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  1. Custom United Composites

    Custom United Composites

    Custom US80MH #15-30 wrapped by Jim Trelikes in his "crouching tiger hidden dragon" wrap. It's a dragon scale wrap underneath a tiger wrap. It's absolutely stunning. Jim is a master at his craft. -Titanium fuji guides -Alps aluminum reel seat -Hypalon handles -Acid wrapped!!! Comes with...
  2. JTL750

    Calcutta Explorer 5 tray bag

    Brand new. Holds 6, 3700 trays. Sold.out everywhere. $100 FIRM
  3. JTL750


    Rigs? Just put a 1-2 oz lead head on it and you're good to go
  4. JTL750

    Phenix Axis 909H blank

    9' #25-60. Brand new. Bought 2 only need one. All decals included $100 picked up In SD
  5. JTL750

    Brand new Lexa 300 winn

    pm sent. I'll take it
  6. JTL750

    Dan wade JRI lures DW1

    Nothing like flipping jigs for $5 over retail. This clown has one hell of a get rich quick scheme 😂 😂 😂. Super douche move bro
  7. JTL750

    Wire tackle box storage

    Unused 2 wire racks. Each fits 6 3700 sized trays. Can be wall mounted. $20 for both. Must pick up in Bay Park.
  8. JTL750

    Daiwa Saltist 20H star drag

    The reel has only been on one trip. Good as new. Filled with #40 hollow core braid. Box, clamp, tool, and all paperwork included. $200
  9. JTL750

    Custom rod decal

    How do I get a custom decal made for my custom rod thats getting wrapped? I have the file, just need to find someone to print it
  10. JTL750

    UC Swimbait Finatic 711L

    To anyone looking, this is a phenomenal bay/light calico stick. It has a true rating also. I've thrown 3/8 oz ledheads for bay bass up to 1.5 oz heads with a 7" body for calicos. Caught everything from dink spotties to 7lb yellowtail to 10lb bonita on it. Handled them all like a champ. Free...
  11. JTL750

    Beginner Surface Iron Rod -- Bakersfield, CA

    The Turners Californian rods are not expensive and are built on phenix blanks. Awesome bang for your buck
  12. JTL750

    Solid Reel for Bay Bass

    For a bay bass reel that will double as a light calico setup for half day trips I would go with a Daiwa Coastal TWS. You can find them on ebay for about $160 new. It has more line capacity and is much more saltwater resistant than the curado. And it's very comfortable to fish all day. You don't...
  13. JTL750

    Daiwa Saltist 20 star drag

    Only looking for the 2019 version. Black bodied star drag
  14. JTL750

    Daiwa Saltist 20 star drag

    Cash ready.
  15. JTL750

    Custom 270H Long Beach Super Seeker wrapped by Jim Trelikes

    ** PLEASE READ ADD. ALL INFO IS THERE. I will not answer dumb questions that would be answered by simply reading this post. I will take add down as soon as it is sold** Never thought I'd be selling this but it just doesn't get used anymore. So time to let it go. This is a custom wrapped...
  16. JTL750

    Shimano tranx400 hg

    Ok bro, you can call it a win if it makes you sleep better tonight. I just can't argue with you because you clearly have a chip on your shoulder from my 1st comment. Which wasn't meant to be a dick move at all. And wasn’t even directed at you. I said one line about people spreading...
  17. JTL750

    Shimano tranx400 hg

    I almost forgot why I haven't commented on these forums in a while 😂
  18. JTL750

    Shimano tranx400 hg

    Actually what I was responding to was this And the answer to that is exactly what I said in my original comment. That the tranx 300 and 400 are essentially the same reel, just the 400 is wider. So the guy with newbie under his tag is seriously telling me not to spread false information??? You...
  19. JTL750

    Shimano tranx400 hg

    Not even close! So much misinformation on these boards sometimes! First off, the Lexa 400 is not even close to the capacity or class of a Tranx 500. Think of a Tranx 500 as basically a Trinidad 20a with a levelwind. The Tranx 500 holds over 100 more yards of #50 braid then the Lexa 400 does...
  20. JTL750

    DRT tinyklash

    Yeah you have to respond to a bunch of other posts before you can post for the first time. But if you get on there, this bait will sell in about 5 minutes. And you can probably get more like $140-160 for it. But 200+ is pretty high
  21. JTL750

    DRT tinyklash

    You're on the wrong forum for that bro. Try Swimbait underground. Also you're about a $100 over what they're selling for currently 😅
  22. JTL750

    Never Used Custom Phenix 9’ 3” Jig Stick

    Really bro? Did you even read the add? 😅
  23. JTL750


    You should do the entire fishing community a favor and just throw those away. Sure they catch fish, but Chad is a total douche. And a convicted poacher. I would never support his brand
  24. JTL750

    Dobyns 908 w/ Revo Toro Beast 60

    Badass combo. This was my calico surface iron setup and it really is a beast. I've caught largemouth to #35 bluefin on this thing. This is the newer version with Fuji K guides. I bought this brand new and had the shrinkwrap put on before I left the store. It is not glued on. The butt cap is not...
  25. JTL750

    Custom 6470H Long Beach Seeker Black Steel

    It's called acid wrapped, spiral wrapped or down wrapped. It eliminates 90%+ of the twisting effect when pulling on a bigger fish. Once you try it, it's hard to go back to standard conventional rods. I currently have 12 custom wrapped rods and all are acid wrapped. I absolutely love it.
  26. JTL750

    Weighted Owner Beast Hooks

    Looking for 6/0 and 8/0 mostly. Weighted Beast or Flashy Swimmer hooks are fine
  27. JTL750

    Custom United Composites swimbait rod

    Full custom wrap by UC pro David Conway. Fuji alconite guides, spiral wrapped, fuji reel seat, camo grips, 15" butt length. This is a phenomenal bay rod or light swimbait stick. I had this built for bigger bay fish. I've caught spotties to #10 bonita on it. Really is an amazing stick. Hate to...
  28. JTL750

    Custom 6470H Long Beach Seeker Black Steel

    This was purchased and built by Squidco here in SD. Custom acid wrapped. Very beneficial on a #50 setup. Built on a Long Beach blank, fuji titanium guides and reel seat. I've had it for probably 4 years and it's only caught one #19 yellowtail. Besides that it's been on a few boat rides. Always...
  29. JTL750

    Warbaits lead heads

    Looking for 3/4 oz and up only. Will buy new or used. Looking for a decent amount so large lots welcomed
  30. JTL750

    Phenix 909 xh custom jigstick

    I'd be all over this if it had better guides. Clean wrap though
  31. JTL750


    Been using #50 braid to #15 Seaguar blue label for 5+ years now. Works great. You might lose a few more fish, but I swear #15 gets bit better than #20. Even at night.
  32. JTL750

    Custom United Composites UC711L

    Yes, I will ship on your dime. Look at the pictures. 3/8 - 2.5 oz baits
  33. JTL750

    Phenix Ultra Swimbait blank

    711MH #12-30 1-5oz baits Bought a couple months ago and decided to go another direction. Still in plastic with decals. $100
  34. JTL750

    Custom United Composites UC711L

    Full custom wrap by UC pro David Conway. Fuji alconite guides, spiral wrapped, fuji reel seat, camo grips, 15" butt length. This is a phenomenal bay rod or light swimbait stick. I had this built for bigger bay fish. I've caught spotties to #10 bonita on it. Really is an amazing stick. Hate to...
  35. JTL750

    SKB mini box

    In great shape. 9/10. With rod holders and brand new plastic trays. $200
  36. JTL750

    Lot of big reels

    Sold. Some of you are little babies. And most of you are bickering over me putting a price on something that you don't even have any intention of buying. o_OLOL I don't know what they're worth so I said make an offer. I'm selling them for my boss. I don't have the time or care to research...
  37. JTL750

    Lot of big reels

    My boss asked me to try and sell some of his old gear, and this is what he gave me. -4 USA made Penn senators. A 6/0, two 9/0's, and a 10/0. -2 Evereols. Not sure model numbers. But one is about the size of the 10/0 Penn and the other is the size of a 9/0 -And a Roddy Dominator 440. One of the...
  38. JTL750

    Custom Black Hole w/ Saltiga 15

    Reel SOLD! Thanks everyone
  39. JTL750

    Custom Black Hole w/ Saltiga 15

    Bump. Reel still available
  40. JTL750

    Custom Black Hole w/ Saltiga 15

    Rod sold Reel still available $300 firm
  41. JTL750

    Custom Black Hole w/ Saltiga 15

    Custom wrapped by Jim Trelikes of Webspinner Customs. I had this built as a fun flat fall rod. I think this thing has been fished 3-4 times. Has spent most of its life in a rack in my house. Looks brand stinking new still. Don't let the blank rating fool you, Black Hole has landed #50-80 tuna on...
  42. JTL750

    Penn Fathom 40 star drag

    Bump still available. $150 gets it
  43. JTL750

    Penn Fathom 40 star drag

    In perfect mechanical condition. Light scuffs on the side plate from riding on the sport boats. Has 400 yards of #65 braid and top shot of #40 mono. No box, no clamp. $170 obo. Located in San Diego
  44. JTL750

    AC Plug 100$ obo

    $100?!? :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  45. JTL750

    Colt sniper style casting jigs

    Well who doesn't want to throw their hard earned money at you with an attitude like that?!? o_O:rofl:
  46. JTL750

    Colt sniper style casting jigs

    Geeze, the guy was just trying to help you out. Having inline hooks that line up correctly with the jig will have a better hook up ratio. And EVERY company uses inline singles when the have a single hook on their jig! Rapala, Nomad, Williamson, every single form online that talks about...
  47. JTL750

    Boston Whaler 13' Dauntless

    Damn, that 13 is perfect for fishing the islands. Just gotta send it!
  48. JTL750

    19 ft MAKO for sale

    Does it come with the sandwich maker?...LOL
  49. JTL750

    Squid and bait light

    12" Like new Used twice. In perfect condition. $60 619-992-4387
  50. JTL750

    Carbon fiber trim rings

    Thanks found what I was looking for
  51. JTL750

    Lit Lures

    I started making wooden rats for largemouth, and they're getting bit! Check out my Instagram @litlures to check them all out and see the swim videos. Get Lit Get Bit! .
  52. JTL750

    Homemade Poppers

    You'll end up spending at least $50 to make your own. Just buy one
  53. JTL750


    :rofl:HAHA! Who's got *their panties twisted now?? Just teasing bro. But seriously, you should. Adults who don't know the difference between their, there and they're is a big problem nowadays. Maybe Samsung can fix it bieber:-)
  54. JTL750


  55. JTL750

    Shimano 300 tranx

    Barely used. In excellent mechanical condition. A few light scuffs. Filled with Phenix #65 braid. $240 TYD
  56. JTL750

    Tranx 300 for Tranx 300HG

    Will sell for $240
  57. JTL750

    Tranx 300 for Tranx 300HG

    Tranx 300 5.8 gear ratio. Looking to trade for a high speed model in the same condition. In excellent mechanical condition. Was used for 3 days in Cabo, then serviced and put away. The light scratches are from another reel bumping it while riding in the rod holders. Reel has never been dropped...
  58. JTL750

