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  1. mackereljoe

    Assist Hooks for Flat Fall BFT Rigging & Proper Size Replacement Treble for Colt Snipers?

    2/0 but thinking of using 5/0 for those bft at the surface that seems to laughing at me.
  2. mackereljoe

    Jig addiction

    You might need some darker colored jigs, maybe darker mint and scramble eggs iron or brown aji colt sniper type.
  3. mackereljoe

    Okuma Clamps suck?

    They stop sending 2 sets of clamp screws?
  4. mackereljoe

    Mint penn senator 9/0 with hand crank

    Very nice, perfect for those 100 fathom drops.
  5. mackereljoe

    What NEW reel/rod models would you like to see from PENN?

    Boat spinning rod over 7’ and bring back the Fenwick Inshore model.
  6. mackereljoe

    Proteus 76mhf enough rod?

    I tried putting a Lexa 400 on a boat 8’ MH Proteus and the line will rub on the grip at #5 drag; better off with rods recommended here for the Lexa or komodo.
  7. mackereljoe

    Favorite 20yr old reel !

    Still use my Quantum IR120 for spottie, my all time favorite when Quantum Reels are made in Japan.
  8. mackereljoe

    Anyone know what these types of jigs are used for?

    I remember using those over 4 decades ago. Pier fishing with #4 test line with strip of fillet anchovy. Good for queenfish and mackerel.
  9. mackereljoe

    Handle change on Pro Gear reels?

    I used after market handle made for Daiwa sealine. This is for the CS 501 and CS 551.
  10. mackereljoe

    Rain possibility bad for fishing??

    Same as Cubey, I had very good luck when the barometric level is rapidly going down and when the dry bulb and wet bulb temp are about to meet and a few hours after. The next day after that is not a good day.
  11. mackereljoe

    What would you add to my Arsenal

    Agree, then add a stealth 15/20 live bait; God knows how many times it made my day.
  12. mackereljoe

    ***New Bluefin Tuna Tail mount!

    Outstanding job. I actually stared at that thing for a good while and zoom in and out. Work of art bro!
  13. mackereljoe

    Avet, HX 5/2-MC Raptor

    2nd if it don’t sell.
  14. mackereljoe

    Need more distance

    I’ve Fish for those bluefin and stripers years back using heavy 10-12 foot rods with jigmaster, hard work but can sling those heavy metal jigs way out there. Today I’ll try a 12’ and a 400 size low pro. Maybe a 12’ Shimano speedmaster or tiralejo with Daiwa Lexa 400HD 7.1
  15. mackereljoe

    Old Favorites

    Kastmaster 1/4 - 3/4 ounce. Pacific to Atlantic Ocean including Gulf of Mexico to the mouth of Saint Lawrence River and all 5 Great Lakes. Never really had much luck with the fake copies. Second is the krocodile spoons. It was part of any of my predeployment checklist.
  16. mackereljoe

    max drag when scale tested is below manufacturer rating

    That seems about right for that reel at full spool.
  17. mackereljoe

    T-Bar vs round knob

    I prefer the round knob with semi flat edge.
  18. mackereljoe

    Yellowtail Bellies

    Sinigang soup with chili pepper leaves and green papaya.
  19. mackereljoe

    CarbonTex Washer Orientation?

    I asked this same question at alan tani site and the consensus is it don’t matter. I tried all different configuration and truly it don’t make any difference.
  20. mackereljoe

    How to catch lots of mackerel on piers

    That’s a lot of mackerel. I prefer a 10’ rod with medium size spinner. Normally my reel if full of #30-40 braid and #30-40 15-20’ leader. If you want to catch Bonita, use mega bait type jig for sinker. I use 60-100 gram colt sniper (white or Brown Aji) as sinker and use larger 1 sabiki or...
  21. mackereljoe

    found these

    That’s the kinda thing that makes me yell I love you as Freudian slip.
  22. mackereljoe

    UC bent rods

    Outstanding. That CE Monster line rubbing the grip?
  23. mackereljoe

    Lexa 400 HD recommendations

    Got 2, one have 275 yards of #50 sufix 832 braid with 10 feet of #40 leader for jigs. The other one have about 150 yards of #50 braid with 80 yards #25 XXX as general purpose. Both 7.1
  24. mackereljoe

    Rod Power vs. Reel Drag

    With your line in the water and through the guides, friction will add some load. Just reeling an empty hooks through water is enough to put a load on your rod. A tuna at half throttle will snap your line well below the breaking test.
  25. mackereljoe

    Spooling and purchase questions

    I’d put 300 yards of #65 sufix 832 braid and about 15 feet of fluoro leader #20-50.
  26. mackereljoe

    What size hooks for coltsnipers

    Agree with above, I have 1/0 for 80g and 100g. Got the 1/0 to replace rusted hooks on my surface iron but was too small but work with Colt snipers.
  27. mackereljoe

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    Nice flag pole.
  28. mackereljoe

    Okuma 463 bad clutch or drag?

    I’m guessing your clutch not fully engaging, possible weak spring.
  29. mackereljoe

    New okuma pch railrods

    Joe, is there a chance that the line will to be rubbing the fore grip at that setting?
  30. mackereljoe

    Rainshadow 7ft Rods

    Interested, DM sent.
  31. mackereljoe

    This sucks Poor family

    Looks like an American vessel came to the rescue. Next time wear red on Trump rally.
  32. mackereljoe

    Penn Jigmaster 500 line

    The reel hold so much line that I ended up putting #65 braid 300 yards and just change the top shot every other trip, still able to put over 100 yards mono topshot. So yes put braid backing. That was over 20 years ago and still doing it this way.
  33. mackereljoe

    Super cheap flat falls

    Wow, really good deal. Thanks.
  34. mackereljoe

    Last catch of the day PB

    Sarciado. Best the next day.
  35. mackereljoe

    A win for us responsible gun owners

    Anyone know what website able to ship to california?
  36. mackereljoe

    Newport Landing rod/reel setup

    Yes with the exception of those giant Bonita that shows up once in a while. Uni to Uni is a little bulky, go with either FG or the modified Tony Pena/Bob sands knot.
  37. mackereljoe

    Newport Landing rod/reel setup

    The Shimano Baitrunner 8000D with a Graftech 8’ Medium seems like a good reasonable combo. #40 Sufix 832 line to the top and just FG knot a flouro leader. If I can only take 1 setup it will be similar to sealskinner but 8’ rod like a 6480.
  38. mackereljoe

    Rod match for a JX raptor

    I have a GJS80H with a Pro Gear 454, use for combat fishing in day boats. It’s good 40/50 but abit top heavy so I mainly heave casting surface iron.
  39. mackereljoe

    Braid line for jig reel.

    Sufix 832
  40. mackereljoe

    Teramar TMC-76H- SE

    One of my favorite 15-20 live bait rod. Works great also for casting colt sniper and plastics for the 3 Bs.
  41. mackereljoe

    Pro Gear Pacifica 2500 for surface iron?

    Good reel with 5.1 gear ratio, just replace the crappy handle.
  42. mackereljoe


    Excellent work. I nailed a bull dorado’s tail on my garage door 18 years ago and still there looking like a ratty broom.
  43. mackereljoe

    Penn Reels Given to Me

    I was on similar situation 30 years ago with black 6/0, Long Beach 68, 1/0 and a jigmaster, all with metal spools. Used it all fishing rock cod and the jigmaster is my main reel onboard a minesweeper. Now it has sentimental value to me, now displayed in a medical cabinet. Reels are just too...
  44. mackereljoe

    Sliding sinker on a short fluoro leader?

    Carolina keeper about 2-3 feet above hook will work.
  45. mackereljoe

    #30 setup

    The Avet MXL standard version may not have enough drag to stop a Yellow tail from taking you through the kelp/rocks, might have to thumb the spool and press the line on the grip with the other hand. I have one.
  46. mackereljoe

    Best Calico/Halibut/Seabass Swimbait Setup???

    My light swimbait and colt sniper rig is a Shadow stalker 8’ 6” XH with Quantum EX300, spoiled with #30 sufix 832 braid.
  47. mackereljoe

    Offshore Cow on 40lb (heartbreaker)

    Wow, that sounds like an outstanding tag team fighting the fish and boat handling on a #40 Single speed reel. Thanks.
  48. mackereljoe

    An Important Update from Hormel Foods!

    A few years ago, a friend visited after a tour in Iraq and requested Spam, eggs, and those salted dried herring (Tuyo) for his first meal back. Spam is family.
  49. mackereljoe

    Limited production non-glued and greased drag reels

    Just wondering if it's possible for Avet to make a limited edition reel with the drag washer not glued? Buyers can grease it themselves if desired. Thank you.
  50. mackereljoe

    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    And “don’t eat brown snow” got started.
  51. mackereljoe

    What freshwater Mono-filament are you using?

    I used izor xxx for fresh and saltwater.
  52. mackereljoe

    Too good to be true, internet deal.

    Why is this popping up in google shopping search.
  53. mackereljoe

    Charkbait store....

    Outstanding store. Staff are very knowledgeable with great customer service. 10% discount to military....
  54. mackereljoe

    Any place that will accept ammo delivery now?

    I just an email from Ammunition Depot that we can order ammo online again in California, is it true?
  55. mackereljoe

    Southern Cali Yellowtail gear

    One rod to do it all under $300.00, I’ll go Okuma Cortez 12 with PCH 801XH.
  56. mackereljoe

    Need help - 2020 setups

    I agree with above, move the 35 to the 6480 and buy a 2 speed for the 700XH maybe a Fathom 30LD2 or the new Shimano speedmaster 16II.
  57. mackereljoe

    Penn Handles - Fathom, Torque

    PM sent for Torque SD handle.
  58. mackereljoe


    That swimbait will catch fish from Maine to California to Hawaii. Excellent report, thank you.
  59. mackereljoe

    Catching bigger spotties from shore

    When I fish structures don’t matter what species, my drag is tight over about #7 for 20lbs line. Hooks are sticky sharp, so when I feel a bite, I crank that reel fast and relentless to get all the slacks and stretch from mono. Sandbass is notorious for burying and wedging their heads in...
  60. mackereljoe

    New Cavalla Lever Drag From Okuma

    Where is it going to be produced, China?
  61. mackereljoe

    FG knot

    I also never had luck with FG once the mono or flouro is less than half the breaking strength of the braid. That’s when I tie the modified Tony Pena.
  62. mackereljoe

    Jackpot nightmare.

    The last four JP wins for me are also not the best catching trips. 2 Bonita, salmon grouper, and a small yellow about 7 pounds. Gave all to to the crew, not much money to make since hardly any fish to clean. My last trip (ElDorado) was a shocker since the JP was $20 to enter.
  63. mackereljoe

    Good Luck Rituals

    I eat baitfish a lot, sardines, anchovy, smelt, squid.... Also don’t wear a hat that already won a jackpot it never strikes twice for me. Also add fish sauce to flavor spaghetti, stew.... heck being Ilocano that’s what I do anyway.
  64. mackereljoe

    In Hot Oil

    Fish head soup? Those look mighty tasty.
  65. mackereljoe

    reel size fresh/salt and rod

    My most versatile rig while in the east coast is a 4000 Sedona 1 spooled with #10 mono and another spool with #6 and a 8’ 3” Fenwick (8-17) steelhead type rod. I’m able to cast various lures for stripe-bass bluefish, speckled trout.... 1/4 to half ounce kastmaster is my go to jig from Florida...
  66. mackereljoe

    Choosing the right dean

    If I’m in that situation I’ll go light with #15/20 flouro and down to size 2 circle hooks. Fishing tuna with a long time deckhand one time and he’s fishing #4 size hooks on normal size deans. IMHO in your case is just pure luck and coincidence. I was on a trip and had the only 3 yellow and...
  67. mackereljoe

    What is your Catalina YT set up?

    When Barracuda are around they will nick and fray your leader so alway check. With that said I’m with the group with tight drag and reel like a madman. And when you think you got them beat and out of the structures they will sprint under the boat towards the propeller. I tend to fish longer...
  68. mackereljoe

    EZ sliding egg weights

    Looks like an improvement to the rubber core. Very nice. Reminded me a few decades ago when a Pinhead missed a gaff shot, he hit the line and the sinker plink him dead center in the forehead. That was the last time I use one of them.
  69. mackereljoe

    Leopard sharks in OC?

    Exactly this method worked for me. Catch a Mack or perch and flyline or fish finder rig. Sometimes a big ray will eat it and you’ll be fighting for awhile. I mainly use 4’ of #60 leader with 5/0 circle hooks. Just about anywhere this will work.
  70. mackereljoe

    Beginner question about surf lure fishing

    Seems like you’re doing everything right so far for perch and smelt and possible striped bass. I used to live in the mission district. For stripers I use to surf fish by the Pacifica pier casting 3 ounce kastmaster with white buck tail trailer in the surf during the day. And at night especially...
  71. mackereljoe

    Surface iron discussion

    I’m with you Kris. I have a similar type reel (quantum EX300) and it works for colt sniper and Tady C surface iron. When the yellows are running Small to mid grade it will work.
  72. mackereljoe

    Offshore Top Gun 80 3.5 day

    Would’ve been cool if the Captain drop the hook or drift for just a couple hours for some lingcod and reds while In Tanner/Cortez. Excellent report.
  73. mackereljoe

    Catalina - 6/29 Big Yellowtail and the Boys first Real Fishing Trip

    Outstanding pictures, especially Aiden looks like he’s cradling an M4.
  74. mackereljoe

    New Cavalla Lever Drag From Okuma

    Does it have thrust bearing?
  75. mackereljoe

    Would you eat fish caught inside the harbor?

    Asian here, I’ll eat it. I’ve gotten invited to a few dinner that served pier caught mackerel and smelt. Vietnamese are the most efficient fish eater, leftover fish is almost museum quality, especially lobster.
  76. mackereljoe

    best STRONG circle hook for blue fin?

