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    Wrong forum
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    Slammer III 5500 & 7’6”CARB 40-80lb Braid set up

    I don't really like casting with that rod unfortunately. I like my spinners on longer rods
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    Installing a radar unit on a 2310,

    It's the 12".... nss12 evo3 inch display! Fit perfectly!!
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    Installing a radar unit on a 2310,

    I just replaced my Old radar with a halo24 and evo3. Mounted the evo3 on the dash. Radar cable is zip tied to frame pipe in the back. I can post pics later of the cable if you want
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    Kite fishing

    I saw folks flying the kite a week ago during that hot bite at SCI. Not sure if they hooked up, seemed like you didn't need the kite. Follow duan Diego on Instagram I think he just posted a nice one on the kite
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    Fishing the 302/371 and avoiding 12mile radius of Coronado Island

    Yeah the TIP was so easy to get, might as well do it.
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    Fishing the 302/371 and avoiding 12mile radius of Coronado Island

    Not sure about MX insurance through a Mexican company. Geico boatUS convinced me all I need is the MX addendum if I am cruising into MX from the US
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    Fishing the 302/371 and avoiding 12mile radius of Coronado Island

    Since I've posted that I basically have all my paperwork ready regardless. Haven't been stopped when passing through the islands though. It is nice to just have it all the paperwork rdy, I like making the loop: 302 371 425 and then the islands on the way back up. That's a fun day trip
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    Suzuki 350 DP Track Record

    I can't contribute, but I'm curious to see your boat, wanna post some pics? I like the Skagit orca
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    Inshore I was thinking butts

    That's a nice fish
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    temporary tower/bench setup on 2310

    2005 Parker 2310. While I wait to get my bench tower installed by pacific yacht towers later this Fall, I'd like some sort of temporary bench up there. I'd like to avoid drilling holes since it would be temporary. Does anyone have any ideas?
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    Blackfin 32' Sport-fisher

    Sick boat
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    Raymarine c80, radar, DSM300

    price drop to 300
  14. Barely used Raymarine autopilot pump type 1 M81120

    Southern California Barely used Raymarine autopilot pump type 1 M81120

    Barely used (3-4 months, maybe 100 hours) Raymarine autopilot pump type 1 M81120. Still have the receipt from last Fall (will provide for those interested.) I switched it out for a SeaStar autopilot pump because I want to move the pump to the rear of the boat. This raymarine pump comes with...
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    Barely used Raymarine autopilot pump type 1 M81120

    Big_Tuna_ submitted a new listing: Barely used Raymarine autopilot pump type 1 M81120 - Barely used Raymarine autopilot pump type 1 M81120 Learn more about this listing...
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    Just ranting!!!!!!!!!!!

    I got a document in the mail asking for the value of my boat for luxury tax purposes.... I haven't responded...
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    WTB bait receiver

    Big_Tuna_ submitted a new listing: WTB bait receiver - WTB bait receiver Learn more about this listing...
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    Southern California WTB bait receiver

    Looking for a bait receiver to keep at the slip. Could build one myself but hoping someone has one they don't want anymore Thanks
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    Offshore 5/16, 302 / 371

    Misson belle was on a similar path as we were but they went a little farther south west of the 371. They reported 120 yt and 1 bft!
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    Offshore 5/16, 302 / 371

    Yup, thanks, forgot, water was around 61-62.5
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    Offshore 5/16, 302 / 371

    Pretty rough and windy, white caps right out the gate at 500am. Nice bait from mission bay. Pounded our way to the 302 in the rain. fished maybe 20 kelp patties between there and the 371, couldn't get a bite. nothing. Didn't help we were drifting fast. Saw maybe 2 other private boats the...
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    Offshore Wide open yellowtail close to home

    Nice! we must have blasted right past it. We fished 302 to 371 to Coronado islands and back to mission bay by 430pm. Not a scratch
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    Offshore BFT northwest of 43

    BFT are northwest / west of the 43. Breezers and boiling, couldn't buy a bite. Tried poppers and colt snipers. Poppers kinda sucked we couldn't cast them far enough. Most of the time school would push down before we got close enough. Seemed to be common theme but some did well. We gave up...
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    Offshore Foamer Bluefin Fishing 5/14/21

    Bft were west of of the 43 today, we casted on them just like this guy did with poppers and colt snipers, nothing. We gave up after awhile. We managed to get a smaller one on a patty later
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    3-in-1 AND B175HW Ducers on a Lowrance HDS12 Live?

    Do you have a mix and match cable on your 175hw? If so I believe you can get a mix and match cable with the blue navico connector
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    You might be able to get an early 2000s shamrock/rampage but not a pursuit 3000 for that price range
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    Is it time to start flying the kite?

    We are going to fish for three days starting Friday , I see bft counts but I don't hear of folks flying the kite. Why not? Are the smaller BFT not as boat shy as the larger models? Thanks
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    Showing multiple frequencies on ss175hw

    Ok, I'll check mine when I get down to the boat on Friday. My XID was working properly but I also had a couple choices for frequency. I literally just installed a new evo3 a couple weeks back so now I am curious.
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    Showing multiple frequencies on ss175hw

    You have a is a high freq chirp transducer... Set it to high chirp and you're done.
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    Help picking a boat?

    I guess striper or proline would have enclosed bathroom and fall in that price range
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    Help picking a boat?

    "Enclosed" bathroom might be tricky
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    Raymarine c80, radar, DSM300

    Price drop to 350
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    Offshore 226 Yellows and Bluefin 5-5

    What size popper? Looks like he swallowed that thing whole!
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    Mexican boat permit aka TIP question

    I got one recently and it wasn't that much, I'm guessing you are looking at the section for automobiles
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    Want to use my slipped boat more

    My parker 2310 is slipped in mission bay. I'm new to San Diego fishing. We use it only once on the weekends this spring, but once summer hits I'd like to use it more. Problem is I work a 9-5. Is there any use in fishing la Jolla in the evenings? Let's say Im off work at 5pm shoot down the...
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    Catalina, Different Predictions About Swells?

    Adding to what others have said, and I could be totally wrong here, but the ground swells are usually easier to predict/forecast then the wind swells. Typically the large period ground swell is from an large storm many miles out and the waves travel far. Those forecasts are usually spot on as...
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    Offshore Offshore yellowtail

    Good work, we went out too with intention of straight west, but turned south to the coronados. Couldn't handle that wind swell!
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    Raymarine c80, radar, DSM300

    Price drop to $500. Includes an old navionics chip
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    Old raymarine electronics

    what is this stuff worth? I posted in the classified for 1k. I have no idea. I see the c80 on ebay for $500. "Just pulled these off my boat. Radar was working fine, I have pictures. The DSM300 module I am not sure. Either the transducer or the module is not working and I have no way to...
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    Raymarine c80, radar, DSM300

    Big_Tuna_ submitted a new listing: Raymarine c80, radar, DSM300 - Raymarine c80, radar, DSM300 Learn more about this listing...
  41. Raymarine c80, radar, DSM300

    Southern California Raymarine c80, radar, DSM300

    Just pulled these off my boat. Radar works fine, I have pictures. The DSM300 module I am not sure. Either the transducer or the module is not working and I have no way to troubleshoot. I have all the cables and sun cover. Looking for $300
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    At what point do you need 4x4?

    nice truck. I can't imagine you will have any problems with limited slip and good tires, but only have experience only to south shores ramp
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    At what point do you need 4x4?

    Do you have an open diff? That's the real buzz kill of 2wd. Crap tires with an open diff = spinning one tire. My Silverado 1500 is 2wd but I upgraded the rear end with limited diff, taller gears and some beefy tires. Pulling my 23' boat out is easy but I have only tried south shores
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    Inshore La Jolla - struggled to catch anything

    Ah yeah it's super easy, just make sure you get an appropriately sized sock for your boat...or a size bigger. we have it tied to a rope ready to go. Just drop in the water. Easy to retrieve with the center strap. It will work much better than a bucket!
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    Inshore La Jolla - struggled to catch anything

    Get a drift sock, aka "sea anchor" we use it for rockfishing all the time
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    "Radar overlay invalid" error message, Lowrance HDS-9 Live

    Yeah I could be wrong but I think you need a heading sensor for that
  47. Big_Tuna_

    Beer for gps coordinates.

    Nice parker 2310
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    Evo3s interface with yamaha150

    The navico/lowrance fuel data manager if you want to keep track of fuel use
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    BFT effects on the long term fishery...

    Nice chart! What changed in 1990 to cause the spike?
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    Carb Rebuilder in SoCal and/or treatment?

    This is a long shot...... but back when I had my old dodge with a 440 it needed a carb rebuild so instead I bought a brand new edelbrock that worked great. Can you just replace the carbs?
  51. Big_Tuna_

    King's Depth

    Like already said it varies, if you got multiple people on board you can run multiple depths. 3 people is ideal for am easy setup, assuming you have downriggers, something like 50ft and 100ft on downriggers, and a deep six diver right down the middle for shallow!
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    Neither Fish Finder Powering Up

    Maybe your grounds?
  53. Big_Tuna_

    Who do we have to blow to get our electronics??

    I have a raymarine screen and radar circa 2005 I just pulled off my boat if you are interested
  54. Big_Tuna_

    Salmon and Rockfishing? What are the rules?

    I'm not sure what is confusing you but once you have a particular fish on board your current fishing "method" is restricted to the catch requirements of that fish. Rule of thumb,is to fish the least restrictive to the most restrictive.
  55. Big_Tuna_

    Salmon and Rockfishing? What are the rules?

    The simplest way to stay within reg is to catch rockfish first with whatever hear you want then go for salmon with the barbless hooks. Simply put if you have salmon on board and are fishing with barbed.hooks for rockfish you could get in trouble..
  56. Big_Tuna_

    Rust on trim tabs

    Thanks for the advice y'all. So Here's what happened. I took the trim tab off, thankfully came off fairly easily but the gel coat did rip off at one spot. I performed a marine tex repair on that spot. Also, to remove the remaining (what I think is 4200) I used anti-bond from west marine. A...
  57. Big_Tuna_

    Inshore La Jolla today 4/9

    nice! how was the swell? we are thinking about heading out tomorrow
  58. Big_Tuna_

    Islands 100 F line off Mission Bay 4/7/21

    Nice! I struggle finding decent sized fish there, I'm glad you found some
  59. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 3 April Polaris Supreme 1.5 day BFT

    what size leader on the colt sniper? Thanks
  60. Big_Tuna_

    The Whaler

    Nice boat!!! Posting here and classifieds is an interesting idea to get feedback on your boat for sale. I do miss having the ability to read/post comments in the classifieds. I learned a lot about boats just from reading comments in the classified section!!!! Maybe they will bring it back at...
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    Kill box/storage or below deck generator?