    UC Mega Bass blank

    Ultimate swimbait or calico stick. Rated #15-40 and 1-6oz lures. This is a true rating. This blank handles a deps 250 no problem. ASKING $150 FIRM From the UC website, GUSA (Prefix US) This is the product that started it all. The GUSA blank line was originally created back in the 1980’s. The...
  59. JTL750

    2 purple Phenix blanks

    They sell these cheap every year at Fred Hall and Day at the Docks in SD
  60. JTL750

    skb mini 75$

    Damn, what a deal! If it was in decent shape you could have sold that for $150
  61. JTL750

    2004 M40 Knight and Carver Sportfisher

    Damn Keith!!! She's looking great man! Can't wait to get some blood on her!
  62. JTL750

    Looking for Hobie 15 Power Skiff or LV 14 cc or calibogie 15
  63. JTL750

    Huge Warbaits lot

    Still for sale
  64. JTL750

    Clips for swimbaits and surface iron

    I use Sea Striker Fast Snaps
  65. JTL750

    Huge Warbaits lot

    I'm selling off all of my Warbaits heads and some Phenix heads. Most are new, some used, some BNIB. Most of the ones rigged with paddle tails have never been thrown. Mostly MC or Big hammer tails. Full assortment of 1/4 oz all the way to 2 oz heads. Everything you need for spotties and calicos...
  66. JTL750

    1987 32 ft Blackfin with tuna tower for sale

    I've had so many good times fishing this boat with Keith. She's an AMAZING vessel and whoever gets her will be stoked. She's an absolute beast of a machine. Sad to see her go.
  67. JTL750

    Trinidad DC 16, 20

    Yeah, until it breaks and you can't find replacement parts for it because it's a discontinued reel. Just learn how to cast and save yourself $500 IMO
  68. JTL750

    Phenix M1 Inshore and Lexa 300

    Combo is in excellent condition. Combo was purchased brand new and is less than 1 year old. Added x wrap to help protect the grips. No corrosion on the guides. Only issue is the finish is starting to peel on the reel seat under the reel foot. Does NOT affect the rod at all. It's purely...
  69. JTL750

    Shimano New Curado 200/201K models

    11 pounds of drag is definitely enough for green bass. But, compared to most other reels in that class, it has the least drag. It just doesn't sound too impressive when compared to the other options out there. 13 Fishing Concept A has #22 Abu Revo SX has #24 Daiwa Tatula has #15 Lews BB1 has...
  70. JTL750

    Price drop US Custom US80 TILEFISH JR

    Me either. It's not listed on their website or in the 2017 catalog.
  71. JTL750

    Finally Did It!!!!

    Killer fish bro. What rod did you catch it on? And #65 braid straight? No leader?
  72. JTL750

    JX 2 speed 6/3 MC line capacity

    Agree. You need to step up to a heavier rod if you're going to be fishing #40. And I got 500 yards of #65 power pro with 10 yards of #40 floro on mine.
  73. JTL750

    Where can I find a Del Mar 13 skiff?

    Agree ^ Or check out a 13' power skiff or livingston. There's several good options for small, offshore capable skiffs.
  74. JTL750

    FS Shimano Tranx 400hg with Tiburon Clamp

    If you have the time, this is a great breakdown of the reels. There are 2, 40 min videos though.
  75. JTL750

    FS Shimano Tranx 400hg with Tiburon Clamp

    Full retail?? o_O...Good luck
  76. JTL750

    WTD Livingston 14LV

    PS, you ever see this one? Sweetest Livingston I've seen yet.
  77. JTL750

    WTD Livingston 14LV

    You plan on building the deck up more around those hatches? Looks like something you might kick or trip over when fighting a fish
  78. JTL750

    Brand new Squish Jigs

    Pending to lil-man-1
  79. JTL750

    Brand new Yo Zuri floro #80 and #100

    Bump. This is perfect for rigging your flatfall for these big bluefin
  80. JTL750

    Brand new Squish Jigs

    3 new, unused 160g Savage gear squish jigs. Similar to a flatfall but with a fish pattern on one side and a squid on the other. The red one has a small paint chip from sitting in my tackle box. These are $12 each new + tax $20 for all 3
  81. JTL750

    Shimano Any real world reviews on the new Tranx 400

    Don't just go by gear ratio. Inches per turn, or IPT, is more important imo. The 5.8 tranx has an IPT of 30". The same as a Lexa 6.3. So think about how fast you need to be able to swim your jig when deciding on what reel to pick.
  82. JTL750

    Shimano New Curado 200/201K models

    Only 11 pounds of drag?? o_O That's pretty low when you look at all the competition for that class of reel.
  83. JTL750

    Phenix M1 Inshore

    Picked this up only a couple months ago to hold me over while my custom United Composites was being wrapped. Got my UC so this baby's got to go. Fished mostly in freshwater. Excellent condition. There is one scratch over the decal. It's in the epoxy, not the blank. $120 firm Local SD pickup...
  84. JTL750


    That's a good price. These are going for $800-1000 on ebay
  85. JTL750

    Brand new Yo Zuri floro #80 and #100

    Brand new, unused. I bought 2 spools of each and only needed 1. Cost me $100 with tax. $60 local SD pickup. I can meet you at the docks if you're coming down for a fishing trip.
  86. JTL750

    Rod for MXJ 6 Raptor

    Check the United Composites US 76HP You'll have WAY more factory options if you go with a 7' or 8' FYI
  87. JTL750

    HX or HXW for flat fall on these BFT

    Unless you're only fishing on private boats, why would you not want to have the extra capacity? We're talking about a possible fish of a lifetime. I'd rather have it and never need it, rather than need it and not have it.
  88. JTL750

    8' Rod for Lexa 400? WTB

    Not a chance. The 400 holds around 300 yards of #50 spectra. Plus they're on a private boat
  89. JTL750

    8' Rod for Lexa 400? WTB

    The "average" ocean fishermen usually has more than 1 setup. If $200 for a rod (which isn't that expensive as far as ocean gear goes) is out of your price range, you might want to stop fishing now and take up another hobby! :-)
  90. JTL750

    8' Rod for Lexa 400? WTB

    Abso-freaking-lutly! It's a #30 stick and WAY lighter than a proteus. The guy with the blue hat fishing the silver avet in the video has an 82H 809H is also a great option. I would NOT get a proteus. Everyone that I know who bought one has sold it.
  91. JTL750

    *Garage Sale* Reels, Lures, Swimbaits, and More. *CHECK IT*

  92. JTL750

    160g Shimano Glow in the dark Flat Fall

    Trying to save $5 on a lure that could potentially catch a once in a lifetime fish o_Oo_O Seriously :imdumb::rofl:
  93. JTL750

    Lexa 300 HD

    Bump. Price is FIRM. If over $100 off retail on a barely used reel isn't good enough for you, please move on
  94. JTL750

    Lexa 300 HD

    Price drop 160
  95. JTL750

    Shimano Scorpion DC & Calcutta 300 TE

    Read the adds and most of your questions will be answered
  96. JTL750

    Lexa 300 HD

    Just serviced. Excellent mechanical condition. A couple small scratches. Never used in saltwater, *Only used in freshwater* Comes with aftermarket Daiwa handle. Stock handle not included. No box, but will include brand new #65 braid spool. $200.... PRICE DROP $160 Located in SD. Face to face...
  97. JTL750

    WTT Talicas for Makairas

    Hmmmm, 3 $500+ reels for 1 $550 reel? Really bro? o_Oo_O:rofl::rofl:
  98. JTL750


    Bump for a sick rod But damn, I will never understand how guys buy a sweet ass, $400 + rod and then hang their jigs on the guides. I mean, on the frame if you REALLY have to. But in the ring, on the insert?!? o_O:zelfmoord
  99. JTL750

    FS: Curado 300DSV

    Holy hell. I would never chase small tuna with a 200 sized bass reel that only holds 100 yards of #20. o_O you sir, are ballsy!
  100. JTL750


    There's definitely way more than 30 yards off that spool. Just saying
  101. JTL750

    action of Black Hole Cape Cod 150g for tuna

    You just have to try it man. Yes, it's way different than what you're used to, but it's still super fun and effective at killing fish. I have an 80g black hole for fun sized (#20 and under) yellowtail and it's a blast. Also, you'd probably be better off with a 250g rod if targeting fish that big...
  102. JTL750

    Rods and reels - Phenix, dobyns, Abu, daiwa

    Bump. This dobyns swimbait rod will crush any yellowtail you throw at it. And it's much lighter than a traditional jig stick. Much more comfortable to fish all day
  103. JTL750

    Rods and reels - Phenix, dobyns, Abu, daiwa

    Not looking for any trades right now. Prefer local pickup on the rods. Will ship at your expense. Dobyns 908 - used once. Looks brand new. Matches perfectly with the revo Toro Beast. $250 Phenix ultra swimbait classic 711MH - Brand new. Still has plastic on the handle $250 Phenix M1 inshore...
  104. JTL750


    That's because they no longer make the 711H. It was replaced by the 800H
  105. JTL750

    WTS Phenix PSW 808MH

    HAHAHA!!! You mad bro?? All I'm saying was it was bought brand new and used 1 time. How beat up could it possibly be? . .
  106. JTL750

    WTS Phenix PSW 808MH

    Come on man, Google it if you don't know.
  107. JTL750

    Shimano Which rod for your Tranx 400HG ?

    Hahahaha, come on bro! The tranx 300 and 400 are the same damn reel seat. The 400 is just slightly wider than the 300. Just like the calcutta D's. How the hell would that not fit??
  108. JTL750

    so what did you get at the fhs?

    4 hats, 6 t shirts, 2 hoodies, light rain jacket, grundens bibs, $200 worth of Reebs jigs/heads/spinner baits, a Tatula HD, a Lews Inshore, and 2 UC blanks. A DC8 for freshwater swimbaits and a 711 for the bay!
  109. JTL750

    so what did you get at the fhs?

    Yup, definitely not hype. I worked the JRI booth last year and we sold out of the 66's in less than an hour on the first day. It's because they work!
  110. JTL750

    Shimano Which rod for your Tranx 400HG ?

    Exactly what Juan said UC is a superior product. Period. You guys on the east don't know yet because UC is a west coast company currently more focused on our style of fishing. But the word is out and the UC brand is spreading like wildfire. They may not be that popular out there yet, but give...
  111. JTL750

    Shimano Which rod for your Tranx 400HG ?

