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  1. denis

    La bay

    We ll be there the June 18 th for a week if anyone else is there. It ll be time for beers and talk about how the big one got away. See u at daggets
  2. denis

    San Quintin Jan 15

    We ll be there the 15 th. For 5 days if anyone. Is around let’s hook up for cocktails. Oh fishing info also. We ll be at don eddies tight lines denis
  3. denis

    Rock cod and lings San Quintin

    . I’ll be in San Quintin Jan 16th. If any of u guys want to hook up. My 6 ounce jigs for upto 200 feet and 13 ounce for deep are doing great up and down the coast. Best colors are squid and orange. Tight lines hope to see u guys soon. Denis.
  4. denis

    San Quintin. Jig

    Per fisherman s request. A squid colored 13 ounce jig for deep water. ,current. Excellent. For rock cod and lings.
  5. denis

    San Quintin ready

    . New 13 once deadhead comes with either single or treble hook ling and rock cod killer
  6. denis

    Portable solar panel

    Does anyone no about portable solar panels ? I need one for in the woods for a week to recharge things.
  7. denis

    New deadhead. Lure.

    Great for deep fishing . Or current. Rock cod. Etc The 6 ounce is on the side to show size
  8. denis

    La bay. 6 days

    Juan will be posting he took a lot of pictures. Juan was amazing as usual. All 6. Days we limited on yellows up to 35 lbs. most 25 or so. Than hit all the islands for cabrilla. Crazy action. In 40 years going there they were huge . Caught a bunch 20 lbs. we’re driving back to Colo will...
  9. denis

    Cabrillla. And yellows wide open bay of la

    Bring plenty of iron. Also baits working and easy to make
  10. denis

    Costa Rica Cruise

    Friends are going on a cruise like to find a boat captain to charter for a half a day any recommendations
  11. denis

    Captain juan LA bay Wide-open yellows

    Wide-open yellows. On deadhead lures
  12. denis

    Gonzaga in April

    We ll be there there 22 April if anyone else is going. We ll have the place to our selves and great fishing
  13. denis


    Fishing season starting to pick up I’m almost ready
  14. denis

    New web

    Clients wanted a way to look at deadheadlues etc I started a website on the mobile phone do you have to go info bars. It has info. Tight lines denis
  15. denis

    Puerto limo. Coasts rica

    Going there on a cruise would like to go fishing anyone have any info please
  16. denis

    San Quintin

    Juan asked me to post they caught 3 ghosts today
  17. denis

    La bay. With Juan

    120 grouper on 60 line. With a blue glitter deadhead. Wide open nice cabrilla on the town glitter. We left yellows everyday still biting bait. And blue dead heads up to 33 pounds. Juan will post more
  18. denis

    Report passed on to me by Terry Troublecock owner of Cage Fighting’s

    He fished Punta Refugio , north side of la Guardia Captain Martin Diaz was hot with the dark and light mint deadhead lure. Shiela smith the last day caught the only yellow on the blue glitter jig he said the only yellow caught that day and a nice mako caught with a back pinned onanistic
  19. denis

    Mexican money

    I live in Colo now. My friends going to get Mexican cash for us while he’s fishing in San Diego before we go to la bay . Anyone no where to get the best rate there ?
  20. denis

    Gonzaga April 3 week

    Gonzaga April 3rd week is anyone planning on being there for that week please let me know and we will hook up
  21. denis

    Fishing shows

    in ca there was a huge fishing shows caled Fred hall. Is there anything like that in Louisiana
  22. denis

    Dead head lures

    I had invented a iron for ocean fishing and looking for a few fishing charterer places to try them if you look on Mexico and then Baja reports and then scroll a few down to 32 days in bay of la you can see a report a captain made on them. If there are any question s please let me no. You can...
  23. denis

    San Quintin.