    Can't really help answer question as I haven't over nighted much, but that massive bait tank built into the transom worries me.... How big is that tank?looks 80 gallons? It's gonna be like slapping another outboard back there. When I was looking for boats I came across one with a really nice...
  62. Big_Tuna_

    Maiden Voyage Seafarer 228

    congrats! glad the long distance purchase worked out. You saved some $$$
  63. Big_Tuna_

    Need auto body shop for classic car

    Someone hit my cherry 1965 karmann ghia while it was sitting in front of my house. Thankfully they have accepted fault and their insurance company will pay out. Does someone have a recommendation for an excellent body shop in San Diego who primarily deals with classics? I'm in Claremont/Bay-ho...
  64. Bubble Purge Pro SC by OutboardST

    Bubble Purge Pro SC by OutboardST

    I used this once and no longer need it. It works great for bleeding sea star systems. Includes everything you need: Bubble Purge Pro SC is designed for all single cylinder systems with any configuration of helm(s) autopilot, power assist etc. The Pro SC is a 5 piece kit which includes the Fill...
  65. Big_Tuna_

    Florida prices

    Nice, wouldn't cost much to get it here either, maybe a few thousand?
  66. Big_Tuna_

    Florida prices

    I'm guessing 10-15k cheaper than what we have in CA? What make of boats are you looking at
  67. Big_Tuna_

    Bloodydecks gear review

    Nice explanation! Do you know the difference between 304 and 316? And the L subtype? I know 316 is better, but why?
  68. Big_Tuna_

    Parker 2320 Autopilot

    Second station doesn't need to be factored in, it's the volume of the steering cylinder that matters... You need at least a type 1 pump. Ev100 is only type .5 pumps
  69. Big_Tuna_

    Parker 2320 Autopilot

    I had ev100 on mine parker 2310 with F250 was not enough. Upgraded to ev150 and it was better, now I'm installing the seastar pump
  70. Big_Tuna_

    Hydraulic outboard steering problem

    I'm selling the bubble purge pro for half of what it sells for new, obo, let's make a deal. This is the upgraded version of the bubble purge which can handle autopilot pumps, etc. I used it once and do not need it anymore I'm located in SD...
  71. Big_Tuna_

    Bubble Purge Pro SC by OutboardST - moved post

    I used this once and no longer need it. It works great for bleeding sea star systems. Includes everything you need: Bubble Purge Pro SC is designed for all single cylinder systems with any configuration of helm(s) autopilot, power assist etc. The Pro SC is a 5 piece kit which includes the Fill...
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    2006 Yama F250 internal anodes

    Just did the anodes, thermostat, and spark plugs on my 2005 f250 over the weekend. Pretty easy. Spark plugs looked awesome. Anodes were salt crusted, I cleaned them up and put them back in. My thermostats were stuck open with quite a bit of salt crusted. Clearly the previous owners hadn't...
  73. Big_Tuna_

    Internal engine anodes?

    I don't know the exact answer to your question about grease that is. My 2005txrd F250 anodes are square as well. Technically I believe a 2005 should be circular, but I don't think it matters. I cleaned mine up and put them back in using yamaha multi-purpose marine grease around the seal...
  74. Big_Tuna_

    Rust on trim tabs

    I ordered some left hand drill bits from Grainger. Going to try and drill out the broken screw. So after 4-5 months in the water the only buildup was on the transom! The bottom running surface is clean as a whistle! So I think moving forward I'll jump in the water once a month to clean the...
  75. Big_Tuna_

    Rust on trim tabs

    So I pulled the boat again to replace the screws and add some anodes to the trim tabs, but one of the screws broke off!!! :(((
  76. Big_Tuna_

    2003 Boston Whaler Conquest 275

    I think there is a broker involved. This seems like a pretty decent deal. needs some upgrades for fishing, but lower hour motors and clean looking boat. I was looking for boats in this size range last year and this one is priced right.
  77. Big_Tuna_

    Braid snapping test

    ok, let me try converting newtons. I am doing this fast and probably wrong. Let's say you have 30lb test line which breaks at 30lbs. 13.6078kg*9.8m/s=133.28 newtons. The line will break if more force than 133.28 newtons are applied. Your knot is probably less than 30lb breaking point, but we...
  78. Big_Tuna_

    Looking for 20-23’ Walk Around

    Check out a Parker 2310 walk around! It is a nice boat for what you just described.
  79. Big_Tuna_

    Through hull and bilge pump???

    So not really answering your question, but funny thing I noticed about that bait pump is that the outlet is 1 1/8". (I have the same one, but maybe yours is different). And the inlet on my bait tank (pacific edge 45) is 1". I was recently replacing the hoses and used a 1" shield 148 hose. I...
  80. Big_Tuna_

    Feedback on Tom Rogers @ Saltwater Specialties please!

    Is yours done yet? 🤣 I am next on the list!!!!
  81. Big_Tuna_

    need autopilot hydraulic hose help

    I am worried you will get magnetic interference from the motor being that close to the compass.... Did you have trouble calibrating the compass?
  82. Big_Tuna_

    Raymarine Acu-100 Actuator Control Unit

    Worked fine before pulling from boat. $150. See my other ad for type 0.5 pump
  83. Big_Tuna_

    Bubble Purge Pro SC by OutboardST

  84. Big_Tuna_

    Seastar Helm Pump HH5271

    ..not really bad Shop had just replaced O-ring in front (have receipts). Pump works fine, could use a good flush. $200
  85. Big_Tuna_

    Raymarine Type 0.5 Autopilot Pump E12139 $100

    Raymarine Type 0.5 autopilot pump E12139, worked when I pulled it. $100
  86. Big_Tuna_

    Airmar shoot thru transducers

    M285HW is an "in-hull" aka "shoot-thru" transducer
  87. Big_Tuna_

    minimum hollowbraid for 30lb mono wind-ons

    Working on making my own windons...I'd like to try making a windon with 30lb mono (or fluoro) leaders. Is it okay to use seaguar threadlock 50lb hollowbraid? I think PowerPro Hollowace makes a 40lb.... Thanks in advance
  88. Big_Tuna_

    Lowrance HDS-9 Gen 3 freezing up

    on this note, my HDS gen3 won't store tracks for more than 5 hours...basically when I return from a trip my tracks leaving the harbor are gone. Any ideas?
  89. Big_Tuna_

    Airmar shoot thru transducers

    I have M285HW installed on my parker 23. Was under 1k, maybe 700? It's a 1k transducer with HW chirp. I recommend it if you don't have other options. Works fine as far as I can tell, don't have a true thru-hull installed side by side so I can't compare. Should be okay as long as you don't...
  90. Big_Tuna_

    Testing Water: Parker 1801, with Yami 115

    Bummer you had to sell, hopefully you didn't lose money from the purchase. That rule is very different from my neighborhood down here in SD. I can walk around the block and need 2 hands to count the number of boats and jetskis sitting on front lawns. Probably varies by neighborhood down here
  91. Big_Tuna_

    looking for Spectra braid 40 and 50 pounds

    I do have spare spectra 50-65lb spectra but in 100-150yard increments. Not trying to hijack this post, but anyone have spare hollow braid by chance? I'm just starting to learn how to make my own windons and want to try first with some some 40-50lb leaders.... I'm located in SD, bay ho area.
  92. Big_Tuna_

    Lobster Run Catalina 1-18-2021

    Nice report!!! I'm new to lobstering, soundss like catalina is a good bet. Does SCI also have decent lobster?
  93. Big_Tuna_

    19' Maycraft CC (Porpoising help)

  94. Big_Tuna_

    Dip in drain hose, move thru-hull lower?

    a lot of cooks in the kitchen, but here it goes....if you are going drill more holes in your transom, why not add proper scuppers which are at deck level and above the waterline? Put some flaps on them to prevent water backflowing onto deck.
  95. Big_Tuna_

    what bft lure is this? colt sniper?

    Yeah I'd like to buy the generics, they are much cheaper, was curious what people thought of them
  96. Big_Tuna_

    what bft lure is this? colt sniper?

    Video said 70lbs
  97. Big_Tuna_

    Looking for a surveyor in Oxnard

    Ross Hubbard is probably one of the most well known surveyors in that area. I used him, very thorough.
  98. Big_Tuna_

    Chin Music

    Yes +1 to xtratuf. We were just at west marine and she tried them all, she thought xtratuf were the most comfy
  99. Big_Tuna_

    Sonar noob needs hints

    yup definitely a totalscan transducer. It has downscan, sidescan, and generic 50/200 broadband. Supposedly chirp but not really, I don't believe it will hit as many frequences as a true CHIRP transducer. I've used side scan on my kayak quite a bit up north in the SF area. Above 60-80ft it is...
  100. Big_Tuna_

    what bft lure is this? colt sniper?

    thx! I'll pick some up. What # leader do y'all suggest using if I'm casting at the bft? I'm thinking 40# test. Video was a good sized fish prolly 50#
  101. Big_Tuna_

    what bft lure is this? colt sniper?

  102. Big_Tuna_

    Rackit Ladder Rack for Silverado 5.75 ft bed

    Rackit Ladder Rack, steel, rusted a bit, but works fine! I don't need it anymore as I sold my kayaks. Right now it sits on my 2006 Silverado CC 5-3/4 (5.75) ft bed.
  103. Big_Tuna_

    Using a Downrigger in Mexican Waters ?

    I've never tried trolling a live bait clipped in behind a downrigger ball. Seems like a decent idea, just worried it would possibly wrap itself up if I wasn't moving fast enough... All this talk about yellowtail down deep at LJ and mission bay around 100-150 ft got me thinking though!!
  104. Big_Tuna_

    Using a Downrigger in Mexican Waters ?

