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  1. Statistico

    Hayward Ultra Pool Sweep

    The sweep works well. It was replaced when the pool was redone. Included is 36’ of hose, and suction pressure gauge for installation. Asking $70 PM me if interested joe
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    Cooling System Parts - 2003-2007 Dodge Ram w/5.9

    I recently replaced these cooling system parts on my 2006 Ram with Cummins 5.9 l Diesel. This was preventive maintenance at approx 106,500 original miles. There was no malfunction of the parts. They are original Dodge and Cummins parts. The bearings are solid (no free play). Included are water...
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    Drone - DJI Phantom 3 Advanced

    SOLD DJI Phantom 3 Drone ( advanced model) Included in the sale is the drone, as shown in the photo, 1 battery, extra props, prop protectors, charger, controller, and camera. The drone will be in the original box - instructions included. It has seen little use. The battery appears be in very...
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    Dolphin Motel Update with Photos

    Dolphin Motel Update I just left the San Diego Sportfishing Assoc. landing and took a couple of photos of the construction and progress of the new hotel. it appears that the hotel is affiliated with Hilton. A google search will probably give a ton of information although I’m not sure of...
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    AVET EX50 side plate

    I’m looking for an AVET EX 50 SDS left side plate for a right handed reel. Needs to be the silver/grey color. PM please. Thanks Joe
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    Anchor, chain, and rope xx

    Claw anchor (5kg) rated for up to 22’ boat. There is approx 12’ of galvanized chain (3/8” I think), and about 80’ of twisted nylon rope (3/8” I think). $50 contact via PM I’m in San Diego
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    Gone xx

    I have the following for sale. See the photos. I will discount for buying multiple items. Will sell all for $150. Please contact me via PM. I’m in San Diego Donated
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    ProGear 545 and CS501

    The two reels are in very good condition. The 545 comes with one handle...your choice. Asking $165 for the 545, and $125 for the 501. Questions please PM me. No low ball offers please. In San Diego. Prefer pickup here, but can ship on your nickel.
  10. Statistico

    Okuma Makaira 30II Sea X

    Okuma - Makaira 30II Sea Mechanical and cosmetic condition is 10/10. The reel was taken from the box and never fished. It has approximately 700 yards of spectra (can’t remember if 100lb or 130lb. This would work well for kite/balloon/bait on large bluefin tuna or yellowfin tuna. Comes with box...
  11. Statistico

    1993 Toyota Pickup

    SOLD See Photos 1993 Toyota pickup 2wd 5 speed standard tranny Original owner Never in a crash Runs great...I’ve hauled up to 1500 lbs. 127,680 miles on speedo... AC works great Recent paint job with new window/windshield rubber Upholstery in good tears Tires about 75% Bed...
  12. Statistico

    Accurate Pit Ball Clamp

    Oops...that is Pit Bull I am looking for this clamp. I know I can purchase from Accurate, when they are available, but am hoping a fellow BD angler may wish to part with one. PM me if you are interested. Thanks, Joe
  13. Statistico

    Penn Torque 40LD2 wins the battle

    To my delight, I received this photo from good fishing buddy Bill. While using a Torque 40LD2, a 50lb Izor XXX mono top shot, and a Shimano 200gm (non glow) flatfall, he landed this beautiful BFT. The fish was caught on the Spirit of Adventure. Weight at the landing, after gill and gut, was 187...
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    14 cu ft upright freezer

    i have a Kenmore upright freezer for sale. It is 14 cu ft and is a frost free model. It has temp control and operating function on the outside of the door. There is a lock on the door but I haven’t found the key. I’ll look for it. I purchased it new from Sears in 2010. The freezer has been...
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    Chest Freezer - 7 cu.ft.

    Sold to Ryan Chest freezer 2 yrs old. Works great. Low energy consumption. Some cosmetic damage to rear corner but has no effect on working condition (see last photo). Freezer is in San Diego. $100 Send a PM. Your phone contact would be helpful. Thanks....Joe
  16. Statistico

    XTRA TUF stretching

    I have a nearly new pair of Xtra Tuf boots that are a bit small in the instep. In a perfect world I would be able to bend over and more easily get the damned things on. at 71, things don’t work like they used to. I’m wondering if some sort of a stretcher along with prolonged gentle heat would...
  17. Statistico

    Keep the 06 Dodge Cummins healthy

    I would like to find someone local to San Diego to do some maintenance on my tow vehicle. Hopefully this would be a very knowledgeable person that could replace water pump, belt, hoses, and tensioner on my 06 Dodge with HO Cummins. Any good refs would be much appreciated. Please contact via...
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    Marauder mystery?

