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  1. Jose Caballero

    Sinker/Lead business for sale

    I have to stop making sinkers, and would like to sell the entire business in one fell swoop. I have many many molds (cost me over $3000, including a dozen collins customs production molds, down riggers, leadheads, custom and customized molds, dive/hunt/miscellaneous, etc), sinker eyes and...
  2. Jose Caballero

    Lowrance Elite-7 CHIRP 83/200+455/800 KHz transducer, Navionics, cover, $300

    This thing was in my boat for about 9months before remodel. Includes Navionics charts in addition to pre-loaded insight base data. The Navionics chart covers the west coast and Baja, all the way down. Works great. Everything is included and awesome, except the small metal aluminum bracket to...
  3. Jose Caballero

    Anybody know: Road conditions mexicali to gonzaga

    looking for reports on the road quality and logistics heading south on 5. thinking loosely about thanksgiving, but i know it's a crazy time, so hoping someone knows...
  4. Jose Caballero

    Calstar Baja Boomer and Boomer Jr Blanks both for $100

    i have a couple OG Calstar blanks that i'm not gonna build. they were from the private stash of an old employee, super prime, never wrapped, clean and perfect from butt to tip. these are BURLY blanks. no trades. PayPal is fine, or pickup in Goleta CA. i can ship at your cost. $100 for both.
  5. Jose Caballero

    Some molds

    Selling a few molds, shipped USPS priority mail for $8, i'll combine shipping as possible. please PM, PayPal or cash: 1- Collins Customs B Jig Mold 2 (flat-fall/falling leaf), 2/4/6/8oz, #2 eyelets. barely used $sold$ 2- Collins Customs Banana Head, 4/5/6/8oz, #2 eyelets and 3407 8/0 hooks...
  6. Jose Caballero

    Halibut weekend

    Got a few halibut, shallower than expected, at SRI this weekend. Bechers was cold and squidy with big crowds and pratically no one catching WSB, wrapping around east point there was a steep temp increase and no squid.
  7. Jose Caballero

    Ten used bolt-on stainless rodholders

    Couple years old, lightly crusty but little elbow grease should handle it. Plastic inserts, index pins for gimbal butts, fit great on my 1” tubing, I think they’re also good up to 1.25”. See pics. $80 picked up in SB, $100 shipped to your door USPS priority.
  8. Jose Caballero

    please post GONZAGA reports! let's plan THANKSGIVING

    WHO HAS GONZAGA REPORTS? also, who's going down for thanksgiving?
  9. Jose Caballero

    Sabiki rods

    anybody got a couple of sabiki rods? i need 2-3, used is fine if they're still usable. i live in SB but have family in OC... thanks
  10. Jose Caballero

    BOLA 5/27-29/19

    FRIDAY- took a few hours to pick up our scattered fishing party, but five of us left oxnard at 5am. crossed through mexicali where we were forced into a crappy scam by a shitty immigration official (he claimed that 7-day permits were no longer available for free over the counter, and since we...
  11. Jose Caballero

    Big Hali-heads for drifting the squid nests

    I got a good idea from an old-timer and finally found the right mold. Now making Big Hali-Heads for drifting around squid nests or other feeding grounds (kinda like mooching, but way cleaner!). Big sharp 3x saltwater hooks, on big banana molds, with glow paint ($0.50 off for bare lead)...
  12. Jose Caballero

    Becher's report

    left SB at 1 on thursday, hit bechers early afternoon, birds were mellow and didn't see much life, surface temp was 57, so i was kinda disappointed, so we decided to bounce as an excuse to meter for bait before the forecasted winds... and BOOM! couple halibut on board in an hour (they were...
  13. Jose Caballero

    ISO Pale Gold Metallic Thread Sz D

    Hey anybody have some sz D pale gold metallic thread? I think it’s ProWrap 9160 or Fuji 902. I’d love a big spool but every scrap helps. Please PM
  14. Jose Caballero