    I've heard it's fine to use downriggers there but I myself have not used them. What would you use them for? I've got a set I used for catching salmon up north, and I've been thinking of ways to use them down here but it hasn't come to me yet. I troll much faster down here 5-7mph, will be tough...
  105. Big_Tuna_

    1 pass bait option for boats in San Diego

    How do you cure your leftover bait? you got a little bait thing in your slip? Mission bay bait barge was actually open on Christmas day this year and they gave us a kayak scoop ;-) "we don't normally do this..."
  106. Big_Tuna_

    5 LB , Lee lead melting pot

    I'll take it all, PM sent
  107. Big_Tuna_

    Original sabres grafast chocolate, golden cinnamon

    I dunno if these are sabre or truline. Fast action. Let me know if you are interested
  108. Big_Tuna_

    Pull 2320 with Tacoma (2wd V6)?

    Also, I fish a lot and I noticed I was racking up the hours and most of them were idle hours while drift fishing. At this rate I'm looking at 100 hr service every 4-6 months. So now I try to make a habit of turning off the motor when appropriate. Will hopefully stretch the amount of time before...
  109. Big_Tuna_

    Pull 2320 with Tacoma (2wd V6)?

    I thought that too and there were cops in the parking lot, but they were interested in writing tickets for the illegally parked cars....they didn't bother me!
  110. Big_Tuna_

    Pull 2320 with Tacoma (2wd V6)?

    I don't know about SI, but south shores launch has a really nice launch, I launch my boat with 2wd silverado no problem. If you're just pulling boat in and out I think tacoma would be fine. I have a slip and I just did my first 100 hr service on my new to me parker with yamaha 250. Oil change...
  111. Big_Tuna_

    Rod/reel setup for wife

    in SD: For winter deep rockfish she uses the electric reel (the summer bft kite reel). Tanacom 750 or 1000, can't remember. I like to load up the weights 12oz-16oz it works great. Except not in MX. LOL For pelagics she fishes whatever rod/reel. I tried setting her up with her own rod/reel, but...
  112. Big_Tuna_

    Shark ID help

    Did u get any lobsters?
  113. Big_Tuna_

    need autopilot hydraulic hose help

    Yes, and yes, haha, hopefully you will have an easy time bleeding the system. Which raymarine pump did you get? The type 1?
  114. Big_Tuna_

    need autopilot hydraulic hose help

    Do you have room to put the tee fittings at the helm? Seastar has an ORB tee fittings:
  115. Big_Tuna_

    Feedback on Tom Rogers @ Saltwater Specialties please!

    Nice! you can climb right through your windows into your tower :beerbang: :beerbang: :beerbang: LOL LOL LOL I'm probably going to have Tom add a tower to mine in Jan
  116. Big_Tuna_

    Boats for beginners

    I can chime in as I just went over this. I kayak fished in ocean on the west coast for 6 years before buying a boat this last summer down here in SD. I originally wanted something like you: 26-30ft diesel inboard to put in a slip. I planned on doing a lot of maintenance on my own as I do on my...
  117. Big_Tuna_

    MB dec 16

    Nice! Whatcha using for bait
  118. Big_Tuna_

    New never used large T-Bag, perfect condition

    hey Charles! I just thought about adding one of these myself...but it sounds like the headroom will be sacrificed. Good to know this, so I don't bother trying LOL
  119. Big_Tuna_

    Looking for advice on 2nd big tuna rod/reel combo

    A gift certificate with 20% off at Squidco?!?!! Where do I find that?
  120. Big_Tuna_

    Rpt-12-09-20 SCI Fun!

    Thx. Looked like a great day to make the run to SCI
  121. Big_Tuna_

    SD BAY Crawl 12-9-20

    Thx for the report. I was thinking of going out this weekend, maybe it's best to stay in
  122. Big_Tuna_

    Looking for advice on 2nd big tuna rod/reel combo

    Thanks guys, yeah I have a 50VISX with bent butt right now. I can't remember what line weight is on it, the guys at Angler's choice set it up for me. I paid them lots of money and they gave me everything I need to fly the kite. They set the reel up for kite flying with hollow braid as main line...
  123. Big_Tuna_

    Looking for advice on 2nd big tuna rod/reel combo

    I need a 2nd big tuna rod/reel. For my first setup I picked up the new okuma PCH-TRB-6101H to pair with a big fat Penn VISX. I just got my boat this last Sept and only had 1 chance to fly the kite and we did not catch anything so I can't say how well the rod performed. I do like the bent...
  124. Big_Tuna_

    South 9Mile Bank 12/6: Breaking Tuna

    Nice intel! Thanks for the report. Hoping to make out this weekend
  125. Big_Tuna_

    Late YT no catch report (Video)

    Time to get a spear gun I guess
  126. Big_Tuna_

    Late YT no catch report (Video)

    Cool, is this LJ? You fish with downriggers for YT? I have a pair of downriggers I used up north to catch salmon, didn't think I would have use for them here? But now I'm thinking it could be a nice way to slow troll some sardines down deep?
  127. Big_Tuna_

    Feedback on Tom Rogers @ Saltwater Specialties please!

    BTW, where is he located?
  128. Big_Tuna_

    Max drag before losing free spool?

    That That would be awesome! Thanks
  129. Big_Tuna_

    Max drag before losing free spool?

    Do you happen to have the 2 washers? I will gladly pay you money to let me get a micrometer on those 2 washers... I feel like this is kind of a big deal. Surprised Penn has not discovered this quality control error?
  130. Big_Tuna_

    Parker 2320 Build: Folding Tower, Seaspension, Bait tank, Bean Bags

    How much was it? I'm shopping around for someone to add a bench to the top of my parker 2310
  131. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Action on the ridge

    At that point in time they did not know why the boat sunk. There are more details to the story PM me if you want Boat capsized directly west of mission bay 6.7 miles. In this photo I was north of the boat looking south. I agree. I was a bit confused as to what was going on and why it was...
  132. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Action on the ridge

    Late start around 8am, We head straight out of Mission bay 6 miles and catch a nice big vermillion on squid strips. A center console pulls up nearby and starts fishing, 10 mins later they are yelling and I can see their boat listing to one side. We reel up and motor over only to see their boat...
  133. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore She ain't singing' yet!

    Nice catch! BTW were you able to get a hold of CG that far down?
  134. Big_Tuna_

    Max drag before losing free spool?

    right, I agree, it can't be that hard. Just need a reel expert to tell us. But then they lose our business LOL LOL LOL
  135. Big_Tuna_

    Max drag before losing free spool?

    Unfortunate that we have to spend an extra 100 to get the reel up to factory specs
  136. Big_Tuna_

    Max drag before losing free spool?

    How much did that cost? I would be curious to know if it's something I can do myself....
  137. Big_Tuna_

    Max drag before losing free spool?

    I set mine at strike
  138. Big_Tuna_

    Max drag before losing free spool?

    My VISX , I think I put 25 or 30lb drag on that and it is fine
  139. Big_Tuna_

    Max drag before losing free spool?

    I have 2 - 40nld2 and they have different max drags before losing free spool. One of them I got up to 13-14lb, the other I couldn't get above 10-11lb. Disclaimer I set the drags over a year ago so I could be off a bit but I know the second one was low. I even returned it (amazon) and got a...
  140. Big_Tuna_

    Parker 2510 Mod Vee

    I didn't know they made any mod-V 2310s....?
  141. Big_Tuna_

    Help with bleeding and purging my hydraulic system.

    I just bought a power purge jr. More than happy to help although I am still learning the process. I recently installed a new helm, autopilot pump and am still chasing down bubbles!
  142. Big_Tuna_

    Rigging for my new folding tower conversion?

    bringing up an old thread because I am looking to add a tower/control station on my parker 2310 this winter. I will probably go with Tom @ PYT. I am thinking of adding a bench plus controls. I am curious to know how you liked the tower install and whether or not you ended up adding controls? I...
  143. Big_Tuna_

    Rust on trim tabs

    Pulled my 2310 after 3 months in a slip for 100 hr service. The bottom paint held up well, but trim tabs did not. I am thinking I need anodes on the trim tabs? Would that prevent this rust? The rust is by the screws in the back and hinges. The other stuff is growth, also annoying, can I paint...
  144. Big_Tuna_

    2009 2520 parker sld

    Deep V or Mod-V?
  145. Big_Tuna_

    Anyone pop off the deck of a Parker 2310 to see under the deck and inspect gas tanks and lines?

    can anyone confirm original gas tank size for a 2005 2310 is 150gallons?
  146. Big_Tuna_

    Skipjack 30 and Similar 26-30' Range

    Nice! I didn't know you are still making them. Which motors are you putting in this new one? And what is the list price?
  147. Big_Tuna_

    Tanner/Cortez Bank on Parker 2320

    Nic Nice fish!!!! 2.2mpg is much better than what you guessed earlier @ 1.4mpg.
  148. Big_Tuna_

    Skipjack 30 and Similar 26-30' Range

    I think that boat was still for sale a year ago when I was shopping
  149. Big_Tuna_

    SOLD !!!

    I think it's about ~1.0-1.2mpg with the yanmar 315s in that boat
  150. Big_Tuna_

    Grandly Marlineer

    Never heard of those boats. Looks clean tho! hours are getting up there on the 15 yr old 3208s, also seems like it could be a little unpowered or at least it probably has around a 15knt max cruise. I'm just guessing. 80s blackfin 32s came with 3208s, this boat is 40ft?
  151. Big_Tuna_

    First Boat Parker 1801?

    I guess. three feet is a lot. Can go from CC to pilothouse. I'd say minimum 21 but really 23.
  152. Big_Tuna_

    Skipjack 30 and Similar 26-30' Range

    If you're set on a bigger boat theres nice pursuit 3070 and 3370 for sale locally... outboards on both
  153. Big_Tuna_

    Skipjack 30 and Similar 26-30' Range

    Parker 2310. I ended up getting something smaller than I was originally looking for.Never thought I would end up with a Parker, they were at the bottom of my list. It was for a multitude of reasons I won't get into here to avoid it turning into a parker discussion but I'm glad I pulled the...
  154. Big_Tuna_

    Skipjack 30 and Similar 26-30' Range

    I researched this quite a bit, skipjack 30s don't come up for sale very often and when they do they are generally pretty expensive sometimes 150k. Rare motor packages too, hopefully you can find one with a recent more modern repower, probably with yanmars or cummins. Also consider express boats...
  155. Big_Tuna_

    First Boat Parker 1801?

