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  1. dbar

    Inshore Son gets PB Red

    My boy and I went out at O'Dark thirty looking for fish. We hit La Jolla hoping for a shot at some yellows, with none showing on the meter or on the surface. We booked it north and looked for some bottom critters. We went home just shy of limits(could have stayed longer and got limits for...
  2. dbar

    SD bay 2/6

    Took my 2 youngest kids out for a Halibut/Lobster combo trip. Well half of the trip went as planned. Our first drift produced a legal Hali, followed by 4 more shorts and a few spotties until the sun went down. Part 2 of our trip wasn't productive at all, the bugs just weren't crawling for us...
  3. dbar

    Coronado, Point Loma and the Bay

    Took our new boat out for a shake down to see how it runs and what needs to be changed. Boat ran great and only has one issue that needs to be addressed to be to my standards. Tons of bait between the channel and hotel del, but we didn't find anything under it, just birds chrasing on it. Went...
  4. dbar

    Tribute 1.5 leaving friday night

    Who is on it? I will be on board, it will be the trip from yesterday that I pushed off for a week. So glad our fleet is finally a go, just in time for a hopefully epic season!!!
  5. dbar

    Saturday the 6th, deep pockets

    I have had a trip canceled that was going to run on the Tribute 1.5 day for Saturday which also happens to be my Birthday. Was planning this trip forever and I'm totally bummed about the decision made today for our sportboats. You thought your normal boat hoe paid good for a trip, you've...
  6. dbar

    I'm ready when ya need a hoe

    Anyone needs a boat hoe I'm down, have plenty of cash, plenty of gear, plenty of on the water Knowledge and I understand boat hoe duties. I have owned three saltwater fishing boats and understand fully what to do on the water. I'm set on gear to chase anything found from here to Cabo, so I'm...
  7. dbar

    Few rod&reel combos

    Avet Jx gold on custom wrapped gusa 80 MegaMag Avet Lx gold on custom wrapped gusa 80monster mag 2 Penn 6/0 trolling rigs on factory wrapped rods Call or txt for pictures and prices 760-315-6751 I know what I paid for them and I know what there worth used if your just trying to lowball dont...
  8. dbar

    Coming to a track near you......

    Ok among all the hobbies my family has(fishing, hunting, building guns, camping and going to every race track around) we have picked up a new hobby, sure to be our most expensive one yet. The DBAR family now owns two race cars (pony stock cars) that will be seeing track time starting in march at...
  9. dbar

    Team dbar Strikes again......

    Only this time its my Daughter Zoe who drew blood.(her first deer ever) While we were hunting and climbing over a rock pile she dropped my .308 right on the scope. It knocked the zero out because at 150 yards she was aiming at the vitals and hit the deer through the head. I don't care about the...
  10. dbar

    AR-15 DID WHAT?

    It did this 4X3 Muley Buck in at 170 yards. Yep having him mounted, my biggest deer to date.
  11. dbar

    SPLATTERED.......warning graphic

    80yards 123grain sleeping pill with the new Grendel build.
  12. dbar

    Maximum rounds?

    What is the maximum number of rounds your mag can hold for deer hunting and/or coyotes? Are 5 round mags legal or do I have to pin one to only hold 3?
  13. dbar

    It's finally done!!!!!

    .264LBC aka 6.5 GRENDEL It's been a long slow build every piece thought out and ordered over a long 7 months. Almost every single part was at one time sitting in a bin at Big Shot gun store, they were kind enough to give me a spot in the back to store parts. Some parts I paid them in advance for...
  14. dbar

    Getting close......

    .......To finishing the Gun my Daughter Zoe and I will hunt deer with this season. We are hunting with an Ar15 and sending the pictures to Dianne Feinstein to show her AR's are for hunting with!!!! Parts in hand Are.... Barrel/ Blackhole Weaponry 24" .264LBC (6.5 Grendel) HandGuard/ Midwest...
  15. dbar

    Burned up my points

    I burned all my points to put me and my daughter Zoe in for G13 as a group for her first year hunting deer, yep she's 12 finally and I'm going to watch her wack a fricking deer this year, because we got our first choice. G13 is basically shopping with a gun, pretty sure I can find her a doe to...
  16. dbar

    Great service

    I just wanted to share my experiance today. It started yesterday after we. ad a shoot party here at the house. After we were done shooting Dave noticed a crack in my lower receiver. Now remember I just finished this gun about two months ago so I only have about 1500 rounds through it. I was...
  17. dbar

    7-1/2 shot

    Looking to get some so I can liad some shell's.
  18. dbar

    7-1/2 size shot

    Im Looking to buy some to reload with.
  19. dbar

    looking for AR barrel

    5.56 16" barrel or 14.5" Could use a gas block and tube also. Shoot me a pm if ya have one ya want to get rid of.
  20. dbar

    looking for an AR barrel

    Prefer a 14.5" or 16" in 5.56 Also need a gas block and tube pm me if ya have anything you want to part with.
  21. dbar

    Rattler(mojave green) in Ramona in January?????

    Found this guy in my front yard about an hour ago? So cold he couldn't even rattle. Who ever say Greene's aren't this far south are full of shit, this bad boy had just shed its the prettiest green I've ever seen, if anyone wants the skin it's in my freezer for ya!!!
  22. dbar

    7.62X39 vs 5.56 upper????

    Ok so I'm going to build an AR, yea I know I've always said I don't like AR's. After buying the Colt M4 for my wife and kids I like that you can shoot a lil carbine all day for almost nothing. So now I want one for myself, but still want to shoot it for very little money. Online I can buy bulk...
  23. dbar

    God I Hate these things....

    Was up on my back hill looking for a 3X3 my neighbor said he saw. I would like to get a look and see if it's the same one who was in my front yard two years ago, if it is he has to be huge by now. Saw a ton of fresh sign in the bedding area but no deer. On my way back to the house I came...
  24. dbar

    Just about two weeks

    Until Chukar season, I can't wait!!! Doug, Ryan and Me & Cody(my dog) are going on our 2nd annual Chukar trip. It's going to be an every year thing :) Might take Caleb this year.
  25. dbar

    I can't wait till....

    .... Tonight's dinner. Smoked Venison Polish Sausages, thanks to Jim's country smoke house(619-249-9631) I had that whole buck made to some sort of sausage. Country sausage, salami, chorizo and polish sausage.
  26. dbar

    D16 down, A22 left to go....

    Filled my D16 with this lil guy(100ish#'s), I watched him and a lil bit bigger model sparring for a while. The bigger of the two wouldn't give me a shot so I took this one at 60 yards, shot was right on the money and the Rage 2 blade had him piled up in 40 yards. I'm sold on the Rage broadheads...
  27. dbar

    Fucking Lions Again

    I got this today in an Email alert...... August 6, 2012 (Santee)--A mountain lion has been reported in the 10700][/B]block of Princess Arlene, a residential neighborhood in Santee. Incident Page Network indicates that San Diego Sheriff and animal control officers are conducting a search of...
  28. dbar

    Colt M4 Ops

    Don't really Care for Ar's or 22's, but my wife shot an Ar in 22 and liked it plus my kids love to shoot and 22 ammo is cheep for them to shoot. So what do you guys think about the M4, good or bad opinions welcome. BTW I'm asking because I can get a screaming good deal on a new one.
  29. dbar

    ca is up

    D16 for my group
  30. dbar

    Dropped a Jake.....

    Second and final trip out for Turkey this season due to even though he's small he had to get dropped!!!! BTW he was shot on public land, the pic was taken once I got home.
  31. dbar


    Let me be the first to say Happy BDay Steve, I hope it's a good one!!!!!
  32. dbar

    Daytona 500 get together.....

    ....... At Casa De Dbar!!!! Sunday the 26th is the 500 and the will be a party here at the house for those that want come by. Party starts at 9am and goes till when ever. There will probably be some shooting going on after the race is over...depending on how much booze has been consumed...
  33. dbar

    Zoe at Falling Feathers jr. Hunt pic heavy.

    Saturday was slow at fly off, so Zoe started by sluesing two Ruddies. Then she managed to drop a hen bootlip in the deeks. Tons of teal in normal fashion....Fucking fast and low. She managed to get her first teal, a nice drake GW that ended up being her favorite of the she took a pic...
  34. dbar

    once again.....

    I shot a limit at Falling Feathers Ranch!!!!! I took me till 1pm this time, but I still have shot a limit every single time down there. I missed ya Doug, even tried to get that homo Carl to take your spot, but Nobody could sneak out on a Wednesday with me.
  35. dbar

    Falling Feathers Spoonfest with a plus....

    First two birds into the spread were pintails and I doubled them with a quikness, then the next few birds in the deeks were more pins and I couldn't even shoot their assess!!!! These things decoyed like you wouldnt believe, it was a shame to have to let them fly back out!!! Finished out...
  36. dbar

    Vermontster you must have.....

    .....A good tag-soup recipe by now!!!! LOL This is the first tag I have ever had to eat, so I don't know how to eat it in style LOL The funny thing is I don't feel bad about eatting it, cause Friday morning I could have filled it!!!! I was at full draw at 40 yards on a yearling Doe and...
  37. dbar

    Oh Shit Sheriffs

    At my house for gun shots fired, with a helicopter and two squad cars LOL They saw my shooting range and left....he said I'll put you in the computer as target-shooters so we don't have to come back out next time :) God Bless America and the Ramona Sheriff dept!!!!!!
  38. dbar

    I got school'd today...... my 10 year old Daughter!!!!!! As most of you know my Daughter Zoe loves to wing shoot. So when I came home with those bandtails yesterday, I got talked into going again this morning with my hunting buddy(Zoe) in tow. Well it was bound to happen sooner or later and today was the day she...
  39. dbar

    Quik limit

    Of Bandtails
  40. dbar

    website to watch thee game

    I've seen it before anyone have the website addy to watch the games and fights?
  41. dbar

    Notes to myself.....

    1. After you see 6 deer and stalk to within 50 yards from 600+ yards away stop!!!!!! 2. If your within 50 yards of deer don't Fucking move, no matter how small your shooting lane is. 3. Most important of all......when you were stalking 6 deer and can only see 2 of them, the other 4 deer...
  42. dbar

    gotta love brad

    The first line says it all!!!!
  43. dbar

    D16 Smashed today.........The Whole Report

    Ok so I have found a new spot that has a ton of Doe's and it is seriously only 10 yards off a main road. I found it after a took a shot on a big 3X3 with my bow during A22 season. So I've been hunting really light on the gear and carrying minimum stuff. This Ares with all the Doe's had to have a...
  44. dbar

    D16 Smashed today

    My heaviest Deer to date. Worked all nite long and went to take a look this morning of coarse I shoot one have to leave for work in 2 hours with no sleep since yesterday at 3pm. So you get the story tmrw. Big fork on one side and looks like the missing one on the other side was shot off earlier...
  45. dbar

    saving deer.... yote at a time
  46. dbar

    Dr. Fowl.......

    ........Happy B-day brother :D
  47. dbar

    Chukar & Jacks........

    ....Daddy and Daughter do a Double limit on the oversized Rock Quail and oversized Bunnies. We had to work at it all day for Chukar limits, the Jack's were everywhere though so they piled up quik. We would have tried to add quail to the pile too, but we ran out of daylight, as you can see by the...
  48. dbar

    Hey Dave

    Look at the .325wsm Browning chambers some guns in this round. At 300yards it hits as hard as a a .338 win mag, but comes in a short action shell :) after my AR30 in .338 lapua I may have found my next gun to buy.
  49. dbar


    .........What rangefinder do you use, cause mine cost me a Deer on thurs. I have the Nikon Archers Choice and it wouldn't range with the cold weather. I miss judged the shot and cleanly missed about a foot over the back of a Deer because of it. I know you said yours messed up too, just...
  50. dbar


    Anybody just feel one, whole house just jolted here!!!!
  51. dbar

    Need Firewood

    I will trade some cut your own Oak, the whole Damn tree for some Ammo and Decoys. There is a ton of wood that fell on this one tree and I have another tree I have been wanting to put on the ground for awhile, so you can walk away with a shit load of wood for around 200 bucks worth of stuff...
  52. dbar

    she had babies in her

    Glad its dead, I killed a few in one shot on this one. Fucker was in the front yard where my kids play. Sorry Zeke the skin is F'd up I haven't forgot about ya though
  53. dbar

    Broadhead target

    I have had issues with my bow since I changed strings. Took it to willowcreek and Jim fixed some cam lean problems and during this whole problem period I shot a ton of arrows at both the bag and my broadhead target. Well my broadhead target is now junk, I have just about got my bow perfectly...
  54. dbar

    Hey Sean...... aren't the only one who can kill small game. I got this lil garden wrecker in a hole where my only bellpeper plant once stood. He couldn't have gone after one of my many cucumbers, or cantaloupe lil bastard killed my only frickin bellpepper plant. Well it cost him his...
  55. dbar

    Squab shoot

    5 guys wacked the sqwabs today
  56. dbar

    It's hot in the valley

    Squab hunt 5 bd'rs down here :)
  57. dbar

    Welk Resorts Timeshare

    Week 6 (first week in feb) Unit 349 Maint. Fees. Aprox $750 a year I'll let it go to another BD Member for $1500 otherwise I'm going to list it for $2500 We have been useing it for the waterparks, which is a blast during the summer!!! We haven't had a chance to stay in the unit, but...
  58. dbar

    Texas hog hunting outfitter?