    The Owner Mutu is bigger and thicker gauge. Size 2 owner seems equivalent to 2/0 nautilus. I wish the hook company start putting pounds rating like most tackles. Go with Mutu or Demon for non football size tuna or heavy pressure might be required.
  77. mackereljoe

    Reel for a cal star 540?

    I’m with you on the Cortez 10.
  78. mackereljoe

    Guides to DIY line strippers?

    I do this to have an idea if I still like the reel/rod combo when fighting a fish.
  79. mackereljoe

    Warship off San Pedro

    Yup, a minesweeper, iron men wooden ship.
  80. mackereljoe

    Looking for a Navy recruiter

    It’s hard to assess what trade or rate the young man can qualify until he takes the test. After the a classifier can tell him and his recruiter but sometimes the rate (trade) is overmanned so a recruiter will convince him to an open one. I was told I will be working in an air conditioned...
  81. mackereljoe

    Fishing rig for youngsters

    I’m with the baitrunner type spinner recommendations. Next is a small conventional reel with magnetic cast control.
  82. mackereljoe

    Which Circle Hooks for Bluefin???

    I was comparing the Gamagatsu Nautilus with Owner Mutu yesterday and Gama 2/0 have the same gap opening as the size 2 mutu and the gauge is much thicker on the owner mutu. The shank length for both brand with same size is equal. I’ll use the Gama for more stealth and lighter line and owner for...
  83. mackereljoe

    Need a boat recommendation

    If it’s me I’ll take the Eldorado out of Berth 55 long beach. Or drive south to get in on some pelagics you’re looking for.
  84. mackereljoe

    Senior Stats Project - Does bait matter?

    Natural live bait worked best for me. All my best catch is from live bait. Rhode Island, Best stripebass caught with a live squid found in a small pool of water during low tide. Flounder, speckled trout, and red drum from live mullet. With all that said I enjoy catching fish with surface...
  85. mackereljoe

    Thursday on the Pursuit ?

    Alan, if my memory is right you just described a 13 feet swell
  86. mackereljoe

    BNIB Okuma Cedros Star Drag CSD10S

    Outstanding deal. Similar drag system as penn torque only bigger.
  87. mackereljoe

    Taco Whore

    Thanks, just in time for Lenten season. That sure beats fish sticks with coleslaw.
  88. mackereljoe

    Line Weight to Fish Weight?

    Then some fish just pull harder. I had a small YT thinking I got him beat, crank up the drag and lifted the head out of the water. The fish is around 10 pounds but the last burst snap my 30lb line like nothing.
  89. mackereljoe

    Komodo SS Power Knob - Upgrade-able ?

    Did Okuma came out with a new handle without posting here? Just saw a Komodo with new handle in EBay.
  90. mackereljoe

    Your first quality fishing rod ?

    Garcia conolon, i think it was 15.00 paid in quarters nickels and dimes. I fished it till it became part of dads vegetable garden stick.
  91. mackereljoe

    'Simple' tuna cord or paracord wrap on rod bottom portion

    If the rod don’t feel balance and sorta tip heavy then if it’s me I’ll wrap a cord on the bottom.
  92. mackereljoe

    The Okuma Guys Go Fishing!

    Thanks Christ appreciate the help.
  93. mackereljoe

    The Okuma Guys Go Fishing!

    Christ, what do you think about the fishing rod performance? Im considering the 12’ rod you mentioned. Whipping various grubs and flies works just about anywhere I’ve been including the North Atlantic. Thanks.
  94. mackereljoe

    Is Chartreuse ever thrown on the West Coast?

    Bay and sandy inshore it’s my go to color.
  95. mackereljoe

    Pierpoint or berth 55

    Berth 55. The parking is very convenient and berth front office seems more helpful on what’s working. I also like LA waterfront.
  96. mackereljoe

    Grandpas Old Stuff

    Those are deadly in the calm bay for night plugging. Then around 1980 we started using white plastic night crawler the longer the better. Funny how this setup did not work for me in the Northeast.
  97. mackereljoe

    rock fishing from shore good locations needed

    You can try parking by the Trump Golf course walk the trail down. Once you get down to the rocks you can pretty much fish for miles to the left. I normally bring a heavy 11’ surf rod with either a big spinning reel or my old sealine with 30 pound mono for more distance. My tackle consist of...
  98. mackereljoe

    Best level wind reel for 9 year

    The new fathom 15 ii levelwind seems like an excellent idea, but probably best to match with a lighter rod. For a 9 year old kid I like Marco’s idea of Lexa 400 better; and match with matching inshore rod. Light setup to fight fish not the equipment.
  99. mackereljoe

    Reel comparison

    The size feels the same to me, maybe before this I used a conventional quantum Cabo 20lw. I changed the gears from 4.1 to 6.1 and it works good. So going lowpro is much easier. I was set to get the Komodo after witnessing tv dan and owner hooks pro easily landing yellows 10-15 pounds. Also...
  100. mackereljoe

    Reel comparison

    I have a Lexa 400HS-P and when buying a second lowpr; considering a Komodo 471 and Lexa 400HD 7.1, I ended up buying a Lexa 400HD because the Komodo power handle just don’t feel right for me.
  101. mackereljoe

    If you can only pick 4 calstar rods to choose from for 1-3 days...

    GG270H - progear 545 GF700MH - fathom 25nld2 GF765ML - fathom 40nld2 GG6480 - progear 454 GG90j would be great if I’m 20-30 years younger.
  102. mackereljoe

    best small reel

    Seeing some torque 25N in here that would fit in between your Lexa 400 and fth40Nld2. I think it’s an outstanding deal for an outstanding reel.
  103. mackereljoe

    HEY SANTA! This is the new PENN reel I want under the tree this year.

    8-9’ 1 piece spinning rod and a torque 12 with magnetic cast control.
  104. mackereljoe

    Recommendation for Ultralight Spinning Rod for San Diego Bay?

    I use a Fenwick Steelhead rod 8’3” rated 6-17 and use #6 mono. Can hardly read the model name. But also used a cheap Daiwa steelhead rod 8.5” and works just as well. The length increased the angle so the line don’t rub the weed line.
  105. mackereljoe

    Experience with Daiwa Coastal TWS???

    Lexa 300hd is an excellent choice. Caught many flounder, specs, and reds on those jetty and a Lexa 300 with braid back up will give you better chance in landing a bull red. My biggest specs is caught a few yards from the back gate of navy base.
  106. mackereljoe

    Tony Pena knot vs. FG knot

    Mostly use FG unless braid to mono is over half then i use Pena, like #65 braid to #25 flouro/mono.
  107. mackereljoe

    Surface iron setup: Calstar 690j & Daiwa Sealine 40HV

    With just a change in reel handle, very nice setup.
  108. mackereljoe

    Reel advice needed.

    IMHO it’s best to make it a 30-40 surface iron. I’m with the group with fth40nld2 for heavy 50 or light 80 for your bait and yo-yo.
  109. mackereljoe

    Keeping Dungeness Crabs alive

    Preheat the clothes dryer for about 10 minutes with wet towels. Then wrap the crabs with the hot towel and let it tumble. When the towel is dry it should be fully cook. Saw it done by sailors in the 80s with lobster.
  110. mackereljoe

    Surface iron retrieve rate

    Normally medium speed like 2 turns per second or if there’s a deckhand or cook fishing I match their speed. If no luck I go a little faster. Then do the 3 turn and bleep pause. After that I started singing the 1 little 2.little 3 little Indian song with exaggerated rod pull up to the point of...
  111. mackereljoe

    Advice on rigging

    For me I’ll probably put 500 meters of 120 braid and 150 yards of #80 mono: connected with FG knot. I like the stretch of mono for trolling. Too many pulled hooks for me when doing braid to leader. Did you upgrade the drag to carbon fiber? My trolling rig have 100 feet of #100 mono to #100 braid.
  112. mackereljoe

    Multi use rod and reel question

    I have much better luck fishing the bay with light line 6-8 pounds mono or #20 braid with 6-20 Fluoro. Looking at my current tackle, a 300 Lexa with Okuma Shadow Stalker 8.5’ XH is my best compromise for only 1 rig; casting those small plastic with 1/4 ounce jig heads will be a challenge...
  113. mackereljoe

    Thoughts on Spider Wire Blue Camo Braid?

    Tried the #65 for casting it’s a little stiff and I didn’t wait for it to supple from use. Transferred it to my rockfish rig and it works great. I went back to sufix 832 for casting jigs and live bait. If you like that color, the sufix 832 coastal is great.
  114. mackereljoe

    What rod for Tady 45s?

    Lowpro reels SCTi XH 8.5’ is hard to beat Conventional reel Makaira or PCH in 801XH.
  115. mackereljoe

    Shimano Tranx 400 drag issue

    Thumb the side of the spool and pull line. If it’s me I’ll just respool to eliminate a possible problem.
  116. mackereljoe

    Braid line and backlash

    When that happens usually it’s not a clean break like mono, some fiber/s along the affected area also break. So inspect and if there’s any doubt just cut the affected line. Lost 2 fish from previously untangled birds nest before I stop trusting my inspection skill.
  117. mackereljoe

    Rockfishing rod and reel under $300

    This is very sound. Once fished a Fathom 25NLD2 with a Tiger rod for rockfish and ling and came away feeling it was the best rockfish setup.
  118. mackereljoe

    Reel Advice for Jig Stick

    I'm not sure about the Phenix rod you're thinking, but fished next to a guy using a custom Calstar Grafiter 850m spinning outfit and he's matching my best cast with little effort and destroying midgrade yellowtail. Still have not seen a reasonably priced factory spinning rod that will work for...
  119. mackereljoe

    Hey guys I'm new to the site and salt water. Need suggestion...

    Seems to be a good setup for Tady C, small coltsniper and some hardbaits. For heavier surface iron or mega bait type jigs, yeah you need a heavier rated rod.
  120. mackereljoe

    Shimano More drag from a Trini 12a?

    You’re probably better off getting something else rather than reengineering a reel with premium price like a Penn torque 12 and the new Accurate Tern.
  121. mackereljoe

    Rigging the ultimate flat fall

    I didn’t finish reading laughing so hard. Thanks Jay. Mama San with variety of hookers.
  122. mackereljoe

    first overnight trip on the Aztec advice

    Maybe turning the #25 to 15/20 setup just in case fish gets really spooky. Normally i go 15, 25, 40 or 20, 30, 40 for most overnight trips.
  123. mackereljoe

    Penn Bluewater carnage?

    Not enough tackle shop carry them. The carnage 1 was excellent but not sure about the current version. I use a 700xl jist about for everything, feels like it have more backbone than the Calstar 700L.
  124. mackereljoe

    Anybody want smoked tuna belly

    i’d Fry those for breakfast, rice and eggs.
  125. mackereljoe

    What leadheads for these to fish inshore?

    What you have now will work. Got some big Cuda near the bottom with exact set up.
  126. mackereljoe

    Trition or Gail Force

    Triton is bigger but can’t go wrong with either one.
  127. mackereljoe

    Bob Sands or RP knot?

    FG for me unless my leader gets to the point of close the same diameter as my braid then I go BS.
  128. mackereljoe

    Reading Fishfinder

    Try dropping a hooked fish at that depth and see what it looks like. That’s what Captain Bacon’s answered once.
  129. mackereljoe

    Using Live Reef Fish For Bait!

    Beautiful place. Limerick hooks works great until a decent size bonefish or papio straighten it out. Thanks for sharing.
  130. mackereljoe

    Spider Wire Camo Braid reviews

    I use #65 mostly for rockfish and worked well. For casting surface iron and live bait I prefer suffix 832 or Daiwa j-braid, smoother.
  131. mackereljoe

    Flat Fall Rigging

    Savon tackle selling some rigged attached as an example. Can’t trust myself to do it.
  132. mackereljoe

    Drag specs ?

    Interested to see a table chart as well. Torque 25 set at #11 at the full marking turned to only #13 at 3/4 marking. Knowing this, with 300 yds #50 and top with 150 yards #65 it will be #14 at full. I’m sure those reel with tall spool ramp up a lot quicker. BTW thanks Tunanorth for the line...
  133. mackereljoe


    I spent a couple of hours today doing variations of the FG. The best so far with 50 braid and 25 mono (XXX) is an FG with Pena. 7/14 and lock with 2 wraps. Surgeon (2 wraps) then a rizzuto lock. The braid tag end go thru the 5 wrap rizzuto. Before cinching I slide the braid and butted to the...
  134. mackereljoe

    Rod recommendations for “smaller” yellowtail????

    Been on this quest for awhile. On paper the Proteus was good but since i have the Boat version instead of the inshore the line rubs the upper part of the grip. - Shadow stalker 86XH was great for live bait and for light surface iron (Tady C) and Coltsniper up to 100 Grams, worked better with...
  135. mackereljoe


    I finish with 2 turn rizzuto a half hitch and 3 turn rizzuto. Maybe the last rizzuto lock unravel (rarely) but by that time it’s also time to change leader/top shot.
  136. mackereljoe


    I burn the end of the mono to create a catch edge, extra prevention from slipping. It gets covered up pretty good.
  137. mackereljoe

    Catalina Calicos...National Geographic Style 7/3/18

    I have to go all the way back 19 years for something like that at SCI. At Catalina is almost 40 years. Outstanding video thank you for sharing.
  138. mackereljoe

    Gail Force 7/3 Big Bass-Big Yellas !

    Catching a yellow that big in close quarters on a bass setup is a very skillful. Congratulations.
  139. mackereljoe

    Line Recommendation for Lexa 400

    The green with yellow tint for the Lexa. I’m trying the coastal blue camo and I like it a lot for iron but more confident with the green camo for live bait. #50 braid is plenty strong with FG connection to leader. I use #30 sufix for my tady C and 42-80 grams colt sniper. Been over a year and...
  140. mackereljoe

    Line Recommendation for Lexa 400

    i like the #50 sufix 832 and able to fit 300 yards to the brim. I removed about 20 yards In order for my leader connections not to hit the disengaging bar. On another I put a #40 sufix camo as my stealth rig with light fluoro. The color pattern makes it easier to see and I’m color blind.
  141. mackereljoe

    Halibut lower jaw bone...