    Apres-fish report

    so my buddy went on a long long range trip, and came home with a big pile of fish (i’ll leave it to him to report on the fishing, but it looked to me like he did all right). he came home with a truck full of frozen, plus three big kill bags of fresh, wahoo and yellowfin. we had a big fun...
  15. Jose Caballero

    FREE excellent lobster bait

    Byo bucket, Friday only, pm for info. 60gal fresh tuna and wahoo heads skins and guts. My buddy went fishing and we have lotsa scraps after butchering. I can dump off pier but would rather help out. Byo bucket, Friday only, pm for info.
  16. Jose Caballero

    Turning Point Propellers Voyager 14.5x19 L Stainless Prop

    Bought a box of misc boat gear from another BDer, included this prop, which i don't need. they sell for $300 new, this one is not brand new but looks really good, with sharp edges and smooth surfaces and mostly clean... but a few little marks on the "back" side (see pics, to my untrained eye...
  17. Jose Caballero

    new regs

    hey, has anyone else had a chance to review the new rule changes for 2019? i'm slow to digest and had to stop after a quick pass... but did the lingcod limit drop to one?! perhaps i'm mistaken, if you're confident please LMK...
  18. Jose Caballero

    can anyone report on gonzaga?

    i'm looking to travel south around thanksgiving, wondering about road status and fishing reports from the gonzaga zone. pics are always nice, too!
  19. Jose Caballero

    the bugs are very shallow

    opening night, between 6 and 10pm, we got a full load for three guys using ten rigid nets (plus 10gal of nice rock crabs!), in five pulls, using mostly fresh/day-old macs, zone 83, in 8-12' of water. our final pull put us over the boat limit so i though i'd go release #22 in that secret shallow...
  20. Jose Caballero

    Decoy Weights, Strap and Mushroom, I SHIP!

    Mushrooms 6oz=$1.50 5oz=$1.25 4oz=$1.00 USPS Flat-rate shipping ($7.50 holds around 15-17lbs of smaller size sinkers, $15 holds 68lbs!) Straps 6oz=$1.50 (these actually average 8oz ea, but 6oz is the absolute minimum) USPS Flat-rate shipping (i can ship 60 strap weights for $7.50!) Also...
  21. Jose Caballero

    Wahoo Bomb Heads available

    hey y'all. i make all sorts of sinkers (which i sell in the gear classifieds and elsewhere) and started making wahoo bomb heads on the advise of a BDer. i would appreciate some feedback from you home-builders: So here's my first two heads (5 and 6oz, through-hole is sized with thick...
  22. Jose Caballero

    Decoy Mushroom Weights, cheap shipping or P/U in SB

    To prevent confusion i've erased this old message and consolidated to another in this forum
  23. Jose Caballero

    SURVEY- Which leads do you want me to make?

    HEY BD! I've really enjoyed selling you lead stuff and connecting with so many cool California anglers. I'm gearing up to make new lead sinkers and lures in the fall, and I'd like to know what you're looking for. I have included some pictures of my ideas, and a little survey, but please feel...
  24. Jose Caballero

    Weekend at the ranch

    i spent a couple nights at the ranch, buddy boating with my friends, saw two other boats Saturday and only one on sunday, pretty slow up there. Moon phase looked right and I was hoping to find squid while most boats were across the channel. Little swell heading uphill on Saturday, saw a few...
  25. Jose Caballero

    Cold and slow at bechers

    Went to SRI Tuesday the 24th. 21kn all the way across, bit if swell but nbd. Bechers was calm, couple big clouds of fin-bait, one area of red crabs (just guessing from birds lazy dipping and shallow diving) right at the carrington corner, good volume of resting birds, few harbor seals, very mild...
  26. Jose Caballero

    anybody retired from home-making lead stuff?

    hey home-builders! i just found this forum, thought i'd ask: anyone have old molds they'd like to sell? i'm making lots of lead stuff and curious to expand the inventory, especially high-volume or unusual molds... send me a PM, pics appreciated...
  27. Jose Caballero