    I'm not going till the 17th of aug but starting to get anxious. Anyone now been there please let me no if any ones tried going outside to the tuna grounds. ! Long range boats are getting close I just wonder . Also if anyone's tried for the ghosts at Socorro Thanks
  24. denis

    L a bay tournament

    I heard something about a tournament down there is it this weekend? Anyone no ehenit is. ?
  25. denis

    San Quintin

    thanks Juan for a great week. We just got home put all the fish away. Lings. Reds Large white fish A crazy amount of bass on irons left the fish biting twice Juan took pictures in sure he'll post
  26. denis

    Juan San Quintin

    Congrates to Juan he's a proud new daddy
  27. denis

    Guide info

    Like a reference for charters of deep water or rig fishing. That may use jig or iron fishing in that area please like snapper. Or amber jack etc Not Shallow fishing please
  28. denis

    San Quintin

    Juan says gas is fine I san Quintin. Anyone going 3rd week feb Let hook up
  29. denis

    Mexican. Car ins

    Baja adventure s still a good place to get Mexican car insurance ? Living incolo now don't follow it anymore thanks. Denis
  30. denis

    San Quintin

    just checking if anyone is headed down there week in feb? Let we can hookup im fishing with Juan. Using a new lure
  31. denis

    Saltwater Summer trip to wa

    I may be going in sept to visit a friend in WA I've never been there and wonder if someone can hook us if fishing ? We can help pay expenses , let me no please
  32. denis


    I haven't checked for a long time anyone no if Scopace seasick pills are available? I no years ago they discontinue them any help to locate them is appreciated
  33. denis

    reloading powder

    i no everyones having issues getting powder need some advice please. i need some hodgdon LIL powder and wouldnt mind waiting"like we have a choice" ,but where can i atually order some? any info would be appreciated guys,denis
  34. denis


    he guys i was getting great info for my friend moving up into your area and as you no we went down. as mentioed his wife wants to move to Sequim. alot of you mentioned brewster and silverdale. he is an avid hunter and fisherman and a retired welder and believe me he s great at it, he worked on...
  35. denis

    Freshwater sequim

    i need you guys input please. my best friends wife wants to move to Sequin WA. she says its mostly sunny there its not in the rain belt like the rest of the state. when i go on the weathere it always seems to be cloudy but yes not as much rain. since you all live up there what can he expect on...
  36. denis

    colo elk

    i was lucky and shot my largest elk last week
  37. denis

    san quintin

    hey guys a question. im going down there in 3 weeks and noticed that the yellows arent hitting yet. the water is still cold i heard and better warm currents should help. i no a bunch of you guys kep tabs on water conditions ,tempts etc. just wondering if someone could check out for me and my...
  38. denis

    pacific star

    just wondering guys, ive been on many 1 1/2 day trips etc but next weekend is my 1st 2 day on the pacific just wondering how far south would the captain go compared to a 1 1/2 day.hope some of you guys make the trip. thanks
  39. denis

    sitka help

    hey guys I need some help. im going to Sitka to fish next wensday with my wife, ijust received a call from my boat captain that he had to cancel due to boat problems. with short notice I need another boat to fish on. since this is prime season things seem to be filling up and id hate to go...
  40. denis


    ill be headed to sitka in 3 weeks and wondering how this season is looking?
  41. denis

    2 day trip

    if anyone is interested a few of us are going on a 2day out of seaforth landing leaving a friday 7/26 10 pm and home sunday 7pm . no week this year looks to be awesome ."Pacific star"
  42. denis


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  43. denis

    newport 1/2 day

    hey guys bringing my grandson out again to newport 1/2 day tomorrow 9 to 3. anyone been out lately for the rockfish? Boy he s loving this 2 weeks no school and
  44. denis


    hey guys ive got a close friend coming out in aug and were considering going to Loredo. i plan on checking things at the show next week .i was told before Blue Water tours? any ideas guys and is there a hotel or a guide anyone can recommend? also is a super panga ok or is a cruiser needed to get...
  45. denis


    im going to san quintin next week for the 1st time since the change in the boarder. do you guys still stop to get that visa?i no its for free ive done it last summer for 7 day stas,but has the location changed?i heard its all different now. thanks guys!
  46. denis

    pig hunt

    hey guys id like to go on a pig hunt. i always used to go and my guy sold his land.any ideas? id rather go to a place some of you have gone. Ive heard bad stories about some places that charge hugh trophy fees etc. thansk denis
  47. denis

    quesnel lake,canada

    just wondering if anyone has been there id like some info thinking if going there this june.
  48. denis


    a question guys. my neighbor wants to go out tonight for squid.the last 2 times last year he missed them. it seems there south of us here . he'd like to go tonight and dana point sounds like thats where he wants to go from.they didnt go last night due to the weather. anyone have any input on...
  49. denis