    Thanks. I’ll try that next time I get lucky.
  142. mackereljoe

    Yellowtail fly lining and slow troll techniques

    Seems like you’re doing things right. The only thing I can think of is don’t eat banana for a month.
  143. mackereljoe

    Halibut lower jaw bone...

    Looks great! How in the world did you get it all cleaned up?
  144. mackereljoe

    Gail Force 7/2/18 Catalina With The Boys!

    That big cooler is very nice to see and wonder why other day boats don’t do it. This operation just moved to the top for me.
  145. mackereljoe

    Pacific Eagle 7/2

    Outstanding report! Thanks.
  146. mackereljoe

    Cat 6-30

    Thanks Erik, from the landing counts yesterday sounds like Captain Bruce put you guys in a good spot. How many people onboard? X2
  147. mackereljoe

    25 torque

    Was wondering also if the frame and spool is just a wider version of torque 12 and 15; and side plates are all the same.
  148. mackereljoe

    Hi Greg, please send me the link. Appreciate all the help, thank you.

    Hi Greg, please send me the link. Appreciate all the help, thank you.
  149. mackereljoe

    Weak wrist position . . . and other common mistakes?

    Back in the 90s I tried the short pump method with cup and harness, I must have looked liked a dumbass humping in quick succession. If you can only see the faces of crew, captain, and friends. I looked pretty embarrassed and that was the first and last. Now I just do the getting my ass kicked...
  150. mackereljoe

    Weak wrist position . . . and other common mistakes?

    It’s hard for me to follow guys with Popeyes forearms and Frank Lo’s arms have the muscles to pull. Can you please show me the weak wrist position? I’m probably doing it. I also pull on the reel handle a lot to compensate for my weakness.
  151. mackereljoe

    I got a brand new Lexa HD 400 for 177 on ebay!

    Per-fishing maintenance on the old version and the HD seems to alleviated just about anything that can go wrong with all my reels. Just follow Alan Tani and John Tuttle’s tutorials and now I have too many reels cause they don’t break down as usual. Definitely don’t agree with « garbage reel »...
  152. mackereljoe

    Smaller Reel for small bait.

    My favorite light bait setup right now is a progear V22 with Proteus 80MH. Also use a Shimano 8000 spinner that can zing a live bait pretty far. As I get older and spinner are a lot better now I’m seeing more and more with 8-9’ custom rod with spinner.
  153. mackereljoe

    Triton 6/27/2018

    Hardly any birds. Mostly seagulls no terns. I saw a few small schools of chovy that bass are boiling. For Cuda the small Megabaits worked well and better than surface iron. People fishing light line (15-20) did best for bass.
  154. mackereljoe

    Triton 6/27/2018

    Fished 3/4 day aboard Triton out of San Pedro. Good bait sardines and chovy. Went straight to the backside and start catching Calico in the morning and Skipper went looking for yellowtail. I tried using Iron to maybe get a yellow no luck but cudas and per the skipper he only saw 1 breezer...
  155. mackereljoe

    how long of a fluoro leader?

    I put enough to have 1.5 times rod length mostly. For stealth bait fishing I put about 20 feet of light Fluoro #15-25.
  156. mackereljoe

    Be Careful When Throwing Irons

    The worst one I’ve seen is a dude hooking himself in the back of the head with a 6X Jr. Captain looked and with hook embedded Our day is done. On a hot Cuda bite most Will be slinging iron from all sides. Or trying to bounce a barely hook fish with a half ounce sinker about to slingshot at...
  157. mackereljoe

    You All Have Exhausted Me

    Just like technology I’ve felt the same way, so far behind. Are you going to bring a dozen rod and reel combo?
  158. mackereljoe

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    Received it yesterday. The outside of the spool left side have deep scratches hopefully it will not be a problem later on.
  159. mackereljoe

    Thanks Terry, your post on the torque 25 help a lot.

    Thanks Terry, your post on the torque 25 help a lot.
  160. mackereljoe

    Video for new PENN Spinfisher VI reels

    Very nice. Will the new CNC gears exact fit the V series?
  161. mackereljoe

    Rod reccomendations for newbie

    Put 300 yards of #50 braid (I prefer sufix 832) and top shot of #30 Izor XXX. You can tie a surgeon knot to a short fluorocarbon leader about 3-4’ for fly line live bait.
  162. mackereljoe

    How would you spool these reels

    For Lexa 400 I’m able to put 300 yards of #50 Izor. 300 yards of #40 sufix 832 with a few wraps of mono. 285 yards for #50 sufix. 300 yards of PP slick #50.
  163. mackereljoe

    Torque 25 line capacity

    Thank you. Setting it up not to loss jigs from seals.
  164. mackereljoe

    Torque 25 line capacity

    Need to know actual line capacity for the torque 25. Penn website list the same capacity for the 25 and 25N. Thinking of loading 300 yards of #65 sufix 832 and top it with at least 100 yards of #80 braid. Appreciate any info, thanks.
  165. mackereljoe

    Penn Torque 25 Cabela deal

    Thank you Sam. Super deal, now any rod recommendation for general purpose?
  166. mackereljoe

    Rod reccomendations for newbie

    It’s really about how you feel about the combo. To me, Calstar is a little heavier, the Proteus feels moderate taper with surprising pulling power. Overall the PCH is the best all around and company back up their product like no other.
  167. mackereljoe

    Rod reccomendations for newbie

    Those rod listed above are pretty solid and if only 1 rig to bring it will be any of the 8’ rods listed, Calstar Grafighter 800M, Okuma PCH 801H and Daiwa Proteus 80H.
  168. mackereljoe

    Daiwa vs. Penn

    Agrée x2. But if force to pick only 1 then the penn because of ht100 drag. Handle on both are balance type and Daiwa have a slight edge since it normally have 2 slot. For casting Daiwa is awesome.... therefore get both and sell whatever you don’t like. Excellent deal for sure.
  169. mackereljoe

    Setting Proper Drag Pressure with Spring Scale

    I also do 25% specially for tuna for star or lever. Fishing narrow spool the drag ramp up quick on long run.
  170. mackereljoe

    Most fish caught on a single day and an entire trip of long range fishing?

    Not the most fish but one jigstop that went from Albacore to bluefin to yellowfin with sprinkle of skipjack aboard the Mustang. The school never left and continue the next day. I don’t remember any limit back then but captain and charter master decided its more than enough and headed back to...
  171. mackereljoe

    packing spectra on spinning reel

    I also do the donor reel thing set at around 6 pounds of drag. Sometimes a reel will not spool perfect like too much line on top or bottom of spool and needed adjustments add or remove spool washer to even. You’ll never know the line will lay if the line is spooled with a machine.
  172. mackereljoe

    Beginner surface iron rod

    Go with your first choice of teramar heavy it should be good with #30 mono and will balance well with Okuma Cortez 10a reel. The cast control makes it very forgiving when it comes to backlashes.
  173. mackereljoe

    Fish Head Soup

    This is my bachelor’s recipe. Pico de gallo, salt, pepper, lemon, fish heads, belly, collars, tuna hearts, and liver. Boil the water and add pico de gallo till the tomato start falling apart, add salt, fresh chop ginger and black pepper and whatever left over jalapeño if desired. Drop the...
  174. mackereljoe

    Recommendations - CA Yellowtail setup

    That Penn 3/0 combo is hard to beat. Or go different brand and get Okuma Cortez 12a with Cortez rod CZ-C-701Ha also within the budget.
  175. mackereljoe

    Help me catch my first yellowtail....questions....

    Mint White is the one that go first for me also for around Catalina. For San Diego to Mexico the Blue/White.
  176. mackereljoe

    Fave 30# Mono for Live Bait?

    yup Izor XXX, now trying the kastking leader material durablend as topshot, I like it alot.
  177. mackereljoe

    40 LB reel opions

    I’m not sure about your Dad casting skill level so an Avet Raptor MX might be a better option. I see guys with pricey tackle that’s taking a lot of deckhands time due to backlash.
  178. mackereljoe

    After Rain Fishing

    My take is that when barometric pressure is rapidly dropping the bite will be wide open near shore up to the middle of storm/rain. And once the dry bulb and wet bulb temp is over 2 degrees apart and over 30 millibars of pressure then offshore will be good only if there’s no anvil formation in...
  179. mackereljoe

    Shore Casting Set-Up & Hook-Up Using Shrimp!

    Excellent tutorial. Thanks.
  180. mackereljoe

    Recommendations on a reel cast Iron

    Best bang - I’ll vote for Okuma Cortez 12. It comes with magnetic cast control, stainless steel gears, carbon fiber drag....
  181. mackereljoe

    Bluefin and gear suggestions/upgrades

    I think the Saltist 40T will be doable for Bluefin under 60lb. I'll load it with #65 braid to the top and #50/60 flouro leader and 16-18 pound drag with full spool. Agree with Robert about needing a rod with lifting power.
  182. mackereljoe

    Okuma Rockaway Surf Perch Rod

    Where can a pull on one of this rods? Seems to have excellent reviews from the striper guys for pluging and even whipping fishermen from Hawaii. Appreciate any help.
  183. mackereljoe

    4/20 stupid fishing

    Paddled a cheap inflatable to an island in the middle of a lake and realized I only have a couple of matches. Started a campfire so I can lit my stuff whenever; wide open smallmouth bass till I felt the heat of the entire island on fire. Paddled like a Hawaiian warrior back to shore that seems...
  184. mackereljoe

    Calstar Graphiter 765L

    Nice rod, how much?
  185. mackereljoe

    Tady 45, Plain or Hologram?

    Only had luck with Bonita with holographic and that’s with fast jerky retrieved, I’m sticking with old popular color.
  186. mackereljoe

    Sub $100 surf rod suggestions?

    The new Okuma Rockaway Rods seems to be getting rave reviews, thinking about getting one.
  187. mackereljoe

    1st Overnighter

    Pretty much the same. Travel, go to squid ground get squid or buy, anchor and wait around and at grey light try getting WSB and go after whatever is biting. Head home around 3 pm. I normally wake up around 4 am and spend as much time at the rail there’s plenty of time to rest heading home...
  188. mackereljoe

    PCH & Carnage II

    Thanks for the reply, I got excited there for a moment. That’s some fighting skills to last two hours with a cow with that rig, congrats.
  189. mackereljoe

    PCH & Carnage II

    Nice picture Mike, is that rod spiral wrap? The bend looks perfect and looked maxed out.
  190. mackereljoe

    Rockfish Circle Hook and line types/setups, etc?

    I prefer offset circle for fish that don't run hard so for rockfish it's offset and at least 2/0 but normally 3/0 to 5/0 to minimize rip out that normally happens right at the surface. Agree totally with Wai's post. Braid sometimes to break fibers at multiple spots before snapping at the...
  191. mackereljoe

    Question concernng a Tesoro 12s

    I'm curious how many yards of #40 braid did it take and do you wear gloves? I tend to go higher # to minimize finger slices
  192. mackereljoe

    EBay 15% off entire site

    Thanks, appreciate the heads-up. Got an Okuma SCTi 801HX for $117.
  193. mackereljoe

    Komodo SS Power Knob - Upgrade-able ?

    I mentioned this dilemma with at FHS and he suggested getting the Winn knob sleeve cover to make the tiny power knob adult size. Still no real solution from Okuma and seems to be okay for their customer to buy other handle from competion.
  194. mackereljoe

    Shore fishing in Maui

    X100 on Thatsbait post. Go long on the leader about 8’ and get clear curly tail with silver specs. I use a couple of size smaller J hooks non-offset to reduce twisting. Limerick hooks will get straighten by Papio over 3 pounds. Small cast master jigs in 1/4 ounce also works. Night...
  195. mackereljoe

    Just wondering if...

    Got some more boxes, it wasn't long ago when 22lr ammo cost 1-2 cents per round.
  196. mackereljoe

    Just wondering if...

    Nowhere close, just enough rounds for one annual family famfire session and one qual session. Last week Signal Hill Turner's are pretty much out of popular caliber other than .380. It will be a scramble for me come Friday. Just need to see reality and accept that the laws will continue to...
  197. mackereljoe

    3 weeks until douchebag-magedon

    Looks like I'll be spending next check money for ammo. All year seems like every time I remember to stock up on ammo the stores are sold out. Gonna have to reduce ammo allocation during range time. Politicians here in Cali sure always find a way to drum up money, what's next additional tax...
  198. mackereljoe

    Offshore Spottie Bite

    I use light line 6-8 pounds mono and 1/4 to 3/8 oz jighead those light Japanese made jighead that don't split the small 3" swimbait. If that don't work I go Hawaii style whipping technique with 2" curly tail (fish finder rig with 5' or more leader). This is my skunk day last resort. Normal...
  199. mackereljoe

    Very Simple Clouser Minnow Deep Surf Flies // Bucktail Jigs

    The bottom 2 looks awesome and should work very well for whipping style fishing.
  200. mackereljoe

    Shout out to Phenix and Turners customer service

    Alex (Turner's) is the best store manager I've ever dealt with for that chain. So glad he's still there.
  201. mackereljoe

    Kids killed it in Panama with Rio Negro Fishing Lodge.

    Outstanding pix, specially the kid with mahi as a rifle.
  202. mackereljoe

    Lexa 400 HD Proteus 8' MH or H?

    90MH also have one in makaira 90h. Had to wrap a reel plate since no reel seat for both.
  203. mackereljoe

    Lexa 400 HD Proteus 8' MH or H?

    The 8' MH did not work for me since the line rub top of the grip handle even at full spool. it's the proteus boat so I'm not sure if it does the same with the trigger grip inshore version. For flinging coltsniper teramar and okuma ss worked better for me.
  204. mackereljoe

    Shimano TranX 400a or 400ahg reel

    Agree with the 300 size reel with 6.3 gear ratio and a power handle.
  205. mackereljoe

    Request: Picture of shimano flatfall package

    Phone camera pix.
  206. mackereljoe

    Line Over Run

    I've noticed a slight changed when the spool I'm buying is now stamped MADE IN CHINA and nobody believes me.
  207. mackereljoe

    Corkpuppy or longer studs?

