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  1. Kettel O' Fish

    Hub replacement

    No brakes (yay!)
  2. Kettel O' Fish

    Planning for Canning

    I paid $25/dozen last year so $14.99 is a steal. I also got some chinese lids (4 doz) & went ahead & canned 12 pint wide mouth jars/tuna....ate them first & no issues but definitely flimsy & I would not buy again. In fact, I sent the rest of them back & got a refund from Amazon.
  3. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater MA7 Lingcod

    I have a cooler with measurements on it...tough to hold down a slimy monster so cut a 1" dowel stick to 36" & black ring at 26"...problem on!
  4. Kettel O' Fish

    Hub replacement

    Same advise from buddy Steve...will visit them Monday morning...thanks!
  5. Kettel O' Fish

    Hub replacement

    85 EZ loader trailer needs new hubs. Any particular brand that stands out; obviously want something decent that will hold up for a few years in the salt...thanks so much!
  6. Kettel O' Fish

    osprey went under the knife. #completed#

    Boat ownership is a beautiful Projects like this keep us from getting bored! Great job!
  7. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater MA7 Lingcod

    Amazing creatures those dragons are...and so fun to catch. Nice fish!
  8. Kettel O' Fish

    Fishing sunglasses

    My finder screen disappears when I have my polarized sunglasses on. Anybody have an economic non-polarized option they really like? Thanks so much!
  9. Kettel O' Fish

    Marine Upholstery

    Hoglunds it is! thanks guys!
  10. Kettel O' Fish

    Marine Upholstery

    I live in Kenmore...anybody have a good Marine upholstery referral? Have a couple small'ish curtains for my buddy's Tiderunner I need made. There used to be a guy right here in Kenmore but he's gone. Thanks in advance!
  11. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Saltwater fishing report

    Here's another angle of those two fish....I got the first & was so happy to be king of ling for the day. Steve comes off his cold stretch & lands one just as big...layem down & he beats me by 1/2"! Go figure. Amazing day & amazing Pacific ocean life! PS 50" from my nose to my knee, I weigh...
  12. Kettel O' Fish

    Let's talk batteries.

    Small boat guy here; not much off shore (but a lot inshore!). Two scotty's, depthfinder; 4 stroke kicker with electric start (so charging). My 2014 Costco battery just puked at Sekiu...I always carry a spare onboard which worked perfectly. Back to costco to buy their Interstate brand...always...
  13. Kettel O' Fish

    Stereo head unit recommendation?

    If on a budget or have a boat that's not worth a million, I bought a $160 Pioneer marine stereo from Crutchfield with 2, 6" speakers....really has amazing bass & sounds great. Bluetooth pandora or hard wire....
  14. Kettel O' Fish

    BC this summer??????

    Well that's somewhat encouraging....!
  15. Kettel O' Fish

    BC this summer??????

    And, I've read if & when they do re-open, will be a 14 day quarantine. I see little to zero chance this summer but.....never know.... F Covid.....
  16. Kettel O' Fish

    CQ tomorrow?

    Fished the 120ft line today...lost a couple early..kept grinding & finally the bite came on just as the westerlies were getting ugly. Got our 4 in about 45 min right after 1:30pm...just in time! Squid & skinny G's on the deck....nothing big but tasty!
  17. Kettel O' Fish

    Westport snorkelers?

    I paid a kid $20 to dive down & grab my Honda 10hp prop (that I dropped at the Edmonds Marina!) was 35 years ago and the kid was thrilled to get his cash. Bummer about the phone Steve...I took a customer out coho fishing a few years back; front pockets while bending over near water aren't...
  18. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Area 5 blackmouth opener

    Catching first ferry in am...see you all there!
  19. Kettel O' Fish

    Looking for a good Yamaha mechanic

    Tim & Dave, Cascade in notch
  20. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Area 5 blackmouth opener

    Boy, you hit that nail on the head...easterlys Wednesday & not good for us! Sekiu can be so finnicky!!
  21. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Area 5 blackmouth opener

    Today it died....we came home. 5 boats left in the marina. No bait...need bait to come in to make them hold!
  22. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Area 5 blackmouth opener

    Only 20 boats in the marina today Bait is non existent so tough fishing.
  23. Kettel O' Fish

    Milestone achieved today

    Anybody that makes it to 100 & looks that good; well done Grandma & happy birthday!
  24. Kettel O' Fish

    Skagit/Sauk opener

    Guilty as charged....send me a PM is you have a report. Carry on.
  25. Kettel O' Fish

    Skagit/Sauk opener

    Anybody know anyone who fished the opener last week? Just curious if anything was caught (and released)....have seen nothing on-line about anybody fishing.
  26. Kettel O' Fish

    Fuel cost?? Find your representative & let them know now (Covid) is not a good time to increase taxes.....with record revenues the last several years, Olympia should be overflowing in cash; they need to tighten their belts just like us....never know, might work!
  27. Kettel O' Fish

    I need a good glass guy

    Mike Renstrom at Quality Auto Glass in Seattle does custom boat glass...this would be easy for him....great guy & great company.... (206) 523-3655
  28. Kettel O' Fish

    SS props where to get?

    Second prop shop in notch!
  29. Kettel O' Fish

    Freshwater Lk Wash Cut

    5 straight days of yard clean-up....had to do something. Buddy Sam guided me out on Lk Washington yesterday...good to get out on some kind of water! Trolled small spoons, one on dr & one leaded line. Picked up three, one decent one (17"). Fillet'd & pan fried the bigger one in butter for...
  30. Kettel O' Fish

    Blackmouth withdrawls

    Severe withdrawl symptoms today. Low motivation for yard work or house projects. Dreaming of wild takedowns; 4" plug 6' off the bottom at Tin Shed.
  31. Kettel O' Fish

    So Wrong

    I'd forgive him....had many friends who spents hours out there this year catching zip...odd & strange year at times for tuna indeed
  32. Kettel O' Fish

    Freshwater Thinking of moving to Southern Washington

    Battleground to Woodland is a beautiful area. You have an awesome boat--might be a bit big for the Columbia but perfect as others have said for the ocean! I lived in So Cal for 2 years back in the 80's, that was enough for me. If you need a baitboy, let me know...welcome
  33. Kettel O' Fish

    Canning jars won't be shipped out until March 2021.
  34. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater WP 10/8 tuna

    Live herring worked well for us Thursday once we found a school. Had a couple decent bait stops (as did others). They were there to play! Fat fat tuna!
  35. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Meadow Point

    Keep us posted...I like the idea!
  36. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater No Anchovies @ Westport

    Hoping they show up with a load today!
  37. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Salmon in the harbor

    What harbor do you speak of please...? Thanks!
  38. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Meadow Point

    Fished Meadow this morning...4 in the boat to 7-8lbs; nice fat coho...ended with a double...only problem is I flipped #1 fish into the transom so I could net second fish...should have bonked because buddy wrestled with the live specimen for about 10 seconds trying to hold him & plop, back he...
  39. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Westport tuna reports

    Just heard from a buddy coming home on a charter....way SW from WP; they got blanked today. Same old story,..down there, would not come up & play.
  40. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Tried something different

    You are a fishing machine Mr. Steve...!
  41. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Tuna virgins christened!

    Patrick did a helluva a job yesterday working to find us fish...and it was work! Buddy Aaron's 40th birthday prize...tuna trip with the boys. 4 virgins were on board! All cherries were popped. The place we started (nw) was thick with tuna on Tuesday but the wind & full moon obviously scattered...
  42. Kettel O' Fish

    Sunglass holder

    Saw those on the internet...I'll buy one & try..thanks!!
  43. Kettel O' Fish

    Sunglass holder

    Excellent ideas...thanks all.
  44. Kettel O' Fish

    Sunglass holder

    Tired of setting my glasses down on the dash & having them slide all over getting eventually destroyed...anybody have an awesome dash mount sunglass holder for thier boat? Thank!
  45. Kettel O' Fish

    Calling all Traeger gurus!!!

    Might I suggest a Big Green Egg? Truly life changing. Yes charcoal is a hassle but the benefit far outweighs the work. No moving parts & lifetime warranty on all components....
  46. Kettel O' Fish

    Anyone used the Edmonds sling on a weekend recently?

    Been normal for a while...lots of parking because people aren't fishing....hope it gets better soon!
  47. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Where are the area 9 and 10 pictures

    Got out late on the opener, buddy had put 4 in the boat & was back at Edmonds by the time I got down to launch (10'ish)...headed to W Poss, plugs in hand. Made three full passes north to south working the 140' line; an enormous amount of bait & marks. Not a take (last year, we couldn't keep...
  48. Kettel O' Fish

    Canadian border closure extended

    Let's see, my reservations start August 18th in Bamfield so I'm officially screwed. Oh well, maybe next year.
  49. Kettel O' Fish

    Sekiu slump

    Pounded hard from dawn till dusk to day only got 2 tens in. Released a couple smallish natives and some shakers and that was it. Bait has seemed to disappear as have the salmon.
  50. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Monday Morning Bubble

    Great day at the Bubble...3 takes is worth the trip!
  51. Kettel O' Fish

    Well, that's a great night!

    Well, that's a great night!
  52. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Monday Morning Bubble

    Yes, 3" herring aid again on the deck in 70' May 29-Sept. 7, 2020 Open Fridays through Noon Mondays ONLY. Chinook - min. size 22". Other salmon species - no min. size. Daily limit 2. Release coho. See Tulalip Bay Closure on previous page. Anglers may fish with two poles with Two-Pole...
  53. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Monday Morning Bubble

    Friday morning Bubble....2/3; this one high teens. 50yd porpoise run across the top of the water...epic! 2nd one 10'ish, 70' fow 73' cable...3" herring aid spood 48" behind green glow flasher....North beach.... Bubble been good for us so far!
  54. Kettel O' Fish

    2020-2021 Regs
  55. Kettel O' Fish

    Slippery rod handle no more!

    Looks interesting...will have to look into it!
  56. Kettel O' Fish

    Slippery rod handle no more!

    This product works so well; is so cheap, so easy to install and made a huge difference in the grip. Have a newer Lamiglass rod that had an insanely slippery handle/grip....brutal! Found this product & put it on; wow, problem solved. Just like brand new grips on a golf club. They claim it...
  57. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Opener at Westport

    Not a bad feast right there!
  58. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Monday Morning Bubble

    Rarely do I speak highly of the "Bubble"...lines in water at 6am; 60 fow 60' cable. Green glow splatterback squid/herring teaser on one & 3" herring aid spoon on the other....Indian nets were set out to 50 ft so couldn't go much shallower along north beach. 4 solid takes & 4 solid fish...
  59. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Solid 5 day stretch

    Fatties! Ain't it great!
  60. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Last ling for the season

    Nice fish...I can only imagine what that bottom looks like up there (all the lures!) We did well yesterday too...nice flat water & hungry fish. Buddy Mike (happy retirement Mike!) got this one that was right at the 36" slot limit; another at 28"....he's 6'5 so does the fish no justice....
  61. Kettel O' Fish

    MA 2 Chinook starting June 20 still 'Tentative' ?

    Unless I hear otherwise, I'm salmon fishing at Westport June 20th.... May 22, 2020 Some recreational fishing to reopen in Washington?s coastal waters Columbia River crabbing will also open; Marine Area 4 remains closed. OLYMPIA - After two months of closures due to concerns surrounding...
  62. Kettel O' Fish

    MA 2 Chinook starting June 20 still 'Tentative' ?

    Fishing seasons Recreational ocean salmon fisheries for Chinook will be open daily beginning June 20 with a daily limit of one salmon in all four marine areas. No coho may be retained June 20-28. Beginning June 29, anglers may retain two salmon; in marine areas 1 (Ilwaco) and 2 (Westport) only...
  63. Kettel O' Fish

    Lapush locked until Juy 3 NOTICE: The Quileute Tribe’s Stay Home Order has been extended to July 3rd, 2020. Click here to read the official statement. Lapush closure extended to July 3. Just an fyi....
  64. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Deepwater lings

    Some good eats...where's the fish porn pics?
  65. Kettel O' Fish

    Canada going to be iffy this year I enjoy Bamfield every year end of August. Poett Nook announced they are closed for the year....a lot of BD'ers fish there...bummer. I fish out of Bamfield..... Hoping against hope the border will be open end of August....
  66. Kettel O' Fish

    Mukilteo Lighthouse Park Boat Launch

    Used it yesterday...docks in & ready to go...ramp is clear. $15 (what a rip!)
  67. Kettel O' Fish

    BGE, Kamado, or Costco knockoff?

    Great setup Tim...that flame boss is the ticket...can put anything on the egg that requires slow even cooking & the boss will maintain that temp perfectly....everything can be controlled from a phone app also. The Egg can do no wrong!
  68. Kettel O' Fish

    BGE, Kamado, or Costco knockoff?

    Google "Green Egg Recipes"....they are endless. The Green Egg web site has endless recipes also. There is a yearly eggfest in Kent (cancelled this year)--40 eggs cooking some of the best food on earth (I'm one of the chefs)...generally early June; best $25 you'll spend. Enjoy the trip into bliss!
  69. Kettel O' Fish

    BGE, Kamado, or Costco knockoff?

