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    FREE: Fiberglass hard top mold

    Spoons submitted a new listing: FREE: Fiberglass hard top mold - FREE: Fiberglass hard top mold Learn more about this listing...
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    Looking for a Raymarine S1000 DATA CABLE

    Long shot but looking to see if anyone has a spare Raymarine S1000 autopilot data cable. Please pm me and i will promptly respond. Thanks.
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    Teleflex twin engine binnacle controls

    Teleflex twin engine binnacle controls $120 for the pair San Diego area
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    Xtratuf boots size 5 and size 8

    Xtratuf boots size 5 (12”) and size 8 (15”) Bought for my son who out grew them. Very lightly used $75 ea
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    3 west marine fuse and switch panels

    3 west marine fuse and switch panels $old San Diego area
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    Parker XLD Deep V 2520 Diesel - $67,500

    POSTING FOR A FRIEND, CONTACT INFO BELOW. 1999 Parker XLD Deep V with Bow Pulpit Less then 700 hours (684) on entire boat 4.2 D-Tronic turbo diesel made by Cummins Mercruiser VM No leaks fires right up full inspection done on motor and outdrive just serviced. Bravo 3 outdrive with new anodes...
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    Looking for a Single Suzuki Binnacle

    Please PM me if you have a single outboard suzuki binnacle that you'd like to sell.
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    Furuno 6kw Open Array Radar 1943c with 10'4" NavNet display

    Furuno 6kw Open Array Radar 1943c with 10'4" NavNet display Works great. Array and Screen are in very good shape Comes with power cable and 20' radar signal cable $old
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    2004 Maycraft 2550XL Pilothouse

    Listing this for my friend up in the SF Bay Area. I think it would be a killer SoCal boat down here and is pretty virgin so you can rig a bitchen bait tank in a prime location of your choice. I’ve ridden on her and she knocks down the wind chop nicely! I personally think it’s worth the drive...
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    Looking for 270-8h or 270-8 deckhand style rod

    270h-8 or 270-8 deckhand style or regular reel seat style rod. I’m in San Diego. let me know what you have. Erik
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    Need some boat parts to finish a partial restoration

    Ratcheting antenna mount Blue sea weather deck switch panel 6 or 8 panel (breaker or fuse)
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    Looking for 1.7 Seastar Helm hh5271

    Looking for 1.7 Seastar Helm hh5271 Please let me know if you have a new or good unit.
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    Day 2: Evan Salvay and team Stella June just weighed a 466lb fish tying with another boat for day 1 also 466lb. Let’s see if he takes it again this year!
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    6 lug hubs with set of bearings

    One brand new set of 6 lug hubs for 5200lb axle with bearings. Goes for $72 on etrailer. And a extra hub. These are for you guys making those long tows north for salmon and albacore or making those long tows to the bay of LA. $40 for it all. San Diego
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    Pacific trailer parts

    Pacific trailer parts $10 San Diego
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    Loadrite trailer parts

    loadrite trailer parts $25 San Diego
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    Marinco Solar Day/Night Ventilation Fan

    Marinco Solar Day/Night Ventilation Fan This is a must if you own a boat with an aluminum fuel tank. This keeps the tank compartment dry from condensation. Already rigged for 6” snap in inspection plates. This thing runs 24 hrs a day. Just pull it off when using the boat. Fan itself cost me...
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    Taylor Made large orange fender

    For you big boat guys. I’ve got a large 21” or 27” Taylor Made round boat fender. West sells them for $200. Holds air fine but i deflated it for easier storage. Yours for $60
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    Edge Insight CTS Monitor for Ford and Dodge

    Edge Insight CTS Monitor for Ford and Dodge I used this on my 03 Ford 6.0 diesel and my 06 Dodge 5.9 cummins. Worked excellent to monitor my engine and transmission. It caught the egr/coolant delta on my ford as well as transmission overheat on my dodge. Worth it's weight in gold because...
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    NEW Rule Tournament Series 1600 gph dual port livewell baitwell pump

    Rule Tournament Series 1600 gph dual port livewell baitwell pump Brand new. This was my spare that I kept as a backup if the pump on my Parker ever failed. Never had a failure in 5 years with the one I sold with my boat. Very reliable unit imho. You can also run a wash down pump off the...
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    Parker helm seat

    Just the seat. It’s in really good shape in great condition. Cushion is not all worn out like others. Great replacement for you guys that have worn seats or looking to add more seats. $old
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    Xtratuf 15” Deck Boot Size 9 (new deadstock)

    Xtratuf 15” Deck Boot Size 9 (new deadstock) $old Located in San Diego
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    2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel Truck 5.9 Cummins

