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  1. Elkfins

    Stay tuned...

    Very cool Pat!
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    bean bags. what's the go to.

    I have an ocean tamer. It's been decent but got a tear at a seam a few years ago. I called for warranty and they wanted me to remove all the beads before shipping it to them. I ended up just sewing it up myself... No fucking way I was gonna try to dump all of the little white beads out of that...
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    Freedom is not Free

    Below is an excerpt from a facebook post by my brother who served in the US Air Force for 20 years. I can't help but be moved by his story. Those of us who haven't served, owe a debt to those who gave all and their families. As with every Memorial Day, there’s always a slow part of the day...
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    Additional Halibut Days???

    Meeting is June 2 to decide.
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    Stay tuned...

    very cool Pat. I'm excited to see the finished boat.
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    Discovery bay pot puller fyi

    Too bad about the ACE issues. I've had one for 13 years, still going strong.
  7. Elkfins

    Halibut rod for electric reels

    I just built a couple of Thrasher HTR 60's for this. I'm happy with them... good backbone and enough sensitivity in the tip to tell what's going on down there. Here's a pic of one of them doing work.
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    Saltwater Prawns 2021

    I know that spot. Prawns were plentiful. Plus a bonus octopus.
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    Saltwater Nut slapped

    We use a boning hook to dehook the fish when they come aboard. He's using that to hold it up. You're seeing the handle.
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    Saltwater Nut slapped

    Fishing was good on Sunday. Limits of lings and halibut. Christopher's been catching halibut since he was 5 but this is his first over 50lbs so a bit of a ball slap was in order I guess.
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    Tanacom Recommendation

    750, 65lb braid.
  12. Elkfins

    Plastic or brass?

    If you want to replace it in 20 or 30 years, go plastic, otherwise go with bronze or stainless.
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    Tanacom Tip #3

    these tips are great. thanks!!!
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    Change Tanacoms to Feet

    Let me guess... Public school, right?
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    Weather May 6th Westport

    It's never good when there's an S in that forecast.
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    Change Tanacoms to Feet

    was my first thought as well... Although, multiply by 3 gets you pretty close.
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    Short Fckr Checking in

    Word! You find any elk over there yet or is that bow string rotting away?
  18. Elkfins

    Still Boatless

    Does it come with the helecopter? and the crew?
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    Go bulldogs

    they sure looked pretty good Saturday night...
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    If You Own A Ford...

    And here i am watching this shit show with my Ford, Grady and Etec's thinkin fuck it... time for a beer.
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    Milestone achieved today

    Happy 100 mom!!! Glad you could celebrate it with her Kim.... super cool!
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    Movin' to Texas

    In addition to the price of housing going up, it's becoming more and more liberal there at an alarming pace. I have employees in Dallas/Ft. Worth as well as Houston. What once was a proud conservative state is quickly moving left of center. My guys keep telling me how bad it is and they're...
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    Best Boat Wash Moss/Mildew

    Congrats Tim. That's going to be a great boat for you.
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    Wood stove thru wall

    Good call. Capitol Hill Dave knows things for sure.
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    Tanacom reel cable parts

    this is what i go with... they are the cheapest. I bought a few extras and zip tie them to the rod as strain relief. if they break, re-use the marinco plug i wired on for the next one and away we go. Having said that, i have yet for one of these to break... only the original Daiawa cords have...
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    Deleting 2016 Duramax stuff

    Your first mistake was taking it to Titus Will... they are hacks
  27. Elkfins

    Thinking is may not be safe anymore

    If you don't replace those now, one will break while you're doing 60 going downhill on a curve.
  28. Elkfins

    State taking away open carry of any weapon

    Yet you continue to vote that way...
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    Roller to Bunk Conversion help

    It's much easier to do if you can take measurements from an existing bunk trailer setup for your hull. When I switched mine, I had Limey's to measure from. From the measurements, I was able to make a list of the exact brackets and boards I needed so the bunks were at the right elevation and...
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    A little bit of good news regarding boat thefts

    it can work with bottom paint too... you just have to leave 'em down there longer.
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    Some days, yes. We always run at least one and if it's getting bit more than the pipes we'll switch another rod or two out to them. You have to fish them a bit different than pipes. Drop to the bottom then reel up a couple cranks immediately... Then jig. You don't bounce the bottom with them as...
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    Trailer Valet XL

    Thanks bud. Great seeing you today.
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    School me on travel trailers

    @Marlin Mike could answer that question about the quality of the new trailers... or at least one of them.
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    School me on travel trailers

    Right now, as you probably know used travel trailers are at a premium because of the pandemic. People can't fly so their buying trailers. Don't be in a hurry to just grab the first one you think will be good. Take your time and find the right one for the right price... like you mentioned...
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    Slow motion train wreck

    Why even pull the log in the first place? I have a hard time believing it poses more of a risk to that bridge than it does floating downstream. It's eventually going to clear itself anyway. Poor choices... On the bright side, there's an opportunity downstream for someone with the means to...
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    Grey Starboard?

    Interstate in Kent has a lot of scrap pieces right inside the front door they sell for cheap as opposed to buying a whole sheet. I'd check there first.
  37. Elkfins

    Compass Rose go away

  38. Elkfins

    Security suggestions

    I'll second the big dogs. Nothing will scare off a thief faster than a big loud dog. Doesn't really need to be mean as long as the dog is loud.
  39. Elkfins

    Ahhh hell no! Rnd2

    I caught a smallish rat in a sticky trap a few months back. My dog and I walked into the shop and the rat was still alive and squealing. She grabbed that rat faster than I could react and buried her nose and snout into that fucking sticky shit. It was quite the shit show pulling that trap off...
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    Left leaning commission

    One thing's for sure... Inslee's found a great way to get us to spend our fishing and hunting budgets in other states.
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    Saltwater Caught the elusive PSLS

    Looks a lot like a chicken nugget...
  42. Elkfins

    WTB primers

    Interestingly enough, I believe some of this is regional. I was in Cody, WY earlier this month and there was plenty of ammo on the shelves... all calibers.
  43. Elkfins

    Lowrance Issue

    Get a can of CRC electronics cleaner... does a good job cleaning corrosion and other contaminants from keypads and connections.
  44. Elkfins

    Grady White Gulfstream 232, twin screw F150 Yammies

    Hmm... i wonder if I could find a place for a 2nd.
  45. Elkfins

    Mini Jets - who has one?

    Neat... that one looks like some pretty skinny water in places.
  46. Elkfins

    Mini Jets - who has one?

    these look like so much fun. Search youtube for Salmon River Jet boat races and you'll see a ton of cool videos.
  47. Elkfins

    Other winter projects !

    Lots of talented guys for sure... Not very artistic but this is the best I could come up with.. Dave and I turned 3 elk into burger and backstrap roasts.
  48. Elkfins

    Huntin' fool?

    If you're looking to hunt out of state then yes, it's worth it. Makes the research pretty easy.
  49. Elkfins

    Firewood sale/trade

    I'll be out in the coming weeks bud.
  50. Elkfins

    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    Ouch... Even I felt that.
  51. Elkfins

    Deposit down on an Allied Boats Aluminum Catamaran

    Norm almost looks pissed you're trying to upstage him.
  52. Elkfins

    Leather Couch $20

    Too bad it's not Black... would've gone great on the back of the Kelly Ann
  53. Elkfins

    Let's talk shrimp pots

    The Ladners are by far the best fishing shrimp pot I've ever used... hands down. They are a bit spendy but damn, they work.
  54. Elkfins

    Recommendation’s For Turkey Brine

    1/2 hour per pound at 225 degrees
  55. Elkfins

    Recommendation’s For Turkey Brine

    For each gallon of water... 1 cup sea salt or kosher salt 1/2 cup brown sugar 2 bay leaves 4 or 5 cloves of garlic crushed Several sprigs of sage and rosemary. Mix enough brine to completely cover the turkey. I use a 5 gallon bucket. Non metallic container is key. Brine overnight... 8-12...
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    Pretty stoked

    I'm gonna need some cords for proof.
  57. Elkfins

    Pretty stoked

    cam sensor will shut you down altogether. I was thinking either an injector leaking causing fuel pressure drop or ICP sensor.
  58. Elkfins

    Pretty stoked

    What engine in that '01 Ford... I know a thing or two about the 7.3 just from experience
  59. Elkfins

    Colorado meat trip

    Those are some dandys!!!
  60. Elkfins

    Customer service sucks

    Not surprised to see this. Bo is a great guy but this is a consistent message I've heard about the company over the years... Even from some diehard Defiance guys.
  61. Elkfins

    Large Walk around vessels....

    He can't help it... it's the douchebag in him.
  62. Elkfins

    Opening day 4x4

    Half hour into opening day this guy walked out about 60 yards in front of me. Christopher was 20 yards to my left and when I tried to get his attention so he could shoot it, like most 15 year olds, he wasn't paying attention. To his credit, he was glassing his own direction... probably looking...
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    Preview of opening day for modern firearm season

    drop into the thick timbered hillsides below Tamarack Springs and you don't see all those pumpkins.
  64. Elkfins

    Tuna 10/3?

    FYI: 2 separate reliable sources told me no live bait available right now. Miles makes 3 sources now.
  65. Elkfins

    Captain’s license courses

    I've often considered getting the OUPV license just for the knowledge (no plans to run charters ,etc.) and wondered this as well. Thanks for the link Pete.
  66. Elkfins

    It started off good but.....

    Don't let @Roll the Bones see this. The nightmares might start coming back.
  67. Elkfins

    Anyone going out in this crap?

    Saturday was quarter to half mile visibility all day long. With the flat ocean and radar running, we had no issues doing 35kts on the way in.
  68. Elkfins

    Adds are silly

    Every time i try to open BD on my PC, the ad's make it just about unusable. Don't get them on the phone though.
  69. Elkfins

    It’s what’s for dinner...

    Try them raw, sliced into thin strips with a little bit of soy and wasabi. There's no better way to eat tuna bellies.
  70. Elkfins

    It’s what’s for dinner...

    Those tuna bellies are overcooked.
  71. Elkfins

    Saltwater Thinking of moving to Washington

    This last paragraph is the most critical...
  72. Elkfins

    Saltwater Thinking of moving to Washington

    If you're thinking of leaving CA to WA to get away from libtards and traffic... you are sadly mistaken. You will not find anything different here. You'd only be swapping heat for cold and wet. Anywhere in the puget sound region is full of libtards and shit traffic. get away from that area into...
  73. Elkfins

    Tuna per gallon

    why the hell would you even try to figure out tuna per gallon... not something I would ever want to know.
  74. Elkfins

    Dating in Westport

    Vengeance... now that's something i can get behind. As far as springrolls go, if you'd just get with the program and marry an Asian girl, you wouldn't need to deal with goat.
  75. Elkfins

    Dating in Westport

    WTF is this thread even about and why is it here??? You'd think it's January around here.
  76. Elkfins

    Another B-10 collision / sinking

    Both of those boat sank. Good thing those other boats were on hand to pull the crews from the water.
  77. Elkfins

    Your Tanacom 750 may need service if...

    @silver slayer , how many more cranks you think your's has left? LOL
  78. Elkfins

    Smallest Boat for Tuna

    There is absolutely something to be said about doing it in your own boat... hell, tuna fishing is the main reason I upgraded to the Grady. Having said that, not having to be the guy at the helm every single trip is nice too.
  79. Elkfins

    Smallest Boat for Tuna

    Aside from the safety and range concerns, one question I would have with small boat tuna fishing is how many fish can you properly ice and hold and at what point does it not become worth the expense. When I'm burning 80+ gallons of fuel to go out and back, buying ice and live bait, part of my...
  80. Elkfins

    Well, T run Wednesday

    If I was running tomorrow, I would go pretty much straight out from Westport and start looking shortly after the 125 line when I hit that blue water and temp break to 63/64 degrees. If nothing there, troll northwest towards 47 10 x 125 30 Here's a shot from the 16th with temp lines showing...
  81. Elkfins

    Tuna #s

    The report I heard is he got some of the purple doohickeys from @Montanadave and the ride in and out was quite the ass pounding...
  82. Elkfins

    Westport thieves 2020

    Hmm... I'm thinking I'll keep my trailer queen at Limeys and continue to launch daily. At least there, it's under cameras and being watched by a crazy blonde and a one legged pirate with lots of ammo, a shovel, and a big yard to bury the evidence.
  83. Elkfins

    Calling all Traeger gurus!!!