    The Big Green Egg will literally change your life. I sold them for years & my favorite part was watching the conversion happen when I'd shove a junk of freshly bbq'd rib eye steak into a dealer's mouth...they would literally melt to the ground. A dealer in Chelan quivered & said, I've been...
  70. Kettel O' Fish


    WP 22mile NW 220' down 270' water non-stop action....epic day
  71. Kettel O' Fish

    Fish stories

    Now, that's a great story!
  72. Kettel O' Fish

    Fish stories

    On the Nooksack 1990'ish...mid March...drove across a farmers land about 3 miles upstream of Lynden. Beautiful hole. About 65 degrees out/sunny/beautiful...water deep green..perfect. First cast corky/yarn, bam 12lb nate to the beach...killer fight...took me down about 50 yards. Safe release...
  73. Kettel O' Fish

    Best knife

    Sure can tell fishing is essentially shut down....!
  74. Kettel O' Fish

    Advice on trailer tires

    I just ask for their best radial trailer tire....there usually isn't much difference between standard & best...always get best...
  75. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Roche Harbor Derby 2020

    Fun derby...our boat sucked
  76. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Feb 22 am

    Beauty...I caught the skunk yesterday in S 7....tough to eat humble pie
  77. Kettel O' Fish

    Sunken boat on Craigslist

    Yes, same registration numbers & if the motor has 500 hours on it, same motor. Just trying to warn the brothers.... and, if a boat can be restored after being in salt for many hours, then have at it!
  78. Kettel O' Fish

    Sunken boat on Craigslist

    Can a boat that's been sunk in saltwater ever really run right again? Friend of a friend's boat (Andy)...filled with water & sank....submerged a long time.....late December 2019. If you are looking for a boat, beware...
  79. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Blackmouth fishing MA10

    Concur with others....I bounce & hit bottom & come up 6 ft 300x per fishing trip...gotta be in the "ZONE"! I come up 10' with plugs as they do dive a bit....
  80. Kettel O' Fish

    garage kicker mount

    Send me a pic...thanks!
  81. Kettel O' Fish

    garage kicker mount

    The cart would keep me from lifting it 30' to the boat...damn I hate getting old! Thanks guys!
  82. Kettel O' Fish

    garage kicker mount

    Anybody have a better idea/solution to this? I have plenty of wall space & would love to not have to lay the motor (8hp kicker) down on it's side. Thanks!
  83. Kettel O' Fish

    Axiom 12 or Axiom Pro 12

    My preferred sounder....sure was a lot simpler in the ol days!
  84. Kettel O' Fish

    T8 Weld

    Sandwiched rubber grommets between two stainless steel fender washers, bolted everything together with a stainless steel bolt and nylock nut to seal off the hose hole. Brilliant....if my solution doesn't work, this is exactly what I'm going to do! Thanks!
  85. Kettel O' Fish

    T8 Weld

    I don't have them steering linkage was running into this hose bib...just needed to raise it about 1/2 inch.... I'm a stick guy when steering my kicker...never liked steering from my steering wheel (gave me neck cramps looking back!)
  86. Kettel O' Fish

    T8 Weld

    Appreciate the input so far....a thought came to me...what about unscrewing the connection piece...raising it up & using just one screw to connect? I rarely use the fresh water flush so this should work perfect....Ryan, appreciate your offer to help!
  87. Kettel O' Fish

    T8 Weld

    Well that's mighty kind of you Ryan! Let me work on my schedule...I'm down that way often with work.
  88. Kettel O' Fish

    T8 Weld

    Thanks Big John....I rarely use the hose flush & always use the muffs.....if there a particular cap you used? How did you eliminate it? Thanks!
  89. Kettel O' Fish

    T8 Weld

    Bought a T8 a while back & my steering mechanism/arm contacts the fresh water flush limiting my main motor turning capacity (always something!). That said, can this bracket that holds the flush nozzle be cut, a half inch of metal added & then welded back together....I only need a bit of height...
  90. Kettel O' Fish

    Howe Sound

    Fortunately or unfortunately, it's all going to be weather related for me....have to pick a couple days when the winds are calm....and, it sound like later is better so maybe early January? But I do like the Christmas break idea....
  91. Kettel O' Fish

    Howe Sound

    Ya, read a lot of their stuff & the areas are pretty well laid out. Now it's figuring out best location & on what tides. I should just go with them like you & learn from the best. I have a call into a local Vancouver sporting good store & they are willing to share...will let you know what I...
  92. Kettel O' Fish

    Howe Sound

    Chomping at the bit to fish....somewhere. Howe Sound is 3 hrs from my house..thinking of making it a 2 day trip for winter blackmouth. Anybody fish up there & have advise on location/best tides? Bowen Island looks to be popular as is the W Vancouver beach. January can't get here fast...
  93. Kettel O' Fish

    Get your gas roadtax refund

    My Tiderunner burned 8 gallons last year so probably not worth it!
  94. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Razors, friday/saturday........

    Let the cleaning begin! Looks like some decent sized ones in there...! Good job!
  95. Kettel O' Fish

    RIP Tunahore

    We hooked up a few years back & fished the June Westport hatchery fishery together...very nice guy & loved to fish. Gotta live while we can...condolences to the family. Such a bummer.
  96. Kettel O' Fish

    Muzzy Bull down !!

    Looks like an inch right on the's an antler.
  97. Kettel O' Fish

    Smoked salmon processor

    Thanks all...I'm in N. Seattle...B&E seems like the only local company that still processes/smokes...anybody use them? Decent?
  98. Kettel O' Fish

    Smoked salmon processor

    Jensens is gone. Larry's doesn't take salmon anymore. Not a huge fan of Sylvana meats smoked fish. Anybody else have a go-to smoked salmon company/processor around? Have a mess of salmon & don't want to do it myself....thanks!
  99. Kettel O' Fish

    Tiderunner Boat Questions

    Call the guys at Port Boat House in Pt Alberni; they trade used Yamahas. They also deliver to the states 2x/mo (or used to) so getting one down is easy. .70 exchange too. That's how I got mine.
  100. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater 9/19 area 10 report

    1/2 today oil docks...about a 15 min bite...brutal
  101. Kettel O' Fish

    Tiderunner Boat Questions

    Ya, sounds aweful heavy....maybe just stick with the 175hp...should be plenty of juice...
  102. Kettel O' Fish

    Open seat for Sunday Tuna?

    Sunday is couch/football day....nasty out there!
  103. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Chasing 2019’s summer!

    Truly an epic summer indeed! Ain't over yet!
  104. Kettel O' Fish

    Salmon For Soldiers 2019

    I'm in....debating whether to start at Edmonds. Don't want to mess with the nate release in 9 & 8-2.
  105. Kettel O' Fish

    Looking for an open seat on a cost share private tuna trip.

    Just keep watching...opportunities come up often. You may want to jump on a private 6-pack boat that has a late notice cancellation--fill-in; might make you a good deal.
  106. Kettel O' Fish

    Area 9 open for Chinook Jul 31 - Aug 3

    If the whales starve this year, it's their own damn fault! Chinook are thick & willing...go gettem while you can. Plugs are so fun..!
  107. Kettel O' Fish

    Yamaha question?

    Agree with all 07 115 Yamaha motor at low rpm would sputter...that was VST filter. My throttle sensor (TPS) went bad causing it to do exactly what your boat is doing...easy fix. Well, nothing is "easy" but nothing major. Always something!
  108. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Sekiu 7/18-7/21

    Sekiu is magical!
  109. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Straits Shrimp

    Spectacular day on the straits yesterday. One pull & we had our 240 prawns easy...nice size too. Couldn't find any love at Hein during the soak..3 nice drive-bys & one "ping" right after hooking. Lots of bait/fish on the screen...just couldn't scrape one up. Buddy Kyle told me to cut the...
  110. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A7 love

    How's that?
  111. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A7 love

    Just had to show off a piggy from A7 today....Irish Creme CK 10' off the deck in 100' of water....strong fish! Let another one go of similar ilk later; one too many fins.
  112. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Neah Bay for newbies

    Great report Captain Steve! Great family trip.
  113. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater WP & Tokeland report

    Go north young man...thick up here!
  114. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Neah Anhile....

    Outfish me you did! Way to go Robertson crew!! Cant keep my hands off this stuff..fresh neah king smoked...we live in an awesome place!
  115. Kettel O' Fish

    Who is the Raymarine go to?

    Surdyk..let me know if you need his phone #.
  116. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Neah Anhile....

    Hi Dave..none of mine were over 20lbs....a couple right at 20 but 10-20 was the norm. My buddy got lucky & got the, what a fish! We noticed the commercials fishing the far east end so when the cod drove us mad enough, we ran out there & cod free! And, lots of chinook on the sonar...
  117. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Neah Anhile....

    Son Ben & I and another boat ventured to Neah Fri/Sat...heard the kings were in out at Swiftsure. Weather looked perfect for my smallish boat so off we went. Had a hard time with halis Fri so switched to salmon & the action was non-stop. 95-120' on the wire with 4" spoons did the trick...
  118. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Bubble (not)

    Had to try the opener hoping for something. Fished daylight to 8:30am high slack. One small bm & no keepers. 30-40 of my friends out; never saw or heard of a net. Some life on the screen but no takers. Maybe better evening bite?
  119. Kettel O' Fish

    Open seat lapuss

    PM'd you...
  120. Kettel O' Fish

    Canada fishing trip up for grabs

    Sent this to a friend who might be interested....
  121. Kettel O' Fish

    Boat window?

    Mike Renstrom is the boat window genius...he can make & fix anything 206-369-7545
  122. Kettel O' Fish

    8lbs 9oz Fisher....

    Beautiful child! congrats!
  123. Kettel O' Fish

    Don’t be afraid to make that call

    Natures call to eat more salmon & tuna! Glad you called & things worked out. This getting old deal sucks!
  124. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater 8-2 eats

    8lbs...nice chunky fish. Maybe 9 (or 10 to all my buds who weren't there!)
  125. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater 8-2 eats

    Explored 8-2 some yesterday & hit a decent bite around morning ebb...pinged 3 (one a true ripper) before landing this one. Green glow squid 4' off the deck in 80' of water was the ticket. Got down to a t shirt late the spring time weather!
  126. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A7 north salmon

    That'll eat right fine!!!
  127. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Finally, Bloody Decks

    Yep, firecracker herring...nice fish!
  128. Kettel O' Fish

    What to do with TUNA

    Thaw and can....
  129. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Friday Harbor Derby

    "Fine Whine" Nice heavy stable boat!
  130. Kettel O' Fish

    Duckworth crapper

    I think I need to test the capacity of that bigger tank next time out! Challenge accepted!
  131. Kettel O' Fish

    Clam Digging

  132. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A9 Magic

    Easy peasy this morning...motored to popular location in A9...CK & 3.5" Irish Cream spoon down to 115. Great bait on the bottom. 2 fatties in the boat in 30 min....back at home at 10am. Beautiful flat water too! Days I wished it was 2 fish limit. Fresh king for dinner!
  133. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Friday Harbor Derby

    Thanks for that...we were talking about a solution like that. I'll pass it along though....Brand new 250's on that flies!
  134. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Friday Harbor Derby

    Great boat...only downside is no room for a kicker. Plus, the soft top lets water in during runs when water is splashing over the bow (owner Arol says hard top for him next time). Other than that, great sturdy craft
  135. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Friday Harbor Derby

    Hate losing "line peelers!!!"
  136. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Friday Harbor Derby

    Wow, one for the books....spent most of Friday in a blizzard & all of Saturday (we lasted only 3 hrs!) in Gale force winds. When we got back to the dock at noon the checker reported a gust of 75mph at Friday Harbor. We managed one 10.5lb fish Friday with another comparable nate release (and a...
  137. Kettel O' Fish

    Friday Harbor classic

    Can I come?!
  138. Kettel O' Fish

    Sporty but Fishable

    Pretty sure Patrick is out chasing tuna today....
  139. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater 8-2 Fishies

    7 (26") & a 4 (22") from Saturday Race track; morning flood. One on green splatter back squid & the other 3.5" herring aide spoon...4' off the deck in 95-100' of water....about 1/2 way up the bar on the east side.... Not trophies but amazing table fare!
  140. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater 8-2 Fishies

    Tarter Sauce: 1 cup mayo (lite if you want less fat) 3 grated dill pickles 1/2 cup sweet relish 3tbls dill pickle juice 2 tbls Onion powder 2 tbls worchester sauce Cocktail Sauce: 1 cup catsup 3 tbls worchester 1/8c granulated/chopped garlic 1tbls horseradish 1tsp tabasco 2tbls fresh lemon...
  141. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater 8-2 Fishies

    And some diced or granular garlic and a touch of tabasco for the zip!
  142. Kettel O' Fish

    Alki launch mahem

    Pics of squid please! Just another day at the boat launch!
  143. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater 8-2 Fishies

    I'll trade you a hunting day for a day on the after the 1/1 A9 opener...
  144. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater 12-1 Blackmouth
  145. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater 8-2 Fishies

    Eeeewwwwww, horseradish; never thought of that! Will try!
  146. Kettel O' Fish

    2018 Fishing in Barkley Sound BC

    Favorite place on earth to fish!!
  147. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater 8-2 Fishies

    Typical pink'ish blackmouth...not dark red. Pan fried the small'ish one last night in a little butter with homemade tarter--melted in my mouth. Just cannot beat the fresh stuff!
  148. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater 8-2 Fishies

    After what seemed like forever, launched out of Everett this morning & motored to a very popular trolling location (close to Hat)....bottom was covered with bait/fish 95-100' most of the morning. Irish Creme Tailwagger & UV white squid on the deck did the damage. Nothing huge but felt good to...
  149. Kettel O' Fish

    Who's got the best marital advice?

    "Yes Dear". Wash the dishes/do the laundry/wash her car/keep the yard decent/take her on dates/listen to the endless stories & act interested/take her to Hawaii or someplace nice a couple times a year/tell her she's gorgeous every day/scratch her back. Love is action...action makes it sweet...
  150. Kettel O' Fish

    Warm Under Garments

    I do know Muck boots are awesome in the winter in my open boat!
  151. Kettel O' Fish

    Warm Under Garments

    Not sure about the panty hose but great ideas everybody---thanks so much!. I'm even thinking about those electric heated, I'm getting old!
  152. Kettel O' Fish

    Dolphin 27"x8" black smooth bumper (with inflate hole)

    Found it floating in Lk Wash a couple years ago...too big for my boat. Yours if you want it...I'm in Kenmore. 27" x 8" size..inflatable
  153. Kettel O' Fish

    Warm Under Garments

    Froze my ass off hunting last week in NE Washington..doubled up long underwear & thick wool pants...not good. Looking into Merino wool or UnderArmour cold gear. I walk some when I hunt but generally, I'm a sitter which can get very cold. Does anybody do similar & have great success with...
  154. Kettel O' Fish

    Mocrocks or Twin Harbors clamming?

    Worst clamming I can ever remember. Small and scattered. Wow...why is clamming even open on the north beaches? More abundant but just as small at Copalis...they need time to grow up!
  155. Kettel O' Fish

    Mocrocks or Twin Harbors clamming?

