  19. C-4 Fishing


    TB - 27 KC - 21 you are the coolest brudda
  20. C-4 Fishing

    Spider crab questions

    Tried it once Never again
  21. C-4 Fishing

    Scientific lobster question

    Hahaha That is some nasty shit bud
  22. C-4 Fishing

    Fishing in SLO

    Thanks guys, Just shore fishing but have access to kayak and paddle board if it’s worth it, freshwater or saltwater, wherever the bite is. if there was a bite anywhere where a guide would be useful I could go that route as well. Just kinda seeing what my options are. thanks for the heads up...
  23. C-4 Fishing

    Fishing in SLO

    Taking our camper and Heading to a KOA in SLO with friends and family for my 40th. Any places to sneak away and fish that are worth while? Tried searching on here but not much info. Thanks guys
  24. C-4 Fishing

    Lobstering in Catalina

    If ur gonna go the distance and spend the time and fuel leave the canned crap at home and for ur house cat. Buy some salmon heads at an Asian market or some bait at the bait barge to stuff in the cages. Also get to Cat early and try to make bait there to supplement what you brought.
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    Kids and wife got what they wanted and deserved. I got the wife and kids that I don’t deserve.
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    LJ YT and Red Action

    I don’t know much but if longboard85 says nice work, you did good.
  27. C-4 Fishing

    Upcoming trip to Destin

    Thank you very much for the information. Very appreciated
  28. C-4 Fishing

    LBC Temporarily Closed ~ Sewage Spill.

    Hahaha I was planning on going bugging on Wednesday after this rain settles down but looks like I will wait a while or make the trip down to Newport.
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    Upcoming trip to Destin

    Hello all and wishing you a happy new year to come. My family and extended family will be meeting in Destin, Florida the first week of June, COVID permitting. While there for approximately a full week I interested in getting into some fish whether from the shore, kayak, or charter boat either...
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    Hoop Hoop Horray!

    Awesome octopus. I haven’t pulled one of those guys in a couple years. Amazing on the grill with some citrus
  31. C-4 Fishing

    11/23- Hooping in LB Harbor

    Good going bud. I agree that flap, flap, flap as you pull the hoop at of the water is the best sound!!!
  32. C-4 Fishing

    New 14 day quarantine requirement

    As long as you were at Newsoms private 12 person table at the 5 star winery you will be fine, but if you weren’t than ur fine.
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    Found Pro Mar XL Heavy 36" Hoop Net

    Good on ya bud may the bug gods shine down upon you
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    Fishing 2 Harbors

    yeah..... Pretty sure I’m not at Avalon. And yes, there are skiff rentals here. well.... at least they list it among their rental options at the shop when you get off the express with the kayak and snorkel rentals.
  35. C-4 Fishing

    Fishing 2 Harbors

    Anybody have any knowledge of fishing 2 harbors this time of year? on a getaway with the wifey and she is happy to sleep in since the kiddos are with my outlaws and I am ready to go before the sun comes up. The kayak/boat rental guy doesn’t start u til 0900 and he seems less than enthused to...
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    11/11-Hooping in LB harbor

    I had one good night this year but all else have been pretty slow. Hoping we get some good rain in the near future to stir the water up a bit. I know a couple of guys that are hitting some deep water spots just outta LBC and doing pretty well. BTW, your lobster gear and set up look legit.
  37. C-4 Fishing

    Bugged in LBC

    5 hoops It’s a shit show but worth it. lots of people went out but no one near me.
  38. C-4 Fishing

    Bugged in LBC

    Tried posting an on the water report but for some reason BD wouldn’t let me last night. Had all the hoops in an hour before sundown and was home by 11. It was a washing machine when I first set up and got swamped by a few boats that throttled up well before they left the harbor but I had a...
  39. C-4 Fishing

    Bugged in LBC

    Bugged on the yak last night. 6 legal and 6 shorts
  40. C-4 Fishing

    Good day bad day 10/11/20

    Holy crap dude!!!! I need a little more of that story
  41. C-4 Fishing

    Who wants to catch bass?

    That’s awesome brudda Wish I lived closer
  42. C-4 Fishing

    Swordfish RAW

    Seriously How do these posts get resurrected
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    Bugging on my yak tonight

    Hello all Heading out of Long Beach on my kayak tonight to find some flap, flap, flappers. If anyone else is planning on being out there tonight come hit me up and share a shot of Makers with me. Dave
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    The DFW guys said they were just gonna take pics of them with the gauge and then throw them all back in the water. Would be cool to see em all swim away. I am bringing my fins and mask next time we go out for sure, looked like a blast to be in the water. I went back out after I put my fishing...
  45. C-4 Fishing


    Hello all, The family and I went camping at Crystal Cove Moro Campground this weekend. Got there late Friday afternoon and left Sunday morning. I have driven through there numerous times but it was my first time getting out there. The place is soo friggen beautiful and we had a great trip...
  46. C-4 Fishing

    Dem bones....

    Haha You are all good buddy thanks for the read
  47. C-4 Fishing

    San Perdo Tide Pool Poachers

    Haha Nobody gets jail time in california. better to hit their wallets in my opinion
  48. C-4 Fishing

    how long to Catalina?

    The pros about the boat are that they are the first to leave and are always baited you before customers step foot on the boat, which also saves time. The downside is they run that boat as slow as a snail to get across no matter the conditions.
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    Love the report at the Penfolds The 389 is one of my favorites
  50. C-4 Fishing

    Share info at Catalina in the morning?

    Looks good brother. Good luck
  51. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore West end++ cat bft 8.13

    That had to be done on porpoise the food spread looks amazing. Good job bud.
  52. C-4 Fishing

    LA Fishing Alliance - New tackle shop in San Pedro

    Would love to go there but would not look forward to getting mugged and shot as I walked either 2 blocks north or south of 6th street and that’s even if I make it down pacific, gadget or beacon without a crazy shitting on my car. Some really good people in Pedro but Trader Joe has made the...
  53. C-4 Fishing

    Rubber Boots, Stupid Question

    Flip flops unless it’s cold personally not a fan of deck boots
  54. C-4 Fishing

    Affordable room for the weekend in Avalon?

    VRBO Have done hotels and the VRBO option and will never do the hotel thing again at Cat. have fun and be safe brother
  55. C-4 Fishing

    7/3 Coronados on the "Liberty"

    The deep color on that ling is awesome
  56. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore 7/2/2020 PLATFORM EDITH

    Ding dong to this fishing report
  57. C-4 Fishing

    Got me a new deckhand

    Bad ass brudda You are awesome
  58. C-4 Fishing

    2 day trip half capacity 16passengers

    I’m honestly not sure. I have a good and stable job along with savings and have taken advantage of the low interest rates in order to refi but things are just off right now and I feel being cash heavy is the smart and safe move at the moment. Couple that with this Covid shit and wearing a face...
  59. C-4 Fishing

    Santa Cruz Island 06/05

    Bad ass I may be checking them out in the near future
  60. C-4 Fishing

    Big Bear for the weekend

    What’s up guys and gals? I’m up here in Big Bear for the weekend with my family and it’s looking like I may be able to sneak out in the early am for some fishing. Brought my pole and some GULP but really wasn’t expecting to get out, however, it looks like I may get a small window tomorrow and...
  61. C-4 Fishing

    The next fish fry is canceled

    You are a true gentleman God bless you brother
  62. C-4 Fishing

    West End Cat 5/8

    Bad ass!!!! good on your for getting your bud out
  63. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore I Want to go [email protected] FISHING!!

    No chance bud I would search the boat hoe lists on trip planning.
  64. C-4 Fishing

    CBD for seasickness prevention?

    of course it works..... Also try your varieties of essential oils that will cure anything from cancer to depression depending on the smell and don’t forget about good ole snake oil, which can cure cancer, the gout and hysteria in women folk. if those don’t work for some crazy reason go to the...
  65. C-4 Fishing

    Someone Tried the Dana Landing Launch Ramp Yesterday

    Yes...... “These cops” have a lot more important shit to do. Stop bothering them.
  66. C-4 Fishing

    What a wonderful world

    I recently got off an 8 hour OT shift that I had to (and got to) work today. Finally sitting in my back yard with my dogs, wife and kiddos and just heard Israel’s version of Somewhere over the rainbow followed by Louis Armstrong singing “What a wonderful world” while enjoying this beautiful...
  67. C-4 Fishing

    Sea lions in king harbor

    I’ve been bumped and stalked a few times on my yak while lobster fishing. Not a good feeling, especially at night. Wrist rockets and pellet guns help.
  68. C-4 Fishing

    Possible Positive Unexpected Consequences

    Like many of you I have had some free time to think, read and jack around a bit lately and have been trying to think days, weeks and months ahead to best position myself and my family for the long haul. While working, thinking, day dreaming and waiting for the next BD post I can read to take my...
  69. C-4 Fishing

    Rpt- A long Time Ago-Tuna Time!

    Thank you for the read sir
  70. C-4 Fishing

    Save our rights to feed or families!

    I understand your frustration but the supermarkets are still full and I would be willing to bet most will spend more on gas, bait, tackle and supplies than they would spend at the store to get the same amount of food. it’s been a couple weeks dude. Maybe if the supply chains shut down and this...
  71. C-4 Fishing

    Best Day Ever...