    Can anyone give model, maker, age of this marauder type lure. I have obtained 2 through a friend. Any idea how they work? Thanks in advance. Joe
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    40 ohm output speakers/max output 80w. Seem to be good for patio when dining on your great fish tacos. Pickup in San Diego. $15 Joe [email protected]
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    tuna feathers-SOLD

    I have several packages of used trolling lures. These are mostly standard sized feathers and tuna clones. The packages, except the jet heads have either 6 or 7 pieces. Please don't ask to split the packages. Price is $20 for 1 pkg, $35 for 2 pkgs, $15 for each additional pkg when all are...
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    Sold.- Calstar 700H Spinner

    Like the title says 700H Calstar Graphiter Spinning Rod Factory wrapped- excellent condition-very clean Rated 30-80 pound Retail is 290.00 plus tax @ 8% ( 23.20 ) = $313.20 Great Rod for throwing poppers and stick baits for the Bluefin $195.00 and it's yours Pickup in San Diego
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    Thoughts about San Diego launch ramp closure

    There is additional launching in east Mission Bay with access from Sea World Drive. It's only 5 min +/- more time to the ocean from there. Also a ramp at Clairemont Dr. next to the visitors center. The time period is 10 months. That would mean completion in March 2018...a loss this summer. If...
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    Birthday Party - On the New Sesforth

    i had the chance to go half day fishing today. To my surprise we had a birthday party. A great young man...Fati had his 94th birthday on board this morning. What a treat to see this young man still fishing his heart out. See the photo of birthdsy boy with Captain Brian Castleton.
  24. Statistico

    Promar Landing Net

    SOLD I have a lightly used Promar net for sale. I sold the boat and don't have a need for it. I believe it is model LN 501 P. Good to use for larger halibut, seabass or dorado. You would have to take a look to verify the model. The net is 30"x28" and the handle 54". It is in...
  25. Statistico

    Seaguar flouro specials?

    Does Seaguar offer any flouro specials at Long Beach or Del Mar. I think they may in conjunction with show tackle vendors. Any info is much appreciated. I'm looking for Premier in 100 and 130#. Thanks, Joe
  26. Statistico

    Calstar 770xxxh components

    I'm looking for components that Calstar has used on this rod. Tip I believe is 14. I think there are 8 guides as well...turbo/sizes??? Reel seat brand and size? Thanks for any info you can provide. Joe
  27. Statistico

    Penn Fathom 25NLD2 vs Avet MX Raptor??

    i just bought a Penn 25NLD2 and am thinking about another...maybe the 15ld2. What are the pluses and minuses between the Penn and the Avet other than a steep price difference? Thanks Joe
  28. Statistico

    FS Calstar GG90J

    Transferred from Boating mistake... SOLD...thank you Jim. Custom wrapped gg90j. Deckhand style...cork tape. SS ring guides, black wrap with some gold inlay. $165 or best offer. Pickup in SAN Diego. PM for questions. Joe
  29. Statistico

    Outrigger hardware

    I have a used pair of the deck mount outrigger holders (Perko 451-1) and the matching outrigger pole holders. These retail for over $300. I would like to get a fair price of $75 for them. They are 100% usable...only need a little polishing. Send a PM for any questions. Joe
  30. Statistico

    For Sale : Progear CS551/Diawa Lexa 400

    Progear price drop to $130. The reels are in very good condition. I am the original owner. They are spooled with spectra (no topshot) that I believe to be PowerPro 65#. I am asking $130 for the Progear CS551. The Lexa sale is pending. It is the high speed model (PWR-P) The rod clamp for...
  31. Statistico

    What is make and style of this guide?

    I'm trying to identify this guide by brand and style. SIC? Any help is much appreciated. I know, it needs cleaning! See photo. Thanks, Joe
  32. Statistico

    Looking for "old gold" metallic thread

    I just picked up a couple of Calstar custom wrapped rods. These are for personal use. After talking with fishing friend about the thread he said "old gold." The thread is probably Gudebroad thread and looks to be a deep gold/brown metallic. I'll post a picture that may help. If you have some...
  33. Statistico

    23' Lupe Diaz Pange

    23' Lupe Diaz Panga For Sale Sold...thanks for looking
  34. Statistico

    Fiberglass repair master

    i was prepping my "Lupe Diaz" panga for the fishing season and, to my surprise, I found a separation in the glass at the top of the transom. I was prepared for bad news...water under the glass. I have used a great fiberglass guy, Mark Bowman, in the past for repairs and did not hesitate to call...
  35. Statistico

    Braid capacity for Torque 40 NLD2

    I just filled my new Torque with 80lb Izor solid and it only took 400yds. It is properly filled with tension. That seems much different than specs on the box. Am I missing something? Thanks for the input.... Joe
  36. Statistico

    Remove wire/cables from below deck?