    Having just gone through this process I would buy the biggest boat you can afford that will fish up to 100 miles offshore... A v8 truck and at least a 21ft boat with a modern 4 stroke and 250-300 mi range. I think an 18 ft boat will leave you wanting a little more and you'll have to pick your...
  156. Big_Tuna_

    Anyone have a NEMA 2000 cord?

    Got mine off amazon not too long ago, $86 next day delivery
  157. Big_Tuna_

    New Boater Recommendations

    I think so, it's just kind of a longer run than the spots you've mentioned above.... it's about 30-40 miles SW
  158. Big_Tuna_

    New Boater Recommendations

    Consider getting an MX license, trailer down to San Diego and fish the 371 for yft, yellowtail, and dorado
  159. Big_Tuna_

    Icom 402s

    This might fit exactly in a spot in my dash where I have a busted icom, I will check tonight
  160. Big_Tuna_

    Tanner/Cortez Bank on Parker 2320

    But what would get the average down to 1.4 on a 200 mile trip? Idling? Haha guess I still don't follow. We get 1.8mpg worse case at cruise speed and 3mpg trolling at 7-8mph.
  161. Big_Tuna_

    Tanner/Cortez Bank on Parker 2320

    Trolling at 1.4MPG, how do you manage to get such poor mpg
  162. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 8 Days and 1 Hour at Sea

    Nice trip, I think the spotter plane has pics of your boat and fish blowing up nearby
  163. Big_Tuna_

    Tanner/Cortez Bank on Parker 2320

    I got the scoop from a charter here, I am not sure on boat size but they use a parker. For a 1-day they leave at 4am, get there by 9am, fish till 2pm then head back. Roughly 5 hours of fishing and 10 hours of motoring. I've thought about it in my parker 2310, I have 137 gallons and get between...
  164. Big_Tuna_

    Buddy boat Tanner/Cortez

    FZPN26 KWBC 271550 PZZ840-280545- Santa Cruz Island, CA to San Clemente Island, CA between 60 NM and 150 NM offshore- 850 AM PDT Tue Oct 27 2020 .TODAY...N to NW winds 5 to 15 kt. Seas 3 to 6 ft. .TONIGHT...W to NW winds 5 to 15 kt. Seas 3 to 5 ft. .WED...N to NW winds less than 10 kt...
  165. Big_Tuna_

    Mid-life crisis boat options?

    I'm 6 3 and can sleep comfortably in my parker 2310 completely stretched out. Bigger berth than a 2320. Might be the same size berth as a 2520. That being said we have yet to sleep overnight. I see overnights at clemente in the future though.
  166. Big_Tuna_

    Tranquilo Amigo!

    Uh are you waiting for it to come in the mail? I printed out my receipt and fished MX the next day. Can't remember when it eventually came in the mail
  167. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Day of the Dorado

    Whats avg weight on those dodos?
  168. Big_Tuna_

    Heading Out to La Jolla 10/25 weather permitting.

    You guys rig up a live bait tank? I'm so curious how y'all work it. I used to kayak fish for 5 years up in Monterey Bay before moving to SD and getting a boat. Anyway, cedar plugs were working well for us and other down there at the 371, that would be easy to do on a jetski
  169. Big_Tuna_

    Heading Out to La Jolla 10/25 weather permitting.

    I saw a jetski at the 371 on Saturday, was that one of you guys?
  170. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Late Report 10/22 Tanner

    We use electric reel for kite
  171. Big_Tuna_

    Lights for lobster buoy

    Water resistant sounds like one time use in salt water
  172. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Dodos, yft, and skipjack at 371

    371 today , Saturday, good bait at MB, minor wind chop all day, got to 371, lots of boats, we ventured off and trolled cedar plugs south of 371 for double hookup dodos, 6lbs. later came up on boats catching yft and skipjack, all we got was skipjack. 2 dodo and 2 skipjack. Called it a day around 2
  173. Big_Tuna_

    Planing speed

    2310 with Yamaha 250, permatrim and 4 blade prop I will plane as slow as 12-13mph
  174. Big_Tuna_

    Mid-life crisis boat options?

    yeah, we are still renting here in SD and finding a place to rent with a driveway for a reasonable price is hard to find. We found a duplex, no room for boat but a nice backyard for toys and cleaning fish. I keep my trailer at Acquarius Storage and slip the boat at Campland. We thought about...
  175. Big_Tuna_

    Mid-life crisis boat options?

    Check out parker 2310 walk-around. I think there is one for sale here in 40s with suzuki recent repower. Otherwise your budget for a 23+ pilothouse /WA might be a little too tight
  176. Big_Tuna_

    Fraser Gyros M25/Mariner Refurbished

    How do these compare to the fuji TSX 14-40
  177. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Drone for Paddy Hopping

    google it
  178. Big_Tuna_

    Mullet in Mission bay?

  179. Big_Tuna_

    10/17 Early Launch out of Shelter Island

    We'll be going out of mission bay with radar, sorry, but hit me up once you are out there, we will be on 72, "the tuna special"
  180. Big_Tuna_

    What is the best way to store your Promar Ambush Hoop Nets on trips to Catalina on a Parker 2320 or similar boat?

    Sounds like you need a bigger boat 😅 jk. We put ours sideways on the deck behind the bait tank, I have a 2310
  181. Big_Tuna_

    Going to SCI, enough fuel?

    It's just unfortunate that once you get there you can't really do much other than stay in one spot at the island and then leave
  182. Big_Tuna_

    Going to SCI, enough fuel?

    That's way too risky in my opinion. Make sure you have boat tow. Anyway, consider the weight of the extra fuel you are bringing and any other extra gear will affect mpg
  183. Big_Tuna_

    10/6 Sunset Cliffs Lobster and Bait Report

    yeah I agree, personally I use weighted line, I see others without it
  184. Big_Tuna_

    10/6 Sunset Cliffs Lobster and Bait Report

    Do y'all use weighted line? Sometimes I run by a buoy and see line floating next to it. Not good
  185. Big_Tuna_

    Toronado overnight 9/30

    Thanks for the report and congrats! Where were you?
  186. Big_Tuna_

    Bait Tank 45 gallon fiberglass Off Shore Marine Products $400

    I have same exact tank on my parker 23, works great!!! GLWS
  187. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 371-425-hidden and hollywood

    thx for the report, what did you catch the skipjack and yft on? How did you find them? THanks
  188. Big_Tuna_

    Remove this fitting?

    looks like a rivet, drill it out
  189. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 9/28: 302-371-425-Coronado

    Made a nice big loop yesterday (Sunday). Got good bait in MB. Later that day I heard from 2 others that the bait from SD sucked. Got to 302, water temp 71ish. nothing going on, no birds, nothing. Trolled for a bit for nothing. 371: Didn't see much there either. Found 2 boats working a small...
  190. Big_Tuna_

    Slip fees in San Diego

    Yeah it's great. We got to the slip at 930am this morning, went over to la jolla for a couple hours , caught some bonito and rockfish, back in by 1pm, wouldnt bother doing that short of a trip if I was trailering
  191. Big_Tuna_

    Slip fees in San Diego

    Bottom paint is a commitment
  192. Big_Tuna_

    Slip fees in San Diego

    Sea world had a 35' ft slip available last I checked it was around 500
  193. Big_Tuna_

    Slip fees in San Diego

    I posted my price at campland, you gotta spend the time to call around as most marinas don't post online
  194. Big_Tuna_

    Slip fees in San Diego

    In my opinion it's not worth having a slip for 2-3 trips a month.. I keep my new to me parker 23 in a slip at Campland and I use the boat probably 2-3 times a week as it is a 7 minute drive from my house. I pay about 300 and change for a monthly slip.Your 25' might be too big there, my 23 with...
  195. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore How was the weather today

    We fished la jolla today, wide open bonito for an hour this morning then the usual slow to nothing for the rest of the day. Definitely some swell out there
  196. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore How was the weather today

    Water was a cold 66 at south island, 67 north island. sea dogs were on patrol. We gotta away with a good size bonito on a rapala. Others reported good bonito bite too. Live bait yielded calico and other fish we never saw due to dogs. Literally reeled in a bonito head. Ridiculous
  197. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore How was the weather today

    It was mixed swell kinda nasty, but going south/north was cross swell for the most part. We fished Coronado island, the way back was snotty
  198. Big_Tuna_

    Saltwater Fun trip to Sekiu last week

    I've camped a few times at van ripers. Caught my first salmon there off a kayak
  199. Big_Tuna_

    What about this Pursuit?

    diesel mechanic survey and a separate hull survey with haulout will run you more like $1k-1.5k
  200. Big_Tuna_

    Looking for boat captain services to help with docking/slipping single outboard

    Hi, I'm looking to take some lessons in docking/slipping a single outboard to give me more confidence. Let me know if y'all know someone... Thanks
  201. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Navigational hazard 9/9

    Would a turtled boat show up on radar?
  202. Big_Tuna_

    New to this.
  203. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Windy and choppy on Tuesday

    yeah not surprising, Monday was absolutely awful and like @chilerelleno said, worse than the forecast. Good luck sail trolling! I would watch guys catch king salmon off their sailboats up north all the time. They were under power, not sail trolling persay....salmon fishing grounds are typically...
  204. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Mexican Documentation
  205. Big_Tuna_

    Anyone have ani info on the boat that sunk yesterday near the Whistler in Point Loma?

    sorry no info on that boat, but yeah it was rough yesterday, we fished LJ for just one bonito. Had a nice take down on something much larger but shook the hook. LJ was somewhat protected, but couldn't really do much other than troll. I think I counted about 25 kayakers at one point! There were a...
  206. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore trolled 9 mile north for nothing

    Trolled cedar plugs and some xraps for nothing for 2 hours late morning today, water temp was 71.5, didn't see much life or kelp
  207. Big_Tuna_

    Fishing the 302/371 and avoiding 12mile radius of Coronado Island

    quick question for anyone...I understand the requirement to have FMM and conservation passport while within 12 miles of Coronado island. Annoying but whatever. Basically means even if we want to fish the south 9, we need to have those documents. So in order to get to the 371 from SD and steer...
  208. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Full speed yellowfin and dorado 9/4

    Awesome!!! Thx for the report! quick question for anyone really...I understand the requirement to have FMM and conservation passport while within 12 miles of Coronado island. Annoying but whatever. Basically means even if we want to fish the south 9, we need to have those documents. So in...
  209. Big_Tuna_

    Anyone remember which 4 forms you submitted for a TIP

    4 documents, I just did this online.Granted I just submitted, haven't heard back yet so maybe I did it all wrong, but I don't think so Listed in the order of the photo above 1. passport 2. boat registration 3. Power of Attorney for Private boaters link here: link This document must be...
  210. Big_Tuna_

    2013 Hobie Kayak Tandem Island $4K. Full fishing package.

    2013 Hobie Tandem Island $4K. Full fishing package. Nice TI rigged for fishing and ready to go. I bought this new off the shelf from Kayak Connection in Moss Landing, CA in 2016. It sat for 3 years unused still in shrink wrap! I've since fished this kayak everywhere along the coast from Sekiu...
  211. Big_Tuna_

    Outfitting a non fishing boat - need suggestions!