    Started using the one with a trigger, works great and will get another one or 3. Had to grind downthe post since its too long.
  208. mackereljoe

    calico bass set up

    My set up seems to change until the night before, so today it will be a Lexa 400 HD 7.1 with a Makaira 90H for all Bass related, it is also my all around set up. 300 yards of #40 sufix 832 and about 12' of Fluoro #25 to 40. Secondary is a Teramar 90MH with another Lexa 400 spooled similar to...
  209. mackereljoe

    Komodo SS Power Knob - Upgrade-able ?

    I'm surprise that Okuma still don't have a better handle replacement and that their customer are buying shimano handle for their reel.
  210. mackereljoe

    big baller brand

    UCLA sent this young adults as an ambassador for the school. The coaches had plenty of time to brief these young men of what is expected of them. Looks like a leadership problem to me.
  211. mackereljoe

    Best Casting Mono??

    XXX. Been testing the kastking leader material the last 6 months. it comes in 120 yards spool, seems very promising so far, but needed more torture test before I can recommend over the Izor XXX. The last 3 spools of XXX I bought were made in China and it seems to fade faster than the ones used...
  212. mackereljoe

    Would you use Salt Away for your reel?

    Do the Alan Tani per fishing maintenance and this. And this
  213. mackereljoe

    Multi colored braid?

    Go for it, just use a longer leader. i use mostly bright colored braid and my favorite is neon sufix 832 with 15 feet of flouro leader to help me see my line better. Maybe if I use shorter leader it might make a difference.
  214. mackereljoe

    the trump has pissed off MX over WTO labeling.

    Dude it was Obama and Hilary as state Sec.
  215. mackereljoe

    One reel, one rod?

    9' jigstick 25-50 with Pro gear 454. With age looking at Okuma PCH 20-50 with matching Tesoro reel.
  216. mackereljoe

    What are these used for???

    Looks like lures used in Florida for sierras, blue fish, and mackerel.
  217. mackereljoe

    Rod selection

    I had my 400 on shadow stalker 86XH then on a teramar 90MH and now on a Makaira 90H . The Makaira seems to be a better fit as my all around rig. #50 braid with #30 to #40 leader. I also put it on a proteus boat 80mh and never actually fished it since pulling it till drag starting to slip and...
  218. mackereljoe

    Offshore Shady overnight trip

    Thanks for the laugh Steve. Excellent post.
  219. mackereljoe

    Shimano Rod Rating -- How Is It Decided?

    I wish they just state at what # it bottom out or lifting power. Got a teramar 90MH and it seems to bottom out at 7-8 pounds of drag although rated 30-65 braid.
  220. mackereljoe

    budget spinner

    I think a Penn SSV 6500LL will balance well with the rod. My ssv 7500 seems to be the most requested loaner rig among friends that only fish spinner. It can do surface to rockfish just fine. Plenty of torque and the rotor don't wobble under heavy drag setting like the BTR 6500B. Regularly...
  221. mackereljoe

    I'm I a bit early?

    Win-win! Dodgers World Series and a 5 dayer. Leave some luck for us commoners.
  222. mackereljoe

    Any Okuma PCH reviews?

    I was just at Savon tackle and talked to the okuma rep and pulled on the pch rods. Freakin badass rod on sale at 160. Also Makaira jigsticks for 80. The makaira jigsticks are MH and H good for 20-25 mono.
  223. mackereljoe

    Bull Redfish 1/2 day boat

    That's a big bull. Congrats.
  224. mackereljoe

    300 yds Mono is roughly how in Braid?

    I use the birthday method. So for shimano I divide the braid by 2.66 for mono equivalent. For penn and avet I get younger 2.86. For the classic penn and Daiwa reels I'm back being 21 again at 2.96. With max cuatro and berkley pro spec my birthday is in march.:D
  225. mackereljoe


    That's an awesome motivation to get well and use the reel and to think about the many possibilities of rod to match it with. Best results on your surgery.
  226. mackereljoe

    rock fishing

    I use a makaira rod 901H with Cedros CS10 for jigs and dropper loop. Actually thinking of getting a stiffer rod like a heavy graftech jigstick and putting a small rail plate for bottom fishing.
  227. mackereljoe

    Inshore Fishing with Sportsking 9 Oct

    Oops, meant sport king, I guest a 12 packed of Sierra Nevada will do that to people.
  228. mackereljoe

    Inshore Fishing with Sportsking 9 Oct

    Spent a day with Sport King out of San Pedro. Skipper Bruce picked up good looking and nice size sardines and fished Rocky point most morning trying for YT, no luck. Looks like a few sportsboat and a dozen or so private boat have the same plan. Pickup a few bass and Bonita. The dogs are...
  229. mackereljoe

    Proteus boat rods

    It did not work well for me. The Lexa 400 sit low and with a decent bend the line rub the top handle. This is with full spool.
  230. mackereljoe

    Daiwa Lexa 400 HD, where does this part go?

    I opened my reel and did not see anything close to that part. More likely from another reel.
  231. mackereljoe


    Do you still have all model available?
  232. mackereljoe

    Best eating----- Calico Bass or Lingcod?

    Calico for grilled and Lingcod for fish soup.
  233. mackereljoe

    newbie free line question

    Light thumb pressure you'll feel the quiver of the sardines or mackerel and when tuna takes your bait it will be solid and as Jer Dog has mentioned, feel the speed and burn.
  234. mackereljoe

    Albacore Rod Reel Set-up

    Last time I caught albacore was so long ago. #15 Abu round reel, #20 6500 baitrunner, and #30 jigmaster. So pretty much just about anything work. Today I'll go with a 9' (#25) rod and maybe a 25N. A spinner setup with an 8' rod will be excellent specially for a chovy rig. About 50% of the...
  235. mackereljoe


    I had an excellent results sending it to PROGEAR for repair. The bridge post is pretty beefy. Here's a pix of the guts of the 40.
  236. mackereljoe

    Opah - How to?

    Years ago a veteran deckhand swears by dropping a mackerel or a sardine on a fish finder rig about 150 feet put the clicker on while standing night watch. Tried it but only sharks bit.
  237. mackereljoe

    Catalina Island 9/9

    I've fished the sportking a few times and yeah I see the crew fish including the cooked that love to sling iron. Most of the time it's to show us how it's done. Believe me if there's a decent size fish hanging Bruce will be making sure a deckhand will be there and not fishing. For the priced...
  238. mackereljoe

    Birthday gift

    I like both so any will work. Just don't get him any groupon special trip.
  239. mackereljoe

    Need More Torque

    Pulling rockfish and lingcod from deep is fun and some work with 25nld2; after a few I eventually pushed the low gear in, then it felt like a decent lingcod came unbuttoned it's that easy. For me fishing nocal deep with heavy sinker and fast current, I'll get one of the used TLD 20 2 speed...
  240. mackereljoe

    Offshore Topwater Yellowfin - 9/2

    Outstanding! What size and type of popper?
  241. mackereljoe

    Setting the drag

    At close quarters I have my drag tight and fish 40. There's some give from mono and I don't have any reels with that can truly lock down and snap a #40 especially all my reels drag fibers are greased for smoothness. Once in the clear I back off the drag just in case it makes a long run out to...
  242. mackereljoe

    Shimano Turner's Norwalk My new ugly Shimano

    Your post reminded me many years ago when a lady at Signal Hill rig my trolling feathers. Yup she said "I'm the manager". Lost 2 stripe marlin and a nice bluefin. Snap right at the crimp. I guest I'm still pissed, now need to smoke.
  243. mackereljoe

    Setting the drag

    Funny most Deckhand seems to tell me my drag is too tight. Have you ever tried breaking your #30 mono stuck on the bottom? You can hook your line to something solid, move back 50 feet and try breaking it. You can pull pretty hard with #30 mono. More likely the fish already made it to where...
  244. mackereljoe


    Outstanding deal bump.
  245. mackereljoe

    8.27 LBC - thank you Bloody Decks

    That's great. Those yellows looked well fed. Congrats.
  246. mackereljoe


    Pro Gear fixed the reel. Send it Monday afternoon and got it back Wednesday pretty much a one day turn around. It also came back with a pro gear reel cover. Too bad the fixed needed was not mentioned, reel is very smooth. The only thing different that I see between the vengeance or violator...
  247. mackereljoe

    Pro gear 545 or CS 625

    I never had luck with reel company line capacity claims. My estimate line capacity; V40: 260 yards of #30 and the V50 300 yards of 30 with Izor XXX.
  248. mackereljoe

    Pro gear 545 or CS 625

    I really like the PG 454 for heavy surface iron but now trying the PG 40 and 50. So far so good. Couldn't believe it even got easier to service the reel more so than the CS version but it did. Spool is very lite weight and better handle. Free Spool like crazy. It's gonna be hard to accept...
  249. mackereljoe

    400 size baitcaster line capacity...?

    I have 2 400 lexa HD and non-HD. 1 have 280 yards of #50 sufix 832 and 1 tooked 300 yards of #50 white PP and can can take another 15-20 yards. The Tranx 400 listed capacity of 275 PP. Also visually together the Lexa seems to have more capacity.
  250. mackereljoe

    Pro Gear's outstanding service

    Had a little hard to disengaged and rough free spool on a V22 and sent it to progear Monday afternoon and got it today all fixed and very smooth. Even got a reel cover with it. Don't know what was the fix or replaced but it felt so much smoother than I expected it would be. Thanks Pro Gear!
  251. mackereljoe

    Need to make room terez/daiwa/calstars rods

    Interested to buy 6 and 7. Pm sent.
  252. mackereljoe

    A minute later would have been a minute too late

    Outstanding job and guts. Judging by the condition, those guys will be goner in 30 seconds.
  253. mackereljoe

    Braid to Fluoro

    My go to live bait is a #50 Neon colored braid with 10' fluoro tied with FG connection. Now substituting fluro with cheap kastking leader with excellent results.
  254. mackereljoe

    Striped Bass on Surface Iron

    You have better luck than me. I tried in the 80s and 2000 for nothing. The only west coast fishing style that worked for me was flylined live or fresh dead squid. Used to jig one and flylined worked perfect. Now you got me thinking if adding a bucktail on the surface iron would have worked?
  255. mackereljoe

    Maxima line colors

    I've tried both and liked ultragreen much better. Before fluoro leader became popular that's what I use for picky bite.
  256. mackereljoe

    4 reels 2 rod Accurate, Avet, Shimano....

    I'll take the pro gear cs 501 shipped. Will pay for shipping.
  257. mackereljoe

    John, I'll take the revo max. Let me know how to pay you.

    John, I'll take the revo max. Let me know how to pay you.
  258. mackereljoe

    0 for 4 on Dodos...

    Excellent read. Thanks.
  259. mackereljoe

    Tranx 300 or 400...Inshore Saltwater

    Lures you're throwing are pretty light and it's hard to get distance if the spool is a bit heavy. Throwing light jigs or spoon and needed distance I'll stick with spinning; or go with smaller baitcast like a curado 200 for the half oz jigs.
  260. mackereljoe


    Thanks to Pete I got a hold of somebody and he said just mail it. Is it that easy really? I'm not a very trusting person. Let me know how you did it.
  261. mackereljoe


    Thanks Pete, will do. The spool seems to stick inside the pinion gear so I polish the inside with toothpaste with minimal improvement.
  262. mackereljoe


    I'm not sure what improvements are done but I recently got a V22 and kinda clunky disengaging and engaging into gear. Need to open it up and find the culprit since I can't find a good contact to talk to Pro Gear. It looked very promising and solid when I did the pre fishing maintenance...
  263. mackereljoe

    Key to bigger YT

    Big bait and the bigger YT sometimes stay below the firecrackers. Also you got to keep feeding line when those pesky blue perch are pecking at your bait so it's harder for them steal it. Normally I get 1 JP per year, been on a dry spell last 18 months. Need to stop eating banana again and eat...
  264. mackereljoe

    Handle / Grip options for Daiwa Lexa 400?

    I have an HS not the power handle and got a saltist balance handle from Daiwa. Worked so well that I put one in a pro gear CS 551. I also like the HD power handle.
  265. mackereljoe

    Bluefin set up without breaking the bank

    Or you can buy use and resell. I see some nice deal on this board that will satisfy your requirement.
  266. mackereljoe

    Best live bait hook

    I like the mustad 9174 series for smaller bait.
  267. mackereljoe

    Shimano Maxcuatro

    Stick with whatever you're doing now; 832 #20-30. I have #30 in a Quantum Ex300, about the same size as the tranx 300. I can whip the small metal jigs way out or fly line live bait pretty far. It seems easier for me to fix a bird nest than #50 power Pro. You should get at least 225 yards of...
  268. mackereljoe

    Offshore Tribute - Seaforth Landing 7/25 good YT and Dodo's

    Outstanding report. What size and color coltsniper?
  269. mackereljoe

    90m or 100j

    90M for fish under 60 only. Back in 2002 we ran into 60 to 80lbs bluefin aboard the mustang and witnessed the pain in guys fishing the same exact rods. Deckhand was called for relief but the deckhands just point the rod to the fish and crank only when the fish comes towards the boat to let them...
  270. mackereljoe

    Patriot Fish Count - Saturday, July 22nd

    After catching Macs the captain took us to catch sculpin moved once or twice and went home. Even strip of squid was skimpy and only 1 hook. Never did use the live bait. We have over 80 fishermen onboard.
  271. mackereljoe

    Komodo 400 size with what rod for Iron?

    currently have a lexa 400 with SS 861XH and the rod is just too light. Tested it by lifting old rockcod lead weight and it bottomed out at #6. Although I've bounced a rat yellow about #5 to get it away from a seal it was at its max. Sure it works but you'll not going to be satisfied due to...
  272. mackereljoe

    Patriot Fish Count - Saturday, July 22nd

    I'm not surprised at all, experienced it twice last year but for a private charter that's not fun. On one trip the captain had us doing sabiki for mackerel for over 1 hour because he said there's no bait.
  273. mackereljoe

    Komodo 400 size with what rod for Iron?