    Bad ass brudda!!!!! Thanks for sharing
  72. C-4 Fishing

    CORONA VIRUS and our Beloved SPORTS of FISHING: What Can We Do to Help Prevent or Minimize the Exposure yet Continue to Go Out and Enjoy Fishing??🤔

    It’s funny how the 10 page discussion on bed bugs on sport boats goes silent now.
  73. C-4 Fishing

    Attn. Ali causes a 60% drop in BD traffic

    I’m not a fan of the change either and for sure have checked it a lot less since but like others have said, you get what you pay for.
  74. C-4 Fishing


    Worked on a 1/2 day and 3/4 day boat for a while and filleted thousands and was hit multiple times and had no reaction at all other than the initial poke. Years later I got hit by one on my ring finger and luckily got my ring off in time before my whole hand blew up. Lip em, cut the spines...
  75. C-4 Fishing

    One guy, Two Rods

    That double is bad ass bud!!!!! You are a brave man setting your stick across the boat like that with a flopping yellow still attached
  76. C-4 Fishing

    Reset or MoveOn?

    Good luck out there brudda I hope you kill it
  77. C-4 Fishing

    New lobster record

    Why shit on someone’s parade? great bug dude
  78. C-4 Fishing

    What are You really Thankful for? Please share how you've been blessed and let's keep this rolling.

    I am thankful for my wife and 3 littles and a crazy puppy dog(miss my recently lost one), friends and the job that I have. I am thankful for the water, the rain and the sun that we are accustom to. I am thankful to be in this country where we can voice our opinions, even if I don’t agree on...
  79. C-4 Fishing

    OTW Bug Report from the Beach

    What an awesome offer. Unbelievably kind of you sir. I am currently in the car with the fam, heading down to spend the day with my outlaws down in Canyon Lake. Very cool of you brother, thank you again for reaching out.
  80. C-4 Fishing

    OTW Bug Report from the Beach

    Sorry guys, phone died while listening to Eric Church on Pandora last night. Very slow night for me and one other boat out there. Hooped the oil islands shallow and as deep as we could around there. Salmon heads, bones and Mack for bait. Looks like I will be settling for turkey today. Oh...
  81. C-4 Fishing

    OTW Bug Report from the Beach

    First check for nada. Caught a few barred sand bass on the rod and reel. Added bait and ready to see what happens with an incoming tide
  82. C-4 Fishing

    OTW Bug Report from the Beach

    First lobster trip of the year for me on the kayak. I’ll keep you guys posted. I like lobster a lot better than turkey, I don’t care how you cook it. hoops are in and just popped a top
  83. C-4 Fishing

    Frickin' La Jolla

    Hahaha!!!! Finger off the trigger
  84. C-4 Fishing

    what should i take on a 1.5 day on the fortune out of pedro

    Good boat and good crew other than a weird little Asian dude that I think is the 2nd. Most of my crew won’t come back because of him.
  85. C-4 Fishing

    Unseasonably slow bugging in Long Beach?

    Long Beach breakwall
  86. C-4 Fishing

    Unseasonably slow bugging in Long Beach?

    I’m gonna take Captain Dave’s advice and get out hooping the oil islands Wednesday and/or Thursday on my kayak when the rain is predicted to come. Try to get some bugs for turkey day. Any advice from the captain would be more than appreciated. Anyone wanna join me or have room on their sled...
  87. C-4 Fishing

    Limits on the solo run tonight

    You guys ever need a reliable boat hoe that understands the game hit me up. dave (562)619-8713 have all my own gear, a good job and a history of working on boats.
  88. C-4 Fishing

    1st Thresher

    That picture of them looking at each other with their mouth open is priceless. Sitting here eating The Mess at Schooner or Later with my puppy and it made me laugh out loud. that’s awesome
  89. C-4 Fishing

    Please dont touch my drag

    Have never had that happen and if it did, that would be the last time he ever thought about doing that again.
  90. C-4 Fishing

    Noodle this

    I am in love
  91. C-4 Fishing

    Lobster report 10/5 Newport

    This site has officially gone to shit
  92. C-4 Fishing

    $13.00 Burger on a Sport Boat

    I’m sure most people would be happy to pay $13 for a burger on your private boat and not waiting for their number to be called on a cattle boat. But you gotta admit, it seems a bit crazy.
  93. C-4 Fishing

    $13.00 Burger on a Sport Boat

    WTF are you doing with that sandwich that makes it soggy? Ziplock ingredients separately. Burrito and burger for 10 is very doable but 13 for a galley burger is pretty crazy.
  94. C-4 Fishing

    $13.00 Burger on a Sport Boat

    I stopped going this season. I love fishing and we have a dual income house but I seriously can’t afford this shit anymore. More to my 401k and kids college funds. I lived in the industry for a number of years but it just doesn’t make sense anymore. When fishing turns and things get tough...
  95. C-4 Fishing

    Fishing jobs for a teen?

    High school College or Trade School Buy your own boat
  96. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore Breaking Tuna (video)

    Thanks for the show sir Always love watching I’m ready for the Hardcor fishing show on Fox sports
  97. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore 9/7 - 302 - yft

    I always take the ring off on the water now. Lost it a couple years ago in the yak and somehow found it when I came back to shore in the surf. Crazy shit.
  98. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore Left rods and reels outside of H&M landing

    Good on ya JT Good karma coming your way
  99. C-4 Fishing

    Fishing shirt wrinkled, please help

    Steam is your friend
  100. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore Report Condor 6/9-6/11 1 1/2 Trip

    That is a beautiful fish Great pic
  101. C-4 Fishing

    WTF is up with the 976 website?!!!!!

    Have tried looking at what’s going on and all I see is singles websites. I’m not single nor have I looked for that. Anyone else having this issue
  102. C-4 Fishing

    The next fish fry is 6-8-19D;

    Still waiting for you to take your show on the road and come up to LBC. Good on ya buddy
  103. C-4 Fishing

    The legends of fishing.

    Very cool I look forward to seeing the whole thing. Had the pleasure of working for and becoming friends with Captain Brockman when I moved here from Kentucky 12 years ago. He is one of a kind
  104. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore Kelp Patty Yellowtail Limits Released Limits Killed (video)

    Love watching your videos brother. Keep me coming!!!!
  105. C-4 Fishing

    Freedom now booking at....

    There There are plenty of resident SD boats there that are not getting out and doing that run. I find it hard to believe they are doing the distance with whole new contracts for this run. There are much easier and cost efficient runs hitting g the islands up north for wsb than doing...
  106. C-4 Fishing

    Freedom now booking at....

    What happened up north? Please don’t give bs answer
  107. C-4 Fishing

    Kill a Great White and get a slap on the wrist

    Gotta love the 9th circuit
  108. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore CHIEF 04.17-04.19.2019 BLUFLU OUTBREAK!

    Great report brother Thanks for sharing Happy Easter
  109. C-4 Fishing

    4/20 basic report point lloma area

    Good fishing brother Hope all is well down in SD
  110. C-4 Fishing

    Bird's Nest

    You should get a free bowl of soup with a hat like that
  111. C-4 Fishing

    What’s your favorite style of fishing?

    Love salt water fishing and have done nothing but for the past decade but my all time favorite is fishing a buzz bait in the early morning for smallmouth or largemouth back home in Kentucky.
  112. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore PV 3/14

    I grew up in Kentucky and understand every single bit of it brother. You are my new best friend bud. A day on the water, catching fish on your own sled and with your puppers then sharing it with your loved ones. Sounds perfect. Be safe out there and have a great season. I have a feeling you...
  113. C-4 Fishing


    Do you have a sister?
  114. C-4 Fishing

    The next fish fry is 3-23-19

    Let’s do it I need to get on the water for some bottom fish
  115. C-4 Fishing

    The next fish fry is 3-23-19

    I love living here in LBC but you SD boys do it right. Good on ya brudda
  116. C-4 Fishing

    Free Yellowtail! And a slab of Cow Bluefin!

    Damn!!!! And another reason I wish I lived in San Diego
  117. C-4 Fishing

    What do you eat for lunch while fishing?

    Spam and egg musubi from Hawaiian for breakfast and fried chicken during the day.
  118. C-4 Fishing

    Catalina Lobsters 8,9,and 10

    I am seriously jealous Great trip bud
  119. C-4 Fishing

    El Nino, too much time and a credit card!

    Positive mindset brother. I love it
  120. C-4 Fishing

    Fishing Marlin on the Finger

    Bad ass Dave Good to watch on this rainy day
  121. C-4 Fishing

    Pierpoint or berth 55

    Both have pretty decent parking. Anything is better than Newport.
  122. C-4 Fishing

    9jan19 small craft advisory live edition point lloma

    Nice fishing bud Thanks for the report
  123. C-4 Fishing

    12-7-18 hooping Long Beach harbor.

    Had a great time brother Until next time
  124. C-4 Fishing

    Stamped Mako Tails

    Punk rock shark Did he have a nose ring?
  125. C-4 Fishing

    First time limited

    Great job dude
  126. C-4 Fishing

    Need a Ride to Fishermans Landing

    Ur right, caught me on a bad night. My jealousy was really showing. Good luck on ur trip, I hope you kill it out there.
  127. C-4 Fishing

    Need a Ride to Fishermans Landing

    You can afford a 10 day trip but not a ride to get you there? You may need to rethink some life decisions
  128. C-4 Fishing

    10/3/18 Hooping Chaffee island

    Good on ya bud. Have a great season.
  129. C-4 Fishing

    10/3/18 Hooping Chaffee island

    Hahaha Love it!!!!! G-Dub, no offense bud but you need to settle down. The reason people are giving you a hard time is because saying Chaffee is a secret spot is like saying Catalina island is a secret spot, with the exception that you need a boat to hit up Catalina. You are giving some...
  130. C-4 Fishing

    Man's best friend.Show us your dog.