    SEE new ducks i just recieved. merganzer with a shad in its mouth and a black brand , also a mallard for a buddy
  50. denis

    kids licenced

    at what age does a kids need to get a fishing licence.? im taking my grandson out soon. thanks
  51. denis

    san quintin

    just like to mention ill be fishing with kelly the weekend of 2/14 if any of you guys are planning a trip there.we always like to hookup and have a couple cold ones and a barbacue at our room at don eddies.let me no!
  52. denis

    washington hunting/fishing

    id like some info please from you guys that live in washington. my best friend and neighbor is retiering in Sequim/Wa. in 2 yrs.his wife really likes it there and i would like to no 'TRUTHFULLY" how the hunting is and how hard it is to get tags etc. his wife says it doesnt rain as much as...
  53. denis

    scopace sea sick pills

    its been awhile since they were discontinued, has anyone heard of a replacement etc? thanks guys.This is vital to guys that fish with me if they will be able to drink a beer and fish.!!
  54. denis


    a friend of mine is going to Kenai ak in 2 weeks. he was told he'd be fishing the river for salmon and 1 day outside for halibut,lings etc. i have never been there what can he realisticly expect to cAtch on the trip.?i was told its crowded onthe river? anyone no the limits etc. any input would...
  55. denis

    san quintin quail hunt

    ill be at jardinas feb 2nd to the 5th quail hunting. just wondering if anyone will be down there that weekend fishing.,etc so we can hookup.
  56. denis

    mexico fee

    ive heard rumors that there is a new $30 fee if you drive down into baja and its to be paid in ensenada? it started 1/1 is this true?
  57. denis

    colo river goose hunt

    im going this weekend for the 1st time this year to hunt birds. Just wondering if anyone has been out there and if the geese are at all down yet.thanks for the input,denis
  58. denis

    full moon 4 bugs

    hey guys id like your opinion on this weekend. it being a full moon my friends feel it'll suck for bugs due to currents etc. but with showers the water may be dirty. is it worth going out or wait for another weekend?id really am interested in your imputs,thanks Denis
  59. denis

    duck regs.

    shouldnt the new regs be out by now? id guess no changes even though the numgbers in Canada are the best in many years.
  60. denis

    scopace seasick pills

    i recomemded a friend scopace for his fishing trip, he went to vons and they told him scopace is no longer making the pill.does anyone no whats up ?
  61. denis

    sitka ak

    i just heard they change the limit to 1 halibut and a size limit this year??
  62. denis

    twilight bass

    i went last night out of long beach and would like to pass on some info that may be helpfull.the boat average wAs abut 5 0r 6 bass.i was lucky caugth and released 32. and the secret was using a single dropperloop.i used 15 lb blackcloud. the clear line made a hugh difference. just thought id...
  63. denis

    shark fishing

    just wondering if anyone hads been out to the 14 mile bank or dana for sharks. i havent been out and was wondering if the water is warm enough for maco's,i appreciate the info guys!
  64. denis

    smith and wesson

    im looking into a pistol for bear and pig hunting. this s/w 500 with a ported barrel loks great. has anyone bought one?
  65. denis

    Offshore today tuna report

    just wondering if anyone has heard how the fishing is today. i have a bunch of friends on the 2 day trip on the Grande . i usually go an d couldnt this time. theres 0 report on 976tuna.thats usually a bad sign. thanks, hope they do well.
  66. denis

    my 2 new darius mounts

    teal/ goose mounts
  67. denis

    san quintin

  68. denis

    sept san quintin

    just wondering if any of you guys have planned a summer trip.Ill be in San Quintin sept 11th to 17th and staying at JArdinas. Ive met plenty of you guys and would like to hookup as prior trips if possible. No moon that week and Kelly is ready! let me know.take care, denis
  69. denis


    anyone happen to know where i could buy some crawdads? a couple of us are going striper fishing at lake Mojave this weekend. We go every year at this time and the last 2 years its been slow. When i cleaned the fish last year they all had crayfish in them . Id guess even dead ones would work...
  70. denis

    LAke Mohave

    Just wondering if anyone has been fishing the strippers this year.Every my buddy and his son and I go the 1st week of march .Weve been going for 20 yrs an d we usually kill um but the last 2 years its sucked.any info would help if its slow etc.Gotta keep the kid excited about fishing!
  71. denis

    i knew it, beers good for you!