    I don't think Okuma have any inshore rod that will match the 463 or 471. 86XH SS or SCTi XH is more for the 300 size lowpro reels. Pros that I observed and fish recently have a different brand and used 9' jigstick for the 400 size Komodo, reason there are a few post about clamp for that reel...
  274. mackereljoe

    Best casting mono for jig reel?

    I believe the majority will vote for izorline xxx. That's what I use in #30 and #40. Recently with tired elbow, shoulder, and back pain, trying out the Lexa 400 HD with #50 braid and short leader. Testing out the kastking leader (#40) instead of fluoro and I'm happy with it so far.
  275. mackereljoe

    Megabait Upgrade Problem

  276. mackereljoe

    Rod recommendation for Lexa 300

    Okuma shadow stalker 86XH, matched with Quantum EX300 same size as the Lexa 300 and it cast very far. Mostly use Tady C and 62 - 100 grams coltsniper.
  277. mackereljoe

    Help : Need tackle advice for a 1-1/2 day trip next week

    Sounds like you're set. Have an #80 leader ready just in case big bluefin shows up.
  278. mackereljoe

    Help : Need tackle advice for a 1-1/2 day trip next week

    I think you're better off bring the standard recommended rigs (20, 30, 40) that can go 1 line class up. So you're rods needed to be stiff enough that you can pull hard. There are plenty of scenarios of what if for this type of trip during summer and I can't think of a right answer. My last two...
  279. mackereljoe

    Izor XXX...

    Xxx, I mainly use the smoke color and for clear I use first string. I cast jig better with xxx. Ande pink and maxima ultra green was my low viz line of choice before fluoro became more available.
  280. mackereljoe

    $2500 Fishing budget how would you spend it?

    I'll take a bunch of limited load overnight up to 2.5 days trip and spend the money here.
  281. mackereljoe

    Hook replacement and Rust

    I change my colt snipers and megabits to mustad in-line hooks just 3 weeks ago so not fully tested yet but I'm happy so far.
  282. mackereljoe

    Komodo as a go to 30# reel

    That komodo 463 is very capable for your intended use. Personally witnessed Dan Hernandez whip a good size yellowtail pretty fast. Also, 3 days ago watched Ron from owner hooks whip a BSB estimated at #175 in less than 20 min. Both pros used the 463 spooled with #65 braid and heavy 9'...
  283. mackereljoe

    Offshore Sauerfish uses "Wicked Tuna" tactic, breaks my jinx

    Outstanding report, felt like I was there with you doing the portugee pump. Thanks.
  284. mackereljoe

    Cheapest Rod/Reel Suitable for 20-40 lb YT, YF, BF, DODO

    Californian jigstick or ugly stick tiger 30-60 with Okuma cortez 12. I've seen way too many tackle casualty with pelagic to recommend Jigmaster or sealines.
  285. mackereljoe

    Is leopard shark good to eat?

    Never tried because of high mercury and pcb content per my brother and if it tasted bad I'd feel guilty for killing such a sporty fishing; makes an excellent fight with long drag burning runs with reasonable tackle.
  286. mackereljoe

    Setups For Local YT

    I normally bring same line class 20 30 40. #40 is more for bouncing the fish before he sea lion get a freebie.
  287. mackereljoe

    Sportking fishing @ Catalina Island 6/21

    Boiiiillll! Throw a surface iron.....
  288. mackereljoe

    Offshore 2x2 YFT 6/17 & 6/18 on the 17' Whaler

    Outstanding Nav Skill! Congrats. How do you plan to navigate in case of low viz?
  289. mackereljoe

    Best restaurant fish meal ever

    Cozumel Mexico open market area. I bragged about it to my shipmates and the next day half the crew was eating lunch there and all agreed its the best fish meal. Of course compared to our Galley with only $1 per meal per Sailor just about anything is a blessing. Once have lobster and steak...
  290. mackereljoe

    So tell me again Why do I want to use Braid or Spectra

    Since 2002 I started using spectra backed reel with 100 yards mono top shot and very happy with it. But with more and more people fishing short fluoro leader I go through the dilemma every trip. Today I've settled on having to just have 1 of each on every class I fished most. The problem now...
  291. mackereljoe

    Boat Shirt Design Poll

    B and C, voted for C.
  292. mackereljoe

    Anaheim Bay Stripers

    Nice catch, bait, plastic, metal jigs?
  293. mackereljoe

    Can it handle blue fin tuna?

    I have that reel as my loaner rig and it can definitely handle a 40 lb bluefin. Carbon fiber drag is strong and smooth. At first I put 300 yards of JB solid #65 with about 30 yards of 40 lb mono. Now 1 spooled with #50 braid and long #30 mono and another spool with straight #80 braid and...
  294. mackereljoe

    Question from a newb

    Your swimbait rod and Cardiff 400 will worked. Let say 200 yards #40 braid with about 50 yards of #20 mono for live bait and swimbait. The spinfisher 7500 is pretty strong, filled with over 300 yards of #80 braid and top shot of mono will be able to handle almost anything 1.5 days. Make sure...
  295. mackereljoe

    Barracuda Tackle/Gear...?

    Blue and chrome, white metal jigs. I remember killing em with a 1 oz jighead with silver flaked blue blam on a jackpot trip, reeled slowly on the bottom. Also circle hooks with short #40 fluoro worked a lot better than wire. Don't reel the jigs too fast those cuda are not going chase it.
  296. mackereljoe

    Saltwater fishing in Texas?

    Fortunate enough to be stationed at Ingleside TX for almost 4 years and I'd rate the area as one of the best if not the best I've been stationed including Hawaii, Rhode Island, Cuba, Puerto Rico.... You just can't beat the fishing from shore and all the fish are excellent eating. Learn to cast...
  297. mackereljoe

    Carcass Disposal?

    Dig a hole in the backyard and covered back with dirt and placed something on top so critters can't dig it up. It seems to rejuvenate the soil and drive gophers away for a few weeks.
  298. mackereljoe

    Okuma Updating the Makaira Series?

    Would it be possible for a 3 speed with the the first 2 high gear in autoshift and a manual 1:1 low?
  299. mackereljoe

    Surface Iron For Redfish and Sea Trout? Anyone ever tried?

    Around piling of piers at night scoop those small crabs floating around use for bait to the bottom for big drums red and black. Gold spoon also worked for sheepshead.
  300. mackereljoe

    Surface Iron For Redfish and Sea Trout? Anyone ever tried?

    I tried some at aransas pass and Ingleside no luck. Excellent results with swimbait. South Padre Island on the beach I had better luck with hard bait and live mullet. Live shrimp catches just about everything. Live mullet catches bigger fish in my experience. I really didn't start catching...
  301. mackereljoe

    20LB Rod Suggestion...?

    I tend to go a little heavier than what you're planning for rockfish just in case a lingcod or big goat even a wsb. And your boat backhand will ignore you asking for gaff cause you can't bounced a 7 pound bonita, happened to me last year.
  302. mackereljoe

    20LB Rod Suggestion...?

    I think you'll end up eventually with multiple setup, might as well start with the type of fishing you do most. A #15 set up like a 300 Lexa with an 8' inshore rod will take care of majority. Able to bounce the 3 B,s and firecracker yellow. 200 size has enough line capacity with braid...
  303. mackereljoe

    Spectra to flouro knot idea

    I'm getting the same results with Pena knot, right at or a couple of pounds above breaking strength of Izor xxx dry. Wet and soak for a few minutes and it breaks a little less. FG broke above line test almost all my test Wet or dry.
  304. mackereljoe

    Spectra to flouro knot idea

    At home I do the FG knot unless my top shot is less than half the breaking strength of the spectra then I do the Pena/sands knot to minimize possible slippage. On the boat is the same but in the middle of hot bite I tie the Pena/Sands much quicker and my personal test only a slight less strength.
  305. mackereljoe

    North Texas crappie

    What's working.
  306. mackereljoe

    Braided line of choice ?

    Sufix 832 been working well for me.
  307. mackereljoe


    A Penn Fathom 12 or squall 12 with a 7- 8 foot rod would be nice and add cool factor. Or maybe one of them large lowpro reel in 6.3 ratio with power handle. Because kids want to cast and reel and cast and reel.... For no apparent reason
  308. mackereljoe

    Best White Sea Bass Lures...?

    One incidental catch pearl swimbait, sardines color #4
  309. mackereljoe

    Super Abrasion-Resistant Fluoro

    With that kind of topography I would fish with a long rod to get a better angle, would try rod 10' or longer possibly an XH salmon rod.
  310. mackereljoe

    Super Abrasion-Resistant Fluoro

    I just use straight mono, izor xxx or with braid and short maxima ultra green leader. No need to waste fluoro for bass really.
  311. mackereljoe

    Cortez rod and reel

    Stainless steel gears, carbon fiber drag system, magnetic cast control, double anti reverse system.....IMHO, No other reel under $150.00 can best it.
  312. mackereljoe

    Is my gear good enough for the 50lb+ BF

    The top 2 rod and reel don't seem to match. I'd try 801H with Talica 2 speed and phenix axis 9' with torium 16 hga, both filled to the rim with #65 braid.
  313. mackereljoe

    Gearing up for the season

    Fly line live bait, tady C and 45 I paired the Lexa 400 with Okuma shadow stalker 8' 6" XH. Currently paired it with Graftech for jigging iron for rockfish and it also working good. You're pretty much set right now with what you have. The Daiwa SHA and seagate are very versatile and excellent...
  314. mackereljoe

    2 Day JRI Custom Lures, Get Some!

    The possibilities of hooking all kinds of fish seems endless. Aku, what rigs are you thinking of taking to this type of trips?
  315. mackereljoe

    SMB -Fish ID - what is this?

    Tail don't look like a sea bass. I'm guessing gag grouper.
  316. mackereljoe

    1.5 day aboard the Eclipse 28 March

    Finally the boat underway after 3 canx trip. Weather forecast as windy with 9 to 11 foot swells. This is a Sav-on tackle sponsored trip with only 16 of 28 available onboard. The plan was to get squid at Catalina and fish Santa Barbara Island and back to Catalina to try for WSB. Got the squid...
  317. mackereljoe

    How many Rods do you need?

    Then father time comes around that necessitate different type of setup.
  318. mackereljoe

    Offshore tip the crew asshole!!!!!

    It's normally good if the Captain reminds passenger of the local custom of 15-20% tip being a service industry. I normally give all of the jackpot to the crew, but the last time I kept half to take care of the galley tab and haven't got jackpot last 12 months, totally messed up luck.
  319. mackereljoe

    Rest in Pieces.... Commander

    In my opinion their punishment seems fair and sufficient. Eye for an eye but some seems to + one something. So far Eclipse first 3 listed trips are cancelled. Re-booked again for Savon Tackle sponsored trip 28March. I made all preparation for going underway for any overnight boat out of...
  320. mackereljoe

    Changes coming to Anaheim Bay - Huntington Harbor

    Looks like it cuts through some birds nesting area Whiskey Eight.
  321. mackereljoe

    Rest in Pieces.... Commander

    I'm booked for the 21st March 1.5 day trip and looking at the Berth 55 website, been over a week and I'm the only one hat booked a trip with Eclipse. Hopefully, it get enough to go out. Thinking about wearing my Commander ballcap.
  322. mackereljoe

    200 Sized Baitcaster for Calicos...???

    With braid you have enough line capacity but need more drag to have better chance around structures.
  323. mackereljoe

    Shore fishing in the Keys

    "Anything in chrome, Kastmaster or Kroc's in 1 oz, small tube jigs work good too. Lose the 20lb though. This is light stuff, 8 to 10 should do it." Kastmaster and Kroc works well with short wire leader (for sierra mackerel). Never left the base and if I do normally to hit the happy hour at...
  324. mackereljoe

    Amazon goofed and sent me two Penn FTH40NLD2, keep or sell on ebay?

    It's already a good luck reel, keep it. If not, bump to $46.02
  325. mackereljoe

    Conventionals star drags with cast control?

    For #15/20 recommend Penn Squal (magnetic external ctrl) or Penn Fathom 12 (centrifugal) and #25/30 Okuma Cortez 10 (magnetic external ctrl). A Daiwa Lexa 400 probably one of the easiest to cast and very capable inshore.
  326. mackereljoe

    Thoughts on line color

    I'm liking yellow or neon sufix 832. About 20' fluoro for live bait.
  327. mackereljoe

    Shimano Which curado for spotted bay bass?

    If it's just for spottie I'll get the 6.3 but just in case wants to double casting small metal jigs for bonita 7.2 since the swimbaits jigheads and plastics are normally under 1 oz cranking effort is miniscule difference. So 7.2 is better in my opinion.
  328. mackereljoe

    The New Avet G2 Series

    Battle Space Profile Red Battle Rhythm Red Grave Danger Red
  329. mackereljoe

    Spectra color--white too visible?

    I like the neon color Sufix 832 with about 10' of fluoro, don't seem to affect catch rate for live bait, swimbait, and iron.
  330. mackereljoe

    Replacing top shot with braid

    x2, and with different color braid, you'll have an idea exactly how many yards before getting spooled.
  331. mackereljoe

    bat ray fishing

    Chum fistful of chopped up squid every 30 seconds for about 10 minutes then cast a fish finder rig with whole squid. Continue chum until hooked up. Also, a fish finder rig with live mackerel for big Leo.
  332. mackereljoe

    Pacific Chub Mackerel: Can It Be Saved?