    Ok my mom wants to go to texas and hog hunt with a rifle in Oct. She left it up to me to find a ranch, guide, ect. She also wants me to go with her and do it together, as a mother-son hunt. She has shot many guns and isn't afraid to pull a trigger, so it would be cool for us to do...
  59. dbar

    Thanks Tommy & Junior

    The Abablone is the shit!!!!! Watching the Allstar Race eatting some right now :) Lastnight we had the Softshells ;) If any of you guys haven't been by to checkout the deals on seafood your just plain dumb, Tommy has the SHIT!!!!!
  60. dbar

    Best Hotdog in San Diego????

    Let me start by saying Carl keep your yapper shut!!!! Ok who makes the best dogs in town? Seems no-one in town makes a good hotdog just the fast foodshit style..... But no-one makes a good natural caseing snap when you bite into it Hotdog!!!! Who knows a place that has good dogs???
  61. dbar


    Here's what happens when a board redneck has some fun!!! Took us 15min. to find this piece. And both pieces were put back together for the crows LOL Hope you enjoyed seeing the carnage as much as we do shooting them :)
  62. dbar

    Lunker Bluegill

    My 4 year old Caleb with a nice gill from the local fishing hole. Have to love the country life, with hunting & fishing right out the front door :)
  63. dbar

    First dead thing on new bd!!!!

    20 yards with a 3" # 3 it didnt stand a chance. Fucker got two of my cats first though!!!!!
  64. dbar

    T-Shark gear......

    ....... Just in time for the season!!!!! I have an older penn 80 single speed on a stand-up rod(also comes with a chair rod) take the Reel and both rods for $250 and I'll even throw in three rigged Bait-o-Matics...... ..... You can be on the water with everything you need for the big boys!!!!!
  65. dbar

    New tag system

    I don't like it, but i've never been one to like change!!!! Got my bow tag and in for the draw :) hope we get drawn for what we are after in the draw ;)
  66. dbar

    Happy Easter

    Now lets all go shoot a bunny!!!
  67. dbar

    Great idea.....

    I would like to start a new TV show called "Take a Vegan Hunting". It would be great to watch one Vegan's journey through each of the main hunting seasons( deer, pig, dove, turkey...etc) Now that would be a fuckin show I'd watch every week !!!!!!!!!
  68. dbar

    Dougs new pet

    Doug woke up to find he had a new pet LOL So he brought it by to show it off!!!
  69. dbar

    My RedNeck Family....

    So just for fun I showed the kids how to build a live animal trap. Today it was sprung,here's what happened.......we gave the yard wrecker a chance to earn it's freedom.......the squirrel didn't make it to the bushes though!!!!
  70. dbar

    A quick from the heart post....

    So me and my best bud Mike wacked a double on the Turkeys yesterday....... My Brother introduced me to my buddy Mike many years ago..... Well yesterday was the 2nd anniversary of my brothers passing away.......I wish we could have showed you the dead birds bro!!!!!!!! My brother loved Pantera...
  71. dbar

    Double Down.....

    ..... Public land Jake double.... For me and mike!
  72. dbar

    Test from phone

    This was taken Sunday and the deer still has hard antlers.
  73. dbar

    My Daughter has...............

    .................. Dropped a Turkey 2 years in a row :D WE worked our ass off today to seal the deal!!!! I'm a very proud Dad and getting ready to have a good dinner :D Yesterday we had birds at 30 yards twice and for one reason or another she couldn't make it happen. Today after a ruff start...
  74. dbar

    Not yet, but close....

    Twice this morning Zoe had birds within 30 yards .....just couldn't close the deal. Hopefully tomorrow she can put one on the ground.:2gunsfiring_v1:
  75. dbar

    phone pics?

    Ok so how do you get pics from a new HTC phone loaded here? Everytime it goes to the attachments page to load the pic and I get stuck on that page after the pic loads and I can't submit the post. Who knows how to do it with out getting stuck on that page or how to have it bring that page up as a...
  76. dbar

    Valintines Day = White & Red

    White as in Geese and Red as in Blood!!!!! I got a call that said "Geese are dieing you need to get your ass to the club" So I asked the wife for a pass and got it :D Hit Falling Feathers at 0'dark thirty and snuck down to the area we had been told about and had a few flights go over within...
  77. dbar

    Youth Hunt At Falling Feathers

    Pics now story later. Working off of two computers both are :shithappens:
  78. dbar

    <<<<******Final Duck Hunt of '10-'11 Season and Thank You!!!!******>>>>

    Took the boat down to the LCRA for the first hunting trip in the boat, and the last hunt of this season. Found out a few things..... 1. Sluester knows the area really well. 2.Should have taken the boat down sooner. 3. Ducks can't see the boat at all. Mike and Me met Sluester for...
  79. dbar

    To my Buddy ..... Cuernos

    Since I will be outta Town tmrw and away from the computer.............. HAPPY B-DAY BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!![/SIZE] Hope ya have a good one Raully!!!!
  80. dbar

    *******Another Falling Feathers Smackdown 1/12/11*******

    Well the club shot good again Yesterday :2gunsfiring_v1: The morning fly off was the best I've seen all season, to bad they were all flying to high to shoot!!! Once again the guy who sticks it out gets the birds. Nothing major as far as flights after fly of Teal from 1-6 birds...
  81. dbar

    1/5/2011...... At Falling Feathers Ranch

    What can I say , But Hell Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So Today I had 3 Teal(1 DGWT, 1DCT, 1 HCT) And 4 Gads(3Drakes-1hen) by 11am...It took till 2pm for Mike to finish the day with 5spoons a Teal and a Gad. Wish my buddy would have shot better, we could have been home hours ago ;) Theres a few...
  82. dbar

    Yesterdays(12-29-10) Dead Ducks

    Let me Start By Saying, Thanks Bryant & Falling Feathers Ranch!!! Ok yesterday was a tuff one for sure. It was cold for the Valley(maybe in the 50's) LOL Rain, Mud and an over all Lack of new birds. I didn't hear shit coming from Wister all day, maybe just ones and two up there every hour...
  83. dbar


    Happy BirthDay Dude!!!!!!!!!
  84. dbar

    Who finds leaks?

    In San Diego area? I have a wall that gets moist and gets a tiny amount of mildew on it after very heavy rains. I thought it was the roof at first and had a BD'r out here to fix it. I really don't think its the roof anymore now the leak has moved over to a glass block window area of the wall...
  85. dbar

    FT Hunter Liggett

    My Oldest Son(John) Just Called me on his way home from Liggett, Him and His Buddy(both of them are in the USCG) Put Down a 6X7 Bull with a Muzzle Loader. Congrats Boys!!!! Pic's to come as soon as he gets them to me!!!!!!
  86. dbar

    RUMOR HAS IT.........

    ........Team 1 has a local archery buck on the ground for XMAS :D
  87. dbar

    This guy has a death wish

    watch it and you'll know what I mean!!!!! Video: Moscow motorcyclist's crazy high-speed commute &mdash; Autoblog BELIVE ME WHEN I SAY I HATE ROAD BIKES AND THEIR RIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  88. dbar

    The largest Army

    Here is something to think about and it only mentions a few of the states. Now you know why the liberal anti-gun groups want to take our guns away?&#8230;they are scared of us!!!!!! The World's Largest Army. America's Hunters? The state of Wisconsin has gone an...
  89. dbar

    Duck hunting at home!!!!!!!

    I'm going down in the front yard in a few minutes to start tossing Deeks!!!!!!!! Actually there was ducks in my creek last year, might be again this year!!! My creek has now become a river!!!! Water is at the top of the bridge, so we'll be stuck here for awhile. No biggie happens once to...
  90. dbar

    F'd Up Roads and Mud!!!

    Just talked to someone thats down in the Valley......Davis road is bad and they are calling for 100% chance of heavy thunder storms down there tommorrow!!!! FUCK THAT........GOOD LUCK TO ALL THAT BRAVE THE WEATHER AND BE SAFE!!! I'LL BE HOME TOASTY WARM and WATCHIN FREE INTERNET PORN!!!!!!!!!
  91. dbar

    Killed Um

    Dead Ducks!!!!!!!!! Never had so many Gads come in and commit.........maybe the mojo's? Maybe the new Gad call? Maybe a lil of both. Heres a pic of my birds maybe Doug will put up a pic of his!!!!! The Gads would circle once -twice cup and come in hard...........Fucking Awsome to see!!!!!!!!
  92. dbar

    C-Ya Outta Here..........

    ..........In about 6 hours!!!!! Heading for the Sea with Doug and we're gonna light up some Quackers(I hope) :2gunsfiring_v1: Hope there flyin cause if they are they'll be Dieing. I'm Going for the 7 Spoonie Strap LOL Or Maybe an all Ruddy strap :rofl: REPORT BACK TMRW !!!!!!!!!!
  93. dbar

    Falling Feathers Ranch 12-1-2010

    Let Me start by say Thank you to Bryant for having us down there today!!!! And don't ever do a quik clean job on your gun after shooting a massive amount of rounds through it, Fucked myself out of some good Big Ducks(Pins, Gaddies and a Band) Today!!!! Gummed up fireing pin in the cold...
  94. dbar

    I'm Out!!!!!!

    Jump shooting on the way there and hunting tomrw!!!!!! Report back on wens night :D
  95. dbar

    Penn International 80 Setup

    I have a Penn 80 Reel on a Standup rod and also have an International 80 class rod By Penn that will go with the Setup. LINK TO THE RODS & REEL........AVETS ARE SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!! Both Rods and the Penn International Reel...
  96. dbar

    .264 Win Mag

    Ok While My next Gun will most likely be a gun in .338 Lapua. I was out hunting the other day and came across a piece of Brass....I could tell right away it was an off caliber so I tossed the brass in my pocket and brought it home. When I took a Closer look it was a .264 win mag case. Does...
  97. dbar

    Congrats Team 48

    Congrats Jimmie, Chad & Everyone at HMS 5 Times in a row...............MODERN DAY ROCK STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  98. dbar

    PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT..........

    Fellow Hunters, Collectively we have a tremendous opportunity to open up about 1,000,000 acres of California land to hunting. This land has not been accessible to hunters since the State Game Refuge system was established in 1910. A history of the Refuge program and reasons why it should be...
  99. dbar

    Best WingShoot to Date!!!!

    What Made it the Best to date, was the Fact I got to spend it with My Daughter and some good friends and we all shot until there wasn't a single piece of ammo left :D Zoe Shot over 100 rounds in her .410 and even Shot my .12 gauge for the first time :D Doug(Stairman), Zoe, Cody and Myself...
  100. dbar

    Fucking Cats!!!!!!!!!!

    Mountain Lion Causes Elementry School to be Locked Down!!! MOUNTAIN LION PROMPTS LOCKDOWN OF JAMACHA ELEMENTARY | East County Magazine So when are they going to put them back on the huntable species list????? Fuckers need to be put in check!!!
  101. dbar

    A couple of Ducks!!!!

    First pic is the Ringneck I shot the same day I shot my last deer. Second pic is from yesterday .....Me and Mike went and shot our lil waterhole near the sea. I ended up with 1 Greenhead, 1 Mallard Hen, 1 Drake GW Teal and 1 Hen GW Teal Yesterday. Mike ended up with 1 Hen Mallard. Got to...
  102. dbar

    Anyone have a Meatgrinder?

    I'm not taking the one to Jim and I'd like to grind up a bunch of sausage out of the meat. I would buy a grinder, but there is always shit to buy with a new baby in the house!!!!!!!!!!! Who can help a brother out?
  103. dbar

    My last Deer of 2010

  104. dbar

    My last Deer of 2010

    Tagged out and done this year. All my extra time will be chaseing duck now. 268 yards right behind the head Knocking the spine off the skull and not wasting a bit of meat :D Thought we may have a double, but Mike missed his shot. Within 4 hours of me butchering it, Momma's water broke. TEAM...
  105. dbar

    Here's Quik Pic's..........

    .................Dead Deer .........Story to come in a few days!!!!! .................Logan Robert Perkins....................Many stories for years to come :D Had one quik second to give ya some pic's back to hspital now ..........Momma and Baby are both doing great. See ya in a few...
  106. dbar

    Momma held out one long enough

    On our way out the door to the hospital :D See ya Fugger I'll be a new daddy today :D
  107. dbar

    Tagged OUT Biatches!!!