    It's because it's a 400 sized reel. It will perform much better as a #30 setup than a #40. The higher drags and more pressure of a #40 setup will be better for a tranx 500 The guys who are fishing them on #50 sticks like a Phenix 869, I bet will have issues after this season.
  112. JTL750

    Wtb freshwater bass gear

    Check out bro. Way more freshwater gear
  113. JTL750


    Well I live in SD, so that's easy. And if I order one online then I won't have to drive anywhere AND I'll get a better price!?! Good call!!
  114. JTL750


    Easy there flipper. These are not sold out. Several shops in SD still have some.
  115. JTL750

    Mint curado 300 type j

    Japan only model specifically made for saltwater fishing
  116. JTL750

    Old School Saltiga 15

    That's fine if you don't like certain brands, but to openly say people who fish phenix or avet (two HUGE names in fishing) have no taste? That just shows how much class you have, not to mention how narrow minded you make yourself sound. And probably eliminated half of your potential buyers. GLWS
  117. JTL750

    Shimano Shimano Tranx 300 and 400

    Not impressed. Looks like a bigger curado I. And if it's built anything like the current curado I's, it's gonna be a piece of crap
  118. JTL750

    Shimano Tranx 300

    Garbage. How can you call that a tranx? It doesn't even have 20 pounds of drag! That is not worthy of the tranx name. A Lexa 300 has 22 even. This is just a bigger curado. And if it's built anything like the current curado I's, it's gonna be a piece of crap!
  119. JTL750

    Custom phenix m1 8'2. 20-45 220.00

    No trigger real seat on an inshore rod?
  120. JTL750

    What reel for Phenix 809XH hybrid

    You work at a shop? Shouldn't you be giving us advise on gear? Hahaha
  121. JTL750

    WTB freshwater bass rod & reel

    You should try SDFISH.COM too. Way more fresh water gear for sale
  122. JTL750

    Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast: Preview

    First off, BlueShasimi, you are a dick. How are you going to just call someone out like that over a simple question? What an asshole you are. Second, .25 oz is a full 7 grams. That's a pretty significant amount of weight and absolutely can be felt when holding the two reels side by side. And...
  123. JTL750

    What is a good rod for the lexa 300 hs

    If you're mainly going to throw jigs, I'd get a phenix m1 inshore over the abyss. Unless you're fishing only live bait, the Abyss series is too moderate of action IMO. For fishing jigs and plastics you'll want more backbone and a faster action for hooksets and castibility. Find a shop with both...
  124. JTL750

    Fish Cat 4 Deluxe and accessories

    Bump. Willing to make a deal
  125. JTL750

    16.5' Invader center console. PRICE DROP! More pictures added

    Yeah, but only because I'm less that 2 miles from the boat launch.
  126. JTL750

    16.5' Invader center console. PRICE DROP! More pictures added

    Well, it's a sad day for me, but I have to put my boat up for sale. She's been awesome, but she needs work and I'm broke. I was going to fully rebild her this winter, but I lost my job and house so she's got to go. 1980 16.5' Invader. Has the same hull design as a Boston whaler. Amazingly dry...
  127. JTL750

    Fish Cat 4 Deluxe and accessories

    Willing to separate the package deal
  128. JTL750

    Reel for Phenix SMX-82H

    Umm, why would you ever fish #15 on a #30 rod? Why not just get the SMX 82ML? The one actually made to fish #15. The 82H is a beefy inshore rod made to fish #30 and you're completely underutilizing it by only fishing #15. I'm with John, you need a Revo toro S or a 400 sized reel on that stick...
  129. JTL750

    Oakley Prism Brand new & Pelagic Hat

    You should try those Oakley's out before you sell them. The Prism lenses are amazing out on the water. I'll take them over Costas any day
  130. JTL750

    Offshore At the 182 on Sat 9/10

    A 16 foot skiff?? You might want to read this
  131. JTL750

    Phenix Hybrid 809hx blank

    Angler's Choice in San Diego has 2 or 3. And they ship
  132. JTL750

    Fish Cat 4 Deluxe and accessories

    This is a near new tube. Got it from my buddy who fished Barret lake 4-5 times with it. I took it out for about an hour on mission bay and decided it's not for me. Tube is in excellent condition and comes with fins, a pump and the Cast mate rod storage system with extra rod holders. I also have...
  133. JTL750

    UC ratings

    Have you checked out the website? You probably want the GUSA line because they are the full graphite. But if you want a deeper bend, check out the Elite Composites line. They have much softer tips And your 800M, 6480, and 809H are all 8' #30...
  134. JTL750

    Phenix m1 inshore Daiwa Tatula HD

    Bump. Seriously no offers on a $400 combo with braid for only $250?
  135. JTL750

    Line recommendation for MXL

    Good call on the #50 braid. You'll get more line on your reel and the bait can swim much better with the #50 instead of #65
  136. JTL750

    Phenix m1 inshore Daiwa Tatula HD

    Bump. Willing to split the combo
  137. JTL750

    FS: UC CE900XF glow in the dark

    What's the deal with that real seat?
  138. JTL750

    Phenix m1 inshore Daiwa Tatula HD

    Killer bayslay combo. Rod is used, but in no way abused. I just got the reel fully rebuilt last month and haven't used it. It's mechanically a 10/10. Unfortunately it has some small scuffs, so cosmetically it's not perfect. About 130 yards of #65 power pro Want to sell as a combo for $250 obo...
  139. JTL750

    Sabiki rig

    Ahi sabiki rod with Penn Long Beach 60. Reel is clean, drag is good, and I'll include a new spool of #40 big game. Local pickup in SD. $40 firm 619-992-4387
  140. JTL750

    FS: Rod Stands (Holds 18 Rods) - $50

    They're selling these racks for $20 a pop at all the Sports Chalets closing sales
  141. JTL750

    Offshore 5/29 Offshore Report - Stupid BFT Bite

    Damn, that's awesome. What a day
  142. JTL750

    Phenix Rod - UC Rod - Curado 200 - Diawa - Pro Gear

    Haha, I recognize that UC. I loved that rod. The blank alone was $200. Should sell quick. GLWS
  143. JTL750

    amazing power of light Black Hole Cape Cod Slow Pitch rod for 100 lb yft

    Holly high sticking batman! He's cranking on that rod and I can't believe it didn't snap on those high pulls. Amazing! I should have picked one of these up at Fred Hall.
  144. JTL750

    amazing power of light Black Hole Cape Cod Slow Pitch rod for 100 lb yft

    You hop on this thread to basically insult the guy and ask about another company? And a "local outfit"? HAHA, you don't even know what you're talking about! Might want to do a little research before you start popping off like you know something.
  145. JTL750

    United Composites US 76 Predator

    Wow, great work Jim! These new ideas you've been trying are turning out amazing!!
  146. JTL750

    Seeker Hercules rod or black hole ccs

    They feel really different. You honestly need to just find some and pull on them for yourself.
  147. JTL750

    Black Hole Cape Cod Special

    Unorthodox for sure!! I love doing things differently than the norm. So I had this Japanese style, knife jigging rod built because I wanted to do something other than yoyo for yellows. The upside down first guide is mostly just for looks, but this is my 4th acid wrapped rod. Some guys can't...
  148. JTL750

    Black Hole Cape Cod Special

    It came out absolutely phenomenal Jim. I couldn't be any happier. You are the man! Your line work is flawless and your attention to detail is 2nd to none. Truly a fishable work of art. I can not wait to hang some slugs! This is my 5th custom from Jim and I'm beyond honored to get to fish with...
  149. JTL750

    Power of 5.3 oz Black Hole Cape Cod Slow Pitch jigging rod

    I just love you fisherman haters. You're so quick to jump up and say "that won't work" when you've never even tried it before. It's called innovation and new technology. Fishing rods used to be bamboo and cars used to have wooden wheels. But guess what, it's 2016 now. We have carbonfiber and...
  150. JTL750

    Top Gun on the Bluefin

    Exactly. Whenever they report 15 -25 I always assume it was more like 10-20
  151. JTL750

    Are these even Phenix Blanks?

    Yes, those are phenix blanks. They are factory defects. Phenix had some at Day at The Docks last year also. Sucks for the OP, but that's why you don't buy rods from a bargin bin
  152. JTL750

    WTB Shimano curado/Chronarch 200e7

    Anglers choice in point loma has a new one and they ship for free.
  153. JTL750

    San Diego Bay/Point Loma Kelp march 4-5

    I wish people wouldn't eat calicos. It takes them years to get keeper size. Slow to grow, let em go. Especially since there are lots of other good eating options.
  154. JTL750

    Reel for Black Hole 801H

    100% agree. You couldn't pay me to try to work knife jigs on an 8' rod. Most speed jigging or knife jigging rods are under 6'. The Black Hole Cape Cod Specials are perfect for this application. That's why I picked one up at Fred Hall also
  155. JTL750

    What would you pay for the perfect Surface Iron???

    Yup, I'd just drop $15 for a JRI. They are hand finished, have beautiful paint jobs, and all swim awesome. Just try one, you'll end up buying more :)
  156. JTL750

    FOR SALE: Rainshadow, UC Rods - SOLD

    A custom Jim Trelikes rod for only $200? Somebody is going to get a hell of a deal.
  157. JTL750

    Rainshadow RCLB80M w/ "Winn Grip" Tape

    Damn, killed it again. Phenomenal work Jim! That black and green is awesome!
  158. JTL750

    WTB Phenix M1 spinning rod

    There's one on SD Craigslist
  159. JTL750

    300 Blackout pistol

    Bump, still available
  160. JTL750

    Springfield XD9

    Bump, still available
  161. JTL750


    Yeah, no thanks. Good luck
  162. JTL750


    How much for just the rod?
  163. JTL750

    FS/FT Graphite USA / Costa Del Mar

    If you ever come down to SD I'll take that united composites off your hands
  164. JTL750

    Varmac blanks

    Awesome blanks. Great bang for your buck. I had Squidco build a GLC3-7 #15-30 for my brother as a graduation present 3 years ago. He loves it. Nice, soft tip and plenty of backbone. We've caught up to #25 YFT on it. One of the most fun #20 sticks I've fished on
  165. JTL750

    New Phenix Model Rod Axis??

    Thanks for the update on a 2 year old thread...
  166. JTL750

    Drag vs line size???

    IMO, no. The 30 is too small for #50. Not enough cranking power. You'd be way better off with something taller like a 35 or 40 size. Bigger gears = more power. And you'll want it for fishing #50.
  167. JTL750

    Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast 60-HS

    So there are 2 types of braid tied together? Why not just fill the reel with one kind?
  168. JTL750

    Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast: Preview

    So I met with Jimmy Decker yesterday at the pre bay bass tournament seminar at Fastlane kayaks. And although he had nothing but good things to say about the new Beast, he still considers it a bass reel. He said it would handle schoolie tuna in the #15-25 range no problem, but it was still a...
  169. JTL750

    Springfield XD9

    Its the 4" barrel. Yes, 9mm
  170. JTL750

    Lures to catch stripers

    He'd better get over that idea. If he wants to catch a striper in SoCal, it's gonna be in a lake
  171. JTL750

    Trinidad A vs. New Saltigas?

    FYI, someone just posted a 10a in the classifieds
  172. JTL750

    300 Blackout pistol

    Bump. Still available. Need this gone
  173. JTL750

    Springfield XD9

    I've had this for about 3 years now. Maybe put 200 rounds through her. Very clean. Comes with 3 10 round magazines, lock and carry case. $400 firm Please PM if interested
  174. JTL750

    Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast: Preview

    Mostly because they are basically 300 sized. And Once again, I agree with John But, that's just my opinion. I'm actually very interested to see how they hold up on a #40 stick and would love to hear your findings once you've had a chance to use yours Jim.
  175. JTL750

    Freshly serviced Avet SXJ

    I'll drop the okuma to $80
  176. JTL750

    Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast: Preview

    I disagree. The Phenix M1 82H or 79H, both rated #25-40, are very strong and would match up great. I, and many other people, fish a Lexa 300 on a Phenix M1 MH #15-35 and have landed yellows up to #30. And although the reels in question have more than enough drag to fish on a #40 stick, they...
  177. JTL750

    WTB Trinidad 16

    I'm pretty sure Uglybones has one in great condition and he's in SD too Here you go. It's BNIB
  178. JTL750

    Trinidad A vs. New Saltigas?