    Fillet and make fish ball, similar to any meatball recipes. Dip in Fina'dene' or any hot sauce. Goes well with beer.
  333. mackereljoe

    Which would you prefer for 30lb

    Avet MXL. With the strong possibility of multiple long runs (100 yards +) against a button down drag, I'll take the Avet over the Saltist. I have an MXL filled to 3/4 spool (300+ yards #50 braid) and getting a very smooth 10+ pounds of drag from the spool, very doable for #40 leader.
  334. mackereljoe

    Okuma rods ss vs sct pro and cons

    X2, Looking at John Tuttle's review of the new 471/463 Komodo reel, SCT inshore XH or SS XH will not be strong enough from the anticipated way some fishermen will be rigging. I'd like to see Okuma come out with XXH or something stronger. To me, the SS 861XH bottoming out at #7 of drag.
  335. mackereljoe

    Komodo 450

    Beautiful guts, thanks John. What rod did you paired it with?
  336. mackereljoe

    3/4 day suggestions near LA

    LA Waterfront is free and about 20 yards from the boat.
  337. mackereljoe

    Recomendation on mono fishing line

    Just bought a new spool of Izor XXX at Savon's Tackle Santa Fe Springs and now it says "made in China", used to be made in Taiwan. I don't know if it's psychological but the new #25 (clear) is behaving the same as the Big Game, chalky looking after a half a day of fishing.
  338. mackereljoe

    Shimano Colt Sniper

    1. Cast as far as I can. Let it sink below where the fish might be. Half of the time 3-4 crank and rip rod the other half is just steady retrieve (about 2 crank per second).
  339. mackereljoe

    Inshore rods to match the upcoming Komodo 450?

    Will Okuma have any plan to produce a XXH SCT or Shadow Stalker Inshore rods? I currently fished SS XH with #30 Sufix 832 braid and short fluoro leader and feels to the limit already bouncing rat yellow and bonito.
  340. mackereljoe

    FG KNOT?

    I use the FG Knot when the diameter of my leader is significantly greater, i.e. #50 braid to 25-50 mono or fluoro. With #65 braid (PP SS) and #30 or under leader, I ended up using the modified Tony Pena since it's not gripping properly and tends to slip. Mostly use #30-40 Sufix 832 with fluro...
  341. mackereljoe

    Cedros 10 star drag

    300 yards of #50 sufix 832 plus 35 yards #30 mono.
  342. mackereljoe

    Line recommendation for MXL

    300 yards #50 braid with about 100 yards of #25 mono, that's what I have on mine and without worry about line capacity.
  343. mackereljoe

    Best braid for casting

    Sufix 832, my second choice is power pro slick.
  344. mackereljoe

    Great Day @ Crystal Cove "The One That Got Away"

    That's a big calico, congrats on PB.
  345. mackereljoe

    Wintertime Dropper Loop + Spanish Mack = Fat Summertime Yellowtail

    Nice work man. Please ask Wife for recipe and post if able, thanks.
  346. mackereljoe

    Shimano Specifics of Teramar Rods

    Teramar WC come in any spinning model? Having a hard time finding any tackle shop around Long Beach that carry any 8-9' 1 piece spinning rod. Website need more info.
  347. mackereljoe

    Okuma Spinning Rod

    Looking for a Okuma spinning rod 8' to 9' (1 piece), the Shadow Stalker 8.5' XH but spinning version will be perfect. It will be for live bait and flinging under 60 gr metal jigs. Thanks.
  348. mackereljoe

    Shimano Braided to mono

    FG knot unless the slick braid then a modified Tony pena. FG is stronger by about 5-10% (self test) but takes a little more time. I normally use #20-50 suffix with 15-40 fluoro so no room for weak knot.
  349. mackereljoe

    Catalina West End 06/17/16

    Seems like a great day. Love blue perch and opaleye must be cleaned properly and rub with salt and lemon then rinse. Skipper seems to placed you where everybody will catch fish.
  350. mackereljoe

    Wasted money.....

    With all this advertisement for el dorado I booked a spot Thursday night. A sweet old lady neighbor kept asking and practically begging me to catch blue perch, her favorite. Hopefully the Skipper remain consistent. Will take live squid over dines any day.
  351. mackereljoe

    Offshore Most dangerous offshore experience

    On a minesweeper waves going over the bridge. CO secured outside skin of the ship and as BMOW made rounds to make sure Sailors are not out doing some double dog dair crap. Waves came over, tripped on rib boat tie and with the grace of God hanged in the cable and I stayed onboard. Same day wave...
  352. mackereljoe

    Seal beach shore fishing

    More pix.
  353. mackereljoe

    Seal beach shore fishing

    Plenty of life in the bay today. Using #3 pearl swimbait in chovy color. Hooked 2 Leo and a dozen specs and sandbags. 2nd Leo finally tweaked my back, took about 30 minutes to get her in for CPR.
  354. mackereljoe

    Seal Beach BaCk on tha MAP!

    Nice catch Ron. I've fished Whiskey Eight Area years ago with the old XO, too easy halibut are stack practically on top of each other. Biggest halibut I've seen pulled out of that bay is 50" non other than CAPT Kurtz, I think he released it.
  355. mackereljoe

    What would be on your "wish list" from PENN?

    "I agree that it would be great to see a "20N" and/or a "15N" - similar or somewhat more line capacitythan 15 yet narrower and taller. " Yup!
  356. mackereljoe

    Okuma Shadow Stalker

    Interested can meet at Charlbait after work
  357. mackereljoe

    FS-FT Shimano Rods, Crucial and Tescata

    Tescata makes excellent live bait rod, very underrated.
  358. mackereljoe

    Winning the jackpot?

    My last 3 JP gave all, all, half. Most deckhands are hard worker and worked their asses off day in and day out. My personal rule is all JP goes to the crew when there's hardly any fish to clean. Working deck is hard work from party boat to Navy War Ship.
  359. mackereljoe

    Spinning set up for socal

    The baitrunner/live liner feature of spinning reel made much more easier for me using spinner for flylining live bait. Without that feature with an open bail, thin braid, and a freight train strike from a yellow (i be wishing); I don't want to take a chance getting sliced or losing a finger...
  360. mackereljoe

    Question on flourocarbon

    For me, I do a square knot and pull with spring scale; if it breaks above 50% I'll use it.
  361. mackereljoe

    Only had one opelu..

    Nice fish, Portugue pump expertly done. Good job.
  362. mackereljoe

    3/4 day SD YT bite

    Nice report, thanks. Are you using straight mono? What size iron ?
  363. mackereljoe

    Taking first timers out this weekend from C.I. harbor. Any suggestions?

    Sabiki some mackerel, that will get them fired up.
  364. mackereljoe


    Count me in. Denver 42 Carolina 14
  365. mackereljoe

    Lures to catch stripers

    LC lures will work here in SOCAL lakes but fresh sardines seems to work better. For NOCAL, I've used 2-3 ounces Kastmaster with bucktail teasers around pacifica beach casting. Inside the Bay (night time), 3/4-1 ounce Kastmaster with freshwater bass white worm 4-6" as teaser. Delta area...
  366. mackereljoe

    Braid to fluro connection? From the bass guys?

    Mostly use FG, but with PP Slick use tony Pena.
  367. mackereljoe

    Newbie to Conventional Reels

    IMHO you picked the best reel to start, narrow spool makes it easy to guide and level the line, also comes with strong magnetic cast control. Same as everyone is saying, rod under left armpit, left thumb on the spool lip lightly to control and feel the live bait and right hand standing by to...
  368. mackereljoe

    Force air heater help

    Color blind and mediocre mechanical and electrical comprehension sucks. Thanks guys. Wife is right, problem is way over my head.
  369. mackereljoe

    Force air heater help

    House heater refused to ignite. Sensor is clean and the igniter glow but don't ignite. Before I call a tech, checking here if maybe a simple igniter replacement may solve. I removed the igniter and seems ashy. Thanks for any input.
  370. mackereljoe

    Which monofilament for me?

    1. IZOR XXX smoke 2. Ande pink
  371. mackereljoe

    Spinning reel replacement for old Shimano Baitrunner 3500

    The Penn ssv have stronger spool shaft and don't bend like the shimano. On heavy drag setting the shimano tend to bend and wobble making the rotor looks funny. I have spinner for friends and family and they tend to crank the drag and wind like crazy even if the hook or sinker is attached to...
  372. mackereljoe

    Best Knot for Solid Spectra

    FG knot if I have a few minutes, Tony Pena (double uni) in the middle hot bite.
  373. mackereljoe

    8ft Calico Rod Under $100 - Help!

    Those are some pretty solid advices, if you have the reel, take it with you and see how it balance. Not sure if the tackle shop will let you string it up and lift a #5 weight.
  374. mackereljoe

    Another rod selection thread...

    Graftech inshore (15-25) with a baitcast reel works great, able to fling small live bait and don't have to wait for deckhand to gaff fish under 6 pounds, just bounce it onboard. Also, my Shimano teramar South East 76H works good, softer tip with enough back bone to bounce the 3 B. Kinda silly...
  375. mackereljoe

    Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast: Preview

    At the most extreme angle since the level wind disengaged with about #7-10 drag, does it make that irritating popping sound or any significant noticeable drag ranges changes?
  376. mackereljoe

    Okuma Akena Baitcasting Reel

    Akena is good but the 300 size reel level wind disengaged (website wrong info provided). close proximity to the spool you'll hear the line making a popping noise when pulling drag. Excellent drag, much bigger than similar round reel. Go with the 400 or one of Okuma big lopro baitcast reel.
  377. mackereljoe

    Reel recommendation needed

    If you're going to get a komodo, lexa or reel with levelwind and don't have to guide the line #30-40 braid backing is more than enough. If I can only take 1 rig it will be a baitcast rig with at least 200 yards braid and 20-50 yards mono. Been fishing socal local inshore and Catalina for over...
  378. mackereljoe

    11/8 local got away

    Many years from now you'll still thinking about that fish and when you're looking at the horizon with a blank look, your daughter will know exactly what's on your mind. The freakin fish that got away.
  379. mackereljoe

    In Remembrance

  380. mackereljoe

    First Wahoo!!! Solo and in November!

    BZ! Good thing you persevered. I'm guessing its your last goal this epic season. Congrats.
  381. mackereljoe

    Catalina Sportboat trip 11/7/2015

    Trip aboard Ahra-Ahn coming out of Berth 55 Long Beach, 29 passenger. Picked-up anchovy (small) and large sardines from the bait barge. The water is pretty clear as usual at seastate 1, we fished west end of Catalina, the first 20 minutes, hooked 3 yellowtail, landed 1st and third, the second...
  382. mackereljoe

    Medium Range Yellowfin Tuna Trip - Boat Limited out - 15 Men - Average 80 lbs

    Outstanding report, sure bring back good memories onboard a minesweeper out of Ingleside.
  383. mackereljoe

    How can I stop my backlash problems? Mono topshot over Spectra

    Try adding a static magnet and try izor xxx or big game.
  384. mackereljoe

    Tuna Belly

    I do the same thing except cut in long strips. Seasoned with salt, black pepper, and pabrika. Dip in the usual finadene (soy sauce, lemon juice, dice onions, garlic, and hot chili pepper. Great with rice and beer.
  385. mackereljoe


    Outstanding read, felt like I was there with you, thanks.
  386. mackereljoe

    cattle boat fishing

    I forgot to mention, the jackpot won by an upsidedown spinner dude. Deadheads are going nuts with their jigs to no avail.
  387. mackereljoe

    This guy stole my lingcod bait!

    Very nice fish, congrats!
  388. mackereljoe

    cattle boat fishing

    Went out on extended 3/4 day trip onboard western pride yesterday it's one of those over the limit load, at least 83 people. Pick up about a lot of scoop of small chovy. Troll with marauder all the way to Catalina, skipper wants ono, no joy. Continue port side Avalon, metered some fish. I...
  389. mackereljoe

    Coffee grinder suggestions?

    Okuma Coronado 55 baitfeeder, but for a few above budget get a shimano biatrunner.
  390. mackereljoe

    Offshore Black Pearl overnight trip report, 10/2

    Seems like the Skipper tried hard to get some good grade fish. Yeah the attitude of the crew sounds like it needs improvements. I can understand the feeling of hooking anything just to feel something but at the same time I preffer taking a gamble and a chance of hitting mother load paddy. So...
  391. mackereljoe

    Offshore Black Pearl overnight trip report, 10/2

    Seems like the Skipper tried hard to get some good grade fish. Yeah the attitude of the crew sounds like it needs improvements. I can understand the feeling of hooking anything just to feel something but at the same time I preffer taking a gamble and a chance of hitting mother load paddy. So...
  392. mackereljoe

    Best mono line for saltwater???

    Every now and then I'll try new mono but always go back to Izor xxx (smoke). Before fishing, I do a granny knot and try to snap it and if it breaks then it's time to replace. I'm with Wils, it's hard for me to believe that multiple spools of line broke without outside influence.
  393. mackereljoe

    Q: What's Big, Silver and Likes 75.9F Water Temps?

    Nice catch, and that sandwich just made me salivate with dimples.
  394. mackereljoe

    Drag setting according to spool line capacity ring

    Thanks Danny, with the micro drag adjustments on the ssv spinners I needed to be more aggressive on a running fish, hopefully.
  395. mackereljoe

    Drag setting according to spool line capacity ring

    Just wondering if there's a guide estimate for drag according to the capacity ring in the spool. For instance if I have a #5 set at full spool, by the time it's at halfway will it be around #10? Appreciate any simple math if available. thanks.
  396. mackereljoe

    Heavy spinning rod store in LA/OC

    Looking for heavy spinning rod for #30/40 mono and I can't seem to find a tackle shop that might have them near Long Beach. There are plenty of #15/20 rod. The only thing I found that might be doable is a Penn Mariner with wire guides rated 20-40. Not sure if it will hold once I'm into the...
  397. mackereljoe

    New Boat Mojo

    Congrats! That's a monster.
  398. mackereljoe

    Car overheating problem

    Thanks for all the suggestions, I guest she just have to drive the minivan until I get more time. I replaced 3 relays both fan and 1 with fan and condenser. Now my Tacoma got issues, use my taco to test the fan since the battery is dead, replaced the batt, the CEL came on even after reset...
  399. mackereljoe

    Car overheating problem

    I did not run the fan long enough to check, but I never let it the gauge pass half. The normal temp on the gauge is around the 3/8 mark. The overheating seems to be ongoing with this car. Head gasket was replaced about a year ago because of overheating, which started the day after Honda...
  400. mackereljoe

    Car overheating problem

    My daughter's 2003 civic ex automatic is overheating and coolant overflowing from the reservoir. Checked fuses under the hood and under dash, looked good. Direct connected the radiator fan to the battery, it worked. Replaced the temperature switch and replaced the thermostat. Oh hell...
  401. mackereljoe

    New PENN Carnage II rods for 2016

    Steve, When will it hit the market, I need to match ssv7500 with CARBWll4080S70, or if there's an equivalent rod from Penn that's available now. It's hard to find Heavy Saltwater Penn Spinning rod around Long Beach area and even the classified there's a few unanswered WTB Spinning...
  402. mackereljoe

    $5 dollar knot at Turners!!!