    2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel Truck Long Horn (Texas) Edition 5.9 Cummins 195k miles runs great and strong Automatic transmission rebuilt 24k miles ago 2wd Long Bed Tool box Power everything Lots of tread left on tires Recently aligned a month ago along with new upper ball joints Prodigy Brake...
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    Parker 2520 SC Suzuki DF250 4 Stroke

  25. Spoons

    Looking for a Newell 332 reel

    Anyone have a graphite 332 they want to sell? PM me please.
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    Outrigger rod holders

    Here are a pair of aluminum outrigger rod holders. This will allow you to run a couple extra rods in your spread when trolling for pelagics or just slow trolling. Worked great for us and definitely helps with multiple hookups. $150 for the pair
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    Berkeley Line Winder with counter and pedal

    Berkeley Line Winder This unit will go left and right rotation. Has a foot pedal control just like the tackle shops. It comes with a line stripper attachment and will spool conventional, bait casting and spinning reel spools. Also comes with a line counter. $350
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    Ice-o-matic ice machine

    Ice-o-matic ice machine. Great working machine that i used for a couple years when i fished heavily. Will make 300# of ice a day. $500 Located in San Diego
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    Silver Avet SX 5:1

    Great condition silver Avet SX 5:1 ratio. Comes with box, reel clamp and lube. $135 in SD
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    Cod fishing MX waters and then fishing for halibut in SD Bay?

    Thinking about slamming the cod in MX and then running into the SD Bay for some halibut. Is this legal? We have all our MX licenses but I just don't want to run into trouble if we get stopped in the bay. Just looking to stay legal. Thanks in advance.
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    Xtratuf Ankle Deck Boots Size 11

    Purchased these last year and I only wore them once inside the house. Don't need them since I have two other 12" boots that I have yet to really use up. Located in San Diego but will be heading up to the SF bay in about 7 days. $old
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    Shimano Reels, TLD, TR, Calcutta, Curado, Torium

    Hey All, I need to downsize my gear a little bit and will be adding to this post as I go through it all. Here's what I have so far. All items located in San Diego but I will be making a trip to the Bay within the next 7 days or so. I can bring them up with me if needed. Any items that need...
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    hunting urban coyotes

    Well, it has been recently been brought to my attention from neighbors that there are a few coyotes on the prowl here in San Diego. My neighbor across the street had their dog killed and eaten out of their backyard. My other neighbor said she seen one hop their 5' fence in their backyard, down...
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    Brand New Rod Holders

    Brand New Stainless Rod Holders for 3/4 rails. They are adjustable in any direction and also have a white rubber insert. $100 for the pair Here is the link to the rod holders on the west marine website...
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    private boat multi day fishing trip overnight in MX

    Question for you long time San Diegans. Say I wanted to fish offshore MX waters on a Friday and decided I want anchor up on the lee side of south or north island and wake up and fish MX waters again on Saturday morning. What are the MX and California regs in regards to multi day fishing...
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    Powertech Prop LFS4 4x16x17 Hubbed for Suzuki DF250

    Very good condition 4 blade 16x17pitch prop. Powertech Propellers. Comes with a matching thrust washer for Suzuki DF250. Used it for a few trips on my boat and it's a spare prop for me that I don't need. $OLD
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    Rod limit inside and outside of SD bay

    Hey guys, what's the rod limit inside of SD Bay and Mission Bay as well as outside on the ocean. I understand there isn't a rod limit on the ocean when targeting pelagics but want to be sure. I know there is a rod and hook limit for cod.
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    WTB: Lexa 400 w/ power handle

    Looking for a Lexa 400 with a power handle. Prefer good condition but also any condition as long as still serviceable and price matches its condition. San Diego area please. PM me and i'll respond right away.
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    Chatillon hanging scale 40lb legal for trade model

    Up for sale is a Chatillon hanging scale. It's a 40lb capacity model that is legal for trade. It was once certified but will need to be recertified again to use legally. Very accurate scale that I used years ago when I sold Dungeness crab at my farmers markets. $120 in San Diego. Cost is...
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    Avet MXL 6.3

    Avet MXL 6:3 silver reel. Some light scratches but in great condition mechanically with excellent freespool. Pics coming later. Price drop $130 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Looking for a fiberglass storage seat for my 2520

    Hello all, I'm looking for a fiberglass storage seat for my 2520. If anyone has one they're no longer using I'd happily buy it from you. PM is preferred. Thank you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Raymarine S1000 Autopilot

    Raymarine S1000 Autopilot w/S100 wireless controller. Pulled from my 20' Grady White before I sold it. It's a great autopilot for smaller boats under 25' Everything included minus the hydraulic hoses and a toggle switch. I believe you can purchase a seastar "add a station" kit for this as well...
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    Rigging Tube on a Tuna Tower for electrical wiring and shift cables

