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  1. Elkfins

    Saltwater Nut slapped

    Fishing was good on Sunday. Limits of lings and halibut. Christopher's been catching halibut since he was 5 but this is his first over 50lbs so a bit of a ball slap was in order I guess.
  2. Elkfins

    Opening day 4x4

    Half hour into opening day this guy walked out about 60 yards in front of me. Christopher was 20 yards to my left and when I tried to get his attention so he could shoot it, like most 15 year olds, he wasn't paying attention. To his credit, he was glassing his own direction... probably looking...
  3. Elkfins

    Yoder YS640 - $800.00

    Yoder YS640 in great working condition. 2014 model. It's been cleaned and painted with high temp paint. New igniter, thermocouple and heat diffuser plate replaced last month. Comes with front and side racks, all grill plates shown, second shelf, insulating thermal jacket and full cover. This...
  4. Elkfins

    Oversize Sturgeon question

    For those of you who know a thing or two about the whens and where's of catching oversize sturgeon... My brother in law will be in town the 3rd weekend of July. He's done a lot of fishing all over the world but has never caught an over-sized sturgeon. He's tried a few times but nothing over...
  5. Elkfins

    For Sale – 1999 Yamaha OX66 200hp outboard motor, Oil tanks, Twin controls

    For Sale – 1999 Yamaha OX66 200hp outboard motor, Oil tanks, Twin controls This was the original starboard motor on my Grady 232. Port motor has sold. 25” shaft, standard rotation. I don’t know how many hours are on this motor as there is no hour meter but when I bought the boat, the seller...
  6. Elkfins

    bearing sets for a 3500 lb axle trailer

    These were spares for an EZ loader 2 3500 lb axle trailer I used to own. $50 for all.
  7. Elkfins

    Ez steer system

    2 long bars and small & large outboard brackets. Been sitting in my garage for several years and have no use for it. $50 I'm in Tacoma.
  8. Elkfins

    We could only hope...

  9. Elkfins

    Furuno 4kw 24" radome - $50 OBO

    This is the old radar from my boat. I've upgraded. 1751 Mark 2 radar display is too dim to see... would intermittently go bright/dark, etc. but the Radome would power up and spin. Cable has been cut to remove. steve
  10. Elkfins

    Fucking cancer...

    My wife's mom was diagnosed a few of months ago with what we were told was a very slow growing cancer in her neck, face and ear area. Surgery and radio therapy to remove it was deemed successful and prognosis was years to live. Found out last week that it reappeared. Doctors stuck with years to...
  11. Elkfins

    Christophers first buck

    First and foremost, A huge thanks to Josh, @silver slayer for sharing your honey hole with us and putting Christopher and I in position for him to take this buck. I can't express how lucky we are to have such great friends and people in our lives. Both Christopher and I owe you big time and...
  12. Elkfins

    any health insurance brokers around?

    Any health insurance brokers out there in the brotherhood that might be able to help me with Washington State health insurance options for a small business... less than 10 employees with various needs/situations. Our current premiums have skyrocketed while coverage has dwindled so I need to do...
  13. Elkfins

    Freshwater 200lb Arapaima from Thailand

    So I get this picture sent to me this morning. The family is in Singapore this month visiting the in-laws while I'm at home paying the bills. They spent a week vacationing in Phuket, Thailand and Christopher got to do a little fishing with his uncle. He landed a 200+ pound Arapaima. Not bad...
  14. Elkfins


    Doesn't look good for these guys based on this article. But it does bring up a question... Anyone know if it is legal to high grade fish if you keep them alive in...
  15. Elkfins

    Secret's out

    Well shit... I ran across this on the interweb's today. Guess it's time to sell the boat and move to Idaho.
  16. Elkfins

    Twin 1999 Yamaha Saltwater Series II OX66 200 HP outboards

    Link to the ad in the main classifieds. thanks for looking. Steve
  17. Elkfins

    Twin 1999 Yamaha Saltwater Series II OX66 200 HP outboards

    For sale Twin 1999 Yamaha Saltwater Series II OX66 200 HP outboards. EDIT: Video link added below. 25” shafts. These are the original motors on my Grady 232. I don’t know the specific hours on these motors as there is no hour meter but when I bought the boat, the seller stated that he...
  18. Elkfins

    I knew there was something off with those Colorado guys...