    It is time to do some re-wiring from the console to the battery location near the transom. I have the engine control cable, hydraulic steering lines, 10ga. power line (+ and ground), bilge line, bait line, and maybe some stuff there from way back. They run through a tube under the deck. I'd...
  37. Statistico

    Spirit of Adventure 8 day - 11/1 - 11-9

    What a surprise this afternoon would be. During the 6th day of this 8 day trip our captain (Brian E.) came on the PA and stated that a few killer whales were playing, or doing something strange up ahead. We actually cruised with 2 pods during that half hour or so We were searching for tuna...
  38. Statistico

    Spirit of Adventure - 8 Day

    The Spirit of Adventure is scheduled for an 8 day trip leaving H and M landing on November 1 and returning the morning of November 9. There are still a couple of spots available. Targeted species include tuna, wahoo, yellowtail, and mahi. Other species could be grouper, halibut, and white...
  39. Statistico

    Need plumber in San Diego

    I need a plumber in the San Diego area to replace a shower mixing valve and perhaps a tub. Please send a PM. Thanks, Joe
  40. Statistico

    Sewer Pipe Reline (San Diego area) help please

    i was just informed by a plumber that I need 83 ft. of sewer line redone with the an epoxy lining. The pipe is clay and had 4 intrusions by tree roots. Access to the line is very good. Here are a few questions: 1. Does the entire line have to be done or just at the intrusion points? 2...
  41. Statistico

    Penn Torque TRQ 300 Lever Drag

    Penn Torque TRQ 300 LD in excellent shape. There are a couple of very fine scratches (see photos). The reel was only used twice. No line. $275 or reasonable offer. Will ship to US on your dime. PayPal ok See photos... Please send PM if interested. Joe
  42. Statistico

    JX Raptor : Number of Belleville washers

    Anyone know if it is 4 or 6, and the position. )( )( () ?? Any help is much appreciated. Joe
  43. Statistico

    Video - hurricane Odile in San Jose Del Cabo (Baja)

    Just saw this on Baja Pony Express. Very revealing of the devestation. Link below.
  44. Statistico

    Need some info on a new truck

    I was involved in a fairly serious accident on Thurs night. We seem to be ok, but my truck was fairly badly damaged. The other 2 vehicles not so lucky! I can't move the boat...UGH. First, there is a chance of a total loss. The truck is a 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 2WD with a Cummins 5.9 diesel. In...
  45. Statistico

    Hurricane Norbert's effect on central Baja

    Since we watched Norbert as a storm effecting our off shore trips over the weekend, and early this week, I thought I'd post this photo of the storms effect in central Baja (between Guerrero Negro and Santa Rosalia). It may be better suited for a Mexico forum, but it's a good photo that many...
  46. Statistico

    7 day early November

    I'm thinking about a 7 day trip early Nov. What spots would be good at that time and what might the targeted species be. Anyone fished that type of trip during that time period? Joe
  47. Statistico

    Penn torque star drag reels????

    I have a Penn Torque 25 star drag that is black and gold. I understand there has been an evolution of these reels. The reel I have has Torque 25 on the side B, N, etc. Not sure of how to advertise it. Any help would be much appreciated. Joe
  48. Statistico

    Seeker black steel or Calstar graphiter???