    Story to come in the report section TMRW after work, I'm fucking beat!!!! Come on 2011 cause thats when I can hunt deer again!!!!!
  108. dbar

    G13 opener

  109. dbar

    G13 opener

    Ok I should have been one and done!!!! Short story: I saw a doe atnd missed I actually got buck fever and pulled the gun..... It was a clean miss Mark and his brother helped me look for blood and nothing so I know it was a clean miss(even though I knew when I pulled the trigger I didn't hit...
  110. dbar

    How spoiled is your dog?

    So Cody has had his own bed on the couch pretty much since he moved in. 8:00pm every night the blanket goes on the couch and he's then allowed on it. The wife and Lil Man have now decided he need's a Camo Blanket to cover up with!!! What a life!!! :D Yea I know Raully, you said not to...
  111. dbar

    Quail Opener

    Me and Cody went out and shot a limit!!!! Nope not here at my house, we went up to the hills. Lots of other guys out and lots of birds dieing :D Cody did his job great, me not so much..........I went through alot of shells to get a limit!!!!! First time really hunting Cody and he needs to...
  112. dbar

    The fliptop is done and ready to...... go shoot some duckies :D Now If Momma will POP so I can get away from the house!!! While at the AutoClub Speedway with Dave on sat. I won a $100 dollar giftcard and went straight to BPS right after the race was over :D I bought some see through netting like the stuff on...
  113. dbar


    :D Got my new string on the AlphaMax this morning :D I put 100+ arrows through it with a ruff sighting in, once I had the 100 through it I started to get it dialed. I had to totally retune it and got it pretty damn close before I had to stop due to shooting form loss from the fatigue of...
  114. dbar

    Lobster Gear Best Deal ever!!!!!!!!!

    SOLD 5 flat style hoops and 4 eclipse style hoops along with my Homemade bouy system. Anyone who has ever hooped with me will tell you these are by far the easiest and best system they have ever seen for hooping!!!! I'm selling the whole deal for less than I have into the bouys alone...
  115. dbar


    I have a freezer for sale discount for BD members!!! Can be seen here Freezer Works great we just bought a bigger one. Call me at 619-985-2322 Jim
  116. dbar

    Kids & Dogs On House Arrest!!!!

    Around my house The Kids and Dogs are on House Arrest till further notice!!!! Let me start with how the summer nights have been......Lots and lots of night time critters. This year I have killed 30-35 Scorpions, 10 or so Turantulas, and 6 big Rattlers. So as the sun goes down I wander the...
  117. dbar

    Forkey Post

    I pulled my post!!!! It Seemed to be getting way off base. I put it up because I was bummed to see a nice Deer dead with an Arrow in its ASS!!! And maybe by seeing it might make new guys think before they pull the trigger on a margenal shot!!! I pulled it because it became an argument...
  118. dbar


    We're getting some rain from really high clouds and I'm seeing Lightning out towards Orions Place!!!! Now would be the time for a little spot and stalk when its over, no more walking on Cornflakes!!!! Wish I still had a tag, cause I have the time!!!!!
  119. dbar

    3 weeks from today..........

    ..........Some of these mother fuggas is going down!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmm They are super skittish, because Cody won't leave them alone. But everyday at the same time they make their rounds through my yard. I know I normally don't hunt my own yard, but some of these fuggers are really fat, and I had...
  120. dbar

    DuckBoat Rigging.........

    ........Who's still working on their boats? I'm putting a Fliptop on the ole blind before the season.....Now that I don't have any Tags to play with till Oct 23rd(G13). Figure I'll get it done while I have the free time :D Might add some lights to the bow before the season too....Just so I...
  121. dbar

    Winners Choice Bowstrings?????

    Please give me good I just bought a set to replace my blown up Fuse strings!!!! Thank God I started changeing things around on my bow, after I killed my buck. Didn't want to mess with stuff before the season and now I have time to dick with things. Found out my bow string was shot...
  122. dbar

    Review Jim's Country SmokeHouse

    Ok guys.... Here is my Review on jim and the cuts of meat I got back from my Buck........... ..............FUCKING AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would recomend Jim to any of my friends in a Heartbeat!!!!! He takes the time to make sure you are getting the EXACT cut's...
  123. dbar

    Team 1 Put points down

    .........Just got the pics sent to my phone :D
  124. dbar

    Spork it's whats for dinner!!!!!!!!!

    :D Heres a pretty funny looking rack on this lil guy :D
  125. dbar

    REVIEW....Tru-Fire T-1 Broadhead!!!

    Let me start by saying I will buy more of these. I have shot 2 broadheads at our local Deer and these are the best of the 2 I have used. I'm no expert on broadheads by anymeans, this is just my findings!!!!! These things are Sharp, the exit wound was just a clean as the entry hole. In fact...
  126. dbar

    A22 Buck Down!!!!!!!!!

  127. dbar

    A22 Buck Down!!!!!!!!!

    Big report to follow tmrw I'm fuckin beat... Took the biggest legal deer out of the group it was this Forky, no blood trail at all he held all the blood in his body cavity fuck'd trackin it in the dark with no blood to follow. Still alive when we found it so he got his throat slit...
  128. dbar

    Fuck the hill!!!!!!!! Hunter becomes HUNTED!!!!!

    I'm done with the hill......... Reason #1 Stupid People........That steal someone elses Deer!!!!!!! Reason #2 Stupid People........ That Bait a Fucking parking lot area with a Deer Carcass to take trail cam pics and almost turned me into Meow-mix for a large cat!!!! Reason #3 Stupid...
  129. dbar

    Dead local Deer Team2 gets points

    I just got a picture sent to my phone and then a phone call......... team 2 has more points on the board. I'll let the shooter give the whole story........he's on his way to butcher it then I'm sure he'll give us some details............STANDBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  130. dbar

    Going to FonTucky

    My best Buddy Mike just TXT'd me he won me Nascar tickets to to 10-9 Race at California Speedway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  131. dbar

    To all my

    Bruthas from a nutha mutha...... ..............Good Luck on the opener and may all your arrows double lung and make clean pass through!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  132. dbar

    THANK YOU..... Kurt.........

    ...........I probably will never get to shoot a .50 cal ever again in my life.!!!!!!!!! Today Kurt came over to sight in a few rifles. He also got to pick up the Camo pants for his boy to hunt with. In return he let me shoot his .50 cal.(i hope he'll post up the video of me shooting it) I...
  133. dbar

    Free Snake minus head!!!!

    So I'm standing out front Talking to Nate on the phone when my Dog Cody Goes on point. I'm thinking he pointing the dam Pheasant again and telling Nate about it when BOING Cody shoots about 4' in the air and I hear that unmistakeable sounds of a Rattler going off!!!! Dropped the damn phone and...
  134. dbar

    BDr's Invade Jennings......

    Last night it was a BD invasion on Lake Jennings Sluester, Gatorfan and Boys, Skip Jackson, Srfnkill and DBAR all met at Jennings for a friday night catfish hunt. This time around my boat had the higher number of fish, which means we have to do it one more time for the tie breaker :D Me Sammy...
  135. dbar

    Camo'd The MeatHog............

    ............No Carl not a Camo Condom on my....... :rofl: So I got tired of looking at the same ole olive green on the boat. I took a few pics of it along the way to its new look, which I like cause I did it all on my own!!!!!! I made all my own stencils and went to town. I don't think I...
  136. dbar

    BEST ((((((((((( BEER COMERCIAL EVER )))))))))))))

    Almost Makes me want to start drinking again :D YouTube - Best Beer Commercial Ever!
  137. dbar


    I just got back from the CNF Headquarters here in Ramona. I talked with a really nice Ranger who said she would try to do something about adding the no target shooting to the map :D She also gave me a phone # for all of us to call to get responce on the weekends :D So lock this # 619-557-5262...
  138. dbar


    You have posted maps of where to hunt pigs here in San Diego County on your Web-Site, Now FIX your map and tell people that ther areas the pigs are in, ARE ONLY LEGAL TO SHOOT GAME IN, NOT TARGET SHOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today I heard well over FIFTY shots from HIGH POWERED RIFLES, In the CNF areas...
  139. dbar

    Bored to death???????

    I'm on my way out the door to Waste Some Squeeks!!!!!!!!! Heading East Of Ramona!!!!!!!!! EDIT: removed my Phone # since none of you MOFO's called me to go shooting!!!!! SEE REPORT BELOW>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> .
  140. dbar

    6/23 Ca Draw will be posted

    Thats one week and one day from now :D Anybody waiting to see if they drew something special? Premium Deer? Lope? Elk?
  141. dbar

    CAMO STENCIL'S......

    Anybody have any Stencil's I can borrow for my duck boat? I just brought her home yesterday night(finally!!!!!), and I spent the day putting my Cabelas Northern Flight MarshGrass Blind on her. The blind looks good, but I know it will need some mod's made to it, just won't know what kinda...
  142. dbar

    Cody Video Update....

    .........I'd say from the video that he likes haveing buddies around. I just hope they don't knock my TV over!!! This was going on for about 10 minutes so I thought a video was in order, next video will be of Cody Hunting!!!!! YouTube - jims camera 004.MOV
  143. dbar

    *********** Avet----Penn**********

    Penn 80W still for sale............ Avet 50w's SOLD!!!! at $500 a piece!!!!
  144. dbar


    This morning four 15 sec videos spliced together road kill rabbit as bait.
  145. dbar

    AVET 50W/02 and Penn 80W

    Ok I have two Avet 50w's and one Penn 80w. I need to come up with some cash by Wensday June 2nd. I wanted to sell the 50's as a pair but mat be willing to break them up. Start shooting me offers and you just may get lucky. These will be for pick up only I'm not going to ship them, but I maybe...
  146. dbar

    Avet and Penn Big Reels!!!!!!!!!

    I have two 2 speed Avet50W's for sale and One single speed Penn 80W for sale!!!! The Penn I will sell seperately, but the two Avets go together!!!! The Avets come on two matching rods I bought at the Day at the dock a few years back, don't know what kind of blanks but they have killed...
  147. dbar

    Joe Pechauer Pool Cue....

    I Have a Joe Pechauer pool que for sale. It was my fathers and he told me it was a $2000 pool que, I went to the JP Cues site and It is one of there High end ques for sure!!! So it's worth anywhere from $900-$2200 Bucks. I don't drink or hang out anywhere near bars or pool halls and hanging...
  148. dbar

    ******MAD PROPS TO MADBUCK******

    The proudest day of a fathers life happend to me today!!!!!!! :D :D :D It's when you hear the gun go off and see a Turkey do a face plant and start flopping around!!!!! :D :D :D All this from a girl that showed no intrest in hunting 6 months ago, and wants to blast everything edible she can...
  149. dbar

    Going again Tomorrow!!!

    Cause Zoe didn't get one today :( We setup in the blind(too small for two people) at 5:00am and left for home at 12:00pm, she never once asked when we were going home or said she wanted to leave, not bad for a 9 year old kid :) We watched the birds on the roost at grey light and watched them fly...
  150. dbar

    Hoyt AlphaMax 32 and 2 lost Arrows Equals........

    ....... A Dead Turkey!!!!!!!!!!!! :D ON PUBLIC LAND!!!!!!!!!!! I finally killed a turkey today and did it with my bow. I got a call from a friend this morning who had some hot off the press info on gobbling birds. At 9;30 I left my house and made the drive to the spot, Setup my Popup blind...
  151. dbar

    Mission bay 5-6-10

    Hit the bay at low-tide to pump up some bait, fish'd the in coming tide for one fish. Little man put a whooopin on it, snapped a pic and sent it back in the water. Gotta love spending as much time with the kids as I have been lately, although working would be cool too. Fuck it if ya can't...
  152. dbar

    Custom Ice Cream Flavors

    The wife is pregnant and for Mothers Day She wants Jalapeno flavored Ice Cream. Is there anyone in the San Diego area that does Custom Ice Cream Flavors or anyone that stocks jalapeno flavored Ice Cream on a normal basis? Help me Please even If I have to have it shipped from somewhere to...
  153. dbar

    I'm in a contest

    So if your a JHO member please go to the link and vote for DBAR. Vote for Best Video - Jesse's Hunting & Outdoors Forum Voting is still open, I thought it was closed but it's go vote and Carl will give you a handjob LOL :rofl: LOL Last I checked I'm only behind by 1 vote...... If...
  154. dbar

    Before the Cuyamaca

    Myself and my buddy Mike both had the day off, so a fishing we went. Took my little fisherman(Caleb) out to kill some fish with us and he had the hot stick today. Caleb caught 4 of the 5 Catfish caught and 3 of the 6 Trout. It was windy as hell up there today and for the most part was chilly...
  155. dbar

    I'm off to Glendale, Az......