    How often do you clean it? I have 2. have replaced the control board in one but other than that, no issues...except for when it get's excessively dirty and clogged with ash. I vacuum the ash and grime from it every 4 or 5 uses... depending on what I've cooked and how long it's been running for...
  84. Elkfins

    Riddle me this... fuel economy and RPMs suffering

    If you guys are looking for a diver to do this, Limey's neighbor does this.
  85. Elkfins

    Anyone have concerns on Grays Harbor Bar crossing on Thursday, gonna be interesting?

    In my experience, when it's rough, the north side is typically rougher because you get waves coming from 2 or 3 directions. Typically on snotty days like yesterday I will try to cross a bit south of the green cans then turn north after I'm out a ways.
  86. Elkfins

    Anyone have concerns on Grays Harbor Bar crossing on Thursday, gonna be interesting?

    Not sure about the tides but what the fuck are you doing to that poor elephant in your avatar???
  87. Elkfins

    Saltwater Westport 7-29

    Clear skies, flat ocean, bright moon... They didn't go south... the fish are there, just feeding at night, not hungry during the day and going deep.
  88. Elkfins

    Hey y’all

    Sitting for 3 years... You're probably on the right track with the fuel system. Pump out and scrub that old fuel... Or burn it in the wife's car and use fresh in the boat. Propped wrong will cause this too.
  89. Elkfins

    Fishing Bags

    Uline has them.
  90. Elkfins

    Looking for new boat trailer

    Another vote for Dave.
  91. Elkfins

    Yoder YS640 - $800.00

    Yoder YS640 in great working condition. 2014 model. It's been cleaned and painted with high temp paint. New igniter, thermocouple and heat diffuser plate replaced last month. Comes with front and side racks, all grill plates shown, second shelf, insulating thermal jacket and full cover. This...
  92. Elkfins

    Beautiful morning turned in awesome weekend

    Well done. Thanks Norm, for the shoutout yesterday.
  93. Elkfins

    Harbor Freight Jack Stand Recall

    I see what you did there... LOL
  94. Elkfins

    Asshole causing traffic

    Ya. I heard that guys a real prick. Hope ya had a nice slow drive :)
  95. Elkfins

    6/22 & 6/23/2020 SST & Chloro Charts

    Based on that wide angle SST, I'd say not yet.
  96. Elkfins

    Westport 6-20

    Jerry had quite the permagrin goin on there. Nice!
  97. Elkfins

    Bloodydecks gear review

    Chinese sourced stainless steel... sad.
  98. Elkfins

    Water is getting warmer.

    Wait... i haven't even made an offshore halibut run yet this year. I'm confused.
  99. Elkfins

    Regular Westport boat ho offering services and facilities

    Now if we could get @Roll the Bones and @Montanadave to do this that'd be great.
  100. Elkfins

    Saltwater best shrimp bait for a rookie?

    Short of some old school Puss N Boots cat food, this is the best bait recipe I've found. Grind up some of the bait pellets in a food processor. If using your wife's food processor, buy her a new one. Puree some tuna belly and /or some loins using that same now dedicated to bait food processor...
  101. Elkfins

    Super fun catch

    Right on.
  102. Elkfins

    Seattle on fire

    Think this is bad? Wait till November when Trump wins his second term. These riots are all planned and funded by leftist groups backed by Soros and the deep state.
  103. Elkfins

    barbecue / smoker Feed back

    I got the cold smoker option for my traeger... Basically an additional chamber that bolts onto the end of the unit. The traeger runs about 145 degrees and the cold smoke runs between about 75-90 degrees on the smoke setting. Works decently for cheeses and such.
  104. Elkfins

    barbecue / smoker Feed back

    I've had traegers for a number of years and have very little to complain about although recently, my big Tex model only gets to about 400 degrees like spoon man experienced. Wondering if I need to replace a thermostat or something as it's 8 or 9 years old now. My smaller one doesn't have that...
  105. Elkfins

    Long shot Grady Gel Coat repair kit

    Be advised that the color changed from year to year... what matches Jason's boat may not match your boat.
  106. Elkfins

    Saltwater A6 or A7 Halibut?

    MA6 was good to me yesterday.
  107. Elkfins


    I had a 2100 for 10 years. Was a great boat and caught lots of fish.
  108. Elkfins

    New style transom lights

    I should've known something was up before i clicked on this thread...
  109. Elkfins

    !#%!#*!! Tweakers

    Wow... sounds like they had a bit of time to do that. Someone who knew your comings/goings? local in the neighborhood maybe?
  110. Elkfins

    Boat overhang on trailer

    Can you move the axles? I would be more concerned with the tongue weight and making sure it's about 10% of the gross weight of the trailer/boat.
  111. Elkfins

    No holds barred opinion

    Along I5 in Centralia...
  112. Elkfins

    No holds barred opinion

    This pretty much sums it up for me.
  113. Elkfins

    Cheapest fuel?

  114. Elkfins

    Cheapest fuel?

  115. Elkfins

    Need a number

    Greg at Tacoma Marine is good with Mercruiser and trustworthy.
  116. Elkfins

    Premium Beef/Pork Sale week #4

    If you like to cut your own steaks, well... here's a couple of the boneless rib eyes from last weeks haul. So tasty, I have to go get more this weekend. See you Saturday Charlie.
  117. Elkfins

    New archery regs

    First off, I don't disagree with you on the shit science and crooked state management comments... that is spot on. Second, as a guy who's spent quite some time over there for dozens of years, it's obvious that there are a lot fewer elk than in the past and I'm not surprised one bit to see the...
  118. Elkfins

    Premium Beef/Pork Sale week #4

    Oh Man... now you bring out the Prime dry aged ribeyes. Might need to make another trip. :p
  119. Elkfins

    Beef, Pork Blowout sale #3

    All I gotta say is those steaks were delicious. Was totally worth the drive Charlie.
  120. Elkfins

    Pop ups....

    I just got that Health care ad again.
  121. Elkfins

    Pop ups....

    This one hit me 2 or 3 times yesterday on my PC using Chrome.
  122. Elkfins

    Electric fuel pump to replace primer bulb?

    This. Those damn little o-rings will dry out and not seal or crack causing air leaks.
  123. Elkfins

    Anything on Halibut yet?

    As it was told to me this morning by the reliable inside source, Counting boats... Fish checkers count boats on the way out to get a number of boats participating in the halibut fishery. they then check a percentage of that number when they return and do the math to calculate the...
  124. Elkfins

    Anything on Halibut yet?

    So Hali, Lingcod, Tuna trips may be a possibility... Interesting.
  125. Elkfins

    Where’s the beef?

    Mike @blackelk might be a source. I got one from him a few years back and it was excellent.
  126. Elkfins


    shit Pat, you're worse than the main stream media. WTF???
  127. Elkfins

    Pop ups....

    We could only hope...
  128. Elkfins

    More new applicants for crew

    Luiza is definitely hot.
  129. Elkfins

    BOSE Surround

    That'd be great. Sent you a PM Chris.
  130. Elkfins

    BOSE Surround

    I'll take it.
  131. Elkfins

    Interviewing new crew for 2020

    @dragonballs , your threads are the best. Thanks buddy!
  132. Elkfins

    Connecting Main Engine to a trolling motor

    I had an EZ steer on my old boat... hated it. the detent would wear over time and the bar would not retain it's position causing the kicker motor not to steer consistently with the main.
  133. Elkfins

    Best Braid for Tuna

    I've been using cheap chinese braid from Amazon for the last several years with no issues...
  134. Elkfins

    TV Antenna ?

    I'm using this one... no issues at all.
  135. Elkfins

    New set of rod holders

    She's coming along nicely Jason!!!
  136. Elkfins

    New bait stop platform

    I wonder what the fuel capacity and range on something like that is. Could be a lot of fun.
  137. Elkfins

    Holy crap.

    Hey now... that's racist.
  138. Elkfins

    cover your ass

    Pete got me a policy through Chubb for the Grady. He knows Marine insurance much better than most.
  139. Elkfins

    Tuna cord spreader

    Let it slide and like Garrett said, 12-18" leader. I use 300lb mono for the leader. Too long of a leader and guaranteed it will tangle on the trip to the bottom.
  140. Elkfins

    Looking for starboard

    Interstate plastics in Kent may have that in their scrap bin.
  141. Elkfins

    Tuna cord spreader

    This is pretty much the way i do it for bait setups. 3lb weight on the sliding snap swivel and a 300lb mono bait leader attached to the snap swivel on the end.
  142. Elkfins

    Lift Raft or Survival Suits

    Raft for sure. getting into a gumby suit is not that easy... especially if you've never done it before.
  143. Elkfins

    Raymarine gear for sale

    Wish i had an extra 5 grand...
  144. Elkfins

    06 Yamaha F115 Trim/Tilt issue

    I made 2 more trips with the jumper cable fix before I received and installed the new cables I ordered after that. And i still have the jumper cable in my parts kit as a backup. Thanks Pat!!!
  145. Elkfins

    06 Yamaha F115 Trim/Tilt issue

    I had a very similiar issue last halibut season up at LaPush. Batteries were new. meter showed + or - 14 volts at the starter on the motor. Motor would not trim up... acted like not enough current. Cable connections at the motor and the battery/switch were clean and looked great. With...
  146. Elkfins

    Totally not fishing-related - roof knowledge

    I don't encounter any negative affect on my cel coverage when I'm in my metal shop.
  147. Elkfins

    Washington Tuna Classic Update

    Tommy, I have no doubt you mean well here but if true transparency were really part of the goal, that question needs to be answered and until it is, many of us will be skeptical of the organization no matter how much we support the stated charities MO claims to work for. 2 years ago, we were...
  148. Elkfins

    Washington Tuna Classic Update

    So the next logical question would be why wasn't the policy fulfilled?
  149. Elkfins

    Washington Tuna Classic Update

    I don't really have a dog in this fight but after reading MO's statement and your thoughts Tommy the obvious question to me is... if the funds were not there to issue the payout for the pelagic pot in the first place, why was this not disclosed to the teams at sign up?
  150. Elkfins

    Lingcod Charter Recommendation?

    Rhett on the Slammer out of Westport is one of the best bottom fish charter captains around these parts.
  151. Elkfins

    Recommendation Fiberglas guy for custom transom bait tank

    Remove the transom tank and put a square one in the middle of the cockpit.
  152. Elkfins


    There... fixed it for ya.
  153. Elkfins

    Plastic Anyone...

    You are correct and that is the right attitude as far as i'm concerned. Having said that, the USA is far from the worst at causing the plastic issue. I was in Bali last summer and over there, garbage is just dumped in the river to take it away. The beaches are absolutely covered in plastic...
  154. Elkfins

    Plastic Anyone...

    Calm down there dog fucker... It's a safe bet that was sarcasm.
  155. Elkfins

    Ice-fish capacity

    On my boat, we take about 2/3 to 3/4 tote of ice... Both fish boxes full and a 30x60 kill bag full. When the fish come aboard, they are gutted and gilled, we slush the ice in the big hold and add fish. 2nd 30x72 kill bag on the bow gets fish and ice transferred from the kill bag full of ice. We...
  156. Elkfins

    Borrow a Lead melting pot?

    I've got all the tools and a place to do it in Tacoma if you want to come over one weekend.
  157. Elkfins

    Sportsman Show 2020

    What kind of trip?
  158. Elkfins

    It was a great day, turned bad

    Not enter in the first place and just fish for fun... Write a check directly to your charity of choice.
  159. Elkfins

    Well shit....

    This was how i always towed... Kicker in the down position, strapped tight around the leg so there was no bounce.
  160. Elkfins

    It was a great day, turned bad

    Wow. very interesting. A few years ago when we made the decision to stop entering, it was with the idea that we'd watch to see if there were improvements and changes to make things go smoother/better and if feedback was positive, we'd consider coming back. Considering the new management and...
  161. Elkfins

    Skagit County Sheriffs boat capsized

    I was thinking this as well... so at least I know it isn't just me.
  162. Elkfins

    Crabbing In Marina Questions

    Ha... Seeing as I have a boat, all my numbas are safe.
  163. Elkfins

    Grady White Gulfstream 232, twin screw F150 Yammies

    Love my 232... biggest 23 foot boat there is and has the range and capabilities for any of our NW fisheries... plus they're pretty easily trailered wherever you want to take them. She looks clean and well taken care of. GLWS.
  164. Elkfins

    Crabbing In Marina Questions

    Tokeland has a marina there.
  165. Elkfins

    garage kicker mount

    get yourself a dolly to store it and move it around on. I used to have the garelick one but had to reinforce it as it won't really hold 100lbs without breaking.
  166. Elkfins

    Fishing Thailand?