    Charger and Coltie Named before the NFL turned into the complete shut show it is today.
  131. C-4 Fishing

    10/3/18 Hooping Chaffee island

    Count me in if you guys need a bug boat hoe. I live in LBC and can get out a good amount of nights. I know how the game works and will chip in for bait, gas and clean the sled after the trip.
  132. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore 9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    There is a PM section where you guys can get in contact with each other. Life is hard enough as it is. Take a deep breath and a drink of whatever is in hand and let this thread die for a couple years until someone for whatever reason brings it up 3 years later to add a dumb ass comment.
  133. C-4 Fishing

    8/23 - The Pursuit

    I love the boat and fished it a number of times. They give you a number but the only time I have seen people stick to it is during rock fishing during the slow months.
  134. C-4 Fishing

    Catalina Frontside - General Overview

    Great report Good on you for sharing real info
  135. C-4 Fishing

    California Anglers, I need your help!

    Took 5 minutes
  136. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore 6/27 on the Tribute

    That is a crazy frustrating situation where the bluefin stay just out of reach for 1/2 an hour or more. Been there done that. Just when you think you are gaining on them they do that strong, slow pull back to their comfort zone.
  137. C-4 Fishing

    Be Careful When Throwing Irons

    I honestly have no idea how this works. The few times I have seen this happen the guys simply took their lumps and a lesson learned.
  138. C-4 Fishing

    Freedom at Clemente 6/11/18

    Great report Thanks for posting
  139. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore Tough 2.5 day trip on Sea Adv 80 this weekend

    Tough trip brother Thanks for posting
  140. C-4 Fishing

    Wild in Sac

    That boat is amazing Good on ya dave
  141. C-4 Fishing

    Late report:Pursuit at Catalina

    Thanks to each and every one of you for the kind words. Hoping to get out again this season, as I believe in Hardcor’s Tuna Science and would love to get into some good offshore action this year. Stay safe and good luck to all.
  142. C-4 Fishing

    Blind luck seabass

    That thing is a beast!!!!
  143. C-4 Fishing

    How Many is Too Many?

    Sounds about right, I would do the same. Even tough we all know only one or two are really gonna get used. The real question is..... Do you bring the whole 40 pound tackle box or only a couple bags of hooks, a couple weights and the only 2 jigs You know You will actually Fish with?
  144. C-4 Fishing

    Late report:Pursuit at Catalina

    Thank you all very much. Just glad I could share. I log on a good amount when I can’t get out and it makes e feel connected, if only for a little while. Please keep the reports coming. Even if it wasn’t the best of trips. Every one brings this community together.
  145. C-4 Fishing

    Late report:Pursuit at Catalina

    sorry for the late post but I finally found a little time. Havent been out for over a year and I think the last time it had been over a year as well. Work and home with the kids (4,2 and 10 months) have kept me busy and I always feel guilty leaving them when I have the time to spend with them...
  146. C-4 Fishing


    That sucks Glad ur ok
  147. C-4 Fishing

    Gail Force Catalina Report

    I guess you gotta post ur best stuff....
  148. C-4 Fishing

    Catalina overnight!

    Trip looks fun If u need a spot or two filled In the future let me know. Dave 562-619-8713
  149. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore Heads Up San Diego Theives

    Negan is the character Lucille is the bat
  150. C-4 Fishing

    Room for 1 or 2 out of Long Beach

    Just emailed you brother
  151. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore Heads Up San Diego Theives

    Any “the walking dead” fan will understand
  152. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore Heads Up San Diego Theives

    Forget Bubba I wish they would meet Lucille
  153. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore Heads Up San Diego Theives

    Solid work brother I friggen hate thieves
  154. C-4 Fishing

    Pursuit Yellowtail 5/14

    Good fishing dude, way to stay positive. 50 is a lot for an early season monday
  155. C-4 Fishing

    Best Garage Sale Score - I Got GOLD!

    Holy crap Great score!!!!!!!
  156. C-4 Fishing

    Best Garage Sale Score - I Got GOLD!

    That’s some great gear but it’s only a score if you got a great price. How much did you pay?
  157. C-4 Fishing

    Most legendary local SW fisherman of modern times.

    Captain Donnie Brockman Has his hands in almost every aspect of the fishing business and has helped revolutionized the fishing industry in Southern California. I know there are those that aren’t big fans but looking back on my time working for him and those that have workied for him. They are...
  158. C-4 Fishing

    Kathy Griffins new job!

    That is one ugly looking dude
  159. C-4 Fishing

    Snacks on overnight trips

    Spam musubi
  160. C-4 Fishing

    boat name changes

    A whales vagina
  161. C-4 Fishing

    Straighten a bent pole?

    Take a little blue pill and wait a few minutes. It always straightens my bent pole.
  162. C-4 Fishing

    Advice on Taking Your New Chick Fishing...

    I love my wife but I am soooo glad she doesn’t like to fish. Having separate interests is a thing of beauty.
  163. C-4 Fishing

    Pacific Star Sportfishing License Suspended

    That is a death sentence for a fishing operation. Always liked Mike, his crew and the PAC Star.
  164. C-4 Fishing

    Your first memory of fishing?

    I don’t remember the fishing but I remember going night crawler hunting the night before near the Cumberland falls on the Kentucky side of lake Cumberland
  165. C-4 Fishing

    Boat crash. Yikes! Jump!!

    Wow!!!! I love how the guy filming grabbed his phone before jumping overboard to save his own life. Priorities
  166. C-4 Fishing

    15' Gregor Aluminum, READY TO FISH NOW!!!!

    Looks like a fun little boat. Good luck with the sale bud
  167. C-4 Fishing

    Need one so we can drop 10 hoops Sunday San Diego

    Nice hooping bud Good luck this season
  168. C-4 Fishing

    Lobster Report Cards...

    Calexit.... Ruining itself will be easier than trying to ruin the other 49
  169. C-4 Fishing

    Need a hand, San Diego to Mag Bay

    Good luck guys Wish I could have taken you up on that offer
  170. C-4 Fishing

    Fluorocarbon Leader for Live Bait

    RP knot Don't get intimidated, it's not that difficult and it's a very strong knot.
  171. C-4 Fishing

    Fresh water fishing Long Beach???

    Thanks guys. I really appreciate the info. My little girl is gonna love it
  172. C-4 Fishing

    Fresh water fishing Long Beach???

    Awesome Thanks brother
  173. C-4 Fishing

    Fresh water fishing Long Beach???

    I thought this as well but.... With a 3 year old
  174. C-4 Fishing

    Fresh water fishing Long Beach???

    hello anglers and anglerettes!!!! I am asking for some advice if ya can help me. I have an amazing 3 year old little girl that is CRAZY excited to go fishing. We bought a set up at BPS that has a zebco type reel and light up princess rod with some cut out fish molds and fish all over the...
  175. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore Dorado and Yellowtail fun

    It's right next to those 35 plus pound Dorado Hahaha Either way, they are a lot better than the ones I haven't caught here at work.
  176. C-4 Fishing

    Fighting a Jumping DoDo

    I was always taught wen I use to fish for tarpon in southern Florida that you fisht it normally while in the water and when it starts to come to the surface for a jump get prepared and point ur rod down towards the water when it jumps. It helps keep pressure and angle on the fish. That always...
  177. C-4 Fishing

    number 26 is an idiot

    Just a question. If he gave the fish to the owner of the market is it still illegal on his part or just the owner of the market?
  178. C-4 Fishing

    Bay water related skin issue?

    Stop using sand paper during ur private time, try lotion instead.
  179. C-4 Fishing


    what would you do at a restaurant?.... Would you tip the guy that grew the lettuce? Would you tip the guy that cut the fish? Would you tip the guy that cooked the fish? Wait until the end of the trip and you have one tab and tip accordingly. 10/15/20 percent is up to you
  180. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore Not a cow but its my best!

    That's a nice fish and an amazing boat
  181. C-4 Fishing

    16ft CC LAST REDUCED 2200!!!!!!!!!!

    I along with others are interested but very reluctant without at least seeing pics. Any reason you don't wanna post them?
  182. C-4 Fishing

    Catalina - Swim it/Fish it

    That's amazing brother Great swim Congrats!!!!! Thanks for sharing
  183. C-4 Fishing

    Dan Hernandez Fishing

    Lots of stories Just gonna say, I wouldn't go
  184. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore 7/9/2017 209 - 312 Trip

    I feel everyone's pain on this issue and have had a day ruined by these guys, but... There are soooo many types of seafood that I LOVE and do not have access to here. If it weren't for the commercial guys we would miss out on a world of food.
  185. C-4 Fishing

    Fishing boats

    You get what you pay for Freelance was a good operation many years ago. It you are looking for a better operation and want to stay in Newport then walk down to Newport Landing and go on the Patriot or as the guy above post the Thunderbird ivernighter is great when Jeff is captaining the sled...
  186. C-4 Fishing

    Dreamer trip that wasn't

    How is there even an argument on this thread?!!! OP got screwed out of money, out of time and out of being on the water with friends. Good luck to the OP, thanks for the heads up to myself and others and you deserve a LOT more than your deposit back.
  187. C-4 Fishing

    Dreamer trip that wasn't

    That sucks bud
  188. C-4 Fishing

    How many sporties today vs 10 years ago in SD?