    ...In 6-8 weeks to pickup the families newest boat. After over twleve years of fishing almost stricktly saltwater, I'm going back to the freshwater, But the best part is it will double as a duckboat :D I brokedown and bought a Lowe L1448 Jon With a 20hp 4stroke Merc and Trailer, It should be at...
  156. dbar

    WTB Duck boat

    I'm looking for a Duck/Jon boat 14-17 footer. If you or a friend is getting rid of one PM me!!!!!!!!!!!!
  157. dbar

    Went for a walk...

    ...with my kids, my Benelli and my daughters Red Rider. She got to shoot her BBgun out in the field at a tin can. And we looked for Turkeys, Saw a few on private land. I now why we didn't see any birds on public land....cause of all the hunters, and no not turkey hunters.....FUCKING GUYS LOOKING...
  158. dbar

    I Know Why I'm Not Seeing Any Deer!!!!

    Cause there is something scareing them off!!! This has to be why, if this fucker is doing this all over my backhill no wonder why the Deer are gone. Glad there is no season on him cause he must be delt with in a deadly way!!!!!!!!!! The one of the Deer is from before dickhead started...
  159. dbar

    Ok mother fuggers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know.............. ........ I said I wouldn't be back, but this is to cool not to share. I've told quite a few of you about the pheasants running around on my property. Well coming home yesterday I caught one on film, running from the main road onto my nieghbors property. Finally got one to...
  160. dbar

    Grey Fox Caught On TrailCam

    I haven't seen one of these around in years until I pulled the card out of the camera this morning :) We used to see these around alot years ago, but of course since there hasn't been kids roaming around here with BB guns everyday in over 30 years, guess ya just don't see the stuff that really...
  161. dbar

    Saluki Goes to Florida....

    WE ALL NEED A GOOD LAUGH ONCE A DAY....HERE IS YOURS FOR TODAY....... A Florida senior citizen(Saluki) drove his brand new Corvette convertible out of the dealership. Taking off down the road, he pushed it to 80 mph, enjoying the wind blowing through what little hair he had left...
  162. dbar

    Just messin around

    on Music by a band called "Dead Rabbits" so I had to add some pictures to it :D YouTube - Game pics.wmv I don't know why but I can't embed it so heres the link!!
  163. dbar

    More Backyard TrailCam Pics

    Just a couple more deer pic's from the early morning yesterday. I guess they don't give a shit about the gunshots going off around here, cause we(me,mark and brian) patterned shotguns Saturday afternoon. I moved the camera to an opening in the brush near where they are bedding down!!! Still no...
  164. dbar

    PT Came Back Positive.....

    PT=Pregnacy Test ........That means #7 is on the way!!!! As some of you know this was planned and we've been trying for 4 months now, looks like my boys finally found an egg ;) I don't care if its going to be a Boy or Girl(although boys are easier) as long as its healthy!!! Should be here...
  165. dbar

    Birth of a Candy Bar

    This is how your Candy Bar was Made!!!!
  166. dbar

    FOR SALE 24' Striper WITH PICTURES!!!

    She has given me many killer fishing trips and I have literally killed tons of fish off of her, but it's time to give her up and get something more Family friendly. For those of you that wanted the pics here ya go!!! For those of you that asked why such a low price here ya go: Full...
  167. dbar

    A-22 Deer On My Property!!!!!!!

    Look What the trail-cam got while I took the wife out for V-Day lunch. I could have hit them from my back porch with an arrow!!! I got sick of looking at the same old Yote and Bobcat pics from my creekbed. So I moved the cam up on the hill behind my house hoping to finally get a pic of this...
  168. dbar

    What do you see.....

    ..... that doesn't belong here? I made this pic my screen saver and while looking at it found something that doesn't belong in this picture. The Turkeys are on non-fenced PRIVATE land right on a main roadway.
  169. dbar

    We Smashed the SQUEEKS!!!!

    Me and Caleb(the youngest Perkins) met up with Brian around 11:30 and took off after killing some squeeks!!!! Killing was good, I mean we absolutely slaughtered them :) Caleb had fun trying to call in Yotes with my mouth call and glassing the hills for us :D While me and Brian put the hurt on...
  170. dbar

    Pros or Cons to this Pontoon

    Anyone have anything to say bad or good about a Suntracker pontoon? This model is what I'm looking at : 2010 BASS BUGGY® 18 Specifications Sun Tracker Classic Pontoons I have enough friends with boats that go offshore, so I'm getting rid of "DBAR". She is just to big and heavy to tow up and...
  171. dbar

    Prediction on.....

    Danica in Jr's Nationwide Car at Daytona? My Dad is rolling over in his grave!!!!!! Man he hated that Chick!!!!!!!!!!!
  172. dbar

    Big Bear Pic's

    Ok heres some of the pics. Didn't take the camera to the slopes, So no good action shots.
  173. dbar

    Done Packing :)

    At greylight I will loading the family up and headed to SnowSummit. Have a cabin for the weekend that has been reserved for over a month, couldn't have picked a better time with all the fresh snow :D By monday I will be hurting for certain from all the snowboarding!!! My best bud Mike will be...
  174. dbar

    Another REPOST...........

    ........But I'm board and love watching these guys get tossed LOL YouTube - Arab Shooting Gun Test
  175. dbar

    Ammo Scammed UPDATE!!!!!!!

    After I sent him the link to The internet fraud link. He say's its been sent and gave me a tracking#. He gave me some bullshit story and said it was shipped. I will keep you guys updated if the ammo comes or if he shipped an empty box!!!!
  176. dbar

    Ammo Scammed

    So I have a question. If I sent a check for a case of 9mm ammo via us postal service to the guy who was selling it. Does it become a federal offence when he rips me off. Short story on why I ask: 1 month ago I won an auction(buy it now price) for a case of 9mm ammo. I sent the guy a personal...
  177. dbar

    Hoyt Bow....

    Hoyt Havoc 29"-70# for trade. I have a new bow and my buddy was going to buy my old one was given a new bow for X-mas. So now I'll trade the Havoc for what I was going to buy with the money. I want 2 dozen Carbon Express terminator lite hunter4560 shafts and enough 2" Blazer vanes in Realtree...
  178. dbar

    Santa Tracker

    I don't think anyone has put this up yet. Sorry its so late I know the kids are going to bed soon, but here is something for them to look at before they go nite nite :) Official NORAD Santa Tracker
  179. dbar

    Road Kill + TrailCam = Cool Video......

    I thought I'd grab a smashed Rabbit from the road and toss it in front of my Trail cam. I was thinking that coyotes would come and eat it, But I wasn't thinking this guy would come in. This is a pretty cool video, at least I think so.
  180. dbar


    You cut it you take it home :D I had more Oak trees fall during this last storm. Somebody said they would come and get it and they are lagging. There is another tree that has been down for awhile and is all ready cured that is not in the pictures. Send a PM and I'll get ya up here to cut all the...
  181. dbar

    Hey Carl.....

    ....... Bambi Chili its whats for dinner and its straight up BOMB Shit Homie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry brother had to tell ya LOL
  182. dbar

    Predators just love my house!!!!!

    Now I caught a big cat on camera in the creekbed. No wonder I can't keep outdoor cats alive up here. There cousin is eatting them. When the yotes tree them they still don't have a chance :(
  183. dbar

    Tagged Out Pic's Part#2 Find it & Drag it

    As you can see the reason for the blood trail was the exit hole. You can see where she did a circle and fell over :) She should be home tomorrow in the form of Straps, Chops and Sausage. Wish the bigger one was leading so I could have taken her, but this one will eat just fine!!!!
  184. dbar

    I guess they didn't learn

    Look at who is hanging out around the house at night again, and you can see his buddy's eyes and legs in the backround. I guess they quikly forget what a gunshot sounds like. Good thing for them your not aloud to spotlight in san Diego County!!!! Guess I should let my 170# Rottie out at night!!!!
  185. dbar

    Tagged Part #1.....out pic's from home

    Tagged out part#2 pic's from field will go up when I get them. Heres the home cleaning pic's....And the little man helping/playing with the dog. Soon as Mike gives me the field pic's I'll put them up...Then we can change this place to
  186. dbar

    D16-A22 Tagged Out, and a first for me

    My first big-game bow kill came today at 8:00am. I put the new bow to use and brought home some more Straps Chops, Loins and Sausage. It was feezeing up there and I had to keep walking laps in place on my stand(that just went up on Thurs.) just to stay warm. I knew that everytime I had seen...
  187. dbar

    Todays report

    Me and Dave(Skip Jackson) Hunted all frickin day, for nothing more than alot of exercise. We did see alot of Deer today, just none that we could get a shot off at. Total was 10 Doe's and one Legal Buck(never saw a spike all day). The sign we saw said there was alot more than that around though...
  188. dbar

    I Took My Ex-Wife Hunting...

    .....And Heres Her Story..... .......This will put a lump in your throat.... .....My sweet ex-husband invited me to go hunting with him this year. I Couldn't believe it...the first time ever! I never thought he'd be willing to share his 'guy time' with me And being the...
  189. dbar

    Congrats Team 48

    Congratulations to Jimmie Johnson, Chad, and the rest of team #48. They have written a new page in the nascar History books once again!!!!! To bad I just don't seem to enjoy the races as much without My Dad and Lil Bro around. I did kill it in My Nascar fantasy leauge though :D 1st place for...
  190. dbar

    I Have Now Seen It All......

    .......OZZY Singing With Jessica. And it's a Christmas song...<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  191. dbar

    Happy B-Day.....Kish002

    Happy B-Day man Hope your haveing a blast!!!! The big 30 its all down hill now LOL
  192. dbar

    Look what's for Thanksgiving Dinner...

    ....No it's not Turkey, Cabela's High Country Grubstake It's Turkey, Wild boar, Elk, Bison, Salmon, and Cheese!!!!! It gets delivered to the frontdoor tomorrow!!!! :D
  193. dbar

    New Bow on the way...

    .....Well I did it, went and bought a new bow. I was really looking at the PSE's, But I stuck with another Hoyt. Had to order it cause Bob didn't have the right modules for the 26"-70#. Sucks being a short draw guy sometimes, have to wait for two weeks for it to come in now. Bought me a 2010...
  194. dbar

    This was in my front yard....

    ...when I woke up. So I ran in and grabbed my Squrril gun(only thing I had a loaded clip for), Ran outside to catch it running down towards the creek with a buddy. Gave it a bark and it stopped long enough to drop its ass. This Fucker won't be hunting in my front yard again :D Its buddy never...
  195. dbar

    I'm Back with a late report!!!!

    I'm Back Online fugers!!!!! So here's the whole story!!! Opening day D16 I got stood up by my normal hunting buddy(he wanted ducks), so I went with Dave(skip jackson) to one of his spots. It was a good thing as I ended up with a nice forky. Thanks Dave :) !!!!! Gun shots going off all...
  196. dbar

    Sighted in and ready

    Went to project 2000 yesterday and sighted in the .308 and the .243. I got my normal sub MOA group out of the Tikka(308), but I got a surprise Clover leaf three shot group out of my Weatherby Vanguard(243). I'm not even useing the Weatherby, thats the gun I'm lettting my buddy Mike shoot. If he...
  197. dbar

    Frig repair guy

    GE profile side by side frig just went out. I need a repair guy RIGHT NOW!!!!! I'm in the Ramona Area. if someone hasn't called me by morning I'll call out of the yellow book. Number is 619-985-2322 Jim.
  198. dbar

    Fuck!!!!! Second time this year!!!!!!

    Ok for the second time this year. I'm dealling with a death in the family. My Dad Passed away last night. I've had no sleep and this shit sucks like you wouldn't belive!!!! I'm not even close to being over the loss of my brother and now my Dad passes away, right while I'm in the middle of...
  199. dbar

    Slow Crawl....

    ..But still got a few. Me and Mike ended the night with 11 legals. 4 were the no need to measure type and the rest were just legal. About 150 shorts, some of which are gona be legal in a fricken week!!!! Ok now back to hunting for a couple weeks :) And a big thanks To BD'r "rodpressure" for...
  200. dbar

    Start work tomorrow.....

    ...Ok I'm finally going back to work tomorrow :) So today is my last chance to hit a weekday on the hill. I'm out the door and after my dang deer!!!! Hopefully there moving this morning. Terry if ya read this....Sorry Bro didn't find out till really late last night. Hope ya kill some fish!!!
  201. dbar

    I'm outta here!!!

    Heading to Dads(ramona) For a little bit, then I'm going to sit in the trees for an evening stand. Been hitting the shit outta the mornings, lets see if the evenings are a litttle better. If your up that way and have my cell# hit me with a txt mes. I can talk via txt. Hopefully a good report...
  202. dbar

    Saluki in drag.....

    I found an old video of Brandon LOL <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  203. dbar

    So is this concidered baiting?????