    Been there, done that. Offshore, there is not much available right from Phuket... the marina there is more geared towards the tourist, non-fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving types. You'll find some fishing charters there but the fishing is far less than stellar. There are some good...
  167. Elkfins

    Something wicked this way comes

    Congrats Jason!!!
  168. Elkfins

    Sportco/Outdoor Emporium Membership - What's up?

    Just goes to show... you can never please everyone.
  169. Elkfins

    Be Carefull in Wilipa Bay!

    That can happen pretty easily there if you aren't familiar with the bay.
  170. Elkfins

    Another New Ride

    very nice!!!
  171. Elkfins

    New ride

    Welcome to the grady pricks club. great boat!!!
  172. Elkfins


    This. Also This. Sometimes if the Blue sharks are around I will toss (not really a cast) the chovie out away from the boat and behind the sharks to get it where the shark won't see it and give it a chance to dive to where the tuna are holding underneath the sharks.
  173. Elkfins

    Selling Simrad Electronics packages, Bait Tanks, Mercury Verado stuff, and more

    Will that autopilot interface to a Raymarine E120 system?
  174. Elkfins

    Powerpro Maxcuatro vs Powerpro Super 8 Slick

    So I've been using cheap braided line for the last 3 seasons on my tuna and bottomfish rigs and have had no problems. We've put a lot of fish on my boat using this line. A 1000 meter spool of 50lb line is less than $25 on Amazon.
  175. Elkfins

    Hawks rams tickets

    These are good seats.
  176. Elkfins

    Bait Tank

    Nice tank for a fantastic price. Good luck with the sale Tim.
  177. Elkfins

    Saltwater 3rd Tuna Run

    @badlaz69 definitely knows how to find them. LOL Come on back up Doug. We'll do it again.
  178. Elkfins

    Saltwater Heading out WP

    Limey knows where the fish are though.
  179. Elkfins

    Saltwater Selling Tuna

    One way to reduce the time it takes to cool your fish is to pull the guts before you put them into the ice slurry. A small slit in the anus and you can use your finger to release the intestine connected there then cut the gills and the chin and pull... the guts pull right out with the gills...
  180. Elkfins

    Tuna bleeding done wrong

    We cut the gills to bleed. Then after they've bled out, we pull the gills and gut sack then ice slurry. No loins are hurt in this process and we end up with a high-quality product.
  181. Elkfins

    Tuna Sunday:)

    I'll be there but will probably cross the bar a bit later than i normally would.
  182. Elkfins

    Is it worth it to book a Tuna trip this year?

    If you can find an opening on a charter for September then yes, there are plenty of fish around. Is it worth it? well... if you want to get addicted to one of the funnest fishing trips out there, spend tens of thousands of dollars on boat, fuel and gear, find salmon fishing boring, etc, etc...
  183. Elkfins

    Entering Westport Boat Basin and Overtaken

    Beautiful!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha
  184. Elkfins

    Saltwater Mayhem WFO Tuna

    We were the boat that pulled in behind you and got the 5 fish. We were about 500 yards from you when you made that call and I figured, what the hell... I'm close enough to be the first one there so I'll take you up on it. Thanks for that. Clearly, that guy that trolled through the school was...
  185. Elkfins

    Kill or no kill

    no doubt... any marlin that ends up at the side of my boat is coming back to port with me.
  186. Elkfins

    Norm and Carrie’s preWTC EXTRAVANGANZA

    Well shit...I'm out. will be stuck sweating in New Orleans. Have fun and be safe guys.
  187. Elkfins

    Westport 7/16

    Salmon fishing was very good yesterday... way north at 47 29. Hopefully the fish move south. Good luck.
  188. Elkfins

    We pick up hitchhikers!

    Gotta love that!!!
  189. Elkfins

    Interesting Launching Technique - Crab Opener

    Well shit... you mean I've been doing it wrong this whole time? .
  190. Elkfins

    From under the rock......

    Gosh... It's almost like you weren't even gone.
  191. Elkfins

    Scotty Striker rod holders, extensions, flush mounts

    Sounds like you've had that experience... fyi, it's an easy fix to insert a stainless rod in there.
  192. Elkfins

    Interesting Launching Technique - Crab Opener

    If the launch is busy and I'm with an experienced crew... meaning someone else knows how to back the trailer down the ramp, the remaining crew and I ride the boat down so I can start the motors once they're in the water. Once the driver unhooks the front safety chain, I'll back the boat out of...
  193. Elkfins

    Power oil extractor recommendation?

    park your motors right over the storm drain...
  194. Elkfins

    Freshwater National parks

    Nice report...
  195. Elkfins

    Porta porty

    Another vote for the bucket. the porta potty on my boat was used once while I've owned it... Never again.
  196. Elkfins

    Tempered Glass Panels

    Almost as fun as sending them after the plywood stretcher or arc start.
  197. Elkfins

    Saltwater Proper report

    Nice to meet you Phil. I like your boat!!!
  198. Elkfins

    Saltwater Proper report

    We didn't weigh them but I would estimate the 5 we kept ranged between 30 and 45 pounds.
  199. Elkfins

    Ocean Salmon opens June 22

    Mike, we trolled the south east side of Swiftsure Saturday afternoon for a few hours. There was no shortage of bait and we were marking huge bait schools down below 200 feet. Whales and birds all around us... just no salmon. Not even shakers.
  200. Elkfins

    Saltwater Proper report

    Hey... I'm all about positive motivational speaking! I gotta give limey some credit... That was the beginning of the day and he lost 2 or 3 in a row but shortly after, he pulled it together and brought in 2 or 3 of the bigger ones.
  201. Elkfins

    Saltwater Proper report

    Good times bud. The crew in action...
  202. Elkfins

    Washington Permit hunts

    Big nothing for me too. Christopher got the Kitsap Youth antlerless again though.
  203. Elkfins

    Oversize Sturgeon question

    Thanks. I'm not really looking for your honey holes but if you know a good sturgeon guide you might recommend, i'm all ears.
  204. Elkfins

    Oversize Sturgeon question

    I do, but we're looking for a guide. I don't know enough about the sturgeon fishery to feel confident about our chances. I'd rather pay for someones expertise.
  205. Elkfins

    Crab Seasons Announced

    sure would be nice if they'd publish regs before they require you to buy a license.
  206. Elkfins

    22’ Olympic Nw walkaround

    Those Olympics sure hold their value well. Nice boat and GLWS!
  207. Elkfins

    Oversize Sturgeon question

    For those of you who know a thing or two about the whens and where's of catching oversize sturgeon... My brother in law will be in town the 3rd weekend of July. He's done a lot of fishing all over the world but has never caught an over-sized sturgeon. He's tried a few times but nothing over...
  208. Elkfins

    Downrigger question - braid or wire?

    If you ever start fishing shallow off the Ocean Shores beach for kings, it'll happen.
  209. Elkfins

    Downrigger question - braid or wire?

    This. I switched to braid with tuna cord as a snubber several years ago and haven't lost a ball since. If you have scottys, put some tape around the spool under the braid so the spool doesn't split.
  210. Elkfins

    Using decent devises while halibut or bottom fishing

    Seems to me, letting these fish float away could possibly be construed as wasting resources... but i'm not a lawyer, judge or cop so I don't really know. I would think enforcement could gather the evidence, write the ticket and let the accused fight it out in court. That would be the logical...
  211. Elkfins

    Constant request for “My Location”

    Sounds like BD's getting as bad as pornhub...
  212. Elkfins

    Metabo electric impact wrench

    I'll take one Vance... Shoot you a text here in a bit.
  213. Elkfins

    Washington Park Launch update.... Good Luck.

    Sweet. Looks like a great spot for a tow truck to make a few bucks.
  214. Elkfins

    Couldn't resist checking.

    I'm thinking you'll need more fuel capacity after looking at that...
  215. Elkfins

    Garage Refrigerator

    If you just need it gone, I can come haul it away... or trade you a few 15lb downrigger balls for it.
  216. Elkfins

    Maui Jim’s

    As someone who's never spent more than $15.00 on a pair of sunglasses, I'm curious what makes a pair worth this much. Personally, I would end up sitting on them or losing them.
  217. Elkfins

    For Sale – 1999 Yamaha OX66 200hp outboard motor, Oil tanks, Twin controls

    For Sale – 1999 Yamaha OX66 200hp outboard motor, Oil tanks, Twin controls This was the original starboard motor on my Grady 232. Port motor has sold. 25” shaft, standard rotation. I don’t know how many hours are on this motor as there is no hour meter but when I bought the boat, the seller...
  218. Elkfins

    Impeller Rubber

  219. Elkfins

    Ez steer system

    sorry guys... it's spoken for.
  220. Elkfins

    WTB: gaff

    I have one you can have Eric.
  221. Elkfins

    Trailer brakes help needed

    2 years with kodiak dacromet disk brakes on 7k axles. Had a bearing issue last year but the calipers and rotors have held up just fine. replaced the pads when i did the bearings last year.
  222. Elkfins

    bearing sets for a 3500 lb axle trailer

    These were spares for an EZ loader 2 3500 lb axle trailer I used to own. $50 for all.
  223. Elkfins

    Ez steer system

    2 long bars and small & large outboard brackets. Been sitting in my garage for several years and have no use for it. $50 I'm in Tacoma.
  224. Elkfins

    Down to last 2 Q Cove. Now what?

    all those hot spots i bought before the Qcoves are still catching fish...
  225. Elkfins

    Saltwater Mutiny bay Halibut

    I didn't realize you even started with this site. G'bye
  226. Elkfins

    Finally building

    Looking good bud.
  227. Elkfins

    Yaaay more effing Westport tweakers got me twice

    they did that when I had the glasply as well. A battery powered sawzall cuts through a kicker bracket pretty quickly.
  228. Elkfins

    Multi season tags

    Not Selected here. How many points Laurence?
  229. Elkfins

    Charter next week: Neah vs Westport?

    Go ride the slammer. Shorter drive for you to Westport.
  230. Elkfins

    Fuel and road-use taxes?

    simple process and yes, save the receipts. It's worth $200 to $300 a year for me.
  231. Elkfins

    Friends inflatable

    Where's Patty?
  232. Elkfins

    Painting a Hull?

    just curious... if you're going to do all the prep work to paint, why not just spray gel coat?
  233. Elkfins


    Eric, the butcher will cut it however you want it. I got a hog last go round... Some of the best eating pork you'll find. I had the shoulders cut into 5-6lb roasts and the belly uncured so I could do some side pork and bacon how I wanted. He'll cure it for you if you want though.
  234. Elkfins

    Defiance 220ex repower

    maybe consider selling the boat and buying one that is powered appropriately...
  235. Elkfins

    Holley Sniper Marine EFI

    you'll be spending $1 to make $.25 bad investment.
  236. Elkfins

    Just a tip

    Here's a real life problem with not reporting the sale however... speaking from experience. New owner doesn't transfer the tabs and the car gets stolen then impounded. Guess who's on the hook for the impound fee's. the registered owner. The impound yard will try to auction the car but if it's...
  237. Elkfins

    Think I had an episode.

    You'll learn to just roll with it eventually
  238. Elkfins


    The 14th is gonna suck..
  239. Elkfins

    2013 Forest River Tracer RV

    That rig looks familiar. I think I might have gotten some elk blood on it once. Glws
  240. Elkfins

    Saltwater Calm salmon/halibut fishing spots?

    They're on the front page ... In addition if you click that link that states More rule updates, it takes you to this page where you can sign up for the emails.
  241. Elkfins

    Need a hookup snohomish

    @Marlin Mike Mikey - hook a guy up here. I can pick it up next time I'm up and get it to Josh.
  242. Elkfins

    Port Orchard concrete

    Definitely talk to Josh.
  243. Elkfins

    Defiance 220ex repower

    like others have said... don't waste your time on the 200. go big or go home.
  244. Elkfins

    Saltwater Seattle Party Boats?

    Spot on. Westport would be my first choice for bottomfish... Go ride the Slammer.
  245. Elkfins

    Saltwater Calm salmon/halibut fishing spots?