    Why not save some cash and just use the trini 12a that you already have?
  179. JTL750

    Price For Avet SXJ Raptor ??

    I'm with you 100%. Especially when guys use a raptor to fish #20 line. Just spend half as much and get a regular sxj. You can't use all that extra drag anyway, so why pay for it? Just because the reel has more drag, doesn't mean it has more power. I had an SX Raptor for one of my #40 setups, but...
  180. JTL750

    Revo BEAST for Poppers/Iron

    Nope. The Lexa HD has stainless steel gears, the revo toro beast has brass. Look at the pictures in johndtuttle's writeup. Traditionally poppers might have been better with spinning gear. Luckily for us, the time are a changin. I fished poppers all season on a Lexa 300 with zero issues. There...
  181. JTL750

    Braid to fluro connection? From the bass guys?

    What is right vs. someone's opinion?? Everything about your post is an opinion. The OP asked what knots people use, not what knot is the right one. In your opinion, the RP is the best, and that's fine. In MY opinion, the uni/uni is awesome. All my reels are filled with braid and I use a 3-5'...
  182. JTL750

    Freshly serviced Avet SXJ

    Just serviced Avet SXJ Single speed blue camo. Just got the reel back from Squidco. It got a new pinion bearing and it's good to go. This reel has never been fished by me. Bought from a buddy who needed some cash. 2/3 filled with #30 braid and I can add a top shot of #15, 20, 25, or 30 izor if...
  183. JTL750

    Just serviced Avet and Okuma

    Any trade offers?
  184. JTL750

    Phenix umbx

    I still want it if you can get it down here or meet me halfway
  185. JTL750

    Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast: Preview

    You'll get over 200 yards of standard #50 power pro on the 50 size, around 250 on the 60. That's plenty of line. Lots of people catch #20-30 yellows on lexa 300's, and they hold right at 200 yards of #50 braid. So if you go maxcuatro you'll have more than enough.
  186. JTL750

    Phenix umbx

    Pm sent
  187. JTL750

    Just serviced Avet and Okuma

    Bump, got the reel back from squidco today. She's good to go! Serviced and ready.
  188. JTL750

    Maxel Star Drag anyone???

    Look about 9 posts down
  189. JTL750

    Good Ol' Calstar BT196-7

    Sweet build Jim, and great story to go with it. And right on Dad Flaherty! What an awesome xmas gift!
  190. JTL750

    300 Blackout pistol

    Once again, I'm not a gun expert. I can only relay what I've been told. So after calling around, there are in fact shops in California that will build you a single shot, break action ar pistol. You cannot however, buy one from a reputable dealer/manufacturer like Colt or Daniel Defense...
  191. JTL750

    300 Blackout pistol

    I don't know a lot about guns, I can only relay the information that 3 different gun shops told me. Good luck if you can find a shop that will sell you one.
  192. JTL750

    Just serviced Avet and Okuma

    Last bump before I take the reel to Squidco and have it fixed. Then, I'll either be keeping it or the price will go up.
  193. JTL750

    Why did Daiwa discontinue the Pluton?

    I'm also interested in the z2020. Did you not like it because you're more of a round reel guy?
  194. JTL750

    Why did Daiwa discontinue the Pluton?

    Thanks, makes sense. So your buddy works for Daiwa? Any chance there is a job opening? I'd love to work for daiwa. What a sweet job! :)
  195. JTL750

    Best Reel for Black Hole CCS 150g

    #40 power pro actually breaks around #65. The thinner braid cuts through the water easier, so your jig sinks faster. And the #60 is for more bite/abrasion resistance and so you can crank down more on the drag if you hook into a beast.
  196. JTL750

    300 Blackout pistol

    I bet, unfortunately we can't have anything cool like suppressors in California
  197. JTL750

    300 Blackout pistol

    Yes Bump, looking to trade for a smaller bay/bass boat. Looking for a 10-15' valco, gregor, livingston etc. *I would be interested in a kayak if it's a hobie pro angler 12 or 14. I'll add cash on my end*
  198. JTL750

    WTB Daiwa Pluton, Z200 or Z2020

    Only looking for right hand retrieve Cash ready, let's do this 619-992-4387
  199. JTL750

    Why did Daiwa discontinue the Pluton?

    Anyone know? They are loved by swimbait fisherman, we're built incredibly well, and are almost never for sale on the used market. I've read dozens of great reviews, so why is it no longer in production? I know they still make the smaller Ryoga, but what replaced the Pluton? Daiwa needs a badass...
  200. JTL750

    TN 40 narrows (3)

    Here we go...
  201. JTL750

    Daiwa Luna vs Shimano Calcutta D

    Agree 100%. I had a 200 and 400 D but sold them both because of how you have to completely open them up to adjust anything. A horrible design for a saltwater reel. And the level winds are plastic and seem cheap. No
  202. JTL750

    saltist ld20 - 2 speed or trade revo 60

    Check more reviews on the reel. You'll find that it's 50/50. Some people have had zero problems and love that reel, but lots of guys have had issues. Thats why abu discontinued it. They don't cast for shit compared to a Lexa 300, internal cast control on a saltwater reel is horrible design, and...
  203. JTL750

    saltist ld20 - 2 speed or trade revo 60

    I'm not sure which one you're looking for, but I'd stay away from the revo Nacl. Just a heads up. I had 2 50's and a 60 and sold them within a week. Not a great reel at all, that's why abu discontinued it. Just fyi
  204. JTL750

    New Saltiga or Maxel hybrid

    I will probably never own an accurate. I'm not a fan and they are WAY overpriced imo.
  205. JTL750

    Convert LX Raptor to JX Raptor??

    Sell it and buy a JX
  206. JTL750

    SXJ 40lb. Braid Capacity

    -easier to tie knots -easier to cast -less likely to bind into the spool when fighting a fish -doesn't cut into your fingers as quick And my #50 braid is thinner than #15 mono. That's plenty thin enough
  207. JTL750

    mxl 5.8 issue

    Haha, you guys must not fish avets. No AR bearing, only a dog. And Squidco will never do you dirty. They are one of the best shops around.
  208. JTL750

    Just serviced Avet and Okuma

    Correct, it's a conventional. Bumpity!
  209. JTL750

    New Saltiga or Maxel hybrid

    Right now I'll most likely get the Maxel. It's cheaper, has more drag, is the same line capacity, but most importantly, is something different. Since I'll be putting it on a black hole jigging rod, which isn't very common on the west coast, seems only appropriate to match it with a reel that is...
  210. JTL750

    Just serviced Avet and Okuma

    Just serviced Avet SXJ Single speed blue camo. Just got the reel back from Squidco. It got a new pinion bearing and it's good to go. This reel has never been fished by me. Bought from a buddy who needed some cash. 2/3 filled with #30 braid and I can add a top shot of #15, 20, 25, or 30 izor if...
  211. JTL750

    Custom Inshore 8' Rod

    That is sweet looking. Nice work man.
  212. JTL750

    Abu garcia veritas: 30 obo

    If you ever come down to SD I'll take it
  213. JTL750

    Best Reel for Black Hole CCS 150g

    Right on Jim! Glad you had a awesome trip and was able to properly break in that new combo. So after fishing it with a #60 leader, would you say this rod is overkill for our local #15-25 home guard yellows? It would be nice if it was soft enough to still be fun on smaller fish, but still have...
  214. JTL750

    phenix hybrid 869xh

    IMHO it just won't sell on this site for that price. Even brand new with tags that rod will go for about $300 ($350 if you're lucky) on thsee boards, and that's 2 months ago prices when the fishing was still hot. Gear buying has dramatically slowed down. Just a thought, but if you sit on that...
  215. JTL750

    Avet and Okuma

    Still available
  216. JTL750

    Fs penn torque 25n

    Isn't there normally more gold on the spool edge? That black one looks way better
  217. JTL750

    Swimbaits Hard

    Anything left?
  218. JTL750

    Avet SX

    I love the SX reels. My roommate and I have several combos with SX's. SXJ on a United Composites UC80MH #15-30 SXJ on a Phenix Black Diamond 807 ML #10-30 SX on a Super Seeker 270H-8 #20-30 SX on a Seeker Black Steel G665F #15-30 SX on a Shimano Teramar 80MH #15-30 They make awesome #20-25 reels.
  219. JTL750

    Loading Avets

    Next time just take your reels in. Also, this way you only buy as much line as you need and it gets professionally put on.
  220. JTL750

    Avet and Okuma

    $100 just like the add says. Please PM me any questions for a faster response time. I don't always get a notification when a comment is left.
  221. JTL750


    5 years later...
  222. JTL750

    CUSTOM RODS - Calico Bass / Big Swimbait Rods

    These still available by chance?
  223. JTL750

    Avet and Okuma

    Yes. Bump
  224. JTL750

    Best Reel for Black Hole CCS 150g

    #60 line? I was looking to build one of these 150g blanks to chase our local home guard yellowtail in SoCal that are mostly in the #15-25 size range. I want to pair it with the new Daiwa Saltiga 15 loaded with #40 braid and a short #50 floro leader with the drag set to 10 lbs. Is the 150 blank...
  225. JTL750

    $400 NEW trinidad 10a

    Haha, really? Some people just have no shame.
  226. JTL750

    FS revo inshore RVO3

    Damn, I wish I saw this Friday. You're not down in SD anymore?
  227. JTL750

    Sabre 540 Jigstick

    Have you ever fished one acid wrapped? Try it, you'll probably change your mind. Sweet rod, GLWS
  228. JTL750

    I thought you guys might like this. Old school.

    150 pounds if it's an ounce! Haha
  229. JTL750

    Offshore What every Maruader needs...