    Have no idea Had the chance years ago and vey glad I didn't take it We are in for 5 years of normal SoCal fishing followed by very hard fishing. Whale watching is where the $$$ is at
  189. C-4 Fishing

    ??Alternate American Flag??

    A way of showing support for law enforcement And the good ole U S of A
  190. C-4 Fishing

    Troll kite fishing on a party boat

    Come on gents It's a really trivial thing on a trivial thread. Crack a pop top, grill a burger or dog and thank god for our freedom. Merica, Fuck yeah!!!!
  191. C-4 Fishing

    Troll kite fishing on a party boat

    Great question with a whole lot of what ifs. 1)What should be size limit of the fish be to determine if the meat should be split? 2) what if there are 10 people on the boat or if there are 50 people on the boat? 3) what percentage of meat comes off a certain size fish? 4) what if someone...
  192. C-4 Fishing

    Deckhand salary

    More than you think when it's busy and less than you think when it's slow
  193. C-4 Fishing

    Poachers find out how costly it can be!

    Shoulda taken their hands too Can't steal without hands
  194. C-4 Fishing

    Looking for SD offshore fishing partners

    If you need an extra in the future, hit me up
  195. C-4 Fishing

    Boat Shirt Design Poll

    Very cool Good looking shirts
  196. C-4 Fishing

    Boat Shirt Design Poll

    So.... What r u going with?
  197. C-4 Fishing

    Boat Shirt Design Poll

    Toss up between B and D B is the better one
  198. C-4 Fishing

    SUNDAY 6/4 from VENTURA= LONG boat ride

    Shit happens, been there with other boats. They won't do cash back in order to lock in recurring business. Makes sense. Don't psych yourself out about a trip before it happens. Go again and have a blast.
  199. C-4 Fishing

    Rpt.- Sun.-06-04-17 Pig Catalina Tails and 2 Butts!

    You are amazing sir Thank you for the entertainment
  200. C-4 Fishing

    ASSHOLE ALERT M&M Custom rods

    Dude was just posting about his personal experience. It sounds like a shitty one. The thing about being in a customer service business is you need to be first class to everyone even when you don't feel like it. I don't see a problem with a guy posting his experience here and telling someone...
  201. C-4 Fishing

    Cow fishing this Saturday on our 52' Hatteras, few spots available

    That's a hell of an offer. Good luck out there. I'll hit you up later in the season when I have time if you still have room.
  202. C-4 Fishing

    Eclipse Sportfushing

    I see where ur coming from Good luck to those that got screwed.
  203. C-4 Fishing

    Eclipse Sportfushing

    Why are you guys arguing about a failed operation perpetuated by a scam and a failed insurance fraud decision? We really need to get this wind outta here so we can talk about fishing again.
  204. C-4 Fishing

    Thunderbird - Late Report

    Very nice Captain Brockman knows his shizzz
  205. C-4 Fishing

    Thunderbird - Late Report

    Thank you brother. Was great sharing the rail with you.
  206. C-4 Fishing

    Thunderbird - Late Report

    We were sitting in around 60 feet of water and all the bites were coming from mid to deep mid.
  207. C-4 Fishing

    Thunderbird - Late Report

    I feel ya on not hitting their overcrowded boats. I believe there were 28 anglers which meant you had to work/turn your fish but it wasn't too bad. I really like the boat. It's no frills and has a tiny galley and standard bunk room but sits low to the water and they got the fish outta the...
  208. C-4 Fishing

    Thunderbird - Late Report

    Sorry for the late report guys. I always appreciate you guys that do on the water reports and the ones loaded with Intel. I always began the day saying I'm gonna do one of those amazing posts like Corey and a few other people on here, but I end up getting a mile or two off the coast and all...
  209. C-4 Fishing

    Pursuit Catalina 5/2/17

    Always like when Gus is running the boat. John is a good skipper but Gus is more customer friendly and fish hungry.
  210. C-4 Fishing

    Eclipse Sportfushing

    This is what I saw when I google Eclipse Sportfishing
  211. C-4 Fishing

    Exactly why I don't paddy dive

    Awesome video That's a big ass shark
  212. C-4 Fishing

    New crew

    Have availability many Friday, Saturday and sundays as well as around one Monday a month. Outta Long Beach. 36 years old, hard working and easy going. Enjoy a beer or 2 and don't smoke but don't mind it. Dave 562-619-8713
  213. C-4 Fishing

    Looking for new crew for my 23 Parker sportfisher walk around cuddy!

    Free most Friday through Sundays and one Monday a month. 36 years, easy going, work hard and love to be on the water. 562-619-8713 Dave
  214. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore Tribute 4/9 Offshore

    Who does more "damage" to the fishery? The guy that goes on 2 trips a year and catches his limit of 5 rat yellows each trip OR The guy that goes every week and kills 30+ breeders a year? Not sticking up for anybody, honestly, just asking the question.
  215. C-4 Fishing

    Sunday 4 2 17. Long beach slow with big goat

    That is a HUGE goat Good catch bud
  216. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore tip the crew asshole!!!!!

    Do you guys tip the landing rep that got there hours before the trip left? They work hard too If they weren't there the trips would never get off the dock They work hard too
  217. C-4 Fishing

    There Here....

    Love it
  218. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore Malihini Offshore 3/26

    He kept what is legal If you don't like it, change the law. Would I keep them, probably not. But why get mad at a guy for keeping what is legal when he is feeding himself, friends and family? There are plenty of guys on this site that keep waaaaayyyyy more than a family could possibly eat in...
  219. C-4 Fishing

    Mexico paperwork?

    Gotta shake that ass
  220. C-4 Fishing

    Found a nice rod and reel while lobster diving last night

    Holy crap bud, you lost an arsenal when u took a dump. Sorry that happened to you
  221. C-4 Fishing

    Birthday Party - On the New Sesforth

    Very cool I hope I can still get up and around at 94
  222. C-4 Fishing

    ALERT - Stolen Tackle - Daiwa Tackle

    That sucks. I will keep an eye out here in LBC. Do you have any pissed off newly released employees?
  223. C-4 Fishing


    Please keep it between you and me, I heard of a fairly good one called Local Knowledge. I hear ya bud, I miss watching good fishing shows. Not many people like Jose Wejebe (sp) around anymore. Only infomercials.
  224. C-4 Fishing

    Seriously, how?

    Cost of living is low sir Both cars paid off. A 2007 Pontiac paid in cash at the dealership in for me in 2006 and a 10 year old Yukon for the wife paid in cash for her to carry the kids around. My car gets less than 5k miles a year due to me having a work car. 3 bedroom/2 bath in Long Beach...
  225. C-4 Fishing

    Seriously, how?

    I don't contribute as much to this site as I would like because I really don't get out very much anymore. I work a good amount and have a couple rug rats running around keeping me busy when I'm not on the job. I just left the show with my oldest daughter and looked at all of the latest and...
  226. C-4 Fishing

    Fred Hall show

    Any day you can Have fun
  227. C-4 Fishing

    Inside sportfishing gone

    Not sure I really liked the show but always managed to always catch the same 3 episodes.
  228. C-4 Fishing

    Commander Insurance Fraud Guilty Pleas

    Thread closing in 5....4.....3....2.....
  229. C-4 Fishing

    If I could only own 1 fishing rod it'd be a.....

    Seeker inshore 809 Love it!!!!
  230. C-4 Fishing


    Just in time Patriots 36 Falcons 17
  231. C-4 Fishing

    Commander Insurance Fraud Guilty Pleas

    Feel bad for the guys that have days left from those purchased package deals. If they are broke enough to do something like this then they probably don't have enough $$$ to run their trip.
  232. C-4 Fishing

    Commander Insurance Fraud Guilty Pleas

    I'll admit it. I was wrong. I worked with them for a little while and put my trust in them. Glad no one was hurt. 3 successful boats (2 fishing and 1 whale watching). Would love to hear the story of why.
  233. C-4 Fishing

    Long Beach Harbor Lobster

    Thanks for the report I had been thinking of going out lately but just can't find the time.
  234. C-4 Fishing

    Your first fish; your favorite fish to catch; your favorite fish to eat; favorite shellfish to eat

    1)Channel Cat out of the Ohio River 2)Tarpon in the Keys or trout on the Cumberland River 3)White Sea Bass 4)Alaskan King Crab all day long
  235. C-4 Fishing

    Norcal to Socal Lobster

    Awesome trip bud Great friends, eats and fishing I'm jealous
  236. C-4 Fishing

    SD lobster report decent crawl 6 November 2016

    Gotta love hooping brudda Good score
  237. C-4 Fishing

    Lossed video

    WOW Maybe it's the dog typing or... Arik
  238. C-4 Fishing

    Hooping SD tonight 30 OCT room for one

    Hahaha I hear ya bud If u guys get a chance, jump on with duck butter. Great, well maintained boat and a cool dude. I've been a boat hoe on a few boats the past few years and this was by far the best one and he is a cool, chill dude.
  239. C-4 Fishing

    Hooping SD tonight 30 OCT room for one

    Wish I could bud Good luck this season
  240. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore Free Fishing Trips for Military

    That's awesome dude You are a damn fine american
  241. C-4 Fishing

    LA harbor lobster report

    I think Azkaron makes a pretty damn good point. I could care less about the crab as far as taking them home but really haven't had to worry about them the past few years. There has been a huge drop in crab by catch in my hoops and areas that had previously been high yield areas.
  242. C-4 Fishing

    LA harbor lobster report

    Thanks for posting Haven't heard of much going on here locally. Good luck next time
  243. C-4 Fishing

    Live Local Spiny Lobster $52 per lb:

    Holy crap!!! How much was a glass of water?
  244. C-4 Fishing

    toronado tonight 10/18 1.5 day for $200!