    Easy limits tonight near casino.. Just no size. Up to Mocrocks tomorrow night. Hope they grow some. Slight offshore breeze, perfect conditions. Granddaughter Austens first dig. She chattered all night...Loved it
  156. Kettel O' Fish

    Razor clam recipes

    Pan fry in hot oil....dip in beat egg, roll in Krusteaz or panko....fry quickly on both sides until brown. Homemade tarter sauce (graded pickle/relish/onion powder/Worcester sauce/pickle juice). My dad is rolling over in his grave with the chowder ideas...that old German loved his fried clams...
  157. Kettel O' Fish

    Mocrocks or Twin Harbors clamming?

    Heading down 9th-11th...clamming Copalis Friday night....any intel on clam productivity/size at either Mocrocks or Twin Harbors (Copalis not open Saturday night) from the October digs? Thanks in advance!
  158. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Johns River?

    One coho limit which is kind of a bummer. We did well a few years back around the end of October..some big slabber hooks!
  159. Kettel O' Fish

    Frozen tuna available

    Just a heads up to those that may be contemplating a winter/spring with no canned tuna. I drove down last Thursday & bought 250lbs of frozen whole tuna at $2.99/lb...flash frozen on the boat. Thawed for one day & then canned it all. Good quality..all fish around 12lbs. Roger says they are...
  160. Kettel O' Fish

    Automatic pressure cooker

    Anybody have a bullet proof go-to automatic pressure cooker (for canning tuna & salmon)...tired of babysitting my stove top canner. Thanks! PS Seafood Connection Dock 8 had some whole frozen albacore at $2.99/lb if you are as desperate as I am/was for canned tuna (for the year)
  161. Kettel O' Fish

    Anybody running for Tuna this week?

    Anybody know where the large bio-mass of tuna is, please let us know...have to fill up the tuna jars!! Thanks!
  162. Kettel O' Fish

    WorkSharp sharpener

    Can someone provide a link to this wonder sharpener...bane of my life forever (dull knives)! Thanks!
  163. Kettel O' Fish

    Battlefish on Netflix

    Every boat has a dictator & I'm the dick on this that line!
  164. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Quick Edmonds trip

    Love those father daughter trips!
  165. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater MA7 Eagle Point for what it's worth

    Good to see ice on those fish!
  166. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Family fun at Sekiu

    Great family adventure & great place! Love Sekiu!
  167. Kettel O' Fish

    Glass work ?

    PM Sent
  168. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Barkley Sound end of summer trip w/ pics

    One of my favorite places to fish....
  169. Kettel O' Fish

    Waterproof tote bag

    I fish an open boat 99% of the non-waterproof bag is at the end of it's life...has anybody found a perfect waterproof tote bag with side pockets that is mid size (to fit jacket/shirt/light rainjacket in? Thanks in advance...
  170. Kettel O' Fish

    Some Canadian Porn

    Headed that way on!
  171. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater ilwaco albacore 8-11

    That's damn good with no live bait!
  172. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater WP 8/12

    I've experienced this myself Chris. No fun, no fish, no blood, no music...just horrible. Can't wait to do it again!!! Glad you found them!
  173. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Westport salmon 8/9

    Birds never lie!
  174. Kettel O' Fish

    Smoking Fourstroke Kicker - Should I buy?

    Blue smoke is generally not a good sign on a 4-stroke motor. I'd probably put my running shoes on & head the opposite direction.... Eliminating Blue Smoke in 4-Stroke Exhaust - SmokStak Aug 9, 2012 - Blue smoke in the exhaust gasses of a...
  175. Kettel O' Fish

    Nootka 7/24-7/27

    First time to Nootka...fished Bamfield the last 15 years. Stayed at very cool B&B floating oasis across from Critter Cove...fished out of buddy Bob's 22' Grady with good friend Mike Bos. Arrived Tuesday morning & fished the afternoon past the Lighthouse. Had a consistent bite & got 2 chinook...
  176. Kettel O' Fish

    18’ Tiderunner Boat

    Hi Steve says, I've owned one since 2001 & my buddy has owned his since purchase in 1985. Call me at 425-941-9733...happy to answer all questions.
  177. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Found one I can’t make look small

    Wow, a real king! Were you in on the beach?
  178. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Puget Sound King Opener

    Very good fishing A9 this morning....let's hope it holds up!
  179. Kettel O' Fish

    Partsvu atta boy

    I gotta give a shout out to Partsvu. Ordered Yammy 115 oil change kit ($38) & water pump kit Monday...arrived intact at my door step Wednesday. I called Monday after ordering & asked is they could add another product.."let me look that up for you & make certain we send you the right...
  180. Kettel O' Fish

    baker lk Fishing Washington & the PNW (Facebook page)....
  181. Kettel O' Fish

    baker lk

    Any reports from today (7/12)...3500+ socks in the lake...wondering if it's too high and/or wood in water. Thanks!
  182. Kettel O' Fish

    Salt ice

    We're stopping here on our way up to Nootka--lady says be there before 3:30pm. Looks like there is a shaved ice place in Nanaimo but I couldn't make the hours work.
  183. Kettel O' Fish

    Salt ice

    Found a place in Burlington but that doesn't help you down here....
  184. Kettel O' Fish

    Cost effective Yami oil changes?

    Partsvu has the Yamaha oil change kit including filter for $38 which is by far the best I've seen. $6 shipping added. If you want to stick with Yamaha product..... Can't argue with Patrick though....
  185. Kettel O' Fish

    Swiftsure closed to all fishing ? much for my Barkley Sound trips. Man, this fishing deal is getting tough!
  186. Kettel O' Fish

    Wa boaters card for kids help

    They'll be driving that big 28'er in not time! You can just sit back & relax!
  187. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Ocean Soup A3

    You're such a stud Captain Steve...jigging machine! Thanks for an awesome trip....freezer is well stocked!
  188. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Ocean Soup A3

    Fabulous 2 days so far here in Lapush with Captain, what a resource. Nice grade ocean fish Thursday and ling/rock inshore limits today. Weather looks good for tomorrow.
  189. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Somewhere in the straits

    Everything counts in the straits!
  190. Kettel O' Fish

    shrimping secrets (area 6 and 7 east/west)

    Watch the tides....strong tides equals lost pots! Weight'em or anchor'em if strong currents....and, they are strong!
  191. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater La Push 6/9

    Well, assumed it was a blue...another boat out there had a Mako sighting so could have been a Mako...just assumed it was a blue since that's all I ever see out that way. In thinking back, didn't look "blue" so probably the mako....either way, it was a giant...ate the second chunk of ling whole...
  192. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater La Push 6/9

    Beautiful day at LaPush yesterday....huge rainbow on the way out pointing (the exact heading) to the pot of gold. Mild tide/mild wind/decent bite. Hali & lings galore....unreal. Had a shark enjoy one of my lings....30' from the surface, the ling felt quite a bit heavier....shark had grabbed...
  193. Kettel O' Fish

    Freshwater Who is going out Friday/Saturday/Sunday?

    Is the Columbia at Vancouver fishable right now?
  194. Kettel O' Fish

    Anyone have House Painter recommendations?

    Daren Pullen...Pullen's Painting...local Bothell contractor been painting forever. Meticulous & does it right...206-356-2081
  195. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A9 Ling

    Finest eating fish on earth (my humble opinion)....nice fishy!
  196. Kettel O' Fish

    Need a Little Help with my Raymarine Transducer Please

    That's right....he's at the far north end of Queen Charlotte Island....! Thanks Patrick for the reminder....
  197. Kettel O' Fish

    Need a Little Help with my Raymarine Transducer Please

    Raymarine rep Mike Surdyk will solve your issue....he's on this page a lot...
  198. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Bubble Cherry

    Congrats. A rare sight so far...
  199. Kettel O' Fish

    Need a Little Help with my Raymarine Transducer Please

    This is what my dragonfly 7 looks like..screws are accessable. I adjusted my height and still need to put the 3rd one yours different? Mine is new...3 mos old
  200. Kettel O' Fish

    Open seats lapush

    PM sent
  201. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Neah Bay 5/27

    So my question is are the Sable's any good eating?
  202. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Bubble Bust

    Fished from daylight to shaker. Saw one caught....100 boats? Although didn't count. Checker had zip with 15 boats when we got back to Everett. Buddy tells me the tribe had successful net yesterday so maybe soon, the bay will refill. Anybody have better results? Onto ocean...
  203. Kettel O' Fish

    La Push last Sunday

    That is way cool...yes, tuna spying for sure!!
  204. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater La Push 5/13

    Great haul!
  205. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Salmon Fishing Suggestions?

    I stand corrected....forgot about the coho fishery in A10 & c&r there....good reminder. And, with the major runoff, the river could be a great place/time on those dates to nab a king (if it's open for kings this year) and/or steelhead... And, we did great at the bubble last June for kings....
  206. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Salmon Fishing Suggestions?

    Edmonds area not open at that time. Parts of the ocean open 6/23. You might want to check into the Columbia River for some June hogs then. See below: Recreational ocean salmon fisheries for chinook and hatchery coho will be open daily beginning June 23 in marine areas 1 (Ilwaco), 3 (La Push)...
  207. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater 5 Min. before closing!

    I gave up guessing on this site but when I layed it in my basin to bleed, it measured the same as the 22lb kings we catch up in Bamfield. The fillets are huge/long/thick. I'd say close to 20. Just a bruiser. Remember, the guy holding it is 220lbs+....ok, no more comments about weight :)
  208. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater 5 Min. before closing!

    Fished solo today with all my friends (literally nobody could go today). Had a solid day yesterday so kept boat in water at Cap Sante. Headed to secret spot by 9am (old man time)...low slack at noon & had to leave by noon. Cold/wet/breezy all morning & yesterday's fishy bait on the screen was...
  209. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A7 Bloody Deck

    Just had to share the two bloody footballs from A7 this morning. Too bad it's ending!
  210. Kettel O' Fish

    Tofino or Ucluelet??

    Can't lose with either!
  211. Kettel O' Fish

    Puget sound salmon season

    Mourning the loss of November A9 fishing of the year.
  212. Kettel O' Fish

    2018 ocean fisheries

    Painful if A9 not open in November for blackmouth..ugh
  213. Kettel O' Fish

    2018 ocean fisheries

    (2017) At Westport the sport quota is 15,540 hatchery-marked coho and 21,400 chinook.
  214. Kettel O' Fish

    2018 ocean fisheries

    Sorry for the poor pic....
  215. Kettel O' Fish

    Freshwater Big C springers

    You're such a stud Thap!
  216. Kettel O' Fish

    Freshwater After work Springer

    Fish em & Close em! Nice fish!
  217. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater MA7 3/31

    Love Salmon Bank...!
  218. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater They didn't get this one!

    Good question...I thought about it...cut all the tooth sections away. I'll let you know in the morning...belly full now!
  219. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater They didn't get this one!

    Buddy Aaron & I out this morning at local A9 seal hang out. Seals were thick! Hooked this guy as we were just coming up to leave. We think two seals fought over it...they let go for just a second & we dragged it in. Salvaged most of it. Gotta be something we can do to eliminate some of...
  220. Kettel O' Fish

    Jigging or mooching

    We mooched herring prior to downriggers (damn, I'm old)....never had to many issues with doggies this time of the year. Loved it--real fishing. Come summer, pick the jig!
  221. Kettel O' Fish

    Sekiu blackmouth

    On the ebb, I'd start in 120' of water right out front & fish (5' off the bottom) that line all the way to Kydaka Pt...then run back up & do it again. On the flood (my least productive tide in the straights), I'd start at slip pt (120') & troll all the way to Pillar. I would always troll with...
  222. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater MA13 3/3/18

    Was very good in A9 today....for the seals! Unreal. We really have to have a season on them...just ridiculous
  223. Kettel O' Fish

    Salmon forecast not great news

    Headed to Canada & Alaska this year....hoping we get some crumbs down here.
  224. Kettel O' Fish

    Need a property surveyor

    Absolutely not from Fisherman!!!
  225. Kettel O' Fish

    Need a property surveyor

    253-303-0270 [email protected] or Thornton 253-858-8106 These two contacts come from a very reliable source fyi
  226. Kettel O' Fish

    Need a property surveyor

    I know a land developer down there...will see if he knows anybody...
  227. Kettel O' Fish

    Friday Harbor Classic - who's fishing?

    Recent winner Team Enselman will be there...only now with Cap K onboard...beware!
  228. Kettel O' Fish

    Roche Winner

    Buddy Bob Enselman on brother Larry Enselman's boat caught the big one. Just happened to be in the right place at the right time...bam! The net broke while netting their fish which led to high blood pressure...they did get it in. Congrats to Team Enselman!
  229. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Pretty long odds

    All we got was frozen feet!
  230. Kettel O' Fish

    Fuel Tank Fabricators

    Coastline just made one for me. Very happy.
  231. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater 11/10 report

    We obviously are both sick people! Did you get anything? In your new boat?
  232. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater 11/10 report

    Nice post/fish!!! Yum on the crab too! We made the trip up to MCB friday too. Had a similar fish to the boat but one too many fins. Couldn't find another...very slow. Fished from 10:30am through the entire ebb til dark.... No bait/no fish! Great to get the Tiderunner back out on the water...
  233. Kettel O' Fish

    Blackmouth closing Monday

    True enough Steve....they know what's happening out there (via their test boat). They just question us to see how bad we lie!
  234. Kettel O' Fish

    Starboard Plastic

    Thanks Everybody...TAP in Lynnwood is close & they have two different varieties...appreciate all the input!
  235. Kettel O' Fish

    Starboard Plastic

    Thanks Matt! TAP Plastic in Lynnwood too! They have the goods & it's cheap! Bingo!
  236. Kettel O' Fish

    Starboard Plastic

    I'm looking for 2 3"x16"x1/4" strips of Starboard plastic to mount under my new aluminum gas tank. Does anybody around the Kenmore area have some they's like to sell to me? Thanks in advance...cell # is 425-941-9733
  237. Kettel O' Fish

    Freshwater Lk Washington Coho Counts

    Anybody know why the counts haven't been update in over a week? Heard the nets went into the lake today so probably doesn't matter at this point. Those nets can really kill a good thing...
  238. Kettel O' Fish

    Open seat tomorrow

    You're a sick man Mr. Steve!
  239. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Tuna Mania

    Ping ratio was way down today. I actually hooked & caught several today! Monkey is off back!
  240. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Tuna Mania

    Went with Tailwalker today....plowed out to the tuna grounds...first 5 minutes, triple on the troll..turned into a 7 fish stop. Two more troll/bait stops..plugged by 12:30 & on the way home. Amazing day Mr. Patrick/Rabbi Daniel. My buddies were impressed by the tuna prowess! You are a...
  241. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater WP sat 16th. Omg it's full of tuna!