    Holy cow, 286 miles?! So assuming your boat gets 2 mpg, that's 143 gallons of gas @ $3.50 per gallon = one expensive wahoo! Worth every penny. Way to put in the work. You earned every ounce of that fish. Congratulations bro.
  230. JTL750

    Help phenix or United composite

    Squidco has both
  231. JTL750

    Avet and Okuma

    Accurate rod pending
  232. JTL750


    Seriously! If I had the cash this would already be mine. Somebody buy this so I don't have to keep drooling over it.
  233. JTL750

    small conventional

    Definitely will be easier, and probably more enjoyable to fish with a baitcaster. But if you want to try something different and use a conventional reel, I'd go with something with a cast control system. Like an Avet SXJ with magic cast.
  234. JTL750

    New Saltiga or Maxel hybrid

    But it says 5 year warranty?
  235. JTL750

    Avet and Okuma

    Phenix m1 sold. Thanks Ben
  236. JTL750

    New Saltiga or Maxel hybrid

    How did I know that you'd be the first person to respond? Maybe because you've been leaving random comments all over people's posts (and mine) for the last couple weeks. If you haven't even heard of one of the brands I'm trying to compare, why even leave a comment? I don't need you to tell me...
  237. JTL750

    New Saltiga or Maxel hybrid

    Yup, but less than half the price. My buddy has a Jigging Master and it's freaking sweet. He's landed several #50-60 class tuna on it with zero issues.
  238. JTL750

    New Saltiga or Maxel hybrid

    So I'm looking to build a jigging setup. Small, fun and powerfull are the goals for this combo. This will be used for megabaits and flatfall type jigs. I will be fishing this setup mostly in La Jolla and around the islands for yellowtail. I know you want a heavier setup around the island dogs. I...
  239. JTL750

    Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast: Preview

    I hope they will be. Daiwa, Shimano, and even Okuma will be there with new reels and demos set up. Not to mention Seeker, Calstar, Phenix, Penn and all the other major manufacturers that we've come to love and fish in SoCal. I'm NOT a shimano fan, but it is extremely good marketing that they...
  240. JTL750

    Phenix M1 Inshore 7'11" Swimbait Rod $100

    This rod is long gone. My roommate bought it 3 months ago. You guys seriously need to stop bumping old posts. Send a PM if you have a question. It will go straight to the OP and you'll get an answer faster.
  241. JTL750

    Avet and Okuma

    All seeker rods sold Avet sx gunmetal sold
  242. JTL750

    Selling acid wrapped seeker Hercules rod

    Where did you put your asking price? I don't see it anywhere. All you did was list the price of the components.
  243. JTL750

    Selling acid wrapped seeker Hercules rod

    He meant how much are you asking for it. You didn't list an asking price so he was being sarcastic.
  244. JTL750


    These look so sweet. You don't even want to try it first?
  245. JTL750

    Avet and Okuma

    Seeker 6460H sold
  246. JTL750

    rod wrapper

    And he's not in OC, but Jim Trelikes is one of the best rod wrappers in the game IMO.
  247. JTL750

    rod wrapper

    Whatever blank you like bro! Don't over think it and don't take too much advice from other people who don't fish the way that you do. Factory rods are made with the same blanks. So find a factory rod that YOU really like, then get a blank and have it wrapped with the colors and patterns that...
  248. JTL750

    Daiwa catalina bay jigging reel?

    Topwater? This is a jigging reel with no cast control. It's made for dropping jigs straight down. There are so many reels better suited for throwing topwater baits, what made you go with this reel?
  249. JTL750

    Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast: Preview

    Hey John, any chance Abu will be at Fishermen's Landing Tackle Days sale this year? I'd love to check out this new reel.
  250. JTL750

    Avet sx 130$

    Are you sure about the line? There's no way that there is 300 yards of #40 braid on that reel in the pictures you posted.
  251. JTL750


    Any interest in a partial trade?
  252. JTL750

    Avet and Okuma

    Custom blue and black sx SOLD
  253. JTL750

    Avet and Okuma

    Looking for a new saltiga 15 if anyone wants to trade some gear
  254. JTL750

    Avet and Okuma

    6480 sold
  255. JTL750

    Avet and Okuma

    Yes, no problem
  256. JTL750

    Minn Kota 80lb trolling motor, charger and batteries

    Complete kit, ready to go. Includes motor, duel batteries, on board charger, fuse, quick connect wiring and all paperwork. Was professionally installed when bought new. Was taken off the boat about 4 months ago because we sold the boat. Batteries still hold charge all day. Runs great. Prop in...
  257. JTL750

    Avet and Okuma

    Will hear trade offers also.
  258. JTL750

    Avet and Okuma

    Got some extra gear for sale. Please PM me if you're interested in anything. All prices are OBO. I will remove items once they are sold. -Avet Sxj blue and black cammo single speed. About 2/3 filled with #30 braid. I can put a topshot of #15, 20, 25, or 30 izor if you'd like. I replaced a...
  259. JTL750

    300 Blackout pistol

    Bump. Willing to hear any trade offers
  260. JTL750

    Offshore 0-5 Wahoo Report - Oct 24, 2015

    Do you have the link for your build you did on that little whaler? It's not in the Check Out My Boat section. I think you had it with a fishing report.
  261. JTL750

    Shimano Vs Avet

    Way too slow retrieve IMO. Sold my calcutta 400d and went with a Lexa 300. Couldn't be happier. Way better price point, more drag, and an external cast controll. Side note* pretty shitty design for a saltwater reel to have an internal cast control that you need a screwdriver to access IMO...
  262. JTL750

    Shimano Vs Avet

    Ford: Fucked Over Rebuilt Dodge
  263. JTL750

    SOLD Daiwa Saltiga

    Yes. I've actually seen a 30T in gold. Harder to find then the blue ones, but they're out there. GLWS
  264. JTL750

    SOLD WTT/sell blue saltiga 30t for trinidad 20A

    No, please don't tell me you downgraded and traded in a limited edition saltiga for a regular ass trini
  265. JTL750

    SOLD Daiwa Saltiga

    Well guess what, now you've seen a gold one too. You learn something new every day :)
  266. JTL750

    Avets back up for sale, Accurate, Seeker, Phenix, Andros Lots of gear

    Please don't jack my thread lIke that. If you have questions about something, send a PM
  267. JTL750

    Avets back up for sale, Accurate, Seeker, Phenix, Andros Lots of gear

    Bump. All avets back up. NOT holding reels or anything anymore. First with cash, gets it.
  268. JTL750

    NaCl or new lexa 400

    Actually, the only difference is the gears and bearings. Stainless steel gears instead of brass, and better sealed, more saltwater friendly bearings. Besides the different paint job and new hyper speed gear ratio option, that's it.
  269. JTL750

    MXL Raptor

    Jx and mxl hold the same amount of line, so don't let line capacity be the issue here. You'd be better prepared with a JX though because it has larger gears, therefore more power. And you'll need it for those AJ's.
  270. JTL750

    When will the Shimano Talicas be replaced by something new?

    100%, plus you can't deny how many more maks are being used on the boats. They are definitely making a name. Honestly, this is the only thing keeping me from buying Penn reels. Style points count with me. A gold penn reel reminds me of a 70 year old, retired guy in Florida with his all gold...
  271. JTL750

    How can I stop my backlash problems? Mono topshot over Spectra

    Or you could just read the post and see that it's over 2 years old...
  272. JTL750

    daiwa.lexa 400 vs. shimano tranx 500

    True, but for our local fishing a lexa 400 is more than enough to handle the job. A 100+ pound bluefin was caught on one this year. Unless you're chasing bigger fish or wahoo, save your money and go with the lexa IMO
  273. JTL750

    SOLD Graphite USA (GUSA) Mega Mag Custom Rod

    Awesome deal. This will be gone soon
  274. JTL750

    hey guys whats a good rod to match

    2 great options. If you're going to specifically target tuna, I'd go with the black daiomond. If it's going to be more for all around use, I'd save some money and go with the M1. Just my opinion. I have my Lexa 300 on an M1 inshore MH #15-35 and love it. Works great for plastics on calicos or...
  275. JTL750

    Yo-Zuri Sashimi Bull 150 Popper

    Next in line if still available
  276. JTL750

    Accurate spinning rod

    Bought this for my dad and he didn't want it. I have never used this rod. Bought it used, was told it had been on one 1.5 day trip. Lots of backbone. You could easily fish #30 on this rod. Solid 9.5/10 $100 local deal. Will not ship, sorry
  277. JTL750

    300 Blackout pistol

    Will trade for fishing gear
  278. JTL750

    Avets back up for sale, Accurate, Seeker, Phenix, Andros Lots of gear

    A couple of things. First, this is not a fire sale and NO I will not sell any of you an avet for $100. Lowballers can piss off. Also, how about a little common courtesy. If you text me at midnight on a Tuesday, while I'm sleeping, expect the same in return. Just text me when you wake up.
  279. JTL750

    WTB 6480 or 6490

    I have a Seeker Black Steel 6480 for $150
  280. JTL750

    Trout swimbaits

    8" Savage gear trout slow sink torn tail 8" Savage gear trout slow sink 8" Savage gear trout floating 6" hud 68 special weedless. Not sure of ROF 8" BBZ trout floating Plastic case included. $50 for everything. Not splitting up. Text me 619-992-4387
  281. JTL750

    300 Blackout pistol

    Price drop, $1500 need this gone
  282. JTL750

    Avets back up for sale, Accurate, Seeker, Phenix, Andros Lots of gear

    Ok, I spent too much on gear this year. So some backup and extra gear is for sale. **CASH ONLY, NO TRADES** RODS -Seeker Black Steel G6460H RS/RT brand new, never seen water yet. Titanium guides. $200 -Seeker Black Steel G6480 with silver boat guides. One og the best #30 sticks out there. In...
  283. JTL750

    WTB Penn Spinfisher SSV5500 or 6500 or 7500!

    BUMP! I need one of these by Monday, my Dad is coming down to visit. Anyone? I'd take a 6500 or 7500 also.
  284. JTL750

    FS: daiwa tatula 200hs type HD

    Haha, I'm in San Diego. PM sent
  285. JTL750

    FS: daiwa tatula 200hs type HD

    I'll take it if you can bring it to SD.
  286. JTL750


    So you publicly offer me the rod, I say I'll take it, and you sell it to someone else? Wow. I'm really feeling the love on BD lately.
  287. JTL750


    Yes, that would be awesome. Please let me know.
  288. JTL750

    WTB Diawa Lexa 400 San Diego

    There's one on SD Craigslist
  289. JTL750

    phenix black diamond vs hybrid vs axis.

    X2 I was going to swith to all Phenix this season until I got the chance to pull on the UC blanks side by side. Holy hell they are powerful rods. But not much of a warranty program and only available in blanks right now. Unless you like their composites series that I believe Charkbait has...
  290. JTL750


    Pm sent
  291. JTL750

    phenix black diamond vs hybrid vs axis.

    Well I'll help you out bro. First of all, the only phenix rods I've ever seen break were due to user error. Either too much drag, thumbing the spool, or high sticking. Phenix are great rods if you fish them properly. You can't really fish them over their rated line class like you could a calstar...
  292. JTL750

    Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast: Preview

    Ok, now you've really got my attention. I've been reading all I can about this reel since Saturday. I need to get my hands on one. But I would really like to try the reel out before I drop $400. Do you know if there will be any type of demo days for people to mess with the reels a little? So we...
  293. JTL750

    SOLD Synit RaZar 200g SOLD

    Damn, I wish this was conventional not spinning. GLWS though
  294. JTL750

    Offshore Nice Bull near the 226

    A damn fun day on the water!
  295. JTL750

    Graphite USA B60M

    Bring it down to SD sometime and I'll take it.
  296. JTL750

    What have you caught on a JX raptor

    Regular JX 6/3 with #50 spectra to #40 mono with a #40 floro leader landed my PB #68 bluefin in my avatar pic.
  297. JTL750

    Avet blem reels

    I've done that, bought 2 reels and switched the parts around and sold the one I didn't want. It wasn't hard because avets are ridiculously easy to work on, but it was definitely more of a hassle. But, it turns out, if you ask Squidco nicely, they'll custom swap two avets to make the color you...
  298. JTL750

    Shimano Phenix for talica 8

    It makes a way better #30 stick IMO. I wouldn't fish #40 on one personally.
  299. JTL750

    Shimano Will Shimano ever make a replacement reel for the Trinidad 40N?