    Good luck Looks like a hell of a deal Wish I could get the time off
  245. C-4 Fishing

    58 Yr Old Drama free Catalina, Clemente island, offshore fishing/freediving trips.

    Add me to the list sir Would love to fish and/or hoop with ya
  246. C-4 Fishing

    Commander Sinking

    Get the hell off of their backs. These are two of the good guys.
  247. C-4 Fishing

    Ocean Fishing shows (let's start a list)

    Wow!!! Need to get you outta the house bud.
  248. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore 'End Game' 10-01-2016 Bugged Out

    Glad ur back on the water bud. Are they still deep like they were last year or were you able to get them a little more shallow?
  249. C-4 Fishing

    2 almost free spots on the eclipse 3.5 day leaving monday! SOLD

    Pretty sure he already posted in this thread that someone already grabbed the tickets and he has backups.
  250. C-4 Fishing

    2 almost free spots on the eclipse 3.5 day leaving monday! SOLD

    That is one hell of an offer. Good karma on ya brother. Hope you heal up quick
  251. C-4 Fishing

    Boat capacity?

    I'm not sure about his capacity however.... I worked for a fishing boat a number of years ago that also would do whale watching. We were allowed to carry 15 more people whale watching than we were fishing. Not sure why but those were the rules.
  252. C-4 Fishing

    Looking for a paddle board

    That's a beautiful board I'm in long beach
  253. C-4 Fishing

    For sale cobra fish n dive

    $400 cash Ha
  254. C-4 Fishing

    Looking for a paddle board

    Roger that Thank you
  255. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore Agressor..Newport Landing 9/9

    While I will never ride the Aggressor or the Grouponlance outta Newport/Daveys ever again. They do have some really good boats/captains/deckhands down there that really love the water and what they are doing. Try Mikey and crew on the western pride, John and crew on the Patriot as well as the...
  256. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore Freedom Overnight 9/3-9/4

    From all that's been said it sounds like this boat is just not a tuna boat. I've heard they are amazing at the islands but just shite offshore. Everyone has their specialty, offshore is just not theirs. Things to consider before going out.
  257. C-4 Fishing

    Finally going down to San Diego to fish the San Diego

    I have wanted to fish The San Diego for a while now. Have always heard Amazing things about them and don't think I've ever seen a bad post on them. It also seems to have better counts than most of the overnight boats or even 2 day boats lately. I say do it and go grab some kick ass food and...
  258. C-4 Fishing

    Aggressor- LAME

    Hahahahaha. Shoulda done ur research bud. There is an amazing use for this website. Please use it guys and gals. Sorry about your trip bud
  259. C-4 Fishing

    About that time again 2nd Socal trip in my own boat need help!

    Never go during the opener. It will make you never wanna go again. Bunch of assclowns out. If you do for some reason go. Make sure you are out there really early and make sure your gear is lit up like Christmas. The guys that had the best seasons last year did so by deeeep drops. But...
  260. C-4 Fishing

    Terhi 6020. 15.5ft Honda 25hp 4 stroke skiff

    Love this set up Wish I had the $$$ available Good luck with the sale
  261. C-4 Fishing

    Fishing cliches..

    Thanks for this post. I hate these fucking sayings!!!! If your job is really that bad your ass shouldn't be fishing. Maybe it's not the job that is the worst thing.
  262. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore Labor Day on the "NON" Producer

    Sucks ass bud He shoulda just followed the San Diego, they can catch fish
  263. C-4 Fishing

    Looking for a paddle board

    Thank you for the advice sir. I really appreciate it. If u make it down there in the near future I will hit you up. Thanks again
  264. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore Freedom Overnight 9/3-9/4

    Thanks for the report. I was seriously thinking about jumping on the boat tonight as I haven't been out much this season and have the itch to go. I think I'll stay home and save the $$$ and more importantly the time. Those who say a bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work must...
  265. C-4 Fishing

    Looking for a paddle board

    I'm obviously very green when it comes to SUPs. What should I look for when buying a board for doing some fishing? Any brands/board types to stay away from?
  266. C-4 Fishing

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    i worked in the business as well for a number of years. With all of the regulations set forth by the government on pay and hours worked, how is the fishing industry not more regulated. How do boat owners legally get away with it?
  267. C-4 Fishing

    Looking for a paddle board

    Thanks for the info guys I really appreciate it
  268. C-4 Fishing

    Looking for a paddle board

    3 bills tops
  269. C-4 Fishing

    For sale cobra fish n dive

    Would love it but don't have enough $$$ I could make you an offer but would be wasting even more time than I am now. Nice ride Glws
  270. C-4 Fishing

    Looking for a paddle board

    Looking to buy a used SUP. Nothing fancy just something to paddle around in long beach with and maybe cast a plastic from time to time. Anybody have anything?
  271. C-4 Fishing

    HO for Friday 9/2

    Spot still available?
  272. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore Thunderbird Overnight 9/17

    Why did you dig this post up from 2 years ago to make a jackass comment?
  273. C-4 Fishing

    What Happened to "Stoked on Fishing"?

    I really like the show too and was wondering the same thing. Thanks for asking. Beats the hell out of the fat f*ck and the infomercial any day of the week. Can you guess who I am talking about?
  274. C-4 Fishing

    Moving from LA to San Diego Lobster season prep

    Don't go you assclown Stay here Hahaha
  275. C-4 Fishing

    My awesome new shirt!

    Love it bud!!!!
  276. C-4 Fishing


    That boat use to be a lot of fun a number of years ago. Can't really blame them, they go out full year round and managed to thrive 4 - 6 years ago when lots of boats were going under and landings were struggling. Those who know, know it's not a fisherman a boat. With groupon, you get what...
  277. C-4 Fishing

    I don't trust my line to line connections

    Don't worry bout the dicks on here bud. Asking questions to a large group of people who share the same passion for the sport is one of the reasons people gravitate towards this site. I agree with the previous posters about making sure the line is wet before sinching down the not. What I...
  278. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore Islander Seeker Open 8/20-8/23

    What's up with seeker? Did you find out the real reason they weren't on the trip?
  279. C-4 Fishing

    Dana point Fish report with spear divers 8/20

    Very cool!!! That's a skill I wanna learn very soon.
  280. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore Eclipse 1.5 day Wed 8/17/2016

    The Eclipse is a great boat run by real pros. Can't say anything bad about the operation. I worked with Mark, Chris and the boys while they spent a short stint at Daveys Locker a number of years ago. Great report and good on ya for the JP
  281. C-4 Fishing

    Rats everywhere

    Another fucking post about rat yellowtail!!!!! Jesus guys, if you want a change then be the change you wanna see. Stop being a message board prophet. If you have a big enough problem with it do something serious about it.
  282. C-4 Fishing

    Pursuit at Catalina (8-10)

    I have fished the boat 5 times in the past year and have never once stayed at my number, even though I am one of the first people to buy a ticket. Also, the earliest I have gotten in line is 1 1/2 hours early. I'll buy ur rain check off you bud if ur not gonna use it.
  283. C-4 Fishing

    B.O.B. Stroller and Baby Stuff

    Single seat BOB running stroller. Stroller is in great condition. Bought new for $350 and selling after one child's use. We have the double BOB now. $200 Great Deal for this amazing stroller. Text me for pics Dave 562-619-8713 Also have other baby items if interested. Strollers, high...
  284. C-4 Fishing

    Great albacore fishing?

    It's going just about as good as the yellowfin and quality yellowtail season.
  285. C-4 Fishing

    More Patience

    Gotta love Southern California. I have lived all over the country and never seen so many people with blinders on in my whole life. I love it here but it amazes me every day.
  286. C-4 Fishing

    Jarret Bay 46'.........

    That thing is sweet!!! I just got a chubbie
  287. C-4 Fishing

    Pursuit at Catalina (8-10)

    I love the pursuit!!!! Those guys really have it dialed in at Catalina. They leave before any other boat and are always baited up before passengers get on. Thy do it right
  288. C-4 Fishing

    The last LA report 8 August 2016

    nice trip buddy Gonna miss ya here
  289. C-4 Fishing

    New calico tagging record

    That's really cool info. Thanks for posting Let em go and let em grow.
  290. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore time to fish

    "Eventually all things merge into one, and a river runs through it. The river was cut by the worlds great flood and runs over the rocks from the basement of time. On some of the rocks are timeless raindrops. Under the rocks are the words, and some of the words are theirs." - Maclean I wish...
  291. C-4 Fishing

    Am I Acting Weird?

    That sucks bud You need to change the pool you pick people from. There are good boat hoes out there
  292. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore Fishing the 182 and inside - 7-2

    Well done sir Really like that shot of the yellows below the paddy
  293. C-4 Fishing

    Catalina Island Fishing Report For 6/23

    Nice 30 pound yellow I need to reevaluate some of mine now they might be 50 pounds.
  294. C-4 Fishing

    Daiwa saltist 20

    Please pm me ur number One of my buddies is looking for that
  295. C-4 Fishing

    Not sure if she loves me

    Very funny
  296. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore Got one!

    Yeah bro that one equals 10 Well done sir
  297. C-4 Fishing

    Wasted money.....

    This post needs to die
  298. C-4 Fishing

    2016 summer fishing..predictions?