    Turner's rig my marlin lure and albacore tuna feathers a few years ago, all snap at the crimp, one would have been my PB striper. To think it was a manager that rigged it, no longer working there. It forced me to learn and tie my own connections.
  403. mackereljoe

    Needing advice from the pros, the vets, and the lucky. very much appreciated.

    For a few years i used Penn Jigmaster and an 8' glass jigstick (20-40) and still a favorite #30 set up for 2-3 days tuna trip. My #40 is a progear 454 loaded with #65 braid and short mono topshot on a 30-50 yellow fenwick. I tried replacing it with other rig and just end up selling them.
  404. mackereljoe

    What's a sensitive stick

    2 piece. I tried lamiglas and daiwa but the distance i'm looking for is little short. The lowest rating on the rod normally works for what i used it for, if it's 10-20 pounds, it will be a #10. You needed the power to whip the sinker and to have a nice quick recoil. Stay away from...
  405. mackereljoe

    What's a sensitive stick

    Currently using a fenwick hmx steelhead rod/4000 size shimano on #10 XXX izor to whip a carolina rig (6' #6 leader) curly tails way out there. Don't think my 690j can outdo it distance wise. It's very sensitive.
  406. mackereljoe

    Pierpoint landing parking lot

    Always hated the parking arrangement at pierpoint. Parking enforcement is always around, have to stop one about to write a ticket to a guy paying for overnight trip and didn't have a chance to place permit. Now thieves, pierpoint back to near bottom.
  407. mackereljoe

    Which is your favorite braided line under 70 lbs?

    For backup I use Jb solid #40-65. Strait spectra with short floro, liking suffix 832.
  408. mackereljoe

    Reel quality feedback - Quantum Accurist 40

    I had a couple, it seems to hold up pretty well. Didn't like the small handle grip, drag was smooth and seems to be built for light application. Drag got alot better with carbontex. After 3-4 years of used, reel maintained smoothness better than comparably priced shimano. Mostly used for...
  409. mackereljoe

    Best buy in a good spinning reel for throwing iron/swimbaits for albacore

    After reading Alan Hawk review of Fin-NOR 100, it will be my choice. Alan even went on to rank it amongst the over $500.00 reels.
  410. mackereljoe

    Newport Landing 1/2day

    That's pretty much the expected outcome for half day boats especially during spring break. Better luck next time.
  411. mackereljoe


    Excellent catch and only 1 hour, very nice.
  412. mackereljoe

    Best buy in a good spinning reel for throwing iron/swimbaits for albacore

    I'm using a baitrunner 6500b with 300 yards of #50 spectra. Sure you can land albacore with #30 spectra, but sometimes only troll fish and on the slide are being hook; so need to bump up the power a liittle bit to reduce waiting time.
  413. mackereljoe

    Okuma Gear/outfit for local 3/4 and full day trips...???

    I think you need a bigger outfit to balance. Looking at the gutts of the komodo, the small brass pinion gear will be overworked. I know the Okuma website states all stainless, it sure don't look like it to me. Consider taking a cedros 10 stardrag along with the komodo for up to overnight trip.
  414. mackereljoe

    Newell PR533 5.5 and Avet EX40

    JOHN from 760-762-xxxx got first divs for both. If it don't sell tomorrow, will update. thanks.
  415. mackereljoe

    Newell PR533 5.5 and Avet EX40

    Both SOLD. Thanks John. Newell PR 533 $150.00. Excellent condition, spooled with 300 yards #65 spectra and 120 yards #30 maxima. Avet Ex40 $225.00. Excellent condition, spooled with #80 spectra (300 or 400 yards, i can't remember), top with #50 mono. Pick-up only please (Long Beach/or if...
  416. mackereljoe

    Help Us Name a New Rod Series!

    Thinking in a theme of "birds of prey" similar to decom minehunters. But rather go with the Avenger Class Minesweepers. Defender sounds good to me.
  417. mackereljoe

    check out these surf lures.

    The top 2 big hammer looks like a halibut killer, very nice color and will match great with a white jigheads/light wire hooks.
  418. mackereljoe

    What I want from Okuma for Christmas

    Akena line guide carrier for that is about 1/4" taller, not centered in the mid spool. Lower gear for Cedros or Cortez star drag reel. A 300 size lopro (keep the gear low, like a 5.5).
  419. mackereljoe


  420. mackereljoe

    quantum cabo pt

    The CBC30 has only 1 drag element inside the gear and the element under is pretty small which make it hard to get a smooth drag over #5. Also, the 5.7:1 brass gear that comes with the reel seems to get chewed up pretty quick, but replacement is pretty cheap. If Quantum improved on this 2...
  421. mackereljoe

    20 lb reel setup

    For around $100 or under, you should also consider Okuma Akena 250 or 400. Been using the Akena 250 for the last 6 months casting plastic. It's a pretty strong reel with 3 stack carbon fiber drag. Cast pretty good, about the same as my 6500 Abu. Wouldn't feel inadequate if a small yellow hit...
  422. mackereljoe

    Halibut: The bar gets set higher, AGAIN!

    Exactly, I was guessing around #60. Congrats!I
  423. mackereljoe

    First Overnight trip, San Clemente island

    #12 a little too light, should replace with at least a #30. My best experienced has been sticking with flylined bait and with #5 green dean pearl swimbait.
  424. mackereljoe

    Need advice on rod and reel combo

    Well the exchange in cpend don't sell decent fishing rod and reel. Fishing from shore is okay if you stick with light tackle, 6# test line and about 8-9' spinner, it can also be your surf rig. For all around boat rig, #20 line, avet sx or equivalent size reel, 8-9' This will be a good...
  425. mackereljoe

    Calico baitcasting Reel for rod

    An Okuma akena might be a good match. The 250 should get around 150 yards of #30 spectra with around 60 yards of #15 izor xxx mono. You'll enjoy it more if it's well balance, so let us know the model of your rod to give us better idea.
  426. mackereljoe

    Daiwa BG series

    Pete, Does it have brass main and pinion gears?
  427. mackereljoe

    Best ultra smooth braid?

    Been using #20 super slick for inshore the last 3 months and it's holding up very well. So far, it seems to be similar in performance with a Suffix 832.
  428. mackereljoe

    Gear advice 2 day

    x2 I think your set-up is very sufficient for a 2 day tuna trip. Would recommend putting spectra backing for the spinner (#30) and 15/30 (#50). Just in case you run into over 40# class albie/bluefin.
  429. mackereljoe

    Need some help from the East Coast!!!!!

    Always had good luck fishing for stripebass from shore. Used a medium 8.5' steelhead rod and 4000 size spinning reel with #6 with an extra spool #10 mono. Actually completed over seven years going up and down east coast with this set-up. It worked from Texas all the way to Portland Maine...
  430. mackereljoe

    Best spinning reel line.

    Izorline XXX.
  431. mackereljoe

    SARL 3/24/2012

    Drove to SARL for relaxe trout still fishing, fish from 9-3. Stop-by the front office and ask what's currently the hot and his tip was nightcrawler with love sauce. Bought that and went to the small pond since the big pond is already very crowded. No taker for the hot tip. Tried some lipripperz...
  432. mackereljoe

    Never again will I donate my jackpot for free passes.

    Opinion of marina operations renewed. Normally give all my jackpot back to the crew. With all the local Marina, 22nd street deckhands are the most appreciative and even without asking anything offered me shirt, free fish cleaning, ballcap.... too bad the last 3 times only caught 1 fish, bonita.
  433. mackereljoe

    What reel with a SE Teramar TMCX70H

    Got the 76H match with Saltist 30h as my light all around rig here in SoCal. Depending your preference, in my opinion the fathom 25N or the 20 Levelwind seems like a good balance to make it a good all around rig for tautog, stripers, bluefish, and cods.
  434. mackereljoe

    Avet FHS??

    That is a beauty!
  435. mackereljoe

    Lower Gear Ratio Fathom?

    Very well said! Exactly what plenty of of fisherman been asking.
  436. mackereljoe

    Mini Baja Special

    Reel Fairy, please make mine with a 4.8:1 gear ratio and a tad narrower than the fathom 25N. Thank you.
  437. mackereljoe

    Mini Baja Special

    Mini Baja pretty much will take care most of my fishing needs. From local inshore to offshore mini long range. If you can only bring one outfit it will be my one match with an 8'. P
  438. mackereljoe

    This Season's Heisman

    Agree. If RGIII is with Stanford or Alabama he's still going to be in a bowl game only the bigger one. Now if Luck or Richardson is with Baylor, don't think it will happen.
  439. mackereljoe


    Thanks for sharing, got hungry just looking at those hore d'oeuvres and that sashimi looks pretty good too.
  440. mackereljoe

    Okuma Cedros Star Drag

    Excellent reel. Got the 10, other than the spool lip, it has no other kind of cast control but so easy to cast. It has 3 piece aluminum frame. This reel is very versatile for fishing just about anything from local/island trip to school tuna. Filled the reel with 250 yards of #50 spectra...
  441. mackereljoe

    wats ur fav fish and how to catch it

    Fishing from shore, light 8-9' spining rod with a 4000 size reel with 4-8# test mono. AA schrimp tails in 3-4" on a 1/8 to 3/8 oz seems to catch almost anything from shore around LB.
  442. mackereljoe

    What type / brand / LB test line?

    I'll rig the Saltist with straight 50# spectra and short floro and the 15/30 with #20 mono and #50 spectra backing.
  443. mackereljoe

    New fat shad bait is born

    Killer looking bait.
  444. mackereljoe

    how much braid?

    PG 454, got 300 yards of solid JB tops with 60 yards of #40 izor mono.
  445. mackereljoe

    Offshore $ days on the Spirit Of Adventure 8/19-8/23

    Outstanding! The last picture; a young King Neptune slaying mahi.
  446. mackereljoe

    Reel Knob replacement.

    From what i've read, the ball type handle from smooth drag seems to have more positive review over accurate.
  447. mackereljoe

    Check This Out.

    That's a nice reel. What brand is it?
  448. mackereljoe

    carbontex drags best wet or dry?

  449. mackereljoe

    New rod and reel - please help

    Revo Toro 50 ($168.00 at Cabelas) and a Calstar 800xl.
  450. mackereljoe

    What makes a reel a certain #reel?

    I have about 250 yards of #50 braid and top with #25 mono. Reel has strong drag and big gears, just can't get myself to trust the light-weight to go more than #30. Initially put 90 yards #30 topshot but changed to #25 to get more line. You might want to grease it up like Alan Tani style to...
  451. mackereljoe

    Penn International 12 conversion

    When are we going to start seeing the fathom (non-levelwind) in our local tackle shop SoCal?
  452. mackereljoe

    Time to respool. what line?

    Izor XXX (best IMHO) or Berkley Big Game. P Line is strong if comparing by manufacturer's stated line strength, actual diameter is a different story. Any P Line can't come close to the performance of Izor XXX, casting, long soak, abrasion.....
  453. mackereljoe

    which plastics work best for calico bass fishing?

    x2. Normally use silver, white, and red hammerheads or WAR leadheads. Pearl swimbait in squib or brown bait; green dine for sandbass.
  454. mackereljoe

    Catalina Family Weekend Report

    Excellent report and i don't remember seeing a sargo that comes close to what your wife got. Thanks for the good read.
  455. mackereljoe

    Cozumel Mexico 2011

    Beautiful Island and probably the safest place in Mexico. Use to go to the local open market for lunch and they will cook your fish however you want. Even got them to cook it sarciado (Filipino). Of all the places i've visited while serving in the Navy, Cozumel is one of the best.
  456. mackereljoe

    On The Level

    I use 15# for my ABU 6000C and 60HC, just never comfortable putting 20# mono because of the small spool diameter. You should still be able to release most inshore fish without harm with it. I remember a time when i got the hot stick and hooking bigger bonita and cuda and able to bounce em up...
  457. mackereljoe

    Name the next Long Range boat

    Kingfisher, cormorant, pelican or any birds of prey.
  458. mackereljoe

    Okuma Cedros Star Drag question

    Agree with Lagger, the inside is very close with the Cortez except there's minor upgrade. The screws seems to be higher quality. Also the frame is in 3 pieces, 2 side plates and the body. The reel is very light which to some do not exudes durability. There's no cast control other than the...
  459. mackereljoe

    Daughter enlisting in Airforce...