    Apparently, sasquatch is real... @Waterdog~ , you got something to tell us?
  19. Elkfins

    Making Halibut fishing great again

    On my boat, it's easy to tell who the guy is that forgot to bring his own inflatable PFD. Thanks for joining us Dr. Tangles.
  20. Elkfins

    DR Balls and Pipe Jigs

    15lb DR balls - $25.00 each 12" Pipe jigs, stainless cable, swivel and cotter pin. No hooks. $20.00 I'm in Tacoma and Auburn daily, will be in Westport Wednesday through Sunday morning. steve
  21. Elkfins

    Set of 4 studded snow tires

    These came off of a Honda civic. 165/70 SR13 4 lug pattern. $100 for the set. I'm in Tacoma and commute to Auburn daily.
  22. Elkfins

    You know it was a good birthday party when...

    Happy birthday @badlaz69. Hope it was a good one... I know I had fun.
  23. Elkfins

    Big bull down and new screen names should be forthcoming!

    I'm sure someone with much better writing skills will post the whole story but needless to say, it was an EPIC weekend chasing elk and I just cant wait to brag a bit. I am super honored to have been asked by "Washington Dave" to help him get his first bull elk. After only a couple of hours of...
  24. Elkfins

    Need some info on possible VA benefits

    So, I found out Saturday afternoon after we got back into port that one of my closest friends and main hunting buddy passed away Saturday morning pretty suddenly. As tough as it has been for me to push through it this week, it pales in comparison to what his wife is going through. To say she's...
  25. Elkfins

    Need a painter

    Dad's looking for a painter to paint the exterior of his house in Parkland. Need to be licensed. Send me a PM if you're interested and i'll put you in touch with Pops. thanks steve
  26. Elkfins

    Special Permit results are up

    Not selected on all fronts... Christopher too. Bummer for us.
  27. Elkfins

    2008 Mercury Bigfoot 9.9

    I have a 2008 Merc. Bigfoot 9.9 kicker for sale. I had this on my old Glasply and don't need it on the new ride. Manual start, manual tilt, manual choke. Not sure of the hours but it got used very little. If I had to guess, probably about 250 or 300 hours. Was only once or twice in the last 2...
  28. Elkfins

    Furuno FCV-582L Sounder with Airmar P66

    This unit came on the Grady. It works just fine but I don't need it. Included in the sale are the Color display unit, Airmar P66 transducer & mounting bracket, power cable and NMEA data cable. No cables were cut during the de-installation of this unit. $250.00 OBO
  29. Elkfins

    Removing Paint from Gelcoat

    So the original registration numbers from TX are painted onto the hull. Does anyone know what I can use to remove the paint without damaging the Gelcoat?
  30. Elkfins

    "Cleanup Required"

    First and foremost... a very sincere and huge THANK YOU to Limey for taking the time off of work to head to Texas to pick up the boat with me. I wouldn't have been able to do this without you bud... you are a true friend and brother. I owe you and Tammy big time. After the marathon road trip...
  31. Elkfins

    1980 19' Glasply 2100

    I’ve owned this boat since 2005. In 2006, I had it re-powered with a Mercruiser 4.3L and an Alpha One Gen II outdrive. Repower was done at Tacoma Marine. Currently I estimate about 400 hours on the motor and it runs excellent. This boat is setup for fishing and excels at that purpose. It has...
  32. Elkfins

    Need a surveyor in Maryland

    Anyone have any references for a good surveyor in the Maryland area? thanks Steve
  33. Elkfins

    Saltwater WTC report

    Well... We're the first team back again this year but less about 40 fish. Spun a hub again at 18 miles out and turned around. At least Center Cut crew know how to make the best of a shitty situation.
  34. Elkfins

    Saltwater Slime dogs, flying mackeral Gopher Glocks and a race to the corner

    This one time at Bristol bay... Well, for those of you who elected to skip LaPush this year because of the lack of moorage, broken gas pumps and no powering on the trailer at the ramp... you were right to stay away. It was a complete shit show. We learned a couple of things though. 1...
  35. Elkfins

    New Salmon Stickers

    I've got a modest stack of the new Bloodydecks salmon stickers. If anyone wants any, shoot me a PM or call/text and well figure out a way to meet up or otherwise get them to you. I commute between Tacoma and Auburn... except tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll be in LaPush.
  36. Elkfins

    Everyone was a newb at one point...