    They all cook & can the same...great job Captain Steve!
  242. Kettel O' Fish

    Fishing Report: Ucluelet, B.C. August 31, 2017

    Wow...great pics. We had a fabulous week at Bamfield 8/19-8/26...hooked 60+ kings. What an amazing place Barkley Sound is!
  243. Kettel O' Fish

    85 Tiderunner gas tank

    Great..thanks Ryan. Get into Tuna last Friday?
  244. Kettel O' Fish

    85 Tiderunner gas tank

    Thank you...great advise!
  245. Kettel O' Fish

    85 Tiderunner gas tank Checked for a poly tank but biggest I could fit is 18. This one fits perfect. Wondering what type of material I should use to elevate it a bit off the floor..I'll have about...
  246. Kettel O' Fish

    85 Tiderunner gas tank

    Thank you!!
  247. Kettel O' Fish

    85 Tiderunner gas tank

    Hi all..30 gallon gas tank/1985 Tiderunner runabout finally gave up the ghost. I live in Kenmore...any suggestions/referrals on how to replace? Fiberglass or Aluminum. Anybody on the thread construct/fabricate these? Thanks in advance!
  248. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Ilwaco salmon 8/11-8/13

    More miss than hit at Westport as of last weekend....the fleet was going 38 miles north to catch co's..ugh! Pound the beaches for chance at kings...slim pickins
  249. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Kingston kings

    Heard that...nice job. Better than we did at Westport!
  250. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Little evening bite action

    Time to turn the photobucket shit off...
  251. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Westport in 772 Nautical Miles

    Great report & very very cool boat!
  252. Kettel O' Fish

    Frozen anchovies in Westport

    Sorry Bill; thought you were heading up now. You are arriving at prime time...we'll be up the 19th. Post a report & tell us where the big ones are! Safe sailing!
  253. Kettel O' Fish

    Frozen anchovies in Westport

    Always had great luck buying them at Gone Fishin tackle in Port Alberni. The gas Dock at Bamfield sells them too. Always treated me well. Also, been told by the old timers up there to always fish after August 15th. Just an FYI in the future.. prove me wrong; good luck...we are heading up 19th
  254. Kettel O' Fish

    Fiberglass shop?

    Scott Wiggins. Gold Bar. Good work
  255. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Westport Salmon 7/29

    Fished Thursday (8/3) south of jetty...found amazing bait/bird activity but only one nook about 15. Had the makings for a slaughter but couldn't find any more. Birds feeding on large herring...we matched but no more love. Decided at 11am to head out to the fleet due W of GH buoy...passed good...
  256. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Port Townsend 7/28

    We slept in that day....launched at 7:30 at Keystone..on the grounds by 8:00. Good bite going on when we got there right at high slack...we picked up one nice mid-teener. After tide began to ebb, bite died & bait disappeared. Made 2-3 blank passes...decided to move out deep around 11am..found...
  257. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Area 9 yesterday

    Second Jay. Black lips..king. white lips..coho. You have to learn this lest you make an expensive mistake....after a while you'll know by how they fight...
  258. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater SHARK WEEK IN TUNA TOWN!!!

    Got a hunk of shark from Larry. Marinated it along with the tuna...grilled it. Sensational! White/light & mild!
  259. Kettel O' Fish

    Freshwater Anybody fish Baker Lake yesterday?

    Up & at em this morning at daylight. Got one chromer right away at 35" down. Thought "game on". Nothing for the next 3 hours. Saw maybe 6 caught the entire day....100 boats in the north end & 50 down by the dam. WFDW wardens on their boat said 0-2 fish average. We fished the north end the first...
  260. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Neah 7/9 - 7/12

    Very very nice!
  261. Kettel O' Fish

    Lower unit maintenance

    Well said Bob...certainly agree!
  262. Kettel O' Fish

    Lower unit maintenance

    I do main engine & kicker upper & lower (115/9.9 yammies) 2x/yr. About $125 total material. I fish year around..not sure if it needs it but my high school shop teacher drilled into my head clean oil is best. Car/truck engine oil every 3000..yes, I'm an oil nerd (but my shit lasts!). Looking...
  263. Kettel O' Fish

    Freshwater Anybody fish Baker Lake yesterday?

    I'll answer my own question...Ted's had a report from 4 boats..worst did 3, best did 7. Not bad for only 1000 fish into the lake. Fish on!
  264. Kettel O' Fish

    Freshwater Anybody fish Baker Lake yesterday?

    Only 1000 released into the lake..curious is anybody went out...(and caught?). Going to wait until the count is 5000+ til I go
  265. Kettel O' Fish

    Sky 4th, open seats

    Curious how you did today...almost jumped on the opportunity but A7 was calling louder!
  266. Kettel O' Fish

    Saving the Clockwork VI

    You're an animal Ryan!
  267. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater spotty in Westport

    Damn...lesson to self...stick & stay & make em pay!
  268. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater spotty in Westport

    Spot on Captain Steve. We were heros Saturday (12 takes & 2 teener keepers from Casino to Ocean Shores...35' fow) to zeroes on Sunday despite fishing right next to you both days. Oh well...! We did get one decent hatch coho Saturday about 6 on the beach. The two fish we got Saturday were...
  269. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Is the state goi g to let us fish?

    What a clusterfuck they've made this. Appears budget is approved & we are good to go fishing (not 100% certain). Also appears all State Parks will be shut down even though the budget is approved... Feel bad for all the can this happen Olympia?
  270. Kettel O' Fish

    Westport roll call this weekend

    Son & I going down Friday Sat/Sun.
  271. Kettel O' Fish

    Ilwaco/Neah opener

    Ya, heard it was good up the beach in shallower water...
  272. Kettel O' Fish

    Ilwaco/Neah opener

    Any news on how fishing was yesterday on the opener?
  273. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Westport bottom and salmon report.

    Gonna follow you out next time!! Wow, those are nice blackies!
  274. Kettel O' Fish


    Didn't happen to see any fishy salmon water on the way out (birds/bait/jumpers etc)..?? Thanks for the report..
  275. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Epic Lapush

    Big lings..decent halis, big rocks, calm sunny ocean. What a day. Thanks Steve for a great trip. ...
  276. Kettel O' Fish

    Treager Grill or Green Mountain

    The Green Egg if guaranteed for life...about $850 for the large (perfect size) with nest & shelves...
  277. Kettel O' Fish

    Treager Grill or Green Mountain

    Been hammering my Big Green Egg since issues. Can't be beat. Of course, I used to sell them so I'm a bit bias'd. That said, it's literally changed peoples lives (for the better!). Egg on!
  278. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Northend Report

    Sitka is one of the most amazing places on earth. Great pics!
  279. Kettel O' Fish

    Salmon for Soldiers - Looking for Captains & Crew!

    I'll be in Canada that weekend (please move this event to September)--hate to miss it!...In the past, I've driven my crew to Edmonds & launched there..made it much more enjoyable (especially in a smaller boat)...just an fyi/possiblity
  280. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Brothers in Arms

    Great story! We scraped for halis Thursday (finally found our last Butt at 2pm)...lings were big & thick and plentiful. Exact opposite Saturday...tons of decent butts but not the lings (same spot). Had to finish at the Prairie on the lings. Awesome two days on Stephens new 28' Duck...what a...
  281. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater So this happened

    Beautiful specimen! Well done Mr. David!
  282. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Ma7 Lingcod

    Love the ice! Nice fishy!
  283. Kettel O' Fish

    Just how old are you bastards anyway ??

    Loaded our pop machine at the frat at UPS--1978-1979...25 cent beer beer...coldest damn beer on earth....right next to the pool table. Not much studying done in that room!
  284. Kettel O' Fish

    Westport Hotel Recommendation:
  285. Kettel O' Fish

    Westport Hotel Recommendation:

    I'll second the Chateau...a bit more $ but the beds are comfy awesome! And, it's right on the ocean...
  286. Kettel O' Fish


    Eastside Exterminators in Woodinville have solved my ant problem instantly in the past when they've show up. (425) 482-2101
  287. Kettel O' Fish

    Time for a Pot Puller

    Go Honda'll never regret it!
  288. Kettel O' Fish

    Coho Numbers

    I witnessed the endless nets strung from Evergreen point clear into Juanita bay....5-6 boats working the entire east end of the lake during the peak of the run. Complete destruction of the run....guarantee this isn't the only place this is happening...
  289. Kettel O' Fish

    Time for a Pot Puller Not sure how the Scotty set up works. I bought my gear from McKays..Honda gas puller & davit. I had the davit holder made by a steel fabrication company. It has worked perfectly for 10 years strong. Honda motor starts first pull every year (when I...
  290. Kettel O' Fish

    Nice day for a swim

    Felt sorry for your dad Steven...not a great way to start the day. I skated down the launch dock..unreal how slippery (especially with warm tennies). Your new boat is awesome!
  291. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Anyone fishing possession?

    LOTS of seals (30 of them out there early last week)...hard to fish right now...just an fyi
  292. Kettel O' Fish

    Boat name survey

    "The Take Down"
  293. Kettel O' Fish

    whats the next fishing season to open around area 7
  294. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A9 Fatty

    Released a 20+lb nate this morning...picked this guy up about an hour later. Some quality fish out there.
  295. Kettel O' Fish

    Adjusting Scotty Downriggers?

    I'd marry my Scottys if I could. Simple design and easy to tune. New plates and brake pads are $15. Takes about 10 minutes to complete. All answers on utube. 4 years of hard use and zero issues. Hard to beat. My two cents worth
  296. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater MA8-1/8-2 Report/Warning

    Ran into a pot at Partridge last week...not good. Both balls hung up--lucky to get one back. Annoying...
  297. Kettel O' Fish

    New guy

    Jump on All Star Charters for a day (salmon trip) & read every section of Salmon University...Study Study Study. Find a copy of Salmon Spectacular by Charlie White & watch it 30 times. Then, read his book (on how to catch salmon) That will get you started.
  298. Kettel O' Fish

    Canning tuna newbie

    I might suggest pint jars with wide mouths...more production with fewer easy to go/eat through a pint jar. Love my canned tuna! Some great "how to" videos on U-tube. I would be shot if I cooked mine inside...pretty stinky! Good luck!
  299. Kettel O' Fish

    A note of thanks

    ALWAYS listen to wife!
  300. Kettel O' Fish

    frozen fish learnings

    What brand of sealer to you have? Any special bags?
  301. Kettel O' Fish

    frozen fish learnings

    So, I always rinse & pat dry my fillets (with fresh water) before freezing. I've never had luck keeping fish tasting good after 60 days...I double seal both ends. If I don't rinse with fresh water, how does one clean the blood/goober off the meat? Do I freeze somewhat bloody & then rinse...
  302. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Copalis Razors.

    Mouth watering!
  303. Kettel O' Fish

    Drywall, popcorn ceiling guy?

    I sprayed with water until saturated. Then scraped off with a mud blade. Comes off super easy. Probably does have asbestos so go to Puget sound Air Quality for consumer guidelines (see link below--tells you exactly how to do it properly). Asbestos is not dangerous until airborne --hence...
  304. Kettel O' Fish

    Hitting Kauai this week. Help fill my day

    Checked on fishing---nothing happening when we were there in October (might be better now?)...
  305. Kettel O' Fish

    Hitting Kauai this week. Help fill my day

    Spent our 30th anniversary there. Blue Hawaiian helicopter rides can be bought at Costco for $200...worth every penny. They fly the best helicopters (my opinion). We also took the Captain Andy's cruise up the Napali coast; again, worth every penny (jaw dropping scenery). Drove up Waimea...
  306. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A9 Blackies

    You're right..foolish of me to post a fishing report on fishing report bad
  307. Kettel O' Fish


    Dream Garage!!
  308. Kettel O' Fish

    Westside little rag bull

    Best meat on earth! congrats!
  309. Kettel O' Fish

    Westside little rag bull

    Best meat on earth! congrats!
  310. Kettel O' Fish

    Westside little rag bull

    Best meat on earth! congrats!
  311. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A9 Blackies

    We do anything to make'em look a bit bigger!!!! Sure are tasty buggers!
  312. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A9 Blackies

    Arrived at 9am...done by 9:15am....pretty good fishing this morning. Buddy Mike in the pic. (he's 6'7" so does no justice to fish size!) Seahawk (herring aide) & Cookies/Cream spoon dragging mud in 135' of water. One had 2 7" horse herring in it's belly. Bummer it's gonna storm for a week...
  313. Kettel O' Fish

    Controlling cabin moisture

    I fish all winter!
  314. Kettel O' Fish

    Green Mountain vs Traeger

    The Big Green Egg (large size) will revolutionize your life...guaranteed!
  315. Kettel O' Fish

    Average Shot Distance?

    100 yds.
  316. Kettel O' Fish

    Salmon Habits...for lack of a better title

    Too bad Charlie White's Salmon Spectacular isn't around anymore...learned more about salmon fishing from that film than anything else. Razor sharp hooks; faster is better than slower were the main themes.....
  317. Kettel O' Fish

    Garage butcher

    Doggonit anyway...I decided to bone it myself & it actually was a lot like filleting a fish! Cutting away all the shot blood was not fun but still got quite a bit of meat...was a spike so not huge. I so appreciate ya'all getting back to me..I'm gonna keep the contact information as once is...
  318. Kettel O' Fish

    Garage butcher

    I have a pretty shot up spike bull elk (skinned & ready to go)..anybody know of a home/garage butcher who could bone it/burger it for cash? Thanks!
  319. Kettel O' Fish

    Bought This

    That boat is a thing of beauty!! Congrats on filling your driveway back up!
  320. Kettel O' Fish

    More Grouse

    That boy is turning into a man! Quickly! Nice job on the fowl!
  321. Kettel O' Fish

    Got my first deer

    Young whitetail...mouth watering!
  322. Kettel O' Fish

    New hunting chariot

    You're a good man Mr. Norm!
  323. Kettel O' Fish

    Looks like red meat is back on the menu, Boys!