    It's nice to hear younger generations still willing to serve. Congratulations Jay and Randy! Don't know much about the USAF, but have high regards for their Dental Clinics (HI and LAAFB). She'll definitely be able to continue her education and if she decides to just finish 1 hitch, there's...
  460. mackereljoe

    Tuna fishing 101

    That's an excellent picture, seems like he's sending a morse code via the fishing line, dit dah dit dit dit.
  461. mackereljoe

    gulp sand crabs

  462. mackereljoe

    Shimano E-Series Curados / Teramar Rods - 40% Off Retail

    Thanks Matt. Daiwa Sealine X at $71.99.
  463. mackereljoe

    turners californian inshore rod CONFUSED

    Use to have a Calico Special but i broke it by slipping and landing on it with the tip stuck in the rocks. So i bought one 12-20 now called californian and a little disappointed with the power. The old one, i can bounced 4-6 pounds cuda but not too confindent on this new californian so i use...
  464. mackereljoe

    turners californian inshore rod CONFUSED

    That's a nice rod for 1/2-1 oz leadhead for plastic 4-5" plastic. So the cardiff 400 is actually a good balance reel for it. It will work good for bay and light party boat rig. The rod is actually pretty soft that it is good for live bait, but not ideal. For party boat fishing it's good for...
  465. mackereljoe

    Reel for 15 lb-20 lb

    x3 for the Squall 12 it seems to be easier to turn the handle under load.
  466. mackereljoe

    Personal Best White Sea Bass76.5 lbs on 30lb test

    Do they keep state record? If only judging from the pictures, it looks like it could be over 90#. Catch of a lifetime indeed, Congratulation!
  467. mackereljoe

    Go solar & save big. Not a sales pitch

    So what's your initial cost before rebate?
  468. mackereljoe

    Guess the weight - Typhoon Yellowtail Shootout

    Bonus Q: Lj
  469. mackereljoe

    Epic Day at the Coronados - Lawman's 13.1 pound Calico!

    Congratulations! Excellent pictures.
  470. mackereljoe

    Upgrading Halibut Fishing Reels

    Does the non-levelwind fathom have any type of cast control? With it's lower gear ratio it should dominate the market for people like me, since i'm not a big fan of high gear ratio and 2 speed. When can we expect the reel to be in the market?
  471. mackereljoe

    what fish do you like to catch/eat in san diego

    Opaleye Sculpin Rockcod Albacore
  472. mackereljoe

    Inshore fishing tackle recommendation

    Appreciate the detailed response. The info is very enlightening and will take the recommendation. Thank you.
  473. mackereljoe

    older 197

    How much is the frame with a new gear drive shaft and handle screw?
  474. mackereljoe

    Shimano Trinidad 14 rigging

    Other, Calstar 800L or 800XL.
  475. mackereljoe

    Inshore fishing tackle recommendation

    Looking to get a friend a going away gift, budget of around $250. He'll be transferring to Tampa Bay area. An avid fisherman, but normally just fish inshore type and only uses spinning reel outfits. I'm looking at getting him either a Shimano Spheros or Daiwa Coastal reel and the rest will go...
  476. mackereljoe

    Penn Torque200 vs Calcutta TE400

    X2 for the Torque 100.
  477. mackereljoe

    New Okuma Cortez In Stock at Melton

    The size is very close, but it seems the Cortez will have a small edge in line capacity and cranking power. I actually got the Cortez to replace a Saltist.
  478. mackereljoe

    New Okuma Cortez In Stock at Melton

    According to Okuma, i got one of the very first production model and it should not be case anymore. The reel is actually very good that without the gap issue, i'll prefer it over my Saltist 30. With the magnetic cast control at 1/3 or above it should not be a problem even with the gap. #30...
  479. mackereljoe

    Accurate Boss 197 broken gear shaft handle screw

    Accurate staff called my reel "very old" and they don't carry the parts anymore, but there's still a glimmer of hope that they might. So more likely going for extraction. Thanks for the tip.
  480. mackereljoe

    Accurate Boss 197 broken gear shaft handle screw

    Tried to remove the screw but it snap and piece of screw still stuck in the Gear Shaft. Any idea how to extract that piece? Or should i just order the 2 parts? Hopefully Accurate still have in stock since it's the first version. Appreciate any help.
  481. mackereljoe

    New Okuma Cortez In Stock at Melton

    Avet, please make a stardrag reel already.
  482. mackereljoe

    New Okuma Cortez In Stock at Melton

    Okuma almost got it right, tolerance issue.
  483. mackereljoe

    Okuma Cortez Star Drag for beach casting and iron

    Don't recommend for beach casting. 25# mono get caught in the spool and frame. Hopefully Okuma fix this problem since the reel has good potential as a jig reel.
  484. mackereljoe

    Trini A vs TRQ (smaller models)

    My vote goes to TRQ. The initial burst of a good size tautog broke two my old favorite reels. Wtih the TRQ stronger drag and gear it should hold up better than the Trini.
  485. mackereljoe

    Best 3 set-ups 4 fishing SoCal

    x2. Will opt for 800xl for 20#
  486. mackereljoe


    That fish looks like it's muttering something to you. Congrats.
  487. mackereljoe

    Man Drives Boat Through Japan Tsunami

    20 meters of pure evil comming at full bore and he gunned it balls to the wall. Freakin' amazing guts!
  488. mackereljoe

    If you could make one phone call to yourself in the past.....

    Don't request to terminate shore duty just yet, the best fishing year is about to happen, el nino 1998.
  489. mackereljoe

    What do I weigh?

    Very nice fish. Guessing around 15 pounds.
  490. mackereljoe


    Hopefully my favorite #68 and #11 is in stock. I think Mark hide them from me on purpose.
  491. mackereljoe

    Obama fishing team..

    Mr. President, please spell check your first name.
  492. mackereljoe

    Abu Record for Inshore, Any one have any comments

    Got a 60HC. Worked pretty good for the 3 Bs and Halibut, strong drag, easy to cast, excellent plastic and light live bait reel. For the price, i'll ranked it up there. It's a little too slow for jigging for me, but it might work for a lucanus type.
  493. mackereljoe

    What's your boring bottom fishing reel

    Normally, Abu Record with 30# spectra and teramar, but went with EX40 with 80# spectra on a 6463xxh for sand dab.
  494. mackereljoe

    Jetti fishing

    I have success with 3 inch Hammer or AA with green in it. My current favorite is from Pearl Swimbait in sardine and brownbait pattern (Los Al performance tackle), 3 inch with 1/2 ounce hammerheads. If in can only use one, i'll take AA 1/4 ounce torpedo head with 4-6 pound test line.
  495. mackereljoe

    daiwa's little secret......

    About darn time. Hopefully, they also change the washer under the gear with greased carbon fiber. I'm convinced that Alan held their hands to come over to the dark side.
  496. mackereljoe

    08.24.10 Top Gun Sportfishing - Lots of Miscomunication?

    Man, that was a very detailed report. Thanks Odium!
  497. mackereljoe

    Fishing Line HELP please

    Rainbow colored spectra don't go well with a name like rambo the great.
  498. mackereljoe

    Blue Hulled Pilot House Beware total idiot !

    That's a freaking close call, very lucky. Most times even a Navy Warship will alter their course if clearly the other boat is trolling.
  499. mackereljoe

    Went out on a Full day from 22nd st Landing

    Lesson learned I guest. 15# line would still be sporty especially for bonita and avoid being inconsiderate towards fellow anglers. If you hooked a bigger fish and the bite dies down, there's going to be some pissed-off anger onboard waiting for you.
  500. mackereljoe

    Which reel for 40# (Maybe 50#) - Part 2

    Don't know much about a fighter and a bomber but I can open a can of paint just fine with a screwdriver (how dare me). Since you are leaning towards the 600N, might as well go with it. But casting live baits, i have an easier time casting an avet vs accurate and because of that one reason...
  501. mackereljoe

    Photo from ICAST of new Penn Torque

    That reel looks like a mad hornet. Hopefully it comes with a nice wider clamp. That is one handsome reel that can cover alot of applications.
  502. mackereljoe

    To Grease or Not to Grease?

    I don't understand MD talk, but i'm convinced greased is the way to go.
  503. mackereljoe

    Inshore rods

    Graftech GIS80M or Teramar MH.
  504. mackereljoe

    Redondo Hali session

    Those are the best eating size. Tacos looks delicious. Congrats!
  505. mackereljoe

    Abu Garcia 6500 C3

    Totally agree with John, this is a good deal. The one in Wallmart is not the same, it's made in China.
  506. mackereljoe

    K&M Albacore on "Live Squid"

    Those are some really good size albacore, it made the yellow kinda small in comparison. Outstanding pictures, especially that last one.
  507. mackereljoe

    is this a good deal?

    If it keeps you from taking a trip, go for the trip. An 8 foot Sabre pacifica with a jigmaster is good enough in our local water. So far this month, 3 overnight trip for 1 bonito, 1 small sheephead and 2 whitefish. Including tips, jackpot $ winning (the bonita got it), and galley tabs...
  508. mackereljoe

    Shimano Rods

  509. mackereljoe

    City of long beach boat?

    The parking at Pierpoint kinda suck. First pay the $3.00 bucks and if you can't find parking, go back in the office and get an overflow parking pass. In the mean time, the city of long beach parking enforcement will quickly slip a parking ticket in the windshield while waiting for the...
  510. mackereljoe

    Nados 8JUL10 First Jack Pot/nados trip/bft

    Congrats on the bluefin. That's the hardest one to check out of all the rest. Sounds like the boat is on their A game.
  511. mackereljoe

    Steelhead and Bluefin Bit in Lemon Grove!

    Very nice work, but he made you bluefin into yellowfin.
  512. mackereljoe

    Best drag material for P322F ?

    ht100 cal's grease
  513. mackereljoe

    NEWELL S454-5 ?

    I added an extra HT100 drag and it seems to increase a bit. One thing about that reel, you don't have to fill up the line all the way. Maybe 3/4 of the way and will give you higher drag. It's a good back-up reel.
  514. mackereljoe

    3day trip... and trolling setup???

    What pangamaster said x2. You got it all i think. Recommend rigging the 30T with mostly spectra and 25 yards of #40 mono or 4-6' flouro just in case bluefins are around.
  515. mackereljoe

    Ambassadeur to small??

    If you're looking for something easy to cast and light, Newell 290 will be a good choice or Avet SX with magnetic cast control.
  516. mackereljoe

    Reel suggestions....

    Avet SX mag. Those tautogs, as i remember are pretty tough next to structure and destroy weaker gears. Bluefish (slammer) and tautogs initial hit will definitely test the strength of the reels anti-reverse and I would stay away from the known weaklings.
  517. mackereljoe

    Great Used Rods 4 SALE

    Need address to the shop. Thanks.
  518. mackereljoe

    Help on reel

    I have a 197 it work out good with spectra backing, but will recommend the 270 instead.
  519. mackereljoe

    shimano tekota 500 LC rebuild

    Thanks for another outstanding tutorial.
  520. mackereljoe

    Bad news on the Q105

    Condolence to the family of the Fisherman. What a way to go. drags screaming and get tap to drop what you're doing cuz the 400 pounders are in a mile wide boiling in heaven.
  521. mackereljoe

    "Light" Tuna Reel?

    Accurate 197, the twin drag can handle the pressure of line peeling out at high rate of speed.
  522. mackereljoe

    Most Aggressive Dogs List

    I got attacked by a crazy mutt at age 5, looks like Bengie type terrier. 2 bites left upper leg, 1 upper right leg and a realy deep bite on my cheek. That same dog bit my cousin in his breast and buttcheeks a week later. I'm glad it's not a weiner dog.
  523. mackereljoe

    father's day tail @ catalina

    Great job! If you caught that yellow with that rig behind you even better.
  524. mackereljoe

    Fathers Day gift

    Congrats! That sounds like an Outstanding rig.
  525. mackereljoe

    Fishing Line

    Izor XXX seems to work best for me. I've been using P-line cxx, berkley high test, and izor xxx the last 12 months fishing rock walls, surf, and party boats. If compared not by stated # test but by diameter, Izor XXX is my choice. Sure misses those overnight beach fishing around Makaha.
  526. mackereljoe

    What's your biggest Halibut?

    Best this year 35" around 17 pounds caught today on a 5" big hammer.
  527. mackereljoe

    What's your biggest Halibut?

    1310 stop gigging halibut it's not nice. Thanks.
  528. mackereljoe

    Peacock Bass in Hawaii

    Excellent catch. I caught a handful them at Lake Wilson, Oahu with small castmaster (gold) almost 20 years ago. You're right, those things fight pretty good and comparable to papio. Thanks for your service and also to the sacrifices that you and your family endured.
  529. mackereljoe

    Torium 20 vs 113HN Penn Baja Special Reel

    113HN. With a maybe a Seeker 660H for Christmas.
  530. mackereljoe

    What do you clean your reels with?

    After a trip I place them on a dishwasher.
  531. mackereljoe

    What sold you guys and gals on Avets??

    Can't go wrong picking A vet.
  532. mackereljoe

    Oahu and Kua'i surf fishing

    It's been a few years for me fishing the surf and reef of Oahu but I totally agree with John. The key word is definitely fresh dead eel or octopus, and the more slime and black ink the better. Cast it out there and party. I like slide baiting technique with a big circle hook. I normally fish for...
  533. mackereljoe

    Fisherman Arrested

    Fishing really sucks with those sealions stealing your fish. It would be great to have a one day season hunting license for the sealions. With all that calico's and halibut they've been eating, they might just taste great.
  534. mackereljoe

    Penn 113HN Baja Special - Opinions?

    SL40sh with the 4.9 gear loaded with 30# mono that leaves you about $50 extra of beer tab.
  535. mackereljoe

    Trolling Rod/Reel Combo help.

    I second or third all suggestions, specially with Capt MarkT
  536. mackereljoe

    Fished Pokai Bay in early April

    I can definitely understand the frustration and the charter should know what their customer want to fish. After all it is their business to know. Just my .02 cents.
  537. mackereljoe

    Can someone give me 6000 bucks?

    U.S. military services are offering enlistment bonus of up to $10,000 and the Navy will take you on a very very long range trip of about 3 to 9 months. I don't know if they are taking 49 years old 10th grader but you never know.
  538. mackereljoe

    Where would a TORSA 30 fit in on a 16 day

    Sell it and buy 2 reels. 1 for casting and 1 for yoyo.
  539. mackereljoe

    1.5 to 2.5 Day Boats

    Mustang have excellent captains and crew.
  540. mackereljoe

    La Nina - what does it mean?

    For me la nina means bluefin sashimi and el nino means mahi tacos.