    Beer may be good for your bones A cold brew has high levels of dietary silicon, analysis shows <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 border=0 itxtvisited="1"><TBODY itxtvisited="1"><TR itxtvisited="1"><TD style="PADDING-BOTTOM: 20px" itxtvisited="1"> Kirsty Wigglesworth / AP file While...
  72. denis

    bar harbor maine

    just wondering if anyone has any info in MAss. for a 4 hr fishing trip in Maine?ill be there on a" honeydo "cruise with my wife for 8 hrs. Id like to get away when she i grew up In MAss fishing for cod/haddock at the Yankeee fleet. It would be great if anyone had some info for BAr...
  73. denis

    Loredo mexico

    acouple of my friends would like to fish yellowtail and cabrilla in june this year in Loredo. Just wondering is that the best month for yellows and what place would you guys recomend on staying. thanks
  74. denis

    colorado river hunt

    last weekend ended up being successful. the ducks were around in the morning mainly greenheds and wideon. the geese show up after there done eating at cibola. Let me know if you get these Picture 021.jpg Picture 026.jpg Picture 028.jpg Picture 029.jpg Picture 030.jpg Picture...
  75. denis


    im headed up to hunt the river in the cibola area tomorrow. Just wondering if anyone has been in that area this year.Hoping more geese have come down than what ive heard, thanks!
  76. denis

    duck boat needed

    since i have to drag a boat a ways im looking for a flat bottom/ or pontoon bottom hard plastic 8 ft boat. ive seen them at bass pro but want a used type. they weight only 80lbs.anyone have any info please let me know. thanks denis
  77. denis

    looking for a small boat

    Just wonder if anyone could help. Im looking for about an 8ft,flat bottom,plastic boat to duckhunt. it has to be light since i will be dragging it aways.thankls denis
  78. denis

    shark fishing

    a buddy asked me to check with you guys if anyone has info on shark fishing? 14 mile bank or dana is where he fishes. Just wondering if the water is warm enough for the macos? Any info would help. thanks guys.
  79. denis


    hey guys. im going stripper fishing next month and need to get some anchovies. we go threw a lot chumming and would like to know if anyone knows the best place to get a bucket full? thanks denis
  80. denis

    sitka Ak.

    im going to sitka this year for the 1st time. Have they set the limits for kings /ling/halibuts yet? LAst year to keep one it almost had to weight 50 lbs.
  81. denis

    fishing show

    id just like to mention if anyone is interested. ive had some tv shows on the american outdoorsman tv about action lures. clients have asked for me to let them know about any new ones coming up. so here it is. onthe sportsman channel"direct tv" station #605. sunday march 15th , 10:30 am part 1...
  82. denis

    san quintin

    off to see kelly for a 4 days this weekend>73 is the temp outlook. is that warm enough to bring beer?lol
  83. denis

    promar netting

    does anyone know where i can get netting for my promar hoops.I have some that are damaged and wondering where I can get some netting to replace it.thanks denis
  84. denis

    Hunter Liggett

    going with my nephews for th 1st time the end of feb> I have all the peperwork etc just would like some help how to hunt it. I was told there are black powder areas and would love to do that if possible. NAy info would be appreciated.denis
  85. denis

    goose/duck guide

    with hunting wister all year my brothers and kids we try to go away and hunt one weekend a year.Last year we went to Cibola it was ok. Does anyone know of a private / guided place that is a reasonable distice like cibola from O C.? thanks guys.denis
  86. denis

    shark fishing

    my friend wants to head out and shark fish this weekend at the 14 mile bank.Last year we did well off Dana Pt at this time of the year. Ive heard its been slow there this year. Anyone been out to the 14 mile bank or recomend any area in O C area? thanks guys for any input ,denis
  87. denis