    Sweet!!! I bet it was much cheaper. Nice boat!!!!!
  212. Big_Tuna_

    Outfitting a non fishing boat - need suggestions!

    Did you buy this one?
  213. Big_Tuna_

    2016 Parker 2120

    Friendly bump, I pull my 23 parker up the ramp no problem with a 2wd 2006 1/2 ton, easy peasy
  214. Big_Tuna_

    Insurance went up 27%

    Towing as on the water towing? AAA doesn't have on the water towing. Roadside assistance on the other hand I am not sure. But I do know boatUS does include roadside assistance as well as on the water towing
  215. Big_Tuna_

    Who handles uphill the best?

    Heavy and a deep V for the uphill battle: Blackfin, Carolina Classic, or Albemarle. Without giving specific models of those 4 manufacturers, I think and I could be wrong, Radon has the least deadrise at the transom which could make it the worst. But it might be one of the heaviest. 25' Mod-V...
  216. Big_Tuna_

    Insurance went up 27%

    Just got insurance on a parker 2310 through BoatUS/Geico. I have Geico on my cars so I got the multi-"car" discount. Comes out to 750 for a year. This includes 300k liability, 55k stated/agreed value, BoatUS Gold Unlimited towing, and insurance for Mexico (an additional $70). Personal effects of...
  217. Big_Tuna_

    Tips for buying out of state

    I liked a boat out of state too. Never saw the boat in person. We agreed on a price and I called around to get a surveyor and mechanic to check out the boat. During the sea trial one motor failed and it turned out there was quite a bit of rust on the motors in an area not shown in the photos...
  218. Big_Tuna_

    Insurance went up 27%

    Do you guys go with "stated value" or "actual cash value" policies? I am leaning towards the "stated value" policy for a 2005 Parker.
  219. Big_Tuna_

    Insurance went up 27%

    I'm buying boat insurance for the first time now, was going to go with BoatUS/Geico, but now I am curious to see what others say.
  220. Big_Tuna_

    Penn Slammer III 6500 - tuna worthy?

    cool, what line do you put on the 3500?
  221. Big_Tuna_

    Parker 2310 - why d/c'd?

    Yeah I was told by a broker that during great recession they gave up on 2310..... too much competition for 23 ft express style boats from other manufacturers. Pilothouse is their niche
  222. Big_Tuna_

    What would you upgrade to from a Whaler 210 Outrage?

    I looked at a 23 GW gulf stream, nice boat with tall gunwales. Walkaround felt cramped, and cockpit was very small. Did not sea trial, but I bet it rides better than a Parker 23 since it is wider and heavier. Typically comes with twins, mpg around 1.75-2.0mpg I think? In the end I think it...
  223. Big_Tuna_

    What would you upgrade to from a Whaler 210 Outrage?

    I don't have a boat, just moved to SD last Fall from the Monterey area where a kayak caught me everything except albies. I'm still boat shopping, getting very close.
  224. Big_Tuna_

    What would you upgrade to from a Whaler 210 Outrage?

    Also, where are you located? I'm in SD and realized most of my fishing will be day trips since the tuna is closer and the nearest island to overnight is 60 miles. Maybe a couple times out to SCI and then I would overnight, but mostly day trips. Given most of my trips are day trips I will be...
  225. Big_Tuna_

    What would you upgrade to from a Whaler 210 Outrage?

    mpg on a good deep V 25+ ft hull is below 1.75mpg. Maybe better if it is a center console. EIther way you're talking heavier boat with twins. Beam plays a big part too. I don't know what mpg your BW gets, but I'm guessing something like 3mpg. So you upgrade to a 25 ft boat that gets 1.5mpg...
  226. Big_Tuna_

    Class 3 hitch receiver for sale, fits most 1/2 ton GM trucks $50

    Just pulled this off my 2006 Silverado 1500. Comes with all the mounting hardware
  227. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Offshore fishing with a drone?

    Waterproof is one thing, saltwater-proof is another 😂😂
  228. Big_Tuna_

    Farallon 25' (not mine) $10,000!!

    A lot of boat packed into a 25'
  229. Big_Tuna_

    New Used power on the way

    600hp on a 1998 272?
  230. Big_Tuna_

    Penn Slammer III 6500 - tuna worthy?

    I think a good question is whether the Spinfisher VI 6500 can also do the trick!! Both have the same line capacity, Spinfisher is 2 ounces lighter and easier on the pocketbook. (stats taken from penn website) Spinfisher VI 6500: 2 ounces lighter 6 bearings 30lb drag Slammer 3 6500: 2 ounces...
  231. Big_Tuna_

    Boat Storage..

    Do you have to pay for a KOA membership?
  232. Big_Tuna_

    San Diego inland boat/trailer storage

    Does anyone have any leads on cheap dry storage for San Diego further inland? Would like a safe location to store trailer and potentially boat for off season. Can be 1-2 hours inland, whatever. Thanks
  233. Big_Tuna_

    Starting a 2320 Build

    buy a seakeeper to fill the hole in the dash LOL
  234. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 7/16 New Boat ...success!!!

    congrats! yeah I was going to say, that's a long trip, 100 miles each way? Looks like a very nice comfortable trip :beerbang:
  235. Big_Tuna_

    1977 Marlin Dorsette

    Retro! I like it
  236. Big_Tuna_

    Looking for a >14' Tandem Fishing Kayak

    I've got a hobie tandem island that I'm looking to sell...(avatar pic) It's 18.5ft long. I'm the first owner, its a 2013 model,I bought it new in 2015 or 2016 and it was still in shrink wrap. Since then it's been used regularly but it's got some nice upgrades.
  237. Big_Tuna_

    Honda trolling motor for a 226 Alumaweld

    i've seen some guys throw 5 gallon buckets out to slow themselves down LOL
  238. Big_Tuna_

    anyone have a 2310 walkaround in SD

    I'm considering either of those two Parker 2310 WAs for sale up near SLO. But I've never been on a 2310 WA so I'd like to take a look at one up close before driving up there. Does anyone have one in SD they would be willing to let me look over? Thanks, David
  239. Big_Tuna_

    2019 parker 2120

    looks like a clean boat, but I'll take your truck and travel trailer for 30k LOL LOL
  240. Big_Tuna_

    Honda trolling motor for a 226 Alumaweld

    I used to troll with a drift sock to slow me down
  241. Big_Tuna_

    Truline Hxc 7'

    Thanks everyone, yeah not for sale we are going to fix it, but we did get some old school truline spinning rods you might be interested in?
  242. Big_Tuna_

    DFW ticket for chartering a trip by sharing costs on personal boat.

    That's not correct. It depends on the condition of the compensation. If the compensation is required for passage then yeah it's illegal, but that's very unclear. If one if his passengers(fishing buddies) said, "yeah I'm paying for the entire trip", there is no problem in that. My fishing buddy...
  243. Big_Tuna_

    2007 Parker 2310WA/Yamaha 250

    congrats, market is hot right now!
  244. Big_Tuna_

    Grady White 255 Sailfish Sport Bridge

    And a price bump from 39,9 to 44,9 LOL
  245. Big_Tuna_

    Grady White 255 Sailfish Sport Bridge

    video also says the boat is a 2002, so.......
  246. Big_Tuna_

    Grady White 255 Sailfish Sport Bridge

    mint for 1992. I would try posting it here:
  247. Big_Tuna_

    21-24 Walk Around

    There are 3-4 Grady white 232s for sale in socal, check craigslist
  248. Big_Tuna_

    Truline Hxc 7'

    Got grab bag of free truline rods from a friend. I like this one the most, is it worth fixing up?
  249. Big_Tuna_

    Walkaround or Pilothouse

    A 26 walk-around? I'm interested, what you got?
  250. Big_Tuna_

    Farallon 25, refit

    Cruise speed? Gph?
  251. Big_Tuna_

    18' top tier cc vs. 21-22' mid tier cc

    I could be wrong, but I've begun to realize the best point to get in on a used boat is after someone else repowered the boat. At that point in the boat's life, it is probably worth no more than the cost to repower. If you stick with a top tier boat you get a sound hull with a new repower...
  252. Big_Tuna_

    18' top tier cc vs. 21-22' mid tier cc

    Which boats appreciate in value?? I want one of those! LOL LOL LOL LOL After correcting for inflation I'd have a hard time believing any boat has appreciated in value. Even with extensive upgrades or rebuilds...
  253. Big_Tuna_

    Anyone interested in a Grady White 228 with only 15 hours on it?