    Hey fellas, I've decided I want to put controls up on the tuna tower of my Parker 2520. I've already run a few cables through the aluminum pipe and it's a very tight fit for what's already been run. So with that being said, i've decided I want to install a rigging tube from the tower to the...
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    Want to buy a few things: 13" tires, 6-8lb anchor, seats, etc

    Hey All, I have a 16' skiff that i'm rigging up and need a few things. Need 2 - 13" tires/rims 6-8lb anchor and rode type 1 life vests any kind of small boat seats, nothing huge. fire extinguisher 8' vhf antenna 14-16 gauge black/red wiring p66 garmin transducer I'm not looking for any high...
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    Taking youth to fish MX coronados

    Hey all, does anyone know what's needed to bring kids along on a trip to the coronados? Do they need fishing licenses? My son has a US passport but my friend's son only has a birth certificate. Will that be ok? I assume they all need to be on the FMM? Thanks in advance.
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    Raymarine S1000 Autopilot w/Hydraulic Pump And Wireless Controller

    Raymarine S1000 Autopilot w/S100 wireless controller. Purchased this system a while ago but sold my Robalo before getting a chance to install this. Everything included minus the hydraulic hoses and a toggle switch. I believe you can purchase a seastar "add a station" kit for this as well as...
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    What happened to the splitfin section

    It's been a few years since i've looked but what happened to the splitfin section of bd? There were some very nice pictures in there!
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    Offshore Wahoo @ 178

    On Saturday I took my son and cousin out for a little half day run. I setup a whiskey formation with the marauders running closest to the stern and the three Marlin lures running in a center wwb formation. This made turning very easy for me. Anyway we hit the north 9 and start running west...
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    WTB: Looking for a Honda Propeller 13x17 Stainless 3 blade RH

    Looking for a 13x17 pitch Stainless Propeller for a Honda 130. Willing to pickup.
  50. Spoons

    Whopper Stopper 30-60 WS3H Calstar Blank Custom Wrapped

    Whopper Stopper 30-60 WS3H Calstar Blank Custom Wrapped by Ed Robinson with travel case. Brand new never used. $120 shipped
  51. Spoons

    Having money doesn't dictate someone knows how to fish

    Well the last few trips out of Mission Bay, i've noted some very interesting things. You can have a nice flashy boat but some can be clueless when it comes to fishing. I'm not going to say I know my shit 100%, hell i'm not going to say I know 50% but I can say I have a bit of common sense...
  52. Spoons

    best cleaning chemical for removing dry tuna blood

    Hey All, I tried doing a search but didn't come up with anything. But what is everyone using to remove dry tuna splatter. I usually do a pretty good job at removing blood while it's still fresh/wet and most of it comes off but as always theres always a few dots here and there that require...
  53. Spoons

    SOLD! Honda Four Stroke Outboard 130HP

    2004 Honda 130HP Outboard Four Stroke I have a LH rotation 130HP Honda 4 stroke for sale. Hours unknown but looks to be fairly low hours. Recently serviced, new plugs, injectors cleaned and new impeller pump. Comes with wiring harness, key switch panel and tachometer gauge. Also comes with 1...
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    Honda Outboard Dual Binnacle Shifter with Tilt/Trim control

    I have a Honda Dual Binnacle Shifter with Tilt/Trim control. Great condition. Pics below. $250 shipped
  55. Spoons

    Rule Tournament Series 1100GPH Livewell Pump

    Rule Tournament Series 1100GPH Livewell Pump Mounted but never wired up or used. $40 shipped.
  56. Spoons

    Lowrance Elite-5 Chartplotter / Sounder comes with Transducer SOLD! Thanks BDers!

    Lowrance Elite-5 Chartplotter / Sounder Comes with Mount, Cable and Transducer. Sold!
  57. Spoons

    Place to keep boat in sd bay or mission bay for a couple weeks

    Hey fellas, is there a relatively cheap spot in sd bay or mission bay to slip a 25' boat for a couple weeks? End tie would be fine. Thanks in advance. Launching and retrieving for a couple weeks is a pain in the butt.
  58. Spoons

    Parker 2520 & Offshore Bait Tank Installation Writeup

    So I picked up this Parker 2520 out of New Jersey this past December after I sold my Grady White Overnighter. The Grady just wasn't a big enough boat for fishing 3 guys Socal for Tuna and Yellowtail (yes I got the fever bad!). It's got a 2006 Suzuki 250hp motor and gets the boat up on step...
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    WTB: 70-80 gallon fiberglass bait tank

    Looking for a 70-80 gallon fiberglass oval bait tank. Please PM me contact info and details/price/etc.
  60. Spoons