    Are these kind of products concidered Baits?? C'Mere Deer :: The Revolutionary Deer Attractant
  204. dbar

    FUCK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok those of you that know me, know that I smoke. Well its been 24 fucking hours of pure hell, but I'm cold turkey smoke free so far!!!!!!!!!! I gave these damn things up before for up to a year. This time I'm going for never ever smoking another one of those stinky, smelly, mothers!!!! I...
  205. dbar

    The perfect gift

    Heres a good gift idea for the one you don't love!!!
  206. dbar

    Well lets hear it....

    ...I heard through the grapevine that there was some local deers killed this morning!!!!!
  207. dbar


    ...... In south west Ramona. My dad just had another tree fall. With winter weather coming soon, I thought someone might want to go get some free firewood. Its a big ass Oak Tree. It fell in the dry creek bed area of his property. Take all you want and you can leave what is leftover. All I ask...
  208. dbar

    24 hours from now....

    ...... I'll be up in the mountains somewhere sleeping in the back of a pickup truck :) Wakeing up around 3am to hike in and get up in a tree and wait for time to shoot. Hopefully shortly after shooting time a deer will walk into range and I'll let one fly right through the vitals. Climb back...
  209. dbar

    Offshore YFT in US waters

    Took Vermonster and his dad Rich out today. Tough fishing for two fish. One yf and one yt Just above the boarder in between the 182 and 226. YFT crashing under the birds. Saw quite a few fish, landed 1 on bait long soak in front of them. hard to get in front of them, as they are up and down...
  210. dbar

    Offshore Long Boat Ride......8-1-09.......

    ....But it was worth it. First time I've had "DBar" out Since the threshers were here. I took out Sealskinner, my nieghbor Rick, and buddy Mike. We hit the water around 4am and headed out for an area between the kidney bank and the 182. Made it out there in no time at all as the water was flat...
  211. dbar

    I'm Going!!!!

    Everytime I have tried to go this year something has come up!!! Either money(bought a new truck) or other plans that I forgot about or family matters have all come up!!! Not his time I'm splashing "DBAR" Sat. morning and going fucking fishing!!!! Will be working from the north end of the kindey...
  212. dbar

    Real 911 Calls!!!!!!

    Believe it or not these are real Tennessee 911 calls! Dispatcher : 9-1-1 What is your emergency? Caller: I heard what sounded like gunshots coming from the brown house on the corner. Dispatcher: Do you have an address? Caller: No, I have on a blouse and slacks, why...
  213. dbar

    OMG Nascar Fans LOL

    You have to PM Me if you want to hear the funniest Nascar Audio you'll ever hear in your life!!!!! I would put it up but I don't want a Strike on my BD record!!!!! It has been cleaned up with bleeps, but you can still everything he is trying to say. I'm not Racist at all But the guy in the...
  214. dbar

    Dickhead Denny at it again!!!!

  215. dbar

    Hitler Pissed Over MJ's Death

    Fricken funny!!! I thought you guys might like this one!!! <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  216. dbar

    Happy B-Day Carl

    Happy B-day Bro, Easy on the beer!!!!!
  217. dbar

    California Draw results are up

    Draw results are posted. I ended up not getting my G13 and got my second choice A22 tag instead. Which is probably better concidering how much I have been shooting my bow Latley. My 09 tags are D16 and A22. What did/didn't you guys get?
  218. dbar

    Plane crash????

    Anyone hear of a plane having trouble today, in the san diego area??????? I was working up near Torrey Pines rd and heard a jet leave Mira Mar, but it didn't sound right at all. It was really low and flying slow, with gear down. As soon as it got over water it started to dump fuel. I lost...
  219. dbar

    Savage model 93R17 + .17 Grain V-Max

    Equals Dead Sqweeks!!!! 130 yards out, on the one in the pic. Straight through the back, exit out the belly. This is one of about 30 or so in the last month. I love my HMR.17 on the little guys!!!!
  220. dbar

    Used Chevy Silverado

    I'm looking for a Used Silverado. Heres the list of thing I would like: 1. 4X4 is a must 2. Extra or Extended Cab A Must 3. 2004 or Newer Below 50,000 miles 4. Tow Package is a Must 5. White or Silver preferred, but open to other colors. And in the San Diego area another...
  221. dbar

    ALERT!!! Do you want to buy AMMO?????

    Vote on Two Anti-Gun Bills Could Come Next Week! Please Contact Your State Legislators Today! Yesterday, the Assembly Committee on Appropriations passed Assembly Bill 962. Senate Bill 585 was also passed by the Senate Appropriations Committee. Sponsored by Assembly Member Kevin De...
  222. dbar

    Rodent Control

    When you live out in the east county, you need to take care of critters. I have found that having cats is the best way to control pests!!!!! I wish I would have seen this little guy before my cat(Bonk) got a hold of him. I need more practice with the bow LOL . This happens about1-2 times a day(I...
  223. dbar

    Trade My..... LX For a JX

    I want to trade my older model gold Avet LX 6.0 for a Gold JX doesn't have to be a newer model but would like a high speed model. My LX is in good condition and has 65# JB hollow with a 40# P-Line topshot. If yours is a newer model or two speed will through in some cash if needed. Once...
  224. dbar

    Happy B-Day Papa J

    Happy B-day Bro!!! Hope your not to hung over :food-smiley-014: Hope ya had fun at the party!!!! Good Times :) Hope ya have a Great B-DAY Old Man!!!!!!!!!
  225. dbar

    Lets see your....

    ....Next generation hunters!!!! Heres one of my little guy before a scoutting trip. He goes on the scouts, just not the hunts yet. Doesn't quite understand the whole be quiet thing yet :) I can't wait till he is old enough to go on the hunt, and neither can he!!! If hes as good of hunter as...
  226. dbar

    Good Job

    Good Job DUMB ASS Denny!!!!!!!!!! You Suck ass dumb fuck..... Wreck em Denny at it again!!!!!!
  227. dbar

    He flew off the Roost....

    ...In a frickin hurry!!! It was still dark out maybe 45 min before grey light. I let out a shock call and heard nothing. Start to leave the trail and head up to where we are going to setup and PUTT-PUTT-PUTT---WHOOOSH------WHOOOOSHHHHH. Couldn't see how long of a beard(cause it was dark), But...
  228. dbar

    Tree trimmer needed

    I need a tree trimmer to top a couple of big euc's in the ramona area. Anybody want some work? The trimming's will need to to be disposed of and hauled off. shoot me a PM if ya want to do it or know somebody that does. Thanks,Jim
  229. dbar

    Careful SNAKES are out in full force!!!!

    Last weekend while out in the hills turkey hunting, I was within a foot of a snake. It scared the shit out of me, even though it was only a gopher snake. Could have been a rattler sitting there and been just as hard to see. Today I was coming home and looked down while opening the gate and...
  230. dbar

    Free NRA Memberships

    I took this off of another board. Looks like the NRA is needing headcounts for fighting anti-firearms legislation!!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The NRA is giving FREE 1-yr memberships to everyone who wants to join. They are trying to...
  231. dbar

    FUN BAGS!!!!!!

    You might like this, unless your gay!!! Denise Richards' Funbags from Denise Richards and Jake
  232. dbar

    Dear Kurt Bush

    FUCK YOU!!!! You suck ass learn how to draft and when to!!!! Why would you bump draft INTO a corner???? You suck dick and I hope you and your suck ass brother both die in the same firey crash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks to me that the big one was the fault of Jeff getting loose due to...
  233. dbar

    Missing my brother

    I was going through a few picks and found these. They are of my Little(bigger than me but younger) Brother. Boy you would think it gets easier, But it doesn't!!!!!!!!! R.I.P. little bro!!!!
  234. dbar

    Hears some good audio....Home Break In

    One less person to take up tax payers money!!! I know I wouldn't have warrened him as many times as this guy did. It would have been more like... I have a gun and your gona die(2sec pause) BOOM(repeated until empty) I feel sorry for the poor guy that had to do the shooting and his wife, they...
  235. dbar

    Bennett trim tab dealers in San Diego??

    Someone used my trim tab as a step to get into the boat and broke the actuator lower hing Part#A1113 Does anybody here in San Diego area carry parts for trim tabs?
  236. dbar

    Archery Guys....

    What is your averege grouping at 25 yards? Not having shot a bow for years, and never shooting anything like these new bows, I'd say I'm a newbie at it. I have private land to hunt Turkeys and the land owner is anti-shotgun. So I borrowed a bow and have the sights set perfect now!!! At 25...
  237. dbar


    Please pray for MY MOTHER, MY FATHER and my 3 year old niece KYLEE RAY PERKINS!!!!!!! My only and younger brother ROBERT LEE PERKINS, Was found dead in his bed this morning. He was only 36 years old!!!!! I"M GONA MISS YOU...
  238. dbar

    Going Scoutting

    Anyone else gonna be out towards Wynola, Julian, Ramona, Santa Ysabel areas Want to grab a lunch Give me a call 619-985-2322 Its my cell and I'll have it with me. Leave a mess. if i don't answer I'll be in and out of range I'm sure!!!!
  239. dbar

    Nintendo DS or PSP

    Which one do you like!!!! And what makes it better than the other one?
  240. dbar

    Laptop repair in San Diego???

    Anyone on here in San Diego do laptop repair? I have an old laptop that has a few keys that don't work. I would like to get it working again so I can give it to my daughter. If ya think ya can fix it shoot me a PM. Thanks, Jim
  241. dbar

    Diaphragm calls

    Does anybody here in the San Diego area sell Diaphragm calls? I have a box call and I know where to get a slate call. But I have not seen any of the Diaphragm calls for sale around town. Thanks, Jim
  242. dbar

    Going to the Range!!!

    Me and Dave(Skip Jackson) are going to Project 2000 on Saturday.Going to sight in my new gun and shoot up some paper!!! Can't wait to sight it in!!! Having to look at the gun and not having shot it yet, has been like haveing a new Playstation and no TV to hook it up to.
  243. dbar

    Finally got it!!!!

    I picked up my Tikka T3 Hunter in .308 today :gaygroup: I mounted the scope that I got a week ago for it(Nikon Buckmaster 6-18X40) I can't wait to go sight her in!!!! Hey Dave(Skip Jackson) Shoot me a pm and lets hit the range :)
  244. dbar

    Please Read About Gun Control

    I had to Borrow this from another site, as it pretty much say's it all in a nut-shell!!!! "Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not." ~ Thomas Jefferson FIREARMS REFRESHER COURSE 1. An armed man is a citizen. An...
  245. dbar

    Has anybody heard when the budget is expected to be....

    ...Straightend out? My pops seems to think it will be in the next week. He didn't say why he thought that it would be though. I was just wondering how much longer Ca. is going to fuck me on my tax return!!! With all this rain it wouldn't hurt me to get my money in the next couple of weeks...
  246. dbar

    Hunt Deer With A Hawk!!!

    This is a pretty cool video!!! And its something we all might have to hunt with when they come and try to take our guns!!!! Oh wait the tree huggers would have a fit, saying that its cruel to the bird or some shit like that!!!!
  247. dbar

    10" HDPE Corrugated Storm Drain Pipe...

    With all of the rain that has been going on, I thought that someone will be needing drain pipe. I have 3-1/2 stick's(70') of 10" HDPE(plastic)drain pipe. Its the ridged stuff(non-flexable). Outside diameter is about 14" I picked it up about a year ago as left over on a job I was on. It has been...
  248. dbar

    Seal's BEWARE Auto BB-Gun !!!!!!

    Automatic style BB-Gun!!!! If this was legal in this state the seals would never come near my boat!!!!! Show Search Results
  249. dbar

    Winchester Supreme Sivertip SBST308...

    Have any of you guys used this round, or any of the SBST rounds? I have heard good things as far as accuracy. I have read that some guys that don't want to reload anymore use this round and find it as good as the stuff they used to reload. Now on the other hand I have read where guys say that...
  250. dbar

    Shark Fishermen You Need This!!!!

    Only one I found!!! And there is only one in stock!!! This will do a number on any shark!!! I might just be the one bidding against you if you try to buy it!!!! Magnum Shark Dart : Survival Gear at .
  251. dbar

    Tikka T3 and Nikon 6-18X40 Scope

    Ok thanks to all that replied to the last thread I put up!!!! I just bought the exact gun I wanted(TikkaT3 Hunter.308) at GunBroker. Thanks "Skip Jackson" I got a hold of [email protected] and he is handling everthing for me. This will be my first time doing an online purchase so its all new to me...
  252. dbar

    Time For Back Ordered Gun?

    I want to pick up the Tikka T3 hunter in .308. I was told that I can get it Back ordered, as there are none around right now. I was wondering if anyone has ever had to back order a rifle and how long the normal wait is? I can get it up at bolsa guns but it is the "light" model not the...
  253. dbar

    Tioli's Crazy Burger??????