    Thanks for posting...How do you like your 226? I was originally considering something in the 28 ft size, but this seems like a good deal. I'm worried there wouldn't be enough deck space with a large bait tank in the middle
  254. Big_Tuna_

    262 skipjack flybridge diesel

    ditto that, and how many hours on the skipjack? Is this your boat/truck combo, or do you sell boats for a living? Thanks
  255. Big_Tuna_

    Dream boat for less than 100K

    Sorry that seemed like I was speaking in generalities. It all depends on the boat. A Blackfin 31 combi, which is a heavy, wide-beam boat will have poor economy with inboard gas motors. For that boat, diesels will get better economy hands down. I don't know the exact numbers but if I was to...
  256. Big_Tuna_

    Dream boat for less than 100K

    That is a sick boat, listed at only 55k....but gas motors. I suppose he could save the rest of his budget for gas money LOL
  257. Big_Tuna_

    2018 Hobie outback Slate Blue
  258. Big_Tuna_

    1999 Pursuit 2800 offshore - Twin Diesel!! - reduced price

    I did a bunch of research on Pursuits and paid for a survey w/ a moisture test on a 2003. This 1999 is most likely a solid bottom and cored from the waterline up just like the rest of the Pursuit line of this era. Quite a few manufacturers have produced boats in this fashion, Rampage included...
  259. Big_Tuna_

    Grady White 282 Sailfish, BW 285 Conquest, Pursuit 2870 WA

    I'm looking for a 28' foot boat w/ outboards and a walkaround. Or an express/pilothouse with a nice side deck with room to get around. Needs to be under ~33' LOA with motors tilted up. Well known brands with good resale only... I'm not opposed to 28-30' foot w/ diesels, just there a very few of...
  260. Big_Tuna_

    Buying an LLC owned boat and not paying sales tax

    "The boat is LLC owned. Buyer will buy the LLC and NOT pay Sales Tax. The boat is located in Mission Bay in San Diego, CA." Can someone explain to me how this is possible? Was it a California boat originally? Over the boat's lifetime has anyone paid sales tax on it? Considering its only maybe...
  261. Big_Tuna_

    2010 3.5HP Mercury 4 stroke $375

    You should drain the fuel out of the tank and carburetor bowl. Then try to restart after putting in new gas. Change out spark plug too perhaps. If you've already tried that let me know. I am interested.... Thanks
  262. Big_Tuna_

    Expected and hidden cost of boat ownership

    That's a nice big boat, how much do you pay for the slip?
  263. Big_Tuna_

    Expected and hidden cost of boat ownership

    I could be wrong but I like to think that the cost of repower is a certain percentage of the overall boat value and that is constant between gas/diesel notwithstanding the value of a particular boat manufacturer. So yes considering a new gas I/O motor is 6500, but boat value might only be 10k...
  264. Big_Tuna_

    Expected and hidden cost of boat ownership

    Better yet, form a corporation and go into debt. The government will bail you out. Joking aside, I don't think you can get a HELOC right now due to covid, you might want to inquire
  265. Big_Tuna_

    Expected and hidden cost of boat ownership

    I have seen 75k boats with rebuilt or even remanufactured diesel motors. Will be a 15+ yr old boat though.
  266. Big_Tuna_

    Expected and hidden cost of boat ownership

    and yeah I don't see sales tax in chart
  267. Big_Tuna_

    Expected and hidden cost of boat ownership

    I don't own a boat, but I am looking. I can't imagine what sort of interest rate you would be paying on 50k, 20 yr loan. I don't think it would be a smart move. Pay cash as others have said.
  268. Big_Tuna_

    Fishing off the back of the boat--Newport Harbor

    I got my money on a juvenile striped bass
  269. Big_Tuna_

    2007 38’ Mediterranean

    Where did you see this data?
  270. Big_Tuna_

    Anybody have "Sold Boat Comparables" listings?

    Hey all, So in one of the recent surveys I paid for, the surveyor had access to pull data which contained the listing price and the actual selling price of specific boat models for the last x number of years. The "Sold Boat Comparables". He used that to value the boat in question. Without...
  271. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Sun May 3rd Fuel burning exercise / BFT skunk

    Thanks for report, Question: does slack tide have a big impact on tuna fishing?
  272. Big_Tuna_

    Carnage rod for Penn Fathom 40NLD2 ?

    I am curious too. I have some 40NLD2 and some carnage rods and wondering how to pair them all up. I couldn't really notice a difference in the 7' 50-130lb and 80-200lb. But then again I haven't fished with any of them yet
  273. Big_Tuna_

    Diesel Carolina Classic 25 in Central California needs a new home

    I've looked into this recently, but have no direct experience. There are both registration fees and sales tax on documented vessels. OP is incorrect. Registration fees are different than the usual fees, but there is still a fee there to transfer ownership. Sales tax is not required immediately...
  274. Big_Tuna_

    Best Thru-hull transducer for simrad go9 xse?

    Hulltruth is also a good site. b175hw is a popular option. 1kw, thru hull, high frequency chirp, wide cone
  275. Big_Tuna_

    Best Thru-hull transducer for simrad go9 xse?

    search this site for airmar B175HW
  276. Big_Tuna_

    Fish finder, transducer suggestions. Please

    yes, the 1kw will work with GO series. I run a 1kw off a Lowrance HDS gen3. I have never run a 600W transducer on this HDS gen3 so I can't say 1kw works "better" than 600W, but it definitely works worlds better than the stock 50/200 transducer!
  277. Big_Tuna_

    Any help on where to Ling Cod fish in the puget sound areas that will open on the 4 May.

    Biggest ling I ever caught was right in the middle of Clallam bay....right there next to Sekiu. Does that mean if you motor over there you will catch yourself a nice fat lingcod? No. The moral of the thread is you can catch a lingcod anywhere there is a pile of rocks under the water.
  278. Big_Tuna_

    Do You Use your Slipped Boat More Than Your Trailer Boat?

    While I don't even own a boat yet, I can already imagine I will use the boat much more if it's in a slip. I live about 5-10 min drive from mission bay. That equates to 10 minutes out my door I can pushing away. The last 6 years I've spent 30-45 minutes just setting up the kayak at 4AM in the...
  279. Big_Tuna_

    Bertram Motor Yacht, super rigged LLC owned, $775k!

    cool boat. What's nmpg at cruise speed? Just kidding....wish I could afford it LOLLOLLOL
  280. Big_Tuna_


    Maybe Dana point is cheaper? What is the LOA of this boat with motors tilted up?
  281. Big_Tuna_

    2016 28' force marine custom made in hawaii commercial built sportfishing boat

    Nice boat! Correct me if I'm wrong but I'll post a link to the previous post/ad so we have some pictures...
  282. Big_Tuna_

    282 sailfish

    There was a 282 sailfish on yachtworld recently with controls up top and a bait tank in cockpit. All set up for socal fishing. I would have considered it but I had a different boat under contract (which fell through).
  283. Big_Tuna_

    did you find a boat?

    did you find a boat?
  284. Big_Tuna_

    FWD: 2006 2870 Pursuit CC

    Not mine, but looks like a decent deal for someone who wants a CC and drive across the country to get it.
  285. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Shelter Island ramp closed. Who can we call? Will it help?
  286. Big_Tuna_

    San Diego Commercial Fleet - Selling Fish

    Where can I go today (Sunday) in San Diego to get these deals?
  287. Big_Tuna_

    Hull speed?

    Your ideal hull speed is about 1.34 times the square root of the length of the boat at the water line (not length overall)
  288. Big_Tuna_

    Diesel Prices

    So what price per gallon did they quote you????
  289. Big_Tuna_

    Diesel Prices

    Not sure, I would assume so, I forgot. They picked up the phone right away though...
  290. Big_Tuna_

    Diesel Prices

    I was curious myself and so I called around and got a price quote from harbor island last week on March 10th for about 3.70, that included the large volume discount that was Diesel btw
  291. Big_Tuna_

    Coronavirus testing in SD

    Anyone have luck getting tested in SD? I have flu like symptoms but already had the flu this year. Sounds like my doctor won't test me, basically was told to stay home and self-quarantine.
  292. Big_Tuna_

    Yacht world search function.

    Yeah I wish there was a way yachtworld could send emails for newly listed boats with certain criteria, but I couldn't find a way. I guess they want you to slog through their website everytime
  293. Big_Tuna_

    Yacht world search function.

    Look under "advanced filters" for fuel type, etc
  294. Big_Tuna_

    Yacht world search function.

    There will be another menu that appears for country, so choose USA, then pick your states... I do it practically every day...
  295. Big_Tuna_

    O'side Fish ID

    Rough or smooth chin?
  296. Big_Tuna_

    Penn 50VISX spool wobble

    The seller got back to me. They were swamped and understaffed, thus the wait for a response from them...They will pay the shipping back to Australia, all is good. Thanks for listening to my rant
  297. Big_Tuna_

    Penn 50VISX spool wobble

    I don't want to bash the online seller (not direct from Penn), because I want to give them a chance to sort this out. Upon receiving the reel I noticed the spool wobbles. If spinning fast enough it results in a vibration that can be felt throughout the reel. I've never used one of these reels...
  298. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore SCI Night stay

    Great video! Thanks! Make it a sticky please!
  299. Big_Tuna_

    Fishing boat upgrade

    I've spent the last 6 months boat shopping for my first boat....I started with trailer boats and I found the skipjack 262 to have best compromise between cruising and fishing! I stepped on maybe 5 of them including the skipjack 25. Beam is only 8'6, skipjack 25 is 8'. While davis boats do have a...
  300. Big_Tuna_

    Fishing boat upgrade

    Are you restricting yourself to trailer boats only?
  301. Big_Tuna_

    Sunday Rockfish Opener?

    from :(
  302. Big_Tuna_

    Fish finder, transducer suggestions. Please

    I don't have experience mounting transducers in boats but I can tell you that the transducer is probably the most important part. I too was using lowrance elite head units with their stock transducer and it was absolutely terrible. Their stock transducers aren't even Chirp despite what they...
  303. Big_Tuna_

    50VISX or 50VISW for kite fishing

    Can I get away with using the 50VISX with 130lb or is the 50VISW with 130lb a minimum? VISX is less bulky. Was going to use hollow braid. Fishing from a private boat. Thanks
  304. Big_Tuna_

    Range needed for San Clemente Tuna?

    haha, that's funny, I like the US boat gold plan idea. I appreciate all the help/advice. I also like the manual dipstick idea. I have my private pilots license (PPL), and we always check the fuel in the wings with a manual dipstick before taking off. That's one situation you never want to...
  305. Big_Tuna_

    Outfit my Boat!

    I had ~50-100ft mono topshot on my salmon reels so they did not double as rockfish reels(straight braid). For salmon i used a very fast action, long rod with a medium power butt. Rockfish were stiffer rods since we attach so much weight to the line and the fish are basically dead weight. So two...
  306. Big_Tuna_

    Has anyone installed an Airmar B275LHW on a Parker 2120?

    Hey so if I remember correctly, thAt guy who just posted about his new to him 25 Bahia has one installed, you could hit him up
  307. Big_Tuna_

    Has anyone installed an Airmar B275LHW on a Parker 2120?

    If you're talking about the one installed on the outside of the hull.....That's a big transducer. 22" fairing. I know someone who put one on a 28 ft boat, but not a Parker, 10.5 ft beam. i was advised not to put one on a boat under 30ft.
  308. Big_Tuna_

    Outfit my Boat!