    I built a rod a few years ago but didn't include a blank designation. The blank has a grey color, turns to the grey with black, then goes to all black the last couple of feet at the tip. It is a 6' rod that I believe was rated 40lb. To 80lb. Hope someone can help identify it. Thanks in...
  49. Statistico

    Elec-tra-mate 600 w/Penn 6/0

    I have an Elec-tra-mate for sale. The motor assembly comes with a Penn 6/0. The case has some cracks (as is typical for these), but the assembly is fully functional. I am asking $125. The unit is in San Diego. Please send a PM if interested or if you have questions. See photos below Joe
  50. Statistico

    Canvas Industrial Sewing Machine

    SOLD - SOLD - SOLD Thank you for looking. I have a Singer 491 industrial sewing machine. The machine is fast and can sew multiple layers of canvas, etc. I have used it for rod covers, reel covers, Sunbrella projects, etc. Send me a PM if you have questions or are interested. Photos below...
  51. Statistico

    Batteries - where to buy and quality

    Time to replace batteries. I use 2...a starting battery and a deep cycle. What are you using and where do you buy them? Thanks a bunch. Joe
  52. Statistico

    Elec-tra-mate 600 w/Penn 6/0 (Reduced Price

    Back on the market... I have owned the reel for a couple of years and have only used it a couple of times. This includes the Penn 114 Senator shown in the photos. The power unit functions as it should. The motor is very powerful. There are some cracks in the plastic case. This is typical...
  53. Statistico

    For Sale - Newell S533-5.5

    Sold...thanks Tim I have a lightly used Newell S533-5.5 for trades. The line is out of season so needs to be replaced. No spectra as far as I can remember. I would like to get $165. Pickup in San Diego. I can ship at your expense and will accept Paypal. Please contact me through...
  54. Statistico

    Super Seeker 6480H for sale

    Super Seeker 6480H SOLD.....SOLD......SOLD
  55. Statistico

    Lake Jennings today

    I had a wake-up knock on the door from friend Gary (my area UPS driver) an look at his two largest trout from Lake Jennings today. He only fished for 2 hrs.
  56. Statistico


    I am having trouble getting away for a fishing trip. Wife says that I have to get some advice on our swimming pool wiring and redo it. Any certified electricians (BDers) that could do such a job and that needs the work? Please send me a PM if you know someone or are that someone. Thanks, Joe
  57. Statistico

    Seeker Black Steel 6463 3xh

    Sold...both rods with roller guides are gone. Thank you Robert. Joe
  58. Statistico


    Every time I open BD, and check remember me, I have to give my name and login the next time I want to open BD. Happening on my iPad What should I do? This just started since all the work was done on the site. Tnx in advance Joe
  59. Statistico

    Fukushima Radiation Poisening the Pacific

    I just received this link from an Oceanographer friend. It is probably one side of the argument of damage to the Pacific Ocean, but it is food for thought. See what you think. Joe
  60. Statistico

    Help with "Bed Bugs"

    I am hoping that a BD member might be helpful with this problem. It appears that my daughter's house has them. She found a couple in her bed this morning. She and her mother are a bit freaked out by the bugs. An exterminator came to her house this afternoon and gave her the bad news, and the...
  61. Statistico

    WFO Reel Case (large) Repair

    I have had a WFO reel bag for several years. A couple of years ago one of the plastic buckles on the handle strap broke and made the bag all but useless. So...I went online and found some aluminum buckles for replacement purposes. They were under $5 bucks each so I bought 4 to replace all...
  62. Statistico

    Aluminum boat with pin holes

    We have a Smoker Craft that appears to be suffering from electrolysis. We'd like to see what others have done to extend the life of the hull. The boat is used exclusively in the bays in San Diego. Thanks in advance. Joe
  63. Statistico

    Heartbreak on the Spirit of Adventure

    Just returned on Saturday (a little late on the post) and wanted to share an event that happened on the S of A. This isn't anything bad, but it is a disappointment of sorts. We were in a great bluefin bite the first full day out...approx 90 miles ssw from the point. Fish from 30 - 70 lbs were...
  64. Statistico

    Swordfish on the New Seaforth

    I received a facebook message that was a report from RJ (captain). He is showing a picture of a small Swordfish from yesterday. Wow, I had to read it three times. Joe
  65. Statistico

    Tribute....Oct 24 SOLD OUT...who's on?

    Wow...was that fast. Must have been David Choates give aways of some of those signature rods. Just kidding on that one. I'll bet that is one of the quickest "FULL" bookings in Seaforth's archives. Let's hear from those that are going. joe
  66. Statistico

    Oceanside areas

    Am meeting a buddy for lunch at Oceanside harbor. We thought we'd do some surf casting first. Are there any good spots that have decent access from a parking area? Any suggestions are much appreciated. Joe
  67. Statistico

    Big bass and Thresher

    Good fishing buddy Mike fished with me yesterday out of Mission Bay on my panga "Pasatiempo." We made squid in hopes of a white seabass. No luck on the seabass, but we did hook and land a small thresher shark. What fun to see that tail thrash the surface. Mike landed it on 25 lb. flouro...
  68. Statistico

    San Diego Bay 3/15

    Met my good buddy Jay at Chula Vista Marina this morning. We fished from just before 7 until 11:30. We had about 60 fish between us with Jay catching a few more than I did. I clicked a couple of photos of Jay and fish. He had a really nice spotfin croaker in addition to several nice sized...
  69. Statistico

    New trailer!