    Solo Bull Orca in the channel yesterday

    saw a really cool orca bull in the channel yesterday (plain old gap rock fishing day, foggy all day, kinda bumpy going out, pretty slow in the middle, nothing too interesting there). he was mostly on/off surface with no deeper dives over twenty minutes, and the trailing and diving birds suggest...
  28. Jose Caballero

    Friday 3/30 in Miguel Passage

    took a buddy for some bottom fishing in the Miguel passage, little swell and no wind, foggy and cold ALL day, water 56-56.7, mild current, bite was good but not stellar (by SM standards), mostly large gophers with some really nice reds at 150-160’, explored some less-productive deeper areas to...
  29. Jose Caballero

    SINKERS, SHIP/PU! Torpedoes, downrigger, deep drop, balls, pyramids, eggs, jigs, heads, hunt, dive, hoop net

    As of February 2021 this listing is closed. Take care! USPS Flat-rate shipping ($9.00 holds up to 30lbs, $16 holds 65lbs!) or pick up in Santa Barbara, $20 minimum order, pay via PayPal/Venmo/CashApp/ApplePay. If i don't have the mold maybe we can figure something out. i accept trades of...
  30. Jose Caballero

    what's normal to expect in BOLA for the week of thanksgiving?

    looks like my family and i will be towing the arima down to bola for the week of thanksgiving. i'm hoping to have 4-5 days on the water, and wondering if anyone has predictions/forecast/experience. i hear the YT and WSB are going strong right now, is that normal through november? i'm also...
  31. Jose Caballero

    what's normal to expect in BOLA week of thanksgiving?

    sorry. moved this question to the BAJA page. my b.
  32. Jose Caballero

    Help a brother out! Socal homie spending Thanksgiving in Gualala

    I'm looking at a 10-day family reunion during thanksgiving week in sea ranch, probably camping in gualala. i fish a lovely 17' arima in santa barbara and sea of cortez, and consider myself to be generally capable and adventurous. i have recreational and open access commercial licenses, a roughly...
  33. Jose Caballero

    Opening weekend bug tally, how about you?

    I'd be curious to hear how y'all did on the bugs this weekend. Saturday sunset til 10:00 at arco island, bumpy ride both ways, 5 sets on 10 rigid hoops, medium current, good baits... 50 shorts, 3 barely legals, seemed like an early walk. Swell sharks are adorable. We also saw four boat-based...
  34. Jose Caballero

    HELP! Tatuava or WSB?

    Anybody know a way to tell them apart? I'll be fishing between San Felipe and BOLA end of march, and would hate to confuse these... both are common there in spring, and I saw much confusion there same time last year...
  35. Jose Caballero

    What ever happened to those Island Yellowtail?

    does anyone have news on those island yellowtail? Seems like a few weeks since I've heard of fish at the islands... Anybody catching (aside from groundfish)?
  36. Jose Caballero

    AWESOME five days in gonzaga bay

    on wedensday 3/30 we drove about 5 hours south from the calexico crossing. the crossing was smooth (at sunrise), though a crossing agent informed us that importing gasoline is illegal (but didn't take our four 5gal jugs out of our boat) and visitors are only allowed four rods each (we had double...
  37. Jose Caballero

    Where should I go spring break?

    I'm looking for advise from Mexico fishing veterans (thanks in advance!): I have a week to spend in Baja (3/26-4/2) with my fishing buddy, Tacoma, and 17' Arima Sea Chaser 90hp Honda (I consider it a very capable, fishy little boat). I have driven down Baja about a dozen times, maybe 60 nights...
  38. Jose Caballero

    Opening day

    Two buddies and I left SB at 5:45, through a reopened harbor mouth that looked about 30' wide, and metered about 18' deep, against some turbulent chop. Crossing was kinda bumpy at first, and we followed breaks in the fog that had us a little on edge. The shipping lane had about one mile viz so...