    Congrats!!!! You'll find that the only species in the MB area / SF area that you can now get with a boat as opposed to a kayak is albacore. You probably knew that already. Re salmon fishing I would throw a deep six diver between your two downriggers so you can get three rods going. As far as...
  309. Big_Tuna_

    Here's one for you So. Cal boys

    Looks just like a pursuit offshore 3000
  310. Big_Tuna_

    SOLD----Penn International 16 VISX BNIB

    I'm interested but Walmart has it brand new for $539...
  311. Big_Tuna_

    Recommendation Fiberglas guy for custom transom bait tank

    what kind of boat/size is that?
  312. Big_Tuna_

    What is your boat size and battery bank AMP Hour?

    I think there are some tricks to get an AGM charging again once it's completely dead. One of them may be to charge it for a while in parallel with a charged battery. That way the charger gets some voltage feedback/reading.
  313. Big_Tuna_

    Lindell 36-39, Riviera 34 or Albin 35TE FB
  314. Big_Tuna_

    Farallon 25-32 with direct drive

    This one doesn't need a full remodel
  315. Big_Tuna_

    Corbina, Yellowfin Croaker, and Leopard Shark Peak Seasons?

    That's really neat and awesome you keep track of everything. Thanks for sharing. My thoughts: How often you fish (or not fish) may be a confounding factor.... One suggestion to correct for it would be to sum the catch by week (or month) and then divide by the number of times you fished that...
  316. Big_Tuna_

    Range needed for San Clemente Tuna?

    cool. I guess I just don't know how far I'll have to run from the island to find the big bft.
  317. Big_Tuna_

    Penn Setups for Offshore

    Hi all, Been fishing off a kayak for 5 years up in the Monterey Bay area. Just moved to SD and will be buying an offshore boat. I need to upgrade my quiver. I've been using Penn and so if I buy new I would like to stick with them only because I'm the most familiar. I have a 3-4 star drag reels...
  318. Big_Tuna_

    Range needed for San Clemente Tuna?

    Looking at diesel boat with 250 gallon tank and 1.1mpg at cruise. Is that enough to get me from San Diego to San Clemente for a weekend, fish 2 days for the big ones, and get me back? Going by 2/3 rule that leaves 166 gallons and its already going to take ~120 gallons just to get there and back.
  319. Big_Tuna_

    WTB Reel/Rod Setups for Offshore

    Just getting started in the offshore scene here in San Diego and I need rods, reels, and tackle. I have mostly lighter reels from the kayak fishing up in the Monterey Bay. Looking for rods/reels for larger tuna. Will be buying a boat soon and so I'm looking for a package deal with multiple...
  320. Big_Tuna_

    Star Drags on Closeout

  321. Big_Tuna_

    Bait tank plumbing - big boat

    Maybe there used to be a geneset to run 110V while offshore?
  322. Big_Tuna_

    SunRoad Boatshow this weekend

    Cool, what type of boat show is this? fishing? Sailing? Cruising?
  323. Big_Tuna_

    WTB - 28-32' Twin Inboard Diesel Express or Sportfisher

    Bump. That Crystaliner is just slightly outside my budget but would be a nice fit. Yeah, I would need a bigger slip.
  324. Big_Tuna_

    Considering outboards for slipped boat

    In addition, I will be doing my own regular maintenance so if I'm at the mercy of a yard to pull my boat every 100 hours I'm assuming then I would have to pay them to do the work or I find a DIY yard. Looks like inboard straight shafts are the way to go for me.
  325. Big_Tuna_

    Considering outboards for slipped boat

    Ok, thanks. So if I am understanding this correctly...outboard boats have to be pulled every 100 hrs for maintenance. On a 20ft boat that's no problem with a truck and trailer, but a 30 or 33 ft, not so easy unless I have a diesel truck and trailer sitting around. So then I'm then stuck paying...
  326. Big_Tuna_

    Shipping from New Jersey to SD

    Wowzers, that will be pricey. I've priced a few boats including a Cabo 35 express from FL that was going to be around 15k. A 28 Henriques from CT was going to run me $8-9k. The guy I have been talking with is named Smitty and he has a good reputation on hulltruth. So that being said, I've never...
  327. Big_Tuna_

    2007 Fountain 32 For Sale In Transferrable LLC $69,000

    Looks like same boat for sale on here a year or two ago
  328. Big_Tuna_

    Looking for a 300 Marlin GW

    Yeah me too. The GW marlin 300 is about the only boat with outboards I would consider. There were 3 for sale in the SD area recently. Very pricey, all over 100k. I went to go look at one, and the bottom had not be cleaned nor had the boat ran in at least 3 months. Still wanted over 100k for the...
  329. Big_Tuna_

    Considering outboards for slipped boat

    Hi all, With regards to slipping a boat with outboards and the yearly maintenance (engine oil, lower unit oil, impeller, etc), I'm assuming it is required to pull the boat out of the water? Or can the yearly maintenance somehow be performed with the boat still in the water? Just trying to...
  330. Big_Tuna_

    World Cat 320 EC
  331. Big_Tuna_

    35' Albin for sale--great boat, great price.

    I just saw this pop up on coastside. :-):-):-) Seems like a lot of boat for the money! What is cruise speed?
  332. Big_Tuna_

    WTB - 28-32' Twin Inboard Diesel Express or Sportfisher

    Rampage 30 is basically a Shamrock 290, built on the same hull. The Shamrock 290s certainly aren't maintaining their value. Rampage 30 may follow suit. If I found a really clean one for a good deal, I could be convinced. I stepped on a few here, but haven't been impressed.
  333. Big_Tuna_

    WTB - 28-32' Twin Inboard Diesel Express or Sportfisher

    ...Expanding search up to 32', but I really want something 28-30' feet. Trying to fit into the 30 ft slips at Marina Village which is ~33' feet max LOA. Even considering going up to 35. Twin inboard diesel between 28 and 35. At least 10' beam. Well maintained clean boats only. Modified V or...
  334. Big_Tuna_

    1990 25' Grady - White repowered.

    Why are you selling after putting all the time and money into it? Cable or electronic steering control? Autopilot? Did you consider putting controls up top?
  335. Big_Tuna_

    Skipjack 262 VS Parker 2320

    2320 is a tiny boat. I'm 6'3 200lbs and the boat immediately felt small the minute I stepped on it. I don't know how big/tall you are, but get on one and see how it feels. As others have said, you can't really compare a 2320 to a 262.
  336. Big_Tuna_

    Help I need any info

    It's got a lot of wood on it, like someone else said, look out for rot
  337. Big_Tuna_

    Help I need any info

    That boat looks dope!!! Sweet for cruising the bay or inshore fishing!!! but I wouldn't take it 60 miles out to SCI for bft, maybe after a repower though. You'll have to get a survey despite the fact its only 18k, otherwise you're just gambling your money.
  338. Big_Tuna_

    Help I need any info

    Do you have a link to the advertisement? I'm not interested in it at all, just curious
  339. Big_Tuna_

    Help I need any info

    original gas motor from the 60s? Sounds even worse
  340. Big_Tuna_

    Help I need any info

    An original single diesel motor from the 60s? Yeah that boat is going to be slow man. And probably impossible to find parts. Could work for ya though, depends on what you're going to do with the boat
  341. Big_Tuna_

    Help I need any info

    what engines are in it?
  342. Big_Tuna_

    26' Skipjack Factory Pilot House Volvo Penta Diesel.

    Is there a sleeping berth under the helm?
  343. Big_Tuna_

    Help I need any info

    Looks like a friggin tank! Heavy and slow. I think Seaway built lots of boats for Southern California including lifeguard boats and big sportfishers. Check out and hulltruth for more info.
  344. Big_Tuna_

    28' Carolina Classic 2002

    Congrats on finally getting your boat down there! Just out of curiosity what shipper did you use and how much was it?
  345. Big_Tuna_

    28-30' Twin Inboard Diesel Express or Sportfisher

    weekend bump, looking for diesel sportfishers between 28 and 32 feet.
  346. Big_Tuna_

    2006 Parker 2820 Tower, Trailer, Twin 250's *Back up for Sale 6/2020*

    How old is that furuno? What transducer is installed? Thanks
  347. Big_Tuna_

    2010 Seaswirl Striper 2901 SOLD

    Do you know what the LOA is with pulpit and the motors raised?
  348. Big_Tuna_

    28-30' Twin Inboard Diesel Express or Sportfisher

    Thanks guys, another thing on my list is a tower, so I'm looking for a boat with a tower or a boat that can fit a tower. I'll go take a look at the CC28, Shamrock 290, and Rampage 30 this weekend. The Albemarle 290 is interesting, I hadn't noticed that boat. I will keep my eye out. Henriques 28...
  349. Big_Tuna_

    Adding tower

    Who builds towers in San Diego area? Thx
  350. Big_Tuna_

    sport king 10/22

    Can you bring your own beers? :D
  351. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore OC BFT

    Nice fish!!!!! It took 2 years to find a TAMD41?!
  352. Big_Tuna_

    2006 Albemarle 280 Single Diesel I/O

    That's a long way from California
  353. Big_Tuna_

    28-30' Twin Inboard Diesel Express or Sportfisher

    Yeah, the rocking, rolling, and added fuel costs of a deep V. I'll be adding a tower to whatever boat I end up with. I guess I don't see the point of a 24 degree deadrise in a 28 foot boat for our waters and/or style of fishing.
  354. Big_Tuna_

    28-30' Twin Inboard Diesel Express or Sportfisher

    We already exchanged emails Mike! I wish I could afford your boat. I'm trying my hardest to keep it under 100k, not sure that is going to happen.
  355. Big_Tuna_

    28-30' Twin Inboard Diesel Express or Sportfisher

    Expanding search up to 32' Looking for a twin inboard diesel between 28 and 32ft. At least 9' or 10' beam. Well maintained clean boats only. Tower would be nice, but can add later. No outdrives. Skipjack 30, Topaz, Tiara, Henriques, Blackfin, Pursuit Don't want 28 Carolina Classic, 28...
  356. Big_Tuna_

    28' Carolina Classic 2002

    How does it do on the drift? I've heard those 28 CC have quite a deep V
  357. Big_Tuna_

    38 Mediterranean Information

    I'll buy your sportfisher
  358. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore San Clemente, Tanner, and Cortez

    Nice! How does that boat do on the drift? I imagine with the flybridge and deep V it would roll quite a bit in some chop
  359. Big_Tuna_

    NIKKI J for sale. (Blackman 26 Outerbanks)

    Original motor? How many hours? How old is the outdrive? Whats cruise speed? Thanks
  360. Big_Tuna_

    25’ Grady White with new twin Evinrude Etecs

    how much? what's cruise speed and mpg? Thanks
  361. Big_Tuna_

    Newport/Crystal Cove yellowtail questions (kayak)

    I don't know what I'm doing either but I suggest building a bait tank to keep those mackerel alive and fly line'em with about 4-5 ft of 40lb fluoro leader attached to a 2/0 or 3/0 live bait hook through the nose. Soak or troll that mackerel around and wait for a yellowtail to come find it. :cheers:
  362. Big_Tuna_

    26' Skipjack Factory Pilot House Volvo Penta Diesel.