    Above spots are good places to start. I'm not sure how familiar you are with WA rules and regs since you're from Cali but be aware that the salmon and halibut regs can be very confusing and highly restrictive in WA. They also have a tendency to change or close within a couple of days notice in...
  246. Elkfins

    Kimber Pro CDP II

    very nice.
  247. Elkfins

    Fuel Dock open Sunday after WTC

    LaPush installed one a couple of years ago.
  248. Elkfins

    Fuel Dock open Sunday after WTC

    great work Scott. Not a WTC question but I wonder why the Westport fuel dock hasn't seen fit to install a cardlock system.
  249. Elkfins

    Good Price on DR balls..

    I have a 5lb dive belt mold that i use for this purpose.
  250. Elkfins

    How big a boat do you need for Washington Tuna?

    yep. for about 20 minutes of fun it wouldn't be worth the hassle to me.
  251. Elkfins

    Whats it worth

    I have a pair of 99 Yamaha OX66 200's that would make that boat scream if he's interested.
  252. Elkfins

    How big a boat do you need for Washington Tuna?

    Kayak tuna would be fun... for about 20 minutes. and if I had a ride out and back in on a 40 foot sportfisher
  253. Elkfins

    How often do YOU replace your line?

    Mono every year.
  254. Elkfins

    Borrow 15lb Finned mold ??

    I'm in Tacoma and have one as well... along with all the gear to pour.
  255. Elkfins

    The difference between fishing communities

    haha... good shit. thanks for the memories.
  256. Elkfins

    Looking For Advise On Dealing With Insurance Company

    Send the check back and tell them to pound sand. work with your insurance company. Since you are not at fault, they will deal with collecting from the other insurance company. Your deductible and rates shouldn't come into play.
  257. Elkfins

    Coasties get paid

    Nailed it.
  258. Elkfins

    22' TJ Alexis OS

    my thoughts exactly. I suspect you won't get that economy in typical ocean conditions.
  259. Elkfins

    What a Prick

    Got it. Sometimes I'm a bit slow.
  260. Elkfins

    What a Prick

    Just curious... Why would the officer need to face some kind of disciplinary action? Is there defined protocol for this type of situation that he didn't follow?
  261. Elkfins

    2018 Chevrolet Silverado 3500hd Duramax - LT and LTZ's - 12k miles

    Agreed. I've rented a lot of cars over the years and know how I drive them. I would never ever buy a rental vehicle.
  262. Elkfins

    Tanacom 750

    750 is perfect. If you have patience, you'll be able to find one in the mid 400's before the season.
  263. Elkfins

    It's elf on the shelf time

    Looks like the elves have been partying.
  264. Elkfins

    Boat Upgrade Options

    1 motor stolen??? Sounds like BS to me. I wouldn't trust a word the seller says. Wellcraft are decent boats however so I might consider it after a full survey and mechanical inspection were done. That's a huge upgrade. Buying that class of boat is the cheapest part of the equation. It will...
  265. Elkfins

    Halibut 2019

    No shit...
  266. Elkfins

    Boat Upgrade Options

    This is the reason I believe it's not wise to finance a boat.
  267. Elkfins

    Boat Upgrade Options

    Probably not a good idea... he'll be upgrading again in another year. I used to fish the sound all the time then I got the taste for offshore. Bigger boat, more gear, more fuel. It gets more expensive every year.
  268. Elkfins

    Worst boat names

    Anything with the word Reel in it... how lame can you be???
  269. Elkfins

    Finally building

    Looks good. Coming along nicely.
  270. Elkfins

    Boat Upgrade Options

    Wrong time of year to sell that boat. Come March, April or May, it should go quickly. I'd wait until then.
  271. Elkfins

    It's elf on the shelf time

    Lol, And I thought the peanut butter was bad...
  272. Elkfins

    Who's got the best marital advice?

    don't fuck any of her friends or relatives... and if you do, keep your story straight and never cop to it no matter how much evidence she thinks she has.
  273. Elkfins

    Boat Sinks

    I could be wrong but it seems to me the guy is pretty inexperienced owning/running a boat of this style and size. Regardless of his poor decisions (no insurance, taking possession of boat before all agreed work was completed, trial run up the inside passage, posting the details all over the WWW...
  274. Elkfins

    Tow Boat US

    They are worthless. If you fish out of Westport, don't bother with the insurance. I can't speak for Puget Sound but I hear the guys there are much better. I broke down a couple of years ago just outside of the bar that was just starting to ebb. Coast Guard gave me their number and said...
  275. Elkfins

    No longer a boat ho...............

    Congrats! Life just got much more expensive for you... Enjoy!!!
  276. Elkfins

    Feds Investigate More Sea Lion Deaths after 2 Shot Near West Seattle

    Fed's are investigating huh... Must've been the Russians
  277. Elkfins

    Want to buy/borrow/rent pressure canner

    I don't have a spare but you're welcome to borrow mine Eric.
  278. Elkfins

    Happy Halloween!!

    Carving pumpkins is the best.
  279. Elkfins

    Raising the trailer tongue

    Go EOH and don't look back
  280. Elkfins

    Need trailer brakes

    I've had good luck with Kodiak. Not so much with Tiedown
  281. Elkfins


    Check out I picked one up at the sportsman show last year and love it.
  282. Elkfins

    Any one have a lead on a boat trailer for sale.

    Everybody needs something to aspire to.
  283. Elkfins

    First Deer Ever

    Classic buck fever right there. Antlers have a way of making bullets fly high. Way to recover and get the job done. Great job getting your son into hunting. We definitely need to pass these traditions onto the next generation.
  284. Elkfins

    Any one have a lead on a boat trailer for sale.

    No lead on a trailer but if he needs to take measurements to make the trailer he gets fit the boat, bring him over and he can measure mine.
  285. Elkfins

    Finally building

    We caused a bit of a distraction last night and had to borrow the mini for a few... slowed him down a bit. Excited to watch the build process and help where I can bud. Thanks Josh.
  286. Elkfins

    Saltwater 9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    so after 18 pages of this shit, i'm still confused. Who has the biggest cock?
  287. Elkfins

    WorkSharp sharpener

    Nothing beats a whetstone... if you have the time, patience and know the proper technique. I rarely have the time and patience so my worksharp does a more than satisfactory job.
  288. Elkfins

    Caribou Non-Guided outfitter recommendations?

    Sounds like fun. No recommendations for an outfitter but good luck!!!
  289. Elkfins

    Making memories

    Fuck yeah!!!
  290. Elkfins

    Feds Determine West Coast Salmon Fisheries a Disaster

    What really stands out to me here is $20 million for disaster assistance. Why not spend that $20 million on hatchery production so we all have fish to catch and don't need to pay of the commercials????? In every post about Orcas, lack of salmon, loss of opportunity, etc. I see a lot of railing...
  291. Elkfins

    LED light issue -info

    Interesting... pretty easy test to tell if your nav lights are interfering with the VHF. from the article... Fortunately there is a simple test that may tell you if LED lights on your vessel are causing interference. From the Marine Safety Alert: Turn off LED light(s). Tune the VHF radio...
  292. Elkfins

    The Choice

    Alright, Alright, Alright!!!
  293. Elkfins

    Quality elk tag drawn!

    I know the feeling. We know it's not from a lack of trying.
  294. Elkfins

    Quality elk tag drawn!

    Personally, i'd take a spike over tag soup any day. congrats to him.
  295. Elkfins

    Go ahead and flip me crap, I deserve it. Help needed!

    Gorilla tape will fix it.
  296. Elkfins

    Annual trip produced

    solid work. Nice!
  297. Elkfins

    Anyone Going for Tuna 9/15?

    Looking great this weekend... For Elk hunting that is.
  298. Elkfins

    Yamaha help needed

    No biggie there... a little bit of JB Weld and you're GTG
  299. Elkfins

    MA 13 / Harstine Island and such observations

    stay close to the shoreline down there for silvers.
  300. Elkfins

    Speaking of Tuna

  301. Elkfins

    Westport Labor Day Weekend

    green items you say? Just go easy on the tuna town cookies, not that I know anything about that.
  302. Elkfins

    The French don't F around over fishing rights.

    The French are just a bunch of cheese eating surrender monkeys.
  303. Elkfins

    Sekiu Angler Busted

    Should change the title of this thread to Sekiu Poacher Busted.
  304. Elkfins

    budget bottom finder/gps unit Lowrance hook2

    Was my first thought too. I hear he's going to be doing a bunch of walleye and bass fishing in the coming months.
  305. Elkfins

    John McCain..

  306. Elkfins

    John McCain..

    He was a puppet of the Cabal...
  307. Elkfins

    Buoy 8 Sunken Jetty

    Last week it was sitting on a barge over by the CG station.
  308. Elkfins

    Where did the tuna go!???

    That whole radio conversation was one of the funniest things I've heard in years. Turbo Ted: We've got a wide open bite up here at (calls out numbas). Boats about 3/4 plugged. Radio fisher and who knows how many other boats run to the numbers. Radio Fisher: Are you sure you're catching tuna...
  309. Elkfins

    Where did the tuna go!???

    We spotted a patch of birds working some floating debris. Vance started to turn towards it and we saw jumpers so we high tailed it to the spot, threw swim baits and live bait and pulled 4 fish from under it. Other than that... Nothing on the troll all day long.
  310. Elkfins

    Saltwater Sure Sounds Slow for Albacore....

    That boat will hold 82 easy...
  311. Elkfins

    '93 Grady Gulfstream twin 2015 150's

    Nice first post... read the rules.
  312. Elkfins

    Headed out sat for Albacore

    Yes. would be a good weekend to do an overnighter.
  313. Elkfins

    Whidbey Island Hot Spots?

    G'damn... this fishing stuff is hard to figure out.
  314. Elkfins

    Headed out sat for Albacore

    I'll be running Saturday, weather permitting. Hopefully we can get good SST and Chloro shots through the smoke before Friday.
  315. Elkfins


    More cushion for the pushin...
  316. Elkfins


    Hard to say. I've had both good and bad days with the fleet and away from them before but I've had more success staying away from the crowds. I do believe that many of us rely too much on reports. I also believe that too many boats trolling the same area makes the fish harder to catch. My main...
  317. Elkfins


    I agree with @Fowlplay that the lack of reports are likely due to the inconsistent fishing. BD is a brag board and when you go out and get blanked or only a few, it's hard to brag. Instead of relying on reports of where the fish were, why not look at the charts, temp, chloro and try to predict...
  318. Elkfins

    Area 2 salmon

    Yep. You can thank the Westport Charter association for that.
  319. Elkfins

    Best place to buy Trailer Brakes?

    Locally - 6 robblees Online - Avoid ETrailer.
  320. Elkfins

    Hood Canal shrimp fishery to open for two more days

    I disagree... there is no opportunity here for me or the majority of us. Why not make it 1 weekend day instead of 2 weekdays?
  321. Elkfins

    Hood Canal shrimp fishery to open for two more days

    Middle of the week... Bunch of assholes at WDFW
  322. Elkfins

    Bait tank 50 Gallon (Big Salt) Sold in 22 Minutes!!!!

    Jesus... This is fucking depressing.
  323. Elkfins

    Sold Grady White 2006 282 Sailfish

    tin boat...:ashamed:
  324. Elkfins

    SOLD Meat Line #2

    I'll bet if you stood down by the Pt. Defiance boathouse with that baby any Saturday morning, you'd sell it pretty quickly.
  325. Elkfins

    Need advice, mooring aluminum boat in Everett short term

    with no bottom paint then I would second what Patrick said.
  326. Elkfins

    Saltwater It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,sort of

    I find that if I don't do it every other year, I lose one on the side of the road. Thought about doing it this off season but put it off and sure thing... lost one on the side of the road.
  327. Elkfins

    Washdown pump replacement

    Center cut isn't a gulfstream.
  328. Elkfins

    Saltwater It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,sort of

    I lost a bearing 5 miles from Neah Bay in June. This is why I always carry spare set of bearings and the tools to replace them if necessary. Took me a half hour to put everything back together and was back on the road.
  329. Elkfins

    New guy from the midwest.

    There was room to get around...
  330. Elkfins

    New guy from the midwest.

    If you want to fish Westport and meet guys that do then come to the PSA Ocean Anglers meeting Saturday evening... August meeting, Saturday August 18th. Mac Causland Hall , Westport maritime museum. 6:00 pm
  331. Elkfins

    Calling all Cpt's who participated in the wtc.