    Young deer much better tasting than old deer! Congrats!
  324. Kettel O' Fish

    Freshwater Guide Advice for Olympia Area Zack guided up in Alaska all summer..he knows how to catch fish. He also repairs/cleans reels on the side. If it ever quits raining, fishing should be awesome! His # is (360) 701-3871
  325. Kettel O' Fish

    Accidents happen!

  326. Kettel O' Fish

    44 lbs of tuna

    Have to show off mine too from Sunday (all rivers)...arms sore. the guy holding (me) is 240lbs--this fish makes me look small! So much damn fun.
  327. Kettel O' Fish

    44 lbs of tuna

  328. Kettel O' Fish

    Johns River

    Any reports from John's River since it opened?
  329. Kettel O' Fish

    Lake Washington Rape

    It's bad enough the bastards string their nets from the bay to the lake...but running 7 boats & gillnets in front of Kirkland (about the only Sportsman sanctuary) is just plain fucked. Sorry for the language but I am pissed...they get first early dubs on the run...they wreak hacov on the entire...
  330. Kettel O' Fish

    Lake Washington coho

    Have been out chasing them on several occasions since the opener. Easy limits on the opener, then the rain ruined it for several days. 9/20, got 6 for 3 of us, then crappy weather again. Got one Saturday & 2 this morning. PM me for method (it's widely advertised!). Fun fishery when you find...
  331. Kettel O' Fish

    Nets Are In at The Locks; Ugh!

    Here you go....I thing I'm going to puke
  332. Kettel O' Fish


    Saw the same thing at Barkley sound August 18th through the 26th. The sound was full of large chunky Coho to 15 pounds. Unheard of for that time of the year. An epic Coho run this year and here we sit
  333. Kettel O' Fish

    Shopping for new trailer tires

    I bought this exact brand many years ago...worked great so far.
  334. Kettel O' Fish

    Canning Tuna ???

    Very helpful video...
  335. Kettel O' Fish

    Canning Tuna ???

    Lots of videos on u-tube...don't recall if you can stack or not. The videos tell you exactly how to do it..make certain you clean the lid connection...enjoy!
  336. Kettel O' Fish

    Westport Saturday. 2 tuna seats

    Join the club Jason ("think I may have a new problem" love it!)...just wait until you marinade & grill some fresh tuna steaks...and, eat the canned stuff all's a wonderful treat!
  337. Kettel O' Fish

    She's Gone

    Awesome boat Ryan!
  338. Kettel O' Fish

    Coho fuckery

    I knew it was coming. The coho were thick in Barkley Sound when i was up the 17-26th...have never seen coho in such abundance that early in the sound. And, big, fat healthy fish. Gonna be a banner year & here we sit...
  339. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Tuna with two

    I'm always available to go...have $/time/experience....
  340. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater 33 lb White King in MA7

    I believe you...nice hog!!
  341. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater WP Tuna

    Painful but funny Mr. Stephen! Jaws!!
  342. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Epic Ilwaco

    Great report...the 23rd can't get here soon enough!
  343. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Bam at Barkley!

    Should probably be in the BC section but...figured you may want to hear some good salmon news after a sometimes lackluster season around here. Leaving driveway (8/17), noticed oil coming from kicker drain plug (as I was leaving for week long trip)...called around; Cascade Marine in Mt Vernon...
  344. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Tofino 8/10-8/13

    Great it! Hoping they move right in front of Bamfield this week for our week up there...sounds like some quality fish around!
  345. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Westport Salmon

    Never ate one but make awesome shrimping bait!
  346. Kettel O' Fish

    Summertime fishing foot wear

    Just ordered the short xtratuf's...they sound perfect (love my long ones!)....thanks all!
  347. Kettel O' Fish

    Summertime fishing foot wear

    Well hells bells...there is the answer! I do use flip flops but oh so slippery & not fun washing the deck with them on....Thanks Jeff!
  348. Kettel O' Fish


    I have caught giant kings with a banana hanging out of my mouth....myth! Although you didn't want to get caught with a banana crossing the Altlantic in 1492...spoiled all the other food & you'd be fed to the sharks... (true)
  349. Kettel O' Fish

    Summertime fishing foot wear

    Short of cutting my non-insulated Xtra-Tufs down (to ankle height) so my feet don't boil...does anybody have a perfect solution to summertime (hot) bootwear? I've used duck boots in the past but not great support. Thanks in advance!
  350. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Westport Chinook bite

    Killin' me Mr. Norm!
  351. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Monday king report

    Very nice fish all!
  352. Kettel O' Fish

    Tuna canning

    Pinch of sea salt...that's it. Several u-tubes on how to do it....keeping the lid clean is essential to sealing. Have 20 cans (pint jars) from last year....absolutely love it!
  353. Kettel O' Fish

    Another 3-rivers shout out!

    So awesome...those guys really do rock. Buddy bought a brand new Yamaha 150 from Bayside a couple years back...with 40 hours on the motor, it blew up/melted 5 miles out of Ucluelet. I was sitting next to the motor when it died as the alarm was sounding. Bayside declined it was warranty work &...
  354. Kettel O' Fish

    Mukilteo BS

    Paid $15 to launch at the worst ramp in the state yesterday. My passengers paid for parking their car... (I didn't realize for 4 hrs only.. $8 total). Came back at low tide...4-low to pull boat out..barely. Passengers had $30 parking ticket on wiper. Really Mukilteo?? Wrote Mayor a nasty...
  355. Kettel O' Fish

    Mukilter BS

    Paid $15 to launch at the worst ramp in the state yesterday. My passengers paid for parking their car... (I didn't realize for 4 hrs only.. $8 total). Came back at low tide...4-low to pull boat out..barely. Passengers had $30 parking ticket on wiper. Really Mukilteo?? Wrote Mayor a nasty...
  356. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Westport fish Karna 7/17/16

    34-36" is about perfect leader length for squid/ace highs....40lb test minimum. Nice fish! Can't wait to get back!
  357. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater MA 6 Nooks

    Wow! Love PA
  358. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Area 9 report 7/18

    Super Duper!!! The kings are biting!
  359. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Area 9 report 7/18

    Super Duper!!! The kings are biting!
  360. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater MA9 Report

    Buddy Mark with a slabber from Possession this splatterback squid down 130' of wire. Lots of bait...big herring in belly. 21'lbs gutted at Edmonds scale. Very good bite from 7-9am today....
  361. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater /Westport Tuna 7/10

    Those are some fatties!!
  362. Kettel O' Fish

    I'm about to become Carrie's permanent bait boy

    Just perfect! Congratulations & so good to meet & fish with you. Look forward to meeting the Mrs...
  363. Kettel O' Fish

    Freshwater Baker Lk Opener

    Several launches on the lake. I launch at the dam (think it's called Kershaw) and make the run up the lake..nice launch. Less crowded launch too. Google Baker Lk launches (5 total I believe)
  364. Kettel O' Fish

    Freshwater Baker Lk Opener

    Read about the lake opening yesterday...called buddy (Captain Tobin) & off we went this morning..showed up around 5:30 at the grounds & game on immediately. Constant action until we ended with a triple around 9:30am. Lots of drive bys..lost fish & just lots of FISH! So much fun after last...
  365. Kettel O' Fish

    Freshwater Baker Lk Sockeye

    Emergency opener today July 6..limit raised to 5per person..2-pole endorsement ok...6694 fish in lake...
  366. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Westport 7/2-3

    Chunky monkeys! Beauties! And, looks like nice ocean.
  367. Kettel O' Fish

    South jetty

    I cut through there Sunday morning around 11:30...should not have. Worst I've seen it..once committed, couldn't turn around. Might think twice next time about saving 30 seconds off a trip...(pants nearly loaded!)
  368. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Westport 7/2-3

    Quick report....drove down Saturday morning early with son Ben. Hoping intel would be good from Friday but dismal reports. Did see the two caught Friday by Thatsbait out deep (thanks for that!) so decided to head west until I found fish. Happened on a boat at 220' with a fish on...he hollered...
  369. Kettel O' Fish

    Quill attack!

    Had a great day at Lapush 3 weeks ago with Carrie's bait boy. One of the "black bastards" stuck me on the upper nail/skin connection (not sure what you call it)....3 weeks this area was painful/infected...thought is was just the venom. Yesterday at Westport, I feels a sting in the finger & here...
  370. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Wp tuna

    Easy pickin's today Mr. Patrick! My son & I hit 2 in short order...lost a couple others. Back in early. This was a fat fish! 120" on the wire, Irish Cream Coho Killer...
  371. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Day two, Area 2!

    We were right there with you..couldn't get anything to stick this morning (late start too). Finally at 3, either the bite came on or we put on the right lure (coho killer)...started hitting fish 120-140' wire in 210' of water. One near 20. Not easy fishing for us today...yes, heard a lot of...
  372. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater King opener Area 2!

    How deep were those buggers (kings)?
  373. Kettel O' Fish

    Where to start Friday?

    Probably not due to crab pots..
  374. Kettel O' Fish

    Where to start Friday?

    Good stuff..thanks!
  375. Kettel O' Fish

    Where to start Friday?

    My bad Terry... I meant Westport.... Also, not sure if Sockeye retention is allowed in A9
  376. Kettel O' Fish

    Where to start Friday?

    Any intel from commies as to where they've been fishing Westport? Would love to stay close to the beach but will go deep if looking forward to a viscous king take down! Been way too long.
  377. Kettel O' Fish

    Alaska advice

    Maybe best to check with a local fishing/tackle shop...certain they'll have areas to fish. Let me know if you need a competent bait boy....
  378. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Lingcod for Dads day

    Guessing A7? Love the emphasis on "food"....just doesn't get any better living off the land!
  379. Kettel O' Fish

    Looking to get something made in 314 stainless

    Reliance Manufacturing in Maltby can build anything
  380. Kettel O' Fish

    New to saltwater and need advice

    Welcome Jordan. Salmon University is a great resource. Johns Sporting Goods has endless material. U tube "beach fishing Whiskey Island" Go to WDFW site and study regulations. This should keep you busy for days. Thanks for your service. Ps...Stop in at Holiday Sports in Burlington...they...
  381. Kettel O' Fish

    June 11, LaPush Butts

    My belly is still stuffed with the awesome deep fried rock fish, and all the varieties of fresh shrimp. What an awesome group and special thanks to Danny for doing all the work and Allen for donating the spot shrimp!
  382. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Steelhead, salmon, and halibut’s oh my!

    I love the tenacity of fishers! We are truly a crazy lot! Great story & pics!
  383. Kettel O' Fish

    Need pot puller help

    McKay Pot Puller package...about $1000. Honda motor..first pull start every time 10 years running. Hard to beat this setup. Make sure to empty the tank & run the gas out every year.... been 100% reliable
  384. Kettel O' Fish

    Prop for 2005 225 four stroke Yamaha

    John Sittauer at the Prop Shop in Mukilteo is the best in the business....425-870-2875. He will steer you in the right direction...
  385. Kettel O' Fish

    What is wrong with this pic?

    Cranking those old horrific Cannons from 150' does keep the blood flowing & warmer toes.....nah, still wouldn't trade my electric Scotty's for the world
  386. Kettel O' Fish

    Dinner Tonight

    Mouth is watering...can't wait for fresh Alby! And, Boston to boot!
  387. Kettel O' Fish

    West Side Vancouver Island Trip Info Needed...

    Just shy of $300 (Canadian)..Tswassen to Nanaimo. Go on BC Ferries web page...prices are'll need your full truck/trailer length. Anything over 7' is extra too I believe. Make certain you make reservations....
  388. Kettel O' Fish


    I was in the HVAC business for 20 years. We sold those Plus 90's with WNG back in the 80's. Surprised it's still running--they had a huge issue with the secondary heat exchanger disintegrating (wasn't made of stainless steel)....that said, dig deep & purchase a new one. I'm a Lennox guy...
  389. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Rosario

    No seal activity that I could see.
  390. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Rosario

    The cuts were way up way to see them unless laying on belly under boat....sure saw them when they were draining!
  391. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Rosario

    Excited to get my boat back from the shop (in 4 weeks!)--re-done floor (had delaminated from a previous fix)...headed toward Salmon Bank yesterday morning...1/2 way across buddy says "hey, water coming in"...oh shit; turn around, turn pump on & head back to ramp. Sure enough, the guys who fixed...
  392. Kettel O' Fish

    Razor Clams

    Gonna wait for swells under 10'....
  393. Kettel O' Fish

    Bayside Or Jacobsens?