    Wide open Garibaldi at Catalina!!!!!
  299. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore First Bue Fin Ever

    Congrats brother Nice fish
  300. C-4 Fishing

    Estate sale MDR

    I was pretty disappointed when I got there and all the Pheonix rods were gone as well. The seller said some douche came in first thing, grabbed all of them and bought the whole lot. I ended up getting an avet mxj for a decent price. Can't really blame a guy for selling the gear he was selling...
  301. C-4 Fishing

    Calling upon fellow BDer's and Dog Lovers! Help!

    Good luck bud, I know how dogs can be part of the family. I wish the best for you guys and the pup.
  302. C-4 Fishing

    All of Us Hooked Up on Yellows...

    Wow!!!! Can't believe I just wasted my time reading that. Some of you guys should go back to your Real Housewife online forum
  303. C-4 Fishing


    It gets on my nerves as well, however, I have been a culprit of doing it in the past. If you care about it enough then do something about it and contact your local rep and try to make a change. Making a post in here ain't gonna do shit but get yourself a lot of hate coming your way. It's sad...
  304. C-4 Fishing

    yard sale may 21 in long beach ca

    What time are you opening up shop? I live 1/2 mile away
  305. C-4 Fishing

    Question about San Diego Fishing

    Eclipse or Pac Queen
  306. C-4 Fishing

    Swordfish RAW

    Very very cool Love the show Thanks for doing it guys
  307. C-4 Fishing

    Oil rigs/corona del mar

    That looks exactly like a yellowtail, only smaller. Hahaha Just giving you shit. Better than the day I had.
  308. C-4 Fishing

    Cast net

    Wow!!! North of conception they are legal. Who paid to make them illegal south of there? Just seems like a waste of $$$ to me when it could be made so easily at times
  309. C-4 Fishing

    WTB hard top for Jeep

    Looking for a hard top for a 4 door Jeep Wrangler
  310. C-4 Fishing

    Cast net

    Just finished watching "Local Knowledge" building life. Really like the show and I am going to add some of the life building to my arsenal this year and see how it works. In watching the episode and having lived in south Florida for a short time in my late teens I used the cast net all the...
  311. C-4 Fishing


    Good fishing sir. The Pursuit is one of the most underrated boats in my opinion. Great fishing platform, plenty of room around the rails, large galley, bunks available for use on all day trips accompanied with a top notch crew and the owners of the boat work as captain and deck boss damn near...
  312. C-4 Fishing

    Drone fishing

    I'm sure they didn't post all the times they F*cked up, crashed the drone, hooked themselves, lost fish, etc. Not saying I would do it but I would be willing to bet it's a lot harder than it looks
  313. C-4 Fishing

    Californian calico special 100.00

    Love the rod Bought it at Turners brand new for $80
  314. C-4 Fishing

    Picture Florida PERFECT

    I live in Southern California but always check the Florida forum just to read your posts. Looks like a lot of fun and a quality operation run by folks with good character. Keep up the good work and maybe I will be able to come join you guys some day. Good luck this year and stay safe.
  315. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore go BIIIIGGGGG or stay home? - Monster Mako in April

    Very cool Congrats on the catch and release That's a sea dog killer for sure
  316. C-4 Fishing

    is 1982 old enough for reminiscing?

    That's awesome Not sure what's better. The prices or that it says Salmon and Albacore in season on the brochure.
  317. C-4 Fishing

    Winning the jackpot?

    As is evident by this never ending discussion on jackpot, people get WAY to into winning some money. Yes, sometimes it is a good amount of money but rarely is it more $$$ than what the total cost of the trip was when u figure in transportation, gear, boarding pass, licensing etc. I use to deck...
  318. C-4 Fishing

    Who wants to hear a fish story?

    Just read it Simply amazing Great catch sir
  319. C-4 Fishing

    Fisherman's Depot?

    Either way... That's the last I'm gonna say about this shizz. I hope everyone gets their gear back and I hope SHE recovers from her injuries and lives a full prosperous and wonderful life. Bless you all and have a wonderful fishing season.
  320. C-4 Fishing

    Fisherman's Depot?

    Brother, I understand where u are coming from. If he had my gear I would be going ballistic. Hell, my *ss would be booked right next to him for breaking into his shop and getting my sticks back. But plain and simple he broke the cardinal rule in my book and if u go as far as saying shooting a...
  321. C-4 Fishing

    Yellooowwsss 4/3

    Oh awesome!!!! Looked like a gaff stick just behind the pectoral fin in the picture. Enjoy the fish brother. Much better than anything I have had this year.
  322. C-4 Fishing

    Fisherman's Depot?

    Seriously guys?!!!! I know I'm gonna get hate for this but I really don't care. Yes, this article is vague and I think the media is 50% of what is wrong with this country. I also know how difficult marriage/relationships can be but a woman was shot and is in serious condition. As a man and...
  323. C-4 Fishing

    Yellooowwsss 4/3

    Nice fish!!!! Tough gaff shot in the meat
  324. C-4 Fishing

    Top Gun on the Bluefin

    Just talked with a buddy that was on the trip. Said it was a lot of fun and great crew but a long 1.5 day when they limited by 9am on 2 fish each. He said there were BFT for days. They went looking for something else but it was a wasteland out there.
  325. C-4 Fishing

    Aggressor out of Newport Landing

    Holy shit!!!! Haven't heard. Hope everyone is safe.
  326. C-4 Fishing

    LB Rockfish trip 16MAR16

    Well done brother
  327. C-4 Fishing

    Hogan's Tackle

    Stand up response by Breck. If I'm ever down that way, I will swing by. Good of them to take the time and address this one issue. Earned my business
  328. C-4 Fishing

    7 March 16 Hooping Chaffee in the gale

    Well done buddy Glad you got some Thanks for the report
  329. C-4 Fishing

    Island Chaffee Hoop netting 2-27-16

    Good job buddy Glad to see ya got out. I haven't been out much this season. Enjoy the bugs
  330. C-4 Fishing

    What happened to LB lobster? 2-19-16 report

    Jaw1970, I'm in the same boat with ya. Been a very unproductive year for me and my buddies as well. All the Intel I have gotten has told me to go deep but having only a kayak and not one of the $5,000 ones makes it nearly impossible. Good luck the rest of the year.
  331. C-4 Fishing

    2-17 160 Bass PV Blowout

    Very cool brudda and great trip!!!! Sorry about ur luck with the mail thieves and ID theft bastards. There is a special spot in hell for thieves of all kinds, especially spineless ID/mail thieves. Just a heads up to everyone out there. Never put any sensitive mail in ur home mailbox or those...
  332. C-4 Fishing

    New Del Mar- Quick half day run

    Good job brother. I have that itch to get out as well if only to catch some sand dab and sculpin
  333. C-4 Fishing

    Newport bugs

    Good job buddy. I think this is the first Newport bug report I've read this year. I usually did well numbers wise outta Newport but almost all were shorties
  334. C-4 Fishing

    Brandy learning to fish

    Are you the "Red Dragon"?
  335. C-4 Fishing

    chaffee and freemon slow bugging 2/6

    Chaffe has kicked out some good bugs lately. The numbers aren't great but quality has been nice
  336. C-4 Fishing

    FOOD Bourne SMB

    Humorous, in a hipster "Dane Cook" kinda way. Take that for what it is.
  337. C-4 Fishing

    LA post storm hooping 3FEB16 chaffee

    Well done sir Glad someone is still hooping it up
  338. C-4 Fishing

    Fred Hall - Discounts & Specials ??

    You said you haven't been for a few years. It will be exactly the same as the last time you went more or less. Everyone talking about how good last year was and how this year is setting up to be good as well. Buy your spots now because you won't be able to get them later. Same big dead...
  339. C-4 Fishing

    Rpt.-WFO Local Bass'n!

    I swear that guy looks like it's the first fish he has ever caught every time. Just so damn happy. I love it
  340. C-4 Fishing

    Fishing out of Puerto Vallarta

    Sorry about your luck brother. I would be crazy butt hurt about the cancellation. Way to stay on it and try to make lemonade. Wish you the best of luck.
  341. C-4 Fishing

    Catalina Report 1/22-24

    Nice trip bud Calculus is overrated anyway
  342. C-4 Fishing

    Hooping Long Beach harbor Lobster 1-16-16

    Nice big buddy That thing is a monster
  343. C-4 Fishing

    TV Show "Local Knowledge"?

    Spanish fly was the best Jose was the man The west coast shows sucks sooooo bad. It's like watching an infomercial that has a little fishing i.e. Dan Hernandez and Chronicles
  344. C-4 Fishing

    Recommended Prohibition on Mechanical Pullers

    Sounds like a battle with the commercial guys. I'm guessing that's where the ban is coming from. At least they are making accommodations for those with disabilities. Good luck
  345. C-4 Fishing

    Big bug

    Very nice buddy
  346. C-4 Fishing

    Slow for me in LBC

    No worries, Thanks for all the advice guys. All is appreciated. You didn't jack my thread at all. Thanks Robert for the help
  347. C-4 Fishing

    Slow for me in LBC

    Went out bugging last night with 2 buddies in one of their 20 foot center consuls in Long Beach. Got on the water by 3:30 and at our first spots by the Harbor police station near the lanes by 4:30 and began setting. First hoop that hit the water sank down about 10 feet before it was ripped...
  348. C-4 Fishing

    Hoopin' with Hansen

    I will be hitting Dave up soon. I went out last night and coulda done a lot better. The man knows his shizzzz
  349. C-4 Fishing

    Catalina throw back to the past

    Wow!!!! That's a huge Bass
  350. C-4 Fishing

    12/9 bug report - long beach

    Way to put in the work. Been a slow year so far for nearly everyone
  351. C-4 Fishing

    Dumb thief? Or just "considerate"?