    Scatlover... I'm thinking I'm not gonna click that link.
  332. Elkfins

    How does your braid stack up against the rest?

    If your crew were jigging properly, you wouldn't have to do that. The last few years, I've been getting Braid off of amazon for less than $25 for 1000 yards. Zero issues so far.
  333. Elkfins

    Brad’s Super Baits and Coho

    They work awesome for coho and Kings in the ocean either behind an inline flasher or naked.
  334. Elkfins

    Atta bouy

    I'm in.
  335. Elkfins

    Sold Grady White 2006 282 Sailfish

    Nicest 282 on the west coast. Immaculately cared for is an understatement. Glws bud.
  336. Elkfins

    Anybody want smoked tuna belly

    Bellies are best raw with a bit of Wasabi and soy when fresh. They also make the best Halibut, crab and shrimp bait.
  337. Elkfins

    Quality elk tag drawn!

    Congrats on that tag. One of the best in state. I know some areas on the east end of 336 that consistently have good bulls.
  338. Elkfins

    Saltwater When is your Albacore season really going up there?

    Sorry... That's Dr. Fong to you.
  339. Elkfins

    Greenhorn Looking for a Seat

    Terry, I'll have an open spot or 2 later in August or September.
  340. Elkfins


    Go see Limey... He's got plenty.
  341. Elkfins

    Raymarine Electronics and Garmin Autopilot - $1000

    if i had an extra 1k right now, i'd buy this just for the autopilot.
  342. Elkfins

    The right way and the wrong way to hold a fish.

    That's pretty funny Eric!!!
  343. Elkfins

    Favorite P "fill in the blank" T junk food on board

    Fried Chicken and watermelon
  344. Elkfins

    2 pricks on the same salmon grounds today

    Careful who you call a prick. Us actual pricks take pride in that.
  345. Elkfins

    Scotty Downrigger Parts

    Sportco or Outdoor Emporium.
  346. Elkfins

    Best lawn tractor

    this is the one you need.
  347. Elkfins

    View Fireworks From Boat

    We've done commencement Bay before. If you think car traffic is bad afterwards, wait till you see the boat traffic... Get a slip somewhere or just stay the night on anchor with lights on. Lots of idiots running on plane in the dark fueled by alcohol after the shows.
  348. Elkfins

    Wa boaters card for kids help

    Have them do the course regardless of the HP on the dingy... what can it hurt.
  349. Elkfins

    As far as I can see and read, HALIBUT is now closed!

    there's a term for that.. Premature Ej.... they make a pill nowadays that will help you out.
  350. Elkfins

    Need new disc brakes on boat trailer

    Do it yourself. Goatram nailed it. I'll never go to etrailer again... They are clueless. I specified the exact Kodiak part numbers i needed and it took 4 shipments of parts I didn't order and 6 weeks of bs to get the correct stuff for my trailer. They never did send a return shipping label for...
  351. Elkfins

    Trail cam photo of the year

    @Montanadave has a great trail cam photo he should share...
  352. Elkfins

    Anyone got a Kingfisher May be interested in this...

    LOL. was my first thought too.
  353. Elkfins

    As far as I can see and read, HALIBUT is now closed!

    Although... it's not as if they really have a clue how much was caught anyway.
  354. Elkfins

    Radio silence being observed

    Vance, I have a little Uniden radio you could hook up to test with if you want it. This might at least tell you if it's the radio or something else.
  355. Elkfins

    Advice for driving with a camper?

    Nice. Have you done anything to your truck suspension Eric? Keep it slow and easy and you should be fine.
  356. Elkfins

    Special Hunt results are up

    12 when you coming back up this way?
  357. Elkfins

    Special Hunt results are up

    Christopher got that same tag too. Me... I got nada
  358. Elkfins

    Building a pseudo outhouse for hunting camp.

    Can you just rent a honeybucket? You may be able to get one delivered day 1 and picked up when done with a suck, pump and spray during the week. We've been doing this in the LTMurray for years. Just meet the guy at the main road/entrance to FS land and he follows us in to the camp spot.
  359. Elkfins

    Anyone got a Kingfisher May be interested in this...

    Just my opinion... I'm not a boat builder. Even if the owners drove the piss out of that boat and beat it to shit, the construction and welds were piss poor. If the boat can't handle more than the operators body can take then the boat is not constructed well.
  360. Elkfins

    This won’t end well.

    If y'all have ever watched those wind Mills turn, then you'd realize that it would take a pretty slow and dumb bird to fly into one. I have yet to see any real data about bird deaths because of windmills... It's just another fake news excuse for the enviros to make a stink about.
  361. Elkfins

    Anyone interested in 19lb DR balls

    So... I have all the tools and place to pour lead. If you need some help perfecting the process let me know.
  362. Elkfins

    Crappy tuna boat ho available

    so what you're saying is you fit right in...
  363. Elkfins

    Crappy tuna boat ho available

    You guys and your perceived yelling... how cute. You haven't heard yelling until you've fished with Charlie and Elaine.
  364. Elkfins

    Crappy tuna boat ho available

    Is that registered or LOA??? Asking for a friend.
  365. Elkfins

    learning Westport bottom fishing

    Still a solid offer goat.
  366. Elkfins

    How many of you throw a hook for pots?

    sounds like a good time!!!
  367. Elkfins

    CQ Thursday ??

    We launched at Neah Saturday morning around 7:30am (late due to a trailer bearing issue) and the guys at Big Salmon said they only launched about 10 boats that morning before us. There were lots of empty slips. Fishing was good.
  368. Elkfins

    learning Westport bottom fishing

    solid offer Goat.
  369. Elkfins

    Close call today...

    I'll bet he'd keep his distance from boats if someone stuck him with a harpoon the next time he tries to climb aboard their boat... In that case, it would be easily justified if the law came asking questions... if the thing is close enough to stick with a 'poon, he's a danger to you. Now, the...
  370. Elkfins

    learning Westport bottom fishing

    some info here...
  371. Elkfins

    Close call today...

    Good call. Not likely to make much of a difference short term but if enough complaints are documented it might help in the long run.
  372. Elkfins

    We could only hope...

  373. Elkfins

    Pipe jig hook location

    Swivel directly off the cotter pin to a split ring to the hook. Big lings and halibut will twist themselves right off the hook if no swivel at the side of the boat. Use quality split rings and swivels as well. I use a 500lb swivel with an owner size 9 split ring to a 12/0 treble. I've had...
  374. Elkfins

    Pipe jig hook location

    This. Drill the correct size hole for the cotter pin and you'll get very little lead, if any coming out the hole. If lead does start coming out the hole, stop pouring, wait for it to harden and fill the rest of the pipe.
  375. Elkfins

    Wind and waves

    There are a variety of factors that will determine if I'm running or not as most have pointed out above. One that only Patrick partially mentioned is if the forecast is calling for an increasing or declining wind. If it's shitty in the morning, but calling for a declining wind in the...
  376. Elkfins

    Alcohol and boating

  377. Elkfins

    Help me interpert Washington PFD law

    Interestingly enough, Christopher has been wearing an inflatable for the last 3 years... he is 12 now and will be 13 in August. He also has a PLB attached to his PFD that he's been trained how to use. I was not aware of the rule about inflatables not being ok for under 16 until last year when I...
  378. Elkfins

    Well this happened...

    Congrats on the new boat. As far as the raptor liner on the bottom, I'll have to side with Gspot (I know, weird... right?) and the others on this and counsel you to have someone you can trust to give you the straight scoop on it. That product is not designed to be an anti fouling/anti corrosion...
  379. Elkfins

    Bellevue/Maple Valley to La Push

    probably a good idea... if i took the coke, it'd never make it.
  380. Elkfins

    Bellevue/Maple Valley to La Push

    I volunteer to take the hookers.
  381. Elkfins

    Does this mean it's over in Area 2?

    This is what I was told by someone in the know. The Puget sound fishery is not going to come anywhere close to catching their quota so WDFW moved it to MA2.
  382. Elkfins

    Mail Box Theft

    If at all possible, I either have stuff shipped to my place of work... or an Amazon locker if i'm buying from them.
  383. Elkfins

    Fished the Hoh lately ?

    You spelled ho wrong...
  384. Elkfins

    Kodiak brake thoughts/advice

    Good info in this thread.
  385. Elkfins

    Does this mean it's over in Area 2?

    Most of the north edge of Quinault Canyon is in MA2. Off limits next opener.
  386. Elkfins

    Coonstripe Info

    Is it just me or am I the only one that is surprised we can still call them coonstripe... I would have expected someone in Seattle to claim thats a racist term and get offended.
  387. Elkfins

    Possession Fire?

    I was just about to say this. I wish I took a pic.
  388. Elkfins

    Fun stuff!

    The constant drama that surrounds the Westport Charter fleet never ceases to amuse me. Fuck you!! NO!! fuck you!!! Oh really?!? Well fuck you!!! No way. Fuck you fucker!!!
  389. Elkfins

    Fun stuff!

    exactly this.
  390. Elkfins

    Suspicious people of westport

    isn't that the fucker that stole Vances boot and Charlies gel seat bike?
  391. Elkfins

    Need help- Oil tar shit on boat

    pressure washer with hot water.
  392. Elkfins

    Smoked Sablefish recipe?

    This is probably my current favorite recipe for sablefish... and pretty damn good on just about any other white fish, tuna, salmon, etc. I did this with a fresh piece of Halibut last night. It’s definitely a Thai flavor. Marinade: ¼ cup soy sauce ¼ to ½ cup sweet Thai chili sauce (less if...
  393. Elkfins

    Saltwater Westport Sunday 5/13

    And that is why I always keep a copy of the regs on the boat.
  394. Elkfins

    Defiance Delivery Day

    The problem with pushing with a lawyer is that all direct communication and attempts to make right stops and everything goes through litigation. In a case like this, the only time to bring a lawyer in is if you are absolutely trying to get out of the boat and have given up completely on it...
  395. Elkfins

    Defiance Delivery Day

    Sorry to hear about your troubles. You should speak directly with Bo. @bopalmer30
  396. Elkfins

    Crabbing-When Does the Other Shoe Drop?

    Wolves... Tribal bashing on the open internet makes a tough job for those representing our interests much tougher. Like it or not, the only road to fixing this mess is working with them. Give Dave, Ron and the rest of the guys that work on our behalf and hand and pick your words carefully.
  397. Elkfins


    Let me guess Paul... Your phone makes you sound like you're under water.
  398. Elkfins

    Crabbing-When Does the Other Shoe Drop?

    Yet they were willing to take the license fees for the Puget sound crab endorsement the whole month of April before this announcement... Hmm.
  399. Elkfins

    25 HP Yamaha dies after 10-20 seconds

    Ghosts... the fact that you didn't do anything and it started working fine is almost more of a concern to me. I had a similiar problem on my old boat that I fought for a couple of years. Most days, it would run great but once in a while it would just not run for shit and leave me stranded...
  400. Elkfins

    WTC reborne

    Nailed it.
  401. Elkfins

    Weather determination

    that forecast is depressing...
  402. Elkfins

    This isn't good...

    Saw the boat yesterday at Kitsap Marine. Thru hulls for infloor fishbox and ball scuppers got stuck open by debris and started filling with water. With that, boat sat low enough in the water that the top of the offshore bracket got water filling through the shitty plastic hatch on top. Bilge...
  403. Elkfins

    Best Cancer Center Who

    Fuck cancer. Best of luck... Cancer is definitely beatable.
  404. Elkfins

    Selling tuna bellies off charter/sport caught fish.. legal?

    My guess is that he has a freezer full of albacore bellies and is wondering if he can sell them... Halibut season is approaching and they make the best halibut bait of all.
  405. Elkfins

    Halibut High-graders Caught

    This whole story makes me sad. I suppose id have to say that if they were stupid enough to do this with the general paying public, they deserve to pay the steep penalties.
  406. Elkfins

    True flood box or...?

    Above deck boxes with gravity drain.
  407. Elkfins


    no bueno
  408. Elkfins

    Looking for small pickup

    It's against the rules to stab in a Lezbaru. Only carpet munching is allowed.
  409. Elkfins

    Metal carport/Boat shed

    I poured footings and had them anchor mine to the footings.
  410. Elkfins

    Metal carport/Boat shed

    I had one done 2 years ago by west coast metal buildings. 20x30 13 foot clearance. Just a bit over $4k. About a month lead time and they put it up in about 4 hours.
  411. Elkfins

    RIP Patrick

    Sad day. I loved his writing.
  412. Elkfins

    Not Fishing: Does anyone here fab table legs/benches?