    I decided to buy a new trailer about a month ago. My boat was on a very nice trailer but it wasn't a good fit from being to wide to being out of balance. The new trailer was custom designed and built by FE Trailers in Lakeside just east of El Cajon. I worked mostly with Vic, but also with...
  70. Statistico

    Sliding Glass door panels

    Two glass panels for an 8 ft sliding glass door. No aluminum frame. Panels are in San Diego (pacific beach). PM me to get a time and address. FREE
  71. Statistico

    Sortfishing boat "San Diego"

    Hello all, I do a lot of fishing on long trips each year. I woke up yesterday with fishing in mind so I threw some terminal tackle together, grabbed a couple of rods, and headed toward Seaforth Sportfishing. I chose to go on the San Diego. I must say the rock fishing was excellent, but the...
  72. Statistico

    Panga for sale in the East Cape

    I just saw this in the Baja Pony Express and thought I'd share it. The boat isn't mine. I did import mine so I could give you some info if you decide to buy one in Mexico. 22’ Panga, center console, 65 HP Johnson with bimini, outriggers, marine radio, depth finder...
  73. Statistico

    E Z Loader Trailer

    SALE PENDING I have an E Z Loader trailer for sale. The trailer will accommodate boats from 21 to 23 feet. The bunk arrangement is adjustable and there is a swing-away tongue. It is in good condition and very serviceable. I have ordered a new trailer that will better fit the width of my...
  74. Statistico

    Bottom Paint

    I have a nearly full gallon can of West Marine bottom paint. It is the marine blue color. I'd like to get $25 for it. I'm in San Diego. See photo. Send a PM if interested.
  75. Statistico

    Truline thread colors

    I have a 2 piece Truline that needs wrapping. It has a cork butt that is missing a couple of cork rings. I would like to make it nice again so here are my questions. 1. Is there a source for the rings. The blank is about 3/4" od at the base. 2. The colors that are still there are red...
  76. Statistico

    Spirit of Adventure with 200 wahoo

    Wow, what a trip the guys on the Spirit's 11 day had. Their final count was right at 200 wahoo. What a sight on the deck at H and M landing. Hopefully someone will show us a photo. Left my IPHONE at home this morning.
  77. Statistico

    Captain Ray Lopez does it all!

    I had a chance to chat with Sam Patella and a few of the AA crew on Monday morning. What a team those guys make. I was stoked to see that Jordan was working the trip. Had a chance to say hello to Ray, Bobby, Cameron, Andrew, Taro, Greg, Paul, and Mr. Lopez (Ray's very proud dad). I watched...
  78. Statistico

    Tim Ekstrom on Let's Talk Hook-up

    Correction...Tim Eckstrom was on Let's Talk Hook-up this morning. What an appeal for pity. He went on and on about how they are there for fishermen, not being unfairly competitive, and expressed dismay about Ed Zieralski (outdoors editor of the UT San Diego)being a long time associate and then...
  79. Statistico

    How is John...Red Beard? Spirit of Adventure

    I just returned from the Davis charter (8 day) Sunday. A bit on a fish report below. I met John "Red Beard" on the trip. John suffered through an injured lower leg and ankle the last couple of days of the trip. As I understand it he went out during the night to recover a few fallen rods and...
  80. Statistico

    Progear 501 drag washers

    I have 3 reels ... cs501, cs501, cs551 and would like to replace any drags that are showing wear. I called Squidco about replacements but found out that they have to be made by modifying some existing drags. I am hoping that there is a way to get them without having to cut them. Any help is...
  81. Statistico

    Hopkin's Jig

    I have been using a titanium wire tie to the Hopkins as there is no ring. Other suggestions about this connection would be much appreciated. Joe
  82. Statistico

    Calicos off of Pt. Loma 4/5 a.m.