    Has anybody ever eaten at this place? I was just having a craving for Buffalo burgers and Googled "san diego buffalo burger" and this place popped up. They have quite the exotic menu!!! Ostridge, Antelope, Buffalo, Kangaroo, Crocodile are just some of whats on the menu. So now I don't know if I...
  254. dbar

    How about an IOU for a tax return???????

    This will really SUCK if it happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! California to Issue IOUs for Income Tax Refunds, Might Nix CAL Grants for Students - Associated Content
  255. dbar

    Thanks Bill!!!!

    Once again you did an awsome job on building me a fishin rod. It turned out killer...I can't wait to go kill something with it!!!!!
  256. dbar

    El Cheepo Varmint Call

    I just made one of the Vamint Al's El Cheepo calls. As per the plans on his web-site. I made mine with a CD player insted of the MP3 player. I burned the 16 min and the 20 min call on one disk to play back to back. I turned it on last night to see how it works, with a coyote challenge call...
  257. dbar

    .308 Question

    Ok I really like the .243 I just bought my Dad for X-Mas. And now I was thinking of getting myself a new gun. The .243 shoots so nice that I wanted to get something similar, but not the same caliber. I know the .243 is just a necked down .308, so for the low recoil factor the .308 seems like a...
  258. dbar

    Torn groin...

    I don't think so!!! He looks good on that first run :)
  259. dbar

    New National Symbol......................

    ............Here it is :rofl: I just got this but I can only figure out how to put it up as a BMP file.
  260. dbar

    Bad Ass......BOMB!!!!

    Glad its our guys that are packing this!!!! <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  261. dbar

    I'm going to be a Grampa

    I just got a call from my oldest boy. Who is stationed up in the bay area in the USCG. Guess what guys.....I'm going to be a Grampa.Hell I still have little ones running around the house, so I guess I can figure out how to handle it :)
  262. dbar


  263. dbar

    Reloading Ammo....

    Ok guys who here reloads in the San Diego area? Reason I ask is, I would like to have some shells reloaded but don't want to buy all the shit to get started(press and dies). I will buy the casings, powder, bullets and the primers. I want to have 100-200 of the exact same rounds loaded(.243)...
  264. dbar

    Saluki if you want my vote....

    For mod of the year. Get rid of the damn avitar and put some big chested girl back there where she should be!!!! Damit isn't the 30 days up yet??????????????
  265. dbar


    Machine Gun Granny!!! LOL <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  266. dbar

    Have you ever.......

    ....Scared someone so bad that it scared you too? So I was telling my wife about the time that I scared my brother so bad, that we both almost shit ourselfs. So as a kid I grew up down Mussey Grade rd. in Ramona. It gets really dark down that road at night. Well it was getting late and...
  267. dbar

    Thanks again tommy

    That snook is all gone, but it was probably the best fish I've tried yet!!!! What do you have thats even close, the wife is hooked!!! Now she say's I better come see you again :)
  268. dbar

    .243 sighting in

    Ok hit the range this morn to sight in the gun I got pops for X-mas. With 100grain corelocks I could cover the groups with a quarter at 100 yards. But when I shot the same distance with 80grain Super-X I couldn't put a three shot group inside a Grapefruit. So I guess it likes the heavier loads...
  269. dbar

    Thank You Tommy!!!!

    Tonight is the first time I've tried Opah!!!! Man that is some good eatting fish!!!! Tommrrow nights menu is Snook :) Thank you Tommy for hooking us BDer's up with the Bomb Ass Grub!!!!
  270. dbar

    Country music and titties!!!!

    Cant post it up cause of the Boobs!!! But I just got an E-mail of a great country song called " show them to me" Country Comedy Song And Boobies If ya want to laugh and see a couple of pairs Shoot me a PM
  271. dbar

    What do you think about a .243

    Only want to here from guys that have one or have shot one. Seems to be the crossover from varmint to your smaller big game(deer and pig). I just bought my pops one for X-mas. As far as recoil and what he'll shoot with it I think he's gona be happy :)
  272. dbar

    In The Spirit Of The Season........

    Jingle Bombs...... All I ask is while your laughing at it, remember all of our military men and women over-sea's, keeping us safe here at home so we can laugh at shit like this. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie"...
  273. dbar

    Little man kills it again!!!

    I had the day off because they didn't want to open up any trench before the rains. So Caleb drug my ass out fishing again LOL When we left the house it was overcast and I thought we would do good. But by the time we made it to the lake....sunny skys WTF!!! Oh well we are here and we are staying...
  274. dbar

    Star Lures...Marlin,Tuna and Wahoo Jigs....+ Freshwater takle

    Hey guys Papa J bought out Star Lures. Right now is the time to start building on your tackle for next season. He is giving killer deals on everything in stock. You won't find a better deal on trolling jigs of every size. He can even put together custom colors on jig heads of your choice. He...
  275. dbar

    Santee Lakes Trout

    Took my little man fishing, with his new birthday presant. He got a new fishing pole yesterday for his 2nd B-Day. Dad also loaded his tackle box with a bunch of goodies to take along( Thanks Papa J). Well long story short we came home with two trout 3#r and a 4#r. Caleb will have his picture on...
  276. dbar

    West Coast Dredge Teasers

    Ok guys......Here is one that I have not seen Talked about here before. Do any of you west coast fisherman use a dredge as a teaser? I know that a lot of guys over on the east coast drag them. And they are used down in Baja, But what about west coast( so. cal - wash.) guys. If you run a...
  277. dbar

    Jimmie Johnson

    :urno1: For a great race season!!! The final race of '08 was a blast to watch!!!! Edwards did everything in his power to win, but still fell short. Chad becomes the first ever crew cheif to win 3 in a row. Today has gone down on a page in the Nascar history books!!!! Looking forward to the...
  278. dbar


    I went down to get some today, for tomorrow's final Cup Race of '08(GO Jimmie Johnson). Caught four of them real quick like and headed home. Could have had limits, but only two of us eating them. So I only kept what will get eaten tomorrow. One of them is frickin HUGE, no picks cause ya all...
  279. dbar

    25.06 vs .270

    Ok guys I'm gona get my pops a new rifle for X-Mas. He had quite the gun collection before the Cedar Fire. His guns all burned up with his house. Slowly my brother and me have been rebuilding his collection. So its time to get him a new hunting gun, all though he will probably never actually go...
  280. dbar


    Hey fred I sent you an e-mail, hopefully to the right address. I would like to get a catalogue. Or is there a web-stie that sells Archer Bars? I have used a buddys bars on my boat and they work great, so I need to get my own:) Thanks, Jim
  281. dbar

    Holy $#@! Watch What You Say !!!!!

    Dudes Gona Be Mad When He Hears This!!!!! listen to what she says at the end!!! <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed...
  282. dbar

    13 Year Old Plays Canon Rock

    Another kid that will go far in music!!!!! <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src=""...
  283. dbar


    Fucken HUGE Hooters <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"...
  284. dbar

    Dolphins are cool!!!

    Guess this is what they came up with to keep themselves occupied while they are locked in a tank for years at a time!!!! <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen"...
  285. dbar

    HELP need a Furuno 1622 manual

    I have a friend that has a 1622 Radar the exact same one I have. But I couldn't find my manual for him. Need to reset it. All it is showing is clutter and I tried to figure it out for him, without the manual I couldn't get it. If anybody has one in the SD area that we could use it would be...
  286. dbar

    Rod&Reel club hoopin tourny

    Fished on Jareds(A-Fishy-A-Nado) boat. Slow night as only 5 bugs were wieghed in. Four from our team, good enough for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The bugs wern't out in force but the damn 20 to 60 pound bat rays were. Jared and Fox it was great fishing with ya, can't wait till the Halibut tourny :)
  287. dbar

    Sherrita Style Report...............

    Went Hooping.....................Got some...................+ some stone crabs! LOL You like Steve? LOL
  288. dbar

    Open Block Pulleys

    Does anyone know where to pick up a couple?
  289. dbar

    Kyle Bush :)

    :waglleybooty: Two weeks in a row :waglleybooty: Don't think hes gona make it back AWWWWWWW Too Bad!!!!!! Boy did the Roush cars dominate or what???? Lets see what next week more bad week for Bush and he's done for sure!!!
  290. dbar

    Bayfair = Family day on D-Bar...Pic heavy

    I took the whole family out on D-Bar for the Thunderboats, even my little man Caleb(1st trip on a boat). We met up with my uncle frank, who has a 24' skippy. Dropped anchors and tied up to each other, to make a pretty good sized platform. It was an awesome day on the water for sure. Caleb spent...
  291. dbar

    Offshore 9/13 Nothing going outside but.....

    Went to the S9 to look for the ponies at grey light. Couldn't find them all morning. Went from the S9 to the middle of the 302-371, down to the 425. Still couldn't find the dolpihin, so we said to hell with it and shot over to the islands to wait it out for a few hours. Turned out to be a good...
  292. dbar

    Fat Belly

    So a boy walks in and catches his mom rideing on dads morning wood. The mom says to the boy that she is just trying to flatten out daddys fat belly. and the boy says to his mom " well don't try to hard, cause the babysitter is just going to get on her knees and blow it right back up"
  293. dbar

    Local Wahoo ???

    I was on the No Limits yesterday, working for Jason. He had a 6 pack yesterday and needed a hand. Somewhere bettween the fly and the 43 we had four lines get cut threw, in the first minute of a bait stop. I have caught many sharks and I can tell you this was not sharks!!!!!! We were fishing in...
  294. dbar


    Whos your pick for todays Brickyard race? Only one person has won from the pole so I don't think Jimmie will do it, him and Jeff have some fast cars!!! So I think my pick Will be The Rainbow Warrior :supergay: for his first win of '08.
  295. dbar

    Toyotas Getting A Governer!!

    Hey Greatful Fisher(Scott) I just thought you might want to read this article. On the Extra HP of the Yotas!!! I wornt lie'n to ya LOL Anyhow looks like nascar might finally do something about it!!!! NASCAR.COM - Toyota Nationwide engine remains under scrutiny - Jul 22, 2008
  296. dbar


    Can you say GAY on TV? <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"...
  297. dbar

    UPDATE on Tuna Magnets(Mongo) Dad

    4:30pm today I talked with Jim. His dad is doing better. He can say a few words now, but still has a problem talking. He has lost the movement in his right leg again, but the doc's said that it should come back as the swelling continues to go down. It sounds like they expect a full recovery...
  298. dbar

    Offshore 390-South-Hidden bank-425-Islands

    I fished with Daryl on his boat "The 4-D's" yesterday. We started at the 390 at grey light. Worked our way south and then all over the hidden bank. 0-troll fish all day long not even one knockdown. The meter was dead all day long except for some really deep marks 200-800 feet deep. We stopped on...
  299. dbar

    Tree Huggers don't watch this!!!!

    Or we'll never get to launch the Space Shuttle again!!! Can't tell what kinda birds they are. But I'll bet I tastes like chicken, burnt chicken!!! <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen"...
  300. dbar

    Make wind on leaders.

    I found this and thought I would share it. I buy my wind-ons pre-made. Looks like I'm gona start makeing my own now though. Step-by-step makes it look really easy to do yourself. I have everything I need but the 200# hollowcore JB, guess I'm gona have to pick some up this weekend and start...
  301. dbar

    View out the back of......

    ....a 200mph boat ride. Guess I found something that could give Ross a run for the money!!! <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed...
  302. dbar

    My Dog Jumped.......

    .....Off the dock. Took our 6 M.O. lab pup(Jake) to the Dock dog compitition, Just to see if he would jump off the docks. Well he did, not far but he did it none the less. He would only jump from the short dock, when I took him to jump off the high one he ran all the way to the end and stopped...
  303. dbar

    Scary Elevator Ride

    Just had share this. The ladies in this video about SHIT themselfs!!! YouTube - SCARY (YET HILARIOUS) ELEVATOR PRANK!!
  304. dbar

    Dumb Blonde

    Just had to share this one with you all. Some blondes are truely DUMB!!! YouTube - Truly A Dumb Blond
  305. dbar

    How about TNT's

    Coverage with the race staying on almost the whole time:) Hey I'm not ranting for once, Yet anyways ;)
  306. dbar

    Ok is anybody

    Sick of the Toyotas having more H.P. than the other cars yet? Iam sure that if that was chevy than Nascar would have done something to take away the extra H.P. already!! Why In the F is nascar kissing Toyota's ass so much???? How much more money than Chevy,Dodge, and Ford, is Toyota giving...
  307. dbar


    Ok with another day off of work, I took the family to the beach to do a little fishing. The kids killed them again!!! The biggest fish of the day being a 4# Corbina caught by Zoe. All fish caught on Ghost Shrimp 6#test and mosquito hooks. Total for the day: 4 yellowfin croaker 1 Spottie 1...
  308. dbar

    BITCH SLAPPED by a Marlin!!!