    Drew does nice work and with Charlie overseeing the project, you'd get some nice benches delivered on time.
  413. Elkfins

    After a couple of years away...

    Now we just need BV to come back...
  414. Elkfins

    Coastguard Cocktail

    Fried egg sandwich served in a dirty ashtray... Works every time.
  415. Elkfins

    Freshwater After work Springer

    that'll eat. Nice fish Charlie!!!
  416. Elkfins

    Cruise to eat

    yes... at least this year they pulled them. i don't remember in years past.
  417. Elkfins

    Cruise to eat

    Docks weren't in yet as of last weekend.
  418. Elkfins

    Well Fuck, Im bored

    Pizza man knows better... he won't deliver there anymore...
  419. Elkfins

    Adulting Sucks

    Sounds to me like you need a chainsaw...
  420. Elkfins

    Dock Wagon, thanks Goatram

    As long as you watch your vector Victor, that should be enough...
  421. Elkfins

    Aluminum Corrosion Help

    Truer words were never spoken... just got done with the wash and wax on my glass baby... lots of surface and labor every spring. no reason to keep that a secret... a job done correctly is a good reason to steer anyone on the fence about having their tin boat bottom painted your way.
  422. Elkfins

    Anyone recognize this POS

    Correct. Likely scenario... It will get tagged by the state patrol or sheriff and eventually impounded if they can find a towing company willing to take it... in this case, that may be unlikely unless there is a contractual obligation. Last registered owner will get a bill from the impound yard...
  423. Elkfins

    MA4 Bottom Fishing Numbers

    This spot is actually closer to Sekiu but it is really the shit!!! Check it out. 48°15'35.91"N 124°17'56.38"W
  424. Elkfins

    Tuna Predictions...

    Poles are for dancing... Rod's are for fishing.
  425. Elkfins

    Long shot on furuno 1623 Radar

    thanks. Bob @270 w fish is first in line if it will work for him... he's checking today. If not, it's still up for sale. I can open the dome and snap pics if necessary. steve
  426. Elkfins

    Furuno 4kw 24" radome - $50 OBO

    This is the old radar from my boat. I've upgraded. 1751 Mark 2 radar display is too dim to see... would intermittently go bright/dark, etc. but the Radome would power up and spin. Cable has been cut to remove. steve
  427. Elkfins

    Dock Wagon, thanks Goatram

    Love the hitch receiver.
  428. Elkfins

    Did WDFW slip in a 4 Fish Butt Limit?

    Just curious... What makes you think they will stop early? I know for a fact that last year certain Makahs we're fishing illegally before they even had thier federal permit so I see no reason why they would stop early or even give a shit about quotas.
  429. Elkfins

    Rising Insurance Rates

    I have a yacht policy on my 23' Grady. Also, when I had my old Glasply, the boat policy only covered out to 12 miles from shore. All the boat policies I looked at at the time had that restriction.
  430. Elkfins

    Is this Craigslist??

    Boy... I sure hate it when I complain about someone being an ass then end up getting called out for being an ass...
  431. Elkfins

    Dock Wagon, thanks Goatram

    I just can't wait to hear Elaine screaming at Charlie when it accidentally rolls off the float into the drink. Looks good bud!
  432. Elkfins

    Painting a Fiberglass Boat?

    wow... for that price, it should come with a BJ
  433. Elkfins

    Avet reel setup?

    Turn the little knob on the side till it feels right... Seriously... These are 14lb max drag reels we're using for salmon and albacore. Don't over think this.
  434. Elkfins

    Who had trouble at the launch ramp in Ilwaco?

    so... when I launch, I always turn the wheels hard towards the dock, set the parking brake then put it in park before exiting to unhook the boat. Reason for turning the wheels is that if the brake and tranny give out, the truck will roll into the dock before it submerges completely giving me at...
  435. Elkfins

    Grays harbor county , nice?

    As you can probably tell, I don't really get along with all of my socialist neighbors. Maybe I should move to the coast and become a tweaker...
  436. Elkfins

    Grays harbor county , nice?

    Umm... we may not have a state income tax right now but Inslee and the socialist Dem's that control our legislature are moving that way. sales tax is averaging 10% in most counties now. Property taxes keep skyrocketing year after year... mine went up about 20% the last couple of years. Try...
  437. Elkfins

    Grays harbor county , nice?

    Anywhere in that county you're going to be dealing with tweakers and crack addicts. Westport / Grayland area if you like to fish... everyhere else is a complete shithole. You might look into Long Beach area... Longer drive from anywhere except Oregon.
  438. Elkfins

    T-mobile coverage

    I recently switched to MetroPCS (on the T-mobile) network and can tell you with certainty that service west of Aberdeen sucks and is spotty.
  439. Elkfins

    Painting a Fiberglass Boat?

    IMO, More work than it's worth. Just buff and wax with good products and she'll come back to life. Also, you're going to kill the resale value.
  440. Elkfins

    South Sound 2018 Forcast

    Well... at least all the MA7 guys are breathing a sigh of relief now.
  441. Elkfins

    Is this Craigslist??

    Probably should have clarified my statement a bit to say " I find it amusing that anyone would expect a higher level of respect or courteousness from EVERY PERSON they deal with through a website that anyone can to sign up to for free" I agree that many on here who are regulars we kind of get...
  442. Elkfins

    Is this Craigslist??

    Interestingly enough, I've met some of my closest friends through this site and because of our shared passion for saltwater fishing, we've developed strong friendships over the years. I've also encountered some serious assholes through this site. Having said that, I find it amusing that anyone...
  443. Elkfins

    South Sound 2018 Forcast

    wait...what??? I thought all the Puget Sound salmon were extinct????? I guess Gibson Pt. is where it's at this year.
  444. Elkfins

    2015 Parker 2320 for sale

    Good luck with the sale Karen.
  445. Elkfins

    Saltwater Looking for boat rental/lease

    sounds like a great gig!!! Wish i could help you but i'll be using mine this summer.
  446. Elkfins

    Perfection loop for our albacore?

    Game changer right here! I can't believe it never occurred to me to rig it this way. I'm going out to switch all my setups this morning. Sweet!!!
  447. Elkfins

    Perfection loop for our albacore?

    yep... the San Diego Jam is my go to for Xraps, jigs, large swivels, halibut & lingcod terminal gear, etc.
  448. Elkfins

    Perfection loop for our albacore?

    perfection loop is an easy knot to tie but... I don't like loops as I seem to have them break more than other knots. I just use a palomar... quick and easy to tie straight to the topshot. I haven't noticed a difference between ringed and non-ringed hooks but generally, I try not to overthink...
  449. Elkfins

    Raymarine Package

    PM sent...
  450. Elkfins

    6 Robbles

    Ditto this... I had them make me stainless hoses for my trailer so I wouldn't have to fuck with corroded fittings ever again. Was quick and painless. Whatever you do... Don't ever do business with E-Trailer online. 2 years ago when I rebuilt my trailer, switching from drum to Kodiak disk...
  451. Elkfins

    6 Pack Near Coastal capt license?

    I'm curious... for the average rec. boater, not running a charter but just fishing with friends. If you have a capt. license, could/would there be a difference in liability and/or repercussions in the event of an accident, injury, breakdown or other issue at sea vs. someone that didn't have the...
  452. Elkfins

    New WDFW Beta App Available Now

    They will store, use and sell the data... Amazon and Google are buyers, among others. If not now, sometime in the future. This is the whole point of data mining, otherwise there is no reason to keep the data. IllI pass thanks.
  453. Elkfins

    Mini X Work

    @silver slayer is your man.
  454. Elkfins

    Acrylic Enclosure Project

    Ryan, are you just heating it up to bend it?
  455. Elkfins


    So awesome Josh!!!
  456. Elkfins

    2 WA Claim Diggers Die

    Tragic. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families. After reading the article and the comments above, a couple of thoughts come to mind. First, both victims were retirement age or above so that would make me believe they were not likely as agile or strong as a younger person and...
  457. Elkfins

    Acrylic Enclosure Project

    Cool. What's the approximate material costs? Do you do anything for the back? Or just leave it open?
  458. Elkfins

    Go no Go

    Careful... I hear some captains like their bait boys. You'll learn so many tricks, you may turn into one.
  459. Elkfins

    Go no Go

    Leeroy has some good articles. Here's another that is a good read... especially for a newb to ocean fishing. Another word of advice... find an open seat or take a charter for your first tuna trip. it will cut the learning...
  460. Elkfins

    Go no Go

    Lots to consider but a good starting place would be: If swell height + wind wave height is greater than or equal to swell period, stay on the beach. Also... regardless of swell period, if wind waves are 3 - 4 foot or greater, the conditions are going to suck. Also... if the wind is greater than...
  461. Elkfins

    iPad for year helm?

    By the time you go to the expense of that... (Ipad, case, mount) you end up with a non-ruggedized screen that is not designed for a marine environment for not a lot less than a purpose designed screen. Why not just spend a bit more and get another Furuno display for back there that will easily...
  462. Elkfins

    WTC Starting Lineup

    Only 45 teams at this point. I think a lot of captains have grown tired of the poor management last several years that culminated in last years shit show. Perhaps someone from the WTC can explain what's changing to put the tournament back on track and make this years event better? Might go...
  463. Elkfins


    Just take another little white pill John...
  464. Elkfins

    Boat/Sportsman those life vests

    thanks for the sobering reminder Kim. Glad no lives were lost.
  465. Elkfins

    Halibut Bill on Catch Card

    Instead of charging yet another fee, why don't they find a better way to estimate the number of people participating? If I were to purchase a halibut punch card and fish only 1 of the 6 available days, would my "Participation" be counted as all 6 days?
  466. Elkfins

    Oregon Fisherman Demonstrates New Right of Way Rules

    thanks for the warning. LOL
  467. Elkfins

    DNR shutting down some net pens

    So here you say the free market should decide how many pens are in the water... ... and here you say they should be banned. You are a fucking hypocrite troll with no clue as to what I wrote.
  468. Elkfins

    DNR shutting down some net pens

    Me thinks this Nerka4life is just a POS troll. Best to put him/her on the ignore list. I'm torn about the fish farms. While I will never eat farmed salmon, the majority of hte population doesn't know or can't tell the difference between wild caught salmon and farmed salmon. These farms take...
  469. Elkfins

    Anybody Know What's Up With The Charterboat "Rampage"

    Completely see your point Pat and agree. Having said that, I've never heard any stories about you completely going off on paying customers and completely losing your cool. Having fished with you a number of times, it would surprise me to hear that.
  470. Elkfins

    What the hell?

    Just curious Troy... Why's that little boy in the picture wearing a bikini top?
  471. Elkfins

    Anybody Know What's Up With The Charterboat "Rampage"

    Gruff huh... all this PC Correctness makes me laugh. Never fished with him but the stories I've heard from multiple people, both customers and deck hands lead me to believe he can be a complete asshole when things don't go his way. Having said that, they've also said the guy can find fish.
  472. Elkfins

    Autopilot stupidity

    It was a old man in a Trophy...
  473. Elkfins

    Bait tank photos

    No problem. Mine is a Blue water Bait Systems 55 gallon tank.. it has a setting for half full so 1 scoop is no problem.
  474. Elkfins

    Bait tank photos

    typical response from them is no response. I tried to buy a bait tank from them a couple of years ago... called 4 times asking for someone to provide pricing and availability and never heard back. Finally bought one elsewhere.
  475. Elkfins

    WTC registration opened today

    Wow... fuck cancer!!! Not what any of us wanted to hear. Get well buddy. Thoughts and prayers for you.
  476. Elkfins

    WTC registration opened today

    Name some... Let's get a list, maybe on another thread so as not to derail this one more than it is. I'm all ears but have a tendency to favor charities and causes that benefit veterans and more local causes.
  477. Elkfins

    WTC registration opened today

    After last year's bullshit, i'll just donate directly to Wounded Warriors...
  478. Elkfins

    Kodiak bait tank. 43 gal

    John - that tank looks really good. nice work!!!
  479. Elkfins

    My faith in humanity is restored

    In Singapore, that truck would cost about $500k (if you could even get one there) You can't buy a house for less than 1.5 million (and that is a small row house). Because of the cost of these things, they don't fuck around with vandalism of cars or buildings. Get caught tagging a fence or...
  480. Elkfins

    A true American Hero

    Solid offer!!!
  481. Elkfins

    Fucking cancer...