    Classic shit right here. Way to go Tony... nice thread. Good to know BD hasn't changed over the years.
  37. Elkfins

    latest post preview on the subforums is gone...

    Bring it back!!!
  38. Elkfins

    Wildlife conservation funding

    Here's a really good article that tells it like it is.
  39. Elkfins

    The current and ongoing misuse of the Endangered Species Act by environmentalists

    This is worth taking the 30 minutes to watch. Clearly, the ESA laws need to be re-written.
  40. Elkfins

    Invaluable Advice

    Just read the reviews of this book. It could save your life one day.
  41. Elkfins

    Observatory Bull down

    Anchored this wide 5x5 with 2 to the heart about an hour into opening morning... they were right where I expected them to be.
  42. Elkfins

    Washington Mule Deer opener

    I was stuck up in Vancouver BC this week for work and originally wasn't supposed to get home till late Saturday night but things went well with the job, we got done early and I was able to come home on Friday. Earlier in the week, I turned down an open seat for Tuna on Saturday so with no other...
  43. Elkfins

    More California retardedness

    You southern guys should be proud... you voted these idiots into office. If/when this passes the assembly, I can't wait to see how this works to curb gun violence down there. California Senate approves seven gun control bills -
  44. Elkfins

    Looking for a Roofer in the South Sound

    Any roofers out there or anyone have anyone they want to refer? I have a house in North Tacoma that needs a new roof. Must be licensed, bonded & insured. thanks steve
  45. Elkfins

    Colville Tribe announces Washington State's first wolf hunting season

    Kudos to the Coleville tribe for recognizing that game populations (both predator and prey) need to be managed properly. Between this and the progressive methods they are using to catch hatchery fish while allowing natives to continue to spawn, I feel that this is one tribe that we as sportsmen...
  46. Elkfins

    Caption Contest

    Caption Contest. I need a caption for this pic... But it can't be anything degrading towards women. :rofl:
  47. Elkfins

    Saltwater They're Here fellas

    Tuna are here off the Washington coast!!!!! Center Cut crew made the run for bluewater today. With a lot of pressure on us to do better than last years $600 single fish, we managed to bang out 15 on a very long day of fishing. Trolling and live bait worked. We were alone all day and covered...
  48. Elkfins

    Paving the highway

    Umm... I know it's early but I'm having a hard time thinking about anything but longfins.
  49. Elkfins

    Saltwater 3 generations at Neah Bay

    Well, sounds like I missed the party at LaPush this weekend but what a great weekend up at Neah Bay with my dad and my son!!! The ocean was as flat and calm as I've ever seen it... there was maybe a 2 or 3 foot swell at 15-18 seconds first thing in the morning and by 11:00am that pretty much...
  50. Elkfins

    Hood Canal Bridge Closures

    On the way to LaPush Friday night, I noticed the big signs at the Hood Canal Bridge stating that there were upcoming maintenance closures so I turned the radio to the am station broadcasting the details. There will be night closures from May 7th - May 10th. The bridge will close starting at...
  51. Elkfins

    Now Hiring

    Anyone looking for work??? My company has 3 job openings... We sell and service Point of Sale systems, mainly for Grocery and retail stores. We are an NCR and IBM point of sale dealer with offices across Canada and the US. I manage the office here in Auburn, WA. First opening is for an...
  52. Elkfins

    Pursuit opinions

    For those of you who have owned or are familiar with the Pursuit boats, I'm looking for opinions on the ride, fit and finish or any other considerations. The model I'm specifically interested in is the 2870 Walkaround... late 90's, early 2000's but any educated opinions on the brand would be...
  53. Elkfins

    Terminal Tackle, split rings, swivels, etc.