    pacific star

    Im leaving on a 2 day charter on the Pacific star tomorrow night . 1st time on this boat and looking at the last 2 day trips on there web it seems there counts are low.Anyone been on this boat? just dont want to get supprised.
  88. denis

    colorado drawings

  89. denis

    colorado drawings

    just letting you know colo. elk info is now online to see if you were drawn. thursday is the deer. I just called colo and if you give them you cc# you can find out about both both!yeah!
  90. denis

    rocky mnt elk foundation dinner

    anyone else going to the RMEF dinner in Santa Ana Sat? its always a great time.Some great prizes and possble trips to be won.
  91. denis

    bamboo gaff

    my neighbor gave me a great piece of bamboo. id like to make a gaff for a friend that takes me fishing all the time.i could use a couple hints please. i made one years ago . what would you use to fill the tip with if at all?I dont need it to be fancy ,just work.thanks denis
  92. denis

    San Quintin

    just talked to Kelly.Im going next weekend the15th to 18th. He mentioned another bdecks group was going.Like to hook up for a cold one. He also mentioned he's going out to look for whites.Rumors are there around.
  93. denis

    federal new ammo

    i would just like to mention federal has some new ammo out. i always use fed. 180 grain, bear claws for elk and big game. It has very high retention weight. fed now has come out with a bear claw trophy bonded bear claw "tip" . supposed to be a little improved. it can be found on MidwayUSA...
  94. denis

    DAy At THE Docks

    Ill have my normal both there. hope you guys come by again and have a cold one.denis
  95. denis

    pig hunting

    just wondering if someone can help. my brother and nephew dont have alot of cash and want to hunt pigs fro the 1st time. Hunter Legget was mentioned. i've been told thats hunted heavely and low odds? just a point in the right dirrection would help.Some pubic land ?etc. They will be willing to...
  96. denis

    colorado,elk/deer hunt

    please pm me if your interested.ive been hunting there for 20 yrs now .$ of us go there every year and one guy cant go. were hunting on 17000 acres private out of a town called Ridgway by Montrose.we draw and usually get a pivate land cow tag, a bull over the counter and draw "60% chance" for a...
  97. denis

    2day charter out of seaforth

    my brother has a charter leaving 7/31 fishing 8/1 and 8/2 . no moon that weekend.anyone interested please pm me.
  98. denis

    catalina sat

    going fishing for hali's sat and bugs sat night. anyone else.? if so pm me we'll hook up at Avalon sat. night and have a couple cold ones.
  99. denis

    seaforth charters.

    question guys. i have always fished out of h/m ,Fishermans landing etc. im setting up a charter for our fishing club for the 8/1 weekend a 2 day trip. id like to try the Seaforth landing. it looks like the boats available are the Endeavor, Cortez or maybe theDominator. which do you guys...
  100. denis

    water proof camera

    just wondering if anyone has info on a water proof camera. I want to get one with a large zoom if possible. My sister keeps distroying them while fishing. she likes also taking pictures on a boat and as we all know the birds etc are always to far away. appreciate any help.
  101. denis

    dog breeding laws.

    help! i want to get my lab breeded.looking into it alittle i have a problem. on his papers i am not allowed to do so without the parent breeders ok. I ve tried to locate her,her home, old friends etc. she also isnt on the state breeders list anymore.I was told i still cant breed my lab.i was...
  102. denis

    utah black powder

    anyone going to Utah for eather the bow or black powder hunts.Like to share info.Bow hunting jsut opened last sat.denis
  103. denis


    976 tuna just reported alby's 100 miles south. 1 jig fish 2 bait and 6 lost. and boiling> Hear we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  104. denis

    yellow lab Breeder info

    Does anyone have a breeder # for labs.? Both engish ad regular.My brother is wanting to hook up with one asap.
  105. denis

    san clemente yellows

    just spoke to a friend that heard the Toronado out of Pier pt caught 71 yellows for 21 anglers yesterday.were going out sunday and want to verify if anyones heard the same or anything about today?
  106. denis

    duck hunting clubs

    like to find out if anyone knows about a duck club in So cal. thanks