    My wife's mom was diagnosed a few of months ago with what we were told was a very slow growing cancer in her neck, face and ear area. Surgery and radio therapy to remove it was deemed successful and prognosis was years to live. Found out last week that it reappeared. Doctors stuck with years to...
  482. Elkfins

    Looking for King Advice

    Starting the first or second week of August out of Westport or Ilwaco is best for ocean fishing. Later in august Bouy 10 (Columbia river estuary) is hot starting around that time into early September. Kings will bite jigs or mooched herring... most of us in smaller boats will troll for them...
  483. Elkfins

    Cool video from the Russian Weldcraft dealer

    They all go to SE Asia...
  484. Elkfins

    Bean Bags

    FYI, West Marine has the same bean bag chair for $120. Ocean tamers are nice and have a warranty but you have to ship to them if you have a problem. The one I have ripped at a seam after 1 year. They were going to warranty it but they wanted me to empty the beans then ship it to them on my...
  485. Elkfins

    NorthStar GPS - $200

    Will you take a heavily used sheep?
  486. Elkfins

    New Years clam diggin

    We'll be down.
  487. Elkfins

    Plastic Scotty rod holders

    The old ones had a tendency to break at the pin that inserts into the hole in the gunnel (red arrow on the pic below) They corrected this by using a stainless steel rod in the middle of that pin. Ask Limey @badlaz69 about this... although he got lucky because another BD brother caught his...
  488. Elkfins

    eBay/Japan electric reels for buts

    I used to think this but then I fished with a couple of guys who had them and the difference really sold me on them. They completely take the fatigue factor out of the equation when you're fishing 600 feet or deeper. The guys reeling by hand will catch 2 or 3 sub-25 lb halibut, throw them...
  489. Elkfins

    Letters to Santa

    Well fuck...
  490. Elkfins

    Smoke salmon dip

    Like the others have said but... Take 3 or 4 ounces of your trimmings and put them in a crock pot with a pound of butter. Cook that shit on low for about 6 hours. Strain the butter through cheese cloth and add to the cream cheese dip.
  491. Elkfins

    Tandem trailer for sale

    That's a steal! Good luck with the sale Ken.
  492. Elkfins

    Kids GT bike

    Clearly, you don't know Todd...
  493. Elkfins

    Trooper hits deer.

    wow... he had to have been moving at a pretty good clip to do that much damage.
  494. Elkfins

    Big one

    I'll be out to help drink beer at some point next week bud.
  495. Elkfins

    Big one

    Having an electric reel immediately gets you bumped up the list you know...
  496. Elkfins

    Southwest passengers are so friendly

    Ya. was dissapointed it ended right there. I wanted to see a snowflake melt.
  497. Elkfins

    Electric Trailer Winch Recommendation

    Pretty much exact same story here.
  498. Elkfins

    Another aluminum option?

    Miles is right.
  499. Elkfins

    GPS recommendation

    This is true. They have solar chargers available on Amazon starting about $25. Never hurts to have a backup though.
  500. Elkfins

    GPS recommendation

    FYI, you dont't need cel service for OnX either. You can download the maps to your phone when connected to wifi and then run in offline mode when your out in the field. I put my phone in airplane mode but the GPS functionality still works so I can mark waypoints and create tracks.
  501. Elkfins

    Insulated kill bags for hunting?

    They work well. Just need to be careful about getting the meat wet... that breeds bacteria and causes spoilage so you need to let the water drain as it melts.
  502. Elkfins

    feral swine webinar in January

    Interesting. On one hand, I'd love to be able to hunt them with some regularity here in WA but on the other hand, I completely realize the damage they do. I have customers in Texas who are living that hell...
  503. Elkfins

    Summer of 2018 Vancouver Island Tyee hunt suggestions

    It's a long drive but don't overlook Kyuquot sound. I was up there in mid/late august at Slam Bang fishing lodge and it was non-stop action on kings out by Spring Island. Average size fish we kept was in the low to mid 20's and we weren't very picky. Launch the boat at Fair Harbor and it's...
  504. Elkfins

    Gentlemen...I owe someone an apology

    Terry, between you and G-squirt, I'll pick you anyday.
  505. Elkfins

    Left Hand Compound New

    If Christopher was left handed, i'd snatch this up in a second.
  506. Elkfins

    Twin Yamaha 225's OX66

    Good luck with the sale Josh. I still have my 200's.
  507. Elkfins

    How's the fishing in Seattle in January?

    you'd be smart to take Charlie up on this...
  508. Elkfins

    94 YJ

    Hey Josh, have you sold this yet?
  509. Elkfins

    Christophers first buck

    First and foremost, A huge thanks to Josh, @silver slayer for sharing your honey hole with us and putting Christopher and I in position for him to take this buck. I can't express how lucky we are to have such great friends and people in our lives. Both Christopher and I owe you big time and...
  510. Elkfins

    Fuel Tank Fabricators

    Another vote for coastline. They did the original Glasply tanks back in the '70's and '80's and when I needed a new one for my old Glasply, they had the dimensions and plans on file, built the tank and shipped it to me in less than a week.
  511. Elkfins

    Wisconsin Muskys!!!!

    Fun, Fun, Fun. solid work.
  512. Elkfins

    That'll buff right out!!

    Boat died out near the SW corner during halibut fishing... dead batteries. Coast Guard 47 approached to provide a tow but came in a bit too hot and ran him over.
  513. Elkfins

    Moving metal carport

    we moved one at my dads place a few years back... Tied the back together with cross braces. Parked a flatbed truck under it. Jacked up the carport a few inches and build a couple of braces that set across the truck bed and front bumper wide enough for the carport to rest on then lowered the...
  514. Elkfins

    any health insurance brokers around?

    Any health insurance brokers out there in the brotherhood that might be able to help me with Washington State health insurance options for a small business... less than 10 employees with various needs/situations. Our current premiums have skyrocketed while coverage has dwindled so I need to do...
  515. Elkfins

    90’s honda accord

    these are the most commonly stolen car for a reason. GLWS
  516. Elkfins

    Coyote's and Pets

    15/0 treble hook tied to a 200lb steel cable baited with hamburger hanging 4 feet above the ground... Just don't let your dogs run free. I've never done this though...
  517. Elkfins

    Minimum age for tuna fishing

    Christopher has been fishing and boating since he was in the womb. Christopher caught his first Tuna when he was 9 aboard the KellyAnn. Not sure how old he was here but around 4 or 5 I'm thinking... catching salmon aboard Center Cut. He was 6 here... He didn't catch this particular...
  518. Elkfins

    Wanted Defiance Admiral 250EX

    If you want a close look and a test ride in a Grady 232, let me know. It has a 9'3" beam and trailering has not been an issue for me. The wider beam makes a huge difference in the seaworthiness IMO. And there is definitely a big difference in the ride between the 25 and 29 defiance's.
  519. Elkfins

    Idaho bulls

    Yowza!!! Nice bulls
  520. Elkfins

    94 YJ

    Lots of fun right there. Surprised this hasn't sold yet. GLWS bud.
  521. Elkfins

    Wanted Defiance Admiral 250EX

    I've never owned one but ridden on all 3 sizes... 22, 25 & 29. All are very wet rides on the back deck but stable at rest and provide a good fishing platform with lots of room on the deck. If you haven't gone for a test drive in one, you should (in some not so nice water). You should also test...
  522. Elkfins

    Looking for a new hunting partner

    And here I thought you didn't love me anymore after Elk season. Good luck with the search bud.
  523. Elkfins

    Your chance to be heard and give input on next halibut season

    True story!!! Unfortunately, most conservation and animal rights groups would have you believe otherwise.
  524. Elkfins

    WDFW authorizes inport of Atlantic salmon eggs from Iceland

    For the most part, I tend to agree with this. I was talking to a fishing guide up in Kyuquot Sound (WCVI) this summer and he was in favor of fish farms. He brought up the point that the farms take much of the pressure off of wild and hatchery stocks and without them, there would pretty much be...
  525. Elkfins

    I think this Blue Friday business has gone too far!

    He was celebrating Blew Friday...
  526. Elkfins

    I think this Blue Friday business has gone too far!

    Dave told me that know all about those parts of town...
  527. Elkfins

    Braid under mono?

    All of my bait rigs are 50lb braid with a 10 - 15 foot top shot of 25 - 30lb flouro or mono.
  528. Elkfins


    Simple answer... It would make very clear the "co-manager's" true colors and intentions to the public which is very different than the propaganda they pay the media and our elected officials to portray.
  529. Elkfins


    Preferably someone who's not afraid to tell the "co-managers" to go fuck themselves!!!
  530. Elkfins

    Furuno System

    Why does it seem like everytime there is a classifieds post that gets shit on, G-Spot is right in the middle of it.
  531. Elkfins


    Social injustice is not unique to our country. This is where Kapernick and the NFL players are missing the point. Everywhere people of different races mingle, this type of shit occurs. It always has and it always will. I'm as white as white can be and married to an Asian girl from Singapore...
  532. Elkfins

    Getting sharked out...

    Good info Laurence. The only thing I would add is to pay attention to where you're putting your bait in the water. Don't drop him right on top of the damn sharks nose. Toss him out a ways or behind the shark if possible to give him a head start.
  533. Elkfins

    Freshwater Lk Washington Coho Counts

    Probably because the tribal nets are in. They don't want to publish the fact that the counts go to nothing when the muckleni _ _ ers have thier nets in the water.
  534. Elkfins

    Youth success! ( And the WDFW Damage folks nailed it)

    freakin fantastic!!! Great work to the kiddo.
  535. Elkfins

    Non-ethonol Aberdeen area

    This. 12' ceiling there. Pay attention.
  536. Elkfins

    Tuna roll call.. Who's fish'n Sat??

    That's a big albie Eric... you just make it look small.
  537. Elkfins

    Washingtom/Oregan poachers go down

    Glad they're caught and being prosecuted. Not happy with the local news coverage of these asshats... calling them hunters.
  538. Elkfins

    Another good trip

    Well done!!!
  539. Elkfins

    Window install or construction problem advice

    I don't know shit about window installations but just wanted to say that I pray that your wife's cancer is curable and that she heals fast and without too much pain. Best wishes Kim.
  540. Elkfins


    Great work Josh.
  541. Elkfins

    Ash from rust spots

    Barkeepers friend will probably get most of it. Collonite cleaner wax applied with elbow grease on the stubborn spots followed up with a coat of collonite paste wax.
  542. Elkfins

    Westport Big Fish!

    Call out the non-payers Josh. Complete bullshit to enter a bet then not pay up!!!
  543. Elkfins

    It's happening.........

    And It's just about on!!! Good luck to all the Archery elk hunters this weekend!!! Montana Dave, Kristina, Duramax and I have some heavy lifting to do!!!
  544. Elkfins

    Looks like my parking job (Bow Thrusters?)

    that's painful right there.
  545. Elkfins

    Recommendation for Lodge in CAN or AK

    Was just up at SlamBang lodge on Kyuquot sound. King fishing was good with a 20lb average but the halibut and ling cod fishing left something to be desired. Accommodations were average and the staff was pleasant. Same problem in Kyuquot sound. Saw dozens and dozens of sea otters and the...
  546. Elkfins

    CAST for Kids needs a couple more boats on 9 Sept

    Maybe next year... taking kids fishing is cool. I've got a date with an Elk on the 9th.
  547. Elkfins

    Theft on Float 12

    I'm thinking we may need a new gatekeeper... Goat is getting out of touch. Tues - where are you buddy?
  548. Elkfins

    Hard to know what's doing on the tuna front

    and here I keep turning him down... WTF am I thinking???
  549. Elkfins

    Westport big fish: reply I'm in

    Mancave for the win!!!! Nice fish Josh!
  550. Elkfins

    Got me some winter reading.

    Very cool. If you ever get through them and want to pass them to someone, I'd love to read them.
  551. Elkfins

    Wanted: Deck hand with net experience!!!

    Haha. Good one. A good net man will coach the angler what to do as well. It's a team sport.
  552. Elkfins

    Boat pricing?

    Don't know the value of your boat but what I have generally found is that when selling stuff, the more you ask at first, the more you're likely to get. If you're not in a hurry to sell, price it high. You may be surprised at what someone is willing to pay.
  553. Elkfins

    My greatest day as a captain.