    Be careful before you drop all that cash on a reel that has been discontinued. It's gonna only get harder to find replacement parts when yours break. X2. You should take a look at these reels. Perfect for slinging wahoo bombs
  300. JTL750

    Shimano Terez Rods 411 (Flat falls)

    You're talking about butterfly style jigging. It's way different then a butterfly flat fall. The flat falls do the work for you as they flutter while they sink. The pump/wind style you mentioned is for regular butterfly style jigs. You have to help with the action. And there are far superior...
  301. JTL750

    Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast: Preview

    Fair enough. We'll now I want to try one to see what it can do :)
  302. JTL750

    Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast: Preview

    Awesome looking reel, but $400 is pretty expensive for the size fish you'll be chasing with it(calicos, smaller yellows and footballs). Especially since we have several opitons of saltwater baitcasters for under $300, ie. Lexa, Curado, even the toro NaCl. Sure, it could probably handle bigger...
  303. JTL750

    Trinidad 16A or penn Torque 25N stardrag

    100% Plus, fuck overpriced shitmano products.
  304. JTL750

    WTB Penn Spinfisher SSV5500 or 6500 or 7500!

    I'm not a spinning reel guy, this will be for my dad. I've tried for the last three years to get him comfortable with conventional reels, but he's just not into it. He asked for a spinning setup. Found a rod, need a reel. Please PM me if you have one.
  305. JTL750

    WTB Calstar 700H or = BOOM! There you go homie.
  306. JTL750

    WTB Steiger craft Miami DV

    I'm trying to help a good family friend find a new boat. He's looking for a Steiger Craft Miami DV 23 or 25 footer. I have no idea what that is exactly, but I told him I'd post an add on the boards for him. If anyone has any info on one for sale, please let me know so I can pass on the info...
  307. JTL750

    WTB Avet SX Raptor

    Not a chance. That's just my buddy messing with me. He knows I'll never fish shitmano.
  308. JTL750

    WTB Avet SX Raptor

    Haha, NEVER!
  309. JTL750

    WTB Avet SX Raptor

    My first choice would be blue, but open to other colors as well I do NOT want silver, gold, pink or purple Cash ready. No shipping, I want to see the reel in my hands before I hand you the cash. I'm in SD. Feel free to call or text if easier 619-992-4387. Thanks and tight lines
  310. JTL750

    40-60 rod

    Have you considered a Seeker or super seeker? WAY stronger than they are rated, softer tip and more comfortable to fish than Phenix, and made in America. And you could absolutely fish this rod in out local waters.
  311. JTL750

    WTB Okuma Andros 5nii/

    No, they're badass reels and no one wants to give theirs up.
  312. JTL750

    WTB andros a 5N 2 speed

    Local SD deal only. Also interested in the first generation andros 5N 2 speed. Hit me up. 619-992-4387 Thanks and tight lines
  313. JTL750

    Black and red basket weaves / Decals

    Just in case you haven't already, you should fish a rod with a handle like that first. They are extremely uncomfortable IMO and can pinch your fingers pretty good. They do look amazing, but they suck to fish with.
  314. JTL750

    Surface Iron Stick Help

    Check out United composites rods. A UC 90 mega or 90 monster. Much thinner diameter, lighter blanks like phenix, but way stronger and made in America
  315. JTL750

    Seeker Bushido and Phenix M1

    You won't separate 2 rods? That's weird. It's not like a rod a reel combo. GLWS
  316. JTL750

    Avet blem reels

    Squidco is definitely the exception. I was talking about a couple other shops around town.
  317. JTL750

    United Composites US 80MH for Jesse

    Well, it looks even better in person. Jim, you absolutely nailed it. I'm very fortunate to now have 4 rods wrapped by you and each one is truly a work of art. Thank you again sir, I'm honored to be able to fish with such amazing sticks.
  318. JTL750

    FS Avet SX Raptor (Silver)

    Yours holds 100 more yards of #50 braid. Why not just keep that sucker in case you get into some bigger fish?
  319. JTL750

    United Composites US 80MH for Jesse

    The UC rods are amazing. I was going to build a Phenix PSW 807ML #10-30 but after pulling on both blanks side by side, I sold the phenix. There was no comparison. The UC is way stronger.
  320. JTL750

    United Composites US 80MH for Jesse

    HOLY HELL JIM, IT'S PERFECT!!!! I can't believe I didn't see this last night! Damn, you are the freaking man!!!
  321. JTL750

    Avet blem reels

    Stop buying the blems people!! Break down the pricing and you'll see. It's $40 cheaper to buy a blem SX, then it will cost you $40 to fill it with braid. Squidco and Charkbait will fill your sx with braid for free if you buy a new avet. So if you buy a blem and then fill it with braid, your...
  322. JTL750

    Sxj rod recomendations

    Mine will be on a custom United Composites US 80MH #15-30 as soon as Jim Trelikes is done wrapping it. I can't wait :)
  323. JTL750

    Raptor's Low gear

    Do you maybe have a bum shoulder or wrist? Because it doesn't seem like anyone else is having this issue.
  324. JTL750

    Avet blem reels

    Stop buying the blems people!! Break down the pricing and you'll see. It's $40 cheaper to buy a blem SX, then it will cost you $40 to fill it with braid. Squidco and Charkbait will fill your sx with braid for free if you buy a new avet. So if you buy a blem and then fill it with braid, your...
  325. JTL750

    Jogging world reels

    Good reels, way too expensive. If you want a small tank of a reel, look at an Avet sx raptor. You'll spend less and get a 2 speed reel.
  326. JTL750

    Phenix PSW 807ML for Chris

    Awesome. I just showed Chris and he couldn't be happier. Great work Jim, as always :)
  327. JTL750

    Lew's, Abu Garcia and Shimano

    You'll get broken off in the kelp with that 100%. You need to run at least #50 braid (I run #65) all the way to the top with a short 3-4' floro leader of #40-60 so you can rip them out of the kelp before they wrap you up. You'll also want a 300 sized reel.
  328. JTL750

    Avet handle question

  329. JTL750

    Phenix PHD838MH Swimbait Rod

    Gorgeous work man
  330. JTL750

    WTB Blue blank super seeker rods

    Wow, the one day that go fishing this week and 6 of these blue blanks get posted and sold before even have a shot. Where's the fucking love BD?
  331. JTL750

    Seeker Extreme blanks, super seeker, Inshore Lite and a UC Blanks for sale

    Well that fucking sucks. I've been running an add all week looking for some of these blanks and the day I go fishing they get posted and all sold? What a total bummer.
  332. JTL750

    Yeti cooler roadie 20qt tan

    Wrong forum newbie
  333. JTL750

    WTB Blue blank super seeker rods

    Well that sucks. Thats for the heads up though. You're right, I would have bumped this post 100 more times if you didn't tell me that. Good looking. I guess no blue super seeker for me then :(
  334. JTL750

    Cousins V.S. Phenix

    100% UC. Best of both worlds. Small diameter, light weight but incredibly strong blanks, and made in USA I couldn't agree more
  335. JTL750

    Offshore Oceanside for the Week

    Haha, good on you guys
  336. JTL750

    WTB seeker black steel 6460H

    I know someone has one of these that they're willing to part with. Bump!
  337. JTL750

    FS Avet SXJ

    I'm still interested bro. Sent you another PM
  338. JTL750

    WTB Blue blank super seeker rods

    So just to clarify, I'm not looking for a painted blank. I'm looking for one like this. These are of my buddies Ulua. It looks like there is blue dye in the resin. I have not been able to find anything that looks like his online.
  339. JTL750

    WTB Blue blank super seeker rods

    Weird, I don't believe that's what Scold said. And he is a member of the Seeker pro staff, so I'm pretty sure that he knows what he's talking about. But I could be wrong.
  340. JTL750

    WTB Blue blank super seeker rods

    Absolutely, we need more awesome custom rods in the world. My bad on the color options :)
  341. JTL750

    WTB Blue blank super seeker rods

    Haha, no way. I can build my own custom for less than that.
  342. JTL750

    WTB Blue blank super seeker rods

    Beautiful stick Albert, but I'm not looking for a Ulua. Mostly looking for 6-8' rods or blanks.
  343. JTL750

    WTB Blue blank super seeker rods

    I posted this in the rod building forum also and Scold, a custom rod builder, is a member of the Seeker pro staff. He said he could get any blank in any color from seeker, for a price of course. This will definitely be my most expensive custom yet if I decide to build it. Good thing I don't have...
  344. JTL750

    TORSA 16 combo

    Are you willing to split the combo?
  345. JTL750

    FS Avet SXJ

    PM sent
  346. JTL750

    WTB Blue blank super seeker rods

    Still interested in what's out there. If anyone has one they are willing to part with, let me know
  347. JTL750

    FS Avet reel case

    Ever come to SD by chance?
  348. JTL750

    ****Trinidad 16A ........SOLD!!!

    Just curious, what are you using it for in our waters where you'll need more than 300 yards of line? My go to is my #20 setup with 300 yards of spectra and I have yet to see the back half of my line.
  349. JTL750

    Please Don't Drive Through the Kelp!!!

    This HeadlessHunter guy is ridiculous. You're the one doing the dangerous activity, it's YOUR responsibility to be safe and protect yourself. It's just like riding a motorcycle. Yeah the other drivers are supposed to be aware of you, but it's your job to realize that you are the one in the...
  350. JTL750

    1 spot - 3/4 day trip on 8/31 with Sauerfish Charters

    $325 for a 3/4 day trip?!? Man, private charters are expensive! GLWS
  351. JTL750

    WTB Blue blank super seeker rods

    I can't believe it, but I found one!!! Thanks Scold!
  352. JTL750

    Blue blank super seekers

    Really? That's great! PM sent
  353. JTL750

    Blue blank super seekers

    So my buddy got his hands on a blue blank Ulua and I about creamed my panties when I saw it. I NEED ONE! So I don't want a Ulua, but I am looking for a blank or complete rod with a blue blank super seeker. I know these are a limited run and will be difficult to find. In a perfect world...
  354. JTL750

    WTB Blue blank super seeker rods

    So my buddy got his hands on a blue blank Ulua and I about creamed my panties when I saw it. I NEED ONE! So I don't want a Ulua, but I am looking for a blank or complete rod with a blue blank super seeker. I know these are a limited run and will be difficult to find. In a perfect world...
  355. JTL750

    Offshore Sea Adventure II Monday 8/24

    This boat was dirty last year and my least favorite that I've fished on yet. Good to hear that they're maintaining their stellar reputation.
  356. JTL750

    Offshore CONDOR 208 Yellowfin to 65+ Bloodbath Massacre 8/25

    Nice jon Ron, way to slay em. I'm gonna have to jump on the big bird soon. I've been out a dozen times this year and still haven't caught a tuna. Not even a bite. I'm starting to seriously doubt my fishing skills. A trip on the bird should lift my spirits and help me to kill this skunk.
  357. JTL750

    Okuma Metaloids ?

    True, but the avet anti reverse dog system is arguably one if the best ever created. Squidco told me they have never had an avet in for service because of a failed dog. They did say that when the original andros came out, that they blew 3 of them up the first week just putting line on them. And...
  358. JTL750

    Please Don't Drive Through the Kelp!!!