    Yeah, Because I'm sure they would have just been "oh yeah, that was us that stole it." You got us.
  352. C-4 Fishing

    Not too bad

    Very nice That's a lot of action, 118 bugs to pull up in one night is a lot of fun.
  353. C-4 Fishing

    No life jacket...make your own!

    That's awesome
  354. C-4 Fishing

    Gail Force Bugs

    Sooo..... What I got from this post is u had a couple good bugs but aren't catching crap like the rest of us. Good luck this year and can't wait for the rains
  355. C-4 Fishing

    Note to self: Don't hoop during a thunder storm

    Very cool I would submit that for photo of the year somewhere That's awesome
  356. C-4 Fishing

    Will drones revolutionize fishing?

    To answer your question, yes. While I agree with the comments here, they will absolutely revolutionize fishing. While the technology isn't here on the amateur level yet it will be and probably sooner than you think. Air and water drones will change how people fish and how people search for...
  357. C-4 Fishing

    Charter help

    Depends where u wanna go from. If OC go with Bongos and don't wait, get out there now.
  358. C-4 Fishing

    Pacific Voyager Post

    Holy shit!!!! Are you serious Is that even legal?
  359. C-4 Fishing

    new video

    Nice That kayak is awesome
  360. C-4 Fishing

    Diving with GIANT Lobsters

    That's amazing Thanks for the video
  361. C-4 Fishing

    pin head looking for work

    Hit me up bud, I know money can be a problem. I have a few 1/2 off passes for a few boats so u can save some $$$ and fish all day instead of working.
  362. C-4 Fishing

    pin head looking for work

    Stay in school!!!!i worked on and around boats for years. Please don't idolize the deckhands and start smoking, drinking and doing other shit deckhands and captains do. get out and fish when u can, keep loving the sport but don't do the pinhead thing. Very rarely turns out well.
  363. C-4 Fishing

    edit: Want a Ho to help hoop LA, putting ho list together

    I have 10 hoops and able to get out most Sunday and Monday nights. Also able to get out some weekday nights. I usually hoop from a kayak in and around long beach. Hit me up
  364. C-4 Fishing

    Expect the Unxpected - Squid Jigging (EGI) and Trolling

    Very cool Thanks for sharing
  365. C-4 Fishing

    We went Wahooping instead

    Great post bud Can't wait til my lil girl can come out and go bugging
  366. C-4 Fishing

    Today sucked

    I like this report sooooo much better than reading all those useless details. Thanks for the trooffff
  367. C-4 Fishing

    Lost all my fish, freezer down !!!!

    Good luck out there. If u need an additional fisherman on the boat let me know and all my fish are yours. My freezers are set for the winter.
  368. C-4 Fishing

    Jetty Bugging

    Thanks bud I appreciate the feedback Good luck this season
  369. C-4 Fishing

    Jetty Bugging

    Only had a little bit of time last night. Not enough to get the kayak and gear ready and hit the water. Thought about walking to the end of the Los Alamitos jetty and throwing a couple hoops in to see what I could catch. Has anyone done this, if so any luck? I would think pulling at an angle...
  370. C-4 Fishing

    Big bug and some

    Nice start to the season What depth were they crawling?
  371. C-4 Fishing


    I think they can have their traps in the water but not baited up until then. It would be pretty crazy dumping all their gear right when the season opens.
  372. C-4 Fishing

    Newport harbour skiff rental tips

    Call Daveys locker and ask for Doug He will take care of ya
  373. C-4 Fishing

    This season really THAT good

    Great year Wish I could have gotten out more Absolutely the year of the yellowtail!!!!
  374. C-4 Fishing

    Crazy stuff

    Very cool!!!!
  375. C-4 Fishing


    I will only fish that boat with Jeff. Sorry if u got lied to about that. Other than that, shit happens. Can't control bait and I can't blame a captain for not wanting to fish with the herd. If captain bob went all the way to Santa Barbara island I take that as he wanted to find u the right...
  376. C-4 Fishing

    Fishing with GreenHorns....tell us some of your stories.

    I saw a guy fishing a conventional reel backwards on my last trip out. I worked sorties for a few years and had never seen that before.
  377. C-4 Fishing

    Love for the Deckhands

    I use to deck and work at restaurants and I still don't understand the point of tipping and complaining about tipping. This shit is getting ridiculous. If u want to make more money confront your boss or get a different job. I appreciate how hard these guys and gals work. They can make or...
  378. C-4 Fishing

    Kids Kidcraft Kitchen Set - Xlnt Condition!!

    If I had a truck to xport I would pick this up in a heartbeat. My little girl would love that. Good luck and I hope this goes to a good kid
  379. C-4 Fishing

    what was it? Mystery fish

    Anything Why were u trolling with a 25# outfit?
  380. C-4 Fishing

    To sell or not to sell that is the question

    How much are you asking?
  381. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore O'side sunday. "that guy"

    Thank you for the story. I needed that. Brilliantly written. Have a good one
  382. C-4 Fishing

    bad fish count

    This is pretty normal No posting, no advertising
  383. C-4 Fishing

    possible teenager bluefin malihini

    I just saw that pic. I don't even think he is a teenage. Hate the kid already. Haha Good on ya kid Slay that beast.
  384. C-4 Fishing

    July 4th- almost lost my little boy! Warning to all parents:

    Thanks for sharing. Sooo glad he was holding that balloon and it was lit up. Thank god for your observation and daddy instincts. Very happy for you and your family. Never take a day for granted.
  385. C-4 Fishing

    Where can I purchase a commercial Lobster license?

    Call Daveys Locker and ask to speak to the owner, Donny Brockman. He knows pretty much everything about the fishing industry in SoCal. He should also be able to find you a boat as well.
  386. C-4 Fishing

    Thinking about booking a trip...

    No reason to go longer and drive right by the fish. 1 day to 1.5 day tops right now
  387. C-4 Fishing

    Should deckhands be fishing?

    These guys are pros and out on the water damn near every day. I love to fish and consider myself a decent angler but if I can get a pro to help figure out the pattern and style the fish are biting I will gladly take The help. Sometimes it can be a slightly modified presentation that can...
  388. C-4 Fishing

    Last Minute --> Need 2 for tomorrow - Fishing for Tuna

    Wish I saw this last night. I woulda jumped all over it. Good luck brother. If u go any Monday's I have every Monday off
  389. C-4 Fishing

    Friday on the Patriot

    The Patriot and NPL do a great job. Would rather fish with them than Daveys "Groupon Landing" Locker with 90 people on all their trips
  390. C-4 Fishing

    Wide open tangle

    Gotta thank Groupon for that fishing experience.
  391. C-4 Fishing


    Good fishing guys Congrats on the catch
  392. C-4 Fishing

    O-side harbor police can...

    Contact his department and give him a commendation. It will keep him doing a good job and teach others to do the same.
  393. C-4 Fishing

    A cool dude!

    Thanks for sharing
  394. C-4 Fishing

    Starting to get concerned.

    You will be all good brother. Fish hard and it will pay off. No reason to get worried about something you can't control.
  395. C-4 Fishing

    The five stages of fishing local Blue Fin

    This is awesome Thanks A Good break in my work day
  396. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore Pig YFT today

    Good catch brother
  397. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore Heartache and Bruisers Saturday

    Wish u the best of luck for next time.
  398. C-4 Fishing

    LA cattle boats

    Btw, To answer the posters question. Stay down south and check out 976tuna. The San Diego caught limits of yellowtail today.
  399. C-4 Fishing

    LA cattle boats

    Seriously!!!! Saying cattle boat is like using the N word?!!!!!! Someone takes themselves WAY to seriously. I worked sporties years ago and never felt like that. Come on dude.
  400. C-4 Fishing

    Tuna meat lesion?

    That looks pretty nasty. If anything, cook it up for a tuna salad. Wouldn't recommend it raw.
  401. C-4 Fishing

    Caption Contest-Shimano Teremar Rod and PowerPro Hollow Ace Spool

    The captain told me to "let it run"
  402. C-4 Fishing

    Eclipse Package - Anyone else dissatisfied?

    Contact the owners, Chris or Mark. They are really good guys and discuss the situation with them. They are a top notch operation. I think they are sponsors on here, I could be wrong. Try to PM or contact them. I wouldn't be surprised if they hit u up on this post.
  403. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore 6/2 big whale and big tuna

    That was an awesome post sir. Wish I coulda been a witness. Thanks
  404. C-4 Fishing

    Late Post:YT on the Patriot

    Hey guys, Sorry for the late report, been a busy week. Went out on the patriot on the 2nd. We, like everyone and their mother hit the 150 for the local school of yellows. About 25 boats out there and this was according to the regulars a very light day. Fished the area for a little while but...
  405. C-4 Fishing

    What's with these boats not filling?