    Might be a repost but still funny. Kinda shity quality video but you get the point.......Get that fish out of my boat!!!! LOL YouTube - Marlin Jumps in a Boat to Kill a Skinny Man
  309. dbar

    GO JUAN P.

    I'm now a Juan Pablo fan. Good ole Kyle bush & Juan got into it on the track and Juan didn't take his shit!!! Kyle maybe one of the best young drivers out there today. But he is quite reckless at times, and I think that scares alot of drivers out of his way. If you watched the NCTS two weeks ago...
  310. dbar

    SEALS CAN FLY with alittle help......

    Here ya go one last video for the night. For all you fur bag haters out there!!!!!!!! YouTube - Orca bashes a seal 60 feet out of the water .
  311. dbar

    Good Pilot!!!!

    How about a no wing landing!!!! YouTube - Pilot lands F-15 with only one wing
  312. dbar

    Stupid Pilot!!!!!!!!!!!

    A couple of rocket scienists!!!! YouTube - Stupid Pilot
  313. dbar

    On a Boat loan

    I need to refi my boat. It is currantly fin. through my credit union, they won't do a refi unless I put down another $2000. I haven't been working enough to put down that kinda money right now, and I need to lower my payments. I have great credit so I won't have a problem with a loan, Just...
  314. dbar

    Water temps!!! Warm !!!!!!

    Anybody look at the 2:48AM tempbreak shot from the 20th(this morning) Looks like the water could be warming up too quik. Maybe a Dodo and YF year?
  315. dbar

    More kids fishin fun

    I took the kids down to the local pond this evening. Each caught one fish. My 1 1/2 year old caught a small Carp, and my 7 year old daughter caught a 2.5# Channel Cat. Great way to kill the evening with the family. Both of my kids impress the heck out of me, more and more each time we go.
  316. dbar

    Offshore And so it begins!!!

    The patties are holding fish!! I fished on the Tuna Magnet with Jim today. 371-425 areas, 425 Had huge kelps(Barn door size) WE caught 5 yellers and farmed just as many. School sized, just a bit bigger than rats 10-16lbs. There were plenty more fish they just wouldn't chew!!! There was a huge...
  317. dbar

    My kids at the Catfish derby

    Today was awsome for sure!!! I took the wife, my 7year old daughter Zoe and 1 1/2 year old son Caleb, to the catfish derby. Each of my kids weighed in one catfish. Both fish were only around a quarter pound. It's not the size that matters to kids, they just wanted to see something on the end of...
  318. dbar

    To all of our military !!!

    To everyone who has served, or is currently serving in our military. Thanks for making this country what it is today. The best place in the world to live!!! This country would not be what it is today without our Armed Forces, and from me and my family We THANK YOU !!!!!! And to those who...
  319. dbar

    They should have let Daneka go

    I would have liked to see her kick his ass, even if it was just a racing thing. Would have be funny as hell to watch her beat him up!!!!
  320. dbar


    So as most of you know my G-Ma had a stroke. From which the outlook was very grim. With the help of Mike(mercerm) I was able to go see her. When I got there she was in ICU. And she was having halucinations, She was asking people why they were having sex in front of her. But not in quite that...
  321. dbar

    Prayers needed!!!

    My 92 year old G-Ma just had a stroke. She is not expected to make it. She has had alot of health issues lately and this will probably be the last one. I'm not much of a religious man, but I do belive in the power of prayer. If you could all just pray for her to go pain free, I would really be...
  322. dbar


    Please help I need to get to portland, org. ASAP My 92 year old grama just had a stroke and is not expected to pull out of it. I need to get to portland ASAP I would need to fly out of san diego afternoon of the 20th and return on the 22nd at anytime. I have tried all of the web cheepo sites and...
  323. dbar

    Threshers Favorite jig Color?

    Ok this is my fourth year fishing the T's. My #1 jig to get hit in the pattern is Black and green. It doesn't matter if its a Bait-O-Matic or a BallyHood, With second being Black and purple. I see alot of guys getting hit on Pink this year. I guess there is a lot of Females this year or a lot...
  324. dbar

    I can only imagine!!!

    What would happen if everyone was putting up Mako pics instead of T's!!! Everyone that has never caught a shark before, would be going out after 100# - 500# Mako's. People would be getting seriously hurt or killed!!! I hope all the guys that have never done the shark thing, use comon sense...
  325. dbar

    Some Bendo

    OK the fish got away, but John(jughead) got the best part of it on film. I had to do it even if the fish won, you guys with your fish pics are killing me!!!!!
  326. dbar


    Ok this came flying in the boat from the tail of my T. The hooks wern't stuck good and came flying in without the Ballyhood. The Ballyhood was a tangled mess. So after we lost the fish, I had a guy ask what lure we were hooked up on. He asked if it was a Ballyhood, that was all tangled up. I...
  327. dbar

    T Fishing report 5/03/08

    What we did and didn't do!!!! We did have 5 knockdowns!!!!! We did have one stick!!!!! We didn't boat a fish!!!! WE DIDN'T TURN THE RADIO OFF ALL DAY!!!!!! (See the bottom of page!!!) Ok guys here is the deal. Me and john( Jughead) fished for the T's from grey light untill 7:00pm...
  328. dbar

    SWING and a MISS!!!! On MR.T!!!!

    Real short cause I'm F'N beat!!! Had one knockdown and missed it, fish came back for the bait when I stopped the boat and missed it for the second time. Saw two jumpers, heard of two caught, heard of 1 lost. Two weeks from now it will be in full swing!!!!!!! All of this happened somewhere...
  329. dbar

    Here ya go Mick(fishability)

    Here are some pics of the chum machine. Nevermind the dust and leaves in the boat, it's been windy out here in Alpine. I have about 20 bucks total into it. Easy to use and saves having to drill holes in a bucket and hang it off of the boat. I used 2" clear hose for the exhuast so you can make...
  330. dbar

    Hot Chicks and Guns

    Ok is this one a little better guys????? Sneekee dont look at this you might fall in love :) YouTube - playboy model shooting guns
  331. dbar

    Chick shoots Shotgun

    Kinda like when you dad tells you "its just like a .22 son" :2gunsfiring_v1: YouTube - Shotgun Chick
  332. dbar

    THANK'S BILL & KEVAN!!!!!!!!

    Ok guys, Bill (Salty Dawg) just built me a very nice rod and he did it in record time. He gave me a very good price on the labor, if I picked up all my own parts. Thats where Kevan comes in to play. He hooked me up on everything I need to give Bill, infact he gave it all to Bill for me. All I...
  333. dbar


    Me and Mrs. dbar will be there. WE are bringing some dessert, and some $$ for the cook's. Looking forward to meeting some of you guy's, that I have never met.
  334. dbar

    Bad News

    The T's when they get here might not stay long, unlike last year. While fishing out in the canyon yesterday. I was metering a lot of huge bait balls, there were three bait boats metering the same thing and wrapping it up. I know one of them was E-Bros, so it is the small dines we are all fishing...
  335. dbar

    BD Sighting

    8 west passing hotel circle at 6:30am. Gave the salute to the driver of a black ford with a red BD sticker in his back window. He looked at me a little cross until I pulled up so he could see the back window of my truck :) Then I got the salute back with a thumbs up :)
  336. dbar

    ROD and REEL Club Meeting

    It was another great meeting with a very good guest speaker talking about the MLPA. The raffle was alot of good stuff going out include a few nice Rod&Reel setups. Only on thing missing RIPNDRAG2 you said you where going to be there, to talk about something!!!! What happend? You never showed up LOL
  337. dbar

    Sea Fox 236 W/A questions

    Does anyone own or has anyone ever been on a Sea Fox 236 W/A ? If you have ever been on one how was the ride? How do they handle the ruff stuff? Which motor did or does the boat have and what kind of range is it getting? Iam thinking of tradeing in my 98 striper 2300 for a new 08 236 W/A...
  338. dbar

    Bigger problem than seals

    Bigger In Size That Is. Check out the fish thief..... Orcas. YouTube - Killer Whale eats King Salmon caught on fishing line
  339. dbar

    Rude Sinks the Yami

    How about a tug test? YouTube - Evinrude E-TEC Sinks Yamaha 4-Stroke
  340. dbar

    The New Family Member..PICS

    Here he is the newest member to Team DBar. I just deleted some fishing pics off the digi to have room for a couple pics. Male Black Lab.... Jake
  341. dbar


    Ok heres the deal we have been trying to adopt a Lab puppy. There is alot of red tape involved!!! So we filed the adoption papers. Then we where told we needed to refile because they didn't like the wording of some stuff on the papers. Ok we refiled the papers, and they didn't call back. So we...
  342. dbar

    Blownbudget...Hey shawn

    Does my new avatar look familiar? Mr.T Racing stripe!!! I hope to get out there and Kill somemore with you this year!!!
  343. dbar

    8' Bait stick question

    Ok heres the deal. I'm going to have SaltyDog rap me a rod. I want to go with an 8' rod, to put my MXJ loaded with 25# test on it. I have looked at seeker and calstar blanks. What would be the best 8' blank to pair this reel up with? I bought a Big 5 cheep 8' rod to see if I like 8'ers as Iam...
  344. dbar

    Range of shark's

    Here is a pretty cool video I found. After each shark it shows there range. Note the range of the Mako, Thresher, And Blues.YouTube - sharks
  345. dbar


    Iam looking for a lab puppy White, Yellow, Choc, Or Black. Mixed is also ok as long as it is mostly lab. I have a couple of dogs that are on there last leg. I would like to get a new dog before they have to go. A year ago we picked up a Choc. lab. from a breeder down the street, but at $600 a...
  346. dbar

    La Jolla to Pt. Loma

    went out to La jolla before grey light.The squid are still out there,Manged 4 pieces real quik at the south edge of the kelp.Went to the NW corner to make mac's and dropped the live squid on the dropper loop.Hooked one of the right kind only to get kelped and loose it.O'well stick to the plan...
  347. dbar

    Going out MONDAY the 10th

    Yea baby a weekday, no weekend warriors!!! I'm gona hit up La Jolla for some Mac's early in the morn. I might even spend a little time looking around for WSB,YT's. Main goal to stay out in the deep water looking for long tails. If I dont find any will hit the rockfish on the way home. If your...
  348. dbar

    Black and white stripe

    Found none of the yellow's or WSB that have been around.Did find a shit load of bait.Every kind you want mac's,squid,smelt and spanish mac's.You couldn't even drop a sabiki rig 40' before it got hit.The fleet was out in force.I knew it would be though.Went out into the canyon...lot's of life...
  349. dbar

    Making a run on the 1st

    Will Start inshore on sat. morning early to make bait.Moving out to the canyon's later on in the day.Will be on the water most of the day. Hail me if your out on 69. 72.
  350. dbar

    Clam's and a Boat fire!!!

    Went out to get some pismo's.Well for our first time out we found 2 of them.Took the whole family for the trip.Was a fun day at the beach.I still need more practice at this clamming thing.The 2 we did get are huge so can't wait for tonight's dinner. While we were out I saw a boat on fire off...
  351. dbar

    How about the #88 Car?

    Go Jr. go!!! I have been a Jimmy Johnson fan for his intire cup career.With Jeff being my 2nd favorite,and Jr. being a close third.When Jr. joined the hendrick team I counldn't have been happier.Now to see him doing so well is just bitchen.First the Bud-shootout,now the first of the two 150's.I...
  352. dbar


    Finally Daytona on T.V.The wait is over.Something worth watching on the boob tube.Jimmy,Jeff and JR. are looking good.And what about those Yota's.Seem to be running good so far.Kind of a bummer seeing that Tony Stewart is gona have a chance in a Yota.Man I don't like him.Was Hope'n that the...
  353. dbar

    Noah's tackle Rock's!!!!!

    I was in need of some 130#JB hollow.So I called kevin at Noah's.He had it in stock and cheeper than anywhere in town.Was so cheep that not only did I have my two 50W filled up with 130#,But I also had my LX spooled with 60#JB hollow and a 40# P-line topshot.I was eye balling a MXJ while he was...
  354. dbar

    Slow day and night

    Hit the water a little later than I wanted.Nothing going on as far as bass.Dragged jig's at the mouth of the big bay for 2 short bites.Not a single bite on the dine's.Good hooping bait from E-Bro's a mix of big ass dine's and mac's.Hooped till around 10pm for 1 legal.Not worth posting a pic as...
  355. dbar

    Can't stand it anymore!!!!!

