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  1. freddyloan

    Room for 1 to SQ!!

    Hello, anyone interested in going to SQ this weekend?? We leave tonight at 8pm.
  2. freddyloan

    07/05/2014 Slay at the 238!!

    Long report short, decided to go out with my roommate after a slow 4th of July. Headed out to Ensenada, docked out at 1am with Captain Pila with the Azteca too. Reached the spot by dawn and started trolling. Bait was pretty bad chovies. It dint take long for the first strike, double, both...
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  4. freddyloan

    What to expect in Acapulco next week?

    Im going down to Acapulco on 2/21!! I wanted to see if anyone has any pointers for me on what type of lures or skirts would be best for down there? I know its Sail Fish and Mahi season for sure. I usually go to the marina to negotiate but if any good boats out there with good gear would be nice...
  5. freddyloan

    Offshore Fished the Hidden on 10/02!

    I fished with Campos out of La Salina for the first time,it was very convenient and really close drive from the border, heres his report on 10/02, with bd er escalanterich . Thank you for making our day out in the water! Ive never fished with anyone more passionate about fishing then Vic Campos...
  6. freddyloan

    One more for SQ

    If anyone is interested, my dad and i are heading down to San Qintin on Sunday evening, Arriving there in the early morning (2A) sleep for about 4 hrs and go fishing!! The trip cost of boat, tip, cleaning and Gas/quotas is about 540 witch will be divided into 3. All other cost is on you, food...
  7. freddyloan

    Any one have room for 1 more on Monday?

    Hey im planning a SQ trip around the middle of Sept. But i really want to get out to the action soon/now!! Please contact me if you have room and what the cost would be for me. Thank you and keep on FISHING!!:2gunsfiring_v1:
  8. freddyloan

    San Quintin Anyone? 2 more

    Hey im putting a San Quintin trip together for sometime in the next week or so. The trip is for 4, my friend and myself are ready to go as soon as we get 2 more. Cost of trip including ride there and back (we drive), boat, tip and fish cleaning should be around 230 pp. You provide your drinks...