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  1. Lost Fish

    La Push & Halibut

    So having relocated from SoCal to Washington and reading in past years about La Push and the butts that are out there, was starting on doing a little planning for it. Understand that the fog can roll in fast and that water get bad pretty quick also. But seeing that the quality of fish out...
  2. Lost Fish

    Freshwater Skagit River

    Have been fishing on the North fork of the river expecting the rains from last weekend to bring in the fish.... Well that is not working out so much. Water is still a little high and fishing is slow. :_diarrhea_: There are some silvers in the river but they are few and far between, at least...
  3. Lost Fish

    Saltwater Deception Pass

    Took the family camping over at the state park this weekend. Fished the North Beach with the crowd. Slow is not even the word for it. For the 2 days of fishing saw 5 fish caught. The good news is that we didn't loss any gear!
  4. Lost Fish

    Freshwater Fishing the Skagit

    Well just got back from the 2 1/2 month fishing trip with the boys (will post that trip as soon as I get the camera downloaded). Just relocated from San Diego to La Conner, and noticed that I have water all around me. Was wanting to get the boys some fishing in the river. Still young and...
  5. Lost Fish

    At the end of August

    Not sure where to post... But I am going to be up in Washington the last week of the month to Suprize the wife... Want to take the boys fishing one day. Don't really care where we go... got a 9 and 4 year old... and will be out of Oak Harbor area. Anything would be great! Thanks in advance
  6. Lost Fish

    What is for Dinner!!!???

    I will have my staving kid again... And he is wanting to know what the feast is going to be... See you all there.
  7. Lost Fish

    17 April OAC Halibut Tournament

    Hey fellow BD'rs, This a repost from the OAC board. Reb Oceanside Anglers Club is holding this years annual Halibut Fishing Tournament on April 17th. Like years past this is 100% payback. We do this so non-members will fish our tournament and get to know our club better. Of course we would...
  8. Lost Fish


    Hey all. Kind of late getting this message posted but the wife has finally landed my retirement job. :gaygroup: She is going to be moving up to Oak Harbor at the beginning of April to live with my youngest son for the next 14 months, while the oldest and I fish all summer, till I retire and...
  9. Lost Fish

    O'Side Whales???

    Going to be taking the wife out for a little bottom action and was wonder if anyone knew where the Whales were at out of O'Side??? Want to get her in the mood for a little game of Hump or Jump and the whales always do the trick! She is headed in to get a foot worked on and won't be able to...
  10. Lost Fish


    Is it just me or was I not paying attention at the last meeting? LOL Got the link to the website and it looks pretty good. When are we going to get the CY10 schedule out? Trying to plan my fishing trips for this summer. Reb Lost Fish
  11. Lost Fish

    Lake Mead

    Head to Lake Mead for the turkey weekend with the family. Was wanting to know if anyone had been out there or know of any tips/tricks for the lake. Thanks Reb
  12. Lost Fish

    1st WSB 29 Aug

    Late report from 29 Aug. Was supposed to buddy boat out of DP to Catalina for WSB. My crew messed up the alarm clock :shithappens: (was meeting at 0130) and they didn’t make it. Had the boy with me so I figured we would head out and meet the other boat. As we were fueling up, Black Ice (Stacy)...
  13. Lost Fish

    Proving NFIO for those wanting to launch here!

    Big day here in the house! My little guy turns 3 years old this week so he now gets to go out on the boat fishing with Papa and his brother!!!:gaygroup: <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:rofl:<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> Went and picked up some bait and made a few passes...
  14. Lost Fish

    Question on the Marlin Flag

    Stopped by Kens on sunday but forgot they were on the trip. Anyways I caught a Marlin (see the story below) on saterday. Have two questions, 1 has anyone else in the club caught one yet this year for the flag? and 2 I had a non club angler on the pole, am I screwed? (I think that I am on this...
  15. Lost Fish

    Offshore 1st Marlin for the Lost Fish (181) 25 July

    Took 2 guys from work (Joe and Matt) and Matt's girlfriend (Jade) out for a day on the water. Was interested in how it was going to play out with 2 of the 3 never being on a boat before (Joe and Jade) and the big swell that was expected:Pelvic_Thrust:. Left Oceanside at 0500 this morning...
  16. Lost Fish

    O'Side-Barn Kelp

    Had a great day on the water with Ernie and his son and my boy. Had a late start at 0730. Went over and picked up a nice fresh set of horse dine's from the bait barge. They just got done unloading them. :shithappens: Was all excited anyways cause I just got done putting in a new (to me) 22 gal...
  17. Lost Fish

    Another O'side to Del Mar

    Fished inshore today with a friend and my oldest son.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> Reading NOAA last night was all excited for flat warm water. At least we got the warm water part right.<o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> Cruzed down...
  18. Lost Fish

    Carlsbad Canyon and Box Canyon

    Well this is a late post. Short answer on the T's out of O'side.... NONE!!!! Fished on Monday in the canyon area till noon for nothing other then seeing a Mola jump about 1/2 way out of the water. Water was rough but laid down as the day went by. Temps were 61.3 to 62.5. Going with the old...
  19. Lost Fish

    Bait tank on 20' Trophy

    Well I am getting tired of the trashcan bait tank that I have got. Not bitching about performance, cause she works great. just would like to having something that doesn't make such a mess. Anyways I have a 20' Trophy and would like a tank. What is the best/make since, sized tank? Reb
  20. Lost Fish

    Grunion beaches

    I almost hate to ask these questions but I have not been able to find the info in Google. Just 2 questions so it shouldn't be to painful. 1) what are the good beaches to go see the Grunion on? 2) If I have the boys pick them up what are they good for? Food, Bait, Chum??? Any info would be...
  21. Lost Fish

    Lake O'Neil

    Went fishing today on base with the boy and a friend of mine. Didn't think that we were going to do to good with the front that was moving in. Anyways it was a nice day on the water with lots of people working the bank. Crappie were the plan and we were able to get the boy on a few of them...
  22. Lost Fish

    Oceanside Lobster?

    Is there lobster to be caught in O'Side harbor? Buddy got a short (12') aluminum boat a few weeks ago and was wondering if he could save a trip to SD. Any info would be handy.