    Just returned from a trip to the Pt. Loma kelp. The current wasn't doing the right thing, but we gave it some time and got a couple of nice ones. Fishing buddy Jay (fisholic) connected with this nice bass at about 3 lbs. Catch and release of course!! See the photo.
  83. Statistico

    Shimano Saragosa 18000F

    This is a Shimano 18000 F spinning reel. No line included. The reel has been used just one time to catch a 30 lb. bluefin tuna. It was serviced just after the fishing trip. Everything about the reel is tip-top. Asking $245 if picked up in San Diego. Shipping and insurance to continental...
  84. Statistico

    Now this is fishing...and hunting

    Osprey getting dinner. See the youtube video at<wbr>nA3LtXnNIto?feature=player_<wbr>embedded
  85. Statistico

    American Angler Kadota 8 day...Ready?

    Less than a month to prepare. Hoping to see many of the guys back this year as well as some new guys to the trip. Danny does a great job of keeping things exciting. Who's on board? Joe
  86. Statistico

    San Diego Bay for bass and a butt

    Fished San Diego Bay with friend Jay. We had 63 spotties (released) and one nice butt. Fun day on the water after starting at a minus 1.5 foot tide.
  87. Statistico

    Rods and Reels for sale

  88. Statistico

    Garage Sale

  89. Statistico

    What the hell...Padres and Fox Sports??

    What's up with the Padres. I heard today that John Moores has taken the Padres back and he is balking at the TV package. Our family has Time Warner and they and AT and T have already had trouble with the TV package. Now it looks like Cox and Direct TV might be shoved back also. Anybody know...
  90. Statistico

    Don catches his first cow...220 lbs

    I was able to shoot this episode on my gopro hero. Don is a great guy that loves the experience of long range more than actually catching. He does like the catching part though. I have shared this with several fellow anglers. The trip was Feb. 3 - Feb. 18 aboard the American Angler. It...
  91. Statistico

    Raymarine s1000 Autopilot

    I have a used Raymarine s1000 Autopilot for sale. I changed my GPS/Chartplotter/Sounder and had trouble getting the pilot to work after the install. I ordered a new pilot and installed it and the new one still didn't work. After a couple of calls to SIMRAD support, it got the new one...
  92. Statistico

    Elec tra mate reel

    I am interested in the 6/0 sized Elec tra mate. I believe the model is 612 sportsman. Send me a pm if you are willing to part with one. TNX Joe
  93. Statistico

    VHF Radio (Standard Horizon Eclipse)

    This radio works great. You would have to find a mounting bracket (I have one from another radio that you can have). This radio does not have the distress button. See photos. The radio is in San Diego. I'd like buyer to arrange for pick-up. I'm asking $35. PM me if interested. Joe
  94. Statistico

    Garmin GPSMAP 178c

    I have a used Garmin 178c that is in very good condition. It was a popular unit when these were introduced. As can be seen in the photo, the unit comes with the power cable, transducer with cable, mounting bracket and the video box. There are about 300 way points stored in the memory. No G2...
  95. Statistico

    adapt simrad NSS 7 to garmin transducer?

    I just purchased the Simrad NSS 7. I have heard that the Garmin 50/200 khz transducer can be adapted to work with the Simrad. Problem is cutting the wires from the Garmin transducer to connect with a wiring adapter that Simrad can provide. I spoke with Garmin support earlier today and the...
  96. Statistico

    Video of Mike Keating discussing fishing the ridge and below This is a GoPro camera capture of Mike Keating discussing fishing over the next couple of days. He discusses the 23, Thetis, Morgan, etc. Lumpy that he refers to is Justin Fleck on the Excel. The Excel was on an 8 day over the...
  97. Statistico

    Spirit of Adventure 8 day

    I uploaded a video to youtube of the first day at Benitos, catching yellowtail <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <w:WordDocument> <w:View>Normal</w:View> <w:Zoom>0</w:Zoom> <w:PunctuationKerning/> <w:ValidateAgainstSchemas/> <w:SaveIfXMLInvalid>false</w:SaveIfXMLInvalid>...
  98. Statistico

    Narrow Frame for Newell 533

    I spoke with a fellow about Newell reels today. He said that a fellow makes narrow frames for the 533. Any help on who and where would be much appreciated. Joe
  99. Statistico

    AVET HXW...Gold

    SOLD I have an AVET HXW (two speed) for sale. The reel is in mint condition. The strike drag is rated at 22 lbs. and the full is rated at 29 lbs., and the reel has full free spool. $300. Reels are 10 cosmetic and 10 mechanical. If interested I have the same reel in Silver and the...
  100. Statistico