    Fantastic work Norm!!!
  554. Elkfins

    Westport report -

    Goat... slow down on the meds dude.
  555. Elkfins

    Washington Tuna Classic 2017 in pictures

    great work Eric.
  556. Elkfins

    What happened to Tailwalker Charters

    Clearly that is the problem.
  557. Elkfins

    What happened to Tailwalker Charters

    It's all Daves fault.
  558. Elkfins

    Salmon fishing ending soon in area 2 ?

    There is a very high probability that next weekend is the last one for Salmon this year.
  559. Elkfins


    chocolablibby reincarnated me thinks...
  560. Elkfins

    SST and Chloro Charts?

    Here's the latest image from NOAA Coastwatch... Good luck...
  561. Elkfins

    SST and Chloro Charts?

    truth hurts...
  562. Elkfins

    Saltwater 8/6 tuna report, WP

    I almost thought you were volunteering...
  563. Elkfins

    4 stroke kicker concerns

    What John and Fred said. The only concern would be if you get bad gas in your tank, it will affect both motors.
  564. Elkfins

    Wtc seat

    You're gonna be disappointed Mike... Josh is a sexy beast but not at that level.
  565. Elkfins

    Freshwater 200lb Arapaima from Thailand

    Hookers and Blow...
  566. Elkfins

    2002 F350 7.3 Diesel

    Good luck with the sale. Should go quick.
  567. Elkfins

    Suzuki Lower Unit?

    WOW... it's been one thing after another with that boat. Hoping your luck turns around sooner than later.
  568. Elkfins

    Saltwater I just want to catch some damn salmon...

    For kings, it's hard to beat the first week of August in Westport.
  569. Elkfins

    WDFW facebook page today... WTF???

    I believe in karma so no... i wouldn't take it without first confirming it was legally obtained.
  570. Elkfins

    WDFW facebook page today... WTF???

    What I read is that they cops didn't want to do paperwork (thier job) and instead stole the pots and passed the stolen goods to you...
  571. Elkfins

    Almost sank me boat

    call your insurance company. Pickle the outboard...
  572. Elkfins

    Freshwater 200lb Arapaima from Thailand

    All catch and release here. It's a private fishing resort on a very large reservoir which is stocked with a myriad of huge exotic fish. When a fish is caught, the guides (who are all bio's) help land the fish, get pictures, give the fish a health checkup and off it go's. Gear is a custom 10'...
  573. Elkfins

    Having engine trouble

    Those pictures are the exact reason I will never own another I/O. Once you get any salt water in there, the corrosion and rust starts and you end up with these types of problems.
  574. Elkfins

    Having engine trouble

    Replace the coil...
  575. Elkfins

    Freshwater 200lb Arapaima from Thailand

    So I get this picture sent to me this morning. The family is in Singapore this month visiting the in-laws while I'm at home paying the bills. They spent a week vacationing in Phuket, Thailand and Christopher got to do a little fishing with his uncle. He landed a 200+ pound Arapaima. Not bad...
  576. Elkfins

    Elliott Bay Gillnetting 8/9 Sport Fishing 8/11-13

    I probably shouldn't say this on a public internet forum but. someone needs to invent an ethnic selective virus...
  577. Elkfins

    Saltwater Yellowtail out of Ilwaco!

    Gimme a little credit...
  578. Elkfins


    You mean to tell me the chart plotter isn't good enough? well shit.
  579. Elkfins

    Saltwater Yellowtail out of Ilwaco!

    Nice. It was tasty too!!! thanks for sharing a few bites.
  580. Elkfins

    Shark bit salmon?

    You sure they didn't get a bit carried away when they were clipping adipose fins at the hatchery???
  581. Elkfins

    Shark bit salmon?

  582. Elkfins

    It's happening.........

    Elk on the mind... Definitely some shooters.
  583. Elkfins

    Crab pot thieves....

    No proof other than your suspicion based on circumstances... At best, give them a warning but even here, you need to be careful. Shit sometimes has a way of escalating quickly. Also, be aware that if they did pilfer your pots, and you confront them with no real proof other than suspicion...
  584. Elkfins

    July 17 Tuna Map

    that water is green... and not really connected to the main body of warm water.
  585. Elkfins


    Doesn't look good for these guys based on this article. But it does bring up a question... Anyone know if it is legal to high grade fish if you keep them alive in...
  586. Elkfins

    Saltwater 15 July tuna run on the Lumacat

    120 gallons burned !?!?!?!?!? wow.
  587. Elkfins

    July 17 Tuna Map

    I'd start in the north end of the circled area and troll in a southerly direction...
  588. Elkfins

    Whale show

    He's lucky he didn't go swimming that day...
  589. Elkfins

    What is avg length of a 25lb Albacore?

    I don't think a 25lb albie will fit in a 31" cooler...
  590. Elkfins

    Open seat for Salmon tomorrow @ westport

    I think his salmon grew long fins... Just a guess.
  591. Elkfins

    WTH is the Goat doing?

    How the fuck does that happen???
  592. Elkfins

    Saltwater Furbags

    good that that bitch didn't get the lucky Sea Cawk spoon
  593. Elkfins

    Anyone else eyeballing a Saturday tuna run?

    Water looks good... We may be running.
  594. Elkfins

    The youth

    He can. Christopher has fished the big water since he was 4 or 5.
  595. Elkfins

    The youth

    no doubt.
  596. Elkfins

    Saltwater Sea cawk

    Truth... All I did was drive the boat. Saturday was all Josh with a bit of Christopher thrown in.
  597. Elkfins

    Financing for Older Boats?

    I'll bet you got a much better interest rate than on a used boat loan as well...
  598. Elkfins

    Things not to do while fishing

    Doesn't seem to stop you.
  599. Elkfins

    Lake WA sockeye fishery

    actually, not quite true. They care a lot... . . . . . . about the $$ the tribes pay them for casino advertising and BS propaganda.
  600. Elkfins

    Another 50th Bday Party Tuna Town Aug 5th

    Sounds like a good time. Count me in.
  601. Elkfins

    Tuna Charter

    Surprised you can't get a call back from Patrick... he may be booked though as you are a bit behind the curve here. Darrell at Far Corners is a great option as well. He's one of the best captains around.
  602. Elkfins

    Saltwater Sea cawk

    Good times.
  603. Elkfins

    Kingslayer lures

    um... they look a lot like coho killers with ball bearing swivels to the hooks to me. What's so special about these that they cost $15 or more each???
  604. Elkfins

    Lake WA sockeye fishery

    fuck them...
  605. Elkfins

    Active shooter Eagle Harbor

    wow... glad no one who mattered was hurt or killed.
  606. Elkfins

    Saltwater Westport 7/7 and 7/8

    more pics please.
  607. Elkfins

    Freshwater 70 POUND BLUE CATFISH!!!

    Very nice. Fishing for big cat's is fun. Here's one I caught in Thailand a few years back.
  608. Elkfins

    July 5 "Tuna Map"

    A couple of thoughts. 1. We've caught lots of tuna early season in 57 degree water. Don't need really warm water for albacore. I'm more interested in areas where I can find a temp break and a color break close together... preferably, right on top of each other. 2. It seems to me that we...
  609. Elkfins

    Saltwater Tuna, tuna, tuna

    Fuck off!!!
  610. Elkfins

    Secret's out

    Well shit... I ran across this on the interweb's today. Guess it's time to sell the boat and move to Idaho.
  611. Elkfins

    Saltwater Tuna, tuna, tuna

    But I wanted to be in charge of the Vagina hats!!!
  612. Elkfins

    Saltwater Tuna, tuna, tuna

    Now you're going liberal??? WTF???
  613. Elkfins


    Club Tuna... I would expect to see her there.
  614. Elkfins

    Saltwater Westport July 1-2 opener

    Ditto this. I've caught lots of blue lings inshore... some small and some over 30lbs. Never saw a blue ling offshore in the deep water.
  615. Elkfins

    Anybody fished Salmon out westport last couple days?

    interestingly enough, I only heard of a couple silvers caught over the weekend. Usually, they're thick this time of year.
  616. Elkfins

    It's happening.........

    Went and checked the camera's yesterday. Found some bulls that have some promise.
  617. Elkfins

    Sockeye area 7 worth trying?

    Not sure in the salt... never targeted them there but with the freshwater lake fisheries the gear is pretty straightforward. 2 bare red hooks 18" behind a dodger. Troll as slow as you possibly can. Use some shrimp oil attractant on the gear. Basically, mimic the krill that they are used to...
  618. Elkfins

    Sea trial fail

    Nope...Chinese Hookers tongue.
  619. Elkfins

    Sea trial fail

    There is no such thing as the wrong hole... And that is what she said.
  620. Elkfins

    It beginning to look like x mas

    now get that shit done... the tuna are here and Mikie wants to fish.
  621. Elkfins

    Post Up Some Pics Of Your Fish Cleaning Tables

    Costco table... Add a couple of 16" long 1 1/2" diameter PVC pipes to the legs to make it taller. Fit's right in the cockpit and plenty of room for 1 guy to fillet, and another to skin.
  622. Elkfins

    Dead Tuna in Ilwaco

    Yes... That was a pretty fucking good day too. Being a boat ho is awesome... lucky me!!! I've been fortunate to fish with and learn from some of the best anglers in the state and RTB is right at the top of that list for sure. Although... i would hesitate to say I've had plenty of...
  623. Elkfins

    Drowning explained

    that video was absolutely terrifying...
  624. Elkfins

    Facebook Failure

    For the most part yes... but, you can also post pictures of your food there as well as see videos of cat's doing stupid shit.
  625. Elkfins

    Dead Tuna in Ilwaco

    That was a good day for sure. 50 dead tuna and back at the dock at 11:59am
  626. Elkfins

    Dead Tuna in Ilwaco

    well shit... there goes my salmon season.
  627. Elkfins

    Twin 1999 Yamaha Saltwater Series II OX66 200 HP outboards

    Bump. Someone needs a pair of 2 strokes... Make me an offer.
  628. Elkfins

    Powerstroke Mechanic

    NW Custom is 3 weeks out right now FYI
  629. Elkfins

    Etec 300 lower unit

    Another vote for Dave Johnson at Kitsap marina.
  630. Elkfins

    Tactical Strike upgrade

    I'd do her... that is, if Miles wasn't like 8 fucking feet tall and bat-shit crazy
  631. Elkfins

    It's happening.........

    And the pre season work begins. Montana Dave, Kristina, Christopher and I headed over the pass this morning and set up cameras in some of the honey holes. What was left of the salt licks from last year have been pretty heavily used and we saw plenty of sign... even bumped a few trying to stay...
  632. Elkfins

    I hope all our trips are like this...

    fun times. She looked good running. I can't wait for a chance to help paint that deck red.
  633. Elkfins

    Novice Tuna Help

    Braid is lighter so your bait will stay livelier longer. Tuna see livelier baits better.
  634. Elkfins

    Novice Tuna Help

    A very important piece of equipment... Hot girls dance on them.
  635. Elkfins

    Novice Tuna Help

    Any of your halibut rods will work as a trolling rig... preferably with a reel that is a non-level wind. Unless you want that shit to break. Frankly... you don't want to troll if you don't have to. For a live bait rod... Seeker 270H-8 with an Avet MXJ/MXL or SX spooled with 50lb braid and a...
  636. Elkfins

    Saltwater TailWalker Halibut Season at a Glance

    And here I thought those were BJ lips.
  637. Elkfins


    Lotsa crabs there though.
  638. Elkfins

    Need la Push Ling Cod help.

  639. Elkfins

    It's happening.........

    Don't feel so bad... Christopher got blanked again too... he was pretty bummed this morning.
  640. Elkfins

    It's happening.........

    Observatory Archery Quality Elk... It's my turn!!!:cheers:
  641. Elkfins

    Point Defiance Trailer parking??

    I think I'm gonna take some lawn chairs down there on the 4th of July during the day and watch the launch fireworks.
  642. Elkfins

    Back Yard Firepit

    I just can't bring myself to eat anything called nut butter...
  643. Elkfins

    Back Yard Firepit

    Forget the graham crackers and use Oreo's
  644. Elkfins

    2017/2018 Washington Regs are out

    I just got an email... they're changing this to selective gear only now...
  645. Elkfins

    Hit and run

    Get your fucking bicycle out of the way of my motor vehicle and we wouldn't have this problem... now would we.
  646. Elkfins

    Twin 1999 Yamaha Saltwater Series II OX66 200 HP outboards

    Bump. Updated the original post with video links.