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  1. Dadandkidyellows

    Bola Heat

    Took off to bola Friday September 4th easy drive-thru San Felipe no questions asked but either military checkpoint. Spent the afternoon at La gringa weather was about a hundred and three and humid. Jumped on a boat with Marco the captain from flaco's sportfishing very very good captain works...
  2. Dadandkidyellows

    Mexicali border crossing

    Hi can anyone tell me the best way to cross from San Felipe back to the US.
  3. Dadandkidyellows


    Went down on a exploratory trip to Popotla with a few buddies to get the lines wet and have some Taco's. Hooked up with Verdugos sportfishing Great people.. ser out with rock fish expectations and ended up with 4 yellowtail and 6 lost to structure. Fished the tuna pens near the Coronado's fun...
  4. Dadandkidyellows


    Finally after a couple months of planning this me and a few buddies made the long drive down. Roads were great are total wait time combined at the construction spot 20 minutes 15 on the way there 5 minutes on the way back it was amazing. Got into Bola Friday drove into daggets checked into a...