    Wouldn't go near Bayside....buddy spent in excess of $20K repowering/new kicker/hydraulic steering etc....At 40hrs, brand new 150 Yamaha blew up & they wouldn't honor warranty...unreal. 3 rivers stepped up & took care of it (after 3 months of agony with the pricks at Bayside)....Anywhere but there.
  394. Kettel O' Fish

    Looking For New Accountant

    Hi Doug..sent you a PM. That said, I'll say publicly, Jeannette Nelsen (Hersman/Serles/Almond) is one of the best in the business...and reasonable 206-920-0482
  395. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A7 Opener

    Scratched out another one yesterday. Had another one on but some dipwad cut right behind our boat as we hooked up on another decent fish..then kept trolling away with our fish/line wrapped around his riggers...some people are truly clueless. That said, beautiful day out there..really have to...
  396. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A7 Opener

    Put the hurt to 4 yesterday at a popular ebb tide location. 6' off the deck was the key--all the faces were scratched; some candlefish in the bellies. Cold but amazing day yesterday. Buddy Aaron Peterson with a nice one.
  397. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A7 Opener

    Big thumbs up to Matt yesterday...sent out a text they were on fish & off we went. 3 nice ones in the boat on a very good bite within a couple hours. Been awesome sharing with fellow BD'ers....thanks again.
  398. Kettel O' Fish

    Bacon Explosions

    Recipe please...
  399. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A7 Opener

    Had a little better luck yesterday (out of Wash. Park). Went 2/4; both about 8lbs. One boat had 4 (for 2 fishermen)--others were skunked. Nice to be out on flat water finally!
  400. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A7 Opener

    I chose location poorly!!
  401. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A7 Opener

    Had bait but going slow enough in the Gale was nearly impossible....
  402. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A7 Opener

    Wish I could say they were jumping in the boat yesterday...couldn't find anybody to challenge the forecast with me so thought I'd give it a try. Fished 3 popular Rosario Straits locations from 8:30am to 3:00pm. Had one good one on--lost it 1/2 way up. A couple drive-bys. That was it. Stuck...
  403. Kettel O' Fish

    Let the King Season begin! Homer, AK

    So envious....all closed down in my neck of the woods.
  404. Kettel O' Fish

    Dock Cart

    Very nice...where does the engine go?
  405. Kettel O' Fish

    Chumming in A9

    Absolute bullshit (sorry for the french). Why not stop the pathetic coho fishing during October & save the coveted blackmouth fishery? And, since there are a million shakers meaning lots of fish, why close it? Would they keep it open if the sound was barren (yes!)...makes zero sense...
  406. Kettel O' Fish

    Let the King Season begin! Homer, AK

    How are you fishing the lure? Small downrigger? Lead weight? Diver? How deep do you have to go? Down here, we go down 100-150' generally for the winter kings. Nice fat fish!
  407. Kettel O' Fish

    There's good news and bad news honey

    I always tell my wife of the sacrifice I'm making...hurricane winds/treacherous seas/man eating sharks simply kept her fed!
  408. Kettel O' Fish

    Pin bone removal

    I cut/fillet them out too. I cook that piece along with the rest, then lay it on it's side--pull it apart 1/2 way...they all come out easy then & the meat is good and not wasted.
  409. Kettel O' Fish

    Coho hot spots for Soldiers????

    Went 5/14 this morning in front of the ferry (best trolling north with the ebb tide) in 500' of water down 45-80'. Best bite was early (got out at 8)---immediately began hitting fish. Had a couple newbies on board; hence all the drivebys. UV white squid/24" leader on one side, Green glow...
  410. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Westport Area 2-2

    East Grays Harbor Fishery 2 (see map next page) Sept. 16-Nov. 30 Min. size 12". Daily limit 3 (combined). Release CHINOOK. Open East of John's River....heard there are lots of kings in now (that must be released)---huge coho will be in there later in October.
  411. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Finally hit the jackpot

    I'll fix the pics when I get on pc...couple duplicates....
  412. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Finally hit the jackpot

    Shoreline out 10 miles was snotty...from 10-40 wasn't too bad.
  413. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Finally hit the jackpot

    Plugged the boat today by 11:30. 3 stops..Appears others did well too. 40 miles due west. Tailwalker Charter is the shit. Awesome Captain Patrick and Deckhand Daniel..thanks for the great trip. Side-note: Firstmate Stephanie (she is one tough cookie!) was the hot ticket today--outfished us all!
  414. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A9 coho

    Are they getting any bigger? Pics?
  415. Kettel O' Fish

    Herring filets for coho

    Waiting at dol to get dl renewed. Thought I'd chime in. I mix a solution of distilled water and rock salt...heavy on the salt in a gallon freezer bag. Mix until most of salt is dissolved. Make enough so all your herring is covered by solution. I start brine at least day before trip. I put in...
  416. Kettel O' Fish


    That's a tough forecast Steve...thoughts & prayers to you & your family...
  417. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater 2015: The Summer of Tiny Puget Sound Silvers and Pinks

    El Nino...however, the Chinook were decent size this year. Go figure....nature....
  418. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater 2015: The Summer of Tiny Puget Sound Silvers and Pinks

    We fished today from the Spanish house south to Wells point in 3-600' of water. Stayed north of the ferry on the ebb..moved with the rip tide sound during the change to flood. Had reasonable action all morning--went 4/9 with a couple drive bys. 55-120' was the depth (120' was good late)...UV...
  419. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Westport Tuna 9/9

    Awesome! What's that on top of your tuna?
  420. Kettel O' Fish

    Sooke BC 8/19-8/26

    Fished Sooke 8/19-8/26 (cancelled Bamfield trip due to 30" max. size limit). Stayed at Sooke Harbour Marine Resort--3 bed/3bath condo; with US discount only $160/night. This is luxury fishing compared to tents at Poett Nook! Nice dock, locked gate, nice well lit cleaning stations. Typical...
  421. Kettel O' Fish

    Canning VS. Vacuum packing Tuna

    Making my damn mouth water!
  422. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Tuna and salmon 8/15-16

    Great report Steve...and thanks for the awesome trip. A couple of those I cleaned were upper teens...gotta give yourself more credit....heck, maybe approaching 25!!
  423. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Anybody salmon fishing Westport (UPDATE REPORT ADDED)

    Lights out fishing this morning from the condos south. 25 feet of water down 20 feet with a hoochie and a spoon.4 easy limits. Kings to 20 and coho to 10. Birds bait and feeding frenzy. Appears they are back on the beach
  424. Kettel O' Fish

    westport going to 2 kings

    Just in time for my Canadian trip! Good news for all of you staying south!
  425. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Ilwaco Salmon

    Wow, slabber!
  426. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Westport 8-11

    Called WFDW yesterday requesting King limit be raised to 2 for me today (60% of quota left--only 2-3 solid weeks of king season left!). Answer was no-have to review last weeks data. That said, drove down last night with friend Mike Bos; launched at 6 & followed fleet 22 miles from Buoy 8 NW to...
  427. Kettel O' Fish

    Bamfield Screw Job

    Anybody else have a trip planned to Bamfield/Barkley in August? Bam, size restriction imposed 8/1/15 out 1 mile into the ocean--nothing over 30" can be kept (that's about 14lbs--painful memories from our 30" restriction in the 90's). I wonder how many vacations this is ruining; not to mention...
  428. Kettel O' Fish

    Processing tuna catch?

    Great suggestions. My first trip was last September...I u-tubed how to can; bought a pressure cooker (the bigger one) & have enjoyed some of the best canned (pint jars) tuna all year. Not difficult if done right--as mentioned, is time consuming. I canned/cooked outside & glad I did--it stinks...
  429. Kettel O' Fish

    cloudy gas

    Another reason to fish all year around...never let the gas sit in the tank long!
  430. Kettel O' Fish

    cloudy gas

    Hi Stephen...I'm no mechanic but if it were me I'd siphon it all out & have the system professionally flushed. Water is never our friend....Have you called your mechanic?
  431. Kettel O' Fish

    Freshwater Lake Wenatchee Sockeye???

    Just read it's going to be delayed until enough get into the lake...sockeye being delayed due to high water temps....on wdfw site....
  432. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Sekiu ??

    Ditto biggest fish (38.5 to be exact) was slow trolled plug cut herring in 60' in Eagle Bay trolling west 10' off the bottom...still love just off the kelp beds though in 40-50'--something magical about it...we didn't know what a downrigger was when we started in 84...
  433. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Sekiu ??

    5 oz banana lead...6-7' leader back to double 4/0 hooks...plug or whole herring right off the kelp beds 10' off the bottom (40-60' of water)..trolled slow with outgoing tide (no good on incoming). Hang on!
  434. Kettel O' Fish

    Westport 7/13 Open seat

    Haven't heard from a soul...gonna be lonely out there whacking 20lb everybody working??!!
  435. Kettel O' Fish

    Westport 7/13 Open seat

    Giving some thought to heading down tomorrow morning early..winds look light. 2-man boat--have open seat. Anybody else got a hankerin to whack a king? Text me at 425-941-9733 or PM...thanks! Kurt
  436. Kettel O' Fish

    Freshwater Any pre-sockeye season tips for Baker Lake?

    I do know that is you think you are going too slow, then go 9.9 wouldn't let us troll slower than 1.0mph yesterday & I generally troll about 1/2 that speed...hoping hear what Carpenter's secret sauce is!
  437. Kettel O' Fish

    Freshwater Any pre-sockeye season tips for Baker Lake?

    Just came from there this morning Anthony---you'll need a big 4-wheel drive as the launch is a sand spit. I'd recommend checking on another ramp with a boat that size. We fished the far north end of the lake this morning with 200 of my friends...went 3/4 which was about average...some got...
  438. Kettel O' Fish

    Freshwater Brewster sockeye

    Reports are the sockeye are thick &!
  439. Kettel O' Fish

    Freshwater Any pre-sockeye season tips for Baker Lake?

    Thinking about driving up Friday for the sockeye opener...anybody have a suggestion on which boat launch may have a parking spot left at 6am? Hoping to see 10000 in the lake by Friday--my research tells me that's enough to do some catching. Thanks in advance!
  440. Kettel O' Fish

    Communicating offshore with cell phone (Westport)

    My Verizon cell works out to about 10 reception at 15 miles...and Verizon has the best coverage...just an fyi.
  441. Kettel O' Fish

    Eagle Point July

    Fished Eagle today & pinks. Some kings but few & far between
  442. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Stellar WP Salmon 6/21-6/25

    No other way to describe it but "epic"--great job!
  443. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Neah bay salmon

    I don't recall seeing so many Humpback whales off our coast...I guess it's great news...if the food is there, so are the, the makings for a killer summer--so much for work!
  444. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Westport 6/22-23

    Ditto report above...drove down Monday morning--saw the fleet straight out in 150' & the show was on....weeded through the kings to get the mid teeners & some really nice coho in the times; couldn't keep'em off (both kings & coho!)....the whales were putting on a spectacular show both...
  445. Kettel O' Fish

    Where's the Westport reports?

    Ditto above...bite never stopped for kings...we finally weeded through many to get our teeners at 150'...then out to 180" for some epic coho action....went through 15 nates to get a couple hatches. Flat ass calm ocean and Humpback show all day
  446. Kettel O' Fish

    Who's fishing Monday? Who wants to fish? I have seats.....just sayin'

    I'll be down (Westport) with a buddy....see you out there!
  447. Kettel O' Fish

    A11 Dolphin Pt

    Thanks Dave...
  448. Kettel O' Fish

    Tuna Technique

    Killin me!
  449. Kettel O' Fish

    A11 Dolphin Pt

    Any news from Dolphin Pt? I usually hit it on the 1st & sometimes did well....
  450. Kettel O' Fish

    Wp tomorrow

    Head SW to 150' deep...troll south down 80-120' with anchovy/herring/4" spoons... troll 4 miles south to in front of north, repeat...that's where they were last week.
  451. Kettel O' Fish

    Need AK lodge options

    Yep, Sitka end of June...King central. Bruce Gipple runs a great operation; nice accomodations.
  452. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Tough goin for Westport Sammies

    It was a grind...that is for sure. the charters were working the 160' depth so that's where we stayed....again, wasn't hot & seemed to certainly die after low slack... Nice big fish!
  453. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A little Salmon action in Westport this weekend

    Went 3/3 today; could not buy the 4th. Bite stopped right after low slack at 10:30--nothing after that. Still bait out at the 160' line southwest. Used Anchovies all morning...100' was the depth...
  454. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A little Salmon action in Westport this weekend

    Fished the buoy line south to Windmills today 150-160'--wind ok; ocean a bit sloppy with the big ebb. Didn't get out til 8am (drove down from Seattle this am-fished with Tunahore). Great bite for about an hour down 80-100' down; lots of bait. Boated one, lost the rest. Thought--game on...
  455. Kettel O' Fish

    Westport this weekend

    Any reports from the last couple days?...charter report says no good 6/2 south by the windmills but good on the bar.....sounds like they may have spread out a bit....on the fence still for tomorrow & Saturday....wind is iffy.
  456. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater I thought Westport opened today.

    Priceless pic of the boys!
  457. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater I thought Westport opened today.

    Nothing in tight to the beach either north or south....charters were out at 150' today south. We picked up two but had to work hard. Stomachs were empty-bait is scant.
  458. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Honor Roll

  459. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Pa halibut on the Slippery Finn May 15-16

    Chicken halibut beat the hell out of turkey burger! Way to go!
  460. Kettel O' Fish

    Rivers Inlet - First week of August

    If you need a baitboy, let me know (fished there in 02). Unless things have changed, there are limited areas close to the two rivers (at the head) you can fish. 14 2' pulls to get below the silt into the salt water...plug cut herring 6-7' behind a 5 oz wt. Hang on!
  461. Kettel O' Fish

    Freshwater I-5 Springers

    yes, today (Saturday) & Thursday (16th). Pretty tasty fish on the grill last night....
  462. Kettel O' Fish

    Freshwater I-5 Springers

    Fished Wed/Thurs from Portco down to the RR tracks along with many others....picked up two including this one by buddy Mike Milner on Wed. Skunked Thursday (although we saw quite a few fish get caught)...many boats at Portco launch were skunked Thursday as well--even the guide boats were having...
  463. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Finally a Fish!

    Spring is always tough in Puget Sound....heading down to the Columbia River this week for some springers....(hoping)
  464. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Finally a Fish!

    Uncle's 74th birthday today. Norwegian Pt at am tide change. 135' down (on the deck) with 3.5" cookies & creme spoon. Let another nice fat native go earlier at Pilot. Drive by at Tin Shed on the way in. Zero bait but a few scrappers around...
  465. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Anyone caught any blackmouth area 9/10 lately?

    Two experienced buds fished PT ebb this am (in two boats)...both boats zippo. Slim pickin's out there..
  466. Kettel O' Fish

    Salmon for Soldiers NEEDS YOU!!

    It's a great way to say thank you to those that serve--they truly deserve it....!
  467. Kettel O' Fish

    Wife lands a couple more

    I'm moving to Kodiak!
  468. Kettel O' Fish

    Today underwater footage of king salmon

    Charlie White's old camera research (Salmon Spectacular) claimed 80% of the fish smell & leave--that's why sharp hooks are mandatory--not that many chances! Awesome footage...
  469. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Area 9

    Was up at MidChannel Monday--sterile waters...nothing. Pulled out & drove up to Anacortes; bait & good fishing in A7.
  470. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Area 9

    From the reports, Port Angeles is not good. Haven't heard anything about Hein.....
  471. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Area 9 reports?

    Scraped one out at PNP yesterday (about 7). Lost a keeper to a seal at both the bar & PNP--they must be starving too. did not see one sign of bait...ugh!
  472. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Area 9 reports?