    I'm going out tommrrow.Gona fish and then go strait to hooping.Don't know where but damit I'm goin out!!!Drop the boat in around noon or so.Stay out till who know's when.
  356. dbar

    Rainy Day Tackle Twist's

    So with it being raining and all.Went down and bought myself a haywire twist tool.Holy shit does that thing make it easy to do the perfect twist.I alway's did them by hand.Most of them turned out good.But now they are all picture perfect.So I made up a whole bunch of leader's.9/0 mustad 7691 DT...
  357. dbar


    IMHO If we can get it done today.We will go all the way!!!! I hope the blue and gold give the pat's the SHOCKER!!!!
  358. dbar

    EX 50/02 W

    I have a quik question about spectra.I currantly have 100# power pro. With a 80# top shot on a 50w.Gona re spool with JB hollow 130 or 200 and a short 100# mono top shot.How much 130 or 200 would it hold with a 80 or so yard 100# top shot.I would like to buy the JB spectra in bulk.I would like...
  359. dbar

    The Fishing Song

    Here is a good song.YouTube - Fishing Song Good old east county music.
  360. dbar

    here's a good one

    Bet ya can't do it.Have someone with you and read them out loud.
  361. dbar

    Water sports can be dangerous

    This one is funny,nothing gross like the last one.YouTube - opsss...painfull
  362. dbar

    Reason#1 why not to hang your feet....

    ...Over the side of a boat with a chum slick going.
  363. dbar

    Good thing cold balls shrink!!!

    Ouch that's gotta hurt!!!YouTube - Ouch!
  364. dbar

    Heres a funny one!!!

    Found this don't know how to link so hope it work's.YouTube - Booby Booby Boo
  365. dbar

    Ok we needed rain but.....

    ......It can stop now.I need to work,not be trapped in the house all day.The kid's are driving me nuts.And now I have to do my own laundry.Where is the dam So Cal sunshine that I pay so F'n much for.
  366. dbar


    CALL ME BY 7:OOPM 1-1-08 (619-985-2322) I was told they have to leave the freezer 50#box I will even deliver if your close by.
  367. dbar

    L.E.D. Glow stick's

    Holy cow just got the new led glow stick's for my hooping rig's.Those suckers are bright ass hell.Blinking mode or soild glow.Think I'll run them in blink mode.Gona look like Mira Mar air strip on the water.
  368. dbar

    My New Hoop Setup

    So after a lot of thought,And seeing some of your setup's.This is what I came up with.Each one has 100' of rope.That can be set to any length quikly.All in a somewhat easy to deal with setup.I would love to here your feedback on what you think. Jim
  369. dbar

    Full set of hoop's

    Now have 10 hoop's.My lovely wife bought me 5 new ones for X-mas.Eclipse model's,Now have 5 old and 5 eclipse.She bought them unrigged.So now I'm Gona Rig up all my net's with new rigging's.The way I had my old ones rigged worked.But it wasn't all that hot.I have a walk around,So I'm gona rig...
  370. dbar

    To all bloodydeckers

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS Merry X-mas or what ever you celebrate!!!!!!
  371. dbar

    Cabo in november 2008

    Just a few questions for some guy's that might go alot.I will be setting up a trip for 2-3 guy's including my self for next year.I understand that oct-nov is the season.For those of you that go often.Do you norm get a package deal or line up your hotel's and boats seperatly?If you get a package...
  372. dbar

    Sat. The 13th Sharking

    Will be taking the crew out on the 13th.Plan on working the canyon's early.Will head out to deeper water later in the day.So if you pass a white boat thats not moving and there is ballons in the water behind it GO WAY AROUND!!!!!! You would be suprised at how many people like to drive over...
  373. dbar

    The big fish Tourny

    My crew and I did the big fish tourny.Went out strictly for the shark division.We had a blast,even though we didn't catch anything big enough to qualify.We did catch 4 mako's, 2 blue's and one big ass Hammerhead about 11' long and 400-500#s(lost at leader).The highlight of the trip had to be the...
  374. dbar

    Big Fish tourny

    Will be out on the water this weekend.Fishing the big fish tourny on sat.Good luck to all fishing in it.
  375. dbar

    Big fish tourny

    Will be out on the water this weekend.Fishing the big fish tourny on sat.Good luck to all fishing in it.
  376. dbar

    10,000+ payout who's in?

    Between All the division's there is a $10'000 payout on the Big fish tourny.Who's in?Me and my crew will be there, we're already entered.
  377. dbar

    S. 9 Mako's And Swordy

    Fished the s.9 For 2 Mako's Set up our slick and within 20 min.s a big s.o.b. hit 2 baits and sunk out.45 min.later 120 class fish comes into the slick and got landed.While pulling that fish on board second bait gets hit.when its game time the fish got there ass's kicked.Back to back all with in...
  378. dbar

    Anybody know about the shark turny on21-22

    I saw a shark tourny was on the 21-22 of this month.Can't remember where and what the name was.Would love to enter it.Any help would be cool.
  379. dbar

    7-5-07 tuna fish hunt

    Taking a full crew this time to go kill some fishies.Will be out there very early sat or late friday nite.As always give a shout on 72
  380. dbar

    Offshore LIMIT'S on the chicken's

    Me and ben picked up one off a pattie outside the 450-378 area.All the rest were caught between 06-49 to 03-53.That puts you right between the 390 and 421.Could have had alot more if there was more people on board,big area of fish!!!troll at 7mph with any small jet head tight to the boat.Corners...
  381. dbar

    Tuna grounds sat 30th

    Was thinking about running to the 60 and then down to the airplane.Gona hit the water at 11 and take our time to save fuel.That should have me in the zone at grey light. give a shout on 72 And good luck to all that are going
  382. dbar

    Fishing west of the trench 23rd

    Have a crew and gona hit the tuna grounds.Leaving on friday night late.Would like to be below the 421-390 area at grey light. Hit me up if your gona head out round the same time for the same area.
  383. dbar

    Only blues and babies

    Went out to do the shark thing again.Spent all day out there for not.We trolled and trolled and trolled(Get the story),For not one knock down.Lot's of life in La Jolla cayon though.We went inside outside To 55/26 area than north than south.And than said " F " it,let's set up a chum line.Went to...
  384. dbar

    REVART get's his...

    ...Ass handed to him.All to my enjoymentLOL LOL LOL I took my cousin Rick out to chase the longtail's.Well It took awhile to find the zone.Once we did find it (thank's Ice Pack).It didn't take long for a knock down.6 More knock down's later and this happened to my cousin.First picture is five...
  385. dbar

    T fishing 18th

    hail me on 72 will be in the t-zone
  386. dbar

    Thurs. the 10th T-Report

    Went out at 6am. Home by 9am.Made bait at the n.west corner of La Jolla.Headed strait out for awhile,Found a fishy spot.And with in 5 min. we had this on for 45 min.Est. at 190-200.The scale was still broken at Dana.They don't want to weigh anther one anyhow I'm sure.Papa -j and salty dog in the...
  387. dbar

    Might need one for 5-10

    Might need one crew member for thurs. morning.Me and my 13 year old will be doing the T-Shark thing.Hitting the water early to make bait before grey light.
  388. dbar

    No Repeat

    Went back to the same area where our sharking was on thurs.All for not,because there was still nothing more than micro bait's in the area.No mac's, no bird's,most importantly no Shark's.Not even a blue shark.We have been fishing the same area for the last 4-5 week's.We have landed at least 1 big...
  389. dbar

    Went out Sharking GOT SOME!!!!!

    We set up a chum slick and within 5 min.First hook up 80# Mr.-T It took our only mac. So we put out the bait-o's And nada.Someone was cool enough to hand us off 3 more mac's after we called him out.So we set up a drift again.Which turned into 2 more shark's farmed.One est.200# and the other...
  390. dbar

    La Jolla Sharking on Thur 5th

    Will be outside of la jolla looking for some sharp tooth's.Have one bucket of uni goop and three of regular chum.Will try the troll thing for the early morn. than switch over to the drift thing.Give me a shout on 72 if your gona be out. Jim
  391. dbar

    NO Mako's But.....

    We did get two blues to come up in the slick.Both caught photo'd and released.My 13 year old fought his first big fish since moving back out to cali.Biggest fish was about 5 feet long.Pretty good fight for the boy on 80#test.Can't wait to get him on a big thresher.
  392. dbar

    Offshore Nov.12th @ 371 = DoDo

    With the reports from the last few day's,We went out in search of yt.Started just below the numbers that Wildcat put up at grey light.Then worked our way out to the temp break out by the Knoll.On our way out we found only little door mat sized patties.Out of 30 one of them was holding this...
  393. dbar

    Sunday trip on the 12th

    Anyone heading out to the 425 371 or hidden bank areas.I will be there as well.Give me a shout on 69 or 72.Wont be on the computer the rest of the night, if ya want to give me a shout on the phone tonight 619-985-2322 would love to buddy boat.
  394. dbar

    The 28th Late report

    Went out sharking with my cousin(Revart).The chum machine has been re-done,And it work's killer!! Set up a chum line for about 5 hours.Got hammer'd about an hour into the drift.Took the bait deep, popped the ballon and was gone.All that quik.The bait had no teeth mark's ,so it was big enough to...
  395. dbar

    I caught a big one!!!!!!!! On Film

    You gotta love when a woman shows her middrift
  396. dbar

    Offshore Sunday 15th late report

    Put some miles on DBar for her last long run of the year,160 miles to be exact.All for 1 blue shark 5 yellows a bunch of skippies and my cousins(revart)first dodo.Started the trip about 2am on the south 9 with 2 chum buckets.that ended up with 1 blue at grey light.Chum was gone so we headed out...
  397. dbar

    Sun. The 15th

    Will set up on the s.9 at 1:00am.Gona shark till the sun comes up.Then will be looking for the dolphin and some YFT.Give a shout on 72
  398. dbar

    Sun. 27th

    Gona set up on the outside of the north 9.Gona drift for sharks will set the chum slik at about 3:30 -4:00am and drift till noon or 1:00pm.
  399. dbar

    W.O.T. prob. 1998 200hp Johnson

    I have a 200 hp Johnson 3 weeks ago i had to use a dump can to get home.Of course there was no cap on the hose.I belive that salt water may have gotten into this can.Because almost instantly afterwards my boat started to run like shit.I replaced the fuel water separator twice and the inline...
  400. dbar

    Sunday the 6TH

    Gona take DBar out for a day on the water.Most likely will heading down south towards the Hidden Bank.And work our way West-North West.Will Be Pattie hopping And looking for the dolphin with the water as warm as it is there has to be YFT somewhere.If your gona be down south would love to chat...
  401. dbar

    Offshore Limits for 4 Almost

    Hit the water at 2:00am headed for the 32 line.Get there at 4:30 take a nap till grey light.Start to put out the trollers and spot a big pattie.Sit on it for 3 1/2 hours picking away at the yellows.End up wih 18 yellows and 1 dodo.We farmed as many as we caught.Turned it over to another boat...
  402. dbar

    D Bar heading out with full crew 7-22

    Got A full Crew A Full Tank,And We be heading Out.Most Likely Heading Towards The W.Fly.Things could change on the area were heading for but we will be on the water.If we get a good temp shot might head for a good break.Anyone going I would love to hear from ya! Will Update before we hit the water.
  403. dbar

    Offshore 302-425-371-101 Nothing

    Started at the 302 at grey light.NOTHING!!! Troll to the 371 NOTHING!!!Troll towards 425 for 5 Bones=NOTHING!!!! Troll towards 101 NOTHING Might as well spent the day pissing against the wind. Above the 371 we had good mark's and tried everything to bring them up,To no avil.There was 7 net...
  404. dbar

    Don't want to go solo 7-1-06

    Will take one with a mex. lic. patiie hopping 425 and hidden bank area 619-985-2322 jim
  405. dbar

    Looking for one

    I have room for one person on the 10th of june(tommorrow)You Know The Drill BYOB ,Gas,Help Keep the boat clean of blood.Will be Starting At 182 Heading towards the 43.So we will be staying in Cali. waters.No mex. lic. Req.First come first serve Call Jim at (619) 985-2322
  406. dbar

    One more boat to the parking lot!!!

    I will have D'Bar out at the parking lot that will be looking for Tsharks.Will put in at south shores ramp by 5:00am.Hail me on 72 if you want to chat.
  407. dbar

    Ohh What a Day!!!!

    Well as you might have heard the T sharks are back.I landed my personal best fish ever this morn.Pull up on some birds 1.3 south east of the La Jolla bouey at grey light.And right away we spot a tail out of the water and i mean a long tail.Drag the bait-o-matics right in front of it for...
  408. dbar

    avatar test

    just to see the size
  409. dbar

    No love

    Hit the water early saturday morning looking for T sharks.We started at the mis. bay bouey 5 miles strait out of the jetty.We worked our way north,going as far north as upper del mar.The area with the most life was in the area of the la jolla weather bouey.Starting about 2 miles south of it and...
  410. dbar

    Looking for T's

    Sat the 25th will be working about 5 offshore between m.b. jetty and la jolla. maybe farther north if need be.Give a shout if your on the water and in the area. CH.72 Jim on DBar