    Saragaso spinning reel question

    I plan to fish trips up to 8 days and have ordered a Saragaso 18000F for tuna up to 100 lbs. I know it will be a battle, but I'll use a sit-in harness with the Braid delux belt. My question is...what rod to build for that purpose. I would like something that is fairly long for casting...
  101. Statistico

    Boat sunk in the driveway...ouch

    Hello all, We had a fire hydrant blow in front of the house on Apr. 1. No April fools. The water filled my boat to the gills putting all electronics under water. The best I can tell, the autopilot, radio, both GPS/fishfinder/plotters were damaged, a bunch of wiring, etc. My question...I'm...
  102. Statistico

    Zuker's 8 day in June...who's on the trip?

    Hi guys and gals???. It won't be long before we head south. I'm looking forward to the great times we have had the past several years. Let's get this thing rolling... Joe
  103. Statistico

    Daiwa sl30sh

    I just looked at a terrible schematic on Daiwa's website. There are a few washers that they list as bearing washer B, bearing washer C, ball bearing collar 8, and drag spring washer. I have all the parts, but which is which? There is a bronze looking washer in the mix. I know what the...
  104. Statistico

    AVET HXW for sale

    Reels no longer available.
  105. Statistico

    145 lb. on a Tib sst 6

    I didn't think much of these reels after hearing conflicting reports about the shifting and thus the loss of fish. Well, I think differently now. The Tiburon sst 6 reel is spooled with 60 lb. JB with 50 lb. Izor mono on top. The hook was attached with a spider hitch (doubled the last 18...
  106. Statistico

    American Angler home a day early

    What a great trip and a sensational group of guys. We gathered at the dock outside of Pt. Loma Sportfishing Association on 3 Feb for the annual Ken's 14.5 day junket. The fever was running high after hearing the reports from the previous two AA trips. We boarded about 2 p.m. and were clear of...
  107. Statistico

    AVET HXW 2 speed (not raptor)

    I am thinking about selling two of these reels. They are very lightly fished with very little rail rash. I have the boxes and printed materials. No line. Has anyone sold or marketed one lately? How much is a fair price on these reels? Pepe
  108. Statistico

    Fuel Surcharge??

    I just bought diesel for my truck. The prices have increased significantly over the last month. I paid $3.45 a gallon. Is the price the boats use as a standard on red dye diesel $3.00. If they keep going up consistent with oil prices, I'm thinking about packing some extra bucks for my...
  109. Statistico

    Johnson 6 hp outboard

    Motor is sold. Thanks for looking....... I have a 6 hp short shaft Johnson that is late 1990s (97 I think). It's in great shape although it could use a replacement water pump for good maintenance. I used the motor on a small Avon RIB shore boat at the East Cape in BCS. It always ran great...
  110. Statistico


    I will not read the Royal Star reports from now on. What the hell is Ecktrom's problem with just giving the report. Pepe
  111. Statistico

    Power Handle

    I have a couple of Avet reels that I'd like to upgrade to the power handle. The first is one of the early 50 SDS reels, and the other is an HXW. Can these reels take the newer model handles? Thanks in advance, Joe
  112. Statistico

    Penn Jigmaster with Accurate and Tib mods

    I have a nice jigmaster with Accurate and Tiburon conversions. The reel is black and was just serviced by Ken's Custom Reel in Oceanside. The reel has line...spectra but with line, the price is + $40. Send PM for photos Price without line is $140. Pepe
  113. Statistico

    Looking for a long range reel ,,,

    I am looking for a reel that will work for bait fishing for 100 lb. plus tuna and still works for casting at boils with heavy jigs. Any advice is much appreciated. Pepe
  114. Statistico

    Parking problem at the Point Loma Landing

    My last post was moved...I have no idea why. Those of us that park at the landing depend on security of our vehicles. I have spoken with several people that work at the landing...or have a business at the landing...or that just go fishing for more than a day or two. The daily rate is now $7...
  115. Statistico

    Parking problems (Point Loma)

  116. Statistico

    Zuker's 7 day

    Jimal...when will we have the report...a long report. Pasatiempo
  117. Statistico

    Check in for the Zuker 7 day on the Angler...