    We hit 2 keepers this morning at Pilot in 150' of water dragging bottom. Nothing big but a couple Q'ers for the game tomorrow. Good bite for about 1.5 hours, then died. No bait in bellies--fish looked hungry (a little on the skinny side)...didn't see another net (lots of boats)...
  473. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Well since they are going to one fish anyways- A7 report

    Find the bait, find the fish...we'll be looking today. Nice fatties!
  474. Kettel O' Fish

    Just moved up to Washington from SoCal

    There is a wealth of information at "Salmon University". John's Sporting good web page has endless pages of "how to fish" areas....welcome!
  475. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A7 Eve Fishing

    Snuck out Christmas Eve with a couple buds with the promise of being home at 2 (ya, right!). Well, we fished through 1pm & went 4/7 including a couple strong long line releases. Skies cleared when we got there & the wind amazing morning in the San Juan Islands....
  476. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A7 Blackmouth

    Nice fishy! Thanks for your service. Water looks wonderful!
  477. Kettel O' Fish

    Any recommendations on quality fiberglass work in the snohomish/skagit areas?

    Wiggins Custom Fiber Glass, Fabrication & Repair 28828 106th Place SE Monroe, WA 982729064 - View Map Phone: (360) 793-2725 Excellent resource. Scott I believe is his first name.
  478. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A7 Opener

    Had a short business engagement north Monday so decided to hook up the boat & head to Anacortes (actually just a good excuse to hit the opener); had to fly solo as all baitboys were working or busy (I never understand this!)....arrived 9am at the ramp--one side was blocked with logs (wind...
  479. Kettel O' Fish

    Resurrection Derby / Roll Call / Side Bet!

    Weather & wind looking excellent (for next Fri-Sat) in the 10-day forecast....looking forward to this event!
  480. Kettel O' Fish

    Garmin 240 fishfinder

    Least I could do for such a big favor. Sounder back on boat & ready for A7 blackmouth....Friday was S 30 at 7:45am, then N 30 at 8:45am....crazy; couldn't make it out in that. Fishing in the Resurrection derby next weekend--will report. Thanks again!
  481. Kettel O' Fish

    Garmin 240 fishfinder

    Big shoutout & thanks to Mike...240 depthsounder arrived today & I'll be back on the water Friday. Wow, I am so impressed---thanks again Mike!
  482. Kettel O' Fish

    Garmin 240 fishfinder

    Wow Mike--what can I send in return? I really don't expect it free... Kurt Kettel 18328 83rd AV NE, Kenmore WA 98028
  483. Kettel O' Fish

    Garmin 240 fishfinder

    I have one & it is still working perfectly. Does anybody have an old dead one they'd like to sell me for parts? The section screwed onto the back that receives the bolts (to hold the unit to the mount) broke--can't find that particular piece anywhere...thanks in advance! I can be reached at...
  484. Kettel O' Fish


    My Uncle damn near burned down his house in Edmonds setting a smoker on his wood deck close to his house....smokers on concrete away from combustibles....happy is was just the smoker that ate it. I have a Big Green Egg (which is a big hassle to burn a low temps) & a Big Chief....I suck at...
  485. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Razor Clams are Jumping on the Coast

    Moss backs we used to call-em....beauties!
  486. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater MA 9 Blackmouth

    Buddy Dan Tobin had the hot hand Friday. Irish Creme 3.5" tail wagger 8' off the bottom at a very popular fish hole Friday morning. 4 keepers by 10am--I won't get beat up on weight so I'll say they were "hefty"....All fish had large herring in bellies. Thank god the dink coho are gone & the...
  487. Kettel O' Fish

    Bayside Or Jacobsens?

    Bayside refused to warranty a brand new 150 Yammy my buddy spent $14K putting on his boat after only 40 hours of use. Alarm went off as it was coming apart 5 miles out in the ocean (I was sitting next to it)--damn near caught fire it was so hot. Bayside told buddy to go to his insurance...
  488. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Friday Tuna failure

    A couple of handsome dudes that's for sure (the tuna that is)! Thanks again Steve for the trip. Fresh grilled tuna at 500 degrees on the Big Green Egg is unbelievable!
  489. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater MA 9 Coho

    I couldn't get a bump Saturday. Buddy limited--got 4 way out in front of the ferry. Not fast & furious where I was (Edmonds)..
  490. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Edmonds Coho

    They just got bigger the last 2 days...finally. When we goin for Tuna? my wallet is burning...
  491. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Edmonds Coho

    4 more nice ones this morning just south of Edmonds; 6-8lbers. So good to see some decent fish finally get here. Ended with a double & several chasers around the boat....Ended at 10.
  492. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Edmonds Coho

    Yep, taking my son Saturday...gotta launch at either Shilshole or Mukilteo because Edmonds Marina is rented by a Regatta..unreal...thanks again for the Tuna consideration.... Bugeater, I have no idea where you are fishing but I haven't broken 10# this land for me.
  493. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Edmonds Coho

    Set pots at 7:30....Started fishing around 8. Last one came at 10:30'ish.
  494. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Edmonds Coho

    Went 4/4 in front of Edmonds today--one about 8-9'ish; nice to see some chunkier "hook-nose" coming in. UV white squid & green spatter uv ace hi with herring teasers...60-90'. Also, 9 nice crabbies just north of Edmonds... Uncle Dick (Kettel) with some dinner....
  495. Kettel O' Fish

    Buddy boat, Friday, Westport, Tuna

    If you need a deck hand for Friday, let me know; would love to go. Experienced & plenty of $ to chip in...sent you a PM. Thanks!
  496. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Edmonds Coho

    Pretty quick bite this morning in front of the ferry. 50-60' down...limits (4) by 8:30. Heard good reports up & down the east shoreline (from shipwreck to Richmond Beach). Appears the rain has brought some in! Took my buddy Rory out this morning--fresh coho on the Q tonight.... Green hot...
  497. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater WP 9-18-14

    The only Co I like--ocean fish! Nice!
  498. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater After School Coho-ing in Edmonds

    Looks like they may be getting a bit bigger?! Hoping so. What a treat to fish with dad!
  499. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Edmonds Silvers

    They are 1-2lbs lighter this year; hoping to see some bigger ones soon! Nice looking Co tho
  500. Kettel O' Fish

    Ucluelet, JUL 26- AUG 2

    Fished Ukee 8/17-8/19. Epic bite Monday morning right out front in 100' of water 27' down right off the rocks. Picked up 6 nice kings in a couple hours. Tuesday, Hurricane Katrina came in & we ran to Bamfield & picked up 4. Wednesday morning, back out front but water cleared & nothing...
  501. Kettel O' Fish

    Ucluelet, JUL 26- AUG 2

    My buddy above (Aaron) is sending very very good reports from Bamfield. Had 9 hookups this morning by 8:30....that is very good fishing up there. Reports of a 41lber at Poett Nook (where he is staying). Island West Resort (Ukee) reported the cleaning docks are busy--that is good. Two years...
  502. Kettel O' Fish


    Go to Salmon University/fish reports...Report there on Area 2 tells you exactly where to go & what to do....good luck!
  503. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A9 8/10 Easy Limits.

    Troll or mooch? Nice fish!!!!
  504. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Got some nookie

    Eggcellent. I picked one up solo at no point yesterday mooching--fun doing what we used to do pre-downriggers! Nice fishy!
  505. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Area 10 closing for chinook

    WDFW says looks like A9 will go to 8/15. Last day for A10 is tomorrow/Thursday.
  506. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Westport 8/2

    We couldn't buy a fish at the 300' line straight west....were you all a bit north or south....damn..
  507. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater any westport salmon reports

    PS Close in (Casino) was dead for us (and many others)...a few around but few & far between.....
  508. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater any westport salmon reports

    Hi Tim..did you see my post from yesterday? Just got home last night from 2 days. Leave early to beat the wind. Drive due west out to 280' & start trolling west. Our best king action yesterday was at 150' of cable. No coho until you reach 350' I'm told--we only went to 300' & no coho...
  509. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Westport 7/28

    Clockwork--we needed your big boat today--have you been out?
  510. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Westport 7/28

    Had to go to 280'-300' today & fish down 150' to get our two kings (15 & 20)--had one that almost spooled me straight down before coming unbuttoned. Red hot bite from the time we got out there (10'ish) until noon....then sporatic. Wind came up to about 20 so a bit bouncy coming in at 2:30...
  511. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Mid Channel 7-29

    Now that's encouraging!
  512. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Westport 7/28

    Here's a pic of the little critter
  513. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Westport 7/28

    Drove down from Seattle--launched at 8:30..poles in water by 9:00. Lost one one coho & landed one king--fished until 3; then in. Fished all around the casino/ocean shores area from 40-90'; no bait & not much life. Heard from others it had been good Sat/Sun but not so today. Did hear of a few...
  514. Kettel O' Fish

    Westport Salmon August 1st

    Fished from 9-3 today near the casino (40-80')--only stuck one king close to 20. Lost one coho & had one drive-by & that was it....very very slow. Did hear of a few caught but few & far between. No bait! NW wind 15 steady so is sloppy (but fishable)... May go straight out or just head home...
  515. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater MA9 Explained.

    I've caught many a king with a banana hanging out of my mouth. Bad news when they rotted on the old ships crossing the Atlantic 3-500 years ago--ruined everything. Now, just a nice snack. The legend lives on....
  516. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Westpot the 23rd

    Chinook in that mix/limit?
  517. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A9 Nook

    I need to put the downriggers away & bring out the mooching gear--like in the old days! Great way to fish... Nice fish!
  518. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Point No Point

    Did better than us. 3 passes/zip. The bait was awesome & it looked so fishy.... way to go!
  519. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Westport 7/11-12

    Shhh, quit giving away my secrets Kyle!
  520. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Westport 7/11-12

    Drove down early Friday morning & headed north into 55-60' of water Casino area (broken record) around 9am. Naked whole herring at 24' was the ticket. Slow at first but bite came on around 11 & we were done quickly. Back out early Saturday morning--glad I left the boat in the water! Long...
  521. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Like Clockwor

    I recognize that boat! Way to go guys...similar results for us Saturday. The coho are chunky already!
  522. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Westport salmon 7/6

    Follow the birds!
  523. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Finally Made it to Westport 7/6

    There are a lot of fish up that direction--congrats!
  524. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Westport White Kings

    Hi Ed...similar story for us. We didn't launch until 8:30--there were guys back already with their limits! Casino in 40' of water. We missed the morning bite but it came on around 10:30a--we moved out to 55'; found a bunch of birds/bait. 2 nice kings high teens & two coho 5-6 to finish the...
  525. Kettel O' Fish

    Apologies for my morning at the Westport Ramp 7/5

    There should be a class on proper ramp etiquette...some guys are clueless (getting ready on the ramp). Unfortunately, been witnessing ramp stupidity forever. Anybody remember the Schucks $1million salmon derbies back in the 80's--Mukilteo ramp OMG. Should have made a movie of that cluster f...k
  526. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater July 1 opener, Wasabi style.

    I like the way you report the weight! My kind of guy! Great fish..... Yes, lots of boats, pretty slow altogether...nothing like the opener last year! Westport if the place to be..
  527. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater San Juan Opener

    Arrived to a full parking lot at Washington Park at 6am...ran to Eagle where there were 200 boats--didn't see a net fly. Ran down south to Cypress & picked this one up past the buoy....CK-Green/while glow on the deck behind green/glow hot spot flasher. Only bite all day. Saw one other caught...
  528. Kettel O' Fish

    RIP Old friend of ours

    I spents thousands on my old Honda 10-horse--still brings back nightmares!
  529. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Bloody Deck Brothas

    Answered a call-out from Clockwork for a deckhand yesterday. Up at 2:30am (way too early for this old fart)--to Covington by 4am, to Westport by 6:30am....Bar wasn't bad--a little chop/swell heading out to 300 ft sw of WP. Bite was good for a couple hours--then waned. Ran into 270' with...
  530. Kettel O' Fish

    Open Seat Westport Saturday

    Hi Ryan. If you still need a baitboy, let me know--I'm there. I tried pm'ing you but not certain it went through (is that "start a conversation"). You can reach me by phone at 425-941-9733. Thanks Kurt
  531. Kettel O' Fish

    Open Seat Westport Saturday

    I tried PM'ing you--not sure it worked. I may be game if the weather is not too bad....
  532. Kettel O' Fish

    Open Seat Westport 6/28

    Hi Frank--I might be game. Gotta see what the forecast calls for tomorrow. I'll give you a call in the morning...thanks!
  533. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater WP 6/26

    Were they deep like last week? Thanks & great looking nookies!
  534. Kettel O' Fish


    I'd go in a heartbeat but with small craft advisory all day tomorrow, won't be much fun. Dang!
  535. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Westport 6/21

    We did too...15 miles straight out into 300'. Kings down deep. Hooked & released several.....50-60 hook-ups before noon (many of those coho). Very very good fishing....Naked whole herring & cop car spoon--didn't matter
  536. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater New Guy Needs Lodging Help..

    Chateau has awesome beds & nice kitchenettes & they are reasonable. Close to docks (5 min)
  537. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Wp friday

    Fished north Thursday in front of Ocean Shores in very snotty ocean--took 3 nice hatch's/one nate release (sorry, so rough couldn't take pics-literally). Then buddy got sick & we had to head in at was slowsville north. 1/3--fished hard for 8 hours in front of Ocean...
  538. Kettel O' Fish

    Rollcall: Westport King Opener?

    Per Seattle Times, fish are at Ilwaco & LaPush...Westport is plan is to go where the fish are...spent too many days last year fishing empty waters off Westport...when they were killin em at Ilwaco....
  539. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Area 9 blackmouth

    Point No Point is always best the last 2 hours of ebb tide (which was at 1:06 yesterday) and the first hour of the flood (if it's not a big water movement). You probably left just as it was coming on. We had very very good fishing there thurs/fri/sat just before & just after low ebb tide...
  540. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A9 Who needs Turkey?!