    Ice options

    Hey all, what are the ice options out of shelter island? Is there a commercial dock we can buy flake ice? Looking to slush brine if possible. I know we can buy 20lb bags at Walmart. Just trying to see what everyone else is doing.
  61. Spoons

    Megabaits for Bluefin/Yellowfin

    Hey all, i'm planning on putting together a small stash of megabaits and was wondering what size/weights were most preferred for 1.5-3 day trips? Is there a particular colorway favorite or preferred out there? Thanks in advance.
  62. Spoons

    WTB used shimano TLDs or Calcuttas

    Looking for some used cheap TLDs or Calcuttas. Doesn't need to be functional. PM Me
  63. Spoons

    Daiwa Saltist BG 35H spooled with 30lb mono

    Slightly used, about two fishing days. Still in VERY good shape! $SOLD
  64. Spoons

    WTB Shimano TLD 30 or 50

    PM me what you have and your contact info please.
  65. Spoons

    WTB Calstar Rods

    Looking for Calstar WC series rods, 6'-7' rods, medium to med-heavy. PM me what you got and a contact number please.
  66. Spoons

    WTB Tuna Clones

    PM me what tuna clones you have and the price. You can also txt me at 510-755-7376. I'll pay shipping as well. Erik
  67. Spoons

    iTrader Rating system for Classifieds

    Hey Admins, Any chance of you guys implementing the iTrader Rating system for vBulletin in your classified section? Let's face it, bloodydecks is the "calguns" of the fishing world in California and like Calguns, there are lots of buyers and sellers. I think everyone would be at better...
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    Whopper Stopper

    Looking to buy a whopper stopper rod. 1 or 2 of them depending on price. Give me a shout 510-755-7376 or TEXT or PM here. Thanks. Erik
  69. Spoons

    Wanna Live in Socal but kinda stuck in Norcal

    Ok guys, I've been a Norcal guy all my life but for the last 5-6 years i've been wanting to move down to Socal (San Diego or outskirts of LA). My main job has me working from home full time. So moving and keeping my job is perfect. I commercial crab out of Pillar Point so i'd need to be...
  70. Spoons

    Raymarine RC425 Chartplotter with Socal Chart

    I pulled this off my boat that I purchased from San Diego. Comes with power cable,GPS antenna, mount and cover. Pictures will be up shortly. $250 shipped.
  71. Spoons

    1990 27' Sea Ox Blue Water Pro

    Located in Discovery Bay but comes with a great Pacific Galvanized triple axle trailer. I'm helping my Aunt and Uncle sell off some of their boats. This one is located at discovery bay and I will meet any serious buyers for a look at it. 510-755-7376 I've fished and run this boat on a...
  72. Spoons

    27'x10' Farallon

    SOLD! LOCATED IN THE SF BAY 27'x10' Farallon Boat Valid Salmon Permit (transferrable valued between 3-5k) 2 Salmon Hand Gurdies (Not on Boat) along with a lot of terminal tackle 1 Ton Drop In/Removable Fish Hold (Rare by Farallon) 10,000# Pacific Galvanized Dual Axle Trailer 2 New Aluminum Fuel...
  73. Spoons

    1993 FARALLON 22 MAX Pilothouse AKA "FISHAROUND 2300"

    Posting for a friend. Contact information is below the description She is 23 feet long, 8'6" wide with 4'2" wide pilothouse (50"). A very unique SHAFT DRIVEN Farallon with the motor mounted just forward of the pilothouse. She has a NEW 350/300HP Fresh Water Cooled GM/Volvo conversion with ZERO...
  74. Spoons

    General area for SD tuna/dodo

    Hey Guys, I've been pondering a trip to SD in the next couple of weeks but sadly I cannot take my 25' Farallon down for a full on 2-3 day trip. I can however bring my dad's 15' Arima sea hunter with a yamaha 40hp. Only problem is he only carries about 9 gallons of gasoline. I can arrange...
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    looking for a trailer for inboard farallon

    Anyone got a trailer for an inboard farallon they aren't using anymore? please pm or send email. Thanks!!
  76. Spoons

    Opinions on Livesay Marine Boats

    Hey All, I've been sort of window shoppping for my next boat and was wondering why most of you thought of Livesay Marine boats. How are they comparable to say a farallon, skipjack, davis or parker? They seem to be deeper v than davis and comparable to farallon and skipjack. How are their...
  77. Spoons

    Socal commercial fishing question

    What are the sought after and profitable commercial fishing permits available in socal? I know lobster permits are probably at the top. What else is available? I know albacore, halibut, and white sea bass fall under open access and don't require any limited entry permits. Just trying to...