    What electronics are installed? Can you take a picture of the helm? Thanks
  363. Big_Tuna_

    Walker Bay 270 Superlight Inflatable $1,950

    You didn't post the correct link...
  364. Big_Tuna_

    Caught a ......salmon? Off of buoy number 3 in Point Loma.

    The lower gum line looks black from that photo. It's most likely a King salmon not a Coho. The term blackmouth does not refer to all king(chinook) salmon. Blackmouth are a group of young salmon that stay in the Puget Sound during the winter instead of traveling out to the ocean. Essentially...
  365. Big_Tuna_

    Caught a ......salmon? Off of buoy number 3 in Point Loma.

    yeah and I believe you can use barbed hooks south of Point Conception. FYI
  366. Big_Tuna_

    Caught a ......salmon? Off of buoy number 3 in Point Loma.

    But yeah if the lower gums are black, which it looks like, it is a king (Chinook) salmon
  367. Big_Tuna_

    Where to find CA MPA maps

    quick link:
  368. Big_Tuna_

    Can anyone identify this boat?

    I think a boat that size with non turbo 3208s will be pretty slow. Try posting on hulltruth for more info. I've heard 3208s last a long time if well maintained and parts are readily available
  369. Big_Tuna_

    Skipjack 24 Flybridge 1973

    So 28-30 cruise? And what is the nmpg/range at that speed? Thanks
  370. Big_Tuna_

    Transducers again

    Cool! Yeah I'm always excited to see what else comes out and then less excited when I realize everything I bought is now outdated and decreased in value :D:D:D:D:D
  371. Big_Tuna_

    Transducers again

    Does GSD24 not support CHIRP transducer? I feel like you are moving backwards with the B164, a non-CHIRP transducer. Why not get a CHIRP transducer now, and then it eliminates one thing you have to get in 2021. Perhaps you won't be fully using CHIRP, but at least you will not have wasted...
  372. Big_Tuna_

    In Hot Oil

    Fish FRY!!!
  373. Big_Tuna_

    7-17-19 Coronado's Report Brothers Sportfishing

    Cool! thanks for the report. How much was the charter?
  374. Big_Tuna_

    Get Involved :

    I don't know if this is exactly what you're talking about, but this looks good
  375. Big_Tuna_

    PRICE REDUCTION! 25' Atlas Acadia!

    Shouldn't that boat should cruise much faster than 15 with 250hp? Acatia website says: 180hp 20 Knots 24 Knots Single shaft diesel makes this an interesting boat competing with the likes of Shamrock
  376. Big_Tuna_

    1999 pursuit 28' twin diesel for sale

    It is a unique boat. Some ideas as to why it hasn't moved...1) not set up for socal fishing: no bait tank, needs more rocket launchers, does it have fish holds? Other idea is that most center consoles are built to go fast with outboards, get out to the fish and back. This is slower with diesel...
  377. Big_Tuna_

    looking for 29-35' sportfishing

    are you not interested in those 33 blackfins list in the LA area? I think there is even one in your home port
  378. Big_Tuna_

    Luhrs 350 Tournament

    Ad says it was built in 1996 AND 2004?
  379. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Foamers...Reel Hard

    Nice fish! Nice boat! Thx for video. Do you cast from the flybridge? I'm thinking of buying a 262
  380. Big_Tuna_

    Private Boat to Catalina, Need Suggestions or Words of Advice

    Isn't the point in paying for a charter is to let the captain find the fish for you? That's what he gets paid to do and probably won't want to listen to your suggestions anyway
  381. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Nat Geo Shit For sure.

    Sounds fun, thanks for the report
  382. Big_Tuna_

    Dana point Bonita

    Why not put them back down and troll them as bait for some fat YFT down in Mexico
  383. Big_Tuna_

    Local wsb June 28th

    That's great man. Nice to have that heavier line, you never know!
  384. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore Wood smoking bluefin 6/30/19

    wow nice report! How far back did you troll those wood jigs
  385. Big_Tuna_

    Kids first halibut and seabass.

    that's great, he's hooked for life now
  386. Big_Tuna_

    Offshore 6/23/19 - 6/25/19 Searching the US side

    Cool report, thanks. Why not use a big spinning reel if that's what it takes to get a farther cast?
  387. Big_Tuna_

    Down rigger weight question

    You have a kayak? Single hull or an Island? I have a Hobie island kayak and I mounted 2 manual downriggers for salmon fishing. I use 12 lb to go down deep all the way to 175. If I'm fishing shallow above 50 ft, I use 8 lbs. Anywhere in between I will put 10 lbs on. My max speed is about...
  388. Big_Tuna_

    Catalina 6/05/19 on SlayDay Boat

    Thanks for the thorough report! I'm curious about the slayday boats, how much did the boat end up costing you when it was all said and done?
  389. Big_Tuna_

    It this legal?

    That's ridiculous. I'd prolly call them out right then and there and then the company
  390. Big_Tuna_

    Question for the experienced sport boats folk here

    True, I've got some 6 and 8oz heads too
  391. Big_Tuna_

    Skipjack 25' Diesel

    I'm interested, but I won't be down in SD until August, I'll see if you still have the boat for sale!
  392. Big_Tuna_

    Question for the experienced sport boats folk here

    I've never seen anyone rig a swimbait on a dropper loop. Use a lead jighead like salth20Angler says. At least 4oz weight with at least a 5" swimbait.
  393. Big_Tuna_

    Factoring waves, swells, periods and boat size

    Yeah... and just to clarify, by overtaking he means the 3' combines with the 4' and you got a 7 peak like you mentioned. But since they have different periods it won't happen for every wave.
  394. Big_Tuna_

    5 to 8 day rod & reel recommendation list [updated]

    Thanks for your reply. Where does the PENN Fathom FTH60LD2 fit in?
  395. Big_Tuna_

    Penn Fathom 25N 2 speed lefty

    No, it's 223.95 on Amazon. I prefer the warranty, thank you!
  396. Big_Tuna_

    Monterey Bay Bluefin 5/3/19

    Electric reels not necessary!! Get a 2 speed reel with 500-600 yards of 80lb spectra topped with 40,50, or even 60 fluoro topshot/leader and you're good to go!!!! Set your drag to 10-15 lbs (.3 of the breaking strength of your leader) with a one of those downrigger balls :P
  397. Big_Tuna_

    Boat Loan Advice

    Credit is good and bad. When the next downturn comes, some will win, others will lose. Most of California is built on credit dominated by the inflated real estate values. Anyone paying cash for a 1.2 million 3 bedroom house? There are some I suppose, but most are not. Those heavily...
  398. Big_Tuna_

    Thoughts on Skipjack FB 25s?

    Thanks for the input guys. Anyone know the headroom in a Skipjack 25 flybridge? Is it the same as a 262? I'm 6'3
  399. Big_Tuna_

    Trophy 2359 1994' Mercruiser 5.7 Mag MPI Bravo III $18,500

    Nice boat. How much $$$? Do you record mpg?
  400. Big_Tuna_

    5 to 8 day rod & reel recommendation list [updated]

    Why all 2 speeds and the most expensive Penn reels out there? International and Torque?!? The Fathom could easily play those roles just fine. I'm not saying the international and torque are bad reels, just not everyone's cup of tea to spend a fortune on a fishing reel. I think it would be cool...
  401. Big_Tuna_

    Well maintained skipjack 24 flybridge 3k price drop very easy mechanic special $8000

    How many hours on the motor/outdrive? What do you have for a head in there? Did you install a new transducer with with the hds7/go7? Thanks
  402. Big_Tuna_

    seating options for skipjack flybridge

    Jason, what seats did you go with? Also, just curious, do your passengers sit in the the cabin while you're underway or is the boat bouncing too much...
  403. Big_Tuna_

    Thoughts on Skipjack FB 25s?

    What do y'all think of skipjack FB 25s? Nearly same layout as a 262, but half the price of a diesel 262. There are three for sale on clist right now. Seems like a decent deal for a diesel flybridge.
  404. Big_Tuna_

    Looking for help picking first boat.

    Great choice! Congrats! I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on a 262 myself. Did you go with diesel or gas?
  405. Big_Tuna_

    2320 Tow Vehicle

    What year is your 3/4 ton? I'm surprised you said the 262 was a bit too much to tow with a 3/4 ton truck.
  406. Big_Tuna_

    17-18' cc

    Are you opposed to bayrunners? Baja versions are pretty solid and can be found for under 10k
  407. Big_Tuna_

    So cal Offshore Boat Question on size needed for offshore fishing

    flyhigh123 , can you give me some pros and cons of the skipjack 262 vs parker 2320 and why you switched to the parker? Was the skipjack a diesel? I'm only asking because I was just looking at those two boats and considering my first boat purchase.
  408. Big_Tuna_

    Any New 12” MFDs Around the Corner?

    Halfway through the presentation they have a comparison slide
  409. Big_Tuna_

    Airmar TM150 $150 OBO

    bump, price reduced to $150 OBO
  410. Big_Tuna_

    Airmar TM150 $150 OBO

    Airmar transom mount TM150 w/ blue Navico (Simrad, Lowrance) connector for sale, I've only used it on 4 or 5 outings. Comes with all the bracket hardware. $150 OBO. For anyone looking to upgrade to an actual CHIRP transducer. This will hands down outperform the Lowrance 83/200, 50/200, or...
  411. Big_Tuna_

    Recomendation For A Tru Hull Transducer

    NVMD, its only 500W
  412. Big_Tuna_

    Recomendation For A Tru Hull Transducer

    HDS Gen 3 can also put out 1kw