    Guys like you, with you entitled attitude, are one of the main things giving divers a bad reputation. Learn the rules and share the water. It's just as much my ocean as it is yours.
  359. JTL750

    Condor, Grande, or Eclipse 1.5 day?

    Condor 100% Yes, Bill and Mike are still working on it
  360. JTL750

    WTB seeker black steel 6460H

    Like it says, I need another seeker black steel graphite G 6460H RS/RT Only interested in rods with the titanium guides like the rod in the pictures I've included. I don't want gold or guides without inserts. Please text me with offers. I prefer a local SD transaction. 619-992-4387
  361. JTL750

    Swimbait / Inshore Rod Shimano Crucial

    Thanks for the Phenix. Super clean rod. Can't wait to put it to use. Free bump for a great seller with clean gear.
  362. JTL750

    Daiwa lexa HD

    It also says the 82h deckhand rod has a Phenix reel seat and eva foam...
  363. JTL750

    Daiwa lexa HD

    Not all, but there are lots of mistakes. It's been like that for over a year too. Seems like lazyness. Phenix is a big name too, you'd think they would proofread better so they weren't misrepresenting their products. No, my rods are barely 6 months old
  364. JTL750

    Daiwa lexa HD

    Yeah they do. There's a mistake on almost every page for the different lines that phenix sells, freshwater and saltwater. You'd think a company that sells $400 rods could afford to have their IT guy fix their website.
  365. JTL750

    Daiwa lexa HD

    Here's some more pics I just took of my gear
  366. JTL750

    Okuma Metaloids ?

    The metaloid is at least 1/4 inch taller and holds at least 50 more yards of line. Thats not the same thing as the same size.
  367. JTL750

    Daiwa lexa HD

    Perfect example of "don't believe everything you read on the internet." If you look, it also says that the 77ML is rated for 2-6 Oz baits. But I own 2, and I promise you they are 1-3 oz, just like every other length of the ML version. Phenix has dozens of mistakes on their website.
  368. JTL750

    Daiwa lexa HD

    I'm hoping, and assuming, all the parts will be interchangeable with the current lexas. Then I could just put the new stainless gears and sealed bearings in my Lexa instead of buying a whole new reel. Plus I don't like the gold accents on the new HD version.
  369. JTL750

    Daiwa lexa HD

    The 82h is 8'2" #20-45 and 3-8 Oz baits. The MH is 2-6oz
  370. JTL750

    Okuma Metaloids ?

    Not quite. The metaloid is slightly taller and holds more line. My SXJ holds 200 yards of #50 braid and the 5N metaloid held 300. Big difference.
  371. JTL750

    Okuma Metaloids ?

    True, but Avet is still the better choice IMO. I took my metaloid 5ll into Squidco to be serviced and they told me the reel did NOT have an AR bearing, only dawgs. And that eventually the dogs would fail and give me a knuckle bust. The metaloid is smoother, the avet is stronger. The new Andros A...
  372. JTL750

    Offshore WFO SW of the N9

    I care because we're here to share information, not lie to each other. And 70% of reports lately are way off on their claims of fish sizes. Just tell the truth. This is a #43 and a #45 on a calibrated scale. It was checked at Dana Landing. And he's 6'4"
  373. JTL750

    FS: phenix hybrid phd888

    Are you selling one of the 838's by chance?
  374. JTL750

    Offshore RPT...8/13 277/Mackerel Bank

    Another great day on the water. I still can't believe I'm the only one who got skunked :( I'll get my redemption soon enough though. Thanks again Keith, always a blast to fish with you. And you forgot to mention, that #45 bluefin is Chris's new PB!
  375. JTL750

    Offshore A new PB Dodo and our first Great white

    So we headed out today to try to get our first tuna on our new boat. It was Me, Chris, my brother and his friend Tony. I heard the north 9 was hot on Sunday so that's where we went. Really wanted to go out this weekend but I had a full plate and my brother only has 1 day off a week. So today is...
  376. JTL750

    WTB seeker trolling rods

    Looking for a pair or either black steel or super seekers. I'd prefer black steels. Interested in the following models - 655XH 5'6" #40-60 - 6460H 6' #40-60 - 6455XH 5'6" #50-80 - 6460XH 6' #50-80 Please call or text me if you have any available 619-992-4387 Thanks and tight...
  377. JTL750

    Phenix Rods

    Text sent
  378. JTL750

    My girls 1st trip and her 1st Yellow

    Nice fish! Just curious, what's on your neck bro? Is that a tattoo?
  379. JTL750

    Grip Wraps

    Hahaha, quite possibly :) Also, cord grips look awesome, especially with all the cool designs that can be done. But have you ever fished a rod with a cord grip? They are extremely uncomfortable in your hand IMO. Especially if you're locked into a longer fight. They really dig into your hands...
  380. JTL750

    Offshore Long ride 15mi off Carlsbad to South 9

    I hope that's not your beer can floating behind you in the first picture. Because it looks just like the ones piled at your feet. It's a real bummer when people throw their shit in the ocean. Its just like camping, if you can carry full beers out then you damn well better carry the empty cans...
  381. JTL750

    avet jx 2speed////torium16hg

    Your email didn't work. PM sent
  382. JTL750

    Grip Wraps

    This thread is 5 years old guys
  383. JTL750


    Pm sent
  384. JTL750

    Want To Buy Mountable Metal rod rack

    Try this
  385. JTL750

    Offshore Took a shot at the big boys

    Thanks man. Yeah, I can't stand it when people hold their fish at full arms length in pictures and claim the fish are #25 when they are clearly around #15. I don't get the point. I don't want to be one of those fishermen that tell stories. I'd rather just be honest.
  386. JTL750

    Offshore trip of a lifetime on the Pacific Quest

    So 3 guys caught and kept 44 YFT? And how is that legal? Aren't you suppose to stop fishing once you've caught your limit?
  387. JTL750

    Offshore Took a shot at the big boys

    Aren't those some sweet shorts? They were a Christmas present from my roommate. They're going to be covered in blood stains by the end of this season :)
  388. JTL750

    Offshore Took a shot at the big boys

    So my roommate Chris and I got invited to fish with our buddy Keith on his 32' Blackfin. He wanted to hit the 43 and chase the huge bluefin that have been in the area. So stoked for an opportunity at a fish of a lifetime. We geared up for the big boys with #80 and 100 floro leaders and 6/0 and...
  389. JTL750

    Lexa 400

    I thought the 400 held around 250 yards of #65 braid
  390. JTL750

    Offshore Tuna Fishing with Shimano Flatfall Jig- video+pics

    What does being on a party boat have anything to do with it? I let small fish go on the meat wagons all the time. Especially if it's small enough to bounce in. The deckhands might get butt hurt because they want the numbers, but you caught it so it's ultimately your decision.
  391. JTL750


    Absolutely amazing. Not to mention I believe this is a new pending state record. Congratulations man. Fish of a lifetime right there.
  392. JTL750

    Looking to buy used Power Rod Wrapper & Accessories

    Scold just posted one in General Fishing Crap
  393. JTL750

    baitcaster for smallest jiggy

    Probably true. But don't expect it to last very long if you're using it in saltwater.
  394. JTL750

    Offshore Condor 7/23 Yellowfin, YT, Dorado out SW rockin funtime

    Nice job Ron. Glad your shoulder is feeling better. Now let's put that titanium to use this season!
  395. JTL750

    Offshore Great day of Yellow, dodos and tuna bad day for my new Phenix Rod

    I agree. It sucks about the poor customer service, but your Phenix rod didn't break, the guide ring popped. It happens sometimes. And if Joey offered to fix it for free, just get it fixed and fish the hell out of it.
  396. JTL750

    Offshore Maiden voyage a success!

    Congratulations Alain. We'll have to buddy boat it up sometime.
  397. JTL750

    Offshore Maiden voyage a success!

    Yeah buddy! Let me know when bro and we'll slay it up
  398. JTL750

    Offshore Maiden voyage a success!

    We definitely won't be taking her out on rough days. Especially since we're SD locals and can just wait for nicer days. But the couple we bought it from owned it for the last 23 years. They used it every year at their house in Baja in LA bay. They told us they had been caught in 6 foot swells...
  399. JTL750

    Offshore Maiden voyage a success!

    So my Dad, brother and myself decided to throw in on a boat for this awesome local action we've been having. Found a killer 16.5' Invader center console with a fully rebuilt engine with 15 hours on it. It's a killer little boat and has the same hull design as a Boston Whaler Montauk. Apparently...
  400. JTL750


    Coming down to SD anytime soon by chance?
  401. JTL750

    FS okuma andros A 5n II SPEED

    You coming down to SD anytime soon?
  402. JTL750

    WTT-WTS Saltist, Formula, JX

    Really? Their prices are on the very high end for used gear and they aren't very willing to negotiate. You can find WAY better deals through individual members here or even Craigslist.
  403. JTL750

    12' Livingston with 4 stroke

    Sold! pending pickup on Wednesday. Man, that was fast. Thanks BD!
  404. JTL750

    10' Jon boat

    The BassTurd is up for sale. She's a 10' x 4' 1978 riveted Jon boat wit ZERO leaks. Fits perfectly in the back of my 2002 Toyota Tacoma. I got this to fish mission bay instead of a kayak because I wanted to be able to move around and stand up when I fish. It's been a great little skiff, but I...
  405. JTL750

    12' Livingston with 4 stroke

    Up for sale is my 1999 12' Livingston. I bought this recently from a fellow BD'er. Unfortunately I need to free up some funds so she's up for sale. This has been an awesome little boat for fishing the bays, kelp or local lakes. It it MWD approved so you can fish any of the lakes around here...
  406. JTL750

    WTB Cork puppies

    I heard the company shut down. Squidco tried ordering me some and couldn't get a response.
  407. JTL750

    Offshore 7/14 Domes

    Yes. I was going to say, try bumping up a size or two. I'm not sure what brand of hooks you fish, but a Gamakatsu 2/0 circle hook has a slightly smaller gap than a 2/0 J hook. I use 3/0 or 4/0.
  408. JTL750

    Offshore 7/14 Domes

    Definitely do not stop using circle hooks. They are the only way to go. Every single hook lands right in the corner of the mouth and helps keep the fish from sawing your line off.
  409. JTL750

    Phenix 868H Ultra Swimbait Rod 20-40lb

    Sweet ass stick. Wish you were in SD
  410. JTL750

    Offshore 7/13 RPT:Off La Jolla

    Beyond stoked. MY SKUNK IS FINALLY OFF! This was my 6th trip this season and my first fish. Finally! I was starting to get used to the skunk funk :) Thanks again Captain Keith for the invite. Always a good time, but man was it great to finally pull on a fish this season! Can't wait to get back...
  411. JTL750

    Offshore sunday july 12th

    Seriously. How hard is it for you guys to write complete sentences with correct punctuation? So lazy.
  412. JTL750

    Offshore Combat Crew at it again.

