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  1. DJR86

    WTB - 29'+ Radon/Anderson/Wilson - Project or Complete
  2. DJR86

    Looking for a Radon, Davis Cortez or similar

    a little more than his budget. Thanks Colin! This boat is bitchin! Stoked for the new owner though
  3. DJR86

    Todd Cape Cod Helm Chairs

    I sent you a PM. Thanks
  4. DJR86

    2005 Parker 2520

    Posting this for my brothers. 2005 Parker 2520 DV Re-Powered in Nov 2017 Twin Yamaha 150 4 stroke outboards Under 5 year warranty 900 hours on new motors 65 Gallon Pacific Edge Bait tank 2 bait pumps Furuno FCV 587 1kw wide beam transducer Raymarine C80 (new Radar 2019) Raymarine Auto Pilot...
  5. DJR86

    Blue Water 65gal bait tank

    I’m very interested. I sent you a PM with my number
  6. DJR86

    90 gal Fiberglass bait tank

    I’m interested in the tank. I wrote you a message a couple weeks ago. Check you inbox
  7. DJR86

    Calstar Avet Combo

  8. DJR86

    Heading out to LJ tomorrow AM. ( YT, sharks, calicos and more..)

    I forgot my license at my house one day and got stopped at Santa Cruz island. My ticket was over $1,000. When I went to court I showed the judge I had license before the date of the ticket and she dropped the fine. Hopefully you get as lucky as I did. The fines are very steep!
  9. DJR86

    Well Spring Break was fun ...

    No way that's awesome! Good to know! Thanks for the info!!
  10. DJR86

    Well Spring Break was fun ...

    Awesome report Bryan! Congrats on the surprise seabass too! Those sonar marks are insane. What transducer are you using if you don't mind me asking?
  11. DJR86

    PB Dorado 9/18

    Backside but there was way more life and a little warmer water off the east end. It felt pretty dead where I got this fish. I only went there because I got some a few weeks ago out there and have been checking the area every couple weeks.
  12. DJR86

    PB Dorado 9/18

    Awesome! I heard there were fish on the dolphin! I was hoping to find a pod but didn't see any dolphin out there. Just tried to work the terns.
  13. DJR86

    PB Dorado 9/18

    Launched out of CI harbor Friday at 5:00 on a solo run. Stopped by CISCOS and got a half scoop of smaller dines and headed to the islands to fish the YT that have been around in the morning with plans of heading offshore after. Got to the islands at 6:00 and saw the fleet of boats on the...
  14. DJR86

    Lil' Mijo_Channel Islands_9.12.15 - Yellows and a Carp! (Pic / Vid Heavy)

    Sweet trip Eric and Sean! Awesome videos and pics!!! What kind of transducer do you guys have? I've been thinking about one of those Lowrance displays and that looks pretty clear
  15. DJR86

    Radoncraft 18

    That would be awesome thank you!
  16. DJR86

    Radoncraft 18

    Awesome! There is a lot of room right there. That's what I was thinking you probably did or under the seat. So cool! Good off season project for me! Thanks for the info! And again very nice work on the rebuild!
  17. DJR86

    Radoncraft 18

    So clean! Looks awesome. Where do you keep you batteries? Mine are in the box on the inside of the transom but your box is a little more narrow which would be nice for a few more inches of deck space.
  18. DJR86

    SOLD Furuno Navnet 3D MFD12 Display

    Does this system have the fish finder also or strictly chart plotter and radar capability?
  19. DJR86

    23 Blackman Outer banks

    I have been waiting for this day. I used to live right down the street from where this is stored. I watched it for a year never move, and thought who owns a boat bad ass boat like this and never uses it. Sweet boat! Can use some work but still a damn good lookin boat!
  20. DJR86

    Hoop Netting Question

    Thanks for the feedback Scott!
  21. DJR86

    Hoop Netting Question

    I have hoop netted in the harbors and break walls only. Around 15ft deep. I plan to go to around 80-90ft tonight. Does anyone have a trick or tip as to how I don't tangle me ropes every time I pull them up? Even at 15 ft I find myself untangling ropes. I can only imagine 100ft of rope on the...
  22. DJR86

    19 Foot Trophy Center Console W/ 115 Mercury Optimax

    I can see them. Sweet boat! Good Luck with the sell
  23. DJR86

    60,50,40lb seabass and albacore

    Awesome report as usual!
  24. DJR86

    Sand Bass At Channel Islands ?

    The speed twin caught 165 for 30 anglers two nights ago. Theyve been off and on but was definitely on the other night!
  25. DJR86

    Marina del rey

    Thanks Jeff
  26. DJR86

    Marina del rey

    Has anyone been lobstering in marina del Rey harbor lately? I usually go to channel islands but it's been slow lately and wanted to try somewhere new. I've never been down there but it looks a lot like CI harbor. Any feed back would be appreciated thanks
  27. DJR86

    December 2011 Avet Reels Photo Contest!

    Sorry I was having trouble with the pictures.
  28. DJR86

    December 2011 Avet Reels Photo Contest!

    Name: Doug Rasp Caught: Channel Islands, CA Gear used: Avet sx mc 15 lb mono, Avet mxj 50# spectra with 20# mono leader The story: we planned to take a trip to Anacapa to fish for lingcod and rockfish. When we were having trouble with one of the engines we decided to stay local and with a tank...
  29. DJR86

    Accurate Presents - Beat this Caption - $150 Accurate Product Pack - Ending Nov 14th

    300 Lbs???.. Ehhh sounds about accurate
  30. DJR86

    calstar 270 c

    I have a factory wrapped calstar 270 c for sale. 7' 12-30 lb. $150
  31. DJR86


    I have a 14' CC catamaran hull that is perfect for lobstering. Email me at [email protected] and I will send you pictures.
  32. DJR86

    Sandbass Slayfest

    Anyone want to fish tomorrow? I have room for 1
  33. DJR86

    Sandbass Slayfest

    Got a half scoop of squid and fished locally a few hours yesterday morning. Surface water was flat calm but the bottom was sheer insanity. Every drop of squid got slammed. Ended the day around 10:30 am with 12 sand bass, 4 short lingcod and 7 calicos. My girlfriend isn't ready to hold her own...
  34. DJR86

    CI Harbor

    Went out Monday morning with the girlfriend and fished locally for a couple hours before the fish finder took a crap. We managed 4 fish though. Lingcod, sand bass, rockfish and the biggest damn cabazon i've ever seen. All fish released unharmed. Water temp was just under 65 degrees. Beautiful...
  35. DJR86

    Custom Calstar 700L / 700ml Avet LX-2 sp.

    PM sent let me know asap. i want to come get it this week
  36. DJR86

    NEW gear for sale!!

    Still have the 30-40 pound graftech??