    Big fish being caught but not good numbers. Most people aren't gonna throw down $$$ for a boat ride. Not this early in the season. Especially with the hopes of a great season to come.
  406. C-4 Fishing

    Pacific Star

    Great boat and crew. Has state rooms but all are not equal. Best boat north of San Diego. Captain Bullard is a great guy and will be able to put u on the fish.
  407. C-4 Fishing

    Looking For Job

    It looks like u live in HB. I would try Daveys Locker. That place is always crazy busy and gets out on the water all the time. You won't get bored down there. Try starting work in one of their offices and then trying to get on one of the boats
  408. C-4 Fishing


    Very cool Great trip Sorry u had to hang out with Corpuz
  409. C-4 Fishing

    3/22 Thunderbird yellowtail 3/23 bad weather and Tbird turn around back to Daveys

    I've been on trips that have turned around, it sucks!!! But better to be stuck on land than getting my ass kicked on the water or worse floating in it. That's the business bro. Can't make the run every day
  410. C-4 Fishing


    Cosman, Try deleting this post and putting it on the ride sharing forum. U will get a lot of bs here as u have seen so far. Don't do newport unless u use groupon and want to fish with 90 other people. Try fishing out of long beach and beginning or midweek for lighter loads. There r a number...
  411. C-4 Fishing


    I'm with ya brother. Done so piss poor this year that I actually paid to go on the Gail Force to try to learn something new. Didn't learn shit and the boat didn't catch shit either.
  412. C-4 Fishing

    bugging LA/LB this Thursday or Friday need someone with hoops

    What time are u planning on going out? I have 7 nets, salmon heads and live in long beach
  413. C-4 Fishing


    Thank you sir for the fun
  414. C-4 Fishing


    Patriots - 31 Seahawks - 17
  415. C-4 Fishing

    Advice:Fishing Destin Florida

    Hello fellow BDers, I have a family reunion/vacation coming up at the end of July, beginning of August in Destin. We are coming from Southern Cal, Texas and Kentucky. I was hoping I could talk with someone about fishing options when we are down there (Surf, Reefs, and Offshore). Any help...
  416. C-4 Fishing

    Tuefin Blunas are Gay as Fuck in January!!!!! THUNDERBIRD 1.5 report

    Awesome trip, thanks for the post. How long was the trip 1 day or 1.5? So how much did you pay, cost of the trip? That older guy that caught all the fish is a pro, he is always on Daveys boats. Wish I had a life like that.
  417. C-4 Fishing

    hooping lb

    Good fishing buddy. I'm heading out Tuesday night in long beach. Moon and tide phases should be right. We will see
  418. C-4 Fishing

    Laguna MLPA Articles

    Kids have gotta learn the consequences of their actions, even OC kids. They are probably gonna claim the affluenza defense.
  419. C-4 Fishing

    hooking up with other fishermen

    You can also try the "Casual Encounters" section of Craigslist.......... Hahahaha!!!!!
  420. C-4 Fishing

    lobster 12 - 27 - 14 somewhere near Long Beach harbor

    Good fishing buddy U will get em next time
  421. C-4 Fishing

    Need Boat Ho for 12/30 Report to Follow

    If u need another boathoe later then I will be down Live in LBC and this is one of my favorite trips Good luck guys Please put me on ur future list
  422. C-4 Fishing

    tip of the month

    Not sure why people dog this Dave. He has always been a true gentleman anytime I have ever encountered him and he has always given me advice when I have asked. Even more amazing is that I have never been a customer of his and he treats me like a high roller. The guy gets on here and offers...
  423. C-4 Fishing

    Christmas Parker 2520

    I hope ur friend overcomes his ailments and gets better. There is no other friendship than that of a fishing buddy. God bless brother
  424. C-4 Fishing

    Two incredibly aggressive sea lions and bug report

    I have had the same thing happen to me in my kayak in long beach. I would take 4 strokes with my paddle and then use it to defend myself. Scared the shit outta me.
  425. C-4 Fishing

    Fisherman Exhausted After Fight with Record 39 lb Bluefin

    I'm sure the guys on the east coast say the same thing when we talk about 100lb bluefin out here. It's all relative
  426. C-4 Fishing

    11-15-14 LBC Lobster

    Had fun fishing with ya last night buddy We will get em next time
  427. C-4 Fishing


    Been there all this season brother. Feel ur pain
  428. C-4 Fishing

    California Scorpionfish Fishery to Close Nov. 15 2014

    I'm not too surprised, worked on sporties for a while and have seen the onslaught on sculpin the past number of years when fishing sucked for everything else. At least they aren't closing it down while rockfish are closed.
  429. C-4 Fishing

    Lobstering on the slow

    Went out in Long Beach last night. Crazy slow!!!! Fished 10 hoops from 5 - 1am pulled every 45 - 1 hour. Caught 2 keepers, 2 shorts and about 20 spider crab. We had 6 spider crab in one hoop once. I haven't caught one of those in 2 years but they were all over last night. Talked with a few...
  430. C-4 Fishing

    My person best lobster

    Caught on 3/17/14
  431. C-4 Fishing

    Two Sheriff Deputies killed in Sacramento area.

    Rest in peace brothers, you have served your time in hell
  432. C-4 Fishing

    filets or whole

    Listen to surf goose, I learned a few things from his response. Great post
  433. C-4 Fishing

    Pinhead in JP

    I always get in the jp to pay for cleaning and galley if I win and the rest goes to the crew. But it drives me crazy how serious people get into it. People let it ruin their trip even if it was an epic limit style, leave em biting trip. I'm not just talking customers here, I've seen crews get...
  434. C-4 Fishing

    Late report 20140622 43 lb Sting Ray

    This post is like watching a train wreck Can't help but look
  435. C-4 Fishing

    No need to go all the way to San Diego and pay all that $$$

    He'll yeah!!! That was a great trip on Memorial Day trip!!! What day is Memorial Day? What has happened since? All I'm saying is a boat from WAY up north getting it done
  436. C-4 Fishing

    No need to go all the way to San Diego and pay all that $$$

    Hey salty brain, I do the same but I still wanna fish with the boat that catches fish
  437. C-4 Fishing

    No need to go all the way to San Diego and pay all that $$$

    What do I do the rest of the season?.... I work My dollar means a lot to me
  438. C-4 Fishing

    No need to go all the way to San Diego and pay all that $$$

    Yeah... Sucks to ride on a bare bones boat that vastly out fishes every other boat I love the amenities as much as anyone but... Numbers matter
  439. C-4 Fishing

    No need to go all the way to San Diego and pay all that $$$

    The thunderbird is doing better than the regulars Jeff knows how to get it done
  440. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore CONDOR weekend 2.5 day yawner

    I love the blah blah blah report, reminds me of the yadayadayada episode of Seinfeld. All the important stuff was covered, I don't need the fluff. Didn't seem like a negative report to me
  441. C-4 Fishing

    Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming

    This should be a front page, feature post Awesome fish buddy
  442. C-4 Fishing

    4th of July Tuna Party on the Eclipse!!

    Good luck guys and girls I am very jealous of u to go out with Mark and Chris I've worked with them in years past Great guys and a very fishy boat Would have loved to come out but schedule doesn't come out for another 2 weeks Go get em!!!
  443. C-4 Fishing

    The business of running a fishing boat.

    What's the matter with brining ur own food on the boat? I don't wanna be another fat f*ck at the rail. Not usually many decent options on a 1 - 2 day trip. As for the question. The galley, fish cleaning, and tips can be done a number of different ways on every single boat and should not have...
  444. C-4 Fishing

    Pacific Star

    Love the boat and crew, Mike and Kris work very hard to please their passengers I have fished on this boat numerous times - open party and charter The rails are tight but is a great fishing platform A lot of posts mention they don't go the distance and I was a lil pissed about this on my last...
  445. C-4 Fishing

    Offshore Rescue at sea ! non fish report

    God bless the men and women that keep us safe every day and night Military, cops, fire, and emts I thank you
  446. C-4 Fishing

    Freelance Newport 3/4 day advice?

    Don't do it!!!!!! Listen to everyone's advice I did one of those trips a few years back with 90 peeps I fished for 5 minutes and then slept the rest of the day Not worth it, kept hearing "you're in my spot" If u go, get there at least an hour and a half early Line up and stay in line When...
  447. C-4 Fishing

    Newport Landing 1/2day

    No doubt I think it's name was snoozer From what I remember
  448. C-4 Fishing

    Newport Landing 1/2day

    Parking and peninsula traffic is terrible
  449. C-4 Fishing

    Newport Landing 1/2day

    You didn't have ur license and had to buy another one, yeah that's the way it goes. Then u fished all day on the license and then wanted the money back because ur unorganized. The licenses are issued by the state and the landing collects the $$$ and must pay the state. Ur fault, don't blame...
  450. C-4 Fishing

    Caption Contest - Win a pair of Accurate Pliers - New Color!!!

    Keep Calm And Mind That Gap
  451. C-4 Fishing

    9 Mile Bank 2-25-14

    Awesome post Thanks for sharing
  452. C-4 Fishing

    land of giants

    Also thanks Dave for the response and pm willing to help A true gentleman/fisherman
  453. C-4 Fishing

    land of giants

    Hahaha, I probably shoulda been more descriptive in my post. I'm a kayak fisherman an don't know the shipping lanes, etc I will be fishing from a boat this weekend for a change. Don't know the spots that can/should be fished by a boat. Just looking for a lil help. Have a good season guys Thanks...
  454. C-4 Fishing

    land of giants

    Hey Dave, I always enjoy reading ur posts and fishing tips. I have been lobster fishing in long beach for the past couple of years and have had a real slow year this year I hear about a lot of guys fishing the shipping lanes and near them. Do u recommend doing this and if so where should I go...
  455. C-4 Fishing

    Convicted for the murder of Chief Petty Officer Terrell Horne III

    May god bless you and your family Thank you for your service