    It took you an hour and 20 minutes to catch that yellowfin on #30 line? How much did it weigh?
  413. JTL750

    ~~~ Phenix PSW 808MH ~~~

    Maybe is it a 808MH, or a 809H?
  414. JTL750

    Who has room for a ho for tomorrow or Sunday? 7/4 - 7/5

    Anyone have room for 1 more for tomorrow or Sunday? I have all my own gear, cash for my share of expenses, a positive attitude and will stay and help with all of the cleaning. I'm not a drinker, but I'll bring beer if the captain wants some. I'm in San Diego and I'm about 10 min away from Dana...
  415. JTL750

    My last 2 days off went like this ...

    Nice fish. What area were you fishing?
  416. JTL750

    WTB Lexa 400H or 400HS

    Fair enough. I just thought having the larger pinion gear would make it a stronger reel. But if everyone is landing #25 yellows with the 7.1 without issues then I'll take a 7.1. Add updated. Looking for a Lexa 400 H or HS
  417. JTL750

    WTB Lexa 400H or 400HS

    Bump. No one has a 6.3 for sale?
  418. JTL750

    Phenix M1 Inshore 7'11" Swimbait Rod $100

    DAMN! Just called and someone is already coming to get it. I can't believe I didn't see this earlier!
  419. JTL750

    Offshore 6-25 9mile bluefin

    Awesome. Way to get it done.
  420. JTL750

    SOLD - 7'11' Shimano Teramar MH and H Casting Rods -- BRAND NEW

    I have to agree with Junebugs on this one. I had to deal with this filippo clown yesterday aslo. He sent me a PM saying he head a Lexa 400 for sale. I responded in an hour saying I would like to buy the reel. He waits 4 hours to respond, telling me he just sold it to someone else. When I asked...
  421. JTL750

    New Saltiga

    Cool reel, but I'm not into the auto engage and no clicker. Why would you guys want a jigging type of reel like this for the west coast? Doesn't it not fit our style of fishing? I've never seen anyone out here fish deep jig/butterfly jig style. Thought that was more of an east coast and Japan...
  422. JTL750

    2003 PARKER 1801

    Says the guy who publicly offered about 55% of the asking price. And I'm the kook?...
  423. JTL750

    Offshore Disabled Bluefin

    Way make the best of the situation. That was probably one extra tasty fish.
  424. JTL750

    Yellowtail shootout help

    Haha, I bet. You're probably booked until MY death! Everyone and their mom wants to fish with Hardcore! :) :) Thanks for the birthday wishes. Hope you continue to have an awesome season.
  425. JTL750

    WTB Phenix M1 rods inshore and freshwater

    I need more gear. I just can't get enough! Looking for the following rods- M1 inshore SMX-82H or SMX-90H with reel seat M1 casting MX72MH 7'2" 8-17 1 Fast 1/2-3/4 or MX72H 7'2" 10-25 1 Extra Fast 1/2-1 1/4 Feel free to call or text 619-992-4387 Thanks and tight lines
  426. JTL750

    Yellowtail shootout help

    Sorry for posting in the wrong section, but I'm trying to get the word out. So my birthday is Sunday the 28th, and all I wanted to do this year was finally fish the yellowtail shootout because I missed it the last 2 seasons. Well, I was all set to go but my buddy is flaking on me and doesn't...
  427. JTL750

    Yellowtail shootout help

    So my birthday is Sunday the 28th, and all I wanted to do this year was finally fish the yellowtail shootout because I missed it the last 2 seasons. Well, I was all set to go but my buddy is flaking on me and doesn't want to go anymore. So now I'm SOL because he's the one with a boat. Is there...
  428. JTL750

    Yellowtail shootout

    So my birthday is Sunday the 28th, and all I wanted to do this year was finally fish the yellowtail shootout because I missed it the last 2 seasons. Well, I was all set to go but my buddy is flaking on me and doesn't want to go anymore. So now I'm SOL because he's the one with a boat. Is there...
  429. JTL750

    SOLD - Phenix Black Diamond PSW-809H x2 -- BRAND NEW

    Guys like you seriously need to stop advertising that you're such a lowballer. Publicly posting ridiculous offers is probably one of the easiest ways to be remembered negatively on these boards. Have some class and send a PM.
  430. JTL750

    Phenix 809h, truline Octagon 126

    Tip broke off the truline not the Phenix.
  431. JTL750

    Offshore Bluefin limits for two

    Damn it! We were on ch 72 all day! Good job guys. That's getting it done right there. Way to put in the work.
  432. JTL750

    2003 PARKER 1801

    Wow. How's that for a slap in the face? I do believe we've found the next king lowball!
  433. JTL750

    Offshore 3rd time, not so much the charm

    Short version - all day for one Bone Met up with a couple new buddies from BD, at 3 am , to try to get on some fish. I am NOT an early riser on non fishing days and this was the earliest I've ever gotten up for a trip. Ever. But because it was my third trip in the last 10 days (I know, I'm...
  434. JTL750

    Offshore 140 miles for nada

    Yup, it was pretty nice on the north end and got more green the farther south we went
  435. JTL750

    WANTED:: Used Nezuuma XL Rat

    Its because these are all hand made and painted. Not mass produced by machines like other lures. And because nefarious235 is right. Big bass are caught on big baits and the next world record bass will literally make the angler who catches it a millionaire overnight.
  436. JTL750

    Offshore 140 miles for nada

    Met up at Mission Bay at 5 to try again for some of these elusive tufin blunas. We did 110 miles last Saturday for nothing, so we wanted some redemption. Pulled up to get bait and there were only chovies. Not the best start. Went out and made bait for a while. Caught about 2 dozen macks and...
  437. JTL750


    Free bump because that Megabass reel is sweet as hell
  438. JTL750

    Guess The Weight-Win a Okuma Metaloid

  439. JTL750

    Lexa 400 or Abu Garcia NACL or Okuma Komodo?

    I absolutely love my Lexa 300. So much that I bought 2 more and now am looking for a 400 to add to the lineup. I had a Nacl 50 and sold it. It looked cooler, but the lexa casts way better and has a better cast control. Its external, so you don't have to open the side case with saltwater all over...
  440. JTL750

    Not mine but worth a look

    That's a nice looking boat
  441. JTL750

    Phenix m1 inshore series 9ft H

    Ever come down to SD by chance?
  442. JTL750


    Or you could just buy 3. Two of the $1000 for $800 and one of thec $500 for $400.
  443. JTL750

    WTB Lexa 400H or 400HS

    **I've had 3 people offer me a 7.1 version. Please only Pm me if you have a 6.3 for sale. I'm going after bigger fish with this reel, I want the lower gear ratio so I have more cranking power in my hands.**
  444. JTL750

    Okuma Metaloid 5ii

    & Yup, this is a sweet as reel. Only used on 1 trip, always kept in a reel cover, and was serviced by Squidco 2 weeks before I sold it.
  445. JTL750

    WTB Lexa 400H or 400HS

    Thanks, but I'm looking for a local deal.
  446. JTL750

    WTB Phenix Black Diamond PSW-869H, PSW-909XH or blank

    Like it says, looking for either a factory wrapped version with a reel seat or a blank of one of the two models listed. Please PM or text me with any offers 619-992-4387 Thanks and tight lines
  447. JTL750

    Saltiga 20

    Can you post a good picture of the side plate that actually show the scratches and condition that it's in?
  448. JTL750

    Offshore 130 lb bluefin for the bongos gang

    We might be able to better understand what you're saying if you can learn to properly form a sentence with correct grammar and punctuation.
  449. JTL750

    Offshore Heartache and Bruisers Saturday

    Were you using circle hooks?
  450. JTL750

    WTB Lexa 400H or 400HS

    Looking for a Lexa 400. Preferably with the power handle. Please PM or text any offers 619-992-4387 Thanks and tight lines
  451. JTL750

    12' Livingston for sale

    Thanks again Ben. It was nice meeting you. I'm taking this baby out tomorrow to slay some halibut!
  452. JTL750

    Need Help with Blank Choice...

    I fish a custom Seeker Black Steel 6470H for #50 and love it. It has a ton of lifting power.
  453. JTL750

    Offshore Epic day on the 9!! And something odd!

    Awesome work getting them on a Lexa! Is that a 300 or 400? And what rod was it on?
  454. JTL750

    Black jx 2 speed clean

    Seriously. I hope he keeps his reel for a while.
  455. JTL750

    Wanted....Rod Builder in San Diego

    True. Jim is stacked with work right now. Tim does great work. Definitely a solid option
  456. JTL750

    WTB cheap reel for backup (loaner) rod, Avet, Daiwa,etc. scratched boat rash ok!

    Just get a Daiwa sealine. They're graphite so you don't have as many corrosion issues. They work great, cast well, have good drag and Turners has them on sale twice a year for $75. Or you could find a used one on these forums froe around $50. I have a 20, 30, and 40 for my friends and they work...
  457. JTL750

    WTB Phenix MBX Ultra UMBX-700MH or 700ML

    Looking for the 7' #8-17 UMBX-700MH or the 7' #6-12 UMBX-700ML. I only want the regular MBX series. Not interested in the ultra classic. Cash ready, face to face deals only please. I'm in SD Feel free to call or text 619-992-4387 Thanks and tight lines
  458. JTL750

    Minn Kota trolling motor

    Motor was purchased 2 weeks ago. Used for maybe 3-4 hours on lake Murray. Worked perfectly but my buddy offered me a 55lb for cheap, so this one's up for grabs. Still have the box and all paperwork. Comes with a 2 year warranty. This was $110 at good old Walmart. Selling for $70 but always...
  459. JTL750

    Wtb shimano flat falls

    Turners, Dicks, West Marine, and most tackle shops have them in stock. They're not hard to find any more
  460. JTL750

    Gamakatsu hooks

    Pending for pickup on Friday
  461. JTL750


    I think shawmitch74 might have found your gaff. He posted a "found gaff" in this section
  462. JTL750

    Dana Point Found Gaff.

    It probably belongs to zcutbait. He posted that he lost a gaff
  463. JTL750

    6/1 Dana Point

    That's insane. What kind of boat and motor do you have?
  464. JTL750

    Offshore Bluefin Tuna at the 9 mile bank

    Right on Keith! We trolled all over the 9 yesterday for nada. No birds, no boils, no fish. Glad you found some though. Nice to see someone found some yesterday.
  465. JTL750

    Wanted....Rod Builder in San Diego

    Wrong forum.... but if you want to go big, Jim Trelikes is the man to talk to. He's out of Lakeside Bait and Tackle and does phenomenal work. This is one of the 4 rods I have from him.
  466. JTL750

    Minn Kota 30 lb trolling motor

    Bump. Literally only used for about 4 hours in freshwater. Save $40 off a new one
  467. JTL750

    Gamakatsu hooks

    Adding these Owner hooks for $10 more. $50 takes it all. All hooks are unused and totally rust/corrosion free.
  468. JTL750

    Experienced Ho available

    I have all my own gear, always have $$$, and can go any day of the week. Always willing to clean and maintain the boat. I always bring a positive attitude, beer and cookies. Let's go fishing! 619-992-4387
  469. JTL750

    Experienced Homes available

    Damn auto correct
  470. JTL750

    Gamakatsu hooks

    Several packs and sizes. All J hooks. The larger group have all been opened. Some are full, some are not. The smaller group are all new. Please look at the pictures Selling as a group, not splitting up. 4 packs of Owners added for only $10 more. 50 bucks takes them all. Local SD pickup only...