    There's been a lot of discussion on hook styles and brands but not much on the other types of terminal tackle like swivels, snap hooks, split rings, etc. Last year I bought some split rings from Sportco to use on my pipe jigs because it's what they had and I needed them in a hurry. Had a...
  54. Elkfins

    For those days when you want to go but you can't find a boat ho

    I wonder if this works for Tuna? :rofl:
  55. Elkfins

    Shout out for Frabill customer service

    Just wanted to give a shout out for Frabill's good customer service. For Christmas last year, the wife bought me a new Frabill Pro-Formance landing net. Over Labor Day weekend, we were fishing the Willipa and while I was running back up current about 20 - 25 mph to start a new troll, I had the...
  56. Elkfins

    House for Rent in North Tacoma

    No longer available.
  57. Elkfins

    Saltwater Westport, Sunday 8-14

    My buddy Kris and I headed down Saturday evening and hooked up with Limey for dinner and brews at his house. We went down to the docks and chatted with RTB, Flasher, Goatram and the guys to get the intel and the spots. Sunday morning the 3 of us plus Limey's wife Tammy, headed west to about...
  58. Elkfins

    Shimano Trevala reccomendations

    Hey Guys, I've been looking at and reading up on the Travala jigging rods. I'm looking to get one to use this tuna season but not sure which one would be best suited for our albies. Obviously, the jig weight plays a primary role in which rod to use so I'm really interested in the right setup...
  59. Elkfins

    Special Hunt Permit results

    For any of you that hunt big game and put in for special tags... the results are out now. I pulled a Taneum cow tag but was blanked on the other species. Should be a quick elk hunt this year. Steve
  60. Elkfins

    Saltwater MA11 Shrimp

    Took the family and a couple friends out to catch some shrimps on Saturday. It was MaryAlice's first ride on the boat (well first time she wasn't sleeping or in the womb anyway). Launched at Pt. Defiance and ran to the spot. Limits for 6 people on the east side of Vashon Island by noon. Pickings...
  61. Elkfins

    Saltwater More LaPush bottomfish with RTB and Sawed Off

    A big thanks to RTB and Sawed off for getting Dad and I out on Center Cut Saturday to fish Lings and Rockfish. Dad's been my best fishing partner for as long as I can remember so it was a special treat to get him out on Center Cut with a couple of pro's. Weather was beautiful and the ling...
  62. Elkfins

    Fishing ops in Phuket in August?

    So my wife is planning a trip for us to Phuket, Thailand the first week of August... Smack in the middle of fishing season here.:shithappens: Just wondering if anyone knows anything about the fishing over there. Are there any fish around that time of year and if so, any recommendations for...
  63. Elkfins

    Fishing opportunities in Phuket???

    So my wife is planning a trip for us to Phuket, Thailand the first week of August... Smack in the middle of fishing season here.:shithappens: Just wondering if anyone knows anything about the fishing over there. Are there any fish around that time of year and if so, any recommendations for...
  64. Elkfins

    Saltwater Grays Harbor 10/7

    Took the day off on Thursday and headed to Grays Harbor for one last shot at the silvers before the nets go into the bay and clean up all the fish. Ended up bonking one lonely hatchery silver and letting 2 nice unclipped kings go. We fished from about 7:00am to 1:45pm. All 3 fish hit between...
  65. Elkfins

    Saltwater 2010 Christmas card pic for Roll the Bones

    Whaddya think? Should Charlie use this pic of his family for his Christmas cards this year? I'll let him post the details of the weekend except to say that the Carnage done on Center Cut this weekend was FUCKING GLORIOUS!!! Oh... and don't forget to tell them about the Yellowtail Charlie...
  66. Elkfins

    Saltwater Day 2 at Westport

    After the great day with Charlie, Elaine and crew on the Center Cut, the bar was set pretty high. Sunday I had my normal boat ho Kris and an ocean newbie, Charles to get fish for. Luckily, Lake Pacific was willing to play. The newb slept in so we were a bit late getting out. Arrived in...
  67. Elkfins

    Saltwater Epic Weekend of Kings starts with Limits on Center Cut!!!

    A Big thanks to Charlie - Roll the Bones - for the Epic day of fishing Saturday on Center Cut. I gotta say, that Grady is one badass fish killin machine and Charlie sure knows his shit!! Fishy dude right there! Day 1 started with a 2:45am wakeup call. Grabbed my gear and hit the road to...
  68. Elkfins

    Westport chinook intel...