    Hey there, We have to get the yellow tape to section off the office. That chore goes to Jimal. Then we have to do the early and late watch...that goes to ??? Ok, I will do that. The fore and aft dinner arrangements go to Steve. Set the bar in an open position and keep the sabiki rigs...
  118. Statistico

    ProPulse Prop

    Sale Pending...Used Pro Pulse 4 blade prop that fits OMC shaft and engines that use 13.25 inch props. Adjustable pitch. As seen as West Marine. Asking $45. PM me if interested. Joe
  119. Statistico

    12 gallon Tempo above deck tank

    Sale is pending...Tank is in good shape. Has OMC fitting. Is an on deck tank. Good for smaller boats that want more range. Asking $25. PM me if interested. Joe
  120. Statistico

    Kayak Seat

    Sold...Great kayak seat. Good condition. Asking $25 PM me if interested. Joe
  121. Statistico


    I came across this stuff on EBAY. I haven't seen anything posted about so I'll ask if anyone has had experience with it. It seems to ship from Australia and be made in China. Colors are black, green, blue and yellow. Anyone have any experience with, or know much about it? Thanks in advance...
  122. Statistico

    Still looking for the Tiburon sst 6 or 8

    Ok, I am a bit compulsive. I need one of these...I think. If you have a good one and want it to have a good home, shoot me a PM. Joe
  123. Statistico

    Tiburon sst 6/50

    I would like a smart shift tiburon 6(US) if the deal is fair. I know these reels are in demand. Give me a shout with a PM Thanks, Joe
  124. Statistico

    Tiburon SST series reels...question

    I have looked at these reels for some time. Fishing buddies fish with them a bunch. It just clicked in my that these reels would be awesome for wahoo, and lunker yellows from the yoyo. I have heard that these reels, used, are few and far between. Actually, I am looking for a 6/50...
  125. Statistico

    Kite rigging

    Hi affectionados... I am getting ready for a long trip in February. I have a kite rig dimension for sardines but I need to get your advice on rigs for squid and flying fish. I hope to get your connection advice at the line end of the rig, the hook connection, hook sizes, and the lengths of...
  126. Statistico

    OMC binacle control and cable

    I have a binacle throttle and shift control, and I think the control wire harness for a 70 hp Johnson...circa 1992. These are free for the taking. I am in San Diego. PM me if you are coming...I'll give you the address. Joe
  127. Statistico

    Eclipse Hoop nets

    Sold-Sold-Sold Joe
  128. Statistico

    Tow Straps

    I have tow straps that were used for pulling boats out of the water and across the beach in "Baja". The 4 measure 15', 25', 25', and 30'. All are in great shape. I'd prefer to sell them as a package. New they are approx $110 for the 4. I'd like to get $45 for the bunch. Pickup in San Diego...
  129. Statistico

    Mile Marker 8000 lb. winch

  130. Statistico

    Zuker 5.5 pusher Marlin Lures

    Sale is pending to Aluminator I had a place at the East Cape of BCS and am no longer going there. I am selling off several of the lures that were so successful. All are unrigged but in very good condition. I can include SS hooks for rigging at $5.00 each (I believe these are Mustad 7732 10/0...
  131. Statistico

    Avet Pro EX 4/0-2

    This is one of two of the Avet Pro EX 4/0-2 that I have for sale. This reel has line on it (spectra either 80 or 100lb and a short mono topshot) and I am asking $275. The reel is in excellent condition mechanically and has slight boat rash. SOLD The second reel is in the same condition and has...
  132. Statistico

    Offshore 302,230,43, and game on

    First, I didn't take photos. I don't do that as a habit. Left MB in the fog this am with a good half scoop of sardines from EB. They lasted the 74 miles we traveled until we got to the 43. Well, we lost a couple, but the bait was very good for us. We saw good kelps short of the 302, a...
  133. Statistico

    G Loomis PSR84-40c

    I am looking for a nice G Loomis PSR84-40c at a reasonable price. Please PM or email at [email protected] Thanks, Joe
  134. Statistico

    Hobie livewell

    Hobie Kayak livewell (complete). Never used. Asking $185 (new $249 + tax). Sold I have a wheel set (barely used) for the Hobie kayak for $75 (new $90 + tax). Sold Pickup in San Diego. PM me or call 858-292-9910 if interested. Pasatiempo
  135. Statistico

    3 Newell reels

    I have three Newell reels in excellent condition. The models are: 540 (3.2:1) gear ratio...graphite $80 (sold) S 546 (4.6:1)gear ratio...graphite $80 (sold) G 440 F (approx 3.5:1)gear ratio...graphite $75 (sold) Line is not included. Contact Joe...pickup in San Diego if possible...