    Long tradition on Thanksgiving to fish for Chinook the morning of (weather permitting). No wind, a bit of fog & then sun. Warm too for the end of November. Me & the Bubbster put 4 in the box in short order. Match the hatch as they say! Find bait/find fish!
  541. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater November Magic

    Yes, Big Green Egg BBQ. With some alder chunks--makes the best BBQ salmon ever (along with any other meat/fish)..... Elk came from the Cowiche unit. Not sure if the cart was modified--I believe my buds bought it that way. I do recall them saying they reinforced with axles. It worked...
  542. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater November Magic

    Have seen no November blackmouth reports so here goes. Spent the first week of November in the mountains chasing elk--yes, filled my cow tag. Put in at Edmonds Friday 11/8. My uncle popped this nice 10-12 lb'er but we had to pound the bottom to kill 3 hatchery--only one native release...
  543. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater MA 9: It's not over yet.

    Thanks for the report & tips. Started (10/18) at the Possession green can & trolled south with the current (always with the current)--put 3 fatties in the boat at 60'. Missed #4 at 11am tide change--dead after that. After them again today....
  544. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Without Rhyme or Reason - MA9 Silvers

    Friday 10/11 lights out in front of Edmonds--easy limits in front of the ferry. Saturday 10/12, struggled to get 3 by early afternoon. Typical Puget Sound coho.....
  545. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Great Opener

    Been down with a lame kicker the last week. Found these two (and two smaller ones) this morning in front of Picnic Pt--(no secret spot) just before high slack at 9. 9 & 11lbs (yes, scale weighed). 40-50' down with UV white squid and white lightning CK--28" leader with herring teasers. Kicked...
  546. Kettel O' Fish

    Sooke: 8/13-23 First trip to BC & First salmon

    We fished Sooke 8/12-8/17--first time there for me too. Pounded Sherringham Mon/Tues--probably were out there with you at one point. Good fishing on the ebb & slack tides. Then we found Otter & that seemed better (ebb only). Some phenomenal bits at times toward low slack (afternoon)--20-30...
  547. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Good day today in A10

    Pretty good bite this am in N. A10. Both were smokin hot Kingers--combined with the wind & flying solo, it was an adventure. Looking forward to calmer seas tomorrow! I love my Irish Cream sandwiches!
  548. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Area 11

    You had better luck than us! Pounded Dolphin/ferries hard yesterday morning through the high slack (9am); damn I'm getting too old to get up at 3am to fish!--goodly amount of bait balls on the bottom but couldn't find a biter. 10-12 boats working & no nets (pretty slow). One of the moochers...
  549. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater WP report

    Jellies are thick--very annoying. One bite, one fish today (9lbs). Fished casino (50-80ft), then Copalis with 4-5 charters in 25-40' (nothing), back to Casino (caught the one at 11am-70ft depth), then home. Fished yesterday with 100 other boats off casino--didn't touch a fish & didn't see a...
  550. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Area 11

    Fished Dolphin Pt on the opener--saw one nate released & nothing else.....seemed very slow....
  551. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A7 Straits!

    Sorry for all the hoopla fellas (haven't been on for a while). By the time we had the pic taken later in the day, there were 3 license holders on board. My bad..... PS For every really good day I've had in A7 I've had probably 3 bad ones......tough fishery up there.... PSS Fished 4/4--not...
  552. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A7 Straits!

    Nothing like a gorgeous day out on the water today with buddy Aaron--went 7/8 with 2 native release (one low teens) & one long line release. Great action from 8-11am on a pretty strong ebb. All fished stuffed with candlefish. CK & spoon 6' off the bottom. None of these fish were over 8lbs...
  553. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater San Juans

    Have waited anxiously for the next weather/wind break--yesterday was it. Very good low ebb at 11am. Fished a very well known spot close to Anacortes & went 3/4. Nothing big but a beautiful day on the water.....Standard small fare 6' off bottom in 110ft....checker had 19 fish for 10 boats with...
  554. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Beautiful day in Paradise (A7)

    Here's the recipe. You can mix virgin coconut oil with butter if you like....
  555. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Beautiful day in Paradise (A7)

    Fished a couple familiar areas today with usual hardware fished at usual depths during usual tide changes. Went 3/4 today with one native release. This one was over 10 and under 15--the one we lost was similar. The others 6-8. What a spectacular day today--saw plenty of fish caught & lots of...
  556. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater good fortune continues

    You are on fire! Ya, I've gone down to "work on my boat"....ha-ha! The fishing grounds mysteriously draws us out to the salt .....
  557. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Islands 1-6-13

    They are so so healthy up there! Love those SJ kings! Great fish!
  558. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A7

    32" of 40lb leader with brined herring teaser on lead hook. Used those xtra skinny 4/0 hooks with the needlenose squid. Yes, before spoons, this is about all I ever used....(flasher/squid). I think the herring teaser really helps....
  559. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater A7

    Started slow today but once the tide started ebbing, the bite came on. Nothing big--5-10lbs. Kept 4 hatch's; one nice nate release. 3-4 21'-ers. Burned through my 3rd punch card. Epic 2012 & a very good start to 2013. If anybody is old enough to remember Charlie White (Salmon...
  560. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater San Juan Trophy

    Some feedback on weight (you guys are tough!). Weighed on scale gutted at 17lbs. The guy holding it is a big man. If gills/guts only 2lbs then only bad... Sure was tasty though!
  561. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater San Juan Trophy

    Fished Friday/Saturday out of Anacortes. Went 4 for 8 with one 15lb nate release and 2 10's kept (Fri). Not hot fishing but certainly worth the trip. My buddy Bubba nailed this 20lb hatchery king Saturday--barely got it in the boat as my coho net wasn't nearly big enough (has been replaced...
  562. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Possession Plunder

    Traditional Thanksgiving day fishing--leave boat in water at Edmonds & pray for a nice day. Arrived at Edmonds at 9--water flat. Incoming tide so off to W. Poss. I put a 3.5 Irish Creme Coho Killer on, buddy a green/white coho killer. He proceeds to catch 3 in a row. All around 7lbs...
  563. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Stay at home or GO!?

    Braver than this cowboy! Good to see they are still lurking.
  564. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Tin Shed

    Good am ebb tide--hit tin shed at 8am. Bite came on at 10 until we left at 1. 7 BM to the boat--release 3 nice natives; kept 4 hatch's. Coho killer/irish cream tailwagger 42" behind a green glow hot spot flasher fished just off the deck in 150' of water. Lots of bait. Sunshine. Love November...
  565. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater 8-2 Salmon/Hat Island

    Heading out to Possession tomorrow--will report
  566. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Possession plunder

    BM was excellent Thurs/Fri at possession. Tide was only 4ft. out but didn't seem to matter.....Tin shed, 140ft down, irish cream 3.5" tailwagger behind green hot spot flasher 10' off the bottom. What an amazing year so far--this is just the capper! Ranged from 22" to 9lbs. Limits (4) each...
  567. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater MA 9 is dead I think

    Yep, went 1/1 Wednesday am north of the Edmonds ferry. Ran up to Shipwreck around 9 after that died. Saw nothing & caught nothing. Time to head to the rivers!
  568. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Epic Coho Year!

    About time you showed off your wares! "Epic" is a modest description.
  569. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Ma-9 .....still fishin!

    Yep, saw you leave the harbor as we were coming in with limits. Seems as if things have actually gotten better.....your boat rocks by the way...I need one of those one day. We've been at 24" leader length--heard others at 30". All doing well it seems. Fast is the key of course.... with or...
  570. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Edmonds 10/1

    In the water at 4:30p; limits (4) by 5:30. Epic high slack evening bite. All cookie cutter 6-7lbs. One release & a couple others missed. Ended with a double. They are still here & Sekiu #'s looking strong last weekend. This show isn't going to end anytime soom. Broken record--green...
  571. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Area 9 & 8-2: gillnetting killed my run?

    There was a gillnetter working the area south of Edmonds yesterday (9/20) afternoon when I went out (4:30)--long string of nets. By 6:30pm he had picked up & left. Went 3 for 5 last night straight out in front of Edmonds so still a few around... Damn gillnets.
  572. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Who Turned Out the Lights in MA-9

    Later afternoon/early evening--Fish with 110-130' DR line out--45 degree angle. Short leaders if using squid. Been lights out....
  573. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater 2 in 20

    Did the exact same thing Wednesday late afternoon. Didn't have time to light my cigar & relax!
  574. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater MA10/Edmonds

    Fished Area 10 today out in front of the Pt. Wells oil docks 60-90 ft down. Epic day with 2 doubles & 14 fish on (to 12lbs). Green hot spot flasher with green splatter back squid was the ticket for us today. One of the bigger males had 3 salmon smolts in it's belly (pretty good size!)--have...
  575. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Grind at Ukee/Bamfield

    Confirming Seattle Guy's Ukee trip. Arrived 8/17 to cleaning tables with lots of halibut but only a few smaller salmon (or none mostly). Contrary to last year when there was a waiting line 10 deep with happy fisher's coolers brimming with big kings....Had to prove to ourselves the bad rumors...
  576. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater MC Bank report

    Hit 3 at pnp yesterday am on the ebb--maybe they moved south!
  577. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Wp and the King

    Appears we messed up not getting out there until 6am all three days; o'dark thirty bite.....lights didn't work so had to wait....thanks for the report
  578. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Westport 7/22,23,24

    In the water early Friday am--headed south to wind turbines--trolled north (with current). Limits by 8am with take downs every 20 minutes or so. Biggest was 20. All caught slow trolling whole herring in 50ft of water down 28-32'. Same scenario Saturday am only caught one a bit bigger--maybe...
  579. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Westport 6-21

    Date s/b 6-22 (friday)--sorry bout that.
  580. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Westport 6-21

    Started at daybreak this am. We slow trolled whole herring naked (always trolling north with the tide) at 30' in 50' of water 2-5 miles south of the s. jetty. Hooked 8-9 & kept 4--biggest 21lbs. Two other boats I am fishing with limited--same place; same method. They are here! Wifi issue...
  581. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Westport 6-16-12

    Hey, I saw you when you were pulled out yesterday--I hopped up to see your fish & commented on an excellent catch. We killed 3 (to 15lb) & lost 3. Fished hard most of the day (didn't start until around 9)--heard later there was an excellent daylight bite (south of the fleet trolling north with...
  582. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater M-8.2 Tulalip Bubble Fishery

    OK to kill a couple hours there while your crab pots soak over at others say, a nice boat ride generally.
  583. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Dolphin Pt

    Up at O'dark thirty Friday morning for A11 opener. Arrived at grounds around 5:45 am--about 5-6 other boats. Flying solo due to a couple late cancellations. 3.5" Irish Creme spoon 5' behind a green Hot Spot flasher (my MO) in 140' with 150' of cable out--bam, rod goes down--damn nice tugger...
  584. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater pilot pt

    Sorry for the lack of porn. Caught a couple small ones & one 7lber Saturday at Pilot Pt. so back out on the boat yesterday solo (sunday) for one last trip (knew it would be blowing today). Lost one right off, then quiet for a bit. Then, 9am the bite came on & within 20 minutes had these two nice...
  585. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater 9/5/11 report with afternoon questions

    120' of cable is an excellent afternoon depth...30-40degree drag. Glow squid/spoons etc...herring teaser on squid
  586. Kettel O' Fish

    Fishing Barkley Sound and Bamfield question

    Fished Bamfield the last 10 years. Here's the secret (several actually). Fish fast; 3-4 miles/hr. I outfish everybody 5-1 at that speed. Brine the hell out of your anchovies until they are tough (rock salt brine is fine)--use the "crippled anchovy" glow green head--make certain the spin is...
  587. Kettel O' Fish

    Area 9 opener Saturday

    Non-stop action last year on the opener at Possession. 12 hook-ups the first day as I recall. Never slowed down...... Irish cream 3.5 inch spoon 60" behind a hot spot flasher--on the deck (120-150' depth). Outtide-tin shed or SE. Incoming, west side. This said, if it isn't good the first...
  588. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Tide Pt Limits

    Ok, I'll concede a pound or two. Rough crowd :)
  589. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Tide Pt Limits

    Limited & back to the dock at 10:30a yesterday. Nothing big (Mike holding the fish is 6'6"--does them zero justice). Checker estimated 13 & 16lbs... One at tide change just north of Tide Pt. The other an hour later at the south end of the drift. Both on the deck in 115' of water with 125'...
  590. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater MA7 7/03

    Awesome fish. What color/type squid--herring teaser? What's a good depth to fish at Obstruction? Fished the river at Tide Pt yesterday & came up blank. 60 boats & maybe 10-12 fish caught; tide change at noon was a bust. Threw the entire kitchen sink at-em. Thanks
  591. Kettel O' Fish

    Freshwater Reiter Runner

    Ran up to Reiter this am--nobody fishing the creek mouth (about 10 cars in the lot). Dropped my 1/4oz pink jig in at 7:30a & whamo--nice bright 10lb summer run. Great fight (compared to the winter counter-parts). Saw a couple others caught down below. Water real high--about 2.5' of...
  592. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Lopez Island Shrimping

    5-gallon Home Depot buckets work great for coiling your line (1/pot)--drill small holes in the bottom so the water can drain out. Make sure your pots weigh 30lbs & always use two floats (sometimes 3 when it's screaming)
  593. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Westport 6/23 & 6/24

    Started fishing Thurs at 9am--drove by a lot of boats at Buoy 8. Put in a mile south of Ocean Shores & trolled north. Hit one nice 15'lber & released another nice native. Pounded the hell out of the area & saw very little being caught. Tangled with one crab pot & got lucky to get everything...
  594. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Westport Kings 6/18

    Oops, never mind--just re-read; spoons & bait on divers. Thank you!
  595. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Westport Kings 6/18

    What was the bait of choice out there? Did you stay in 45' all the way north & how far down were the balls? Great report--thank you!
  596. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Dolphin Pt--Skunked

    Fished Dolphin Pt hard this am through the morning high slack at 10am. Dragged flashers & spoons in the mud. Saw nothing, caught nothing. 6 other boats appeared to be having the same luck. Some bait & fish showing on the screen at times but no activity. Always have done well the first week...
  597. Kettel O' Fish

    Saltwater Pt No Pt to Skunk Bay 1/22

    We hit one nice one--about 11lbs on the outer Tin Shed around 9:30a yesterday. 2 more passes-nothing. No bait, nothing on the screen. 150' with Irish Cream spoon near bottom took the fish. Went to PNP to work the remainder of the outtide--results same as others. Tons of bait--excellent...