    Just wondering if anyone has any intel on where the Kings have been this last week. I'm looking to head to Westport Sunday morning for the first time this season. I'd really like to kill some chinook before I finish with the Coho. I'm thinking about starting shallow just off of the north...
  69. Elkfins

    Saltwater Neah Bay Barn Door

    Dad, Christopher, Uncle Bill, and myself headed up to Neah Bay on Wednesday night to fish Wed - Sat. Thursday the ocean was pretty ugly. We headed out just past Tatoosh and quickly decided to turn around and fish the inside. As I was heading for a spot I'd found fish before, I noticed a small...
  70. Elkfins

    Saltwater Neah Bay Halibut 5-22

    So we decided to brave the weather and drove up to Neah Friday night to fish Saturday thinking that if the weather was shitty we could fish inside. Launched the boat about 4:45 and headed west. Once we hit the slot, it was clear that the reports were wrong. 4-5 foot swells with very little...
  71. Elkfins

    Consolation Prize

    So I didn't get to go 'But fishing this weekend as I had more important things to do. Here is my consolation prize this weekend. MaryAlice was born Sunday morning at 1:49am. Hopefully this weather lays down for Saturday so I can go kill a 'but at NB. :finger:
  72. Elkfins

    Freshwater No love on the Big C for us.

    Put in 12 hours on the Big C between I5 and I205 on saturday in Limey's sled. Tried everything we could think of to get bit but no luck for us. Only saw 2 nets fly all day out of a couple hundred boats or so. Had one fish between 10 and 15lbs jump out of the water about 5 feet off the port...
  73. Elkfins

    News Release: Fish and Wildlife Commission modifies rockfish rule

    Looks like the Commission fixed thier mistake. NEWS RELEASE Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091 Fish & Wildlife Commission - Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife February 19, 2010 Contact: Susan Yeager...
  74. Elkfins

    Missing Activists

    I saw this on another forum and almost pee'd myself laughing when i read it. You just have question some people's sanity. Activists Missing After Declaring “War on Leather” at Motorcycle Rally| Johnstown, PA (GlossyNews) – Local and state police scoured the hills outside...
  75. Elkfins

    Saltwater Willipa puts out

    Since the Saturday weather report for Westport was a bit on the rough side, we decided to head a bit further south to Willipa Bay and try for some kings. Launched from South Bend at about 06:30 and headed out to join the other boats trolling the incoming tide. Dad's rod wasn't in the water more...
  76. Elkfins

    Bouy 10 reports or Intel???

    Just wondering if there are any Bouy 10 reports? With the questionable forcast for this weekend out of Westport, I'm looking for a Plan B. Might hit Willipa Bay if the Ocean weather sux but I'm wondering if it would be worth it to drive the extra 45 mins / hour to Ilwaco and fish the Big C...
  77. Elkfins

    Once you fish the coast for Salmon...

    ... Fishing in South Puget Sound just don't cut it anymore. :shithappens: Launched at Pt. Defiance saturday morning about 5:00am. ran over to Dash Point and dropped the crab pots then up to Pt. Robinson to troll for some nookies. Couldn't buy a bite but there was lots of bait there. Tried...
  78. Elkfins

    Looking for Westport Salmon Intel

    Dad and I are heading to Westport Monday morning. I'm just wondering how people did today and if they have any intel on where they're picking up the salmon at. much thanks Steve
  79. Elkfins

    First time at Neah Bay for halibut

    So Dad and I decided to make the drive around Hood Canal and head to Neah for some flattie action. This was our first time there and we were hopeful to find some fish in close since the weather report wasn't looking too nice. We launched Thursday at about 6 and headed out into the strait...
  80. Elkfins

    Drano Lake outlet limited to bank fishing only

    Well this is a big bunch of horseshit!!! WDFW FISHING RULE CHANGE Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, WA 98501-1091 April 14, 2009 Drano Lake outlet limited to bank fishing during spring chinook fishery Action: The immediate area...
  81. Elkfins

    Navionics Nav Planner software guidance

    Last year I got the Navionics gold charts for my Lowrance plotter. The charts are great but if i want to do any planning I have to go out to the boat. I was thinking about getting the Nav Planner software but thier website sucks and doesn't give much info at all on the software. The few...